Media Abbreviations


What are the media?

The means of communication are the technologies and instruments that allow the exchange of information, ideas and events between different groups of people and organizations.

These instruments serve to share news and content, are a source of entertainment and education and are also used for advertising.

Some examples of media are newspapers, letters, television, the internet, e-mail, radio, cell phones and social networks.

The media can be aimed at a large audience, as is the case with television and radio. In this case, they are called mass media.

They can also be individual means of communication, that is, they have a more restricted audience, as is the case with the telephone.

Evolution of the media

Communicating and transmitting information has always been a human need, but the way communication happens has changed a lot over the history of civilization.

In the last decades, the technological evolution made possible that the communication was each time faster and more efficient. Today it is possible to be in contact with people on the other side of the planet from a smartphone.

But it was not always so. In prehistory, men made paintings on stones to record information and report events. With the development of language and especially writing, communication has undergone a great advance.

The emergence of writing, by the way, is what marks the end of Prehistory and the beginning of the Ancient Age, which took place between 4,000 BC and 3,500 BC

Over the following centuries, written accounts and letters were important means of communication. Letter delivery services were created, similar to what we know as mail.

The letters were taken to distant locations, but the time interval between issuing and receiving the message could take months, as was the case with letters transported by ships.

It was only at the end of the 18th century, with the creation of the telegraph, that messages could be passed quickly and over long distances.

Since then, the media have gone through great evolutions. Television and radio revolutionized mass communication from the 19th century onwards.

Years later, with the advent of the internet, communication reaches levels of evolution previously unimaginable. The popularization of the internet allowed the creation of tools that keep the whole world in constant communication.

Old media

Some old means of communication were replaced by more technological instruments, but many of them continue to be used today.

Post office

Sending letters is one of the oldest means of communication, it is believed that the Egyptians were the first to use this means for transmitting information.

Today, postal services use advanced logistics to send letters and parcels, but in antiquity, letters were sent by messengers and even by birds, such as pigeons and swallows.


The telegraph was created in 1790 by Claude Chappe, this device used electromagnetic impulses to send messages over long distances.

Telegraph communication was done in codes and morse code was the most used technique for this type of communication.

Created in 1835, morse code was a system that used dots and dashes to represent letters and numbers. The dashes and dots were identified from short and long sounds.


The first newspaper records are from 50 BC in the Roman Empire. Called Acta Diurna, this means of communication was used to pass on information about the government to society.

The newspaper is a means of mass communication used to this day. In addition to the physical version, today’s newspapers are also usually available in the online version.


The radio appeared in 1860, its technology allowed the transmission of news and entertainment programs through electromagnetic waves.

Radio remains a widely used means of communication today, but in addition to transmission by electromagnetic waves, radios are also available in online versions and in applications for mobile devices.


Invented around 1870, the telephone allowed the transmission of sounds by means of electrical signals. About 100 years after the creation of the telephone, in 1974, Martin Cooper created the first mobile phone device for the Motorola brand.

When they first appeared, cell phones were large, expensive, and not available to the general public. In the mid-1980s, cell phones began to be sold for personal use, but they were very expensive.

It was from the 1990s that the cell phone became popular as a means of communication. In addition to being smaller, these devices started to be manufactured with lithium battery, which allowed greater autonomy.

Today cell phones have been replaced by smartphones, which in addition to calling and messaging functions, allow access to the internet.


Television appears in the early 1920s and in 1928 the first TV broadcast takes place. At that time, this means of communication was not very accessible, but it became popular in the late 1940s.

Despite the countless possibilities offered by the internet, television remains as a very popular mass communication medium around the world.

Current media

Communication has changed in recent decades, especially after the popularization of the internet.


The first computer is from the 1940s and is called ENIAC ( Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer ). This computer allowed the processing of an unimaginable amount of data at the time.

In the years following the creation of ENIAC, computers were improved, but until the mid-70s they were developed for use in companies and organizations.

It wasn’t until 1976, with the launch of the Apple – I, that computers became an article for personal use.

The computer becomes an important means of communication with the emergence of the internet and browsers.

Today the computer allows access to websites, blogs, social networks, streaming movies and music. You can also make video calls and share your ideas, photos, videos, etc. with people all over the world.


The first prototype of what would be the internet was created in the 1960s. It was a Cold War context and the United States wanted to guarantee efficient communication in case of an attack by the Soviet Union.

But it was only after 1990 that the internet began to become popular, with the creation of the World Wide Web browsers (www) and the World Wide Web.

Since then, communication has been transformed, it has become much faster and more efficient, reducing borders and enabling instant contact with people all over the world.

The way of consuming content and entertainment has also changed. With the creation of blogs, social networks and video platforms, people are no longer just receivers of information and have become content generators and disseminators.


Smartphones are an evolution of cell phones. They allow access to the internet and have become one of the most important communication tools around the world.

Through smartphones it is possible to access any content on the internet, send instant messages, make video calls, share content, access social networks and, of course, make calls.

Types of media

Media are often classified as individual or mass, and they can also be classified according to language.

  • Individual: means of communication used for interpersonal relationships, such as the telephone, e-mail, mail and instant messaging applications.
  • Mass: also called media, are the means of communication aimed at broad communication, with a large number of receivers. This is the case of television, newspapers and magazines.

As for language, the means of communication can be:

  • Written: Media that use text as their main language, e.g. newspapers, magazines and websites.
  • Sound: which use sound as a language, as is the case with radio, telephone and podcasts.
  • Audiovisual: use sound and image simultaneously, for example, television and cinema.
  • Multimedia: means that use different languages ​​simultaneously, as is the case of the internet.

