South Carolina Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for South Carolina state?

SC is the 2 letter abbreviation for South Carolina, the 23th largest state in the United States of America. South Carolina is a state located in South part of U.S.A, bordering Georgia and North Carolina. Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina. Major cities include Columbia (Population: 133814), Charleston (Population: 132620), North Charleston (Population: 108315), Mt. Pleasant (Population: 81328), Rock Hill (Population: 71559), Greenville (Population: 64590), Summerville (Population: 48859), Sumter (Population: 40827), Goose Creek (Population: 40644), Hilton Head Island (Population: 40523), Florence (Population: 38239), and Spartanburg (Population: 37878).

South Carolina State Flag

South Carolina State Profile

  • Capital: Columbia
  • Admitted to USA: 1788
  • Area: 82,933 km2
  • Population: 5,148,714
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 803, 843, 864
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  SC
  • State Government Website:


South Carolina is located in the southeastern part of the USA on the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the so-called southern states. South Carolina borders North Carolina to the north and Georgia to the west and southwest. From the 1650s it was settled by the English, with most of the settlers from the colonies of Bermuda, New England (today’s Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont) and Virginia came. The area was named after the English king Charles I (Carolus lat. For Charles). However, it was still the Province of Carolina, which was only separated from North Carolina and South Carolina from 1710 and 1712 (officially in 1729). The state’s nickname today is “The Palmetto State”. In contrast to the other states, South Carolina has two state mottoes, “Dum spiro spero” (as long as I breathe, I hope) and “Animis opibusque parati” (ready in spirit and means).

The state of South Carolina covers an area of ​​approximately 82,932 km² and has approximately 4.72 million inhabitants. The capital of South Carolina is Columbia with approximately 130,000 inhabitants in the geographic center of the state. South Carolina was the first of the Thirteen Colonies to declare independence from Britain (3/15/1776) and was incorporated into the United States as the 8th state on May 23, 1788 after the ratification of the United States Constitution (2/5/1778).

Nowadays, South Carolina is a popular tourist destination due to its scenic landscape and many historic sites. In addition to tourism, which is mostly limited to the regions on the Atlantic, the chemical industry, the electronics industry, wood processing and the textile industry. The cultivation of tobacco and cotton represents the most important part of the agricultural sector. It is also worth mentioning that in this state “godless” are not allowed to hold any public office. In Charleston, Joseph Pulitzer, who was born in Hungary, died on October 29, 1911 – the founder of the Pulitzer Prize, which has been awarded since 1917.

On January 12, 1944, the future heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier was born in Beaufort. Frazier died on November 7, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Other South Carolina celebrities include Ben Bernanke, the President of the Federal Reserve Board (Central Bank), rock and roll singer Chubby Checker, comedian and satirist Stephen Colbert, Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, the Politician and civil rights activist Jesse Jackson, author Nicholas Sparks and Nobel Prize winner Charles H. Townes.

History of the Civil War in South Carolina
The southern and northern states of the United States had major problems with each other long before the beginning of the civil war. On December 20, 1860, South Carolina broke away from the Union and thus gave rise to the formation of the Confederacy of the “Southern States”. As a result, more and more bases of the Unionists of the north in the southern states were closed. In the end, there were only two: one was Fort Sumter before entering Charleston, South Carolina and the other was Fort Pickens near Pensacola, Florida. On April 12, 1861 at 4:30 a.m., the Confederates (southern states) began shelling the strategically important Fort Sumter, opening the American Civil War, which ultimately killed approximately 620,000 soldiers. Fort Summer’s crew had to surrender three days after the war began.

Cities and larger towns

The city of Columbia is the capital of the state of South Carolina and, with approximately 130,000, also the largest city in the state. As many as 800,000 people live in the city’s metropolitan area. Columbia is in the geographic center of South Carolina. Columbia was founded in the 17th century and from 1786 Columbia was consistently expanded as a planned city and replaced Charleston as the capital. The city is named after Christopher Columbus. Visitors to the city will find many historic buildings, museums and galleries.

The city of Charleston has approximately 125,000 inhabitants and is located in the south of South Carolina on an inlet of the Atlantic. The city was founded in 1670 as Charles Towne, making it the oldest city in the state. Until 1788, Charleston was also the capital of South Carolina. So the city is rich in history and culture. Thus, on April 12, 1861, the American bloody civil war began with the shelling of Fort Sumter, which was occupied by the northern states. The city’s port has long played an important role in the import of slaves.

And only in June 2018 did the city officially apologize for its role in slavery after a fierce and lengthy debate and with seven to five votes. The urban area south of Highway 17 to the confluence of the Cooper River and Ashley River is particularly beautiful. Here you can admire wonderful houses in the architectural style from the time before the civil war and the streets littered with magnolia trees. Visitors will also find museums and galleries, and much more. Even the first museum in the United States, the Charleston Museum, is located here. Incidentally, the fashion dance of the same name also comes from here.

