American Abbreviations

The word American has the following two meanings:
1. a native or citizen of the United States.
2. the English language as it is used in the United States; American English


List of Acronyms Related to American

Academy of American Doll Artists
Academy of American Poets
Accidents in North American Mountaineering
Administration for Native Americans
Adventures of the American Mind
Advocates for American Indian Children
Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association
Aerovías del Continente Americano
Aetna African American Employee Network
Afghan-American Development Alliance
African American Adoption Agency
African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute (University of Southern California)
African American Association of Cultural Exchange
African American Awareness Club
African American Business Enterprise
African American Catholic Congregation
African American Chamber of Commerce
African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida
African American Civil War Memorial
African American Coalition of Reading
African American Council of the Arts
African American Cultural Alliance
African American Cultural Awareness
African American Employment Program
African American English Vernacular
African American Environmentalist Association
African American Family History Association
African American Family Services
African American Film Critics Association
African American Genealogy Connection
African American Genealogy Group of the Miami Valley
African American Health Network
African American Heritage Council
African American Heritage Hymnal
African American Historical and Cultural Museum
African American History and Culture
African American HIV University
African American Holiday Association
African American Homeschoolers Network
African American Initiative for Math/Science
African American Interdenominational Ministries
African American Islamic Institute
African American Leadership Forum
African American Leadership Initiative
African American Learning Resource Center
African American Literary Awards Show
African American Male Research
African American Men and Boys
African American Mobilization Project
African American Museum and Library in Oakland
African American Museum in Philadelphia
African American Muslim Movements
African American National Biography
African American Opportunity Centers
African American Outreach Committee
African American Professional Organization
African American Quiz Bowl
African American Resource Ministries
African American Self Help Foundation
African American Shopping Mall
African American Special Interest Group
African American Student Academic Services
African American Student Development
African American Students Foundation
African American Studies
African American Studies and Research Program
African American Studies Department
African American Studies Minor
African American Studies Program
African American Tobacco Education Network
African American Vernacular English
African American Web Connection
African American Workers Union
African Americans for Humanism
African and African-American Studies
African and American Business Alliance
African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American
African, Latino, Asian, Native American
African-American Business Women of Vision
African-American Collective Theater
African-American Council
African-American Cultural Association
African-American English
African-American Experience
African-American Family Commission
African-American Fund
African-American Genealogy Society
African-American Health Promotion Campaign
African-American Hereditary Prostate Cancer
African-American Heritage Association
African-American Heritage Parade Committee
African-American Institute
African-American Leadership Center
African-American Leadership Institute
African-American Male Initiative
African-American Mennonite Association
African-American Ministers Association
African-American Music & Culture
African-American Outreach Initiative
African-American Outreach Ministry
African-American Panoramic Experience
African-American Parent Coalition
African-American Quilters of Baltimore
African-American Student Union
African-American Unity Caucus
African-American Unity Center
Agencia Centroamericana de Seguridad Aeronautica
Agencia Informativa Latinoamericana
Agencia Latinoamericana de Informacion
Agricultural Development in the American Pacific
Alabama Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Albanian American Civic League
Albanian American Women’s Organization
Algerian-American Association of Greater Washington
Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana
All American Amateur Baseball Association
All American Basketball Alliance
All American Championship Wrestling
All American Crew Competition
All American Front Engine
All American Gourmet Company
All American Hockey League
All American Industries Company
All American Institute of Medical Sciences
All American Investment Group
All American Karate
All American Karate Federation
All American Marching Band
All American Motorcycle Madness
All American Racers
All American SportsWare
All American Wrestling Camp System
All-American Association Against Acronym Abuse Anonymous
All-American Baseball Game
All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
All-American Rejects
Alliance for American Innovation
Alliance for American Manufacturing
Alliance for American Quilts
Alliance for Retired Americans
Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund
Alliance of American Insurers
Alliance of Iranian Americans
Allied American Underwriters
Alumina Limited American Depositary
Amcor American Depositary Receipts
Amcor American Depositary Shares
American Abstract Artists
American Academic and Cultural Exchange
American Academic and High School Institute
American Academics for Israel’s Future
American Academy Alumni Association, Inc.
American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine
American Academy for Child Psychoanalysis
American Academy for Emergency Medicine in India
American Academy in Berlin
American Academy in Rome
American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service, Inc.
American Academy of Actuaries
American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
American Academy of Addictionology
American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
American Academy of Advertising
American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology
American Academy of Ambulatory Care
American Academy of Ambulatory Care Service
American Academy of Anesthesiologists Assistants
American Academy of Applied Forensics
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
American Academy of Audiology
American Academy of Audiology Foundation
American Academy of Behavioral Psychology
American Academy of Cardiovascular Administrators
American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion
American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy
American Academy of Clinical Neurophysiology
American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology
American Academy of Clinical Psychiatrists
American Academy of Clinical Sexologists
American Academy of Clinical Toxicology
American Academy of Clinical Toxicology
American Academy of Colleges of Nursing
American Academy of Community Psychiatrists
American Academy of Computer Training and Technology
American Academy of Consumer Attorneys
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
American Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders
American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
American Academy of Denture Prosthetics
American Academy of Denturity
American Academy of Dermatology
American Academy of Dermatology Association
American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry
American Academy of Diplomacy
American Academy of Dramatic Arts
American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts
American Academy of Emergency Medicine
American Academy of English
American Academy of Environmental Engineers
American Academy of Environmental Medicine
American Academy of Equine Art, Inc.
American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
American Academy of Family Medicine
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Academy of Family Physicians’ National Congress of Student Members
American Academy of Financial Management
American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics
American Academy of Forensic Psychology
American Academy of Forensic Sciences
American Academy of General Practice
American Academy of Gymnastics
American Academy of Health & Fitness Professionals
American Academy of Health Administration
American Academy of Health Behavior
American Academy of Health Physics
American Academy of Healthcare Attorneys
American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers
American Academy of HIV Medicine
American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Care
American Academy of Implant Dentistry
American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics
American Academy of Industrial Hygiene
American Academy of Insurance Medicine
American Academy of Manual and Physical Medicine
American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics
American Academy of Mechanics
American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
American Academy of Medical Administrators
American Academy of Medical Directors
American Academy of Medical Ethics
American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysis
American Academy of Medical Management
American Academy of Microbiology
American Academy of Micropigmentation
American Academy of Musculoskeletal Medicine
American Academy of Neural Therapy
American Academy of Neurology
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
American Academy of Nursing
American Academy of Nutrition
American Academy of Occupational Medicine
American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives
American Academy of Ophthalmology
American Academy of Optometry
American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
American Academy of Oral Medicine
American Academy of Oral Pathology
American Academy of Orofacial Pain
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists
American Academy of Osteopathy
American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy
American Academy of Otolaryngology
American Academy of Pain Management
American Academy of Pain Medicine
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Academy of Pediatrics Proficiency Testing
American Academy of Periodontology
American Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians
American Academy of Physician Assistants
American Academy of Poets
American Academy of Professional Coders
American Academy of Project Management
American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
American Academy of Psychoanalysis
American Academy of Psychotherapists
American Academy of Religion
American Academy of Restorative Dentistry
American Academy of Sanitarians
American Academy of School Psychology
American Academy of Sciences in Georgia
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
American Academy of Spine Physicians
American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists
American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine
American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture
American Academy of Veterinary Disaster Medicine
American Academy of Veterinary Informatics
American Academy of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics
American Academy of Wedding Professionals
American Academy on Communication in Healthcare
American Academy on Physician and Patient
American Accent Training
American Accordion Musicological Society
American Accordionists’ Association
American Accounting Association
American Accreditation Program Inc.
American Acrylic Injection Inc
American Adoption Congress
American Advertising Federation
American Aerial Survey, Inc.
American Aerobics Association International
American Agricultural Economics Association
American Agricultural Editors Association
American Agricultural Insurance Company
American Agricultural Law Association
American Agricultural Marketing Association
American Agriculture Movement, Inc.
American Air Filter Company
American Air Mail Catalog
American Air Mail Society
American Airlines
American Airlines
American Airlines
American Airlines Arena
American Airlines Center
American Airlines Travel Academy
American Allergy Association
American Alliance Drug Testing
American Alliance for Health Education
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
American Alliance for Honest Labeling
American Alliance for Medical Cannabis
American Alliance of Aromatherapy
American Alliance of Cancer Pain Initiatives
American Alliance of Creditor Attorneys, Inc.
American Alliance of Service Providers
American Alligator Farmers Association
American Alpine Club
American Alpine Institution
American Alpine Journal
American Alternative Medical Association
American Alternatives Energy Corporation
American Amateur Baseball Congress
American Amateur Golf Tour, LLC
American Amateur Holdem Association
American Amateur Karate Federation
American Amateur Press Association
American Amateur Racquetball Association
American Amateur Radio League
American Ambulance Association
American Ammunition, Inc
American Amputee Hockey Association
American Amusement Machine Association
American Amusement Machine Charitable Foundation
American Ancient Order of Hibernians
American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language
American Andalusian Association
American Angler
American Anglican Council
American Angus Association
American Animal Hospital Association
American Annals of the Deaf
American Annex
American Anorexia/Bulimia Association
American Anthropological Association
American Anthropological Research Foundation Inc.
American Anthropologist
American Anthropology
American Antiquarian Society
American Antiquarian Society Proceedings
American Antiquity
American Anti-Slavery Group
American Anti-Slavery Society
American Antitrust Institute
American Anti-Vivisection Society
American Apparel & Footwear Association
American Apparel Contractors Association
American Apparel Manufacturers Association
American Appendix Horse Association
American Arabian Horse Association
American Arbitration Association
American Architect and Building News
American Architectural Foundation
American Architectural Manufacturers Association
American Armwrestling Association
American Art Deco Dealers Association
American Art Design Group
American Art Pottery Association
American Art Therapy Association, Inc.
American Arts Alliance
American Art-Union
American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business
American Asset Management Group
American Asset Management Services Corp.
