Finance Abbreviations

The term finance comes from the French finance and refers to the commitment that a subject assumes to respond to his obligation to another person. The concept also refers to the possessions, goods and coffers of the State (national treasury).

In everyday language, finance is the study of the circulation of money between individuals, companies or different states. That said, finance emerges as a branch of economics that is dedicated to evaluating how funds are obtained and managed. In other words, finance is about managing money.

Finance is related to the science of money management and is a branch of economics.

They have concepts of both macroeconomics and microeconomics. Thus, with regard to microeconomics, finance is characterized by the study of financial expenses, also of inventory management and, finally, by raising funds through institutions, for example.

Also, according to the previous case , finance can encompass the analysis of risks in projects, the study of money planning, the management and control of assets within the same area in a company or institution, among others.

In this, finance has as its field of study financial markets, financial institutions, among others. And this both within a country and globally.

The notion of personal finance refers, in general terms, to the money that a family or home needs for its subsistence. People must analyze how to obtain this money and how to safeguard it in unforeseen situations (such as, for example, in case of dismissal from work and unemployment). Other applications of personal finance are possible in terms of savings, expenses and investments.

Corporate finance, in turn, concerns the ways companies have to create value through the use of financial resources. Investment, financing, benefits and dividends are some of the concepts linked to this area.

Nowadays, many see finance as an instrument or a set of tools that help companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, self-employed and ordinary people to achieve their goals with regard to money or that have a relationship with it.

In a very simplified language, finance is a branch of economics that aims to analyze how financial resources are obtained and how they are managed. Therefore , we can see finance as the result of how money circulates between people, companies or organizations.

That is why when a person decides on the area of ​​finance, it means that he will dedicate himself to the study and analysis of expenses and the management of financial resources, going from the entry of money and its origin to costs, investments, among others.

Finally, we can say that public finances are related to the fiscal policy of a State. The government obtains funds through the collection of taxes, and this money is reinvested in society through public expenditure (with the construction of hospitals and schools, hygiene and health care, etc.).

Finance Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Finance

Abacus Financial Services Group
ABN AMRO Financial Services, Inc.
Absolute Financial Services, Inc
Academic Affairs Financial Management
Academy for Business and Finance
Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance
Academy Of Finance
Academy Of Finance
Access to Microfinance and Enhanced Enterprise Niches
Access to Microfinance and Improved Implementation of Policy Reform
Accountability and Financial Management Division
Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance Office/r
Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions
Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions
Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance Benchmarking Consortium
Accounting and Finance Research Unit
Accounting and Financial Management Service
Accounting and Financial Reporting
Accounting and Financial Reporting
Accounting and Financial Reporting Bulletin
Accounting Financial Management
Accredited Financial Counselor
Accredited Trust Financial Advisor
Action Plan for Financial Services
Active Duty Military Pay Financial Reports
Actuarial Approach for Financial Risk
Adira Dinamika Multi Finance
Administration, Finance, and Human Resources
Administration, Financial, and Logistical Service
Administrative & Finance Group
Adult Roles and Financial Responsibilities
Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance
Advanced Diploma in Finance and Economics
Advanced Finance and Investment Group LLC
Advanced Financial Integrator
Advanced Financial Planning Certificate
Advanced Financial Programming and Policies
Advanced Financial Services, Inc.
Advanced Laboratory Economics and Finance
Advances in Financial Forecasting
Afghan Financial Management Information System
Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance
Agency Financial Reporting System
Aggregate External Finance
AgInput Finance
Agricultural Finance Corporation of Zimbabwe
Agricultural Financial Reporting and Analysis
Agricultural Research Financial Information System
Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
Ainsworths Financial Services Ltd.
Alesco Financial Inc
All India Financial Institution
Allen Financial Insurance Group
Allen Lane Financial Recruitment
Allmerica Financial Corporation
All-Star Financial Group, LLC
American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts
American Academy of Financial Management
American Association of Finance and Accounting
American Bankers Financial Services, Inc.
American Business Financial Services, Inc.
American Collegiate Financial Services, Inc.
American Consumer Financial Network
American Diversified Financial Group
American Education Finance Association
American Express Financial Advisors
American Finance Association
American Financial and Automotive Services, Inc.
American Financial Credit Services, Inc.
American Financial Group
American Financial Realty Trust
American Financial Realty Trust
American Financial Realty Trust
American Financial Research Corporation
American Financial Resource Group
American Financial Services Association
American General Finance
American General Finance Corporation, Inc.
American General Financial Services
American Governmental Financial Services
American League of Financial Institutions
American National Financial, Inc.
American Small Business Finance
American Suzuki Financial Services
Americans for Lawful Financial Independence and Information
Ameriprise Financial
Amman Financial Market
AMRESCO Commercial Finance LLC
Amsterdam Center for Corporate Finance
Amsterdam Center for Finance and Insurance
AmTrust Financial Services, Inc
Anderson Financial Network, Inc.
Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation, Ltd.
Anniston Financial Management System
Annual Financial Plan
Annual Financial Report
Annual Financial Report
Annual Financial Report and Budget
Annual Financial Statements
APEC Finance and Development Program
Apple Financial Services
Applied Financial Economics
Appropriate Balance Financial Services, Inc.
Approved Financial Plan
Arab Finance Corporation
Arcelor Finance & Services Belgium
Arizona Department of Financial Institutions
Arkansas Development Finance Authority
Arkansas Development Finance Authority
Armed Forces Financial Network
Armed Forces Health Professionals Scholarship Program/Financial Assistance Program
Army Finance Officer
ASEAN Finance Corporation
Asia Financial Planning Journal
Asian Finance and Investment Corporation Ltd.
Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center
Asset Based Finance Association
Asset Finance Quotation System
Asset Management Finance
Assistant, Comptroller, Financial Management Systems
Associacao para a Taxacao das Transaccoes Financeiras para Ajuda ao Cidadao
Associate Financial Advisor
Associate Financial Planner
Associate, Financial Services Institute
Associated Press Financial News
Associates Financial Life Insurance Company
Association for Budgeting and Financial Management
Association for Financial Professionals
Association for Governmental Leasing and Finance
Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens
Association Française de Finance
Association of Canadian Financial Corporations
Association of Canadian Financial Officers
Association of Chinese Finance Professionals
Association of Divorce Financial Planners
Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals
Association of Financial Planning Professionals
Association of Financial Sector Trade Associations
Association of Financial Services Educators Ltd
Association of Financial Supervisors of Pacific Countries
Association of Independent Financial Advisers
Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals
Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies
Association of Micro Finance Institutions
Association of Microfinance Institutions of Zambia
Association of Microfinance Organizations
Aston Centre for Research in Experimental Finance
Astoria Financial Corporation
Atlanta Financial Center
Auditable Financial Statement
Austin Metropolitan Financial Credit Union
Australian Banking & Finance Awards
Australian Finance Group
Australian Financial Institution
Australian Financial Institutions Code
Australian Financial Investments Group
Australian Financial Markets Association
Australian Financial Markets Report
Australian Financial Planning Handbook
Australian Financial Planning Network
Australian Financial Review
Australian Financial Review
Australian Financial Services Directory
Australian Financial Services License
Australian Financial Services Ltd.
Australian Financial Services Training Alliance
Australian Office of Financial Management
Australian Pensioner Equity Finance
Australian Secured Financial Limited
Authorised Financial Adviser
Auto Finance Company
Automated Financial Analysis
Automated Financial Improvement Program
Automated Financial Management Information System
Automated Financial Management System
Automated Financial System
Automotive Finance Consumer Division LLC
Automotive Financial Services Pty Ltd
Available Financial Resources
Available Financial Resources
Azerbaijan Micro-Finance Association
Bachelier Finance Society
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance
Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management
Bachelor of Actuarial and Financial Studies
Bachelor of Finance
Bachelor of Finance
Bachelor of Financial Administration
Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis
Bachelor of Science in Computational Finance
Bachelor of Science in Finance
Bahamas Financial Services Board
Bahrain Financial Exchange
Bahrain Financial Harbour
Bajaj Auto Finance Limited
Bali International Finance
Baltimore-Washington Financial Advisors
Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation
Bank of Kentucky Financial
Bank West Financial Corporation
Bankers’ Association for Finance and Trade
Banking & Finance Reports of Australia
Banking & Financial Services Industry
Banking and Finance Qualifications
Banking and Finance Sector
Banking and Financial Services
Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman
Banking, Finance and Technology Forum
Banking, Finance, Insurance and Securities
Banking, Finance, Security and Insurance
Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act
Banque de Financement et d’Investissement
Banque de Gestion et de Financement
Banque de Gestion et de Financement
Banque pour le Financement de l’Agriculture
Banque-Finance-Gestion des Risques
Barclays Financial Planning
Base Accounting & Finance Office
Base Financial Plan
Basic Financial Management
Basic Financial Management Training
Beacon Financial Planners LLC
Beacon Hill Financial Educators
Behavioral Finance
Behavioral Finance
Behavioural Finance Solutions GmbH
Bell Financial Planning Co.
