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North Carolina Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus

Many-Body Perturbation Theory-Green Function

Java Object Oriented Subset

Florida Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

While You’re At It

New York Consortium on Membrane Protein Structure

Radio Televisie Meerssen

Registered Teachers of Mainland Europe

Rallye Tiers-Monde Estrie

Real-Time Marketing Evaluator

Realtime Mail Engine

Real Time MPEG 2 Encoder

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

Occupational Medical Surveillance and Evaluation Program

Hospital Lam Wah Ee

Ministry for Women, Children and the Family

Material World Charitable Foundation

Jewish Memorial Hospital and Rehabilitation Center

Non-Linear Feedback Shift Register

Marshall Holdings International, Inc.

Mitchell Hutchins Institutional Investors

Mountain West Addiction Technology Transfer Center

Physical Media Specific-Transmission Convergence

Sentry Power Tower Expansion Module

Super Coupe Club of America

Suffolk County Correction Officers Association

Somervell County Committee on Aging

South Carolina Campground Owners Association

Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition

Open Limited Gun Dog

Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa

Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

The Right-To-Know Network

Clean Air Act Advisory Committee

Health Professions Career Opportunity Program

Radar Inputs Counter Measures Technician

Dogu Akdeniz Zeytin Birligi

Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System

Single Discipline Team-Imagery Intelligence

Regional Center for Assistance and Disaster Relief

Security Officer of the Year

Demining Technology Information Forum

Digital Table Interchange Format

Digital Transmission Interface Frame

Disabilities Issues Task Force

Development Test Integration Facility

National Center for the Preservation of Medicinal Herbs

Thunderbird Learning Consulting Network

Tape Library Control Number

Tech Labs Community Networks

Trailer Life Campground Navigator

Voice of United Nations Command

Value Utilization/Norm Change

Lonomia Obliqua Prothrombin Activator Protease

US Disaster Preparedness Institute

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Asia Pacific Management Review

Asociatia Producatorilor de Mobila din România

Association of Preventive Medicine Residents

African Peer Review Mechanism

Accreditation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Representatives of Canada

Associate Program Manager for Requirements

Agriculture Property Management Regulations

Asia Pacific Management Resources

Addiction & Psychiatric Medicine Research

Association for Physical and Mental Rehabilitation

Accredited Professional Market Research

Annual Programme Monitoring Review

Formation d’Ingenieurs en Informatique de la Faculte d’Orsay

Georgia Mobile DJ Association

Milton Keynes Youth Choir

Foreign Language and International Trade

French Literature in Translation

Frequency Line Integration & Tracking

Post Vintage Humber Car Club

False Creek Racing Canoe Club

Ethical Standards and Merit Protection Unit

Kentucky Youth Development Coordinating Council

Support for Economic Growth and Institutional Reform

Island Closest to Heaven

International Committee of Thrombosis and Hemostasis

Association of Supervisors of Public Health Inspectors of Ontario

Alberta Association of Colleges and Technical Institutes

Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group, Inc.

Yokohama Linux Users Group

York Linux Users Group

International Organization Nonproliferation Project



Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs

Inertially-Aided Real-Time Kinematic

Extended Tag Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Fox Valley Association of Realtors

Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates

Temecula Valley Soccer Academy

Thames Valley Scale Aerotow

One City Partnership Nottingham

Object Composition Petri-Net

Optical Communications and Photonic Networks

Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger

Kentucky Science Teachers Association

Kansas Statewide Technical Architecture

Kerala School Teacher Association

International Association of Close Protection Officers

Inter-American Council of Psychiatric Organizations

International ACSYS /CLIC (Climate and Cryosphere) Project Office (Norway)

American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine

Colorado Anti-Violence Program

Carlyle Asia Venture Partners

Canadian Association of VOIP Providers

Census of Australian Vascular Plants

Child Abuser Vertical Prosecution Program

Commissie Aanprijzing Veterinaire Producten

National Organisation for Counselling Adoptees and Parents

North Coast Aids Project

Enhanced Value Estimation of Real Estates

Iridescent Fairy Jewelry Box

Good European Health Record

Good Electronic Health Record

Great Egg Harbor River

Giant Extragalactic HII Regions (astronomy)

European X Users Group

Orthopedic Clinics of North America

Scatterable Minefield Warning

Democracy for the Hudson-Mohawk Region

Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia

American Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Literatures

Notification and Data Appraisal Unit

Manual Low-Voltage Power Supply

Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation

Venetia Burney Student Dust Counter

Denver East Speech Team Foundation

Rhode Island Council on Problem Gambling

Rhode Island Community Planning Group

Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development

Internet Protocol Service Level Agreement

Intellectual Property Secure Lighting Alliance

I Have No Joke

International History of Nursing Journal

Human Activating Transcription Factor 4

Palosaari Campus Wireless Network

United States Professional Tennis Association

United States Paddle Tennis Association

Stichting Regionale Geschiedbeoefening Zeeland

Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital

Tennessee Department of Mental Health

Pan-African Youth Leadership Summit

Automatic Status Boards

Air Status Board