Festival Abbreviations

Festival is (from medieval Lat. festivalis = festive) a term for a periodically held series of performances of music (also for theatre, film, etc.) with a particularly qualitative and/or quantitative character. Festivals are usually thematic and devoted to a single composer, a genre (opera), a period, or polyvalent (combination with other arts).


Among the oldest festivals still held today is the Three Choir Festival (1724; Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester). Especially since the 1950s, the number of festivals in Europe and America has increased sharply, at the same rate as cultural tourism, with which it is closely associated. Among the most famous and oldest festivals can be counted: the Bayreuther Festspiele (1876; Wagner), Glyndeboume (1934; opera), Munich (1901; R.Strauss); ‘Salzburger Festspiele (1920; Mozart, R. Strauss); ‘Donaueschinger Musiktage (1921-1926; 1950: contemporary music); Berliner Festwochen (1951; polyvalent); Tanglewood (1937; Berkshire Symphony Festival); Lucerne (1938; Musikfestwochen); Holland Festival (1948; polyvalent); Festival of Flanders (1959: polyvalent).

The main characteristics of a festival are an artistic or religious idea, special quality of the execution and the festive or sacred atmosphere. The festival is closely linked to the origins and development of the theatre: when the theater was still only a place of worship, all performances had a celebratory character. The cyclical theatrical manifestations in ancient Greece, the medieval mysteries (last remainder: Oberammergau and his passion plays), as well as the grandly mounted displays at the royal courts in the Renaissance and Baroque times, were festivals. In response to the dwindling of professional drama, the festival idea was revived for the first time in Munich in the 19th century with the model performances under F.Dingelstedt of Shakespeare’s works (1854) with the best powers available at the time (Festspiele). The Festspielhaus in Bayreuth, founded by Richard Wagner, served as an example for other festivals, where since 1876, with only short interruptions, cyclical performances of his musical dramas have been given every summer. Munich followed in the early 20th century with Wagren Mozart performances and after the First World War, Salzburg in particular attracted attention (SalzburgerFestspiele). Later the festivals of Glyndeboume and the Maggio Musicale came to Florence. Munich followed in the early 20th century with Wagren Mozart performances and after the First World War, Salzburg in particular attracted attention (SalzburgerFestspiele). Later the festivals of Glyndeboume and the Maggio Musicale came to Florence. Munich followed in the early 20th century with Wagren Mozart performances and after the First World War, Salzburg in particular attracted attention (SalzburgerFestspiele). Later the festivals of Glyndeboume and the Maggio Musicale came to Florence.

After the Second World War, virtually every country in Europe brought together renowned artists at some point (Lucerne, Edinburgh, Berlin, Vienna, Drottningholm, Recklinghausen, Aix-en-Provence, Spoleto, Avignon, etc.). Whether an artistic idea always predominates, however, is the question: the present festival is always threatened by materialistic motives, such as the promotion of foreign traffic; it also promotes snobbery. The Holland Festival started in 1948 and brings artistic manifestations in every field, mainly through guest performances by foreign theater companies, orchestras, music and dance ensembles.

The Festival of Flanders has been a music festival since 1959 in which several cities participate (Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven).

Festival Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Festival

ALAF A Lesbian Arts Festival
AIFF Aberdeen International Football Festival
ABFF Acapulco Black Film Festival
AFF Adelaide Film Festival
AIFF Adelaide International Film Festival
ASFF Aesthetica Short Film Festival
AFF African Film Festival, Inc.
