Province Abbreviations

Provincial is an adjective that allows referring to what is related to a province. The provinces, as far as they are concerned, are administrative divisions that exist in some countries, equivalent to the departments or states of other nations.

Examples: “The provincial government has announced that it will invest two million pesos in the construction of a new hospital”, “This athlete holds the provincial high jump record ”, “The Provincial Route Nro. 8 is in deplorable condition: walking through it is a real danger”.

Provincial, in short, is what is part of a province. It can be said, at a general level, that the provinces enjoy a certain autonomy in relation to the central government of the State to which they belong.

There are, therefore, provincial governors who are the highest political authorities in the provinces. Each province, in turn, has its own legislative body for drafting and amending provincial laws. There are, therefore, provincial deputies and/or senators.

Take the case of the Province of Buenos Aires, the largest in Argentina. The provincial capital is the city of Plata, where the provincial Executive Power operates.

Finally, province is related to rural , being an antonym of city (urban environment).

Province Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Province

APA Anglican Province of America
AAPL Association des Architectes de la Province de Luxembourg
AAPLS Association des Architectes de la Province de Luxembourg
APES Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Saskatchewan
ARAN Association Royale des Architectes de la Province de Namur
AVPL Association Vétérinaire de la Province de Luxembourg
APCCC Atlantic Provinces Community College Consortium
APEC Atlantic Provinces Economic Council
APEF Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation
APLA Atlantic Provinces Library Association
APNA Atlantic Provinces Numismatic Association
APPSA Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association
APSEA Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority
APTC Atlantic Provinces Transportation Commission
APTA Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association
BPB Bank, Province, Branch
BPLR Boreal Polar Province
BPF Brevet des Provinces Françaises
COPILOT Cape Province
CP Cape Province
CAMP Central Atlantic Magmatic Province
CPSA Church of the Province in South Africa
CCPT Comité Consultatif des Provinces et Territoires
CECP Conseil de l’Enseignement des Communes et des Provinces
CAPA Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa
EHP Eastern Highlands Province
EP Eastern Province
EPACB Eastern Province Amateur Cricket Board
EPCC Eastern Province Cat Club
EPCC Eastern Province Cement Company
EPCC Eastern Province Council of Churches
EDLP Educational Department of Liaoning Province
HRP Hutt River Province
LIP Large Igneous Province
LIP Life in Provincetown
MUT Migration in the Province of Utrecht
NIP New Ireland Province
NCVP Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province
NWFP North-West Frontier Province
PMPM Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum
PARIMP Professional Association of Residents in the Maritime Provinces
PROV Province
PRINT Province
PR Province
PIEC Province Interagency Executive Committee
PAGS Province of Alberta Graduate Scholarship
PNB Province of New Brunswick
NL Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
PNH Province of Noord-Holland
POLARIS Province of Ontario Land Registration and Information System
PQE Province of Quebec
PQ Province of Quebec
POISD Province Office for Integral Social Development of the Gujarat Jesuits
PSA Province Senior Advisor
PASG Provincetown AIDS Support Group
PIFF Provincetown International Film Festival
PVC Provincetown, MA, USA – Provincetown Municipal Airport
SGP Slave Geological Province
SBRP Southern Blue Ridge Province
SPCC Southern Province Cement Company
SPMR Southern Provinces Mounted Rifles
SOPA State of the Province Address
SPECIALIST State Province Country
SPC State Province Country
TGP Tintina Gold Province
UPI Unione Delle Province d’Italia
URPL Unione Regionale Province Liguri
URPS Unione Regionale Province Siciliane
URPT Unione Regionale Province Toscane
UP United Provinces
UPC United Provinces of Canada
UPCA United Provinces of Central America
UPC United Provinces of China
WPSP West Pacific Seamount Province
WHP Western Highlands Province
WARSAW-PACT Western Province
WP Western Province
WPASS Western Province Adventure Sports Society
WPAA Western Province Archery Association
WPCC Western Province Cricket Club
WPHU Western Province Hockey Union
WPIHA Western Province Ice Hockey Association
WPMC Western Province Motor Club
WPPS Western Province Preparatory School
WPSF Western Province Softball Federation
ZSP Zamboanga Sibugay Province
ZAP Zone – Area – Province