American Association
American Association Against Acronym Abuse
American Association Against Acronym and Abbreviation Abuse
American Association Against Acronyms
American Association Against Alliteration Abuse
American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities
American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
American Association for Affirmative Action
American Association for Artificial Intelligence
American Association for Cancer Education
American Association for Cancer Research
American Association for Clinical Chemistry
American Association for Contamination Control
American Association for Continuity of Care
American Association for Corpus Linguistics
American Association for Counseling and Development
American Association for Crystal Growth
American Association for Employment In Education
American Association for Ethiopian Jews
American Association for Geodetic Surveying
American Association for Gifted Children
American Association for Health Education
American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
American Association for Higher Education
American Association for History and Computing
American Association for International Aging
American Association for Labor Legislation
American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
American Association for Medical Assistants
American Association for Medical Transcription
American Association for Museum Volunteers
American Association for Music Therapy
American Association for Nude Recreation
American Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation
American Association for Research in Baghdad
American Association for Respiratory Care
American Association for Respiratory Therapy
American Association for Single People
American Association for Social Psychiatry
American Association for State and Local History
American Association for Technology in Psychiatry
American Association for the Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
American Association for the Advancement of Atheism
American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association for the Advancement of Technology
American Association for the Advancement of the Humanities
American Association for the History of Nursing
American Association for the Improvement of Boxing
American Association for the Promotion of Cheers
American Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology
American Association for the Study of Headache
American Association for the Study of Headache
American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
American Association for Thoracic Surgery
American Association for Vascular Surgery
American Association for Vocational Instructional Materials
American Association for Women in Community Colleges
American Association for Women Podiatrists
American Association for World Health
American Association Movement
American Association of Acupuncture and Bio-Energetic Medicine
American Association of Adult and Continuing Education
American Association of Advertising Agencies
American Association of Advertising Agencies
American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
American Association of Agricultural College Editors
American Association of Aircraft Manufacturers
American Association of Alternative Healers
American Association of Amateur Arborists
American Association of Amateur Astronomers
American Association of Anatomists
American Association of Anger Management Providers
American Association of Anthropological Genetics
American Association of Asian Studies
American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants
American Association of Automatic Control
American Association of Avalanche Professionals
American Association of Avian Pathologists
American Association of Bioanalysts
American Association of Bioanalysts
American Association of Blacks in Energy
American Association of Blood Banks
American Association of Bone Marrow Donor Registries, Inc.
American Association of Bone Marrow Donor Registries, Inc.
American Association of Bovine Practitioners
American Association of Candy Technologists
American Association of Candy Technologists
American Association of Caregiving Youth
American Association of Cat Enthusiasts
American Association of Cemetery Superintendents
American Association of Cereal Chemists
American Association of Certified Allergists
American Association of Certified Appraisers
American Association of Certified Coders and Auditors
American Association of Certified Firearms Instructors
American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators
American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors
American Association of Chinese Professionals
American Association of Christian Colleges
American Association of Christian Counselors
American Association of Christian Schools
American Association of Clinical Anatomists
American Association of Clinical Chemistry
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
American Association of Clinical Research
American Association of Coastal Engineers
American Association of Code Enforcement
American Association of Colleges of Nursing
American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
American Association of Community Colleges
American Association of Community Theatre
American Association of Community Theatre
American Association of Cosmetology Schools
American Association of Cost Engineers
American Association of Creative Artists
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
American Association of Crop Insurers
American Association of Debt Management Organizations
American Association of Dental Editors
American Association of Dental Examiners
American Association of Dental Office Managers
American Association of Dental Schools
American Association of Diabetes Educators
American Association of Distributors, Inc.
American Association of Drugless Practitioners
American Association of Editorial Cartoonists
American Association of Educational Gymnastic Teachers
American Association of Educational Service Agencies
American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine
American Association of Electrodiagnostic Technologists
American Association of Electromyography and Electrodiagnosis
American Association of Endocrine Surgeons
American Association of Endodontists
American Association of Engineering Societies
American Association of Engineering Societies
American Association of Engineers
American Association of Entrepreneurs
American Association of Equine Practitioners
American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians
American Association of Equipment Lessors
American Association of Exporters and Importers
American Association of Extension Veterinarians
American Association of Eye and Ear Hospitals
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
American Association of Family Physicians
American Association of Fastener Importers
American Association of Feed Microscopists
American Association of Feline Practitioners )
American Association of Finance and Accounting
American Association of Food Hygiene Veterinarians
American Association of Football Prognosticators
American Association of Fundraising Counsel
American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons
American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry
American Association of Grant Professionals
American Association of Handwriting Analysis
American Association of Health Plans
American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
American Association of Healthcare Consultants
American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants
American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education
American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
American Association of Homes for the Aging
American Association of Housecall Veterinarians
American Association of Housing Educators
American Association of Immunologists
American Association of Independent Architects
American Association of Independent Claims Professionals
American Association of Independent Music
American Association of Individual Investors
American Association of Industrial Veterinarians
American Association of Instructors of the Blind
American Association of Insurance Services
American Association of Integrative Medicine
American Association of Interchurch Families
American Association of Investigative Pathologists
American Association of Irrigation Consultants
American Association of Jurists
American Association of Kidney Patients
American Association of Law Libraries
American Association of Life Underwriters
American Association of Lutheran Churches
American Association of Malaysia
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
American Association of Marriage Counselors
American Association of Masseurs and Masseuses
American Association of Meat Processors
American Association of Medical Audit Specialists
American Association of Medical Billers
American Association of Medical Dosimetrists
American Association of Medical Review Officers
American Association of Minority Businesses
American Association of Multiple Enchondroma Diseases
American Association of Museums
American Association of Natural Horsemen
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
American Association of Neuropathologists
American Association of Newspaper Representatives
American Association of Nurserymen
American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
American Association of Office Nurses
American Association of Ophthalmic Pathologists
American Association of Oriental Medicine
American Association of Orthodontists
American Association of Orthodontists Foundation
American Association of Orthodontists Political Action Committee
American Association of Orthopaedic Executives
American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine
American Association of Osteopathic Colleges
American Association of Osteopathic Examiners
American Association of Owners and Breeders of Peruvian Paso Horses
American Association of Pastoral Counselors
American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists
American Association of Pathologists’ Assistants
American Association of Patients and Providers
American Association of Pediatric Urology
American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
American Association of Pharmacy Technicians
American Association of Philosophy Teachers
American Association of Physical Anthropologists
American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.
American Association of Physicists in Medicine
American Association of Physics Teachers
American Association of Plastic Surgeons
American Association of Poison Control Centers
American Association of Police Officers
American Association of Political Consultants
American Association of Port Authorities
American Association of Presidents of Independent Colleges and Universities
American Association of Producers
American Association of Professional Apiculturists
American Association of Professional Landmen
American Association of Professional Landmen
American Association of Professional Psychics
American Association of Psychiatric Administrators
American Association of Psychiatric Medicine
American Association of Psychiatric Social Workers
American Association of Psychiatric Technicians
American Association of Public Health Veterinarians
American Association of Publishers
American Association of Radon Scientists and Technicians
American Association of Railroads
American Association of Religion
American Association of Restoration Contractors
American Association of Retired Teachers
American Association of Riding Schools
American Association of School Administrators
American Association of School Children
American Association of School Librarians
American Association of School Libraries
American Association of School Psychologists
American Association of Senior Executives
American Association of Service Coordinators
American Association of Sex Educators and Counselors
American Association of Small Businesses
American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners
American Association of Snowboard Instructors
American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses
American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Psychologists and Social Workers
American Association of State Climatologists
American Association of State Colleges and Universities
American Association of State Counseling Boards
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
American Association of State Highway Officials
American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists
American Association of Suicidology
American Association of Swine Practitioners
American Association of Teachers of Arabic
American Association of Teachers of German
American Association of Teachers of Korean
American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
American Association of the Deaf-Blind
American Association of the Physicians of Indian Origin
American Association of Tissue Banks
American Association of Universities & Colleges
American Association of University and Professional Women
American Association of University Consultants
American Association of University Women
American Association of University Women Educational Foundation
American Association of Variable Star Observers
American Association of Variable Stars Observers Quarterly Reports
American Association of Veterinary Anatomists
American Association of Veterinary Clinicians
American Association of Veterinary Immunologists
American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians
American Association of Veterinary State Boards
American Association of Webmasters
American Association of Wedding Officiants
American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians
American Association of Woodturners
American Association of Working People
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
American Association on Mental Deficiency
American Association on Mental Retardation
American Association on Mental Retardation
American Astronautical Society
American Astronomical Society
American Astrophysical Society
American Atelier, Inc.
American Atheist Women
American Atheists, Inc.
American Athletic Association of the Deaf
American Athletic Union
American Audio Prose Library, Inc.
American Audio Prose Library, Inc.
American Audio Visual Center
American Audit Associates
American Auditory Society
American Auto Club International
American Autoduelling Association
American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association
American Automatic Control Council
American Automobile Association
American Automobile Claims and Appraisals
American Automobile Insurance Company
American Automobile Labelling Act
American Automobile Manufacturers Association
American Automobile Network Holdings, Inc.
American Automobile Touring Alliance
American Automotive Policy Council
American Autowire
American Avalanche Association
American Aviation
American Axle & Manufacturing Company
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc.
American Axle and Manufacturing, Inc.
American Back Society
American Backflow Prevention Association
American Badminton Association
American Bakers Association
American Balanced Fund
American Bald Eagle Foundation
American Baldhead Roller Club
American Ballet Academy
American Ballet Company
American Ballet Company
American Ballet School
American Ballet Theatre
American Ballet Theatre
American Bamboo Society
American Band College
American Band College
American Bandstand
American Bank Note Company
American Bank Note Company
American Bank Note Company
American Bank Note Company
American Bank Note Company
American Bank Note Holographics, Inc
American Bank of Kosovo
American Bankers Association
American Bankers Association Education Foundation
American Bankers Financial Services, Inc.
American Bankers Insurance Association
American Bankers Insurance Group
American Bankruptcy Board of Certification
American Bankruptcy Institute
American Bantam Association
American Baptist Association
American Baptist Church
American Baptist Church
American Baptist Churches of Alaska
American Baptist Churches of the South
American Baptist Churches of the West
American Baptist News Service
American Baptist Youth
American Bar Association
American Bar Foundation
American Barista & Coffee School
American Barista & Coffee School
American Barley Genomic
American Barrel Racer Circuit
American Barrel Racing Association
American Bartenders Association
American Baseball Coaches Association
American Baseball Dart Association
American Baseball Foundation
American Bashkir Curly Registry
American Basketball Association
American Basketball League
American Bass Association
American Battle Monuments Commission
American Battlefield Protection Program
American Bearing Manufacturers Association
American Beauceron Club
American Beauceron Club
American Beauty
American Beauty & Barber Registry
American Beauty & Barber Registry
American Beauty Association
American Beauty Barber Registry
American Beauty Barber Registry
American Beauty Car Show
American Bed and Breakfast Association
American Bedding Association
American Bee Journal
American Bee Research Conference
American Beefalo World Registry
American Beekeeping Federation
American Behcet’s Disease Association
American Belarussian Relief Organization
American Belgian Laekenois Association
American Belgian Tervuren Club, Inc.
