Energy Abbreviations


What is Energy?

Energy is the ability of something to do work, that is, to generate force in a given body, substance or physical system.

Etymologically, this term derives from the Greek ergos, whose original meaning is literally “work”.

In Physics, energy is associated with the ability of any body to produce work, action or motion.

The concept of energy is used figuratively to designate vigor, firmness and strength.

Example: “Do you still have the energy to run after so many hours of work?”

According to the laws of Physics, energy cannot be created, but only transformed (first principle of Thermodynamics), with each type of energy capable of causing certain and characteristic phenomena in physical systems.

The different sources of energy can be found in nature and are basically classified into two categories, according to the possibility of their maintenance and production: renewable energies (wind energy and solar energy, for example) and non-renewable energies (the from coal and oil, for example).

Learn more about the meaning of Renewable Energies and Non-Renewable Energies.

Forms of energy

  • Kinetic Energy: type of energy related to the movement of bodies;
  • Thermal Energy: form of energy related to heat and high temperatures;
  • Solar Energy: renewable alternative for supplying energy to various utilities by capturing the sun’s rays;
  • Wind Energy: alternative form of energy that comes from the winds;
  • Chemical Energy: type of energy that is stored in all materials with chemical bonds, and that is released when these bonds are broken or disturbed;
  • Electric energy: can be produced from hydroelectric plants or through renewable sources, such as solar and wind energy.
  • Nuclear Energy: Energy released when a nuclear reaction occurs.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is the designation given to natural sources of energy that manage to renew themselves, that is, they never run out, as they are in constant regeneration.

Renewable energy sources pollute little or do not harm the environment, as they are considered clean energies, that is, they are provided by nature. In addition, its use does not contribute to the emission of gases or other toxic and harmful materials into the natural environment.

The alarming amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere, such as greenhouse gases, in addition to the imminent scarcity of fossil resources, such as oil, made the emergence and improvement of renewable energies an emergency.

Renewable energies are also classified as alternative energies, due to their guaranteed character (either in the present or in the future). Therefore, they are a source of sustainable energy.

On the other hand, non-renewable energies (such as oil and coal, for example) have a limit in the world and it would take millions of years for them to be replenished again.

Renewable energy sources

The types of renewable energy that exist in the world and that are most used today are:

Solar energy

The light obtained from the Sun, captured by ultraviolet and infrared rays, is transformed into energy, which is why it is considered an inexhaustible source. However, the implementation of solar receivers (photovoltaic panels) is still expensive, making it difficult to use them for large-scale energy production.

The sun’s energy can also be harnessed through solar panels (heliothermic energy) and in heating systems.

Wind Energy

It is the energy generated from the wind. These are wind turbines that transform wind energy into electrical energy. Wind turbines are shaped like a weather vane and produce and store energy. In addition to being a renewable source of energy, it is also clean, as it does not cause pollution.

Incidentally, wind has been used for many years as a “fuel” for human engineering.

Maremotriz energy

It is the energy that can be produced from the waves and tides of the oceans. This is considered a rather expensive energy medium to be deployed on a large scale.

It can be used in two ways, as potential or kinetic energy. The potential energy is obtained from the differences in heights between the tides (low and high), whereas the kinetic takes advantage of the sea currents.

Hydro-electric energy

It is a source of energy that comes from the waters. Hydroelectric plants use the force of water to drive turbines that help produce electricity. This is the main source of renewable energy in Brazil, due to its large number of rivers.

In order for production to be efficient, the plants must be built in regions of rivers with a high volume of water.

Biomass Energy

It is the energy generated from the decomposition of organic waste of animal and plant origin. The “fuel” extracted from this process is methane gas.

It is a clean energy source, as it has little environmental impact.

Geothermal energy

It is the energy generated from the high heat that exists below the earth’s crust, with temperatures reaching 5,000 degrees Celsius.

It can be used in three ways: in geothermal reservoirs, using geothermal fluids or using thermal water.

Advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy

Among the main advantages of renewable energy are:

  • are inexhaustible
  • can be implemented anywhere in the world, without a centralization of resources, as happens with oil, for example, which has the Middle East region as its biggest reserve,
  • less production of damage to the environment compared to non-renewable energies,
  • give more independence in energy production, as they use the natural resources present in the environment.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • some energy sources have a high investment and installation cost,
  • possible environmental damage, as with the installation of hydroelectric plants,
  • depend on weather conditions that cannot always be predictable,
  • the amount of energy obtained from renewable sources is not always sufficient for them to be the only sources adopted.

Renewable energy in Brazil

Brazil is a country with a lot of natural wealth, and the use of renewable energies represents almost 90% of the electric energy that is produced in the country, through hydroelectric plants, which use the power of hydraulic energy.

The country also began to invest heavily, from the beginning of the 21st century, mainly in the construction of solar receivers to produce energy through the rays of the Sun. In addition, in recent years, the country has also invested in the production of wind energy.

Brazil is the largest producer of ethanol in the world, a fuel used as an alternative to gasoline, made from petroleum. Ethanol is considered a renewable fuel because it is made from sugarcane. Therefore, half of the country’s automobile fleet uses ethanol as an energy source.

Non-renewable Energy

Non-renewable energies, unlike renewables, are those that can run out if used without control. In addition, they generally affect more the balance of the environment and some of these sources are quite polluting and cause severe damage to ecosystems.

Examples of non-renewable energies are: oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy.

What is Non-Renewable Energy:

Non-renewable energy is the designation given to an energy resource that, after being used, cannot be regenerated by humans or nature within a useful period.

Fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas are examples of non-renewable energy, because one day they will run out. Likewise, nuclear energy (uranium) is also a non-renewable type of energy. Uranium produces more efficient and cheaper energy than fossil fuels, however, its handling is more complicated, and the waste resulting from its use represents a greater threat to human beings.

In the current scenario of energy sources, non-renewable energies are the most used. Another characteristic of this type of energy is its potential for environmental pollution, as its use results in the release of carbon dioxide, and other toxic gases such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur and hydrocarbons. These gases are responsible for the occurrence of acid rain that pollutes soils and water. The carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, a consequence of the use of non-renewable resources, is one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect, one of the serious environmental problems of today.

Advantages and disadvantages

Non-renewable energies have advantages and disadvantages, and there are more disadvantages than advantages.


  • they are very polluting (for this reason they are considered a type of dirty energy);
  • they run out quickly;
  • have a limitation in spatial terms, originating from specific locations on Earth;
  • the costs of extraction, treatment and transport are very high;
  • in many cases, there is only profitability when the reserves are large;
  • cause serious environmental catastrophes.


  • have a high energy yield;
  • are easily transported;
  • can be used in a variety of ways;
  • encourage the creation of many jobs.