Beneficiary Financial Counseling Services
Bihar State Financial Corporation
Bilateral Finance Institution
Biotech Finance Forum
Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economy
BLB Institute of Financial Markets
Bloomberg Finance Limited Partnership
Blue Bird Financial Services
Blue Chip Financial Solutions
Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
Board for Industrial and Financial Restructuring
Bombardier Corporate Financial Services
Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc
Bottom Line Financial
Bourse aux Financements Solidaires
Brain Force Financial Solutions
Brie Finances Courtage
British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission
Broadcast Financial Management Association
Brunei International Financial Centre
Bruno Perez Finance et Conseil
BSS Financial Information Service
Budget and Finance
Budget and Finance Committee
Budget and Financial Services
Budget, Finances, Comptabilité
Bureau of Bond Finance
Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau of County Finance and Technical Assistance
Bureau of Finance and Management
Bureau of Finance and Management Policy
Bureau of Financial Institutions
Bureau of Local Government Finance
Bureau of Municipal Finance Law
Burgess Leclerc Financial Group Inc
Burton Financial Management Associates
Business Accounting and Finance
Business and Financial Management
Business and Financial Services
Business and Financial Solutions
Business Finance Associates
Business Finance Corporation
Business Financial Manager
Business Financial Publishing
Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering
Business Management Accountancy and Finance
Business/Financial Manage/Management
Business/Financial Management Analyst
Caisse de Refinancement de l’Habitat
Calgary Society of Financial Analysts
California Department of Finance
California Empire Financial Group
California Export Finance Office
California Housing Finance Agency
California School Finance Authority
Caltech Laboratory for Experimental Finance
Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance
Cambridge University Finance System
Campaign Finance Disclosure Act
Campaign Finance Information Center
Campaign Finance Institute
Campaign Finance Reform
Canada Life Financial Corporation
Canada Student Financial Assistance Act
Canadian Association of Financial Planners
Canadian Finance & Leasing Association
Canadian Financial Markets Research Centre
Canadian Financial Publishing Group
Canadian Financial Services Ombudsman
Canadian Institute for Financial Crime Analysis
Canadian Insurance Financial Forum
Canadian Municipal Financial Statistics
Canadian Tire Financial Services
Cantor Financial Futures Exchange
Cap Tech Financial Group, Inc.
Capacité d’Autofinancement
Capital & Credit Financial Group
Capital One Auto Finance
Capital One Financial
Capitol Federal Financial
Caprock Business Finance Corporation
Car Finance Plan
Carbon Finance Document
Carbon Finance Unit
Carbon Financial Instrument
Carbon Return on Financial Investment
Caribbean Financial Action Task Force
Caribbean Financial Services Corporation
CDC IXIS Financial Guarantee
Center for Computational Finance
Center for Economic and Financial Research and Studies
Center for Excellence in Financial Management
Center for Farm Financial Management
Center for Finance, Investment Management and Research
Center for Financial Research on China
Center for Financial Services
Center for Financial Training
Center for Innovative Financial Technology
Center for Interactive Financial Training
Center for Law and Financial Markets
Center for Public and Private Finance
Center for Research in International Finance
Center of Financial Technologies
Center on Federal Financial Institutions
Central Finance and Contracts Unit
Central Finance Co. Ltd.
Central Financial Control
Central Financial Management Activities
Central Financial Management Reporting System
Central Financial Management System
Central Financial Planning System
Centre for Analytical Finance
Centre for Financial Analysis and Policy
Centre for Financial Regulation and Crime
Centre for Research in European Economics and Finance
Centre for Studies in Economics and Finance
Centre International pour la Recherche sur le Financement des Investissements
Certificate in Offshore Financial Services and Administration
Certificate in Quantitative Finance
Certificate Program in Financial Planning
Certificates of Financial Responsibility
Certified Automotive Financial Manager
Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional
Certified Defense Financial Manager
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst
Certified Finance and Treasury Professional
Certified Financial Accountant
Certified Financial Analyst
Certified Financial Collection Professional
Certified Financial Consultant
Certified Financial Counselor
Certified Financial Crimes Investigator
Certified Financial Examiner
Certified Financial Manager
Certified Financial Planner
Certified Financial Planner Board
Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards
Certified Financial Recovery Counselor
Certified Financial Services Auditor
Certified Forensic Financial Analyst
Certified Government Financial Manager
Certified Healthcare Finance Professional
Certified Healthcare Financial Professional
Certified in Financial Forensics
Certified In Financial Management
Certified in Real Estate Finance
Certified Independent Public Finance Advisor
Certified International Financial Accounting Specialist
Certified Manager of Financial Advisors
Certified Municipal Finance Administrator
Certified Public Finance Administrator
Certified Retirement Financial Advisor
Certified Senior Financial Specialist
Certified Trust and Financial Advisor
Change of Financial Responsibility
Charleston Financial Service Center
Charter Financial Corporation
Charter One Financial
Chartered Financial Analyst
Chartered Financial Consultant
Chartered Financial Professional
Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
Chartered Public Finance Accountant
Chartered Senior Financial Planner
Chase Auto Finance
Chevy Chase Financial Services
Chief Finance and Accounting Officer
Chief Finance Officer
Chief Financial Advisor
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Chief Financial and Facilities Officers
Chief Financial Managing Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer’s Act of 1990
China Finance Online
China Society for Finance and Banking
Christian Financial Concepts
Christian Financial Planners Institute
Church Finance Council
Citi Financial North America
Citigroup Financial Products Inc.
Citizens Finance Review Commission
Clean Water Finance Agency
CLICO Mortgage and Finance Corporation
Clients’ Financial Assistance Fund
Clinical Interventions and Financial Assessment Committee
Coalition against Financial Exploitation of the Elderly
Coast Financial Holdings, Inc.
College and University Financial System
College Financial Aid Office
College of Banking and Financial Studies
Colorado Housing Finance Authority
Columbia Financial of Kentucky
Comite des Finances Locales
Command Accounting and Finance Office
Command Financial Specialist
Commercial Finance Association
Commercial Finance Company
Commercial Industrial Finance Corporation
Commercial Property Finance
Commercial Real Estate Financial
Commercially Financed Facilities
Commission des Finances
Commission for the Inter Parish Finance
Committee of Financial Experts
Committee on Financial Sector Reforms
Committee on Hemispheric Financial Issues
Committee on Monetary, Financial and Balance of Payments Statistics
Committee on the Global Financial System
Commodities Finance
Common Departmental Financial System
Community Development and Microfinance Roundtable
Community Development Finance Association
Community Development Finance Authority
Community Development Finance Corporation
Community Development Finance Fund
Community Development Finance Initiative
Community Development Financial Institutions
Community Finance and Learning Initiative
Community Financial Group Inc.
Community Financial Instrument for the Environment
Community Financial Resource Center
Community Financial Services
Community Financial Services Association
Community Financial Services Association of America
Community Financial Services Bank
Community Financial Services Centre
Community-Linked Finance Facility
Compagnie Gestion et Finance
Company and Financial Law Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong
Complex Structured Finance Transaction
Component Finance Center
Component Regional Finance Center
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Comprehensive Financial Aid Report
Comptabilité Finance Gestion
Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering
Conference of African Ministers of Economy and Finance
Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
Conseil Patrimoine Finance
Conseil Supérieur des Finances
Conseil, Finance, Gestion de Patrimoine
Conservation Finance Alliance
Conservative Financial Counselors, LLC
Consolidated Annual Financial Report
Consolidated Financial Accounting Office
Consolidated Financial Investments, Inc.
Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
Consortium on Financial Systems and Poverty
Construction Financial Management Association
Consumer Financial Decisions
Consumer Financial Protection Agency
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Contract Financed Technical Cooperation
Contract Financial Status
Contractor Financial Management
Cooperative Finance Corporation
Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, and Financial Associations
Core Financial and Logistics System
Cornell University Finance and Administration
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance and Asset Management
Corporate Finance and Asset Management
Corporate Finance Associates Worldwide
Corporate Finance Department
Corporate Finance Division
Corporate Finance Research
Corporate Finance Specialist
Corporate Finance Transformation
Corporate Financial Advisory
Corporate Financial Management
Corporate Financials Online
Corporate, Securities and Finance Law Abstracts
Corps Finance Support Center
Corps of Engineers Finance Center
Cortechs Financial Analysis and Reporting System
Cost of Financial Distress
Council of Chartered Financial Analysts
Council of Development Finance Agencies
Council of Finance Ministers of the European Union
Council on Financial Competition
Countrywide Financial Corporation
County Financial Management System
Cowan Financial Group
Creative Financial Staffing
Credit and Financial Services Fund
Crédit Finance Bretagne
Credit Indemnity & Financial Services
Credit Insurance Factoring & Finance
Credit Suisse Financial Products
Credit Union Financial Services
CrossWinds Philadelphia Financial
Crown Financial Group, Inc.
Cumulative Financial Requirements
Customer Financial Management
Daily Financial Estimate
Daily Orders, Ledgers, and Finance Systems
Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
Debt Financial Group
Defence School of Finance and Management
Defense Agencies Financial Service
Defense Finance & Accounting Center
Defense Finance & Accounting Service
Defense Finance & Accounting Service – Denver
Defense Finance and Accounting Service Technology Services Organization
Defense Finance Battlefield System
Defense Financial Auditing Service
Defense Financial Management
Defense Financial Management Course
Defense Financial Services Center
Defense Integrated Financial System
Degree of Financial Leverage
Degree of Financial Leverage
Dehli Land and Finance
Delaware Financial Management System
Delegation of Financial Signing Authorities
Delhi Leasing and Finance
Dell Financial Services LP
Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance
Delta Brac Housing Finance
Denver Finance Center
Departement Federal des Finances
Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation
Department of Finance
Department of Finance and Administration
Department of Finance and Administration
Department of Finance and Economic Affairs
Department of Finance and Personnel
Department of Financial Institutions
Department of Financial Services
Depository Financial Institution
Deputy Finance Manager
Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration and Finance
Des Moines Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Design Build Finance Maintain
Design Build Finance Operate
Design, Build, Finance, Operate, Transfer
Designated Finance Support Activity
Designated Financial Institution
Development Finance Corporation
Development Finance Corporation of Ceylon
Development Finance Corporation of Uganda
Development Finance Institution
Development Finance Limited
Development Finance Limited
Developments in Quantitative Finance
Développement Économique et Finance Internationale
Dewan Housing Finance Ltd.