American Bell Association Internatinal, Inc
American Bell Incorporated
American Benefit Plan Administrators
American Benefits Council
American Benefits Council
American Beryllium Company
American Beryllium Company
American Beverage Association
American Beverage Institute
American Beveren Rabbit Club
American Bible Society
American Bicycle Association
American Bicycle Racing
American Bikers Aiming Towards Education
American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education
American Bioenergy Association
American Biographical Institute
American Biological Safety Association
American Biology Teacher
American Biomedical Group Inc.
American Bio-Medical Service Corp
American Bio-Recovery Association
American Bird Conservancy
American Bird Conservancy
American Bird Conservation Association
American Birding Association
American Birth Control League
American Bison Association
American Black Achievement Awards
American Black Agriculturists Association
American Black Belt Academy
American Black Chamber
American Black Chamber
American Black Chiropractic Association
American Black Duck
American Black Film Festival
American Blackmouth Cur Breeders Association
American Bladesmith Society
American Blimp Corporation
American Blimp Corporation
American Blind and Wallpaper Factory
American Blind Bowling Association
American Blind Lawyers Association
American Blonde d’Aquitaine Association
American Blood Bank Association
American Board Certified
American Board Certified
American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis, Inc.
American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics
American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics
American Board for Tarot Certification
American Board for Transplant Certification
American Board of Allergy & Immunology
American Board of Anesthesiology
American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners
American Board of Behavioral Psychology
American Board of Bioanalysis
American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion
American Board of Chiropractic Consultants
American Board of Clinical Chemistry
American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology
American Board of Clinical Pharmacology, Inc.
American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery
American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry
American Board of Criminalistics
American Board of Criminalistics
American Board of Dermatology
American Board of Disability Analysts
American Board of Emergency Medicine
American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work
American Board of Eye Surgery
American Board of Family Dentistry
American Board of Family Medicine
American Board of Foreign Missions
American Board of Forensic Accounting
American Board of Forensic Anthropology, Inc.
American Board of Forensic Counseling
American Board of Forensic Dentistry
American Board of Forensic Document Examiners
American Board of Forensic Odontology
American Board of General Dentistry
American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
American Board of Health Physics
American Board of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
American Board of Hypnotherapy
American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Internal Medicine Certifying Examination
American Board of Medical Acupuncture
American Board of Medical Examiners
American Board of Medical Genetics
American Board of Medical Physics
American Board of Medical Specialists
American Board of Medical Specialties
American Board of Medical Specialties
American Board of Medical Toxicology
American Board of Neurological Surgery
American Board of Neurology
American Board of Neurology
American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring
American Board of Nuclear Medicine
American Board of Nursing Specialties
American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
American Board of Ophthalmology
American Board of Ophthalmology
American Board of Opticianry
American Board of Opticianry Master
American Board of Opticians
American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine
American Board of Orthodontics
American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
American Board of Otolaryngology
American Board of Otolaryngology
American Board of Pain Medicine
American Board of Pathology
American Board of Pediatrics
American Board of Periodontology
American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
American Board of Physician Specialties
American Board of Plastic Surgery
American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics
American Board of Podiatric Surgery
American Board of Preventive Medicine
American Board of Professional Counselors
American Board of Professional Neuropsychology
American Board of Professional Psychology
American Board of Prosthodontics
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
American Board of Psychological Specialties
American Board of Radiology
American Board of School Psychology
American Board of Sexology
American Board of Sleep Medicine
American Board of Spine Surgery
American Board of Sport Psychology
American Board of Surgery
American Board of Surgical Assistants
American Board of Thoracic Surgery
American Board of Transcultural Psychiatry
American Board of Trial Advocates
American Board of Urgent Care Medicine
American Board of Urology
American Board of Vascular Medicine
American Board of Veterinary Practitioners
American Board of Veterinary Specialties
American Board of Veterinary Toxicology
American Board of Vocational Experts
American Boarding Kennels Association
American Boat and Yacht Council
American Boat Listing
American Boat Racing Association
American Boatbuilders and Repairers Association
American Body Art Association
American Body Building
American Bodywork and Massage Professionals
American Boer Goat Association
American Boiler & Affiliated Industries
American Boiler Manufacturers Association
American Boiling Water Reactor Program
American Bonanza Society
American Bone Marrow Donor Registry
American Bonsai Society
American Book Awards
American Book Center
American Book Center
American Book Prices Current
American Book Producers Association
American Book Publishers Council
American Book Publishing Group
American Book Review
American Booksellers Association
American Booksellers Book of the Year
American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression
American Border Collie Association
American Border Collie Network
American Border Patrol
American Born Chinese
American Born Chinese
American Born Confused Desi
American Born Japanese
American Born Korean
American Born Taiwanese
American Botanical Council
American Botanical Council
American Bottled Water Association
American Bowling Association
American Bowling Congress
American Bowling Congress
American Boxer Club
American Boxer Club
American Boxer Rescue Association, Inc.
American Boxing and Athletic Association
American Boxwood Society
American Boychoir School
American Boys Club for the Defense of Errol Flynn
American Brachytherapy Society
American Brahman Breeders Association
American Brain Tumor Association
American Branch – World Rabbit Science Association
American Brass Company
American Brass Company
American Brass Quintet
American Breakfast
American Breast Cancer Foundation
American Breeders Services
American Bridge Association
American Bridge Company
American Bridge Company
American Bridge Teachers Association
American Brilliant Period
American Brittany Club
American Brittany Club
American Broadband and Telecommunications Company
American Broadcasting Channel
American Broadcasting Channel
American Broadcasting Company
American Broadcasting Company
American Broadcasting Corporation
American Broadcasting Corporation
American Broadcasting Station in Europe
American Broncho-Esophagological Association
American Bronze Foundry
American Brotherhood for the Blind
American Brotherhood Weekend
American Brugmansia & Datura Society Inc
American Brush Manufacturers Association
American Brussels Griffon Association
American Bryological and Lichenological Society
American Bucking Bull Incorporated
American Bucking Bull, Inc.
American Buckle and Cartridge
American Buckle and Cartridge
American Buckskin Registry Association
American Budgerigar Society
American Bugatti Club
American Bugatti Club
American Builders & Contractors Association
American Builders Quarterly
American Building & Fire Services, LLC
American Building Components
American Building Components
American Building Consultants, Inc.
American Building Consultants, Inc.
American Building Maintenance Industries, Inc.
American Bujinkan Dojo
American Bulldog National Alliance
American Bulldog Registry and Archives
American Bulldog Registry of Australia
American Bullmastiff Association
American Bully Breeders Association
American Bundestag Intern Network
American Bureau of Metal Statistics
American Bureau of Shipping
American Burglary & Fire Inc
American Burn Association
American Bus Association
American Business & Personal Insurance
American Business Brokers Association
American Business Card Club
American Business Communications Association
American Business Corporation
American Business Development Alliance
American Business Ethics Award
American Business Financial Services, Inc.
American Business for Legal Immigration
American Business Index
American Business Information
American Business Information Center
American Business Law Association
American Business Media
American Business Network
American Business Network
American Business Press, Inc.
American Business Research Company
American Business Research Services, Inc.
American Business School
American Business Technologies Alliance
American Business Travel Association
American Business Women’s Association
American Butter Institute
American Buying Retirement Services, Inc.
American Cabaret Theatre
American Cable Association
American Cadet Alliance
American Cadet Alliance
American Cadet Alliance
American Cadet Alliance
American California Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.
American Camellia Society
American Camp and Hospital Service
American Camp Association
American Campaign Medal
American Camping Association
American Campus Communities
American Campus Communities
American Campus Communities
American Canadian Caribbean Line
American Cancer Research Society
American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society University
American Canine Association, Inc.
American Canine Foundation
American Canine Hybrid Club
American Canine Sports Medicine Association
American Canoe Association
American Capital Strategies, Ltd
American Car & Foundry Inc.
American Car Club de France
American Car Club Hungary
Américan Car Namurois
American Car Racing Team
American Car Rental Association
American Carbohydrate Association
American Carbon Society
American Caribbean Cruise Line
American Cars Club d’Armor
American Cash Flow Association
American Cash Flow Corporation
American Cash Flow Institute
American Casino Guide
American Cast Metals Association
American Cat Fanciers Association
American Catahoula Association
American Catfish Anglers Tournament Series
American Catholic Historical Association
American Catholic Philosophical Association
American Cavy Breeders Association
American Cedar and Millwork
American Celiac Disease Alliance
American Cell Technology
American Cellars Wine Club
American Celtic Pipe Band
American Center for Artists
American Center for Children’s Television
American Center for Children’s Television
American Center For Childrens Television
American Center for Conflict Resolution Institute
American Center for Design
American Center for Law and Justice
American Center for Legislative Reform
American Center for Mongolian Studies
American Center for Social Awareness
American Center for Study of Distance Education
American Center for Voting Rights
American Center for Voting Rights
American Center of Oriental Research
American Central Gas Technologies
American Centrifuge Project
American Century Investments
American Ceramic Society
American Cetacean Society
American Ceylon Mission
American Chain Association
American Chain Company
American Chain of Warehouses, Inc.
American Challenge Series
American Chamber of Commerce
American Chamber of Commerce
American Chamber of Commerce
American Chamber of Commerce
American Chamber of Commerce Executives
American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
American Chamber of Commerce Research Association
American Chamber of Commerce Resources
American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America
American Championship Wrestling
American Checker Federation
American Checkered Giant Rabbit Club
American Cheer Elite
American Cheerleaders Association
American Cheerleading Academy
American Cheese Society
American Chemical Society
American Chemical, Inc.
American Chemistry Council
American Chemistry Council
American Chemistry Council
American Chemistry Council Panel
American Chess Association
American Chestnut Cooperators’ Foundation
American Chestnut Foundation
American Chestnut Land Trust
American Cheviot Sheep Society
American Chicle Company
American Chicle Company
American Chicle Company
American Children’s Television Festival
American Chinese Pharmaceutical Association
American Chinese Professionals Association
American Chiropractic Association
American Chiropractic Board of Nutrition
American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
American Chiropractic College of Radiology
American Chiropractic Neurology Board, Inc.
American Choppers
American Choral Directors Association
American Christian College and Seminary
American Christian Defense Alliance
American Christian Fiction Writers
American Christian Music Review
American Christian Romance Writers
American Chronic Pain Association
American Chu Shogi Association
American Chuckwagon Association
American Chungdokwan Taekwondo Association
American Church in Berlin
American Church Union
American Cichlid Association
American Cinema Editors
American Cinema Foundation
American citizen
American Citizen Services
American Citizens Abroad
American Citizens Services
American City Business Journals, Inc.
