Research Abbreviations II

Research is doing research so that one can make informed decisions and be successful in cryptocurrency. [Eng.], m., scientific research, often (but not only) for the benefit of industry, economics, etc.: applied -, research in which the knowledge of a phenomenon already investigated is used for a practical problem; operational research, research into the possibilities for improving an existing process or device.

Research 2

Institutional Supporting Research and Development
Instructional Development and Research Group
Instructional Systems Research and Development
Instructional Technology Research Laboratory
Instruments Research & Development Establishment
Insurance Research Council
Insurance Research Group
Integrated Concepts & Research Corporation
Integrated Diagnostic Research Facility
Integrated Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Plan
Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility
Integrated Nucleus of Sphygmomanometry Research
Integrated Research Challenges in Environmental Biology
Integrated Research Facility
Integrated Research File
Integrated Research Information System
Integrated Tsunami Research and Information System
Integrative Cancer Research
Intel Research Berkeley
Intel Research Network
Intel Research Seattle
Intellectual Property Research and Training Institute
Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
Intelligence Research & Development Council
Intelligence Research Paper
Intelligence Research Specialist
Intelligent Systems Research Group
Intelligent Systems Research Institute
Intelligent Transportation Research Center
Intensification of Research in Priority Areas
Interactive Compliance Research
Interactive Marketing Research Organisation
Interactive Research Group
Interactive Research Project Grant
Interagency Arctic Research Coordination Committee
Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee
Interagency Committee on Disability Research
Interagency Committee on Human Nutrition Research
Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheds
Interagency Education Research Initiative
Interagency Research Program
Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research
Intercon Research Associates
Intercultural Development Research Association
Intercultural Development Research Association
Interdepartmental Committee on Applied Meteorological Research
Interdepartmental Network on Organophosphates Research
Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research
Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research
Interdisciplinary Planning and Information Research
Interdisciplinary Research
Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund
Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Interdisciplinary Research Training Network
Intergalactic Naval Research Arm
Intergovernmental Conference on Oceanic Research
Interim Research Review
Intermountain Injury Control Research Center
Internal Agency for Research on Cancer
Internal Research and Development
Internal Research Grant
International Agency for Research on Cancer
International Agricultural Research Center
International Anesthesia Research Society
International Arctic Research Center
International Association for Chinese Management Research
International Association for Cryptologic Research
International Association for Danube Research
International Association for Dental Research
International Association for Great Lakes Research
International Association for Regression Research and Therapies
International Bee Research Association
International Biodeterioration Research Group
International Board of Educational Research and Resources
International Braille Research Center
International Branch Research Committee
International Buddhist Research and Information Center
International Business Education and Research
International Cancer Academy for Research and Education
International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education
International Center for Advanced Internet Research
International Center for Aggregates Research
International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education
International Center for Agricultural Research In the Dry Areas
International Center for Aquatic Research
International Center for Automated Information Research
International Center for Automotive Research
International Center For Environmental Research
International Center for Research and Education in Tourism
International Center for Research on Women
International Center for Social Research
International Center for Standards Research
International Centre for Antarctic Information and Research
International Centre for Development Oriented Research in Agriculture
International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research Bangladesh
International Centre for Equatorial Atmospheric Research
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
International Centre for Research in Accounting
International Centre for Research Into Arid Agriculture
International Centre for Research on Assessment
International Cetacean Education Research Center
International Chemometrics Research Meeting
International Chordoma Research Workshop
International Club for Peace Research
International Comminution Research Association
International Communications Research
International Community for Alien Research
International Competition Educational Research Creation
International Conference on Computer Research and Development
International Conference on Computers in Chemical Research and Education
International Conference on Cultural Policy Research
International Conference on Energy Research & Development
International Conference on Fire Research and Engineering
International Conference on Informatics Research for Development of Knowledge Society Infrastructure
International Conference on Osteoporosis and Bone Research
International Conference on Translational Research and Pre-Clinical Strategies in Radiation Oncology
International Conflict Research
International Consortium of Independent Educators and Researchers
International Consortium of Robotic Astronomical Researchers
International Consultation on Incontinence-Research Society
International Consultation on Research and Information Systems in Forestry
International Consumer Research and Testing
International Copper Research Association
International Council for Building Research Studies and Documentation
International Council for Physical Activity and Fitness Research
International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction
International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
International Development Education Research Agency
International Development Research Center
International Development Research Centre
International Development Research Council
International Directory of Market Research Organisations
International Display Research Conference
International Dissertation Research Fellowship
International Economics Research Institute
International Electric Research Exchange
International Electronic Research Corporation
International Engineering Research and Exchange
International Enuresis Research Center
International Federation for Systems Research
International Fibrinogen Research Society
International Fine Particles Research Institute
International Fire Research Innovation Network
International Flame Research Foundation
International Flight Research Corporation
International Food Policy Research Institute
International Forestry Quarantine Research Group
International Forum for Aviation Research
International Foundation for Art Research
International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression
International Franchise Research Centre
International Fund for Agricultural Research
International Fund for Avian Research
International Genome Research on Wheat
International Guild of Lamp Researchers, Ltd.
International Guitar Research Archive
International Harmonized Research Activities
International Health Research Institute
International Hurricane Research Center
International Institute for Terminology and Research
International Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium
International Inter-Society Research Committee
International Journal of Business Research
International Journal of Electronic Government Research
International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications
International Journal of Public Opinion Research
International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases
International Landslide Research Group
International Leibniz Research School
International Livestock Research Institute
International Long Term Ecological Research
International Market Analysis Research and Consulting
International Media Research Foundation
International Multisensory Research Forum
International Narcotics Research Conference
International Naval Research Organization
International Nikkei Research Project
International Osteopathic Research
International Pacific Research Center
International Paranormal Research
International Parapsychology Research Foundation
International Peace Research Association
International Planning and Research Corp.
International Police Aviation Research
International Postgraduate Research Scholarships
International Press Centre Biodiversity Research
International Product Placement Research Council
International Program for Technology Research in Irrigation and Drainage
International Programme for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage
International Public Relations Research Conference
International Quran Research Association
International Reproductive Rights Research Group
International Research & Exchanges Board
International Research and Education in Engineering
International Research and Educational Society
International Research and Studies Program
International Research Committee on Disasters
International Research Conference
International Research Consortium on Continental Margins
International Research Experience for Students
International Research Experience in the Sciences
International Research Foundation
International Research Grant
International Research Group
International Research Group on Charophytes
International Research Group on Gender and Alcohol
International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education
International Research Institute
International Research Institute for Climate and Society
International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
International Research Institute of Management
International Research Institute of Stavanger
International Research Institutes
International Research Network on Organizing by Projects
International Research Opportunities Program
International Research Project
International Rice Research Institute
International Social Entrepreneurship Research Conference
International Society for Antiviral Research
International Society for Autism Research
International Society for Biosafety Research
International Society for Diatom Research
International Society for Eye Research
International Society for Impotence Research
International Society for Intelligence Research
International Society for Inventory Research
International Society for Neurofeedback and Research
International Society for Paranormal Research
International Society for Research in Science and Technology
International Society for Research on Aggression
International Society for Research on Impulsivity
International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research
International Society for Third-Sector Research
International Society of Photosynthesis Research
International Software Engineering Research Network
International Soil Science Research Institute
International Space Research Park
International Space Station Research Institute
International Special Workshop on Databases For Next-Generation Researchers
International Strategic Research Organization
International Survey Research
International Symposium on Operational Research
International Symposium on Robotics Research
International Tin Research Institute Ltd
International Toy Research Association
International Transactions in Operational Research
International Transport Research Documentation
International Transport Research Documentation
International Union for Quaternary Research
International Waterfowl Research Bureau
International Wetland Research Bureau
International Workshop on Research Issues in Digital Libraries
International Workshop on Software Architecture Research and Practice
Internet Center for Corruption Research
Internet Engineering Research Network
Internet Information Research Center
Internet Legal Research Group
Internet Market Research Services
Internet Research Center
Internet Research Information System
Internet Research Institute, Inc
Internet Research Task Force
Internet Resources for Institutional Research
Interplanetary School for Research and Advancement
Interstate Background Research, Inc.
Inter-University Program for Latino Research
Inter-University Research Center for Interaction between Electro-Magnetic Fields and Biological Systems
Inter-University Semiconductor Research Center
Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation
Intramural NIAID Research Opportunities
Intramural Research Grant Program
Intramural Research Program
Intramural Research Program
Intramural Research Training Award
Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research
Intrusion Detection Research Group
Inveresk Research Group Inc.
