Security Abbreviations


What is Security?

Security is the feminine noun meaning the act or effect of holding. It can also be synonymous with trust, assurance, firmness, stability and certainty.

In the military sphere, security consists of a set of measures aimed at preserving freedom and combating any manifestation that tries to limit it. In this case, security intends to defend a group or territory that is threatened, through the displacement of forces. This concept is also closely linked to weapons, equipment (tanks, ships, etc.) and defense systems that are used to protect institutions and citizens. There is also the concept of national security, which indicates the methods used to defend the integrity of a nation.

Safety at work is the area responsible for creating and implementing accident prevention standards within an organization. Safety standards are essential in industries to protect employees working with potentially harmful materials or production processes.

In the context of transport, safety designates the conditions created for a safer movement of vehicles on the road, sea, river, railways and in the air. In the specific case of the circulation of vehicles on the road, there are signs whose objective is to encourage drivers to adopt appropriate behaviors to avoid accidents.

The word security can also express a person whose function is to guarantee the protection and proper functioning of the security rules of a given place. Ex: The mall security helped evacuate everyone when the fire started.

One of the most well-known security equipment is security cameras, which are used to capture and in some cases record images of a particular location.

The word security can also express conviction of something. Ex: The love of God is my security.

Public security

According to article 144 of the Federal Constitution, public security is one of the duties of the State, constituting a right and responsibility of all, which is a process exercised to preserve public order and the well-being of people and property. Public security is exercised by the following bodies: federal police, federal highway police, federal railway police, civil police, military police and military fire brigades.

Information security

Information security consists of protecting a set of data, whether personal or from a company, so that they are not consulted, copied or altered by unauthorized individuals.

Information security is based on values such as confidentiality, integrity and availability, which aim to preserve the value of information or data. Currently, information security is most talked about in the context of computer systems, although it is not exclusive to this area. In the world of electronic information, hackers are known to be able to find holes in systems, violating information security.

Food safety

Food security is the strategic activity carried out to promote healthy eating, with access to quality food in sufficient quantity.

It promotes production, transport and storage processes that contribute to the maintenance of food quality.

