Church Abbreviations


What is Church?

Church, from the Latin ecclesia, is a Christian temple, it is the place of preaching the teachings of Christ, obeying the principles of Christian ethics.

Church is the group of faithful united by the same faith and who celebrate the same religious doctrines.

In sociology Church is an organized and institutionalized religious group. It is a society whose members equally represent the sacred world and its relations with the profane world. As a group, a church comprises a community of believers and usually a body of priests, hierarchical or not. As an institution, the church represents a system of dogmatic precepts, rites, and beliefs.

Catholic church

Catholic Church or Roman Catholic Church, is a Christian Church, which aims to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The structure of the Church was formed by the Bible, teachings and Christian doctrine. Through a dynamic interaction between the Bible and tradition, the Church developed its teachings, beliefs and creeds, in addition to the liturgy, sacraments and festivities, imparting to the faithful the essence of the Christian faith.

Two rites or sacraments were instituted by Jesus himself: baptism and the Eucharist. Other rites include confirmation, marriage, ordination to the priesthood, confession, and extreme unction. Catholic clergy are male and celibate. It is formed by the ecclesiastical class of priests, the Pope being the supreme head of the entire Church and Vatican State, in addition to the cardinals, bishops and priests. The Catholic Church has its sanctuary where the altar is located, in addition to offering places for community devotion.

Orthodox church

Most Orthodox churches derive from ancient Greek Christianity from the Eastern Mediterranean. The direct link with the Churches founded by the apostles and the memory of the Christian Roman Empire (the Byzantine Empire), which lasted until 1453, increase the importance of tradition as a guide for the Church. This tradition includes the scriptures, ancient councils and the writings of the priests, the liturgy, and the veneration of sacred images. The Orthodox Church does not recognize the pope as an authority. The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople is the highest authority in the Orthodox Church, the Russian is the highest. Each autonomous Church has its own patriarch, being self-governing. In addition to Russia, Orthodox Christianity is also important in Ukraine, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and others.

What is Baptist Church?

Baptist Church is a denomination included in Christianity, which has as one of the main doctrines the baptism of teenagers and adults. This Church has this denomination thanks to John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus Christ.

The Baptist Church emerged with the Anabaptist movement and predates the Protestant Reformation movement. The first Baptists were never part of the Catholic Church, but historical accounts say that they suffered persecution from both elements of the Catholic Church and Protestantism.

Within Christianity (which has Christ as the central element of the faith), there are different perspectives and denominations. Some differences between the Catholic Church and the Baptist Church are: in the Baptist Church there is no baptism of babies; Baptist Church leaders are known as pastors and do not have to take a vow of celibacy (they can marry and start a family); in the Baptist Church there are no images and statues of religious figures.

According to the Baptist Church, baptism is a public demonstration of faith, and when a person is submerged in the waters, he admits that he leaves the “old life” behind, professing his intention to live according to God’s will..

There are several different names regarding Baptist Churches, which often arise due to some doctrinal differences. However, some essential doctrines are common to all Baptist Churches.

In Brazil, some of the most well-known Baptist Churches are the Igreja Batista da Lagoinha, Igreja Batista Gethsemani and Igreja Batista do Povo.

What is the Roman Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church is a church founded according to the teachings of Jesus Christ and which has the apostle Peter as a prominent figure, because it was through him that the Church began to be built (Matthew 16:18 ).

It is one, holy, catholic (universal) and apostolic, and as the only sacrament of salvation, by Christ’s will, it is characterized by indefectibility (it will survive until the end of the world) and infallibility.

The Catholic Church considers itself the only Church of Christ and therefore is called Catholic. It is made up of particular churches or dioceses, each of which is entrusted to a bishop in communion with the successor of Peter (the Pope or vicar of Christ). Those who are baptized who are united with Christ in his visible body through the bonds of faith, sacraments and ecclesiastical discipline are in communion with the Catholic Church.

For the Catholic Church, the Pope, Bishop of Rome residing in the Vatican, is the visible representative of Christ on earth and the visible head of the Church. As successor to the head of the apostles, Peter (apostolic succession), the Pope is the legitimate holder of the Church’s supreme hierarchical authority.

A visible sign of the union of God with men, the Catholic Church is a visible organism, instituted, therefore, as a society governed by the successor of Peter and by the bishops in union with him. They have a threefold mission or office: priestly, prophetic (of magisterium) and pastoral.

The Catholic Church, due to liturgical rites and ecclesiastical discipline, is divided into the Latin Church and the Eastern Church.

Brazilian Catholic Church

In the Portuguese overseas expansion, the Portuguese kings sought the support of the Church for the evangelization of the discovered lands. Thus, Christianity was implanted in Brazil, Africa, India, Japan and China.

The Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB) is a schismatic Christian church founded in 1945 by the Bishop of Maura, D. Carlos Duarte Costa. Before him, Canon Amorim, from Itapira (S. Paulo), tried to install it in 1914, and D. Salomão Ferraz, in 1936.

Its foundation is due exclusively to the refusal to submit to the Pope and to ecclesiastical discipline, namely with regard to the celibacy of the clergy. Its projection in national life is small.

Charismatic Catholic Church

The Charismatic Apostolic Catholic Church is a church that has several differences compared to the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. The Charismatic Church does not have the seven sacraments that the Roman Apostolic and the Pope is not the supreme leader of the Church. In the case of the Charismatic Church, confession is not a sacrament.

Bishops, priests and deacons of the Charismatic Church can marry, unlike in the Catholic Church, due to celibacy. According to the Charismatic Church, purgatory does not exist, and for this reason the dead do not need prayer. Another difference between the two churches is that in the Charismatic Church, contraceptive methods are allowed.

What is the Pentecostal Church?

Pentecostal Church is a Protestant Christian movement that emphasizes the Day of Pentecost and has some differences compared to other denominations.

The Pentecostal movement began in 1906 in Los Angeles when William J. Seymour preached, giving rise to the Azusa Street Revival. Elements of the Pentecostal Church consider the baptism in the Holy Spirit essential in the way of salvation. Baptism in the Spirit is a charismatic phenomenon characterized by glossolalia, known as the gift of tongues (1 Corinthians 12:10).

Pentacostalism spread very quickly in the United States through the Church of God in Christ, and evolved a lot mainly within the Afro-descendant community. In addition, the Assemblies of God became very popular in Chile, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa. From 1945 onwards, large popular missions were organized, where preachers used advanced technical resources. Many of these churches are present at the Pentecostal World Conference, which has been held every three years since 1949 in different cities around the world.

The term Pentecostal comes from the word Pentecost, which is a Christian festival that takes place 50 days after Easter, ending the cycle of festivals. It commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles, where “tongues of fire” appeared over the apostles’ heads, and people who received the Holy Spirit began to speak in tongues. This episode is described in Acts 2:1-13.

Pentecostal churches are often known as charismatic churches because they reveal manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Some of the main differences between the Pentecostal and Baptist church is that Pentecostal believes that the gift of tongues is for anyone who has the Holy Spirit, while Baptists believe that the Holy Spirit empowers every disciple with at least one gift that must be used. for the edification of the Church.

(Historical) Baptists believe that baptism in the Spirit takes place together with conversion (accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior) and there is no outward manifestation; Independent Baptists believe that a person receives the Holy Spirit at or after conversion and can be accompanied with the manifestation of a gift (such as the gift of tongues); Pentecostals believe that baptism in the Spirit and conversion are separate events that may not happen at the same time, with the gift of tongues always manifesting.

Some of the most well-known Pentecostal churches in Brazil are: Igreja Pentecostal de Jesus Cristo, Igreja Pentecostal Deus é Amor, etc.

What is the Orthodox Church?

The Orthodox Church is a Christian church, considered, with a doctrine similar to that of the Catholic Church, but which has a straighter, more rigid doctrine.

Orthodoxy is the doctrinal current that declares that it represents the correct view, founded on systematic (metaphysical) and scientific principles. The opposite is heterodoxy.

