Fund Abbreviations

Fund has the following meanings:
1. capital raised and committed for a specific purpose: in French form: à — perdu, paid up with no prospect of reimbursement or repayment;
2. foundation that makes payments to the participants from the capital contributed in certain, foreseen cases, usually in compositions: pension;
3. the due and payable balance that the drawer or the person on whose behalf the bill of exchange was drawn should have with the drawee on the due date: — delivery;
4. all the books and periodicals of which a publisher has the right to publish: are — extend, sell;
5. security, debenture: trading in funds; the funds rise, fall; obsolete funds, hard-to-market securities; (fig.) his funds are starting to rise: he is counting more and more, he is more likely to succeed;
6. (culinary) evaporated cooking water.

Public funds are generally understood to mean debentures issued by public bodies such as states, provinces, municipalities and water boards.

The government forms an independent capital for social purposes with its own resources. In the Netherlands these are the so-called government budget funds (General Civil Pension Fund, Municipal Fund, Provincial Fund, Agricultural Egalization Fund, Rijkswegenfonds) and social insurance funds (employees and national insurance schemes).

Belgium also has a Municipal Fund (1964) and a Provincial Fund (1965); there is also an Agricultural Investment Fund and a Road Fund. In addition, as in the Netherlands, social insurance funds.

If the necessary fund is available, the person concerned is obliged to accept it upon request, on pain of compensation for costs, damages and interests towards the tractor. Under no circumstances does the holder have any right to the fund; in the event of bankruptcy of the tractor, it therefore belongs to his estate; however, if the person concerned has accepted the bill of exchange, the fund remains with him for the amount thereof, subject to his obligation towards the holder to comply with his acceptance

Fund Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Fund

AAFES Imprest Fund Activity
Aberdeen Asian Income Fund, Ltd.
ABN AMRO Interest Growth Fund
Aboriginal Trust Fund Repayment Scheme
Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development
Academic Staff Provident Fund
Access to Justice Development Fund
Accipiter Life Sciences Fund
Account Fund Profile
Accrediting Bureau for Fundraising Organisations
Acid Rain Retirement Fund
Active Communities Development Fund
Active Value Fund
Activity Based Funding
Actors Fund of America
Additional Deposit Fund
Additional Funding Request
Additional Funding Request
Additional Funds Needed
Adjusted Funds From Operation
Administrative and Fundraising expense Rate
Administrative and Fundraising expense Rate
Administrator’s Discretionary Fund
Advance Benefit Funding Sources
Advance Frontier Markets Fund, Ltd.
Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive
Advanced Planning Funds
Advertising Industry Emergency Fund
Advice of Project Funds
Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund
Africa Catalytic Growth Fund
Africa Conservation Fund
Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund
Africa Enterprise Fund
Africa University Fund
African Cultural Conservation Fund
African Development Fund
African Development Fund
African Fund for Endangered Wildlife
African Health Enlightenment and Aid Delivery Fund
African Infrastructure Fund Holding
African Script Development Fund
African Wildlife Fund
African-American Fund
Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development
Aged Care Funding Instrument
Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund
Agribusiness Support Fund
Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund
Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund
Agricultural Development Farmland Preservation Trust Fund
Agricultural Resources Conservation Fund
Agriculture River Recovery Fund
AIG African Infrastructure Fund (investment fund; est. 2000)
AIG Asian Opportunity Fund (asset management)
AIM Floating Rate Fund
Air Force Assistance Fund
Air Force Working Capital Fund
Air Route Development Fund
Airlift Services Industrial Fund
Airlift Support Industrial Fund
Airmen Memorial Fund
Aironet Wireless LAN Fundamentals
Airport Development Aid Fund
Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend
Albanian Development Fund
Alberta Community HIV Fund
Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund
Alberta Ingenuity Fund
Alberta School Foundation Fund
All the Fundamentals
Alliance Defense Fund
Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund
AllianceBernstein Global High Income Fund, Inc.
Allianz Dresdner Global Strategies Fund
Allmerica Global Funding LLC
Allotment Fund Code
Allowance for Funds During Construction
Alpha Beta Fund Management LLP
Amanah SmallCap Fund Berhad
Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation
Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation
Ambulance Services Benevolent Fund
America’s Opportunity Fund
America’s Opportunity Fund
American Association of Fundraising Counsel
American Balanced Fund
American College Funding Association
American Foreign Service Association Scholarship Fund
American Fund for Czechoslovak Relief
American Fund for Dental Education
American Fund for Dental Health
American Fund for Human Development
American Funds Distributors, Inc.
American Funds Service Company
American Growth Fund
American Home Funding Mortgage
American Indian College Fund
American Indian Economic Development Fund
American Kidney Fund
American Pediatric Heart Fund
American Premier Funding
Amie Karen Cancer Fund for Children
Andean Reserve Fund
Anglican Relief and Development Fund
Animal & Nature Conservation Fund
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Animal Rescue and Care Fund, Inc.
Annual Fund Drive
Annual Funding Guidance
Annual Funding Program
Annual Funding Target
Annual Global Funding
Apparent Places of Fundamental Stars
Application for Funding
Applied Research and Communications Fund
Appropriated Fund
Appropriated Fund
Approved Deposit Fund
Approved Funding Plan
Approved Funding Program
Approved Retirement Fund
Arab Fund for Arts and Culture
Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development
Arab Monetary Fund
Arizona Family Housing Fund
Arizona Human Rights Fund
Arizona Water Protection Fund
Arkansas Research Matching Fund
Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund
Armed Forces Family Survivors Fund
Armenian National Science and Education Fund
Armenian Relief Fund
Army Advantage Fund
Army Benevolent Fund
Army Central Insurance Fund
Army Central Welfare Fund
Army Civilian Welfare Fund
Army Club Fund
Army College Fund
Army Industrial Fund
Army Industrial Fund
Army Management Fund
Army Morale Support Fund
Army Single Stock Fund
Army Stock Fund
Army Working Capital Fund
ASEAN China Investment Fund (est. 2004)
ASEAN Social Development Fund
Asia Diversified Fund Limited
Asia Partnership Fund
Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Asian Development Equity Fund
Asian Fund for Cancer Research
Asian Monetary Fund
Asian Retail Mall Fund
Asset Allocation Fund
Assisted Suicide Funding Restriction Act
Association Française des Fundraisers
Association of Fundamental Ministers & Churches, Inc
Association of Fundraising Consultants
Association of Fundraising Professionals
Association of Mutual Fund Investors
Association of Mutual Funds in India
Association of Real Estate Funds
ATRRS Funding Allocation Model
Attorneys Insurance Indemnity Fund
Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc.
Australian AIDS Fund Inc.
Australian Bird Environment Fund
Australian Bush Heritage Fund
Australian Doctors’ Fund
Australian Forest Funds Limited
Australian Independent Superannuation Fund
Australian Share Fund
Australian Unity Funds Management
Authorised Investment Fund
Authorized Funding Level
Authorized Funding Program Plan
Automated Fund Control Order System
Automated Fund Transfer
Automated Funds Transfer System
Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer
Automatic Funds Transfer Services
Automatic Vending Machine Fund
Auxiliary Funds
Available Funds Cap
Available Funds from Operations
Available Mortgage Funding, LLC
Available University Fund
Average Cost of Funds
Average Funds Employed
Average Unit of Council Funding
AXA Private Equity Fund
Babcock and Brown European Infrastructure Fund
Backward Regions Grant Fund
Balkan Community Initiatives Fund
Balkan Region Special Fund
Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union
Bank Insurance Fund
Bank Operating Funds
Bankers Trust Funds Management
Banking Insurance Fund
Bankruptcy Practice Memorial Fund
Bapak Legacy Fund
Barclays Asian Selection Funds Ltd
Base Funded
Base Funded
Base Unfunded Requirement
Basic Needs Trust Fund
Basic Own Funds
Basic Rights Education Fund
Basic Science Research Fund
Basso Profundo
Basso Profundo
Basso Profundo
Battered Mothers Resource Fund, Inc.
Battered Women’s Clemency Fund
Bay Area Capital Funding, Inc.
Bay Area Equity Fund
Bay Area Youth Fund
Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership
Beef Industry Funding Steering Committee
Belgian Pension Fund Association
Benefit Audit Fund
Benevolent Fund of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Berkshire Hills Fund for Excellence
Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund
Best Practice Funding
Beta Leadership Fund
Better Government Fund
Better Government Fund
Better Neighbourhood Services Fund
Better World Fund
Bialostocka Fundacja Ksztalcenia Kadr
Big League Baseball Fundamentals
Big Lottery Fund
Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund
Bioenergy Development Fund
Biotechnology Innovation Fund
Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund
Black Canadian Scholarship Fund
Black College Fund
Black Sea Fund LP
Black United Fund of Michigan
Blackrock Global Funds
Blackrock Global Funds
Blackstone Valley Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund
Blind Children’s Fund
Board Certified in Mutual Funds
Board for Fundamental Education
Board of Regents Support Fund
Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund
Bonded Labor Fund
Border Infrastructure Fund
Boston Adult Literacy Fund
Boston Youth Fund
Botswana Insurance Fund Management
Botswana Motor Vehicle Accident Fund
Bottom Billion Fund
Branch Challenge Fund
Brauvin High Yield Fund
Breast Cancer Fund
Breast Cancer Prevention Fund
Bridge Global Opportunities Fund
British Defence and Aid Fund
British Know-How Fund
Brookfield Bridge Lending Fund Inc.
Budget Reserve Trust Fund
Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Fund
Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund
Burma American Fund
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Business Development Fund
Business Fundamental Table
Business Fundamental Table
Business Funding Solutions
Business Investment Fund
Business Lending Fundamentals
Calamity Relief Fund
Calamos Convertible and High Income Fund
California Emerging Technology Fund
California High Cost Fund
California Research Assistance Fund
California Rivers Restoration Fund
Calliance Realty Fund, LLC
Calvert Social Investment Fund
Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds
Campus Life Enhancement Fund
Canada Fund for Local Initiatives
Canada Millennium Scholarship Fund
Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund
Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development Fund in Saskatchewan
Canadian Association of Income Funds
Canadian Consultant Management Fund
Canadian Investment Funds Course
Canadian Investor Protection Fund
Canadian Olympic Excellence Fund
Canadian Television Fund
Cancer Aid and Research Fund
Cancer Fund of America, Inc.
Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund
Canine Defense Fund
Capital Construction Fund
Capital Construction Funds Exempt
Capital Development Fund
Capital Improvement and Preservation Fund
Capital Improvement Fund
Capital Improvement Loan Fund
Capital Improvement Project Fund
Capital Improvement Reserve Fund
Capital Modernisation Fund
Capital Protection Oriented Fund
Capitol Resource Funding
Carlyle Riverstone Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund
Carnegie Hero Fund
Carpenter Funds Administrative Office
Carta de los Derechos Fundamentales
Cascadia Revolving Fund
Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund
Cattle Industry Compensation Fund
Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund
Cazenove Fund Management Limited
CEDA Venture Capital Fund (Botswana)
Center Director’s Discretionary Fund
Center for Engineering Systems Fundamentals
Center for Forskning I Idr?t, Sundhed og Civilsamfund
Center for Fundamental Materials Research
Center for Responsible Funding
Center for the Expansion of Fundamental Rights
Center Funded
Central American Mezzanine Infrastructure Fund
Central American Small Enterprise Investment Fund
Central American Timber Fund
Central and Eastern European Fund
Central Cultural Fund
Central Emergency Response Fund
Central Emergency Revolving Fund
Central Post Fund
Central Provident Fund
Central Provident Fund Commissioner
Central Research Fund
Central Reserve Fund
Central Road Fund
Central States Pension Fund
Centralized Credit and Refund System
Centrally Funded
Centrally Funded Initiatives and Services and Special Allocations
Certificat Français du Fundraising
Certified Electronic Funds Transfer
Certified Fund Raising Executive
Certified Fund Specialist
Certified Mutual Fund Specialist
Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund
Charitable Gift Fund
Charities Official Investment Fund
Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund
Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union
Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor
Cheetah Conservation Fund
Chemical Education Trust Fund
Chernobyl Children’s Fund of Colorado
Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund
Chicago Community Loan Fund
Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund
Child Abuse Intervention Fund
Child Care and Development Fund
Child Care Facilities Fund
Child Care Fund of Vermont
Child Care Initiatives Fund
Child Health Research Fund
Child Trust Fund
Children Fund Afghanistan
Children Heart Correction Fund
Children of Armenia Fund
Children of Chernobyl Canadian Fund
Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund
Children’s Cancer Fund of America
Children’s Cancer Research Fund
Children’s Defense Fund
Children’s Fire and Burn Fund
Children’s Food and Care Fund
Children’s Hunger Fund
Children’s Hunger Relief Fund
Children’s Scholarship Fund
Children’s Trust Fund
Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon
Chinese Canadian Heritage Fund
Chiwaukee Prairie Preservation Fund, Inc.
Christian Children Education Fund
Christian Children’s Fund
Christian Children’s Fund of Australia
Christian Children’s Fund of Canada
Christian Fundamentalist Internal Revenue Employees
Christian Literature Fund
Christian Relief Fund
Church Development Fund
Church Pension Fund
Church Urban Fund
Cigarette Restitution Fund
Cigarette Restitution Fund Program
CINC Initiative Fund
Cincinnati New Markets Fund
Cisco Wireless LAN Fundamentals
Citizens Campaign Fund for the Environment
Citizenship Education Fund
Civil Service Benevolent Fund
Civil Service Provident Fund
Civil Service Retirement & Disability Fund
Civil Service Superannuation Fund
Civilian Welfare Fund
Clarence Campeau Development Fund
Classroom Trust Fund
Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund
Clean Power Income Fund
Clean Technology Fund
Client Protection Fund
Clients’ Financial Assistance Fund
Climate Change Action Fund
Clitherow House Refurbishment Fund
Closed End Fund
Closed-End Fund Association
Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Fund
Coalition for Customs Automation Funding
Coalition for National Science Funding
Coalition Solidarity Funds
Coalition Support Funds
Coastal Resource Recovery Fundraiser
Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds
Coles Indigenous Food Fund
Collaboration for Healthcare Renewal Fund
Collateralized Fund Obligation
Collective Investment Fund
College Opportunity Fund
College Retirement Equities Fund
Colleges Collaboration Fund
Collegiate Funding Services, LLC
Collins Stewart Property Fund Management
Colorado Heritage Communities Fund
Colorado High Cost Fund
Colorado Search and Rescue Fund
Columbia Union Revolving Fund
Combat Commander Initiative Fund
Combating Terrorism Readiness Initiatives Fund
Commercial Fishing Revolving Loan Fund
Commercial Improvement Loan Fund
Commercial Paper Funding Facility
Commercial/ Industrial Revolving Loan Fund
Commerz Derivatives Funds Solutions SA
Commissary Resale Division of the Army Stock Fund
Committee for Education Funding
Committee of the Coordination of Funds
Common Contractual Fund
Common Fund for Commodities
Common Humanitarian Fund
Common Retirement Fund
Common Trust Fund
Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation
Commonwealth Funding
Commonwealth Property Hotel Fund
Commonwealth Transportation Fund
communications service industrial fund
Community Arts Fund
Community College Program Fund
Community Development Carbon Fund
Community Development Finance Fund
Community Development Fund
Community Development Trust Fund
Community Empowerment Fund
Community Energy Efficiency Fund
Community Energy Fund
Community Focus Fund
Community Fund Management Foundation
Community Health Center Capital Fund
Community Health Facilities Fund
Community Historic Credit Funds
Community Improvement Projects and Funding
Community Peace and Restoration Fund
Community Policing Fund
Community Projects Fund
Community Radio Fund of Canada
Community Redevelopment Loan and Investment Fund
Community Regeneration Fund
Community Reinvestment Fund
Community Request for Funds
Community Trust Fund
Community Ventures Capital Fund
Companion Animal Memorial Fund
Compassion Capital Fund
Compensation Funds of New Hampshire
Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority
Competitive Agricultural Technology Funds
Competitive Rapid Reaction Fund
Competitiveness Development Fund
Computer Hardware Fundamentals
Computing Operations Fundamentals
Conference of Major Superannuation Funds
Confidential Military Purpose Funds
Confiscated Assets Trust Fund
Congo Defense Fund
Connecticut Clean Energy Fund
Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund
Connecticut Fund for the Environment
Connecticut Housing Investment Fund
Connecticut Intermediate Municipal Bond Fund
Conservation Trust Fund
Consolidated Community Funding Advisory Committee
Consolidated Improvement Preservation Fund
Consolidated Revenue Fund
Constituency Development Fund
Construction Industry Guarantee Fund
Construction Reserve Fund
Contingency Legal Aid Fund
Contingency Reserve Fund
Continuing Education Fund
Continuous Funding System
Contract Funding Available
Contract Funds Development Specification
Contract Funds Management
Contract Funds Status Report/ing
Contractor Funds Report
Contrarian High-Risk Fund
Contrarian Resource Fund
Contribution Funds for Basic and Normal Education
Contributory Provident Fund
Convertible and Quantitative Strategies Fund
Cooperative Funeral Fund, Inc
Coordinated Communications Infrastructure Fund
Cornerstone Total Return Fund Inc.
Corston Independent Funders’ Coalition
Cost of Funds
Cost of Funds Index
Council on Student Activity Funds
County School Service Fund
County Transportation Trust Fund
Court Clerk Revolving Fund
Covenant First Step Fund
Craft Emergency Relief Fund
Credit and Financial Services Fund
Credit Balance Refund
Credit Guarantee Fund
Credit Suisse Fund Administration Ltd
Creststreet Power & Income Fund LP
Cricketers Benefit Fund Series
Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund
Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Critical Unfunded Requirement
Crystal Lake Watershed Fund
Cultural and Environmental Heritage Fund for South East Europe
Cultural Development Fund
Cumulative Reserve Fund
Customer Automated Funds Transfer
Customer Fund Code
Czech American Enterprise Fund
Dalhousie Pharmacy Endowment Fund
Damage Analysis and Fundamental Studies
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund
Deaf Equipment Acquisition Fund
Debt Service Reserve Fund
Decani Monastery Relief Fund
Decatur County United Fund
Decommissioning Funding Plan
Defence of Amateur Radio Fund
Defense Business Operations Fund
Defense Emergency Relief Fund
Defense Emergency Relief Fund
Defense Emergency Response Fund
Defense Emergency Response Fund
Defense Enterprise Fund
Defense Stock Fund
Defense Supply Fund
Defense Working Capital Fund
Defined Benefit Fund
Demand-Driven Rural Investment Fund
Department of the Army Chaplains Fund
Deposit Insurance Fund
Deposit Insurance Fund
Depot Maintenance Industrial Fund
Derivatives Fundamentals Course
Designated Research Initiative Fund
designated settlement funds
Detroit Community Loan Fund
Detroit District Benevolent Fund
Deutsche Australian Equities Alpha Fund
Developing Country Fund
Development Fund Advisory Board
Development Fund for Iraq
Development Loan Fund
Dexia Micro-Credit Fund
Diamond Empowerment Fund
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
Digital Solidarity Fund
Dilated Fundus Exam
Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc.
Direct DCNM Funded
Direct Deposit Refund
Direct Development Fund
Direct Fund Cite
Direct Funding Report
Direct in Kind Funding
Director’s Discretionary Fund
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc.