American City Racing League
American Civic Association
American Civil Liberties Union
American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona
American Civil Liberties Union of Washington
American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, Inc.
American Civil Responsibilities Union
American Civil Rights Coalition
American Civil Rights Education Services
American Civil Rights Institute
American Civil Rights Review
American Civil Rights Union
American Civil War
American Civil War Association
American Civil War Center
American Civil War Society
American Civil War: Gettysburg
American Civilization On Trial
American Classic Residential Brokerage
American Classical League
American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009
American Clean Energy Resources Trust
American Clean Water Association
American Cleaning Institute
American Clearinghouse
American Clearinghouse
American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association
American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association
American Clematis Society
American Clergy Leadership Conference
American Clinical Board of Nutrition
American Clinical Neurophysiology Society
American Clip Company
American Cloak And Suit Manufacturers Association
American Club Racer
American Club Runner
American Coach Association
American Coaching Effectiveness Program
American Coal Ash Association
American Coalition for Abuse Awareness
American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
American Coalition for Ethanol
American Coalition for Fathers and Children
American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, Inc.
American Coalition for Traffic Safety, Inc.
American Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities
American Coalition of Life Activists
American Coastal Coalition
American Coastal Coalition
American Coastal Coalition
American Coaster Club
American Coaster Club
American Coaster Club
American Coaster Enthusiasts
American Coatings Show
American Cockatiel Society
American Cocker Spaniel Club of Canada
American Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria
American Cocoa Research Institute
American Collage Network for Educators
American Collectors Association
American Collectors of Infant Feeders
American College
American College Counseling Association
American College Dance Festival
American College for Advancement in Medicine
American College Funding Association
American College Health Association
American College Institute
American College Media Directory
American College of Allergy and Immunology
American College of Applied Science
American College of Cardiology
American College of Cardiology
American College of Cardiology
American College of Cardiology Evaluation of Preventive Therapeutics
American College of Cardiology Extended Learning
American College of Cardiology Foundation
American College of Chest Physicians
American College of Chest Physicians/Society of Critical Care Medicine
American College of Chiropractic Consultants
American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists
American College of Clinical Engineering
American College of Clinical Pharmacy
American College of Computer & Information Sciences
American College of Construction Lawyers
American College of Contingency Planners
American College of Critical Care Medicine
American College of Dentists
American College of Digital Technology
American College of Emergency Physicians
American College of Endocrinology
American College of Epidemiology
American College of Eye Surgeons
American College of Family Physicians
American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
American College of Forensic Examiners
American College of Forensic Examiners Institute
American College of Forensic Examiners International
American College of Gastroenterology
American College of Greece
American College of Health Care Administrators
American College of Healthcare Architects
American College of Healthcare Executives
American College of Healthcare Sciences
American College Of Heraldry
American College of Heraldry
American College of Hospital Administrators
American College of International Physicians
American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
American College of Legal Medicine
American College of Life Underwriters
American College of Lifestyle Medicine
American College of Management and Technology
American College of Medical Genetics
American College of Medical Informatics
American College of Medical Informatimusicology
American College of Medical Physics
American College of Medical Toxicology
American College of Mohs Surgery
American College of Mortgage Attorneys
American College of Neuropsychiatrists
American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
American College of Nuclear Medicine
American College of Nuclear Physicians
American College of Nurse Practitioners
American College of Nurse-Midwives
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
American College of Occupational Medicine
American College of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
American College of Orgonomy
American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians
American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians
American College of Osteopathic Neurologists and Psychiatrists
American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians
American College of Osteopathic Surgeons
American College of Pain Management
American College of Phlebology Foundation
American College of Physician Executives
American College of Physicians
American College of Physicians Foundation
American College of Poultry Veterinarians
American College of Prehospital Medicine
American College of Preventive Medicine
American College of Project Managers
American College of Prosthodontists
American College of Psychiatrists
American College of Psychoanalysts
American College of Radiation Oncology
American College of Radiology
American College of Rejuvenology
American College of Rheumatology
American College of Sofia
American College of Spine Surgery
American College of Sports Medicine
American College of Surgeons
American College of Surgeons
American College of Surgeons Oncology Group
American College of Surgical Neurophysiology
American College of Technology
American College of the Building Arts
American College of Theriogenologists
American College of Trial Lawyers
American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologists
American College of Veterinary Behaviorists
American College of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology
American College of Veterinary Dermatology
American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care
American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
American College of Veterinary Microbiologists
American College of Veterinary Nutrition
American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists
American College of Veterinary Pathologists
American College of Veterinary Pharmacists
American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine
American College of Veterinary Radiology
American College of Veterinary Surgeons
American College of Veterinary Surgery
American College of Veterinary Toxicologists
American College of Zoological Medicine
American College Personnel Association
American College Student Association
American College Test
American College Testing
American College Theater Festival
American Collegiate Financial Services, Inc.
American Collegiate Hockey Association
American Collegiate Intramural Championships
American Collegiate Retailing Association
American Colonization Society
American Combat Teams
American Combustion Industries Inc.
American Comedy Network
American Commercial Barge Line LLC
American Committee for Interoperable Systems
American Committee for Preservation of Archaeological Collections
American Committee for Shaare Zedek
American Committee of the Fourth International
American Committee on Africa
American Committee on Asian Economic Studies
American Committee on Jerusalem
American Committee on Laboratory Animal Diseases
American Committees on Foreign Relations
American Commodity Distribution Association
American Commodity Exchange
American Communication Association
American Communication Journal
American Communications Foundation
American Communications Services, Inc.
American Communications Services, Inc.
American Communist Group in Mexico
American Community AM Broadcasters Association
American Community Bancshares Inc.
American Community Newspapers, Inc.
American Community Newspapers, Inc.
American Community Properties Trust
American Community School
American Community Service
American Community Survey
American Community Theatre Association
American Company that Manufactures Everything
American Comparative Literature Association
American Compensation Association
American Competitiveness Initiative
American Competitiveness Institute
American Composers Alliance
American Composers Forum
American Composers Orchestra
American Composite Breed
American Composites Manufacturers Association
American Computer Resources, Inc.
American Computer Science Association, Inc.
American Computer Science Foundation
American Computer Science League
American Computer Software
American Computerized Commodity Exchange System and Services
American Concrete Institute
American Concrete Pavement Association
American Concrete Pavement Association
American Concrete Pipe Association
American Concrete Pumping Association
American Conference for Irish Studies
American Conference Institute
American Conference of Governmental Hygienists
American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Inc.
American Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy
American Conference on Neutron Scattering
American Conference on Oriental Rugs
American Conger
American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
American Conifer Society
American Connemara Pony Society
American Conservation Association
American Conservation Film Festival
American Conservative Party
American Conservative Union
American Conservative Union
American Conservatory of Music
American Conservatory Theater
American Consolidated Management Group
American Consortium for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
American Consortium of Certified Interpreters
American Consortium on EU Studies
American Constitution Society
American Constitution Society for Law and Policy
American Constitutional Law Foundation
American Construction Inspectors Association
American Consultants League
American Consulting Engineers Council
American Consulting Engineers Council Research and Management Foundation
American Consulting Marketing and Sales
American Consulting Technology and Research
American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc.
American Consumer Financial Network
American Consumer Institute
American Consumer Protection Group, Inc.
American Consumer Publishing Association
American Contemporary Art
American Contingency Planning Association
American Contract Bridge League
American Contract Compliance Association
American Contracting Exchange Inc.
American Contractors Insurance Group
American Control Conference
American Control Conference
American Control Conference
American Convention on Human Rights
American Cooperative School
American Copper Council
American Copper Council
American Copper Council
American Copy Editors Society
American Cord & Webbing
American Cormo Sheep Association
American Corner Yaffo
American Cornhole Association
American Cornhole Organization
American Corporate Counsel Association
American Corporation for Milling and Boreworks
American Corporations for Thailand
American Correctional Association
American Correctional Food Service Association
American Correctional Solutions
American Cotton Shippers Association
American Council for Accredited Certification
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
American Council for Better Broadcasting
American Council for Capital Formation
American Council for Collaboration in Education and Language Study
American Council for Construction Education
American Council for Fitness and Nutrition
American Council for Fitness and Nutrition
American Council for International Studies
American Council for Judaism
American Council for Renewable Energy
American Council for Technology
American Council for Trade in Services
American Council of Applied Clinical Nutrition
American Council of Competitive Communications
American Council of Engineering Companies
American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia
American Council of Independent Laboratories
American Council of Learned Societies
American Council of Learned Societies
American Council of Life Insurers
American Council of Snowmobile Associations
American Council of Spotted Asses
American Council of Teachers of Russian
American Council of the Blind
American Council of the Blind of Colorado
American Council of the Blind of Nebraska
American Council of Trustees and Alumni
American Council of Vedic Astrology
American Council on Alcohol Problems
American Council on Alcoholism
American Council on Consumer Interests
American Council on Education
American Council on Exercise
American Council on Germany
American Council on Immersion Education
American Council on International Personnel
American Council on Personal Safety
American Council on Pharmaceutical Education
American Council on Race Relations
American Council on Renewable Energy
American Council on Schools & Colleges
American Council on Science and Health, Inc.
American Council To Improve Our Neighborhoods
American Counseling Association
American Counseling Association of Missouri
American Countertrade Association
American Country Award
American Country Countdown
American Country Countdown
American Country Countdown
American Country Dance Association
American Country Holdings, Inc.
American Country Radio Network
American Countryside Tourism Strategies
American Court & Commercial Newspapers
American Cowboy Team Roping Association
American Cowboys Rodeo Association
American Craft Association
American Craft Council
American Craft Council
American Craft Council
American Craft Endeavors
American Craft Enterprises Inc
American Craft Museum
American Cream Draft Horse Association
American Creativity Academy
American Cribbage Congress
American Cribbage Congress
American Cribbage Congress
American Crime Prevention Institute
American Crime Writers League
American Criminal Law Review
American Croatian Business Association
American Crop Protection Association
American Crossbred Pony Registry
American Crossword Federation
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
American Crow
American Crow
American Cruise Lines
American Cruisers Motorcycle Club
American Cryonics Society
American Cryptogram Association
American Crystal Sugar Company
American Crystallographic Association
American Cuemakers Association
American Cuesports Alliance
American Culinary Federation
American Culinary Federation Educational Institute
American Culinary Federation Foundation, Inc.