Orthodox Christians, by virtue of their denomination, are those who profess the entire doctrine of the Christian faith in accordance with the magisterium of the Church. However, they took over the designation of the Byzantine Church after the schism that opposed them to Rome (in the 9th and 11th centuries) by setting themselves up as depositaries of the true faith in opposition to the Latin Church. Christians in Eastern Europe, who remain separate from the Roman Catholic Church, were therefore called Orthodox.

The Orthodox Church sees itself as the true church created by Jesus Christ, in addition to not recognizing the Pope as an authority. For Orthodox Christians, as they are called, there is no purgatory and they do not believe in the virginity of Mary after conception. In the Orthodox Church, priests are allowed to marry, provided it took place before their conversion, and only bishops are required to maintain celibacy.

In the 11th century, in the year 1054, there was a schism between the Christian Churches, dividing them between Catholicism and the Orthodox Church. Orthodox Christians do not accept Catholic dogmas, nor do they consider the sacraments valid. The Orthodox Church arrived in Brazil in 1904, and the first institution was created in São Paulo, in 1954.

The greatest authority in the Orthodox Church is the Holy Ecumenical Synod, from its founding to the present day. The most important Orthodox churches are the Greek Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Church Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Church

Abbeyville Road Christian Church
Abbortsford Christ the King Community Church
Abiding Presence Lutheran Church
Abundant Life Baptist Church
Abundant Life Christian Church
Abyssinian Baptist Church
Abyssinian Baptist Church
Action by Churches Together
Action of Churches Together in Scotland
Actors’ Church Union
Ada Bible Church
Ada Bible Church
Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment
Advisory Board for Redundant Churches
Affirming Pentecostal Church International
Africa Independent Churches
Africa Inland Church Tanzania
African Christian Community Church
African Holy Christian Church
African Independent Churches Association
African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa
African Inland Church
African Methodist Episcopal Church
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
African Orthodox Church
African Orthodox Church
After Church Lunch Bunch
Agape Mission Church
Agape Revival Christian Church
Agincourt Baptist Church
Agincourt Baptist Church
Agincourt Pentecostal Church
Aid to the Church in Need
Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
Albanian Orthodox Church
Albanian Orthodox Church
Alberton Community Church
Alberton Community Church
Alberton Community Church
Aldergrove Fellowship Baptist Church
Alice Drive Baptist Church
All Africa Conference of Churches
All Nations Baptist Church
All Nations Believer’s Church
All Nations Church
All Nations Church of Luxembourg
All Nations Full Gospel Church
All Saints Lutheran Church
Allen Memorial Baptist Church
Allen Park Presbyterian Church
Allendale United Reformed Church
Alliance for Saturation Church Planting
Alliance of Reformed Churches
Alliance of Reformed Churches
Amelia Church of Christ
Amelia Church of Christ
Amelia Church of Christ
American Association of Interchurch Families
American Association of Lutheran Churches
American Baptist Church
American Baptist Church
American Baptist Churches of Alaska
American Baptist Churches of the South
American Baptist Churches of the West
American Church in Berlin
American Church Union
American Evangelical Christian Church, Inc.
American Lutheran Church
American Mission for Opening Churches
American National Catholic Church
American Old Roman Catholic Church
American Orthodox Catholic Church
American Orthodox Church
American Orthodox Church
American Society of Church History
Americans United for Separation of Church
Amherst Community Church
Amherst Community Church
Amherst Community Church
Anderson Hills Christian Church
Anderson Mill Baptist Church
Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church
Anglican Catholic Church
Anglican Catholic Church
Anglican Catholic Church
Anglican Catholic Church of Australia
Anglican Church in America
Anglican Church in North America
Anglican Church International Communion
Anglican Church of Canada
Anglican Church of Canada
Anglican Church of Canada
Anglican Church of England
Anglican Church of Kenya
Anglican Church of the Resurrection
Anglican Church Planting Initiatives
Anglican Church Worldwide
Anglican Episcopal Church
Anglican Orthodox Church
Anglican Orthodox Church
Anglo-Catholic Church in the Americas
Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church
Annual Church Ministries Report
Annual Parochial Church Meeting
Antioch Fellowship Baptist Church
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
Antioch Missonary Baptist Church
Antioch Presbyterian Church
Antiochian Orthodox Church
Antiochian Orthodox Church
Apex Baptist Church
Apex Baptist Church
Apostolic Christian Church of America
Apostolic Church of God
Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada
Apostolic Johannite Church
Apostolic Pentecostal Church
Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church
Archbishop of Canterbury’s Diploma in Church Music
Arlington Heights Christian Church
Armenian Apostolic Church
Armenian Church Youth Organization
Armenian Churches Sports Association
Asian American Church of Houston
Asian Assembly of God Church
Asian Indian Christian Church of Pittsburgh
Aspen Hill Christian Church
Assembly of Christian Churches in Fiji
Assembly of God Church
Assembly of God Church
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
Associate, Faculty of Church Music
Associated Gospel Churches
Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church
Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church
Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church
Association of Armenian Church Choirs of America
Association of Christian Churches in Russia
Association of Church Musicians in Philadelphia
Association of Confessional Lutheran Churches
Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches
Association of Free Lutheran Churches
Association of Fundamental Ministers & Churches, Inc
Association of Inter Church Families
Association of Lutheran Church Musicians
Association of Presbyterian Church Educators
Association of Unity Churches
Assyrian Church of the East
Asylum Hill Congregational Church
Athol Orange Baptist Church
Atonement Lutheran Church
Atonement Lutheran Church and School
Aurora Independent Baptist Church
Austin Avenue United Methodist Church
Australian Christian Churches
Australian Christian Churches
Australian Christian Churches
Back to Church Sunday
Bakerstown United Methodist Church
Bandera Road Community Church
Bantu Church of Christ
Baptist Church Music Conference
Baptist Church of the Covenant
Barnabas Fellowship of Churches
Barrington Evangelical Free Church
Bay Area Christian Church
Bay City Baptist Church
Bay County Council of Churches
Bay Springs Baptist Church
Beacon Lough Baptist Church
Bear Creek Church
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Beaver Dam Baptist Church
Beaverton Christian Church
Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
Believers Church of India
Bellevue Community Church
Bellflower Brethren Church
Belper Baptist Church
Bert Church High School
Bessels Green Baptist Church
Beth Eden Baptist Church
Bethany Baptist Church
Bethany International Church
Bethany Korean Church
Bethany Lutheran Church
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Bethel Church of Christ
Bethel Evangelical Baptist Church
Bethel Evangelical Free Church
Bethesda United Methodist Church
Bethlehem First Baptist Church
Bethlehem First United Methodist Church
Bethlehem United Church of Christ
Bible Baptist Church Wendover
Bible Believing Baptist Church
Bible Christian Church
Bible Church Youth Fellowship
Bible Fellowship Church
Bible for Today Baptist Church
Bible Presbyterian Church
Bible Way Church World Wide
Biblical Church of God
Birmingham Unitarian Universalist Church
Bishop Janes United Methodist Church
Bishop Sobrepena Memorial Church
Black Church Initiative
Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Inc.
Black Rock Congregational Church
Blackburn North Baptist Church
Blaine United Church of Christ
Blandford Forum Parish Church
Blessed Family of God Church
Blessings Evangelical Bible Church
Blooming Glen Mennonite Church
Book of Church Order
Boston Church of Christ
Bournemouth Churches Housing Association
Bournemouth Churches Housing Association
Brand New Church
Bread of Life Church
Bread of Life Church International
Brentwood United Methodist Church
Brethren in Christ Church
Bridgeway Community Church
Brill’s Series in Church History
Brisbane Churches Touch Association
Bristol Churches Regeneration Network
British Church Newspaper
British Church Newspaper
British Council of Protestant Christian Churches
Broad Street Presbyterian Church
Bromley Common Methodist Church
Brookfield Unitarian Universalist Church
Brooklyn Park Lutheran Church
Brunstad Christian Church
Brunswick Street Baptist Church
Bruton Parish Church
Buddhist Church of San Francisco
