Product Abbreviations

Product refers to a set of material and intangible properties of a good or service . This concerns everything that can be offered on a market, for consumption, consumption, use or attention , with which a specific need can be met.


List of Acronyms Related to Product

A Production Sharing Agreement
Aasrit Agro Products Private Limited
Above Ground Net Primary Productivity
Abstract Syntax Notation Production
Accelerated Systems Applications and Products
Accelerator Production of Tritium
Accelerator Production of Tritium
Accelerator-Driven Energy Production
Accounting Production Transfers
Accounting Production Transfers
Account-Level Product
Acoustic Analysis Guidance Product
Acoustic Product Request
Acoustic Products Division
Acquisition Environmental Product Support Team
Acquisition Production Cost
Action Products International, Inc.
Action Tactical Products
Activation Product
Activation Product
Active Reproduction of Passive Positioning
Actual Irrigated Crop Production
Actual Medicinal Product Pack
Actual Production History
Adaptable System of Production
Addiction to Quirky Products
Additional Product Documentation
Additional Production Acceptance Test
Additive Operational Product
Adenine Nucleotide Breakdown Products
Adhesive Coated Products of Ohio
Adjusted Production
Adjusted Production
Administrative Support/Advancing Productivity
Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health
Adolescent Reproductive Health
Advance Production Release
Advanced Alloys and Production Processes
Advanced Composite Products and Technology, Inc.
Advanced Design and Production Technology
Advanced Digital Antenna Production
Advanced Diploma in Film Production
Advanced Distributed Environment for Production Technology
Advanced Glass Products
Advanced Glycation Endproducts
Advanced Glycosylation End Product-Specific Receptor
Advanced Gripping Removable Interface Product
Advanced Media Productions
Advanced Medical Products
Advanced Oxidation Protein Product
Advanced Product Catalog
Advanced Product Design and Prototyping
Advanced Product Evaluation Laboratory
Advanced Product Quality Planning
Advanced Product Quality Planning
Advanced Product Water Removal
Advanced Production Engineering
Advanced Production Orders
Advanced Production Scheduling
Advanced Productivity Family
Advanced Products Division
Advanced Products Group
Advanced Products Research and Development Laboratory
Advanced Reproductive Health Centers, Ltd.
Advanced Reproductive Technologies
Advanced Reproductive Technologies
Advanced Sensing Products
Advanced Software Production Line
Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center
Advanced Sterilization Products
Advanced Systems and Products
Advanced Techniques and Models of System Production in a Heterogeneous, Extensible, and Rigorous Environment
Advanced Technological Products, Inc.
Advanced Test Products
Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products
Advanced Wood Products Laboratory
Advertisers Product Index
Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs
Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology
Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products
Advocates for Reproductive Choice in Healthcare
Aero Performance Products Inc
Aeronautical Production Control System
Africa Natural Products Programme
Aggreko Special Equipment Production
Agile Cable Production Service
Agreement of Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products
Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products
Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
Agricultural Biotechnology for Sustainable Productivity
Agricultural Cost of Production Survey
Agricultural Product Marketing Committee
Agricultural Production System
Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program
Agricultural Products Marketing Council
Agricultural Products Utilization Commission
Agriculture and Food Production
Agrupaciones de Productores Agrarios
Agustin Blazquez Independent Productions
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Air Products Association
Airborne Experiment to Study Ozone Production
Airborne Reproductive Choice Campaign
Aircraft Interior Products
Aircraft Location Product
Aircraft Maintenance Unit Status Screen Product
Aircraft Missile Maintenance Production
Aircraft Subsystem Status Product
Aircraft Weapons Systems Requirements & Production Status Information System
Airfield Exploitation Production System
Airline Product Set
Alabama Productivity Center
Alam Madina Music Productions
Alaska Wild River Productions
Albert Torres Productions, Inc.
Alberta Forest Products Association
Alberta Products Pipeline
Algemeen Reglement voor de Certificatie van Producten
Alien Reproduction Vehicle
All Business Internet Productions BV
All Computer Products
All Source Production
All Source Production Section
Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc.
Alliance for Productive Technology
Alliance for Productive Technology
Alliance for Sustainable Application Products
Alliance New Product Quality Procedure
Allied Chemical Nuclear Products, Inc.
Allied Healthcare Products Inc
Alpha Omega Pet Products
Alternate Text Production Center
Alternative Financing Products
Alternative gene product Encoded by the XL-exon
Alternative Investment Product
Aluminium Sheet Products Association
Aluminum Racing Products
Aluminum Racing Products
Amateur Screenplays Amateur Productions
Amazon Products Feed
America North Architectural Products, Inc.
American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine
American Dairy Products Institute
American Herbal Products Association
American Home Products Corporation
American Home Products Corporation
American Independent Productions
American Manufacturing and Production Service
American Pet Products Association
American Pet Products Association
American Product Excellence
American Production & Inventory Control Society
American Products, Inc.
American Recording Productions
American Recording Productions
American Research Products, Inc.
American Research Products, Inc.
American Scientific Products
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
American Society of Reproductive Immunology
American Soy Products
American Yard Products
Ameron Global Product Support
Amiens Webmastering Production
Amphenol Interconnect Products Corporation
Analog and Interface Product Division
Ancillary Products and Services
Ancillary Radiometric Product
Ancillary Radiometric Product
Angle Velocity Reproduction Test
Angus Productions Inc.
Animal By-Product
Animal By-Products Exporter’s Association
Animal Control Products Ltd.
Animal Health and Production Compendium
Animal Manure and By-products Laboratory
Animal Production Committee
Animal Production Food Safety
Animal Production Level
Animal Production Research Unit
Animal Production Society of Kenya
Animal Production System
Animal Productivity and Health Information Network
Anniston Production Performance Scorecard
Announcement of Product Development
Announcement of Product Development Opportunity
annual egg production methods
Annual Energy Production
Annual Net Primary Production
Annual Product Review
Another Dancing Bear Productions
Antimony Products of America
Anti-Reproductive-Rights Crimes
Antisymmetrized Geminal Product
Antisymmetrized Product of Geminals
Antisymmetrized Product of Identical Geminals
Antisymmetrized Product of Localized Geminals
Antisymmetrized Product of Separated Geminals
Antisymmetrized Product of Strongly Orthogonal Geminals
Antler Science and Product Technology
Apocalypse Production Crew
Apparel Design and Production
Apple and Pear Product Liaison Executive
Apple Product Professional
Apple Product Professional
Applica Consumer Products
Application Product Generation
Application Production Support
Application Productivity Tool
Application Productivity Tool
Application Specific Products
Application Specific Programmable Product
Application Specified Standard Product
Applied Computer Products, Incorporated
Approval for Full Production
Approval for Limited Production
Approval for Low-Rate Production
Approval For Production
Approved Product List
Approved Production Inspection System
Approved Products List
Aquaculture Production Technology, Ltd
Aquaculture Production Technology, Ltd
Arabian Metal Products Organization
ARC Standard Raster Product
Architectural Building Products
Architectural Products Company
Architectural Trim Products
Archive International Productions
Archive of Census Related Products
Argonne Production, Expansion and Exchange
Arizona Association of Medical Products Suppliers
Arizona Rock Product Association
Armament Product Group
Armed Service Production Planning Office
Armed Services Procurement/Production Planning Office
Armor Holdings Products, Inc.
Army Electronic Product Support
Art of Record Production
Art of Record Production
Art Trap Productions
Aseptic Production Unit
Asheville Sports Production and Education Network
Asia Pacific Roundtable for Cleaner Production
Asian Productivity Organization
Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants, Spices and Other Natural Products
Asian-Australian Association of Animal Production Societies
Asociación de Productores de Aceites Esenciales
Asociación de Productores de Café Genuino Antigua
Asociación de Productores de Cardamomo
Asociacion de Productores Ecologicos del Centro
Asociación Guatemalteca de Productores de Algodón
Asociacion Nacional de Empresas Comercializadoras de Productores del Campo AC
Asociación Regional de Productores Ecológicos de Cajamarca
Asphalt Products Oil Corporation
Assistant Production Office Coordinator
Assisted Human Reproduction
Assisted Human Reproduction Canada
Assisted Reproductive Techniques
Assisted Reproductive Techniques
Assisted Reproductive Technologies Ethics Committee
Assisted Reproductive Technology
Assisted Reproductive Technology
Assisted Reproductive Therapy
Assisted Reproductive Therapy
Assisted Reproductive Treatment
Assisted Reproductive Treatment
Associate Production Director
Associate, Annuity Products and Administration
Association Canadienne des Producteurs d’acier
Association des Directeurs de Production
Association des Établissements Obtenteurs et Producteurs de Semences de Plantes Oléoprotéagineuses
Association des Producteurs de Cinéma
Association Européenne des Producteurs de Mollusques
Association Francaise pour la Production Fourragere
Association Générale des Producteurs de Maïs
Association nationale des producteurs de Côte d’Ivoire
Association of Oil Product Operations
Association of Productivity Specialists
Association Tunisienne de la Santé de la Reproduction
Association Voix de Bretagne Productions
Atelier de Production et de Creation
Atlanta Wood Products Center
Atlantic Precision Products Inc.
Attorney Client and/or Work Product
Audio Products Group Pty. Ltd.
Audio Products International
Audio Service America Productions
Audio Visual Production Group
Audio/Video Products Division
Audio-Video Production
Audiovisual Production Requirements
Augmented Materials Production
Australasian Production & Inventory Control Society
Australasian Wood Products
Australian Centre for Cleaner Production
Australian Cleaner Production Association Inc.
Australian Dairy Products Standards Organisation
Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
Australian Product Numbering Association Ltd.
Australian Training Products
Australian Training Products Ltd.
Austrian Radionavigation Technology and Integrated Satnav Services and Products Testbed
Auteurs, Réalisateurs, Producteurs
Auteurs, Réalisateurs, Producteurs
Automated Labor and Production System
Automated Product Control Environment
Automated Product Request
Automated Production Equipment
Automated Publications Production System
Automated Time, Attendance, and Production System
Automation Production
Automation Production
Automatique Productique Informatique Industrielle
Automotive Bright Products Association
Automotive Council for War Production
Automotive Production Technologies Ltd.
Automotive Racing Products
Automotive Racing Products
Automotive Specialty Products Alliance
Average Net Revenue Product
Average Production Wage
Average Productive Worker
Aviation Products and Services Team
Aviation Weather Products Generator
AWIPS Production Decision
Axiomatic Product Development Ltd
Bacillus Natto Productive Protein
Back Office Product
Background Product Description
Backward-Forward Product
Backyard Productions
Bacterial Production
Bacterial Production
Bacterial Production
Bailey Metal Products
Bakers Man Productions, Inc
Ballistic Products Inc.
Bandwidth Delay Product
Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity
Base Production Unit
Basketball Products International
Batch Production & Control Record
Batch Production Record
Baton Rouge Duplicating Products
Bavaria Production Services
Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights
Beam Parameter Product
Beat Down Productions
Behind You Productions
Belangenvereniging Composteerbare Producten Nederland
Below Ground Net Primary Productivity
Benjamin International Production
Bessel Product Combining
Best New Product Award
Better Home Products
Better Home Products
Beyond Low Rate Initial Production
Bharat Products Limited
Big Finish Productions, Ltd
Big Hurt Productions
Big Hurt Productions
Big Willy Productions
Bill Young Productions
Billet Racing Products, LLC
Billing Product/Format Interface
Biobased Products and Bioenergy Coordination Council
Biocidal Products Directive
Biocidal Products Directive
Biodegradable Products Institute
Biological Production Module
Biologie du Développement et Reproduction
Biology Of Reproduction
Biomass Production
Biomass Production System
Biomasse du Stock Reproducteur
Bio-Products Saskatchewan Inc.
Bioproducts Technology Consultant
Bircham’s Office Products
Birmingham International Forest Products
Black Bat Productions
Black Dog Productions
Black Hills Exploration and Production
Black Hole Productions
Black Hole Productions
Black Mermaid Productions
Blarg and Marty Productions
Block Product Turbo Codes
Blois Hobby Products
Blois Hobby Products
Blood Products Depot
Blue Dragon Productions
Blue Sky Video Productions
Bob Couchenour Music Productions
Boise Cascade Office Products
Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc.
Boogie Down Productions
Bosch Production System
British Disposable Products Association
British Egg Products Association
British Gas Exploration and Production India Limited
Broadband Communications Product
Broadband Communications Product
Broadcasting Industry Council to Improve American Productivity
Broken Heart Productions
Broken Heart Productions
Broken Knuckle Video Productions
Browse Product
Browse Product
Browse Product
Bruce F. Dyer (BFD Productions, Inc.
Bruto Binnenlands Product
Bruto Nationaal Product
Building Automation Products, Inc.
Bureau of Agricultural and Fisheries Product Standards
Bureau of Product Standards
Bureau pour le Developpement de la Production Agricole
Business Graphics Products
Business Product Research & Development
Business Product Services
Business Product Team
Business Product Team
Business Productivity Online Services
Business Products Credit Association
Business Telecom Products, Inc.