AXF African Xylophone Festival
AMF Aggressive Music Festival
ASF Alabama Shakespeare Festival
AETF All-England Theatre Festival
ABFF American Black Film Festival
ACTF American Children’s Television Festival
ACDF American College Dance Festival
ACTF American College Theater Festival
ACFF American Conservation Film Festival
ADF American Dance Festival
AFAF American Fine Arts Festival
AFBF American Folk Blues Festival
AFF American Folk Festival
ARMF American Roots Music Festival
AFFF Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival
AFF Animation Film Festival
AABF Ann Arbor Book Festival
AASF Ann Arbor Summer Festival
AJFF Annual Jewish Film Festival
AFPP Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights
AIFF Arizona International Film Festival
ABHF Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival
ACF Arts Crafts Festivals
AIFF Ashland Independent Film Festival
APHF Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival
ASWF Asia Spa and Wellness Festival
AAIFF Asian American International Film Festival
ABFF Asian Buddhist Film Festival
AFFF Asian Festival of First Films
APFF Asia-Pacific Film Festival
ASGF Asiasoft Games Festival
AOIFE Association of Irish Festival Events
ASGF Association of Scottish Games and Festivals
AIFF Athens International Film Festival
AIAFF Atlanta Indo-American Film Festival
AJF Atlanta Jazz Festival
AFF Atlantic Film Festival
AMF Atlantic Music Festival
ACLF Austin City Limits Festival
ASBF Austin String Band Festival
AFYP Australian Festival for Young People
AIMF Australian International Music Festival
AYDF Australian Youth Dance Festival
ALF Autumn Leaf Festival
AMF Avignon Motor Festival
BFFF Baguio Flower Festival Foundation
BFFFI Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Inc.
BIFF Bahamas International Film Festival
BAMF Bay Area Metal Festival
BARF Bay Area Renaissance Festival
BATF Bay Area Tap Festival
BCMF Bedford Chamber Music Festival
BJF Bellingham Juggling Festival
BAM Belmont Arts and Music Festival
BIFF Bergen Internasjonale Filmfestival
BFX Berkeley Festival Exhibition
BTF Berkshire Theatre Festival
BIFF Berlin International Film Festival
BFF Bicycle Film Festival
BEMF Birmingham Early Music Festival
BFCS Birmingham Festival Choral Society
BPMF Black Potatoe Music Festival
BSAF Black Swamp Arts Festival
BQF Blogger’s Quilt Festival
BMF Blue Moon Festival
BEMF Boise Experimental Music Festival
BRTF Boquet River Theatre Festival
BJF Bordeaux Jazz Festival
BBF Border Book Festival
BBFF Boston Bike Film Festival
BEMF Boston Early Music Festival
BFFF Boston Fantastic Film Festival
BFF Boston Film Festival
BUFF Boston Underground Film Festival
BAFF Boulder Adventure Film Festival
BAFF Boulder Asian Film Festival
BIFF Boulder International Film Festival
BFF Bozeman Film Festival
BBF Brass Band Festival
BMF Breckenridge Music Festival
BCMF Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival
BAFA British Arts Festivals Association
BVF British Volkswagen Festival
BSAF Brookings Summer Arts Festival
BCMF Brooklyn Country Music Festival
BSF Brussels Summer Festival
BFO Budapest Festival Orchestra
BAFICI Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine
BBF Buis Blues Festival
BAF Burning Amp Festival
BMF Burning Man Festival
BAFF Busto Arsizio Film Festival
BBFF Byron Bay Film Festival
CIFF Cairo International Film Festival
CEMF Calgary Electronic Music Festival
CFMF Calgary Folk Music Festival
CIFF Calgary International Film Festival
CIFF California Independent Film Festival
CSF Cambridge Swedish Festival
CIFF Camden International Film Festival
CCS-AND-CF Canada Cuba Sports and Cultural Festivals
CIFF Canada International Film Festival
CFF Canadian Filmmakers’ Festival
CHFF Canadian Heritage Film Festival
CFF Cannes Film Festival
CIFF Cannes International Film Festival
CEMF Caribbean Electronic Music Festival
CIFF Caribbean International Film Festival
CCMF Carolina Chamber Music Festival
CRF Carolina Renaissance Festival
