Service Abbreviations III

Services are products that are not tangible, such as catering , trade, transport, healthcare, government .

Service Abbreviations III
Ohio Association of Adult Services
Ohio Association of Security & Investigation Services
Ohio Collegiate Computing Services Association
Ohio Correctional and Court Services Association
Ohio Council of Library and Information Services
Ohio Department of Administrative Services
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Ohio Educational Service Center Association
Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services
Ohio Public Service Company
Ohio Valley Internet Service Inc.
Oil Field Service
Oil Price Information Service
Oil Service Index
Oilfield Inspection Services, LLC
Oilfield Services Data Dictionary
Oilfield Warehouse & Services
Oklahoma Areawide Services Information System
Oklahoma Association of Youth Services
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
Oklahoma Forestry Services
Oklahoma Indian Legal Services, Inc.
Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation
Old Colony Elderly Services
Old Network Service Provider
Old Shores Construction Services, Inc
Older Adult Protective Services
Older Adult Service and Information Systems
Older Americans Resources and Services Multidimensional Functional Assessment Questionnaire
Older People’s Psychological Telemedicine Outreach Service
Older Persons Tenants’ Service
Olympic Broadcasting Services
Olympus Global Professional Service
Oman Aviation Services
Oman Aviation Services Co
Ombudsman Services of Northern California
Omni Financial Services, Inc
Omni-Access System for Information Services
On Company Service
On Demand Distributed Computing Services
On Demand Innovation Services
On Government Service
On His/Her Majesty’s Service
On India Government Service
On Site Service
On Wing Services
On-Board Service
On-Call Technical Services
Oneida Research Services
One-way Paging Service
One-way Paging Service
Online Account Services
On-Line Archive Science Information Services
On-line Automotive Service Information System
Online Computer Service Network
Online Customer Service
Online Ferrari Service Manual
Online Financial Services
Online Gaming Service
Online Information Services
On-Line Information Services
Online Ordering Service
Online Planning Information Service
Online Premium Services
Online Premium Services
Online Search Service
Online Service
On-line Service Center Representative
On-line Service Center Representative
Online Service Centre
Online Service Provider
On-Line Service Provider
On-Line Service Provider
On-Line Service Provider
Online Service System
Online Services
Online Services Business
On-Line Services Committee
Online Services Computer Interface
Online Services for Curriculum and Articulation Review
Online Student Services Project
Online Subscription Service
Online Vehicle Information Service
Online Warranty Service
Online Youth Services
Online Youth Services
On-orbit Serviceable Unit
Ontario Administration of Settlement and Integration Services
Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services
Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services
Ontario College Application Service
Ontario Education Services Corporation
Ontario Educational Software Services
Ontario Library Services Centre
Ontario Production Services Tax Credit
Ontario Public Service
Ontario Public Service
Ontario Service Safety Alliance
Ontario Weather Service
Open Access Same Time Information Service
Open and Scalable Intelligent Meter for Advanced Home Service
Open Bidding Service
Open Collaboration Services Initiative
Open Data Services
Open Directory Services Interface
Open Forum of Internet Service Providers
Open Grid Services Architecture
Open Learning Services Architecture
Open Network Distribution Services
Open Outsourcing Policy Service
Open Service Access
Open Service Architecture
Open Service Architecture for Mobile and Fixed Network Environment
Open Service Delivery Environment
Open Service Delivery Platform
Open Service Gateway
Open Service Management Framework
Open Service Provider Network
Open Services Development Platform
Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration
Open Shops for Information Services
Open Software Service Definition
Open Transport Service
Open Video Services
Operating System Service Module
Operating System Service Provider
Operating Systems, Services and Utilities
Operation Management Service
Operation Management Service
Operational Climate Prediction and Services
Operational Fixed Service
Operational Research Allocation of Tickets to Services
Operational Service Bulletin
Operational Service Medal
Operational Services & Environment Description
Operational Services Leadership Team
Operational Services Switch
Operational Space Services and Support
Operational Support Services
Operations and Maintenance Services
Operations and Maintenance Services
Operations Sales and Service Council
Operations Service Leader
Operations Service Provider
Operations Service Provider
Operations Services Division
Operations Support Services
Operations Support Services Division
Operations Technology and Shared Services
Operations, Planning, Training and Resource Support Services
Operator Service System
Operator Services
Operator Services
Operator Services Position System
Operator Services/Directory Assistance
Operators Services Complex
Op-Tech Environmental Services
Optical Channel Service Unit
Optical Domain Service Interconnect
Optical Multiservice Edge
Optical Service Channel
Optical Service Level Specification
Optical Service Manager
Optical Service Module
Optical Service Network (fiber optics)
Optical Service Provisioning Platform
Optical Service Router
Optical Services Activation Platform
Optimal Medical Benefit Administrative Services
Optimized Print Services
Optimized Print Services
Optimum Mortgage Services Inc.
Optimum Teleservices, Inc.
Optional Residence Telephone Service
Oracle Enterprise Messaging Service
Oracle License and Services Agreement
Oracle Platform Security Services
Oracle Self-Service Web Applications
Oracle Service Bus
Oracle Service Contracts
Oracle Web Services Manager
Orange Business Service
Orange Personal Communication Services
Orangutan Conservation Services Program
Orbital Launch Services
Ord Valley Aboriginal Health Service
Order for ION Service
Order of Service
Ordnance Service Command Shop
Oregon Agricultural Statistics Service
Oregon Creative Services Alliance
Oregon Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Services Program
Oregon Statewide Payroll Services
Organisation de Consommateurs de Produits et Services Financiers
Organization of Teratology Information Services
Oriental Medicine and Health Services
Origination Participation Service Provider
Orissa Judicial Service
Orissa Public Service Commission
OSI Transparent Services
Osteopathic Information Service
Other General Public Services
Other Local Service Provider
Other Personal Services
Other Personal Services
Other Personnel Services
Other Personnel Services
Other Service Program
Other Service Program
Other Services Stock Fund
Other Than Personal Services
Ottawa Fire Service
Ottawa Police Service
Ottawa Police Service
Ottawa Services Insurance Agency
Ottawa-Carleton Renovation Services
Out of Service
Out Of Service
Out of Service
Out of Service Repair Tag
Outlook Mobile Service
Outlook Mobile Service
out-of-service analog test
Out-of-Service Criteria
Out-of-Service Lost Revenue
Outpatient Mental Health Service
Outpatient Pharmacy Anticoagulation Service
Outpatient Pharmacy Anticoagulation Service
Outpatient Psychiatric Service
Outpatient Psychiatric Service
Out-Service Training
Outside Plant Service
Outside Plant Service
Outside Professional Services
Outside Professional Services
Outside Service Provider
Outside Service Provider
Outsource Service Provider
Outsource Service Provider
Outsourcing Advisory Service
Outsourcing Services
Outsourcing Services India
Outstanding Customer Service Award
Outstanding Service Award
Outward Wide Area Telephone Service
OVC Wellbeing Tool (Catholic Relief Services)
Over the Air Service Programming
Over the Air Service Provisioning Function
Overflow Internet Services
Overlay Service Layer
Overlay Service Network
Overseas Access Service for Information Systems
Overseas Citizens Service
Overseas Courier Service
Overseas Personal Address Service
Overseas Personal Address Service
Overseas Service Bar
Overseas Service Ribbon
Over-The-Air Activation Teleservice
Over-the-Air Programming Teleservice
Over-The-Air Service Provisioning
Oxford Management Services
Oxford Management Services
Oxford Word and Language Service
P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc.
Pacific Air Services Alliance
Pacific Bell Internet Services
Pacific Coach Charter Services, Inc.
Pacific Coast Bus Service, Inc.
Pacific Development Services
Pacific Educational Services, Inc.
Pacific Environmental Services, Inc.
Pacific News Service
Pacific Nuclear Services
Pacific Regional Aquaculture Information Service for Education
Pacific Retirement Services, Inc.
Package Command Manager Service
Packaging and Transportation Services
Packard Motor Car Services
Packet Mode Bearer Service
Packet Service Systems Development
Packet Switch Service Module
Packet Switched Service
Packetstar Internet Protocol Services
Packing Service Contract
Paediatric Emergency Transfer Service
Paid During Service
Pakistan Armed Services Board
Paladin Intelligence and Information Services
Paleros Yacht Services
Palliative Care and Support Services
Palliative Care Information Service
Palmetto Utility Protection Service, Inc.
Palo Alto Animal Services
Pan Am World Services
Pan Government Service Level Agreement
Pan-European E-Government Services
Pan-European Financial Services
Pape Taxi Service
Parcel Airlift Service
Parcel Return Service
Parcel Return Service
Parental Stress Service, Inc.
Park and Recreation Service Area
Park Financial Services Ltd
Parker Virtual Office Services
Parking and Transportation Services
Parks, Recreation and Community Service
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
Parliamentary Information Management Service
Parliamentary Works Services Directorate
Part Service History
Participating Agency Service Agreement
Partner Counseling and Referral Services
Partner Self Service
Partners in Planning Financial Services Ltd.
Partners in Urban Research and Service-Learning
Partnership for Public Service
Parts Only Service
Parts Repair Ordering Service
Parts/Sales Service Representative
Passenger Service Charge
Passenger Service Fee
Passenger Service License
Passenger Service Manual
Passenger Service System
Passenger Service Unit
Passenger Services Act of 1886
Passport and Visa Service
Past Service Pension Adjusted
Past Service Pension Adjustment
Pastoral Care Management Services
Patient Advice and Liaison Services
Patient Business Services
Patient Care Automation Services
Patient Care Services
Patient Financial Services
Patient Services Incorporated
Patient Support Services Building
Patient Transport Service
Patrol Services Area
Paul Lewin Electrical Services
Paul Smith Computer Services
Pay and Employment Rights Service
Pay Service File
Paying for Water Services
Payload Data Services System
Payment by Phone Service
Payment for Environmental Services
Payment Service Hub
Payment Service Provider
Payment Services Directive
Payroll Benefit Services
Payroll Online Service Center
Payroll Services Hawaii
PCS Access Service for Controllers
PCS Access Services for Ports
PCS Data Access Service
Peace and Public Service
Peace of Mind Property Services
Peace Regional Emergency Medical Services
Peak Hour Service
Pediatric Physical Therapy Services, PLLC
Pediatric Services of America Inc
Peel Career Assessment Services, Inc
Peel Police Services Board
Peer Support Services for Abused Women
Peer Web Service
Pending Service Order Notice
Pengeinstitutternes Betalingsservice
Peninsula Regional Data Services
Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc.
Pennichuck Water Service Company
Pennine Debt Recovery Services Ltd
Pennsylvania Animal and Wildlife Service
Pennsylvania Association Medical Staff Services
Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council
Pennsylvania Financial Services Association
Pennsylvania Social Services Union
Pennyrile Allied Community Services
Pension Benefit Verification Service
Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan
Pentagon Telecommunications Service Center
Pentecost Social Services
People Advocating Animal Welfare Services
People, Service, Profit and Growth
People’s Community Services
People’s Community Services
People’s Test Preparation Services
Perce, Quebec, Canada – Perce / via Rail Service
Perceived Service Quality
Performance Assessment Support Service
Performance Benchmarking Service
Performance Event Collection Services
Performance Service Plan
Performance-Based Service Acquisition
Performance-Based Service Contracting
Pergamon Financial Data Services
Perinatal Bereavement Services Ontario
Perini Management Services, Inc.
Period Of Service
Periodical Publishers’ Service Bureau
Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc
Permanent Denial of Service
Permanent Personnel Services Pte Ltd
Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level
Perry School Community Services Center, Inc.
Persistent Object Service
Persistent Storage Service
Person Identification Service
Person In Need of Services
Personal Access Services
Personal Alarm Call Service
Personal Assistant Services
Personal Care Service Provider
Personal Care Services
Personal Communication Services
Personal Communications Services Description
Personal Computer Support Service
Personal Counseling Service
Personal Emergency Response Services
Personal Injuries Online Service
Personal Legal Services Program
Personal Mail Service Center
Personal Medical Services
Personal Model Radio Service
Personal Naming and Directory Service
Personal On Line Information Service
Personal Proxy Service
Personal Public Service
Personal Public Service Number
Personal Radio Service
Personal Radio Service
Personal Service Agentur
Personal Service Assistant
Personal Service Center
Personal Service Corporation
Personal Service Network
Personal Service Organization
Personal Service Representative
Personal Services Contract
Personal Services Income
Personal Social Services
Personal Social Services Research Unit
Personal Spine Information Service
Personal Telecommunications Number Service
Personal Wireless Communication Services
Personal, Workplace and Institutional Services
Personal/Industrial Gadgetry and Service
Personalized Online Electronic Text Services
Personalized Prevention Plan Services
Personnel Administrative Services Steering Committee
Personnel Administrative Support Service/System
Personnel Community Automation Services
Personnel General Services
Personnel Service Battalion
Personnel Service Center
Personnel Service Commission
Personnel Service Company
Personnel Service Directorate
Personnel Service Division
Personnel Service Section
Personnel Service Support
Personnel Services
Personnel Services Delivery Memorandum
Personnel Services Delivery Redesign
Personnel Services Delivery Transformation
Personnel Services Delivery Unit
Pervasive Services Class Library
Peshawar Medical Services
Pet Care Services Association
Peter Kiewit Computing Services
Petroleum Geo-Services
Petroleum Industry Training Service
Petroleum Services Association of Canada
Petroleum Services Trading Association
Petroleum Technical Service Company
Petronas Research & Scientific Services Sdn. Bhd.
Pharma Tailor Made Services
Pharmaceutical Development Service
Pharmaceutical Health Services Research
Pharmaceutical Services
Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee
Pharmacist Services Technical Advisory Coalition
Pharmacotherapy Prescribing Service
Pharmacy Analytical Services
Pharmacy Data Transaction Service
Pharmacy Service Associate
Pharmacy Service Center
Pharmacy Services Inc.
Pharmacy Services Manager
Pharmacy Systems Service Analyst
Philadelphia Department of Human Services
Philadelphia Information Locator Service
Philadelphia Service Center
Philanthropic Advisory Service
Philanthropic Service for Institutions
Philanthropy Support Services Inc.
Philip Services Corporation
Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc.
Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc.
Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration
Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration
Philippine Broadcasting Services
Philippine Civil Service
Philippine Foreign Trade Service Corps
Philippine Internet Services Organization
Philippine National Police Training Service
Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration
Phoenix American Financial Services
Phoenixville Area Community Services
Phone and Web Services
Phone Directory Service
Photoduplication Service
Photonic Service Switch
Physical Activity and Educational Services
Physical Delivery Service
Physical Disability Support Service
Physical Distribution Service Quality
Physical Facilities Service Building
Physical Layer Service Data Unit
Physical layer Service Data Unit
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitative Services
Physical Plant Services
Physician Group Management Services
Physician Placement Service of America
Physician Services Practice Analysis
Physicians Health Services
Physicians Services Incorporated
Physicians’ Services Incorporated Foundation
Picturephone Meeting Service
Piedmont Education Services
Pierce County Environmental Services
Pigging Products and Services Association
Pilipino Academic Student Services
Piloting A Researcher’s Directory Service in Europe
Pinal Gila Community Child Services, Inc.
Ping Estimating Services
Pinnacle Professional Services Ltd
Pipeline Pigging Products and Services Association
Pitney Bowes Management Services
Place of Service
Placed in Service Prior to Arrival
Placement Coordination Services
Placer Dispute Resolution Service
Plain Enhanced Telephone Service
Plain Old Cellular Service
Plain Old Telephone Service
Planning Advisory Service
Planning and Development Services
Planning and Development Support Services
Planning and Economic Development Services
Planning and Evaluation Service
Planning and Policy Services Branch
Planning and Preparation Services
Planning and Service Area
Plant Building and Grounds Services
Plant Health Inspection Service
Plant Maintenance and Customer Service
Plastic Surgery Information Service
Plastics Foodservice Packaging Group
Platform Services Agreement
Platinum Travel Service
Platt Environmental Services
Platteville Cab Service
PLCP Service Data Unit (networking)
Plumbing and Heating Services
Plumbing Heating Gas Services Ltd.
Plymouth Counselling and Psychotherapy Service
Point of Service Test
Pointe-Aux-Trembles, Quebec, Canada – Pointe Aux Trembles / via Rail Service
Poison and Drug Information Service
Police Dog Service Training Centre
Police National Service Department
Police Non-Emergency Service Request
Police Service Area
Police Service Area
Police Service Commission
Police Service of Northern Ireland
Police Service Representative
Police Service Technician
Policy and Program Studies Service
Policy Co-ordination and Advisory Services
Policy Implementation Overlay Services
Policy Service
Policy Service Office
Policy, Training and Analysis Service
Policyholder Service
Policyowner Service
Policyowner’s Request for Service form
Polish Intelligence Service
Polk County Transit Services
Polymer Service Centre Groningen
Pondicherry Agro Service and Industries Corporation
Population Services International
Population Services Lanka
Population Services Pilipinas Incorporated
Porsche Information Kommunikation Services GmbH
Port Douglas Internet Services
Port Service Request Register
Port Waratah Coal Services Limited
Portable Long Service Leave
Portable Welding Service
Portail d’Accès Sécurisé aux Téléservices
Portal Services
Portland Downtown Services, Inc.
Ports Protocols and Services
Portsmouth Weather Records Service
Position Switched to Service Assistant
Positioning System with Integrated Services
Positive Cardholder Authorization Service
Positively Outrageous Service
Post Adoption Counseling Services
Post Adoption Special Services Subsidy
Post Construction Award Services
Post Design Services
Post Electronic Courier Service
Post Office Telephone Service
Post-Acute Care Services
Postal Inspection Service
Postal Service
Postal Service Center
Postal Service Commission
Postal Service Syndrome
Postdoctoral Application Support Service
Postsunset Service Authorization
Poultry Service Industry Workshop
Power Engineering Services and Solutions
Power Radio Service
Power Radio Service
Power Services Engineering
Powerlessness Regarding Health Service Barriers
Powerloom Service Centre
Powertech Substation Services, Inc.
Practitioner Priority Service
Prakash Parcel Services
Pratibha Consultancy and Development Services
Praxair Healthcare Services
Pre Delivery Service
Pre Paid Legal Services, Inc.