Disabled Children’s Relief Fund
Disabled Workers’ Relief Fund
Disaster Relief Emergency Fund
Disaster Relief Fund
Disciples Mission Fund
Discountless and Non Refundable Ship and or Cargo Lost or Not Lost
Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund
Displaced Children and Orphans Fund
Distributed Generation Mutual Fund
District Attorney’s Revolving Fund
District Development Fund
Diversified Logistics Fundamentals, Inc
Dixieline Builders Fund Control, Inc
Donor Funded Staffing Program
Down Under Fan Fund
Downingtown Veterans’ Memorial Fund
Drawn Against Insufficient Funds
Drinking Water Revolving Fund
Drug Offender Surcharge Funds
Drug Revolving Funds
Duck Athletic Fund
DWS Floating Rate Fund
Dynamic Growth Fund
Dynamic Real Estate Fund
Earnings Suspense Fund
Earth Preservation Fund
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
East Midlands Community Loan Fund
Eastern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund
Eaton Vance Massachusetts Municipal Income Trust Fund
Economic Analysis Fundamentals
Economic Challenge Investment Fund
Economic Development Cooperation Fund
Economic Development Transportation Fund
Economic Improvement Fund
Economic Projects Trust Fund
Economic Support Fund
Edelweiss Mutual Fund
Education Funding Strategy Group
Education Refund Plan
Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence
Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund
Egypt Exploration Fund
Electronic Fundraising Company PLC
Electronic Funds Transfer
Electronic Funds Transfer
Electronic Funds Transfer Act
Electronic Funds Transfer Association
Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
Electronic Funds Transfer Payment System
Electronic Funds Transfer System
Electronic Refund Check
Electronic Support Fund
Electronics Fundamentals Training Section
Elliott Smith Memorial Fund
Emergency Disaster Relief Fund
Emergency Loan Fund
Emergency Medical Services Fund
Emergency Relief Fund
Emergency Response and Development Fund
Emerging Markets Telecommunications Fund
Emerging Neighbourhood Fund
Empire Opportunity Fund
Employee Learning Fund
Employee Trust Funds
Employees Community Fund
Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board
Employees Compensation Fund
Employees Provident Fund
Employees Provident Fund Organisation
Employees Provident Fund Scheme
Empty Stocking Fund
Endangered Language Fund
Endangered Species Mitigation Fund
Endangered Species Recovery Fund
Endowment Fund for Education
Energy Investors Fund
Engineering Fundamentals
Engineering Management Certification Fundamentals
Enginemen’s Assurance Fund
Enterprise Capital Fund
Enterprise Growth Fund Limited
Enterprise Oklahoma Venture Fund
Environmental Defense Action Fund
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund
Environmental Fund for Lebanon Project
Environmental Fund of British Columbia
Environmental Monitoring Fund
Environmental Studies Research Funds
Equine Research & Welfare Fund
Equipment Funded Project
Equity Fund Raising
Equity Index Tracker Fund
Equity Investment Fund
Ericsson-Deutsche Technology Fund
Eritrean Community Development Fund
Escola Nacional de Saude Publica da Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz
Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation and Development Fund
Ethnic Minority Flexible Fund
Eurofund International, Inc.
EuroMerchant Balkan Fund
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
European Clean Energy Fund
European Cooperation Fund
European Development Fund
European Fisheries Fund
European Fund Categorisation Forum
European Fund for Regional Development
European Fundraising Association
European Investment Fund
European Monetary Cooperation Fund
European Regeneration Development Fund
European Regional Development Fund
European Social Fund
European Social Fund
European Union Solidarity Fund
Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego
Evansville Area Fundraising Council
Excel Funds Management Incorporated
Excess Contribution Refund
Exchange Fund Investment Limited
Exchange Fund Notes
Exchange Stabilization Fund
Exchange Traded Fund
Exchange Traded Funds
Exchange-Traded Fund
Exchange-Traded Structured Fund
Exeter Smaller Companies Income Fund Ltd.
Expedited Funds Availability Act
Experienced Investor Fund
Export Development Fund
Export Marketing Fund
Extended Fund Facility
Extrabudgetary Fund
Extractive Areas Rehabilitation Fund
Facility Energy Efficiency Funds
FaCS Online Funding Management System (Australia)
Faculty Professional Development Fund
Fair Campaign Financing Fund
Fair Economy Action Fund
Family and Children’s Trust Fund
Family Learning Initiative Endowment Fund
Family Violence Prevention Fund
Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Inc.
Far Eastern Maritime Fund
Faria Educational Enrichment Fund
Faysal Balanced Growth Fund
Federal Diplomatic Family Assistance Fund
Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund
Federal Employees Legal Defense Fund
Federal Energy Efficiency Fund
Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006
Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006
Federal Funds
Federal Funds Information for States
Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Resolution Fund
Federal School Research Collaboration Fund
Federal Telecommunications Fund
Federally Funded Research & Development Center
Federation Education Enrichment Fund
Fellow of Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia
Fellowship Fund for Pakistan
Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches
Fidelity Fund Management Ltd.
Fidelity Institutional Cash Fund
Fighting Fundamental Forums
Financial Advantage Funding Corporation
Financial Funds Advisors International
Financial Institutions Development Fund
Financial Sector Development Fund
Financing-Arrangement-Funded Transfers to Shareholders
Fire Fighters’ and Police Officers’ Retirement Trust Fund
First Canadian Funds, Inc.
First Fundamental Bible Church
First Industries Fund
First Insurance Funding Corporation
First Nation Infrastructure Fund
First Trust Advantage Preferred Income Fund
First Trust/Four Corners Senior Floating Rate Income Fund
First Variable Rate Fund
Fisherman’s Contingency Fund
Flanders Language Valley fund
Flexor Digitorum Profundus
Flood Relief Fund
Flow of Funds
Flow of Funds Account
Flow of Funds Accounts
Focus on Fundamentals
Foetal Alcoholism and Interrelated Treatment Help Fund
Ford Dealers Advertising Fund
Foreclosure Mortgage Insurance Investment Funds
Foreign Accumulation Fund
Foreign Accumulation Fund
Foreign Exchange Equalization Fund
Foreign Investment Fund
Foreign-Funded Non-Governmental Organisation
Forensic Science Improvement Revolving Fund
Forest Plantation Development Fund
Fortis Prime Fund Solutions
Franklin India Index Fund
Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund
Free Enterprise Action Fund
Free Enterprise Fund
Freight Forwarding Fundamentals
French Fund for the World Environment
French-American Scholarship Fund, Inc.
Friends of Airedales Memorial Fund
Friends of the Global Fund Japan
Full Funding
Fully Funded Documentary Letter of Credit
Fully Funded Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit
Fund Accounting
Fund Administering Activity
Fund Administrator’s Management System
Fund and Treasury Management
Fund Availability Report
Fund Availability Report
Fund Based Accounting
Fund Cite Authorization
Fund Control Officer
Fund Control Point
Fund Expense Ratio
Fund Fact Sheet
Fund Family Shareholder Association
Fund for a Healthy Maine
Fund for Action on Investment Responsibility
Fund for Additional Services
Fund for Animals
Fund for Arkansas’ Future
Fund for Arkansas’ Future
Fund for Armenian Relief, Inc.
Fund for Armenian Relief, Inc.
Fund for Assistance to Private Education
Fund for Excellence
Fund for Global Human Rights
Fund for HIV/AIDS in Myanmar
Fund for Innovation, Effectiveness, Learning and Dissemination
Fund for Integrated Rural Development of Syria
Fund for International Service Learning
Fund for Investigative Journalism
Fund for New Priorities in America
Fund for Open Information and Accountability, Inc.
Fund for Peace
Fund for Peace
Fund for Public Interest Research
Fund for Reconciliation and Development
Fund for Renewable Energy and the Environment
Fund for Research and Investment for the Development of Africa
Fund for Rural America
Fund for Rural America
Fund for Special Operations
Fund for the City of New York
Fund for the Improvement of Education
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education
Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education
Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments
Fund for Theological Education
Fund for UFO Research
Fund for Undergraduate Student Excellence
Fund for Wisconsin Scholars
Fund Manager Expense Charge
Fund Managers’ Association of South Africa
Fund of Funds
Fund Organization Account Program
Fund Our Future
Fund Processing Standardisation Group
Fund Raising and Financial Development Section
Fund Raising Organization Graphics Service
Fund Screen Investigation
Fund Source
Fund Summary Record
Fund Type
Fund Type
Fund, Organization, Program or Project
Fund/Function Code
Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado
Fundacao Atlantico de Seguridade Social
Fundação Canadense para as Américas
Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Paulo
Fundação de Assistência Médica Internacional
Fundacao de Desenvolvimento Gerencial
Fundação de Ensino e Resposta a Desastres
Fundacao Dom Cabral
Fundação Estadual para o Bem-Estar do Menor
Fundacao Getulio Vargas
Fundacao Grupo Esquel
Fundação Grupo Esquel Brasil
Fundacao Humberto Delgado
Fundacao Instituto de Administracao
Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas
Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas
Fundacao Luso-Americana
Fundacao Manoel de Barros
Fundação Museu do Homem Americano
Fundação Nacional do Índio
Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil
Fundacao Oasis Cidade Aberta
Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Fundacao para a Computacao Cientifica Nacional
Fundacao para a Infancia e Adolescencia
Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Educação
Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Educação
Fundação para o Desenvolvimento Tecnológico da Engenharia
Fundacio Catalana Sindrome de Down
Fundación Alejandro Angel Escobar
Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales
Fundacion Amigos de los Animales
Fundación Amigos de los Bosques
Fundación Argentina de Cl ca Neuropsiquiátrica
Fundacion Argentina para el Desarrollo Sociotecnologico
Fundacion Augusto C. Sandino
Fundacion Augusto Cesar Sandino
Fundación Boliviana para el Desarrollo
Fundacion Cabo San Francisco
Fundacion Canadiense para las Americas
Fundación Centroamericana Por La Integración
Fundacion Cientifica San Francisco
Fundación Colombiana de Hipertensión Pulmonar
Fundacion Cultural Colombia Negra
Fundación de Apoyo En Desarrollo Ambiental Y Comunitario
Fundacion de Ayuda a la Drogadiccion
Fundacion de Desarrollo Agropecuario Inc.
Fundacion de Informatica Medica
Fundacion de Investigaciones Marxistas
Fundacion de Parques Nacionales
Fundación del Centavo
Fundacion Del Sur
Fundacion Dialogo Mujer
Fundacion Ecologica Universal
Fundacion Ecuatoriana de Desarrollo
Fundación Empresarial para la Acción Social
Fundacion Escuela de Gerencia Social
Fundacion Europea de Formacion
Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano
Fundacion Habitat y Desarrollo
Fundacion Hernandiana
Fundacion Hernandiana
Fundación Hernandiana
Fundación Hernandiana
Fundacion Humedal la Conejera
Fundacion Instituto de Cooperacion al Desarrollo
Fundacion Instituto de Estudios Avanzados
Fundación Instituto de Ingeniería
Fundación La Era Agrícola
Fundación Medioambiental de Atenas
Fundacion Metodista de Desarrollo Integral
Fundacion Moises Bertoni
Fundación Myrna Mack
Fundación Natura
Fundacion Nicaragua Nuestra
Fundación Nuestro Ambiente
Fundacion Panamericana, Venezuela
Fundación Para Alternativas de Desarrollo
Fundacion para el Adelanto Comunitario Ecumenico
Fundacion para el Apoyo a la Microempresa
Fundación para el Desarrollo de Mixco
Fundación para el Desarrollo Sostenible
Fundación Para el Ecodesarrollo y la Conservación
Fundación para el Tercer Mundo
Fundacion para la Asistencia de la Ninez Abandonada
Fundacion para la Educacion Superior
Fundacion para la Innovacion Agraria
Fundacion para la Rehabilitacion de la Adiccion e Investigacion de Tratamientos Especializados en la Comunidad, Inc.