Security Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Security

A Basic Yorktown Security System
A Toolkit for Usable Security
Access Point Security Protocol
Access Security Device
Access Security Gateway
Access Security Key
Access Security Management Entity
Account Information Security
Account Security Officer
Account Security Question
Accredited Security Parameter
Ace Investigations & Security
Aceh Security Disturbance Movement
Achieve Security by Purchasing Investment Real Estate
ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security
Activity Computer Security Plan
Adaptive Network Security Alliance
Adaptive Network Security Management
Adaptive Security Algorithm
Adaptive Security Appliance
Adaptive Security Device Manager
Adaptive Security Management
Adaptive Security Management
Adjustable Convertible Trust Security
Administrative and Logistics Security Specialist
Administrative Security Division
Advanced Digital Security Research
Advanced Network Security and Connectivity
Advanced Security & Identification Technology
Advanced Security and Application Access
Advanced Security and Identification Technology
Advanced Security Appliance
Advanced Security Control
Advanced Security for Field Engineers
Advanced Security Option
Advanced Security Overseas Seminar
Advanced Security Profiling Language
Advanced Services for Network Security
Advanced Tactical Security & Communications, LLC
Advances in Computer Security and Forensics
Advisory Committee of Population Health and Security
Advisory Committee on Physical Security
Advisory Committee on Security and Privacy
Advisory Council on Social Security
Advisory Group on Aviation Security
Aerial Reconnaissance & Security
Aerial Reconnaissance & Security Troop
Aerial Reconnaissance Security
Aerospace Security Safety Group
Afghanistan National Security Forces
Afghanistan NGO Security Office
Africa Food Security Initiative
African Human Security Initiative
African Security Dialogue and Research
African Union Peace and Security Council
Agency of Global Security
Agent Security Facility
Agent’s Office Security System
Agni Computer Security Technologies
Agreed Set of Security Rules
Agriculture Security Operations Center
Air Base Security
Air Carrier Standard Security Program
Air Force Communication Security Manual
Air Force National Security Emergency Preparedness Agency
Air Force Network Operations and Security Center
Air Force Security Assistance Center
Air Force Security Assistance Training
Air Force Security Forces Center
Air Force Security Police Agency
Air Force Security Police Association
Air Force Security Police Center
Air Force Security Service
Air Force System Security Instruction
Air Force Systems Security
Air Traffic Security Coordinator
Air Travellers Security Charge
Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program
Airline Pilots’ Security Alliance
Airport Security Display Processor
Airport Security Force
Airport Security Incident Support Team
Airport Security Unit
AIS Domain Security Officer
Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure
Alert Crew Billet Security
Alliance for Worker Retirement Security
Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals
Allied Communications & Computer Security Agency
Allied Communications Security Agency
Allied Military Security Agency
Allied Security Military General
Alternate Security Control Center
American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009
American National Computer Security Council
American Security Resources Corp.
American Society for Industrial Security
American Society for Industrial Security
American Society for Industrial Security
Americans for Job Security
Annual Computer Security Applications
Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
Annual Integrated Assessment of Security Assistance
Anti Piracy Maritime Security Services
Anti-Counterfeiting, Security and Identification
Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001
Apex Security & Investigations
Application Security Verification Standard
Application Software Entity Security
Application System Security Plan
Applied Computer Security Associates
Applied Cryptography and Network Security
Applied Security Consulting Limited
Applied Security Technologies
Appropriate and Effective Guidance for Information Security
Aramis Security Network, Inc.
Area Maritime Security
Area Maritime Security Committee
Area Security
Area Security
Area Security
Area Security
Area Security Information Center
Area Security Operations
Arizona Cyber Security Alliance
Arkansas Security Alarm Association
Armed Forces Security Agency
Armed Services Security Agency
Armored Security Vehicle
Arms Control and Regional Security
Army Automation Security Program
Army Intelligence & Security Command Theater Intelligence Center, Pacific
Army Security Agency
Army Security Assistance Command
Army Security Monitor
Army Security Monitor
Army Theater Network Operations & Security Center
ASEAN Petroleum Security Agreement
ASEAN Security Community
ASEAN Social Security Association
Asia-Pacific Defence & Security Exhibition
ASP.NET Security Analyzer
Asset-Backed Security
Asset-Backed Security
Assistant Facility Security Officer
Assistant Federal Security Director
Assistant Manager for Safeguards and Security
Assistant Manager for Safety, Security, and Quality Assurance
Assistant Program Security Manager
Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy
Assistant Security Officer
Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Global Security Affairs
Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs
Association of Certified Security Agencies
Assured Information Security
Astaro Security Gateway
Astaro Security Linux
Astaro Security Linux
ASUS Data Security Management
Atelier Web Security Port Scanner
Auction Rate Security
Australasian Information Security Conference
Australasian Information Security Evaluation Program
Australian National Security Service
Australian Security Intelligence Organization
Australian Security International Systems Training
Australia-New Zealand-United States Security Treaty
Automated Data Processing Systems Security Officer
Automated Information Security
Automated Information Systems Security
Automated Security Chamber for Queues
Automated Security Clearance Approval System
Automated Security Enhancement Tool
Automated Security Incident Measurement
Automated Security Incident Measurement System
Automated Security Self-Evaluation Tool
Automated Special Security Information System Terminal
Automated System Security Evaluation and Remediation Tracking
Automated Systems Security Incident Support Team
Automatic Data Processing Security Officer
Automatic Data Processing System Security Officer
Automatic Information System Security Assessment Program
Automatic Security Incident Management
Automatic System Security
Automatic System Security
Automation Security Committee
Autonomic Network & Security Administration
Auxiliary Security Force
Availability, Reliability and Security
Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001
Aviation Fire & Security International
Aviation Security Group
Aviation Security Identification Card
Aviation Security Improvement Act of 1990
Aviation Security Infrastructure Fee
Awareness of National Security Issues and Response
B & G Security Consultants
Bachelor of Information Technology and Security
Backup Security Control
Badge Office Security System
Baltic Information and Security Systems
Baltic Security and Defence Review
Bank Card Security System
Bank Security Act of 1970
Bank Security Management Association
Banking, Finance, Security and Insurance
Base Facility Physical Security System
base installation security system
Base Intrusion Security Systems
Base Security Module
Base Security Operations Center
Base Security Plan
Base Station Security Agent
Baseline Personnel Security Standard
Baseline Security Posture
Basic Analysis and Security Engine
Basic Analysis and Security Engine
Basic Commercial Security Requirements
Basic Rapid Alarm Security System
Basic Security Module
Basic Security Option
Basic Security Profile
Bay Area Security Enhancement
Bay Area Security Enhancement
Belgium Security Service
Bell-LaPadula Security Model
Berlin Information-center for Transatlantic Security
Best of Open Source Security
Best Security Practices
Biometric Information Management and Security
Biosecurity and Nanoscience Laboratory
Biosecurity Australia
Biosecurity Australia
Biosecurity Australia Policy Memorandum
Biosecurity Engagement Program
Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance
Blackgate Security Print and Promotions Ltd
Blackwater Security Consulting
Body Orifice Security Scanner
Border and Transportation Security Directorate
Border Enforcement & Security Task Force
Border Security and Immigration Improvement Act
Border Security and Management Concept
Border Security Development Program
Border Security Force
Border Security Legislation Amendment Act of 2002
Border Security Sector
Boston Security Analysts Society
Boston University Virus and Security Tool
Boundary Security System
Bring-Up Security Investigation
Brinson Partners Global Security Market Index
British American Security Information Council
British Association of Private Security Companies
British Security Coordination
British Security Industry Association
British Security Industry Authority
Build Security In
Building Safety and Security Representative
Bureau of Civil Aviation Security
Bureau of Diplomatic Security
Bureau of Industry and Security
Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
Bureau of State Security
Business Executives for National Security
Business Oriented Applications of Security Technologies
Cabinet Committee on Security
Cabinet Oversight Committee on Internal Security
Cage Aquaculture for Greater Economic Security
California Security Institute
California Security Training Academy
Campus Information Systems Security Officer
Campus Security Authority
Campus Security Officer
Canadian Air Transport Security Act of 2002
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority
Canadian Airport Security System
Canadian Association of Defence & Security Industries
Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries
Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies
Canadian Computer Security Symposium
Canadian Council for International Peace and Security
Canadian International Security Organization
Canadian Privacy Security Certified
Canadian Private Security Manual
Canadian Security Intelligence Review Commission
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Canadian Security Traders Association, Inc.
Canadian Society for Industrial Security, Inc.
Canadian System Security Centre
Canadian Technical Security Conference
CAP Token Verification Service (VASCO Data Security International, Inc.)
Capability-based Command Security
Capital Security Cost Sharing
Card Security Code
Card Security Foil
Cardholder Information Security Program
Cargo Security Management International
Carrier Security Charge
Carrier Security Fee
Castlecops Security Professionals
Center for a New American Security
Center for Computer and Communication Security
Center for Computer Security Research
Center for Computer System Security
Center for Global Security and Democracy
Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Center for Information Assurance and Security
Center for Information Security Technology
Center for Information Systems Security
Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security
Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland
Center for International Security Affairs
Center for International Security and Arms Control
Center for International Security and Cooperation
Center for International Trade and Security
Center for Internet Security
Center for Media and Security, Ltd.
Center for National Security Studies
Center for National Security Studies
Center for Research in Security Prices
Center for Security Evaluation
Center for Security Forces
Center for Security Policy
Center on American and Global Security
Central Asian International Protection, Security and Fire Safety
Central Command Joint Security
Central Industrial Security Force
Central Security Control
Central Security Depository
Central Security Service
Centre for Information Security and Cryptography
Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
Certified Healthcare Security Supervisor
Certified Homeland Security Professional
Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security
Certified in Homeland Security
Certified Information Security Auditor
Certified Information Security Manager
Certified Information Security Specialist Professional
Certified Information Security System Professional
Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Certified Lodging Security Director
Certified Lodging Security Officer
Certified Lodging Security Supervisor
Certified Network Security Professional
Certified Security Career Professionals
Certified Security Consultant
Certified Security Expert
Certified Security Solutions, Inc.
Certified Security Supervisor
Certified Security Testing Associate
Certified Security Trainer
Certified Sonicwall Security Administrator
Certified System Security Analyst
Certified Virtual Security Professional
Certified Wireless Security Expert
Certified Wireless Security Professional
Changes in Global National Security Environment
Chartered Member of Security Analyst Association
Check Point Certified Managed Security Expert
Check Point Certified Security Expert
Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator
Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer
Checkpoint Security Supervisor
Chemical Security Analysis Center
Chemical Security Assessment Tool
Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act
Chiatech Password Security
Chief Information Security Officer
Chief of Security Forces
Chief of Security Police
Chief Port Security Specialist
Chief Security Information Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief, Central Security Service
China Fire & Security Group
China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc.
Church Security Department
Cisco Certified Security Professional
Cisco Security Agent
Cisco Security Manager
Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System
Cisco Security Specialist
Citigroup Security and Investigative Services
Citizens Against Privatized Social Security
civil aviation security
Classified National Security
Clearstar Security Network
Client Server Messaging Security
Clifton Park Security Systems, Inc.
Clock Security System
Closed Area Security System
Cloud Security Alliance
Coalition for Homeland Security
Coalition for the Modernization and Protection of America’s Social Security
Coalition to Preserve Retirement Security
Cockpit Access Security System
Code Access Security
Code Security Module
Cognizant Security Agency
Cognizant Security Authority
Cognizant Security Office
Collaborative Biosecurity Research Initiative
Collaborative Internet Security Network
Collateral Security Obligation
Collective Security Treaty
Collective Security, Safety, and Prosperity
Colorado Employment Security Act
Combat Security Outpost
Combat Security Police