The small town of Georgetown with its approx. 9,000 inhabitants is located in the southeast of the state on the Atlantic coast between Myrtle Beach and Charleston on Winyah Bay at the end of the well-known holiday area Grand Strand. The historic port city was founded in 1732, making it the third oldest city in South Carolina. The port continues to play an important role in the city today, as it is the second largest in the state. Despite its size, the city is rich in attractions such as museums and historically interesting places. In particular, the historic antebellum-style buildings, such as the Kaminski House, allow visitors to immerse themselves in times long past.

Myrtle Beach
The city of Myrtle Beach has approximately 27,000 residents and is located east of South Carolina near the border with the state of North Carolina. Myrtle Beach is the region’s tourist hotspot in summer. No wonder, since Myrtle Beach is roughly in the center of Grand Strand. The city also convinces with its beaches and its climate. However, you are not alone here because the city attracts over 14 million visitors every year. These get along, because beaches, museums, galleries and many other attractions make the city popular. The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, newly opened in 2010, is also particularly recommended, an approximately 2 km long beach promenade.

The city of Spartanburg is in northwestern South Carolina in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and has approximately 37,000 residents. Up to 285,000 people live in the metropolitan area of ​​the city. The city was founded in 1831 and in earlier times Spartanburg was a hub for rail traffic. Spartanburg is a university city, which can also be seen from the fact that the city has a very active and up-and-coming art scene. There are some attractions in the city such as historical buildings and theaters, but there are also many historically interesting sights in the surrounding area.

South Carolina State Abbreviations

List of South Carolina Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about South Carolina are SC which stands for South Carolina. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to South Carolina, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