Energy Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Energy

A Global Overview of Renewable Energy Sources
AB Omnès Visser Energy
Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group
Abstracts of Selected Solar Energy Technology
Abundant Renewable Energy
Accelerator-Driven Energy Production
Access Channel Energy-Signal
Access to Energy
Acoustic Fusion Technology Energy Consortium
Action, Common sense, Hard work, Imagination, Energy, Vision and values, Enthusiasm
Activation Energy
Activity Energy Expenditure
Activity-Induced Energy Expenditure
Adaptive Energy Management
Adaptive Energy Management
Adiabatic Low-Energy Injection and Confinement Experiment
Adiabatic Potential Energy Surface
Advanced Ceramics and Technology for Sustainable Energy Applications
Advanced Decentralised Energy Generation Systems in Western Balkans
Advanced Energy Absorber
Advanced Energy Conversion
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
Advanced Energy Initiative
Advanced Energy Storage Technologies
Advanced Energy Systems Division
Advanced Energy Systems Program
Advanced Energy Systems, Inc
Advanced Energy Technology
Advanced Kinetic Energy Missile
Advanced Materials and Energy Systems
Advanced Power and Energy Program
Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy
Advanced Technologies for Energy and the Environment
Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center
Aerojet Energy Conversion Company
AF Vehicle, Equipment and Energy Support Activity
African Minerals and Energy Forum
Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators
Agency of Natural Resources and Energy
Agip Energy and Natural Resources, Ltd.
Agoria Renewable Energy Club
Agricultural Energy Consumers Association
Agri-Energy Roundtable
Air and Energy Engineering Research Laboratory
Air and Energy Staff
Air Energy Recovery
Aircraft Energy Efficiency
Aircraft Low Energy Retrieval Technique
Alaska Center for Energy and Power
Alaska Energy Authority
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board
Alberta Energy Company
Alberta Energy Company Ltd
Alberta Energy Research Institute
Alberta Geothermal Energy Association
All Fuels and Energy Company
Allegheny Energy Federal Credit Union
Allegheny Energy Supply
Allegheny Energy, Inc.
Allegheny Energy, Inc.
All-Electric Energy Range
Alliance for Clean Energy
Alliance for Responsible Energy Policy
Alliance for Retail Energy Markets
Alliance to Save Energy
Alliant Energy
Alliant Energy Center
Alliant Energy Corp.
Allowable Energy Range
Alpha Energy Analysis
Alpha Energy Spectral Simulator
Alternate Energy & Ecology Co., Inc.
Alternate Energy Association
Alternate Energy Engineering Associates
Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC
Alternate Hydro Energy Centre
Alternative Energy Coalition
Alternative Energy Development Board
Alternative Energy Institute
Alternative Energy News
Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act
Alternative Energy Promotion Centre
Alternative Energy Solutions
Alternative Energy Systems
Alternative Energy Technology Center
Alternative Fuels and Energy Pty. Ltd.
American Alternatives Energy Corporation
American Association of Blacks in Energy
American Bioenergy Association
American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009
American Clean Energy Resources Trust
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
American Council for Renewable Energy
American Council on Renewable Energy
American Museum of Atomic Energy
American Museum of Science & Energy
American Nuclear Energy Council
American Solar Energy Society
American Wind Energy Systems
Americans for Balanced Energy Choices
Americas Nuclear Energy Symposium
Annual Cycle Energy Storage System
Annual Energy Outlook
Annual Energy Performance
Annual Energy Production
Annual Review of Energy
Anthony Marmont Sustainable Energy Technology Centre
Aotearoa Wave and Tidal Energy Association
Apparent Energy Assimilation Efficiency
Apparent Metabolizable Energy
Applied Energy Research Laboratory
Applied Research In Energy Storage
Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
Aquitaine Dental Energy
Arc Flash Incident Energy
Arizona Atomic Energy Commission
Arizona Energy Efficiency Code
Army Advisory Group On Energy
Army Energy Office
Aromatic Stabilization Energy
Arrow Energy NL
Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency
ASEAN Center for Energy
Asia Pacific Energy Research Center
Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy
Asian Energy Institute
Asian Energy News
Asia-Pacific Energy Group
ASRC Energy Services (Anchorage, AK)
Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy
Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, Atomic Energy
Assisted Model Building with Energy Refinement
Assisting in Deployment of Energy Practices and Technologies program
Associate Director for Energy and Technology
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Association for the Conservation of Energy
Association of Energy Engineers
Association of Energy Services Professionals
Association of Professional Energy Managers
Association of Sexual Energy Professionals
Association of South Carolina Energy Managers
Asymptotic Effective Energy
Asymptotic Energy Analysis
Atikokan Bio-Energy Research Centre
Atlantic Canada Sustainable Energy Coalition
Atlantic Region Energy Expo
Atlantis Energy Systems, Inc
Atlas Copco Prime Energy
Atmos Energy Corporation
Atom Energy Limited
Atom Energy Limited
Atomic Energy Act
Atomic Energy Agency
Atomic Energy Agricultural Research Centre
Atomic Energy Authority
Atomic Energy Authority Technology
Atomic Energy Bureau
Atomic Energy Bureau of Japan
Atomic Energy Central School
Atomic Energy Clearing House
Atomic Energy Commission
Atomic Energy Commission
Atomic Energy Commission Manual
Atomic Energy Commission of Arizona
Atomic Energy Committee
Atomic Energy Control Board
Atomic Energy Council
Atomic Energy Defense Activities
Atomic Energy Detection System
Atomic Energy Establishment
Atomic Energy Insights
Atomic Energy Institute
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
Atomic Energy Organization
Atomic Energy Project
Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
Atomic Energy Research Establishment
Atomic Energy Society of Japan
Atrial Defibrillation Energy Requirements
Attitude Control and Energy Storage Experiment
Austin Energy Green Building
Australian and New Zealand Minerals and Energy Council
Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy
Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy
Australian Energy Market Operator
Australian Energy News
Australian Energy Regulator
Australian Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Projects Database
Australian Inland Energy and Water
Australian Institute of Energy
Australian Minerals and Energy Council
Automated Energy Management System
Automated Petroleum and Energy Company, Inc
Automatic Energy Selector
Automotive Safety and Energy
Autonomous Energy Efficiency Improvement
Autonomous Energy Efficiency Index
Available Potential Energy
Average Bond Energy
Average Daily Energy Requirement
Average Noise Threshold Energy
Baltic Energy Efficiency Network
Band Edge Energy
Bandeirantes Landfill Gas to Energy
Bank of Canada Non-Energy
Bartlesville Energy Research Center
Basal Energy Expenditure
Basal Energy Expenditure Equation
Base Energy Manager
Baseline Energy Consumption Level
Basic Energy Sciences
Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative
Battery Energy Storage System
Baytex Energy Trust
Benelux Association of Energy Economists
Berkeley Energy and Resources
Bermuda Energy Conservation
Better Energy Options
Better Integration for Sustainable Energy
Billington Thermal Sonic Energy
Binding Energy
Biobased Products and Bioenergy Coordination Council
Bioenergy Development Fund
Bio-Energy Partners
Bioenergy Science Center
Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage
Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer
Biomass Energy Centre
Biomass Energy Europe
Biomass Energy Foundation
Biomass Energy Research Association
Biomass Thermal Energy Council
Birmingham Sustainable Energy Partnership
Blue Grass Energy
Body Composition and Energy Metabolism
Bond Dissociation Energy
Bond Energy Algorithm
Boosted Kinetic-Energy Penetrator
Borehole Thermal Energy Storage
Boston Area Solar Energy Association
Botswana Energy Master Plan
Bowen Ratio-Energy Balance
Boyd Energy Corporation
British Atomic Energy Authority
British Energy Group, PLC
British Institute of Energy Economics
British Nuclear Energy Society
Broadcast Energy Transmitter
Brown and Root Energy Services
Building Energy and Environment Performance System
Building Energy and Environmental Modelling
Building Energy Assessment Professional
Building Energy Code Education
Building Energy Efficiency
Building Energy Efficiency Research
Building Energy Management
Building Energy Management System
Building Energy Modeling Professional
Building Energy Performance Standards
Building Energy Rating
Building Energy Rating System
Building Energy Regulations
Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Fund
Bulgarian Energy Holding
Bureau of Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs
Bureau of Energy Assistance
Bureau of Energy Development
Bureau of Energy Efficiency
Bureau of Energy Programs
Bureau of Energy Study, Research and Development
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Bureau of Ocean Energy, Management, Regulation, and Enforcement
Burmeister & Wain Energy
Business Energy Efficiency Training
Business Energy Investment Tax Credit
Business Energy Solutions Expo
Busy Energy-Signal
Calibre Energy, Inc.
California Alternate Rates for Energy Program
California Alternative Rates for Energy
California Biomass Energy Alliance
California Business Energy Alliance, LLC
California Center for Sustainable Energy
California Energy Commission
California Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services
California Institute for Energy Efficiency
California Wind Energy Collaborative
Caltech High Energy Physics
Cambridge Energy Research Associates
Canadian Earth Energy Association
Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance
Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
Canadian Energy Research Institute
Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company
Canadian Industrial Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre
Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation
Canadian Institute for Energy Training
Canadian Institute of Energy
Canadian Weather for Energy Calculations
CANMET Energy Technology Centre
Canopy Temperature Energy Balance
Capital Region Energy Forum
Carbon Management Energy Efficiency
Carbon-Based Energy Company
Caribbean Sustainable Energy Forum
Carlyle Riverstone Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund
Casco Bay Energy Company, LLC
Catalytica Energy Systems Inc
Centennial Energy Institute
Center for Advanced Energy Systems
Center for Advanced Research of Energy Technology
Center for Applied Energy Research
Center for Bioenergy Research and Development
Center for Directed Energy
Center for Energy & Climate Solutions
Center for Energy and Environmental Analysis
Center for Energy and Environmental Education
Center for Energy and Environmental Management
Center for Energy and Environmental Research
Center for Energy Policy
Center for Energy Research/Education/Service
Center for Environmental Energy Engineering
Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter
Center for Future Energy Systems
Center for Inherited Disorders of Energy Metabolism
Center for Producer Owned Energy
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets
Center of Mass Energy
Center on Renewable Energy