Dickinson Financial Corporation
Direct Insurance Financial Investments
Directeurs des Finances et du Materiel
Direction Centrale de l’Ingénierie et des Financement sur Actifs et de Projets
Direction des Finances et de l’Administration Générale
Direction des Finances et du Budget
Direction Générale des Finances Publiques
Direction Principale, Administration et Finances
Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Director of Finance
Director of Finance & Administration
Director of Financial Aid
Disaster Finance Center
Disaster Financial Assistance
Disaster Financial Status Report
Discover Financial Services
District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency
Division des Finances Academiques
Division Financial Management Office
Division of Bond Finance
Division of Finance and Corporate Securities
Division of Financial and Administrative Services
Division of Financial Regulation
Division of Financial Responsibility
Division of Financial Responsibility
Divisional Finance Officer
Dom Finance et Investissement
Dubai Financial Market
Dubai Financial Market General Index
Dubai Financial Services Authority
Dubai International Financial Centre
Ducharme Financial Group
Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
Duval County Housing Finance Authority
East Bay Financial Management
East Texas Financial Services, Inc.
Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union
Ebank Financial Services, Inc.
Economic and Financial Committee
Economic and Financial Committee
Economic and Financial Crime Commission
Economic and Financial Management Project
Economic and Financial Research Division
Economic Development Finance Authority
Economic Development Finance Professional
Economic Research and Financial Analysis
Economics, Finance and Cost Engineering
Economics, Finance and Marketing
Economics, Finance, Accounting
Economy Business Finance
Edge Financial and Management Solutions
Edinburgh Financial Cryptography Engineering
Education Finance Council
Education Finance Incentive Grant
Education Finance Simulation Model
Egyptian Financial and Industrial Company
Egyptian Financial Group
Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance
Electra Financial Services Ltd
Electricity Finance and Pricing
Electronic Financial Inventory Control System
Electronic Financial Services Council
Emergency Financial Manager
Emirates National Securitisation and Finance Corporation
End of Financial Year
End of Financial Year
End of Financial Year Sale
Endura Financial Federal Credit Union
Energy Financial Services
Enhance Financial Services Group, Inc.
Enron Commercial Finance Ltd.
Enterprise and Financial Sector Adjustment Loan
Enterprise Finance Guarantee
Enterprise Financial Services Corporation
Epic Financial Corp
Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
Espirito Santo Financial Group
Esprit Financial Group, Inc
Essays in International Finance
Established Financial Limit
Estimated Financial Assistance
Ethiopian Accountancy and Finance Association
Ethiopian Financial Year
European Corporate Finance
European Economics and Financial Centre
European Federation of Financial Analysts
European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies
European Finance Association
European Financial Group
European Financial Management & Marketing Association
European Financial Roundtable
European Financial Services Law
European Financial Stability Facility
European Financial Stability Mechanism
European Parliamentary Financial Services Forum
European State Finance Database
European Union Banking and Finance News Network
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
Exceptional Financial Need scholarship
Executive Financial Officer
Executive Management of Business Finance
Executive Master in Finance and Control
Expenditure Finance Committee
Expert Travel Financial Security, Inc.
Exponential Financial Options
Export and Finance Bank
Export Finance and Insurance Corporation
Export Finance Assistance Center of Washington
Exposing Unacceptable Financial Advice Society, Inc.
Extensible Financial Reporting Mark-Up Language
Extensions for Financial Services
False Financial Statements
Family Finance
Family Financial Needs Assessment
Family Financial Network
Farm Bureau Financial Services
Farmers Financial Solutions
Fast Forward Financials
FatWallet Finance
Federal Association of Financial Services
Federal Financial Aid
Federal Financial Improvement Act
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
Federal Financial Management
Federal Financial Managers Council
Federal Financial Participation
Federal Financial Participation
Federal Financial Report
Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
Federal Financial System
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Federal Housing Finance Board
Federal Ministry of Finance
Federal Ministry of Finance
FedFirst Financial Mutual Holding Company
Fee-Only Financial Advisor
Fellow of the Association of Financial Controllers
Fellow of the Corporation of Insurance, Financial & Mortgage Advisers
Fellow, Institute of Financial Accountants
Fellowship in International Microfinance and Microenterprise
Fidelity National Financial
Finance & Accounting Office
Finance & Accounting Policy
Finance & Business
Finance & Business Operations
Finance & Contracts Committee
Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation
Finance against Packing Credit
Finance Against Trust Receipt
Finance and Access Managememt Information System
Finance and Accounting Club
Finance and Accounting Club
Finance and Accounting Group
Finance and Accounting Outsourcing
Finance and Administration Committee
Finance and Administration Committee
Finance and Administration Manual
Finance and Advice in Development Assistance
Finance and Business
Finance and Business Services
Finance and Controlling
Finance and Corporate Services
Finance and Development Research Programme
Finance and Financial Information Systems
Finance and Financial Information Systems
Finance and General Purposes
Finance and Information Management
Finance and Information Technology
Finance and Investment Committee
Finance and Leasing Association
Finance and Planning Unit
Finance and Procurement Division
Finance and Procurement Division
Finance and Revenue Football Club
Finance and Trade Policy Research Centre
Finance Authority for Nonprofit Corporations
Finance Authority of Maine
Finance Authority of New Orleans
Finance Battalion
Finance Battalion
Finance Battalion
Finance Battlefield System
Finance Battlefield System
Finance Bureau
Finance Bureau
Finance Bureau
Finance Business Office
Finance Center Federal Credit Union
Finance Code
Finance Command
Finance Command
Finance Committee
Finance Committee
Finance Control Board
Finance Corps
Finance Corps
Finance Department
Finance Department
Finance Detachment
Finance Director
Finance Disbursing Section
Finance Domain Task Force
Finance Effectiveness
Finance Forward
Finance Group
Finance Image Processor
Finance Industry Standards Association
Finance Management and Process Improvement
Finance Manager
Finance Memorandum
Finance Office of the Future
Finance Officer
Finance Sector Union
Finance Support Team
Finance Support Unit
Finance Systems Support & Development
Finance Trade Centre
Finance Trust for the Self Employed
Finance, Automation and Database Team
Finance, Banking and Insurance
Finance, Credit and International Business
Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Services
Finance, Personnel, Benefits Committee
Finance, Private Sector and Infrastructure
Finance, Technology, and Administration Branch
Finance/Administration Section Chief
Financed Employee Agent
Financement Agricole Canada
Financement Agricole Canada
Financial & Corporate Relations
Financial & Investment Advisers
Financial Abuse Specialist Team
Financial Accountability Review and Action Plan
Financial Accountability System Resource Guide
Financial Accounting & Control System
Financial Accounting & Cost Tracking System
Financial Accounting & Reporting
Financial Accounting & Reporting
Financial Accounting and Budgeting System
Financial Accounting and Comprehensive Expenditure Tracking System
Financial Accounting and Contractual Status
Financial Accounting and Inventory Record
Financial Accounting and Management Information System
Financial Accounting and Reporting Manual for Higher Education
Financial Accounting and Reporting System
Financial Accounting Data Abstract
Financial Accounting Data Sheet
Financial Accounting Foundation
Financial Accounting Foundation
Financial Accounting Hub
Financial Accounting Policy Committee
Financial Accounting Research System
Financial Accounting Services
Financial Accounting Services Board
Financial Accounting Services Board
Financial Accounting Standards
Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Board
Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council
Financial Accounting Standards Board
Financial Accounting Standards Board
Financial Accounting Standards Committee
Financial Accounting Standards Foundation
Financial Accuracy Rate
Financial Accuracy Rate
Financial Acquisition Support Services
Financial Action Task Force
Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering
Financial Administration Act
Financial Administrative Control
Financial Administrative Control
Financial Advantage Funding Corporation
Financial Advisor
Financial Advisor in Training
Financial Advisors Program
Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services
Financial Advisory Committee
Financial Advisory Committee
Financial Advisory Service
Financial Advisory Services Center
Financial Agent
Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Financial Aid Advisor
Financial Aid and Veterans Services Office
Financial Aid Award Notice
Financial Aid Department
Financial Aid Director
Financial Aid Form
Financial Aid Form
Financial Aid Form Need Analysis Report
Financial Aid Need Estimator
Financial Aid Needs Analysis
Financial Aid Notification
Financial Aid Officer
Financial Aid Payment Office
Financial Aid Processing System
Financial Aid Questionnaire
Financial Aid Transcript
Financial Aid Web
Financial Analysis and Investment Management
Financial Analysis System
Financial Analysis Worksheet
Financial Analyst Meeting
Financial Analysts Journal
Financial Analysts of New Orleans
Financial and Acquisition Management Division
Financial and Administration Manager
Financial and Administrative Framework Agreement
Financial and Air Clearance Transportation System
Financial and Business Assistance
Financial and Business Assistance
Financial and Business Services Division
Financial and Consumer Rights Council, Inc.