Media Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Media

Abide Visuals Multimedia Juggernaut
Aboriginal Media Services
Absolute Media, Inc.
Abu Dhabi Media
Abu Dhabi Media Company
Acacia Media Technologies
Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies
Academy of Communications and Multimedia Technology
Academy of Family Mediators
Access Media Network, Inc.
Accounting Education using Computers and Multimedia
Accuracy In Media
Ace Digital Media Institute of Technology
Action Coalition for Media Education
Active Filter Media
Active Media Player Screen Saver
Active Media Technology
Active Reviews for Intermediate Designs
Activist Media Project
Activity Median Aerodynamic Diameter
Activity Median Thermodynamic Diameter
ActivMedia Robotics Interface for Applications
Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection
Acute Cell-Mediated Allograft Rejection
Acute Otitis Media
Adams Media Research
Adaptive Hypermedia
Adaptive Hypermedia System
Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia
Add Immediate to Word
Adjusted Median Household Income
Adobe Media Player
Adolescent Mediation and Family Therapy
Adrenaline Ingenierie Multimedia
Adult Literacy Media Alliance
Advance Multimedia Internet Technology, Inc.
Advanced Diploma in Multimedia
Advanced Dynamic Application for Creating Multimedia Content
Advanced European Media Training
Advanced Media Center
Advanced Media Coverage Analysis
Advanced Media Network
Advanced Media Productions
Advanced Media Protocol
Advanced Media Workflow Association
Advanced Multimedia Authoring System
Advanced Multimedia Devices Inc.
Advanced Multi-Media Information Distribution System
Advanced Multi-media Integrated Environment
Advanced Multimedia Video Processor
Advanced Parallel Multimedia Accelerator
Advanced Telecom and Multimedia Design Technology Environments
Advertising and Media Investment Management
Advertising in a Digital Media Environment
Advertising Media Association of South Africa
Advertising Media Internet Center
Advice, Information and Mediation Service
Advocacy, Mediation and Independent Investigation Service
Aerodynamic Mass Median Diameter
Africa Media and Malaria Research Network
African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS
African Caribbean Family Mediation Service
African Media Barometer
African Media Development Initiative
Agence des Médias Numériques
Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce
Agent Mediated Knowledge Management
Ag-Mediated Blast Transformation
Agonist-Mediated Ca2+ Release
Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department
Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment
Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Division
Alaska Native Youth Media Institute
Albanian Media Institute
Alberta Association for Media Awareness
Algeria Business Multimedia
All Media Group
All Media Guide
Allegheny Intermediate Unit
Alliance for a Media Literate America
Alliance for Community Media
Alliance for Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Alliance of International Media Artists
Alpha Activity Median Diameter
Alternate Dispute Resolution Mediation
Alternative Remedial Contracting Strategy
Amelia Earhart Intermediate School
America’s Multimedia Online
American Business Media
American College Media Directory
American Daughter Media Center
American Latino Media Arts awards
American Mainstream Media Party
American Media Association
American Media International, Ltd
American National Straight Intermediate Pipe Thread
American Public Media
American Society of Media Photographers, Inc.
Ames Media Institute
Amsterdam New Media Association
Animation and Interactive Media
Annual Media and Technology Report
Annual Median Income
Antarctic Intermediate Water
Anterior Medial Lateral Suprasylvian
Anterior Medial Preoptic Nucleus
Anterior Medial Temporal Resection
Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity
Antibody-Mediated Immune Response
Antibody-Mediated Immunity
Antibody-Mediated Rejection
Apple Media Toolkit
Application Mediation
Application Mediation
Application Mediators
Application Mediators
Applied Media Technologies Corporation
Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
Aquifer Remediation Goal
Aquitaine Webmedia Independant
Arab Media & Society
Arab Women Media Center
Arabic Media Internet Network
Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario, Inc.
Archimedial Log Spiral
Area Median Family Income
Area Median Income
Arlington Community Media Incorporated
Army Automated Multi Media System
Army Automated Multimedia System
Army Remedial Action Plan
Art Addiction Medial Museum
Art, Design, Architecture and Media Information Gateway
Arteria Cerebralis Media
Artmedia Bratislava Football Club
Arts Alliance Media
Arts Network for Integrated Media Applications
Arts, Design, Media and Culture
Arts, Entertainment, and Media Industries
Arts, Media and Engineering Program
Ascent New Media Design
Asia Multimedia Forum
Asia Pacific Media Network
Asian Educational Media Service
Asian Media & Marketing Group
Asian Media Development Group
Asian Media Information and Communication Centre
Asian Pacific American Media Task Force
Asians in Media
AsiaPacific MediaEducator
AsiaVisions Media Foundation
Asociación Nacional de Educadores de Ensenanza Media
Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments
Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sites in Arctic and Cold Climates
Association for Applied Interactive Multimedia
Association for Downloadable Media
Association for Forensic Multimedia Analysis
Association for Interactive Media
Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada
Association for Media Education in Quebec
Association for Multimedia Communications
Association for Women in Sports Media
Association Francaise des Intermediaires Bancaires
Association Nationale des Médiateurs
Association of Attorney-Mediators
Association of Integrated Media
Association of Media Evaluation Companies
Association of Media Independents
Association of Media Practice Educators
Association of Responsible Media
Association pour la Lecture de Mediapart
Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive e Multimediali
ASynchronous and Synchronous Integrated multimedia conferencing System for Teams
Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication
Atex Media Command
ATI Multimedia Channel
Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association
Atlantic Media Institute
Atom Certified Mastermind in Multimedia
Attached Media Processor
Audio in Multimedia
Audiovisual Interactive Medical Multimedia
Audiovisual Media Services Directive
Austin Area Multimedia Alliance
Austin Commedia Society
Australian Communications and Media Authority
Australian Digital Media Consultants
Australian Teachers of Media
Australian-Turkish Media Group
AUTODIN Multimedia Terminal
Automated Mixed-media Library
Automated Multimedia Exchange
Automated System Security Evaluation and Remediation Tracking
Automotive Media Systems Ltd.
Automotive Media Systems Ltd.
Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration
Automotive Multimedia Interface Consortium
Autoplay Media Studio
AV Video Multimedia Producer
Availability Intermediate Manager
Aviation Intermediate Maintenance
Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Depot
Avionics Intermediate Shop
Bachelor of Mass Media
Bachelor of Multimedia
Backbeat Media
Background Media Scan
Ballast-Mediated Airway Protection
Bandwidth of Intermediate Frequency
Bay Area Streaming Media Organization
B-Cell Mediated Immunity
Bedrock Bioremediation Center
Beep Media Player
Beginner Intermediate Lounge
Beginner Intermediate Lounge
Belize Telemedia Limited
Bell Globemedia Content Innovation Network
Bell Globemedia Inc.
Berkeley Center for New Media
Berkeley Community Media
Berkeley Community Media
Berkeley MultiMedia Kernel Library
Berks County Intermediate Unit
Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center
Beyond Virtual Media
Bibliothèque Francophone Multimédia de Limoges
Bibliothèque Multimédia Intercommunale
Bibliothèques-Médiathèques de Metz
Bilateral Otitis Media
Billing Mediation Platform
Biology New Media Center
Bioremediation Action Committee
Bioremediation Action Committee
Bit Media Expander
Biz Buzz Media
Black AIDS Media Partnership
Black Sea Media Club
Blagman Media International Inc.
Blame the Media
Blaze Media Pro
Bleu Krystal Média
Bloomington Media Arts Group
Blue Fountain Media
Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education
Book and Digital Media Studies
Border Intermediate System
Border Media Partners
Botswana Media Consultative Council
Boundary Intermediate System
Brands Services and Media Creation
Branson Interactive Multimedia Services
British Association for Immediate Care
British Association of Lawyer Mediators
British Association of Lawyer Mediators
Broadband Media Group
Broadband Multimedia Communications System
Broadband Multimedia-Service-Router
Broadband Wireless Multimedia
Broadcast Interactive Media
Broadcast-Based Multimedia
Brookside Intermediate School
Buhrs-Media Craft
Bulk Intermediate and Consumer Oriented
Bulletin of the Comediantes
Bundes-Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Familien-Mediation
Bundesverband Mediation
Bundesverband Mediation in Wirtschaft und Arbeitswelt
Bureau d’Information et d’Assistance a la Mediation
Bureau des Nouveaux Médias
Bureau of Environmental Remediation
Bureau of Mediation Services
Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management
Burnt Orange Media Conspiracy
Business & Media Institute
Business and Digital Media Training Initiative
Business Image Management and Multimedia
Business Imaging Management and Multimedia
Business Media Europe
Business Media, Inc.
C Specific Media Support
Caden Media Corporation
Caltech Intermediate Form
CAMEL Service Equipment (IP Multimedia Subsystem IMS)
Campaign and Media Legal Center
Campaign Media Analysis Group
Canadian Aboriginal Media Co-operative
Canadian Association of Labour Media
Canadian Mass Media Inc.
Canadian Media Circulation Audit
Canadian Media Directors’ Council
Canadian Media Guild
Canadian Media Production Association
Canadian Media Research Consortium
Canine Immune Mediated Disease Awareness
CanWest MediaWorks, Inc.
CAPSL Intermediate Language
Captioned Media Program
Cardiac Intermediate Care Unit
Caribbean New Media Group
Cartilage Intermediate Layer Protein
Cascadia Media Collective
Catanio Digital Media
Catholic Mass Media Awards
Catholic Media Office
Catholics in Media Associates
Caudal Medial Accessory Olive
Cell Mediated Immune Response
Cell Mediated Natural Cytotoxicity
Cell-Mediated Immunity
Center for Advanced Instructional Media
Center for Citizen Media
Center for Digital Media
Center for Educational Multimedia
Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation
Center for Environmental Remediation and Monitoring
Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
Center for Independent Media
Center for International Media Ethics
Center for Media & Public Affairs
Center for Media and Security, Ltd.
Center for Media Education
Center for Media Literacy
Center for Media Research
Center for Media Research and Development
Center for Multimedia Communication
Center for New American Media
Center for New Media
Center for Spanish Language Media
Center of Excellence for Medical Multimedia
Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association
Central Coast Remedial Resources, Inc.
Central European Media Enterprises Ltd.
Central Intermediary Metabolism
Central Park Media
Central Remedial Clinic
Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit
Centrale de Cas et de Medias Pedagogiques
Centralized Intermediate Repair Facility
Centre d’Information sur les Médias
Centre de Recherche en Information Specialisee et en Mediation des Savoirs
Centre de Recherche sur l’Intermedialite
Centre des Langues et du Multimédia
Centre for Alternative Dalit Media
Centre for Educational Development and Media
Centre for Graphics and Media Technology Ltd
Centre for Media and Communications Law
Centre for Media and Culture in Education
Centre for Study of Media, Technology & Culture
Centre Média Keewu
Centro de Atencíon Inmediata
Centro de Tecnologia Intermedia
Certificated Mold Remediation Trainer
Certified Business Intermediary
Certified Florida Business Intermediary
Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor
Certified Mold Remediation Technician
Certified Mold Remediator
Certified Remedial Damp-Proofing Surveyor
Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment
Cervical/Mediastinal Venous Thrombosis
Cervicomediastinal Exploration
Champus Regional Intermediary System
Charles River Media
Chartered Media Buyer
Chester County Intermediate Unit
Chicago Media Action
Chicago Media Initiatives Group
Child Development Media
Children and Media Research Advancement
Children in Libraries: Improving Multimedia Virtual Library Access and Information Skills
Children’s Digital Media Center
Children’s Media Policy Coalition
China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting
China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting
Christian Schwarz-Schilling Project for Integrative Mediation
Chromosome-Mediated Gene Transfer
Chronic Adhesive Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media Purulenta
Chronic Otitis Media Purulenta
Chronic Otitis Media Purulenta
Chronic Serous Otitis Media
Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media
Church Media Net
Church Media Resource Center
Churngold Remediation Ltd
Cinema and Media Studies
Cinéma Multimédia Communication
Cisco Media Blender
Citizens Coalition for Responsible Media
Civil Society Media
Classified Removable Electronic Media
Classroom Media Library
Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology
Closed-Shell Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap
Coalition for Quality Children’s Media
Cobalt-Mediated Catalytic Chain-Transfer Polymerization
Collapsin Response Mediator Protein
College Librarians and Media Specialists