Preauthorized Checking Service
Precept Business Services, Inc
Precise Positioning Service
Precision Electronic Services, Inc.
Precision Energy Services, Inc.
Pre-Construction Services Agreement
Pre-Delivery Service Agent
Preferred Health Service Provider
Pre-Filing and Technical Services
Pregnancy Rate to First Service
Preliminary Innovation Evaluation Service
Preliminary Service Testing
Preliminary/Provisional Approval for Service Use
Premier Support Services
Premium Energy Management Services
Premium Enterprise Services
Premium Medical Service Card
Premium Rate Services
Premium Rate Services
Premium Services Infrastructure
Premium Short Message Service
Premobilization Legal Services
Prepaid Food Services Accounts
Prepaid Health Services Plan
Prepaid Rental Listing Service
Prepaid Service Logic
Prepare for Service
Preparedness, Health & Safety Services
Presbyterian Healthcare Services
Presbyterian Medical Services
Presbyterian World Service and Development
Presence Advanced Services for Telco Applications
Present Serviceability Index
Presentation Service Access Point
Presentation Services
Presentation Services Audio Visual
Pre-Separation Services Program
Preservation and Access Service Center for Colorado Academic Libraries
Pre-Service Education Working Group
Preservice Research Institute for Science and Mathematics
Pre-Service Teacher
Pre-Service Teachers in Action
Pre-Service Training
Pre-Service Training Academy
Presidential Security Service
Presidential Service Badge
Press Service Photo Agency
Press Services of India
Presse Edition Services
Presse Programm Service
Pretrial Services Agency
Pretty Crappy Service
Prevention Through Service Alliance
Preventive Maintenance Checks & Services
Preventive Maintenance Service
Preventive Medicine Service
Preventive Service Planning
Preventive Services Improvement Initiative
Previous Service Agreement
Price Improvement Service
pricing and classification service center
Pride Integrity Guts Service
Primary Care Assessment Service
Primary Care for the Uniformed Services
Primary Care Service Area
Primary Care Support Service
Primary Care Trust Medical Services
Primary Development Service/Agency
Primary Health Care Service
Primary Health Services Branch
Primary Medical Services Contract
Primary Service Node
Prime Brokerage Services
Prime Healthcare Services
Prime Systems Integration Services
Primerica Financial Services
Primerica Financial Services Ltd
Prince Albert Police Service
Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service
Principal Investigator Microgravity Services
Principles of Engineering Service Oriented Systems
Print and Document Services
Print Service Appliance
Print Service Provider
Print Services and Distribution Association
Print Services Facility
Printing and Copying Services
Printing and Mail Support Services
Printing Services, Inc.
Prior Service
Prior Service Record
Prior to Expiration of Term of Service
Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services
Priority First Service Agreement
Priority Passenger Service
Priority Worldwide Services
Prison Education Service
Prison Health Services, Inc.
Prisoners’ Families and Friends Service
Private Advanced Radio Service
Private Client Service
Private Equity Fund Services
Private Fee-For-Service
Private Health Services Plan
Private Jet Services Group
Private Limousine Service
Private Line Services
Private Mobile Telephone Service
Private Network Services
Private Primary Medical Services
Private Sector Services Unit
Private Wire Service
PrivateSky Aviation Services, Inc.
Pro Bono Legal Services, Inc.
Proactive Disclosure Service
Probation Services Task Force
Problem Gambling Services
Procedures for Air Navigation Services, Operations
Process Service
Processing Services and Technology
Processing Services Operation
Procurement and Contracting Services
Procurement and General Services Unit
Product and Service Offer
Product as a Service
Product Assessment Service
Product Engineering Services Office
Product Launch Services
Product Repair Service
Product Repair Service
Product Service & Support
Product Service Agreement
Product Service Center
Product Service Description
Product Service Facility
Product Service Line
Product Service Plan
Product Service System
Product Service Systems Design
Product Support Services
Production Advertising Merchandising Service
Production and Marketing Intelligence Service
Production Service Provider
Production Services Manager
Production Services Network
Production Support Services
Products and Services Committee
Professeur Associe a Service Temporaire
Professional Account Services Inc.
Professional Beach Service Association
Professional Benefit Services
Professional Coin Grading Service
Professional Computer Repair & Training Service
Professional Creative Services
Professional Education Services
Professional Emergency Resource Services
Professional Engineering Services
Professional Event Services
Professional Examination Service
Professional Exchange Service Corporation
Professional Home Warranty Service
Professional in Service Management
Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
Professional Liability Insurance Services
Professional Locum and Employment Services
Professional Marketing Services, Inc.
Professional Media Service Corporation
Professional Rehabilitative Services
Professional Rehabilitative Services
Professional Service Association
Professional Service Corporation
Professional Service Firm
Professional Service Solutions Pty Ltd
Professional Services
Professional Services Agreement
Professional Services Automation
Professional Services Contract
Professional Services Council
Professional Services Expo
Professional Services Group
Professional Services Industries, Inc.
Professional Services Manual
Professional Services Network, Inc
Professional Services Organization
Professional Services Practice Group
Professional Services Procurement Act
Professional Services Procurement Directorate
Professional Student Services Personnel
Professional Teleservice Management Association
Professional Warranty Service Corporation
Professional, Customer Service
Profile Digital Imaging Services
Program Accounting Services Division
Program Director for Weather and Flight Service Stations
Program for Regional Observing and Forecasting Service
Program for Understanding Leadership, Service and Exchange
Program Management Support Services
Program Service
Program Service Center
Program Services Reimbursement Unit
Program Systems Service
Programmable Services Architecture
Programme for Agricultural Information Services
Programs and Services for Older Persons
Programs, Activities and Services
Programs, Functions, Services and Activities
Programs, Services, Functions and Activities
Progress Rail Services Corp.
Progressive Inter-Cultural Community Services Society
Project Design Services, Inc.
Project Development Service
Project Development Services, Inc.
Project Service Level Agreement
Project Services to Assist Youth
Projet des Services des Naissances Desirables
Promotion Service Date
Promotional Enhancing Services
Promotional Services International
Proof of Service
Property Claim Services
Property Listing Service
Property Management Inspection Services
Property Management Office Services
Property Management Services
Property Services Agency
Property Tax Services
Proportional Differential Services
Proposed Level of Service
Protective Security Service
Protective Service Detail
Protective Services Division
Protective Services for Adults
Proteomic Research Services, Inc
Proteomic Research Services, Inc
Proteomics and Informatics Services Facility
Protocol Service Multiplexer
Provide Repair Service
Provide Repair Service
Providence Health Services
Provident Financial Services, Inc.
Provider Enhanced Management Services
Provider Multicast Service Interface
Provider Service Management
Provider Service Network
Provincial Arts Service Organization
Provincial Emergency Radio Communications Service
Provincial Extension Service
Provincial Forensic Psychiatry Service
Provincial Health Services Academy
Provincial Health Services Authority
Provincial Pharmacy Locum Services
Provincial Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Provisional Approval for Service Use
Provisioned Bandwidth Service
Provisioning Technical Service Committee
Prudential Investment Management Services LLC
Prudential Service Bureau, Inc.
Pseudoequivalent Service Rounds
Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation Service
Psychiatric Emergency Screening Services
Psychiatric Emergency Services
Psychological Counseling Service
Psychological Services Center
Psychological Warfare Service
Psychology/Human Services
Psychosocial Support Services
Public Affairs and Community Service
Public and Commercial Services
Public Broadcasting Service
Public Buildings Service
Public Child Service Agency
Public Communications Services, Inc.
Public Emergency Call Service
Public Employment Service Office
Public Employment Services
Public Financial Services Agency
Public Health and Community Services
Public Health and Environmental Services
Public Health Laboratory Service
Public Health Service
Public Health Service Act
Public Health Service Bureau
Public Health Service Provider
Public Information Network for Electronic Services
Public Information Services Ltd
Public Library Services Branch
Public Message Service
Public Pay Telephone Service
Public Policy and Service Network
Public Prison Service
Public Prosecution Service of Canada
Public Radio Internet Service Alliance
Public Regulated Service
Public Regulated Service
Public Relations and Marketing Services
Public Safety Civil Service Commission
Public Safety Joint Services
Public Safety Service
Public Safety Services Bureau
Public Sector Benchmarking Service
Public Service
Public Service Access Point
Public Service Advertisement
Public Service Agreement
Public Service Aikido Club
Public Service Alliance
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Public Service Ambassador
Public Service Announcement
Public Service Association
Public Service Benchmarking Body
Public Service Board
Public Service Body
Public Service Broadcasting
Public Service Commission
Public Service Commission
Public Service Commission Advisory Council
Public Service Commission of Nevada
Public Service Commission of South Carolina
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
Public Service Communications Manual
Public Service Company of Colorado
Public Service Company of Indiana, Inc.
Public Service Company of New Mexico
Public Service Company of North Carolina
Public Service Company of Oklahoma
Public Service Company Tax
Public Service Content
Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council
Public Service Delivery
Public Service Delivery Analysis
Public Service Director
Public Service Directory Interactive
Public Service Division
Public Service Electric and Gas
Public Service Employment
Public Service Employment Regulations
Public Service Enterprise Group
Public Service Event
Public Service Fellowship
Public Service for the 21st Century
Public Service Health Act
Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada
Public Service Indiana
Public Service Interpreting
Public Service Interpreting and Translation
Public Service Investment Society
Public Service Leaders Scheme
Public Service Medal
Public Service Modernisation
Public Service Motivation
Public Service News Bureau
Public Service Obligation
Public Service of Oklahoma
Public Service Pension Plan
Public Service Pensioner Association
Public Service Profile
Public Service Reform Unit
Public Service Regulation
Public Service Research Foundation
Public Service Resourcing System
Public Service Satellite Consortium
Public Service Staffing Tribunal
Public Service Superannuation Board
Public Service Technician
Public Service Telephone Network
Public Service Training Academy
Public Service Trust
Public Service Unit
Public Service Value
Public Service Vehicle
Public Service Week
Public Services Association
Public Services Broker
Public Services Executive Committee
Public Services International
Public Services Quarterly
Public Services Tax and Commerce Union
Public Services Workers Union
Public Switched Data Service
Public Switched Digital Service
Public Television Service
Public Update Legislative Services
Public Utility Risk Management Services
Public Weather Service
Public Works and Government Services Canada
Public Works and Services Department
Publication Services and Products Board
Publication Services of America
Publications Distribution Service
Publications Ordering Customer Service
Publicly Available Telephone Services
Publish and Subscribe Services
Puerto Rico Air Management Services
Puget Sound Vessel Traffic Service
Pulse Financial Services Limited
Punjab Civil Medical Services
Punjab Public Service Commission
Pupil Services Team
Puppies Achieving Worthy Service
Purchase Of Telephones & Services
Purchase Public Service Corporation
Purchased Operator Service
Purchased Service Agreement
Purdue Cooperative Extension Service
Qantas Defence Services Pty. Ltd.
QEC Internet Services
QUALCOMM Internet Services
Qualification Recognition Services
Qualified Service Organization Agreement
Quality Assurance Design Services
Quality Business Services
Quality Certification Services
Quality Computer Services, Inc.
Quality Computer Services, Incorporated
Quality Custom Distribution Services, Inc.
Quality Customer Service
Quality Distribution Service
Quality High Tech Services, Inc.
Quality Housing Services
Quality in Alcohol and Drug Services
Quality Integrated Services, Inc.
Quality Measurement Advisory Service
Quality Medical Regulations Services
Quality of Internet Services
Quality of Service
Quality of Service Fund
Quality of Service Manager
Quality of Service Monitor
Quality Positioning Services BV
Quality Review Services, Inc
Quality Service
Quality Service Activity Report
Quality Service Certified
Quality Service Communications
Quality Service Development Program
Quality Service Improvement Program
Quality Service Index
Quality Service Value
Quality Services Division
Quality Services Peer Review
Quality Services Verification
Quality Value Service, Inc.
Quality, Service & Trust
Quality, Service and Reliability
Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value
Quality, Service, Innovation, Integrity
Quality, Value, Service, and Cleanliness
Quantum Technology Services Incorporated
Quarry Services Deer Park
Quebec Coalition of Internet Service Providers
Queen Mailing Service
Queen’s Service Medal
Queens Legal Services Corporation
Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd.
Queensland Apprenticeship Services
Queensland Building Services Authority
Queensland Disability Service Standards
Queensland Emergency Services
Queensland Fisheries Service
Queensland Golf Services
Queensland Islamic Book Service
Queensland Marine Training Services
Queensland Mines Rescue Service
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
Queensland Police Service
Queensland Regional Information Service
Quest Authentication Services
Question and Answer Services
Quick Mail Service
Quick Payment Service
Quick Service Dining Plan
Quick Service Dump
Quick Service Pizza
Quick Service Restaurant
Quick Service System
Quinte Computer Services, Ltd
Quinte Counselling Services
Quinte Paralegal Services
Qwest Software Services
R & D Design Services Ltd
Race Equality and Diversity Service
Racing Information Services Australia
Radar Secret Service
Radiation Therapy Services
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
Radio Amateur Emergency Services
Radio Astronomy Service
Radio Data Service
Radio Determination Satellite Service
Radio Investigation Service
Radio Licensable Content Service
Radio Marketing Service
Radio Paging Service Provider
Radio Reading Service of the Rockies
Radio Security Service
Radio Service Software
Radio Shack Service Plan
Radio Talking Book Services
Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
Radiolocation Service
Radiological Service Training Institute
Radiology Services Online
Rail Corridor Protection Services Pty Ltd
Rail Maintenance Service
Rail Security Service
Rail Services Planning Office
Rail Surveillance Service
Railway Mail Service
Railway Replacement Bus Service
Railway Services Unit
Rainbow Service Organization
Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Ramsar Sites Information Service
Ramsey County Emergency Services
Rancho Attorney Service of California
Randolph Brooks Services Group, LLC
Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service
Rape Trauma Services
Rapid Design Service, Inc.
Rapid Message Service
Rapid Message Service (HeyAnita
Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc.
Rapid Response Service
Rapid Service Voice Processing
Ratcliffe Technical Services Limited
Rates and Classification Service Center
Rates And Services
Rating Veterans Service Representative
Raytheon Airline Aviation Services LLC
Raytheon Polar Services
Raytheon Polar Services Company
Raytheon Services, Nevada
Raytheon Technical Services Company
Reactor Building Service Water
Reactor Service Technician
Reader Services for Blind Teachers
Readiness In Base Services
Reading Scientific Services Limited
Reading Scientific Services Ltd
Reading Service for the Visually Impaired
Ready For Service
Ready Service Locker
Ready Service Ring
Ready Service Spare
Ready Services Spares Cabinet
Real Estate Advisory and Development Services
Real Estate Advisory Services, LLC
Real Estate and Construction Services
Real Estate Appraisal Services, Inc.
Real Estate Business Services, Inc.
Real Estate Contract Contingency Services
Real Estate Evaluation Services
Real Estate Information Services
Real Estate Products and Services
Real Estate Service Act of 2009
Real Estate Services
Real Estate Services
Real Estate Services Group
Real Property Services
Real Property Valuation Services
Real Time Service
Real-Time Polling Service
Real-Time Service Management
Real-Time Traffic Service
Real-Time Translation Service
Reasearch Education and Light Information Service
Rebate Service Center LLC
Receivable Management Services
Receptive Services Association
Recipient Update Service
Recognized Service Organization
Recommended Service Upgrade
Record Management Services
Record of Service
Record Service Center
Recording Service for Visually Handicapped
Records and Publishing Services
Records Automation for Special Services
Recoverable Queuing Service
Recovery Community Services Program
Recovery Service Level
Recreational Sports and Fitness Services
Recruiting Services Consensus Index
Recruitment & Consulting Services Association
Recruitment as a Service
Recycling Services Inc
Recycling, Disposal and Municipal Services
Red Book Credit Services
Red Sea Housing Services
Redundancy Management Services
Redwood Coast Medical Services
Redwood Inspection Service
Reed Technologies and Information Services
Reedsburg Cab Service
Reedy Creek Emergency Services
Reedy Creek Energy Services
Reference & User Services Quarterly
Reference and Adult Services Division
Reference and Adult Services Section
Reference and User Services Association
Referral Information and Support Services for the Elderly
Reformation Coalition Exploratory Service
Reformed Church World Service
Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
Regie regionale de la Sante et des Services Sociaux
Regina Treaty Status Indian Services
Regional Accounting Service Center
Regional Audio Information Service Enterprise
Regional Automation Service Center
Regional Clinical Engineering Services
Regional Community Brain Injury Services
Regional Co-ordination Service
Regional Educational Service Agency
Regional Emergency Medical Services Council
Regional Emergency Services Communications Planner
Regional Emergency Services Training Center
Regional Extended Family Service
Regional Internet Services for Quebec
Regional Justice Information Service
Regional Multiple Listing Service
Regional Office Administrative Services
Regional Quality Service Management
Regional Service Center
Regional Service Centre Europe
Regional Service Node
Regional Service Officer
Regional Services Council
Regional Technology Service Center (Sprint)
Regional Traffic Information Services
Register of Accredited Service Providers
Registered Customer Service Representative
Registered Social Service Worker
Registrar’s Online Services
Registration Service Provider
Registration Web Service
Registry Service Agreement
Regnault Terrassement Services
Regulated Commodity Service
Regulatory Compliance Services
Regulatory Information Service
Regulatory Information Service Center
Regulatory Information Service Center and Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) Combined Information System
Regulatory News Service
Regulatory Services Division
Rehabilitation Bedservice Unit
Rehabilitation Consulting and Services
Rehabilitation Services Administration
Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual
Rehabilitation Services Commission
Rehabilitation Services of Northern California
Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
Related Cervera Realty Services
Relationship Service Officer
Reliability of Effective Service
Reliability of Effective Service
Reliability, Availability & Serviceability
Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, and Usability
Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, Security
Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, Usability and Installability
Reliable Tax Service
Reliable Transfer Service
Reliance Clinical Research Services Pvt. Ltd.
Reliance Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Reliance Security Services Ltd.
