Navy Abbreviations

Navy has the following meanings:

1. naval military, naval military; in a broader sense also the merchant shipping of a country: history of the Netherlands. navy; the department of navy;
2. naval forces, naval fleet: the losses of the navy;
3. (painting) sea piece, seascape. In common parlance, navy is usually understood to mean the military naval force. Most navies are made up of a fleet, an aviation division and marines. For the required operational readiness, a navy has many services and facilities for conservation and maintenance. On the one hand, a navy performs national tasks and, on the other hand, it may have to defend maritime interests in an international context as a result of agreements entered into. The naval task is looked after in the Netherlands by the Royal Netherlands Navy, in Belgium by the Naval Forces.


Military operations in which the navy can be involved are:

1. locating, attacking and eliminating the naval combat assets of the adversary;
2. waging a trade war against enemy merchant shipping and sea fishing;
3. the establishment of a blockade of enemy coasts and ports to weaken the military, political and economic resistance of the enemy civilian population;
4. enabling and conducting landing operations on the enemy coast;
5. helping to defend all own maritime-vulnerable objects;
6. conducting direct actions against the enemy’s hinterland using nuclear-powered missiles carried by submarines.

From the formation of modern naval organizations in the 18th and 19th centuries well into the 20th century, the former has been given the most emphasis in the naval circles of most countries. Through the experiences of the so successful British navy and the glorification of these experiences by the influential American historian Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840-1914), the principle of naval control of the battle fleet became the dogma of maritime strategic thinking. . Only after this control had been assured by eliminating the main enemy force could the other tasks be started. In particular, the actions against the enemy merchant fleet, using fast ships and submarines, were regarded as non-decisive and thus dismissed as minor. This dogma of the decisive importance of the battle fleet led to maritime conservatism in the 20th century. As a result, insufficient consideration could be given to the enormous capabilities of the modern submarine and of the aircraft carrier.

The practice of the Second World War has clearly shown the dangers of this conservatism. In NATO context, more and more attention is therefore being demanded for anti-submarine warfare, and thus securing its own overseas connections.

Commercial Navy

This term is used for merchant fleet. It is understood by the collective ships which are in service of the transport of goods and passengers, and in particular the seagoing vessels.

Usually the word m. is used to indicate the naval power of a state, in contrast to the merchant navy called war navy. This one was originally born from the merchant navy. In times of danger, merchant ships, which at that time were always armed to some extent, were requisitioned and parts of the army embarked upon them.

Gradually, specialization led to a split and separate war navies arose. The introduction of steam locomotion and the transition to iron shipbuilding (allowing for armour), as well as the carrying guns, which required special emplacements, have completed the split. Merchant and fishing vessels are still used for emergency services, however, not in battle.

With the expansion of the fleets, the maintenance of authority at sea is reserved only for the great powers; the smaller ones have gradually had to abandon this and focus on coastal defense. In principle, this can be done in two ways, namely: a) with ships specifically intended for this purpose; b) With equipment equivalent to similar ships of major naval powers. The second method has the great advantage that in an Allied war the small fleet is a welcome addition to the large one.

An integral part of any fleet is its bases, where it must be able to rest and recover safely from the adversary and then return to the high seas when ready.

The Dutch navy is part of the Department of Defense , and it includes a lot more than just the warships, the sailors and the marines, because our navy has an extensive task.

This includes not only the protection of our coasts in the event of war against enemy warships, but also the security of the colonies in the East and West Indies, the police supervision of sea fishing, pilotage , the buoyancy service, the hydrographic service, which engaged in the exploration of the lakes, rivers , springs and canals and the mapping of the waterways, in addition to the military water-flying service and the radio service, the military coastguard, the medical service and the training or instructional service institutions, such as the Kon. Institute of the Navy in Den Helder, the High Naval Military School in The Hague, the instruction ships in Willemsoord and Vlissingen, etc.