CRIFF Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival
CAAF Central Arizona Acting Festival
CFDBF Central Florida Dragon Boat Festival
CNFF Central Nebraska Film Festival
CPFA Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
CAAF Chapel Allerton Arts Festival
CIFF Chennai International Film Festival
CBF Cherry Blossom Festival
CFIC Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema
CHFF Chicago Horror Film Festival
CIF Chicago Improv Festival
CIFF Chicago International Film Festival
CIFF Chicago Irish Film Festival
CFC Children’s Festival Chorus
CFF Children’s Film Festival
CNMF Chipping Norton Music Festival
CCFO Christ Church Festival Orchestra
CFF Christian Film Festival
CFFA Christian Film Festivals of America
CPFF Cinema Paradise Film Festival
CAFF City of Angels Film Festival
COLF City of London Festival
CIFF Cleveland International Film Festival
CIFF Cochin International Film Festival
CEFF Colorado Environmental Film Festival
CIFF Colorado Independent Film Festival and Screenwriting Contest
CORF Colorado Renaissance Festival
CMFA Columbia Music Festival Association
CIFF Coney Island Film Festival
CTRF Connecticut Renaissance Festival
CATF Contemporary American Theater Festival
CCF Copenhagen Choir Festival
CIFF Copenhagen International Film Festival
CJF Copenhagen Jazz Festival
CIFF Cork International Film Festival
CCF Cowtown Celtic Festival
CEFC Crouch End Festival Chorus
CEMF Cutting Edge Music Festival
CIFF Cyprus International Film Festival
DAFF Danish Adventure Film Festival
DIAF Dashanzi International Art Festival
DCMF Dawson CIty Music Festival
DMBF Dax Motors’n Blues Festival
DAFF Deauville American Film Festival
DBF Deep Blues Festival
DVMF Deer Valley Music Festival
DCMF Delaware Chamber Music Festival
DYPF Delaware Young Playwrights Festival
DFF Denver Film Festival
DUFF Denver Underground Film Festival
DVMF Denver Visual Music Festival
DCFF Derby City Film Festival
DJF Detroit Jazz Festival
DCF Digital Club Festival
DFF Disposable Film Festival
DAF Dogwood Arts Festival
DCFF Door County Folk Festival
DIFF Dubai International Film Festival
DSF Dubai Shopping Festival
DEAF Dublin Electronic Arts Festival
DIFFERENCE Dublin Irish Festival
DIF Dublin Irish Festival
DLAF Dublin Lesbian Arts Festival
DGPF Dunkerque Guitare Picking Festival
DPPF Dutch Power Pack Festival
EMF Eastern Music Festival
EAF Edinburgh Art Festival
EFF Edinburgh Festival Fringe
EIEF Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival
EIBF Edinburgh International Book Festival
EIF Edinburgh International Festival
EISF Edinburgh International Science Festival
EITF Edinburgh International Television Festival
EAFF Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation
EFMFS Edmonton Folk Music Festival Society
EMSF Elmira Maple Syrup Festival
EAFA Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts
EBF English Bach Festival
EFF Environmental Film Festival
EPFF Estes Park Film Festival
EPMF Estes Park Music Festival
ENF Eugene Noise Festival
EFFFF European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation
EFRP European Festival Research Project
EFF European Film Festival
EMAF European Media Art Festival
EPAF European Performance Art Festival
EPFF European Psychoanalytic Film Festival
EJOF Europees Jeugd Olympisch Festival
FSAF Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
FYF Fano Yacht Festival
FFF Fantastic Film Festival
FEFF Far East Film Festival
FDFT Fashion Design Festival Toronto
FTF Fat Tire Festival
FIDOF Federation of International Festivals Organization
FCO Festival Chorale Oregon
FCC Festival City Conventions
FAVA Festival des Arts Visuels en Atlantique
FFAP Festival Filem Asia Pasifik
FFI Festival Film Indonesia
FIAP Festival Iberoamericano de Publicidad
FIA Festival Intercelticu d’Aviles
FIC Festival Internacional Cervantino
FIB Festival Internacional de Benicassim
FIL Festival Internacional del Libro
FIL Festival International de Louisiane