Buddhist Churches of Canada
Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Bunker Hill First Baptist Church
Burnaby Alliance Church
Burnaby Alliance Church
Calgary Chinese Pentecostal Church
California Association of Regular Baptist Churches
Calvary Armenian Congregational Church
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Bible Baptist Church
Calvary Bible Church
Calvary Charismatic Baptist Church
Calvary Church of Santa Ana
Calvary Lutheran Church
Calvary Road Baptist Church
Cambridge Community Church
Canadian and American Reformed Churches
Canadian Council of Churches
Canadian Council of Churches
Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministries
Canadian Society of Church History
Canyon Ridge Christian Church
Caribbean Conference of Churches
Caribbean Conference of Churches
Carlisle Wesleyan Church
Catalyst for Emerging Church Leadership
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Catholic Anglican Church
Catholic Apostolic National Church
Cedar Boulevard Neighborhood Church
Cedar Hills Evangelical Free Church
Cedar Ridge Christian Church
Celebrate Recovery Northwest Church
Celebration Covenant Church
Celebration Covenant Church
Centennial Evangelical Free Church
Center for Church Based Training
Center for Church Planting and Church Growth
Central Christian Church
Central Christian Church
Central College Presbyterian Church
Central European Baroque church
Central Lutheran Church
Central Presbyterian Church
Central Unitarian Church
Centre Street Church
Certified Church Facilities Manager
Champion Forest Baptist Church
Chaplaincy, Full Gospel Churches
Charismatic Episcopal Church
Cherokee Village United Methodist Church
Chevy Chase Baptist Church
Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church
Chin Evangelical Baptist Church
Chinese Alliance Church
Chinese Alliance Church of Victoria
Chinese Baptist Church
Chinese Bible Church of Springfield
Chinese Christian Church
Chinese Christian Church
Chinese Christian Church and Center
Chinese Christian Church of Victoria
Chinese Community Church
Chinese Community Church
Chinese Evangelical Free Church
Chinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts
Chinese Independent Baptist Church
Chippewa Valley Bible Church
Chislehurst Baptist Church
Christ Apostolic Church
Christ Church
Christ Church Cathedral Choir
Christ Church Cranbrook
Christ Church Cranbrook
Christ Church Festival Orchestra
Christ Church Music Society
Christ Church Presbyterian
Christ Community Church of the South Hills
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Christ Holy Sanctified Church of America, Inc.
Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church
Christ The King Church
Christ the Rock Community Church
Christ’s Church at Virginia Tech
Christ’s Church of the Valley
Christ’s Love Vineyard Church
Christchurch City Council
Christchurch City Council
Christchurch College of Education
Christchurch College of Education
Christchurch College of English
Christchurch Community Gardens Association
Christchurch Convention Centre
Christchurch Convention Centre
Christchurch Environment Centre
Christchurch Girls’ High School
Christchurch Girls’ High School
Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group
Christchurch International Airport Limited
Christchurch Polytechnic Students’ Association
Christchurch School of Medicine
Christchurch Suburban Cricket Association
Christchurch Visitor Information Centre
Christchurch, New Zealand – International
Christian Bible Baptist Church
Christian Bible Church of God
Christian Bible Church of the Philippines
Christian Church
Christian Church Foundation
Christian Church Foundation for the Handicapped
Christian Church Homes
Christian Church of Hebron
Christian Church of North America
Christian Churches of God
Christian City Church
Christian City Church
Christian Community Presbyterian Church
Christian Faith Fellowship Church
Christian Family Church South Coast
Christian Heritage Catholic Church
Christian Reformed Church
Christian Reformed Church in Myanmar
Christian Reformed Church in North America
Christian Reformed Church in the Philippines
Christian Reformed Churches of Australia
Church Administration Building
Church Agricultural Project
Church Agricultural Project
Church Alliance for Orphans
Church and State Separation
Church and Synagogue Library Association
Church Army
Church Association of Community Service
Church Based Leadership Training
Church Based Theological Education
Church Based Training Alliance
Church Benefits Association
Church Careers Institute
Church Communication Network
Church Community Builder
Church Computer Center
Church Computer Center
Church Copyright Licence
Church Day Care
Church Development Fund
Church Development Services
Church Ecumenical Action in Sudan
Church Education Department
Church Education Resource Ministries
Church Education System
Church Extension Plan
Church Farm School
Church Finance Council
Church Furniture Manufacturer’s Association
Church Growth Movement
Church Growth Software Demo
Church Growth Today
Church Handbook of Instructions
Church Headquarters
Church Hill Classics
Church History
Church History
Church History and Religious Culture
Church History Library
Church House Bookshop
Church Hymnal Corporation
Church in a Box Solutions
Church in a Day
Church Insurance Company
Church Ladies for Choice
Church Lads Brigade
Church Leader Internet Portal
Church Leadership Connection
Church Life Insurance Corporation
Church Management Software
Church Management Software
Church Management System
Church Management System
Church Media Net
Church Media Resource Center
Church Membership Keeper
Church Mission Society
Church Missionary Society
Church Multiplication International Albania
Church Music Association of America
Church Music Publishers Association
Church Music Quarterly
Church of All Nations
Church of All Worlds
Church of Body Modification
Church Of Buffett, Orthodox
Church of Central Africa Presbyterian
Church of Christ
Church of Christ
Church of Christ
Church of Christ in Nigeria
Church Of Christ the King
Church of Clancy
Church of Eclectic Pagan Fellowship
Church of England
Church of England
Church of England
Church of England Board of Education
Church of England Boys Society
Church of England Evangelical Council
Church of England Guild of Vergers
Church of England in South Africa
Church of England Men’s Society
Church of England Newspaper
Church of England Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Clubs
Church of England Temperance Society
Church of Enlightened Assumption
Church of Euthanasia
Church of Freethought
Church of Global Warming
Church of God
Church of God
Church of God in Christ
Church of God Mountain Assembly, Inc.
Church of God of Prophecy
Church of God Outreach Ministries
Church of God San Antonio
Church of God Worldwide
Church of God Worldwide Ministries
Church of God, International
Church of God, the Eternal
Church of God, the Eternal
Church of Hot Addiction
Church of India
Church of Individual Spiritual Identity
Church Of Ireland
Church of Ireland College of Education
Church of Ireland Mens’ Society
Church of Jesus Christ Christian
Church of Karameikos
Church of Miho
Church of Miho
Church of Our Saviour
Church of Religious Science
Church Of Satan
Church of Scientology
Church of Scientology International
Church of Scientology of California
Church of Scientology, Los Angeles Organization
Church of Scotland
Church of Scotland
Church of Scotland Youth
Church of South India
Church of Spiral Oak
Church of Spiritual Technology
Church of Sweden Aid
Church of Swedish Mission
Church of the Ascension
Church of the Brethren
Church of the Brethren
Church of the Covenant
Church Of The Creator
Church of the Eternal God
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Church of the Good Shepherd
Church of the Great God
Church of the Living Word
Church of the Lutheran Brethren
Church of the Lutheran Confession
Church of the Nations
Church of the New Song
Church of the Province in South Africa
Church of the Redeemer
Church of the Redeemer
Church of the Resurrection
Church of the Resurrection
Church Of the Savior
Church of the Subgenius
Church of Thyatis
Church of Walt
Church Office Building
Church on the Move
Church on the Rock
Church on the Street
Church Outreach to Youth
Church Pastoral Aid Society
Church Pension Fund
Church Pension Group
Church Planting
Church Planting
Church Planting Movement
Church Planting Network
Church Planting Process
Church Planting Progress Indicators
Church Publishing Incorporated
Church Record
Church Related Online Software Systems
Church Security Department
Church Society for College Work
Church Tax Compliance Committee
Church Team Ministries International
Church Times
Church Universal and Triumphant
Church Urban Fund
Church Volunteer Central
Church without Limits
Church Without Walls
Church World Service
Church World Service Emergency Response Program
Church, Harris, Johnson and Williams, P.C.
Church’s Advisory Council for Local Broadcasting
Church-Based Training International
Churches Agency for Inter-Faith Relations in Scotland
Churches Auxiliary for Social Action
Churches Child Protection Advisory Service
Churches Commission on Overseas Students
Churches Creating Opportunities and Success
Churches Health Association of Zambia
Churches Initiative in Music Education