College Media Advisers
College Media Journal
College Media Network
College of Arts and Media
College of Mass Communications and Media Arts
College of Media Arts Design
Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries
Colour Reversal Intermediate
Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning
Columbia New Media Technology Center
Combined Intermediate Valve
Combined Media Processing Center-Qatar
Comcast Interactive Media
Comcast Media Center
Comitée Épiscopal Européen pour les Médias
Commandant’s Physical Remedial Program
Commedia Dell’ Arte
Commedia Dell’ Arte
Commercial Online Multimedia Applications
Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration
Common Intermediate Format
Common Intermediate Language
Common Sense Media
Commonwealth Business Media
Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia
Commonwealth Media Services
Communication & Multimedia Design
Communication and Media Commission
Communication and Multimedia Commission
Communication Media Module
Communication Médiatisée par Ordinateur
Communication Server Media Interface Module
Communication, Cultural and Media Studies
Communication, Information, Médias
Communication, Media, Film and Cultural Studies
Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media
Communications and Media Studies
Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia
Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia
Communications and Multimedia Security
Communications Consortium Media Center
Communications Media Management Association
Communications, Media and Entertainment
Communications, Media and Technology
Community Centre for Media Arts
Community Justice and Mediation
Community Media Association
Community Media Collaboration
Community Media For Development
Community Media Resource Center
Community Media Working Group
Community Median Household Income
Community Mediation Project
Community Mediation Services
Compact Media Daughter Card
Compact Media Extensions
Comparative Media Studies
Competitive Media Reporting
Complement-Dependent Neutrophil-Mediated Cytotoxicity
Complement-Mediated Lysis
Compliance Review and Mediation Unit
Compressed Media Solutions
Computação Gráfica e Multimédia na Educação
Computação Gráfica Multimédia e Ensino
Computer Arts New Media
Computer Assessment of Media
Computer Media Dealers Association
Computer Media Interface
Computer Mediated Distance Learning
Computer Multimedia and Animation Technology
Computer Program Media
Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory
Computer-Based Interactive Multimedia
Computer-Mediated Communications
Computer-Mediated Conversation
Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis
Computer-Mediated Relationship
Computing and Media Services
Comunicazione Mediata dal Computer
Conceptual Open Hypermedia Services Environment
Concordance-Based Medial Axis Transform
Concrete Median Barrier
Conde Nast Media Group
Conference Media Services Australia
Conference on Visual Media Production
Confidential Intermediary
Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation
Congressional Left, Academia, Media
Connect Media Services
Connecticut Intermediate Municipal Bond Fund
Conscious Youth Media Crew
Consolidated Media Holdings
Consortium of Australian Media Services
Constructed Mediated Reality
Consultancy for Leading Interactive Media
Consume the Flesh Media
Consumer Media and Magazines Group
Consumer-Generated Media
Contaminant Monitoring and Remediation Center
Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment
Content Based Multimedia Indexing
Content Mediation Sample Architecture
Content Protection for Pre-recorded Media
Content Protection for Recordable Media
Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval
Continuous Media File Server
Continuous Media Markup Language
Continuous Media Transmission Control Protocol
Contrast Media-Induced Nephropathy
Control Intermediate Interface Language
Conventiei Organizatiilor de Media
Conventiei Organizatiilor de Media
Coral Ridge Ministries Media, Inc.
Corporate Media Service
Corticotrophin-Like-Intermediate Lobe Peptide
Corticotropin-Like-Intermediate Peptide
Cost Of Remedial Action
Council of Media Industry Associations
Council on Children, Media and Merchandising
Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Remediator
Council-Certified Residential Microbial Remediator
Court-Annexed Mediation
Cox Media Group
Cranial Mediastinal Mass
Creative Media Services
Creative Visions Multimedia Communications
Cre-Mediated Cassette Exchange
Critical Intermediate Design Review
Cross Media Bar
Cross-Media Gaming
Cross-Media Technologies and Applications
Cross-Wire Media Independent Interface
Cryptologic Intermediate Maintenance Activity
Culinary Media Network
Cultural and Media Studies
Cultural Heritage Networks Hypermedia
Culture and Media Institute
Culture Environnement Medias
Culture Environnement Médias
Culture, Communication and Media Studies
Cumulus Media, Inc.
Current Intermediate Maintenance Project
Cutting Edge Media
Cutting Edge Media
Cyber Media Digital Limited
Cybermedia Technologies, Inc.
Dana Mediation Institute, Inc.
Danger Grave Immediat
Data Quality Remediation
Database and Media Systems
De Clercq Media Group
Dead Tree Media
DECT Multimedia Access Protocol
Deep Layers of Medial Entorhinal Cortex
Defatted and Sterilized Rich Coconut Media
Defence Media Operations Centre
Defense Media Activity
Defense Media Center
Delaware County Intermediate Unit
Delivery Multimedia Integration Framework
Dell Media Experience
Den Haag Media Groep
Département Archives et Médiathèque
Département Conception et Assistance Multimédia
Departement Ingenierie des Medias pour l’Education
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Department of Culture, Media and Sport
Department of Revenue Media
Depot Hill Media
Deprivation Immediacy Size And Contingency
Deprivation, Immediacy, Size and Contingency
Desarrollo Pequena y Mediana Industria
Descriptive Intermediate Attributed Notation for Ada
Designated Intermediate System
Designing Interactive Multimedia Instruction
Desktop Integrated Media Environment
Desktop Multimedia Conferencing
Destination Media Access Control
Desviacion Estandar de la Media
Deuromedia Broadcast Platform
Devon Family Mediation Agency
Didactique et Media pour Notre Generation
Diesel Media Group
Digital Arts and Multimedia Design
Digital Edge Media Group
Digital Home Media Center
Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts
Digital Intermediate
Digital Media
Digital Media Academy
Digital Media Access Group
Digital Media Adapter
Digital Media Alliance Florida
Digital Media and Creative Industries Team
Digital Media and Marketing Association
Digital Media and Video
Digital Media Archive
Digital Media Arts and Technology
Digital Media Arts College
Digital Media Association
Digital Media Association
Digital Media Boost
Digital Media Broadcasting Corp.
Digital Media Center for the Arts
Digital Media Champion Group
Digital Media Company
Digital Media Data Center
Digital Media Distribution International LLC
Digital Media Distribution Service
Digital Media Division
Digital Media Edition
Digital Media Excess Quad
Digital Media Exchange, Inc.
Digital Media in Retail
Digital Media Initiative
Digital Media Institute
Digital Media Interface
Digital Media Library
Digital Media Marketing Organization
Digital Media New Algorithm
Digital Media on Demand
Digital Media Online, Inc.
Digital Media Production
Digital Media Professionals Association
Digital Media Project
Digital Media Receiver
Digital Media Remastering
Digital Media Server
Digital Media Services Platform
Digital Media Technologies
Digital Media Thoughts
Digital Media Viewer
Digital Media Works
Digital Media Zone
Digital Multi Media Design
Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Digital Multi-Media Broadcasting for Television
Digital Multi-Media Broadcasting Service
Digital Multimedia Center
Digital Storage Media
Digital Video Broadcast – Multimedia Home Platform
Dijks Digital Media Design
Dimes All Access Media
Diploma in Creative Writing for Television and New Media
Diploma in Immediate Medical Care Examination
Direct Action Media Network
Direct Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity
Direct Media Marketing
Directed Polymer in Random Media
Direction du Développement des Médias
Directly Authorised Intermediary Firms
Directory of Women’s Media
DirectX Media Object
Discovery Health Media Enterprises
Disney Interactive Media Group
Distal Intermediate Ridge of Tibia
Distributed Frameworks for Multimedia Applications
Distributed Isolated Media
Distributed Media Format
Distributed Media Services
Distributed Multimedia Applications Group
Distributed Multimedia Plays
Distributed Multimedia Software System
Distributed Multimedia Systems Laboratory
Distribution Multimédia
Diversified Media Brokerage
Division of Clearing and Intermediary Oversight
DNA-Mediated Gene Transfer
Dorsal Unpaired Median
Dorsomedial Hypothalamic Nuclei Lesions
Downtown Media Arts Center
Drive by Media
Droit du Multimedia et de l’Informatique
Droit mediatise
Drug Product Intermediate
DTIC -Mediated Immunogenic Changes
Dubai Media City
Dubai Media Incorporated
Dubai Photo Media
Dunedin North Intermediate
Durable Augmentation of NMDA-Mediated Corticostriatal Excitation
Dynamically Reconfigurable Energy Aware Multimedia
Eagles Nest Intermediate School
Earth Data Multimedia Instrument
Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity
Earthbound Media Group
East Bay Community Mediation
East Bay Media Center
East Coast Media Bias
Eastern Edge Media Group, Inc.
Eastern Region Public Media
Easy Media Creator
Eaton Intermediate School District
Eco Media Player
Ecole de Multimedia et d’Art de Fribourg
Ecole Supérieure de Création et de Multimédia
Edison Media Research
Education and Media Technology
Education Media and Publishing Group
Education Media and Publishing Group
Educational Adaptive Hypermedia
Educational Adaptive Hypermedia Application
Educational Media & Technologies Section
Educational Media Center
Educational Media Collection
Educational Media Creation Center
Educational Media Foundation
Educational Media International
Educational Media Reviews Online
Educational Media Technology Council
Educational Multimedia and Multimedia Education
Electrical Remediation at Contaminated Environs
Electrokinetically Enhanced Bioremediation
Electronic and On-Line Media
Electronic Media
Electronic Media
Electronic Media Arts & Communications
Electronic Media Claim
Electronic Media Education Program
Electronic Media in Education Research Group
Electronic Media Management
Electronic Media Management Software
Electronic Media Management System
Electronic Media Production Service
Electronic Media Rating Council
Electronic Media Teaching Competence
Embedded DRAM technology applied to Multimedia Components
Embedded Media Processing
Embedded Multimedia Card
embedded multimedia terminal adapter
Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter
Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate
Emerging Media and Communications
Emirates Internet and Multimedia
Emirates Media Inc.
Emirates Media Training Company
Emperor Multimedia Group
Enabling Nomadic Agents in a Multimedia-ORiented Architecture of Distributed Objects
End of Media
Endoplasmic Reticulum-Golgi Intermediate Compartment
Engage Harpoon Immediate
Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation
Enhanced Multi-Media Architecture
Enhanced Multimedia Terminal Adapter
Enterprise Media Group
Entertainment Media Group
Entertainment, Media and Technology
Envelope Mastectomy and Immediate Reconstruction
Envelope Mastectomy and Immediate Reconstruction
Environmental and Remedial Treatment for Hydrocarbons
Environmental Media Association
Environmental Media Services
Environmental Remediation and Site Enhancement
Environmental Remediation Equipment
Environmental Remediation Sciences Division
Environmental Remediation Specialists, Inc.
Environnement d’Apprentissage Multimédia
Equatorial Intermediate Current
Equity Office Media Network
Ericsson Multi Mediation
Escamilla Intermediate School
Escuela de Formación de Profesores de Enseñanza Media
Essential Media Communications
Estes Park Intermediate School
Ethernet Media Access Controller
Ethiopian Media Women’s Association
European Centre for Media Literacy
European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates
European Day of Media Monitoring
European Institute for the Media
European Knowledge Media Association
European Media Art Festival
European Media Art Network
European Media Art Network
European Media Laboratory GmbH
European Media Monitor
European Media Research Organisations
European Multimedia Award
European Multimedia Forum
Evacuate Immediately
Expendable Media Device
Experimental Intermedia
Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
Experimental Media Research Laboratory
Exploits Valley Intermediate
eXtensible Media Commerce Language
External Media Shield
Facility Media Review Committee
Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Faculty of Media, Arts and Society
Fair and Immediate Resources for Students Today
Fairfax Business Media
Fairness in Media
Fall Creek Intermediate School
Family Mediation Service
Fanfare Media Works Inc.
Farm Debt Mediation Service
Farwest Media Development Centre
Fast Linear Intermediate Range Transmission Loss Model
Fast Track Mediation
Fast Web Media
Fawning Corporate Media
Fax Media Services Provider
FCC Mass Media Bureau
Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education
Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Federal Sector Mediation Services
Federated Media Publishing
Federation of African Media Women
Fibrosing Mediastinitis
Fibrosing Mediastinitis, Effusion, Vasculitis
Film & Media Studies
Film and Media Arts
Film and Media Studies
Film Video New Media
Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services
Financial Intermediaries and Claims Office
Financial Intermediaries Association
Financial Intermediaries, Managers and Brokers Regulatory Association