Combined Security Area
Combined Security Mechanism
Combined Security Transition Command
Combining Context with Trust, Security and Privacy
Command Security Officer
Command, Control, and Security
commander, electronic security command
Commander, Naval Security Group
Commercial & Industrial Security Corporation
Commercial Computer Security Centre
Commercial Security Requirements
Commercially Reasonable Security
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Commissioner of Social Security
Committee on International Aviation Safety and Security
Committee on National Security Systems
Committee on National Security Systems
Committee On Physical Security
Committee On Technical Security
Common and Foreign Security Policy
Common Data Security Architecture
Common European Defence and Security Policy
Common Foreign and Security Policy
Common Security and Defence Policy
Common Security Guard
Common Security Protocol
Common Security Requirement Statement
Commonly Accepted Security Practices and Recommendations
Commonwealth Information Security Center
Communication Systems Security
Communications and Information Security Memorandum of Agreement
Communications and Multimedia Security
Communications Electronic Security Group
Communications Material Security
Communications Security
Communications Security
Communications Security
Communications Security
Communications Security Control Group
Communications Security Control Terminal
Communications Security Element
Communications Security Equipment
Communications Security Establishment
Communications Security Establishment
Communications Security Establishment Canada
Communications Security Logistics Activity
Communications Security Logistics Agency
Communications Security Logistics Support Unit
Communications Security Material Sub-Issuing Office
Communications Security Material System
Communications Security Pamphlet
Communications Security Publication
Communications Security Subordinate Switch
Communications Security Symposium
Communications Security System
Communications-Computer Systems Security
Communications-Computer Systems Security Officer
Community Food Security
Community Food Security Coalition
Community Safety & Security Programme
community security materiel system
Community Security Trust
Company Security Officer
Compartmented Security Mode
Composite Security Association
Comprehensive Social Security Assistance
Comprehensive, Lightweight Application Security Process
Computational Intelligence and Security
Computer and Communications Security
Computer and Network Security Group
Computer and Network Security Symposium
Computer and Network Security Symposium
Computer Audit, Control and Security
Computer Crime and Security Survey
Computer Facility Security Officer
Computer Information Systems Security Professional
Computer Memory Security Check
Computer Networking and Security Technology
Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology
Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology lab
Computer Security
Computer Security & Forensic Solutions
Computer Security Accreditation Plan
Computer Security Act of 1987
Computer Security and Investigation
Computer Security and Network Technician
Computer Security Awareness and Training Program
Computer Security Center
Computer Security Conference and Exhibition
Computer Security Coordinator
Computer Security Division
Computer Security Engineering Team
Computer Security Enhancement Review
Computer Security Enhancement Review
computer security for acquisition managers
Computer Security Foundations
Computer Security Foundations Symposium
Computer Security Foundations Workshop
Computer Security Incident Response
Computer Security Incident Response Capability
Computer Security Incident Response Center
Computer Security Incident Response Team
Computer Security Institute
Computer Security Instructions
Computer Security Officer
Computer Security Operations Manager
Computer Security Operations Office
Computer Security Plan
Computer Security Program Office
Computer Security Resource Center
Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
Computer Security Subsystem Interpretation
Computer Security Systems
Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Reporting Program
Computer Security Technology Center
Computer Security Vulnerability Report
Computer Special Security Officer
Computer System Security Officer
Computers And Security
Computers and Security
Computers and Security
COMSEC Supplement to the Industrial Security Manual
Conference on Cryptology and Network Security
Conference on Risks and Security of Internet and Systems
Conference On Security & Cooperation in Europe
Conference on Security and Cooperation in Asia
Conference On Security and Cooperation in Europe
Confidential Security Corporation
Conflict, Security and Development Group
Conservation Security Program
Consolidated Computer Security Program
Consolidated Security Operations Center
Consultative Group on Strategic Security
Consumer Alliance for Energy Security
Contact Special Security Administrator
Container Managed Security
Container Security Device
Container Security Initiative
Contemporary Security Canada
Content Based Information Security
Content Security and Control
Content Security Manager
Content Security Suite
Contingency Security Element
Contract Security Classification Specification
Contractor Integrated Security Suite
Contractor Program Security Officer
Contractor Special Security Officer
Cooperating Security Manager
Cooperative Security & Engagement
Cooperative Security Locations
Coordinator for Army Security Assistance
Core Security Services
Corellian Security Forces
Corporate Information Security
Corporate Information Security Officer
Corporate Information Systems Security
Corporate Protection Security Services Pty Ltd
Corporate Security Manager
Corporate Security Solutions
Corps of Engineers Office of Security and Law Enforcement
Council for National Security and Defense
Council of Police and Private Security
Counter Fraud and Security Management Service
Counter Intelligence and Security
Counter Terrorism Security Adviser
Counterintelligence Security Officer
Counterterrorism & Homeland Security
Counterterrorism Security Group
County Retirement Income Security Program
Covenant Aviation Security
Credit Card Security Code
Credit Security Limited
Criminal Justice and Security Institute of Virginia
Critical Infrastructure Security Project
Critical Security Parameter
Critical Security Restricted Area
Cross Domain Security Methodology
Cross Domain Security Solution
Cryptofacility Security Questionnaire
Cryptographic and Security Testing Laboratory
Cryptographic/Communications Security Program
Cryptology & Information Security Series
CSIA Claims Tested Mark (now CESG Claims Tested Mark; computer security)
Customs Area Security Center
Cyber Asset Reduction & Security
Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination
Cyber Security and Information Assurance
Cyber Security Industry Alliance
Cyber Security Lab
Cyber Security Management Center
Cyber Security Operations Centre
Cyber Security Practitioner
Cyber Security Program Plan
Cyber Security Vulnerability Analysis
CyberSecurity and Emergency Preparedness Institute
Cybersecurity Experimentation and Test
CyberSecurity Forensics Analyst
Cyberspace Electronic Security Act
Cyberspace Safety and Security
Daily Security Dialogue
Damage Control Security Patrol
Dangerous Goods/Cargo Security
Danish Civil Security Service
Danish Security and Intelligence Service
Data and Applications Security
Data Over Cable Security System
Data Security
Data Security Conference
Data Security Insurance
Data Security Interface
Data Security Officer
Data Security Standard
Database Security Audit System
Datagram Transport Layer Security
Data-Oriented Security Model
Debian Security Announcement
Declaration of Security
Dedicated Security Mode
Defence and Security Applications Research Centre
Defence and Security Committee
Defence and Security Organisation
Defence Security Agency
Defence Security Standards Organisation
Defense and Homeland Security Consortium
Defense Goal Security Architecture
Defense Industrial Security
Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
Defense Industrial Security Institute
Defense Industrial Security Program
Defense Information System for Security
Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process
Defense Intelligence Agency counterintelligence and security activity (US DoD)
Defense Investigative Security Clearance Office
Defense Security Cooperation Agency
Defense Security Institute
Defense Security Intelligence
Defense Security Service
Defense Security System
Defense Special Security Communications System
Defense Special Security System
Defense Technical Security Agency
Defense Technology Security Administration
Defense Trade Security Initiative
Deft Security Consultants
Deleted for Security Reasons
Department Of Defense Computer Security Center
Department of Economic Security
Department of Health & Social Security
Department of Health & Social Security
Department of Homeland Insecurity
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Department of Safety and Security
Department of Security on Military Affairs
Department of Social Security
Department of the Army Civilian Police and Security Guard
Department of the Army Security Guard
Departmental Security Authorizer
Departmental Security Officer
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence & Security
Deputy Chief Security Officer
Development, Security, and Cooperation
Digital Privacy and Security Working Group
Digital Security Controls
Digital Security Countermeasures
Digital Security Service
Digitally Encoded Security System
Diplomatic Security
Diplomatic Security Force
Diplomatic Security Service
Director for Law Enforcement, Security and Protection
Director of Security
Director, Security Plans and Service
Director/Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security
Directorate of Plans, Training, and Security
Directory of European Security Information Standard Requirements
Directory Security Server
Disability Income Security Program
Disarmament And International Security Committee
Disarmament and International Security Committee
Discounted Mortgage Backed Security
Discover Information Security Compliance
Discover Information Security Compliance
Distributed Authentication Security Service
Distributed Security Service
District Security Division
Division Information Security Officer
Division of Employment Security
Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Division of International Security Affairs
Division of Security Operations
Division Security Officer
DNS -Based Authentication of Named Entities (computer security)
Document Security Management
Document Security Systems, Inc
DOD Goal Security Architecture
DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process
DOE Integrated Security System
Domain Name System Security Protocol
Domestic & External Security Secretariat
Domestic and External Security Group
Domestic Security Section
Draft Model Communications Security Act
Dynamic Application Security Testing
Dyson Life Safety Security
Earth Security Agency
Economic Opportunity and Income Security
Economic Security Corporation
Economic Security Project
Effects-Based Security Assessment
Eisenhower National Security Series
Electric Power Network Efficiency and Security
Electronic Control Security, Inc.
Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information
Electronic Harbor Security System
Electronic Information Security
Electronic Safety and Security
Electronic Security and Patrol
Electronic Security Association
Electronic Security Command
Electronic Security Equipment
Electronic Security Equipment
Electronic Security Europe
Electronic Security Europe
Electronic Security Expo
Electronic Security Group
Electronic Security Industry
Electronic Security Perimeter
Electronic Security Services, Inc.
Electronic Security Squadron
Electronic Security System
Electronic Security Tactical
Electronic Systems Security Analyst
Electronic Systems Security Assessment
Electronic Warfare Operations Security
Email Security Conference
Email Security Virtual Appliance
Embedded Application Security System
Embedded Security System
Emergency Management Homeland Security
Emergency Notification and Personal Security
Emergency Security Option
Emerging Non-traditional Security Issues
Emissions Security Assessment Request
Employee Benefits Security Administration
Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
Employee Security Clearance List
Employee Security Clearance List
Employment Security Commission
Employment Security Department
Encapsulating Security Payload
Encapsulating Security Variable Payload
Encapsulation Security Protocol
Encrypting Security Payload
End Point Security
Endpoint Security Management
Energy and Environmental Security Initiative
Energy Independence and Security Act
Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
Energy Security Operating System
Engergy, Environment and National Security
Enhanced C4isr for Homeland Security Operations
Enhanced Income Security
Enhanced Marine Safety Security Team
Enhanced Tactical Automated Security System
Enterasys Security Specialist
Enterasys Security Systems Engineer
Enterprise Information Security
Enterprise Infrastructure Security Initiative
Enterprise Labour Flexibility and Security Surveys
Enterprise Mobile Data Security
Enterprise Security Analyzer
Enterprise Security Application Programming Interface
Enterprise Security Architecture
Enterprise Security Client
Enterprise Security Information Management
Enterprise Security Management
Enterprise Security Manager
Enterprise Security Monitor
Enterprise Security Operations Center
Enterprise Security Platform
Enterprise Security Protector
Enterprise Security Risk Management
Enterprise Security Solutions Group
Enterprise Security System
Environment and Security Pilot Study
Environment, Health, Safety, Security
Environment, Safety, Security and Health
Environmental Security
Environmental Security
e-Security Administrator Workbench
ESET Smart Security (antivirus software)
Essential Security against Evolving Threats
European Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotation
European Fire and Security Group
European Interagency Security Forum
European Network and Information Security Agency
European Network for Application Security
European Security and Defence Initiative
European Security and Defence Union
European Security and Defense Identity
European Security and Defense Policy
European Security and Defense Program
European Security Forum
European Security Strategy
European Security Transport Association
European Society for Industrial Security
Evaluation Criteria for Information Technology Security
Executive Security & Engineering Technologies, Inc.
Executive Security Services International
Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron
Expert Travel Financial Security, Inc.
Extended Ownership Security
Extended Security Option
External Security Bulletin
External Security Organization
External User Security Model
Extranet for Security Professionals
Facilities Security and Safeguards Division
Facility Information Security Officer