Churches Micro Enterprise Unit
Churches of Christ in Christian Union
Churches of God Cyber Auxiliary
Churches Theological Research Trust
Churches Together Around Hampton
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
Churches Together in England
Churches Together in England
Churches Together in England
Churches Together in Lincoln and District
Churches Together in Oxted and District
Churches Together in Spalding and District
Churches Together in St Albans
Churches Together in Thatcham
Churches Together in the Borough of Croydon
Churches United Against HIV/AIDS
Churches Youth Ministry Association
Churches’ Center for Land and People
Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe
Churches’ Commission on Education
Churches’ Community Work Alliance
Churchill College
Churchill Community School
Churchill Downs Incorporated
Churchill Downs Simulcast Network
Churchill Economic Development Authority
Churchill Falls, Newfoundland, Canada
Churchill Life Insurance Company
Churchill Northern Studies Centre
Churchill Orchestra Booster Association
Churchill Research Range
Churchill Road School
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada – Churchill Airport
Church-Related Organization
Church-Turing Hypothesis
Churchville-Chili Middle School
Cinco Ranch Church of Christ
Circle Drive Baptist Church
City Discipleship Presbyterian Church
City Harvest Church
Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church
Clarence Road Baptist Church
Clarkston First Baptist Church
Clarkston Methodist Church
Clay County Christian Church
Clear Lake Presbyterian Church
Clear Lake United Methodist Church
Clergy of the Church of England
Coalition of Spirit-Filled Churches, Inc.
Coastal Community Christian Church
Colchester Road Baptist Church
College Hill Presbyterian Church
Collegiate Church Planting Community
Colonial and Continental Church Society
Colonial Beach United Methodist Church
Columbia Presbyterian Church
Columbia Ridge Community Church
Columbus Chinese Christian Church
Commission of the Churches on International Affairs
Communion of Churches in Indonesia
Communion of Churches in Indonesia
Communion of Ecumenical Churches
Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches
Community Alliance Church
Community Bible Church
Community Christian Church
Community Christian Church
Community Church of Boston
Community Church of Joy
Community Gospel Church
Community Independence Methodist Church
Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster
Community of Protestant Churches in Europe
Community Revival Center Church
Companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Concord Korean United Methodist Church
Concordia Lutheran Church
Conference of European Churches
Congergational Christian Church in American Samoa
Congregational Christian Churches in Canada
Congregational Church of Littleton
Congregational Church of Practical Theology
Congregational Church of San Mateo
Congress of National Black Churches, Inc.
Connecticut Association of United Church Educators
Consultation On Church Union
Convocation of Anglican Churches in North America
Cook Islands Christian Church
Coordinating Committee of Ghanaian Adventist Churches
Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Cornerstone Church of Silicon Valley
Cornerstone Community Church
Cornerstone Community Church
Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist Church
Corydon Presbyterian Church
Cosmic Church of Truth
Cotton End Baptist Church
Council of Black Led Churches
Council of Church and Associated Colleges
Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland
Council of Churches in England
Council of Churches in Namibia
Council of Churches in Sierra Leone
Council of Churches in Zambia
Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches of Latin America
Countryside Christian Church
Countryside Christian Church
Covenant Community Church
Covenant Community Church
Covenant Love Family Church
Covenant Memorial Baptist Church
Coventry Estates Baptist Church
Cranberry Community United Presbyterian Church
Creedmoor Road Baptist Church
Crossroads Baptist Church
Crossroads Church
Crosswinds Church
Crystal Evangelical Free Church
Cuban Council of Churches
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Dagsboro Church of God
Dallas Church Softball Association
Dallas Oaks Presbyterian Church
Damansara Utama Methodist Church
Damascus United Methodist Church
Danish Covenant Church
Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Dauphin Way Baptist Church
Dayton Church of Christ
Dayton-Bellevue Christian Church
Deception in the Church
Dedworth Green Baptist Church
Deeper Life Church Ministries
Delaware Avenue Baptist Church
Delaware Grace Brethren Church
Delaware Valley Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Deliverance Church of God
Demaree United Methodist Church
Denton Bible Church
Denton Chinese Church
Dentonia Park United Church
Denver Church of Christ
Denver Community Church
Deo Gloria Family Church
Department for External Church Relations
Desert Breeze Community Church
Desert Cross Community Church
Detroit Mar Thoma Church
Diaconal Association of the Church of England
Diakonia Council of Churches
Dingwall Evangelical Church
Disciples of Christ Church
Disciples United Community Church
Divinity United Church of Christ Students
Dogmatic Constitution on the Church
Downtown United Presbyterian Church
Doylestown United Methodist Church
Druid Hills Presbyterian Church
Duffield Evangelical Baptist Church
Duncanville’s First Baptist Church
Dungeness Valley Lutheran Church
Dunstable Fellowship of Evangelical Churches
Dunwoody Community Church
Dunwoody United Methodist Church
Dutch Reformed Church
Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia
Dutch Reformed Mission Church
Dynamic Church Planting International
Eagle Mountain International Church
Eagle River Presbyterian Church
Early Church Fathers
Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia
East Auburn Baptist Church
East Belmont Baptist Church
East Brandywine Baptist Church
East Coast Baptist Church
East Coast International Church
East Glenville Community Church
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
East of England Churches Network
East Parkland Bible Church
East Side Baptist Church Mountain Home
East Whittier Friends Church
Eastern Catholic Churches
Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Eastern Province Council of Churches
Ebenezer Baptist Church
Ebenezer Presbyterian Church of Fresno
Ebenezer United Methodist Church
Ecumenical Anglican Catholic Church
Ecumenical Church of God
Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Slovak Republic
Edwards Road Baptist Church
El Estero Presbyterian Church
Electric Sky Church Music
Elgin Evangelical Free Church
Elliott Prairie Community Church
Emirates Baptist Church International
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Emmanuel Free Methodist Church
Empire State Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches
Empowered Believer Worship Center Church
Empowering Life Church International
End of the Church Age
Enfield Evangelical Free Church
English Church Union
English Churches Housing Group
Episcopal Church
Episcopal Church
Episcopal Church
Episcopal Church and Visual Arts
Episcopal Church At Princeton
Episcopal Church Center
Episcopal Church Foundation
Episcopal Church in Almaden
Episcopal Church Network for Science, Technology and Faith
Episcopal Church of the Resurrection
Episcopal Church of the Sudan
Episcopal Church Women
Episcopal Conference of the Deaf of the Episcopal Church
Episcopal Missionary Church
Episcopal Orthodox Church
Epworth United Methodist Church
Essexville Baptist Community Church
Established Church
Established Church
Established Church
Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
Eternal Church of God
Ethiopian Evangelical Mekane Yesus Church
Ethiopian Orthodox Church
European Church Growth Association
European Church Planting Network
Evangelical Anglican Church
Evangelical Baptist Church of Malawi
Evangelical Catholic Church
Evangelical Chinese Bible Church
Evangelical Christian Church in Canada
Evangelical Church Library Association
Evangelical Church of Vietnam
Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia
Evangelical Covenant Church
Evangelical Covenant Church of Sudan
Evangelical Episcopal Church
Evangelical Formosan Church of Irvine
Evangelical Formosan Church of Orange County
Evangelical Free Church
Evangelical Free Church Mission
Evangelical Free Church of Canada
Evangelical Free Church of Embarrass
Evangelical Free Church of Finland
Evangelical Free Church of India
Evangelical Free Church of Oakland
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church Abington
Evangelical Lutheran Church AIDS Programme
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oldenburg
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea
Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
Evangelical Lutheran Ovambo-Kavango Church
Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada
Evangelical Orthodox Church
Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church
Evangelical United Church of Christ
Everlasting Word Christian Church
Expanded Church Response
Exploring Church Careers Event
Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church