Religion News Service
Religious Education Support Service
Religious Information Service of Ukraine
Religious Youth Service
Relocation Information Services
Remedial Construction Services LP
Remediation Services for Microsoft Excel
Remember My Service
Remi Girardin Transport Services
Remi Salette Marketing Services
Remote Access Service
Remote Access Service Application Programming Interface
Remote Area Broadcasting Service
Remote Area Veterinary Services
Remote Authentication Dial-In User Server/Service
Remote Backup Service
Remote Boot Service
Remote Business Management Service
Remote Call Service Position
Remote Call-Forwarding Service
Remote Computer Access Communications Service
Remote Data Service
Remote Development Service
Remote Information Service
Remote Installation Service
Remote IT Services
Remote IT-Service Providing
Remote Job Service
Remote Operations Management Service
Remote Operations Service Element
Remote Operations Services
Remote Payment and Presentment Service
Remote Procedure Call Server Service
Remote Sensing Service
Remote Service Center
Remote Service Module
Remote Service Object
Remote Service Request
Remote Service System
Remote Services Node
Remote Storage Service
Remote Subscriber Service
Removed from Service
Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee
Renaissance Entertainers, Services, Crafters United
Renal Therapy Services
Renault-Nissan Information Services
Repair Service & Upgrade
Repair Service Answering
Repair Service Attendant
Repair Service Bureau
Reparatur Und Service Zentrum
Replacement Parts Service
Replacement Service
Replacement Service
Replacement Service System
Replica Location Service
Reporting As A Service
Repository Brokerage Services
Reproductive and Child Health Services Programme
Republic Services Group
Republic Waste Services
Reputation Service
Reputation Service
Request for Data Services
Request for Information Services
Request for IT Services
Request For Service
Request for Service Message
Request for Supplies and Services
Request Service Initiation Message
Requirement Services Interface
Requirements Mediations Service
Requisitions Self Service
Resale Service Change Prohibited
Rescue and Emergency Medical Services
Research and Commercial Services Office
Research and Information Services of Namibia
Research and Laboratory Services Division
Research Data Management Services
Research Publishing Services
Research Service Development Extras
Research Services Class Library
Research Services New England
Research Services, Inc.
Research Support Services
Research, Education and Extension Service
Réseau des Services d’Archives du Québec
Réseau Numérique à Intégration de Services
Réseaux Télécoms Services
Reservation Service Officer
Residence Account Service Center
Residence and Catering Services
Residence Life and Dining Services
Residence Life and Housing Services
Resident Service Delivery Model
Residential Care Services
Residential Emergency Services to Offer Repairs to the Elderly (New York State program)
Residential Furniture Delivery Service, Inc.
Residential Integrated Services Hub
Residential Limited Service Scheme
Residential Mortgage Services of Texas
Residential Mortgage Services of Texas
Residential Property Tribunal Service
Residential Service Contract
Residential Service Gateway
Residential Service Network
Residential Sound Mitigation Services
Residential Support Services Inc.
Residential Treatment Services Bureau
Residential/Commercial Energy Services
Resort Service Fee
Resource and Referral Service
Resource Management Services
Resource Namespace Service
Resource Organisation and Discovery in Subject-based Services
Resource Recovery Services
Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence
Respiratory Therapy Equipment and Services
Response Service Message
Response-Service-Innovation, Inc.
Responsible Internet Service Companies
Responsible Service of Alcohol
Responsive Database Services Limited
Restoration of Service
Restore Service Processor Configuration
Restricted Service Account
Restricted Service License
Retail Grocery Inventory Service
Retail Managed Services
Retail Merchandising Service Automation
Retail Service Provider
Retailer Financial Services
Retired Volunteer Service Corps
Retirement and Insurance Service
Retirement Plan Service
Retirement Services Officer
Retrofit Service Notice
Return and Income Verification Services
Return of Service Obligation
Return To Service
Returned & Services League of Australia
Returned Services Association
Reuters Trade Notification Service
Revenue Cutter Service
Reverse Directory Service
Revitalizing Quality Nutrition Services
Rewarding Upland Poor for Environmental Services
Rhône Jardin Service
Rich Message Service
Richard Davidson Musical Services
Richmond Area Multi Services
Richmond Council for Voluntary Services
Rideau Valley Diabetes Services
Riedel Environmental Services, Inc
Riedel Environmental Services, Inc
Rights Management Services
RIGS Products and Services
Ring Back Tone Service
Ripon Taxi Service
Risk Advisory Services
Risk Information & Services Exchange
Risk Management Service Provider
Risk Service Contract
Risk-Informed Inservice Inspection
Ritu Nanda Insurance Services
River Information Services
Riverside County Department of Public Social Services
Riviere-A-Pierre, Quebec, Canada – Riviere A Pierre / via Rail Service
Road Emergency Services Communications Unit
Road Service Outfit
Roadside Mail Service
Roadway Package Service
Roaming Service Provision
Roaming Service Setup
Robotic Servicer
Robotic Servicer
Robust Certificate Validation Services
Rochdale Borough Training Services
Rockefeller Group Telecommunications Services
Roger Lewis Computer Services
Roland International Freight Services
Romanian Airport Services
Room Service
Room Service
Room Service Home
Rooms Operations and Related Services
ROS /Item Client System (Public Works and Government Services Canada)
Rosamond Community Services District
Rosano Electronic Services
Rosano Electronic Services
Rose City Ambulance Service
Roselyne Vente Services
Rotating Service Structure
Roundtable for Women in Food Service
Routine Analytical Services
Routing and Remote Access Service
Routing Control Service
Royal Air Force Homing Pigeon Service
Royal Air Force Music Services
Royal Army Service Corps
Royal Certified Service
Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service
Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service
Royal Flying Doctor Service
Royal Homing Pigeon Service
Royal LePage Relocation Services
Royal Mail Service
Royal Majesty Services
Royal Marines Band Service
Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Navy Medical Service
Royal United Services Institute
Rubidoux Community Services District
Ruggedized Service Unit
Rules of the Air and Traffic Services
Runnymede Association of Voluntary Services
Run-Time Abstraction Services
Runtime Services Interface
Run-Time Web Services
Rural Area Veterinary Services
Rural Business and Cooperative Development Service
Rural Business Cooperative Service
Rural Business Services Development
Rural Community Insurance Services
Rural Development Service
Rural Development Services Network
Rural Financial Counselling Services
Rural Financial Services Programme
Rural Financial Services Project
Rural Fire Service
Rural Fire Service Association
Rural Health Services Consortium, Inc.
Rural Housing and Community Development Service
Rural Housing Service
Rural Industries Service Centre
Rural Internet Service Provider
Rural Investment and Services Project
Rural Radio Service
Rural Service Area
Rural Service Center
Rural Service Delivery Partnership
Rural Special Districts Insurance Services
Rural Telephone Service Company
Rural Utilities Service
Rural Youth Services
Rurbanc Data Services Inc.
Russian Oregon Social Services
Russian Young Leadership Fellows for Public Service Program
Rust Federal Services of Hanford, Inc.
Rust Federal Services, Inc.
Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service
Rutherford County Emergency Services
Ryder Cup Travel Services
Ryder Public Transportation Services
Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center
Safety Advisory Services Ltd
Safety and Security Service
Safety and Suitability for Service
Safety Services Officer
Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services
Saint Croix Emergency Medical Services
Salem Technical Services
Salem Technical Services
Sales & Service Management
Sales Activity Linked to Service Activity
Sales After Service
Sales and Customer Service Occupational Readiness Education
Sales and Marketing Services
Sales and Service Group
Sales and Service Representative
Sales at the Point of Service
Sales Support and Infrastructure Services
Sales Tax Management Service
Sales, Quality and Service
Salesian Pastoral Youth Service
Salford Youth Service
Salvation Army World Service Office
SAMS Research Services Limited (Argyll, Scotland, UK)
San Antonio Chapter of Financial Service Professionals
San Bernardino County Emergency Communications Service
San Diego Adult Service Providers
San Diego Medical Services Enterprise
San Francisco Reporting Service
San Juan Board of Cooperative Services
SAN Virtualization Services Platform (Hewlett-Packard)
Sanasuma Counseling Service
Sandy Valley Transportation Services, Inc
Sanitary Service Company
Santa Barbara Professional Services
Santa Fe Service Unit
Santa Rosa Community Services District
Sarasota County Cooperative Extension Service
Sarbanes-Oxley Advisory Services
Sarvodaya Economic Enterprise Development Services
SAS Ground Service
SAS Technical Services (Scandinavia)
Saskatoon Police Service
Saskatoon Transit Service
Satellite Access Service Provider
Satellite Audio Service
Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services
Satellite Field Service Station
Satellite Internet Service Provider
Satellite Mobile Services Switching Center
Satellite Multiservices System
Satellite Service Provider
Satellite Servicer System
Satellite Services Division
Satellite Television Service
Satyam Computer Services
Satyam Computer Services Limited
Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organization
Saudi Industrial Services Company
Saudi Networkers Services
Save Our Service
SC4 On-Line Information Service
Scandinavian Broadcasting Services
Scandinavian Student Travel Service
Schaefer Ambulance Service
Schema Regional des Services de Transport
Schenectady County Public Health Services
Scholarly Technology Services
Scholarship for Service
Scholastic Testing Service
School Administrative Service Assistant
School Based Youth Services
School Financial Services
School Fiscal Services Division
School Food Service Association
School Health Resource Services
School Health Support Services
School Management Services
School of Foreign Service
School of International Service
School of Jewish Communal Service
School of Public Health and Health Services
School of Public Service
School of Social Service Administration
School Psychological Service Provider
Schools’ Online Curriculum Services
Science and Engineering Information Service
Science and Technology Excellence in the Public Service
Science and Technology in Service to the Community
Science Reference and Information Service
Scientific and Technical Information Service
Scientific Asset Service
Scientific Information Services Limited
Scientific Services Laboratory
Scientific Services Program
Scitor International Telecommunications Services Inc
Scope of Services
Scottish Academic Periodicals Implementing an Effective Networked Service
Scottish Ambulance Service
Scottish Autism Service Network
Scottish Environmental Services Association
Scottish Fields Service
Scottish Fire Services College
Scottish Health Advisory Service
Scottish Police Services Authority
Scottish Public Services Ombudsman
Scottish Social Services Council
SCSI Enclosure Services
Seaman Food Service Specialist
Search Engine Listing Service
Search Web Service
Sears Technology Services, Inc.
Seattle Counseling Service for Sexual Minorities
Seattle Divorce Services
Secondary Market Services
Secondary Service State
Secondary Uses Service
Secret Intelligence Service
Secret Service
Secret Service Uniformed Division
Secretary for Economic Services
Secretary for Financial Services
Sector Service Center
Secure E-mail List Service
Secure Internet Payment Service
Secure Messaging Service
Secure Service Oriented Architecture
Securities Information Retrieval Service
Security Advisory Services
Security and Management Services
Security and Trust Services API for J2ME
Security Assessment Service
Security Exchange Service Element
Security Management Service
Security Service
Security Service Employers Organisation
Security Service Platform
Security Service Provider
Security Service Provider Interface
Security Services and Privacy Executive Steering Committee
Security Services and Technologies
Security Services Module
Security Services Sports Association
Security Services Technical Committee
Security Token Service
Security Vulnerability Repository Service
Security Web Service
Seed Quality Control Services
Segmented Marketing Services, Inc.
Segmented Service Quality Audit
Seismic Data Listing Service Ltd
Seismograph Service Corporation
Seismograph Service England Limited
Seismograph Service France
Seismograph Service Limited
Select Timing Service
Selected Enlisted Personnel for Overseas Service
Selective Service
Selective Service Administration
Selective Service Registration
Selective Service System
Self Insured Services Company
Self Service Business Intelligence
Self Service Check-In
Self Service Development System
Self Service Reset Password Management
Self Service Science Forum
Self Service Support
Self Service Terminal
Self-Service Banking
Self-Service Facilities Architecture
Self-Service Interface
Self-Service Kiosk
Self-Service Password Reset
Self-Service Restaurant
Self-Service Store
Self-Service Supply Center
Self-Service Time & Leave
Semantic Service Oriented Architecture
Semantic Web Service Ontology
Semantic Web Services Initiative
Senate Armed Services Committee
Send Out Service
Senior Alert, Industrious, Dedicated, Energetic Service
Senior and Disabled Services
Senior and Disabled Services Division
Senior Chief Ship’s Serviceman
Senior Citizen Services
Senior Community Service Employment Program
Senior Executive Service
Senior Experten Service
Senior Field Service Technician
Senior Foreign Service
Senior Home Care Services
Senior Intelligence Service
Senior Legal Services Providers
Senior Living Services
Senior Service Alert Program
Senior Service College
Senior Service College Fellowship
Senior Service School
Senior Services of Trempealeau County
Sensitive Service Center
Sensor to Service
Serbian Multiservice Internet Network
Serial Copy Management Services
Serial Service Directory
Server Based Computing Service
Server Display and Script Services
Server Reporting Service
Service & Command-Unique
Service & Delivery
Service & Finance
Service & Finance
Service & Sales Management
Service Academy Research Associate
Service Acceptance Trial
Service Acceptance Trial
Service Access Code
Service Access Code
Service Access Multiplexer
Service Access Point
Service Access Point
Service Access Point Identifier
Service Access Program
Service Access Program
Service Access Protocol
Service Access Protocol
Service Access Provider
Service Access Provider
Service Account Manager
Service Accounting System
Service Accounting Team
Service Accounting Team
Service Accueil Handicap de Grenoble Universités
Service Acquisition Executive
Service Acquisition Review Council
Service Activation Manager
Service Activation Meeting
Service Activation Request Manager
Service Activity Log
Service Activity Report
Service Adaptation Module
Service Adaptive Access
Service Advertising Protocol
Service Advertising Protocol
Service Advisor
Service Advisory Notice
Service Affecting Failure
Service Affecting Traffic
Service Affecting Traffic
Service Agent
Service Agreement
Service Agreement ID
Service Agreement ID
Service Alternatives Ethical Crisis Understanding and Response Education
Service and Advocacy for GLBT Elders
Service and Finance Framework
Service and Networx
Service and Parts Operations Manager
Service and Performance Checkout System
Service and Performance Checkout Unit
Service and Repair Support Specialist
Service and SLA Management
Service and Supply Fund
Service and Support Professionals Association
Service And Timing
Service and Timing
Service and Warranty Management
Service Animal Registry of America
Service Animation Jeunes
Service Announcement Protocol
Service Announcement Protocol
Service Application
Service Application Code
Service Application Code
Service Application Description
Service Applications and Systems
Service Appointment
Service Approval Review Board
Service Après-Vente
Service Aptitude Rating
Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo
Service Archive
Service Archive Script
Service Area
Service Area Boundary
Service Area Broadcast Protocol
Service Argos Inc.
Service as a Product
Service Aspects and Applications – Audio/Visual Multimedia Services
Service Asset and Configuration Management
Service Asset Trading, Inc.
Service Assistant
Service Assurance
Service Assurance
Service Assurance Agent
Service Assurance Manager
Service Assurance Process
Service Assurance Process
Service Assurance Production Support
Service Assurance Systems Development
Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies
Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways
Service Authorization Request
Service Automation Module
Service Automation Unit
Service Autonome d’Alphabetisation
Service Availability
Service Availability Agent
Service Availability and Recovery Plan
Service Availability Forum
Service Availability Management
Service Availability Matrix
Service Aware Charging & Control
Service Aware Operating System
Service Aware Support Node
Service Bancaire Universel
Service Based Costing
Service Battalion
Service Benefit Plan
Service Book and Hymnal
Service Brake Air Pressure
Service Building Block
Service Bulletin
Service Bulletin Information Telex
Service Bureau
Service Bureau Buitenschools Leren
Service Business Relation
Service Business Relation
Service Call on Time
Service Call Rate
Service Call Rate
Service Call Rate
Service Call Request
Service Call Request
Service Call Request
Service Canadian
Service Canadien de la Faune
Service Canadien des Forêts
Service Canadien des Glaces
Service Cancellation Request Form
Service Cantonal de Toxicologie Industrielle et de Protection contre les Pollutions Intérieures
Service Capability
Service Capability & Performance Standards
Service Capability Definition
Service Capability Definition
Service Capability Interaction Manager
Service Capability Server
Service Card System
Service Catholique des Funérailles
Service Center
Service Center 1
Service Center Agencies
Service Center Collection Branch
Service Center Control File
Service Center Mainframe Consolidation
Service Center Mainframes Accelerated Consolidation
Service Center Organization Study
Service Center Replacement System
Service Center Support System
Service Center Transition
Service Centers Corporation
Service Central Automatisé de Documentation
Service Central de Documentation Criminelle
Service Central de l’Etat Civil
Service Certifying Organization
Service Change
Service Change Installation Planning Schedule
Service Change Request
Service Change Request
Service Change Request
Service Channel
Service Channel Identifier
Service Channel Modem
Service Channel Network
Service Channel Number
Service Channel Unit
Service Circuit Handler
Service Circuit Handler
Service Circuit Handler
Service Circuit Node
Service Circuit System
Service Civil International
Service Civil Volontaire
Service Clarified Water
Service Class Provider
Service Class User
Service Clubs Leadership Conference
Service Code
Service Code Online Report
Service Command
Service Command & Control Center
Service Commun d’Enseignement à Distance
Service Commun des Relations Extérieures
Service Commun des Relations Extérieures
Service Commun des Relations Extérieures
Service Commun Interprétation-Conférences
Service Component Architecture
Service Component Reference Model
Service Composition
Service Computation Date
Service Computation Date
Service Configuration
Service Configuration Identification
Service Configuration Manager
Service Connection Manager
Service Continuity Management
Service Contract Act
Service Contract Industry Council
Service Contract Number
Service Contract Provider
Service Contractors, Inc.
