Abbreviation for Birmingham, United Kingdom

According to abbreviationfinder, Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and core city of the metropolitan county of West Midlands (Birmingham is independent Metropolitan District), 1.09 million residents;Seat of a Catholic archbishop and an Anglican bishop; three universities, conservatory, Methodist seminary, several colleges, libraries, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (with its art collections one of the most important British museums outside London), the Museum of Science and Industry, which is important for industrial history, as well as other museums, television stations, theaters, symphony orchestras and botanical gardens. Birmingham developed into a center of mechanical engineering and the metalworking industry in the early industrial period, which was supplemented in the 20th century by vehicle construction, electrical, electronics and chemical industries. Other important branches of industry are the manufacture of toys and costume jewelery, printing and publishing, the brewery and food industry (chocolate factory). Birmingham also has two coin presses. In recent years, Birmingham has undergone a structural change after a sharp decline in industrial production. The city has developed into a trade fair center with national and international trade fairs; finance and tourism have also gained in importance. Birmingham is a major transport hub (railways and motorways) and has an international airport.


The city was expanded mainly in the 19th century. The Town Hall (1832–50) is a classical temple building. The opposite Council House (1874-79) was built in the Renaissance style. The Catholic cathedral Saint Chad (1839–41) is neo-Gothic; the Anglican Cathedral of Saint Philip (1711–15) in the Palladian style has four stained glass windows designed by E. C. Burne-Jones and made by W. Morris; the parish church of Saint Martin was built in 1872–75 on the remains of a Norman chapel (13th century) (also here glass windows by Burne-Jones and Morris). One of the city’s modern buildings is the International Convention Center (ICC), which opened in 1991 and has 11 concert halls; the National Exhibition Center (opened in 1982, expanded in 1993) on the eastern edge of the city; the National Indoor Arena sports center (inaugurated in 1992) and numerous shopping centers (including The Bullring with the striking new building of the Selfridges branch, which was inaugurated in 2003 based on a design by the London-based group of architects Future Systems). The redevelopment of the inner city with the complete renewal of the business center and the road system (city motorway) as well as the renovation of the inner-city workers’ residential areas are well advanced.


Birmingham, first mentioned as a village in 1085/86, received market rights in 1166. In the late 18th century, as the center of the industrial revolution, Birmingham developed rapidly from a small town with craft businesses (end of the 17th century: 15,000 residents) to an up-and-coming industrial city (1770: 30,800, 1801: 80,000, 1901: 522,800 residents). In the company Boulton & Watt, founded in 1775, the steam engines invented by J. Watt were built.

Abbreviations for Birmingham, United Kingdom

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: BHAM
  • Country: United Kingdom

BHAM: Birmingham

List of Birmingham Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations for Birmingham is BHAM which stands for Birmingham. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Birmingham, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