Fundación para la Rehabilitación Integral de Víctimas Violencia
Fundación para las Letras Mexicanas
Fundacion Patagonia Natural
Fundacion Pequenas Grandes Personas
Fundación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza
Fundacion Promocion Social de la Cultura
Fundacion Pueblo Indio del Ecuador
Fundación Regional de Asesoría en Derechos Humanos
Fundación Rigoberta Menchú Tum
Fundacion Rio Parnaiba
Fundación Salvadoreña Para el Desarrollo Económico y Social
Fundacion Secretariado Gitano
Fundacion Shakespeare de Espana
Fundación Tecnologías de la Información
Fundación Tony Manero
Fundación Tripartita Para La Formación En El Empleo
Fundacion Valenciana de Estudios Avanzados
Fundacja Edukacja dla Demokracji
Fundacja Edukacji Miedzynarodowej
Fundacja Instytut Rozwoju Regionalnego
Fundacja Nauka I Zdrowie
Fundacja Regionalnej Agencji Promocji Zatrudnienia
Fundacja Rozwoju Regionu Rabka
Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji
Fundacji Rozwoju Polskiego Eksportu
Fundamental and Applied Nuclear and Atomic Physics
Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering
Fundamental Attribution Error
Fundamental Baptist Fellowship
Fundamental Baptist Information Service
Fundamental Channel
Fundamental Companion Cache Structure
Fundamental Companion Interval Scheduling
Fundamental Constants and Precision Measurements
Fundamental Constants Data Center
Fundamental Control Channel
Fundamental Counting Principle
Fundamental Critical Care Support
Fundamental Equity Weightings
Fundamental Expenditure Review
Fundamental Frequency
Fundamental Intermittent Standard
Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation
Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation – Behavior
Fundamental Iterative Algorithm
Fundamental Latter-Day Saint
Fundamental Modeling Concepts
Fundamental Modulation Waveform
Fundamental Networks, Inc
Fundamental Open Hypertext Model
Fundamental Operating System
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Fundamental Payroll Certification
Fundamental Period
Fundamental Period
Fundamental Planning Analysis
Fundamental Quality Level
Fundamental Query and Manipulation
Fundamental Reference System
Fundamental Research
Fundamental Review of Infrastructure
Fundamental Review of Infrastructure
Fundamental Review of Military Budget
Fundamental Rights Agency
Fundamental Rodent Experiments Supporting Health
Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
Fundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Fundamental Theorem of Integral Calculus
Fundamental Theorem of Moment Invariants
Fundamental Theorem of Natural Selection
Fundamental Theorem of Software Engineering
Fundamental Train Frequency
Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Fundamentalistische Arbeiderspartij
Fundamentally Different Factor
Fundamentals of Army Accident Prevention
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Research
Fundamentals of Business and Economics
Fundamentals of Business and Economics
Fundamentals of Business Financial Management Course
Fundamentals of Classroom Management
Fundamentals of Computation Theory
Fundamentals of Disaster Management
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
Fundamentals of Engineering
Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors
Fundamentals of Environmental Planning
Fundamentals of Human Research Protections
Fundamentals of Information Technology in Organizations
Fundamentals of Instructing
Fundamentals of Instructor Training
Fundamentals of Internetworking Security Technologies
Fundamentals of Inventory Control
Fundamentals of Java
Fundamentals of Modular Programming
Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics
Fundamentals Of Software Testing
Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie
Fundashon pa Planifikashon Di Idioma
Fundashon Sentro di Dama
Fundatia Baylor Marea Neagra
Funday Pawpet Show
Fund-Based Accounting System
Funded Decommissioning Programme
Funded Delivery Period
Funded Feasibility Study
Funded Interest Term Loan
Funded Legal Education Program
Funded Nursing Care
Funded Pupil Count
Funded Reimbursement Authority
Funded Staffing Level
Funded-Reimbursable Reimbursement Authority
Funders Committee on Civic Participation
Fundies Say The Darndest Things!
Funding Acquisition Request
Funding Acquisition Request
Funding Advisory Review Board
Funding Agencies for a Linear Collider
Funding Agencies for Large Colliders
Funding Allocation Document
Funding Allowance Document
Funding Allowance Target
Funding And Accounting Document
Funding Authorization Document
Funding Constraint Assessment
Funding Control System
Funding Exchange
Funding Integration Process Team
Funding Lending Management
Funding of Schools Program
Funding Opportunity Announcement
Funding Plan for Logistics Support
Funding Program Advice
Funding Question
Funding Resource Code
Funding Resource Number
Funding Review Committee
Funding Service Partner
Funding Source Summary Ledger
Funding Staffing and Allowances Handbook
Funding Standard Account
Funding Standard Account
Funding Target Attainment Percentage
Funding Team
Funding Team
Funding Your Education
Fundo de Garantia Automóvel
Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço
Fundo Europeu De Desenvolvimento Regional
Fundo Europeu de Orientação e de Garantia Agrícola
Fundo Monetário Internacional
Fundo Nacional de Telecomunicações
Fundo Nacional do Meio Ambiente
Fundo para a Proteccao dos Animais Selvagens
Fundo Para O Desenvolvimento Tecnológico Das Telecomunicações
Fundos de Investimento em Participação
Fundraising Institute of Australia
Fundraising Institute of New Zealand
Fundraising Standards Board
Funds Allocated
Funds and Cost Tracking System
Funds and Man-Hours Expenditure Report
Funds At Completion
Funds At Completion
Funds At Lloyd’s
Funds Available for Distribution
Funds Certifying Official
Funds Control Module
Funds from Continuing Operations
Funds From Operations
Funds Investment Trust
Funds Management Record
Funds Transfer Pricing
Funds Transfer Service
Funds Under Administration
Funds Under Management
Funds-In Agreement
Fundus Flavimaculatus
Fundus Fluorescein Angiography
Fundusz Gwarantowanych Swiadczen Pracowniczych
Fundusz Inwestycyjny Otwarty
Fundusz Regionu Walbrzyskiego
Fundy National Park
Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy
Further Education Funding Council
Further Education Funding Council for England
Future in Our Hands Development Fund
Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund
Gartmore Fund Managers Limited
Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado
General Fund
General Fund Enterprise Business System
General Fund Exempt
General Fund Exempt
General Practitioner Fund Holder
General Provident Fund
General Revenue Fund
General Strategic Priorities Fund
General Student Service Fund
General Supply Stock Fund
Genocide Intervention Fund
Georgia Regional Development Fund
Georgia Self Reliance Fund
Georgia Self-Insurers Guaranty Trust Fund
German Marshall Fund
Get Up-and-over Fan Fund
Girls Global Education Fund
Give Indiana Funds for Tomorrow
Global AIDS Fund
Global Bulgaria and Romania Growth Fund
Global Environment Fund
Global Fund for Women
Global Fund Industry Analysis
Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Global Fund Tuberculosis, Aids & Malaria
Global Funds Exchange
Global Futures Fund
Global Heritage Fund
Global Income Fund
Global Income Fund, Inc.
Global Infrastructure Fund
Global Infrastructure Index Fund
Global Integrated Funds Transfer System
Global Issues Fund
Global Mutual Fund Investor
Global Nature Fund
Global Opportunities Fund
Global Property Fund
Global Refund
Global Service Trust Fund
Global Youth Fund
Golden Anniversary Trust Fund
Golden Gopher Growth Fund
Government Bank Insurance Fund
Government Bank Investment Fund
Government Held Surplus Funds
Government Institutions Pension Fund
Government Money Market Fund
Government Pension Fund
Government Pension Investment Fund
Government Securities Fund
Government Superannuation Fund
Government Superannuation Fund Authority
Governor’s Opportunity Fund
Graduate Student Association Supplemental Conference Fund
Graduate Student Research Fund
Graduate Student Travel Fund
Grant Funding Order
Grant Funds Recovery Act
Grant Schools Provident Fund
Grass Roots Initiative Fund
Grazing Enhancement Fund
Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund
Greater Minnesota Housing Fund
Greek Animal Welfare Fund
Green Bus Fund
Green Credit Trust Fund
Green Municipal Enabling Fund
Green Municipal Fund
Green Roof Improvement Fund
Greenfield Coalition Fundamentals
Grey Hound Fund
Greyhound and Lurcher Fundraising
Grow Iowa Values Fund
Growth Area Funding
Growth Fund of America
Growth Stock Fund
Guaranteed Investment Fund
Guaranteed Service Refund
Guaranty Fund Program
guaranty funds management account
Guaranty Reserve Fund
Guernsey Fund Managers Association
Gump and Ayers Scholarship Fund
Habitat Conservation Trust Fund
Hair & Beauty Benevolent Fund
Hardest-Hit Fund
Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund
Hastings High Yield Fund
Hawaii Community Loan Fund
Hawaii Hurricane Relief Fund
Haynes and Frederick Scholarship Fund
Hazardous Waste Superfund Database
Head of Mission Fund
Health Care Access Fund
Health Care Fund for the Poor
Health Care Quality Improvement Fund
Health Care Stabilization Fund
Health Care Trust Fund
Health Fund Board
Health Funding Authority
Health Research Endowment Fund
Heating Oil Partners Income Fund
Hedge Fund
Hedge Fund Association
Hedge Fund Group
Hedge Fund Index
Hedge Fund Research Performance Index
Hedge Fund Research, Inc.
Hedge Fund Research, Inc.
Hedge Fund Returns
Hedge Fund Strategy
Hedge Funds Research Institute
Heritage Land Conservation Fund
Heritage Lottery Fund
High Cost Fund
High Yield Fund
High Yield Income Fund, Inc.
High Yield Plus Fund, Inc.