Service Control
Service Control Agent Function
Service Control Application Suite for Broadband
Service Control Facility
Service Control Function
Service Control Management
Service Control Manager Remote
Service Control Planning
Service Control Point
Service Control Protocol
Service Convergence Network
Service Corporation
Service Corporation International
Service Corps Of Retired Executives
Service Correctionel du Canada
Service Corridor
Service Cost Avoidance
Service Cost Position
Service Creation Agent
Service Creation Environment
Service Creation Environment Function
Service Creation Management
Service Creation System
Service Creation Unit
Service Credit
Service Credit
Service Credit
Service Cryptologic Agency
Service Cryptologic Element
Service d’Aide aux Consommateurs de Shawinigan
Service d’Aide aux Consommateurs de Shawinigan
Service d’aide Aux Jeunes Entreprises
Service d’Aide Medicale Urgente
Service d’Analyse des Milieux Interieurs
Service d’Animation Culturelle et Sportive du Coud
Service d’Assistance Canadienne aux Organismes
Service d’Economie Rurale
Service d’Ecoute pour Personnes Agées Maltraitées
Service d’Enseignement a Distance
Service d’Enseignement a Distance
Service d’Entraide et de Liaison
Service d’Etudes Techniques des Routes et Autoroutes
Service d’Evaluation et de Contrôle Médicaux
Service d’Experimentation et de Developpement
Service d’Exploitation de la Formation Aéronautique
Service d’Exploitation Industrielle des Tabacs et des Allumettes
Service d’Immuno Virologies
Service d’Information du Gouvernement
Service d’Information Scientifique et Technique
Service d’Information Scientifique et Technique
Service d’Information sur les Etudes et les Professions
Service d’Informatique Medicale
Service d’Informatique Médicale
Service d’Intervention Sur Mesure
Service d’Intervention Sur Mesure
Service d’Ordre Legionnaire
Service Data Function
Service Data Object
Service Data Point
Service Data Point Extension
Service Data Sheet
Service Data Unit
Service de Cooperation et d’Action Culturelle
Service de Coordination de la Recherche et de l’Innovation Pédagogiques et Technologiques
Service de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionage
Service de l’Aide à la Jeunesse
Service de l’Allocation Spéciale Vieillesse
Service de l’Emploi
Service de l’Emploi Pénitentiaire
Service de l’Energie de l’Etat
Service de l’Enseignement Prive
Service de l’Environnement Industriel
Service de l’Etudiant
Service de l’Information Aéronautique
Service de la Jeunesse et des Sports
Service de la Navigation du Sud Ouest
Service de La Promotion Professionnelle des Sourds
Service de La Protection des Vegetaux
Service de la Recherche en Éducation
Service de La Recherche et de La Prospective
Service de La Vie Universitaire
Service de Maîtrise d’Ouvrage
Service de Mesure et d’Analyse de La Radioactivite et des Elements Traces
Service de Métrologie Nucléaire
Service de Métrologie Nucléaire
Service de Métrologie Nucléaire
Service de Normalisation Industrielle Marocaine
Service de Parrainage Actif
Service de Pédagogie Universitaire
Service de Physique des Particules
Service de Physique Théorique
Service de Police de Laval
Service de Preparation a la Vie
Service de Prévention des Incendies de Montréal
Service de Prévision des Crues
Service de Prévision des Crues
Service de Radiobiologie et d’Oncologie
Service de Recherche et de Développement Pédagogique
Service de Règlement Différé
Service de Santé au Travail de l’Industrie
Service de Santé au Travail Multisectoriel
Service de Santé de la Jeunesse
Service de Santé des Armées
Service de Sécurisation des Réseaux Parisiens
Service de Securite Aupres du Palais Royal
Service de Sécurité Incendie de Montréal
Service de Soutien Pédagogique et Technologique
Service de Surete des Dechets Radioactifs
Service de Traduction
Service Decision Memorandum
Service Defect Rate
Service Delivery
Service Delivery
Service Delivery & Quality
Service Delivery Advisory Group
Service Delivery Agreement
Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
Service Delivery Application
Service Delivery Area
Service Delivery Budget
Service Delivery Coordinator
Service Delivery Dashboard
Service Delivery Environment
Service Delivery Framework
Service Delivery Improvement Plan
Service Delivery Index
Service Delivery Index
Service Delivery Interval Reduction
Service Delivery Lead
Service Delivery Management
Service Delivery Management Center
Service Delivery Maturity Model
Service Delivery Model Technology
Service Delivery Network
Service Delivery Network Architecture
Service Delivery Organization
Service Delivery Partner
Service Delivery Platform
Service Delivery Summary
Service Delivery Support
Service Delivery Unit
Service Delivery/Distribution Point
Service Depannage Mobilier de Bureau
Service Départemental de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine
Service Deployment Descriptor
Service deputy operations deputies
Service des Admissions Internationales
Service des Affaires Franco / Anglais
Service des Affaires Francophones
Service des Affaires Immobilières
Service des Affaires Internationales
Service des Affaires Juridiques
Service des Délégués Commerciaux
Service des Enseignements Généraux
Service des Espaces Verts
Service des Essences des Armées
Service des Etablissements de Detention
Service des Investissements de l’Enseignement Catholique
Service des Monuments et Sites
Service des Nouvelles des Marchés
Service des Programmes d’Etudes Canada
Service des Programmes et du Réseau
Service des Relations Internationales
Service des Ressources Humaines
Service des Tâches Spéciales
Service des Thérapies Innovantes
Service Description
Service Description
Service Description Channel
Service Description Language
Service Description Table
Service Desk Analyst
Service Desk Assistant
Service Desk Manager
Service Desk Process Insight
Service Development Application Framework
Service Development Environment
Service Development Studio
Service Difficulty Report
Service Directive Bulletin
Service Director
Service Director
Service Disabled Veterans Group, Inc.
Service Discovery and Selection in SOA Ecosystems
Service Discovery on the WWW Workshop
Service Discovery Protocol
Service Discrepancy Report
Service Dog Education System
Service Dogs for Victims of Abuse
Service Dogs for Victims of Assault
Service Dogs of Florida
Service Dress
Service Dress
Service Dress Blue
Service Drive Process
Service Driven Routing
Service du Domaine Public
Service du Patrimoine Naturel
Service Duct
Service Duct
Service Ecoles-Médias
Service Économique
Service Économique
Service Educational Activities
Service Electronique Engineering
Service Element Access Point
Service Element Identification
Service Element Management
Service Emotion Rule Fairness
Service Employees Benefit Fund
Service Employees International Union
Service en Milieu Rural
Service Endpoint Interface
Service Enfance Jeunesse
Service Engine Soon
Service Engineering Department Report
Service Engineering Process
Service Enhancement Program
Service Entrance Section
Service Entry Point
Service Establishment
Service Establishment
Service Establishment Migration Plan
Service Establishment Technology Solutions
Service Etrangers et Confederes
Service Evaluation
Service Evaluation
Service Evaluation Center
Service Execution Environment
Service Execution Plan
Service Expansion and Technical Support
Service Externe de Contrôle Technique
Service Facility Manipulator
Service Factor Amps
Service Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Service Families Task Force
Service Feature
Service Feature
Service Fee Set Aside
Service Finance
Service Finance
Service Fixe par Satellite
Service Flight Training School
Service Flow Identifier
Service for French Internet Exchange
Service for Peace
Service Formation Continue
Service Fraternel d’Entraide
Service from the Start
SErvice GAmes
Service Geologique de Belgique
Service Grant Latch Register
Service Group 1
Service Group 2
Service Group 4
Service Guide Kit
Service Historique de la Défense
Service Hours
Service Hydrographique Canadien
Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine
Service Identification Methodology
Service Identification Methodology
Service Identification Number
Service Identifier
Service Identity Index
Service Immigration du Quebec
Service Impact Management
Service Impact Management
Service Impact Manager
Service Impact Manager
Service Implementation Plan
Service Implementation Repository
Service Improvement Initiative
Service Improvement Program
Service in Information & Analysis Limited
Service in Random Order
Service Increment for Teaching
Service Index
Service Indicator
Service Industries and Capital Projects Branch
Service Industries Division
Service Industry Advisory Group
Service Industry Marketing
Service Industry Marketing
Service Industry Research Systems Inc.
Service Information
Service Information Dataset
Service Information Field
Service Information Letter
Service Information Management System
Service Information Management System-Site Support
Service Information Message
Service Information Message
Service Information Octet
Service Information Request
Service Informatique Central
Service Informatique de l’Université de Perpignan
Service Informatique Universitaire
Service Ingenierie des Materiaux
Service Ingénierie des Matériaux
Service Insertion Jeunes
Service Instruction Guidance
Service Integration Bus
Service Integration Gateway
Service Integration Maturity Model
Service Interacadémique des Examens et Concours
Service Interaction Manager
Service Interaction Manager
Service Interception
Service Interface Card
Service Interne de Prevention et de Protection au Travail
Service Interworking
Service Inventory Optimization
Service Investigation and Trouble Identification
Service Item Control Activity
Service Item Control Center
Service Jésuite Aux Réfugiés
Service Judiciaire d’Arrondissement
Service Knowledge
Service Knowledge Advanced
Service Knowledge Basic
Service Knowledge Basic
Service Knowledge Proficiency
Service Labor Time Standards
Service Language Layer
Service Layer Manager
Service Learning Advisory Committee
Service Learning and Community Action
Service Learning Chairpersons
Service Learning for Civic Action
Service Learning Interest Group
Service Learning Office
Service Learning Program
Service Learning Task Force
Service Learning Writing Project
Service Learning Youth
Service Leavers’ Support Team
Service Letter
Service Letter
Service Level
Service Level
Service Level
Service Level Agreement
Service Level Agreement Management
Service Level Assessment
Service Level Checking
Service Level Commitment
Service Level Description
Service Level Expectation
Service Level Goal
Service Level Guarantee
Service Level Management
Service Level Management Approach
Service Level Master Agreement
Service Level Objectives
Service Level Plan
Service Level Report
Service Level Specification
Service Level Status Monitoring
Service Level Status Monitoring
Service Level Status Report
Service License
Service Life Allowance
Service Life Assessment Program
Service Life Enhancement Program
Service Life Extension
Service Life Extension Program
Service Life Monitoring
Service Life Monitoring Program
Service Lifecycle Management
Service Lifecycle Management
Service Limited Medicare Beneficiary
Service Line
Service Line
Service Location Protocol
Service Location Protocol Daemon
Service Location Register
Service Logement Etudiant
Service Logement Jeunes
Service Logic Execution Environment
Service Logic Execution Manager
Service Logic Interpreter
Service Logic Program
Service Maintenance Agreement
Service Maintenance en Betonniere
Service Maintenance en Betonnière
Service Maitrise des Risques au Travail
Service Makes Individual Lives Exciting
Service Management Access Point
Service Management Agent Function
Service Management Analysis and Reporting Tool
Service Management and Resource Tool
Service Management Automation
Service Management Center
Service Management Center Support
Service Management Channel
Service Management Console
Service Management Consultant
Service Management Daughter Card
Service Management Enterprise
Service Management Europe
Service Management Facility
Service Management Framework
Service Management Function
Service Management Gateway
Service Management in Action
Service Management Interface
Service Management Layer
Service Management Organization
Service Management Platform
Service Management Process
Service Management Process Model
Service Management Proficiency Index
Service Management Qualification Scheme
Service Management Quality Initiative
Service Management Strategy
Service Management System
Service Management Team
Service Management Unit
Service manager
Service Manager for Storage
Service Manager Management System
Service Mark
Service Matrix Platform
Service Mediation Platform
Service Médical Interentreprises
Service Médical Interentreprises du Saumurois
Service Médical International
Service Médical Rendu
Service Medico-Pedagogique
Service Member
Service Member
Service Member Data
Service Member Information File
Service Members Legal Defense Network
Service Members Occupational Conversion and Training Act
Service Members’ Civil Relief Act
Service Menu
Service Merchandise Corporation
Service Message
Service Message Object
Service Metallic Access System
Service Meter Unit
Service Method
Service Method Section
Service Militaire Adapté
Service Mission Essential Task Lists
Service Modeling Language
Service Module
Service Module
Service Municipal de La Jeunesse
Service Municipal de Prévention et de Sécurité
Service National Actif
Service National Adapté
Service National d’information et de Documentation sur l’Eau
Service National d’Information Fonctionnelle
Service National de l’Adresse
Service National de la Jeunesse
Service National de la Jeunesse
Service National des Fouilles
Service National des Vocations
Service National pour Les Relations Avec l’Islam
Service Navigation de La Seine
Service Negotiation Support
Service Network Interface
Service New Brunswick
Service Node
Service Node Interface
Service Node Routing Complex
Service Nouveau-Brunswick
Service Number
Service Object
Service Object
Service Object Pair
Service Object Request
Service Object Request
Service Observe
Service Observe
Service Observing Circuit
Service Observing Circuit
Service Occupation Tax
Service of Coordinated Operational Emergency & Rescue Using EGNOS
Service of International Guidance and Hospitality to Travelers
Service of Process
Service Offering Portfolio
Service Officiel de Contrôle et Certification
Service Officiel de Contrôle et Certification
Service on Data
Service on Site
Service Operations Center
Service Operations Center
Service Opportunities for Older People
Service Opportunities in Leadership
Service Optimization Solutions
Service Optimized Data Center
Service Order
Service Order
Service Order Activation
Service Order Activation Controller
Service Order Administration
Service Order Administration Center
Service Order Analysis and Control
Service Order Center
Service Order Center
Service Order Change
Service Order Change
Service Order Codes
Service Order Codes
Service Order Completion System
Service Order Control
Service Order Control
Service Order Download System
Service Order Entry
Service Order Form
Service Order Gateway
Service Order Grouping
Service Order Input
Service Order Load And Retrieval
Service Order Number
Service Order Processing
Service Order Request
Service Order Request
Service Order Routing Technology
Service Order Work Aid
Service Organisation Bureau
Service Orientation Universitaire
Service Oriented Application
Service Oriented Approach
Service Oriented Architecture Foundation
Service Oriented Computing
Service Oriented Computing
Service Oriented Field Experience
Service Oriented Mass Customization
Service Oriented Modeling and Architecture
Service Oriented Optical Network
Service Oriented Organization
Service Oriented Process
Service Oriented Programming
Service Oriented Software
Service Oriented Software Engineering
Service Oriented Virtualization
Service Orientierte Architektur
Service Orthodoxe de Presse
Service Outreach Motivate Educate
Service over Self
Service Overseer
Service Overseer
Service Oversight Center
Service Oversight Center
Service Pack
Service Package Application
Service Packaging Instruction Sheet
Service Parts Logistics
Service Parts Logistics Operations
Service Parts Management
Service Parts Operations
Service Parts Operations
Service Pédagogique Interuniversitaire de Ressources pour l’Autoformation en Langues
Service Pénitentiaire d’Insertion et de Probation
Service Performance Assurance
Service Performance Indicator
Service Performance Review
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency
Service Personnel Plan
Service Planning Area
Service Planning Segment Replacement
Service Platform
Service Platform Application Development
Service Platform Engineering
Service Platform Engineering Associates
Service Platform Operations
Service Platform Operations
Service Playing Certificate
Service Playing Certificate
Service Point Management System
Service Pollution Control Office
Service Pollution Control Office
Service Position
Service Practice Training Network
Service Prévention des Risques
Service Principle Name
Service Problem Solving Conference
Service Processing Element
Service Processing Modules
Service Processor
Service Processor Controller
Service Processor Controller
Service Products Buildings, Inc.