Financial Intermediary
Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
Fine Media Group
Firefinder Intermediate Maintenance Training
First Media Design School
Fiscal Intermediary
Fiscal Intermediary Services Organization
Fiscal Intermediary Standard System
Fixed Price Remediation with Insurance
Flash Media Encoder
Flash Media Interactive Server
Flash Media Live Encoder
Flash Media Server
Flash Media Streaming Server
Flash, Immediate, Priority, Routine
Florida Association for Media in Education
Florida Association of Black-Owned Media, Inc.
Florida Center for Interactive Media
Florida Digital Media Education Consortium
Florida Immediate Response Stress Team
Florida Multimedia Inter Exchange
Flow-Mediated Arterial Dilation
Flow-Mediated Dilatation
Fluorescence Mediated Tomography
Focal Encyclopedia of Electronic Media
For Immediate Release
Foreign Media Analysis
Forsyth School Media Association
Fort Worth Via Media
Foundation for Asian American Independent Media
Foundation for MultiMedia Communications
Fox Interactive Media
Freedom for Media in Java
Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access
Freedom Technology Media Group
Freelance Creative Media Alliance
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter eV
Fremantlemedia North America Inc
Frozen Empire Media
Full Common Intermediate Format
Future Media Architects, Inc.
Future Media Concepts
Future Media Productions, Inc.
Gallery for International Media Art
Gannett Media Technologies International
Gans Multimedia Partnership
Gasoline Remediation and Elimination of Ethers
Gear Media and Marketing, Inc.
Gear Media Tech
Gedragscode Informatieverstrekking Dienstverlening Intermediair
Gender and Media in Southern Africa
Genesee Intermediate School District
Georgia Children Media Program
Georgia Council of Media Organizations
Geriatric Intermediate Care Facility
Gesellschaft fur Media-Optimierung mbH
Giant Mine Remediation Project
Gigabit Media Access Controller
Gijrath Media Groep BV
Glasgow University Media Group
Global Education Multimedia
Global Entertainment and Media Summit
Global Entertainment and Media Summit
Global Interactive Media Recruitment
Global Islamic Media
Global Media & Technology Solutions
Global Media AIDS Initiative
Global Media Arts
Global Media Corporation
Global Media Distribution Services
Global Media Journal
Global Media Literacy
Global Media Transfer
Global Multimedia Mobility
Glossarium Mediae Latinitatis Cataloniae
Gold Standard Multimedia
Granada Media Group
Graphic Art and Multimedia Artists
Graphic Design: New Media
Graphic Multimedia Design
Graphics Environment for Multimedia
Graphics Environment for Multimedia
Graphics Media Accelerator
Great Lakes Remedial Action Plans
Greater China Media and Entertainment Corporation
Greater Vancouver Media Association
Green Media Group
Green Sheet Media
Greener World Media
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia Online
Ground Water Remediation System
Grupo Media Capital
Guardian Media Group
Guardian News & Media
Hachette Filipacchi Medias
Hampton Media Services Ltd.
Hand-held Multi-media Terminal
Harvest Media Television
Hattersley & Mottram Community Media
Havelock North Intermediate School
Havelock North Intermediate School
Hawar Kurdistan Media Group
Head Media Spacing
Heat Transfer Media
Heavy Media Separation
HEED Media Center (Bangladesh)
Heijmans Blackwell Remediation
Helicoidal Bianisotropic Media
Helicopter Training Media International
Hermes Media Design
Herosoft Personal Media Center
Herpesvirus Entry Mediator
Herring Media Group, Inc.
High Definition Media
High Definition Multimedia Interface
High Energy Intermediate
High School Sports Media
High Tech Media Communication
High Tech Media Concept
Higher Intermediate Fare Check
High-Level Multimedia User Interface Interactors for Real-Time Industrial Applications
Historic Area Remediation Site
HIV: An Electronic Media Information Review
Holographic Media Disk
Home Media Center
Home Media Engine
Home Media Gallery
Home Media Option
Home Media Research
Home Media Server
Home Media Station
Home Theater Media Center
Homeschoolers Free Media
Hong Kong Media Online
Hopkinton Community Access and Media
Horn Lake Intermediate School
Host City Media Center
Host Media Processing
Human Epithelial Cell-Conditioned Media
Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media
Human Media Interaction
Human Media Lab
Human Medial Coronary Smooth Muscle Cell
Human Mitochondrial Intermediate Peptidase
Human-Oriented Media Computing
Hungry Fish Media, LLC
Hyaluronan-Mediated Motility Receptor
Hybridoma Serum Free Media
Hydrogeochemical Engineering and Remediation of Soil
Hypermedia Computer Mediated Environment
Hypermedia Design Methodology
Hypermedia Indexing Schema
Hypermedia Management Protocol
Hypermedia Management Schema
Hypermedia Presentation and Authoring System
Hypermedia Research Centre
Hypermedia Research Unit
Hypermedia Synchronization Language
Hypertextual and Hypermedial Technical Documentation
Hypothalamic Stalk Median Eminence
Hypothalamic Ventromedial Nucleus
ICF Media Platform
Image World Media, Inc.
Image, Multimédia et Sciences Territoriales
Immediate Access Storage
Immediate Acknowledgement
Immediate Action
Immediate Action Directive
Immediate Action Letter
Immediate Action Rapid Deployment
Immediate Air Request
Immediate and Transitional Assistance Programme
Immediate Blue Kill Box
Immediate Care Center
Immediate Compress
Immediate Compress
Immediate Consequent Event
Immediate Consumption
Immediate Consumption
Immediate Corrective Action
Immediate Deposit/Optional Access
Immediate Early Gene
Immediate Early Nuclear Antigen Detection
Immediate Early Response 3
Immediate Environmental Concern
Immediate Event Charging
Immediate Exercise Treadmill Testing
Immediate Foreclosure Solutions
Immediate Frequency
Immediate IF
Immediate Impulse Response
Immediate Intensive Intervention
Immediate Intensive Intervention
Immediate Loss Reporting
Immediate Medical Associates
Immediate Mobile Police Assisting Citizens Together
Immediate Money Transfer
Immediate Needs Transportation Program
Immediate Office
Immediate Office of the Assistant Administrator
Immediate Operational Requirement
Immediate or Cancel
Immediate Origination Approach
Immediate Participation Guarantee
Immediate Past Area President
Immediate Past District Governor
Immediate Past International Director
Immediate Past International President
Immediate Past Master
Immediate Past Office
Immediate Past President
Immediate Past State Deputy
Immediate Permanent Incapacitation
Immediate Pigment Darkening
Immediate Post Injection Reaction
Immediate Post-Operative Prosthesis
Immediate Priority Pollutant
Immediate Purple Kill Box
Immediate Reaction Forces (US DoD)
Immediate Reaction Task Force
Immediate Ready Element
Immediate Release
Immediate Remedial Measures
Immediate Reroute
Immediate Response Account
Immediate Response Forces
Immediate Response Please
Immediate Response Spill Technologies, LLC
Immediate Response Team
Immediate Response Vehicle
Immediate Restorative Material
Immediate Spray Reroute
Immediate Staffing Group, Inc.
Immediate Superior In Command
Immediate Supervisor in Charge
Immediate System Recovery
Immediate Target Attack Request
Immediate Transient Incapacitation
Immediate Truth Maintenance System (AI)
Immediate Unit Commander
Immediate Upstream Neighbor
Immediate Visual Feedback
Immediate Warfighter Need
Immediate-Early 63 Protein
Immediately Available Funds
Immediately Avaliable
Immediately Committed Interaction Contract
Immediately Dangerous to Health
Immediately Dangerous to Health or Life
Immediately Dangerous to Life
Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health
Immediately If Not Sooner
Immediately Post-Volume Expansion
Immediately Vital Cargo
Immediate-Mode Rendering
Immediate-Phase Asthmatic Reaction
Immediate-Type Allergic Reaction
Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia
Immune Mediated Polyarthritis
Improved Avionics Intermediate Shop
In Touch Media Group
Incident Linked Multimedia
Independent Local Media Association
Independent Media Center
Independent Media Institute
Independent Media Marketplace
Independent Media Monitoring Unit
Independent Media News
Independent News and Media
Indian Blog and New Media Society
Indigenous Media Organisations Award
Indochina Media Memorial Foundation
Indonesia Media Law and Policy Centre
Infected Median Sternotomy
Infinity Digital Media
Informa Telecoms & Media
Information Media Center
Information Media Outlet
Information Santé Multimédia
Information Systems Integration using Global Hypermedia Technology
Information Technology Media
InfoSearch Media, Inc.
Ingenious Media Active Capital
Ingham Intermediate School District
Initiative Universal Media
In-Line Media Encryptor
Innovative Treatment Remediation Demonstration
Innovative Treatment Remediation Demonstration
Inside Track Media
Install from Media
Instant-On Media Player
Institute for Digital Media Technology
Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society
Institute for New Media Studies
Institute for Public Media Arts
Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics
Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto University
Institutional Interim Remedial Measures
In-Store Digital Media
Instructional Media Center
Instructional Media Development Center
Instructional Media Material
Instructional Media Package
Instructional Multimedia Production Lab
Instructional Multimedia Production Lab
Instructional Technology and Digital Media Center
Insulin-Mediated Glucose Disposal
Integral Concept for Groundwater Remediation
Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese
Integrated Digital Media Institute
Integrated Media Block
Integrated Media Management
Integrated Media Measurement, Inc.
Integrated Media Solutions
Integrated Media Systems Center
Integrated Multimedia Exchange
Integrated Multimedia Exchange
Integrated Multimedia Subsystem Development
Integrated New Media
Integrated Removable Media Manager
Intel Media Bench
Intellectual multimedia property rights model and terminology for universal reference
Intelligent Alarm Mediator
Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing
Intelligent Multimedia Travel Agent System
Intensive Remedial Teaching Programme
Inter Media Art Institute
Interactive Distributed Multimedia System
Interactive Media Alliance Scotland
Interactive Media and Game Development
Interactive Media Architects
Interactive Media Awards
Interactive Media Design
Interactive Media Education
Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association
Interactive Media Guide
Interactive Media in Retail Group
Interactive Media Manager
Interactive Media Technology Center
Interactive Multimedia
Interactive Multimedia Arts and Technologies Association
Interactive Multimedia Association
Interactive Multimedia Design
Interactive Multimedia Document
Interactive Multimedia Exercise
Interactive Multimedia Graphic Design
Interactive Multimedia Instruction
Interactive Multimedia Jukebox
Interactive Multimedia Retrieval Services
Interactive Multimedia Server
Interactive Multimedia Services
Interactive Multimedia Training
Interactive Multimedia Unit
Interactive Satellite Multi-Media
Interactive Storage Media
Interactive Technology, Software and Media Association
Intergalactic Media
Interim Remedial Action
Interim Remedial Action Report
Interim Remedial Measure
Intermedia Advertising Group
Inter-Media Arts Center
Intermedia Business Internet
Inter-Media Priority Pollutant
interMedia Text
Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association
Intermediary Relending Program
Intermediary Rule Markup Language
Intermediary Services Organization
Intermediary Technology Institute
Intermediate Agent
Intermediate Automated Electronic Classroom
Intermediate Avionics Test Set
Intermediate Belt Transfer
Intermediate Block Home
Intermediate Body
Intermediate Body
Intermediate Body
Intermediate Body
Intermediate Break
Intermediate Break
Intermediate Break
Intermediate Break
Intermediate BTU Gas
Intermediate Building Credit
Intermediate Bulk Container
intermediate bus architecture
intermediate bus architecture
Intermediate Cadet Leader
Intermediate Capacity Transit System
Intermediate Capital Group PLC
Intermediate Car
Intermediate Care Facility
Intermediate Care Nursery
Intermediate Care Unit
Intermediate Chain 1
Intermediate Circular Orbit
Intermediate Command and Staff Course
Intermediate Command Unit Movement Officer
Intermediate Compact Ballast
Intermediate Computer Fabric
Intermediate Computer Science
Intermediate Contract Property Administration
intermediate coordination node
Intermediate Course
Intermediate Course
Intermediate Course Correction
Intermediate Critical Design Review
Intermediate Data File
Intermediate Data Rate
Intermediate Density Lipoprotein
Intermediate Design Document
Intermediate Design Review
Intermediate Developmental Education
Intermediate Direct Support
Intermediate Direct Support
Intermediate Distribution Facility (networking)
Intermediate Distribution Frame
Intermediate Document
Intermediate Dorsal Cutaneous Nerve
Intermediate Dose
Intermediate Dose
Intermediate Earth Orbit
Intermediate Educational Unit
Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle
Intermediate Eye Relief
Intermediate Fighting Vehicle
Intermediate Filament
Intermediate Fix
Intermediate Flight Level
Intermediate Forward
Intermediate Frequency
Intermediate Frequency Amplifier
Intermediate Frequency Modulation
Intermediate Frequency/Radio Frequency
Intermediate Fuel Oil
Intermediate Functional Block
Intermediate Gear Box
Intermediate General Support
Intermediate General Support Maintenance
Intermediate Handling Test
Intermediate Heat Exchanger
Intermediate Host
Intermediate Information Requirement
Intermediate Intensive Care Unit
Intermediate Landmark
Intermediate Language
Intermediate Language
Intermediate Language Editor
Intermediate Lateral Support
Intermediate Launch Vehicle
Intermediate Leadership Qualification
Intermediate Level
Intermediate Level