FIFO Festival International du Film Ornithologique
FJB Festival Jajanan Bango
FKY Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta
FKYS Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta
FLAMEPROOF Festival Leisure Park
FLP Festival Leisure Park
FME Festival Mitte Europa
FMTC Festival Music Theatre Company
FNO Festival Network Online
FOA Festival of Arts
FOB Festival of Bands
FOBB Festival of Bathing Beauties
FBG Festival of Black Gospel
FOC Festival of Celebration
FOCF Festival of Children Foundation
FOC Festival of Cricket
FEVA Festival of East Village Arts
FOF Festival of Fools
FOL Festival of Lakes
FOMA Festival of Music and Art
FONT Festival of New Trumpet Music
FOOM Festival of Original Music
FOPA Festival of Pacific Arts
FOPA Festival of Performing Arts
FOS Festival of Speed
FOSP Festival of Spirituality and Peace
FOBA Festival of the Building Arts
FOTD Festival of the Damned
FTLK Festival of the Lion King
FOLK Festival of the Lion King
FOTM Festival of the Masters
FOT Festival of Trees
FXB Festival of Xtreme Building
FYP Festival of Young Performers
FOYS Festival of Youth Sport
FVV Festival Van Vlaanderen
FWO Festival Winds Orchestra
FEO Festivals and Events Ontario
FMVP Festivals of Male Voice Praise
FFOM Fife Festival of Music
FIFFLA Filipino International Film Festival Los Angeles
FFN Film Festival Network
FFW Film Festival World
FVF Film/Video Festival
FCFF Final Cut Film Festival
FRENCH-AIR-FORCE Fine Arts Festival
FAF Fine Arts Festival
FAFA Fine Arts Festival Association
FFF First Film Festival
FIMF Fishguard International Music Festival
FBNF Florida Birding and Nature Festival
FBF Florida Birding Festival
FEMF Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival
FLUORIDE Florida Family Film Festival
F4 Florida Family Film Festival
FMF Florida Music Festival
FLIFF Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
FFF Francophone Film Festival
FVZ Fraser Valley Zone Festival
FHF Fredericia Hardcore Festival
FFFF Free Form Film Festival
FOFF Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival
FWF French Woods Festival
FMF Fullmoon Festival
GMSF Gaian Mind Summer Festival
GLFF Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
GAFF Gen Art Film Festival
GARF Georgia Renaissance Festival
GFF Giffoni Film Festival
GGF Gilroy Garlic Festival
GPF Global Peace Festival
GFO Glyndebourne Festival Opera
GFOS Goodwood Festival of Speed
GFS Goodwood Festival of Speed
GLFF Great Lakes Folk Festival
GNAF Great Northern Arts Festival
GFOS Greek Festival of Sydney
GFF Greek Film Festival
GCF Green Chile Festival
GMFF Green Mountain Film Festival
GDF Greenwich and Docklands Festivals
GSCF Groninger Studenten Cabaret Festival
GEITF Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival
HMSF Half Moon Sober Festival
HUFF Hamilton Underground Film Festival
HBMF Hawaii Book and Music Festival
HIDF Hawaii International Dance Festival
HFF Heartland Film Festival
HBF Helsinki Beer Festival
HYF Henley Youth Festival
HAFF Holland Animation Film Festival
HDF Holland Dance Festival
HFF Hollywood Film Festival
HUFF Hollywood Underground Film Festival
HCMF Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
ICTF Icicle Creek Theatre Festival
IPIFF Idaho Panhandle International Film Festival
IBFF Independent Black Film Festival
IFF Independent Film Festival
IGF Independent Games Festival
IMAF Independent Music and Art Festival
IICF Indian International Coffee Festival
ISFA Indiana State Festivals Association
IVFDF Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival
IAAF International African American Festivals
IAFF International Animated Film Festival
IAF International Animation Festival
IBFM International Ballet Festival of Miami
IBFF International Black Film Festival
IBFF International Buddhist Film Festival
ICAF International Comic Arts Festival
IDFI International Dance Festival Ireland
IDEF International Digital Entertainment Festival
IDFA International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam
IEFF International Environmental Film Festival
IFEA International Festival for Emerging Artists
IFOA International Festival of Authors
IFCT International Festival of Cinema and Technology
IFEA International Festivals & Events Association
IFF International Film Festival
IFFI International Film Festival of India
IFF International Food Festival
IGF International Garden Festival
IGF International Guitar Foundation and Festival
IGGF International Gypsy Guitar Festival
IJF International Jazz Festival Prague
IMFF International Management Film Festival
IMAF International Manga and Anime Festival
INCSF International Nile Children Song Festival
IPFO International Performance Festival Odense
IPAF International Performing Arts Festival
IPFF International Portable Film Festival
IPFF International Punjabi Folk Festival
IQF International Quilt Festival
ISFIT International Student Festival in Trondheim
ISMF International Student Media Festival
ISFEST International Student’s Festival
ITF International Thespian Festival
ITF International Trombone Festival
JFF Jacksonville Film Festival
JIPAF Jakarta International Performance Art Festival
JIPF Jakarta International Puppetry Festival
JFET Japan Festival Education Trust
JFF Jerusalem Film Festival
JMF Jewish Music Festival
JEFF Jonio Educational Film Festival
JTMF Joshua Tree Music Festival
KVFF Karlovy Vary Film Festival
KAFF Kecskemet Animation Film Festival
KMFF Kendal Mountain Film Festival
KBF Kentucky Bourbon Festival
KDF Kentucky Derby Festival
KFF Kerrville Folk Festival
KTRF Keweenaw Trail Running Festival
KIAF Kiev International Advertising Festival
KWF Kirtland’s Warbler Festival
KUF Kobe Underground Festival
KCCF Kona Coffee Cultural Festival
KAFF Korean American Film Festival
KLPF Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival
LJAWF La Jolla Art & Wine Festival
LPFC Lake Placid Festival of Cars
LFMA Lakehead Festival of Music and the Arts
LGMF Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival
LVMF Las Vegas Music Festival
LSMF Lasker Summer Music Festival
LBFF Latino Book and Family Festival
LHYOF Laughing Horse Youth Orchestra Festival
LAF Leadership of the Arts Festival
LIFF Leeds International Film Festival
LHMF Leith Hill Musical Festival
LYFE Linwood Youth Festival Experience
LIFF Ljubljana International Film Festival
LSSF Ljubljana Sweetswing Festival
LVFA Lompoc Valley Festival Association
LFA London Festival of Architecture
LFF London Film Festival
LIFT London International Festival of Theatre
LIMF London International Mime Festival
LILIFF Long Island Latino International Film Festival
LISF Long Island Shakespeare Festival
LALIFF Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
LAMF Los Angeles Music Festival
LARF Louisiana Renaissance Festival
LRF Louisiana Renaissance Festival
LQF Lowell Quilt Festival
MCF Magic Circle Festival
MJFF Maine Jewish Film Festival
MIF Manchester International Festival
MEFF Marin Environmental Film Festival
MPGFA Maritime Pagan Gathering Festival Association
MFF Maryland Film Festival
MMMF McDowell Mountain Music Festival
MIMF Mckeefry Irish Music Festival
MAFF Media Art Festival Friesland
MFRU Mednarodni Festival Racunalniskih Umetnosti
MFF Melbourne Fringe Festival
MIJF Melbourne International Jazz Festival
MSBF Melbourne School Bands Festival
MUFF Melbourne Underground Film Festival
MWF Melbourne Writers Festival
MIM Memphis in May International Festival
MMF Meredith Music Festival
MMMF Merritt Mountain Music Festival
MSIFF Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival
MACF Michigan Antique & Collectible Festival
MIRF Michigan Renaissance Festival
MRF Michigan Renaissance Festival
MSF Michigan Sugar Festival
MWMF Michigan Womyns Music Festival
MYAF Michigan Youth Arts Festival
MAFF Mid-Atlantic Fireworks Festival
MIMF Midland Irish Music Festival
MWMF Midwest Men’s Festival
MSBF Military School Band Festival
MWF Milwaukee World Festivals, Inc.