City Abbreviation Meanings
Birmingham CBTO City of Birmingham Touring Opera
Birmingham BVYSN Birmingham Voluntary Youth Sector Network
Birmingham BRIB Birmingham Royal Institution for the Blind
Birmingham BTUC Birmingham Trades Union Council
Birmingham BBDA Birmingham Ballroom Dance Association
Birmingham GBBA Greater Birmingham Bowling Association, Inc.
Birmingham GBPCC Greater Birmingham Postal Customer Council
Birmingham COBUILD Collins Birmingham University Language Database
Birmingham CBSYC City of Birmingham Symphony Youth Chorus
Birmingham BWWB Birmingham Water Works Board
Birmingham BRMB Birmingham Broadcasting, Ltd.
Birmingham BUUC Birmingham Unitarian Universalist Church
Birmingham BRPL Birmingham Research Park Limited
Birmingham BREMSS Birmingham Regional Emergency Medical Services System
Birmingham EBNSRZ East Birmingham North Solihull Regeneration Zone
Birmingham BPARH Birmingham Partnership Against Racial Harassment
Birmingham BIFP Birmingham International Forest Products
Birmingham BISHOP Birmingham
Birmingham BUSINESS Birmingham
Birmingham BDT Birmingham Dance Theatre
Birmingham BINARY Birmingham
Birmingham BBB Birmingham Black Barons
Birmingham BBB Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar
Birmingham BCHC Birmingham Community Healthcare
Birmingham B Birmingham
Birmingham BANK Birmingham
Birmingham BG Birmingham Gauge
Birmingham BCC Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
Birmingham BCC Birmingham City Council
Birmingham BROWN Birmingham
Birmingham BM Birmingham Midshires
Birmingham BOMBER Birmingham
Birmingham A2B Access to Birmingham
Birmingham BURMA Birmingham University Retired Members Association
Birmingham SBRS South Birmingham Radio Society
Birmingham BHCA Birmingham Hotel & Catering Academy
Birmingham BEIGE Birmingham Gauge
Birmingham BSMC Birmingham Shambhala Meditation Center
Birmingham BVAS Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score
Birmingham BHIP Birmingham Home Improvement Partnership
Birmingham BSEP Birmingham Sustainable Energy Partnership
Birmingham BFCS Birmingham Festival Choral Society
Birmingham BCAT Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies
Birmingham BCDS Birmingham Country Dance Society
Birmingham HABD Housing Authority of the Birmingham District
Birmingham RBSA Royal Birmingham Society of Artists
Birmingham BRAP Birmingham Race Action Partnership
Birmingham BANF Birmingham Association of Neighbourhood Forums
Birmingham UHBT University Hospital Birmingham Trust
Birmingham BYV Birmingham Young Volunteers
Birmingham BSMHFT Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust
Birmingham BUILDER Birmingham University Integrated Library Development and Electronic Resource
Birmingham BBCC Birmingham Bloomfield Chai Center
Birmingham BBCC Birmingham-Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce
Birmingham BHSF Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund
Birmingham BMAG Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Birmingham BVSC Birmingham Voluntary Service Council
Birmingham LSMB Legal Services of Metro Birmingham
Birmingham BUSS Birmingham University Speleological Society
Birmingham QEHB Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham BMSA Birmingham Metropolitan Statistical Area
Birmingham NBRC National Birmingham Roller Club
Birmingham ABSM Associate of Birmingham School of Music
Birmingham ONB Operation New Birmingham
Birmingham BRDL Birmingham Research and Development Ltd.
Birmingham BPCU Birmingham Police Credit Union
Birmingham SBC South Birmingham College
Birmingham UTB Ultimate Team Birmingham
Birmingham BPSG Birmingham Parents Support Group
Birmingham UAB University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham BASEC Birmingham and Solihull Entrepreneurship Consortium
Birmingham GBAA Greater Birmingham Apartment Association
Birmingham SBV South Birmingham Vineyard
Birmingham FCRB Force Control Room Birmingham
Birmingham BTCS BCAB Trainer Certification Scheme (Birmingham, England, UK)
Birmingham BHAM Birmingham
Birmingham BFBA Birmingham F-Body Car Club
Birmingham BEMF Birmingham Early Music Festival
Birmingham BEIC Birmingham Economic Information Centre
Birmingham BEAST Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre
Birmingham BCPP Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership
Birmingham BCEA Birmingham Chinese Evergreen Association
Birmingham BBSS Brunei Birmingham Students’ Society
Birmingham BBRC Birmingham Business Resource Center
Birmingham BATT Birmingham Area Technology Task Force
Birmingham BASF Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith
Birmingham BAHC Birmingham Afghan Hound Club
Birmingham BAES Birmingham Adult Education Service
Birmingham BADG Birmingham Adult Dyslexia Group
Birmingham BACHE Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education
Birmingham BABA Birmingham Asian Business Association
Birmingham UHB University Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham UOB University of Birmingham
Birmingham BARC Birmingham Accident Research Centre
Birmingham BNTA Birmingham National Trust Association
Birmingham BRUMS Birmingham Re-Usable Materials
Birmingham BRUMS Birmingham Rehabilitation Uptake Maximisation
Birmingham BUGS Birmingham University Guild of Students
Birmingham BDDS Birmingham District Dental Society
Birmingham JLB Junior League of Birmingham
Birmingham SBS South Birmingham Sinfonia
Birmingham UB University of Birmingham
Birmingham BWG Birmingham Wire Gauge
Birmingham BUK Birmingham Ultimate Keepfit
Birmingham BSR Birmingham Sound Reproducers
Birmingham BSW Birmingham Symphonic Winds
Birmingham BSC Birmingham-Southern College
Birmingham BSA Birmingham Small Arms
Birmingham BRB Birmingham Royal Ballet
Birmingham BNS Birmingham New Street
Birmingham BN The Birmingham News
Birmingham BMP Birmingham Marketing Partnership
Birmingham BMI Birmingham & Midland Institute
Birmingham BMA Birmingham Museum of Art
Birmingham BKS Birmingham Knowledge Superhighways
Birmingham BJF Birmingham Jewish Federation
Birmingham BIS Birmingham Islamic Society
Birmingham BIH Birmingham International Holdings
Birmingham BHX Birmingham, England, United Kingdom – International
Birmingham BHR Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
Birmingham BHM Birmingham, Al, USA – Birmingham International Airport
Birmingham BHM Birmingham New Street Train Station
Birmingham BFC Birmingham Fencing Club
Birmingham BDH Birmingham Dental Hospital
Birmingham BCU Birmingham City University
Birmingham BCN Birmingham Canal Navigation
Birmingham BCB Birmingham Concert Band
Birmingham BB Birmingham Belt Railroad
Birmingham BAO Birmingham AIDS Outreach
Birmingham BBD Birmingham Blue Dolphins