Facility Security and Safety Plan
Facility Security Clearance
Facility Security Officer/Supervisor
Facility Security Plan
Facility Security Profile
Facts on International Relations and Security Trends
Family Security Credit Union
Fanguard Security Services
Farm Security Administration
Farm Security Administration
Farm Security Agency
Farm Security Agency
Farmland Security
Farmland Security Zone
Federal Agency Security Practices
Federal Air Transportation Airport Security Service
Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002
Federal Intelligence Security Service
Federal Maritime Security Coordinator
Federal Security Administration
Federal Security Administration
Federal Security Agency
Federal Security Agency
Federal Security Code
Federal Security Directorates
Federal Security Risk Manager
Federal Security Service
Federal Social Security Act
Fiber Security Network
Fibre Channel Security
Fidelity Security and Manpower Services
Field Security Coordination Officer
Field Security Office
Field Security Officer
Field Security Operations
Financial Cryptography and Data Security
Financial Institutions Security Task Force
Financial Security Assurance Holdings Ltd.
Financial Security Assurance International
Financial Security Assurance, Inc.
Financial Security Assurance, Inc.
Fire and Security Products
Firewall Security Officer
First Security Group
Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team
Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team
Flight Security Controller
Flight Security Supervisor
Florida Association of Information Systems Security Representatives
Florida Association of Security Companies
Food and Water Security Coalition India
Food Security Act of 1985
Food Security Act of 1985
Food Security Analysis Unit
Food Security Assessment
Food Security Assessment
Food Security Coordinating Unit
Food Security Learning Center
Food Security Research Unit
Force Security Operations Officer
FORCEnet Security Operations Center
Forefront Client Security
Forefront Online Security for Exchange
Forefront Security for Exchange Server
Foreign Affairs and National Security
Foreign Affairs and National Security
Foreign Disclosure and Technology Security Plan
Foreign Intelligence and Security Services
Forensic Investigation and Security Advice
Foresight Linux Security Announcements
Forest Biosecurity Research Council
Formal Aspects in Security and Trust
Formal Methods and Computer Security
Formal Methods and Software Engineering for Safety and Security
Forum for Security Cooperation
Forum of Incident Reporting & Security Team
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
Forward Security Element
Foundation for Research on International Environment National Development and Security
Foundations of Computer Security
Foundations of Security Analysis and Design
Fraud Detection and National Security
Freight Transportation Security Consortium
F-Secure Client Security
F-Secure Mobile Security
Functional Security Requirements Specifications
Fundamentals of Internetworking Security Technologies
Gateway Security Appliance
GCCS Security Officer
General Security Agreement
General Security Awareness Training
General Security Of Military Information Agreement
General Security Service
General Security Services Corporation
General Security Support
Generalized TTL Security Mechanism (Internet data transfer security method)
Generally Accepted Security Principles
Generally Accepted System Security Principles
Generally-Accepted System Security Principles
Generic Security Service
Generic Security Service Algorithm
Generic Security Standard
Generic Upper Layer Security
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
Georgia Office of Homeland Security
German Information Security Agency
GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (System Administration, Networking, and Security Institute)
GIAC Security Essentials Certification
GIAC Security Expert
GIAC Security Leadership Certificate
Global Community Security Institute
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
Global Movement Security Application
Global Operations Security Center
Global Security and Intelligence Studies
Global Security and Stability Agency
Global Security Architecture
Global Security Client
Global Security Institute
Global Security Program
Global Security Systems
Global Security Verification
Gnome Land Security
Gold Link Security Company
Government Communications Security Bureau
Government Information Security Reform
Government of Canada Security Policy
Government Security
Government Security Certification Test
Government Security Committee
Government Security Forces
Government Security News
Government Security Policy
Government Security Program
Great Falls Security Systems
Grid Security Interface
Ground Security Coordinator
Ground Security Force
Group Security Association
Guernsey Social Security Authority
Hall Security Worker
Hands Free Security Module
Harbour Security Boats
Hardware Security Module
Health Care Security Ordinance
Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration
Health Safety Security Environment
Health, Safety and Security
Helix Security Manager
Hellenic Authority for the Information and Communication Security and Privacy
HID on the Desktop (information technology security)
High Security Padlock
High Security Zones
High Value Asset Security Cage
Higher, Adjacent, Support, Security
High-Security Psychiatric Hospital
High-Value Asset Security Container
Highway Security Sensitive Materials
Holistic Information Security Practitioner
Holistic Operational Readiness Security Evaluation
Homeland Air Security
Homeland Defense and Security
Homeland Insecurity Advisory System
Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc.
Homeland Security
Homeland Security
Homeland Security Act
Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency
Homeland Security Advisory Council
Homeland Security Advisory System
Homeland Security Agency
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division
Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Homeland Security Business Advisors
Homeland Security Committee
Homeland Security Council
Homeland Security Defense Coalition
Homeland Security Department
Homeland Security Digital Library
Homeland Security Enhancement Act
Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program
Homeland Security for Networked Industries
Homeland Security Foundation
Homeland Security Grant
Homeland Security Grant Program
Homeland Security Industries Association
Homeland Security Information Center
Homeland Security Information Network
Homeland Security Infrastructure Program
Homeland Security Intelligence
Homeland Security Network Inc.
Homeland Security Operations Center
Homeland Security Overtime Program
Homeland Security Policy Institute
Homeland Security Preparedness Technical Assistance Program
Homeland Security Presidential Directive
Homeland Security Response Network
Homeland Security Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
Homeland Security Solutions, Inc.
Homeland Security Standards Panel
Homeland Security/Defense
Honda Ignition Security System
Host Security Module
Host System Security Product
Host-Based Security System
House Internal Security Committee
House National Security Committee
Household Food and Nutritional Security
Household Food Security
Household Food Security Survey
Hybrid Income Term Security
IAIK XML Security Toolkit
Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security
Idaho Maximum Security Institution
Identification Security Enhancement Act
Illinois Department of Employment Security
Illinois Homeland Security Network
Illinois Retirement Security Initiative
Illinois Security Chiefs Association
Imagery Security Support Equipment
Imperial Department of Security
Imperial Security Bureau
Implementation Agency for Crime and Security
Implementing Unified Communications Security
Importer Security Filing
Incident Response and Security Team
Income Deposit Security
Income Security Program
Independent Security Evaluators
Index-Linked Government Security
Indian American Security Leadership Council
Indiana Department of Homeland Security
Individual Security Guard
Industrial Police and Security Association
Industrial Security
Industrial Security Bulletin
Industrial Security Facilities Database
Industrial Security Letter
Industrial Security Manual
Industrial Security Regulation
Industrial Security Representative
Industrial Security Specialist Course
Industrial Security Staff Approval
Industry Information Security
Industry Security Services
Info Security News
Informal Security Policy Model
Informatics and Security
Information and Communication Systems Security
Information Assets Security Committee
Information Assurance and Security
Information Assurance and Security Engineering Directorate
Information Assurance and Security Management
Information Assurance Security Framework
Information Assurance Security Manager
Information Assurance Security Officer
Information Management and Security Staff
Information Privacy and Security
Information Security
Information Security
Information Security Analysis Program
Information Security and Assurance
Information Security and Forensics Society
Information Security and Privacy
Information Security and Testing Research
Information Security Architecture
Information Security Awareness Forum
Information Security Conference
Information Security Education and Awareness
Information Security Evaluation
Information Security Forum
Information Security Foundation
Information Security Guideline
Information Security Institute
Information Security Management
Information Security Management Practice
Information Security Management Program
Information Security Management System
Information Security Officer
Information Security Oversight Office
Information Security Policies Made Easy
Information Security Practice and Experience Conference
Information Security Program Elements
Information Security Program Management
Information Security Program Regulation
Information Security Program Review
Information Security Quotient
Information Security Research Center
Information Security Risk Management
Information Security Services
Information Security Solutions Europe
Information Security Technology
Information System Security Architecture Professional
Information System Security Engineer
Information System Security Engineering
Information System Security Officer
Information System Security Program
Information Systems Security
Information Systems Security Architecture
Information Systems Security Association
Information Systems Security Center
Information Systems Security Engineering Professional
Information Systems Security Manager
Information Systems Security Monitoring
Information Systems Security Office
Information Systems Security Organization
Information Systems Security Products and Services Catalog
Information Systems Security Professional
Information Systems Security Representative
Information Systems Security Standards
Information Technology Certification Security Council
Information Technology Security
Information Technology Security
Information Technology Security Evaluation and Testing
Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
Information Technology Security Experts
Information Technology Security Forum
Information Technology Security Magazine
Information Technology Security Manager
Information Technology Security Officer
Information Technology Security Operations
Information, Network, and Computer Security
Infranet Global Security Pack
Infrastructure Access and Security Management
Infrastructure Security for the Built Environment
Ingersoll-Rand Security and Safety
Initial Security Classification Assessment
initial security questionnaire
Inner Parish Security Corporation
Installation Chief of Security Forces
Installation Security Plan
Installation Security Plans Office
Institute for Defense and Homeland Security
Institute for Environmental Security
Institute for National Security Strategy
Institute for National Security Studies
Institute for Science and International Security
Institute for Security and Development Policy
Institute for Security Studies
Institute for Security Technology Studies
Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen
Institute for the Study of Security Markets
Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security
Institute of Hotel Security Management
Institute of Information Security Professionals
Integrated Electronic Security System
Integrated Food Security and Nutrition Programme
Integrated Food Security Programme
Integrated Homeland Security Management
Integrated Security and Identification System
Integrated Security Gateway
Integrated Security Management
Integrated Security Systems Management
Integrated Toolkit for Operating System Security
Intelligence and National Security Alliance
Intelligence and Security Board
Intelligence and Security Board
Intelligence and Security Committee
Intelligence and Security Informatics
Intelligence and Security Office
Intelligence Security Board
Intelligence, Security, and Electronic Warfare
Intelligent Agent Security Manager
Intelligent Agent Security Module
Intelligent Network Security Device
Interagency Operations Security Support Staff
Interagency Panel on Advanced Science and Security
Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel
Interagency Security Committee
Inter-Agency Security Forum
Interdepartmental Committee on Internal Security
Interdepartmental Committee on Security and Intelligence
Interdisciplinary Studies in Information Privacy and Security
Interim Political and Security Committee
Internal Security
Internal Security
Internal Security
Internal Security Act
Internal Security Department
Internal Security Operations Command
Internal Security Service
International Assistance Security Force
International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety
International Association of Personnel in Employment Security
International Cargo Security Council
International Committee for Museum Security
International Communications and Information Security Association
International Computer Security Association
International Conference on Graph Theory and Information Security
International Conference on Information and Communications Security
International Conference on Information Science and Security
International Conference on Information Systems Security
International Conference on Risks and Security of Internet and Systems
International Container Security Organization
International Crowd Management & Security Group
International Defence and Security
International Executive Security Association
International Fire, Security and Safety Exhibition and Conference
International Food Security Treaty
International Industrial Security Directorate
International Information Security Conference
International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.
International Journal of Information Security
International Professional Security Association
International Programs Security
International Relations and Security Network
International Relations and Security Studies
International Security Affairs
International Security and Bodyguard Organisation