Investigational Clinical Amyloid Research in Alzheimer’s
Investigator-Sponsored Research
Investment Research Analysis Journal
Investment Research Markup Language
Investment Research Outsourcing
Investment Research Service
Investor Responsibility Research Center
Ionospheric Research Instrument
Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates
Iowa Depression and Clinical Research Center
Iowa State University Research Park
Iowa Tax Research Library
Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology
Iraq Research and Documentation Project
Irish Association for Cancer Research
Irish Genealogical Research Society
Irish Software Engineering Research Consortium
Iron Casting Research Institute
Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center
Irrigation Research Foundation
Irrigation System Management Research
Ishikawa International Cooperation Research Centre
Islamic Center for Research and Awareness
Islamic Research Foundation
Islamic Studies and Research Association
Israel Cancer Research Fund
Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute
Israeli Association for Aerosol Research
Israeli Diabetes Research Group
Isthmian Medical Research
Italian Hardware Research
Italian National Research Centers on Aging
Italian Research Interim Stage
IVF & Infertilty Research Centre
Izana Atmospheric Research Center
Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center
Jaeb Center for Health Research
Jagiellonian Medical Research Centre
James Investment Research
Jamestown Ceramic Research Group
Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc.
Janelia Farm Research Campus
Jannsen Research Foundation
Japan Association of Ion Research and Application
Japan Committee for Research Networks
Japan Computer Security Research Center
Japan Economic Research Institute
Japan Fibrous Material Research Association
Japan Highway Research Institute
Japan Institute of Systems Research
Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
Japan Maritime Research Institute
Japan National Institute of Polar Research
Japan Pension Research Council
Japan Photo Research Center, Inc.
Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex
Japanese Cooperative Research
Japanese Language Research Center
Japanese Public Works Research Institute
Japanese Research Reactor
Java Research License
Javelin Strategy and Research
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research
Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre
Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute
Jerusalem Center for Research
Jewish Family Research Association
Jewish Music Research Centre
JIMAR Tsunami Research Effort
JISC Committee for the Support of Research (UK)
JNIC Research and Development Contract (US DoD)
John A Blume and Associates Research Division
John Curtin School of Medical Research
John H. Glenn Research Center
John Holland Research Centre
Johns-Manville Research and Engineering Center
Johnson County Paranormal Research Team
Joint Actinide Shock Physics Experimental Research
Joint Australian Centre for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
Joint Center for Poverty Research
Joint Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Research
Joint Committee on Agricultural Research and Development
Joint Fire Research Organisation
Joint Industry Committee for Cable Audience Research
Joint Industry Committee for Radio Audience Research
Joint Industry Committee for Television Advertising Research
Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research
Joint National Listenership Research
Joint Publication Research Service
Joint Research Center
Joint Research Center
Joint Research Centre
Joint Research Laboratory
Joint Research Operations Committee
Joint Research Project
Joint Research Venture
Jon Peddie Research
Jordan Center for Social Research
Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center
Journal Geophysical Research Supplement
Journal of Accounting Research
Journal of Adolescent Research
Journal of Anthropological Research
Journal of Aviation Aerospace Education and Research
Journal of Behavioral and Neuroscience Research
Journal of Business Research
Journal of Clinical Research and Pharmacoepidemiology
Journal of Coastal Research
Journal of Constructional Steel Research
Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising
Journal of Dental Research
Journal of Educational Research
Journal of Eye Movement Research
Journal of Folklore Research
Journal of Folklore Research
Journal of Genocide Research
Journal of Geophysical Research
Journal of Housing Research
Journal of Independent Studies and Research
Journal of Lipid Research
Journal of Machine Learning Research
Journal of Marine Research
Journal of Marketing Research
Journal of Medical Internet Research
Journal of Medical Sciences Research
Journal of Orthoptera Research
Journal of Orthoptera Research
Journal of Pineal Research
Journal of Plankton Research
Journal of Proteome Research
Journal of Psychosomatic Research
Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory
Journal of Radiation Research
Journal of Research in International Education
Journal of Research in Nursing
Journal of Research in Science and Engineering
Journal of Research on Adolescence
Journal of Safety Research
Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
Journal of Sea Research
Journal of Sedimentary Research
Journal of Service Research
Journal of Sex Research
Journal of Shellfish Research
Journal of Ship Research
Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research
Journal of Undergraduate Research
Journal of Vestibular Research
Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre
Jumping Frog Research Institute
Junior Faculty Research Award
Junior Research Fellow
Jupiter Research
Jury Research Institute
Jury Verdict Research
Justice Policy Research Centre
Justice Policy Research Corporation
Justice Research Center
Justsystem Pittsburgh Research Center
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute
Kansai Advanced Research Center
Kansai Research Reactor
Kansas Agricultural Research Association
Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation
Kansas Legislative Research Department
Kansas Polymer Research Center
Kansas Research and Education Network
Karelian Research Centre
Katrina Environmental Research and Restoration Network
Kawamura Institute of Chemical Research
Kawartha Ancestral Research Association, Inc
Keele Economics Research Papers
Kendall Square Research, Inc
Kent Underground Research Group
Kentucky Equine Research
Kentucky Paranormal Research
Kentucky Population Research
Kenya Forestry Research Institute
Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Ker-Train Research
Keweenaw Research Center
Key Rack Research
Khalifa University of Science Technology and Research
Khan Research Laboratories
Kidney Cancer Research Bureau
Kidney Research Institute
Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research
Killology Research Group
Kimchi Research Institute
King Fahd Medical Research Center
Kista Photonics Research Center
Kitakyushu Science and Research Park
Kiwi Advanced Research & Education Network
Kiwi Research Information Service
Knight Oceanographic Research Center
Knowledge Research and Information Services
Knowledge Research Institute, Inc.
Koester Performance Research
Koorie Research Centre
Korea Drug Research Association
Korea Food Research Institute
Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute
Korea Polar Research Institute
Korea Research and Development Information Center
Korea Research Environment
Korea Research Information Center
Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research
Korean Otter Research Center
Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science
Kundalini Research Institute
Kundalini Research Institute
Kunming Primate Research Center
Kuopio Research Institute of Exercise Medicine
Kuwait Petroleum Research and Technology
Kyushu Matsushita Electric Research Laboratory
La Granja National Crop Research and Development Center
Labor Aerospace Research Agenda
Labor Archives and Research Center
Labor Education and Research Center
Labor Education and Research Network
Labor Research Department
Laboratories for Fundamental Research
Laboratory Directed Research and Development
Laboratory for Coastal Research
Laboratory for Computer Science Research
Laboratory for Ontological Research
Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter
Laboratory for Software Modification Research
Laboratory for Space Research
Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research
Laboratory of Operations Research and Decision Systems
Laboratory of Sensorimotor Research
Laboratory Research Cooperative Program
Lake Biwa Research Institute
Lake Chad Research Institute
Lake Champlain Research Consortium
Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium, Inc.
Lakeland Agricultural Research Association
Lamanai Field Research Center
Lancaster Literacy Research Centre
Land and Water Research Center
Land Margins Ecosystems Research
Land Research Action Network
Land Settlement Research Centre
Land Use and Transport Research
Landing Systems Research Aircraft
Langley Research Center
Langley Research Center
Langley Research Center Telecommunications System
Language for Asynchronous Research and Development
Language Policy Research Center
Language Policy Research Unit
Language Technology Research Laboratory
Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
LANSCE/Energy Research Program
Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute
Laramie Energy Research Center
Large Animal Research Facility
Large Animal Research Station
Large Lakes Research Station
Large Orbiting Research Laboratory
Large Public Research Institution
Large Research Allocations Committee
Large Scale Research Infrastructure
Laser Research And Technology Division
Laser Research And Technology Division
Laser Research and Technology Division
Laser Research and Technology Division
Laser Research Center
Laser Science Research Laboratory
Latin America Research Center
Latin American Applied Research
Latin American Research, Education and Development
Latvian Forestry Research Institute
Lavochkin Research and Production Association
Law and Justice Research Centre
Lawrence Semiconductor Research Laboratory
Leadership Research and Development
Leadership Research Institute
League of European Research Universities
Leap of Faith Research
Learning About Science, Engineering, and Research
Learning and Skills Research Network
Learning Disabilities Research and Practice
Learning Disabilities Research Group
Learning Impact Research Project
Learning Sciences Research Institute
Leather Industrial Research Institute
Leatherhead Food Research Association
Lebanese Academic Research Network
Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute
Lederle Graduate Research Tower
Leeds Postcolonial Research Group
Legal Aid Board Research Unit
Legal Analysis, Research and Communications
Legal Analysis, Research and Writing
Legal Electronic Research System
Legal Research & Writing
Legal Research and Resource Centre for Human Rights in Egypt
Legal Research and Training Institute
Legal Research Center, Inc.