Higher Education Endowment Fund
Higher Education Funding
Higher Education Funding Council
Higher Education Funding Council for England
Higher Education Funding Council for Wales
Higher Education Promotion Fund
Highway Trust Fund
Hip-Hop Research and Education Fund
Hispanic College Fund
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute
Historic Resources Fund
Historic Restoration Fund
Homeownership Assistance Loan Fund
Hong Kong Cancer Fund
Hospital Funding Formula Committee
Hospitality Industry Relief Fund
Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia
Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Ltd
House Conservatives Fund
Housing Development Fund Company
Housing Development Fund Corporations
Housing Fund of Ljubljana
Housing Guarantee Fund Ltd.
HSA Funding Distribution (IRS)
HSBC Midcap Equity Fund (India)
Human Resource Development Fund
Human Rights and Democracy Fund
Human Rights Campaign Fund
Humanitarian Response Funds
Hungarian-American Enterprise Fund
Hyogo-Gujarat Friendship Fund
Ice Mountain Environmental Stewardship Fund
IFCI Venture Capital Funds (est. 1975)
Illinois Emerging Technologies Fund
Illinois Military Family Relief Fund
Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
Illinois Public Risk Fund
Images for Conservation Fund
Immediately Available Funds
Imperial Cancer Research Fund
Income Stabilization Fund
Incremental Funding
Incremental Funding Methodology
Independent College Fund of New York
Independent Fundamentalist Baptist
Independent Living Fund
Index Funds Advisors, Inc.
India Capital Growth Fund
India Development & Relief Fund
India Emerging Opportunities Fund
India Value Fund Advisor
Indian Pension Plan Funding
Indian-American Scholarship Fund
Indigenous Land Rights Fund
Indigenous Small Business Fund
Indigent Gentlewomen’s Fund
Industrial Development Grant Fund
Industrial Fund
Industrial Fund Accounting System
Industrial Funding Fee
Industrial Guarantee and Loan Fund
Industrial Technical Assistance Fund
Industrial Training Fund
Industry Development Fund
Industry Super Fund
Informasjonsteknologikomitéen ved Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem
Infundibular Keratinizing Acanthoma
Injured Jockey Fund
Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
Inland Empire Scholarship Fund
Inmate General Welfare Fund
Inmate Welfare Fund
Inner City Fund
Innovation and Technology Fund Administrative System
Innovation Investment Fund
Innovative Cluster Fund
Insight Funding Group
Installation Morale Welfare & Recreation Fund
Institute for the Management of the European Social Fund
Institute of Fundamental Sciences
Institute of Fundraising
Institute of Retirement Funds
Institutional Advancement and Funded Research
Institutional Development Fund
Institutional Fund Services
Instructional Materials Fund
Insufficient Funds
Insurance Reinvestment Fund
Integrated Fund Accounting System
intelligence contingency funds
Inter Bank Fund Transfer
Interagency Funding Agreement
Interbank Deposit Protection Fund
Interdepartmental Recovery Fund
Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund
Interest Income Fund
Interfund Billing System
Interim Revenue Stabilisation Fund
Interim Support Fund for Somalia
Interlocation Transfer of Funds
Internal Transfer of Funds
International Bicycle Fund
International Development Fund
International Distressed Debt Fund
International Education Visits Fund
International Energy Fund
International Federation of Health Funds
International Fund for Agricultural Development
International Fund for Agricultural Research
International Fund for Animal Welfare
International Fund for Avian Research
International Fund Managers Association
International Fund of Charity Development
International Fundraising Congress
International Labor Rights Fund
International Medical Relief Fund
International Monetary Fund
International Nonviolence Training Fund
International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund
International Pension Funds and their Advisors
International Realty Mortgage Funding
International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq
International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy
International Tankers Oil pollution Fund
International Trust Fund
Internet Closed-End Fund Investor
Internet Refund Fact of Filing
Intrastate Funding Formula
Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals
Invesco Funds Group, Inc
Investment Funds Institute of Canada
Investment Property Fund
Investor Education Fund
Investors Real Property Fund
Iraq Freedom Fund
Ireland Fund of Canada
Irish Association of Pension Funds
Irish European Breeders Fund
Irrevocable Confirmation of Reserved Funds
Irrigation Maintenance Fund
Isaac’s College Fund
Islamic Enhanced Sukuk Fund
Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development
Israel Cancer Research Fund
Ivy Funds Distributor, Inc.
J.P. Morgan Mutual Fund Select Trust
James Madison Education Fund, Inc.
James Randi Educational Fund
Janasaviya Trust Fund
Japan Offspring Fund
Japan Social Development Fund
Japan Special Fund
Jazz Musicians Emergency Fund
Jet Aircraft Maintenance Fundamentals
Jewelers Charity Fund for Children
Jewish Communal Fund
Jewish Defense Fund
Jewish Funds for Justice
Jewish National Fund
Jewish United Fund
Jim Rouse Entrepreneurial Fund
Job Order Funding
John Hancock Funds, LLC
Joint Funding Resolution
Joint Fundraising Representative
Joint Incentive Fund
Joint Infrastructure Fund
Joint Initiative Funding Scheme
Joint Marketing Funds
Joint Small Projects Fund
Joint Space Fundamentals Course
Joint Staff Pension Fund
Joshua Kahan Fund
Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund
Karen Silkwood Fund
Karolinska Investment Fund
KASB Islamic Income Fund
KBW Insurance Exchange-Traded Fund
Kenmore European Industrial Fund
Kermadec Property Fund Limited
Kingsway Fund Management
Know How Fund
Konsultant Funduszy Europejskich
Krajowy Fundusz Poreczen Kredytowych
Kriminelles Revance I Samfundet
Kumarangk Legal Defence Fund Inc.
Labor Welfare Fund
Laboratories for Fundamental Research
Laboratory Director’s Funds
Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Bioenergetics
Labour Sponsored Investment Fund
Lacrimas Profundere
Lake Erie Protection Fund
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
Land and Water Conservation Fund Act
Land Titles Assurance Fund
Laparoscopic Posterior Partial Fundoplication
Latin America Working Group Education Fund
Latin American Reserve Fund
Latvian Fund for Nature
Latvian Relief Fund of America, Inc.
Law Enforcement Assistance Fund
Law Enforcement Trust Fund
Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund
Leadership Governance and Management Fund
League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund
Learning and Innovation Seed Fund
Learning and Teaching Development Fund
Leeds Art Collections Fund
Legal Defense and Education Fund
Legal Education and Action Fund
Lesbian Health Fund
Lesotho Fund for Community Development
Libertarian Victory Fund
Liberty Fundamental Baptist Church
Liberty Presidential Investment Funds
Library Improvement Reserve Fund
Life Cycle Replacement Fund
Life Income Fund
Life-Cycle Fund
Lifelong Learning Challenge Fund
Lincoln National Income Fund
Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund
Little People’s Research Fund, Inc.
Loan Guarantee Fund
Local Development Financing Fund
Local Development Investment Fund
Local Education Funds
Local Government Funds
Local Government Revenue Assistance Fund
Local Programming Improvement Fund
Local Transportation Assistance Fund
Local Transportation Fund
Locally Funded
Locked-in Income Fund
Locked-In Retirement Fund
Locked-in Retirement Income Fund
Logistics Education Assistance Fund
Logistics Funding Plan
Logistics Funding Profile
Logistics Support Resource Funding Plan
Lola Isroff Fund for Teens
Long Island Fund for Women and Girls
Long Island Funders Exchange
Long Term Fund
Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund
Lotteries Fund Advisory Committee
Lotus India Contra Fund
Louisiana Coastal Restoration Fund
Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund
Louisiana Technology Innovation Fund
Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund
Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund
Low on Funds
Ludlow Education Assistance Fund
Lynchburg Community Loan Fund
Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund
Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund
Macquarie Goodman Wholesale Fund
Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund
Macquarie Korea Opportunities Fund
Madison Investment Fund
Magnum Liquibond Income Fund
Maine Citizen Leadership Fund
Maine Economic Improvement Fund
Maintenance Guarantee Fund Administration
Malta Community Chest Fund
Managed Funds Association
Management Report of Fund Performance
Mandatory Provident Fund
Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
Manitoba Climate Change Action Fund
Manual for Activity Fund Accounting
Manually Initiated Funds Transfer
Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund
Marginal Efficiency Cost of Funds
Marine Corps College Fund
Market Mutual Fund
Market Neutral Preservation Fund
Market Street Fund
Marketing Development Funds
Marlborough Student Charitable Fund
Marshall Islands Intergenerational Trust Fund
Maryland Technology Transfer Fund
Maryland Victims of Crime Fund
Mass Housing Fund
Massachusetts Housing Partnership Fund
Massachusetts Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund
Maya’s Music Therapy Fund
Mayban Ethical Trust Fund
McGill Undergraduate Student Fund
Media Development Loan Fund
Medical Association of Jamaica Insurance Fund
Medical Benefits Fund
Medical Care Collections Fund
Medical Leave Assistance Fund
Medical Savings Fund Account
Mental Health Services Fund
Merrill Lynch Community Charitable Fund
Merseyside Film and Television Fund
Metis Dene Development Fund
Metro Naga Community Fund
Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund
Metzler Fund Xchange
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Mexico Fund, Inc.
Michael Price Student Investment Fund
Michigan Conference of Teamsters Welfare Fund
Michigan Housing and Community Development Fund
Michigan National Guard Family Fund
Michigan State Parks Endowment Fund
Michigan Strategic Fund
Microbiological Safety of Food Funders Group
Micro-Enterprise Loan Fund
Microloan Fund Microinvest
Mid West Funding
Middle School Funding Network
Militant Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist
Military Assistance Service Fund/ed
Military Combat Defense Fund
Military Injury Relief Fund
Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Fund
Military Retirement Fund
Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund
Mineral Development Fund
Minerals Education Trust Fund
minimum funding guarantee
Minimum Funding Requirement
Ministry Expansion Fund
Minnesota Indian Economic Development Fund
Miriam Hyman Memorial Fund
Mirzam Capital Appreciation Fund
Mission Endowment Fund
Missionary Supplementary Funds
Mississippi River Fund
Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa
Mobility Enhancement Fund
Modernising Government Fund
Modified Cash Refund
Money Fund Intelligence
Money Market Fund
Money Market Mutual Fund
Mongolian Environmental Trust Fund
Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds
Mortgage Loan Repayment Fund
Motion Picture Incentive Fund
Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund
Motor Vehicle Accident Fund
Multi Donor Trust Fund
Multicultural Initiatives Fund
Multi-Generation Fund
Multilateral Fund for the Montreal Protocol
Multilateral Funded Projects Overseas
Multilateral Funding International
Multilateral Investment Fund
Multi-Manager Funds
Multiple Funding Solutions, Inc.