Service Profile At Home
Service Profile Identifier
Service Programs for Older People
Service Project Involvement Plan
Service Propulsion System
Service Protestant de la Jeunesse
Service Provider
Service Provider Access
Service Provider Access Interface
Service Provider Access Requirements
Service Provider Administrator
Service Provider Application
Service Provider Code List
Service Provider Control Center
Service Provider Council
Service Provider Council
Service Provider Delivery Environment
Service Provider Domain
Service Provider Edge Device
Service Provider Gateway
Service Provider Identification Number
Service Provider Interface
Service Provider License Agreement
Service Provider Management System
Service Provider Module
Service Provider Name
Service Provider Network
Service Provider Number Portability
Service Provider Proxy
Service Provider Reference Guide
Service Provider Reseller
Service Provider Technology Group
Service Provider Use Rights
Service Providers Advisory Network
Service Providers of Excellence
Service Provision Assessment
Service Provision Option
Service Provision Option
Service Provisioning and Account Management
Service Provisioning Environment
Service Provisioning System
Service Provisioning System Software
Service Public Administratif
Service Public de Programmation
Service Public Fédéral
Service Public Hospitalier
Service Public Industriel et Commercial
Service Publication Unit
Service Purchase and Monitoring Group
Service Qualification Engine
Service Qualité Immobilier
Service Quality
Service Quality
Service Quality Award
Service Quality Control System
Service Quality Deployment
Service Quality Index
Service Quality Institute
Service Quality Management
Service Quality Management Foundation
Service Quality Management Systems
Service Quality Plan
Service Quality System
Service Rating Application Protocol
service reception center
Service Record
Service Record
Service Record & Allied Papers
Service Record Book
Service Record File
Service Redundancy Module
Service Reference Model
Service Regional d’Admission de Montreal
Service Régional d’Admission de Québec
Service Régional de l’Equipement
Service Régional de La Protection des Végétaux
Service Registry Service
Service Related Problem
Service Relationship Management
Service Release
Service Release 3
Service Release Date
Service Release Premium
Service Repair Card
Service Repair Manual
Service Repair Order
Service Repair Solutions
Service Report
Service Representative
Service Request
Service Request
Service Request Bit
Service Request Block
Service Request Confirmation
Service Request Form
Service Request Management
Service Request Message
Service Request Number
Service Request Order
Service Request Packet
Service Request Processor
Service Request System
Service Request Tracking System
Service Requirements Tracking System
service reserve coordination center
Service Resource Function
Service Resource Management
Service Resource Module
Service Resource Planning
Service Response Force
Service Response Force Exercise
Service Response Time
Service Responsibility Matrix
Service Restoration Team
Service Returned
Service Review Committee
Service Routing Register
Service Sales Representative
Service Schools Command
Service Science, Management, Engineering
Service Sector Innovation Index
Service Selection Board
Service Selection Gateway (Cisco)
Service Selection Recruitment Board
Service Separation and Blending
Service Session Manager
Service Set Identification
Service Set Identifier
Service Signaling Point
Service Sink
Service Specialists Association
Service Specific Convergence Sublayer
Service Specific Coordination Function
Service Specific Face Plate
Service Specific Resource
Service Specification Code
Service Specification Template
Service Sport Promotion
Service Stars
Service Station Association Ltd
Service Station Dealers Association
Service Station Dealers of America
Service Storage Facility
Service Subordinate Headquarter
Service Support Office
Service Support Program
Service Support System Announcement Group
Service Switch Control
Service Switching Function
Service Switching Point
Service System
Service Table of Content
Service Tax
Service Tax
Service Tax
Service Tax
Service Technicians Society
Service Technique d’Hygiene
Service Technique d’Hygiene
Service Technique de l’Aviation Civile
Service Technique de la Navigation Aérienne
Service Technique des Bases Aériennes
Service Technology Alliance Resources
Service Terminal Rotterdam
Service Terminal Rotterdam
Service Test
Service Test
Service Test
Service Test
Service Test and Evaluation Program
Service Test Center
Service Test Model/Module
Service Test Point
Service Ticket Action Resolution System
Service Ticket Action Resolution System
Service to Others
Service to Others
Service to Others in Rural Minnesota
Service to Others Really Matters
Service to Self
Service Traffic Position
Service Training Course
Service Transaction Agent
Service Transaction Record
Service Transaction Record
Service Transfer Point
Service Transformation Committee
Service Transport Combiné
Service Triage Manutention
Service Tunnel Transport System
Service Type Code
Service Unavailable
Service Uniform
Service Uniform
Service Unit
Service Unit
service unit identification code
Service Universitaire Canadien Outre-mer
Service Universitaire des Étudiants Étrangers
Service Update Management Assistant
Service Usage Record
Service Use Occupation Tax
Service Use Profile
Service User Advisory Group
Service User and Carer Involvement
Service User and Carer Sub-Group
Service User Research Enterprise
Service Users and Carers Alliance
Service Value Added
Service Vendor
Service View
Service Volontaire Européen
Service Water
Service Water
Service Water
Service Water System
Service Weapons Acceptability Test
Service Weapons Test
Service with a Smile
Service Work Order
Service Works Global
Service, Application, Gestion Informatique
Service, Coordination, Information and Planning
Service, Maintenance and Repair
Service, Patriotism, Understanding, Responsibility, and Sacrifice
Service, Support, Research and Others
Service/Agency Designator Code
Serviceabilty Limit State
Serviceable Available Market
Serviceable In-Service Time
Serviceable In-Service Time
Service-Based Enumeration
Service-Based Local Policy
Service-Based Operator
Service-based Policy Decision Function
Servicecenter Fachverlage GmbH
Serviced Dispense Equipment Limited
Service-Disabled Veteran
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
Service-Enabled Application Platform
Service-Gesellschaft für Netzwerkmanagement und Informationstechnologien
Service-Independent Building/Block
Service-Learning and Teacher Education
Service-Learning Asia Network
Service-Learning Clearinghouse
Service-Level Test
Service-Linked Housing
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003
Servicemembers Opportunity College
Servicemembers Opportunity College
Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance
Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate
Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance
Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance
Service-Order Emergency Address Locator
Service-Oriented Analysis and Design
Service-Oriented Architecture
Service-Oriented Computing Applications
Service-Oriented Computing Performance
Service-Oriented Computing: Consequences for Engineering Requirements
Service-Oriented Development Architecture
Service-Oriented Knowledge Management
Service-Oriented Modeling Framework
Service-Oriented Network
Service-Oriented Network Architecture
Service-Oriented Programming Model
Service-Oriented Query
Service-Revealed Deficiency
Service-Revealed Difficulty
Services & Agencies
Services & Support Unit
Services Acquisition Management Improvement
Services Acquisition Reform Act
Services Administratifs Proteck
Services Administratifs Proteck
Services Administrator
Services Agency Information System
Services and Agencies
Services and Application Development
Services and Data Exchange Catalogue
Services and Development Division
Services and Infrastructure Core Enterprise
Services and Infrastructure for the Ubiquitous and Mobile Internet
Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks
Services and Routing Engine
Services and Systems Framework
Services Assisted Evacuation
Services aux Entreprises
Services aux Etudiants
Services Business Group
Services Computing Conference
Services d’Aide aux Employés
Services d’Aide Temporaire
Services Daide Temporaire
Services de Médias Audiovisuels
Services de Migration et Etrangers
Services de Secours Croix-Rouge
Services Effectiveness Research Program
Services Electronics Research Laboratory
Services Emplois Familiaux
Services en Ligne
Services Environmental, Inc.
Services et Metiers du Bois
Services et Métiers du Bois
Services et Metrologie Textile
Services et Réseaux de Communication
Services Execution Management
Services Federaux des Affaires Scientifiques, Techniques et Culturelles
Services for Children and Families
Services for Independent Living
Services for International Students and Scholars
Services for Older Persons
Services for Reliable Available and Serviceable Systems
Services for Students with Disabilities
Services for Sustainability
Services for the Health in Asia & Africa Regions
Services for the Macintosh
Services for the Visually Impaired
Services for Treating Older Residents’ Mental Health
Services for Unix
Services Front End
Services Généraux de Gestion SA
Services in Distributed and Networked Environments
Services in Operation
Services in the Internal Market
Services in the Internal Market
Services Industriels de Genève
Services Information System
Services Innovants pour Personnes Dépendantes
Services Integrator Program
Services International Limited
Services Internetworking Architecture
Services Launch Partners
Services Linguistiques Corporatifs, inc.
Services Locations Audiovisuels
Services Management Group
Services Mediation Switch
Services Médicaux d’Urgence
Services Météorologiques Interrégionaux
Services Nationaux du Contentieux
Services of General Interest
Services Of Supply
Services Oriented Development of Applications
Services Oriented Storage Solutions
Services Over Internet Protocol
Services Peering and Aggregation Server
Services Peering and Aggregation Server
Services per Week
Services Procurement & Management
Services Products Old or New
Services Professionnels d’Interventions en Developpement
Services Program Area
Services Program for Aging Needs
Services Protected Evacuation
Services Research & Innovation Initiative
Services Résidentielles pour Jeunes
Services Sesam-Vitale
Services Squadron
Services Techniques Municipaux
Services to Abused Families, Inc.
Services to Add Revenue
Services to Children and Families
Services to Children in their Own Homes
Services to Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents
Services Transaction Program
Services Transaction Program Interface
Services under Program and Project Offices for Results Tracking
Services under Program and Project Offices for Results Tracking
Services United for Mothers and Adolescents
Services Utilities Materials Facilities
Services Workforce Access Program for Partners
Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network
Services, Industrial, Professional & Technical Trade Union
Services-oriented Building Area Network
Services-Oriented Business Applications
Servicewide Electronic Research Program
Servicewide Electronic Research Project
Servicewide Office Automation
Servicewide Technical Infrastructure
Servicewide Transition Policy
Service-Wide Transportation
Serving GPRS Service Node (aka Serving GPRS Support Node)
Session Service
Session Service Access Point
Setup and Configuration Service
Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc
Severn Trent Environmental Services Inc.
Severn Trent Metering Services
Severn Trent Utility Services
Sewer Service Charge
Sexual Abuse Services and Support Year-Round, Inc.
Sexual Assault Resource Service
Sexual Assault Service Provider
Sexual Assault Support Services
Sexual Assault Survivor Services
Sexual Assault Victim Services
Sexual Assault Victims Advocacy Service
Sexual Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Service
SGN Eurisys Services Corp
Shared Business Services
Shared Information Management Services
Shared Laboratory Services, LC
Shared Library Service
Shared Marketing Services, Inc
Shared Service Center
Shared Service Centre of Excellence
Shared Service Organization
Shared Service Provider
Shared Services
Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing Association
Shared Services and Outsourcing
Shared Services Model
Shared Services Unit
Shared Sourcing Services
Shared Tenant Services
Shareholder Representative Services
Shareholder Services Group, Inc.
SharePoint Deployment Planning Services
Sharepoint Deployment Planning Services
SharePoint Team Services
Sharif Technology and Engineering Services
Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada – Shawinigan / via Rail Service
Shell People Services
Shell Todd Oil Services
Sheriff’s Community Services Officer
Ship Announcing Service
Ship Service
Ship Service Diesel Generator
Ship Service Fuel Cell
Ship Service Motors & Controllers Manual
Ship Service Power Unit
Ship Service Telephone System
Ship Service Turbo Generator
Ship’s Service
Ship’s Service Diesel Generator
Ship’s Serviceman
Ship’s Serviceman First Class
Ship’s Serviceman Second Class
shipper’s service control office
Shipping Transport and Information Services
Ships Service Turbine Generator
Shoe Service Institute of America
Shop Service Center
Shore Legal Services Workers
Short Lived Credential Service
Short Message Delivery Multipoint Bearer Service
Short Message Service
Short Message Service Center
Short Service Commission
Short Service Employee
short service employee program
Short Term Alternatives for Therapy Services
Short Term Analysis Services
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia-Former Wartime Service
Siemens Business Services
Siemens Business Services Osteuropa
Siemens Industrial Services
Siemens Procurement and Logistics Services
Siemens Weiss Spindle Services
Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service
Sierra Service Project
Sigma Property Management Services
Sign Service Installation Technician
Signal Service
Signal Service Point
Signaling Service Type
Signals Dispatch Service
Signature Security Service
Sikh Community & Youth Service
Silent Service Motorcycle Club
Silver State News Service
Simple Image Service
Simple Message Service
Simple Notification Service
Simple Queue Service
Simple Service Discover Protocol
Simple Service Discovery for .NET
Simple Service Location Protocol
Simple Storage Service
Simplified Open Services Application Programming Interface
Simultaneous Translation Services
Singapore Airport Terminal Services Ltd.
Singapore Blood Transfusion Service
Singapore Bus Service
Singapore Offshore Petroleum Services
Singapore Test Services Pte Ltd
Singapore Women’s Auxiliary Naval Service
Single Billing Services, Inc.
Single Line Service
Single Point of Service
Single Service Responsibility
Single Service Training Manager
Sinhalaya Universal Broadcasting Service
Sisters of Mercy Services Corporation
Site Replication Service
Site Safety Services
Six Nations Police Service
Skarresø Festival Service Group
Skier Insurance Services
Skills Development Services
Skits Outreach Services
Slovak Information Service
Slovak National Accreditation Service
Small Business Advice Service
Small Business Service Agreement
Small Business Services
Small Business Support Services
Small Community Air Service Development
Small Community Air Service Development Program
Small Industries Service Institutes
Small Professional Services Firm
Small Satellites Systems and Services
Small Water Service Provider
Smart Consultancy Services
Smart Growth Advisory Services
Smart Home Service Operator
Smart Network Data Services
Smart Organisation for Small Services Project
Smart Printing Services
Smith Roberts Land Services
Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service
SNA Communications Service
Snecma Morocco Engine Services
SOAP Service Description Language (web services)
Soares Da Costa Construction Services
Social and Community Service
Social and Rehabilitation Services
Social Care Information and Learning Services
Social Development and Voluntary Service
Social Housing Services Corporation
Social Service Assistance Module
Social Service Departments Activity
Social Service Payment System
Social Service Worker
Social Service Worker-Gerontology
Social Services
Social Services Department
Social Services Improvement Agency
Social Services Information System
Social Services Law
Social Services Master Plan
Social Services Network
Social Services of General Interest
Social Services Strategic Planning
Social Services Syndrome
Social Services Transportation Advisory Council
Social Work Service Management Information System
Social Work Services
Social Work Services Inspectorate
Société Commerciales de Services
Société de Service du Bâtiment
Societe de Services et d’Ingenierie Informatique
Société de Services Internet VEF
Société des Services Généraux
Société Générale Securities Services
Society for Foodservices Management
Society for Health Services Research in Radiology
Society for Marketing Professional Services
Society for Marketing Professional Services
Society for Service Professionals in Printing
Society for the Advancement of Food Service Research
Society for the Optimization of Amateur Radio Service
Society for the Service of Humanity
Society of Financial Service Professionals
Society of Financial Services Professionals
Society of Industrial Emergency Services Officers
Society of Professional Audio Recording Services
Sodexho Campus Services
Soft Semantic Web Services Agent
Software and Computing Services
Software and Information Technology Services
Software as a Service
Software Development Customer Service
Software Development Services
Software Encryption Algorithm for Data Services
Software Engineering and Assessment Services
Software Engineering Methods for Service Oriented Architecture
Software Platform Management Services
Software Services of Delaware, Inc
Software Technical Services
Software Testing Service
Software Update Service Standalone
Software Update Services
Software Update Subscription Service
Software-Defined Network Services
Soil Conservation Service
Soil Environment Services Limited
Solar Energy Services
Soldier Programs and Services Division
Soldier Radio Service Network
Solid Gold Financial Services
Solidarity Service International
Solidarity Trust Services Limited
Solids Control Services
Solids Control Services Environmental
Solution Monitoring and Management Services
Somali Family Service
Somerset County Youth Service
Somerset Tire Service Inc
Sommeil Network Business Services
Sonet Directory Service
Sonic Enterprise Service Bus
Sorenson Video Relay Service
Sour Water Service
Source Service Access Point
South African Council for Social Service Profession
South African Intelligence Service
South African National Blood Service
South African Network of Trauma Service Providers
South African Police Service
South African Revenue Service
South African Secret Service
South African Transport Services
South African Virtual Aviation Services
South African Weather Service
South Asia Research Documentation Services
South Atlantic Financial Services, Inc.
South Australian Ambulance Service
South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services
South Australian Police Service
South Brooklyn Legal Services
South Carolina Association of Personnel Services
South Carolina Public Service Authority
South Carolina Public Service Commission
South Coast Environmental Services
South Coast Environmental Services
South Coast Independent Living Services
South Cumbria Rape and Abuse Service
South Dakota Advocacy Services
South East Alcohol and Drug Services
South East Australian Training Services
South East London Probation Service
South East News Service Europe
South East Services Network
South East Texas Treatment Access Service
South Eastern American Developmental Services
South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service
South Florida Wire Service
South General Area Services
South River Veterinary Service
South Shore Community Services LLC
South West News Service
South Western Ambulance Service
South Western Area Pathology Service
South Windsor Police Services
Southampton University Computing Services
Southcoast Mentoring Initiative for Learning, Education and Service
Southeastern Internet Service Providers
Southeastern Public Service Authority
Southend Association of Voluntary Services
Southern Africa Tourism Services Association
Southern Arizona Family Services, Inc.
Southern Beef Technology Services
Southern Broadcast Services, Inc.
Southern Company Services, Inc
Southern Convention Services, Inc.
Southern European Broadcasting Service
Southern Maine Health and Homecare Services
Southern Maryland Home Health Services, Inc.
Southern Migrant Legal Services
Southern Minnesota Independent Living Enterprises & Services, Inc.
Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services
Southern New Hampshire Services, Inc.
Southern Ontario Library Service
Southern Oregon Education Service District
Southern Retail Inventory Service, Inc.
Southern Sudan Police Service
Southern Vermont Computer Services
Southwest Asia Service Medal
Southwest Asia Service Medal
Southwest Counseling Service
Southwest Management Services
Southwest Student Services Corporation
Southwestern Bell Communications Services
Southwestern Bell Mobile Service
Southwestern Community Services
Southwestern Ohio Association of Adult Day Services
Southwestern Public Service
Sovereign Entities Grading Service, Inc.
Soviet Secret Service
Space Gateway Services
Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services Area
Spam Lookup Service
Spanish Broadcast & Media Services
Spare Parts Service
Spatial and Numeric Data Services
Special Act or Service Award
Special Air Service
Special Air Service Regiment
Special Aircraft Service Shop
Special Aircraft Service Store
Special Analytical Services
Special Application Service Elements
Special Assistant for Environmental Services
Special Boat Services
Special Broadcasting Service
Special Collection Service
Special Delivery Service
Special Education Itinerant Services
Special Education Service Agency
Special Emergency Radio Service
Special Health Services
Special Intelligence & General Service
Special Needs Service
Special Needs Teaching Service
Special Operator Service Traffic
Special Operator Service Treatment
Special Orders & Services Improvement
Special Planetary Militia Services
Special Security Service
Special Service
Special Service Area
Special Service Center
Special Service Code
Special Service Force
Special Service Forecasting System
Special Service Group
Special Service Medal
Special Service Request
Special Service Tool
Special Services
Special Services Advisory Council
Special Services at Home
Special Services Control Center
Special Services Education Module
Special Services Engineering
Special Services Group
Special Services Group
Special Services Leisure Center
Special Services Management System
Special Services Unit
Special Tactical Services
Special Tactics and Rescue Service
Special Transportation Service
Special Travel Service
Specialised Cleanup Service Europe
Specialist Assurance Services
Specialist Education Services
Specialist Electronics Services Ltd
Specialist Gas Assessment Services
Specialist Provider Medical Services
Specialized Billing Services of America
Specialized Business Planning Services
Specialized Common Carrier Service
Specialized Geriatric Services
Specialized Information Services
Specialized Management Service Incorporated
Specialized Security and Investigation Services
Specialized Services Division
Specialized Technical and Technology User Services
Specialized Treatment and Recovery Services
Specialized Treatment Service
Specialized Turbine Services
Specialty Services Pavillion
Specific Application Service Element
Specific Communication Service Mapping
Specified Transfer Listing Service
Spectrum E-Services E-Commerce Delivery
Speech Service Option
Speed Of Service
Speed Short Message Service
Sperry Rail Service
Sphere Extension Service for Afghanistan
Sponsored Research Service
Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information Disclosure, Denial of Service, Elevation of Privilege
Sportscotland Avalanche Information Service
Spring Break Service Trip
Spring Service Project
Sprint Audio Conferencing Service
Sprint Business Service Center
Sprint Email Protection Services
Sprint International Systems and Services Group
Sprint Mailing Services
Sprint Managed Mobility Service
Sprint Metropolitan Service Area
SPRINT Missile Engineering/Service Course
Sprint Personal Communications Service
Sprint Plus Services
Sprint Service Node
Sprint Vendor Services Offering
SprintLink Services
SQL Reporting Services
SQL Server Analysis Services
SQL Server Data Services
SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Notification Services
Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association
ST Aviation Services Co.