MIJF Miri International Jazz Festival
MRF Mississippi River Festival
MKMF Mnet KM Music Festival
MFF Mobile Film Festival
MBBF Monterey Bay Blues Festival
MIJF Montreal International Jazz Festival
MUFF Montreal Underground Film Festival
MHMF Mount Helena Music Festival
MFF Mountain Film Festival
MEFF Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair
NFFO Naija Film Festival Organisers
NFFF Naked Freedom Film Festival
NFF Nantucket Film Festival
NNAF Naples National Art Festival
NAF National Arts Festival
NBF National Book Festival
NCFF National Christian Football Festival
NCF National Cornbread Festival
NFAF National Fine Arts Festival
NFF National Folk Festival
NFFA National Folk Festival Association
NGSRF National Graduate Student Research Festival
NJF National Justice Festival
NPF National Peanut Festival
NSF National Sports Festival
NSF National Storytelling Festival
NSDF National Student Drama Festival
NWMF National Women’s Music Festival
NYJF National Youth Jazz Festival
NFOL Nationwide Festival of Light
NFF Netherlands Film Festival
NCCFF New Century Cinema Film Festival
NJFF New Jersey Folk Festival
NMUF New Media Underground Festival
NPDF New Prague Dance Festival
NYFA New York Festivals of Advertising
NYSF New York Shakespeare Festival
NYF New Yorker Festival
NARF Newport Autumn Rowing Festival
NBIFF Newport Beach International Film Festival
NJF Newport Jazz Festival
NAWF North Alabama Whitewater Festival
NAFTA North American Festival of Traditional Arts
NCSF North Carolina Shakespeare Festival
NTBF North Texas Book Festival
NBF Norwegian Bridge Festival
NBF Notodden Blues Festival
OJDF Oberlin Jazz Dance Festival
OIFF Ohio Independent Film Festival
ORF Ohio Renaissance Festival
OIBF Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival
OSMF Old Settlers Music Festival
ORF Ontario Renaissance Festival
OAFA Open Air Festival of the Arts
OBF Oregon Bach Festival
OBFCS Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium
OBF Oregon Brewers Festival
OSF Oregon Shakespeare Festival
ODFC Oriental Dance Festival Copenhagen
OISF Orkney International Science Festival
OIFF Orlando International Fringe Festival
OEFF Osaka European Film Festival
OSPF Osaka Short Play Festival
OIHF Ottawa International Hockey Festival
OYFF Outback Youth Film Festival
OIFF Oxford International Film Festival
PRFF Pacific Rim Film Festival
PRSF Pacific Rim Street Festival
PBFF Palm Beach Film Festival
PCAF Paradise City Arts Festival
PCFMF Park City Film Music Festival
PPMF Payson Park Music Festival
PSF Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
PYMF Penwortham Youth Music Festival
PAF Performing Arts Festival
PAFE Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside
PIAF Perth International Arts Festival
PFF Philadelphia Film Festival
PIFA Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts
PYPF Philadelphia Young Playwrights Festival
PFT Pitlochry Festival Theatre
PIFF Plymouth Independent Film Festival
PFF Porcupine Freedom Festival
PFF Portable Film Festival
PIAF Portland Indy Animation Festival
PPF Posen Potato Festival
PHFF Pretty Hill Film Festival
PIFF Provincetown International Film Festival
PIFF Pusan International Film Festival
QMF Queenscliff Music Festival
QBFM Queensland Biennial Festival of Music
QFF Queer Film Festival
RNFF Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival
RFO Reading Festival Online
RAF Real Ale Festival
RFF Refugee Film Festival
RJF Reims Jazz Festival
RIFF Reykjavik International Film Festival
RMFS Richmond Music Festival Society