List of Acronyms Related to Navy

ANAM Advanced Navy Aerosol Model
ANFA Affected Navy Family Assistance
ANA Air Force/Navy/Army
ANA Air Forcenavyarmy
APN Aircraft Procurement, Navy
ZP Airship Patrol Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1961)
AIMNET All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test
ANS Anti-Navy Supersonic
AN Army Navy
ANTAS Army Navy Targeting Acquisition Site
ANAVETS Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada
AN Army/Navy
AN Armynavy
ANCC Army-Navy Country Club
ANJSB Army-Navy Joint Specifications Board
ANAF Army-Navy-Air Force
ASNFMC Assistant Secretary of the Navy
ASNRDA Assistant Secretary of the Navy
ASN Assistant Secretary of the Navy
ANC Australian Navy Cadet
ANU Authorized for Navy Use
ATTITUDE Auxiliary Aircraft Carriers (obsolete) (US Navy)
ACV Auxiliary Aircraft Carriers (obsolete) (US Navy)
ABHM Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Master Chief Petty Officer (US Navy Rating)
APN Aviation Procurement Navy
AMH Aviation Structural Mechanic US Navy Rating
ACORN Aviation, Construction, Ordnance, Repair, Navy
BN Bangladesh Navy
BNC Bayonet Navy Connector
BNY Brooklyn Navy Yard
CURNU Cambridge University Royal Navy Unit
CNAN Capabilities of the Navy after Next
CAPSON Capital Area Personnel Services Office, Navy
COUNT Certified Navy Twill
CNT Certified Navy Twill
CHC Chaplain Corps, US Navy
CNY Charlestown Navy Yard
CNV Chief of Navy
CN Chief of Navy
CHNYC Coasters Harbor Navy Yacht Club
CNRC Commander Navy Recruiting Command
CNRSW Commander Navy Region Southwest
COMNAVFOR commander, Navy forces
CAUSS Common Airborne USW Sonobuoy Sensor System (US Navy)
CLEAN Comprehensive Long-Term Environmental Action Navy
CSN Confederate States Navy
CLDP CPO Leadership Development Program (Royal Australian Navy)
CTMC Crypto Technician Chief (US Navy rating)
CTAC Cryptologic Technician Chief (US Navy)
CTR1 Cryptologist Technician First Class (US Navy)
DSCS Data Systems Senior Chief (Petty Officer) (US Navy Rating)
DRRS-N Defense Readiness Reporting System Navy
DON Department of Navy
DONHR Department of Navy Human Resources
DON Department Of the Navy
DN Department of the Navy
DADMS Department of the Navy Applications and Database Management System
DNCPG Department of the Navy Consolidated Programming Guidance
DONEIS Department of the Navy Enterprise Information System
DPSB Department of the Navy Program Strategy Board
DASN-C4I-EW-SPACE Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for
NCD Deputy Comptroller of the Navy
DNL Director of Navy Laboratories
DNT Director of Navy Technology
DNS Director, Navy Staff
DNTP Draft Navy Training Plan
ESN Elysian Space Navy
ELS ESSM Launching System (US Navy)
EDLN Estimated Date of Loss to the Navy
FGN Federal Germany Navy
VODAFONE Fighting Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in from 1922 to 1948)
VF Fighting Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in from 1922 to 1948)
FNS Finnish Navy Ship
FTN Forget the Navy
FNG Former Navy Gal
FNG Former Navy Guy
FTN Fun Time Navy
FN Future Navy
GTN Galactic Trade Navy
GNSS Generic Navy Simulation System
GNSS Generic Navy Stimulator Simulator
GN German Navy
GSN Grayson Space Navy
GUATEMALA Grunt Tech [US Navy hospital corpsman assigned to a USMC unit]
GT Grunt Tech [US Navy hospital corpsman assigned to a USMC unit]
E-2C Hawkeye; Navy Airborne Warning and Control System Aircraft
VP-HL Heavy Patrol Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
HCS Helicopter Combat Support Squadron (US Navy)
HNGS Hellenic Navy General Staff
HMRN Her Majesty’s Royal Navy
HMCM Hospital Corpsman, Master Chief, US Navy
HNCS Host Navy Combat Systems
IAN Imperial Andermani Navy
IANS Imperial Andermani Navy Ship
IJN Imperial Japanese Navy
IJNAS Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service
INSD Imperial Navy Ship Database
IN Indian Navy