American Culinary Federation New Orleans
American Culinary Federation, Long Island
American Culinary Institute
American Cultural Center
American Cultural Center
American Cultural Center
American Cultural Exchange
American Cultural Resources Association
American Culture and Language Program
American Culture Association
American Curl Rescue Project
American Custom Motorsports
American Customer Care
American Customer Care
American Customer Care
American Customer Satisfaction Index
American Cyanamid Company
American Cyanamid Company
American Cyanamid Company
American Cyanamid Company
American Cycling Association
American Cystoscope Makers, Inc.
American Czech-Slovak Cultural Club
American Dad
American Daffodil Society
American Dahlia Society
American Dairy Association
American Dairy Goat Association
American Dairy Products Institute
American Dairy Science Association
American Dance Asylum
American Dance Awards
American Dance Festival
American Dance Legacy Institute
American Dance Therapy Association
American Dance Training Camp
American Dancesport Association Inc.
American Dancesport Organization
American Dancesport Organization
American Dancewheels Foundation, Inc.
American Darts Organization
American Darts Organization
American Data Group
American Data Services
American Data Technology, Inc.
American Databank
American Daughter Media Center
American Deaf Volleyball Association
American Decency Association
American Decentralized Wastewater Association
American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man
American Deer and Wildlife Alliance
American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor
American Defense Acquisition & Procurement Transformation
American Defense Agency
American Defense Institute
American Defense Preparedness Association
American Defense Service Medal
American Degree Transfer Programme
American Democracy Project
American Dental Assistants Association
American Dental Association
American Dental Association Foundation
American Dental Education Association
American Dental Plan
American Dental Society of Anesthesiology
American Dental Society of Europe
American Dental Trade Association
American Dentists for Foreign Service
American Denturist Advocacy Council
American Depositary Receipt
American Depositary Receipt
American Depository Notes
American Depository Receipt
American Depository Share
American Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
American Derringer Corp.
American Design Drafting Association
American Design Intelligence Group
American Dexter Cattle Association
American Diabetes Association
American Dial Tone
American Dialect Dictionary
American Dialect Dictionary
American Dialect Society
American Diamond Wholesalers
American Dietetic Association
American Dietetic Association Foundation
American Digestive Disease Society
American Digestive Health Foundation
American Dime Museum
American Directories Operations & Computerized Systems
American Directories Operations & Computerized Systems
American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit
American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today
American Discount Lenders Inc.
American Discount Web Hosting
American Discovery Trail
American Discovery Trail Marathon
American Discovery Trail Society
American Distance Counseling Association
American Distance Education Consortium
American Distilling Institute
American District Telegraph Company
American Diversified Financial Group
American Diversified Group, Incorporated
American Diversified Savings Bank
American Divorce Association for Men
American DJ
American DJ
American Documentation Institute
American Dodgeball Association of America
American Dog Breeders Association, Inc
American Dog Owners Association, Inc.
American Doll Posse
American Domestic Skunk Association
American Donkey and Mule Society
American Double Dutch League
American Down and Feather Council
American Drag Bike Association
American Drag Boat Association
American Drag Racing League
American Dream
American Dream Denial
American Dream Denial
American Dream Downpayment Act
American Dream Downpayment Initiative
American Dream Restoration Act
American Dream Savings Accounts
American Driving Society
American Druze Society
American Dry Bean Board
American Dry Milk Institute
American Dutch Rabbit Club
American Dye Manufacturers Institute
American Eagle
American Eagle
American Eagle
American Eagle Credit Union
American Eagle Federal Credit Union
American Eagle Foundation
American Eagle Instruments
American Eagle Outfitters
American Eagle Outfitters
American Eagle Outfitters Inc.
American Eagle Systems
American Economic Association
American Economic Development Council
American Economic History
American Economic Review
American Education Association
American Education Finance Association
American Education Institute
American Education Online
American Education Reaches Out
American Educational Research Association
American Educational Research Journal
American Educational Services Inc.
American Eel
American Egg Board
American Egyptian Cooperation Foundation
American Elasmobranch Society
American Electric Lighting
American Electric Power
American Electric Power Company
American Electric Power, Inc.
American Electric Railway Association
American Electric Technologies, Inc.
American Electric Vehicle Company
American Electrology Association
American Electronic Laboratories
American Electronics Association
American Electrophoresis Society
American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society
American Electroplating Society
American Elementary School
American Embassy
American Embassy School
American Embedded Systems
American Embryo Transfer Association
American Empire Project
American Employment Law Council
American Emu Association
American Endowment Foundation
American Endurance Ride Conference
American Engineering Association
American Engineering Standards Committee
American Engineering Testing, Inc
American English
American English
American English as a Second Language
American English Institute
American English Spoken Lexicon
American Enterprise
American Enterprise Institute
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
American Entomological Institute
American Entrepreneurs Association
American Enuresis Foundation
American Environmental Health Foundation
American Epilepsy Society
American Equal Rights Association
American Equestrian Trade Association
American Equilibration Society
American Equine Insurance Group
American Escrow Association
American Esoteric Laboratories
American Ethical Union
American Eugenics Society
American European Business Association
American European Dietetic Association
American European Racquetball Association
American Evaluation Association
American Evangelical Christian Church, Inc.
American Eventing Championships
American Exotic Mammal Veterinarians
American Expedition Vehicles
American Expeditionary Force
American Expeditionary Station
American Expert Training Systems
American Express
American Express Asset Management
American Express Business Travel
American Express Company
American Express Company
American Express Company
American Express Corporate Card
American Express Financial Advisors
American Express Interactive
American Express Tax and Business Services
American Express Travelers Checks
American Eye Institute
American FactFinder
American Falls High School
American Families United
American Family Association
American Family Data Archive
American Family Friendly Libraries
American Family Immigration History Center
American Family Insurance
American Family Life Assurance Company
American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus
American Family Member
American Family Physician
American Family Publishers
American Family Radio
American Family Radio
American Family Records Association
American Family Rights Association
American Family Therapy Association
American Fan Collectors Association
American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association
American Fantasy Football League
American Farm Bureau Association
American Farm Bureau Federation
American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture
American Farm Bureau Research Foundation
American Farm Bureau, Inc.
American Farm Pullers Association
American Farmland Trust
American Farrier`s Association
American Farriers Journal
American Federal Tax Reports
American Federation for Aging Research
American Federation for Clinical Research
American Federation for Medical Research
American Federation of Arts
American Federation of Astrologers
American Federation of Aviculture
American Federation of Clinical Oncologic Societies
American Federation of Express Workers
American Federation of Fictitious Archaeologists
American Federation of Government Employees
American Federation of Herpetoculturists
American Federation of Labor
American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations
American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations
American Federation of Martial Arts
American Federation of Mineralogical Societies
American Federation of Motorcyclists
American Federation of Musicians
American Federation of New Zealand Rabbit Breeders
American Federation of Radio Artists
American Federation of School Administrators
American Federation of State Employees
American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees
American Federation of Strength Athletes
American Federation of Teachers
American Federation of Teachers Communications Association
American Federation of Television & Radio Artists
American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers
American Feed Industry Association
American Feed Manufacturers Association
American Felt and Filter Company
American Fence Association
American Feng Shui Institute
American Fern Society
American Ferret Association
American Fertility Society
American Fiber Manufacturers Association
American Fiber/Textile/Apparel Coalition
American Fiberboard Association
American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association, Inc.
American Fidelity, Inc.
American Field
American Field Service
American Fighter Aces Association
American Film Institute
American Film Market
American Film Marketing Association
American Film Technologies Inc.
American Filtration & Separations Society
American Finance Association
American Financial and Automotive Services, Inc.
American Financial Credit Services, Inc.
American Financial Group
American Financial Realty Trust
American Financial Realty Trust
American Financial Realty Trust
American Financial Research Corporation
American Financial Resource Group
American Financial Services Association
American Fine Arm
American Fine Arts Festival
American Fire Protection Group
American Fire Sprinkler Association
American Firearms Industry
American Fireworks Standards Laboratory
American First Federal Credit Union
American Fisheries Act
American Fisheries Society
American Fitness Alliance
American Flag
American Flag Day Association
American Flagship Service
American Flight Airways
American Flight Echocardiograph
American Flock Association
American Floral Industry Association
American Fly Fishing Trade Association
American Folk Art Museum
American Folk Blues Festival
American Folk Festival
American Folk Musicians Association
American Folklife Center
American Folklore Society
American Food Safety Institute
American Food Service
American Football Coaches Association
American Football Conference
American Football in Israel
American Football League
American Football Travel International
American Football Verband Deutschland
American Football Women’s League
American Football-Verband Hessen eV
American for Generational Equality
American Forces Information Service/System
American Forces Italy
American Forces Korea Network
American Forces Network
American Forces Network, Iraq
American Forces Philippines Network (former AFRTS network in the Philippine Islands
American Forces Press Service
American Forces Radio & Television
American Forces Radio & Television Service
American Forces Radio Saigon
American Forces Thailand Network
American Foreign Insurance Association
American Foreign Policy Council
American Foreign Service Association
American Foreign Service Association Scholarship Fund
American Foreign Service Protective Association
American Forensic Nurses
American Forest and Paper Association
American Forest and Paper Association
American Forest Council
American Forest Foundation
American Forest Institute
American Forest Resources Alliance
American Forestry Association
American Forests
American Fork
American Fork Drumline
American Fork High School
American Fork Junior High
American Formalwear Association
American Forum for Global Education
American Foster Care Resources, Inc.
American Foulbrood
American Foundation for AIDS Research
American Foundation for Animal Rescue
American Foundation for Children with AIDS
American Foundation for Family Attachment
American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture
American Foundation for Maternal and Child Health
American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
American Foundation for the Blind
American Foundation for the Blind
American Foundation for the Study of Man
American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation, Inc.
American Foundation for Urologic Disease
American Founders Life Insurance Company
American Foundry Society
American Foundrymen’s Society
American Foundrymens’ Association
American Four Barrel
American Fractional
American Franchisee Association
American Free Enterprise
American Free Press
American Freestyle Association
American Freightways
American Fried Chicken
American Friends of Canada Committee
American Friends of Tel Aviv University
American Friends of the Israel Museum
American Friends of the Jewish Museum Hohenems
American Friends Service Committee
American Friends Service Committee
American Frontier Reenactment Guild
American Frozen Food Institute
American Fuchsia Society
American Fund for Czechoslovak Relief
American Fund for Dental Education
American Fund for Dental Health
American Fund for Human Development
American Funds Distributors, Inc.
American Funds Service Company
American Fur Merchants Association
American Furniture Hall of Fame Foundation, Inc.
American Furniture Manufacturers Association
American Furniture Warehouse
American Future Electronics
American Futures Group
American Gage Design
American Gage Design
American Gage Design Standard
American Galvanizers Association
American Game Collectors Association
American Game Dog Times
American Gaming Association
American Gas Accumulator Company
American Gas Association
American Gas Foundation
American Gasket Technologies, Inc.