Legal Services Research Centre
Legendary Operations Advanced Research Devices
Legislative Office for Research Liaison
Legislative Research Commission
Lehman Research and Development
Leicester Shire Online Research Atlas
Leicestershire Primary Care Research Alliance
Leichtman Research Group
Leichtman Research Group
Lembang Horticultural Research Institute
Leonard Kirsch Research
Lerner Research Institute
Lesbian Health Research Center
Lesotho Educational Research Association
Letterman Army Institute of Research
Leukemia Research Foundation
Leuven Interdisciplinary Research Group on International Agreements and Development
Leveck Animal Research Center
Lewis Research Center
Lewis Research Center
LHC Accelerator Research Program
Liability Insurance Research Bureau
Library and Information Research Group
Library and Information Research News
Library for Automated Deduction Research
Library Management Research Unit
Library Research and Technical Services
Library Research Round Table
Library Research Service
Life Science Research
Life Science Research Center
Life Science Research Israel
Life Sciences Research Institute
Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Programs
Lifted Research Group Ltd
Lifted Research Group Ltd
Lighting Research Center
Lighting Research Program
Lightwave Systems Research Laboratory
Lilly Analytical Research Laboratory
Limnological Research Center
Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research program
Linked Urology Research Network
Lion Bioscience Research Inc.
Lipid Research Clinics Study Coronary Primary Prevention Trial
Literacy and Education Research Network
Literacy Research Association
Lithuanian Forest Research Institute
Little People’s Research Fund, Inc.
Liver and Intestinal Research Centre
Livermore Automatic Research Computer
Livestock Production Research Institute
Livestock Research Institute
Livestock Research Institute
Local Government Analysis and Research Bulletin
Local Research Advisory Committee
Local Research Ethics Committee
Local Research Plan
Local Site Research Initiative
Localisation Research Centre
Lockheed Martin Energy Research
Loker Research Institute
London East Research Institute
London Evolutionary Research Network
London Institute of Technology and Research
London Research Centre
Lonestar Education And Research Network
Long Feng Research Institute
Long Island Groundwater Research Institute
Long Island Horticultural Research Laboratory
Long Island Paranormal Research and Investigations
Long Island Research Institute
Long Term Biodiversity Research
Long Term Ecological Research
Long Term Ecosystem Research
Long Term Research
Long Term Research on Agricultural Systems
Longitudinal Field Research Method
Longitudinal Research Database
Long-Range Effects Research Program
Long-range Research Initiative
Long-Term Agricultural Research
Long-Term and Expanded Program of Oceanic Research
Lorenger Aerospace & Research Corporation
Lorenger Aerospace Research Corporation
Los Banos National Crop Research and Development Center
Louisiana Education Research Association
Low Carbon Research Institute
Lower Atmosphere Research Satellite
Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation
LS Research, LLC
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Lumbini International Research Institute
Lunar Landing Research Facility
Lunar Research Institute
Lung Cancer Research Foundation
Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research
Luoyang Ship Material Research Institution
Lusk Center Research Institute
Lyme Disease Research Database
Lyme Disease Research Program
Lymphoma Research Foundation of America
Macaulay Research Consultancy Services, Ltd
Macha Malaria Research Institute
Machine Tool Technologies Research Foundation
Mackenzie Applied Research Association
Macquarie University Research Park
Macular Pigment Research Group
Madras ENT Research Foundation Ltd (India)
Magnetic Resonance and Image Analysis Research Centre
Magnetic Resonance Research Centre
Magneto-, Hydro-, Radiative Dynamics Research
Magnum Research Incorporated
Maharishi European Research University
Mahindra Research Valley
Main Quality Research Grant
Maine Biomedical Research Board
Major Research Equipment
Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction
Major Research Initiative
Major Research Instrumentation Program
Major Research Paper
Malardalen Real-Time research Centre
Malardalen Research and Technology Centre
Malaria Research and Training Center
Malaysian Economic Research Corporation
Malaysian Human Settlement and Urbanisation Research Institute
Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research
Malaysian Institute of Economic Research
Malevolent Alien Abduction Research
Malicious Code Research Center
Maligaya Rice Research and Training Center
Management Consulting & Research, Inc.
Management Development Research Unit
Management in Construction Researchers Association
Management of Atmospheric Data for Evaluation and Research
Management of Knowledge and Innovation Research Unit
Management Research Report
Management Research Services
Management Research Services
Management, Development and Research Co, Ltd
Manchester Research Centre for Computational Science
Mandate for Export and Research and Development in Information Technology
Mangrove Ecosystem Research Division
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Manipur Research Forum, Delhi
Manned Astronomical Research Station
Manufactured Housing Research Alliance
Manufacturing Research and Training Center
Manufacturing Research Corporation of Ontario
Mapping of Research in European Social Sciences
Mariculture Research and Training Center
Marine & Fluvial Research Station
Marine and Tropical Sciences Research Facility
Marine and Tropical Sciences Research Facility
Marine Biology Research Centre
Marine Biology Research Division
Marine Conservation Research Institute
Marine Contamination in the South East Pacific Coordinated Research & Monitoring Program
Marine Corps Research Center
Marine Environment Research Center
Marine Environment Tests and Research Infrastructure
Marine Extension and Research Center
Marine Mammal Research Group
Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act of 1972
Marine Resources Research Division
Marine Sciences Research Center
Marine Telematics Research Center
Marine Turtle Research Group
Marine Turtle Research Program
Maritime Transportation Research Board
Market & Opinion Research International, Ltd.
Market Based Accounting Research
Market Intelligence Research Associates
Market Research
Market Research & Consumer Intelligence
Market Research & Economics
Market Research Analyst
Market Research Corporation of America
Market Research Executive
Market Research Global Alliance
Market Research Indonesia
Market Research Northern Ireland
Market Research Online
Market Research Online Community
Market Research Organization
Market Research Quality Assurance, Inc
Market Research Quality Standards Association
Market Research Reports
Market Research Society
Market Research Society
Market Research Society of Australia
Market Research Solutions Limited
Market Research Solutions, Inc.
Market Research, Reports and Services
Marketing & Research Resources, Inc
Marketing Research and Intelligence Association
Marketing Research Association
Marketing Research Department
Marketing Research Institute International
Marketing Research Surveys and Information Network
Marmarth Research Foundation
Maros Agricultural Research Institute
Mars Aerial Research Vehicle
Mars Arctic Research Station
Mars Areological Research Surface Utility Vehicle
Marshall Research and Development Corporation
Marshall Space Grant Research
Marshall University Research Corporation
Marshfield Medical Research Foundation
Martial Arts Research Systems
Maryland Medical Research Institute
Maryland Paranormal Research Team
Maryland Psychiatric Research Center
Marzano Research Laboratory
Masonry Conservation Research Group
Massachusetts Cooperative Research Program
Massachusetts Institute for Social and Economic Research
Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, Inc.
Massage Therapy Research Consortium
Master in Translational Research
Master of Clinical Research
Master of Marketing Research
Master of Operations Research
Master of Research
Master of Science in Clinical Research
Master of Science, Marketing Research
Master of Spatial Science Research
Master’s Research Paper
Material Engineering Research Laboratory
Material Research Institute
Materials and Electrochemical Research
Materials Research and Education Center
Materials Research Laboratory
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Materials Research Society
Materials Research Society
Materials Research Society of India
Materials Science Research Centre
Materials Science Research Rack
Mathematica in Education and Research
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia
Mathematics Education Technology Research Imperial College
Mathematics of Operations Research
Mathematics Research Center
Mathematics Research Students’ Conference
Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics and Economics
Matruh Adaptive Research Center
Maui Research & Technology Center
Maui Research and Technology Park
Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
Maximum Impact Research
Max-Planck Research Group
Maya Mountain Research Farm
Maynooth Finance Research Group
Mbeya Medical Research Programme
McCrone Research Institute
McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women
McLaughlin Research Corporation
McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute
McMaster Transfusion Research Program
Meat Animal Research Center
Meat Research & Training Centre
Meat Research Corporation
Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories
Mechatronics Research Unit
Media Research Center
Media Research Training Center
Media Technology Research Centre
Mediabase Music Research
Mediamark Research, Inc.
