Abbreviation for Tampere, Finland


Tampere is a city that has far more heat than you first thought, considering where in Finland you find this destination. After all, you are 170 kilometers north of Helsinki.

Tampere, or Tampere as you may also know the city and used by people in Sweden, is an inland city, and one of the largest cities in the Nordic countries.

However, the inland feeling is not so great since two lakes surround the city and play an important role in everyday life. Thus, water and water activities actually play a greater role in Tampere than in many coastal cities.

Tampere offers a variety of pleasant experiences and activities for both young and old. Whether it is nature experiences or of more artistic origin. And of course you will find traces of the famous Finnish Mummi trolls. What’s more, Tampere has the world’s best donuts!

We have no trouble recommending everyone to visit Tampere and the city’s neighborhoods for a long weekend.

Get to know Tampere

It is impossible to describe Tampere without mentioning the great lakes surrounding the city. The Tammerkoski River, which runs through the city, has a total fall of 18 meters from Lake Näsijärvi in the north to Lake Pyhäjärvi in the south.

There are a number of tour operators offering tourists a little cruise on one of the lakes, or the river when the weather permits. It is popular to take the ferry with Hämeenlinna from Laukontori, or sail around Lake Näsijärvi with the old steamboat Tarjanne.

In the summer, many have their dream vacation in Viikinsaari, a small holiday village just 15 minutes down Pyhäjärvi from Tampere. It is further south of this lake that the airport of Tampere is located. Due to its location relative to the center of Tampere, it always glitters in Pyhäjärvi when the sun is shining, and it is a beautiful sight. The northern lake, Näsijärvi, can be successfully viewed from the tower Näsinneula, the city’s landmark, and probably the tallest building in the north.

Tampere and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: TMP
  • Country: Finland

The center of Tampere

The cobbled street Hämeenkatu can be considered the main street in the center of Tampere. The street Hämeenkatu takes you in principle from east to west, in the city, or vice versa, from the Alexander Church, after Tsar Alexander, to the railway station, respectively.

There are many shops in Tampere and you do not have to walk the long walk downtown to find what you need from Finnish designer goods, shoes or clothing. The shopaholics can stay in and near Hämeenkatu or Koskikeskus. It is compulsory to visit the huge Stockmann and City Sokos department stores.

Near the rapids north of the city center you are in the factory areas Finlaysonin Tehdasalue and Tampella. The factory areas are a term that belongs to the past, because now the district has been transformed into modern residential areas, student areas and new modern office buildings. However, you will still see the cardboard box factory Tako with its smoldering pipes here.

If you take the trip east of the railway, you come to the semi-famous Vapriikin Museokeskus square in Tampella. From time to time, there is a market on the square that is worth bringing. A little further south you can see the entire Tamperes pride; concert and conference building Tampere-talo side by side with the main building of Tampereen Yliopisto, or more understandably, the University of Tampere.

Pyynikki and Pispala

To the west of the city center you will find the Pyynikki Park with its huge gravel ridges and large coniferous trees at the top, which only has to be visited, not least because of the sea views.

You probably get the best view from the south side of the park. If you are here in the summer, you should know that there is often summer theater on an outdoor scene that is in use almost regardless of the weather and temperature.

If you continue west you come to Pispala which is known for its wooden houses. Pispala was originally not part of Tampere and therefore has a different style and atmosphere to the rest of the city. Today, this is a popular area to live in, and it is relatively expensive to buy housing here, especially east of the borough.

Visit the Pispala stairs that go from the south side upwards. This local landmark, a roughly 300 staircase of three, really requires her husband or wife to climb to the top. A walk around Pispala can be quite hard to do in itself, but it is definitely worth it for the person who can.

East and west of Tampere
East of the center you will find the district of Kavela with its famous church, Kavelan Kirkko. Many people live in the area, and there are a number of apartment complexes and blocks in Kavela, not least to accommodate the many students living in Tampere. East of the city center you will also find the Kauppi district which is known for the Kaupin Urheilupuisto park area.

This is an Eldorado for active tourists. Here you can jog or go great walks. Located close to Näsijärvi, it is close to beaches. There are also tennis and bowling facilities. And in the winter, you can strap on your cross-country skis. Personally, we will clearly prefer the park area in the summer! In addition, dog racing with so-called Greyhounds takes place.

To the west of the center it is easy to feel that you have reached the countryside. Lamminpää is a district typically visited to spend a day outdoors in the open countryside.

South of the center of Tampere
If you follow the eastern side of Lake Pyhäjärvi, you reach the historically important district of Hatanpää. Today, this is a district with several modern businesses, and follows up with its history as an important nerve point in Tamperes’ economic life. Visit the Hatanpää mansion on the street Hatanpään puistokuja 1, which houses the Pukumuseo Hatanpään Kartano, or the puppet museum. and not least the beautiful park Hatanpään Puisto-Arboretum along the Pyhäjärvi must be seen. Naturally, you will find many beautiful trees there.

Equally important districts are also Viinikka with its famous church tower, about 50 meters high, as well as the districts of Hervanta and Nekala. Hervanta is the large student district and thousands of young people live in the huge housing blocks. These residential areas were among the first in Europe with a fixed Internet connection. When you arrive in Tampere from the south you understand that it is a pretty big city you visit, but it is not the most beautiful road into the city center.

TMP: Tampere, Finland - Tampere-Pirkkala

List of Tampere Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Tampere is TMP which stands for Tampere. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Tampere, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
TRE Tampere
TAMUS Tampere Ageing Male Urological Study
TCB Tampere Convention Bureau
TRIM Tampere Research Center for Information and Media
TRSSM Tampere Research Station of Sports Medicine
TAUCHI Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction
TUT Tampere University of Technology
TMP Tampere, Finland – Tampere-Pirkkala
TFR Tampered Failure Rate
TRV Tampered Random Variable
TKL Tampereen Kaupungin Liikennelaitos
TTY Tampereen Teknillinen Yliopisto
TAY Tampereen Yliopisto
TYL Tampereen Yliopiston Laulajat
UTA University of Tampere