Business Telecom Products, Inc.
By-Product Exchange
C Language Integrated Production System
Cairo Electricity Production Company
Calcitonin Gene-Related Product
California Agricultural Production Consultants Association
California Forest Products Commission
Camera & Imaging Products Association
Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accounting
Canadian Communication Products, Inc.
Canadian Grocery Product Code
Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program
Canadian Independent Production Incentive Program
Canadian Information Productivity Awards
Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions
Canadian Labour Market and Productivity Centre
Canadian Media Production Association
Canadian Mind Products
Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency
Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Association
Canadian Natural Products Association
Canadian Office Products Association
Canadian Petroleum Products Institute
Canadian Production Wheel
Canadian Standard Product Code
Cancérigènes, Mutagènes ou Toxiques pour la Reproduction
Canvas Productions
Canvas Productions
Capabilities Production Document
Capital Solutions for the Home Product Industry
Caravan of Dreams Productions
Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Toxic to Reproduction
Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity
Catalog of Member Products and Services
Catalytic Products International, Inc.
Caterpillar Defense and Federal Products
Caterpillar Production System
Cattle Call Productions
Census of Industrial Production
Census Transportation Planning Products
Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine
Center for Animal Health and Productivity
Center for Human Reproduction
Center for Human Reproduction
Center for Innovation in Product Development
Center for Productive Longevity
Center for Reproduction Medicine and Infertility
Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species
Center for Reproductive Biology
Center for Reproductive Excellence Using Assisted Technology and Endocrinology
Center for Reproductive Law and Policy
Center for Reproductive Rights
Center for Women’s Reproductive Care
Central American Renewable Energy and Cleaner Production Facility
Central Office Production Order
Central Product Classification
Central Reproduction Department
Centralized Product Control
Centrally Authorised Product
Centrally Authorised Product
Centre de Production Nucléaire
Centre de Production Thermique
Centre de Productivité Forestière d’Aquitaine
Centre de Recherche sur les Couts et la Productivite
Centre for Novel Agricultural Products
Centre for Reproduction and Early Life
Centre Technique des Productions Animales et Agro-Alimentaires
Centro Nacional de Productividad
Certificate in Apparel Product Development
Certificate in Production Design
Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product
Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products
Certified Forest Products Council
Certified in Production and Inventory Management
Certified Natural Products Advisor
Certified Product Directory
Certified Product Information Document
Certified Product Manager
Certified Product Marketing Manager
Certified Product Safety Manager
Certified Production and Inventory Management
Certified Scrum Product Owner
CESG Assisted Products Scheme
Cessation of Production
Ceylon Leather Products Ltd.
Chaîne de Production des Informations Aéronautiques
Chalmers Architecture and Methodology for Flexible Production
Chambre Syndicale des Producteurs d’Aciers Fins et Speciaux
Chambre Syndicale des Producteurs d’Aciers Fins et Spéciaux
Changing Consumption and Production Patterns
Channel Product Table
Channel-Optimized Product Quantization
Charged Fusion Product
Charles Hodge Photography and Video Production
Cheap Redundant Assorted Products
Chemical Production Process
Chemical Weapons Production Facility
Chemistry of Natural Products
Chesapeake Hardwood Products Inc.
Chevron International Exploration and Production
Chief Product Specialist
Chief Production, Planning and Control Officer
China A-Share Access Products
China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products
China Machinery Industrial Products Co., Ltd.
China National Forest Products Industry Association
Cholesterol Oxidation Product
Chris Moses Productions
Chrysler Product Owner’s Club
Circor Energy Products
Cisco ICM Product Training
Cisco Product Identification
Citigroup Financial Products Inc.
Claim Production Centre
Classic Performance Products
Classification Products By Activity
Classified Defense Products
Classified Product Delivery Analyst
Clean Petroleum Product
Cleaner Greener Production Programme
Cleaner Production
Cleaner Production
Cleaner Production Centers
Cleaner Production Germany
Cleaner Production Promotion Unit
Cleaning Care Products
Cleaning Products Pilot Project
Client Server Production Acceptance
Client Supplied Product
Clinical Lab Products
Clinical Research Products Management Center
Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products
Clôtures Fermetures Production
Coal Combustion By-Product
Coal Combustion By-products
Coal Combustion Product
Coal Production Submodule
Coarse Production Planning
Coastal Oregon Productivity Enhancement
Coincidental Unavoidable By-Product
Cold Headed Products
Colder Products Company
Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production
Collaborative Convective Forecast Product
Collaborative Product Commerce
Collaborative Product Data Associates
Collaborative Product Data Management
Collaborative Product Definition Management
Collaborative Product Development
Collaborative Product Development Associates
Collaborative Product Development Management
Collaborative Production Management
Color Reproduction Index
Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine
Columbia Data Products, Inc.
Columbia Forest Products
Column Product
Column Product
Combat Ammunition Planning and Production
Combat Systems Integrated Product Team
Combination Product Sets
Combined Claims Product
Combustion By-Product
Comité Mixte à La Production
Comité Régional des Unités de Production du Sahel
Command and Control Product Line
Command Center Product Line
Comment on Reproductive Ethics
Commercial Acquisition of Multiple Products
Commercial Aviation Systems-Sensor Products Operation
Commercial Chemical Product
Commercial Object Model of Product/Process for an Advanced Shipbuilding System
Commercial Product Acquisition Team
Commercial Production Association
Commissie Aanprijzing Veterinaire Producten
Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use
Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products
Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products
Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products
Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products
Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products
Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment
Committee on Human Medicinal Products
Commodity Products Markup Language
Common Mapping Production System
Common Product Code
Common User Products
Communications Product Group
Communications Unlimited Video Productions
Community News Production Institute
Company Owned Production Rate Rider
Comparison Production Test
Compendium of Self-Care Products
Competitive Alternative Acquisition Products
Competitive Version Product Upgrade
Complete Environmental Products
Complex Product Support
Complex Products and Systems
Compliant Certified Product List
Component Product Schedule
Composite Direct Product
Compounded Sterile Product
Comprehensive Product Record
Computer Aided Production Planning and Control
Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity
Computer Applications in Production and Engineering
Computer Assisted Production
Computer Assisted Production
Computer Music Productions Online
Computer Productivity Services
Computer Products Administration
Computer Products Distribution Europe
Computer-Aided Production
Computer-Aided Production
Computer-Aided Production Control
Computer-Aided Production Management
Computer-Aided Production Planning
Computer-Integrated Product-Costing System
Concept to Production
Concrete Protection Products Inc.
Concurrent Product & Process Development
Confederation Europeenne des Producteurs de Spiritueux
Conference on Visual Media Production
Conforming Products List
Conformity of Product
Conservation and Production Research Laboratory
Consider The Source Productions
Consolidated Ceramic Products
Consolidated HST Associated Mission Products
Consolidated HST Assorted Mission Products
Consortium of Chemical Products and Processes
Constrained Production Planning
Construction Productivity Advanced Research
Construction Productivity Network
Construction Products Association
Construction Products Directive
Construction Products Regulation
Consumer and Industrial Product
Consumer Electronic Product
Consumer Healthcare and Products Association
Consumer Healthcare Products Association
Consumer Product Information Database
Consumer Product Manufacturers Association
Consumer Product Safety
Consumer Product Safety Act
Consumer Product Safety Bureau
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
Consumer Products
Consumer Products
Consumer Products Domestic Appliances
Consumer Products Enterprises, Inc.
Consumer Specialty Products Association
Consumer Value Products
Consumer, Industrial Products & Services
Contamination Control Products, Inc.
Contexts, Input, Processes and Products
Continence Product Evaluation
Continuous Product Innovation
Continuous Product Replenishment
Continuous Tone Reproduction
Contractor-Furnished Property/Product
Control Products, Inc.
Contrôle de Production en Usine
Controlled Environment Plant Production System
Controlled Product Management
Controlled Products Regulation
Cooks Quality Products
Coopérative des Producteurs d’Huile de Palm
Coopérative des Producteurs de Bois
Coordinated Product Definition
Coordinating Area Production Urgency Committee
Corn Bread Productions
Corn Products Corporation
Corn Products International
Corning Telecommunications Products
Corporate Network Product
Corporate Product Code
Corridor Area Promotional Products Association
Corrosion Resistant Products
Cost Accounting and Production Report
Cost and Product Performance Module
Cost Integrated Product Team
Cost of Product
Cost of Production
Cost Product Team
Cotton Production and Processing Research Unit
Council of Investigating Production Forces
Coupon Next to Product
Cow-Calf Production System
Cowtipping Productions
Creative Video Productions
Creative Video Souvenir Productions
Creative, Inventive and Productive Excelment
Credit Derivative Product Company
Credit Suisse Financial Products
Crisis Center Productions
Critical Item Product Specification
Cross Product Master Agreement
Cross System Product
Cross-, Up-Selling and Accessories Products
Cross-Linked Fibrin Degradation Product
Crowd Control Productions
Cry Havoc Productions
Crypt Cell Production per Crypt
Cultures Locales Productions
Current Product Engineering
Current Production & Analytic Support
Current Production Code
Curtain Call Productions
Custom Habitat Improvement Product
Custom Mass-Production
Custom Optics Product Group
Customer and Product Requirements
Customer Product Advisor
Customer Product Audit
Customer Product Requirements
Customer Qualification Product Folder
Customer Specific Standard Product
Cyberspace Product Reviews
Cyprus Productivity Centre
Czech Cleaner Production Center
Daily Egg Production Method
Daily Product Safety Checklist
Daily Production Schedule
Daily Round Spermatid Production
Daily Simulator Schedule Product
Daily Sperm Production per Gram
DaimlerChrysler Production System
Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service
Dan Krech Productions, Inc.
Dance Party Productions
Danish Committee of Pig Breeding and Production
Data Center Energy Productivity
Data Facility Product
Data Product Code
Data Product Definition
Data Product Specification
Data Products Management
Data Products Specifications
Data Systems Product Team
Database of Approved Animal Drug Products
Database Product Request
Datamation Product Watch
Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden 3rd/General Representation Products Chain Drastism 1-Compact Disc
Date of Production
David Hand Productions
DEcentralised and COllaborative production management via enterprise modeling and method Reusage
Décision et Information pour Les Systèmes de Production
Deep Down Productions
Deep Earth Energy Production Corp.
Deer Consumer Products, Inc.
Deere Product Quality System
Deere Production System
Defence Infosec Product Co-Operation Group
Defence Video Productions
Defense Automation and Production Service
Defense Intelligence Production Schedule
Defense Production Act
Defense Production Sharing Program
Degausser Evaluated Products List
Degausser Products List
DEISA Common Production Environment
Del Padre Visual Productions
Delegated Production Program
Delivered Product Quality Rating
Dense Matrix-Matrix Product
Department of Crop Production and Forestry
Department of Defence Production and Supplies
Department of Defense intelligence production community
Department of Industry, Productivity and Energy
Department of Product and Systems Design
Department of Reproductive Health
Department of Reproductive Medicine
Department of the Army Audiovisual Production Program
Department of the Army Motion Picture/Television Production Program
Deployable ACC , RPC (Recognized Air Picture Production Centre) , SFP (Sensor Fusion Post)
Deployable Print Production Center
Depot Maintenance Accounting and Production System
Deputy Product Manager
Derived Product Images
Design and Drawing for Production
Design for Product Life Cycle
Design for Production
Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces
Design-To-Unit Production Cost
Desk Top Music Production
Desktop Terminals Product Line
Detailed Product Document
Detailed Production Planning
Detroit Radiant Products
Developmental And Reproductive Toxicology
Developments in Power System Production
DIA Directorate for Intelligence Production
Diabolote Home Productions
Diagnostic Products Corporation
Diamond Products International
Dick Clark Productions
Die Hard Productions
Diesel Performance Products
Differential Product Term Switching
Diffraction Products Inc.
Diffusion des Productions Basques
Digital Access Product
Digital Advance Production Order
Digital Cartographic Production System
Digital Image Data Output Product
Digital Imagery Exploitation Production System
Digital Llama Productions
Digital Media Production
Digital Monitoring Products
Digital Music Products
Digital Networked Production Systems
Digital Product Content Management
Digital Product Data Base
Digital Product Definition
Digital Product Description
Digital Product Model
Digital Product Simulation
Digital Production Administrator
Digital Production Arts
Digital Production System
Digital Production Workflow
Digital Products Inc.