Medical and Health Research
Medical and Health Research Association of New York City
Medical and Research Sciences
Medical Biomolecular Research Building
Medical Care Research and Review
Medical Center for Translational Research
Medical Economics and Research Centre, Sheffield
Medical Economics Research Group
Medical Education and Research
Medical Education and Research Institute of Colorado
Medical Education Research & Training
Medical Entomology Research and Training Unit/Guatemala
Medical Imaging Research Group
Medical Instrument Research Associates
Medical International Research
Medical Marijuana Research Plan
Medical Radiological Research Center
Medical Research Agencies of America
Medical Research and Development Command
Medical Research and Materiel Command
Medical Research Charities
Medical Research Council
Medical Research Council and Uganda Virus Research Institute
Medical Research Council Dyspnoea
Medical Research Council of Canada
Medical Research Council of South Africa
Medical Research Council of Zimbabwe
Medical Research Council Questionnaire
Medical Research Facility
Medical Research Foundation
Medical Research Institute
Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
Medical Research Institute of New Zealand
Medical Research Laboratories International
Medical Research Library of Latvia
Medical Research Modernization Committee
Medical Research Support Program
Medical Research Unit
Medical Sciences Research Building
Medical Student Training in Aging Research
Medical Students’ Research Association
Medication Development Research Unit
Medications Discovery Research Branch
Medicinal Chemistry Research Group
Medicinal Plant Research Center
Medicines for Children Research Network
Medieval Pottery Research Group
Mediterranean Group of Pesticide Research
Melanoma Research Foundation
Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
Melbourne Research and Innovation Office
Member of the Institute of Clinical Research
Meningitis Research Foundation
Menninger Psychotherapy Research Project
Mensa Education and Research Foundation
Mensa Research Journal
Mental Health Services Research
Mental Health: Evidence and Research Team
Menzies School of Health Research
Mercer Engineering Research Center
Merck Genome Research Institute
Merck Research Laboratories
Merger and Acquisition Research Report
Meta-Analysis of Economic Research
Metadata Education and Research Information Center
Metal Bulletin Research
Metal-Organic Research for Semiconductor Epitaxy
Metals Industry Research and Development Center
Meteorological Research Committee
Meteorological Research Institute
Meteorological Research Institute
Method to Extend Research in Time
Methodology Research Core
Methods of Research Practice in Horticulture
Metropolitan Research and Policy Institute
Metsovion Interdisciplinary Research Center
METU Object-Oriented Database (Software Research and Development Center; Middle East Technical University; Turkey)
Mexican American Studies & Research Center
Mexico City Air Quality Research Initiative
Miami Center for Vision Research
Miami Research Marketing and Advertising, Inc.
Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center
Michigan Educational Research and Information Triad
Michigan Gang Research Project
Michigan Grid Research and Infrastructure Development
Michigan Retirement Research Center
Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates
Michigan Society for Medical Research
Michigan Transportation Research Board
Micro Thermal System Research Center
Microbial Biotechnology Research Group
Microbial Exposure Research Branch
Microelectronics Research and Communications Institute
Microelectronics Research and Development Center
Microelectronics Research Laboratory
Microgravity Interdisciplinary Research
Micronesian Area Research Center, University of Guam
Microprocessor Research Lab
Microsoft Research
Microsoft Research Asia
Microsoft Security Research and Response
Microvascular Research
Mid-Atlantic Apiary Research and Extension Consortium
Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium
Mid-Atlantic Collaborative for Applied Research in Education
Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning
Middle American Research Institute
Middle East Media and Research Institute
Middle East Research Program
Midlands Regional Research Laboratory
Mid-South Educational Research Association
Midway Research Center
Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research
Midwest Center for Health Services and Policy Research
Midwest Center for Labor Research
Midwest Consortium for Latino Research
Midwest Hazardous Substance Research Center
Midwest Orthopaedic Research Foundation
Midwest Research Institute
Midwestern Universities Research Association
Migration Research Unit
Military Armaments Research Syndicate
Military Family Research Institute
Military Operations Research
Military Operations Research Society
Military Operations Research Society Symposium
Military Operations Research Symposium
Military Research Associate
Military Sealift Command Oceanographic Research Ship
Millimeter-Wave Acquisitions for Stratosphere/Troposphere Exchange Research
Mind Research Network
Mind/Brain Research Lab
Mine Safety Appliance Research
Mineral Deposit Research Unit
Mineral Industry Research Laboratory
Mineral Industry Research Organization
Mining Research Establishment
Minipig Research Forum
Minister of State for Research and Technology
Ministry for Science and Medical Research
Ministry for University and Scientific and Technological Research
Ministry of Education and Research
Ministry of Education, Research and Youth
Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research
Ministry of Research and Innovation
Ministry of Research Science and Technology
Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation
Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Research Network
Minnesota Highway Safety and Research Center
Minnesota Opinion Research, Inc.
Minor Planet Research, Inc.
Minority Access to Research Careers
Minority Biomedical Research Support
Minority International Research Training
Minority Outreach Research and Education
Minority University Research and Education Division
Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center/Command
Mission Advanced Research and Communications Center
Mission Research Corporation
Mission-Oriented Research Program
Mississippi Aerophysics Research Vehicle Extended Latitude
Mississippi River Research Consortium
Mississippi Urban Research Center
Missouri Economic Research and Information Center
Mitochondria Research Society
Mitochondria Research Society
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
Miyabi Research Institute
Mobil Research Development Corporation
Mobile and Marine Robotics Research Centre
Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group
Mobile Malware Researchers Association
Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research
Modeling & Simulation Research & Education Center
Modern Humanities Research Association
Modernized Army Research & Development Information System
Modified Medical Research Council
Mohawk River Research Center, Inc
Molecular and Organismic Research in Plant History
Molecular Biology Research Building
Molecular Chirality Research Organization
Molecular Ecology Research Branch
Molecular Genealogy Research Group
Molecular Genealogy Research Project
Molecular Interactions Research Group
Molecular Medicine Research Institute
Molecular Sciences Research Center
Monash E-Research Portal
Monash Institute of Medical Research
Monash Oncology Research Institute
Monitoring, Evaluation and Research
Monitoring, Learning, and Research Facility
Monterey Accelerated Research System
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy
Montgomery County Science Research Competition
Montgomery Research, Inc.
Montreal Research and Treatment Center
Mood Disorders Research Program
Moorland-Spingarn Research Center
Moreton Bay Research Station
Morgantown Energy Research Center
Morgellons Research Foundation
Mormonism Research Ministry
Morrison Research Initiative
Mortgage Asset Research Institute, Inc.
Moscow Research Center for Human Rights
Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry
Mosquito and Fly Research Unit
Mother and Infant Research Unit
Mothers and Babies Research Centre
Motivation Research
Motor Industry Research Association
Motorola Australian Research Center
Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station
Mountain Safety Research
Moving Target Research Group
Mucosal Inflammation Research Group
Mullard Research Laboratory
Multi-campus Research Unit
Multicenter Academic Clinical Research Organization
Multicentre Research Ethics Committee
Multicharged Ion Research Facility
Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
Multidisciplinary Research Centre
Multi-Genre Research Project
Multimedia & Vision Research Group
Multimedia Education Network for Teaching, Output and Research
Multimedia European Research Conferencing Integration
Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
Multipurpose Research and Consulting Centre – University of Namibia
Multi-University/Research Laboratory
Multi-warfare Analysis and Research System
Multi-warfare Assessment and Research Simulation
Multi-warfare Assessment and Research System
Mumbai Institute of Management and Research
Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory
Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington
Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit
Murdoch University Research Studentship
Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre
Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Laboratory
Music Industry Research, Consulting and Strategy
Mwara Agricultural Research Institute
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Research Group for Education and Support
Myanmar Education Research Bureau
Myers Research Institute
NAMI Policy Research Institute
Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit
Namibian Education Research Association
Nano Technology Research Association
Nanoelectronics Research Initiative
Nanoscale Science Research Center
NASA Research and Education Network
NASA Research and Engineering Network
NASA Research Announcement
NASA Specialized Center of Research
NASMHPD Research Institute
National Abaca Research Center
National Academy for Scientific Research
National Advisory Council on Human Genome Research
National Aerospace Training & Research Center
National Ageing Research Institute
National Agricultural Research Foundation
National Agricultural Research Institute
National Agricultural Research Organisation of Uganda
National Agricultural Research Project
National Agricultural Research System
National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education and Economics
National Agriculture and Bio-oriented Research Organization
National Agriculture Research Centre
National Alliance for Autism Research
National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research
National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research
National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression
National Aquaculture Genetics Research Institute
National Asia Research Program
National Association for Biomedical Research
National Association for Trade Union Research and Education
National Association of Armenian Studies and Research
National Association of Home Builders Research Center
National Automated Accounting Research System
National Avian Research Center
National Behavior Research Coordination Center
National Biotechnology Research Council
National Board for Scientific Research
National Botanical Research Institute
National Brain Injury Research Treatment and Training
National Brain Research Centre
National Brick Research Center
National Bureau of Asian Research
National Bureau of Asian Research
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Business Research Institute
National Cancer Institute – Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center
National Center for Atmospheric Research
National Center for Biomedical Research and Training
National Center for Competence in Research
National Center for Deaf Health Research
National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
National Center for Economic Research
National Center for Education Research
National Center for Environmental Research
National Center for Free Radical Research
National Center for Hydrogen Research
National Center for Marine Research
National Center for Microgravity Research
National Center for Neutron Research
National Center for Nursing Research
National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families
National Center for Policy Research National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families
National Center for Research Resources
National Center for Scientific Research
National Center for Seniors Housing Research
National Center for Toxicological Research
National Center for Transit Research
National Center on Research in Vocational Education
National Centre for Catalysis Research
National Centre for Education Research and Development
National Centre for Research in Music Education and Sound Arts
National Centre for Research Methods
National Centre for Scientific Research
National Centre for Social Research
National Cereals Research and Extension
National Cereals Research Institute
National Coalition for Cancer Research
National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance
National Committee for Clinical Research
National Conference for Clinical Research
National Conference on Manufacturing Research
National Conference on the Advancement of Research
National Consultation on Access to Scientific Research Data
National Cooperative Highway Research Program
National Cooperative Research Act of 1984
National Coordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development
National Council for Geocosmic Research
National Council of Educational Research and Training
National Dairy Research Institute
National Development and Research Institutes, Inc
National Disease Research Interchange
National Dryland Salinity Research, Development, and Extension Program
National Dysautonomia Research Foundation