Faith Alliance Bible Church
Faith Apostolic Temple Church
Faith Bible Church
Faith Christian Fellowship Church
Faith Fellowship Church
Faith Presbyterian Church Reformed
Faithful Central Bible Church
Falls Church
Falls Church City Public Schools
Falls Church Concert Band
Falls Church News-Press
Family and Church History
Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School
Fathers of the Church
Federal Council of Churches
Federated Church of Norfolk
Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas
Federation of Independent Religious Science Churches
Federation of Reformed Churches
Fellow in Church Business Administration
Fellow of the College of Church Musicians
Fellow of the Norwich School of Church Music
Fellow, Faculty of Church Organists
Fellowship Bible Church
Fellowship Church of Houston
Fellowship Evangelical Free Church
Fellowship of Christian Churches in Africa
Fellowship of Church Planters
Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen
Fellowship of Connected Churches and Ministries
Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches
Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches
Fellowship of Independent Methodist Churches
Fellowship of International Churches
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
First African Baptist Church
First Amendmist Church of True Science
First American Indian Church
First Atheist Church of True Science
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church Euless
First Baptist Church Harvester
First Baptist Church Hendersonville
First Baptist Church Milford
First Baptist Church of Beaverton
First Baptist Church of Berkeley
First Baptist Church of Bolivar
First Baptist Church of Gaithersburg
First Baptist Church of Geneva
First Baptist Church of Glenarden
First Baptist Church of Guilford
First Baptist Church of Hammond
First Baptist Church of Mandarin
First Baptist Church of Maryville, Illinois
First Baptist Church of Universal City
First Baptist Church Owasso
First Baptist Church, Wills Point
First Bilingual Baptist Church
First Chinese Baptist Church
First Christian Church
First Christian Church of Roswell
First Church of Blanket Absolution
First Church of Religious Science
First Church of Satan
First Congregational Church
First Congregational Church of Escondido
First Congregational Church of Hopkinton
First Congregational Church of Los Angeles
First Congregational Church of Milford
First Congregational Church of Wilmette
First Congregational Church of Woodstock
First English Baptist Church
First English Lutheran Church
First Evangelical Free Church
First Evangelical Presbyterian Church
First Filipino Baptist Church
First Fundamental Bible Church
First Korean Baptist Church
First Korean Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia
First Lutheran Church
First Pentecostal Church
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley
First Presbyterian Church of Brighton
First Presbyterian Church of Newtown
First Presbyterian Church of Orlando
First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth
First Presbyterian Church, Inglewood
First Southern Baptist Church
First Tantric Church and Shelter
First United Methodist Church of Gilbert
First United Methodist Church of Hollidaysburg
First United Presbyterian Church of Dale City
First Wesleyan Church of Brooklyn
Florence Avenue Foursquare Church
Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church
Founding Church of Scientology Washington, DC
Foursquare Gospel Church
Fourteenth Avenue Baptist Church
Franconia Korean Baptist Church
Frankenmuth Bible Church
Franklin Road Baptist Church
Frederick Church of the Brethren
Free Apostolic Church of Pentecost
Free Church
Free Church of England
Free Churches Federal Council
Free Episcopal Church
Free Methodist Church
Free Reformed Churches of Australia
Free Reformed Churches of North America
Fresh Anointing International Church
Friendship Agape Church
Friendship Agape Church
Friendship Baptist Church
Front Street Baptist Church
Fryeburg New Church Assembly
Full Gospel Fellowship Church
Fulwood Free Methodist Church
Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Garden Grove Friends Church
Garden Valley Community Church
General Board of Church and Society
Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece
Georgian Orthodox Church
Glad Tidings Church
Glenns Valley Church
Global Christian Church
Global Church of God
Global Church of God
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Gods Gypsy Christian Church
Good News Baptist Church
Good Samaritan Baptist Church
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Gospel Assembly Church
Graafschap Christian Reformed Church
Grace Baptist Church
Grace Bible Church
Grace Churches International
Grace Community Church
Grace Episcopal Church
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Grace Fellowship Church
Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church
Grande Prairie Church of Christ
Granger Community Church
Grantham Church High School
Great Lakes Church Planting
Greater Grace Bible Church
Greater Gresham Baptist Church
Greater St. Peters Baptist Church
Greek Catholic Church
Greek Evangelical Church of Boston
Greek Orthodox Church
Greek Orthodox Church of America
Green Acres Baptist Church
Green Grove Baptist Church
Green Pasture Community Church
Greenbelt Baptist Church
Grosse Pointe United Methodist Church
Grove City Church of the Nazarene
Guiding Light Church
Guntersville Church of God
Halifax Parish Church
Hamilton Acres Baptist Church
Hanoi International Church
Happy Trails Christian Fellowship Church
Harvest Family Church
Healing Light Center Church
Heart of God Church
Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Hempfield United Methodist Church
Heritage International Christian Church
Heritage of Faith Christian Church
Heritage United Methodist Church
Herne Hill United Church
Hextable Methodist Church
Hickory Grove United Methodist Church
Higher Living Christian Church
Highland Park Baptist Church
Highlands United Methodist Church
Hightown Praetorian and Churches Housing Association
Hill Country Bible Church
Hillcrest United Methodist Church
Hilltop Baptist Church
Hinckley Evangelical Free Church
Hindustani Covenant Church
His Holy Church
Historic Christ Church
Historic Peace Church
Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America
Historical Society of the Episcopal Church
History of the Church
Hoffmantown Church
Holland Heights Christian Reformed Church
Hollywood United Methodist Church
Holy Catholic Church
Holy Cross Anglican Church
Holy Family Catholic Church
Holy Mother Church
Holy Nativity Episcopal Church
Holy Orthodox Catholic Church in Kentucky
Holy Orthodox Church
Holy Roman Church
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church
Home Church
Home Church Discussion List
Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union
Honolulu Church of Light
Hoosick Area Church Association
Hope Christian Church
Hope Lutheran Church
Hope United Methodist Church
Hope Valley Uniting Church
Hopewell Baptist Church
Hornchurch Drum & Trumpet Corps
Hosanna Evangelical Free Church
House of God Church
House of the Lord Church
Houston’s First Baptist Church
Howard Lake Christian Church
Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church
Hungarian Interchurch Aid
Hungarian Reformed Church
Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church
Hutchinson Evangelical Free Church
Hyde Park Alliance Church
Hyde Park Baptist Church
I Must Plant A Church Today
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Immanuel Bible Church
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Immanuel Presbyterian Church
Immanuel United Church of Christ
Incorporated Church Building Society
Independence Boulevard Christian Church
Independent Anglican Church
Independent Catholic Church of the West
Independent Church of God – Sabbath Fellowship Group
Independent Churches of Zambia
Independent Methodist Church
Indiranagar Methodist Church
Inland Valley Council of Churches
Inland Valley Victory Church
Inspiring Body of Christ Church
Institute for the Church and Community Arts
Institute of Bible Church and Culture
Institute on Church and Social Issues
Intentional Disciple Making Church
Interchurch Medical Assistance, Inc.
Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation
Intercontinental Church of God
Intercontinental Church Society
International Christian Church
International Church and Healing Fellowship
International Church of Christ
International Church of Christ
International Churches of Christ
International Council of Christian Churches
International Council of Community Churches
International Evangelical Church
International Federation of Christian Churches
International Fellowship of Bible Churches
International Pentecostal Church of Christ
International Pentecostal Holiness Church
Irondequoit United Church of Christ
Island Community Church
Jackson Baptist Church
Japan Evangelical Church of Christ
Jasper First Church of the Nazarene
Jefferson Unitarian Church
Jericho Road Baptist Church
Jersey Village Baptist Church
Jerusalem Baptist Church
Jesus Evangelical Covenant Church
Jesus Name Community Church
Jesus People Church
Joint Advisory Committee for Church Colleges
Journal of Church and State
Journey of Faith Church
Kalamazoo Valley Family Church