St Marys, Ontario, Canada – St Marys / via Rail Service
St. Paul Youth Services
St. Vincent’s Community Services
Stafford District Voluntary Services
Standard Entry-Exit Service
Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service
Standard Level of Service
Standard Levels of Service
Standard Positioning Service
Standard Products and Services Codes
Standard Rate and Data Service
Standard Service Agreement
Standard Service Link
Standard Service Offer
Standard Service Program
Standard Service Revolver
Standard Service Supply
Standard Service Volume
Standard Serviceability Test
Standard Supply Service
Standard Tender of Service
Standards and Data Services Committee
Standards and Regulations Service
Standby Service Water
Standing Order Service
Stanford Alliance for Service through the Arts
Stanford Emergency Medical Service
Stanwood and Community Ambulance Service (Stanwood, Washington0
State and Consumer Services Agency
State Associations of Addictions Services
State Board of Social Services
State Border Guards Service
State Calling Service
State Civil Service Commission
State Collection Service, Inc
State Department of Veterans Service
State Emergency Service
State Farm International Services
State Farm Service First
State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine
State Information Service
State Mediation and Conciliation Service
State Parent Locator Service
State Plant Protection Service
State Public Services Federation
State Security & Protective Services Australia Pty Ltd
State Security Services
State Services Commission
State Super Financial Services
State Support Services Element
State Wide Arts Service Organization
Statement Of Service
Statement of Service Performance
Statement of Transition Service Needs
Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services
Statements on Standards for Tax Services
Statesman News Service
Static Power Conversion Services, Inc.
Station Service
Station Service Transformer
Statistical Assessment Service
Statistical Product and Service Solutions
Statistical Reporting Service
Statistical Services and Consultancy Unit
Statistics and Census Service
Status Indication Out of Service
Status of Women Service
Steel Service Center Institute
Sterile Services Department
Stern Agee Financial Services, Inc.
Stichting Nederlandse Sport Pers Service
Stichting Vakantiewoning Verhuur Service
Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service
Stop Smoking Service
Storage and Application Service Provider
Storage as a Service
Storage Management Services
Storage Service Management
Storage Service Provider
Storage Serviceability Standard
Storm Tide Warning Service
Stoughton Cab Services
Strategic Accounts Services
Strategic Services Development Plan
Strategic Services Sourcing Contract
Strategy Execution Services
Strathcona County Emergency Services
Strathcona County Emergency Services
Stratos Government Services, Inc.
Street Outreach Services
Structural Narcotics Detection Service
Stuart Disease Management Services, Inc.
Student & Auxiliary Services
Student Academic and Financial Services
Student Academic Services
Student Academic Success Services
Student Administrative Services Center
Student Advocacy and Support Services
Student Affairs and Services Association
Student and Community Services Center
Student Border Services Officer
Student Business Services
Student Dental Care Service
Student Development and Enrollment Services
Student Disability Services
Student Education and Service Ambassadors
Student Electronic Services
Student Emergency Medical Services
Student Financial Aid Services
Student Health Service
Student Housing Services
Student Internet Service Providings
Student Intervention Services
Student Lawn Care Services
Student Loan Service Center
Student Network Service
Student Ombuds Service
Student Outcomes Information Services
Student Personnel Services
Student Programs and Services
Student Programs and Services
Student Self Service
Student Service Learning
Student Services Administrators’ Association of Manitoba
Student Services Association
Student Services Building
Student Services Classroom Building
Student Services Finance Committee
Student Services On Line
Student Services/Prevention and Wellness
Student Support Services
Student Support Services Center
Student Support Services Program
Student Technology Services
Student Telephone Services
Student Tigers Rallying, Interacting, and Promoting Education and Service
Student Transportation Service
Student Web Service
Students and Technology in Academia, Research and Service Alliance
Students Helping Others through Service
Students in Service
Study Services Provider Portal
Stuttgart Messe Service
Subaru-Nordica Service Team
Subhiksha Trading Services Ltd.
Submarine Escape and Rescue Service
Submarine Service Ballistic Missile
Subotnick Financial Services Center
Subscriber and Operator Services
Subscriber Service Control
Subscriber Service Gateway
Subscriber Service Modules
Subscriber Service Provisioning Manager
Subscriber Service System
Subscription Broadband Service
Subscription Services of America, Inc.
Subscription Television Service
Subscription User Group Service
Sub-Service Field
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Act
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Substance Abuse Service Specific to Youth
Substance Abuse Services
Substance Abuse Services Alliance
Substance and Alcohol Intervention Services for the Deaf
Substitute Service Families Accommodation
Suburban Service
Sudan Humanitarian Services
Sudan Integrated Mine Action Services
Sudan Service International
Sudanese Aeronautical Services Co. Ltd
Suez Energy Services
Suffolk Accident Rescue Service
Suggestion and Extraordinary Service Award
Suitable for Use as Service Equipment
Summer Food Service Program
Summer of Service
Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services
Sun Learning Services
Sun Network Services
Sun Preventive Services
Sun Remote Services
Sun Trust Merchant Services
Sundaram Business Services
Sundaram Business Services Ltd.
Sunflower Road Internet Services, Inc.
Sunnyside Community Services
Sununu Youth Services Center
Sunwin Services Group
Supercomputer Facilities Management Services
Superintendent Technical Planning & Services
Superior Energy Services, Inc.
Superior Maintenance Services, Inc.
Supplemental Educational Services
Supplemental Nursing Services Agency
Supplemental Service Agreement
Supplemental Telephony Service
Supplementary and Bearer Service Description
Supplementary Ophthalmic Service
Supplementary Service Code
Supplementary Services
Supply and Equipment Foodservice Alliance
Supply and Service Team
Supply and Service Union
Supply and Services Canada
Supply and Services Complete
Supply Chain Management Service
Supply Chain Operating Services
Supply Chain Security Services
Supply Chain Service
Supply Services Controller
Supply Services Requirement
Support Service Contract Team
Support Service Contractor
Support Service Module
Support Service Subcontractor
Support Services Group, Inc.
Support Services Organization
Support Services Program
Support to Management and Resources for Technical Services
Supported Employment Services
Supported Residential Services
Supporting Changes and Reform in Interprofessional Preservice Training
Supportive Service Assistant
Supreme Coffee Service, Inc.
Surrey, East and West Sussex Museum Development Service
Survivors of Incest Anonymous World Services Office
Susquehanna Regional Emergency Medical Services
Susquehanna Service Dogs
Sustaining-Base Information Services
Swedish Air Traffic Services Academy
Swedish National Data Service
Swedish National Data Service
Swedish Social Science Data Service
Swiss-Asia Financial Services Pte. Ltd.
Swisscom Hospitality Services
Switch Operations Service Center
Switched Access Service
Switched Data Service
Switched Data Service Center
Switched Digital Data Service
Switched Ethernet Service
Switched Multimegabit Data Service
Switched Multimegabit Digital Service
Switched Service Bureau
Switched Service Network
Switched Video Service Bureau
Switched Voice Service
Switched Voice Service Outbound
Sygate Online Services
Sykes Health Plan Services
Sylvania Area Family Services, Inc.
Sync Service and Reply Circuit
Synchronized Multicast Transport Service
Synchronous Service Transport
Syndicat National des Prestataires de Services d’Accueil
Synergy Professional Services
Syrius PM Services, Inc.
System Administration Services
System and Market Services of America
System Center Service Manager
System Control Services
System Engineering & Logistics Services
System for the Integration of Bioinformatics Services
System Management Application Service Element
System Management Service
System Management Services
System Service Processor
System Service Provider
System Service Representative
System Service Tools
System Services and Utilities
System Services Control Point
System Services Control Point-Physical Unit
System Support Services
Systems and Electronic Resources Service
Systems and Services Certification
Systems and Services Company
Systems Engineering Services
Systems Library Subscription Service
Systems Management Service
Systems Network Architecture/File Services
Systems Technology Departmental Services
Systems, Control and Optimization in Research, Education and Services
T1 Service Performance Monitor
Table Service
Tactical Air Force Weather Service
Tactical ATM Service Adapter
Tactical Emergency Medical Services
Tactical Flag Command Center Information Management Services
Tactical Information Broadcast Service
Tactical Name Service
Tactical Reconnaissance Intelligence Exchange Service
Tactical Service Adapter
Tag’s Broadcasting Services
Tail Service Mast
Tailor Engineering Services
Tailored Implementation & Planning Service
Taiwan Blood Service Foundation
Talk Radio News Service
Talking Book Services
Tamil Emergency Medical Services
Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission
Tamilnadu Essential Services Maintenance Act
Tandem Service Control Point
Tandem Service Management System
Tanker Service Committee
Target Service Agent
Targeted Service Coordinator
Tarrant County Juvenile Services
Task Service Level Agreement
Tasmanian Public Service Association
Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
Tata Indicom VSAT Services (India)
Tata Internet Services, Ltd.
Tata Teleservices Limited (India)
Tata Teleservices Ltd.
Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Limited
Tata Teleservices, Ltd.
Taunton Deane Council for Voluntary Service
Tax Account Analysis and Recovery Services
Tax Accounting Risk Advisory Service
Tax Administration Advisory Services
Tax Administration Services Department
Tax and Business Services Inc
Tax Information Phone Service
Taxe sur les Produits et Services
Taxe Unique Globale Sur Les Prestations de Services
Taxpayer Advocate Service
Taxpayer Information Publications Service
Taxpayer Service
Taxpayer Service Representative
Taxpayer Services Center Section
Tayside Drug Problem Service
Teach Services Inc.
Teacher Education Application Service
Teachers Personal Investors Services, Inc.
Teachers Service Commission
Teaching and Learning Support Services
Team Industrial Services, Inc
Tech Services International
Technical & Operating Support Services
Technical Acquisition Support Services
Technical Advisory Service
Technical Advisory Service for Images
Technical Advisory Services for Attorneys
Technical and Business Services
Technical and Management Support Services
Technical and Professional Services
Technical Assistance & Management Services
Technical Assistance and Services Center
Technical Assistance Information Service
Technical Assistance Service
Technical Assistance Service Center
Technical Center for Agricultural Services
Technical Communication Services, Inc
Technical Customer Service
Technical Data Products & Services
Technical Enforcement Services
Technical Engineering Management Support/Service
Technical Information Services
Technical Information Services Branch
Technical Joint Cross-Service Group
Technical Management and Services Corporation
Technical Operations and Production Services
Technical Procurement Services
Technical Production Services Association
Technical Professional Services, Inc.
Technical Research, Engineering, and Development Services
Technical Service Agreement
Technical Service and Development
Technical Service Bulletin
Technical Service Coordinator
Technical Service Description
Technical Service Information
Technical Service Manual
Technical Service Order
Technical Service Provider
Technical Service Representative
Technical Service Request
Technical Service Requirement
Technical Service Solutions, Inc.
Technical Service Support
Technical Service Update
Technical Services
Technical Services Analyst
Technical Services Associates, Inc.
Technical Services Building
Technical Services Department
Technical Services Division
Technical Services Firm
Technical Services for Electronics, Inc.
Technical Services Information System
Technical Services Interest Group
Technical Services Law Librarian
Technical Services Librarian
Technical Services Licensing Officer
Technical Services Limited
Technical Services Manager
Technical Services Manager Code
Technical Services Operations
Technical Services Support Contractor
Technical Services Team
Technical Services Unit
Technical Services Unlimited
Technical Standards Services Ltd.
Technical Support Services
Technical Support Services Contract
Technical Task Order Engineering Services
Technicien des Services Vétérinaires
Technicolor Home Entertainment Services, Inc.
Technique Développement Services
Techniques, Ouvriers et de Service
Technologies for E-Services
Technology & General Services
Technology and Computing Services
Technology and Information Services
Technology and Security Risk Services
Technology as a Service
Technology Based Service
Technology Information Service
Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Information Service
Technology Performance Management Service
Technology Professional Services Association
Technology Service Corporation
Technology Service Partners, Inc.
Technology Services Board
Technology Services Consultants
Technology Services Division
Technology Services Group
Technology Services Program Management
Technology Services Worldwide
Technology Support Service Center
Technology Support Services
Technology Support Services Management
Technology Systems Services
Technology Transfer and Service Center
Technology, Development, and Support Services
Technology, Intelligence, Products, Services
Technology-Based Self-Service
Technomic Information Services
Tectronic Office Products Sales & Service
Teens In Public Service
Tees East and North Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Telecare Services Association
Telecom & Network Services
Telecom Expense Management Service
Telecom Industries Service Association
Telecom Italia Learning Services
Telecom Service Management
Telecom Web Services Server
Telecommunication Message Traffic Services
Telecommunication Service Provider
Telecommunication Services Portal
Telecommunication Services Price Index
Telecommunications & Marketing Service Organization
Telecommunications Industry Service Order Center
Telecommunications Marketing Service Organization
Telecommunications Plant in Service
Telecommunications Premium Services
Telecommunications Relay Service
Telecommunications Service
Telecommunications Service Center
Telecommunications Service Inquiry
Telecommunications Service Obligations
Telecommunications Service Order
Telecommunications Service Priority
Telecommunications Service Request
Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago
Teleconferencing Service Module
Telecontrol Application Service Elements
Telekommunikation Service Kaya
Telematics Service Provider
Telemedical Assistance Service
Telemedicine Information Service
Telemetry Service Provider
Telenor Satellite Services
Telephone Alternative Service Provider
Telephone and Data Service
Telephone Answering Service
Telephone Emergency Services
Telephone Information Briefing Service
Telephone Information Professional Services
Telephone Interpreting Service
Telephone Medical Advice Services
Telephone Preference Service
Telephone Preference Service Limited
Telephone Relay Service
TELephone Service Attitude Measurement
Telephone Service Center
Telephone Service Factor
Telephone Service Observation
Telephone Service Survey
Telephony Internet Service Provider
Telephony Service Provider
Telephony Service Provider Interface
Teleprocessing Services Program
Telesales Service Representative
Teleservice Center
Teleservice Representative
Teleservice Segmentation and Reassembly
Teleservices Internet Group Inc.
Teletypewriter Exchange Service
Television and Radio Broadcasting Services
Television Sales & Marketing Services
Tellabs Multi-service Operating System
Telstra Private Internet Protocol Service
Temporal Federation News Service
Temporarily Out of Service
Temporary Air Service Permit
Temporary Employee Services, Inc.
Temporary Technical Services, Inc.
Tenant Multiple Listing Service
Tenant Participation Advisory Service
Tenant Services Authority
Tenants Advice Service Inc
Tenants’ Energy Advice Service
Tender of Service
Tender Opportunities Notification Service
Tenders Alert Service
Tenet Information Services, Inc.
Tennessee Ambulance Services Association
Tennessee Infant Parent Services
Tennessee Insurance Service Inc.
Tennessee Public Service Commission
Terminal Automated Radar Services
Terminal Service
Terminal Services Advanced Client
Terminal Services Client
Terminal Services Personal Messaging
Terms of Service
Terms Of Service
Terrestrial Data Service
Terrestrial Digital Service
Terrestrial Flight Telephone Service
Territory and Municipal Services
Territory Health Services
Terry Reilly Health Services
Tertiary Institutions Service Centre
Test and Diagnostic Service
Test Program Service Request
Test Scoring and Reporting Services
Testing Services Request
TETRA Advanced Packet Services
Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Texas Electronic Service Delivery
Texas Engineering Extension Service
Texas Legal Services Center
Texas Service Center
Text Services Framework
Textile Services Association Limited
The Anglican Service Book
The Book Service Ltd
The Health Informatics Service
The Officer Placement Service
The Pensions Advisory Service
The Providence Center for Counseling and Psychiatric Services
The Service Business
The Uniformed Services Association
Theater ADP Service Center
Theater Postal Directory Services
Theatre Sterile Services Unit
Their Service Our Heritage
Thematic Real-Time Environmental Distributed Data Services
Therapeutic Behavioral Service
Therapeutic Community Service North
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Consultation Service
Therapy Animals in Loving Service
Third Party Service Provider
Third Party Services
Thomas Cook Financial Services
Thomson Technology Services Group
Thoroughbred Direct Intermodal Services, Inc
Thousand Islands Emergency Rescue Service
Throttle Body Service
Thumb Educational Services
Thunder Bay Police Service
Thuringer Post Service
TIAA CREF Individual & Institutional Services
Tibetan Cultural and Community Service Center
Ticket-Granting Service
TIGER Map Service
TIGER Mapping Service
Tillotson Computers & Services
Time Based Service Manager
Time Broadband Services Private Limited
Time In Service
Time Quality Cost Service
Time Stamping Service
Time to Service
Time Warner Cable Information Services
Times News Service
Times Syndication Service
Timor-Leste Revenue Service
Tiny Aggregation Service
Tivoli Business Service Manager
Tivoli Service Desk
Tivoli Service Level Advisor
TL1 Interface Router Service
To Insure Proper Services
Toilet Cleaning Service
Toilet Internet Service Provider
Toilet Internet Service Provider
Tokyo Counseling Service
Toll Free Service
Tom Riddolls Conservation Services
Tonga Defense Services
Tools and Algorithms Access Services
Tools As a Service
Top Bet Placement Services
Top Executive Escort Services Specialized
TOPS InterLATA Carrier Service
Tora Trading Services, LLC
Toronto Baptist Intercultural Services
Toronto Dominion Investment Services, Inc.
Toronto Emergency Medical Service
Toronto Financial Services Alliance
Toronto Fire Service
Toronto Hydro Energy Services
Toronto Police Service
Toronto Police Services Board
Toronto Services Soccer League
Total Active Federal Military Service
Total Active Federal Military Service Date
Total Active Military Service
Total Administrative Services Corporation
Total Business Services, Inc.
Total Client Service Library
Total Debt Service
Total Emergency Medical Services Time
Total Enterprise Security Service
Total Food Service Management
Total Plant in Service
Total Quality Service
Total Service Provider
Total Solution Prototype Service
Total Support Service
Total System Services, Inc.
Total Time in Service
Total Travel Service, Inc.
Touch Community Services International
Tourism Service Fee
Tourist Information Phone Service
Tourist Information Travel Services
Tourist Victim Support Service
Touristikservice Daniel Fett
Tower Hamlets Mediation Service
Towers Watson Data Services
Townsend Building Services
Toxicology Regulatory Services, Inc.