International Security and Conflict Resolution program
International Security and National Resilience
International Security and Stabilization Support Strategy
International Security Assistance Force
International Security Conference
International Security Identification Number
International Security Information Service
International Security Master Plan
International Security Policy
International Security Program
International Security, Proliferation, and Federal Services
International Ship and Port Facility Security
International Ship and Port Facility Security Code
International Ship and Port Security
International Ship Security Certificate
International Social Security Association
International Symposium on Agrometeorology and Food Security
International Training Course in Security Policy
International Union of Security Officers
International Workshop on Information Security
Internet and Networking Security Solutions Incorporated S.a
Internet Content Security
Internet Explorer Security FAQ
Internet Protocol Communications Security
Internet Protocol Encapsulation Security Payload
Internet Protocol Security
Internet Protocol Security Option
Internet Protocol Security Policy
Internet Protocol Security Protocol
Internet Protocol Security Services
Internet Protocol Video Security
Internet Provider Security
Internet Security Alliance
Internet Security and Acceleration
Internet Security Appliance
Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
Internet Security Scanner
Internet Security Suite Plus
Internet Security Systems Inc.
Internet Security Systems Inc.
Internet Security Systems, Inc.
Internet Security Threat Report
Internet Self Service and Security
Internetworking Security Services Expert
InterScan Messaging Security Appliance
InterScan Messaging Security Suite
InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance
Intruders Tiger Team Security
IntruShield Security Manager
IP Security Operations Center
Iraq Security Assistance Mission
Iraqi Security Force
Irish Security Industry Association
ISDN Security Program
Issues in the Theory of Security
Issue-Specific Security Policy
Jahamariya Security Organization
Janusian Security Risk Management, Ltd.
Japan Computer Security Association
Japan Computer Security Research Center
Japan Network Security Association
Japan Security Operation Center
Java Crypto and Security Implementation
JCALS Security Standard Operating Procedures
Jewelers’ Security Alliance
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
Joint Center for International and Security Studies
Joint Committee on Security Modalities
Joint Iraqi Security Company
Joint Security Area
Joint Security Assistance Memorandum
Joint Security Control
Joint Security Station
Journal of Computer Security
Journal of Conflict & Security Law
Journal of Information Assurance and Security
Journal of International Security Affairs
Journal of Population and Social Security
Kansas Electronic Security Alliance
Kaspersky Internet Security
Kaspersky Open Space Security
Kaspersky Personal Security Suite
Kaspersky Security Network
Korea Information Security Agency
Korean Institute of Information Security
Korean Social Security Number
Kosovo Security Force
Labeled Security Protection Profile
Laboratory of Cryptography and Information Security
Labour and Social Security
LAN Switch Security
Land Special Security Force
Landward Security Officer
Law and Security Administration
Law, Public Safety and Security
Lawrence Price Security Company LLC
Lawyers Alliance for World Security
Lead Transportation Security Officer
Leading Group on National Security
Learned Port Security
Liberty Security Force
Licensed Security Officer
Lightweight Portable Security
Limited Security Area
Linux Security Auditing Tool
Linux Security Module
Local Binding Security Association
Local Peace and Security Assembly
Local Security Administrator
Local Security Authority
Local Security Authority Subsystem Service
Local Security Authority Translation
Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Solutions
Logical Link Control Security
Long-Term Equity Anticipation Security
Long-Term Equity Anticipation Security
Los Alamos National Security, LLC
Loucouss Corporation Software and Security
LucidLink Wireless Security
Mail-Extensions Object Security Services
Maintenance of Internal Security Act of 1971
Malawi Safety, Security and Access to Justice
Managed Internet Security Services
Managed Premises Security Services
Managed Security Services
Managed Tiered Security Service
Management of Information Technology Security
Management Security Administrator
Managing Cisco Network Security
Marine Corps Security Force
Marine Corps Security Force Battalion
Marine Safety and Security
Marine Security Guard
Marine Security Operations Centre
Marine Transportation Security Act
Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants
Maritime Expeditionary Security Force
Maritime Expeditionary Security Group
Maritime Homeland Security
Maritime Safety and Security Team
Maritime Security
Maritime Security Act of 1996
Maritime Security Council
Maritime Security Cutter, Large
Maritime Security Identification Card
Maritime Security Line
Maritime Security Patrol Area
Maritime Security Program
Maritime Security Regime
Maritime Security Response Team
Maritime Security Safety Information System
maritime security surge
Maritime Security Task Force
Maritme Security Operations
Marshall Islands Social Security Administration
Maryland Association for Bank Security
Master Chief Port Security Specialist
Master of Science in Network Security
Master of Science in Security Management
Master of Security Management
Master Safeguards and Security Agreement
Master Security Officer
Masters in Information Security Management
Maximum Linux Security
Maximum Security Area
maximum security gate
Maximum Security Installation
Maximum Security Unit
Maximum Security Unit
Mean Time to Security Failure
Media Centre for National Security
Media Security and Reliability Council
Member of the Institute of Security Executives
Message Security
Message Security Protocol
Messaging and Security Feature Pack
Michigan Employment Security Agency
Michigan Employment Security Board of Review
Michigan Employment Security Commission
Micromodule-Size Security Access Module
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
Microsoft Personal Security Advisor
Microsoft Security Assessment Tool
Microsoft Security Baseline Analyzer
Microsoft Security Bulletin
Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Security Professional
Microsoft Security Research and Response
Microsoft Security Response Alliance
Microsoft Security Response Center
Microsoft Security Support Alliance
Midlands Security Systems
Midwest Consolidated Security Forum
Military Committee Communications Security & Evaluation Agency, Washington
Military Intelligence and Security Group
Military Security Guard Unit
MIME Object Security Services
Minimum Baseline Security Standard
Minimum Operating Residential Security Standards
Minimum Operating Security Standards
Minimum Security Activity Checklist
Minimum Security Baseline
Minimum Security Requirement
Minimum Security Transitional Facility
Minister of National Security
Minister of Public Security
Ministerial Committee for National Security
Ministry Information Security Program
Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security
Ministry of Home Security
Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Ministry of Public Safety and Security
Ministry of Public Security
Ministry of Public Security
Ministry of Social Security and Employment
Ministry of State Security
Minnesota Department of Economic Security
Minnesota Security Dealers Association
Minnesota Security Hospital
Misawa Security Operations Center
Missile Security Forces
Missile Security Forces Squadron
Missile Security Squadron
Mississippi Department of Employment Security
Mississippi Office of Homeland Security
Mobile Electronics and Security Federation
Mobile Security Division
Mobile Security Forces
Modular Security Device
Modulo Certified Security Officer
Mortgage-Backed Security
MSM Security Services Inc.
Multi Tier Security Profile
Multi-Agent Security and Survivability
Multicast Security
Multilevel Information System Security Initiative
Multi-Level Information System Security Initiative
Multi-level Information Systems Security for the Internet
Multi-Level Security
Multi-National Security Accreditation Board
Multinational Security Transition Command
Multi-National Security Transition Command
Multiple Independent Levels of Security
Multiple Level Security System
Multiple Levels of Security
Multiple Security Levels
Multiple Single Levels of Security
Multipurpose Security and Surveillance Mission Platform
Museum Independent Security Union
Museum Security Network
Mutual Security Credit Union
Mutual Security Program
Mutual Security Zone
National Agency Communications Security Information Memorandum
National Alliance for Food Security
National Approval Council of Security Systems
National Association for Bank Security
National Association of Investigative and Security Regulators
National Association of Security Companies
National Basic Livelihood Security Act of 1999
National Biometric Security Project
National Cargo Security Council
National Centre for Aquatic Biodiversity and Biosecurity
National Civil Aviation Security Committee
National Collegiate Security Conference
National Communications Security Committee
National Communications Security Instruction Memorandum
National Computer Security Association
National Computer Security Center
National Computer Security Classification
National Computer Security Conference
National Computer Security Educators
National Computer Security Laboratory
National Conversation on Poverty and Economic Security
National Cyber Security
National Cyber Security Alliance
National Cyber Security Awareness Month
National Cyber Security Center
National Cyber Security Division
National Cyber Security Protection System
National Cyber Security Summit
National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
National Cybersecurity Initiative
National Data Security Agency
National Defence Security Instructions
National Defence Security Policy
National Directorate of Security
National Economic Security and Reformation Act
National Energy Security Fund
National Food Security Act Manual
National Food Security Mission
National Homeland Security Agency
National Homeland Security Council
National Homeland Security Research Center
National Homeland Security University
National ICT Security & Emergency Response Centre
National ICT Security Emergency Response Center (Malaysia)
National Individual Security Program
National Industrial Security Program
National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual
National Industrial Security System
National Infrastructure Security Co-Ordination Centre
National Institute for Hometown Security
National Institute of Management and Information Security
National Institute of Population and Social Security Research
National Institute on Retirement Security
National Intelligence & Security Agency
National Interest Security Company
National Nuclear Security Administration
National Nuclear Security Conference
National Port Security Committee
National Security
National Security Act
National Security Advice Centre
National Security Advisor
National Security Advisory Board
National Security Affairs
National Security Affairs Group
National Security Agency
National Security Agency/Central Security Service representative
National Security Agency/Central Security Service representative
National Security Agents
National Security Anarchists
National Security and Defense Council
National Security and Intelligence Agency
National Security and Public Safety
National Security Archive
National Security Archive Fund Inc.
National Security Area
National Security Caucus Foundation
National Security Center
National Security Committee
National Security Coordination Council
National Security Council
National Security Council Intelligence Directive
National Security Council System
National Security Council/Interagency Working Group
National Security Cutter
National Security Decision Directive
National Security Directives
National Security Directorate
National Security Division
National Security Forum
National Security Global Business
National Security Guards
National Security Higher Education Advisory Board
National Security Incident Response Center
National Security Industrial Association
National Security Industry Union
National Security Information
National Security Information Line
National Security Information Systems Incident Program
National Security Institute
National Security Intelligence
National Security Investigation Section
National Security Language Act
National Security Language Initiative
National Security Law Association
National Security Law Brief
National Security Letter
National Security Management System
National Security Medal
National Security News Service
National Security Office
National Security Personnel System
National Security Planning Group
National Security Policy Directive
National Security Presidential Directive
National Security Program Office
National Security Project
National Security Research Division
National Security Research, iNC
National Security Resources Development
National Security Review
National Security Service
National Security Space
National Security Space Acquisition
National Security Space Architect
National Security Space Institute
National Security Space Office
National Security Space Road Map
National Security Space Strategy
National Security Special Event
National Security Strategy
National Security Studies Program
National Security Study Memorandum 200
National Security System
National Security Task Force
National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security
National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Advisory Memorandum
National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee
National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Directive
National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Instruction
National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Policy
National Security Threat List
National Security Training Academy
National Security Vetting
National Security Workers Union
National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations
National Social Security Institute
National Social Security Office
National Special Security Event
National Telecommunications & Information Systems Security Committee
National Telecommunications & Information Systems Security Instruction
National Telecommunications and Information Security System Instruction (US DoD)
National Transportation System Security Plan
NATO Computer Security Products List
NATO Office of Security
NATO Security Committee
Naval Communications Security Material System
Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity International Training Center
Naval Electronic Systems Security Engineering Center
Naval Intelligence and Security Force
Naval Ordnance Safety & Security Activity
Naval Ordnance Safety & Security Activity
Naval Security Coordination Team
Naval Security Group