Multiplex Development Opportunity Fund
Multi-Strategy Fund
Municipal Division Trust Fund
Municipal Economic Development Fund
Municipal Money Market Fund
Music Performance Fund
Muslim Legal Fund of America
Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund Dealers Association
Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada
Mutual Fund Investor’s Center
Mutual Fund Round Table
Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia
NASA College Scholarship Fund
National Advertising Fund
National AIDS Fund
National Alliance for the Fundamental Right to Education
National Art Collections Fund
National Association of Pension Funds
National Association of Seed and Venture Funds
National Benefit and Pension Fund
National Benevolent Fund for the Aged
National Black United Fund
National Book Scholarship Fund
National Breast Cancer Fund
National Calamity Contingency Fund
National Communications Fund
National Community Investment Fund
National Conservative Campaign Fund
National Defense Sealift Fund
National Disaster Relief Fund
National Economic Opportunity Fund
National Education Fund
National Electricity Fund
National Electronic Funds Transfer
National Emergency Fund
National Emergency Volunteer Support Fund
National Employment Fund
National Empowerment Fund
National Energy Security Fund
National Environmental Protection Fund
National Equity Fund, Inc.
National Fish and Wildlife Fund
National Fuel Funds Network
National Fund for Calamity Relief
National Health Development Fund
National Health Insurance Fund
National Homebuyers Fund, Inc
National Housing Fund
National Housing Trust Community Development Fund
National Insurance Fund
National Investment Fund
National Investment Fund for Credit Unions
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
National Lottery Distribution Fund
National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund
National Lottery Fund
National Minority College Golf Scholarship Fund
National Monetary Fund
National Network of Abortion Funds
National Opportunities Fund
National Pension and Provident Fund
National Property Fund
National Research Scholarship Fund
National Scholarship Trust Fund of the Graphic Arts
National Scholastic Funding Alliance
National Security Archive Fund Inc.
National Service Trust Fund
National Social Investment Fund
National Sport Trust Fund
National Sports Development Fund
National Sports Trust Fund
National Toxics Campaign Fund
National Transplant Assistance Fund
National Veterans Services Fund
National Voter Fund
Native American Fund Advisors
Native American Rights Fund
Natural Capital Investment Fund
Nature Reserve Fund
Navy College Fund
Navy Industrial Fund
Navy Management Fund
Navy Stock Fund
Navy Working Capital Fund
Nebraska Capital Construction fund
Nebraska Microenterprise Partnership Fund
Nebraska Universal Service Fund
Nedgroup Investments Fund Xchange
Needy Student Fund
Nehemiah Trustees Covenant Fund
Neighborhood Funders Group
Neighborhood Street Fund
Neighbourhood Renewal Fund
Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Fund
Net Funds Employed
Net Owned Fund
Net Stable Funding Ratio
Netherlands Investment Matching Fund
New Bosnia Fund
New Boston Fund
New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund
New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising
New Economy Research Fund
New Fund Offer
New Israel Fund
New Jersey Carpenters Funds
New Opportunities Fund
New York City Environmental Fund
New York Conservation Education Fund
New York Liquid Asset Fund
New York State Common Retirement Fund
New York State Insurance Fund
New Zealand Superannuation Fund
New Zealand Wine Fund
Niagara Region Ventures Fund
Nigeria Trust Fund
No Funds
No Load Fund
No Movement of Funds
Non Refundable Engineering
Non Sufficient Funds
Non-Appropriated Fund Activity
Non-Appropriated Funds
Non-Appropriated Funds Financial Management Officer
Non-Appropriated Funds Information Standard System
Nonappropriated Funds Instrumentalities
Non-Appropriated-Fund Automated Personnel System
Non-General Fund
Non-Profit Preferred Funding
Nonprofit Sector Research Fund
Nonproliferation and Disarmament Fund
Non-Public Funds
Non-Refundable Amount
Non-Refundable Deposit
Non-Stock Fund
Nordea Investment Management Fund
Nordic Commodity Funds
Nordic Industrial Fund
North Atlantic Salmon Fund
North Carolina Enterprise Fund
North Central City Fund
North Country Fund Raiser
North East Reconstruction Fund
Northern California Community Loan Fund
Northern Counties Kidney Research Fund
Northern Forest Protection Fund
Northern Ireland Memorial Fund
Northern New England Housing Investment Fund
Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation
Northern Rockies Venture Fund
Northwest Transportation Fund
Norwegian Development Fund
Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
Not Industrially Funded
Not Sufficient Funds
Noxious Weed Trust Fund
Nuclear Liabilities Fund
Numerical Standards for Fundamental Astronomy
Nurses Recruitment and Retention Fund
Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund
Nuveen CA Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund
Nuveen Insured Municipal Opportunity Fund Inc.
Oak Hill Venture Fund
Occupational Physicians Scholarship Fund
Oceanic Uranium Fund
Office of Funding and Financial Reporting
Office of the Continuing Education Fund
Office of Unclaimed Funds
Official Representation Funds
Ohio Teacher Incentive Fund
Ohne Befund
Oil Price Stabilization Fund
Oil Spill Contingency Fund
Oil Spill Prevention, Administration and Response Fund
Oil Stabilization Fund
Oklahoma Life Sciences Fund
Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund
Old Growth Diversification Fund
Oman Investment Fund
Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund
Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund
Ontario Teachers Pension Fund
Open End Fund
Open Space Preservation Fund
Operating Fund Financing Program
Operating Funds Flow
Operations Funded Project
Opposition Personal Funds Amount
Oregon Health Fund Board
Organ Transplant Fund
Organization Enhancement Fund
Other Business Fund
Other Customer Funds
Other Procurement Funding
Other Procurement Funding
Other Services Stock Fund
Other State Funded Grants
Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny
Outgoing Funding Document
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Overseas Contingency Operations Transfer Fund
Overseas Economic Development Fund
Overseas Property Fund
Overseas Property Fund
Overseas Territories Programme Fund
Owner’s Funds
Oxford Homeless Medical Fund
Pacific Renewable Energy Fund
Pacific Salmon Endowment Fund
Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
Pan-Asian Bond Index Fund
Paraplegic Benefit Fund
Parks and Recreation Trust Fund
Participant Funding Program
Payment Against Available Funds
Peace Action Education Fund
Peace Officers’ Annuity and Benefit Fund of Georgia
Pearl Street Venture Funds
Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support
Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund
Pension Fund
Pension Fund Administrator
Pension Fund Governance
Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority
Pension Fund Supervisory Board
Pension Protection Fund
Pentagon Memorial Fund
Per Pupil Funding
Performance and Innovation in the State Revolving Fund Creating Environmental Success
Performance-Based Funding
Performance-Based Research Fund
Permanent Endowment Fund
Permanent Fund Dividend
Permanent Mineral Trust Fund
Permanent School Fund
Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund
Perpetual Education Fund
Personal Fundraising Page
Personal Mutual Fund Management, Inc.
Personal Refund Authority
Petroleum Overcharge Reimbursement Fund
Petroleum Research Fund
Petroleum Technology Development Fund
Phelps-Stokes Fund
Philippine Development Assistance Fund
Philippine Water Revolving Fund
Philippines-Canada Development Fund
Photonics and Nanostructures-Fundamentals and Applications
Physicians Protective Trust Fund
Physicians’ Donor Advised Fund
Pig Research Trust Fund
Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Inc.
Podsystem Europejskiego Funduszu Spolecznego
Police Officers Defense Fund
Police Pension Fund
Polio Eradication Fundraising Campaign
Polish American Enterprise Fund
Polish: National Health Fund
Polska Fundacja Promocji Kadr
Polsko-Amerykanska Fundacja Wolnosci
Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council
Pooled Development Fund
Pooled Income Fund
Pooled Life Income Fund
Pooled Real Estate Fund
Population-Based Funding Formula
Post Restaurant Fund
Postal Employees’ Relief Fund
Post-Conflict Fund
Premium Fund Account
Premium Fund Check
Premium Fund Trust Account
Pre-Seed Accelerator Fund
Pre-Seed Fund Initiative
Price Family Charitable Fund
Primary Fundamental Right
Prime Value Imputation Fund
Principal Combined Fund Organization
Principal Global Strategic Income Fund
Principal Protected Fund
Prior to Funding
Priority Development Assistance Fund
Priority Funding Area
Priority Schools Funding Program
Priority Solidarity Fund
Prison Officers’ Pension Fund
Private Energy Market Fund
Private Equity Fund
Private Equity Fund Services
Private Export Funding Corporation
Private Financial Fund
Private Purpose Trust Fund
Procurement Appropriations Program and Funds Control System
Producer Recycling Fund
Productivity Improvement Fund
Productivity Investment Fund
Professional Development Assistance Fund
Professional Fundraiser
Professional Investor Fund
Profunda Femoris
Profunda Femoris Artery
Profunda Popliteal Collateral Index
Profundo Rosso
Profundo Rosso
Program Development Assistance Fund
Program Venture Fund
Project Funds Management Record
Proof of Funds
Property Authorised Investment Funds
Property Investment Fund
Proposal Development Assistance Fund
Prosperity Russia Domestic Fund Ltd.