SC: South Carolina

Acronym Meaning
AIASC American Institute of Architects South Carolina
ASCEM Association of South Carolina Energy Managers
BKSC Bank of South Carolina Corporation
BHSA Behavioral Health Services Association of South Carolina
CRS Carolina Southern Railway Company
DSC District of South Carolina
ECSC Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, Inc.
EFSC Epilepsy Foundation of South Carolina
FFSC Federation of Families of South Carolina
GRASC Grandparents Rights Association of South Carolina
GOSC Gun Owners of South Carolina
HSSC Health Sciences South Carolina
KTR Kingstree, South Carolina
MUSC Medical University of South Carolina
MHASC Mental Health Association in South Carolina
MASC Municipal Association of South Carolina
MBSC Myrtle Beach South Carolina
NBSC National Bank of South Carolina
NYST Newberry YMCA Swim Team (South Carolina)
NCCSAS North Carolina Center for South Asia Studies
PISC Parris Island, South Carolina
PASCAL Partnership among South Carolina Academic Libraries
PASC Provost Academy South Carolina
PSCSC Public Service Commission of South Carolina
SC South Carolina
SCAA South Carolina Academy of Audiology
SCAATCN South Carolina African-American Tobacco Control Network
SCAA South Carolina Aquaculture Association
SCA South Carolina Aquarium
SCAPMS South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society
SCADC South Carolina Asset Development Collaborative
SCATP South Carolina Assistive Technology Program
SCAMFT South Carolina Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
SCAAO South Carolina Association of Assessing Officials
SCAC South Carolina Association of Counties
SCAGPO South Carolina Association of Governmental Purchasing Officials
SCAHACC South Carolina Association of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors
SCALE South Carolina Association of Law Enforcement Explorers
SCAM South Carolina Association of Magicians
SCANPO South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations
SCAPS South Carolina Association of Personnel Services
SCAR South Carolina Association of REALTORS
SCARC South Carolina Association of Regional Councils
SCASL South Carolina Association of School Librarians
SCASN South Carolina Association of School Nurses
SCASFAA South Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
SCAT South Carolina Association of Taxpayers
SCATE South Carolina Association of Teacher Educators
SCAD South Carolina Association of the Deaf
SCADA South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association
SCARE South Carolina Awareness and Rescue for Equines
SCBA South Carolina Bankers Association
SCBA South Carolina Barbeque Association
SCBA South Carolina Beer Association
SCBA South Carolina Broadcasters Association
SCBEA South Carolina Business Education Association
SCCOA South Carolina Campground Owners Association
SCCIA South Carolina Captive Insurance Association
SCCA South Carolina Cattlemen’s Association
SCRF South Carolina Central Railroad
SCCL South Carolina Citizens for Life
SCCP South Carolina Coastal Plain
SCCP South Carolina College of Pharmacy
SCCM South Carolina Columbia Mission
SCCIS South Carolina Consortium for International Studies
SCCC South Carolina Corps of Cadets
SCCEE South Carolina Council on Economic Education
SCDCP South Carolina Deferred Compensation Program
SCDP South Carolina Democratic Party
SCDA South Carolina Dental Association
SCDA South Carolina Department of Agriculture
SCDC South Carolina Department of Commerce
SCDC South Carolina Department of Corrections
SCDE South Carolina Department of Education
SCDNR South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
SCDPS South Carolina Department of Public Safety
SCDU South Carolina Ducks Unlimited
SCEDS South Carolina Economic Development School
SCEA South Carolina Education Association
SCEL South Carolina Education Lottery
SCEPD South Carolina Emergency Preparedness Division
SCEIS South Carolina Enterprise Information System
SCETC South Carolina Environmental Training Center
SCFS South Carolina Fair Share
SCFL South Carolina Family Law
SCFB South Carolina Farm Bureau
SCFM South Carolina Federation of Museums
SCFA South Carolina Fire Academy
SCFLTA South Carolina Foreign Language Teachers’ Association
SCFCA South Carolina Forensic Coaches Association
SCFW South Carolina Forest Watch
SCGSS South Carolina Geological Survey
SCGSS South Carolina Gourd Society
SCGW South Carolina Government Webmasters Association
SCGCC South Carolina Grassland Conservation Coalition
SCHP South Carolina Highway Patrol
SCHC South Carolina Honors College
SCHA South Carolina Hospital Association
SCIP South Carolina Indicators Project
SCIES South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies
SCJGA South Carolina Junior Golf Association
SCLA South Carolina Landowners Association
SCLED South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
SLED South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
SCLP South Carolina Libertarian Party
SCLA South Carolina Library Association
SCLA South Carolina Locksmith Association
SCMAR South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
SCMA South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance
SCMA South Carolina Marina Association
SCMC South Carolina Master’s Commission
SCMA South Carolina Medical Association
SCMA South Carolina Merchants Association
SCMD South Carolina Military Department
SCMA South Carolina Mining Association
SCMBEC South Carolina Minority Business Enterprise Center
SCMA South Carolina Montessori Alliance
SCMA South Carolina Mortgage Associates
SCMA South Carolina Municipal Association
SCMEA South Carolina Music Educators Association
SCOIS South Carolina Occupational Information System
SCORS South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff
SCOPA South Carolina Organ Procurement Agency, Inc.
SCORE South Carolina Oyster Restoration and Enhancement
SCPEA South Carolina Palomino Exhibitors Association
SCPIE South Carolina Parents Involved in Education
SCPA South Carolina Perinatal Association
SCP South Carolina Philharmonic
SCPSA South Carolina Political Science Association
SCPHC South Carolina Public Health Consortium
SCPR South Carolina Public Railways
SCPSA South Carolina Public Service Authority
SCPSC South Carolina Public Service Commission
SCRPA South Carolina Racquetball Players Association
SCRM South Carolina Railroad Museum
SCREC South Carolina Real Estate Center
SCRPA South Carolina Recreation and Parks Association
SCRF South Carolina Reinsurance Facility
SCRA South Carolina Research Authority
SCRS South Carolina Retirement Systems
SCRR South Carolina Rottweiler Rescue
SCRIPT South Carolina Rural Interdisciplinary Program of Training
SCSL South Carolina School of Leadership
SCSGC South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
SCAWWA South Carolina Section of the American Water Works Association
SCSN South Carolina Seismic Network
SCSRC South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care
SCSPCA South Carolina Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SCSA South Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists
SCSEA South Carolina Society of Enrolled Agents
SCSCU South Carolina State Credit Union
SCSEA South Carolina State Employees Association
SCSF South Carolina State Fair
SCSL South Carolina State Library
SCSU South Carolina State University
SCTA South Carolina Telephone Association
SCTAN South Carolina Traditional Arts Network
SCTTP South Carolina Tuition Prepayment Program
SCUA South Carolina United Action
SCUREF South Carolina Universities Research and Education Foundation
SCUM South Carolina Unorganized Militia
SCVR South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation
SCWP South Carolina Writing Project
SCYSA South Carolina Youth Soccer Association
SCYT South Carolina Yutaka Technologies, Inc.
SPNC Southern Party of North Carolina
USC University of South Carolina
UCSC University of South Carolina
USCA University of South Carolina Aiken
USCB University of South Carolina Beaufort
USCC University of South Carolina Columbia
USCL University of South Carolina Lancaster
USCP University of South Carolina Press
USCS University of South Carolina Spartanburg
USCU University of South Carolina Union
VCS Virginia and Carolina Southern Railroad

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