Financial and Contractual Status
Financial and Contractual Status System
Financial and Economic Board
Financial and Enterprise Sector Adjustment Loan
Financial and Fiscal Commission
Financial and Functional Literacy Incentive Program
Financial and Information Management Branch
Financial and Information Services
Financial and Insurance Management Consultants
Financial and Logistics Integrated Technology Enterprise Program
Financial and Management Information System
Financial and Operational Combined Uniform Single
Financial and Technical Assistance Agreement
Financial and Technical Support
Financial Asset Management
Financial Assistance & Counseling System
Financial Assistance Act
Financial Assistance Office
Financial Assistance Program
Financial Assistance Worker
Financial Assistant Program
Financial Assurance
Financial Assurance Board
Financial Assurance Federal Credit Union
Financial Assurance for Corrective Action
Financial Audit Division
Financial Audit Manual
Financial Awareness Workshop
Financial Budget Review
Financial Bundle Trading System
Financial Business Analysis
Financial Business Research Company
Financial Capital Maintenance
Financial Center
Financial Center
Financial Center Manager
Financial Claims and Reimbursement
Financial Collection Agencies
Financial Communications Company
Financial Company
Financial Competence Assessment Inventory
Financial Compliance Officer
Financial Component of Liabilities
Financial Computer Support, Inc.
Financial Condition Examiners Handbook
Financial Conditions Index
Financial Congestion Hedge
Financial Consultant
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
Financial Control Number
Financial Control System
Financial Controller
Financial Controls Management
Financial Cooperation
Financial Crime Intelligence Center
Financial Crime Risk Management Ltd
Financial Crimes Database
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
Financial Cryptography and Data Security
Financial Data Disseminator
Financial Data Management
Financial Data Manager
Financial Data Mart
Financial Data Retrieval System
Financial Data System
Financial Decision Making
Financial Decision Support
Financial Detail File
Financial Development Institution
Financial Disclosure Agreement
Financial Disclosure Management
Financial District
Financial Document Services
Financial Due Diligence
Financial Econometrics Research Centre
Financial Economics Network
Financial Education Resources
Financial Electronic Data Interchange
Financial Enforcement Office
Financial Engineering
Financial Engines Advisors LLC
Financial Engines, Inc.
Financial Evaluation of Ecosystem Management Activities
Financial Exchange
Financial Executives Association
Financial Executives Institute
Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines
Financial Executives International
Financial Executives Networking Group
Financial Executives Research Foundation
Financial Express
Financial Federal Credit Union
Financial Federal Credit, Inc.
Financial Fitness Challenge
Financial Fitness for Life
Financial Forecast Center, LLC
Financial Fraud Information Network
Financial Front End
Financial Funds Advisors International
Financial Futures Association of Japan
Financial Gifts Galore
Financial Group Directive
Financial Guaranty Insurance Company
Financial Health Assessment Framework
Financial Health Check
Financial Health Credit Union
Financial Health Hazard
Financial Health Research Institute
Financial Help Centers Inc.
Financial Holding Company
Financial Holding Company Act
Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness
Financial Incentive Rewards for Supervisors and Teachers
Financial Independence Group
Financial Independent Network Limited
Financial Industrial Group
Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc.
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
Financial Information
Financial Information
Financial Information and Analysis Unit
Financial Information Engine on Land Degradation
Financial Information Exchange
Financial Information Exchange Markup Language
Financial Information for Resources Management
Financial Information Link Library
Financial Information Management Incorporated
Financial Information Management System
Financial Information Pointer
Financial Information Processing
Financial Information Processing Center
Financial Information Progress System
Financial Information Questionnaire
Financial Information Resource Management System
Financial Information Resource System
Financial Information Resources System
Financial Information Service
Financial Information Service Centre
Financial Information System
Financial Information, Inc.
Financial Instant Messaging Association
Financial Institution
Financial Institution Benefit Association, Inc.
Financial Institution Data Match
Financial Institution Fraud
Financial Institution Letter
Financial Institution Management Sales Assistant
Financial Institution Merger & Acquisition Act
Financial Institution Partnership Program
Financial Institution Safety Training
Financial Institution Services, Inc.
Financial Institutions Development Fund
Financial Institutions Development Project
Financial Institutions Duty
Financial Institutions Group
Financial Institutions Insurance Association
Financial Institutions Marketing Group
Financial Institutions of Myanmar Law
Financial Institutions Security Task Force
Financial Institutions Services
Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance
Financial Instrument Short Description
Financial Instruments Data Model
Financial Insurance Advisors
Financial Insurance Company
Financial Integrated Product Team
Financial Integration Consulting and Research, Inc.
Financial Integrity Rating System in Texas
Financial Integrity Research Network
Financial Intelligence Agency
Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit
Financial Intelligence Quotient
Financial Intelligence Unit
Financial Intermediaries and Claims Office
Financial Intermediaries Association
Financial Intermediaries, Managers and Brokers Regulatory Association
Financial Intermediary
Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
Financial Internal Rate of Return
Financial Internet Working Group
Financial Inventory Accounting
Financial Inventory Accounting Codes
Financial Inventory Control
Financial Inventory Control Report
Financial Inventory File
Financial Inventory Report
Financial Investment Alliance
Financial Investor
Financial Job Network
Financial Law Panel
Financial Law Panel
Financial Leadership Rotation Program
Financial Leverage
Financial Leverage
Financial Liability Officer
Financial Liaison Advisor
Financial Literacy Education Consortium
Financial Literacy Program
Financial Literacy Program
Financial Literacy Task Force
Financial Litigation Unit
Financial Management
Financial Management & Comptroller
Financial Management Accounting
Financial Management Advisor
Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997
Financial Management and Accounting Services
Financial Management and Assurance
Financial Management and Purchasing System
Financial Management Area
Financial Management Assistance Project
Financial Management Association
Financial Management Board
Financial Management Budget
Financial Management Budget Office
Financial Management Capacity Assessment
Financial Management Center
Financial Management Consulting Group
Financial Management Council
Financial Management Division
Financial Management Enterprise Architecture
Financial Management Finance
Financial Management Finance
Financial Management Framework
Financial Management Grant
Financial Management Improvement Plan
Financial Management Information & Control System
Financial Management Information System
Financial Management Information System
Financial Management Initiative
Financial Management Leadership Program
Financial Management Manual
Financial Management Modernization Program
Financial Management Monitoring Unit
Financial Management Network
Financial Management Office
Financial Management Oversight Committee
Financial Management Plan
Financial Management Program
Financial Management Regulation
Financial Management Report/Review
Financial Management Service
Financial Management Service Foundation
Financial Management Society
Financial Management Steering Committee
Financial Management System
Financial Management Systems Software
Financial Management Tactical Platform
Financial Management Transition Team
Financial Manager
Financial Managerial Accounting System
Financial Manual for Grants and Contracts
Financial Market Analysis
Financial Market Authority
Financial Market Infrastructure
Financial Market Regulatory Dialogue
Financial Market Trends
Financial Markets and New Financial Instruments
Financial Markets Center
Financial Markets Development Corporation
Financial Markets Foundation for Children
Financial Markets Group
Financial Markets Research Center
Financial Markets Service Bank
Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science
Financial Minister
Financial Modeling and Analysis
Financial Modernization Act of 1999
Financial Need Analysis
Financial Net Present Value
Financial Network
Financial Network Inc
Financial Network Investment Corporation
Financial Network Services
Financial Neural Computing
Financial News
financial obligations ratio
Financial Occupations Club for University Students
Financial Officer in Charge
Financial Ombudsman Service
Financial Online Executive
Financial Operating Plan
Financial Operations Center
Financial Operations Department
Financial Operations Department
Financial Operations Supervisor
Financial Options Group Incorporated
Financial Options Incorporate
Financial Options Research Centre
Financial Partners Credit Union
Financial Partners Inc.
Financial Performance Indicators
Financial Performance Report
Financial Planner
Financial Planner
Financial Planner Association Indonesia
Financial Planners Association
Financial Planners Standards Council
Financial Planning
Financial Planning
Financial Planning and Reporting
Financial Planning and Reporting System
Financial Planning Associates, Inc.
Financial Planning Association
Financial Planning Association Los Angeles
Financial Planning Association of Singapore
Financial Planning Association of Taiwan
Financial Planning Certificate
Financial Planning Consultants, Inc.
Financial Planning Consultants, Inc.
Financial Planning Group
Financial Planning Institute
Financial Planning Proficiency Exam
Financial Planning Program
Financial Planning Service
Financial Planning Services
Financial Planning Software
Financial Planning System
Financial Planning Tool for Water Utilities
Financial Point of Contact
Financial Point of Sale
Financial Policy and Procedure Instructions
Financial Position Summary
Financial Post Index
Financial Power of Attorney
Financial Privacy Now
Financial Process Exchange
Financial Processing Systems, Inc
Financial Products
Financial Products
Financial Products Management System
Financial Profiles Inc
Financial Project Planning
Financial Recovery Service, Inc.
Financial Report Review Board
Financial Report Writer
Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting Advisory Board
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Financial Reporting and Disclosure
Financial Reporting Council
Financial Reporting Exposure Draft
Financial Reporting Extender
Financial Reporting Release
Financial Reporting Requirements
Financial Reporting Review Panel
Financial Reporting Standard
Financial Reporting Standards Committee
Financial Reporting System
Financial Reporting Taxonomy Architecture
Financial Reports and Analysis Branch
Financial Research Corp.
Financial Research Institute
Financial Research Institute
Financial Resource Management
Financial Resources Federal Credit Union
Financial Responsibility
Financial Responsibility
Financial Responsibility Act
Financial Responsibility Centre
Financial Responsibility Verification Program
Financial Restructuring and Recovery
Financial Revenue Strategy Symposium
Financial Risk Management Ltd.