INER Indian Navy
INS Initial Navy Stock
ITN Inside the Navy
IRGCN Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy
JIN Japanese Imperial Navy
JASC JFACC Augmentation Staff Course (US Navy)
JANE Joint Air Force Navy Experiment
JANAP Joint Army Navy Acquisition Policy
JANS Joint Army Navy Space
JANUS Joint Army Navy Standard
JANUS Joint Army Navy Uniform Simulation
JANAF Joint Army, Navy, Air Force
JANAP Joint Army, Navy, Air Force Publication
JAN Joint Army-Navy
JANET Joint Army-Navy Employee Transport
JANET Joint Army-Navy Experimental and Testing Board
JANIC Joint Army-Navy Information Center
JANSPEC Joint Army-Navy Specification
JANUS Joint Army-Navy Staff
LCIG Landing Craft, Infantry (US Navy)
MLN Management List, Navy
MEGA Maritime Embedded GPS Adapter (US Navy)
MCPON Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
MCAP Medium Data Rate Channel Access Protocol (Navy)
MANUAL Mercantile Navy List
MNL Mercantile Navy List
MN Merchant Navy
MNDO Merchant Navy Discipline Organisation
MNTP Merchant Navy Training Provider
MAB MEU Amphibious Baseline (Navy/Marine Corps)
MCN Military Construction, Navy
MPN Military Pay, Navy
MPN Military Personnel, Navy
MNPI Modified Navy Plaque Index
MNFC Monterey Navy Flying Club
NORM NACK -Oriented Reliable Multicast (US Navy)
NV Navy
NAV Navy
NAFI Navy – Air Force Interface
NMITC Navy & Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center
VT Navy & Marine Training Aircraft Squadron
NAT Navy Acceptance Trials
NAFC Navy Accounting and Finance Center
NAC Navy Acquisition Circular
NAD Navy Acquisition Directive
NAE Navy Acquisition Executive
NAPS Navy Acquisition Procedures Supplement
NAI Navy Action Item
NAC Navy Activity Control
NAB Navy Adjudication Board
NABS Navy ADP Budgeting System
NAC Navy Advanced Concept
NAPT Navy Advanced Placement Test
NASP Navy Advanced Satellite Program
NAG Navy Advisory Group
NAN Navy After Next
VS Navy Air ASW Squadron
NACF Navy Air Combat Fighter
NACIS Navy Air Control & Identification System
VQ Navy Air Reconnaissance/ECM Squadron
NATCO Navy Air Traffic Coordinating Officer
NAIRS Navy Aircraft & Readiness System
VH Navy Air-Sea Rescue Squadron
ZP Navy Airship Patrol Squadron
ZS Navy Airship Scouting Squadron
ZN Navy Airship Training Squadron
ZJ Navy Airship Utility Squadron
NARM Navy Allocation & Resources Model
NASA Navy Alpine Snowsports Association
NALC Navy Ammunitions Logistics Code
NAVGARD Navy and Coast Guard
NMCC Navy and Marine Corps Council
NMCPHC Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center
NARF Navy Arctic Research Facility
NATBMD Navy Area Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
NAC Navy Arms Company
NAIS Navy Attitudinal Information System
NAPS Navy Automated Publications System
NAPS Navy Automated Publishing System
NARC Navy Automatic Relay Controller
NBPA Navy Board for Production Awards
NBS Navy Broadcasting Service
NCMP Navy Capabilities and Mobilization Plan
NCB Navy Capabilities Board
NCP Navy Capabilities Plan
NCIP Navy Career Intern Program
NAVCHAPGRU Navy Cargo Handling & Port Group
NCHB Navy Cargo Handling Battalion
NCHF Navy cargo handling force
VC Navy Cargo/Replenishment Squadron
NCAR Navy Center for Acquisition Research
NCA Navy Center for Cost Analysis
NCTS Navy Center for Tactical Systems
COMBINATION Navy Change Request
NCR Navy Change Request
NCPO Navy Chemical Protective Overgarment
NCE Navy Civil Engineer
NCPD Navy Civilian Personnel Directive
NCPI Navy Civilian Personnel Instruction
NCOM Navy Coastal Ocean Model
NCF Navy College Fund
NCO Navy College Office
NC2P Navy Command & Control Plan
NCCS Navy Command & Control System
NCC Navy Command Center
NCS Navy Command System
NCCIS Navy Command, Control & Information System
NCAP Navy Common Acoustic Processor
NCI Navy Compartmented Information
NCC Navy component command
VOLVO Navy Composite Squadron
VV Navy Composite Squadron