Kalihi Union Church
Kampong Kapor Methodist Church
Kansas West United Methodist Church Conference
Kendal Road Baptist Church
Kentucky Council of Churches
Kentwood Community Church
Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church
King of Kings Lutheran Church
Kingdom Interdenominational Community Church
Kingman Missionary Alliance Church
Kingsland Baptist Church
Kingston Road United Church
Kishinev Bible Church
Konko Churches of North America
Korean Catholic Church in Ireland
Korean Church Coalition
Korean National Council of Churches
Korean New Covenant Church
Korean Presbyterian Church in America
Korean Presbyterian Church of Madison
Korean Presbyterian Church of Minnesota
Kowloon Ling Liang Church
Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church
La Canada Presbyterian Church
La Jolla Presbyterian Church
Lady of Fatima Catholic Church
Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church
Lake Region Bible Church
Lake View Baptist Church
Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church
Lakewood United Methodist Church
Lakewood Village Community Church
Lancaster Baptist Church
Lancaster Interchurch Peace Witness
Lancaster Youth Network of Churches
Landover Baptist Church
Lansdale Presbyterian Church
Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church
Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Lawrence Free Methodist Church
Leamington United Mennonite Church
Leeds Chinese Christian Church
Leicester Church Music Consort
Lenox Road Baptist Church
Leon Valley Baptist Church
Liberal Catholic Church
Liberal Catholic Church International
Liberty Baptist Church
Liberty Fundamental Baptist Church
Licentiate, Faculty of Church Music
Life and Mission of the Church
Life Christian Church
Life Church Boise
Life Community Church
Life in Christ Lutheran Church
Life Restoration Center Church
Lighthouse Free Methodist Church
Lima Community Church of the Nazarene
Lindley United Methodist Church
Line Lexington Mennonite Church
Little Flock Fellowship Church
Little Rock Baptist Church
Littleton United Methodist Church
Livermore Reformed Baptist Church
Living Church of God
Living Faith Apostolic Church
Living Faith International Church, Inc.
Living Hope Alliance Church
Living Hope Baptist Church
Local Church Ministry
Local Church Ministry Team
Lompoc Foursquare Church
Long Beach Alliance Church
Los Alamos Christian Church
Los Angeles International Church of Christ
Louisville Baptist Deaf Church
Lovers Lane United Methodist Church
Lower Providence Presbyterian Church
Lubeck United Methodist Church
Lucas Valley Community Church
Lutheran Church in America
Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea
Lutheran Church Library Association
Lutheran Church of Australia
Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria
Lutheran Church of Our Savior
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
Lutheran Church Youth
Lutheran Church-Canada
Lutheran Churches of the Reformation
Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Lyndon Avenue Baptist Church
Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church
Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church
Magnolia Center Church of Christ
Main Street Baptist Church
Maine Council of Churches
Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
Malibu Presbyterian Church
Maple Grove Lutheran Church
Maranatha Baptist Church
Marantha Church of God
Marietta First Baptist Church
Maronite Catholic Church
Married in the Catholic Church
Mars Hill Bible Church
Mars Hill Church
Marsh Lane Baptist Church
Master of Church Music
Master of Music in Church Music
McGregor Baptist Church
McLean Bible Church
Member, Faculty of Church Organists
Members of the Church of God International
Memorial Baptist Church
Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
Memorial Presbyterian Church
Mennonite Church British Columbia
Mennonite Church Canada
Mennonite Church Canada
Mennonite Church General Assembly
Meridian Hill Baptist Church
Merton Churches Asylum Seekers Support Group
Meserete Kristos Church
Mesquite Friendship Baptist Church
Methodist Church
Methodist Church Department of Social Responsibility
Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas
Methodist Church of Southern Africa
Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church
Metropolitan Community Church
Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque
Metropolitan Community Church of San Antonio
Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto
Metropolitan Community Churches
Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches
Michigan Council of Korean Churches
Midland Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Midland United Church of Christ
Mid-Missouri Church of God
Mid-Somerset Community Church
Midway Baptist Church
Millwoods Evangelical Free Church
Mimosa Lane Baptist Church
Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church
Minneola Alliance Church
Minneola Alliance Church
Miraculous Christian Center Church
Mission Churches International Incorporated
Mission Springs Community Church
Mission Valley Church of the Nazarene
Missionary Church Association
Missionary Church, Inc.
Missionary Independent Spiritual Church
Mississauga City Baptist Church
Mississauga Family Baptist Church
Mitchellville Christian Church
Montana Church Leadership Conference
Montgomery Evangelical Free Church
Morganton First Church of God
Morning Star Baptist Church
Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church
Morningside Baptist Church
Morris Evangelical Free Church
Moscow Bible Church
Mount Calvary Baptist Church
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church
Mount Hermon Baptist Church
Mount Hope Church
Mount Olive Presbyterian Church
Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church
Mount Royal Mennonite Church
Mountain Brook Baptist Church
Mountain Springs Baptist Church
Mountain View Chinese Christian Church
Mountain View Church of Christ
Mountainview Faith Community Church
Movement for a Continuing Church of England
Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church
Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
Museum of Church History and Art
Myrtle Lake Baptist Church
Nansemond River Baptist Church
Nashville Cowboy Church
National Association of Church Design Builders
National Association of Congregational Churches
National Association of Local Church Prayer Leaders
National Black Church Family Council
National Catholic Church
National Catholic Church of America
National Church Goods Association
National Church Planting Office
National Community Church
National Conference of Church Leaders
National Council of Churches
National Council of Churches in Australia
National Council of Churches in India
National Council of Churches in the Philippines
National Council of Churches of Christ
National Council of Churches of Nepal
National Episcopal Church
National Evangelical Church of Beirut
National Institute in Church Finance and Administration
National Missionary Baptist Fellowship of Churches
National Spiritualist Association of Churches
Native American Church
Nativity Lutheran Church
Nehemiahs Neighbors Church
New Apostles Church International
New Apostolic Church
New Beginning Fellowship Church
New Beginnings Church
New Beginnings Family Church
New Church Leadership
New Community Baptist Church
New Covenant Church Nelspruit
New Generation Community Church
New Hackensack Reformed Church
New Hope Church
New Life Baptist Church
New Life Church
New Life Churches of Australia
New Mt. Calvary Holy Church
New Psalmist Baptist Church
New Sudan Council of Churches
New Testament Baptist Church
New Testament Church Pioneers
New Vision Baptist Church
New Vision Community Church
New Wineskins Association of Churches
Newport Pagnell Baptist Church
Noland Road Baptist Church
North American Lutheran Church
North Heights Lutheran Church
North Naples Baptist Church
North Oak Christian Church
North Phoenix Baptist Church
North Point Community Church
North Shore Christian Church
North Swindon Baptist Church
North Syracuse Baptist Church
North Trenholm Baptist Church
North Woods Christian Church
Northern Indiana District Church of the Brethren
Northland: A Church Distributed
Northport Church of God
Northside Baptist Church
Northside Christian Church
Northwest Baptist Church
Northwest Bible Church
Northwest Christian Church
Northwest Filipino Baptist Church
Norwegian Church Aid
Norwegian Lutheran Church of America
Notes for Active Church Participants
Oak Grove Presbyterian Church
Oak Hills Church
Oak Ridge Baptist Church
Office of Church Ministries Education
Old Apostolic Lutheran Church
Old Cambridge Baptist Church
Old Catholic Church
Old Catholic Church of America
Old Church Slavonic
Old Episcopal Church of Scotland
Old Greenwich Presbyterian Church
Old Paths Bible Baptist Church
Old Protestant Episcopal Church
Old Regular Baptist Church
Old Roman Catholic Church
Old Roman Catholic Church in North America
One Church One Child
One World One Church
Onnuree Presbyterian Church
Onondaga Valley Presbyterian Church
Open Bible Church
Open Bible Deaf Church
Open Door Bible Church
Open Door Mission Church
Orange County Buddhist Church
Orange Park Presbyterian Church
Orchard Road Presbyterian Church
Order of the Seven Churches of Asia
Oregon Episcopal Church News