Financial Risk Manager
Financial Rules and Procedures
Financial Safety Net
Financial Sanctions Officer
Financial Secretary
Financial Secretary to the Treasury
Financial Sector Advisory Council
Financial Sector Assessment Program
Financial Sector Assessment Programme
Financial Sector Charter Council
Financial Sector Deepening Uganda
Financial Sector Development Fund
Financial Sector Development Plan
Financial Sector Information System
Financial Sector Policy Package
Financial Sector Program
Financial Security Assurance Holdings Ltd.
Financial Security Assurance International
Financial Security Assurance, Inc.
Financial Security Assurance, Inc.
Financial Service Agreement
Financial Service Agreement
Financial Service Centers Cooperative, Inc.
Financial Service Department
Financial Service District
Financial Service Institution
Financial Service Provider
Financial Service Representative
Financial Service Standards LLC
Financial Services
Financial Services Accounting Hub
Financial Services Act
Financial Services Act
Financial Services Action Plan
Financial Services Advisory Board
Financial Services Agency
Financial Services Agency
Financial Services Agency of Japan
Financial Services and Banking Benchmarking Association
Financial Services and Markets Act 2000
Financial Services and Markets Bill
Financial Services Authority
Financial Services Authority
Financial Services Board
Financial Services Business Unit
Financial Services Center
Financial Services Commission
Financial Services Commission of Ontario
Financial Services Compensation Scheme
Financial Services Consultant
Financial Services Corporation
Financial Services Industry
Financial Services Industry Association
Financial Services Industry Exchange
Financial Services Instant Messaging Association
Financial Services Jersey Law 1998
Financial Services Lab
Financial Services Lawyers Association
Financial Services Licensee
Financial Services Management
Financial Services Marketing
Financial Services Marketing Association
Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999
Financial Services of Ontario
Financial Services Officer
Financial Services Platform
Financial Services Practitioner Panel
Financial Services Product Advisor
Financial Services Product Associate
Financial Services Reform
Financial Services Reform Act 2001
Financial Services Regulation
Financial Services Regulatory Authority
Financial Services Reputation Quotient
Financial Services Roundtable
Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council
Financial Services Skills Council
Financial Services Solution Center
Financial Services Specialist
Financial Services Supervisory Commission
Financial Services Technology
Financial Services Technology Consortium
Financial Services to Schools Team
Financial Services Training College
Financial Services Volunteer Corps
Financial Shared Services
Financial Social Accounting Matrix
Financial Solutions Advisory Group
Financial Solutions Consumer Center
Financial Solutions Group
Financial Solutions Legal Center
Financial Solvency Standards Board
Financial Sponsors Group
Financial Spread Betting
Financial Stability Board
Financial Stability Forum
Financial Standards Accounting Board
Financial Statement
Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
Financial Statement Analysis Package
Financial Statement Close Process
Financial Statement Generator
Financial Statement Item
Financial Statement of Assets and Liabilities
Financial Status Indicator
Financial Stewardship
Financial Strategies Consulting Group
Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement
Financial Strength Rating
Financial Supervisory Agency
Financial Supervisory Agency
Financial Supervisory Authority
Financial Supervisory Authority
Financial Supervisory Commission
Financial Supervisory Service
Financial Supply Chain Management
Financial Sustainability Action Plan
Financial Sustainability Plan
Financial System Stability
Financial System Stability Assessment
Financial Systems and Training
Financial Systems Assessment Team
Financial Systems Branch
Financial Systems Integration
Financial Systems Review
Financial Technical Services
Financial Technologies India Ltd.
Financial Technology
Financial Technology
Financial Time Series Prediction
Financial Times
Financial Times
Financial Times Actuaries
Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange
Financial Times Deutschland
Financial Times Deutschland
Financial Times Interactive Data
Financial Times Share Index
Financial Tracking System
Financial Training Associates
Financial Training Company
Financial Transaction Database
Financial Transaction Database
Financial Transaction Executive
Financial Transaction Ledger
Financial Transaction Register
Financial Transaction Reports Act
Financial Transaction Switch
Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada
Financial Transactions for Lawyers
Financial Transmission Right
Financial Valuation Group
Financial Vehicle Corporation
Financial Viability Advisor
Financial Women International
Financial Women’s Association
Financial Working Group
Financial Year
Financial Year Budget
Financial Year Total
Financial, Accounting and Claims Targeted Solutions
Financial, Adminstrative & Credit Services
Financial/Program Management Review
Financially Exposed Person
Financially Responsible Market Participant
Financials System
Financial-Services Firm
Firebrand Financial Group, Inc.
Firm Financial Facility
First Affinity Financial
First America Financial Corporation
First American Financial Corporation
First Cash Financial Services
First Command Financial Planning
First European Asian Finance Bank
First Federal Financial Bancorp
First Financial Bancorp
First Financial Bank
First Financial Bankshares, Inc.
First Financial Brokerage House
First Financial Credit Union
First Financial Equity Corporation
First Guardian Financial Corporation
First Gulf Financial Services
First Investors Financial Services
First Microfinance Bank
First Montauk Financial Corp.
First National Financial Corporation
First Niles Financial, Inc.
First Place Financial Corp.
First Robinson Financial Corp.
FirstCity Financial Corporation
Flash Financial Report for Prospective Overrun
FleetBoston Financial Corporation
Florida Aerospace Finance Corporation
Florida Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Florida Baptist Financial Services
Florida Education Finance Program
Florida Export Finance Corporation
Florida Housing Finance Agency
Florida Office of Financial Regulation
Foreign Bank and Financial Account Report
Foreign Currency Export Finance Facility
Foreign Financial Intelligence Unit
Foreign Financial Services Provider
Formal Financial Institution
Former Chief Financial Officer
Fortune Financial and Management Consultancy
Foundation Financial Information System
Foundations of Complex Financial Institutions
Franchise Finance Corporation of America
Franklin Financial Insurance Agency, Inc.
Free from Finance
Free Money Finance
Frontier Financial Credit Union
Fund Raising and Financial Development Section
Fundamentals of Business Financial Management Course
Future Finance System
Future-Oriented Financial Information
Futurum Financial Group
Gallagher Financial Systems, Inc.
Gallagher Financial Systems, Inc.
Gay Financial Network
GemFire on Intel for Financial Services
General Accounting & Finance System
General Electric Capital Financial Assurance Holdings, Inc.
General Electric Consumer Finance
General Finance Overview
General Index of Financial Information
General Practice Finance Corporation
Geneva World Financial Forum
Genworth Financial
Georgia Government Finance Officers Association
Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission
Georgia Student Finance Authority
Georgia Student Finance Commission
Getting Finances Done
Gibraltar Financial Services Handbook
Global Development Finance
Global Financial Architecture
Global Financial Centres Index
Global Financial Crisis
Global Financial Leadership Forum
Global Financial Market
Global Financial Services Industry
Global Islamic Finance Centre
Global Standard Financial
Global Steel Finance
Global Supply Chain Finance
Global Technology Finance
Global Trade Finance Ltd
Goldleaf Financial Solutions Inc.
Government Finance Officers Association
Government Finance Statistics
Government Finance Statistics Manual
Government Financial Institutions
Government Financial Reporting System
Government Financial Responsibility Act of 2000
Government Performance and Finance Committee
Government Statistics Finance
Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting
Governmental Financial Institutions and Agencies
Graduate Finance and Investment Association
Graduate Financial Assistance Application
Graduate Financial Management Association
Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management
Graduate School of International Economics and Finance
Great American Financial Resources, Inc.
Great American Financial Services
Great Northern Financial Group, Inc.
Greater Atlantic Financial Corp.
Griqualand Exploration and Finance Company Ltd.
Group Financial Reporting and Production
Group Report Finance
Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
Guaranteed Car Finance
Guaranty Financial Group
Guild Insurance and Financial Services
Gujarat Municipal Finance Board
Gujarat State Financial Corporation
HalcyonFinance Company
Hallmark Financial Services
Harbor Financial Mortgage Corporation
Harland Financial Solutions
Harley-Davidson Financial Services, Inc.
Head of Financial Services
Head of Global Finance
Health Care Financial Managers Association
Health Care Financial Services
Healthcare Financial Management Association
Healthcare Financial, Inc.
Heritage Financial Group, LLC
Hewlett-Packard Financial Services
High Level Finance Committee on Corporate Governance
High-Performance Computing for Financial Planning under Uncertainty
Holding Company for Financial Investments
Home Affordability Refinance Program
Home Credit Finance
Home Loan Financial Corporation
Homebuilders Financial Network
Honda Canada Finance, Inc
Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards
Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts
Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad
Hospital Financial Management Association
Hospital Financial Service Corporation
Hospital Patient Financial Services
House Building Finance Corporation
House Finance Committee
House Financial Services Committee
House of Commons Finance Committee
Household Commercial Financial Services
Household Finance Corporation
Housing Development Finance Corporation
Housing Finance Agency
Housing Finance Agency for CEE/SEE
Housing Finance Company of Uganda, Ltd.