VC Navy Composite Squadron
NAVCOMPTSSA Navy Comptroller Standard Systems Activity
NAVCIRT Navy Computer Incident Response Team
NCMS Navy Configuration Management System
NCTE Navy Continuous Training Environment
NCAB Navy Contract Adjustment Board
NCEL Navy Contractor Experience List
NCV Navy Core Values
NCC Navy Cost Center
NCIS Navy Cost Information System
NC Navy Counselor
NCA Navy Counselor Association, Inc.
VCS Navy Cruiser Scouting Squadron
NCPD Navy Current Procurement Directive
NDE Navy Data Environment
NDS Navy Data System
NDAWS Navy Department Awards Web Services
NDBDM Navy Department Board of Decorations & Medals
NDDC Navy Department Duty Captain
NDS Navy Directive System
NDO Navy Disbursing Office
NDSM Navy Distinguished Service Medal
ND Navy Diver
NDSL Navy Drug Screening Lab
NDSP Navy Drug Screening Program
NESS Navy Early Supply Support
NECC Navy EHF Communications Controller
NECO Navy Electronic Commerce Online
NELOS Navy Electronic Laboratory Operating System
AJCC-N Navy Element At the Alternate Joint Communications Center
NECS Navy Embedded Computer System
NER Navy Emergency Relief
NERF Navy Emitter Reference File
NEEDS Navy Employee Development Education Development System
NETS Navy Engineering & Technical Services
NE Navy Enlisted
NEAS Navy Enlisted Advancement System
NEC Navy Enlisted Classification
NENEP Navy Enlisted Nursing Education Program
NES Navy Enlisted Personnel System
NER Navy Enlisted Rating
NEOPS Navy Enlisted/Officer Participation System
NE Navy Enterprise
NEDB Navy Enterprise Database
NEP Navy Enterprise Portal
NERP Navy Enterprise Resource Planning
NETS Navy Enterprise Team Ships
NELP Navy Environmental Leadership Program
NEOSH Navy Equal Opportunity Sexual Harassment
NE Navy Evaluation
NEX Navy Exchange
NX Navy Exchange
NEXCOM Navy Exchange Service Command
NES Navy Exchange Services
NEST Navy Exercise Support Terminal
NECC Navy Expeditionary Combat Command
NEIC Navy Expeditionary Intelligence Command
NES Navy Experimenting Station
NEODA Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Association
NFAAS Navy Family Accountability and Assessment Systems
NAVFAMALWACT Navy Family Allowance Activity
NFH Navy Family Housing
NFHO Navy Family Housing Office
FF navy fast frigate
NFBS Navy Federal Brokerage Services, LLC
VRF Navy Ferry Squadron
NF Navy Field
NFPS Navy Field Purchase System
VODAFONE Navy Fighting Squadron
VF Navy Fighting Squadron
NFC Navy Finance Center
NFDS Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron
NFAM Navy Force Affordability Model
NFD Navy Fuel Depot
NGIS Navy Gateway Inns and Suites
NGLP Navy General Library Program
NGR Navy Growth Radio
NHPS Navy Headquarters Programming System
NHO Navy Hydrographic Office
NIRS Navy Implementation for Raster Scanning
NIF Navy Inactive Fleet
NIA Navy Industrial Association
NIF Navy Industrial Fund
NIOC Navy Information Operations Command
NIOCSD Navy Information Operations Command San Diego
NIPS Navy Information Policy Summary
NIFTI Navy Infrared Thermal Imager
NIG Navy Inspector General
NICC Navy Integrated Call Center
NISP Navy Integrated Space Program
NITES Navy Integrated Tactical Environmental System
NICNAC Navy Interactive Courseware Novice Authoring Course
NIRA Navy Internal Relations Activity
NIPO Navy International Programs Office
NICMP Navy Interoperability Configuration Management Plan
NITP Navy Interoperability Test Plan
NITPTI Navy Interoperability Test Plan Technical Interfaces
NICN Navy Item Control Number
NJC Navy Joining Center
NJROTC Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps
NKMS Navy Key Management System
NKO Navy Knowledge Online
NLDP Navy Leadership Development Program
NLC Navy League of Canada
NLUS Navy League of the United States
NLN Navy Learning Network
NLLS Navy Lessons Learned System
NLT Navy Liaison Team
NL Navy lighterage
NLCP Navy Logistics Capability Plan