Digital Products Server
Digital Products Services
Digital Representation of Graphic Products
Digital Video Post Production
Digital Video Productions LLC
Digitell Legacy Productions
Diploma in Food Production
Dipped Products Ltd
Direct Forest Products Limited
Direct Marketing Production Agency
Direct Material Productivity
Direct Product Account
Direct Product Basis
Direct Product Cost
Direct Product Standard Hours
Direct Productive Annual Maintenance Man-hours
Direct Shell Production Casting
Direct Strip Production Complex
Direct Swimming Pool Products
Direction Production Ingenierie
Director of Product Enhancements
Director/Directorate of Production Management
Directorate for Product Integrity and Production Engineering
Directordirectorate Of Production Management
Dirk Mostert Camera Production
Disinfectant Byproduct
Disinfectant Byproduct Precursor
Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule
Disinfection Byproduct
Disinfection By-Product Formation Potential
Disk Production Activity
Disney Consumer Products
Disney Theatrical Productions
Disposable Food Service Products
Distortion Product Emission
distortion product frequency profile
Distributed Product Description
distributed production program
Diversified Products Inspections, Inc
Division of Antiviral Drug Products
Division of Bacterial, Parasitic and Allergenic Products
Division of Drug Oncology Products
Division of Neuropharmacological Drug Products
Division of Production Operations
Division of Production, Productivity and Management
Division of Reproductive and Urologic Products
Division of Reproductive Health
Division of Tropical Animal Production
Division Production Nucleaire
DMA Automated Publication Production System
Document Automation & Production Service
Document Preparation and Production
Document Production Services
Document Production System
DOD Engineering Data Micro Reproduction System
Domestic Gross Product
Don Logay Productions
Don Meier Productions
Donnelly Production System
Dose Area Product
Dose Length Product
Double Product Break Point
Douglas County Forest Products
Drawing & Design for Production
Drawing the Circle Productions
Drift King Productions
Drive Products
Drshnaps Productions
Drug Product
Drug Product Database
Drug Product Intermediate
Drug Products Information Coding System
Dry Matter Production
Dumb Nerds Productions
Dunbar Video Productions LLC
Dusty Vinyl Productions
Early Entrance Coproduction Plant
Early Production
Earth Contact Products
East Coast Entertainment Productions
East Coast Road Productions
Eastern Perishable Products Association
Eco Environmental Product Standards
Eco-Domestic Product
Editions et Productions Théâtrales Chappell
Editorial Production Branch
Editorial Production Manager
Education Productivity Council
Educational Products Information Exchange
Educational Products Manager
Educators for Reproductive Freedom
Efficiency Bandwidth Product
Egg Products Inspection Act of 1970
El Paso Production Holding Co.
El Wadi for Exporting Agricultural Products
Election Products Inc
Electric Sound Products
Electrical Product Center
Electrical Product Team
Electrical Production Improvement Project
Electrochemical Products, Inc.
Electromedical Products International, Inc.
Electronic Advanced Product Quality Planning
Electronic Field Production
Electronic Film Production
Electronic Information Product
Electronic Media Production Service
Electronic News Production System
Electronic Product Code
Electronic Product Codec
Electronic Product Design
Electronic Product Design and Engineering
Electronic Product Distribution
Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool
Electronic Product Knowledge
Electronic Product News
Electronic Product Property Server
Electronic Product Stewardship Canada
Electronic Products and Systems Center
Electronic Products Bulletin
Electronic Products License Agreement
Electronic Space Products International
Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility
Electronics Product Test Center
Electro-Optical Products Division
Element Skateboard Products
Elite Mechanical Products Ltd.
Elliot Sound Products
Emergency Product Withdrawal
Emergency Production Planning Program
Emerging Electronic Products Assembly Scheme
Employer Measures of Productivity, Absence and Quality
Employer Productivity Superannuation Contribution
End of Production
Endogenous Glucose Production
Endorsed Data Encryption Standard Products List
Endorsed TEMPEST Products List
End-Use Product
End-User Product
Energy Conservation and Production Act
Energy Conservation Product
Energy Production
Energy Products Directive
Energy Related Product
Energy Saving Products
Energy Using Product
Energy-Delay Product
Engineered Machined Products, Inc.
Engineered Motor Products Division
Engineered Motor Products, Inc
Engineered Products Group Pty Ltd
Engineered Wood Products
Engineering and Product Design Education
Engineering Design Support to Production
Engineering Product Data Management
Engineering Production Certificate
Enhanced Live Production Control System
Enhanced Product Group
Enhanced Product Realization
Enhanced Production Audit Program
Enhanced Production System
Enhanced Turbo Product Code
Enriched Uranium Product
Enterprise Product Catalog
Enterprise Product Data Management
Enterprise Product Delivery Process
Enterprise Production System
Enterprise Resource Products
Enterprise Server Product
Environmental Construction Products International, Inc.
Environmental Integrated Product Team
Environmental Marine Products
Environmental Product Declaration
Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation
Environmental Systems Products Holdings, Inc
Environmentally Friendly Product
Environmentally Preferred Product
Equipment Product Code
Equipment Status Product
ERIC Document Reproduction Service
Erosion Control Products
Erosion Productivity Impact Calculator
Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology
EudraVigilance Medicinal Product Dictionary
European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products
European Association of National Productivity Centres
European College of Animal Reproduction
European Conference on Stone Product Protection
European Congress of Reproductive Immunology
European Oleochemicals & Allied Products Group
European Plastic Product Manufacturer
European Product Development Centre
European Productivity Agency
European Roundtable on Cleaner Production
European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction
European Society of Reproductive and Developmental Immunology
European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction
Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception
Evaluated Products List
Every Product Every Cycle
Everyday Productivity Education
Everyday Productivity Education
Exchange Traded Products
Exclusive Educational Products
Executive Video Productions
Exhibit Design and Production
Exor Sum-Of-Products
Exotic Products of Tucson
Expected Lifetime Reproductive Success
Experimental Product
Experimental Products Program
Exploitation Product Data File
Exploration & Production Sharing Agreement
Exploration and Production Technology
Exploration and Production Technology Company
Exploration Production, Inc.
Extended Care Product News
Extended Librarian Interactive Productivity Service
Extended Librarian Interactive Productivity Services
Extended Product Responsibility
Exterior Product Basis
Extruded Fantasy Product
Extrusion Production Information and Control System
Exxon Production Research Company
Facility for Automated Software Production
Factor Stimulating Interferon Production
Factory Production Control
Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
Family and Reproductive Health
Family Experiences Productions, Inc.
Family Planning and Reproductive Health
Farm Products Guide
Farrier Product Distribution
Fast Delivery Product
F-Cell Production
Featured Entertainment & Production Arts Ltd
Federacion Internacional de Productores Agricolas
Federal Laser Product Performance Standard
Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity
Fédération des Producteurs Acéricoles du Québec
Fédération Française des Producteurs d’Oléagineux et de Protéagineux
Fédération Internationale des Auteurs Producteurs de Films
Federation Internationale des Producteurs Agricoles
Fédération Nationale des Producteurs de Pommes de Terre de Consommation
Feed Materials Production Center
Female Reproductive Tract
Fiber Products International
Fiber Reinforced Product
Fiberworld Product
Fibrin Degradation Products
Fibrin Split Product
Fibrin/Fibrinogen Degradation Product
Fibrin-Fibrinogen Degradation Products
Field Production Science Center
Fighting Dreamers Productions
Film and Video Production Technology
Film Production Company
Film Production Tax Credit
Film Production Unit
Final Production Run
Financial Integrated Product Team
Financial Products
Financial Products
Financial Products Management System
Financial Services Product Advisor
Financial Services Product Associate
Finger Lakes Production International
Finish Product Logistic Cost
Finished Pharmaceutical Product
Finished Product Specification
Fire and Security Products
Fire Stone Home Products
Fireplace Products International Ltd
Firestone Building Products Europe
Firewall Product Certification
Fireworks Productions Inc
Firm Power Products and Services
First Article Initial Production Test
First Floor, Down Productions
First Floor, Down Productions
First Production Run
First Production Unit
First Quality Products
First Take Video Productions
Fishery Products International, Ltd.
Fission Product
Fission Product
Fission Product Development Laboratory
fission product monitoring system
Fission Product Screening Loop
Fitness Products International
Fixed Maturity Product
Flexible Productivity Series
Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances
FLIP Chart Production Environment
Floating Production Storage and Off-loading
Floating Production System
Floating Production Unit
Floating Production Vessel
Floating Production, Storage and Offtake
Florida Citrus Production Research Advisory Council
Florida Concrete & Products Association
Florida Water Products
Fluid Connector Products, Inc.
Fluorescent Damage Products of Lipid Peroxidation
Fluorescent Lipid Oxidation Products
Fluorescent Product of Lipid Peroxidation
Follow-On Production Test
Follow-On Protein Products
Food and Consumer Products Manufacturers
Food Product Design
Food Product Development
Food Products Association
Food, Drug, and Consumer Product Agency
Forbidden Planet Productions
Ford Customer Product Audit
Ford Product Development System
Ford Production System
Forecasts, their Products and Services
Forest Machines Wood Production
Forest Product Declaration Form
Forest Products Development Board
Forest Products Division
Forest Products International
Forest Products Laboratory
Forest Products Radio Service
Forest Products Research Institute
Forest Products Research Society
Forest Products Society
Forever Living Products LLC
Forever Living Products LLC
Forgotten Wisdom Productions
Former Production Facility
FOtoproduction of Charm: Upgraded Spectrometer
Fox Television Stations Productions
Fractional Product Inefficiency
Fractionated Products Management System
Framework for African Agricultural Productivity
Franklin Machine Products
Freak-O-Matic Productions
Fred. Olsen Production
Free Open Knowledge of Production
Free Product Coupon
Free Product Recovery
Freeland Products, Inc.
Free-standing Production Riser System
Frequency Control Products
From the Flames Productions
Fruit Products Order
Fuels Production Facility
Fujitsu Computer Products of America
Fujitsu Imaging Products Group, Inc.
Full Moon Productions
Full Product
Full Product
Full Rate Production
Full Scale Production
Fullerene Production Chamber
Full-Rate Production
Fully Allocated Product Cost
Fully Packaged Product
Fun Web Products, Inc.
Functional Product Specification
Functional Production Area
FUNimation Productions
FUNimation Productions
Fur Products Labeling Act
Furniweb Industrial Products Berhad
Future Media Productions, Inc.
Future Product Development
Fuzzy Product-Limit Estimator
Gain-Bandwidth Product
Garden Center Products & Supplies
Garment Production Unit
Gas Engine and Antique Reproduction Show
Gate Product Deliverable
General Assembly Production Centre
General Atomics Energy Products
General Chemical Industrial Products
General Machine Products
General Product Release Internationally
General Product Safety Directive
General Products
Generalized Inner Product
Generalized Production Function
Generation X Productions
Generic Product Identifier
Genetically Modified Product
Génie Mécanique et Productique
Genomique et Productivite Vegetale
Geometrical Product Specifications
Geophysical Products System
Georgia Concrete & Products Association
Geospatial Exploitation Products
Geospatial Product Library
Geospatial Production Cell
Gestion des Opérations et de la Production
Glenfarne Wood Products Ltd
Global Consumer Products Company
Global Electronic Product Repository
Global Health Productivity
Global Product and Services Registry
Global Product Classification
Global Product Code
Global Product Configuration Process
Global Product Development
Global Product Development Services
Global Product Development System
Global Product Launch
Global Product Management
Global Product Strategy
Global Product Supply Management Pty. Ltd.
Global Product Support
Global Production Engineering Center
Global Reproductive Health Forum
Global Sprintfax Product
Global Sprintlink Product
Global Technology Products
Globalization of Production
Glucose Degradation Product
Glucose Production Rate
Go Home Productions
Godlike Productions
Gold Coast Promotional Products Association
Goldman Sachs Alternative Mortgage Products
Good News Productions, International
Grains Production Enhancement Program
Grand Haven Stamped Products Company
Graphic Management Specialty Products
Great American Products
Great Network Product
Great Valley Production Services
Greecehttpeuropa Eu Intcommeurostatpublicdatashopprint Productencatalogueeurostatproduct8 07062001 En Ap Enmodedownload
Green Edge Products
Green Room Production Services
Gremial de Exportadores de Productos No Tradicionales
Grizzly Adams Productions
Grocery Products Manufacturing Quality
Gross Berth Productivity
Gross Corporate Product
Gross Domestic Product
Gross Domestic Product per Capita
Gross Domestic Product per Region
Gross Domestic Product Price Index
Gross Internal Product
Gross Metro Product
Gross Metropolitan Product
Gross National Health Product
Gross National Product
Gross Primary Productivity
Gross Product
Gross Product Margin
Gross Product Worth
Gross Production Average
Gross Regional Product
Gross State Domestic Product
Gross State Product
Gross Sustainable Development Product
Gross Value of Agricultural Production
Gross World Product
Ground Defense Status Product
Ground Defense Subsector Status Product
Group Financial Reporting and Production
Guardian Building Product
Guatemala Racing Products
Guntzelman-Sullivan-Marshall Productions
Half-Done Productions
Hand Held Products
Handpiece Products Co
Hard Light Productions
Hardware Product Services
Harlequin Print Production Manager
Harmonised European Standard for a Construction Product
Hatch Product Transport
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.
Hawker Energy Products, Inc.
Hayes Microcomputer Products
Hazardous Household Product Symbols
Hazardous Production Material
Hazardous Products Act
Health and Productivity Management
Health Products and Food
Health Products and Food Branch
Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate
Heart Rate Peak Systolic Pressure Product
Heart Rate-Systolic Pressure Product
Held by Production
Helmel Engineering Products, Inc.