Housing Finance Resource Programme
Housing Finance System
Houston Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
HSBC Financial Services Middle East
Hulbert Financial Digest
Human Services Finance Officers
Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority
Hyperion Financial Management
Hypo Public Finance Bank
Hyundai Motor Finance Company
Idaho Financial Services Association
Illiana Financial Credit Union
Illinois Business Financial Services
Illinois Department of Financial Institutions
Illinois Development Financed Authority
Illinois Finance Authority
Imposto Sobre Operacoes Financeiras
Independent Financial Adviser
Independent Financial Brokers of Canada
Independent Financial Marketing Group
Independent Financial Network
Independent Growth Finance Ltd
Independent Personal Financial Coach
Independent Tax and Financial Planners PC
India Infrastructure Finance Company
Indian Financial System Code
Indian Institute of Banking & Finance
Indian Institute of Finance
Indian Public Finance Statistics
Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd
Indiana Department of Financial Institutions
Indianapolis Society of Financial Analysts
Individual Financial Plan
Industrial and Financial Systems
Industrial Biotech Finance Forum
Industrial Finance Corporation of India
Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand
Industry Distribution and Financial Services
Infiniti Financial Services
Infinity Financial Group
Informação de Mercados Financeiros SA
Information for Financial Aid Professionals
Information Technology Financial Management
Information Technology Financial Management Association
Infrastructure Development Finance Company
Ingersoll-Rand Financial Services
InLife Financial News
Insignia Financial Group Inc.
Installations, Logistics, and Financial Management
Institut Catala de Finances
Institute for Banking, Finance and Management
Institute for Business and Finance Research
Institute for Development of Economics and Finance
Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
Institute for Financial Literacy, Inc.
Institute for Financial Markets
Institute for Law and Finance
Institute for Public Finance and Auditing
Institute for the Prevention of Financial Crimes
Institute of Advanced Financial Planners
Institute of Banking and Finance
Institute of Business and Finance
Institute of Certified Financial Planners
Institute of Finance
Institute of Finance and Insurance Science
Institute of Finance Research
Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance
Institute of Financial Accountants
Institute of Financial Management
Institute of Financial Services
Institute of International Finance
Institute of Public Finance
Instrumento Financeiro de Orientação das Pescas
Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee
Insurance and Financial Review
Insurance Financial Strength
Insurance Financial Strength Rating
Integra Capital Financial Corporation
Integrated Financial and Administrative Management System
Integrated Financial and Asset Management System
Integrated Financial Business Consulting
Integrated Financial Group, Inc.
Integrated Financial Information System
Integrated Financial Management
Integrated Financial Management Accounting System
Integrated Financial Management and Accountability Programme
Integrated Financial Management Systems
Integrated Financial System
Integrity Financial Groups
Intel Financial Services
Intelligent Finance
InterActive Financial Marketing Group
Interim Financial Reporting
Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
International Association of Financial Engineers
International Association of Financial Planners
International Association of Microfinance Investors
International Association of Registered Financial Consultants
International Association of Registered Financial Planners
International Business and Financial Centre
International College of Economics and Finance
International Company for Finance and Investments
International Conference on Economics and Finance
International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance
International Finance & Commodities Institute
International Finance and Business
International Finance and Development
International Finance and Development Corporation
International Finance Bank
International Finance Corporation
International Finance Corporation Indexes
International Finance Discussion Papers
International Finance Facility
International Finance Facility for Immunization
International Finance Group Working Paper
International Finance Investment & Commerce
International Financial and Trade Institutions
International Financial Center
International Financial Corporations
International Financial Fraud Convention
International Financial Institutions
International Financial Market
International Financial Organization
International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee
International Financial Reporting Issues Committee
International Financial Reporting Standard
International Financial Reporting Standards
International Financial Reporting System
International Financial Review
International Financial Sector Authority
International Financial Services Association
International Financial Services Authority
International Financial Services Centre
International Financial Services District
International Financial Statistics
International Financial Support
International Financial Systems
International Islamic Finance Forum
International Islamic Financial Market
International Journal of Finance and Economics
International Journal of Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management
International Microfinance and Microenterprise
International Newspaper Financial Executives
International Newspaper Financial Executives
International Project Finance Association
International Retail Financial Services
International Society of Financial Analysts
International Student Financial Aid
International Union for Housing Finance
Internet Finance International
Internet Finance International Corporation
Intervention with Microfinance for AIDS and Gender Equity
Investigació en Anàlisi Financera i de la Incertesa
Investment and Financial Services Association
Investment Finance and Enterprise Development
Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance
Iowa Financial Services Association
Iowa Society of Financial Analysts Inc
Iraq Small Business Finance Facility
Irish Financial Services Centre
Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority
Islamic Business & Finance Network
Islamic Finance and Investment Limited
Islamic Finance Information Service
Islamic Finance News
Iwision Finance Group
Jacques Chahine Finance
Jaguar Financial Inc.
Japan Association for Financial Planners
Japan Finance Corporation for Municipal Enterprises
Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business
Japan Financial Services Agency
Japan Housing Finance Agency
Jersey Finance Limited
Jersey Financial Services Commission
Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics
Joint Finance Committee
Joint Finance Unit
Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
Joint Financial Services Diploma
Joint Stock Financial Corporation
Jordan Investment & Finance Bank
Jordan Mortgage Refinance Company
Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance
Journal of Banking and Finance
Journal of Finance
Journal of Financial and Strategic Decisions
Journal of Financial Economics
Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance
Journal of Financial Service Professionals
Journal of International Banking and Financial Law
Journal of International Finance Studies
Journal of Property Finance
Journal of Property Investment and Finance
Journal of Psychology and Financial Markets
Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice
Kansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation
Keith Dyson Financial Consultancy
Kentucky Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Kerala Financial Corporation
Kerala State Financial Enterprises
Key Financial Variables
Keystone Financial Group
Korea Development Finance Corporation
Korea Financial Planner Association
Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute
Korea Institute of Finance
Kroger Personal Finance
Kuala Lumpur Options and Financial Futures Exchange
Kuwait Finance House
Kuwait Finance House Malaysia Berhad
Labour Finance Industry Group
Labuan International Financial Exchange
Labuan International Financial Exchange
Last Financial Year
Legal Financial Obligations
Lehman Brothers Special Finance
Letra Financeira do Tesouro
Letter of Financial Responsibility
Lexus Financial Service
Library of Financial Arrangements
Licensed Financial Services Division
Lincoln Financial Group
Lincoln Financial Group
Lincoln Financial Network
Linking Innovation Finance and Technology
Livelihood and Micro Finance Promotion
Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance (UK)
Local Financial Institution
Local Government Finance
Local Government Finance Act
Local Government Finance Commission
Local Government Finance Report
Local Government Finance Statistics
Local Government Finance System
Local Improvement Finance Trust
Local Public Finance Law
Local Student Finance Scheme
Loi de Financement de la Sécurité Sociale
Loi de Finances
Loi Organique Relative Aux Lois de Finances
London College of Accounting and Finance
London International Financial Futures Exchange
London School of Business and Finance
Long Island Financial Corporation
Long Term Financial Forecast
Long-Term Financial Plans
Long-Term Public Finance Report
Louisiana Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Louisiana Housing Finance Agency
Luxembourg School of Finance
Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre
Macroeconomic Management and Financial Sector Issues
Macroeconomic Policy and International Finance
Main Financial Institution
Main Street Financial Advisors
Making Finance Work for Africa
Malaysian Islamic Finance
Malaysian Society of Financial Analysts
Management in Business Finance
Management Information Financial Outlook
Management of Financial Institutions
Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis
Manager of Financial Services
Managerial & Financial Training Centre
Managers Association of Financial Advisors of Canada
Manderson Management & Financial Consulting
Manheim Automotive Financial Services
Manufacturing Science and Finance Union
Manulife Financial Corporation
Marina Bay Financial Centre
Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
Massachusetts Community Development Finance Corporation
Massachusetts Financial Services Company
Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency
Massachusetts Housing Finance Authority
Master Applied Finance
Master Financial Advisor
Master Financial Manager
Master Financial Planning
Master Financial Professional
Master of Accounting and Financial Analysis
Master of Accounting and Financial Management
Master of Finance
Master of Financial Economics
Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Management
Master of Science in Computational Finance
Master of Science in Finance
Master of Science in Financial Analysis
Master of Science in Financial Planning
Master of Science in Financial Services
Masters in Financial Engineering
Masters in Law and Finance
Masters of Science in Financial Analysis
Material Financial Control System
Mathematics in Finance
Mathematics, Economics and Finance
Maynooth Finance Research Group
McKenzie Arthur Financial Management
Mécanisme de Financement avec Partage des Risques
Media Financial Management Association
Medical Financial Assistance
Medical Student/Resident Financial Assistance Program
Medium Term Financial Forecast
Medium Term Financial Framework
Medium Term Financial Plan
Medium Term Financial Strategy
Member of the Society of Financial Advisers
Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies
Mercantile International Finance and Trade
Merchandise Financial Planning
Merrill Lynch Financial Centre
Metropolitan Financial Management
Micro Finance and Technical Support
Micro Finance Bank
Micro Finance Ltd
Micro Finance Skills Project
Microfinance and Microenterprise Unit
Microfinance Innovation Center for Resources and Alternatives
Microfinance Institution
Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan
Microfinance Investment Vehicle
Microfinance Organization
Mid America Financial Services
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
Mid-Wisconsin Financial Services
Millington Savings Bank Financial Corp
Minimum Financial Responsibility
Minister of Finance Inc.
