Photography Abbreviations

Photography is the process and art that makes it possible to record and reproduce, through chemical reactions and on surfaces prepared for this purpose, the images taken at the back of a darkroom.


The principle of the camera obscura consists of projecting the image that is captured by a small hole on the surface. In this way, the image size is reduced and its sharpness can be increased.

The image obtained can be stored on a sensitive film or in CCD and CMOS sensors or digital memories (in the case of so-called digital photography).

In 1694, the Dutchman Wilhelm Homberg discovered that by exposing certain chemicals to light , such as silver chloride, they turned dark. And this discovery, later on, was of great importance for photography.

The daguerreotype, invented by Louis Daguerre in 1839, is considered the precursor of modern photography. Daguerre used a layer of silver nitrate over a copper base. The positive was projected onto mercury and the image was fixed by introducing the plate into a solution of sodium chloride or diluted sodium thiosulfate.

George Eastman was a great promoter of photography when, in 1888, he presented the first Kodak camera with a roll of photographic paper. This technique replaced the glass plates. Another important step took place in 1948, with the launch of the Polaroid technique that allows the development of photos in just one minute.

Photography was and continues to be the only way to immortalize something that is important, be it a place, an object, a special moment or even special people. Photography was an important instrument for recording moments in human history.

And there is also macro photography (recording small things such as insects) which is very important to present details that would go unnoticed by human eyes. It uses films with low sensitivity so that no photo information is lost.

And today, with digital photography, obtained through smartphones, tablets and professional cameras, photography has become an even greater need for human beings . Remarkable moments such as a wedding, birthday, graduation, baby’s first steps, a trip, events, among others, have photography as an essential item to freeze them.

And this photograph obtained through electronic devices can be modified through software (by computer) or applications for mobile devices, being able to perform basic procedures such as changing colors, increasing or reducing brightness, to more complex procedures such as removing imperfections or adding something or someone. to this photo. And this file can still be sent by email or posted on online platforms.

Currently, different techniques, equipment, software, applications and resources are used to make photography.

It is important to bear in mind that, in addition to being used for scientific purposes, photography has become an art. Images taken by artistic photographers are displayed in exhibitions and museums.

And, just as poets try to express and explain feelings through their verses, photography is also an important instrument for, through images, representing feelings such as joy, sadness, fear , indifference, reflection and many others.

List of Acronyms Related to Photography

APCM Aerial Photography Contract Management System
AHAP Alaska High-Altitude Aerial Photography
ALP Alternate Light Photography
ARWP Andy Rouse Wildlife Photography
AFP Associate Fellow of Photography
ATPI Association of Texas Photography Instructors
APE Aurora Photography Experiment
ACP Australian Centre for Photography
AIPP Australian Institute of Professional Photography
BAP Balloon Aerial Photography
BJP British Journal of Photography
BWP Bruce Wilson Photography
CMP California Museum of Photography
CMCP Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
CCP Center for Creative Photography
CFNAP Center for New Age Photography
CCP Centre for Contemporary Photography
CTP Charge Transfer Photography
CHPV Charles Hodge Photography and Video Production
COPILOT Cinema and Photography
CP Cinema and Photography
DSOP Defence School of Photography
DBPP Deutsche Börse Photography Prize
DAPA Digital Artists & Photography Associates
DFAP Digital Fine Art Photography
DP Digital Photography
DPLC Digital Photography Learning Center
DPN Digital Photography News
DPR Digital Photography Review
DPS Digital Photography School
DPW Digital Photography Weblog
DP Director of Photography
DOP Director of Photography
DHP Don Hagopian Photography
ELPH electronic photography
EPSN Extreme Photography Sports Network
FPER Fellow of Photography
FP Fellow of Photography
HCP Hellenic Centre for Photography
ILP I Love Photography
ICPG Image City Photography Gallery
ICP International Center for Photography
ICOP International Conference on Ophthalmic Photography
IMPA International Mission Photography Archive
IMP International Museum of Photography
IPA International Photography Awards
ISAP International Society for Aviation Photography
IWPP International Wargraves Photography Project
IMPA Internet Mission Photography Archive
JPA Jazz Photography Association
JKP Jonathan Koh Photography
JBP Jules Bianchi Photography
KAP Kite Aerial Photography
KLPF Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival
LDPT Learning Digital Photography Together
LICP Long Island Center of Photography
LOROP Long Range Oblique Photography
LAMP Low Altitude Mapping and Photography
LLAP Low Level Aerial Photography
MOPC Major Oak Photography Club
MDPC Metro Detroit Photography Club
MARS Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
MPPS Mobile Phone Photography Show
MOP Month of Photography
MOCP Museum of Contemporary Photography
NAP National Aerial Photography
NANP National Association of Naval Photography
NHAP National High Altitude Photography
NESOP New England School of Photography
NYI New York Institute of Photography
NZCP New Zealand Centre for Photography
NZJP New Zealand Journal of Photography
NFP No Flash Photography
NANPA North American Nature Photography Association
OPPC Oak Park Photography Club
OMSP Olympic Mountain School of Photography
OUTPERFORM Open Photography Forum
OPF Open Photography Forum
OSTEOPOROSIS Open Source Photography
OSP Open Source Photography
PDPC Pacific Digital Photography Club
PWP Paul Wood Photography
PTPH Personal Touch Photography
PJP Phil James Photography
POTN Photography-On-The.Net
PIANISSIMO Practical Photography
PP Practical Photography
RCP Ramon C Purcell Photography
RWDP Real World Digital Photography
RSPN Regional Specialty Photography Network, Inc.
RISP Rhode Island School of Photography
RCP Rob Chandler Photography
RMSPS Rocky Mountain School of Photography
SFCP Santa Fe Center for Photography
SOPS School of Photography Singapore
SITDP Shot in the Dark Photography
STCP Simply the Chemical Photography
SEPJ Society Of Electrophotography Of Japan
SMP Southeast Museum of Photography
SRP Stephen Randall Photography
TJP Times Journal of Photography
TIFAP Togher International Festival of Amateur Photography
TWSP Tracy Williams Studio Photography
VJP Vance Jacobs Photography
WIEP Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography
WIP Women in Photography
WIPI Women in Photography Interntional
WPPD Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
ZVP Zilotis Valentine Photography