Georgia Abbreviations

GE is the abbreviation for Georgia, the 119th largest country in the world. Georgia is a country located in Eurasia, bordering 4 countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkey. Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia. Top 10 biggest cities are Tbilisi (population: 1,049,487), Kutaisi (population: 178,327), Batumi (population: 121,795), Sukhumi (population: 81,535), Zugdidi (population: 72,995), Rustavi (population: 49,989), P’ot’i (population: 47,138), Gori (population: 46,665), Ts’khinvali (population: 29,989), and Samtredia (population: 28,737).

Country Profile

  • Capital: Tbilisi
  • Language: Georgian
  • Area: 69,700 km2
  • Population: 3,723,511
  • Currency: Georgian lari (GEL)
  • Time zone: UTC+4
  • Calling code: 995
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: GE
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: GEO
  • Internet TLD: .ge
  • State Government Website:

Map of Georgia

List of Georgia Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Georgia are GE which stands for Georgia and GEL which means Georgian lari (Georgia currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Georgia, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

GE: Georgia

Abbreviation Meaning
ACNG AIDS Coalition of Northeast Georgia
ACECG American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia
ADCG Arts Development Council of Georgia
BVSGA Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia
BCBS-GA Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia
CGTEN Central Georgia Traffic Enforcement Network
CG Central of Georgia Railway Company
CGLT Coastal Georgia Land Trust
CBWG Community Bank of West Georgia
CUGY Conservative Union of Georgian Youth
DECI Dahlonega, Georgia
DRAIN Dahlonega, Georgia
D Dahlonega, Georgia
DAILY Dahlonega, Georgia
EGRMC East Georgia Regional Medical Center
FELLOW Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
F Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
FOUL Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
FRACTION Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
FLUNKED Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
FULL Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
FSROG Former Soviet Republic of Georgia
GA Georgia
GE Georgia
GACCP Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Peanuts
GALFF Georgia Agri-Leaders Forum Foundation
GAMI Georgia Alliance for the Mentally Ill
GACLEA Georgia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators
GACP Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police
GACCP Georgia Association of Community Care Providers
GAEMS Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services
GAHSC Georgia Association of Homes & Services for Children
GAMG Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries
GANS Georgia Association of Nursing Students
GAPAC Georgia Association of Professional Agricultural Consultants
GARRS Georgia Association of Recovery Residences
GASP Georgia Association of School Psychologists
GASPP Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel
GAYA Georgia Author of the Year Award
GABRC Georgia Avenue Business Resource Center
GBCN Georgia Baptist College of Nursing
GBDRIS Georgia Birth Defects Reporting and Information System
GBON Georgia Board of Nursing
GBCC Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition
GBFH Georgia Business Forum on Health, Inc.
GCATT Georgia Centers for Advanced Telecommunications Technology
GCMP Georgia Children Media Program
GACCP Georgia Commodity Commission for Peaches
GCMB Georgia Composite Medical Board
GADOE Georgia Department of Education
GADNR Georgia Department of Natural Resources
GDOR Georgia Department of Revenue
GDVP Georgia Disability Vote Project
GDCTA Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association
GECA Georgia Electronic Commerce Association
GEOP Georgia Emergency Operations Plan
GFGA Georgia Fingerstyle Guitar Association
GFPL Georgia Florida Paintball League
GFGA Georgia Flower Growers Association
GFCA Georgia Forensics Coaches Association
GGFOA Georgia Government Finance Officers Association
GHLD Georgia Harper Landscape Design
GHIMA Georgia Health Information Management Association
GHSFHA Georgia High School Football Historians Association
GHSRA Georgia High School Rodeo Association
GILA Georgia Industrial Loan Association
GISAC Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center
GISAC Georgia Interagency Safety Advisory Council
GIGC Georgia International Gymnastics and Cheer, Inc.
GJGA Georgia Junior Golf Association
GLASB Georgia Lions All-State Band
GMG Georgia Marketing Group
GMGA Georgia Master Gardener Association
GMGA Georgia Meat Goat Association
GMESC Georgia Middle East Studies Consortium
GMDJA Georgia Mobile DJ Association
GMEBS Georgia Municipal Employees Benefit System
GMHF Georgia Music Hall of Fame
GNHP Georgia Natural Heritage Program
GNAS Georgia Nurse Alert System
GOTA Georgia Occupational Therapy Association
GOA Georgia Optometric Association
GOHPP Georgia Oral Health Prevention Program
GAPAC Georgia Pacific
GPHC Georgia Paint Horse Club
GPJC Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition
GPFES Georgia Plant Food Education Society
GPFA Georgia Professional Farrier Association
GQHA Georgia Quarter Horse Association
GRPP Georgia Rail Passenger Program
GREAB Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board
GREO Georgia Real Estate Online
GR Georgia Review
GSPP Georgia School of Professional Psychology
GSRF Georgia Self Reliance Fund
SIGTF Georgia Self-Insurers Guaranty Trust Fund
GSTEP Georgia Spit Tobacco Education Program
GSMI Georgia Sports Medicine Institute
GSGA Georgia State Golf Association
GSSMA Georgia State Society of Medical Assistants
GSTEP Georgia State Test of English Proficiency
GSTAND Georgia State Trade Association of Nonprofit Developers
GSTEP Georgia State University Test of English Proficiency
GSTEP Georgia Systemic Teacher Education Program
GUATEMALA Georgia Tech
GTWRFC Georgia Tech Women’s Rugby Football Club
GATFXC Georgia Track and Field and Cross Country
GTIPI Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute
GUFPA Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act
GAWG Georgia Wing
GAMH Georgian Association for Mental Health
GBSS Georgian Bay Secondary School
GFMA Georgian Folk Medicine Association
GFSIS Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
GSCD Georgian Securities Central Depository
GTTA Georgian Triangle Tourist Association
GAOR Georgian-American Oil Refinery
HGMC Heart of Georgia Metal Crafters
KMAC Herbert Smart Downtown Airport Macon, Georgia, USA
HACG Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia
ICGG Internet Consulting Group of Georgia
JCCG Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia
JMAG Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia
KGBF Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation
KAOG Konkani Association of Georgia
LAAG Library Automation Association in Georgia
LPCAGA Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia
LPCAG Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia
MEAG Municipal Electric Association of Georgia
MEAG Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia
NGFL North Georgia Football League
NGHDA North Georgia Honda Dealers Association
NGHA North Georgia Hound Association
NGNB North Georgia National Bank
NWGC Northwest Georgia Consortium
NWGAWTE Northwest Georgia Walk to Emmaus
OAAG Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia
PACCGA Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia, Inc.
SCFG Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia
GS South Georgia & The South Sandwich Island
SGSSI South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
GS South Georgia The South Sandwich Island
SGBARC South Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club
SEAOG Structural Engineers Association of Georgia
SPAGE Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators
TBS Tbilisi, Georgia – Novo Alexeyevka
UGPN United Kingdom-Georgia Professional Network
WGTC West Georgia Technical College


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