Forestry Abbreviations

Forestry is the creation, conservation and exploitation of forests according to an orderly economic and technical planning . The core problem of forestry is the balance between long-term unpredictable human demands and the immutability of the environmental demands of forest .


An example of the different demands made by man is the post-war demand for wood production after a period of scarcity, as opposed to the contemporary demand for nature conservation in a period without wood shortage due to timber imports. An example from the tropics is the former demand for opening up and exploitation of rainforest when that forest still seemed inexhaustible, against the modern demand for protection now that this forest seems to disappear (→ deforestation ).

Forms of forestry. A good characteristic of a forestry system is the circulation, the period between two harvests, or between ‘birth’ and ‘death’ of a piece of forest.

The more urgent the human demands, the shorter the circulation, as with coppiceor pilot whales with orbits between four years (modern energy cultivation) and 20 years (old farming systems). Without short rotations, the specific biological coppice environment cannot be maintained. Such systems are closer to agriculture than to a natural ecosystem . The more emphasis on a permanent forest environment, with lesser known human requirements, the longer the circulation. Examples include Swiss mixed forests, German and Ned. deciduous forests with orbits of 80 years or more, or felling systems in which trees are felled, but the forest is never without trees (→ clear felling ). Without long turns or felling , the specific biological forest environment does not exist.

The longer the circulation, the more natural the life processes: the → forest ecosystem has time to develop. Forestry systems that most closely resemble nature are based either on long rotations or on felling. Sudden changes in management form mean unfavorable development shocks for the forest: conversions from one forestry system to another, or to natural forests, take a lot of time and must be gradual. French policy since about 1840 has been aimed at converting farmland to upright forest, from short to long rotation. This has now been achieved on approximately half the total area of ​​forest. The Polish ‘jungle’ Bialowieza still shows traces of the French armies around 1800 and of the German armies from 1914-1918.

Forestry areas. Forestry depends on the extent to which an area is urbanized, rural or covered with managed forest or natural forest. City zones require short rotations: energy cultivation with zoning plans that only cover 25 years. The countryside has agricultural forests with fairly short to short rotations, because production is always demanded: hedgerows, poplar groves. Short rotations over the long term also provide a biologically rich environment . Areas with a lot of forest and little agriculture allow natural forestry.

The success of these forestry forms determines the survival of natural forests: city and village residents who do not obtain forest products through forestry, get them from natural forests. The closer the population, the more difficult it is to maintain natural forests: this occurs in Nigeria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Java, England and the Sahel countries, among others. The transition from natural forest to city is quick and easy; the reverse is long and difficult, if at all possible.

Forestry economy. If one creates a forest now, it is unpredictable how this forest and its products will be valued financially in 50 years. A ‘worthless’ forest is at risk. To minimize this, cheap and efficient forestry work is needed. Loss-making forest risks its survival during economic recessions. This requires a completely different technical-economic approach in forestry than is customary in industry and agriculture.

From the French exploitre , to exploit is a verb that refers to the action of taking advantage of the riches of an industry or a business and of using the qualities of a person or circumstance in an abusive way. The action and effect of exploring are called exploration.

Forestry, from the Latin forestālis , it is said of what belongs or is related to woods (forests) and the use of firewood and other related resources. The cultivation of forests and the science associated with this cultivation are known as silviculture.

Forestry, therefore, is the extraction of resources from a forested area. This activity is generally carried out with a view to obtaining wood, fruit or cork.

It should be borne in mind that forestry has serious consequences for the forests. If it is not a matter of controlled and responsible exploitation, the very subsistence of the forest and the forest is threatened.

Forest exploitation often involves felling trees and burning large areas, which literally means the destruction of the forest and gives rise to the phenomenon known as deforestation.

When a forest is felled without a reforestation plan , the ecosystem suffers great damage and biodiversity is lost. In addition to the plant species that are directly affected, many animals are left without their habitat and even certain aboriginal communities are displaced. Forest exploitation also has negative consequences for the absorption of carbon dioxide and leads to soil erosion.

Control by the authorities and legislation is therefore essential so that forestry is not unsustainable.