Naval Security Group Activity
Naval Security Group Command
Naval Security Station
Navy Security Group Activity
Negative Security Assurances
Netcool for Security Management
Netilla Security Platform
Netscreen Certified Security Associate
NetScreen-Security Manager
NetShield Security
Network and Distributed System Security
Network and Information Security Services
Network Domain Security
Network Embedded Security System
Network Engineering and Security Analyst
Network Information Security & Technology News
Network Layer Security Protocol
Network Operations and Security Center
Network Operations Security Center
Network Security Analysis Tool
Network Security and Information Assurance
Network Security and Privacy
Network Security Appliance
Network Security Architecture and Design
Network Security Conference
Network Security Consulting
Network Security Controller
Network Security Database
Network Security Design Document
Network Security Division
Network Security for Information Exchange
Network Security Information Exchange
Network Security Laboratories, Inc.
Network Security Management
Network Security Manager
Network Security Monitor
Network Security Officer
Network Security Perimeter
Network Security Plan
Network Security Pod
Network Security Scanner
Network Security Services
Network Security Services for Java
Network Security Task Force
Network Security Toolkit
Network Security Vulnerability Technician
Network Services Security Administration
Network System Security
Network-based Security Services
Nevada Commission on Homeland Security
New Age Security Solutions
New Defence and Security Forces
New England Information Security User Group
New Hampshire Employment Security
New Haven Economic Security Coalition
New Vehicle Security Assessment
New Vehicle Security Ratings
New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
Newmark Security Products
News Analysts in International Security
Next Generation Security
Next Generation Security Software
NGSSoftware Insight Security Research
Nickname for HQ USAF Programs Usually Connected With Security
Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps
Nightfall Security Solutions, LLC
NISI Security Subpanel
Nonproliferation & International Security Technology Division
Non-Proliferation and International Security
Nonproliferation and International Security division
North American Security and Prosperity Initiative
North American Security Cooperation Assessment
North American Security Cooperative Act
North Atlantic Treaty Organization security category (US DoD)
North Carolina Employment Security Commission
North Eastern Security Force
Northside Security Response
Northwest Security Services
Norton Internet Security
Norton Security Scan
Norwegian Police Security Service
Norwegian Security Act
Norwegian Social Security Agency
Notre Dame Security Police
Notts and Derbys Security Association
Nuclear Industries Security Regulations
Nuclear Safety/Security Inspection
Nuclear Security and Incident Response
Nuclear Security Services Corporation
Nutrition and Food Security
Occupational Health, Safety and Security
OCTAVE Method Implementation Guide (information security; Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA)
Office for Civil Nuclear Security
Office for Policy, Security, and Technology
Office of Cyberspace Security
Office of Domestic Security
Office of Employment Security
Office of Frontier Security
Office of Homeland Security
Office of Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism
Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Office of Industrial Security, International
Office of Information Security
Office of Information Systems Security
Office of Internal Security
Office of National Security Technology
Office of Personnel Security
Office of Personnel Security
Office of Regional Security and Arms Transfer
Office of Security
Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness
Office of Security and Program Protection
Office of Security Cooperation
Office of Security Cooperation – Afghanistan
Office of Security Evaluation
Office of Security Operations
Office of Security Services International
Office of Security Transition
Office of Strategic Industries & Economic Security
Office of Supplemental Security Income
Office of Traffic, Security and Operations
Office of Transport Security
Office of Transportation Security Redress
Office of Workforce Security
Ohio Association of Security & Investigation Services
Ohio Homeland Security
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security
Old Age Security Act
Old Age Security Pension
Old Name for South African State Security Bureau
Olympic Security Coordination Group
One Stop Security Shop
Onsite Security Control and Audit Review
Open Computing Security Group
Open e-Security Platform
Open Information Systems Security Group
Open Security Architecture
Open Security Evaluation Criteria
Open Security Exchange
Open Source Security Summit
Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
Open System Security Resources
Open Web Application Security Project
Operational Security
Operational Security
Operational Security Evaluation
Operational Security Plan
Operational Security Plan
Operations Security
Opsec Security Group PLC
Options for Personal Security
Options for Personal Security
Oracle Advanced Security
Oracle Label Security
Oracle Platform Security Services
Organization for Internet Security
Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe
Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe
Organizational and Business Security Management
Organizational Computer Security Representative
Organizational Safeguards and Security Officer
Organizational Safeguards and Security Plan
Organizational Security Officer
OSSTMM Professional Security Analyst (certification; Institute for Security and Open Methodologies)
Other Security Interests
Overbeek Information Security B.V.
Overseas Internal Security Program
Overseas Security Advisory Council
Overseas Security Policy Board
Pacific Asia Regional Energy Security
Pacific Asia Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics
Pacific Campaign for Disarmament and Security
Pacific Data Bank Security
Pacific Electronic Security Division
Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security
Pacific Northwest Security Coordinator
Pacific Region Security & Intelligence
Pairwise Transient Key Security Association
Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Pvt Limited
Pakistan Security Research Unit
Pan-European Security Treaty
Partnership and Household Livelihood Security
Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security
Pass-Through Security
Password Connection Security
Paving Access Trails for Higher Security
Payment Application Qualified Security Assessors
Peace and Economic Security
Peace and Security Council
Peace Research and European Security Studies
Peacebuilding, Development and Security Program
Pension Security Act
Performance, Information, Economics, Control, Efficiency, Security
Perimeter Security System
Perimeter Security Zone
Personal Portable Security Device
Personal Property Security Act
Personal Security Code
Personal Security Detachment
Personal Security Environment
Personal Security File
Personal Security Module
Personal Security Questionnaire
Personal Security System
Personalized Automotive Security System
Personnel Security and Surety Program
Personnel Security Assurance Program
Personnel Security Clearance
Personnel Security Clearance File
Personnel Security Clearance Record
Personnel Security Investigation
Personnel Security Program
Personnel Security Questionnaire
Personnel Security Staff
Pervasive Security, Privacy and Trust
Pervasive Security, Privacy and Trust
Pharmaceutical Security Institute
Philippine Society for Industrial Security
Philips Observation and Security Master
Physical Security
Physical Security Code
Physical Security Equipment
Physical Security Information Management
Physical Security Professional
Physical Security Specialist
Physical Security Survey
Physical Security Systems Directorate
Physical Security/Pilferage Code
Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security
Plant and Animal AgroSecurity Research
Plant Security
Planter Security Barrier System
pointer to security identifier
Policy Maker Application Security
Political and Security Committee
Port Facility Security Assessment
Port Facility Security Officer
Port Operations, Security, and Defense
Port Safety and Security
Port Security Committee
port security company
Port Security Detachment
Port Security Grant
Port Security Grant Program
Port Security Officer
Port Security Specialist
Port Security Specialist
Port Security Specialist 2nd Class
Port Security Specialist 3rd Class
Port Security Unit
Portable Open-Source Security Enhancements
Portable Security System
Ports, Waterways, Coastal Security
Portsmouth/Piketon Residents for Environmental Safety and Security
Position Personnel Security Status
Post Security Detachment
post security officer
Postal Security Action Group
Postal Security Device
Post-Setup Security Updates
Potential Security of Employment
Power Vector Security Cover
Practice Dangerous to Security
Prague Security Studies Institute
Preliminary Message Security Protocol
Preliminary System Security Concept
Pre-Message Security Protocol
Preparatory Action for Security Research
Pre-Production Security Plan
Pre-Production Security Plan
President Security Division
President’s Security Initiative
Presidential Security Group
Presidential Security Service
Pretty Good Security
Primary Social Security Benefit
Princeton Project on National Security
Principal Security Inspector
Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Security
Privacy, Security and Automation Laboratory
Private Investigators and Security Agencies
Private Investigators and Security Professionals
Private Maritime Security Company
Private Military and Security Company
Private Security Account
Private Security Bureau
Private Security Contractor
Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority
Private Security Investigator Specialist
Private Security Officer Training
Process-Based Security
Product Security Incident Response Team
Professional Investigators and Security Association
Professionalism in Security
Program Cyber Security Plan
Program Security Directive
Program Security Instruction
Program Security Manager
Programme for Strategic and International Security Studies
Proliferation Security Initiative
Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security
Protective and Security Operations on Australian Territory
Protective Security Advisor
Protective Security Coordination Centre
Protective Security Detail
Protective Security Manual
Protective Security Service
Protective Security Specialist
Public Employees’ Social Security
Public Order and Security Act
Public Security Bureau
Public Security Directorate
Public Security Investigation Agency
Public Security Surveillance System
Public Transport Security
Purchase-Money Security Interest
Purchasing, Safety and Security Office
Quadrant Security Group Ltd
Qualified Data Security Professional
Qualified Security Assesor
Quality Assurance, Auditing, & Security
Quality, Security, Environment
Quantum Digital Security Pty. Ltd.
Radio Security Service
Radványi Chair in International Security Studies
Rail Security Pilot
Rail Security Service
Rear Area Security
Rear Area Security Controller
Recognized Security Organization
Reconnaissance & Security Positions
Red Hat Certified Security Specialist
Reductions of Social Security Contributions
Refundable Security Deposit
Regional Computer Security Officer
Regional Domestic Security Task Force
Regional Network for Homeland Security
Regional Operations and Security Center
Regional Programme for Food Security
Regional Security Cooperation Network
Regional Security Officer
Regional Security Operations Center
Regional Strategies and Programmes for Food Security
Registered Personal Security Plan
Regulations Concerning Employment Security
Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety and Security
Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, Security
Reliance Security Services Ltd.
Remote Access Security Program
Reproductive Health Commodity Security
Request Security Token Response
Research and Education in Defense and Security Studies
Research in Security and Privacy
ReSecurity First Legal Association
Residential Backed Mortgage Security
Resources, Housing and Social Security Group
Retirement and Social Security Law
Retirement Security Project
Return on Security Investment
Ridgway Center for International Security Studies
Robotic Security Systems, Inc.
Robust Security Network
Robust Security Network Association
Role Based Security
Romanian Security Team
Routing Policy System Security
RSA Data Security, Inc
RSA Security, Inc.
Rural Development and Food Security
Russian and Eurasian Security Network
Russian and Eurasian Security Network
Russian Military Security Media Coverage
SAC Aircraft Security System
Safeguards & Security Transition
Safety and Security Management System
Safety and Security Sectoral Bargaining Council
Safety and Security Service
Safety, Quality Assurance, and Security
Safety, Security & Dismantlement
Safety, Security and Emergency Management
Safety/Security Interface
Safety/Security Officer
Safetysecurity Interface
School for National Security Executive Education
Seaward Security Officer
Secretaries’ Committee on National Security
Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interests
Security & Defence Day
Security & Environmental Alarm & Monitoring System
Security & Risk Management Group, LLC
Security Access Control System
Security Access Facility
Security Access Level
Security Access List
Security Access Requirement
Security Account Manager
Security Accounts Manager
Security Accreditation Authority
Security Accreditation Management Plan
Security Accreditation Scheme
Security Action Team
Security Action Team
Security Administration
Security Administration Facility
Security Administration Manager
Security Administration Server/System
Security Administrator
Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks
Security Administrator’s Integrated Network Tool
Security Advance Party
Security Advance Party
Security Advisory Opinion
Security Advisory Services
Security Affairs Support Association
Security Against Fraud Enhancements
Security Alarm Control Panel
Security Alarm Data Corporation
Security Alarm Reporting Function
Security Alarm System
Security Alert Response Team
Security Alert Team
Security Algorithms Group of Experts
Security Analysis and Action Programs
Security Analysis and Design
Security Analysis Tool for Auditing Networks
Security and Accountability for Every
Security and Assurance in Information Technology
Security And Communications System
Security and Cryptography for Networks
Security and Data Management Group
Security and Emergency Measures Direction
Security and Freedom Ensured Act
Security And Freedom through Encryption Act of 1999
Security and Information Operations
Security and Loss Prevention Association
Security and Management Services
Security and Multimodality in Pervasive Environments
Security and Networks Research Group
Security and Plans Office/Officer
