What does FDS mean?

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What does fds stand for

FDSFactor Defense Services, Inc.
FDSFaculty of Dental Surgery
FDSFade Duration Statistic
FDSFailure Detection system
FDSFamicom Disk System
FDSFamily Development Specialist
FDSFashion Design Solutions
FDSFast Delivery Service
FDSFat Redistribution Syndrome
FDSFatigue Damage Spectrum
FDSFault Diagnosis System
FDSFeature Design Specification
FDSFederal Diversified Services
FDSFederated Department Stores, Inc.
FDSFeminine Deodorant Spray
FDSFence Disturbance Sensor
FDSFiche de Donnees de Securite
FDSField Distribution System
FDSFilter Difference Spectrometer
FDSFinal Draft Study
FDSFinance Disbursing Section
FDSFinancial Data System
FDSFinancial Decision Support
FDSFinancial Document Services
FDSFine Defective Structure
FDSFire Detection System
FDSFire Direction System
FDSFire Distribution System
FDSFire Dynamics Simulator
FDSFirst Destination Survey
FDSFirst Development System
FDSFirst Duty Station
FDSFisheries District Supervisor
FDSFixed Dissolved Solids
FDSFixed Distributed System
FDSFixed Distribution System
FDSFlexor Digitorum Sublimis
FDSFlexor Digitorum Superficialis
FDSFlight Data System
FDSFlight Demonstration System
FDSFlight Design Systems
FDSFlight Director System
FDSFlight Dynamics System
FDSFloor Drain System
FDSFlorida Daffodil Society
FDSFood and Drug Service
FDSForward Direct Support
FDSFraud Detection Service
FDSFree Dating Service
FDSFrequent Delivery System
FDSFrost Detection Stat
FDSFull Day Sightseeing
FDSFull Development System
FDSFully Diluted Shares
FDSFunctional Design Specification
FDSFunctional Discipline Specialist
FDSFundacion Del Sur
FDSFusible Disconnect Switch