Forestry Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Forestry

AGFC Advisory Group on Forestry and Cork
AFFA Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry Australia
AFF Agriculture Forestry and Fishing
AFFA Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Australia
AFFA Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry Australia
AFCS Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Sciences
AFHE Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics
AFOLU Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use
AEM Agroforestry Estate Model
AEM-2 Agroforestry Estate Model
AFA Alabama Forestry Association
AFA Alberta Forestry Association
AFA Algonquin Forestry Authority
AFA American Forestry Association
AMAF ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry
APFC Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission
AOFC Associated Oregon Forestry Clubs
AICAF Association for International Cooperation of Agriculture and Forestry
AFTA Association for Temperate Agroforestry
AFC Australian Forestry Council
AFS Australian Forestry Standard
BUTTERFLY Bachelor of Forestry
BF Bachelor of Forestry
BMFC Black Mountain Forestry Center
BFC Blackwater Forestry Center
BOF Board of Forestry
BOFL Board of Forestry Lands
CDF California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
CDFF California Department of Forestry Firefighters
CFA California Forestry Association
CFA Canadian Forestry Association
CIF Canadian Institute of Forestry
CIFAR Canadian International Forestry Advisers Roster
CIFOR Center for International Forestry Research
CPF Center for People’s Forestry
CSA Center for Semiarid Agroforestry
CNFMA China National Forestry Machinery Association
CFAN CIDA Forestry Advisers Network
CFNR College of Forestry and Natural Resources
CFA Commonwealth Forestry Association
CF Community Forestry
CFA Community Forestry International
CFRC Community Forestry Resource Center
CBF Community-Based Forestry
CFMEU Construction Forestry Mining & Energy Union
CFE Continuing Forestry Education
CCFG Continuous Cover Forestry Group
CFRU Cooperative Forestry Research Unit
CFIA Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretive Association
CFRT Crown Forestry Rental Trust
DAFE Department of Agricultural and Forestry Extension
DAFF Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
DCPF Department of Crop Production and Forestry
DFFP Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
DAFO District Agriculture and Forestry Office
DFNR Division of Forestry and Natural Resources
EIS Ecoforestry Institute Society
EFP Enhanced Forestry Program
ESF Environmental Science and Forestry
EFICS European Forestry Information and Communication System
FCAF Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
FFWS Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences
FFDG Farm Forestry Development Group
FFSP Farm Forestry Support Project
FNFP First Nations Forestry Program
FFA Florida Forestry Association
FABI Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute
FBD Forestry and Beekeeping Division
FEOP Forestry and Environmental Outreach Program
FGMRI Forestry and Game Management Research Institute
FLU Forestry and Land Use
FNR Forestry and Natural Resources
FWT Forestry and Wood Technology
FABI Forestry Authority Biodiversity Initiative
FAWN Forestry Awareness Week Now
FC Forestry Commission
FCCA Forestry Conservation Communications Association
FDPM Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia
FEOP Forestry Educational Outreach Program
FES Forestry Environmental Studies
FIP Forestry Incentives Program
FPFO Forestry Program For Oregon
FRA Forestry Reclamation Approach
FRSL Forestry Remote Sensing Laboratory
FRP Forestry Research Programme
FRIDAY Forestry Resources Inc
FRI Forestry Resources Inc
FSI Forestry Science Institute of Vietnam
FSCU Forestry Sector Coordination Unit
FSDP Forestry Sector Development Project
FSA Forestry South Africa
FREEDOM Forestry South Africa
FSAF Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry
FOF Future of Forestry
GFA Georgia Forestry Association
GFC Georgia Forestry Commission
GLFC Great Lakes Forestry Centre
HCFP Haryana Community Forestry Project
HFCI Hawaii Forestry and Communities Initiative
HOAF Heads of Agriculture and Forestry
HLFFD Hills Leasehold Forestry and Forage Development
HFRI Hokkaido Forestry Research Institute
HFRR Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources
HUAF Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry
ICFRE Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
IAFE Institute for Agriculture, Forestry and the Environment
IOF Institute of Forestry
ITF Institute of Tropical Forestry
IFDP Integrated Forestry Development Programme
IFOA Integrated Forestry Operations Approval
ISF Integrated Social Forestry
IDCF Inter-Departmental Committee on Forestry