RSF Richmond Shakespeare Festival
RIJF Rochester International Jazz Festival
RJFF Rochester Jewish Film Festival
RIJF Rock in Japan Festival
RTSF Rock that Swing Festival
RIFF Roma Independent Film Festival
RF Roskilde Festival
ROF Rossini Opera Festival
RFF Rotterdam Film Festival
RFH Royal Festival Hall
RAFF Russian Anthropological Film Festival
RWF Russian Winter Festival
RUFF Ryerson University Film Festival
SFF Sacramento Film Festival
SCOF San Clemente Ocean Festival
SDFC San Diego Festival Chorus
SDFF San Diego Film Festival
SDJFF San Diego Jewish Film Festival
SFKAFF San Francisco Korean-American Film Festival
SMF Sanibel Music Festival
SBJF Santa Barbara Jewish Festival
SCJF Santa Cruz Jazz Festival
SMFF Santa Monica Film Festival
STARFIRE Sausage Festival
SF Sausage Festival
SFF Savannah Film Festival
SMF Savannah Music Festival
SFA Scandinavian Festival Association
SFTF Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival
SMF Seattle Music Festival
SICMF Seoul International Computer Music Festival
SPAF Seoul Performing Arts Festival
SYF Shakespeare Youth Festival
SILF Shanghai International Literary Festival
SIDF Sheffield International Documentary Festival
SABF Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival
SCVF Shizuoka Contents Valley Festival
SLF Sign Language Festival
SGF Singapore Garden Festival
SIBF Singapore International Band Festival
SYF Singapore Youth Festival
SFSG Skarresø Festival Service Group
SJF Skopje Jazz Festival
SKFS Smithsonian Kite Festival
SKF Smithsonian Kite Festival
SMF Solstice Music Festival
SAFF South Asian Film Festival
SDAF Southeastern Digital Animation Festival
SMFC Southeastern Massachusetts Festival Chorus
SCUF Southern California Ukulele Festival
SOKF Southern Oregon Kite Festival
SMF Spring Music Festival
SLWF St. Louis Wine Festival
SPIFF St. Paul International Film Festival
SDFF Starz Denver Film Festival
SCJF State College Jazz Festival
SLRF Sterling Renaissance Festival
SEMF Stockholm Early Music Festival
SMF Stockholm Metaphor Festival
SOF Student Orchestra Festival
SAF Summer Arts Festival
SFF Sundance Film Festival
SMAF Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival
SCRF Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival
SRF Sweden Rock Festival
SFF Sydney Film Festival
STFF Sydney Travelling Film Festival
SWF Sydney Writers’ Festival
SFOR Syracuse Festival of Races
TAFF Tahoe Adventure Film Festival
TCFF Taipei Chinese Food Festival
TIDF Taiwan International Documentary Festival
TIDF Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival
TIEFF Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival
TPFF Takoma Park Folk Festival
TSF Tallinn Salsa Festival
TCMF Tamworth Country Music Festival
TFF Telluride Film Festival
TFEA Texas Festivals and Events Association
TRF Texas Renaissance Festival
TIDF Thessaloniki International Dance Festival
TRAF Three Rivers Arts Festival
TIFAP Togher International Festival of Amateur Photography
TPFF Tokyo Peace Film Festival
TIMF Tongyeong International Music Festival
TFF Topanga Film Festival
TAFF Toronto Arab Film Festival
TCAF Toronto Comic Arts Festival
TFF Toronto Film Festival
TIDF Toronto International Dance Festival
TIFF Toronto International Film Festival
TJFF Toronto Jewish Film Festival
TSMAF Toronto Summer Music Academy and Festival
TUFF Toronto Urban Film Festival
TFF Traveling Film Festival
TNFF Travelling Northern Film Festival
TCFF Traverse City Film Festival
TIMF Treasure Island Music Festival
TBMF Triangle Beach Music Festival
TFF Tribeca Film Festival