National Dyslexia Research Foundation
National Ecology Research Center
National Economic Research Associates
National Economic Research Association
National Economic Research Institute
National Education and Research Broadband Backbone Network
National Education Research Panel
National Energy Research Network
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
National Energy Research Supercomputer Center
National Engineering Research Center
National Environment Research Council
National Environmental Engineering Research Institute
National Environmental Research Center
National Environmental Research Institute
National Environmental Research Park
National Estuarine Research Reserve Association
National Estuarine Research Reserve System
National Estuarine Research Reserves
National Exposure Research Laboratory
National Farm Research Unit
National Fisheries Research and Development Institute
National Forage Seed Production Research Center
National Foundation for Autism Research
National Foundation for Cancer Research
National Fuel Cell Research and Innovation Initiative
National Genomics Research Initiative
National Geophysical Research Institute
National Graduate Student Research Festival
National Grassland Research Institute
National Hail Research Experiment
National Health and Medical Research Committee
National Health and Medical Research Council
National Health Insurance Research Database
National Health Research Council
National Health Research System
National Hematology Research Centre
National Homeland Security Research Center
National Housing & Building Research Center
National Housing Research Committee
National Human Genome Research Institute
National Hydrology Research Centre
National Institute for Aviation Research
National Institute for Cancer Research
National Institute for Early Education Research
National Institute for Health Research
National Institute for Marine Research and Development
National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research
National Institute for Public Interest Law and Research
National Institute for Research Advancement
National Institute for Social and Economic Research
National Institute of Agrobiological Research
National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research
National Institute of Development Research and Documentation
National Institute of Economic and Social Research
National Institute of Nursing Research
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
National Institute of Polar Research
National Institute of Population and Social Security Research
National Institute of Safety Technology Research
National Institute of Science Education and Research
National Institute of Scientific and Technical Research
National Institute of Social Communications, Research and Training
National Institute of Toxicological Research
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Ltd
National Institute on Genealogical Research
National Intellectual Property Researchers Association
National Irrigation Research Station
National Laboratory for Applied Network Research
National Laboratory of Psychical Research
National Mango Research Center
National Maritime Research Institute
National Microelectronics Research Centre
National Networked Facility for Research in Australian Music
National Occupational Injury Research Symposium
National Occupational Research Agenda
National Office Research & Analysis
National Oilheat Research Alliance
National Opinion Research Center
National Organization for Drug Control and Research
National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago
National Organization of Test Research and Training Reactors, Inc.
National Primary Care Research and Development Centre
National Primate Research Center
National Regulatory Research Institute
National Research & Education Network
National Research Advisory Council
National Research and Development Centre
National Research and Development Corporation
National Research and Development Council
National Research and Training Center
National Research Bureau
National Research Center
National Research Center for Coal and Energy
National Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
National Research Center for Women & Families
National Research Center of Antibiotics
National Research Center on Camel
National Research Center on Learning Disabilities
National Research Centre
National Research Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
National Research Centre of Surgery
National Research Centre on Banana
National Research Centre on Equines
National Research Corporation
National Research Council
National Research Council Canada
National Research Council Canada Time Signal Shortwave Radio Station
National Research Council Committee
National Research Council Division of Earth Sciences
National Research Council of Canada
National Research Council of Thailand
National Research Ethics Service
National Research Forum
National Research Foundation
National Research Grid Initiative
National Research Guild
National Research Institute
National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
National Research Institute for Metals
National Research Institute of Agricultural Economics
National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology
National Research Institute of Fisheries Science
National Research Journal
National Research Journal
National Research Lab
National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property
National Research Library Alliance
National Research Networks
National Research Program
National Research Register
National Research Scholarship Fund
National Research Service Award
National Research Universal
National Rice Research Programme
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
National Security Research Division
National Security Research, iNC
National Shark Research Consortium
National Shipbuilding Research Program
National Skills Research Agency
National Soybean Research Center
National Soybean Research Laboratory
National Suborbital Education and Research Center
National Suicide Research Foundation
National Swine Research and Information Center
National Synchrotron Research Center
National Teacher Research Panel
National Technical Research Organization
National Teen Action Research Center
National TESD Research Agenda
National Transportation Research Center
National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse
National Undergraduate Research Observatory
National Undersea Research Center
National Undersea Research Program
National Uranium Research Evaluation
National Vocational Education and Training Research and Evaluation
National Wetlands Research Center
National Wildlife Research Center
National Wine Industry Research Cluster
Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict Research Group
Nationwide Environmental Title Research
Native American Cancer Research
Native Health Research Database
NATO Undersea Research Centre (La Spezia, Italy)
Natural Chemotherapeutic and Research Laboratory
Natural Environment Research Council
Natural Hazards Research Centre
Natural Health Product Research Society
Natural Health Products Research Program
Natural Resources Research Center
Natural Resources Research Group
Natural Resources Research Institute
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
Natural Sciences Research Unit
Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute
Nautical Research Guild
Naval Construction Research Establishment
Naval Dental Research Institute
Naval Health Research Center
Naval Institute for Dental and Biomedical Research
Naval Medical Research Center
Naval Medical Research Development Committee
Naval Medical Research Institute
Naval Ocean Research & Development Activity
Naval Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Laboratory
Naval Ordnance Research Calculator
Naval Research Advisory Committee
Naval Research Advisory Council
Naval Research And Development
Naval Research Enterprise
Naval Research Establishment
Naval Research Laboratory
Naval Research Laboratory Alliance
Naval Research Laboratory Extreme Ultraviolet Model
Naval Research Requirement
Naval Research Science Advisor
Naval Ship Research & Development Center
Naval Underwater Weapons Research and Engineering Station
Naval Warfare Research Center
Navrongo Health Research Centre
Navy Arctic Research Facility
Navy Center for Acquisition Research
Navy Research Requirements
Navy Training Research Laboratory
NCCOSC Research and Development Center
Neighborhood History Research Collection
Neilson Research Corporation
Neo Synthesis Research Centre
Neonatal-Perinatal Research Institute
Nepal Agricultural Research Council
Nepal Biomedical Research Center
Nepal Health Research Council
Netherlands Center for Laser Research
Netherlands Institute for Brain Research
Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research
Netherlands Institute of Business Organization and Strategy Research
Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research
Network for Applied Research on Mining, Oil and Gas Activities
Network for Drylands Research and Development
Network for Early European Research
Network for Education and Research in Oregon
Network for Education, Training and Research Initiatives
Network for Experimental Research on Evolution
Network for Oral Research Training and Health
Network Management Research Group
Network of AIDS Researchers in Eastern and Southern Africa
Network of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology
Network Organization for Research and Technology in Hokkaido
Network Research Corporation
Network Research Lab
Network Research, Architecture and Technologies
Network Services Research Laboratory
Network Technology Research Centre
Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanisation in the South
Networking and Information Technology Research and Development
Networking for Ethics on Biomedical Research in Africa
Neufeld Cardiac Research Institute
Neural Computing Research Group
Neurobiology Research Unit
Neurodevelopmental Clinical Research Unit
Neurological Rehabilitation and Research Unit
Neuromuscular Research Center
Neuromuscular Research Partnership Program
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses Research
Neuropathic Pain Research Institute
Neuroprosthetics Research Group
Neutraceutical Research and Education Act
Neutron Program for Materials Research
Neutron Research at NIST
Nevada College and Research Libraries
Nevada Policy Research Institute
New Brunswick Research and Productivity Council
New Developments Research Branch
New Directions in Leukaemia Research
New Drug Research and Development
New Economy Research Fund
New Economy Research Group
New England Academic and Research Network
New England Estuarine Research Society
New England Institute of Religious Research
New England Marketing Research Association
New England Primate Research Center
New England Regional Primate Research Center
New England Research Institutes
New Iberia Research Center
New Independent Researcher Infrastructure Support
New Industry Research Organization
New Jersey Association for Institutional Research
New Jersey Commission on Spinal Cord Research
New Jersey Stem Cell Research & Education Foundation
New Jersey-NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training
New Market Research
New Mexico Academic and Research Libraries
New Mexico Tax Research Institute
New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute
New Millennium Research Council
New Tools for Teaching and Research
New Wave Research
New Woman Research and Study Center
New York Census Research Data Center
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
New Zealand Antarctic Research Expeditions
New Zealand Forest Research
Newport Centre for Counselling Research
Newspaper Research Journal
Newspaper Research Journal
Nexusdomain Ufologic Research Organization
NGSSoftware Insight Security Research
NIAID HIV Vaccine Research Education Initiative (US NIH)
Nichols Research Corporation
Nielsen Media Research
Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute
Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research
Nigerian Institute for Trypanosomiasis Research
Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research
Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute
Nirex Safety Assessment Research Programme
NIST Center for Neutron Research
No Original Research
Nocturnal Primate Research Group
Noise Control Research Laboratory
Noise Research Advisory Committee
Nokia Research Center
Nomura Research Institute
Nonprofit Sector Research Fund
Non-Tenure Research Line
Nonwovens Cooperative Research Center
Nordic Arctic Research Programme
Nordic Demining Research Forum
Nordic Environmental Science Research Academy
Nordic Institute for Missionary and Ecumenical Research
Nordic Working Group on Fisheries Research
Nordic Youth Research Information
North American Deep Drawing Research Group
North American Hair Research Society
North American Manufacturing Research Conference
North American Survey Research Alliance
North Australia Research Unit
North Australian Beef Research Council
North Carolina Clinical Research
North East Sasquatch Researchers Association
North of England Cancer Research
North Pacific Marine Research Program
North Pacific Ocean Monitoring for Climate Research Program
North Trent Research Alliance
North Wales Paranormal Research
North Western Injury Research Collaboration
Northeast Hazardous Substance Research Center
NorthEast Research Libraries
Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
NorthEast Undergraduate Research Organization for Neuroscience
Northern California Planning and Research
Northern Carbon Research Laboratories
Northern Counties Kidney Research Fund
Northern Ireland Economic Research Centre
Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association
Northern Philippine Root Crops Research and Training Center
Northern Regional Research Laboratory
Northern Sky Research
Northwest Anthropological Research Notes
Northwest Association for Biomedical Research
Northwest Association for Paranormal & Anomalous Research
Northwest Behavioral Research Center
Northwest Ohio Primary Care Research Network
NorthWest Research Associates, Inc.
Northwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry
Northwick Park Institute for Medical Research
Norwegian Antarctic Research Expedition
Norwegian Arabidopsis Research Centre
Norwegian Building Research Institute
Norwegian Building Research Institute
Norwegian Centre for Research in Organization and Management
Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
Norwegian Health Services Research Centre
Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research
Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research
Norwegian Polar Research Institute
Norwegian Road Research Laboratory
Norwich Clinical Research Associates, Ltd.
Norwich Research Park
Notre Dame Environmental Education and Research
Nottingham Primary Care Research Partnership
Nottingham University Research and Treatment Unit in Reproduction
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.
Nuclear Effects Research & Development Support
Nuclear Energy Research Initiative
Nuclear Engineering Education Research
Nuclear Engineering Research Group
Nuclear Fuel Cycle Safety Engineering Research Facility
Nuclear Monitoring Research & Development
Nuclear Policy Research Institute
Nuclear Regulatory Research
Nuclear Research Advisory Council
Nuclear Research Center
Nuclear Research Corporation
Nucleic Acids Research
Nucleic Exchange Research & Development
Numerical Analysis Research
Nunavut Research Institute
Nurses’ Research Society of India
Nursing Education Research Unit
Nursing Research Unit
Nursing Research Work Group
Nurturing ECSU Research Talent
Nutri Pharmaceuticals Research Inc.
Nutrient Data System for Research
Nutrient Management Joint Research Program
Nutrition Research Center
Nutrition Research Reviews
Nutritional Sciences Research Unit
Oak Hills Research
Oak Ridge Research Reactor
Obesity Research Institute, LLC
Occupant Safety Research Partnership
Occupation and Skill Computer-Assisted Researcher
Ocean Research and Education Society
Ocean Research Institute
Ocean Sciences Research Section
Office Chief of Research and Development, United States Army
Office for Protection from Research Risks
Office for Science and Medical Research
Office for the Protection of Research Subjects
Office of Advanced Research and Technology
Office of Aerospace Research
Office of AIDS Research
Office of Applied Research
Office of Assessment and Institutional Research
Office of Biodefense Research Affairs
Office of Biodefense Research Applications
Office of Biological and Environmental Research
Office of Building Energy Research and Development
Office of Clinical Research Resources
Office of Coal Research
Office of Community-Based Education and Research
Office of Computational and Technical Research
Office of Economic and Demographic Research
Office of Educational Development and Research
Office of Educational Research
Office of Educational Research and Improvement
Office of Energy Research
Office of Energy Research
Office of Energy Research and Development
Office of Exploratory Research
Office of Extramural Research
Office of Extramural Research Education and Priority
Office of Financial Research
Office of Graduate Studies and Research
Office of Grants and Sponsored Research
Office of Health and Environmental Research
Office of Health Information and Research
Office of Health Research
Office of Health Services Research
Office of Human Subjects Research
Office of Institutional Assessment, Research, and Testing
Office of Institutional Research
Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Office of Instructional and Research Technology
Office of International Health Research
Office of International Research
Office of Intramural Research
Office of Legislative Research
Office of Medical Applications of Research
Office of Naval Research
Office of Naval Research Resident Representative
Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Office of Ordnance Research
Office of Planning and Research
Office of Planning and Research
Office of Population Research
Office of Population Research
Office of Preaward Research Administration
Office of Program Evaluation and Research
Office of Public Opinion Research
Office of Research Affairs
Office of Research Analysis
Office of Research and Applications
Office of Research and Demonstrations
Office of Research and Development
Office of Research and Graduate Studies
Office of Research and Information Services
Office of Research and Policy Analysis
Office of Research and Project Administration
Office of Research and Publications
Office of Research and Standards Development
Office of Research and Statistics
Office of Research and Technology Application
Office of Research Coordination
Office of Research Grants and Contracts
Office of Research in Medical Education
Office of Research Information Systems
Office of Research Integrity
Office of Research Measurement and Evaluation
Office of Research on Educational Policy
Office of Research Services
Office of Research Support
Office of Research Training and Services
Office of Research, Evaluation and Statistics
Office of Scientific Research
Office of Scientific Research and Development
Office of Sponsored Programs and Research
Office of Survey Methods Research
Office of the Chief Research Officer
Office of the Director, Defense Research & Engineering
Office of the Vice President of Research
Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Office of Therapeutic Research and Review
Office of Undergraduate Research
Office of University Research Services
Office Systems Research Association
Offices of Air Force, Army, and Navy Research
Offshore Energy Technical Research Association
Offshore Technology Research Center
Offshoring Research Network
OFW Student Consulting and Research
Ohara Institute for Social Research
Ohio Association for Institutional Research and Planning
Ohio Prospect Research Network
Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits
Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education
Ohio Scientific Education Research Association
Ohio Valley Paranormal Research Investigations
Oil Burner Research Association
Oil Pollution Research Unit
Okinawa Marine Research Center
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Old Broad Street Research Ltd.