Hepatic Glucose Production
Herbal Medicinal Product
High Fire Performance Wood Products
High Pressure Production Trap
High Production
High Production Volume Information System
High Productivity Systems
High Speed Interface Product
High Value Agricultural Product
High Value Product
High-Level Engineering for Automation: Conceptual-Level Design, Production, and Diagnostics Support
Highly Variable Drug Product
High-Production Volume
High-Productivity Computing
High-Temperature Meat Product
Hobby Products International
Hobe Sound Productions, Inc.
Home Design Products
Home Health Products
Home Improvement Products Association
Home Products International, Inc.
Homeopathic Medicinal Product
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Horizontal Production Integration
Host System Security Product
Household Food Production Programme
Household Products Database
Houston Product Support Center
Hubbell Electrical Products
Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production
Human Assisted Reproduction Ireland
Human Assisted Reproductive Technology
Human Reproduction Update
Human Reproductive Sciences Unit
Human Reproductive Technology Bill
Hurricane Product Warehouse
Hydraulic Energy Products, Inc
Hydro-Dynamic Products
Hydrogen Production Unit
Idaho Crop Production Association
Identification of Medicinal Products
Identity Preserved Agricultural Products
Illinois Wood Products Association
Image Product
Image Product Archive
Image Product Database
Image Product Library
Imagery Product Library
Imagery Product Library Subsystem
Imagery-Derived Product
Imaging Products International
Imaging Products Laboratory
Improved Management Productivity and Control
Improving Manufacturing Productivity with Advanced Collaboration Technology
In Situ Product Removal
In the Basement Productions
In Vitro Gas Production
Incoming Product Quality
Incorrect Blood Product Transfused
Incorrect Product Code Codeword
Incubadora de Microempresas Productivas
Indentured Product Code
Independence Productivity Integration and Inclusion
Independent Forest Products Association
Independent Product and Process Examination
Independent Product Consultant
Independent Product Quality Certification
Independent Product Specialist
Independent Water and Power Production
Independent Work Product Assessments
Index of Industrial Production
Index of Industrial Production
Indian Steel and Wire Products Limited
Indice de Precios al Productor
Indirect Production Time Factor
Indonesian Cleaner Industrial Production
Industrial Animal Production
Industrial Engineering and Production Management
Industrial Product Identification
Industrial Production
Industrial Production
Industrial Production Equipment
Industrial Production Equipment Reserve
Industrial Production Performance Reporting
Industrial Production Volume Index
Industrial Rubber Products
Information Product Description
Information Products and Services
Information Products Interchange
Information Systems Security Products and Services Catalog
Information Systems, Production and Distribution
Information Technology Overarching Integrated Product Team
Information Worker Product Management Group
Initial Product Inspection
Initial Production
Initial Production Facilities
Initial Production Parts
Initial Production Test
Initial Production Test
Injected Metal Products
Inner Product of Vectors
Inner Product Space
Innovation and New Product Development
Innovation and Productivity Grand Challenge
Innovation and Productivity Tax Credit
Innovation Centre for Audio Products
Innovation, Quality, Productivity
Innovative Product Development
Innovative Software Direct Products Plc
Insertion into MILSATCOM Products of Advanced Communications Technology
Installation de Production d’Énergie
Institute for Health and Productivity Management
Institute for Natural Products Research
Institute for Natural Products Research
Institute for Productive Learning in Europe
Institute for Reproductive Health
Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science
Institute of Production and Recording
Institute of Production Measurement Technology
Institute of Productivity and Management
Institute of Radioisotopes and Radiodiagnostic Products
Instituto Chileno de Medicina Reproductiva
Instituut voor Productie- en Onderhouds- Management
Instructional Material Production and Circulation Team
Instructional Multimedia Production Lab
Instructional Multimedia Production Lab
Instructor Productivity Center
Integrated Card Production System
Integrated Manufacturing Production System
Integrated New Product Development
Integrated Platform Product Management
Integrated Process and Product Team
Integrated Product and Process Design
Integrated Product and Process Development
Integrated Product and Process Engineering
Integrated Product and Process Management
Integrated Product Development
Integrated Product Development Process
Integrated Product Development System
Integrated Product Development System
Integrated Product Development Team
Integrated Product Development Test
Integrated Product Management
Integrated Product Ownership
Integrated Product Policy
Integrated Product Process Model
Integrated Product Team
Integrated Product Team
Integrated Product Team Capability Maturity Model
Integrated Product Team Instruction
Integrated Production and Test Engineering
Integrated Production Bundle
Integrated Production Cell
Integrated Production System Capacity
Integrated Production System Modeling
Integrated Production Systems, Inc.
Integrated Production Umbilical
Integrated Reservoir and Production Management
Integrated Ship Design and Production
Intel Product Dealer
Intel Product Integrator
Intelligence Product Support Group
intelligence production agency
Intelligence Production Management Activity
Intelligence Production Requirement
Intelligent Data Product
Intelligent Logistics for Innovative Product Technologies
Intelligent Product Data
Intelligent Product Software Engineering
Intelligent Production Data Analysis
Intensive Production
Interactive Product Simulation
Interactive Productive Environment Platform
Interactive Productivity Facility
Interactive System Productivity Facility
Interest Rate Product
Intermodulation Product
Inter-Modulation Product
Internal Development and Production
Internal Product Specification
International Association of Promotional Products
International Christian Entertainment Music Production
International Code Product Number
International Comfort Products
International Conference on Biodiversity and Natural Products
International Consumer Product Safety Caucus
International Custom Products Inc.
International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations
International Green Productivity Association
International Home Products
International Media Production Zone
International Monitoring and Production Assistance Center
International Music Products Association
International Music Products Association
International Partnership for Reproductive Health
International Product Data Management Users Group
International Product Development Co., Inc.
International Product Development Management Conference
International Product Life Cycle
International Product Placement Research Council
International Product Safety Management
International Product Safety News
International Production Enterprise System
International Productivity and Quality Conference
International Productivity and Quality Council
International Products Sourcing Group
International Reproductive Health Survey
International Reproductive Rights Research Group
International Seminar on Speech Production
International Sleep Products Association
International Specialty Products
International Teleproduction Society
International Wood Products Association
International Workshop on Internationalisation of Products and Systems
Internet Product Code
Internetworking Product Center
Interruption to Production
Introduction of New Products
Inventory Product Assurance Surveillance
Investigational Medicinal Product
Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier
Investment Company/Variable Contracts Products
Investment Product Group
Investment Products and Services
Investment Products Division
Iodine Disinfection By-Products
Ion Activity Product
Iowa Dairy Products Association
IPSS Production Tracking System
Irish Cosmetics, Detergent and Allied Products Association
Irredundant Sum-Of-Products
Irrigated Crop Production Reliability
Isocyanate Products Incorporated
Isotope Production
Isotope Production Facility
Item/Product Specialist
Ixplus Production Support
Jan Heintze Promotion Products
Japan Electronic Products Importers Association
Japan Productivity Center
Japan Veterinary Products Association
Java Embedded Object Production System
Java Runtime Products Group
Jenny Lenahan Productions
Jill Kelly Productions
Jim Lenahan Production Design
Joe Z. Productions
John Groves Music Productions
Joint Munitions Production Panel
Joint Therapeutic Products Agency
Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics
Journal of Natural Products
Journal of Productivity Analysis
Journal of Reproduction and Fertility
Journal of Reproductive Medicine
Journal of Ship Production
Journal of Sustainable Product Design
Judicial Productivity Credit
Juice Products Association
Juried Product Development Forum
Just Another Good Picture Production
Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association
Kansas City Power Products
Kawasaki Production System
Kay Home Products, Inc.
Kent Adhesive Products Co.
Kentucky Center for Reproductive Medicine
Kenya Agricultural Productivity Project
Kessler-Ellis Products
Key Product Characteristic
Key Production Key
Kick Ass Paintball Products
Kill Yourself Productions
Kinetic Avionic Products Limited
King Kong Production Vehicles Inc.
Knowledge Products
Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health
Kojima Productions Report
Kontraktor Production Sharing
Korea Animal Health Products Association
Korean Ginseng Products
Labarge Products, Inc
Laboratoire de Production Microtechnique
Laboratory Center for Food and Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.
Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology
Laboratory Products Association
Laboratory Products Sales, Inc
LaBranche Structured Products Direct
LaBranche Structured Products Specialists
Lancaster Product Development Unit
Land Product Validation
Land Product Validation Subgroup
Langues, Production, Services, Ltée
Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products
Last Summer Productions
Latino Reproductive Rights Project
Lavochkin Research and Production Association
Law Enforcement Product News
Leading Services and Products Network
Lean Product and Process Development
Lean Product Development
Lean Production Management System
Legend Killer Productions
Lennox Hearth Products
Leucaena Production Society
Liability for Defective Products Act
Licensed Program Products
Life Cycle Product Team
Life Cycle Support Products
Lifetime Reproductive Success
Light Production Color
Light-Based Regional Product
Limited Product
Limited Production
Limited Production Availability
Limited Production Phase
Limited Production Test
Limited Production Urgent
Limited Rate Initial Production
Linn Productions Media
Linux Productivity Magazine
Liquid Dairy Products
Listed Product Accreditation Course
Litigation Products Manager
Little Pond Graphic Productions
Litton Precision Products International, Inc.
Live Product Demonstration
Live Production Institute
Livestock Production Research Institute
Livin’ Peace Productions
Lo Maximo Productions
Loan Production Office
Local Product Agent
Local Productivity and Performance Measurement
Local Reproduction Authorized
Logical Product Model
Logistics Integrated Product Team
Lomas Data Products, Incorporated
Long Lived Fission Product
Long-Term Ecosystem Productivity
Long-Term Site Productivity
Lorimar Productions
Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory
Louisiana Products Liability Act of 1999
Low Budget Production
Low Rate Initial Production
Low Rate Production
Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
Lower East Side Productions
Lucky Duck Productions
LunchBox Productions
Machine, Process, and Product Design
Macintosh Product Guide
MacNair Construction Products Ltd.
MacNeil-Lehrer Productions
Magnetic Media Productions LTD
Maharishi Ayurveda Products International
Maine Products Marketing Program
Mainline Commercial Product
Maintenance Support Product Team
Maitake Products, Inc.
Makes Good Product
Malaysian Natural Products Society
Malformation of Sound Production
Management Development and Productivity Institute
Management Engineering and Production Services
Management of Products and Materials
Management Organisation Sales Product IT
Management Production Assistant
Manchego Cheese-Like Product
Manufacturer Product Quality Assessment
Manufacturer Quality Products
Manufacturer’s Production Run
Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation
Manufacturing and Production Organization
Manufacturing Production Order
Manufacturing Use Product
Manufacturing-Use Product
Margaret Weis Productions
Marginal Product of Capital
Marginal Product of Labor
Marginal Revenue Product of Labor
Marginal Value Products
Marine Animal Productions
Marine Animal Productions
Marine Natural Product
Marine Primary Production Group
Marine Products Export Development Authority
Mark Burnett Productions
Market Driven Product Development
Market-Driven Product Definition
Marketing and Product Development
Marlon V. Gotingco Productions
Marshall Genuine Products
Martin Barkey Racing Products
Mass Production
Mass Production Type
Massive Food Production Programme
Master of Product Development
Master of the Art Radio Production
Master of the Art Radio Production
Master Production Schedule
Master Specification Finished Product
Material Product System
Materials Integrated Product Team
Matila Röhr Productions
Matrix Product Density Operator
Matrix Product State
Matt Miller Culinary Productions
Maximum Allowable Rate of Production
Maximum Allowable Rate of Production
Means of Production
Mean-Squared Weighted Inner Product
Meat Food Products Order
Mechanical and Production Engineering
Media and Editorial Productions
Media Production Group
Medical and Blood Products Management
Medical Device Product Development
Medical Product Manufacturing News
Medical Product Outsourcing
Medical Products Agency
Medical Products Quality Assurance
Medical Products Sales
Medically Assisted Human Reproduction
Medically Necessary Veterinary Product
Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry
Medicinal Plants Production Area
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
MEG Regeneration Unit (gas production)
Memory Production Logging Tool
Men’s Reproductive and Sexual Health
Menasha Forest Products Corporation
Mercury Record Productions
Mere Oblivion Productions
Merrimack Valley Wood Products
Messaging Systems Products Group
Metabolic Water Production
Metal Mind Productions
Methodology for Art Reproduction in Color
Michigan Biologic Products Institute
Michigan Forest Products Council
Michigan Promotional Products Association
Microbial and Disinfection Byproducts
Microbiological and Disinfection By-Products Regulations
Micro-Mode Products Inc.