Organization of United Church Homes
Orthodox Anglican Church
Orthodox Catholic Church
Orthodox Catholic Church of America
Orthodox Church in America
Orthodox Church in America Youth
Orthodox Church in Japan
Orthodox Church of Canada
Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Oslo International Church
Ottawa Chinese United Church
Oundle Churches Youth Association
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Our Shepherd Lutheran Church
Overlake Park Presbyterian Church
Overland Park Christian Church
Ovilla Road Baptist Church
Oxford Church of Christ
Oxford Community Church
Ozark Mountain Deaf Church
Pacific Conference of Churches
Pacific Islands Church
Pacific Palisades Presbyterian Church
Pacific Unitarian Church
Palm Avenue Community Church
Palm Beach Community Church
Pantano Christian Church
Park Cities Baptist Church
Park Cities Presbyterian Church
Park Forest Baptist Church
Park Lake Presbyterian Church
Park Ridge Community Church
Park Road Baptist Church
Parochial Church Council
Participation of Women in the Catholic Church
Particular Baptist Confederation Church
Partnering with Churches, Equipping Servant Leaders, Assisting the Poor, Caring for the Sick, Educating the Next Generation
Pasadena Church of God
Pastor-Church Relations
Paya Lebar Methodist Church
Pendleton Street Baptist Church
Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino
Pentecostal Church of God
Pentecostal Church of God
Pentecostal Church of Kuwait
Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ
Philadelphia Cambodian Evangelical Church
Philadelphia Church of God
Philadelphia Church of God
Philadelphia Pentecostal Church of God
Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches
Philippine Episcopal Church
Philippine Independent Catholic Church
Phurst Church of Phun
Pilgrim Baptist Church
Pilgrim Lutheran Church
Pilgrims’ United Church of Christ
Pinconning United Methodist Church
Pinconning Wesleyan Church
Pinnacle Presbyterian Church
Pioneer Memorial Church
Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church
Plymouth United Church of Christ
Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church
Pole Line Road Baptist Church
Polish National Catholic Church
Pontiac Hmong Alliance Church
Portable Church Industries
Portage Lake United Church
Porterfield United Methodist Church
Portland Church of Religious Science
Portland First Church of the Nazarene
Prairie Ridge Christian Church
Prayer Deliverance Full Gospel Church
Prayer for the Persecuted Church, Inc.
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Associates
Presbyterian Church in America
Presbyterian Church In Canada
Presbyterian Church in Chinatown
Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Presbyterian Church in Needham
Presbyterian Church in the United States
Presbyterian Church in Westfield
Presbyterian Church of Coventry
Presbyterian Church of Korea
Presbyterian Church of South Africa
Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa
Presbyterian Church of Sudan
Presbyterian Reformed Church of Cuba
Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church
Preston Road Church of Christ
Prestonwood Baptist Church
Primitive Baptist Church
Primitive Episcopal Church
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church
Professional Church Workers
Professional Church Workers Conference
Prosper United Methodist Church
Protestant Church-owned Publishers Association
Protestant Episcopal Church
Protestant Reformed Church
Providence Baptist Church
Providence Community Church
Providence Reformed Baptist Church
Providence United Methodist Church
Puritan Reformed Church of Edmonton
Pusch Ridge Christian Church
Quail Springs Church of Christ
Quakertown United Methodist Church
Queens Road Church
Quinault Baptist Church
Quinnesec United Methodist Church
Quinte Alliance Church
Quinton Park Baptist Church
Radio Church of God
Red Bank Baptist Church
Red Mountain Community Church
Redeemer International Family Church
Redlands Bible Church
Redlands Christian Reformed Church
Reformation Covenant Church
Reformed Anglican Catholic Church
Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado
Reformed Baptist Churches Malaysia
Reformed Catholic Church International
Reformed Catholic Church of America
Reformed Christian Church
Reformed Church in America
Reformed Church in Canada
Reformed Church in Mission
Reformed Church of El Salvador
Reformed Church of Japan
Reformed Church of Québec
Reformed Church of Québec
Reformed Church World Service
Reformed Episcopal Church
Reformed Episcopal Church
Reformed Presbyterian Church
Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America
Remnant Westside Church
Renewal Lutheran Church
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Representative Church Body
Restored Church of God
Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church
Resurrection Life Church
Rhein Valley Cell Church Ministries
Riccarton Community Church
Rice Inter-Church Evangelism
Richfield United Church of Christ
Richland Baptist Church
Richland Hills Church of Christ
Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church
Richmond Chinese Alliance Church
Richmond Churches Housing Trust
Richmond Hill United Church
Rideau Park United Church
Ridgedale Baptist Church
Ridgeview Community Church
Ridgeway Church of God
Risen Christ Lutheran Church
Rising Brook Baptist Church
River Community Church
River Road Unitarian Church
Riverdale Presbyterian Church Nursery School
Robbinsdale United Church of Christ
Rock City Harvest Church
Rock Spring Presbyterian Church
Rocky Bayou Baptist Church
Rolling Hills Community Church
Rolling Hills Covenant Church
Roman Catholic Church
Romanian Baptist Church
Rome Baptist Church
Rose of Sharon Lutheran Church
Roseville First Church of the Nazarene
Ross Christian Church
Roswell First Baptist Church
Rotherham Churches Tourism Initiative
Royal School of Church Music
Royston Area Community Church
Rugby Methodist Church Centre
Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
Russian Orthodox Church
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
Russian Orthodox Church in Exile
Russian Orthodox Church Musicians
Sabbath Rest Advent Church
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Saint John Missionary Baptist Church
Saint Margarets Episcopal Church
Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church
Saint Michael’s Church
Saint Paul’s Church National Historic Site
Saint Raymond Catholic Church
Saint Stephen’s Baptist Church
Saints Catholic Church
Salmo Baptist Church
Sam Black Church
San Antonio, Texas chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State
San Jose Church of God
San Jose First Church
Sandborn First Christian Church
Santa Rosa Nazarene Church
Sarina Wesleyan Methodist Church
Scandinavia Chinese Christian Church
Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church
Scarsdale Community Baptist Church
Scottish Church Heritage Research
Scottish Episcopal Church
Scottsdale Bible Church
Seabrook United Methodist Church
Second Presbyterian Church
Second Presbyterian Church
Second Slavic Baptist Church
Second United Baptist Church
Seoul International Baptist Church
Serbian Church Slavonic
Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Severna Park Baptist Church
Shenandoah Valley Baptist Church
Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church
Sherwood Forest Community Church
Sherwood Park Alliance Church
Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church
Shiselweni Reformed Church Home-Based Care
Sicklerville United Methodist Church
Sierra Vista Community Church
Silicon Valley Alliance Church
Simi Church of Christ
Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill High School
Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church
Smoke Rise Baptist Church
Smokey Point Community Church
Solana Beach Presbyterian Church
Souderton Mennonite Church
South African Council of Churches
South Central Unity Churches Association
South Columbia Baptist Church
South Florida Church of Christ
South Hills Community Church
South Lakewood Baptist Church
South Main Baptist Church
South Parade Baptist Church
South Portland Church of the Nazarene
South Run Baptist Church
South Sea Evangelical Church
South Shore Baptist Church
South Suburban Christian Church
Southeast Christian Church
Southern Africa Alliance of Reformed Churches
Southern Episcopal Church
Southern Evangelical Church of Vietnam
Southern Hills Baptist Church
Southport Presbyterian Church
Southport Presbyterian Church
Southwater Community Methodist Church
Southwest Alliance Church
Southwest Bible Church Mission
Southwest Ohio Assembly of the Church of God
Southwinds Church of Tracy
Sovereign Grace Church
Spiritualist Church of New Zealand
Spring Lake Park Baptist Church
Spring Lake Wesleyan Church
Springs Community Church
Sri Lanka Baptist Church
St John Lutheran Church
St. Jacobs Mennonite Church
St. James Church
St. John Baptist Church
St. John’s Episcopal Church
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church
St. Paul Baptist Church
Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches
Standish Community Methodist Church
Steinbach Evangelical Mennonite Church
Stonebriar Community Church
Strengthen the Church
Strong Church–Turing thesis
Sudan Council of Churches
Sudan Interior Church