Prototype Carbon Fund
Proven Benefits Funding Model
Providend Funds
Provident Fund Establishment Committee
Pseudoinflammatory Fundus Dystrophy
Public Asia Ittikal Fund
Public Campaign Action Fund
Public Diplomacy Challenge Fund
Public Dividend Select Fund
Public Education Fund
Public Employees Retirement Fund
Public Far-East Dividend Fund
Public Far-East Property and Resorts Fund
Public Interest Fund of Illinois
Public Investment Fund
Public Mass-Transportation Fund
Public Match Funding Certificate
Public Officers Superannuation Fund
Public Provident Fund
Public School Income Fund
Public Sector Funding Package
Public Television Funding Program
Public Works Trust Fund
Publicly Funded Legal Assistance
Publicly Funded Research Institutes
Public-Private Investment Funds
Puget Sound Restoration Fund
Qualified Electing Fund
Qualified Fund Administrator
Qualified Investment Fund
Qualified Settlement Fund
Qualifying Fund Manager
Quality Education Fund
Quality of Service Fund
Quantum Gold Fund
Queen Alia Fund for Social Development
Questionable Refund
Questionable Refund Program
Quick Response Fund
Racine United Arts Fund
Radical Fundamentalist Unit
Raiffeisen International Fund Advisory GmbH
Rainier Valley Community Development Fund
Rainy Day Fund
Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund
Ralph Young Fund
Rapid Innovation Fund
Rapid Reaction Fund
Rapid Response Fund
Rapid Response Transportation Fund
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Reading Is Fundamental
Real Estate Development Fund
Real Estate Fund
Real Estate Mutual Fund
Realty Restoration Gift Fund
Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund
Receipt of Funds
Refugees Rehabilitation Fund
Refund Anticipation Check
Refund Anticipation Loan
Refund Intercept Request
Refund Statute Expiration Date
Refundable Security Deposit
Refund-Anticipated Return
Refunding Escrow Deposit
Refunding Escrow Deposit
Regional Development Fund
Regional Economic Development Fund
Regional Funding Allowance
Regional Innovation Fund
Regional Provident Fund Commissioner
Regional Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund
Regional Venture Capital Fund
Regionalny Fundusz Dotacji Inwestycyjnych
Registered Retirement Income Fund
Registered Retirement Investment Fund
Regularly Funded Organisation
Regulation Reduction Incentive Fund
Release of Funds
Reliance Mutual Fund
Religious Offering Fund
Renewable Energy Resources Trust Fund
Representation Fund Custodian
Request to Spend Funds
Required New Funds
Rescue Squad Assistance Fund
Research Affiliates Fundamental Indexation
Research Endowment Trust Fund
Research Fund for Coal and Steel
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Research in Alternative Livelihoods Fund
Research Oriented Investment Fund
Reserve Fund for Future Generations
Residential Funding Corporation
Residential Funding of Canada
Resolution Funding Corporation Bonds
Resources Legacy Fund
Retail Army Stock-fund Financial Inventory Accounting and Reporting System
Retail Stock Fund
Retirement Benefits Fund
Retirement Income Fund
Returned or Refunded
Revenue Bond Tax Fund
Revolving Drug Insurance Fund
Revolving Fund
Revolving Fund Management Committee
Revolving Loan Fund
Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist
Rights, Democracy and Inclusion Fund
Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund
Risk Management Trust Fund
Riverfront Redevelopment Fund
Road Accident Fund
Road Fund Licence
Roberts Enterprise Development Fund
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Roma Education Fund
Roosevelt Anti-Terror Multi-Cap Fund
Rosenberg Fund for Children
Rosenberg Real Estate Equity Funds
Royal Mutual Funds
Ruang Khao Money Management Fund
Rural Advancement Fund
Rural Development Initiative Fund
Rural Homeownership Fund
Rural Housing Loan Fund
Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
Rural Strategic Support Fund
Rural Telecommunication Development Fund
Rural Transport Development Fund
Rural Transport Partnership Fund
Russian Fund for Basic Research
Russian Small Business Fund
Ryukyu Reconstruction Finance Fund
Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
Safer and Stronger Communities Fund
Sagicor Global Balanced Fund
Sahara Conservation Fund
Sales Performance Incentive Fund
Sales Person Incentive Fund
Sales Promotion Incentive Fund
Sales Promotion Incentive Fund
Sallie Mae Fund
Same-Day Funds Settlement
San Antonio Fire and Police Pension Fund
Sandwich Realtors Scholarship Fund
Sasakawa Pan Asia Fund
Sasakawa Southeast Asia Cooperation Fund
Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund
Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund
Saskatchewan Government Growth Fund Management Corporation
Saskatchewan Universities Funding Mechanism
Saudi Arabian Investment Fund
Saudi Fund for Development
Saudi Industrial Development Fund
Save Jamaica Fund
Save the Children Fund
Save the Children Fund Australia
Save the Dunes Conservation Fund
Save the Tiger Fund
Saving Deposit Insurance Fund
Savings Association Insurance Fund
Saxon Funds Management Limited
SBI Debt Fund Series
Scholar Rescue Fund
Scholarship Fund of Alexandria
Scholarship Funding Organization
Scholarship, Education, and Defense Fund for Racial Equality
School Construction and Renovation Fund
School Construction Revolving Fund
School Fund Raiser
School Land Bank Fund
Schroder Credit Renaissance Fund
Scottish Funding Council
Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
Scottish Proposal Assistance Fund
Seafarer’s Welfare Fund Society
Search and Rescue Fund
Secondary Injury Enhancement Fund
Secondary Road Fund Distribution Advisory Committee
Section/Division Activity Fund
Secure Seniors Fund
Securities Investors Protection Fund
Security Officer Memorial Fund
Seed Capital Development Fund
Seed Co-Investment Fund
Seed Grant and Small Innovative Projects Fund
Seeing Is Believing Fund
Segerstrom Fundamental High School
Seized Asset Deposit Fund
Select International Bond Fund
Self Managed Super Funds
Self Managed Superannuation Fund
Self Managed superannuation Fund
Self-Administered Pension Fund
Self-Employment Loan Fund
Self-Funded Feasibility Analysis
September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of 2001
Service and Supply Fund
Service Employees Benefit Fund
Sesqui Teaching Equipment Fund
Settlement Housing Fund
Share Redemption Fund
Shared Resource Funds
Shareholders Fund
Sharp, Principal, Diffuse, Fundamental
Shaw Television Broadcast Fund
Sheet Metal Workers National Pension Fund
Shoreline Park Improvement Fund
Short Form Funding Agreement
Short Term Bond Fund
Sickness Fund Data File
Silicon Valley Children’s Fund
Single Project Funded
Single Stock Fund
Sinking Fund
Sinking Fund
Skills Development Fund
Skills Development Fund Ltd.
Skills Development Trust Fund
Skills Funding Agency
Slovenska Znanstvena Fundacija
Small Business Funding Centre
Small Congregations Resource Fund
Small Industries Development Fund
Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program
Snowmobile Trail Establishment Fund
Soccer United Relief Fund
Social Enterprise Expansion Fund
Social Enterprise Fund
Social Fund for Development
Social Justice Fund
Social Security Trust Fund
Social Security Trust Fund
Societe Generale Romania Fund
Society of Asset Allocators and Fund Timers, Inc.
Solar Electric Light Fund
Sold Pending Funds
Sorsby’s Fundus Dystrophy
Source Of Funds
South Africa Development Fund
South African Fundamental Atomic Research Installation
South Texas Business Fund
South Texas Funding Forum
South West Ventures Fund
Southern Conference Education Fund
Southern Pacific Funding Corporation
South-North Cooperation Fund
Southwest Commercial Funding
Sovereign Wealth Fund
Sovereign Wealth Fund
Special Beekeepers Fund
Special Capital Reserve Fund
Special Climate Change Fund
Special Defense Acquisition Fund
Special Development Assistance Fund
Special District Augmentation Fund
Special Fund for Economic Uncertainties
Special Funds Conservation Committee
Special Investment Fund
Special Performance Incentive Fund
Special Projects Fund
Special Railway Safety Fund
Special Revenue Fund
Special Situation Property Fund
Special Transportation Fund
Specialist Fund Market
Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program
Specjalistyczny Fundusz Inwestycyjny Otwarty
Sport Funding and Accountability Framework
Stable Value Fund
Staff Health Insurance Fund
Standard Industrial Fund System
Standard Infrastructure Fund Managers Africa Limited
Standards of Fundamental Astronomy
Stanford Management Internship Fund
State Accident Insurance Fund
State Compensation Fund
State Compensation Insurance Fund
State Compensation Mutual Insurance Fund
State Contractual Scholarship Fund
State Dedicated Fund
State Employee Injury Compensation Trust Fund
State Employees’ Retirement Fund
State Forest Fund Account
State Fund Agriculture
State Funding Study
State Gaming Revenues Fund
State Highway Fund
State Housing Development Fund
State Housing Trust Fund
State Income Tax Refund
State Institutions Building Fund
State Insurance Fund
State Investment Fund
State Legal Expense Fund
State Oil Fund of the Azerbaijan Republic
State Ordinance on Company Pension Funds
State Parks and Recreation Fund
State Revolving Fund
State Revolving Fund Loan Program
State School Fund
State Superannuation Fund
State Superfund Contracts
State Tax Refund Offset
State University Construction Fund
State Water Plan Fund
State’s Capital Reserve Fund
Statement of Funds Available
Statewide Independent Living Fund
Statkraft Norfund Power Invest
Statutory Funding Objective
Steering and Funding of Research Institutions
Stichting Funds for Africa
Stimulus Venture Capital Fund
Stock Fund
Stock Fund
Stock Fund
Stock Fund Accounting
Stock Fund Materiel
Stock Fund Statement
Stop US Tax-Funded Aid to Israel Now
Strategic Bond Fund
Strategic Development Fund
Strategic Enterprise Fund
Strategic Fund Adviser
Strategic Funding Group
Strathclyde Pension Fund Office
Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund
Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund
Student Controlled Reserve Fund
Student Funding and International Office
Student Library Enhancement Fund
Student Life Endowment Fund
Student Loan Fund of Idaho
Student-Managed Investment Fund
Students Loan Trust Fund
Study of Education Resources and Federal Funding
Subject to Availability of Funds
Subsequent Injury Fund
Suchen Bis Gefunden
Sugar Development Fund
Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund
Sundaram India Leadership Fund
Superannuation Funds
Superfund Accelerated Cleanup Model
Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act of 1986
Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act
Superfund Amendments and Reorganization Act of 1986
Superfund Basic Research Program
Superfund Chemical Data Matrix
Superfund Community Relations Coordinator
Superfund Compliance Accomplishments Plan
Superfund Comprehensive Accomplishments Plan
Superfund Consolidated Accomplishments Plan
Superfund Documents Management System
Superfund Emergency Response Actions
Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation
Superfund Preliminary Remediation Goals
Superfund Public Information System
Superfund Recycling Equity Act of 1999
Superfund Remedial Accomplishment Plan
Superfund Site Assessment Branch
Superfund Surcharge
Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team
Superfund Technical Assessment Team
Superfund Transactions Automated Retrieval System
Surgeons Diversified Investment Fund
Surplus Lines Trust Fund
Sustainable Communities Initiative Fund
Sustainable Development Fund
Sustainable Development Technology Fund
Sustainable Energy Fund
Sustainable Funding Project
Sustainable Jobs Fund
Sustainable Management Fund
Svenska Matematikersamfundet
Swedish Work Environment Fund
Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund
Swissinvest Real Estate Investment Fund
Symphysis-Fundal Height
Symphysis-Fundus Distance
Symphysis-Fundus Height Measurement
System Wide Effects of the Fund
Taimen Conservation Fund
Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
Tanker Replacement Transfer Fund
Tanzania Venture Capital Fund
Target Date Fund
Targeted Funding for Educational Achievement
Targeted Jobs Incentive Fund
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Tata Young Citizens Fund
Tax Elected Fund
Tax Refund Intercept Program
Tax Refund Offset
Tax Refund Offset Program
Tax-Exempt Fund of California
Taxpayer Refund and Relief Act of 1999
Teacher Incentive Fund
Teachers’ Fund for Retirement
Teachers’ Retirement Allowances Fund
Technology and Research Initiative Fund
Technology Development and Modernisation Fund
Technology Literacy Challenge Fund
Technology Literacy Challenge Grant Fund
Technology Transfer Fund
Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme
Teen Refuge Action Fund
Telecommunication Development Fund
Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund
Templeton Dragon Fund
Templeton India Liquid Fund
Templeton Institutional Funds, Inc.