Security and Plans Office/Officer
Security and Plans Operations
Security and Plans Operations
Security and Political Risk Analysis
Security and Privacy
Security and Privacy in Digital Rights Management
Security and Privacy Standards Technical Committee
Security and Prosperity Partnership
Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
Security and Protection Officer
Security and Protection Officer
Security and Public Safety
Security and Quantum Information Group
Security and Reconnaissance Vehicles
Security and Rewriting Techniques
Security and Risk Analysis
Security and Risk Management
Security and Risk Management Strategies
Security and Safeguards
Security and Stability Advisory Committee
Security And Stability Operations
Security and Support Operations
Security and Technology Solutions
Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Release
Security and Trust Management
Security and Trust Services API for J2ME
Security Anti-Spoofing Module
Security Architecture
Security Architecture for Enterprise
Security Architecture Guidance and Directions
Security Architecture Implementation Plan
Security Archive Workstation
Security Aspects of RFID Usage
Security Assertions Markup Language
Security Assessment and Management Application
Security Assessment Laboratory Test
Security Assessment Report
Security Assessment Service
Security Assessment, Penetration Testing
Security Assistance
Security Assistance Accounting Center
Security Assistance Data Element Catalog
Security Assistance Foreign Representative
Security Assistance Management Information System
Security Assistance Management Information System
Security Assistance Management Manual
Security Assistance Management Review
Security Assistance Network
security assistance office/officer
Security Assistance Organization
Security Assistance Program
Security Assistance Program
Security Assistance Program Training
Security Assistance Request
security assistance resource management
Security Assistance Review
Security Assistance Survey
Security Assistance Team
Security Assistance Team
Security Assistance Test
Security Assistance Test
Security Assistance Training
Security Assistance Training
Security Assistance Training Directorate
Security Assistance Training Program
Security Assistance Visit
Security Association
Security Association Data
Security Association Database
Security Association Database
Security Association Identifier
Security Association Identifier
Security Association Management Protocol
Security Association of South Africa
Security Audit and Analysis System
Security Audit And Questionnaire
Security Audit Database
Security Audit Reduction
Security Audit Trail
Security Audit Trail
Security Audit Trail Function
Security Auditor’s Research Assistant
Security Authentication Module
Security Authority
Security Awareness
Security Awareness and Training Plan
Security Awareness Index
Security Awareness Training
Security Awareness Training
Security Awareness Training & Education
Security Bank Corporation
Security Bank Holding Co.
Security Benefit Group, Inc.
Security Blankets
Security Breach
Security Breach Information Act
Security Business Practices Reference
Security By Obscurity
Security Call Analysis and Monitoring Platform
Security Category
Security Certification and Authorization Package
Security Certification and Authorization Process
Security Certification Level
Security Certified Network Professional
Security Certified Network Specialist
Security Certified Program
Security Change Request
Security Change Request
Security Change Request
Security Characteristic Line
Security Charter
Security Classification Code
Security Classification Control Officer
Security Classification Guide
Security Classification Procedure
Security Clearance
Security Clearance Access Roster
Security Clearance Case Files
Security Clearance Information Act of 1985
Security Clearance Interim
Security Coding Device
Security Coding Device
Security Combat Automated Management Subsystem
Security Communications Center
Security Compliance Manager
Security Configuration Editor
Security Configuration Management
Security Configuration Wizard
Security Consensus for Operational Readiness Evaluation
Security Constrained Economic Dispatch
Security Container System
Security Content Automation Protocol
Security Control Agreement
Security Control Center
Security Control Compliance Matrix
Security Control Monitor
Security Control of Air Traffic
Security Control Point
Security Control Processor
Security Control Protocol
Security Controller
Security Cooperation
Security Cooperation Education and Training Center
Security Cooperation Information Portal
Security Cooperation Marine Air Ground Task Force
Security Cooperation Participation
Security Cooperation Program
Security Coordination Center
Security Council
Security Council Mission
Security Council of the Russian Federation
Security Council Resolution
Security Council Resolution
Security Council Resolution
Security Council Simulation At Yale
Security Countermeasures
Security Coversheet for Non-Employees
Security Data & Cable Headquarters
Security Decisions Follow-Up Committee
Security Deposit
Security Deposit
Security Descriptor
Security Descriptor
Security Descriptor Definition Language
Security Design Description
Security Development Lifecycle
Security Development Lifecycle
Security Device Event Exchange
Security Device Manager
Security Device Unit
Security Domain Authority
Security Door Controls
Security Due Diligence
Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc.
Security Education, Training & Awareness Program
Security Emergency Response Team
Security Engineered Machinery
Security Engineered Machinery Company, Inc.
Security Engineering Officer
Security Environment Threat List
Security Equipment and Locking System
Security Equipment Assessment Panel
Security Escort
Security Escort
Security Escort Team
Security Evaluation and Inspection Team
Security Evaluation Program
Security Event and Incident Management
Security Event Information Management system
Security Event Log Monitor
Security Event Management
Security Event Management System
Security Event Manager
Security Exchange Service Element
Security Exercise Evaluation System
Security Expert Initiative
Security Expert Register Nederland
Security Fault Analysis
Security Federal Corporation
Security Financial Bancorp, Inc.
Security Financial Group, Inc.
Security for Ubiquitous Resources Group
Security for Women
Security Force
Security Force Assistance
Security Force Personnel
Security Forces
Security Forces
Security Forces Center
Security Forces Control Center
Security Forces Group
Security Forces Hospital
Security Forces Hospital Program
Security Forces Squadron
Security Function
Security Function
Security Function Policy
Security Gateway
Security Gateway Operating System
Security Group
Security Group
Security Growth Conference
Security Guard
Security Guard
Security Guide
Security Guide
Security Host Verification and Authentication
Security Housing Unit
Security Identification Display Area
Security Identification Zone
Security Identifier
Security Identity Module
Security Identity Module
Security Impact Evaluation Board
Security Improvement Process
Security in Depth
Security in Government Departments
Security in Iraq Accountability Panel
Security in Storage Working Group
Security in the Government Sector
Security Incident and Event Manager
Security Incident Management
Security Incident Management
Security Incident Report
Security Incident Response Team
Security Industry Alarm Coalition
Security Industry Association
Security Industry Training Organisation
Security Information and Event Management
Security Information Center
Security Information File
Security Information Management
Security Information Management
Security Information Management Online Network
Security Information Management Systems
Security Information Manager
Security Information Manager
Security Information Systems
Security Innovation & Technology Consortium
Security Inspection
Security Inspector
Security Integration Architecture
Security Intelligence Report
Security Intelligence Review Committee
Security Investigation Division
Security Investigation Index
Security Investigations Division
Security Investment Program
Security Is Everyone’s Problem
Security Issues Forum
Security Joint Working Group
Security Layer
Security Layer
Security Leadership Council
Security Level
Security Level
Security Life Cycle
Security Local Auditing Daemon
Security Logistics Agency
Security Management
Security Management Application Process
Security Management Architecture
Security Management Information
Security Management Information Base
Security Management Information System
Security Management Infrastructure
Security Management Office
Security Management Plan
Security Management Service
Security Management System
Security Management Working Group
Security Manager
Security Manager Workstation
Security Manual
Security Market Line
Security Message Exchange
Security Module Card
Security Monitor
Security Monitoring And Tracking System
Security Monitoring Centre
Security Mutual Life
Security National Bank Omaha
Security National Mortgage Company
Security News Network
Security News Portal
Security Night Assistance Patrol
Security of Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Security of Information Act of 2003
Security of Payments
Security Officer
Security Officer
Security Officer Memorial Fund
Security Officer of the Year
Security Officer Registration Act
Security Officer Skills Qualification
Security On Campus
Security On Campus
Security Operating Procedure
Security Operating Procedure
Security Operating Procedures
Security Operation Support Facility
Security Operations Center
Security Operations Center
Security Operations Control Center
Security Operations Instructions
Security Operations Training and Intelligence
Security Overseas Seminar
Security Pacific Bank Alaska
Security Parameter Index
Security Patch Management
Security Payment Order
Security Payment Order
Security Plan
Security Plan Assistant
Security Planning and Assessment Office
Security Planning and Integrated Resources for Information Technology
Security Plans, Operations, and Intelligence
Security Police
Security Police Automated System
Security Police Automated System
Security Police Desk
Security Police Flight
Security Police Group
Security Police Officer
Security Police Officer
Security Police Officer Training Competition
Security Police Squadron
Security Police Training, Exercise, & Evaluation Program
Security Policies and Procedures
Security Policies and Procedures Manual
Security Policy
Security Policy Advisory Board
Security Policy Automation Network
Security Policy Board
Security Policy Compliance Assessment
Security Policy Database
Security Policy Information File
Security Policy Initiative
Security Policy Model
Security Policy Specification Language
Security Policy Translation Table
Security Posture Assessment
Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited
Security Prison
Security Prison
Security Prison
Security Privacy and Legacy Committee
Security Procedure
Security Process Algebra
Security Processor
Security Profile Inspector
Security Program Manager
Security Proof of Concept Keystone
Security Protocol
Security Protocol Engineering and Analysis Resource
Security Public Key Infrastructure
Security Readiness Review
Security Reference Monitor
Security Requirements Check List
Security Requirements Management Review
Security Requirements Review
Security Requirements Statement
Security Requirements Traceability Matrix
Security Requirements Tractability Matrix
Security Response Center
Security Response Option
Security Response System
Security Response Team
Security Risk Assessment
Security Risk Category
Security Risk Management
Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge
Security Risk Management Initiative
Security Risk Management Review
Security Risk Solutions
Security Rollup Package
Security Seal Industry Association
Security Seal Testing Authority
Security Sector Development Advisory Team
Security Sector Reform
Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate
Security Sensitive Biological Agent
Security Service
Security Service Employers Organisation
Security Service Platform
Security Service Provider
Security Service Provider Interface
Security Services and Privacy Executive Steering Committee
Security Services and Technologies
Security Services Module
Security Services Sports Association
Security Services Technical Committee
Security Solutions for Systems Engineers
Security Specialist Professional
Security Standard Operating Procedures
Security State Assessment
Security State Bank of North Dakota
Security Subsystem Class
Security Support Activity
Security Support Division
Security Support Provider
Security Support Provider Interface
Security Support Squadron
Security Support Squadron
Security Supporting Assistance
Security Survey Report
Security Switching Device
Security System Analyzer
Security System Project Description
Security Systems & Equipment
Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board
Security Systems Applications and Research
Security Target
Security Target
Security Target
Security Target
Security Targeting and Analysis of Risks
Security Technical Implementation Guide
Security Technical Implementation Guidelines
security technical procedure
Security Techniques Advisory Group
Security Technology Group
Security Technology Integration Program
Security Technology Unit
Security Termination Statement
Security Test & Evaluation
Security Test and Analysis Tool
Security Test Automation
Security Test Plan
Security Testing Procedural Review
Security Threat Analysis and Research
Security Threat Assessment
Security Threat Avoidance Technology
Security Threat Group
Security Threat Mitigation
Security Through Interaction Modeling
Security Through Obscurity
Security Through Obscurity
Security Token Service
Security Tools Distribution
Security Tools Distribution
Security Tracking and Authorization Request System
Security Tracking of Office Property
Security Trained and Ready
Security Update-Validation Program
Security UserID Definition System
Security Variable Data Printing
Security Version
Security Violation Report
Security Vulnerability Analysis
Security Vulnerability Assessment
Security Vulnerability Repository Service
Security Vulnerability Summit
Security Watch Officer
Security Web Service
Security Working Group
Security Yard Light
Security, Accuracy, Propriety, and Policy
Security, Automatic weapons, Fields of fire, Entrenchment
Security, Education, Training & Awareness
Security, Privacy and Authentication in Wireless Networks
Security, Privacy, and Trust for Pervasive Applications
Security, Stability, Transition, and Reconstruction Operations
Security, Trust and Privacy in Grid Environments
Security-PRO Transition Analysis Facility
SecurityTube Wi-Fi Security Expert
Selected for Special Security Screening
Senior Chief Port Security Specialist
Senior Security Advisor
Sennett Security Products
Sense of Security
Sensitive Applications Security Officer
Sensitive Security Information
Servicing Security Police Office
Session Security, Authentication and Initialization Protocol