CenterPoint Energy
CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp.
Central American Renewable Energy and Cleaner Production Facility
Central Energy Plant
Central Florida Renewable Energy Society
Central Plains Energy Project
Centralized Energy Distribution Model
Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment
Centre for Clean Energy
Centre for Electric Energy and Automation
Centre for Energy Policy and Economics
Centre for Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development
Centre for Household Energy and Environment
Centre for Renewable Energy at Dundalk Institute of Technology
Centre for Renewable Energy Development
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources
Centre for Research, Education and Training in Energy
Centre for Solar Energy Research
Centre for Sustainable Energy
Centrica Renewable Energy Ltd.
Certified Energy Analyst
Certified Energy Manager
Certified Energy Manager
Certified Professional Energy Healer
Chatham-Kent Energy
Chemical Energy
Chemical Potential Energy
Chemiluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer
Chevron Texaco Energy Indonesia Ltd.
Chicago Energy Conservation Code
Chief Energy Conservation Officer
China Coal Energy
China Energy and Power Exhibition
China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation
China Energy Conservation Program
China Energy Savings Technology
China Energy Technology Program
China New Energy Chamber of Commerce
Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association
Chinese Wind Energy Association
Chronic Protein-Energy Malnutrition
Circor Energy Products
CITIC Canada Energy Limited
Citizens Advocating Using Sustainable Energy
Citizens Energy Cooperative
Citizens Energy Corporation
Citizens Energy Task Force
Citizens For Renewable Energy
Citizens Option to Provide Energy
Citizens/Labor Energy Coalition
Citizens/Labor Energy Coalition
City Public Service Energy
Classified Energy Online
Clean and Renewable Energy
Clean and Safe Energy Coalition
Clean Energy Deployment Administration
Clean Energy Development Act
Clean Energy Development Bank Ltd.
Clean Energy for Eternity
Clean Energy Fuels Corporation
Clean Energy Future Group
Clean Energy Initiative
Clean Energy Ministerial
Clean Energy Ministerial
Clean Energy Portfolio Standards
Clean Energy Programme Office
Clean Energy States Alliance
Clean Energy Supercluster
Clean Energy Systems, Inc.
Clean Energy Technologies, Inc.
Clean Energy Technologis, Incorporated
Clean Energy Utilization
Clean Energy Works
Clean Renewable Energy Bond
Clean Use of Reactor Energy
Clingendael International Energy Programme
Cloud Peak Energy
Cloud Peak Energy
Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System
CMS Energy
Coalition for Affordable American Energy
Collaborative Energy Research Group
College of Mechanical and Energy Engineering
Collinear Exact Quantum Bending Energy
Colorado Energy Assistance Foundation
Colorado Energy Efficiency Business Coalition
Colorado Energy Forum
Colorado Energy Research Institute
Colorado Energy Science Center
Colorado Independent Energy Association
Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory
Colusa Biomass Energy Corporation
Commerce, Energy, NASA, NLM, Defense and Interior
Commercial Building Energy Alliance
Commercial Building Energy Consumption
Commercial Building Energy Standards
Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey
Commercial/Industrial Energy Efficiency
Commission for Energy Regulation
Committee for Safe Energy Future
Committee on Electromagnetic Energy Public Health Issues
Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Committee on Energy Research and Technology
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
Commonwealth Department of Primary Industries and Energy
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union
Community Clean Energy Aggregation
Community Energy Efficiency Fund
Community Energy Fund
Community Energy Opportunity Finder
Compact Kinetic Energy Missile
Companion Specification for Energy Metering
Competitive Renewable Energy Zone
Comprehensive National Energy Strategy
Compressed Air Energy Storage
Computers in High Energy Physics
Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
Conducted Energy Device
Conducted Energy Weapon
Conference on High-Energy Physics
Connecticut Clean Energy Fund
Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund
Conservation and Renewable Energy Reserve
Conservation of Energy
Conservation of Mechanical Energy
Conservation, Renewables, Energy Management
Consolidated Energy & Technology Group, Inc.
Consolidated Energy Design, Inc.
Consortium for Ecological and Energy Global Services
Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Constellation Energy Group, Inc.
Constellation Energy Source
Constellation NewEnergy
Construction Forestry Mining & Energy Union
Consumer Alliance for Energy Security
Consumer Energy Council of America
Continuous Energy Management and Optimization
Contract Energy Management
Contract Energy Management
Control of Hazardous Energy
Controlled Energy Release
Convective Available Potential Energy
Conversion and Renewable Energy Inquiry and Referral Service
Converted Energy per Unit Mass
Coordinated Energy and Water Cycle Observations Project
Core Electron Binding Energy
Corn Belt Energy Corporation
Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source
Cornwall Sustainable Energy Partnership
Cost of Conserved Energy
Cost of Energy
Council Bluffs Energy Center
Council Committee on Health, Energy & Environment
Council of Energy Resource Tribes
Council of European Energy Regulators
Creative Energy Options
Cross-Country Energy
Cumulated Energy Demand
Cylindrical Energy Transfer Oscillating
Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority
Czech Association for Energy Economics
Danish Atomic Energy Commission
Danish Energy Regulatory Authority
Danish Wind Energy Group
Dark Energy
Dark Energy
Dark energy Vacuum energy Aether Gravity
Data Center Energy Practitioner
Data Center Energy Productivity
Database for Energy Efficiency Resources
Databases and Methodologies for Comparative Assessment of Different Energy Sources
Dave’s Energy Guide
Davis Energy Group
Deep Earth Energy Production Corp.
Deep Heat Energy Corporation
Deer Creek Energy Ltd.
Defense Energy Department
Defense Energy Information System
Defense Energy Support Center
Defense Utility Energy Reporting System
Delhi Energy Development Agency
Delphi Energy & Chassis Systems
Delta Energy Systems
Demand Side Applications of Renewable Energy
Demand Side Energy Management
Denver City Energy Associates LP
Department of Atomic Energy
Department of Energy
Department of Energy
Department Of Energy
Department Of Energy – Chicago Operations Office
Department Of Energy – Division of Military Applications
Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation
Department of Energy and Climate Change
Department of Energy and Natural Resources
Department of Energy and Water
Department of Energy Engineering and Environmental Control
Department of Energy Office of Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management
Department of Energy Office of Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management
Department of Energy Office of Site Operations
Department of Energy, Assistant Manager for Commercial Nuclear Waste
Department of Energy, Assistant Manager for Commercial Nuclear Waste and Projects
Department of Energy, Assistant Manager for Energy
Department of Energy, Assistant Manager for Facilities & Laboratory Management
Department of Energy, Assistant Manager for Technical Support
Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications
Department of Industry, Productivity and Energy
Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs
Department of Minerals and Energy
Department of National Development and Energy
Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
Department of Telecommunications & Energy
Detection of Low Energy Particles
Devon Energy Corporation
Diagnostic and Energy Reserve Module
Dielectric Midgap Energy Model
Dietary Energy Supply
Diffusion-Enhanced Luminescence Energy Transfer
Digestible Energy Intake
Direct Application of Thermal Energy
Direct Energy Business Services
Direct Energy Conversion
Direct Energy Marketing Limited
Direct Energy Transfer
Directed Energy
Directed Energy
Directed Energy Neutralization System
Directed Energy Neutralization System
Directed Energy Science and Technology
Directed Energy Warfare
Directed Energy Weapon
Directed Energy Weapon Power Integration
Directed Energy Weapons System
Directorate General of Electricity and Energy Development
Discipline Energy Beauty Strength
Display Energy Certificate
Distorted-Wave Energy Sudden
Distortion Energy Theory
Distributed Energy Communications and Control
Distributed Energy Resources
Distributed Energy Storage System
Distributed Energy Technologies
Distributed Energy Technologies Laboratory
District Energy Sharing System
District of Columbia Energy Office
Diversified Utility and Energy Trusts
Do Not Feed The Energy Creature
Domestic Energy Assessor
Domestic Use of Electrical Energy
Donegal Energy Action Team
Dorset Energy Advice Centre
Drillsearch Energy Limited
Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry
Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry
Dual-Energy Quantitative Computer Tomography
Duane Arnold Energy Center
Duke Energy Convention Center
Duke Energy Corporation
Duke Energy Generation Services
Duke Energy Solutions, Inc.
Dune Energy, Inc
Dunlop Renewable Energy Ltd
Dunlop Renewable Energy Ltd
Dynamic Energy Saver
Dynamically Reconfigurable Energy Aware Multimedia
Early Market Introduction of New Energy Technologies
Earth Energy Healing
East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLC
Eastern Bay Energy Trust
Eastern Consolidated Energy, Inc.
Easy Energy Companies & Consulting SA
Eau Claire Energy Cooperative
Eco Energy Cities PLC
Economy, Energy & Tourism Committee
Eden Energy Medicine
Education in Science, Technology, Energy, Engineering and Math
E-Energy Ventures Inc
Efficient Energy Advisors
Electric Energy Industrial Consortium
Electric Energy Industry
Electric Energy Society of Australia
Electric Potential Energy
Electric Potential Energy
Electrical Energy
Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
Electro Energy, Inc.
Electromagnetic Energy
Electromagnetic Energy Association
Electromagnetic Energy Environment Criteria
Electromagnetic Energy Policy Alliance
Electron Binding Energy
Electron Energy Distribution Function
Electron Energy Loss
Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Electron Energy Probability Function
Electron Energy-Loss Near Edge Structure
Electronic Thermal Energy System
Element Energy
Ellen’s Energy Adventure
Emerging Energy Research
Emerson Energy Systems
Empyrean Energy PLC
Enbridge Energy Partners, LP
Energy & Engine Technology Corporation
Energy & Environmental Technologies Conference
Energy & Resources
Energy & Water Development Appropriation Act of 1988
Energy Absorbing Gas Lithium Ejector
Energy Absorption
Energy Absorption Capacity
Energy Action Coalition
Energy Action Grants Agency
Energy Advisory Committee
Energy Alpha
Energy Analysis and Diagnostic Center
Energy and Air Division
Energy and Climate Information Exchange
Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas
Energy and Environment
Energy and Environment Information System
Energy and Environment Technology Center
Energy and Environmental Analysis
Energy and Environmental Analysts, Inc.
Energy and Environmental Building Association
Energy and Environmental Division
Energy and Environmental Engineering Center
Energy and Environmental Markets
Energy and Environmental Security Initiative