Temporary Funding Increase
Texas Enterprise Fund
Texas Hedge Fund Association
Texas Integrated Funding Initiative
Texas Interfaith Education Fund
Texas Muslims Scholarship Fund
Texas Water Development Fund
Textbook Revolving Fund
Textile Upgradation Fund Scheme
Thank God It’s Funday
The Breast Cancer Fund
The Conservation Fund
The Currency Exchange Fund NV
The Fund Library
The Fund Raising School
The Global Fundraising Network
The Green Initiative Fund
The Heat and Warmth Fund
The Investment Fund for Foundations
The Media Fund
The Peregrine Fund
The Rose International Fund for Children
The Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund
The Stanford Fund
Theatre Development Fund
Third Frontier Action Fund
Third Party Fund
Third Party Insurance Fund
Thornton Creek Legal Defense Fund
Thrasher Research Fund
Thrift Savings Fund
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, Inc.
Tipping Point Film Fund
Tishman Speyer Office Fund
Toll Facilities Revolving Trust Fund
Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund
Total Federal Funds Awarded
Tourism Infrastructure Development Fund
Tourist Refund Scheme
Toyota Fund for Europe
Training and Technical Assistance Fund
Training Completion Assurance Fund
Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund
Transfer of Funds
Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication
Transport Innovation Fund
Transportation Economic Development Fund
Transportation Trust Fund
Transportation Working Capital Fund
Traumatic Brain Injury Fund
Treasury Appropriation Fund Symbol
Treasury Forfeiture Fund
Treasury Managed Funds
Treasury Money Market Fund
Tripod China Vision Fund
Trombose Venosa Profunda
Tropical Forest Conservation Fund
Trust Fund Advisors, Inc.
Trust Fund Brat
Trust Fund for Victims
Trust Fund Limited Inmate Communication System
Trust Fund Recovery
Trusteed Pension Fund
Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund
Tsunami Reef Action Fund
Tuberoinfundibular Dopaminergic
Turtle Conservation Fund
Twentieth Century Fund
Type of Funds
Ubuntu Education Fund
Ubuntu Education Fund
Ugandan Orphanage Relief Fund
UK Student Accommodation Fund
Ukrainian Social Investment Fund
Ulman Cancer Fund
Umsobomvu Youth Fund
Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee
Unemployment Insurance Fund
Unfunded Investment Opportunity
Unfunded Priority List
Unfunded Regular Programme Activity
Unfunded Requirements
Unilever Superannuation Fund
Uninsured Employers’ Fund
Uninsured Employers’ Fund
Unit Funded Cost
United Armenian Fund
United Black Fund, Inc.
United Community Funds and Councils of America
United Composite Islamic Fund
United Givers Fund
United Hospital Fund
United Methodist Development Fund
United Nations Capital Development Fund
United Nations Children’s Fund
United Nations Children’s Fund
United Nations Democracy Fund
United Nations Fund
United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control
United Nations Fund for International Partnerships
United Nations Fund for Population Activities
United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
United Nations Population Fund
United Nations Population Fund
United Nations Special Fund
United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture
United Negro College Fund, Inc.
United Performing Arts Fund
United States 12 Month Oil Fund, LP
United States Commodity Funds LLC
United States Gasoline Fund LP
United States Heating Oil Fund
United States Natural Gas Fund LP
United States Natural Gas Fund, LP
United States Oil Fund
United States Oil Fund, LP
United States-India Fund
United Student Aid Funds
United Utilities Trust Fund
Uniting Church Investment Fund
Unitus Equity Fund
Unitus Equity Fund
Universal Access Fund
Universal Institutional Funds
Universal Service and Access Fund
Universal Service Fund
Universal Service Obligation Fund
Universal Service Provision Fund
Universidade de Passo Fundo
Universities Funding Council
University Autonomy, Governance and Funding
University Challenge Seed Fund
University Priorities Investment Fund
University Students Emergency Fund
University Teaching Fund Committee
University Venture Fund
Unsatisfied Judgment Fund
UP Provident Fund
Urban and Environmental Infrastructure Fund
Urban Infrastructure Recovery Fund
Urban Poor Development Fund
Urban Works Reserve Fund
US Growth Funds
US Medical Funding
Use of Fund Resources
Utah Society of Fund Raisers
Utah State Retirement Investment Fund
UTI Venture Funds (India)
Utility Relocation Assistance Funding
Vaccine Fund
Vaccine Fund
Value of Funds
Vanuatu National Provident Fund
Variable Funding Note
Variable Insurance Products Fund
Variable Investment Fund
Variety Artistes Benevolent Fund
Vendor Trust Fund
Venezuelan Trust Fund
Venture Capital Fund
Venture Fund Initiative
Venture Fund Management Company
Venture Fund Management Consulting
Venture Investment Fund Limited
Vermont Community Loan Fund
Vermont Conservation Education Fund
Veterans Administration Franchise Fund
Veterinary Benevolent Fund
Viability Gap Funding
Victims Trust Fund
Victorian Fund Management Corporation
Victorian Funds Management Corporation
Vietnam Children’s Fund
Vietnam Fund Management Company Limited
Virginia Airports Revolving Fund
Virginia Economic Development Loan Fund
Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund
Virginia State Forests Fund
Vision Fund Lanka
VisionFund International
Visual Interfund System Transaction Accountability
Voice Fundamental Frequency
Voluntary Action Fund
Voluntary Mutual Benefit Funds
Voluntary Trust Fund
Wall Street Capital Funding, Inc.
Wallace Global Fund
Walter Payton Cancer Fund
Warsaw Initiative Funds
Washington Area Fuel Fund
Washington Early Learning Fund
Washington Radio Hospital Fund
Washington’s National Park Fund
Waste Minimisation and Recycling Fund
Waste Tire Recycling Fund
Water Authorities Superannuation Fund
Water Quality Improvement Fund
Water Services Trust Fund
Waterloo Wellington Fund Raising Executives
Watershed Development Fund
Watershed Development Fund
Wattyl Australasia Superannuation Fund
WAY Fund Managers
Weapon System Support Summary Funding Profile
Weekly Fund Status
Welfare Pension Fund Plan
Welsh European Funding Office
Wesleyan Annual Fund
West Africa Growth Fund
West Midlands Metropolitan Authorities Pension Fund
West Yorkshire Pension Fund
Western Asset Zenix Income Fund
Western Guaranty Fund Services
Western Massachusetts Enterprise Fund, Inc.
Western Mutual Fund Company
Western Riverside Environmental Fund
Western Riverside Environmental Fund
Westminster Ecclesiastical Education Fund
Wholesale Stock Fund
Wielkopolska Fundacja Rozwoju Regionalnego
Wildfire Emergency Response Fund
Wildlife Conservation Fund of America
Wildlife Conservation Revolving Fund
Wildlife Health Fund
Wildlife Management Education Fund
Wildlife Volunteer Fund
William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice
Wilmington Savings Funds Society
Wind River Development Fund
Wine Advocate Fund for Philanthropy
Wisconsin Citizen Action Fund
With Profit Fund
With Profits Sub-Fund
Women Against Fundamentalism
Women Against Fundamentalism and for Equality
Women Helping Women Fund
Women Private Equity Fund
Women’s Adoption International Fund
Women’s Fund of Rhode Island
Women’s Funding Network
Women’s Leadership Fund
Women’s Policy Education Fund
Women’s Venture Fund
Worker Welfare Fund
Workers Compensation Fund
Workers’ Profit Participation Fund
Workforce Development Training Fund
Workforce Education and Training Fund
Working Capital Fund
Working for Families Fund
Working Opportunity Fund
World Bank Carbon Fund
World Cancer Research Fund International
World Economic Fund
World Economic Fund
World Education Fund
World Education Fund
World Environment Fund
World Environment Fund
World Gold Fund
World Investment Opportunities Funds
World Monuments Fund
World of Warcraft Fund
World Rehabilitation Fund
World Wide Fund for Nature
World Wide Fund for Nature
World Wildlife Fund
World Wildlife Fund Canada
World Wildlife Fund Malaysia
Worldwide Fund for Nature
Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund Board
Wyoming Government Investment Fund
Xinjiang Conservation Fund
Yorkshire Fund Managers
Youth Capital Fund
Youth Development Fund
Youth Enterprise Fund
Youth Evangelism Fund
Youth Funding Youth Ideas
Youth Innovation Fund
Youth Opportunity Fund
Youth Opportunity Fund Enfield
Youth Research Fund
Youth Service Fund
Youth Service Fund
Youth Transition Funders Group
Zambia Venture Capital Fund
Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund
Zone Assistance Fund
Zoo Learning Fund
Zweig Total Return Fund Inc.