Intermediate Level Maintainer
Intermediate Level Maintenance
Intermediate Level of Care
Intermediate Level of League
Intermediate Level School
Intermediate Level Waste
Intermediate Life Boat
Intermediate Life Support
Intermediate Line Amplifier
Intermediate Load Cycle
intermediate location
Intermediate Location
intermediate location
Intermediate Maintenance
Intermediate Maintenance Action
Intermediate Maintenance Activity
Intermediate Maintenance Detachment
Intermediate Maintenance Facility
Intermediate Maintenance Level
Intermediate Maintenance Service
Intermediate Maintenance Standards
Intermediate Maintenance Unit
Intermediate Management Experience
Intermediate Management Training
Intermediate Matching Section
Intermediate Math Open
Intermediate Medical Care Unit
Intermediate Medical Education Institute
Intermediate Medical-Surgical Unit
Intermediate Message Transfer Agent
Intermediate Messaging Layer
Intermediate Metal Conduit
Intermediate Metal/Metallic Conduit
Intermediate Military Objective
Intermediate Module Repeater
Intermediate Moisture Foods
Intermediate Moment Frame
Intermediate Moment-Resisting Frame
Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap
Intermediate Network Element
Intermediate Objective
Intermediate Open System
Intermediate Ore Zone
Intermediate Pigging Station
Intermediate Pigging Station
Intermediate Point
Intermediate Point Headway Control
Intermediate Power Amplifier
Intermediate Pressure
Intermediate Pressure
Intermediate Pressure Turbine
Intermediate Pressure Turbine
Intermediate Priority Range
Intermediate Processing Center
Intermediate Processor
Intermediate Public Examination
Intermediate Public Transport
Intermediate Public Transport
Intermediate Punishment Plan
Intermediate Range Plan
Intermediate Range Technology
Intermediate Rate Gateway
Intermediate Rated Power
Intermediate Rated Power
Intermediate Reach
Intermediate Rear
Intermediate Reference System
Intermediate Repair Enhancement Program
Intermediate Representation
Intermediate Resonance
Intermediate Routing Node
Intermediate School
Intermediate School District
Intermediate Service Center
Intermediate Service Part
Intermediate Service School
Intermediate Session Routing
Intermediate Signed Binary Form
Intermediate Silicon Layers
Intermediate Small Bank
Intermediate Software Acquisition Management Course
Intermediate Staging Area
Intermediate Staging Base
Intermediate Standard (Spectrum) Neutron Field
Intermediate Stress Relief
Intermediate Supply Base
Intermediate Support Base
Intermediate Support Element
Intermediate Sustainment Base
Intermediate Switching Center
Intermediate System
Intermediate System Hello
Intermediate System to Intermediate System
Intermediate Systems Acquisition Course
Intermediate Technology
Intermediate Technology Development Group – Eastern Africa
Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Intermediate Test and Evaluation Course
Intermediate Text Block
Intermediate Text Block
Intermediate Transfer Orbit
Intermediate Transfer Station
Intermediate Trunk
Intermediate Type 1
Intermediate Unilamellar Vesicle
Intermediate Unit
Intermediate Unit 5
Intermediate Value Theorem
Intermediate Vector Boson
Intermediate Velocity Cloud
Intermediate Visual and Auditory
Intermediate Water
Intermediate Water Depth
Intermediate Working Unit
Intermediate/Input Heat Exchanger
Intermediate/Medium-Range Ballistic Missile
Intermediate-Level Education
Intermediate-Mass Black Hole
Intermediate-Node Initiated Reservation
Intermediate-Path Performance Monitoring
Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile
Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
Intermediate-Significant Bit
Intermediate-Size Container
Intermediate-Size Inducer Pump
Intermediate-system To Intermediate-system Hello
International Academy for Media Science
International Academy of Mediators
International Association for Media in Science
International Association of Mediators and Arbitrators
International Automotive Media Awards
International Center for Media and the Public Agenda
International Center for New Media
International Christian Media Commission
International Christian Visual Media
International Conference in Communication and Media Studies
International Conference on Applications of Porous Media
International Conference on Intelligent Multimedia and Ambient Intelligence
International Conference on Multimedia
International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
International Conference on Multi-Media Modeling
International Council for Educational Media
International Emergency Multimedia Service
International Literary & Media Agency
International Media and Communication Studies
International Media Group
International Media Lawyers Association
International Media Management Academic Association
International Media Ministries
International Media Production Zone
International Media Research Foundation
International Media Resource Exchange
International Media Services
International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium
International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
International News Media
International Recording Media Association
International School of Business and Media
International Student Media Festival
International Symposium on Multimedia
International Women’s Media Foundation
International Workshop on Multimedia Software Engineering
International Workshop on Networking Issues in Multimedia Entertainment
Internet Media House
Internet Media Protective Association
Internet Media Publishers Association
Internet Media Publishing Associates
Internet Multimedia
Internet Multimedia Development
Internet Multimedia Sprachensystem
Internet Multimedia Subsystem
Internet Protocol Multimedia Service
Internet Streaming Media Alliance
Internetworking Technology Multimedia
Intima-Media Complex
Intima-Media Thickness
Investment Intermediaries Act
Iowa Educational Media Association
IP Media Gateway (computer networking)
IP Multimedia Subsystems
iParenting Media Awards
IP-based Multimedia
Iraqi Media Network
Iraqi Media Safety Group
Irish Interactive Multimedia Association
Iron Mill Interactive Media, Inc
iSearch Media, LLC
Islamic Media Arcs Network
Islington Arts and Media School
Isochronous Media Access Control
Jack Jackter Intermediate School
James Tower Media Design
Japan Multimedia Forum
Jasons Travel Media
Java Intermediate Compiled Bytecode
Java Intermediate Compiled Bytecode
Java Media Framework
Jewish Family and Life Media
Jewish Renaissance Media
Jogja Media Net
Joint Mediation Support Team
Jones Media Networks, Ltd.
Joshua David Dinnerman Media
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Journal of Lipid Mediators and Cell Signalling
Journal of Multimedia
Journalism Media Studies
Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc.
Juniper Multi Media
Jupiter Intermediates Pvt. Ltd.
Kansai International Media Forum
Katrina Aftermath Media Project
Katz Media Group
Kazaa Media Desktop
Kelompok Kompas Gramedia
Kelston Intermediate School
Kenya Community Media Network
Kerrigan Media International, Inc.
Key Mediating Variable
Kids in Media and Motion
Knowledge Media Networking
Knowledge Media Science
Koen Electronic Media Agency
Kompetenzzentrum für Multimediale Objekte
Korea Multimedia Education Center
Kurt Young Media Designs
Laboratorio de Comunicación Multimedia
Laboratory for Image and Media Understanding
Lake Jackson Intermediate School
Lame Stream Media
Lancaster Lebanon Intermediate Unit
Landelijke Beroepsvereniging Remedial Teachers
Landing Trail Intermediate School
Language Media Center
Language Media Format
Large Mediastinal Mass
Laser-Pacific Media Corporation
Lateral Hypothalamus and Medial Forebrain Bundle
Latina Media Ventures
Latino Entertainment Media Institute
Lativi Media Karya
Le Zebre Multimedia
Leading Edge Media, Inc.
Learning Media Ltd.
Lectin Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity
Left Otitis Media
Left-Handed Media
Left-Stream Media
Lehman Brothers Intermediate Government Index
Lenawee Intermediate School District
Liberty Junior School Media Center
Liberty Media Corporation
Liberty Media Corporation
Liberty Media Corporation
Liberty Media Corporation
Library Media Center
Library Media Center Advisory Committee
License Media Pack
Lichtenstein Creative Media, Inc.
Linn Productions Media
Linux Home Media Center
Linux Media Arts
Linux Multimedia Hacks
Linux MultiMedia Studio
Liquid Digital Media
Literature Culture and Digital Media
Live Current Media
Local Area Media Award
Local Insertion Media Technology
Local Media Services Company
Location-Based Media
Loefler Management and Media
Long Term Remedial Action
Long-Lived Intermediate Level
Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification
Los Angeles Alternative Media Network
Lossless Dispersive Media
Louisville Public Media
Low Cost Media
Low Intermediate Representation
Low-Frequency Intermediate-Surveillance Range Active
Lumbar Medial Branch Block
Luminous Media Group
Lying Media Bastards
Maatschappij voor Oude en Nieuwe Media
Macomb Intermediate Federation of Teachers
Macomb Intermediate School District
Macquarie Media Group
Macromedia Design Notes
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Flash Advertising Alliance
Macromedia Open Architecture
Macromedia User Group Minas Gerais
Macromedia Users Journal
Macromedia Users Victoria
Macromedia, Inc.
Madison Media Institute
Magic Media Company
Magnetic Media Productions LTD
Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media
Maine Media Workshops
Mainstream Media
Mainstream News Media
Maintenance Manual Intermediate & Depot Levels
Maintenance Manual Intermediate Levels
Maintenance Manual Intermediate With IPB
Maintenance Manual Intermediate/Depot With IPB
Maintenance Manual Organization & Intermediate Levels
Maintenance Manual Organization Intermediate Levels
Major League Baseball Advanced Media
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
Malaysian Multimedia University
Man Rabbit House Multimedia
Management of Complex Multimedia Dossiers
Manotick Intermediate Hockey League
Marco Fiscal de Mediano Plazo
Marea Baja Viva Media
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.
Martha Stewart Omnimedia
Mass Media
Mass Media Distribution
Mass Median Diameter
Massachusetts Interactive Media Council
Massachusetts School Library Media Association
Mass-line Media Centre
Mast Cell Mediator-Releasing
Master of Communication in Digital Media
Master of Information and Multimedia Technology
Mastiff Media
Matter Requiring Immediate Attention
Matthew Burnell Creative Media
Max Media Dock
Max Rowley Media Academy
Maximum Potential Multimedia Group
Maximum Volume to be Remediated
McIntyre Media Ltd
Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District
Media Accelerated Processor
Media Accelerated Processor
Media Access Control
Media Access Control
Media Access Control IDentifier
Media Access Control Source Address
Media Access Controller
Media Access Controller
Media Access Exchange
Media Access Exchange
Media Access Procedure
Media Access Procedure
Media Access Project
Media Access Project
Media Access Unit
Media Action International
Media Advertising and Design
Media and Arts Alliance
Media and Communications Conference
Media and Communications Processor
Media and Communications Unit
Media and Editorial Productions
Media and Information Commission
Media and Information Commission
Media and Instructional Technology
Media Art Festival Friesland
Media Arts and Sciences
Media Arts and Technology
Media Arts Leadership Institute
Media Arts, Science, and Technology
Media Asset Management
Media Asset Management
Media Association Blong Vanuatu
Media Association of Jamaica
Media Attachment Unit
Media Authentication Authorization and Accounting
Media Authorization Form
Media Auxiliary Memory
Media Awareness Network
Media Awareness Network
Media Awareness Network
Media Awareness Project
Media Awareness Project
Media Betterment Committee
Media Bistro Inc.
Media Bloggers Association
Media Bloggers Association
Media Bloggers Association
Media Boston International
Media Bureau
Media Buying Services
Media Calibration File
Media Card Interface
Media Center Edition
Media Center Extender
Media Center Markup Language
Media Center Personal Computer
Media Center University
Media Centre for National Security
Media City Berlin
Media Classics Group International, Inc.
Media Communications Association-International
Media Communications Lab
Media Communications Processor
Media Container Format
Media Control Center
Media Control Interface
Media Convergence Server
Media Conversion Subsystem
Media Cross-Connect
Media Data Center
Media Delivery Index
Media Delivery Solution
Media Dependent Adapter
Media Dependent Interface
Media Dependent Interface Crossover
Media Development Authority
Media Development Loan Fund
Media Device Control Protocol
Media Distribution and Caching Service
Media Distribution Center
Media Distribution Graph
Media Distribution Network
Media Distribution Processor
Media Distribution Tree
Media Duplication Services
Media Ecology Association
Media Efficiency Ratio
Media Elimination and Design Intelligent Aid
Media Embedded Processor
Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance
Media Event Status Notification
Media Exchange Format
Media Fill Test
Media Filter
Media Filter Drain
Media Financial Management Association
Media Firewall
Media Format
Media Foundation for West Africa
Media Fusion Technologies
Media Gateway
Media Gateway
Media Gateway Control Interface
Media Gateway Control Point
Media Gateway Control Protocol
Media Gateway Control Protocol
Media Gateway Control Unit
Media Gateway Controller
Media Gateway Controller Protocol
Media Giraffe Project
Media Group
Media Human Resources Association
Media Image Resource Alliance
Media Immersion
Media in Education Trust
Media Independent Handover
Media Independent Interface
Media Information Exchange Group
Media Information Repository
Media Institute of South Africa
Media Institute of Southern Africa
Media Integration Layer
Media Interface Adapter