Energy and Environmental Services Company
Energy and Environmental Studies
Energy and Environmental Systems Institute
Energy and Geoscience Institute
Energy and Materials Research Group
Energy and Minerals Applied Research Center
Energy and Power Management
Energy and Power Solutions
Energy and Process Engineering
Energy and Process Engineering
Energy and Regulatory Matters Information Service
Energy and Resources Group
Energy and Resources Group
Energy and Technology
Energy and Utilities Board
Energy and Water Education
Energy Assessment Agency
Energy Assessment North East
Energy Association of Pennsylvania
Energy Assurance Daily
Energy Automation Systems, Inc.
Energy Availability Factor
Energy Aware Routing
Energy Balance Bowen Ratio
Energy Balance for Low Orbiting Satellites
Energy Balancer
Energy Balancer
Energy Bar Association
Energy Blast
Energy Blast
Energy Budget Figure
Energy Case Management System
Energy Center Hydrogen Initiative
Energy Center of Expertise
Energy Centre Denmark
Energy Charter Secretariat
Energy Charter Treaty
Energy Child Development Center
Energy Citations Database
Energy Code Compliance
Energy Community Regulatory Board (advisory body of the Energy Community
Energy Conservation Action Plan
Energy Conservation And Management
Energy Conservation and Production Act
Energy Conservation and Utilization Technology
Energy Conservation Building Codes
Energy Conservation Consultants
Energy Conservation Grant Award
Energy Conservation Group
Energy Conservation Improvement Program
Energy Conservation Law
Energy Conservation Leadership Act
Energy Conservation Loan Program
Energy Conservation Management
Energy Conservation Management Board
Energy Conservation Measure
Energy Conservation Product
Energy Conservation Reauthorization Act of 1998
Energy Conservation Unit
Energy Consumer Protection Office
Energy Consumption per Capita
Energy Consumption Report
Energy Contract Volume Allocation Agent
Energy Control Center
Energy Control System
Energy Control, Inc.
Energy Controller
Energy Controller
Energy Controller
Energy Conversion Agreement
Energy Conversion and Conservation Center
Energy Conversion Device
Energy Conversion Devices, Incorporated
Energy Conversion Investment Program
Energy Conversion Subsystem
Energy Cost Adjustment Charge
Energy Curable
Energy Curable
Energy Curable
Energy Cut Off
Energy Cut Off
Energy Data Collection Project
Energy Delay
Energy Design Resources
Energy Development Corporation
Energy Dispersive Analysis X-Ray
Energy Dispersive Spectrometer
Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
Energy Dispersive X-Ray
Energy Dissipation/Circulation Function
Energy Distribution Curve
Energy Distribution Unit
Energy East Corporation
Energy Education Kit
Energy Education, Inc.
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse
Energy Efficiency Commitment
Energy Efficiency in Central Europe
Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems
Energy Efficiency Index
Energy Efficiency Indicator
Energy Efficiency Performance Standard
Energy Efficiency Plan
Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard
Energy Efficiency Ratio
Energy Efficiency Utility
Energy Efficiency Verification
Energy Efficient Building Association
Energy Efficient Codes Coalition
Energy Efficient Ethernet
Energy Efficient Home
Energy Efficient Mortgage
Energy Efficient Strategies
Energy Efficient Topology Control
Energy Efficient Transport
Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000
Energy Engineering Associates, Inc.
Energy Enterprise Solutions LLC
Energy Environment and Transportation
Energy Equipment Testing Service Ltd.
Energy Expenditure
Energy Facilities Siting Board
Energy Facility Siting Council
Energy Factor
Energy Federation Incorporated
Energy Field Techniques
Energy Financial Services
Energy Flow Management Inc.
Energy for Opportunity
Energy for Tomorrow’s World
Energy for You
Energy From Waste
Energy from Waste Association
Energy Future Coalition
Energy Future Holdings
Energy Gap
Energy Gap
Energy Grade Line
Energy Grants Credit Scheme
Energy Helicity Index
Energy Ideas Clearinghouse
Energy Impulse Response
Energy Independence and Security Act
Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
Energy Independent Model Pseudopotential
Energy Index
Energy Industry and Sustainable Development Division
Energy Information Administration
Energy Information Management
Energy Information Strategies for Regulated Markets
Energy Information Strategies for Unregulated Markets
Energy Infrastructure Training and Analysis Center
Energy Innovations Small Grant
Energy Input Ratio
Energy Institute
Energy Integrated Urban Planning
Energy Integration Congress
Energy Intensity
Energy Intensity Index
Energy Intermarket Surveillance Group
Energy Internal Rate of Return
Energy Investors Fund
Energy Let – Through
Energy Let – Through
Energy Level
Energy Level
Energy Level Finder
Energy Lift Importer
Energy Louisiana Inc
Energy Management
Energy Management
Energy Management
Energy Management
Energy Management and Performance Related Energy Savings Scheme
Energy Management and Power Delivery
Energy Management Company
Energy Management Control Systems
Energy Management Controller
Energy Management Division
Energy management Module
Energy Management Program
Energy Management Services Division
Energy Management System
Energy Management Systems
Energy Management Team
Energy Management Training Center
Energy Manager in Training
Energy Market and Policy Analysis, Inc
Energy Market Assessments
Energy Market Authority
Energy Market Consultants Ltd
Energy Market Regulatory Authority
Energy Marketing and Trading
Energy Monitoring & Control System
Energy Music Radio International
Energy Networks Association
Energy Never Dies
Energy Not Supplied
Energy Observatory Network
Energy Ombudsman Queensland
Energy on Detector
Energy Outreach Colorado
Energy Partners, Ltd
Energy Pattern Healing
Energy Per Bit
Energy Per Bit
Energy Per Instruction
Energy Performance Certificate
Energy Performance Contract
Energy Performance of Buildings
Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
Energy Photovoltaics, Inc
Energy Planning and Policy Office
Energy Policy Act
Energy Policy Act of 2005
Energy Policy And Conservation Act
Energy Policy and Planning Office
Energy Policy International Club
Energy Policy Project
Energy Policy Task Force
Energy Poverty Action
Energy Processing Unit
Energy Processing Unit
Energy Production
Energy Products Directive
Energy Profit Ratio
Energy Rate Adjustment Clause
Energy Rating
Energy Recovery Device
Energy Recovery Experiment
Energy Recovery Linac
Energy Recovery Operations Inc.
Energy Recovery System
Energy Recovery Unit
Energy Recovery Ventilator
Energy Reform Implementation Group
Energy Regulation Board
Energy Regulator
Energy Regulatory Commission
Energy Related Inventions Program
Energy Related Product
Energy Reorganization Act of 1974
Energy Research
Energy Research & Development Administration
Energy Research Abstracts
Energy Research Advisory Board
Energy Research and Development Act of 1974
Energy Research and Development Agency
Energy Research and Development in Agriculture and Food
Energy Research and Development Institute
Energy Research Center of the Netherlands
Energy Research Laboratory
Energy Research Undergraduate Laboratory Fellowship
Energy Research Unit
Energy Resolution
Energy Resonance Technology
Energy Resource Development Bureau
Energy Resource Surveys Program
Energy Resources Advisory Board
Energy Resources and Technologies Analysis
Energy Resources Engineering
Energy Resources of Australia
Energy Restoration and Waste Management
Energy Return on Energy Invested
Energy Return on Investment
Energy Reuse Group
Energy Reuse Group
Energy Review Audit Software
Energy Safe Victoria
Energy Saving Kit
Energy Saving Kit
Energy Saving Material
Energy Saving Products
Energy Saving Programmability
Energy Saving Technology
Energy Saving Trust
Energy Savings Insurance
Energy Savings Measure
Energy Savings Payback
Energy Savings Performance Contract
Energy Science and Technology Software
Energy Sciences Network
Energy Search, Inc
Energy Search, Inc.
Energy Sector Assistance Program
Energy Sector Forum
Energy Security Operating System
Energy Separation Algorithm
Energy Service Company
Energy Service Device
Energy Service Provider
Energy Services and Technology Association
Energy Services Coalition
Energy Services of America Corporation
Energy Services Providers, Inc.
Energy Shield
Energy Shield
Energy Solution Insulation, Inc.
Energy Solutions Arena
Energy Solutions Center
Energy Solutions Group
Energy Spectral Density
Energy Spectrum
Energy Spectrum
Energy Star Buildings
Energy Steering Group
Energy Storage Device
Energy Storage Research Group
Energy Storage System
Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory
Energy Studies Unit
Energy Supplies Allocation Board
Energy Supply and Demand
Energy System Planning
Energy Systems Analysis Consortium
Energy Systems Centre
Energy Systems Laboratory
Energy Systems Modelling Theme
Energy Systems Technology and Education Center
Energy Systems Trade Association
Energy Systems, Inc.
Energy Tax Act
Energy Technologies Institute
Energy Technology Assessment
Energy Technology Branch
Energy Technology Data Exchange
Energy Technology Development
Energy Technology Division
Energy Technology Engineering Center
Energy Technology Programs
Energy Technology Programs
Energy Technology Support Unit
Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program
Energy Time Indicator
Energy Trace and Barrier Analysis
Energy Trading & Risk
Energy Trading and Risk Management
Energy Trading Standards Group
Energy Training Complex
Energy Transfer Dye Laser
Energy Transfer Equity, LP
Energy Transfer Ratio
Energy Transfer System
Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc
Energy Usage
Energy Usage
Energy Usage Efficiency
Energy Use Intensity
Energy Using Product
Energy Utility Sector Supplement
Energy Utilization
Energy Utilization
Energy Utilization Efficiency
Energy Utilization Index
Energy Utilization Management Bureau
Energy Venture Fair
Energy Ventures Group
Energy Ventures Group
Energy Water Ombudsman NSW
Energy West Montana
Energy XXI Ltd
Energy Yield Assessment
Energy, Commodities and Transportation
Energy, Commodities, Export Project
Energy, Environment and Sustainability
Energy, Environment, Computer, and Geophysical Applications Group
Energy, Land and Environment Sector
Energy, Mines and Resources
Energy, Technology and the Environment
Energy, Transport and Environment
Energy, Utilities & Chemicals
Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee
Energy-Based Activity Monitoring
Energy-Based Demodulation
energy-corrected milk
Energy-Corrected Rigid-Rotor Approximation
Energy-Delay Product
Energy-Dispersive X-ray Analysis
Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence
Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
Energy-Efficient Family
Energy-Efficient Layered Routing Scheme
Energy-Localized Molecular Orbital
Enhanced Kinetic Energy
Enterprise Energy Management
Environment and Energy Conference
Environment, Energy and Social Transition
Environment, Energy, Water and Clean Technology
Environmental and Energy Management
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority
Environmentally Sound Renewable Energy Technologies
Estimated Energy Requirement
Eternal Energy
European Atomic Energy Committee
European Atomic Energy Community
European Atomic Energy Community
European Clean Energy Fund
European Energy Consult Holding AG
European Energy Derivatives Exchange N.V.
European Energy Exchange
European Hydrogen Energy Conference
European Marine Energy Centre
European Nuclear Energy Agency
European Renewable Energy Council