Toyota Financial Services
Toyota Home Service
Toyota Service Management
Toyota Service Marketing
Track Management Services
Trade Acceptance and Reconciliation Service
Trade Automation Service
Trade in Environmental Services and Technologies
Trade in Health Services
Trade Services Contract
Tradewinds Engine Services, LLC
Trading Partner Service Agreement
Tradition Financial Services
Traditional Bundled Service
Traffic Engineering for Quality of Service in the Internet, at Large Scale
Traffic Information Service
Traffic Information Service Broadcast
Traffic Information Service Provider
Traffic Service Position
Traffic Service Position System
traffic service station
Traffic Signal Services Unit
Train Service Supervisor
Training Advisory Service
Training Aids Service Center
Training Aids Service Office
Training and Employment Services
Training and Service Programs Division
Training Development Service
Training Opportunity Services
Training Organisation for the Personal Social Services
Training Services
Training Services Flight
Training Services on Demand
Trammell Crow Corporate Services
Trans Canada Retail Services
Trans European Banking Services
Trans Global Services, Inc.
Transaction Advisory Services
Transaction Network Services
Transaction Processing Service Element
Transaction Service Provider Interface
Transactional Shared Service Center
Transcripts of Sea Service
Transfer Articulation Services
Transfer Student Services
Transfield Services Limited
Transformer Maintenance and Service
Transforming Community Equipment Services
Trans-Island Bus Service
Transit Police Service Area
Transition Assistance Services
Transition Services Integration Model
Transition to Pilot Services
Transitional Bundled Service
Transitional Services Agreement
Transitional Services of New York for Long Island, Inc.
Translation and Interpretation Services
Translation and Transcription Support Services
Translation Services
Translation Services Gateway
Transmission and Distribution Service Provider
Transmission Service Provider
Transmitting Capability Out of Service
Transparent LAN Service
Transparent LAN Service/Native LAN Service
Transparent Network Services
Transparent Public Service Evaluation
Transplant Pathology Internet Services
Transport Beton Service
Transport Canada Information Service
Transport LAN Service
Transport Layer Service Protocol
Transport Planning Service
Transport Protection Services
Transport Protocol for Real Time Services
Transport Service
Transport Service Access Point
Transport Service Controller
Transport Service Data Unit
Transport Service Kulbleck
Transport Service Programmers Interface
Transport Services Agreement
Transport Services Licensing Act
Transportation Acquisition Service Center
Transportation Administrative Service Center
Transportation Corps Army Aviation Field Service Office
Transportation Management Service Center
Transportation Management Services Solution
Transportation Management Services Solution
Transportation Protection Service
Transportation Railway Service
Transportation Research Information Service
Transportation Security Intelligence Service
Transportation Service Bulletin
Transportation Service Provider
Transportation Services Branch
Transportation Services, Inc.
Tranzum Courier Service
Trap Data Dissemination Service
Travaux Conception Duplication Service
Travel and Business Service
Travel and Transport Information Service
Travel Card Operator Services
Travel Class of Service
Travel Directed is Necessary in the Military Service
Travel Distribution Services
Travel Industry Designator Service
Travel Industry Services
Travel Motor Vehicles and Card Services
Travel Notification Service
Travel Related Services
Travel Technology Systems & Services
Travelers Information Service
Travelers Services Rest Areas
Traveling Class Of Service
Traveller Education Services
Traveller Information Services Association
Treasury Information Service Center
Tree Fern Web Services
Trenton Browne Information Services
Trial Defense Service
Trial Services Office
Trials of Innovative Government Electronic Regional Services
Triangle Environmental Service Center, Inc
Tribune Media Services
Tricare Help E-Mail Service
TRICARE Service Centers
Tri-County Juvenile Information Service
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
Trinity Church Services, LLC
Trinity Outpatient Rehabilitation Services
Trinity Western Internal Service Team
Triple Jump Advisory Services
Triple Play Service
Tri-Service Assessment Initiative
Tri-Service Automated Cost Engineering System
Tri-Service Facility Management Standards
Triservice Group
tri-Service group on communications and electronic equipment
Tri-Service Group on Communications and Electronics
Tri-Service Improvement Program
Tri-Service Medical Information System
Tri-Service Medical Information System Program Office
Tri-service Medical Systems Support Center
Tri-Service Solicitation Network
Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile
Triservice Support Center
Tri-Service Tactical
Tri-Service Tactical Communications Program
Tri-Service Vision Conservation and Readiness Program
Triumph Accessory Services
Tropospheric Emission Monitoring Internet Service
Truck Equipment and Service Company
Trunk Service Record
Trunked Land Mobile Service
Trust and Company Service Provider
Trust and Fiduciary Services
Trust Service Provider
Trust Universe Comparison Service
Trusted Service Provider
Trusted Time Distribution Service
Tuberculosis Outreach and Prevention Services
Tufts Emergency Medical Services
Tulane Emergency Medical Service
Tulare Youth Service Bureau
Turbine Control Service Associates, Inc.
Turbine Service Water
Turkish Ground Services
Turkish State Meteorological Service
Tuttle Risk Management Services, Inc
Two Services Task Force
Tyne and Wear Archives Service
Type Of Service
Tyrolean Jet Services
Ubiquitous Application and Security Service
UConn Conference Services (Storrs, CT)
Uganda Registration Services Bureau
Uganda Services Exporters Association
Ugandan Schools Information Service
UK Coastal Monitoring and Forecasting Service
UK Special Boat Service
Ukrainian National Information Service
ULANA Service Interface
Ulster Quaker Service Committee
Ultimate Valeting Services
Umatilla Morrow Education Service District
Unbundled Cost of Service
Unbundled Regional Service Area
Unbundled Service Access Point
Unconditioned Local Loop Service
Undergraduate Academic Services Building
Undergraduate Student Academic Services
Underground Service Alert
Underground Service Cable
Underground Service Entrance Cable
Underground Telephone Service
Under-Serviced Area License
Underserviced Area Program
Underwriter Services Gemological Laboratory
Underwriting Service Assistant
Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Servicemembers
Unicenter Service Level Management
UniCredit Global Information Services
Unified Access Service License
Unified Access Service Provider
Unified Communications Service
Unified Diagnostic Services
Unified Diagnostic Services
Unified Logging Service
Unified Message Services
Unified Service Action Model
Unified Service Description Language
Uniform Service Order Codes
Uniform Services Message Text Format
Uniformed Members of the Service
Uniformed Service Shared Leave Pool
Uniformed Services Disabled Retirees
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994
Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege
Uniformed Services Meal Ticket
Uniformed Services Medical Facilities
Uniformed Services Military Treatment Facility
Uniformed Services Pay Act of 1981
Uniformed Services Prescription Database
Uniformed Services University
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Union Member Discount Services
Union Public Service Commission
Union Territories Civil Services
Uniplexed Information and Computing Service
Unisys Financial Services System
Unisys Global Services India
Unisys Insurance Services Limited
Unit in Service
Unit in Service
Unité de Logements et de Services
Unité Mixte de Service
United Banks Service Company
United Blood Services
United Buying Service
United Chinese Community Enrichment Services Society
United Christmas Service
United Community & Family Services
United Consumer Financial Services
United Financial Settlement Services, Inc.
United Global Services Corp
United Health and Hospital Services
United Health Services Hospitals, Inc.
United HealthCare Service, Inc.
United Home Health Services
United Kingdom Accreditation Service
United Kingdom Assessment Service
United Library Services
United Merchant Services, Inc.
United Migrant Opportunity Services
United Nations Information Service
United Nations Office for Project Services
United Nations Service Medal
United Nations Service Medal
United Neighborhood Health Services
United Parcel Service
United Protection Services
United Publicity Services plc
United Recovery Services, Inc.
United Registration Services
United Rehabilitation Services
United Research Services
United Seamen’s Service
United Seamen’s Service American Merchant Marine Library Association
United Service for New Americans
United Service Organizations
United Service Source, Inc.
United Servicers Association, Inc.
United Services Advisors Inc.
United Services Automobile Association
United Services Community Action Agency
United Services Credit Union
United Services Military Apprenticeship Program
United Services Recreation Club
United Specialty Services
United States Air Service
United States Armed Services Center for Research of Unit Records
United States Army Aeronautical Services Agency
United States Army Air Service
United States Army Air Traffic Control Activity-Aeronautical Services Office
United States Army Health Services Command
United States Army Health Services Command
United States Army Legal Services Agency
United States Army Service Center for the Armed Forces
United States Civil Service Commission
United States Code Service
United States Commercial Service
United States Commercial Service Hong Kong
United States Customs Service
United States Defense Services
United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service
United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service
United States Department of Health and Human Services
United States Environmental Science Services Administration
United States Financial Services
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
United States Foreign Commercial Service
United States Forest Service
United States Imagery and Geospatial Information Service
United States Imagery and Geospatial Information Service
United States Imagery and Geospatial Information Service Conceptual Data Model
United States Indian Health Service
United States Information Service
United States Internal Revenue Service
United States Investigations Services
United States Life-Saving Service
United States Lighthouse Service
United States Postal Service
United States Preventive Services Task Force
United States Public Health Service
United States Secret Service
United States Secret Service – Special Services Division
United States Technical Services
United Technical Support Services
United TTY Sales and Service (Laytonsville, MD)
United Valley Insurance Services
United Wisconsin Services, Inc.
Units of Service
Unity Security Balloting Services
Unity. Service. Navigation.
Universal Card Service
Universal Carrier Services
Universal Computer Services
Universal Field Services, Inc
Universal Info Service
Universal Info Service
Universal Information Service
Universal Information Service
Universal Information Service Browser
Universal Mail Delivery Service
Universal Military Training & Service
Universal Mobile Phone Service
Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service
Universal Mobile Telephone Service
Universal Network Architecture Services
Universal Pilots Application Service
Universal Rehabilitation Service Agency
Universal Service Access Multiplexer
Universal Service Administrative Company
Universal Service Agency
Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa
Universal Service and Access Fund
Universal Service Card
Universal Service Code
Universal Service Commitment
Universal Service Component Model
universal service contract
Universal Service Directive
Universal Service Fee
Universal Service Fund
Universal Service Market
Universal Service Marketing Group
Universal Service Obligation
Universal Service Obligation Fund
Universal Service Order
Universal Service Order Code
Universal Service Pistol
Universal Service Plan
Universal Service Preservation Plan
Universal Service Protocol
Universal Service Provider
Universal Service Provision Fund
Universal Services Echo Canceller
UNIversal trunk-out-of-service Code
Universities and Colleges Admissions Service
University Administrative Services
University Business Services
University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service
University Computer Services
University Computing and Networking Services
University Counselling Service
University Dial-Up Service
University Dining Services
University Dining Services
University District Service Providers
University Emergency Medical Service
University Health Services
University Information Services
University Information Services
University Information Technology Services
University Occupational Health Service
University of Michigan Parking and Transportation Services
University of Minnesota Extension Service
University of Toronto Computing Services
University Operations Services
University Student Health Services
University Student Legal Services
University Support Services
University System of Maryland Service Center
University Testing Services
University Transit Service
Univesity of Hawaii, Cooperative Research, Education and Extension Services
Unix Connectivity File Service
Unix Print Services
Unix System Services
Unix Systems Services
Unrecognized Prior Service Cost
Unregulated Terms of Service
Unsatisfactory Service Report
Unserviceable Generation Factor
Unsolicited Grant Service
Unspecified Bit Rate Service
Unsuitable for Army Service
UNSW Dial Up Service
Update Service and Technical Support
Upper Information Service
Upper Information Service
Upper Peninsula Catholic Services Appeal
Urban Basic Services for the Poor
Urban Financial Services Coalition
Urban Planning Service
Urban Service Area
Urban Service Boundary
Urban Services Committee
Urban Services Plan
Urban Voodoo Internet Services
US Citizenship and Immigration Services
US Determination Services, Inc.
US Foodservice
US Minerals Management Service
US Motorola Service Stations
US Reclamation Service
US Recovery Service
US Revenue Consular Service Fee
Used Equipment Referral Service
Usenet Service Provider
User Adoption Services
User Authentication Services
User Data Service
User Data Service
User Group Support Services
User in Service
User in Service
User Location Service
User Out of Service
User Service Center
User Service Information
User Service Order Profile
User Services & Systems Support
User Services Documentation Repository
User Services Identity Module
User Services Layer
User Services Subsystem
User Services Support
User Signaling Bearer Service
Using Service Code
Utah Agricultural Statistics Service
Utility Energy Services Contracts
Utility Mapping Services, Inc.
Utility Operations and Services
Utility Sealing Services, Inc.
Utility Service District
Utility Service Protection Plan
Utility Services, Inc.
Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission
Vaathsalya Information Technology Services
Vakopleiding Payroll Services
Validate, Service and Respond
Valley Medical Billing Services
Value Added and Data Services
Value Added Information Service Interactive On-Line Network
Value Added Mobile Services
Value Added Services
Value Added Services Alliance
Value Added Services for Maritime Environment
Value Added Services for Transport
Value-Added Network Service
Value-Added Telecommunications Service
Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society
Vancouver Refugee Services Alliance
Vancouver Tax Services Office
Vari-Lite Production Services
Vatican Information Service
Vattenfall Europe Information Services
VAX OSI Transport Service
Vector Administrative and Services Menu
Vehicle Administrative Services
Vehicle Consumer Services Interface
Vehicle Lease and Service Limited
Vehicle Out-of-Service
Vehicle Service Contract
Vehicle Service Road
Vehicle Service Table
Vélos en Libre Service
Vendome Rome Services Immobiliers
Vendor Managed Service
Vendor Service Bulletin
Vendor Service Representative
Ventilation des Services
Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority
Venture Economics Information Services
Veolia Environmental Services
Veolia Environmental Services North America
Verhasselt Business and Technology Services
Verification de Service Regulier
Verigen Transplantation Service International
VeriSign Mobile Enterprise Services
VERITAS Authentication Service
Veritas Medicare Services
Verizon Data Services, Inc.
Verizon Select Services Inc.
Vermont Behavioral Health Services
Vermont Department of Public Service
Vermont Interdependent Services Team Approach
Vermont Internet Services and Technology Network
Vermont Resident Service Coordinators
Vermont Service Center
Vermont Service Center
Versatile Service Engine
Vertical Service Code
Vertical Service Provider
Vessel Tracking Service
Vessel Traffic Information Service
vessel traffic service
Vessel Traffic Services
Veteran’s Employment & Training Service
Veterans Employment Coordination Service
Veterans Employment Transition Services
Veterans Integrated Service Network
Veterans News and Information Service
Veterans Service Commission
Veterans Service Organization
Veterans Service Representative
Veterans Services Division
Veterans Services Office
Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service
Veterinary Insurance Services Company
Veterinary Medical College Application Service
Veterinary Services
Veterinary Services Department
Veterinary Services Laboratory
Veterinary Social Work Services
Vetwork Services Trust
Vice President of Membership Services
Vicki Bernard Media Services
Victim Services Program
Victim Services Unit
Victims Services Center
Victoria Meetings and Events Service
Victoria Office Telephony Service
Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
Victorian Association of Drink Driver Services
Victorian Clinical Genetics Services
Victorian Council of Social Service
Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service
Victorian Public Service
Victorian Services for Deaf Children
Victorian Tourism Information Service
Victorian Transplantation and Immunogenetic Service
Victory Ensured Through Service
Victory Services Club
Video Broadcast Services
Video Conferencing Service
Video Customer Service
Video Descriptive Service
Video Game Webpage Services
Video Gold Key Service
Video Messaging Service
Video Relay Service
Video Services Forum, Inc.
Video Technology Advisory Service
Video Teleconferencing Service
Video Transmission Service
Videotex Service Control Element
Vienna Backbone Service
Vienna International Airport Security Services, GmbH
Vietnam Postal Services Company
Vietnam Service Medal
Vietnam Veterans’ Counselling Service
Villanova Emergency Medical Service
VInes Applications Services
Vintela Authentication Services
Virginia Cooperative Extension Service
Virginia Department of Emergency Services
Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services
Virginia Internet Service Providers Alliance
Virginia Lawyer Referral Service
Virginia Student Services Conference
Virtual Agent Services
Virtual Asynchronous Services Interface
Virtual Broadband Service Provider
Virtual Communications Service
Virtual Disk Service
Virtual DMA Services
Virtual E-Services Network
Virtual Integrated Network Service
Virtual Internet Service Provider
Virtual Machine Serviceability Enhancements Staged
Virtual Networking Services
Virtual Print Room Services
Virtual Private LAN Service
Virtual Private Network Service
Virtual Private Network Services Module
Virtual Private Routing Services
Virtual Private Wire Service
Virtual Schooling Service
Virtual Server Services
Virtual Service Community
Virtual Service Node
Virtual Service Offering
Virtual Service Provider
Virtual Service Redundancy Protocol
Virtual Service Sets
Virtual Service Switch
Virtual Services Corporation
Virtual Services Management
Virtual Services Worldwide
Virtual Sprint Service Node
Virtual Terminal Service
Virtual Wire Service
Virtualization Service Client
Virtualization Service Provider
Visa International Service Association
Vision Imaging Internet Services
Vision Service Plan
Visionary & Enterprising Management Services
Visiting Nurse Service
Visiting Nurse Service, Inc.
Visiting Technicians Services, Inc.
Visitor Information Network Service
VISN Support Services Center
Visser Software Services, Inc.
Visual Arts Data Service
Visual Computing Services, Ltd
Visual Graphics Computing Services India Pvt Ltd
Visual Impairment Services Team
Visual Information Service Center
Visual Service Composition Environment
Visualization Information Archival/Retrieval Service
Visually Impaired Preschool Services
Vitamin Nutrition Information Service
Viveks Service Centre
Vivenasri Financial Services Ltd.
VME Service Bus
Vocational Guidance Services
Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Vodafone Global Content Services
Voice Broadcast Service
Voice Controlled Services
Voice Group Call Service
Voice Interworking Service Module
Voice Network Services
Voice of Russia World Service
Voice Over Internet Services
Voice Service Delivery
Voice Service Provider
Voice Service Provider
Voice Services Equipment
Voice Teleconferencing Services
Voice Telephony Service Provider
Volontaire du Service National Actif
Volume Shadow Copy Service
Volume Shadow Service (Microsoft)
Voluntary Ambulance Service
Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition
Voluntary Service
Voluntary Service Aberdeen
Voluntary Service Organisation
Voluntary Service Overseas
Voluntary Service Plan
Voluntary Youth Services
Volunteer Ambulance Service
Volunteer and Service Enquiry Southern Africa
Volunteer Attorney Legal Services
Volunteer Emergency Service Unit
Volunteer Employment Services Team
Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Services, Inc.