NLN Navy Logistics Network
NLSS Navy Logistics Systems School
NMD Navy Maintenance Database
NMIC Navy Management & Information Center
NMDL Navy Management Data List
NMF Navy Management Fund
NMP Navy Manning Plan
NAVMAC Navy Manpower & Material Analysis Center
NAVMAC Navy Manpower Analysis Center
NMIS Navy Manpower Information System
NAMPS Navy Manpower Programming System
NMRS Navy Manpower Requirements System
NMCP Navy Marine Corps Portal
NMMP Navy Marine Mammal Program
NMTC Navy Medicine Training Center
NMUC Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation
NMU Navy Meteorological Unit
NMG Navy Metrication Group
NMRG Navy Mid-Range Guidance
NMS Navy Mid-Range Study
NMATP Navy Military Assistance Training Program
NMPDB Navy Military Personnel Data Base
NTIMS Navy Military Training Information Management Strategy
NMDL Navy Mine Defense Lab
NAVMAP Navy Missile Analysis Program
NMCB Navy Mission Capabilities Board
NMETL Navy Mission Essential Task List
NMIS Navy Mobile Instrumentation System
NMPS Navy Mobilization Processing Site
NMSO Navy Modeling and Simulation Office
NMPS Navy Motion Picture Service
NMD Navy Movement Data
NMT Navy Multi-band Terminal
NMC Navy Munitions Command
NMD Navy Munitions Data
NNAP Navy National Apprenticeship Program
NNWG Navy Net-Centric Warfare Group
NAVNET Navy Network
NNR Navy Nonreporting
NNC Navy Nurse Corps
NOP Navy Objectives Plan
VO Navy Observation Squadron
NOSM Navy Occupation Service Medal
NAVOSHENVTRACEN Navy Occupational Safety & Health Environmental Training Center
NOMP Navy Ocean Modeling and Prediction
NOSS Navy Ocean Sensing System
NODDES Navy Oceanographic Data Distribution Expansion System
NODDS Navy Oceanographic Data Distribution System
NOMAD Navy Oceanographic Meteorological Automatic Device
NAVINFO Navy Office of Information
NO Navy Officer
NOC Navy Officer Classification
NORS Navy Officer Recruiting Station
NOSC Navy Officer’s Spouse Club
NOAP Navy Oil Analysis Program
NOMAD Navy Onboard Maintenance Aided Device
NOSC Navy On-Scene Commander
NOA Navy Open Architecture
NOB Navy Operating Base
NOCC Navy Operational Checkout Console
NOGAPS Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System
NORAPS Navy Operational Regional Atmospheric Prediction System
NOSC Navy Operational Support Center
VOT Navy Operational Training Squadron
NOW Navy Orderwire
NOD Navy Ordnance Depot
NOLF Navy Outlying Field
NOACT Navy Overseas Air Cargo Terminal
NOTW Navy Owned Treatment Works
NPT Navy Parachute Team
VPB Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron
NAVPERS Navy Personnel
NAVPERSCOM Navy Personnel Command
NPC Navy Personnel Command
NPDB Navy Personnel Database
NPRT Navy Physical Readiness Test
NPL Navy Point Loma
NPC Navy Policy Council
NPCA Navy Postal Clerks Association
NPCP Navy Potential Contractor Program
NPE Navy Preliminary Evaluation
NPSL Navy Primary Standards Laboratory
NPC Navy Procurement Circular
NPD Navy Procurement Directive
NPCR Navy Program Cost Review
NAVPEP Navy Program Evaluation Procedure
NPO Navy Program Objective
NPPO Navy Program Planning Office
NPM Navy Programming Manual
NPPC Navy Programming Planning Council
NPOI Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer
NPTU Navy Prototype Training Unit
NPDB Navy Provisional Detainee Battalion
NAVPACEN Navy Public Affairs Center
NPWC Navy Public Works Center
NPPO Navy Publications & Printing Office
NPPSBO Navy Publications & Printing Service Branch Office
NPPSBO Navy Publishing and Printing Service Branch Office
NPO Navy Purchasing Office
NRAS Navy Readiness Analysis System
NRD Navy Recruiting District
NAVCRUITEXHIBCEN Navy Recruiting Exhibit Center
NRS Navy Recruiting Station
NRSW Navy Region South West
NRAO Navy Regional Accounts Office
NRCD Navy Regional Contracting Detachment
N-ROSS Navy Remote Ocean Sensing Satellite
NROSS Navy Remote Ocean Sensor System