American Gastroenterological Association
American Gastroenterological Association Institute
American Gastroenterological Organization
American Gay and Lesbian Youth
American Gear Manufacturers Association
American Gelbvieh Association
American Gem Society
American Gem Society Laboratories
American Gem Trade Association
American Gemological Laboratories
American Gemological Society
American Gemstone Consultants Consortium
American Genealogical Research Institute
American General Assurance Company
American General Corporation
American General Finance
American General Finance Corporation, Inc.
American General Financial Services
American General Life and Accident
American General Life Insurance Company
American General Securities Incorporated
American Genetic Association
American Geographical Society
American Geographical Society Library
American Geological Institute
American Geophysical Union
American Gerbil Society
American Geriatrics Society
American Ghost Society
American Girl
American Girl
American Glaucoma Society
American Global International University
American Global University
American Glovebox Society
American Go Association
American Goat Society
American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.
American Gold Wing Association
American Goldfinch
American Golf Country Clubs
American Golf League
American Gourd Society
American Gourmet Secret
American Governance & Leadership Group
American Governmental Financial Services
American Graduate School of International Management
American Graduate School of Management
American Grandprix Association
American Grassfed Association
American Grease Stick Company
American Greedy Trial Lawyers Association
American Greetings Corporation
American Greetings Corporation
American Greyhound Council
American Grounding Systems
American Growth Fund
American Guernsey Association
American Guidance Service, Inc.
American Guide Services, Inc.
American Guild for Infant Survival
American Guild of Actors and Composers
American Guild of Appraisers
American Guild of Music
American Guild of Musical Artists
American Guild of Organists
American Guild of Variety Artists
American Guitar & Band
American Guitar Society
American Gymnastics Association
American Gynecological and Obstetrical Society
American Haflinger Registry
American Hair Loss Association
American Hair Loss Council
American Hair Transplant Center
American Hairless Rat Terrier Club
American Hairless Terrier
American Hampshire Sheep Association
American Handicapped Defense Union, Inc
American Hanoverian Society
American Hardboard Association
American Hardware Corporation
American Hardwood Association
American Hardwood Export Council
American Harlequin Rabbit Club
American Harp Society
American Head Charge
American Headache Society
American Health
American Health and Beauty Aids Institute
American Health Association
American Health Care Association
American Health Consultants
American Health Decisions
American Health Foundation
American Health Information Community
American Health Information Management Association
American Health Initiative
American Health Institute
American Health Kennels, Inc.
American Health Lawyers Association
American Health Planning Association
American Health Value
American Healthcare Radiology Administrators
American Hearing Aid Associates
American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association
American Hearing Research Foundation
American Heart Association
American Heart Journal
American Heart University
American Heartworm Society
American Helicopter Association
American Helicopter Society
American Hellenic Institute
American Hellenic Tour Operators Association
American Hemerocallis Society
American Hemi Speed Centre
American Hemochromatosis Society
American Heraldry Society
American Herbal Pharmacopoeia
American Herbal Products Association
American Herbalists Guild
American Hereford Association
American Heritage Center
American Heritage College Dictionary
American Heritage Dictionary
American Heritage Lecture Series
American Heritage School
American Hi Tech Rentals
American Hibiscus Society
American Hi-Fi
American High Voltage
American High-Income Trust
American Highland Cattle Association
American Highway Project
American Hiking Society
American Himalayan Foundation
American Himalayan Rabbit Club
American Hindu Cultural Center
American Hippotherapy Association
American Hispanic-Owned Radio Association
American Historic Society
American Historical Association
American Historical Print Collectors Society
American Historical Review
American History Advanced Placement
American History Teachers’ Collaborative
American History X
American History Yearbook
American Hobby Federation
American Hockey Coaches Association
American Hockey League
American Holiday Decorators Association
American Holistic Dental Association
American Holistic Health Association
American Holistic Nurses’ Association
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
American Holsteiner Horse Association
American Home and Habitat
American Home Funding Mortgage
American Home Inspectors Training
American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc.
American Home Products Corporation
American Home Products Corporation
American Home Recording Act
American Home Shield
American Home Surfaces Group
American Home-Based Work Administration
American Homebrewers Association
American Homeless Society
American Homeowners Association
American Homeowners Foundation
American Homeowners Resource Center
American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act
American Homepatient
American Homeschool Association
American Home-School Publishing
American Hometown Leadership Awards
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
American Honda Motor Company, Inc.
American Honey Producers Association
American Horse Council
American Horse Protection Association, Inc.
American Horse Publications
American Horse Publications, Inc.
American Horse Shows Association
American Horseshoe Pitchers Association
American Horticultural Society
American Horticultural Therapy Association
American Hospital Association
American Hospital Formulary Service
American Hospital Publishing, Inc.
American Hospital Supply, Inc
American Hospitality Fleet Services
American Hosta Society
American Hot Rod Association
American Hot Rod Foundation
American Hotel and Lodging Association
American Household Appliance Manufacturers
American Housing Survey
American Humane Association
American Humane Education Society
American Humanics Student Association
American Humanist Association
American Hungarian Information Technology
American Hunter-Jumper Foundation
American Hyperlexia Association
American Hypnosis Association
American Hypnosis Training Academy
American Iatrogenic Association
American Idiot
American Idol
American Idol Party
American Idol Season 2
American Idol Underground
American Imaging Management, Inc.
American Immigration Law Foundation
American Immigration Lawyers Association
American Immunization Registry Association
American Importers Association
American Income Life
American Independent Cockpit Alliance, Inc.
American Independent Insurance Company
American Independent Network
American Independent Party
American Independent Party of California
American Independent Party of California
American Independent Productions
American Independent Refiners Association
American Indian Advisory Committee
American Indian Alaska Native Employment Program
American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association
American Indian Alumni Association
American Indian and Native Studies Program
American Indian Bible Institute
American Indian Business Leaders
American Indian Business Network
American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma
American Indian Child Resource Center
American Indian College Fund
American Indian Contemporary Arts
American Indian Culture Center and Museum
American Indian Culture Research Center
American Indian Economic Development Fund
American Indian Education Foundation
American Indian Film Institute
American Indian Genocide Museum
American Indian Graduate Center
American Indian Graduate Program
American Indian Heritage Foundation
American Indian Heritage Month
American Indian Journalism Institute
American Indian Law Alliance
American Indian Law Students Association
American Indian Leadership Program
American Indian Library Association
American Indian Movement
American Indian Native
American Indian Opportunities Industrialization Center
American Indian Probate Reform Act of 2004
American Indian Program
American Indian Research and Program Evaluation Methodology
American Indian Research Opportunities
American Indian Retention Program
American Indian Rock Opera
American Indian Science and Engineering Society
American Indian Services
American Indian Sign Language
American Indian Staff Forum
American Indian Student Association
American Indian Teacher Education
American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation
American Indian Wars
American Indian/Alaska Native Grant Support Center
American Indians into Psychology
American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce
American Indoor Air Quality Council
American Indoor Karting
American Indoor Soccer League
American Industrial Arts Student Association
American Industrial Hygiene Association
American Industrial Hygiene Association
American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition
American Industrial Hygiene Foundation
American Industrial Partners
American Industrial Systems, Inc.
American Industrial Technologies
American Industry / Government Emissions Research
American Infertility Association
American Information Resource Center
American Ingredients Co.
American Innerspring Manufacturers
American Installation Services
American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education
American Institute for Cancer Ablation
American Institute for Cognitive Therapy
American Institute for Computer Sciences
American Institute for Conservation
American Institute for Contemporary German Studies
American Institute for Decision Sciences
American Institute for Economic Research
American Institute for English Proficiency
American Institute for Foreign Study, Inc
American Institute for International Steel
American Institute for Maghreb Studies
American Institute for Managing Diversity
American Institute For Medical and Biological Engineering
American Institute for Myofascial Studies, LLC
American Institute for Philanthropic Studies
American Institute for Pollution Prevention
American Institute for Preventive Medicine
American Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
American Institute for Public Safety
American Institute for Radiologic Pathology
American Institute for Shippers’ Associations, Inc.
American Institute for Social Justice
American Institute for Stuttering
American Institute in Taiwan
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.
American Institute of Applied Science
American Institute of Architects
American Institute of Architects New York
American Institute of Architects Redwood Empire
American Institute of Architects San Antonio
American Institute of Architects South Carolina
American Institute of Architecture Students
American Institute of Baking
American Institute of Banking
American Institute of Biomedical Climatology
American Institute of Building Design
American Institute of Certified Planners
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
American Institute of Chemists
American Institute of Commemorative Art
American Institute of Constructors
American Institute of Cooperation
American Institute of Decorators
American Institute of Development
American Institute of Electrical Engineers
American Institute of Engineers, Inc.
American Institute of Executive Protection, Inc.
American Institute of Fisheries Research Biologists
American Institute of Floral Designers
American Institute of Graphic Arts
American Institute of Graphic Arts
American Institute of Health Sciences
American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness
American Institute of Homeopathy
American Institute of Hypnotherapy
American Institute of Indian Studies
American Institute of Inspectors
American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics
American Institute of Iranian Studies
American Institute of Kenpo
American Institute of Management
American Institute of Maritime Services
American Institute of Mathematical Sciences
American Institute of Mathematics
American Institute of Mathematics
American Institute of Medicine
American Institute of Merchant Shipping
American Institute of Mining
American Institute of Mining Engineers
American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers, Inc.
American Institute of Monterrey
American Institute of Musical Studies
American Institute of Nutrition
American Institute of Oriental Medicine
American Institute of Parliamentarians
American Institute of Philanthropy
American Institute of Physics
American Institute of Professional Association Group Insurance Administrators
American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.
American Institute of Pyramidology
American Institute of Science and Technology
American Institute of Steel Construction
American Institute of Stress
American Institute of Technology
American Institute of Timber Construction
American Institutes for Research
American Institutional Services
American Insurance Administrators
American Insurance Association
American Insurance Marketing and Sales Society
American Insurance Services Group
American Insurance Union
American Intercontinental University
American Intercultural Student Exchange
American Interdisciplinary Studies
American International Assistance Service
American International Association for Economic and Social Development
American International Charolais Association
American International Children’s Alliance, Inc.
American International College
American International Contractors, Inc.
American International Education Foundation
American International Freight Association
American International Group, Inc
American International Health Alliance
American International Health Alliance
American International Industries
American International Insurance Company
American International Investors Trust
American International Mobility Resources
American International Petroleum Corporation
American International Pictures
American International Players Association
American International Recruitment Council
American International Reiki Association Inc.