European Solar Thermal Energy Conference
European Sustainable Energy Education Forum
European Wind Energy Association
European Wind Energy Conference
Excitation Energy Transfer
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Expected Basal Energy Expenditure
Expected Energy not Produced
Expected Energy Not Supplied
Expected Unserved Energy
Export Council for Energy Efficiency
Extended Energy-Loss Fine Structure
Extensive Energy Reserves
Extremely High Energy
Facility Energy Efficiency Funds
Facility Energy Management Committee
Far East Energy Corporation
Fast Accurate Kinetic-Energy
Federal Energy Administration
Federal Energy Administration
Federal Energy Commission
Federal Energy Data System
Federal Energy Efficiency Fund
Federal Energy Management Program
Federal Energy Office
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Federal Energy Technology Center
Federal Office of Energy
Final Energy Consumption
Final Energy Intensity
Financing Residential Energy Efficiency
Finite Energy Sum Rules
Firm Energy Load Carrying Capability
FirstEnergy Corporation
Fixed energy Reponse function Analysis with Multiple Efficiency
Flint Energy Services LTD
Florida Energy and Climate Commission
Florida Energy Efficiency Code
Florida Energy Extension Service
Florida Energy Office
Florida Energy Systems Consortium
Florida Power and Light Energy
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association
Florida Solar Energy Center
Flow Battery Energy Storage
Fluid and Thermal Energy Conversion
Fluid Energy Theory
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
Flywheel Energy Storage
Flywheel Energy Storage System
Focus on Energy
Foothills Energy Services, Ltd.
Foot-Pounds of Energy
Forever Leadout Existing Energy Transformer
Formulated Electrical Energy Language
Förster Resonance Energy Transfer
Fort Hills Energy Corporation
Forum for Energy and Development
Forum Secretariat Energy Division
Fossil Energy
Fossil Free Energy Scenario
Foster Wheeler Energy Corporation
Fractional Out-of-Band Energy
Free Energy Born-Oppenheimer
Free Energy Force Field
Free Energy Relationship for Electron Transfer
Freight Logistics Environmental and Energy Tracking
French Atomic Energy Commission
Fruitarian and Raw Energy Support & Help
Fuel Cell Energy
Functional Energy Block
Functional Energy Block
Fund for Renewable Energy and the Environment
Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy
Fusion Energy Advisory Committee
Fusion Energy Engineering Laboratory
Future Energy Electronics Center
Galway Energy Agency Limited
Gamma Energy Analysis
Garden State Offshore Energy
Gas Chromatography-Thermal Energy Analysis
Gasco Energy Company
Gazprom Global Energy Solutions
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (Wilmington, NC)
GEANT Low-Energy Compton Scattering (telescope simulation)
General Atomics Energy Products
General Electric Nuclear Energy
General Energy Management System
General Energy Management System
General Equilibrium Model of International-National-Interaction for Economy-Energy-Environment
Generalized Energy Management Steering
Generalized Energy Management Steering
Generalized Potential Energy
Geology And Energy Analysis
Georgians Against Nuclear Energy
Geothermal Energy
Geothermal Energy Association
Geothermal Energy Institute
Geothermal Energy Research and Development
German Energy Center & College
Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
Gibbs Energy Minimisation
Gibbs Free Energy
Gibbs Free Energy
Global Climate and Energy Project
Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment
Global Energy Balance Archive
Global Energy Consulting Engineers
Global Energy Marketplace
Global Energy Network Institute
Global Energy Network International
Global Energy Resources, Inc.
Global Environment and Nuclear Energy Systems
Global Recycle Energy, Inc.
Global Renewable Energy and Environmental Network
Global Solar Energy
Globally Green Energy Consortium
Goddard Medium Energy
GoGreenEnergy, LLC
GoGreenEnergy, LLC
Goldman Sachs Energy Environmental and Social Index
Goldman Sachs Non-Energy Index
Gran Tierra Energy
Gravitational Potential Energy
Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd.
Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd.
Great Lakes Energy
Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy
Great Plains Energy Incorporated
Greater Des Moines Energy Center
Greek Atomic Energy Commission
Green Energy Credits
Green Energy Ohio
Green Energy Ohio
Green Energy Ohio
Green Energy Ohio
Greenhouse and Energy Data Officer
Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network
Group for Energy Efficient Appliances
Guaranteed Energy Savings Program
Guest Room Energy Management
Gujarat Adani Energy, Ltd.
Gujarat State Energy Generation Ltd.
Half Energy Width
Halliburton Energy Services
Hanford Nuclear Energy Center
Harness Oakland Mills Energy
Harvest Energy Technology, Inc.
Hawaii Energy and Environmental Technology Initiative
Hawaii Energy Policy Forum
Hawker Energy Products, Inc.
Heads Up Energy Efficiency
Health Options & Positive Energy Foundation
Helmholtz Energy
Helmholtz Energy
Helmholtz Energy
Helmholtz Energy
Helmholtz Energy
Helmholtz Free Energy
High Energy
High Energy Access Tools
High Energy Astronomical Observatory
High Energy Astronomy Observatory
High Energy Astrophysics
High Energy Astrophysics Division
High Energy Astrophysics Observatory
High Energy Beam Sensitive
High Energy Biscuit
High Energy Computed Tomography
High Energy Density
High Energy Efficiency
High Energy Electron Beam
High Energy Electron Diffraction
High Energy Electron Reflection
High Energy Ignition
High Energy Intermediate
High Energy Ionizer
High Energy Laboratory
High Energy Laser Iodine Extraction Code
High Energy Laser Radar Acquisition & Tracking System
High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility
High Energy Laser Tactical Air Defense System
High Energy Laser Weapons System
High Energy Lepton and Ion Spectrometer
High Energy Lightweight Propellant
High Energy Liquid Explosive
High Energy Magic
High Energy Magnet Spectrometer
High Energy Magnetic Pulse
High Energy Metals, Inc.
High Energy Microwave Laboratory
High Energy Neutrino Astrophysics Panel
High Energy Particle
High Energy Particle Detector
High Energy Particle Sensor
High Energy Physics
High Energy Physics Department
High Energy Physics Division
High Energy Physics Group
High Energy Physics Latinamerican European Network
High Energy Protein Supplement
High Energy Radiation Field
High Energy Radio Frequency
High Energy Range Spectrometer
High Energy Rate Forming of Powdered Metals
High Energy Replicated Optics
High Energy Resolution Fluorescence Detection
High Energy Scrubber
High Energy Solar Imager
High Energy Solar Physics
High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager
High Energy Space Environment
High Energy Stereoscopic System
High Energy Storage Ring
High Energy Telescope
High Energy Transient Experiment
High Energy Transient Explorer
High Energy Weapon
High Solar Energy Absorbing
High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage
High-Energy Antimatter Telescope
High-Energy Beam
High-Energy Fuel
High-Energy Ignition Unit
High-Energy Laser
High-Energy Laser Fire Control
High-Energy Lower Extremity Trauma
High-Energy Visible Light
High-Energy-Density Physics
High-Resolution Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy
Home Energy and Resources Organization
Home Energy Assistance Program
Home Energy Assistance Team
Home Energy Conservation Association
Home Energy Efficiency Rebate
Home Energy Efficiency Survey
Home Energy Learning Program
Home Energy Link Program
Home Energy Rating System
Home Energy Saver Program
Home Energy Station
Homogeneous Assembly Zero Energy Laboratory
Honeywell Energy Manager
Horizon Wind Energy
Household Energy and Development
Household Energy and Health
Household Energy Consumption Survey
Household Energy Regional Project
Human Energy Concealment System
Human Energy Expenditure
Human Energy Field
Human Universal Energy
Hungarian Atomic Energy Commission
Hungarian Energy Office
Husky Energy Marketing, Inc.
Hydraulic Energy Products, Inc
Hyperion Energy Recovery System
Idaho National Energy Laboratory
Illinois Clean Energy Foundation
Illinois Solar Energy Association
Imaging Double Energy Analyzer
Imaging Energy Filter
Independent Energy Agency
Independent Energy Producers
Independent Energy Producers Association
Independent Energy Producers of Maine
Index, Debt and Energy Market
Indian Energy Exchange
Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition
Industrial Energy Technology Conference
Industrial Environmental Management and Energy
Industry, Research and Energy
Inertail Fusion Energy
Infinite Energy Magazine
Infinitus Renewable Energy Park
Infinity Bio-Energy Limited
Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment
Innovative Clean Energy
Innovative Energy Services, Inc.
Innovative Energy Technologies Program
Innovative Financing for Renewable Energy Development
Innovative Nuclear Energy System
Institute for Biological Energy Alternatives
Institute for Energy and Environmental Law
Institute for Energy Research
Institute for International Energy Studies
Institute for New Energy
Institute for Strategic Energy Planning
Institute of Energy
Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development
Institute of Form-Undulatory Energy
Integrated Energy Supply Systems
Integrated Energy Systems
Integrated Rural Energy Programme
Integrating Module of the National Energy Modeling System
Integrating Module of the National Energy Modeling System
Integrative Energy and Spiritual Therapy
Intelligent Energy Management
Intelligent Energy Management Agent
Interagency Group On Energy Vulnerability
Interfaith Coalition on Energy
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Atomic Energy Commission
International Atomic Energy List
International Atomic Energy Organization
International Clean Energy Consortium
International Conference on Energy and Environment Materials
International Conference on Energy Research & Development
International Conference on Energy, Automation and Information Technology
International Conference on Ocean Energy
International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies
International Congress on Renewable Energy
International Dietary Energy Consultancy Group
International District Energy Association
International Energy Agency
International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference
International Energy Forum
International Energy Foundation
International Energy Fund
International Energy Management and Policy
International Energy Regulation Network
International Energy Services
International Energy Systems Corp.
International Energy Trading Group
International Energy Workshop
International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Unions
International Institute for Energy Conservation
International Journal of Energy-Environment Economics
International Journal of Fusion Energy
International Journal of Green Energy
International New Energy Market
International Renewable Energy Agency
International Renewable Energy Storage
International Solar Energy Society
International Sustainable Energy Forum
International Sustainable Energy Organization
International Thermonuclear Energy Reactor
Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference
Intersociety Engineering Conference on Energy Conversion
Interstate Renewable Energy Council
Intramolecular Electronic Energy Transfer
Ion Energy and Angular Distributions
Ion Energy Distribution Function
Ion Kinetic Energy
Ionization Energy
Ion-Kinetic-Energy Spectroscopy
Iraqi Atomic Energy Organization
Israel Atomic Energy Commission
Iterative Energy Spectral Reconstruction