NRF Navy Repair Facility
NRA Navy Reporting Activity
NRS Navy Reporting System
NROC Navy Requirements Oversight Council
NRR Navy Research Requirements
NRC Navy Reserve Center
NARM Navy Resource Model
NRO Navy Retail Office
NRAC Navy Retargetable ATLAS Compiler
NRMS Navy Retention Monitoring System
NRT Navy Review Team
NSAP Navy Science Assistance Program
VSB Navy Scout Bombing Squadron
VS Navy Scouting Squadron
NS-CO Navy Seals – Covert Operations
NSCO Navy Seals: Covert Operations
NSSP Navy Secondary Stock Point
NSVT Navy Secure Voice Terminal
NSGA Navy Security Group Activity
NSPE Navy Senior Procurement Executive
NSCC Navy Service Component Command
VRS Navy Service Squadron
NSU Navy Service Uniform
NEMESIS Navy Ship Missile Engineering Station
NSPCC Navy Ships Parts Control Center
NSP Navy Space Project
NSSA Navy Space Systems Activity
NSDF Navy Standard Distillate Fuel
NSIPS Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System
NSSP Navy Standard Signal Processor
NSTC Navy Standard Tactical Computer
NST Navy Standard Teletype
NSFO Navy Standard/Special Fuel Oil
NSB Navy Standardization Board
NSA Navy Stock Account
NSF Navy Stock Fund
NSP Navy Strategic Plan
NSPG Navy Strategic Planning Guidance
NSS Navy Strategic Study
NAVSAW Navy Strike Air Warfare
NSTF Navy Submarine Torpedo Facility
NSO Navy Subsistence Office
NSO Navy Supply Officer
NSS Navy Supply System
NSA Navy Support Activity
NSD Navy Support Data
NSD Navy Support Date
NSP Navy Support Plan
NSS Navy Support Software
NSD Navy Systems Department
NSMA Navy Systems Management Activity
NTAG Navy Tactical Applications Guide
NTCS-A Navy Tactical Command System Afloat
NTDI Navy Tactical DMS Initiative
VAQ Navy Tactical EW Squadron
NTIC Navy Tactical Intelligence Center
NTACMS Navy Tactical Missile System
NTP Navy Tactical Program
NTRP Navy Tactical Reference Publication
NTSA Navy Tactical Support Activity
NTA Navy Tactical Task
NTTP Navy Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
NTA Navy Technical Authority
NTDS Navy Technical Data System
NTE Navy Technical Evaluation
NTIPP Navy Technical Information Presentation Program
NAVTECHREP Navy Technical Representative
NTR Navy Technical Representative
NTP Navy Technological Projection
NTP Navy Technology Projections
NTD Navy Telecommunications Directive
NTX Navy Teletypewriter Exchange
NTW Navy Theater Wide
NTWD Navy Theater-Wide Defense
VT Navy Torpedo Squadron
NTS Navy Torpedo Station
NTF Navy Total Force
NTFS Navy Training Feedback System
NTIMS Navy Training Information Management System
NTP Navy Training Plan
NTPC Navy Training Plan Conference
NTQMS Navy Training Quota Management System
NTRL Navy Training Research Laboratory
VRE Navy Transport Evacuation Squadron
NTH Navy Transportation Safety Handbook
NUC Navy Unit Commendation
VJ Navy Utility Squadron
NVL Navy Virtual Library
NWDC Navy Warfare Development Command
NWTS Navy Warfare Training System
NWR Navy Weapons Range
NWI Navy Wide Internet
NWR Navy Women’s Rugby
NWCF Navy Working Capital Fund
NWU Navy Working Uniform
NWSS Navy Worldwide Military Command & Control System Software Standardization
NWIS Navy WWMCC Information System
NWSS Navy WWMCCS Standard Software
NYCE Navy Yacht Club Everett
NYCLB Navy Yacht Club Long Beach
NY Navy Yard
NY2KTS Navy Year 2000 Tracking System
NAAFI Navy, Army & Air Force Institutes
NAM Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal
NMCI Navy/Marine Corps Installation
NMCI Navy/Marine Corps Intranet
NMCM Navy/Marine Corps Medal
NAM Navymarine Corps Achievement Medal
NAVMARCORMARS Navy-Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System
NAVMARCORMARSTA Navy-Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System Radio Station
NMCN Navy-Marine Corps News
NMSC Navy-Marine Corps Spectrum Center
NSRO Navy-Standard Reverse Osmosis
NRNR New Republic Navy
NRN New Republic Navy
NZNS New Zealand Navy