Old Dominion University Research Foundation
Older People and Ageing Research and Development Network
Olentangy River Wetland Research Park
Olivetti Research Laboratory
Olmsted Research Guide Online
Omnicare Clinical Research
On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research
Oncology Research Unit
Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research
Oneida Research Services
On-Farm Adaptive Research
On-Farm Research Division
Online Journal of Veterinary Research
Online Library of Images for Veterinary Education and Research
Online Research Collections Australia
Online Research Resource
Online Telemedicine Research Institute
Ontario Action Researcher
Ontario Council on University Research
Ontario Forest Research Institute
Ontario Institute of Cancer Research
Ontario Research Commercialization Program
Ontario Research Employee Stock Option Credit
Ontario Research Enhancement Program
Ontario Research Foundation
Ontario Tobacco Research Unit
Ontario Toxic Waste Research Coalition
Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation
Open Collaborative Research
Open Group Research Institute
Open Media Research Institute
Operation Research Group
Operational Research
Operational Research Allocation of Tickets to Services
Operational Research and Analysis Establishment
Operational Research and Critical Link Evaluation
Operational Research Project
Operational Research Section
Operational Research Society
Operational Risk Research Forum
Operational Theory Research Institute
Operations Research
Operations Research & Computational Analysis
Operations Research & System Analysis
Operations Research Analyst
Operations Research and Facilities
Operations Research and Management Science
Operations Research Center
Operations Research Department
Operations Research Models and Methods
Operations Research Office
Operations Research on AIDS Care and Treatment in Africa
Operations Research Organization
Operations Research Society of America
Operations Research Software Exchange Program
Ophthalmic Research Network
Opinion Research Corporation
Opinion Research Corporation
Opposing Europe Research Network
Optical Internet Research Center
Optical Research Associates
Optics for Research
Optimization Research Bridge
Orange County Heart Institute and Research Center
Orchard Mesa Research Center
Orders and Medals Research Society
Oregon Biomedical Research Association
Oregon Health Research and Evaluation Collaborative
Oregon Research Institute
Oregon Scholars in Clinical Research
Oregon Scholars in Clinical Research
Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group
Oregon Transect Terrestrial Ecosystem Research
Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium
Organic Farming Research Association
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Organic Food and Farming Education and Research
Organic Geochemistry Research Laboratory
Organic Materials Research Institute
Organization for Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Education and Research
Organization for Industrial Research
Organization for Pharmaceutical Safety and Research
Organization for SETV Research
Organizational and Military Community Research
Organized Research Unit
Oriental Research Institute
Orthopaedic Research Society
Orthopaedic Research Society ROC
Osteoporosis and Arthritis Research Group
Otitis Media Research Center
Otsuka GEN Research Institute
Ottawa Carleton Research Institute
Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Ottawa Model of Research Use
Ottawa Photonics Research Alliance
Ottawa Policy Research Associates
Outcomes Management & Research
Outcomes Research in Nursing Administration
Outdoor Research
Outdoor Site Classification and Research
Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship
Oxford Investment Research
Oxford Research Group
Oxford University Research Staff Society
Ozarks Educational Research Initiative
Ozone Monitoring And Research
Pacific AIDS Research Center
Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research
Pacific Education and Research for Leadership in Science
Pacific Estuarine Ecosystem Indicator Research
Pacific Estuarine Research Laboratory
Pacific Estuarine Research Society
Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
Pacific Northwest Research Institute
Pacific Ocean Research Foundation
Pacific Parkinsons Research Institute
Pacific Research Institute
Pacific Rim Corrosion Research Program
Pacific Rim Property Research Journal
Pacific-Sierra Research Corporation
Packaging and Polymer Research Unit
Paediatric Outcomes Research Team
Pain Management Research Center
Paint Research Association
Pajarito Archaeological Research Project
Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
Pakistan Atomic Research Reactor
Pakistan Cave Research Association
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Pakistan Education and Research Network
Pakistan Journal of Medical Research
Pakistan Medical Research Council
Pakistan Security Research Unit
Paleo-Archeo Research Team
Paleoenvironmental Research Unit
Palestine Research Unit
Palestinian Energy and Environment Research Center
Palmetto Economic Analysis and Research System
Palo Alto Research Center
Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children
Pan-African Media Research Organisation
Panel on Energy Research and Development
Paper and Plastics Education Research
Parallax Financial Research
Paranormal Ghost Research
Paranormal Phenomena Research and Investigation
Paranormal Research Association of Boston
Paranormal Research Association of Ireland
Paranormal Research Institute
Paranormal Research Journal
Paranormal Research of Oklahoma Foundation
Paranormal Research Society
Paranormal Research Society
Paranormal Researchers in Southeast Michigan
Paranormal Researchers Out of Frankfort
Parental Attitude Research Instrument
Parents As Partners in Research
Parkinson’s Disease Research Society
Parks College Parachute Research Group
Participating Research Team
Participatory Action Research
Participatory Action Research to Advance Governance Options and Networks
Participatory Learning and Action Research
Participatory Research and Analysis
Participatory Research and Development Initiative
Participatory Research in Asia
Particle Technology Research Western
Particulate Materials Research Center
Particulate Solid Research Inc.
Partners in Community Health Research Training Program
Partners in Education and Research for Kindergarten Success
Partners in Urban Research and Service-Learning
Partnership for European Environmental Research
Partnership for Research and Education in Materials
Partnership for Research Excellence and Transition
Partnership for Research in Information Systems Management
Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling
Partnership for Research Integrity in Science & Medicine
Partnership for Urban Health Research
Partnership for Water Education and Research
Partnership in Accessible Research and Knowledge
Partnerships for International Research and Education
Pasadena Paranormal Research Society
Paterson Institute for Cancer Research
Patient Education Research Center
Patient Oriented Research
Patient Outcomes Research Team
Pavement Research Center of Excellence
Pay Research Unit
Pay Survey and Research Unit
Payment Research Data Base
Peace Initiative and Research Centre
Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada
Peace Research and European Security Studies
Peace Research Institute Oslo
Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation
Pediatric Clinical Research Office
Pediatric Equity Research Act of 2003
Pediatric Pharmacology Research Unit
Pediatric Research Coordinating Committee
Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program
Peer Reviewed Research Studies
Pelagic Shark Research Foundation
Penetration Technique Research Site
Penn State Research Foundation
Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation
Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research
Pension Research Council
Pentecostal and Charismatic Research Association
People and the Physical Environment Research
Performance Evaluation Tests for Environmental Research
Performance-Based Research Fund
Perinatal HIV Research Unit
Perinatal Research, Audit and Monitoring
Peripheral Atherosclerosis Research Consortium
Peroulakis Research, Inc.
Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International
Personal Information in Medical Research
Personal Social Services Research Unit
Personality Research Form
Personalized Electronic Research Consultation
Personalized Medicine Research Center
Personnel Decisions Research Institute
Personnel Officers Of Research and Development Agencies
Personnel Operational Research Team
Personnel Policy Research Unit
Personnel Research Activity Office
Personnel Research Activity, San Diego
Personnel Research Division
Personnel Research Lab
Personnel Research Online Papers
Personnel Research Online Papers
Personnel Research Test
Petroleum Conservation Research Association
Petroleum Recovery Research Center
Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada
Petroleum Research Fund
Petroleum Technology Research Center
Petronas Research & Scientific Services Sdn. Bhd.
Pew Research Center
Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
Pfizer Global Research & Development
PHANTOM Users’ Research Symposium
Pharmaceutical Contract Research Alliance
Pharmaceutical Education & Research Institute
Pharmaceutical Education and Research Development Centre
Pharmaceutical Health Services Research
Pharmaceutical Industry Contract Research Alliance
Pharmaceutical Quality Research Institute
Pharmaceutical Research and Clinical Trials
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
Pharmaceutical Research Associates, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Pharmaceutical System Research and Intelligence Center
Pharmacy Practice Research Trust
PhD Research in Microelectronics and Electronics
Phenomena Research Victoria
Philip Morris Research Center
Philippine Eye Research Institute
Philippine Migration Research Network
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute
Philippine Rice Research Institute
Philips Research East Asia
Philips Research Laboratories
Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory
Photographic Research Organization Inc.
Photon Research Associates, Inc.
Photonics Research Laboratory
Photosynthesis Research Unit
Physical Oceanography Research Division
Physical Research Laboratory
Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences Research Reports
Phytomyco Research Corporation
Pi Eta Research Technology
Pickle Research Campus
Pig Health and Research Unit
Pig Research Council
Pig Research Trust Fund
Pilot Research Moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic
Pilot Research Project
Piloting A Researcher’s Directory Service in Europe
Pinedale Seismic Research Facility
Pipeline Compressor Research Council
Pipeline Research Council International, Inc.
Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
Pittsburgh Energy Research Center
Pittsburgh Research Laboratory
Planetary Image Research Laboratory
Planetary Science Research Discoveries
Planetary Sciences Research Institute
Planning and Transport Research and Computation, Ltd.