American International School
American International School of Abu-Dhabi
American International School of Bucharest
American International School of Budapest
American International School of Florence
American International School of Freetown
American International School of Guangzhou
American International School of Johannesburg
American International School of Lisbon
American International School of Rotterdam
American International School-Riyadh
American International Ship Exposition
American International Sports Tournament
American International Study Foundation
American International Supply, Inc
American International Technology Enterprises
American International Toy Fair
American International Underwriters
American International University
American Internet Chess Server
American Internet Exchange
American Internet Registrants Association
American Interplanetary Society
American Inter-Tribal Radio Society
American Inventors Association
American Inventors Protection Act of 1999
American Investors Company
American Investors Life Insurance Company, Inc.
American Invitational Mathematics Examination
American Iraqi Solutions Group
American Iris Society
American Iris Society Foundation
American Irish Historical Society
American Iron and Steel Institute
American Iron and Steel Institute
American Iron Ore Association
American Islamic Services Foundation
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
American Italian Heritage Association
American Italian Heritage Association
American Italian Historical Association
American Italian Historical Association
American Italian Pasta Company
American Ivy Society
American Jail Association
American Jail Association
American Jazz Dance Affiliation
American Jazz Dance Company
American Jersey Cattle Club
American Jewelry Chain Co.
American Jewelry Design Council
American Jewelry Manufacturer
American Jewish Artists Club
American Jewish Committee
American Jewish Congress
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
American Jewish Society for Service
American Jewish University
American Jewish University Los Angeles
American Jewish World Service
American Jiu-Jitsu
American Joint Committee on Cancer
American Joint Committee System
American Journal of Anesthesiology
American Journal of Anesthesiology
American Journal of Arabic Studies
American Journal of Archaeology
American Journal of Archaeology
American Journal of Audiology
American Journal of Audiology
American Journal of Bioethics
American Journal of Botany
American Journal of Chinese Medicine
American Journal of Chinese Studies
American Journal of Chiropractic Medicine
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery
American Journal of Critical Care
American Journal of Dance Therapy
American Journal of Dentistry
American Journal of Diseases of Children
American Journal of Education
American Journal of Emergency Medicine
American Journal of Epidemiology
American Journal of Epidemiology
American Journal of Ethics & Medicine
American Journal of Gastroenterology
American Journal of Geriatric Cardiology
American Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Literatures
American Journal of Health Promotion
American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy
American Journal of Industrial Medicine
American Journal of Infection Control
American Journal of Managed Care
American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing
American Journal of Medicine
American Journal of Nephrology
American Journal of Numismatics
American Journal of Nursing
American Journal of Obstetrics
American Journal of Ophthalmology
American Journal of Otology
American Journal of Pain Management
American Journal of Pathology
American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education
American Journal of Philology
American Journal of Physiology
American Journal of Preventive Medicine
American Journal of Psychiatry
American Journal of Psychotherapy
American Journal of Rhinology
American Journal of Roentgenology
American Journal of Sociology
American Journal of Sports Medicine
American Journal of Surgery
American Journal of Theology
American Journal of Transplantation
American Journal on Addictions
American Journal on Addictions
American Journalism Review
American Judges Association
American Judges Association
American Judicature Society
American Jujitsu Institute
American Junior Academy of Sciences
American Junior Maine-Anjou Association
American Junior Shorthorn Association
American Junior Simmental Association
American Junior Year
American Justice Institute
American Kempo Karate Academy
American Kennel Association
American Kennel Club
American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation
American Kenpo Karate Association
American Kenpo Legacy Association
American Kenpo Senior Council
American Kestrel
American Kidney Fund
American Killifish Association
American Killing Machine
American King James Version
American King Shepherd Club
American Kitefliers Association
American Knife and Tool Institute
American Kyokushin Karate Organization
American Kyudo Renmei
American Labor Party
American Labor Union
American Ladder Institute
American LaFrance LLC
American LaMancha Club
American Lamb Board
American Lamb Council
American Lancia Club
American Land Conservancy
American Land Rights Association
American Land Title Association
American Lands Access Association
American Landscape Contractors Association
American Language and Culture Institute
American Language Center
American Language Course Placement Test
American Language Institute
American Laryngological Association
American Laser Games
American Latino Media Arts awards
American Latvian Association
American Latvian Association in the United States
American Law and Economics Association
American Law Division
American Law Institute
American Law of Property
American Law Publishing
American Law Reports
American Law Reports
American Law Review
American Law Review
American Law Sources On-line
American Lawn Bowls Association
American Lawyers Quarterly
American Le Mans Series
American Leadership Forum
American Leadership Forum of Oregon
American League
American League Championship Series
American League Division Series
American League of Anglers
American League of Anglers and Boaters
American League of Financial Institutions
American League of Lobbyists
American League of Physical Culture
American Learning Institute for Muslims
American Leather Chemists Association
American Lebanese Medical Association
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities
American Legacy Dance Theatre
American Legacy Foundation
American Legal Foundation
American Legation United States Naval Attaché
American Legend
American Legion
American Legion Auxiliary
American Legion Golf Course
American Legion Hospital
American Legion State Forest
American Legislative Exchange Council
American Leisure Group
American Leisure Holdings Inc
American Leprosy Missions
American Liberation Front
American Liberation League
American Liberty Currency
American Liberty Foundation
American Liberty League
American Libraries
American Library Association
American Library Association Washington Office Newsline
American Library Directory
American Life League
American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee
American Lighting Association
American Light-wave System
American Literacy Council
American Literary and Historical Society
American Literary Translators Association
American Lithotripsy Society
American Littoral Society
American Liver Foundation
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
American Livestock Connection
American Lock Collectors Association
American Locker Group Inc.
American Locomotive Company
American Loggers Council
American Logistics Aid Network
American Logistics Association
American Long Lines
American Lory Society
American Loss Mitigation Consortium
American Luggage Dealers Association
American Lumber Standards
American Lumber Standards Committee, Inc.
American Lung Association
American Lung Association in Utah
American Lung Association of Alaska
American Lung Association of California
American Lung Association of Central Florida
American Lung Association of Florida
American Lung Association of Hawaii
American Lung Association of Michigan
American Lung Association of New Mexico
American Lung Association of New York
American Lung Association of Oklahoma
American Lung Association of Oregon
American Lung Association of Texas
American Lung Association of the East Bay
American Lung Association of the Northwest
American Lung Association of Washington
American Lutheran Church
American Lutheran Publicity Bureau
American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.
American Machine & Foundry
American Machine Foundry Corporation
American Machinery Dealers Association
American Macular Degeneration Foundation
American Magazine Conference
American Magic Umbanda House
American Magic-Lantern Theater
American Magnetics, Inc.
American Mah-Jongg Association
American Maine-Anjou Association
American Mainstream Media Party
American Majority Institute
American Malacological Union
American Mall Model Search
American Management and Business Internship Training
American Management Association
American Management Systems
American Management Systems, Inc
American Manchester Terrier Club
American Manufacturing and Production Service
American Manufacturing Research Consortium
American Marijuana Music Awards
American Marina Institute
American Marine Insurance Forum
American Maritime Association
American Maritime History Project, Inc.
American Maritime Officer
American Marketing Association
American Marketing Association Las Vegas Chapter
American Martial Arts Association of the Deaf
American Martial Arts Federation
American Martial Arts Society
American Massage Therapists Association
American Massage Therapy Association
American Mastiff Breeders Council
American Mathematical Monthly
American Mathematical Society
American Mathematics Competitions
American Mathematics Metadata Task Force
American Maze Company
American Meat Goat Association
American Meat Institute
American Meat Institute Foundation
American Meat Science Association
American Mechanical Incorporated
American Mechanical Services
American Mechanics Fraternal Association
American Medallic Sculpture Association
American Media Association
American Media International, Ltd
American Medical Accreditation Program
American Medical Allied Staffing
American Medical Association
American Medical Association Foundation
American Medical Athletic Association
American Medical Bill Review, LLC
American Medical Billing Association
American Medical College Application Service
American Medical College of Homeopathy
American Medical Consultants, Inc.
American Medical Directors Association
American Medical Equestrian Association
American Medical Fly Fishing Association
American Medical Group Association
American Medical Informatics Association
American Medical Information, Inc.
American Medical Laboratories, Inc.
American Medical Marijuana Association
American Medical Marijuana Organization
American Medical Massage Association
American Medical News
American Medical News
American Medical Pharmaceutical Outlet
American Medical Political Action Committee
American Medical Publishers Association
American Medical Record Association
American Medical Research Institute
American Medical Response
American Medical Seminars, Inc.
American Medical Student Association
American Medical Technologist
American Medical Testing Laboratories
American Medical Women’s Association
American Medical Writers Association
American Megatrends, Incorporated
American Megatrends, Incorporated, Basic Input/Output System
American Melanoma Foundation
American Membrane Technology Association
American Memorial Park
American Memory Historical Collections
American Menopause Foundation
American Mensa Committee
American Mensa, Limited
American Mental Health Alliance
American Mental Health Counselors Association
American Merchant Marine Institute
American Messianic Fellowship
American Messianic Fellowship International
American Metal Detecting Association
American Metal Market
American Metalcasting Consortium
American Metalcraft Corporation
American Metals and Coal International, Inc.
American Metaphysical Doctors Association
American Meteor Society
American Meteorological Society
American Meter Company
American Methadone Treatment Association, Inc.
American Methanol Institute
American METRO/STUDY Corporation
American Metropolitan Water Association
American Micro Detection Systems, Inc.
American Microscopical Society
American Microsystems Incorporated
American Microsystems Ltd
American Middle Eastern National Conference
American Mideast Conference
American Mideast Leadership Network
American Military Arms Corporation
American Military Industrial Complex
American Military Mission to China
American Military Museum
American Military Retirees Association
American Military Standards
American Military University
American Mineralogist Undergraduate Award
American Miniature Horse Association
American Miniature Horse Registry
American Miniature Schnauzer Club
American Mining Congress
American Mining Congress
American Ministerial Association
American Minor Breeds Conservancy
American Minority Business Forms
American Minority Contractors and Businesses Association
American Miscellaneous Society
American Mission for Opening Churches
American Missionary Association
American Missionary Society
American Mobile Communications Association
American Mobile Nurses
American Mobile Phone Service
American Mobile Radio Corporation
American Mobile Satellite
American Mobile Satellite Corporation
American Mobile Telecommunications Association
American Mock Trial Association
American Model United Nations
American Modeling and Talent Convention
American Modeling Association
American Mold Builders Association
American Monetary Institute
American Monster Truck Association
American Montessori Society
American Morgan Horse Association
American Morgan Horse Institute
American Morgan Horse Registry
American Morning
American Morning
American Moroccan Association of North America
American Mortgage Express Corp.