Microproducts Breakthrough Institute
Microsoft Certified Product Specialist
Microsoft Product Activation
Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor
Microsoft Product Support
Microsoft Product Support Services
Microwave Product Digest
Microwave Product Team
Microwave Products Division
Mid-Atlantic Promotional Products Association
MIDI Production Center
Mid-South Quality Productivity Center
Midwest Products and Engineering
Milieu Relevante Product Informatie
Milk and Milk Product Order
Milk and Milk Products
Milky Way Productions
Mills James Productions
Mineral Production Sharing Agreement
Minimum Product Distance
Minimum Sum-Of-Products
Ministry for Petroleum Production
Ministry of Defence Production
Mission Tailored Product
Mission, Production, and Awards System
Missouri Forest Products Association
Mitochondrial ATP Production Rate
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
Mixed Activation Products
Mixed Activation Products
Mixed Fission Product
Mobile Offshore Production Unit
Mobile Production Center
Mobile Production Unit
Modern Organic Products
Modernized Production System
Modular Affordable Product Line
Modular Production Systems
Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship
Monkey Productions
Monster Zero Productions
Monte Lake Forest Products
More Product, Less Process
More Productive Now!
Moscow Aircraft Production Organization
Moscow Machine-Building Production Association
Most Innovative Products
Most Productive Software Size
Most Valuable Product
Motion Picture Production Agreement
Mountain Products Project
Mouse Antibody Production
Mouse Antibody Production
Move to Production
Mueller Water Products
Multi Camera Production
Multi Product Dispenser
Multi Product Wafer
Multi-Camera Field Production
Multi-Component Product Code
Multifactor Productivity
Multi-Function Product
Multi-Generational Product Plan
Multimedia Production Integration
Multinational Geospatial Co-Production Program
Multiple Product Advertisement
Multiple Product Announcement
Multiple Product Dispenser
Multiproduct Cartel
Multiproduct Cournot-Nash Markup Solution
Music Artist Production Lyrics
Music Entertainment Consultation and Production
Music Production and Recording Technology
Music Production Center
Music Reproduction Licence
Music Video Production Association
National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League
National Advisory Board on Ethics in Reproduction
National Asphalt Products, Inc.
National Beverage & Products Association
National Center for Human Reproduction
National Center for Human Reproduction
National Center for Public Productivity
National Center for Public Productivity
National Cleaner Production Centers
National Cottonseed Products Association
National Decorating Products Association
National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative
National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association
National Food Products Association
National Forage Seed Production Research Center
National Forest Products Association
National Green Builders Products Expo
National Income and Product Accounts
National Institute for Systems Test and Productivity
National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company
National Material Handling Products
National Military Intelligence Production Center
National Officer on Reproductive Health & AIDS
National Organic Production Program
National Organization for Military Production
National Product
National Production Authority
National Productivity Board
National Productivity Corporation
National Productivity Council
National Productivity Institute
National Productivity Organization
National Reproductive Health Strategy
National State Domestic Product
National Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity
National Trade Productions
National Training and Productivity Centre
National Wages and Productivity Commission
NATO Computer Security Products List
Nato European Fighter Aircraft Development, Production and Logistics Management Organisation
NATO Hawk Production Organization
NATO Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Development and Production Management Agency (now NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency)
NATO Recommended Products List
Natural Cane Products
Natural Health Product
Natural Health Product Research Society
Natural Health Products Research Program
Natural Organic Products
Natural Product Number
Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry
Natural Products Consulting Institute
Natural Products Laboratory
Natural Products, Inc.
Nature’s Sunshine Products
Navajo Agricultural Products Industry
Navajo Forest Products Industries
Naval Intelligence Production System
Naval Intelligence Products Register
Naval Production
Naval Threat Product
Navy Board for Production Awards
Nearly Faithful Reproduction
Net Biome Production
Net Community Productivity
Net Domestic Product
Net Ecosystem Productivity
Net Hepatic Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Production
Net National Product
Net Primary Production
Net Primary Productivity
Net Primary Productivity for Chapel Hill
Net State Domestic Product
Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association
Network for Electronic Product Design
Network Management Productivity Facility
Network Product Server
Network Video Products
Networking Products Marketplace for Resellers
Neutral Product Definition Database for Large Multifunctional System
Neutron Production Reactor
Neutron Production Reactor
New Age Video Productions
New Brunswick Research and Productivity Council
New Dynamic Media Productions, Inc.
New England Media Productions
New Forest Post Production
New Innovative Products, Inc.
New Media Design and Production
New Media Production Grant
New Mexico Products Pipeline
New Old Reproduction Stock
New Product Announcement
New Product Application
New Product Approval
New Product Development
New Product Development and Launch
New Product Dynamics
New Product Execution
New Product Hold
New Product Initiative
New Product Introduction
New Product Launch
New Product Planning
New Product Release
New Product Showcase
New Product Six Sigma
New Product Success
New Product Venture
New Product/Service Development
New Production
New Production Modular High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor
New Production Reactor
New Production Reactor
New Technologies of Chemical Productions
New Vision Productions
New World Natural Products Inc.
New York Production Alliance
New Zealand Archery Products
New Zealand Milk Products
Newmark Security Products
New-Tech Products GmbH
Next Generation Home Products
Next Generation Product
Nice Guy Productions
Nigeria Electric Production Authority
Nigerian Journal of Animal Production
Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute
NIMA Production Cell
NIMA Products Server
Non Conforming Product
Non Investigational Medicinal Product
Non Production License
Nonconforming Product Report
Nondeposit Investment Product
Non-Product Facility
Non-Product Output
Non-Production Environment
Non-Production Procurement
Non-Production Purchase
Non-Productive Cough
Non-Productive Time
Non-Productive Wafer
Nonrecurring Production Costs
Non-Stop Production
Non-Wood Forest Product
Nordisk Film Post Production
Normal Materiel Production Allowance
Normal Production Allowance
North American Computer Products
North American Consumer Products
North American Rescue Products, Inc.
North Country Business Products
North East Productivity Alliance
North Houston Center for Reproductive Medicine
Northeast Product Safety Society, Inc.
Northern Forest Products Association
Northland Forest Products
Northridge Center for Reproductive Medicine
Northwest Equine Reproduction Laboratory
Northwest Food Products Transportation
Northwest Novelty Products
Northwest Wood Products Association
Not for Reproduction
Nottingham University Research and Treatment Unit in Reproduction
Nuclear Fuel Production Division
Nuclear Materials Production
Nuclear Mission Planning and Production System
Nuclear Production Contingency Plan
Number of Fixture Production Types
Number of Production-Type Uses
Nurse Practitioners in Reproductive Health
Nutrient-Enhanced Coastal Ocean Productivity
Oasis Computer Products
Occidental Exploration and Production Company
Ocean Surveillance Product
Ocean Surveillance Product
Oceanographic Products and Services Division
Odontorium Products, Inc.
Offensive Stereotype Productions
Offensive Stereotype Productions
Office Luxembourgeois pour l’Accroissement de la Productivite
Office of Isotope Production and Distribution
Office of Labor Production
Office of Orphan Products Development
Office of the Product Manager
Office of Weapons Production
Office Productivity
Office Products International
Office Products Manufacturers Association
Office Products Recycling Associates
Office Products Representatives Alliance
Office Products Representatives Association
Office-Affordable Housing Production Program
Offices for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine
Official Licensed Product
Offshore Product Development
Ohio Agricultural Surplus Production Alliance
Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center
Ohio Cellular Products
Ohio Promotional Products Association
Ohio Quality and Productivity Forum
Oil and Gas Production Enterprise
Oil and Gas Production Operator
Oil Production Information System
Oilfield Production Consultants Ltd
Olympus Product Line
Omega Film Productions
Omni Consumer Products
Omni Gaming Products
Omni-Consumer Products
On the Moon Productions
On Your Mark Productions
On-Dot Products, Inc.
One Day Productions
One of a Kind Production
One Production Only
On-Farm Productivity Enhancement Program
Online Knowledge Product
Online Output Product Process
Online Product Information System
Onshore Production Facility
Onshore Production Facility
Ontario Production Services Tax Credit
Ontwikkel-, Test-, Acceptatie- en Productieomgeving
Operation Production Control Support
Operational Products Control Table
Operational Products Development Branch
Operational Support Product
Operational Support Product
Operational Systems Development & Production
Operational Weather Squadron Production System, Phase II
Operations Productivity System
Operations Productivity System
Operations Support Product Team
Operator Product Expansion
Optical Communications Products, Inc
Optical Gaging Products, Inc.
Optimized Production Technology
Optional Program Product
Oracle Product Data Quality
Oral Production
Orange Smoothie Productions
Orange Smoothie Productions
Order Based Production Control System
Oregon Media Production Association
Oregon Productivity Matrix
Oregon-Canadian Forest Products
Organic Chaos Productions
Organic Foods Production Act of 1990
Organic Pear Production
Organic Products Exporters Group, Inc.
Organización de Productores de Pesca Industrial
Organized Noize Productions, Inc.
Original Production
Origin-Labelled Product
Orphan Medicinal Product Designation
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products
Other Tobacco Product
Out of Production
Outdoor Fabric Products Association of New Zealand
Outdoor Product Exchange
Outokumpu Stainless Tubular Products
Output Product Control Table
Overall Production Efficiency
Overarching Integrated Product Team
Oxford Protein Production Facility
PACCAR Product Quality Audit
Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine
Pacific Coastal Marine Productivity
Pacific Event Productions
Palm Products Germany
Parallel Porting and Productizing
Parity of Product
Parity of Product
Partial Factor Productivity
Partial Product Generator
Partial Product Reduction
Partial Product Reduction Tree
Particle Production
Particle Production
Partners in Sound Productions
Partnership Production Group International
Passive Solar Products Association
Patrick Roberge Productions, Inc.
Pearson Product Moment Correlation
Peer Production News
Pentair Technical Products China
People Opposing O’Keefe Reproduction
People Process and Product
People, Process, Product
People, Process, Product
Percent Retail Product
Perfection Metal Products
Performance, Time to Market, Product Cost, Project Cost
Permanent Food Production Parks
Personal Care Product
Personal Productivity Center
Personal Productivity Ratio
Personal Productivity Tool
Personal Products Index
Personal Sound Amplification Product
Pest Control Products Act
Pesticide Product Label System
Pesticides Products Control Act
Peter Jacobsen Productions
Petroleum Production Division
Petroleum Production Reporting System
Petroleum Remediation Product
Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc.
Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Product Lifecycle Management
Pharmaceutical Products Division
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products
Pharmacy Product Number
Phil Jolley Productions
Phoenix Systems Products Group
Photo Reproduction Quality
Photoluminescent Safety Products Association
Photonic Products Group, Inc.
Picture Production Company
Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group
Pigging Products and Services Association
Pigmentos y Productos Quimicos
Pilot Production
Pilot Production
Pilot Production Acceptance Testing
Pilot Production Model
Pilot Production Program
Pipeline Pigging Products and Services Association
PK Productions
Placement of Product
Placement of Product
Plains Exploration and Production Company
Planet Core Productions
Plant Production Research Institute
Plant Protection Product
Plant Protection Product List
Plant Secondary Product Glucosyltransferase
Plastic Surgery Products
Plutonium Production Reactor Agreement
Plywood and Composite Wood Products
Point of Production
Point of Production
Point Positioning Production System
Polo Boy Productions
Pool Water Products
Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome
Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus
Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome
Portable Energy Products, Inc.
Portable Production Unit
Post Production Option
Post Production Test
Post Production Verification
Post, Digital and Visual Effects Production
Post-Manufacturing Product Cost
Post-Production Engineering
Post-Production Software Support
Post-Production Support
Post-Production Support Plan
Post-Production Support Plan
Potato Products of Idaho
Potential Endorsed TEMPEST Products List
Potentially Reduced-Exposure Product
Potlatch Forest Products Corporation
Power-Delay Product
Pre Production
Pre Production
Pre Production Verification
Precious Life Saving Products Inc.
Precision Fiber Products
Precision Products, Inc.