Jackson Energy Authority
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Japan Energy
Japan Institute of Energy
Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association
Jet Energy Scale
Jiangsu Energy Conservation Centre
John Deere Wind Energy
Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee
Joint Center for Energy Management
Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
Joint Energy Development Investment
Joint Urban Project In Transport Energy Reduction
Journal of Energy Resources Technology
Journal of Nuclear Energy
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
Justice by Uniting in Creative Energy
K-12 Energy Education Program
Kaunas Regional Energy Agency
Kayne Anderson Energy
Kazakh Operator of Electric Energy & Power Market
Kern Wind Energy Association
Kinetic Energy
Kinetic Energy
Kinetic Energy ASAT
Kinetic Energy Distribution
Kinetic Energy Interactive
Kinetic Energy Interceptor
Kinetic Energy Missile
Kinetic Energy Projectile
Kinetic Energy Released in Materials
Kinetic Energy Transfer
Kinetic Energy Weapon
Kinetic Energy Weapon Electromagnetic
Kinetic Energy Weapons Digital Emulation Center
Knoxville International Energy Exposition
Koo Energy Ken
Korat Waste to Energy Co. Ltd.
Laboratory for Energy and Materials
Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Energy
Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics
Land Installed Marine Powered Energy Transformer
Landfill-Gas-to-Energy Project
Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance
LANSCE/Energy Research Program
Lao National Committee for Energy
Laramie Energy Research Center
Large Energy National Shock Tunnel
Laser Guided Energy
Laser-to-Electric Energy Conversion
Latin America Wind Energy Association
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings
Leadership in Energy Efficient Design
Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design
Least Side-Lobe Energy
Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation Project
Legislative Electric Energy Task Force
Lesotho Energy Master Plan
Levelized Cost of Energy
Levelized Costs of Energy
Life Energy Intelligence
Ligand Field Stabilization Energy
Linear Energy Density
Linear Energy Transfer
Linear Free Energy Related
Linear Free Energy Relationship
Linear Solvation Energy Relationship
Linear Solvation Energy-Related
Liquefied Energy Gas
Liquid Organic Energy
Lithium Energy Japan
Living One Vibrational Energy
Local Energy Conservation Law
Local Energy Support Programme
Local Government Energy Loan Program
Local Government Energy Partnership
Local Kinetic Energy
Lockheed Martin Energy Research
London Energy Brokers’ Association
Long Term Energy Performance
Loss Of Energy
Loss of Energy Expectation
Loss of Energy Probability
Loss of Valuable Energy
Lots of Valuable Energy
Louis Dreyfus Energy Corp.
Louisiana Energy and Power Authority
Louisville Energy Marketing
Low Carbon Energy Assessor
Low Energy
Low Energy Absorption Forum
Low Energy Antiproton Physics
Low Energy Antiproton Ring
Low Energy Beam and Ion Trap
Low Energy Beam Transport
Low Energy Booster
Low Energy Charged Particle
Low Energy Electron Diffraction
Low Energy Electron Induced X-Ray Spectrometry
Low Energy Fusion Cross Section
Low Energy Gamma-Ray Imager
Low Energy Ion Ring
Low Energy Ion Spectroscopy
Low Energy Magnetic Spectrometer
Low Energy Molecular Scattering
Low Energy Neutral Atom
Low Energy Neutrino Astronomy
Low Energy Nuclear Dynamics
Low Energy Orbit
Low Energy Particle
Low Energy Photon Therapy
Low Energy Photon Therapy
Low Energy Physics Support
Low Energy Pion Channel
Low Energy Precision Application
Low Energy Speech Transmission
Low Energy System
Low Energy Telescope
Low Surface Energy
Low Voltage Limited Energy
Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy
Low-Energy Brief-Pulse Stimulus
Low-Energy Concentrator Spectrometer
Low-Energy Dislocation Structure
Low-Energy Ion-Scattering
Low-Energy Magnetospheric Ion Composition Sensor
Low-Energy Milky Drink
Low-Energy Neutral Atom Imager
Low-Energy Photon
Low-Energy Photon System
Low-Energy Recoil Scattering
Low-Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer
Lower Manhattan Energy Program
Low-Income Energy Advisory Board
Low-income Energy Assistance Program
Low-Income Energy Conservation
Low-Income Energy Efficiency
Low-Income Energy Network
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Act
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
Macquarie District Energy Holdings LLC
Magnetic Fusion Energy
Maguire Energy Institute
Main Pass Energy Hub
Maine Solar Energy Association
Mandatory Renewable Energy Target
Manufactured Home Energy Audit
March for Peaceful Energy
Marine Energy Challenge
Marine Energy Resource Unit
Market Clearing Price of Energy
Marshalls Energy Company, Inc.
Martin Marietta Energy System
Maryland Energy Administration
Maryland Energy Assistance Program
Mass Energy Alliance
Mass/Energy Analysis
Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust
Master Energy Therapist
Master in Energy and Environmental Law
Master in Energy and Environmental Law
Master of Environmental and Energy Management
Material and Energy Balance
Matter Energy Space Time
Maximum Critical Energy
Maximum Energy Management
Maximum Energy Node
Maximum Energy Node
Maximum Kinetic Energy
Maximum Mean Energy
Maximum Potential Energy
Mean Output Energy
Measured Resting Energy Expenditure
Measured Total Energy Expenditure
Mechanical Specific Energy
Medium Energy Booster
Medium Energy Gamma-ray Astronomy
Medium Energy Ion
Medium Energy Ion Composition Analyzer
Medium Energy Ion Scattering
Medium Energy Ion Source
Medium Energy Ion Spectroscopy
Medium Energy Physics
Medium Energy Proton Electron Detector
Medium Energy Proton/Electron Detector
Medium Energy Telescope
Medium-Energy Neutral Atom
Medium-Energy Neutral Atom Imager
Medium-Energy Particle Analyzer
Medium-Energy Physics
Medium-Energy Source
Metabolizable Energy
MHI Nuclear Energy Systems, Inc. (Japan)
Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center
MicroEnergy Technologies, Inc.
Microwave Energy Transmission in Space
MidAmerican Energy Company
MidAmerican Energy Company
MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition
Midlands Energy Consortium
Midwest Energy Association
Midwest Renewable Energy
Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Midwest Renewable Energy Fair
Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System
Milton Keynes Energy Agency
Minimal Observable Energy Expenditure
Minimal Output Energy
Minimal Output Energy Filter Bank
Minimize Output Energy
Minimum Energy
Minimum Energy Network Connectivity
Minimum Energy Performance Standards
Minimum Energy Requirements
Minimum Energy Route
Minimum Energy Trajectory Model
Minimum Ignition Energy
Minimum Quench Energy
Minimum Transmit Energy
Ministerial Council on Energy
Ministry of Atomic Energy
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Energy and Electricity
Ministry of Energy and Environment
Ministry of Energy and Fuel Resources
Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
Ministry of Energy and Mines
Ministry of Energy and Power
Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
Ministry of Energy and Water
Ministry of Energy and Water Development
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Ministry of Fuel and Energy
Ministry of Industry and Energy
Ministry of Industry and Energy
Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
Minnesota Renewable Energy Society
Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Mission Energy Holding Company
Missouri River Energy Services
Mobile Energy Depot
Mobile Energy Depot
Mobile Home Energy Audit
Mobile Integrated Sustainable Energy Recovery
Model Energy Code
Model for Analysis of Energy Demand
Model National Energy Code for Buildings
Model National Energy Code for Houses
Modified Energy Factor
Monitor Ultraviolet Solar Energy
Montana Renewable Energy Association
Monthly Energy Review
Morgantown Energy Research Center
Mountaineer Wind Energy Center
Moving Markets for Energy Efficiency
Multiple-Energy X-Ray Holography
Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska
Municipal Energy Authority Computer
Musicians United for Safe Energy
Mutual Atomic Energy Reinsurance Pool
Muzzle Energy
National Agency for Renewable Energy
National Atomic Energy Agency
National Bioenergy Center
National BioEnergy Industries Association
National Campus Energy Challenge
National Clean Energy Project
National Commission on Energy Policy
National Electric Energy System
National Energy Act of 1978
National Energy Administration
National Energy Assistance Directors Association
National Energy Assistance Referral
National Energy Board
National Energy Center for Sustainable Communities
National Energy Code for Buildings
National Energy Conservation Association
National Energy Conservation Centre
National Energy Conservation Policy Act of 1978
National Energy Education Development
National Energy Efficiency Program
National Energy Equipment, Inc.
National Energy Information Center
National Energy Management Program
National Energy Marketers Association
National Energy Modeling System
National Energy Policy Act of 1992
National Energy Policy Commission
National Energy Policy Development group
National Energy Research Network
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
National Energy Research Supercomputer Center
National Energy Security Fund
National Energy Services Association
National Energy Skills Center
National Energy Software Center
National Energy Strategy
National Energy Technology Laboratory
National Home Energy Rating
National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
National Research Center for Coal and Energy
National Solar Energy Centre
National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment
National Wood Energy Association
Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii
Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
Natural Power and Energy, LLC
Natural Resources, Energy and Science Authority
Nebraska Energy Assistance Network
NERSC Users’ Group (US Department of Energy)
Nervous System Energy Work
Net Energy
Net energy for maintenance
Net Energy Metering
Net Energy Metering Memorandum Account
Net Zero Energy
Net Zero Energy Building
Network for New Energy Choices
Net-Zero Energy Home
Nevada Energy Buyers Group
New and Renewable Energy
New and Renewable Energy Authority
New and Renewable Sources of Energy
New Energy Algeria
New Energy Forum
New Energy Management
New Energy News
New Energy Options for Northerners
New Energy Technology
New Jersey Natural Energy
New Jersey Statewide Heating Assistance and Referral for Energy Services
New Relationship Energy
New West Energy Services Inc.
New York Energy LLC
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
New Zealand Energy Strategy
New Zealand Wind Energy Association
NextEra Energy
Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission
No Polling with No Energy Constraints
Non-Conventional Energy
Non-Conventional Renewable Energy
Non-Distributed Energy
Non-Energy Benefits
Non-Nuclear Energy
Non-Renewable Energy
Non-Residential Energy Code
North American Energy Credit and Clearing Corp
North American Energy Standards Board
North American Energy Working Group
North Energy Island Borrow Pit
North Isles Renewable Energy Partnership
Northeast Energy Education NetCenter
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Inc.
Northern Ontario Energy Credit
Northpoint Energy Solutions, Inc
Northwest Energy Education Institute
NorthWestern Energy
Norwegian Hydro Energy in Germany
Novera Macquarie Renewable Energy
NRG Energy, Inc.
NSW Energy Efficiency Trading (Australia)
Nu Energy Collective
Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Energy Agency
Nuclear Energy Commission
Nuclear Energy Consultants, Inc
Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft
Nuclear Energy Institute
Nuclear Energy International
Nuclear Energy of the Populace
Nuclear Energy Propulsion Space Test Program
Nuclear Energy Reactor Review Team
Nuclear Energy Research Initiative
Nuclear Energy Safety
Nuclear Energy Women
Nuclear Energy Worker
Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Energy
Ocean Energy Council
Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Systems
Office National de l’Énergy
Office of Building Energy Research and Development
Office of Conservation and Renewable Energy
Office of Energy and New Uses
Office of Energy Assurance
Office of Energy Efficiency
Office of Energy Efficiency Services
Office of Energy Independence
Office of Energy Outreach
Office of Energy Research
Office of Energy Research
Office of Energy Research and Development
Office of Energy-Related Inventions
Office of Fossil Energy
Office of Fusion Energy Sciences
Office of High Energy Physics
Office of Home Energy Programs
Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development
Office of Nuclear Energy
Offshore Energy Technical Research Association
Offshore Wind Energy
Ohio Energy Credits Program
Ohio Municipal Energy Group
Oil Energy Downstream
Oil, Gas and Energy Law
Ojibway Power and Energy Group
Oklahoma Center for High Energy Physics
Oklahoma Energy Resources Board
Old Relationship Energy
On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor
ONGC Mittal Energy Ltd.
Online Business Energy Evaluation
Onsite Energy Corporation
Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit
Ontario Energy Association
Ontario Energy Board
Ontario Energy Board Act
Ontario Energy Marketers Association
Ontario Energy Savings Corporation
Open Energy Corporation
Optical Switching Energy
Optimised Microturbine Energy System
Oracle Energy Downstream
Ordinary Potential Energy Box
Oregon Renewable Energy Act
Organization for Energy Conservation and Planning
Organization for Korea Atomic Energy Awareness
Ormat Energy Converter
Osaka University Energy Club
Other Energy Related Businesses
Otto Energy Limited
Ozarks New Energy
Pacific Asia China Energy
Pacific Asia Regional Energy Security
Pacific Energy and Resources Center
Pacific Energy Associates, Inc.
Pacific Energy Center
Pacific Energy Development Programme
Pacific Energy Innovation Association
Pacific Islands Renewable Energy Project
Pacific Islands Renewable Energy Project
Pacific Offshore Energy Association
Pacific Renewable Energy Fund
Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
Palestine Energy Authority
Palestinian Energy and Environment Research Center
Pan Western Energy Corp.
Panel on Energy Research and Development
Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union
Parallel Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Paramount Energy Operating Corp.
Parasite Energy
Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies
Partner Interface Process for Energy
Partner Interface Processes for Energy
Passive and Low Energy Architecture
Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act of 2006
Peak-To-Correlation Energy
Pengrowth Energy Trust
Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment
People Against Nuclear Energy
Peoples Energy Corporation
Per Capita Energy Consumption
Perceptual Energy
Perpetual Energy Generator
Pet Energy Therapy
Peterborough Renewable Energy Ltd
Petrohawk Energy Corporation
Petroleum Energy Center
Philippine Atomic Energy Commission
Phillips Community Energy Cooperative
Pittsburgh Energy Research Center
Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center
Planetary Association for Clean Energy
Plum Point Energy Associates
Polling with No Energy Constraints
Polling with No Energy Constraints
Portable Energy Products, Inc.
Portable Impact Labview Energy Sensor
Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation
Positive Energy Always Corrects Errors
Positive Quantum Energy
Potential Alpha-Energy Concentration
Potential Energy
Potential Energy Curve
Potential Energy Distribution
Potential Energy Surface
Potential Energy Surfaces
Potential Kinetic Energy
Potential Psychic Energy
Power and Energy Management Solutions
Power and Energy Systems
Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems
Precision Energy Services, Inc.
Premium Energy Management Services
Primary Energy Consumption
Primary Energy Intensity
Primary Energy Savings
Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act
Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence
Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars
Private Energy Market Fund
Private Energy Partners
Proceedings of the International Telecommunications Energy Conference
Professional Archives Promoting Energy Resources
Professional Energy Manager
Program of Energy Research and Development
Program on Energy and Sustainable Development
Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc.
Property Assessed Clean Energy
Property Operations, Maintenance & Energy Consultants
Protection of Offshore Energy Assets
Protein Energy Malnutrition
Psycho Kinetic Energy
Public Alliance for Community Energy
Public Energy Authority of Kentucky
Puget Sound Energy
Pulse Energy Thermography
Pulsed Energy Projectile
Pulsed High Energy Laser Countermeasures
Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage
Pure Energy Systems
Qualified Solid Waste Energy Facility
Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow
Quantum Free Energy Perturbation
Quantum Solar Energy Linz
Quasi-Vibrational Energy
Quasi-Vibrational Energy
Queensland Energy Museum
Queensland Energy Resources Limited
Questar Energy Trading
Questerre Energy Corp.
Race Day Energy Zone
Radiation Energy Balance Systems
Raising Energy, Awareness and Campus Health
Rational Use of Energy
Rechargeable Energy Storage System
Recording Media & Energy
Recovered Energy Inc
Recovered Energy Logic
Recovered Energy Logic
Re-Deployable High-Energy Laser System
Reedy Creek Energy Services
Reference Energy System
Reference Energy System
Reflected High Energy Electron Diffraction
Regional Advisory Council on Nuclear Energy
Regional Economic Development and Energy Corporation
Regional Energy Commission
Regional Energy Commission
Regional Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors
Regional Energy Program Office
Regional Energy Resources Information Center
Regulations and Removal of Harmful Substances from Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Regulatory Authority for Energy
Related Organized Thought Energy
Reliance Energy Ltd
Reliance Energy Ltd
Reliance Energy Ventures, Ltd.
Reliant Energy Power Generation Benelux
Reliant Energy Resources Corp.
Reliant Energy Retail Holdings, LLC
Reliant Energy, Inc.
Relief for Energy Assistance Through Community Help
Renewable and Electrical Energy Division
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Action Agenda
Renewable Energy and Economic Development
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy and International Law Project
Renewable Energy and Rural Development
Renewable Energy Association of Central Texas
Renewable Energy Australasia Pacific
Renewable Energy Certificate
Renewable Energy Certificate
Renewable Energy Certificate System
Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal
Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal
Renewable Energy Commercialisation Program
Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme
Renewable Energy Corporation ASA
Renewable Energy Corporation ASA
Renewable Energy Credit
Renewable Energy Credit
Renewable Energy Development
Renewable Energy Development
Renewable Energy Development Agency
Renewable Energy Development Initiative
Renewable Energy Development Institute
Renewable Energy Development Programme
Renewable Energy Directive
Renewable Energy Directive
Renewable Energy from Agriculture
Renewable Energy Generation
Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin
Renewable Energy Holdings PLC
Renewable Energy in Maritime and Island Climates
Renewable Energy Index
Renewable Energy Index
Renewable Energy Information Network
Renewable Energy Information Network of Namibia
Renewable Energy Initiative
Renewable Energy Island
Renewable Energy Law
Renewable Energy Law
Renewable Energy Management Expert
Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard
Renewable Energy Project
Renewable Energy Promotion Mechanism
Renewable Energy Research Lab
Renewable Energy Resource Assessment
Renewable Energy Resources Trust Fund
Renewable Energy Source
Renewable Energy Source
Renewable Energy Sub-Group
Renewable Energy Tax Credit
Renewable Energy Technology
Renewable Energy Technology
Renewable Energy Technology Center GmbH
Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change
Research Center for Energy and Resources
Research Triangle Energy Consortium
Residential Energy Assistance Challenge
Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance
Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance
Residential Energy Consumption Survey
Residential Energy Efficiency Database
Residential Transportation Energy Consumption Survey
Residential/Commercial Energy Services
Residual-Energy-Based Tree Splitting
Resonant Energy Transfer
Resonant Energy Transfer
Resting Daily Energy Expenditure
Resting Energy Expenditure
Resting Energy Rate
Restricted Data – Atomic Energy Act of 1954
Restricted Data – Atomic Energy Act of 1954
Restricted Data – Atomic Energy Act of 1954
Retail Energy Aggregators of Texas, LLC
Retail Energy Provider
Richland Energy Laboratory
Richland Energy Laboratory
Rio Tinto Energy America
Rocket Assist Kinetic Energy
Rocky Flats Office (Department Of Energy)
Rotational Kinetic Energy
Rural Energy Enterprise Development
Rural Renewable Energy Program
Rural Solar Energy Development
Russia Sustainable Energy Finance Program
Rutherford High Energy Laboratory
Sacred Energy Exchange
Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
Sakhalin Energy Investment Corporation
San Carlos Bioenergy, Inc.
San Francisco Office (Department Of Energy)
Save Energy Now
Save Time, Energy And Money
Save Your Self Time Energy Money
Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
Scanning Probe Energy Loss Spectroscopy
School and Municipal Energy Coop
School Energy Coalition
School Project for Application of Resources and Energy
Science, Technology, Energy and Environment Policy
Scottish and Southern Energy
Scottish Energy Efficiency Office
Scottish Energy Environment Foundation
Scottish European Green Energy Centre
Scottish Parliament Renewable energy & Energy efficiency Group
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
Second Memorandum on Energy Conservation
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Energy Notice
Securing America’s Future Energy
Securing the Take-Off of Building Energy Certification
Sequential Energy Adjustment for Quality
Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency
Shared Energy Savings
Shell Energy Trading Limited
Shipboard Energy Conservation Guide
Short-Term Energy
Shuttle High Energy Astrophysics Laboratory
Siberian Energy Group
Silent Lightweight Electric Energy Plant
Simplified Building Energy Model
Simulated Photodegradation by High Energy Radiant Exposure
Single Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry
Site Energy Assessment Process
Small Wind Energy Conversion System
Smart Energy Network Alliance
Smith Rea Energy Associates Ltd
Society for More Coal Energy
Society for the Advancement of Fission Energy
Society, Environment and Energy Development Foundation
Sokoto Energy Research Center
Solar Energy & Renewable Fuels
Solar Energy Association of Sweden