Volunteer First Aid Service
Volunteer Health Services Act
Volunteer Ophthalmic Services Overseas
Volunteer Reserves Service Medal
Volunteer Service & Resource Project
Volunteer Service Medal
Volunteer Service Organization
Volunteer Service to the Air Force
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Volunteer Stroke Service
Volunteers In Community Service
Volunteers in Many Services
Volunteers in Police Service
Volunteers in Professional Service
Volunteers In Service To America
Volunteers in Service to the Elderly
Volunteers of Legal Services
Volvo Aero Services
Volvo International Service Technical Association
Voter News Service
Voyagers Mail Forwarding Service
Voyages Autocars Services
VPN Service Provider
VPNware Service Unit
Vulnerability Assessment Management Service
Vulnerability Notification Service
Wabash Valley Human Services
Wachovia Insurance Services, Inc.
Wackenhut Services Inc.
Wadhwa Ingenious Training Services
Wage Garnishment Processing Service
Wagner Electronic Services
Waiting List Service Report
Waiver Personal Care Services
Wake Health Services Inc.
Wales Fire and Rescue Service
Wales Interpretation and Translation Service
Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service
Wallace Computer Services
Wallace Computer Services
Wang Government Services, Inc.
Wang Information Services Corporation
Wansbeck Council for Voluntary Service
WAP Service Broker
War Air Service Program
War Pensioners Welfare Service
War Service Increment
Warfighter and Family Services
Warfighter Area Information Service
Warhead Systems Engineering Services
Warsaw Airport Services
Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service
Washakie Mental Health Services
Washington Administrative Service Center
Washington County Cooperative Library Services
Washington Dental Service
Washington Gas Energy Services
Washington Headquarters Services
Washington Health Professional Services
Washington Health Services Act of 1993
Washington Inventory Service
Washington Manufacturing Services
Washington National Tax Service
Washington Occupational Information Service
Washington Research & Consulting Services
Washington Sensory Disabilities Services
Washington Service Corps
Washington Telecommunications Relay Service
Washington Water Service Company
Waste Management Federal Services of Hanford, Incorporated
Waste Management Federal Services, Inc.
Waste Management Federal Services, Inc., Northwest Operations
Water and Sanitation Services
Water and Sanitation Services South Africa
Water and Wastewater Services
Water Conservation Field Services Program
Water Employee Services Authority
Water Environment and Water Services Act
Water Management Services, Inc.
Water Service Connection
Water Services Association of Australia
Water Services Authority
Water Services Trust Fund
Waterloo Regional Police Service
Waterplanet Environmental Broadcast Service
Watson Wyatt Data Services
Waukesha County Department of Senior Services Specialized Transportation
Waveform Processing Service
Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc.
Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc.
Wavefront Weather Services
Wavelength Dedicated Ring Service
Wayne Community Living Services
We Stand for Service
Wealth & Tax Advisory Services, Inc.
Wealth Management Service
Wear Applications & Management Services
Weather Service Forecast Office
Weather Service Headquarters
Weather Service Meteorological Office
Weather Service Office
Weather Service Operations Manual
Weather Service Provider
Weather Service Radar
Weather Service Unit
Weather Services International Corporation
Weathertight Homes Resolution Services
Web Application Container Service
Web Applications and Services Platform
Web Consulting Services
Web Consulting Services
Web Coverage Service
Web Coverage Service
Web Enterprise and Business Services
Web Feature Service
Web Hosting Service
Web Informatics Communication Service
Web Interactive Network of Government Services
Web Mail Service
Web Map Service
Web Marketing Services, Inc.
Web Pricing & Ordering Service
Web Processing Service
Web Security Services Agent
Web Self Service
Web Self Service Option
Web Service Center
Web Service Choreography Interface
Web Service Component
Web Service Definition File
Web Service Definition Language
Web Service Discovery
Web Service Level Agreements
Web Service Modeling Ontology
Web Service Offerings Infrastructure
Web Service Orchestration Server
Web Service Platform
Web Service Polling Engine
Web Service Privacy Policy
Web Service Rendition Interface
Web Service Research Institute
Web Service Scheduler
Web Service Software Factory
Web Service Xchange
Web Services
Web Services Agent Integration
Web Services and Meteor Architecture
Web Services and Model Driven Enterprise Information Systems
Web Services and the Future of Internet Computing
Web Services Architecture
Web Services Authorization
Web Services Business Object
Web Services Competence Centre
Web Services Contract First
Web Services Description Language
Web Services Developer Network
Web Services Dynamic Object Technology
Web Services Endpoint Language
Web Services Enhancements
Web Services for Coalition Interoperability
Web Services for Embedded Devices -Based Innovative Generation for Home Networking Technologies)
Web Services for Interactive Applications
Web Services for Remote Portals
Web Services for Remote Portlets
Web Services Framework
Web Services Gateway
Web Services Initiative
Web Services Inspection Language for Java
Web Services Integration Platform
Web Services Integration Toolkit
Web Services Interface
Web Services Intermediary
Web Services Interoperability
Web Services Interoperability Guidance
Web Services Interoperability Technology
Web Services Journal
Web Services Management
Web Services Management Language
Web Services Management Layer
Web Services Meta Language
Web Services Modeling Language
Web Services Modeling Toolkit
Web Services on Devices
Web Services Performance Index
Web Services Pipeline
Web Services Policy
Web Services Policy Attachment for Endpoint Reference
Web Services Policy Framework
Web Services Program
Web Services Referral Protocol
Web Services Registration Interface
Web Services Registry Description
Web Services Relationships Language
Web Services Reliability
Web Services Reliable Messaging
Web Services Repository Initiative
Web Services Secure Conversation
Web Services Secure Exchange
Web Services Security
Web Services Security Language
Web Services Study Group
Web Services Symposium
Web Services Test Forum
Web Services Trust
Web Services: Modeling, Architecture and Infrastructure
Web Site Services, Inc.
Web Technologies, Applications and Services
Web Terrain Service
Web Transaction Service
Web-Based Applications & Services
Webdesign Translations Computer Services
Weblogic Service Delivery
Webmart Communication Services
Webmart Communication Services
Web-Services Based Integration
Website as a Service
Website Management and Hosting Service
Website Promotion Ranking Services
Websphere Business Services Fabric
WebSphere Everyplace Service Delivery
WebSphere Information Services Director
WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
Weekly Business Consulting Service
Weekly Service Review
Weighted Average Service Fee
Welby Computer Services Limited
Welby Computer Services Limited
Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service
Welfare Services Branch
Well Known Service
Well Stimulation Services
Well-Defined Services
Wellesley Information Services
Wells Fargo Audit Services Inc.
Wells Fargo Guard Services
Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Inc.
Wells Fargo Merchant Services
Welsh Design Advisory Service
Wesley Gambling Counselling Services
Wessex Water Services Ltd
West Africa Climate Data Service
West Bend Taxi Service
West Bengal Civil Service
West Bengal Service Rule
West Central Joint Services
West Country Vending Service
West End Refuge Service
West End Youth Enquiry Service
West Environmental Services & Technology, Inc
West Hancock Ambulance Service
West Marin Senior Services
West Michigan Internet Service
West Midlands Ambulance Service
West Midlands Fire Service
West Tennessee Legal Services
West Toronto Support Services
West Valley Community Services
West Valley Nuclear Services Company
West Valley Nuclear Services Company
West Virginia Community Educational Outreach Service
West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service
West Yorkshire Archaeology Service
West Yorkshire Archive Service
West Yorkshire Joint Services
West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service
Westchester Putnam Legal Services
Westcoast Gas Services, Inc.
Westcoast Multicultural and Diversity Services
Western Alliance Emergency Services
Western Australia Police Service
Western Australia Showbag Services
Western Australian State Emergency Service
Western Billing Services
Western Canadian Spill Services Ltd
Western Carolina Railway Service Corporation
Western Data Services, Inc.
Western District Health Service
Western Financial Services Association
Western Growers Insurance Services
Western Guaranty Fund Services
Western Insurance Information Services
Western Maine Transportation Services
Western Massachusetts Legal Services
Western Michigan Legal Services
Western Nevada Insurance Services, Inc.
Western Operations Information Services
Western Queens Area Service
Western Railway Equipment Services
Western Region Outreach Service
Western Regional Delivery Service
Western Reserve Internet Services
Western Reserve MedTec Services
Western Scientific Services, Inc.
Western Service Learning Days
Western Service Workers Association
Western States Card Services
Western Textile Services Association
Western Union Financial Services
Westinghouse Government Environmental Services
Westinghouse Waste Technology Services Division
Westminster Adult Education Service
Weston County Health Services
Westside Holistic Family Services
Wetaskiwin and District Association for Community Service
Weyburn and Area Supportive Employment Services Inc.
Weyerhaeuser Engineering Services
Wharton Research Data Service
Wheaton Franciscan Services, Inc.
Whilst on Active Service
White Pages Service
White Sands Complex Data Interface Service Capability
Whitehorse Medical Services Ltd.
Whitman College Technology Services
Wholesale Extension Services
Wholesale Interservice Support Agreement
Wholesale Operator Services
Wholesale Services Group
Wholesale, Retail and Personal Services Industry
Wide Area Assured Transport Service
Wide Area Data Service
Wide Area Information Service
Wide Area Management Services
Wide Area Telecommunication/Telephone Service
Wide Area Transmission Service
Wide Load Escort Services
Wide-Area Application Services
Wide-area Data Services
Wide-Area File Services
Wide-Area Integrated Services Distributed Open Management
Wide-Area Telecommunications Service
Wide-Area Telephone Service
Wideout Technology Services Inc
Widowed Persons Service, Inc.
Wilderness Emergency Medical Services
Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute
Wildlife Removal Services
Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service
Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service
Wildlife Services
Wildlife Technical Services, Inc.
Willamette Education Service District
Willamette Family Treatment Services
Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service
Williams Industrial Services Group
Williamsburg Multiple Listing Service
Williamson County Juvenile Services
Williamsport Volunteer Ambulance Service
Wills and Legacies Advisory Service
Wilshire Financial Services Group, Inc
Wilson Education Service Center
Windham Financial Services, Inc.
Window of Service
Windows Automatic Update Service
Windows Deployment Services
Windows Installer Service
Windows Internet Naming Service
Windows Media Service Provider
Windows Media Services 9
Windows Open Services Architecture
Windows Process Activation Service
Windows Rights Management Services
Windows Server Update Services
Windows Server Update Services
Windows Server Update Services
Windows Server Update Services
Windows Service Pack
Windows Services for UNIX
Windows Sharepoint Services
Windows Software Update Services
Windows Software Update Services
Windows Software Update Services
Windows Terminal Services
Windows Update Service
Wing Special Services Officer
Winnebago County Animal Services
Winnebago Satellite Service, Inc.
Winnipeg Child and Family Services
Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service
WIPO Patent Information Services
Wire and Cable Services
Wireless Access Mobility Services
Wireless Application Service Provider
Wireless Application Service Providers Association
Wireless Broadband Service
Wireless Broadband Service Provider
Wireless Calling Name Service
Wireless Circuit Data Service
Wireless Communication Service
Wireless Communication Service
Wireless Data Roaming Service
Wireless Data Service
Wireless Domain Services
Wireless Infrastructure and Application Services
Wireless Infrastructure and Application Services
Wireless Integrated Services Network
Wireless Interactive Terrestrial Network Systems and Services
Wireless Internet Service Architecture
Wireless Internet Service Provider
Wireless LAN Services Module
Wireless Maritime Services
Wireless Medical Telemetry Service
Wireless Messaging Service
Wireless On-Demand Network Systems and Services
Wireless Optimization Service Node
Wireless Priority Service
Wireless Professional Communication Services
Wireless Provisioning Service
Wireless Quality of Service
Wireless Service Control Point
Wireless Service Measurements
Wireless Service Provider
Wireless Service Request
Wireless Services Module
Wireless Site Services, Inc.
Wireless Technology Advisory Service
Wireless Value Added Services
Wireless Yellow Pages Service
Wireline & Perforating Services
Wireline Enhanced Services
Wireline Enhanced Services Team
Wirral Health Informatics Service
Wirtschafts- und Bildungsservice
Wisconsin Agri-Service Association
Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services
Wisconsin Emergency Medical Service for Children
Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Service
Wisconsin Physicians Service
Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
Wisconsin Public Service Utility
Wisconsin Service Plan Review
Wisconsin Social Services Association
Wisconsin Society of Fire Service Instructors
Wisconsin Valley Library Service
Wise Well Intervention Services
With Prior Service
Withlacoochee Area Legal Services
WM Financial Services
Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service
Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service
Women Helping Women Services
Women in Community Service, Inc.
Women in His Service
Women in Insurance and Financial Services
Women in Military Service
Women in Military Service for America
Women In Military Service for America National Foundation
Women in the Fire Service, Inc.
Women Investigating New Goals and Services
Women’s Air Force Service Pilots
Women’s and Children’s Health Service
Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service
Women’s Distribution Services
Women’s Foodservice Forum
Women’s International News Gathering Service
Women’s Royal Naval Service
Women’s Royal Naval Service
Women’s Royal Voluntary Service
Women’s Society of Christian Service
Women’s Technical Support Services
Women’s Voluntary Royal Service
Women’s Voluntary Services
Women’s War Service Auxiliary
Wood Group Generator Services
Wood Group Production Services
Woodlake Sanitary Services, Inc.
Woodmont Real Estate Services
Woodstock Christian Life Services
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada – Woodstock / via Rail Service
Worcestershire Association of Service Users
Worcestershire Support Services Agency
Work First Employment Services
Work Pass Services Centre
Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services
Workers Compensation Managed Care Services
Workers Independent News Service
Workflow Management Services
Workforce Compensation and Performance Service
Workforce Service Area
Workforce Services and Continuing Education
Working Group on Financial Services
Working Group on the Commercialization of Meteorological and Hydrological Services
Working Party of Chief Officers of Plant Health Services
Working Party on Professional Services
Workplace Collaboration Services
Workplace Collaboration Services
Workplace Health Services
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services
Workplace Self-Service
Works and Emergency Services
Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless Networks
Workshop on Mobile Commerce and Wireless Services
Workshop on Satellite-Based Information Services
Workshop on Web Service Composition and Adaptation
Workshop on Web Services
Workstation Common Services
World Bank Volunteer Services
World Cellular Information Service
World Certification Services Ltd
World Certification Services Ltd
World Church Service
World Church Service
World Class Customer Service
World Climate Applications and Services Programme
World Climate Data Information Referral Service
World Communication Group Services, Ltd.
World Community Service Resource Network
World Council of Jewish Communal Service
World Council of Service Clubs
World Directory Service Agency
World Education Services
World Glacier Monitoring Service
World Hunger Education Service
World Information Service on Energy
World Information Technology and Services Alliance
World Net Services, Inc.
World Organization for Islamic Services
World Organization of Public Health Services
World Quality Services
World Relief Refugee Services
World Sea Trade Service
World Service
World Service Board of Trustees
World Service Center
World Service Office
World Service Office Board
World Services
World Standards Services Network
World University Service
World University Service Komite Indonesia
World University Service of Canada
World Weather Information Service
World Website Service
World Wide Education Services
World Wide Immigration and Consultancy Services
World Wide Immigration Services
World Wide Network Services
World Wide Online Services
World Wide Presentation Service
World Wide Travel Service
Worldnet Internet Connect Service
Worldwide Emergency Telemedicine Services
Worldwide Flight Services Inc.
Worldwide Goods & Services
Worldwide Laser Service Corporation
Worldwide Management Support Services
Worldwide Massage Information Service
World-Wide Navigational Warning Service
Worldwide Personal Protection Services
Worldwide Power and Pump Services, Inc.
Worldwide Project Management Services
Worldwide Sales and Services
Worldwide Securities Services
Worldwide Services
Worldwide Warehouse Redistribution Services
Wyoming Youth Services Bureau
X/Open Directory Services
Xcel Energy Services
Xchanging Claims Services
Xerographic Copier Service
Xerox Business Services
Xerox Computer Services
Xerox Network Service
Xerox Office Services
Xilinx Design Services
XML and Web Service
XML Integration Services
XML Messaging Services
Xtranet Internet Services
Yahoo! Web Services
Yakima Neighborhood Health Services
Yale Babysitting Service
Yale Behavioral Health Services
Yale University Health Services
Yamada English Services
Years in Service
Years Of Service
Years Of Service
Years of Service for Severance Pay Purposes
Yermo Community Service District
YMCA Earth Service Corps
York Alcohol Advice Service
Yorkshire Cochlear Implant Service
Yorkshire Water Services
Young Adult Library Services Association
Young People’s Service
Young Workers Advisory Service
Young Workers Legal Service
Yours in Service
Youth and Education Services
Youth and Shelter Services, Inc
Youth Clinical Services
Youth Community Service Project
Youth Education Support Service
Youth Elderly Service
Youth Emergency Services
Youth Employment Service
Youth Engaged in Service
Youth Enhancement Services
Youth Enrichment Services
Youth Evangelism Service
Youth Guardian Services
Youth Health Service
Youth in Emergency Services
Youth Information, Advice and Counselling Service
Youth Service America
Youth Service Corps
Youth Service Day
Youth Service Fund
Youth Service Fund
Youth Service Leadership
Youth Service League
Youth Service Learning
Youth Service Team
Youth Service Unit
Youth Services
Youth Services Bureau
Youth Services Citizen Board
Youth Services Network
Youth Services of Tulsa
Youth Services Professional Resources
Youth Services Quality Council
Youth Sports Services Department
Youth Support Services
Youth Workforce Services
Youth-Friendly Service
Zambia Library Service
Zanzibar Legal Services Centre
Zayo Managed Services
Zebra Computer Services Inc
Zee Web Net Services
Zeeland Farm Services, Inc.
Zeeland Food Services, Inc.
Zeeland Freight Services, Inc.
Zemmels Consulting Services, Inc.
Zenger News Service
Zentraler Service Switch
Zeugma Services Node
Zierer Visa Services, Inc
Zimba Consulting Services, Inc
Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers Association
Zoom Service Network
Zope Replication Services
Zurich Financial Services Group
Zurich Insurance Services
Zvei-Services GmbH