Set of Accredited Security Parameters
Shadow Security Scanner
Shanghai Bureau of Public Security
Shanghai Bureau of State Security
Shanghai Medical Security Bureau
Ship Security Alert System
Ship Security Officer
Ship Security Plan
Shipboard Security Engagement Tactics
Shipper’s Security Endorsement
Siedle Security Systems
Signal Processing Applications for Public Security and Forensics
Signal Security
Signal Security Agency
Signal Security Assessment System
Signal Security Element
Signal Security Office/Officer
Signals Intelligence Security Regulations
Signature Security Service
Simple Authentication and Security Layer
Simple Distributed Security Infrastructure
Simple Security Policy Editor
Site Safeguards and Security Plan
Site Security Communications Center
Site Security Officer
Site Security Operational Procedures
Site Security Plan
Site Security Supervisor
Sliding Door Security Bar
Small Business Security Manager
Smith and Norris Security Training
So/Security Not My Problem
Social Development and Human Security
Social Security
Social Security Account Number
Social Security Act
Social Security Administration
Social Security Administration Act
Social Security Advisory Board
Social Security Advisory Council
Social Security Agency
Social Security Alumni Association
Social Security and Child Support
Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation
Social Security and National Insurance Trust
Social Security Appeals Tribunal
Social Security Assistance Index of Prices
Social Security Choice
Social Security Commission
Social Security Contributions & Benefits Act
Social Security Death Index
Social Security Disability
Social Security Disability Act
Social Security Disability Beneficiary
Social Security Disability Beneficiary
Social Security Disability Benefit
Social Security Disability Benefit
Social Security Disability Coalition
Social Security Disability Income
Social Security Disability Insurance
Social Security Education Product
Social Security Equivalent Benefit
Social Security Income
Social Security Insurance
Social Security Number
Social Security Office
Social Security Offset
Social Security Organization
Social Security Organization
Social Security Review
Social Security Sector Development Program
Social Security System
Social Security Tax
Social Security Trust Fund
Social Security Trust Fund
Social Security Work Incentive
Society Security Administration
Solaris Security Toolkit
South African Institute of Security
South African Social Security Agency
Southern African Defence and Security Management
Southern Security Life Insurance
Soviet/Russian Ministry of Internal Security
Space Electronic Security Division
Special Issue on Computer Security
Special Programme for Food Security
Special Security Agreement
Special Security Command
Special Security Communication Center
Special Security Communications System
Special Security Communications Team
Special Security Division
Special Security File
Special Security Force
Special Security Office/r
Special Security Operations
Special Security Representative
Special Security Service
Special Security Squadron
Specialized Security and Investigation Services
Spectrum Security Manager
Sports Event Security Aware
SSBN Security Program
SSL Network Extender (software; network security)
Stability, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction
Stabilization, Safety and Security of Distributed Systems
Stabilization, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction Operation
Staff Agency Security Manager
Staff Security Officer
Standard for Interoperable LAN Security
Standard Security Label
State Committee for National Security
State Employment Security Agency
State Homeland Security Program
State Key Laboratory of Information Security
State Security & Protective Services Australia Pty Ltd
State Security Council
State Security Department
State Security Investigations Sector
State Security Services
Static Application Security Testing
Statutory Social Security
Steady State Security Posture
Storage Security and Survivability
Strategic Airport Security Rollout
Strategic Security Solutions International
Strict Transport Security
Student Association on Terrorism and Security Analysis
Students for Saving Social Security
Study Group on Alternative Security
Subcommittee on Automated Information Systems Security
Subcommittee on Information Systems Security of the NSTISSC
Subcommittee on Telecommunications Security
Subscriber Parameter Administration Security Mechanism
Substantial Security Holder
Suitability and Security Investigations Index
Summit Security Group
Supplemental Security Disability Income
Supplemental Security Income
Supplemental Security Income Record
Supplemental Security Payment
Supply Chain Security Services
Supreme State Security Court
Surface Security Zone
Surface Transportation Security Inspection
Surprise Security Inspection
Sustainable Rural Livelihood Security
Swedish Security & Training Centre
Switching and Security Group
Symantec Certified Security Engineer
Symantec Certified Security Practitioner
Symantec Client Security
Symantec Database Security
Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture
Symantec Gateway Security
Symantec Gateway Security Appliance
Symantec Mail Security
Symantec Network Security
Symantec Security Awareness Program
Symantec Security Information Manager
Symantec Security Management System
Symantec Security Response
Symposium on Security and Privacy
SysAdmin, Audit, Network, and Security
System Administration Security Server
System Administration, Networking, and Security Institute
System Level Security Policy
System Safety/Security Group
System Security Administrator
System Security Analysis
System Security Analysis System
System Security Approval Authority
System Security Assessment
System Security Authorization Agreement
System Security Certified Practioner
System Security Certified Practitioner
System Security Control Officer
System Security Engineering Management
System Security Engineering Office
System Security Enhancement Program
System Security Management Program
System Security Manager
System Security Office/Officer
System Security Operating Procedures
System Security Plan
System Security Profile
System Security Working Group
Systems Security Certified Professional
Systems Security Engineering
Systems Security Program Plan
TACLANE Internet Security Manager
TACOM Security Assistance Center
Tactical Automated Security System
Tactical Special Security Office
Tactical Speech Security Equipment
Taiwan Security Enhancement Act
Taiwan Security Research
Taxi Security Camera System
TCS Security Manager
Technical Committee on Security
Technical Security Area
Technical Security Branch
Technical Security Resources Center
Technical Security System
Technical Security Upgrades
Technical University of Vienna Security Advisory
Technology and Security Risk Services
Technology Security Technical Assessment
TEED Internet Security Manager
Telecommunications and Automated Information Systems Security
Telecommunications and Electrical Machinery Protected from Emanations Security
Telecommunications Security
Telecommunications Security Notification Procedures
Telecommunications Security System
Telenor Security Operation Center
Telephone Security Group
Telos Security Force
TEMPEST Security Index
Temporal Security Agency
Temporary Security Zone
Tenant Security Plan
Tennessee Department of Employment Security
Terminal Area Security Officer
Terminal Security Matrix
Terminal Security Officer
Terminal Security System
Terminal Transaction Security System
Texas Commission on Private Security
Texas Homeland Security
Texas Security Alert and Analysis Center
Thai British Security Printing PLC
The Exponential Security System
The Infrastructure Security Partnership
The Internet Security Conference
The Israel Experience in Homeland Security
Theater Nuclear Forces, Survivability, Security & Safety
Theater Security Cooperation
Theater Security Cooperation Plan
Theater Security Package
Tivoli Centralized Security Console
Tivoli Security Compliance Manager
Tivoli Security Operations Manager
Tivoli Security Policy Manager
TOE Security Functions
TOE Security Functions Interface
TOE Security Policy
Top Secret Security
Top Secret Security Clearance
Toronto Area Security Klatch
Toronto Association of Police and Private Security
Total Enterprise Security Service
Total Security Protection
Total Supply Chain Security
Trade Security Controls
Trade Security Controls Office
Trade, Aid and Security
Trademark Security System
Trademark Security System
Traffic Control Security Management
Traffic Flow Security
Transaction Layer Security
Transaction Level Security
Transactions on Information Forensics and Security
Transit Security Grant Program
Transit Video Security Systems
Transition Efficiencies in Safeguards and Security
Transmeta Security Extensions
Transmission Security
Transmission Security
Transmission Security
Transmission Security
Transmission Security Analysis Report
Transmission Security Encryption Code
Transmission Security Key
Transport Layer Security
Transport Layer Security
Transport Layer Security Model
Transport Layer Security Protocol
Transport Layer Security Working Group
Transport Security
Transport Security Layer
Transportable Port Security Boat
Transportation Security Administration
Transportation Security Administration Access Certificate
Transportation Security Administration Representative
Transportation Security Coordination Center
Transportation Security Incident
Transportation Security Inspector
Transportation Security Intelligence Service
Transportation Security Network Management
Transportation Security Officer
Transportation Security Operations Center
Travel Security Advisory
Trend Enterprise Security Solution
Trend Micro Certified Security Master
Trend Micro Mobile Security
Triangle Institute for Security Studies
Triangle Universities Security Seminar
Trinity Security Procedures
Trusted Agent Security Manager
Trusted Security Information Exchange for Restricted Environments
Turn Signal Security Module
Twelve-Five Standard Security Program
Ubiquitous Application and Security Service
UHIN Security Education Tool (est. 1993)
Underground Security Systems Research
Unified Security Gateway
Unified Security Hub
Unified Security Manager
Unit Security Manager
Unit Security Officer
Unit Security Supervisor
Unit Security Technician
United Kingdom Security Shredding Association
United Nations Department of Safety and Security
United Nations Security Council
United Nations Security Council Resolution
United Nations Security Force
United Nations Security Management Team
United Security Bancshares
United Security Bancshares, Inc.
United Security Professionals Association, Inc.
United States Army Intelligence & Security Command
United States Army Security Affairs Command
United States Army Security Agency
United States Army Security Agency Field Station
United States Army Security Assistance Center
United States Army Security Assistance Command
United States Army Security Force
United States Army Special Security Group
United States Security Authority for NATO Affairs
United States Security Authority, NATO
Unity Security Balloting Services
Unity Security Force
Universal Security Audit Programme
Universal Security Group
Unix Network for Computer Security in Law Enforcement
Unix Security Guard
UNIX Security Guards
Urban Area Homeland Security Strategies
US Document Security
User Level Security
User Security Manual
User Security Model
User-based Security Model
Varma Security Systems
Vasco Data Security International, Inc.
Vehicle Security Association of South Africa
Vehicle Theft Security System
Vendor Security Analyst
Venezuelan Social Security Institute
Vermont Federal Court Security Officers Association
Vessel Security Officer
Vested Security Solutions, LLC
Veterans Affairs Security Team
VFind Security Tool Kit Professional
Vienna International Airport Security Services, GmbH
Vietnam Security Police Association
Vines Security
Virtual Machine Security
Virus Security Institute
VirusScan Security Suite
Visa Encrypting PIN Pad (automatic teller machine security technology)
Visualization for Cyber Security
Voltage Security Assessment Tool
Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights
Volunteer Port Security Force
Volunteers Investing in Peace & Security
VPN/Security Management Solution
VPN/Security Management System
Warfighter Information Network Security – Integrated Concept Team
Warhead Safety and Security Exchange
Wartime Information Security Program
Washington Health Security Trust
Water Allocation Security Objectives
Water Security Working Group
Water System Security
Weapons System Security Flight
Web Application Security
Web Application Security Project
Web Security Guard
Web Security Services Agent
Web Security Suite
Web Security Suite Lockdown
Web Services Security
Web Services Security Language
WebLogic Enterprise Security
WebLogic Enterprise Security
Websense Email Security
Website & Internet Security Program
Wellbeing, Integrity, Prevention, and Security
West Coast Security Forum
Western Investigation & Security Enterprises, Inc.
Western Region Security Office
Westinghouse Security Systems, Inc.
Westminster Security Company
White Hat Security Arsenal
White House Security Office
White Paper on Safety and Security
Wholesale Systems Security Administration
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Windows Security Center
Windows Security Health
Windows Vista Security Guide
Wing Auxiliary Security Force
Wireless Home Network Security
Wireless Interoperability for Security
Wireless Link Layer Security
Wireless Network Security
Wireless Security Auditor
Wireless Security Forum
Wireless Telephony Layer Security
Wireless Transaction Layer Security
Wireless Transport Layer Security
Wisconsin Food Security Consortium
Wisconsin Health Security Act
Wisconsin Supplemental Security Income
Witness Security
Women for a Social Security Choice
Women in International Security
Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security
Worker Healthcare Security Act
Working Party on Information Security
Workplace Privacy and Security
Workshop on Education in Computer Security
Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics
Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Security
Workshop on Logical Foundations of an Adaptive Security Infrastructure
Workshop on Safety, Reliability and Security of Industrial Computer Systems
Workshop on Security and Privacy in E-Commerce
Workstation Integrated Security Program
Workstation Security Package
World Aquanaut Security Patrol
World Cup Security Control Headquarters
World Dive Security Network
World Infrastructure Security Environment
World Institute for Nuclear Security
World Scout Security Organisation
Worry-Free Business Security
WWMCCS ADP Security Officer
WWMCCS ADP Security System
WWMCCS ADP Site Security Officer
WWMCCS ADP System Security Manager
Wyoming Office of Homeland Security
Xavier’s Security Enforcement
XML Threat Management (computer security)
XyLoc Security Server
Yale Security Group
Your Home Security
Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite
Zurich Information Security Center
ZyXEL Security Specialist