Precision Specialty Gas Products
Preferred Product and Marketing Group
Preferred Products List
Preformed Line Products
Preformed Line Products Company
Preliminary Integrated Product Review
Premium Paintball Products
Pre-Owned Office Products
Prep, Production and Post Production Module
Preplanned Product Improvement
Preplanned Product Improvement
Pre-Planned Product Improvement Program
Pre-Production Environment
Pre-Production Evaluation
Pre-Production Implementation
Preproduction Model
Pre-Production Operations
Pre-Production Qualification
Preproduction Qualification Test
PreProduction Quality Assurance
Pre-Production Sample
Pre-Production Security Plan
Pre-Production Security Plan
Pre-Production Shop
Pre-Production Test
Preproduction Unit
Presbyterians Affirming Reproductive Options
Previously Rented Product
Pridneprovie Cleaner Production Center
Primary Product Server
Primary Production
Primary Production
Primary Products Promotions Unit
Prime Item Product Specification
Prime Mission Planning/Product
Print Production Format
printcafe eProduction eCommerce eXchange
Printer Product Management Group
Private Label Product
Process and Product Quality Assurance
Process of Handicap Production
Process/Product Audits
Process/Product Lifecycle Management
Procter & Gamble Productions
Product Acceptance & Research
Product Acceptance Research
Product Acceptance Test
Product Accumulate
Product Acquisition and Installation
Product Acquisition Consumption and Evaluation Review
Product Activity Data
Product Analysis Team
Product and Cycle-Time Excellence
Product and Document Fulfillment System
Product and Process Approval
Product and Process Design Complete
Product and Process Qualification
Product and Process Realization
Product and Service Offer
Product and Support Requirements Request
Product and System Education
Product And Technology Surveillance
Product Application Document
Product Application Modules
Product Area Directorate
Product as a Service
Product Assembly Document
Product Assessment & Certification Center
Product Assessment Service
Product Assurance
Product Assurance Action Report
Product Assurance and Test
Product Assurance Board
Product Assurance Checkout Area
Product Assurance Data System
Product Assurance Director/Directorate
Product Assurance Directorate
Product Assurance Engineer
Product Assurance Group
Product Assurance Integration Manager
Product Assurance Plan
Product Assurance Program Representative
Product Assurance Record
Product Assurance Source Representative
Product Assurance Training Curriculum
Product Attribute System
Product Authentication International
Product Authorization Key
Product Backlog Item
Product Based Planning
Product Baseline
Product Baseline
Product Baseline
Product Baseline
Product Baseline Description
Product Brand Architecture
Product Breakdown Structure
Product Business Group
Product Capacity Manager
Product Catalog
Product Category Volume
Product Certification Program
Product Change Authority
Product Change Notification
Product Change Order
Product Change Proposal
Product Change Request
Product Complaint Analysis
Product Complaint Report
Product Computing Module Load (Nortel)
Product Concept Document
Product Confidence Test
Product Configuration Documentation
Product Configuration Identification/Item
Product Consistency Testing
Product Content Management
Product Control Number
Product Control Valve
Product Correction Notice
Product Cost Improvement Program
Product Cost Management Initiatives
Product Cost Pool
Product Cost System
Product Data
Product Data Call-In
Product Data Control Module
Product Data Evolvement System
Product Data Exchange
Product Data Exchange
Product Data Exchange Specification
Product Data Exchange Using Step
Product Data Index
Product Data Integration Technologies
Product Data Management
Product Data Management
Product Data Management Initiative
Product Data Manager
Product Data Manager
Product Data Markup Language
Product Data Quality
Product Data Sheet
Product Data Technology Advisory Group
Product Database
Product Defect Rate
Product Deficiency Investigation
Product Definition Data
Product Definition Exchange
Product Definition Promotion System
Product Definition Support System
Product Delivery Management Process
Product Delivery Process
Product Delivery Record
Product Delivery Record Discrepancy
Product Delivery Team
Product Description and Classification Forum
Product Description Manual
Product Description Manual
Product Design and Development
Product Design and Development Centre
Product Design Change
Product Design Engineer
Product Design Standards
Product Design Team
Product Development
Product Development & Fulfillment company
Product Development & Management Association
Product Development and Innovation Institute
Product Development and Manufacturing Center
Product Development and Operations
Product Development Associates
Product Development Best Practices Report
Product Development Center
Product Development Detachment
Product Development Group
Product Development Manager
Product Development Manager
Product Development Partnership
Product Development Process
Product Development Proposal
Product Development Protocol
Product Development Schedule
Product Development Section
Product Development System
Product Development Systems and Solutions, Inc.
Product Development Team
Product Development Technologies
Product Development Unit
Product Development Web
Product Directorate
Product Disclosure Statement
Product Discontinuation Notice
Product Distribution and Directory Publishing
Product Distribution Center
Product Engineer
Product Engineering Center
Product Engineering Code
Product Engineering Control Center
Product Engineering Office/Officer
Product Engineering Organization
Product Engineering Services Office
Product Enhancement Request
Product Enhancement Request
Product Enhancement Specification
Product Enterprise Team
Product Environmental Attributes Declaration
Product Equipment Code
Product Evaluation and Recommendation
Product Evaluation and Recommendation
Product Evaluation Procedure
Product Evaluation Resource Center
Product Evolution Program
Product Exchange
Product Feature Guide
Product Function Specification
Product Generating Suite
Product Generation Executive
Product Generation Segment
Product Generation System
Product Grants and Benefits Administration Act 2000
Product Graphics Management
Product Graphics Management
Product Group
Product Group
Product Group Directorate
Product Group Manager
Product Group Manager
Product Hierarchy
Product History Card
Product Identification
Product Identification Code
Product Identification Component
Product Identification Number
Product Implementation Architecture
Product Implementation Branch
Product Implementation Guide
Product Improvement
Product Improvement Bulletin
Product Improvement Change Request
Product Improvement Control Office
Product Improvement Management Information Report
Product Improvement Manager
Product Improvement Notice
Product Improvement Plan
Product Improvement Program
Product Improvement Proposal
Product Improvement Report
Product Improvement Tests
Product Improvement Verification
Product Improvement Verification Test
Product Information
Product Information for Manufacturing Excellence
Product Information Guide
Product Information Management
Product Information Management System
Product Information Network
Product Information Number
Product Information Program
Product Information Sheet
Product Ingredient Review
Product Innovation Lifecycle
Product Insert Data Sheet
Product Insertion Trip
Product Integration
Product Integration Team
Product Integrity
Product Integrity and Production Engineering
Product Integrity Center
Product Integrity Group
Product Interference Management
Product Introduction Center
Product Introduction Management
Product Item Description
Product Knowledge
Product Knowledge
Product Knowledge Management
Product Knowledge meeting
Product Knowledge meeting
Product Launch Services
Product Liability
Product Liability
Product Liability Advisory Council, Inc.
product liability insurance
Product Library
Product License Application
Product Life Cycle
Product Life Cycle Assessment
Product Life Cycle Support
Product Life Management
Product Life-Cycle Analysis
Product Lifecycle Management
Product Lifecycle Management Innovation Center
Product Lifecycle Management System
Product Line
Product Line Engineering
Product Line Executive
Product Line Manager
Product Line Practice
Product Line Profitability
Product Line Quick Look
Product Line Simplification
Product Line Technical Probe
Product List Suppliers
Product Loadout
Product Logarithm
Product Logarithm
Product Logarithm
Product Logarithm
Product Look-Up
Product Maintenance Agreement
Product Management and Account Team
Product Management and Marketing
Product Management Support Plan
Product Manager
Product Manager
Product Manager
Product Manager Biological Detection
Product Manager for Technology Exchange
Product Manager, Petroleum and Water Systems
Product Managers Office
Product Market Combination
Product Market Regulation
Product Marketing Bulletin
Product Marketing Engineer
Product Markup Language
Product Maturity Test
Product Modification Request
Product Moment Correlation
Product Moment Correlation Coefficient
Product Name
Product Objective & Requirements
Product of Ambulatory Surgery
Product of an Act of Making
Product of Boredom
Product of Combustion
Product of Conception
Product of Desire
Product of Gene 12
Product Of My Environment
Product of Sums
Product of the Year
Product Ontwerpen 4
Product Operator formalism in Mathematica
Product Orderability Matrix
Product Performance Agreement Center
Product Performance Issue
Product Performance Qualification
Product Performance Specification
Product Placement
Product Planning & Development
Product Planning Process
Product Platform Validation
Product Portfolio Management
Product Positioning Time
Product Price Place Promotion
Product Price Variance
Product Process Management
Product Process Model
Product Process Organization
Product Profile for Annuities
Product Profitability Reporting
Product Program Guideline
Product Program Proposal
Product Protection Plan
Product Qualification Team
Product Qualification Test
Product Quality
Product Quality Analysis
Product Quality Assurance Specialist
Product Quality Characteristic
Product Quality Engineer
Product Quality Level
Product Quality Lifecycle Implementation
Product Quality Management
Product Quality Rating System
Product Quality Report
Product Quality Research Institute
Product Quality Standard
Product Readiness Testing
Product Realization Process
Product Record
Product Record
Product Recovery System
Product Recovery System
Product Release Authorization
Product Release Form
Product Release Group
Product Release Instructions
Product Release Schedule
Product Release Schedule
Product Reliability Analysis
Product Repair Service
Product Repair Service
Product Replacement Plan
Product Request
Product Request
Product Requirement Specification
Product Requirement Specification
Product Requirements Document
Product Research and Development
Product Resource Order Staff Approach
Product Review Report
Product Review Team
Product Rights and Availability System
Product Safety and Testing Group
Product Safety Data Sheet
Product Safety Engineering
Product Safety Management
Product Sales Representative
Product Security Incident Response Team
Product Segment Team
Product Service & Support
Product Service Agreement
Product Service Center
Product Service Description
Product Service Facility
Product Service Line
Product Service Plan
Product Service System
Product Service Systems Design
Product Sharing Agreement
Product Sight Lifecycle Environment
Product Specific Formulation Criteria
Product Specific License Terms
Product Specification
Product Specification Level
Product Specification Sheet
Product Standards Data System
Product Stewardship Institute
Product Structure Breakdown
Product Structure Configuration Management
Product Support Coordinator
Product Support Engineer
Product Support Group
Product Support Initiative
Product Support Integration Directorate
Product Support Integrator
Product Support Management Planning
Product Support Materials Plan
Product Support Office
Product Support Program
Product Support Provider
Product Support Representative
Product Support Sales Representative
Product Support Services
Product Support Specialist
Product Support Symposium
Product Support Team
Product Support Team Leader
Product Support Tool
Product Sustainability Round Table
Product System Demonstration
Product Team
Product Technical Note
Product Technology Center
Product Termination Notice
Product Test Authorization
Product Test System
Product Test Verification
Product Tester
Product Tracking and Management System
Product Transfer Notes
Product Under Test
Product Upgrade Program
Product Use Case
Product Use Rights
Product Validation Group
Product Validation Test
Product Value Information
Product Value Matrix
Product Verification
Product Verification Inspection
Product Verification Program
Product Verification Review
Product Verification Test
Product Warranty Period
Product Waste Indicator
Product, Price, Place, Promotion
Product, Price, Promotion
Product, Price, Promotion and Place
Product, Process and Resource
Product/Process and Configuration Management System
Product/Process Validation Vehicle
Product-Differentiated Marketing
Product-Differentiated Marketing
Producteurs Suisses de Lait
Productgerichte Milieu Zorg
Production & Inventory Control
Production Acceptance
Production Acceptance Certification
Production Acceptance Certification Standard System
Production Acceptance Notice
Production Acceptance Test
Production Acceptance Test & Evaluation
Production Acceptance Test Station
Production Acceptance Testing
Production Accounting and Data Reconciliation
Production Acquisition Cost
Production Acquisition Report
Production Activity Control
Production Advertising Merchandising Service
Production Agency
Production Analysis Control Technique
Production and Capacity Expansion
Production and Inventory Management
Production and Marketing Intelligence Service
Production and Marketing Systems
Production and Operations Management
Production and Operations Management Association of the Philippines
Production and Operations Management Society
Production and Process Control
Production Application Management
Production Application Support
Production Approval Holder
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistée par Ordinateur
Production Assurance Program
Production Augmentation Reliability
Production Automated Scheduling System
Production Base Analysis
Production Base Line Set
Production Base Modernization Activity
Production Base Support
Production Based Specification
Production Capability Lead Time
Production Car World Rally Championship
Production Certificate
Production Change Number
Production Change Order
Production Chemical Manufacturing Incorporated
Production Code Administration
Production Compression Capability
Production Conformance Test
Production Contractor
Production Control
Production Control Department
Production Control Desk
Production Control Information System
Production Control Interface
Production Control Module
Production Control Monitoring System
Production Control Number
Production Control System
Production Controller
Production Coordinator
Production Cost Accounting System
Production Cost Module
Production Credit Association
Production Cross Reference Associates
Production Cycle Process
Production Data Acquisition
Production Data Area
Production Data Management
Production Data Management
Production Data Set
Production Decision Review
Production Design Associates
Production Drilling Quarters
Production Economic Order Quantity
Production Efficiency Model
Production Engine Remanufacturers Association
Production Engineering
Production Engineering & Planning
Production Engineering Division
Production Engineering Measure
Production Engineering Research Laboratory
Production Engineering Specification
Production Environmental Test
Production Equipment Code
Production Equipment Rental Association
Production Estimate
Production Evaluation Surveillance Test
Production Evaluation Worksheet
Production Events Module
Production Expansion/Acceleration Capability Enhancement
Production Factor
Production Flexibility Contract
Production Flow Analysis
Production Genomic Facility
Production Handling Agreement
Production Hole Diameter
Production Identification Number
Production Incentive Certificate
Production Information & News Committee
Production Information Form
Production Installation Procedures
Production Integration Facility
Production Laitière Moderne
Production Lead Time
Production Lead Time
Production Level Video
Production Line
Production Line Maintenance
Production Line Tool Set
Production Load List
Production Log Tool
Production Log Tool
Production Management
Production Management Alternate Architecture
Production Management Information System
production management office (US DoD)
Production Management Plan (quality control0
Production Management Specialist
Production Management Trainer
Production Manager
Production Manager Index
Production Manifold
Production Master Valve
Production Meeting
Production Method Justification
Production Model
Production Modernization Initiative
Production Monitoring Test
Production Non-Recurring
Production Non-Recurring
Production of Aluminium and Alumina
Production of Reliable Items Demands Excellence
Production Office Coordinator
Production Offset
Production Offset Quantity
Production or Processing Method
Production Order
Production Organization Approval
Production Oriented Maintenance Organization
Production Overhead
Production Parts Approval Process
Production Parts Approval Program
Production Phase
Production Phase
Production Planner/Planning
Production Planner/Planning
Production Planning and Control
Production Planning and Control System
Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
Production Planning and Inventory Control
Production Planning and Production Scheduling
Production Planning System
Production Possibilities Curve
Production Possibility Frontier
Production Price Commitment Curve
Production Price Index
Production Problem Report
Production Process Engineering
Production Process Review
Production Program Definition
Production Programming Instruction
Production Progress Report
Production Prototype Unit
Production Prove-out Test
Production Pushrod Gas
Production Qualification Round
Production Qualification Test
Production Quality Arrangement
Production Rate Approval
Production Rate Per Month
Production Readiness Assessment
Production Readiness Plan
Production Readiness Review
Production Readiness Strategy
Production Readiness Strategy
Production Reliability Acceptance Test
Production Representative System
Production Representative System
Production Representative Unit
Production Representative Vehicle
Production Requirement Category
Production Resource/Tool
Production Resources and Tools
Production Revision Record
Production Revision Request
Production Risk Evaluation Program
Production Robots Engineering Ltd.