Ministry of Economy and Finance
Ministry Of Finance
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Ministry of Finance and National Planning
Ministry of Finance and Planning
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
Ministry of Planning and Finance
Minnesota Business Finance Corporation
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
MISMO XML (Extensible Markup Language) Compliance (finance)
Mississippi Business Finance Corporation
Mississippi Finance Association
Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers Association
Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
Mixed-Finance Public Housing
Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
Modeling Financial Economics
Monarch Financial Corporation of America
Mondial Financial Partners
Monetary and Financial Policy Transparency
Monetary and Financial Statistics
Monetary and Financial Systems Department
Monetary Financial Institution
Money and Finance Conference
Money Plant Financial Services
Money Source Financial Services
Money, Banking and Finance
Montana Community Finance Corporation
Monthly Financial Statement
Monthly Financial Submission
Monthly Summary of Commerce and Finance
Montreal Society of Financial Analysts
Moore Stephens Financial Services
Morningstar PracticalFinance
Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia
Mortgage Finance Authority
Mortgage Finance Company
Mortgage Partnership Finance Program
Mortgage West Financial
Motor Vehicle Sales Finance
Multifamily Mortgage Finance
Multi-Finance Company
Municipal Finance Authority
Municipal Finance Officer
Municipal Finance Officers’ Association
Municipal Finance Task Force
NASA Accounting & Financial Information System
National Aircraft Finance Association
National Assistance Finance Association
National Association of County Treasurers and Finance Officers
National Association of Financial Services Auditors, Inc.
National Australia Financial Management Limited
National Automotive Finance Annual
National Automotive Finance Association
National Bank Financial
National Center for Financial Education
National Century Financial Enterprises, Inc.
National Commission on Consumer Finance
National Council of Financial Executives
National Endowment for Financial Education
National Finance Center
National Finance Co. Ltd.
National Finance Commission
National Finance Institute
National Financial Communications Inc.
National Financial Literacy Challenge
National Financial Management Authority
National Financial News Services
National Financial Partners Corp.
National Financial Services LLC
National Housing Finance and Investments Limited
National Institute in Church Finance and Administration
National Institute of Finance and Accounts
National Medical Financial Services Corp.
National Public Education Financial Survey
National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation
National Student Financial Aid
National Student Financial Aid Scheme
National Survey of Small Business Finances
Nationwide Financial Services
Nationwide Financial Services, Inc.
NATO Financial Regulations
NATO Integrated Financial System
Navy Accounting and Finance Center
Navy Finance Center
Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
Net Financial Debt
Net Financial Indebtedness
Net Financial Position
Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets
Network for Business and Commercial Finance
Network of European Financial Institutions
Nevada Association of Financial Aid Administrators
New Century Financial Corp.
New Finance and Management Accounting
New Financial Architecture
New International Financial Architecture
New Mexico Environmental Finance Center
New Mexico Finance Authority
New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
New York Financial Exchange
New York Financial Management System
New York Financial Writers Association
New Zealand Mortgage Finance
Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit
Nippon Finance Association
No Financial Interest
Nomura Principal Finance Co.
Non Banking Financial Company
Non Financial Community Needs
Non Financial Public Sector
Non Public Personal Financial Information
Non-Appropriated Funds Financial Management Officer
Non-Bank Finance Company
Nonbank Financial
Non-Banking Financial Corporation
Non-Banking Financial Institutions Regulator
Non-Financial Corporation
Non-Financial Foreign Entity
Non-Financial Performance Indicator
Non-Financial Update
Nonparametric Analysis of Financial Data
Nordic Financial Planning Association
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd.
North Island Financial Credit Union
North Island Financial Union
Northeast Financial Management Associates
Northern Iceland Finance Corporation
Northstar Financial Advisors, Inc.
Northstar Financial Services Bermuda Ltd.
Norwich Financial Advice
Not Financially Worthy
Notice and Finding of Financial Responsibility
Object Finance
Octopus Micro Finance Suite
Office of Administration and Finance
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
Office of Budget and Finance
Office of Budget and Financial Management
Office of Budget and Financial Planning
Office of Business Finance and Planning
Office of Finance & Resource Management
Office of Finance and Administration
Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation
Office of Financial and Insurance Services
Office of Financial Management
Office of Financial Regulation
Office of Financial Research
Office of Funding and Financial Reporting
Office of Housing Finance Supervision
Office of Strategic Finance
Office of Student Financial Aid Services
Office of Student Financial Assistance
Office of Student Financial Assistance
Office of Student Financial Services
Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions
Offshore Financial Center
Offshore Financial Trade Association
Oil Industry Finance Association
Okinawa Development Finance Corporation
Oklahoma Industrial Finance Authority
Oman Investment & Finance Company
Omni Financial Services, Inc
One Touch Financial
Online Finance Database
Online Financial Services
Ontario Mega Finance Group
Ontario Superintendent of Financial Institutions
Open Finance Network
Open Financial Connectivity
Open Financial Exchange
Open Financial Exchange
Operating and Financial Review
Operations Finance Preparatory Programme
Opportunity Finance Network
Optimized Financial Instruments Processing
Oracle Federal Financials
Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors, Inc.
Oregon Trail Financial Corp.
Organizations, Appropriations, and Finance
Orissa State Financial Corporation
Other Financial Expenses
Other Financial Institution
Owner Will Finance
Oxford Centre for Computational Finance
Pakistan Microfinance Network
Pan-European Financial Services
Parallax Financial Research
Park Avenue Financial Group
Park Financial Services Ltd
Park View Financial Planning
Participating Depository Financial Institution
Partners in Planning Financial Services Ltd.
Partnerships for Finance and Development
Patient Accepts Financial Responsibility
Patient Administration and Financial Management
Patient Financial Counselor
Patient Financial Services
Pennsylvania Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Pennsylvania Financial Services Association
Pensions, Insurance and Financial Institutions
Pergamon Financial Data Services
Personal and Corporate Financial Planning
Personal Finance and Career Exploration
Personal Finance Boot Camp
Personal Finance Initiative
Personal Finance Manager
Personal Financial Analyst
Personal Financial Planner
Personal Financial Planning Association
Personal Financial Representative
Personal Financial Specialist
Personal Financial Statement
Personally Identifiable Financial Information
Personnel Financial Record
Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management
Petroleum Finance Company
Phoenix American Financial Services
Phoenix Supply Financial Interface System
Pinnacle Financial Group
Pittsburgh Home Financial Corp.
Planning and Financial Management
Planning, Finance & Research
Platinum Financial Group
Policy and Financial Management Review
Polish Financial Supervision Authority
Popular Annual Financial Report
Popular Financial Holdings
Portland Financial Planning Group, LLC
Positive Financial Impact
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Finance
Postal Finance Marts
Postgraduate Certificate in Economics and Finance
Power Finance Corporation Ltd
Power of Attorney for Financial Matters
Pre Export Finance
Pre-Export Finance
Premier Finance Australia
Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc.
President’s Choice Financial
Pridie Brewster Corporate Finance
Primerica Financial Services
Primerica Financial Services Ltd
Principal Establishment and Finance Officer
Principal Financial Group
Printing Industry Financial Executives
Private Finance Initiative
Private Financial Fund
Private Non-Financial Corporation
Private Sector Investment Finance
Professional and Financial Regulation
Professional Financial Advisor
Professional Financial Planning Course
Program Financial Management
Program Financial Management System
Program Financial Review
Program on International Financial Systems
Progressive Financial Groups Association
Project and Structured Finance
Project Finance
Project Finance Advisory
Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting & Auditing
Projet de Loi de Financement de la Sécurité Sociale
Promontory Interfinancial Network
Prospective Financial Information
Protection, Effective Financial Structure, Asset Quality, Rates of Return and Costs, Liquidity and Signs of Growth
Provident Financial Group, Incorporated
Provident Financial Services, Inc.
Provider Financial Assurance Audit
Prudential Financial
Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability
Public Finance
Public Finance Amendment Act of 2004
Public Finance Authority
Public Finance Berhad Malaysia
Public Finance Initiative
Public Finance Institute of the Philippines
Public Finance Management Act
Public Finance Review
Public Financial Institution
Public Financial Management
Public Financial Services Agency
Public Non-Financial Company
Public Non-Financial Corporations
Public Official Financial Disclosure
Public Record of Operations and Finance
Public School Finance
Public School Finance Authority
Public Sector Management and Finance Law
Pulse Financial Services Limited
Qatar Financial Centre
Qualified Financial Advisor
Qualified Financial Planner
Quality Financial Reporting
Quantitative Financial Research
Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance
Quarterly Subsistence Financial Report
Queensway Financial Holdings
Quicken Financial Network
Raddon Financial Group
Raising Financially Fit Kids
Raymond James Financial, Inc.
Real Estate Finance Association
Real Estate Finance Journal
Really Essential Financial Statistics
Realty Financial Network
Receiving Depository Financial Institution
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Recoverable Financial Aid
Regional Financial Center
Regions Financial Corporation
Registered Financial Associate
Registered Financial Consultant
Registered Financial Planner
Registered Financial Specialist
Remington Financial Group, Inc.
Requiring Financial Manager
Reseau Europeen de la Microfinance
Reseau Financement Alternatif
Residential Finance Corporation
Responsible Finance Officer
Retail Army Stock-fund Financial Inventory Accounting and Reporting System
Retailer Financial Services
Retirement and Financial Management
Review of Financial Studies
Rhode Island Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Rice Financial Products Company
Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978
Ross Taylor Financial Corporation
RSF Social Finance
Rural Adjustment and Finance Corporation
Rural Financial Counselling Services
Rural Financial Services Programme
Rural Financial Services Project
Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative
Rushmore Financial Group, Inc.
Russia Sustainable Energy Finance Program
Ryukyu Reconstruction Finance Fund
Sales, Operations & Financial Planning
San Antonio Chapter of Financial Service Professionals
San Diego Commercial Finance
Santander Consumer Finance
Sarkissian Financial Group
Saudi Arabian Financial Exchange
Scalable Architecture for Financial Reporting
Schedule of Federal Financial Assistance
School Financial Services
Schoolnet Academy of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Scottish Centre for Financial Education
Seattle Society of Financial Analysts Society of Seattle; est. 1974)
Second Rural Finance Project
Secretary for Financial Services
Securian Financial Network
Securities & Financial Solutions
Securities America Financial Corporation
Securities Industry and Financial Markets
Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interests
Security Financial Bancorp, Inc.