Media Interface Connector
Media Interface Connector
Media Interface Management
Media Interface Module
Media International Australia
Media Interoperability Unit
Media Key Block
Media Law Reform Project
Media Law Resource Center
Media Legal Defence Initiative
Media Lighthouse
Media Literacy Online Project
Media Luna Roja Turca
Media Management and Transformation Centre
Media Management Center
Media Manager
Media Markup Language
Media Materials Clearinghouse
Media Matters for America
Media Metrix
Media Mobilizing Project
Media Monitoring Services
Media Monitors Network
Media Negotiation Agent
Media Net Link, Inc.
Media Net Link, Inc.
Media Networks, Inc.
Media New Media Group
Media Object Server
Media Object Server – XML
Media of Inspection
Media Operations Center
Media Oriented System Transfer
Media Oriented System Transport
Media Ownership Reform Act of 2005
Media Photographers Copyright Agency
Media Player
Media Player Classic
Media Policy Working Group
Media Press Center
Media Processing Framework
Media Processing Technology Group
Media Production Group
Media Publishing System
Media Rating Council
Media Recognition System
Media Recognition System
Media Relations Division
Media Research Center
Media Research Training Center
Media Resource Control
Media Resource Control Protocol
Media Resource Function
Media Resource Locator
Media Rights Agenda
Media Robot Utility
Media RSS
Media Saturn Holding
Media Sciences International, Inc.
Media Security and Reliability Council
Media Selection Report
Media Server
Media Server Extension
Media Server Markup Language
Media Server Unit
Media Server Unit
Media Service Gaens
Media Service Provider
Media Service Zawada
Media Services Center
Media Services Group, Inc.
Media Services Limited
Media Simulated Calling
Media Solutions Group
Media Sports Investments
Media State Aggregation Service
Media Status Event Notification
Media Stream Transforms
Media Streaming Broadcast Distribution
Media Studies
Media Support Advisory Group
Media Support Group
Media System Design
Media Systems Consulting Limited
Media Systems Technology, Incorporated
Media Take Out
Media Task Group
Media Tech Unit
Media Technology Drivers
Media Technology Research Centre
Media Technology Support Services
Media Tensión
Media Terminal Adaptor
Media Termination Adapters
Media Termination Point
Media Training EXtension Centers
Media Training Squadron
Media Transcoding Server
Media Transfer Protocol
Media Xchange Manager
Media Xpander
Media Xpander
Media, Advertising, Publishing, Printing, and Packaging Sector Education Training Authority
Media, Arts and Culture
Media, Arts and Culture
Media, Information, and Technoculture
Media, Interface and Network Design
Media/Materials Clearinghouse
Media-Assisted Language Teaching
Mediabase Music Research
MediaGate International Federation, Inc.
Medial Antebrachial Sensory Response
Medial Basal Hypothalamus
Medial Brachial Fascial Compartment
Medial Branch Block
Medial Cerebral Artery Occlusion
Medial Collateral Ligament
Medial Dorsal Cutaneous Nerve
Medial Entorhinal Cortex
Medial Femoral Condyle
Medial Forebrain Bundle
Medial Ganglionic Eminence
Medial Geniculate Body
Medial Intraparietal
Medial Longitudinal Fasciculus
Medial Malleolus
Medial Meniscus Tear
Medial Olivocochlear Reflex
Medial Palisade Zone
Medial Preoptic Area
medial preoptic area
Medial Septal Nucleus/Diagonal Band Complex
Medial Septum/Diagonal Band
Medial Septum/Vertical Limb of the Diagonal Band
Medial Superior Temporal area
Medial Temporal
Medial Temporal Cortex
Medial Temporal Lobe
Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
Medial Zona Incerta
Medialess License Kit
Mediamark Research, Inc.
Median Absolute Deviation
Median Area Income
Median Cascaded Canceller
Median Detection Range
Median Edge Detector
Median Edge Detector
Median Effective Concentration
Median Effective Dose
Median Family Income
Median Fluorescence Intensity
Median Frequency
Median Household Income
Median Inhibition Concentration
Median Intensity Value
Median Lethal Dose
Median Lethal Time
Median Link Delay
Median Longitudinal Bundle
Median Lower Band Diameter
Median Nerve Compression Test
Median Odds Ratio
Median of the Magnitude of Relative Error
Median Ranked Set Sampling
Median Relapse-Free Survival
Median Round Delay
Median Tolerance Limit
Median Volume Diameter
Median Water Level
Median-Radian Latency Difference
Median-Ulnar Palmar Latency Differences
Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH
Mediastinal Clear-Cell Lymphoma
Mediastinal Germ Cell Tumor
Mediastinal Large Cell Lymphoma with Sclerosis
Mediastinal Lymph Node
Mediastinal Nonseminomatous Germ Cell Tumors
Mediated Change and Resolutions Group
Mediated Electrochemical Oxidation
Mediated Real-Time Access
Mediated Settlement Agreement
Médiathèque Musicale Mahler
Mediation And Conflict Resolution Office
Mediation Arbitration Resolution Services
Mediation Association of Northeast Ohio
Mediation Cabal
Mediation Committee
Mediation Device
Mediation Device
Mediation Function
Mediation Information & Resource Center
Mediation Northern Ireland
Mediation of Information using XML
Mediation to Implement Feedback in Training
Mediation Training Institute International
Mediatools Powerweb
Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee
Mediators Beyond Borders
Medical Communications Media, Inc.
Medical Marketing and Media
Mediterranean Intermediate Water
Mennonite Media
Mental Health Media Awards
Meta Media Creative Technologies
Metro Global Media, Inc.
Metromedia Fiber Network
MG Media and Software
Michigan Area Media Educators
Michigan Association of Court Mediators
Microcell-Mediated Chromosome Transfer
Micro-Media Enteric System
Microsoft Intermediate Language
Microsoft Media Server
Middle East Media and Research Institute
Mid-Essex Doctors Immediate Care Scheme
Midwest Macromedia Studio Users Group
Military Interactive Multimedia Instruction Center
Minimal Media
Minority Media and Telecommunications Council
Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media
Mitsui Advanced Media, Inc.
Mixed Media Router
Mobile Computing and Multimedia
Mobile Immediatevoice
Mobile Internet Multimedia Device
Mobile Media Enterprises
Mobile Media Mode
Mobile Multimedia Access Communication
Mobile Multimedia Broadcast Service
Mobile Multimedia Education Platform
Mobile Multimedia Service
Mobile Multimedia Wireless Network
Modem Media.Poppe Tyson Inc.
Modified Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap
Modified Rydberg Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap/Spectral
Monocyte-Mediated Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity
Montgomery County Intermediate Unit
Moon Beam Media
Moose River Media
Morality in Media, Inc.
Moscow Media Law and Policy Center
Move Immediate
Mt. Vernon Intermediate School
Multi Channel Media International
Multi Media Access Center
Multi Media Artist
Multi Media Arts Center
Multi Media Cable
Multi Media Center
Multi Media Chip
Multi Media Data Service
Multi Media Extension
Multi Media Interface
Multi Media Marketing
Multi Media Unit
Multi Media Versand
Multi Mediation
Multi-Guard Mediator
Multimedia & Electronic Music Experiments
Multimedia & Vision Research Group
Multi-Media Access Port
Multimedia Analysis & Archive System
Multimedia and Communication Technology
Multimedia and Enjoyable Requirements Engineering
Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering
Multimedia and Virtual Environment
Multimedia Annotation Vocabulary
Multimedia Application Development Environment
Multimedia Application Server
Multimedia Application User Interface
Multimedia Arts and Sciences
Multimedia Asset Management System
Multimedia Assets for Industrial Design
Multimedia Authoring
Multimedia Authoring
Multimedia Authoring Through Intelligent Linking and Directed Assistance
Multimedia Authorization Request
Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service
Multimedia Builder
Multimedia Cable Network Systems
MultiMedia Card
Multimedia Cartridge Drive
Multi-Media Chunk Counter
Multi-Media Chunk Stream Identifier
Multimedia Command Interface
Multi-Media Commands
Multimedia Communication Service Center
Multimedia Communication Services Corp
Multimedia Communications & Visualization Laboratory
Multimedia Communications Community Of Interest
Multimedia Communications Exchange
Multimedia Communications Server
Multi-Media Communications System
Multimedia Computer Learning Center
Multimedia Computer System
Multimedia Computing and Networking
Multimedia Conference Manager
Multimedia Conference Servers
Multi-Media Conferencing Service
Multimedia Content-Based Indexing and Retrieval
Multimedia Data and Document Engineering
Multimedia Data Mining and Management
Multimedia Data Services Corporation
Multimedia Description Framework
Multimedia Design Studio
Multimedia Development Corporation
Multimedia Development Group
Multimedia Development Kit
Multimedia Digital Assistant
Multimedia Digital Distribution System
Multimedia Distributed and Pervasive Systems
Multimedia Document Interface
Multimedia Domain
Multi-Media Domain Development
Multimedia Education Network for Teaching, Output and Research
Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
Multimedia En Telecommunicatie
Multimedia Engine
Multimedia Enhancement Network Device
Multimedia European Research Conferencing Integration
Multimedia eXtension Board
Multi-Media Extensions
multimedia filter
Multimedia for Open and Dynamic Executives Learning
Multimedia Formats Interface
Multimedia Fusion
Multimedia Graphic Design
Multimedia Graphic Solutions
Multi-Media Holdings, Inc.
Multimedia Home Platform
Multimedia Information Decision Support System
Multimedia Information Presentation System
Multimedia Information Retrieval
Multimedia Information Retrieval Services
Multimedia Information Service
Multimedia Information Service
Multimedia Information Systems
Multimedia Information Systems
Multimedia Instructional Design
Multimedia Instructional Development Center
Multimedia Integrated Modeling System
Multimedia Integrated Workstations
Multimedia Interaction for Learning and Knowing
Multimedia Interactive Leading Life-giving Initiative On Net
Multimedia Interactive Learning Laboratory
Multimedia Interactive Television
Multimedia Internet Exchange
Multimedia Internet Message Extensions
Multimedia Internet Terminal
Multi-Media Kiosk
Multimedia Koordinator
Multimedia Laboratory
Multimedia Language Center
Multimedia Learning Centre
Multimedia Learning Group
Multimedia Learning Lab
Multimedia Library
Multimedia Mail Handler
Multimedia Mail Service
Multimedia Management Group
Multimedia Marketing and Internet
Multimedia Message Distribution Facility
Multimedia Message Handling Facility
Multimedia Message Manager
Multimedia Messaging Service
Multimedia Messaging Service Center
Multimedia Messaging System
Multimedia Mobile Access Communication
Multimedia Modeling
Multi-media Multi-party Teleconferencing
Multimedia Multiplexing Transport Protocol
Multimedia Network Edge
Multimedia Network Operator
Multimedia News Release
Multimedia Object
Multimedia Object Transfer protocol
Multimedia Object-Oriented Shell for Interactive Games using Hypermedia Technology
Multi-Media One-Step Prediction
Multimedia On-Line Service Technologies
Multimedia Operating System
Multi-media Operating System Kernel
Multimedia Optimisation and Demonstration for Education in Microelectronics
Multimedia Oriented Repository Environment
Multi-Media Outage Probability
Multimedia Outlet
Multimedia Outlet Box
Multimedia Over Cable Alliance
Multimedia over Coax
Multi-Media Over Internet Protocol
Multimedia Park Venture Capital
Multimedia PC Marketing Council
Multimedia Personal Computer
Multimedia Personal Computer
Multimedia Phone Tool
Multimedia Player
Multi-Media Pollution Prevention
Multimedia Portables for Teachers
Multimedia Presentation Manager 2
Multimedia Production Integration
Multimedia Representation Technical Committee
Multimedia Resource Function Processor
MultiMedia Resource Kit
Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language
Multimedia Ring Back Tone
Multimedia Satellite Receiver
Multimedia Service Operator
Multimedia Services Affiliate Forum
Multi-Media Signal Processing
Multimedia Software Engineering
Multimedia Streaming Protocols
Multimedia Streaming TCP-Friendly Protocol
Multimedia Super Corridor
Multimedia Switch
Multimedia Synchronization Server
Multimedia Technologies and Services Symposium
Multimedia Technology and Applications Conference
Multimedia Technology and Ubiquitous Computing
Multimedia Terminal
Multimedia Terminal Adapter
Multimedia Terminal and Applications
Multimedia Terminal Mobile
Multimedia University
Multimedia User Interface
Multimedia Victoria
Multi-Media Video File
Multimedia Video Processor
Multimedia Viewer Book
Multimedia Virtual Reality
Multimedia Visionaries
Multimedia Wireless System
Multimedia Information@Design for Cultural Heritage
Multimedia, Education and Narrative Organisation
Multimedia, Internet & Video
MultiMediaCard Association
MultiMediaCard Mobile
Multimediale Informationsverarbeitung
Multi-Mediales Methoden Curriculum
Multiparty Interactive Multimedia Conferencing Services
Multiple Award Remediation Contract
Multiples of the Median
Multithreaded Daemon for Multimedia Access
Muscle Non-Insulin-Mediated Glucose Uptake
Museum of Dead Media
Music & Media LLC
Music and Media Licensing
Music Media Entertainment Group
Music Media Llc
Music, Media & Performance Technology
Music, Media and Performance Technology
My Media System
Nanokiero Media
NanoKiero Media
Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia
National Arbitration and Mediation Committee
National Association For Community Mediation
National Association for Remedial Teaching
National Association of Multimedia Shareware
National Center for Accessible Media
National CineMedia LLC
National Conference on Media Reform
National Hispanic Academy of Media Arts and Sciences
National Indigenous Media Association of Australia
National Institute of Multimedia Education
National Institute on Media and the Family