TUFF Tribeca Underground Film Festival
TTFF Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival
TCUFF Twin Cities Underground Film Festival
TDFC Twins Days Festival Committee
UWRF Ubud Writers and Readers Festival
UMF Ultra Music Festival
UFF Underground Film Festival
USPF United States Pump It Up Festival
UCMF Urban Country Music Festival
UKFF Urban Kidz Film Festival
UFOC Utah Festival Opera Company
USF Utah Shakespearean Festival
UEMF Utopia Electronic Music Festival
VAFF Vancouver Asian Film Festival
VCMF Vancouver Chamber Music Festival
VIFF Vancouver International Film Festival
VIMFF Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
VSFF Vancouver Student Film Festival
VFF Venice Film Festival
VVVF Venturous Vanguard Video Festival
VQF Vermont Quilt Festival
VSAF Very Special Arts Festival
VIFF Vietnamese International Film Festival
VBF Vikingland Band Festival
VCF Vintage Computer Festival
VAF Virginia Arts Festival
VFF Virginia Film Festival
VFAT Virtual Festival of Aerobatics Teams
WIFF Wakefield International Film Festival
WGBF Walnut Grove Bluegrass Festival
WVF Walnut Valley Festival
WIFF Warsaw International Film Festival
WSAF Warwick Student Arts Festival
WABF Washington Avenue Beat Festival
WFEA Washington Festivals and Events Association
WJFF Washington Jewish Film Festival
WFF Waterfowl Festival
WFAC Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema
WIFF Wazzu Independent Film Festival
WIF Webdesign International Festival
WAFF Wee Adventure Film Festival
WMTF Wereld Muziek Theater Festival
WBMF West Beach Music Festival
WCFF West Chester Film Festival
WCBF West Coast Brewers Festival
WCRF West Coast Ragtime Festival
WMMF West Marin Music Festival
WVSF West Virginia Strawberry Festival
WOFA Whitstable Oyster Festival Association
WSEFF Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival
WGF Wild Goose Festival
WRBF Wild Rogue Balloon Festival
WKPF William Kennedy Piping Festival
WBFF Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival
WTF Williamstown Theatre Festival
WCMF Winchester and County Music Festival
WCMF Windsor Canadian Music Festival
WAFF Wine and Food Festival
WCFF Wine Country Film Festival
WAFF Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival
WMF Winnipeg Music Festival
WEFS Winter Equestrian Festival
WEF Winter Equestrian Festival
WFOL Winter Festival of Lights
WOCFF Women of Color Film Festival
WEIF Wonthaggi Energy Innovation Festival
WWAF Woodend Winter Arts Festival
WHFF Woods Hole Film Festival
WFF Woodstock Film Festival
WBF World Beat Festival
WCF World Chicken Festival
WCMF World Creole Music Festival
WCSF World Culture and Sports Festival
WEMF World Electronic Music Festival
WFSM World Festival of Sacred Music
WFYS World Festival of Youth and Students
WGF World Grits Festival
WMTF World Music Theatre Festival
WNMF World New Music Festival
WCFF World of Comedy Film Festival
WPSF World Popular Song Festival
WSF World Science Festival
WSSF World Ski & Snowboard Festival
WWVF World Wide Video Festival
WYF World Youth Festival
WYGF World Youth Guitar Festival
WF Writer’s Festival
YILOFF Yahoo! Internet Life Online Film Festival
YRAF Yellowhead Rotary Arts Festival
YGF Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival
YMS Young Musicians’ Summer Festival
YPF Young Playwrights Festival
YDF Youth Drama Festival
YMF Yufuin Music Festival
YIFF Yukon International Film Festival
ZFF Zagreb Film Festival
ZMF Zelt Musik Festival
ZMF Zeltsman Marimba Festival
ZSCF Zwols Studenten Cabaret Festival
ZBF Zythos Beer Festival