Security Financial Group, Inc.
Selective Finance for Investment in England
Senate Committee on Finance and Planning
Senior Finance Manager
Senior Financial Consultant
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer-Treasurer
Service & Finance
Service & Finance
Service and Finance Framework
Service Finance
Service Finance
Set Financial Database Language
Shanghai Finance Bureau
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Shanghai World Financial Center
Shareholder Loan Finance Committee
Shop Direct Finance Company
Short-Term Financial Assistance
Short-Term Financial Management
Short-Term Financial Plan
Shriram City Union Finance
Shriram Overseas Finance Ltd.
Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited
Significant Financial Interest
Significant Financial Interest Disclosure
Silicon Valley Microfinance Network
Simple Financial Feasibility Analysis
Simple Financial Site Builder
Sistema de Proteção Contra Riscos Financeiros
Sistema Financeiro Nacional
Small Business Accounting and Finance
Small Business Finance Corporation
Small Business Financial Exchange
Smart Online Finance
Smith Manoeuvre Financial Corporation
Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation
Social Studies of Finance Network
Societe de Refinancement Hypothecaire
Société Générale de Financement
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
Society of Financial Advisers
Society of Financial Analysts
Society of Financial Examiners
Society of Financial Service Professionals
Society of Financial Services Professionals
Society of Insurance Financial Management
Solicitors for Independent Financial Advice
Solicitors’ Financial Management Group
Solid Gold Financial Services
Solution Corporate Finance Limited
Sound Financial Management
South Atlantic Financial Services, Inc.
South Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
South Dakota Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
South Plains Housing Finance Corporation
Southern Cross Financial Planning
Sovereign Financial Group
Special Finance
Sponsored Projects Finance Office
Stabsstelle Financial Intelligence Unit
StanCorp Financial Group
Standard Army Finance Information System
Standard Army Financial Inventory Accounting & Reporting System
Standard Financial Information Structure
Standard Financial System
Standard Management Information Reports for Finance
State Board of Finance
State Direct Financial Interest
State Finance Committee
State Financial Control Committee
State Financial Oversight Board
State Street Financial Center
State Super Financial Services
Statement of Changes in Financial Position
Statement of Financial Accounting Standards
Statement of Financial Activities
Statement of Financial Affairs
Statement of Financial Condition
Statement of Financial Position
Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts
Statewide Financial Management System
Statistiques et Finances Locales
Stern Agee Financial Services, Inc.
Stewart Financial Management, Inc.
Stingy about giving out personal information, Check your financial information regularly, Ask periodically for a copy of your credit report, Maintain careful records of your banking and financial acco
Stochastic Processes in Finance and Insurance
Strategic Finance for Smaller Businesses
Strategic Financial Management
Strategic Financial Management Group
Strategic Financial Plan
Strategic Long-Term Financial Risk
Structured Commodity Finance
Structured Finance
Structured Finance
Structured Finance Division
Structured Finance Group
Structured Finance International, LLC
Structured Finance Transaction
Structured Financial Messaging System
Structured Trade Export Finance
Student Academic and Financial Services
Student Finance Corporation
Student Financial Aid Guidelines
Student Financial Aid Services
Student Financial Assistance
Student Financial Assistance Agency
Student Financial Supplement Scheme
Student Loan Finance Association
Student Loan Finance Corporation
Student Microfinance and Development Initiative
Student Services Finance Committee
Subotnick Financial Services Center
Subsistence Financial System
Sudan Microfinance Development Facility
Suffield Financial Group
Sulfur Financial Instrument
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group
Summary Consolidated Financial Statements
Sun Life Financial Indonesia
Sundaram Finance Distribution Limited
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Financial Management
Survey of Consumer Finances
Survey of Financial Characteristics of Consumers
Susquehanna Financial Group
Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative
Sustainable Investment and Finance in Tourism Network
Sustaining Microfinance Project
Swiss Academy for Banking and Finance
Swiss Development Finance Corporation
Swiss Federal Finance Administration
Swiss Financial Analysts Association
Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange
Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association
Swiss Re Financial Products
Swiss-Asia Financial Services Pte. Ltd.
Sybase Financial Server
Synovus Financial Corp.
Synovus Financial Corp.
Systemically Important Financial Institution
Systems for Financial Accounting, Inc.
Tactical Unit Financial Management Information System
Taking Total Financial Control
Targeted Small Business Financial Assistance Program
Tarpley & Underwood Financial Advisors
Task Force on Finance Statistics
Task Force on Financial Mechanisms
Tax Increment Finance Authority
Tax Increment Finance Industrial District
Taxation of Financial Arrangements
Telecom Financial Management
Tennessee Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Tennessee Registry of Election Finance
Tennessee Valley Financial Holdings, Inc.
Term Finance Certificates
Terrorist Finance Tracking Program
Terrorist Finance Working Group
Terrorist Financing & Financial Crimes
Tesco Personal Finance
Texas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Texas Water Resources Finance Authority
The Finance Project
The Financial Group
The Global Institute of Finance and Banking
Theater Finance Command
Thomas Cook Financial Services
Thomson Financial
Thomson Financial Network
Thomson Financial Securities Data
Tianjin University of Finance and Economics
Tianjin University of Finance and Economics
Tiger Financial News Network
Time Finance Adjusters
Today’s Financial News
Tokyo Financial Exchange
Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange
Top Flite Financial
Toronto Finance Convention
Toronto Financial Services Alliance
Total Financial Group
Total Financial Solutions Australia
Toyota Financial Services
Toyota Industries Finance International AB
Trade and Development Finance Division
Trade Finance
Trade Finance Institutional Structure
Trade Structure Finance
Traded Options and Financial Futures
TradePort Export Finance Online
Tradition Financial Services
Transamerica Finance Corp.
Transamerica Finance Corporation
Transitional Finance Authority
Transport Development Finance Corporation Limited
Transportation Financial Management System
Transportation Financial Management System – MTMC
Treasury Financial Communications System
Treasury Financial Manual
Treasury Financial Reporting System
Twelfth Finance Commission
Twin Cities Financial
Unfinanced Requirement
Unfinanced Requirement
Unfinanced Requirements List
Uni-Asia Finance Corporation
Unified Financial Management System
Uniform Financial Statement and Independent Auditor’s Report
Uniform System of Financial Records
Unique Financial Solutions Group
Unisys Financial Services System
Unit Financial Management Board
United Community Financial Corporation
United Consumer Financial Services
United Financial Banking Companies, Inc.
United Financial Casualty Companies
United Financial Corporation
United Financial Group
United Financial Holdings, Inc.
United Financial of Japan
United Financial Settlement Services, Inc.
United First Financial
United Kingdom Sustainable Investment and Finance
United PanAm Financial Corporation
United States Arbitrage Finance II, LLC
United States Financial Management, Inc.
United States Financial Services
Universal American Financial Corp
Universal American Financial Corporation
University Financial Aid Application
Unrelated Debt-Financed Income
Urban Financial Services Coalition
US Aircraft Finance
USACE Finance Center
Utah Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Utah Technology Finance Corporation
Uttar Pradesh Financial Corporation
Validated Unfinanced Requirement
Value Added Finance Authority
Vancouver Society of Financial Analysts
Vehicle Asset Finance
Vehicle Financial Information
Veterans Affairs Finance Center
Vice Chancellor for Administration Finance and Audits
Vienna Graduate School of Finance
Vietnam Financial Media Corporation
Virginia Beach Federal Financial Corp.
Virginia Financial Group, Inc.
Virginia Student Financial Assistance Program
Vision Finance Company SA
Vivenasri Financial Services Ltd.
Volvo Automotive Finance China, Ltd.
Volvo Finance North America
Wachovia Securities Financial Holdings, LLC
Wade Cook Financial Corporation
Wall Street Financial Group
Warwick Finance Research Institute
Washington Area Finance Association
Washington Finance Officers Association
Washington Financial Aid Association
Water Infrastructure Finance Authority
Waterfield Financial Corporation
Weiland Financial Group, Inc.
Wells Fargo Financial Acceptance
West Bengal Financial Corporation
West Virginia Financial Information Management System
Western Financial Services Association
Western Hemisphere Finance Ministers
Western Ohio Financial Corporation
Western Union Financial Services
Wharton Financial Institutions Center
Whirlpool Financial Corporation
Whirlpool Financial National Bank
Wholesale Financial Holding Company
Willis Corroon Financial Planning
Willis Lease Finance Corporation
Wilmington Housing Finance and Development
Wilshire Financial Services Group, Inc
Windham Financial Services, Inc.
Wisconsin Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
WM Financial Services
Women in Banking and Finance
Women in Finance
Women in Insurance and Financial Services
Women’s Financial Network
Women’s Institute for Financial Education
Women’s Trade and Finance Council
Working Group on Financial Markets
Working Group on Financial Services
Working Party on Financial Statistics
World Financial Access
World Financial Center
World Financial Group
World Financial Information Conference
World Financial Network
World Financial News Network
World Wide Financial Network
Worthy Keeper of Finance
Wright Patt Financial Group
Xceed Financial Credit Union
Xinhua Finance Limited
Xinhua Financial Network/News
Yamaha Motor Finance
Yerba Buena Financial Partners
Your Financial Breakthrough
Zurich Financial Services Group