Sugar River United Methodist Church
Sunday Morning After Church
Sunday Night After Church
Sungei Way Subang Methodist Church
Sunset Congregational Church
Surrey Churches Preservation Trust
Sussex County Bible Church
Swaziland Reformed Church
Sydney Church of England Grammar School
Tabernacle Baptist Church
Tabernacle Christian Church
Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church
Tacoma First Baptist Church
Taipei International Church
Taiwanese American Christian Church
Taiwanese Presbyterian Church
Taiwanese United Church in Toronto
Tanque Verde Lutheran Church
Teaching of the Catholic Church
Teddington Baptist Church
Temperance Council of the Christian Churches
Temple Hill Baptist Church
Templestowe Baptist Church
Terrace Lake Community Church
Texas Rural Church Network
Thailand Covenant Church
The American Lutheran Church
The Baptist Tabernacle Church
The Church At Te Awamutu
The Church Channel
The Church of Yahweh
The Episcopal Church
The Life Christian Church
The Living Church
The Memorial Baptist Church
The Mother Church
The Pentecostal Church
The Wesleyan Church
Third Presbyterian Church
Thomas Haden Church
Three Oaks Community Church
Tokyo Union Church
Topeka Bible Church
Town Center Community Church
Town East Baptist Church
Town North Presbyterian Church
Tracy Community Church
Traditional Church of England
Traditional Episcopal Church
Traditional Orthodox Christian Church
Transforming Churches Network
Trinity Church Eindhoven
Trinity Church Services, LLC
Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Evangelical Free Church
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Trinity Fellowship Association of Churches
Trinity Methodist Church
Trinity United Church
Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church
True Catholic Church
True Jesus Church
True Orthodox Church of Greece
True Way Presbyterian Church
Tulsa International Baptist Church
Tunbridge Wells United Reformed Church
Tuscaloosa Chinese Christian Church
Twain Harte Evangelical Free Church
Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ
Twinbrook Hills Baptist Church
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Unifour Christian Fellowship Church
Union Baptist Church
Union Church Presbyterian Church
Unitarian Universalist Church
Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis
Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington
Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville
Unitarian Universalist Church of Augusta
Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley
Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder
Unitarian Universalist Church of Brevard
Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster
Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington
Unitarian Universalist Church of Loudoun
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee
Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsula
Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines
Unitarian Universalist Village Church
United Anglican Church
United Apostolic Faith Church
United Armenian Congregational Church
United Buddhist Church of Vietnam
United Christian Presbyterian Church
United Church in Meadowood
United Church of Angel Fire
United Church of Canada
United Church of Christ
United Church of Christ Family Fellowship
United Church of Christ in the Philippines
United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe
United Church of God
United Church Outreach Ministry
United Church Resource Distribution
United Church Users Group
United Congregational Church of Tolland
United Evangelical Lutheran Church
United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
United for Christ Church, Inc.
United Holy Church of America, Inc.
United Methodist Church
United Methodist Church of Anoka
United Methodist Free Church
United Missionary Church
United Nations Church Center
United Pentecostal Church
United Pentecostal Church International
United Presbyterian Church of Scotland
United Reformed Church
Uniting Church Adult Fellowship
Uniting Church in Australia
Uniting Church Investment Fund
Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa
Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa
Unity Center of Peace Church
Unity Fellowship Church New Brunswick
Universal Church of Man
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic
Universal Life Church
Universal Life Church Christian Fellowship
Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington
University Christian Church of Berkeley
University Heights Baptist Church
University of London Church Choir
University Place Presbyterian Church
University Presbyterian Church
Upchurch Watson White and Max
Upper Dublin Lutheran Church
Upper Tinicum Lutheran Church
Urban Church Planting Project
Valley Christian Church
Valley Community Church
Valley Unitarian Universalist Church
Valley View Christian Church
Vancouver Chinese Alliance Church
Vancouver First Friends Church
Vassar United Methodist Church
Ventura Missionary Church
Vertical Horizons Church
Victorian Churches Soccer Association
Victorian Council of Churches
Victorious Life Christian Church
Victory Bible Church International
Victory Highway Wesleyan Church
Vietnamese Baptist Church
Village View Community Church
Vineyard Church of Columbus
Vineyard Church of North Phoenix
Virginia Council of Churches
Visitation Catholic Church
Wakefield Baptist Church
Walnut Creek Church of Christ
Walnut Creek Community Church
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Walnut Grove Lutheran Church
Wantagh Baptist Church
Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church
Ward Churchill Solidarity Network
Warrenton Church of Christ
Washington Alliance Japanese Church
Washington Heights Baptist Church
Washington Prairie Lutheran Church
Washington, Arlington, and Falls Church Railway
Waterbury Village Congo Church
Watonga Indian Baptist Church
Wayne Church of Christ
Wayne Hills Baptist Church
Web-Empowered Church
Webster Groves Christian Church
Wellspring Covenant Community Church
Wesleyan Church
Wesleyan Holiness Church
West Auckland Community Church
West Boca Presbyterian Church
West Coast Church of Deliverance
West Concord Union Church
West Covina Christian Church
West Lebanon Baptist Church
West Linn Lutheran Church
West Malling Baptist Church
West Nottingham Presbyterian Church
West Oneonta Baptist Church
West Park Baptist Church
West Ridge Community Church
West Ripley Baptist Church
West Salem Foursquare Church
West Side Christian Church
West Side Presbyterian Church
West Suffolk Vineyard Church
West Sydney Chinese Christian Church
West University Baptist Church
West Valley Presbyterian Church
West Valley Unitarian Universalist Church
West Vancouver United Church
West Virginia Council of Churches
West Yadkin Baptist Church
Westboro Baptist Church
Western Churchill Metallogeny Project
Western Springs Baptist Church
Western Yearly Meeting of Friends Church
Westfield Evangelical Free Church
Westlake Church of Religious Science
Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church
Westminster Church of the Brethren
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Westport Road Church of Christ
Westside Coalition of Christian Churches
Westside Unitarian Universalist Church
Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church
Wheeler Grove Baptist Church
Wheeler Road Church of Christ
Whidbey Evangelical Free Church
White River Christian Church
White Rock Baptist Church
White Rock Community Church
Whittier Area Community Church
Willow Creek Community Church
Willow Glen Baptist Church
Willow Grove Presbyterian Church
Willow Road Christian Church
Winchester Church of God
Windsor Chinese Alliance Church
Windsor Heights Lutheran Church
Windsor Locks Congregational Church
Windsor Road Christian Church
Windward United Church of Christ
Wings of Love Community Church
Winnetka Bible Church
Winning Faith Bible Church
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill Junior High
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Winston Churchill School
Winston Churchill School
Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
Winston S. Churchill
Winter Park Presbyterian Church
Winthrop Baptist Church
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church
Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches
Without Walls International Church
Wolaitta Kale Heywet Church
Wollongong Church of Christ
Women and the Australian Church
Women and the Church
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Wood Green Mennonite Church
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Wooster Grace Brethren Church
Word Miracle Church International
Word of Faith Church
Word of Faith Fellowship Church
Word of Faith Fellowship Church
Word of Grace Bible Church
Word of Life Church
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World Church of the Creator
World Church of the Creator
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World Church Service
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Worldwide Church of God
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Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches
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Zimbabwe Association of Church Related Hospitals
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