Abbreviation for Wroclaw, Poland


Wroclaw has had so many rulers over the years that we can hardly find its equal in any other city in Europe.

And the influence of Prussians and Germans, to Austrians and Hapsburgs, has all made Wroclaw what it is today.

Despite extensive damage during the Second World War, the city of Wroclaw appears to be very beautiful, and a significant restoration of splendid buildings and squares gives us the impression of medieval splendor as they once were.

Wroclaw is not a small city, it is larger than Oslo, for example, and therefore you have excellent shopping and entertainment opportunities that smaller cities cannot naturally offer. When it comes to nightlife, it is the same in Wroclaw as elsewhere in Poland, at times very lively! And affordable!

The quality of eateries and night spots is high, and apart from the prices, the range of products and international chains are the same as at home.

We are sure you will enjoy spending some days in Wroclaw. Here is a real light fountain (you know it Ari and Märtha), thought-provoking monuments, wonderful churches and a charming old town. We wish you a good journey to Wroclaw.

Wroclaw and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: WRO
  • Country: Poland

Get to know Wroclaw

Old Town of Wroclaw

The beautiful town hall can be found in the Old Town and the main square

The Old Town (Stare Miasto) in Wroclaw is located on the south side of the river Oder (Odra in Polish). The heart of Wroclaw Old Town is not surprisingly the city’s main square. Here people meet to be entertained, to talk about everyday things, or to attend events and demonstrations.

The square was almost totally destroyed during World War II. But adding the estate is as great today as it was in the 13th century, the century square originated.

The central building of the square is the Town Hall, a landmark that still appears in its original 13th century splendor. The streets around the square are typically very tourist friendly, with plenty of so-called “BBSs”, ie shops, bars and eateries.

Blomstertorget or Plac Solny is not far from the town hall and is a nice place to visit. Also nearby is St Elizabeth’s Church, the city’s largest and tallest church. As usual, you get the best views of the city by heading to the tallest church tower in town. The address is ul. Sw. Elzbiety. Alternatively, visit the Magdalena Church, which is also located in the old town. It costs about 10 kroner to walk the church’s 244 steps up to the view bridge!

Ostrow Tumski

If you cross the river from the Old Town you will come to Ostrów Tumski. This area is full of attractions and sights, and history-loving people have come to “heaven”. And it almost literally. For here it speaks of religious splendor.

Ostrów Tumski has been inhabited since the 7th century and the area was the central district of Wroclaw for about 500 years. St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral and the Holy Cross Church can be examples of the many wonderful churches here. The address is to the cathedral is natural enough Pl. Katedralny.

Feel free to walk over the bridge Tumski and see all the padlocks locked to the bridge construction in the name of love!

East of Wroclaw

Here you see the Iglica monument in front of the huge Hala Stulecia

If you hike east from the city center you will reach the park area Szcytnicki and the street ul. Wystawowa. Here you will find a Japanese garden, the huge dome of Hala Stulecla, and the 96-meter-high Iglica monument. Here is also the Wroclaw fountain, the Wroclawska fontanna, a magnificent light and water monument which every hour between 1000 and 2200 shows the miracle of technology. Let’s also add that the best zoo in Poland is also here. Maybe this will be the family’s favorite place? Taxi from the city center costs about 50 kroner!

On the way from the city center to Szcytnicki Park you pass the Raclawice Panorama. This 15 x 114 meter painting of the Battle of Raclawice is almost mandatory to see!

East of Wrocklaw are some good hotels that include Radisson blu and several galleries and some museums. As a representative of the latter we can mention the institutions Museum of Architecture and Museum of Postal and Telecommunication Services.

North of Wroclaw

Wroclaw is a very green metropolis, with a number of recreational areas in the form of more or less prepared parks. And while the sights of the North of Wroclaw do not abound, you will find several parks to relax in as you stroll the area. Park Staszica and Wzgórze Slowianskie are both within walking distance of Ostrów Tumski for those who want to see the ordinary sides of Wroclaw.

In the northwest, a long way outside the center of Wroclaw you will find the new Jewish burial ground, one of the largest in Poland. The street is ul. Lotnicza.

South and southwest of Wroclaw

South of the center you will find the theater quarter with the Opera House and Teatr Lalek. Further south is the city’s central train station and bus station. The major railway station is being refurbished according to all the rules of the art for the 2012 European Football Championship, where Wroclaw is one of the organizer cities.

Further south of the main train station you will find Aquapark. This water park is probably the most beautiful of its kind in all of Poland and is guaranteed a favorite with the children.

The old Jewish quarter of Wroclaw is also south and west of the old town. The proud and great synagogue no longer exists, destroyed by Nazis and berms during the Crystal Night.

You can find the old Jewish tomb in ul. Slezna 37 how many famous people have their last resting place. Gaten ul. Slezna goes southwest of Aquapark. Opening hours from 0800 to 1800.

WRO: Wroclaw, Poland - Strachowice

List of Wroclaw Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Wroclaw is WRO which stands for Wroclaw. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Wroclaw, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
TUW Technical University of Wroclaw
WIS Wroclaw International School
WUT Wroclaw University of Technology
WRO Wroclaw, Poland – Strachowice
WWDH Wroclawska Wodna Druzyna Harcerek
WFE Wroclawski Front Electro
WKS Wroclawski Klub Sportowy
WCTT Wroclawskie Centrum Transferu Technologii
WPBM Wroclawskie Przedsiebiorstwo Budownictwa Mieszkaniowego
WTKN Wroclawskie Targi Ksiazki Naukowej
WTS Wroclawskie Towarzystwo Sportowe
WSE Wroclawskiego Stowarzyszenia Edukacyjnego