Production Rule Dialect
Production Rule Language
Production Rule System
Production Rule System
Production Schedule Completion
Production Scheduling System
Production Screen Test
Production Section Scheduling Designator
Production Service Provider
Production Services Manager
Production Services Network
Production Sharing Agreement
Production Sharing Contract
Production Shutdown
Production Sign Off
Production Software Engineer
Production Software Package
Production Sonobuoy Specification
Production Stage Manager
Production Statistics Collection System
Production Structure Reengineering
Production Support
Production Support Application
Production Support Services
Production Surveillance Category
Production Surveillance Reporting
Production Surveillance Test
Production System Verification
Production Tax Credit
Production Technology Management Committee
Production Test
Production Test Requirements
Production Tracking System
Production Trial
Production Trial Review
Production Trial Run
Production Validation
Production Validation Test
Production Value
Production Verification Audit
Production Verification Plan
Production Verification Test
Production Volume Variance
Production Waiver
Production Waiver
Production Wing Valve
Production, Augmentation & Reliability
Production, Availability, Shipments, Inventory
Production, Fielding, and Operational Support Life Cycle Phase
Production, Fielding/Deployment
Production, Fielding/Deployment and Operational Support
Production, Inventory, and Distribution Routing Problem
Production, Sustainment, and Follow-On Development
Production-Injection Packer
Production-Marketing Association
Production-Ordering Kanban
Production-Sharing Contract
Productive Burp
Productive Burp
Productive Burp
Productive Location Ally on Nexus Technology
Productive Members of Society
Productive Rotations on Farms in Texas
Productive, Easy-To-Use, Reliable Computing Systems
Productivite Totale des Facteurs
Productivity Analysis Research Network
Productivity and Quality
Productivity and Quality Center
Productivity and Standards Board
Productivity Automation Concepts
Productivity Capital Investment Program
Productivity Commission
Productivity Design Tools Incorporated
Productivity Enhancement and Technology
Productivity Gain Sharing
Productivity Improvement Factor
Productivity Improvement Fund
Productivity Improvement Health Management System
Productivity Improvement Program
Productivity Increase
Productivity Index
Productivity Integrated Environment
Productivity Investment Fund
Productivity Linked Bonus
Productivity Linked Lump Sum Incentive
Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System
Productivity Measurement Program
Productivity Network, Inc.
Productivity Retention Program
Productivity Software Resources, Inc.
Productivity through Effective Supervision
Productivity Value Engineer
Productivity, Engineering and Planning
Productivity, Reliability, Availability & Maintainability
Producto Alimenticio Nacional
Producto Bruto Interno
Producto Interior Bruto
Producto Interno Bruto
Producto Nacional Bruto
Producto Nacional Bruto Real
Productos Quimicos Peligrosos
Product-Related Virtual Community
Products Accepted List
Products and Services Committee
Products and Solutions Support Center
Products at a Glance
Products from Intel
Products in Action
Products Liability Law Journal
Products Management Committee
Products of Incomplete Combustion
Products Of Inertia
Products with Interdependent Mechanical and Electronic Components
Productschap Diervoeder
Product-Specific Attribute
Product-Specific Sales Incentive
Product-specific Technical Assisted Support
Professional Development Online Production
Professional Electric Products Company
Professional Product Device
Professional Veterinary Products, Ltd
Program Product Specification
Programmable Embeddable INFOSEC Product
Programme Development in Reproductive Health
Project Level Productivity
Project on Ocean Productivity Profiling System
Projet de Production Durable de Cacao Certifié
Promotion Products Marketing Group
Promotional Products Association
Promotional Products Association International
Promotional Products Association of Canada
Promotional Products Association of Florida
Promotional Products Association of the Midwest
Proof of Product
Proof of Product
Proposal Production Office
Prototype Production Evaluation
Provision of Production Facilities
Public Television National Productions
Publication Production Workbench
Publication Services and Products Board
Pure Power Products Unit
Put on Production
Put on Production
Pyrograf Products Inc.
Q Media Productions
QuadNine Productions
Qualified Product Listing
Qualified Products Database
Qualified Products List
Qualifying Licensee Products
Qualifying Production Property
Quality and Productivity Research Conference
Quality Building Products
Quality Control of Agriculture Products
Quality Food Products
Quality Imaging Products
Quality Meat Product
Quality Motorcycle Products
Quality Pork Products
Quality Product
Quality Products International
Quality Products List
Quality Software Products
Quality Standard for Mail Production
Quality VAKuum Products
Quality Water Products
Quality, Innovation, Productivity, Prevention
Quanto Product
Quantum Index of Production
Quantum Quality Productions
Quarry Products Association
Quarter-Life Productions
Quarterly Production Review
Query Vital Product Data
Quinn-Martin Productions
Radar Product Generator
Random Dot-Product Graph
Rapid Analysis and Production of TPFDD and Oplan Requirements
Rapid Product Creation
Rapid Product Development
Rapid Productivity Methodology
Raster Map Product
Raster Product Format
Raster Product Format
Raster Product Standard
Rate of Smoke Production
Rate Pressure Product
Rate-Pressure Product at Ischemia
Rational Product Updater
Rational Unified Process Product
Ray Bloch Productionsc
Reactive Oxygen Side Products
Reactor Production of Tritium
Reading Production Engineering Group
Ready for Production
Real Estate Products and Services
Real Gross Domestic Product
Real Gross State Product
Real Time Production Intelligence
Real-Time Product Release
Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products
Recognized Air Picture Production Center
Reconfigurable Hardware Product
Recycled Products Market
Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative
Recycled Wood Products
Reduced Assessment Product
Reel Life Production
Refined Petroleum Products
Regeling Stimulering Biologische Productiemethode
Regional Skills for Productivity Alliance
Registered Product Code
Registration and Product Control
Registration and Product Control System
Regroupement des Producteurs Multimedia
Regular Production Accessories
Regular Production Option
Related Product Unit
Relative Weighted Product
Release to Production
Reliability Production Report
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Remote Product Generator
Renewable Power Production Incentive
Repair Shop Product News
Reproduction Cost New
Reproduction Rights Organisation
Reproductive and Child Health
Reproductive and Child Health Alliance
Reproductive and Child Health Project
Reproductive and Child Health Services Programme
Reproductive and Genetic Technology
Reproductive Bio Medicine
Reproductive Biologists Professional Group
Reproductive Effects Assessment Group
Reproductive Endocrinologist
Reproductive Endocrinologist
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Reproductive Health
Reproductive Health Affinity Group
Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance
Reproductive Health Assistant
Reproductive Health Center of Chester County
Reproductive Health Commodity Security
Reproductive Health for Quality of Life Development Association of Thailand
Reproductive Health Initiative for Adolescents
Reproductive Health Library
Reproductive Health Outlook
Reproductive Health Program
Reproductive Health Research Network
Reproductive Health Supplies
Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition
Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Associates
Reproductive Medicine Associates
Reproductive Medicine Unit
Reproductive Rights Alliance
Reproductive Scientist Development Program
Reproductive Success
Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee
Reproductive Toxicology Division
Reproductive Tract Infection
Reproductive Tract Score
Request For Price/Product
Request for Product Certification
Request for Product Enhancement
Request for Product Qualification
Request for Production
Request for Production of Documents
Requirements, Analysis and Production
Requirements-Driven COTS Product Evaluation Process
Research Institute of Marine Products
Research Office Products Division Micro Processor
Réseau Québécois en Reproduction
Reseller Products Division
Resource Efficient Agricultural Production
responsible production
Responsive Production Inventory
Restricted Activity Investment Product Intermediary
Restructure Marine Products, LLC
Retained Products of Conception
Reticulocyte Production Index
Retinoblastoma Gene Product
Return to Production
Returnable Product Container
Reusable Ada Products for Information Systems Development
Revealed Symmetric Production Advantage
Rhizosphere Research Products
Rhythmic Harmony Productions, Inc
Rice Financial Products Company
Richards Wood Products
Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project
RIGS Products and Services
Robb Hawks International Productions
Rock House Products
Rockford Products Corporation
Rocky Mountain Business Products
Rocky Mountain Region Promotional Products Association
Rodriguez Lopez Productions
Rolled Erosion Control Product
Rolled Metal Products, Inc.
RoomMate Productions
Roseburg Forest Products
Routine Product Set
Routine Production Group
Row-Loff Productions
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Rune & Sword productions
Rural Agricultural Productivity Improvement and Development
Rural Development and Agricultural Production
Rural Opportunities Production Enterprises
Ryan Young Products
Safe, Productive, Infrastructure-Friendly
Safety/Product Assurance Requirements Specification
Sales Product Catalog
Sales Product Catalog
Salud Sexual y Reproductiva
Samsung Product Development Management
Satellite Cloud Product
Satellite Production Test Center
Saturn Site Production Flow
Scandinavian Erotic Video Productions
School Equipment Production Unit
School of Media and Cultural Production
Scientific Committee for Consumer Products
Scorched Earth Productions
Seafood Products Association
Seamless Product Information, Data Exchange, and Repository
Secondary Wood Products Consortium
Seed Potato Production Center
Sell Your Products
Semiconductor Production Equipment
Semiconductor Products Sector
Sennett Security Products
Sensor Performance and Product Assessment
Sensor Products Inc
Sentinel Variable Products Trust
Sequence of Events Product
Sequential Coconut Toddy & Nut Production
Sequential Product of Geminals
Serially-Dependent Production System
Serials Union List Offline Products
Seriously Total Video Productions, LLC
Server Product Divison
Service as a Product
Service Assurance Production Support
Service Products Buildings, Inc.
Services Products Old or New
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Shallow Water Ocean Data Analysis Product
Shard Productions Underground
Shared Product Object Tree
Sheep Production Unit
Shell International Exploration and Production
Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine
Shochu Distillery By-Product
Short Interval Production Schedule
Shoulder High Productions
Silicon Substrates Multi Chip Modules for Innovative Products
Silicon Valley Product Group
Simplecode Productions
Simulated Comic Product
Simulation of Production and Utilization of Rangelands
Simulation Product Development Group
Simultaneous Product Development
Single in Vitro Production
Single Product Cournot-Nash Markup Solution
Single Product Test
Sintered Aluminum Product
Sintered Aluminum Product
Sistema Completo de Informacion de Productividad
Sky’s the Limit Productions
Slagar the Cruel Productions
Slayer Pro Productions
Small and Mobile Production
Smart Product Model
Smoking Cessation Product
Social Security Education Product
Socially Useful Productive Work
Societe Cooperative de Production d’Electricite
Société de Médecine de La Reproduction
Société de Production d’Hévéa de Brand Bereby
Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology
Society for Male Reproduction and Urology
Society for Promoting the Productivity of Youth
Society for Reproduction and Fertility
Society for Reproductive Anachronisms
Society for the Study of Reproduction
Society of Concurrent Product Development
Society of Glass & Ceramic Decorated Products
Software as a Product
Software End Product
Software Experiment in the NC production environment
Software Product Advanced Certification and Evaluation
Software Product Assessment
Software Product Assurance
Software Product Configuration Item
Software Product Description
Software Product Engineering
Software Product Evaluation
Software Product Expert
Software Product Group
Software Product Line Architecture
Software Product Line Conference
Software Product Line Engineering
Software Product Outsourcing
Software Product Outsourcing
Software Product Quality Reporter
Software Product Report
Software Product Specification
Software Production Consortium
Software Production Consortium
Software Production Facility
Software Productivity Consortium
Software Productivity Consortium
Software Productivity Research
Software Productivity Solutions, Inc.