National Media Center
National Media Laboratory
National Mediation Board
National Mediation Helpline
National Online Media Association
National Universal Agreement to Mediate
Native Media and Technology Network
Naval Media Center
Nebraska Educational Media Association
Netherlands Institute for the Classification of Audiovisual Media
Netpresence Indivirtual Media
Network Media Receiver
Network Mediation Process
Network Multimedia File System
networked electronic media
Networked Environment for Media Orchestration
Networked Media Tank
Networking and Multimedia Systems Lab
Networks and Heterogeneous Media
Neurally Mediated Hypotension
Neurally Mediated Hypotension
Neurally Mediated Syncope
Neuronal Intermediate Filament Inclusion Disease
Neutrophil-Mediated Tissue Injury
New Age Media Concepts
New America Media
New California Media
New Directions in Digital Media
New Dynamic Media Productions, Inc.
New England Media Productions
New Europe Business Media
New Generation Media
New Hampshire Educational Media Association
New Horizon Media
New Jersey Media Arts Center
New Media Age
New Media Business Alliance
New Media Consulting
New Media Design and Production
New Media Drivers License
New Media Enterprises
New Media Enterprises
New Media Exchange
New Media Industrial Council
New Media Institute
New Media Interdisciplinary Certificate
New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration
New Media Journalism
New Media Knowledge
New Media Manager
New Media Network
New Media on X
New Media Printing and Publishing
New Media Production Grant
New Media Project Space
New Media Quality Assurance
New Media Science Multimedia
New Media Service Ranking
New Media Underground Festival
New Media United Foundation
New Media University Academy
New Media Users Group
New Media Workshop
New Media, Exceptional People, and Technology
New Millennium Media International
New People Media Centre
New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia
New York Media Experience Program
New York New Media Association
New York Times Regional Media Group
News Media Branch
News Media Representative
Nex Gen Media Server
Next Gen Media Alliances Pvt. Ltd.
Nexus Design Media, Inc.
Nielsen Media Research
Nitroxide-Mediated Polymerisation
No Further Remedial Action Planned
No Immediate State Prison
Noise Media
Non Mainstream Media
Non-Immediate Allergic-Type Reactions
Nonlinear Media: Art, Development and Science
Non-Selective Media
Nonsense-Mediated Decay
North Pacific Intermediate Water
North Peel Media Group
North Sumter Intermediate School
Northeast Media of Atmospheric Science
Northern Film & Media
Northern Intermediate Counter Current
Norwegian Sea Arctic Intermediate Water
Nucleus Lateralis Tuberis Pars Medialis
Nucleus Ventralis Lateralis/Nucleus Ventralis Medialis
Nucleus Ventromedialis Hypothalami
ObjectSwitch Call Detail Mediation
Observatoire des Ressources Multimédias en Education
Ocean Media Group
Oceana Intermediate School District
Oculas Interactive Media
Offene Verteilte Multimedia-Anwendungen
Office of Emergency and Remedial Response
Office of Information Technology and Multimedia
Office of Mediated Education
Office of Permitting, Remediation and Registration
Office of Site Remediation and Restoration
Office of Spill Response and Remediation
Ogg Media
Ohio Educational Library Media Association
Oklahoma Association of School Library Media Specialists
Omnicom Media Group
On Demand Rich Media
On Media Label
On Target Media Group
On the Media
On Track Media LLC
One Giant Media
Online and Social Media Division
On-Line Media
Online Media and Marketing
Online Media Database
Online Media, Marketing and Advertising
Online Social-Interactive Media
Ontario Media Development Corp
Open Hypermedia System
Open Media Framework
Open Media Network
Open Media Research Institute
Open Media Streaming Project
Open Mediation Manager
Open Source Media Framework
Optical Data Storage Media
Optical Media Board
Optical Media Center
Optical Media Converter
Optical Media Module
Optimized Intermediate Maintenance Activity
Optimized Online Media
Optimum Media Directions
Oracle Media Object
Oracle Media Server
Oracle Media Server
Oral-Motor Analysis and Remediation Techniques
Order of Immediate Possession
Oregon Educational Media Association
Oregon Media Production Association
Oregon Mediation Association
Organisme pour le Registre des Intermédiaires en Assurance
Organizational Intermediate Maintenance
Organizational, Intermediate, Or Depot
Organometallic-Mediated Radical Polymerization
Original Media for Gamers
Orinda Intermediate School
Osh Media Resource Center
Otitis Media
Otitis Media Research Center
Otitis Media Susceptibility
Otitis Media Susceptibility
Otitis Media with Effusion
Out in Digital Media
Outdoor Environment Media Ltd.
Overseas Press and Media Association
Owen Media Partners
Oxygen-Mediated Free Radical Injury
Pacemaker-Mediated Tachycardia
Pacific Film & New Media Academy
Pacific Media Associates
Pacific Media Ministry
Pacific Media Watch
Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia
Packet Cable Multi-Media
Packet Immediate Assignment
Packet Media Access Controller
PacketCable Multimedia
Pahoa High Intermediate School
Pajamas Media
Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
Palestine Media Center
Palestine Media Watch
Palisades Media Group, Inc.
Palm Digital Media
Palm Digital Media
Palmer Group Media, LLC
Palmer Group Media, LLC
Palos Verdes Intermediate School
Pan-African Media Research Organisation
Pando Media Booster
Parents Enfants Médiation
Parish Media Resource Center
Parorrey Interactive Media
Parrot Media Network
Partial Medial Meniscectomy
Particle Mediated Epidermal Delivery
Particle-Mediated DNA Delivery
Partnership Intermediary Agreement
Patient Education Media, Inc.
Patriot Intermediate Maintenance Instructional Trainer
Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding
Pauline Books and Media
Peer Intermediaries for Key Establishment
Peer-Mediated Instruction and Intervention
Penicillin Intermediate Streptococcus Pneumoniae
Penton Media
Pequeña y Mediana Empresa
Pequeña y Mediana Empresa
Pequenas e Medias Empresas
Perceived Mediated Reality
Perception Immédiate
Percorso Rettificato Belga Multimediale
Perfect Pixels Media Group
Performing Artists Media Rights Association
Persian Media Corporation
Persistent Acute Otitis Media
Personal Identification and Collaborations: Knowledge Mediation and Extraction
Personal Media Device
Personal Multimedia Player
Personalized Recruiting for Immediate and Delayed Enlistment
Petroleum Remediation Product
Phenix City Intermediate School
Phoenix Media/Communications Group
Phoenix Publishing & Media Group
Physical Access and Media Management
Physical Media Section
Physical Media Specific
Physical Media Specific-Transmission Convergence
Pink Fish Media
Pitchfork Media
Placed Remedial Action Contract
Plan d’Appui aux Médiathèques
Planar Layered Media
Playlist file for multiple RA or RM (RealMedia) files
Playstation Media Server
Pleasant Valley Intermediate School
Plugers and Partner Media Groep
Plymouth Community Intermediate School
Pocket Media Assistant
Podcast and Portable Media Expo
Political Media Consultant
Polyurethane Intermediate
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
Popular Press Media Group
Portable Digital Media Interface
Portable Media Center
Portable Media Player
Portable Multimedia Consumer Electronics
Portable Multimedia Navigation
Position-Mediated Expression Enhancement
Posterior Horn Medial Meniscus
Posteromedial Hypothalamus
Poynter Institute for Media Studies
Preliminary Mediation Review Committee
Preliminary Remediation Goal
Premier Media Group
Premium Multi-Media
Prepare Resume Immediately, Dismissal Expected
Pre-Placed Remedial Action Contract
Pre-Remedial Design Investigation
Pret Locatif Intermediaire
Primary Secretory Otitis Media
Primary Source Media
Prime Intermediate Maintenance Activity
Prime Projects Media Group
Primedia Business Magazines & Media
Print Media Austria
Print Media Development Unit
Print Media South Africa
Private Media Company
Private Media Group Inc
Proceeded Immediately By
Producers of Interactive Media in Sweden
Professional Media Group
Professional Media Resource Center
Professional Media Service Corporation
Professional Mediation Resolutions Ltd
Professional Multimedia Test Centre
Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy
Programme on Learner Use of Media
Programming for Multimedia Devices
Programming Remediation and Intervention for Students in Mathematics
Project for Open Source Media
Proposed Remedial Action Plan
Psi-Mediated Instrumental Response
Public and Media Relations
Public Relations and Media Office
Pureplay Media Europe
Push to Media
Q Media Events
Q Media Group
Q Media Group Network
Q Media Productions
Qualified Intermediary
Qualified Intermediary Agreement
Quality Media Resources, Inc.
Quark Media Manager
Queen Forfeits Immediately
Queensland Macromedia Users’ Group
Queensland Media Group
Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project
Query Mediator
Quintessential Media Player
Radiation Belt Remediation
Radical Creation of Advanced Media
Radiocontrast Media
Rainier Media Center
Raíz Cuadrática Media
Rancho Santa Margarita Intermediate School
Rancho Santa Margarita Intermediate School
Rant Media
Rapid Reaction Media Team
Reactive Nitrogen Intermediate
Reactive Oxygen Intermediate
Real Estate Media
Real Girls Media
Real Liberty Media
Real Media File Format
Real Time Mixed Media
RealMedia audiovisual file
RealMedia Metafile
Real-Time Media
Receive Intermediate Demultiplexer
Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis
Recherche et Innovation en Audiovisuel et Multimedia
Reconnaissance Multi-Media Inspection
Recording Media & Energy
Recording Media Restoration Centre
Recycled Glass Filtration Media
Reduced Gigabit Media Independent Interface
Reduced Media-Independent Interface
Reduced Multimedia Command Set
Regal CineMedia
Regional Educational Media Center
Regional Media Resource Centres
Règlement Immédiat
Regroupement des Producteurs Multimedia
Reiterative Median Cascaded Canceller
Relative Linear Median Fluorescence Intensity
Remedial Accomplishment Plan
Remedial Action
Remedial Action
Remedial Action Assessment System
Remedial Action Contract
Remedial Action Exemption
Remedial Action Management Program
Remedial Action Objective
Remedial Action Plan
Remedial Action Plan Monitoring Act
Remedial Action Program
Remedial Action Projects Program
Remedial Action Report
Remedial Action Scheme
Remedial Action Selection
Remedial Action Work Plan
Remedial Action Workplan
Remedial and Special Education
Remedial Construction
Remedial Construction Services LP
Remedial Contractors Institute
Remedial Design
Remedial Design
Remedial Design Work Plan
Remedial Engineering
Remedial Engineering
Remedial Facility Assessment
Remedial Field Investigation
Remedial Inspection
Remedial Investigation
Remedial Investigation & Feasability Study
Remedial Investigation Report
Remedial Massage Therapist Association
Remedial Military Training
Remedial Physical Training
Remedial Process Optimization
Remedial Project
Remedial Project Manager
Remedial Site Project Officer
Remediation and Redevelopment
Remediation by Natural Attenuation
Remediation Effectiveness Report
Remediation Innovative Technology Seminar
Remediation Services for Microsoft Excel
Remediation Technologies Development Forum
Remediation Venture Office
Remote Control Multimedia
Removable Interchangeable Media Module
Removable Media
Removable Media Assembly
Removable Media Cartridge
Removable Media Manager
Removable Media Storage Device
Replay Media Catcher
Request for Mediation
Requirements Mediations Service
Requisite Remedial Technology
Research and Analysis of Media
Research and Innovation in Audiovisual and Multimedia
Reseaux, Securite et Multimedia
Reserve Intermediate Maintenance Activity
Reserves And Police – Immediate Detention
Respiratory Intermediate Care Unit
Response Posture Immediate
Ressources Humaines Mediation
Restricted Activity Investment Product Intermediary
Restricted-Access Media
Restriction Mediated Differential Display
Rhode Island Educational Media Association
Rich Media Communications
Rich Media Exchange
Rich Media File System
Richardson Company Training Media
Richardson Company Training Media
RichMedia Network Infrastructure
Rickitt Educational Media
Ridgecrest Intermediate School
Right Media Exchange
Right Otitis Media
Right Otitis Media
Right-Handed Media
Right-Wing Corporate Media
Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container
Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container Association
Rogers Multi-Media Inc.
Roosevelt Intermediate School
Rose Tree Media School District
Rostral Ventromedial Medulla
Roularta Media Group
Roxio Easy Media Creator
Rupiz Media
Russian Military Security Media Coverage
Russian Multimedia and Internet Society
Saba Islamic Media Sdn Bhd
Sampson G. Smith Intermediate School
San Diego Mediation Center
San Leandro Academy for Multimedia
Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corporation
Sansa Media Converter
Satellite Interactive Multimedia Platform for Low-cost Earth Stations
Satellite Media Tour
Savannah River Remediation
Scaled Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap
School Library Media Administration
School Library Media Advisory
School Library Media Annual
School Library Media Research
School of Arts and New Media
School of Basic and Remedial Studies
School of Informatics and Multimedia Technology
School of Letters Art and Media
School of Media and Communications
School of Media and Cultural Production
School of Media and Public Affairs
School of Media Arts and Design
Science and Religion in Media
Scottish Catholic Media Office
Scottish Hypermedia Users Group
Screened Images Multimedia, Inc.
Screened Images Multimedia, Inc.
Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici
Search in Social Media
Season of Media Arts London
Second Intermediate Period
Second-generation Hypermedia Application Project Environment