American Mosquito Control Association
American Motel Hotel Brokers’ Network
American Motorcycle Institute
American Motorcycle Manufacturing Inc.
American Motorcycle Museum Holland
American Motorcycle Network
American Motorcycle Owners Club
American Motorcycle Racing Association
American Motorcyclist Association
American Motorcyclist Association Political Action Committee
American Motors
American Motors
American Motors Club of Alberta
American Motors Corporation
American Motors Experimental
American Motors General
American Mountain Bike Challenge
American Mountain Guides Association
American Mouse Club
American Movie Classics
American Moving and Storage Association
American Mule Association
American Multi-Cinema
American Municipal Association
American Murray Grey Association
American Muscle Car Association
American Muscle Car Club
American Muscle Truck Association
American Museum of Atomic Energy
American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Papermaking
American Museum of Radio and Electricity
American Museum of Science & Energy
American Museum of the Moving Image
American Museums Association
American Mushroom Institute
American Music Abroad
American Music Awards
American Music Club
American Music Conference
American Music Education Initiative
American Music Repertory Ensemble
American Music Research Center
American Music Therapy Association
American Musical Dramatic Academy
American Musical Instrument Society
American Musicological Society
American Muslim Alliance
American Muslim Association
American Muslim Association of North America
American Muslim Business and Professional Association
American Muslim Chamber of Commerce
American Muslim Council
American Muslim Family Center
American Muslim Foundation
American Muslim Union
American Muslims for Constructive Engagement
American Muslims for Jerusalem
American Muslims for Jerusalem
American Mustang and Burro Association
American Mutual Insurance Alliance
American Mutual Insurance Company
American Name Society
American National Accreditation Board
American National Anthem
American National Bank
American National Baptist Convention
American National Biography
American National Business Hall of Fame
American National Catholic Church
American National CattleWomen
American National Computer Security Council
American National Election Studies
American National Financial, Inc.
American National Insurance Company
American National Insurance Company
American National Metric Council
American National Power
American National Red Cross
American National Red Cross
American National School
American National Standard
American National Standard for Extended Latin
American National Standard Identification
American National Standard Lighting Group
American National Standards Institute
American National Straight Intermediate Pipe Thread
American National Straight Pipe Thread for Mechanical Joints
American National Taper Pipe
American National Taper Pipe Thread for Dryseal Pressure-Tight Joints
American National Theatre and Academy
American National Unimotorcyclists Society
American Nationalist Union
American Natural Bodybuilding Conference
American Natural Selection League
American Natural Soda Ash Corporation
American Nature Study Society
American Naturopathic Certification Board
American Naturopathic Medical Association
American Nazi Party
American Needlepoint Guild, Inc.
American Negro Academy
American Negro Playwright Theatre
American Nephrology Nurses’ Association
American Network Communications
American Networks
American Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society
American Neurological Association
American Neuropsychiatric Association
American Neurotology Society
American News Company
American News Project
American News Women’s Club
American Newspaper Guild
American Newspaper Publishers Association
American Nicaraguan Foundation
American Night Writers Association
American Nightmare
American Nihilist Underground Society
American Nineteenth Century History
American Norfolk Terrier Association
American North Country Cheviot Sheep Association
American North Russia Expeditionary Force
American Northwest Recovery Solutions
American Nostalgia Racing Association
American Notes and Queries
American NTN Bearing Corporation
American Nuclear Energy Council
American Nuclear Industries
American Nuclear Insurers
American Nuclear Society
American Numismatic Association
American Numismatic Association Certification Service
American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society Museum Notes
American Nurses Association
American Nurses Credentialing Center
American Nurses Foundation
American Nursing Assistants Association
American Nursing Informatics Association
American Nutraceutical Association
American Nutritional Medical Association
American Nyckelharpa Association
American Obesity Association
American Occupational Medical Association
American Occupational Therapy Association
American Occupational Therapy Certification Board
American Occupational Therapy Foundation
American Oceanic Organization
American Oil Chemists Society
American Oil Company
American Oil Pension
American Oilseed Coalition
American Oilseed Coalition
American Old Roman Catholic Church
American Open Currency Standard
American Open University
American Opera Theater
American Opportunity Tax Credit
American Optical
American Optical Company
American Optical Company
American Optical Pseudoisochromatic Plates
American Optometric Association
American Optometric Foundation
American Optometric Foundation
American Optometric Student Association
American Optometry Association
American Orchid Society
American Orchid Society Bulletin
American Order of Pioneers
American Ordnance Association
American Orff-Schulwerk Association
American Organ Transplant Association
American Organization for the Development of Bihar
American Orient Express
American Oriental Society
American Ornithological Union
American Ornithologists’ Union
American Orthodontic Society
American Orthodox Catholic Church
American Orthodox Church
American Orthodox Church
American Orthopaedic Association
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
American Orthopsychiatric Association
American Orthopsychiatric Association
American Orthoptic Journal
American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association
American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine
American Osteopathic Association
American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery
American Osteopathic College of Pathologists
American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
American Osteopathic College of Proctology
American Osteopathic Foundation
American Osteopathic Foundation
American Osteopathic Hospital Association
American Ostomy Supply
American Ostrich Association
American Otological Society
American Outboard Federation
American Outboard Federation
American Outfitters
American Outlaws
American Outlaws Association
American Overseas Book Company, Inc.
American Overseas Dietetic Association
American Overseas Medical Aid Association
American Overseas Schools Archive
American Oxford Dictionary
American Oxford Sheep Association
American Pain Foundation
American Pain Institute
American Pain Society
American Paint Horse Association
American Paint Horse Foundation
American Paint Quarter Horse Association
American Paintball League
American Paintball Players Association
American Paintball Players Association
American Pakistan Foundation
American Pancreatic Association, Inc.
American Panel Corporation
American Paper Institute
American Paper Machinery Association
American Paralysis Association
American Paraplegia Society
American Parkinson’s Disease Association
American Parkour
American Parkour
American Parks and Recreation Society
American Parliamentary Debate Association
American Parquet Association, Inc.
American Part-Blooded Horse Registry
American Particleboard Association
American Partners Federal Credit Union
American Parts Distributors Association
American Patriot Friends Network
American Patriot Party
American Patriot Party
American Payment Systems, Inc.
American Payroll Association
American Payroll Association
American Payroll Association
American Peanut Council
American Pediatric Gross Assessment Record
American Pediatric Heart Fund
American Pediatric Surgical Association
American Penguins Association
American Peony Society
American Peptide Society
American Personal Chef Association
American Personal Chef Institute
American Personal Communications, Inc.
American Personnel and Guidance Association
American Pet Products Association
American Pet Products Association
American Petroleum Institute
American Petroleum Institute Quality Registrar
American Pharmaceutical Association
American Pharmaceutical Association
American Pharmaceutical Group
American Pharmacists Association
American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society
American Philatelic Association
American Philatelic Congress
American Philatelic Foundation
American Philatelic Society
American Philatelic Society Expertising Service
American Philological Association
American Philosophical Association
American Philosophical Counseling Association
American Philosophical Society
American Philosophical Society Library
American Phone Terrorists
American Phone Terrorists
American Photo Appliance Corp
American Photographic Artisans Guild
American Photographic Artists Guild
American Physical Society
American Physical Therapy Association
American Physicians Insurance Exchange
American Physicians Service Group, Inc.
American Physiological Society
American Physiotherapy Association
American Phytopathological Society
American Pie
American Pie
American Pie Council
American Piledriving Equipment, Inc
American Pilots Association
American Pinzgauer Association
American Pioneer Title Insurance Company
American Pipit
American Pirate Industries
American Plaice
American Plan
American Plan
American Planning Association
American Planning Student Association
American Plastics Council
American Platform Tennis Association
American Players Theater
American Players Theater
American Plywood Association
American Pneumatic Tool, Inc.
American Pneumatic Tool, Inc.
American Podiatric Medical Association
American Podiatry Association
American Poetry and Literacy project
American Poetry Database
American Poetry Review
American Pointing Labrador Association
American Poker Runs Association
American Polarity Therapy Association
American Police Hall of Fame
American Policy Board
American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club
American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club
American Polish Rabbit Club
American Political Items Collectors
American Political Science Association
American Political Science Association
American Politics
American Politics Research
American Polygraph Association
American Polypay Sheep Association
American Pomological Society
American Pool Checker Association
American Poolplayers Association
American Porphyria Foundation
American Portable Telecommunications
American Portable Telecommunications
American Portland Cement Alliance
American Post Tension, Inc.
American Postal Workers Union
American Poultry Association
American Powder Metallurgy Institute
American Power Boat Association
American Power Conversion
American Power Conversion Corporation
American Power Dispatchers Association
American Power Plant Association
American Power Plant Association
American Power Yoga
American Powerlifters Association
American Precision Prototyping
American Precision Prototyping
American Premier Funding
American Prepaid Legal Services Institute
American Presence Post
American Presence Post
American President Lines
American Press Institute
American Preventive Medical Association
American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association
American Printed Fabrics Council
American Printing and Envelope Company
American Printing History Association
American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
American Prisoner of War
American Probation and Parole Association
American Probation and Parole Association
American Product Excellence
American Production & Inventory Control Society
American Products, Inc.
American Professional Baseball Association
American Professional Captains Association
American Professional Home Inspection
American Professional Practice Association
American Professional Practice Association
American Professional Rodeo Association
American Professional Soccer League
American Property Tax Counsel
American Prospect Research Association
American Protective Association
American Protective Services
American Protestant Association
American Psychiatric Association
American Psychiatric Foundation
American Psychiatric Nurses Association
American Psychiatric Press, Inc.
American Psychiatric Publishing Inc.
American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.
American Psycho
American Psycho
American Psychoanalytic Association
American Psychoanalytic Foundation
American Psychological Association
American Psychological Association Practice Organization
American Psychological Society
American Psychology-Law Society
American Psychopathological Association
American Psychopathological Association
American Psychophysics Research Foundation
American Psychosocial Oncology Society
American Psychosomatic Society
American Psychotherapy Association
American Public Communications Council
American Public Education Incorporated
American Public Gardens Association
American Public Gas Association
American Public Health Association
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American Public Power Association
American Public Power Association
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American Public Television
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American Racing Pigeon Union
American Racing Pigeon Union
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American Railway Union
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American Reform Party
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American Refugee Committee
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American Regions Math League
American Regions Mathematics League
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American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
American Registry of Inhalation Therapists
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American Registry of Pathology
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American Releasing Corporation
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American Repertory Theatre
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American Research Corporation
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American Research Union
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