NZN New Zealand Navy
NNN Next Navy Network
NN Nigerian Navy
ONM Office of Navy Material
OASN Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy
OSN Office of the Secretary of the Navy
OXR Offices of Air Force, Army, and Navy Research
ON Old Navy
ONC Old Navy Card
O-AND-MN Operations & Maintenance, Navy
O-AND-M-N Operations & Maintenance, Navy
OMN Operations & Maintenance, Navy
OP-A-N-AF Other Procurement , Army/Navy/Air Force
OPN Other Procurement, Navy
PN Pakistan Navy
PNEC Pakistan Navy Engineering College
PVN Parliamentary Vasudan Navy
VP-P Patrol Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
VPP Patrol Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
PHNY Pearl Harbor Navy Yard
PNY Pensacola Navy Youth
PLAN People’s Liberation Army Navy
PNS People’s Navy Ship
PN Philippine Navy
VAP Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1956 to 1971)
VFP Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1956 to 1987)
PNEC Primary Navy Enlisted Classification
PSNM Puget Sound Navy Museum
RWI-N Radio Wireline Interface/Navy
RHN Republic of Haven Navy
RSN Republic of Singapore Navy
RSVN Republic of South Vietnam Navy
RDT-AND-E-N Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, Navy
RPN Reserve Pay Navy
RPN Reserve Personnel, Navy
RNI Resident Navy Inspector
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RANSA Royal Australian Navy Sailing Association
RCN Royal Canadian Navy
RCMVR Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve
RIN Royal Indian Navy
RMN Royal Malaysian Navy
RMN Royal Manticoran Navy
RN Royal Navy
RNRMRA Royal Navy and Royal Marines Rifle Association
RNBD Royal Navy Bomb Disposal
RNCC Royal Navy Cricket Club
RNCS Royal Navy Cyprus Squadron
RNFT Royal Navy Fitness Test
RNFA Royal Navy Football Association
RNE Royal Navy in Exile
RNMS Royal Navy Medical Service
RNSM Royal Navy Submarine Museum
RNNS Royal Netherlands Navy
RNN Royal Netherlands Navy
RNZN Royal New Zealand Navy
RNNS Royal Norwegian Navy
RNN Royal Norwegian Navy
RFN Russian Federal Navy
SNECS Secondary Navy Enlisted Classification
SNEC Secondary Navy Enlisted Classification
SECNAV Secretary of the Navy
SN Secretary of the Navy
SECNAVINST Secretary of the Navy Instruction
SFN Ship & Facilities, Navy
SBN Ship Building Navy
SCN Ship Construction Navy
SCN Shipbuilding & Conversion, Navy
SCN Shipbuilding and Conversion, Navy
SCN Ships Construction, Navy
SSPN Ships’ Stores Profits, Navy
SLOVENE Solarian League Navy
SLN Solarian League Navy
SAN South African Navy
VNN South Vietnamese Navy
SLOVENE Sri Lanka Navy
SLN Sri Lanka Navy
SNAPS Standard Navy Altimetry Processing System
SNAR Standard Navy Altimetry Record
SORN Standard Organization & Regulations of the Navy
SNAP Stop Navy Acronym Proliferation
SNAP Summary Department of Navy Approved Program
SNF Supporting Navy Forces
SWFT SUPSHIP Workforce Forecasting Tool (US Navy)
SNA Surface Navy Association
SGN Surgeon General of the Navy
TNICN Temporary Navy Item Control Number
TIN The Imperial Navy
UNSECNAV Under Secretary of the Navy
UNSN United Nations Space Navy
USN-RET United States Navy
USN United States Navy
USNF United States Navy Fighters
USNL United States Navy League
USNMF United States Navy Memorial Foundation
USNR United States Navy Regulation
USNS United States Navy Seals
UCAV-N Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle – Navy
HICOM US Navy High Command Communications Network
PBY US Navy medium to heavy twin amphibious aircraft used for maritime patrol, water bomber, and search and rescue
NRSL US Navy Radio and Sound Laboratory
VN Virtual Navy
VNMC Virtual Navy Marine Corps
WON Warrant Officer of the Navy
WNYS Washington Navy Yard
WNY Washington Navy Yard
WFN Weapons & Facilities, Navy
WPN Weapons Procurement, Navy
WBAN Weather Bureau, Air Force and Navy
WEN Web Enabled Navy
WRAN Women’s Royal Australian Navy
YON Yard Oiler Navy