Solar Energy Division
Solar Energy Expo and Rally
Solar Energy Industries Association
Solar Energy International
Solar Energy Journal
Solar Energy Research Center
Solar Energy Research Facility
Solar Energy Research Institute
Solar Energy Research Lab
Solar Energy Services
Solar Energy Society of India
Solar Energy Society of Southern Africa
Solar Energy Thermionic
Solar Energy Thermionic Conversion System
Solar Terrestrial Energy Programme
Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance
Solid Waste & Energy Recycling Facility
Solution High-Energy Burst Assembly
Source of Raw Energy
South Bay Energy Savings Center
South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies
South Pacific Institute of Renewable Energy
Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Southern Energy Homes, Inc.
Southern Energy Network
Southern Solar Energy Center
Southern States Energy Board
Southwestern Energy Company
Space Energy Access Systems Inc
Space Solar Alliance for Future Energy
Space, Energy, Time Savings Systems, Inc.
Space, Time, Energy, Mass
Special Energy Programme
Specific Actions for Vigorous Energy Efficiency
Specific Effective Energy
Spectral Energy Distribution
Spin-Polarized Low-Energy Positron Spectroscopy
Spot Profile Analysis Low Energy Electron Diffraction
Spreading Activation Energy
SREI Renewable Energy Unit
Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association
Stacking Fault Energy
Standard Energy Solutions
Standard Error of Bending Energy
Standard Renewable Energy
Standards for Energy Efficiency of Electric Motor Systems
State Energy Conservation Office
State Energy Data Report
State Energy Data System
State Energy Loan Program
State Energy Program
Statistical Energy Analysis
Steady Flow Energy Equation
Steel And Foam Energy Reduction
Strain Energy Density
Strain Energy Partitioning
Strain Energy Release Rate
Strategic Energy and Economic Research, Inc.
Strategic Energy Asset Plan
Strategic Energy Management Corp
Stratic Energy Corporation
Stratic Energy Corporation
Study of Energy Release in Flares
Suez Energy Services
Sun Energy Corporation
Super High-Energy Transport
Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage
Superior Energy Performance
Superior Energy Services, Inc.
Superior Midwest Energy Terminal
Supply And Development of Energy Co.
Support Network on Renewable Energy
Supporters Of Nuclear Energy
Surface Energy Balance System
Surface Heat Energy Budget of the Arctic Ocean
Surrogate High-Energy Laser
Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment
Sustainable Bioenergy Research Project
Sustainable Energy Action Plan
Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network
Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria
Sustainable Energy Coalition
Sustainable Energy Communities
Sustainable Energy Development
Sustainable Energy Development Agency
Sustainable Energy Development Authority
Sustainable Energy Development Office
Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign
Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative
Sustainable Energy for Economic Development
Sustainable Energy Fund
Sustainable Energy Industry Association
Sustainable Energy Industry Association of the Pacific Islands
Sustainable Energy Institute
Sustainable Energy Policy Network
Sustainable Energy Policy Unit
Sustainable Energy Regulation Network
Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa
Sustainable Energy Specific Support Assessment
Sustainable Energy Standard
Sustainable Energy Systems
Sustainable Energy Systems in Advanced Cities
Sustainable Energy Technology
Sustainable Energy Utility
Suzlon Energy Limited
Swedish Energy Agency
Swift Energy Company
Symposium on Fusion Energy
Synergistic Energy Exchange
System Energy Resources, Inc.
Tactical High Energy Laser
Tamilnadu Energy Development Agencies
Tank Extended Range Munition-Kinetic Energy
Tartu Regional Energy Agency
Tata Energy Research Institute
Teaching Energy Conservation
Team to Advance Research for Gas Energy Transformation
Technical, Energy, and Government Activities Committee
Technology for Energy Corporation
Technology of Fusion Energy
Temporal Energy Constraint
Tenants’ Energy Advice Service
Tennessee Energy Education Network
Tensile Energy to Break
Terminal Island Renewable Energy
Texas Atomic Energy Research Foundation
Texas Energy Education Development
Texas Environmental Energy Group
Thames Valley Energy Centre
The Energy and Resources Institute
The Energy Care Network
The Energy Network
The Realm of Sailor Energy
The Role of Innovation and Policy Design in Energy and Environment for a Sustainable Growth in Europe
The Solar Energy Consortium
The Solid Energy Crew
Theater High Energy Laser
Theoretical High Energy Physics
Thermal Energy International, Inc
Thermal Energy Management Process
Thermal Energy Storage
Thermal Energy Storage Technology
Thermal Energy System
Thermionic Energy Conversion
ThermoEnergy Integrated Power System
Time Averaged Stored Energy
Time of Flight Energy Analyzing Mass Spectrograph
Time Reservation using Adaptive Control for Energy Efficiency
Time, Energy, And Money
Tissue Convective Energy Balance Equation
Titan Energy Systems Ltd.
Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc.
Torch Energy Advisors Incorporated
Toronto Hydro Energy Services
Torque Energy Inc
Tortoise Energy Capital Corp.
Total Commercial Energy Demand
Total Energy Control System
Total Energy Detector
Total Energy Expenditure
Total Energy Requirement
Total Energy Singular Vector
Total Kinetic Energy
Total Primary Energy Requirement
Total Primary Energy Supply
Total Residential Energy Demand
Total Solar Energy Rejected
Total Transportation Energy Demand
Town Energy Balance
Tractebel Energy Marketing, Inc.
Tradable Energy Quota
Training in Energy Management through Open Learning
Trans Tasman Energy Group
Transcutaneous Energy Transfer System
Transient Energy Function
Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation
Transmission High-Energy Electron Diffraction
Transport and Energy
Transport, Telecommunications and Energy
Triple Energy Window
Trivello Energy Corporation
Tropical Wind, Energy Conversion and Reference Level Experiment
True Metabolizable Energy
Tunnelled Wave Energy Converter
Turbulent Kinetic Energy
Turning Resources and Energy in New Directions
Uganda Renewable Energy Association
Ukrainian Bioenergy Association
Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
Ultra Low Energy
Ultrahigh Energy
UMTRA Ground Water (US Department of Energy)
Underground Thermal Energy Storage
Unified Energy Systems of Russia
Uniform Singapore Energy Price
Unit Energy Consumption
Unit Energy Savings
United Energy Corporation
United Energy Distribution Pty. Limited
United Energy Distribution Pty. Limited
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary
United Nations Atomic Energy Commission
United Nations Energy Program
United Refining Energy Corp.
United States Department Of Energy
United States Energy Association
United Utilities Green Energy
Universal Binding Energy Relation
Universal Energy Group Ltd.
Universal Energy Management
Universal Love, Energy, and Knowledge
Ural Centre for Energy Efficiency and Environment
US BioEnergy Corporation
Utah Energy Office
Utilities & Energy Manager
Utility Biomass Energy Commercialization Association
Utility Energy Services Contracts
Utrecht Solar Energy Laboratory
Valero Energy
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre
Variable Energy Cyclotron, Calcutta
Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network
Vermont Energy Education Program
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Very High Energy
Very High Energy Particle Astronomy
Vibration Energy Transfer
Victorian Minerals and Energy Council
Victorian Renewable Energy Target
Vietnam Energy Conservation Program
Vietnam Energy Portal
Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center
Virginia Energy Patterns and Trends
Virginia Power Energy Marketing
Voluntary Energy Efficiency Programme
Vortex Hydro Energy LLC
Wabash River Energy Ltd.
Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center
Warrior Energy Nevada
Washington Gas Energy Services
Washington International Renewable Energy Conference
Washington State Energy Code
Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Company
Washington State University Cooperative Extension Energy Program
Waste Reduction and Energy Efficiency
Waste To Energy
Waste to Energy Facility
Water and Energy Commission
Water and Energy Exchange
Water and Energy Exchange
Water and Energy Management
Water Energy System
Water Energy Technology
Water Energy Technology Team
Water Wise and Energy Smart
Water, Energy and Environment Research Center
Water, Energy, and Biogeochemical Budgets
Water, Highways, Education and energy, Accountability, Trees and technology
Water-Cooled, Water-Moderated Energy Reactor
Wave Energy Converter
Wave Energy Research Team
Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc.
Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc.
Weight Maintenance Energy Intake
West Africa Energy, Inc
West Australia Mines and Energy
West Coast Energy Inc
Western Energy Institute
Western Energy Training Center
Western Kentucky Energy Corp.
Western Kentucky Energy Corp.
Western Wisconsin Renewable Energy Cooperative
Widespread Energy Limited
Wilson Energy
Wind Energy Area
Wind Energy Conversion
Wind Energy Conversion System
Wind Energy Development
Wind Energy Production in Cold Climate
Wind Energy Project
Wind Energy Purchase Agreement
Wind Energy Research Group
Wind Energy Research Program
Wind Energy Research Unit
Wind Energy Resource Mapping
Window Energy Rating
Window Energy Rating System
Wireless Resonant Energy Link
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Wisconsin Energy Corporation
Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group, Inc.
WolfPack Energy Efficient Locomotion
Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment
Women’s Energy Matters
Wonthaggi Energy Innovation Festival
Wood Energy Technical Transfer, Inc.
Wood Energy Technology Training
Workshop on Alternative Energy Strategies
World Alliance for Decentralized Energy
World Alternative Energy Index
World Clean Energy Awards
World Council for Renewable Energy
World Energy & Chemicals Exhibition and Conference
World Energy Alternatives, LLC
World Energy Assessment
World Energy Cities Partnership
World Energy Conference
World Energy Council
World Energy Efficiency Association
World Energy Efficiency Link
World Energy Engineering Congress
World Energy Outlook
World Energy Projection System
World Forum on Energy Regulation
World Future Energy Summit
World Hydrogen Energy Conference
World Information Service on Energy
World Renewable Energy Congress
World Renewable Energy Network
World Sustainable Energy Coalition
World Sustainable Energy Days
World Wind Energy Association
World Wind Energy Conference
World Wind Energy Institute
World-wide Information System for Renewable Energy
Xcel Energy Services
Xcite Energy Ltd.
X-Ray Dispersion Energy
X-Ray Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
Yamaha Energy Induction System
Yellowstone Energy Limited Partnership
Yingli Green Energy
Yorkshire Renewable Energy Network
Youth for Energy Independence
Youth Investing Energy in Leadership Development
Zero Electron Kinetic Energy
Zero Energy
Zero Energy Assembly
Zero Energy Building
Zero Energy Building Project
Zero Energy Building Research Alliance
Zero Energy First
Zero Energy Growth
Zero Energy Neighborhood
Zero Energy Office
Zero Energy Potential
Zero Energy Reactor
Zero Energy System
Zero Energy Uranium System
Zero Net Energy
Zero Point Energy
Zero Pollution Energy Solutions
Zero-Energy Resonance
Ziff Energy Group