Secure Compliance Remediation Initiative
Secure Configuration Remediation Initiative
SEEMO Media Handbook
Selected Intermediate Maintenance Activity
Selective Media
Self-organized Magnetic Array Media
Semantic Media Adaptation and Personalization
Semantic MediaWiki
Semantic MediaWiki
Semantic Technologies for Multimedia-Enhanced Learning Environments
Senior Print Media Group
Sensitive, Intermediate, Resistant
Sensor Media Access Control Protocol
Serial Low-Power Inter-Chip Media Bus
Serial Media Working Group
Serial Storage Media
Serous Otitis Media
Serum-Free Media
Service Aspects and Applications – Audio/Visual Multimedia Services
Service Ecoles-Médias
Service Mediation Platform
Services de Médias Audiovisuels
Services Mediation Switch
Servicio de Mediacion, Arbitraje y Conciliacion
Set Less Than Immediate
Shallow Water Intermediate Search System
Shanghai Media Entertainment Group
Shielded Planar Layered Media
Ship Intermediate Maintenance Activity
Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity
Signal Processing and Multimedia Group
Sikh Mediawatch and Resource Task Force
Silencing Mediator for Retinoid and Thyroid Hormone Receptors
Silicide Mediated Crystallization
Silicon Valley Mediation Group
Simmons Lathan Media Group
Simple and Fast Multimedia Library
Simple DirectMedia Layer
Simple Media Access Control Protocol
Simple Media-Integrating Resource Creator
Simple Multimedia Description Protocol
Simpsons Multimedia Archiv
Singapore Mediation Centre
Single Mode Intermediate Range
Single Premium Immediate Annuity
Single Source Multi-Media
Site Assessment and Remediation
Site Assessment and Remediation
Site Assessment and Remediation Technology
Skwortsow Koster Media Group
Smart Media
Smart Media Card
Smart Media Card Reader
Smart Media Solutions
Smart Mediary Systems
SmartMedia Card Adapter
Smooth Streaming Media Element
Snow-Shore Media Server
So-Called Liberal Media
Social Media Anthropology Group
Social Media Breakfast
Social Media Breakfast
Social Media Club
Social Media Group
Social Media Law Student
Social Media Management System
Social Media Marketing
Social Media News Release
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Press Release
Social Media Professionals Association
Social Media Release
Social Media Technology Group
Social Network and Social Media
Societe Civile des Auteurs Multimedia
Society for Cinema and Media Studies
Society of Layerists in Multi-Media
Software Development Media Group
Software Systems for the Arts and Media
Soil Remediation Unit
Solvent Extraction Residual Bioremediation
Sound Intermediate Frequency
Source Interlink Media
Source Interlink Media
Source Media Access Control
Source, Content, Audience, Media, Effect
South Asia Free Media Association
South Asian Media Wise
South Asian Women in Media
South Atlantic Remote Territories Media Association
South East Automotive Media Organization
South-East European Network for the Professionalization of the Media
Southern California Mediation Association
Southern Intermediate Counter Current
Southern Media and Opinion Research
Spanish Broadcast & Media Services
Spanish Language Media
Spay and Neuter Immediately Please
Special Interest Group on Hypertext, Hypermedia and Web
Special Interest Group on Multimedia
Special Interest Group on Multimedia/Medical Applications
Special Operations Media System
Special Ops Media
Specialised Intermediate Care Unit
Specialty and Intermediary Chemical
Speech-Aware Multimedia
Spill Technology and Remediation Series
Spoken Language Access to Multimedia
Sponsored Sales Intermediary
Sports Media Entertainment
Sports Media Watch
Sports Media, Inc.
Springer Science and Business Media
Standalone Multimedia Terminal Adapter
Standalone Multimedia Terminal Adapter
Standard Army Intermediate Level Logistics System Supply
Standard Army Intermediate Level Supply system
Standard Location Immediate Request
Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates
Stanford University Medical Media and Information Technologies
Starmedia Network, Inc.
State Board of Mediation
State Mediation and Conciliation Service
State of the Media Report
State Run Media
Stop And Look At Me Immediately
Storage Media Library
Straightway Broadcasting and Media Club
Strategic Marketing and Media Research Institute
Stratified Anisotropic Media
Streaming Media Application Server
Streaming Media Decoder
Streaming Media on All Devices
Streaming Media World
Streaming Multimedia
Stroudsburg Intermediate School
Submarine Intermediate Reactor
Sub-Quarter Common Intermediate Format
Summit Media Partners
Sun Media Corporation
Sun Media Investment Holdings Ltd.
Sundown Media Concepts
Sun-Times Media Group, Inc.
Superfund Preliminary Remediation Goals
Superfund Remedial Accomplishment Plan
Supervised Trials Median Residue
Supplemental Remedial Action Plan
Surgically Remediable Epilepsy Syndromes
Survivable Media Gateway
Surya Citra Media Tbk
Sustainable Remediation Forum
Swiss Interactive Media and Software Association
Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication
Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange
Synchronized Mulitmedia Integration Process
Synchronized Multimedia
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Protocol
Synchronizing Intermediate Objectives
Synchronous Serial Media Independent Interface
Synthetic Media
System for Tracking Remediation, Exposure, Activities, and Materials
T Lymphocyte Conditioned Media
Tactical Media Center
Tactical Multimedia Interface Prototype
Tampere Research Center for Information and Media
Tank Waste Remediation Commitment Tracking System
Tank Waste Remediation System
Tanque Argentino Mediano
Target-Mediated Drug Disposition
Tarrant County Association of Mediators
Tauranga Intermediate School
TDT -Mediated dUTP (2′-Deoxyuridine 5′-Triphosphate) Nick-End Labeling (biochemistry)
Teachers Evaluating Educational Multimedia
Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools
Teatro Brasileiro de Comédia
Technician’s Introduction Multimedia Experience
Technicolor Digital Intermediates
Techniques in Print Media
Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media
Technology, Immediate Diagnosis, Mammography and Education
Technology, Media and Communications
Technology, Media and Telecommunications Summit
Technology, Media, Telecommunications
Technology-Mediated Learning
Tecnologie e Metodologie Multimediali per la Scuola
Teen and Parent Mediation
Tele Media International
Telecom Media Convergence
Telecom-Based Multimedia
Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media
Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Media, Entertainment, and Semiconductors
Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment
Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment & Technology
Telecommunications, Multimedia and Applied Computing
Telecoms, IT, Media and Electronics
Telegraph Media Group
Television Futurs Medias
Telluric Remediation Management Limited
Tennessee Valley Mediation Association
Terrestrial Wireless Interactive Multimedia
Tester, Intermediate Support System
TEWS Intermediate Support System
TEWS Intermediate Test Equipment
Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable
Thanvi Media and Technologies Ptv Limited
The Automated Media Management System
The Comedian Harmonists Project
The House of Representatives Open Multimedia Access System
The Human Oxytocin Mediated Attachment System
The Interactive Multimedia Group of Australia
The Media Fund
Thinking Through New Media
Third-Party Intermediaries
Thomas Media Enterprise
Thomson Multimedia
Thomson Multimedia SA
Thoracic Intermediate Care Unit
Through Transmissive Media Modules
Tickling Media Forum
Tightrope Media Systems
Tomographic Imaging and Porous Media Laboratory
Top European Advertising Media
Toronto Centre for Mediated Learning
Total Multi Media Inc.
Tower Hamlets Mediation Service
Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Media Association
Trader Media East
Trader Media Group
Tradeshow Multimedia, Inc.
Training Media Advisor
Training Media Association
Transcription Mediated Analysis
Transcriptional Intermediary Factor
Translation Jean Media
Transmission Media Alternatives
Transmitter Intermediation
Transnational Media Corporation
Transparent Media Adapter
Transportable Remote Analyzer for Characterization and Environmental Remediation
Travel House Media
Tribune Media Services
Trident Media Guard
Trident Radio Room Intermediate Maintenance Equipment
TriMedia Software Streaming Architecture
Tri-mode Ethernet Media Access Controller
Triple Crown Media Inc
Trunk Intermediate Distribution Frame
Tucson Airport Remediation Project
Tuscola County Intermediate School District
Twin Cities Media Alliance
Twist-Boat Diradical Intermediate
Twisted Pair – Physical-Media Dependent
Ubiquitin-mediated Fluorescence Complementation
Uganda Media Development Foundation
Uganda Media Women’s Association
Ukraine Media Partnership Program
Unidad de Reacción Inmediata
Unidad Tecnológica para el Desarrollo Pequeña y Mediana Industria
Unified Media C++ Classes
Unified Multimedia Messaging
Union Alliance Media
Unione Mediatori Creditizi Italiani
Unité d’Appui Multimédia
United Business Media Plc
United Media Communications Group
United Mediacorp
United Press International – University Media Alliance
United States Arbitration and Mediation
Universal Media Disc
Universal Media Disk
Universal Media Drive
Université Internationale du Multimédia
University Center for Instructional Media and Technology
Unsupported Media Type
Ununited Medial Coronoid Process
Upflow Static-Media Anaerobic Reactor
Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Program
Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
User Generated Media
Value Click Media
Vancomycin Intermediate/Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy
Vastus Medialis
Vastus Medialis Longus
Vastus Medialis Oblique
VBrick Enterprise Media System
Velocita Ascensionale Media
Vendor Fiscal Intermediary
Ventral Intermediate Nucleus
Ventral Unpaired Median Neuron
Ventromedial Hypothalamus
Ventromedial Nucleus of the Hypothalamus
Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex
Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex
Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland
Vermont Community Access Media
Versatile Media Format
Vertical Intermediate Distribution Frame
VESA Media Channel
Vicki Bernard Media Services
Victim Offender Mediation Association
Video Mediated Communication
Video Optimizer/Media Converter
Vietnam Financial Media Corporation
Vietnam Multimedia Corporation
Viewcast Media Server
Village Voice Media
Viral Marketing Media Corp.
Virginia Mediation Network
Virtual Media Center
Virtual New Media Conference
Virtual Reality Media
Virtual Systems and Multimedia
Visalia Steam Remediation Project
Visual Media
Voice and Media Over ATM
Voice and Multimedia
Voice Intermediate School
Volume License Media
Volume Median Aerodynamic Diameter
Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Act
Wall Street Media
Walsh Intermediate School
Warner Advanced Media Operations
Washington Library Media Association
Washtenaw Intermediate School District
Web and Media
Web Browsing Intermediaries
Web Design and Interactive Media
Web Journal of French Media Studies
Web Media Marketing
Web Media Ventures
Web Services Intermediary
WebGroup Media, LLC
Weight for Age Percent Median
Wellesley Alumnae Affiliates in Multimedia
Wellesley Alumnae and Affiliates in Multimedia
Werbung Event Media Public Relations
West Texas Intermediate
West Virginia Media Holdings
Westmoreland Intermediate Unit
Wharton Interactive Media Initiative
Whole Medial Basal Hypothalamus
Wichita Area Treatment, Education and Remediation
WiFi Multi Media
Wikimedia Foundation
Williams Afghan Media Project
Williams Media Group
Wind Shadow Media Productions
Windows Media
Windows Media Audio
Windows Media Center
Windows Media Device
Windows Media Device Manager
Windows Media Digital Rights Management
Windows Media Encoder
Windows Media Format
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player Playlist
Windows Media Service Provider
Windows Media Services 9
Windows Media Technologies
Windows Media Video
Windows Media Video 1
Windy City Media Group
Wireless Digital Media Player
Wireless Multimedia
Wireless Multimedia Adapter
Wireless Multimedia Enhancements
Wireless Multimedia Extension
Wireless Multimedia Forum
Wireless Multi-Media Streaming TCP-Friendly Protocol
Wireless Multimedia System
Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications
Wireless Scheduled Multimedia
Wisconsin Educational Media Association
With Immediate Effect
WK Multimedia Network
Women and Media Collective
Women in Media and Entertainment
Women in Media and News
Women’s Educational Media
Workers World Media Productions
Working Mother Media
Working Party on Culture Media
Workshop on Multimedia Systems and Networking
Workshop on Multi-Media Technologies in E-Learning and Collaboration
World Arbitration and Mediation Review
World Asia Media
World Digital Media Group
World Electronic Media Forum
World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries
World Media & Culture Center
World Media Expo
World Summit on Internet and Multimedia
Worldwide Media
World-Wide Media eXchange
Wrestle Xtreme Media
Xavier Media Group
Xbox Media Center
Xbox Media Video
Xenopus intermediate filament protein
X-Ray Contrast Media
Yeahronimo Media Ventures, Inc.
Yellow Pages Media
Yemeni Female Media Forum
York Region Media Group
Young African-Americans Against Media Stereotypes
Young Media Australia
Young Media Professionals
Young People’s Media Network
Your Daily Media
Youth Media Council
Youth Media Impacting Communities
Youth Media Institute
Youth Media International
Youth Media Minds of America
Youth Media Network
Youth Rights Media
Z Media Institute
Zealand Media Group, Ltd.
Zenith Optimedia International, Ltd
Zentrum Für Multimediale Telekommunikation
Zero Gravity Multimedia
Zero Intermediate Frequency
Ziff Davis Media, Inc.
Zoink Media Design
Zoom Media Gallery
Zoom Media Group