Software Products Library
Soil Nutrients for Agricultural Productivity
Solubility Product Constant
Soluble Microbial Products
Sony Pictures Consumer Products
Soul Influenced Product
Soundings Derived Product Imagery
South African Production and Inventory Control Society
South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine
Southern Forest Products Association
Southwest Center for Natural Products Research and Commercialization
Southwest Technical Products Corporation
Sow Productivity Index
Space Product Development
Space Product Development Program
Spares Acquisition Integrated with Production
Spares/Ship Acquisition Integrated With Production
Sparse Matrix-Vector Product
Spartan Light Metal Products, Inc
Special Order Research Product
Special Product and Process Characteristics
Special Product Position
Special Production Racing
Special Products Division
Special Products Generator
Specialists Production Mechanization and Automation
Specialized Health Products International, Inc.
Specialized Products Company
Specialized Products Company
Speed-Power Product
Spin Adapted Antisymmetrized Product
SPPEDS ICAPS Integrated Product
SSM/I Land Products Working Team
Stages of Reproductive Aging Workshop
Stainless Steel Wire Products
Standard Application Software Product Families
Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data
Standard Linear Product Division
Standard NITFS Imagery Product Evaluation Resource
Standard Product Code Number
Standard Products and Services Codes
Standard System Information Production Factory
Standards, Productivity and Innovation for Growth
Standex Air Distribution Products
Stanford Product Development Group
Start Of Production
Start of Regular Production
Start Production Notice / Stop Production Notice
Start Production of Unconventional Drilling
State Bureau of Military Products Trade
State Scientific-Production Enterprise
Statistical Product and Service Solutions
Status Plat Production Application
Steel and Allied Products Ltd
Steel and Allied Products Ltd
Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument
Stoked on Life Productions
Storage Products Management System
Strategic Health and Productivity Solutions
Strategic Product Design
Strategic Product Development
Strategic Targets Product Office
Strategische Innovatieve Proces- en Productontwikkeling
Structured Cable Products
Structured Capital-at-Risk Product
Structured Product Labeling
Structured Product Market Index
Structured Products Association
Studebaker Technical Products
Subsea Production Systems
Substantive Production Subcommittee
Sugar Land Product Center
Sugar Land Product Center
Sum of Disjoint Products
Sum of Products
Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products
Summary of Product Characteristics
Summary of Product Characteristics
Sum-Product Algorithm
Sun and Moon Vision Productions
Sun Rayz Products, Inc.
Sunbelt Promotional Products Association
Super Boat International Productions, Inc.
Super Group Industrial Products
Super Steel Products Corporation
Superannuation Product Identification Number
Superior Quality Products
Superior Radiant Products
Supplier Access to Major Products
Supplier Product Control
Supplier Product Control
Supportability Integrated Product Team
Suppressed Mite Reproduction
Suppression of Mite Reproduction
Sustainable Consumption and Production
Sustainable Forest Products Certification
Sustainable Product Information Network for the Environment
Sustainable Production
Sustainable Production and Consumption
Sustaining Product Team
Suzhou Best Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Sweet Home Care Products )
Swiss Re Financial Products
Sybase Products Middle East
Sydney Center for Reproductive Health
Symantec Product Specialist
Syndicat des Producteurs de Films d’Animation
Syndicat des Producteurs de Matieres Plastiques
Syndicat des Producteurs Indépendants
Syndicat Français des Producteurs de Plants pour Professionnels
Syndicat National des Producteurs d’Alcool Agricole
Syndicat National des Producteurs de Plants de Pommes de Terre Germés et Fractionnés
Syndicat National des Producteurs de Pouzzolane
System Application Products
System Application Products
System Engineering and Production Directorate
System Integration Integrated Product Team
System of Stabilization of Export Earnings from Mining Products
System Product
System Product Anomaly Report
System Productivity Facility
System Products Division
Systeme de Production de Toyota
Système Productif Local
Systems Analysis and Simulation for Rice Production
Systems Applications and Products
Systems Applications and Products
Systems Intelligence Products Co., Ltd
Systems Products International
Tactical Intelligence Product Server
TAF Interactive Production System
Taiwan Organic Production Association
Talking Book Productions
Target Product Profile
Targeted Acoustical Products
Targeted/Tentative Production Week
TCR Variable Region Gene Product
Team Oriented Production System
Technical Chemicals and Products, Inc.
Technical Consumer Products Incorporated
Technical Data Products & Services
Technical Electronic Product Radiation Safety Standards Committee
Technical Fibre Products
Technical Grade Product
Technical Operations and Production Services
Technical Product
Technical Product Requirements
Technical Product Review
Technical Product Specification
Technical Product Support
Technical Production Services Association
Technical Rubber Products
Technique Architectural Products, Inc.
Techno Plastic Products AG
Technological Products and Processes
Technologies for New Product Development
Technology Development and continuing through System Development and Demonstration into Production and Deployment
Technology Independent Representation of Electronic Products
Technology, Intelligence, Products, Services
Tectronic Office Products Sales & Service
Tecumseh Products India Limited
Teen Outreach Reproductive Challenge
Television Production
Television Production Sector Review
Terminal Approach Production System
Terminal Area Productivity
Terminal Productivity Executive
Terrain Analysis Product
TES Production Facility
Test Productivity Pack
Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment/Production Surveillance Test
Texas Incentive and Productivity Commission
Texas Screw Products
Text Product Format
Text Product Standard
The Means of Production
The Production Companies, Inc.
The Production Manager
The Web Production
Theater Targets Product Office
TheHilariousBros Productions
Therapeutic Products Directorate
Therapeutic Products Programme
Thermal Product Solutions
Thickness Conductivity Product
Thierry Zalic Productions
Thinking Kap Productions
Timber Production-Sharing Agreement
Timber Productivity Capability Classification
Timber Products Inspection
Timber Products Manufacturers
Timberland Production Zone
Time-Bandwidth Product
Tinnerman Palnut Engineered Products, Inc.
Tivoli Storage Productivity Center
TJ Lubinsky Productions
Tom Slivick Productions Network
Tomato Products Wellness Council
Tonal Reproduction Curve
Tooth Whitening Product
Top of Production
Topographic Production Capability
Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia
Total C4ISR Integrated Product
Total Control Products
Total Effective Equipment Productivity
Total Factor Productivity
Total Product Offer
Total Product Quality
Total Production
Total Production Maintenance
Total Production Quota
Total Productive Maintenance
Total Productive Management
Total Productive Manufacturing
Total Social Factor Productivity
Totally Gross National Product
Tourism Product Development
Tourism Product Development Company
Towards Sustainable Product Design
Toyota Product Development System
Toyota Production System
Toyota Production System Support Center
Track Production Area
Track Production Officer
TrackLayers Productions
Traditional Product Line
Traditional Tobacco Products
Traffic Management-Workload Reporting & Productivity System
Training Research and Isotope Production, General Atomics
Trajectory Computation and Orbit Products System
Trane Official Product Selection System
Transient Aircraft Summary Product
Transient Aircraft Summary Product
Transition to Production
Transition to Production
Transportation Products Sales Company
Tripartite Productivity Committee
Triple Scalar Product
Tritium Contingency Production Program
Tropical Cyclone Watch/Warning Text Product
True Product ID, Inc.
Trusted Product Evaluation Program
Trusted Time Product
Turbo Product Code
Turf Toe Productions
Type Classification Limited Production
Typical End Use Product
Ultimate Diet Energizer Product
Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited
Underground Products
Underwoods Engineered Products Ltd
Uniform Grocery Product Code Council
Uniform Product Number
Uniform Production Plan
Union de Asociaciones de Trabajadores Agricolas, Productores y Procesadores de Yuca
Union des Producteurs Agricoles
Unique Radiolytic Product
Unit of Production
Unit Production Cost
Unit Production Manager
Unite de Production de Programmes d’Education Civique
United Agri Products
United Cattle Products
United Chemical Products Ltd
United for Sanitary Paper Products
United Nature Products, Inc.
United Productions of America
United States Distilled Products
United States Product Data Association
United Steel Products
United Technical Products, Incorporated
United Zeolite Products
Unity Productions Foundation
Universal Forest Products Incorporated
Universal High Volume Production
Universal Home Entertainment Productions
Universal Oil Products
Universal Product Code
Universal Product Number
Universal Stainless & Alloy Products
Unix Product Test
Uranium Production Reactor
Urgent Product Warning
Usda Grade For Dairy Products And Eggs
Usda Grade For Dairy Products And Eggs
Usda Grade For Dairy Products And Eggs
Usda Grade For Dairy Products And Eggs
USDA Grade for Dairy Products and Eggs
USDA Grade for Dairy Products and Eggs
User Productivity Enhancement and Technology Transfer
User Productivity Kit
USIGS Geospatial Production Management
Utah Medical Products, Inc.
Utah Natural Products Alliance
UTM/USP Standard Raster Product
Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee
Valley Productions Inc
Value Marginal Product of Labor
Value of Marginal Product
Value of Production
Variable Cost Productivity
Variable Insurance Products
Variable Insurance Products Fund
Vari-Lite Production Services
Vector Map Product
Vector Product Exchange
Vector Product Format
Vector Product Standard
Vegetable Protein Product
Vegetation Productivity Indicator
Vehicle Integrated Product Team
Velocity Product Development
Velocity Volume Production
Verified Beef Production
Vermont Castings, Majestic Products
Versatile Industrial Production Tester
Vertigo Performance Products
Very Special Old Product
Veterinary Medicinal Product
Veterinary Products Committee
Veterinary Products Laboratories
Video LAN Product
Video Production Suite
Video Products Inc
Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine
Virginia Mason Production System
Virtual Product Development
Virtual Product Innovation
Virtual Product Management
Virtual Product Model
Virtual Production Office
Virtual Productions Network
Virtual Reality Sound Productions
Visionary Bowling Products
Visionary Medical Products Corporation
Visual Imaging Pass Production System
Visual Product Modeling System
Visual Product Simulation
Vital Living Products, Inc.
Vital Product Data
Vitality Products Inc
Vivid Image Productions
Voice Product Net
Volumetric Production Payment
Voluntary Product Accessibility Template
Voluntary Product Certification
Voluntary Product Standard
Voluntary Product Standard
Wale Adenuga Productions
Walt Disney Productions
War Production Board
Warner Bros. Consumer Products
Waste Acceptance Product
Weapon Assembly Product Record
Weapon Product Record
Weapon System Products
Weapons Production Program
Weather Guard Building Products
Webasto Product North America, Inc
Weight Height Product Index
Weighted Product Method
Well Done Building Products
WESCOM Telephone Products Division
West Point Dairy Products
West Virginia Forest Products
West World Productions, Inc.
Western India Vegetable Products, Ltd.
Western Industrial Clay Products Ltd.
Western States Clay Products Association
Western Water and Power Production
Western Wood Products Association
Westinghouse Engineered Products Department
Wheepy Productions Lightings Systems
White Knuckle Productions
Whole Product Approach
Whole Product Element
Whole Product Element
Whole-Body Glucose Production
Wild Salmon Production Evaluation
Wind Energy Production in Cold Climate
Wind Power Production Incentive
Wind Shadow Media Productions
Windows Product Activation
Winds Product Oversight Panel
Wire & Plastic Product PLC
Wireless Intelligent Network Product Marketing & Development
Wisconsin Dairy Products Association
Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council
Wisconsin Publishers’ Production Club
Witchcraft Tape Products, Inc.
Wolf Pack Productions
Women Cooperative Product Development Center
Women’s Reproductive Health Research
Wood Group Production Services
Wood Group Production Technology Ltd.
Wood Products Competitiveness Council
Wood Products Marketing Cooperative
Wood Products Quality Council
Wood Products Research Centre
Work Product
Work Product
Work Product Inspection
Work Productivity and Activity Impairment
Workers World Media Productions
Workers World Radio Productions
Working Integrated Product Team
Working-group Integrated Product Team
Working-level Integrated Product Team
Workplace, Portal & Collaboration Products
Workstation Product Group
World Agricultural Production
World Association of Animal Production
World Barrel Racing Productions
World Confederation of Productivity Sciences
World Cycling Productions
World Data Products Inc.
World Forest Products Model
World Product Centre
World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products
World Wide Product Plan
Worldwide Product Translation Group
Worr Games Products
Worst Irredundant Sum-Of-Products
Worst Product Name Ever?
Woundcare Research for Appropriate Products
Woven Wire Products Association
Wrigley Video Productions
Written Production
Written Production
Written Textual Production and Consumption
Xerographic Reproduction Center
Xilinx Productivity Advantage
Xtreme Racing Products, Inc.
Xyvision Production Publisher
Y’know Inc. Productions
Yet Another Production System
Young Artists Production
Young Gun Productions
Young Wisdom Productions
Youth Employment and Food Production Foundation
Z Video Productions
Zero Inventory Production
Zimmerly Rock Products
Zirconium Production Plant
Zone Forecast Product
Zone Production Group
Zoric Race Products