IAFN International Analog Forestry Network
ICRIS International Consultation on Research and Information Systems in Forestry
IFQRG International Forestry Quarantine Research Group
IFSA International Forestry Student Association
IITF International Institute of Tropical Forestry
INEF International Network on Ethnoforestry
JOFCA Japan Overseas Forestry Consultants Association
KDF Kentucky Division of Forestry
KEFRI Kenya Forestry Research Institute
KCFA Kootenay Centre Forestry Alternatives
LULUCF Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry
LSFP Lao Swedish Forestry Programme
LFRI Latvian Forestry Research Institute
LFLP Leasehold Forestry and Livestock Programme
LDAF Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry
LUFC Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
LIF Low Impact Forestry
MCFB Manitoba Conservation Forestry Branch
MFA Massachusetts Forestry Association
MF Master of Forestry
MSF Master of Science in Forestry
MFPA Michigan Forestry and Park Association, Inc
MAFF Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
MAF Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
MAFFS Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security
MALFF Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry and Fisheries
MAWF Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry
MFLR Ministry of Forestry and Land Reclamation
MFA Minnesota Forestry Association
MCFC Missouri Community Forestry Council
NAFA National Aboriginal Forestry Association
NAC National Agroforestry Center
NBF National Board of Forestry
NFAP National Forestry Action Plan
NFCAP National Forestry and Conservation Action Programme
NFA National Forestry Association
NEFF New England Forestry Foundation
NZFFA New Zealand Farm Forestry Association
NOFU Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit
NOVAGATE Nordic Gateway to Information in Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences
NJAF Northern Journal of Applied Forestry
NSFA Nova Scotia Forestry Association
OFA Oklahoma Forestry Association
OFS Oklahoma Forestry Services
OFA Ontario Forestry Association
ODF Oregon Department of Forestry
OFEP Oregon Forestry Education Program
OFRA Oregon Forestry Retirees Association
OFI Oxford Forestry Institute
PFM Participatory Forestry Management
PFA Pennsylvania Forestry Association
PSFP Prairie States Forestry Project
PFSQ Private Forestry in Southern Queensland
PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification
PDAF Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry
RECOFTC Regional Community Forestry Training Center
RITF Research Institute of Tropical Forestry
RUAF Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture & Forestry
RFD Royal Forestry Department
RSFS Royal Scottish Forestry Society
SFC Sarawak Forestry Corporation
SFCSB Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn Bhd
SFA Saskatchewan Forestry Association
SFWS School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
SBAF Shanghai Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry
SRF Short Rotation Forestry
SAFE Silvoarable Agroforestry For Europe
SAF Simultaneous Agroforestry Systems
SECAP Soil Erosion Control and Agroforestry Project
SPFDP South Pacific Forestry Development Programme
SEADSS Southeastern Agroforestry Decision Support System
SJAF Southern Journal of Applied Forestry
SRLULUCF Special Report on Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry
SFA State Forestry Administration
SFFA Subtropical Farm Forestry Association
SCFP Sustainable Community Forestry Program
SFE Sustainable Forestry Education
SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative
SFIS Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard
TWGFE Technical Working Group on Forestry and Environment
TFA Tennessee Forestry Association
TUFC Tennessee Urban Forestry Council
TUIAFPW Trade Unions International of Agricultural, Forestry and Plantation Workers
TFAP Tropical Forestry Action Programme
UKFS United Kingdom Forestry Standard
UAF University of Agriculture and Forestry
UMCA University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry
UFMP Urban Forestry Management Plan
UFSE Urban Forestry South Expo
VDF Virginia Department of Forestry
WAFC Waccasassa Forestry Center
WFG Waharba Forestry Group
WSFNR Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
WFFA Washington Farm Forestry Association
WFLA Water and Forestry Learning Academy
WTUFC West Texas Urban Forestry Council
WVFA West Virginia Forestry Association
WFCA Western Forestry and Conservation Association
WFCC Western Forestry Coordinating Committee
WGFP Western Ghats Forestry Project
WJAF Western Journal of Applied Forestry
WFC Withlacoochee Forestry Center
WFP Women Forestry Project
WGCF Wondo Genet College of Forestry
WAC World Agroforestry Centre
YSFS Yale School of Forestry
YSF Yale School of Forestry