Planning Research Corporation
Planning, Finance & Research
Planning, Research, and Evaluation Division
Plant and Animal AgroSecurity Research
Plant Directed Research and Development
Plant Metabolism Research Center
Plant Mycotoxin Research
Plant Pathology Research Institute
Plant Production Research Institute
Plant Protection Research Institute
Plant Research International
Plant Research Laboratory
Plant Research Unit
Plant Science Research Unit
Plantation Management Research Cooperative
Plasma Physics Research Institute
Plasma Research Laboratory
Platform for Research on Instant Messaging Infrastructures
POGO Research Unit
Polar Research Institute of China
Police Executive Research Forum
Policy and Economic Research Unit
Policy and Survey Research
Policy Planning and Research Unit
Policy Research and Analysis
Policy Research and Coordination Directorate
Policy Research Division
Policy Research on Women and Drugs
Policy Research Programme
Policy Research Report
Policy Research Working Paper
Polish Foundry Research Institute
Polish Research on Grid Environment for Sun Servers
Political Economy Research Center
Political Economy Research Institute
Political Research Associates
Political Research Quarterly
Political Research: Organization and Design
Political Science Research and Teaching
Pollution Control Research Institute
Pollution Research and Control Corporation
Pollution Research Group
Polycystic Kidney Research Foundation
Polycystic Kidney Research Foundation
Polytechnic Research and Development Company
Population Aging Research Center
Population Health Research Unit
Population Research and Policy Review
Population Research Center
Population Research Institute
Population Research Laboratory
Population Research Unit
Population Studies and Research Institute
Population-Environment Research Network
Port and Airport Research Institute
Portable Atmospheric Research Interferometric Spectrometer
Portable Observatories for Lithospheric Analysis and Research Investigating Seismicity
Portland Advanced Research Company
Portland Research and Education Network
Positive Research Center
Post Doctoral Research
Post Office Research Station
Post Summer Facility Research and Engineering Program
Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program
Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Postdoctoral Research Associate
POSTECH Information Research Laboratory (South Korea)
Postgraduate and Research Students Association
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
Postgraduate Overseas Research Experience Scholarship
Postgraduate Research
Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire
Postgraduate Research Support Scheme
Post-Harvest Fisheries Research Programme
Potsdam Institute for Applied Research
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Poultry Research Centre
Poultry Research Unit
Poverty Related Infection Oriented Research
Poverty Research Unit
Powder Metallurgy Research Center
Power Electronics and Electric Machinery Research Center
Power Electronics and Electric Machinery Research Machinery Center
Power Semiconductor Research Center
PowerPT Presentation Research Institute
Powertrain and Vehicle Research Unit
Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation
Practice and Research: Advancing Collaboration
Practice Research Network
Practice, Education and Research for Sustainable Infrastructure
Practice-Based Research Network
Precision Machining Research Consortium
Precolumbian Art Research Institute
Preparatory Action for Security Research
Preservice Research Institute for Science and Mathematics
President’s Coal Research Initiative
Preternatural Research Bureau
Prevention Research Center
Prevention Research Institute
Previous Millennium Research Council
Price Stevenson Acoustic Research
Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act
Primary Market Research
Primate Research Laboratory
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Principal Research Fellow
Principle Research Areas
Principles of Marketing Research
Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization
Printmaking Education and Research Studio
Problems in Practice for Consideration in Research
Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research
Process Orientated Research and Development
Processors’ and Growers’ Research Organisation
Proctor Maple Research Center
Producer Initiated Research and Development
Product Acceptance & Research
Product Acceptance Research
Product Quality Research Institute
Product Research and Development
Production Engineering Research Laboratory
Productivity Analysis Research Network
Professional Associations Research Network
Professional Marketing Research Association
Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education
Professional Relations and Research Institute, Inc
Professional Research Assistant
Professional Research Experience Program
Professional Research Tool
Profs Operational Weather Education and Research
Progenix Research Sdn. Bhd.
Progeria Research Foundation
Program Evaluation Research Task
Program for Clubhouse Research
Program for Ecosystem Research
Program for Ecosystem Research
Program for Extraordinary Experience Research
Program for Harmonized ATC Research in Europe
Program for International Research Linkages
Program for Research and Development of Ogoni
Program for Research and Outreach on Gender Equity in Society
Program of Energy Research and Development
Program of Research on the Economics of Invasive Species Management
Program on Long-Range Forecasting Research
Program on Short- and Medium-Range Weather Prediction Research
Program on Survey Research
Program Research & Development Announcement
Programmed Research Information System at Michigan
Programming Research Group
Programs of Research and Scholarly Excellence
Project Inform Community Research Alliance
Promoting European Traceability Excellence & Research
Propagation Research Associates
Propane Education & Research Council
Propane Education and Research Act of 1996
Property & Portfolio Research, Inc.
Property and Environment Research Center
Property Loss Research Bureau
Property Research Partners
Property Rights Research
Propulsion Research Center
Prospect Research Online
Prostate Cancer Research Institute
Prostate Cancer Research Program
Prosthetics Research Specialists
Prosthetics Research Specialists
Prostitution Research & Education
Protective Technology Research Centre
Protein Research Foundation
Proteomic Research Services, Inc
Proteomic Research Services, Inc
Proteomic Standards Research Group
Proton Medical Research Center
Psychological and Educational Research in Kansas
Psychological Research Wing
Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference
Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference
Public Administration Research and Consultation Center
Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama
Public Citizens Health Research Group
Public Education and Enforcement Research Study
Public Gaming Research Institute
Public Interest Legal Support and Research Centre
Public Interest Research and Advocacy Center
Public Interest Research Group in Michigan
Public Memory Research Centre
Public Opinion Research
Public Policy Research Institute
Public Policy Research Organization
Public Research & Regulation Initiative
Public Research Health Institute
Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research
Public Safety Communications Research
Public Sector Research Organisation
Public Service Research Foundation
Public Understanding of Current Research
Public Understanding of Research
Public Utility Research Center
Public Utility Research Center
Public Works Research Institute
Publicly Funded Research Institutes
Publishing Research Consortium
Puerto Rico Association for Institutional Research
Pulp and Paper Research Institute
Pulse Intense Plasma for Exploratory Research
Purdue Research Foundation
Pure Mathematics Research Centre
Quadrilateral Advanced Research on Telematics for Environment and Transport
Quadripartite Research Committee
Quadripartite Research List
Qualitative European Drug Research
Qualitative Health Research
Qualitative Research
Qualitative Research as Interpretive Practice
Qualitative Research Interview
Qualitative Research Requirement for Nuclear Weapons Effects Information
Qualitative Research Specialty Group
Qualitative Research Unit
Quality and Productivity Research Conference
Quality Enhancement Research Initiative
Quality in Research
Quality Measurement, Research and Improvement Council
Quality of Life Research
Quality Research in Dementia
Quality Solutions and Research
Quality Use of Medicines and Pharmacy Research Centre
Quality-Related Research
Quantitative Financial Research
Quantitative Investment Research SA
Quantitative Research
Quantitative Research Methods
Quantum Architecture Research Center
Quaternary Research Association
Quaternary Research Center
Queen’s University Environmental Science and Technology Research Centre
Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Quick Business Research Institute Corp.
Radar Research and Development Establishment
Radiation Oncology Research Laboratory
Radiation Research Associates, Inc
Radiation Research Society
Radio and Television Research Council
Radio Research Consortium
Radio Research Field Station
Radio Research Unit
Radio’s All-Dimension Audience Research
Radiological Research Laboratory
Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research
Rahul Multidisciplinary Research Centre
Rajasthan Oriental Research Institute
Rajendra Memorial Research Institute
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre
Raleigh Research Reactor
Raman Research Institute
RAND Research Fellowship
Rapid Research Letters
Raptor Research Foundation
Rasmuson Fisheries Research Center
Raspet Flight Research Laboratory
Rational Assessment of Drugs and Research
Raw Materials Research Center
Rayong Field Crop Research Center
Razi Metallurgical Research Center
Reactor Safety Research
Reading and Research
Reading Research Quarterly
Real Estate Research Corporation
Real Estate Research Council
Reciprocal Research Network
Recognition Research International
Recognition Research, Inc.
Record of Research Achievement
Recreational Marine Research Center
Redstone Aviation Propulsion Test and Research Facility
Reed Electronics Research
Reeve-Irvine Research Center
Refining Manufacturing Research Center
Refractory Metals Research Center
Regional Agricultural Research and Development Centre
Regional Agricultural Research Institute
Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine
Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine
Regional Horticultural Research Station
Regional Medical and Research Specialist
Regional Medical Research Center
Regional Medical Research Council
Regional Research Advisory Committee
Regional Research and Development Team
Regional Research Centre
Regional Research Network
Regional Research Plan
Regional Research Project on Maize and Cassava
Regional Research Site
Register of Australian Drug and Alcohol Research
Registered Research Agency
Registry of Nursing Research
Regulated Clinical Research Information Management
Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
Rehabilitation Research Advisory Council
Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Positive Behavioral Support
Reinforced Concrete Research Council
Reliance Clinical Research Services Pvt. Ltd.
Religious Information Research Center
Rembrandt Research Project
Remote Sensing Research Group
Remote Sensing Research Unit
Renal Research Institute
Renewable Energy Research Lab
Representative Research in Social Psychology
Reproductive Health Research Network
Request to Research/Upgrade
Research & Acquisition Communications Division
Research & Analysis Wing
Research & Development Objectives
Research & Technology Laboratories
Research & Technology Organization
Research & Technology Work Unit Information System
Research Academies for Young Scientists
Research Access Incorporated
Research Across America
Research Activity Index
Research Activity Survey
Research Activityflow and Middleware Priorities
Research Administrators Certification Council
Research Advisory Committee
Research Advisory Council
Research Affiliates Fundamental Indexation
Research Aircraft for Visual Environment
Research Alliance of Institutions for Music Education
Research Analysis & Maintenance, Inc.
Research Analysis Corporation
Research Analyst Assessment Specialist
Research Analytical Laboratory
Research And Advanced Technology
Research and Advisory Council of Afghanistan
Research And Analysis
Research and Analysis of Media
Research and Applications Module
Research and Assessment Corporation for Counseling
Research and Collections Center
Research and Commercial Division
Research and Commercial Services Office
Research and Consultancy Center
Research and Decide Collaboratively
Research and Development
Research And Development
Research and Development
Research and Development
Research and Development
Research and Development
Research and Development Acceptance Test
Research and Development Advisory Council
Research and Development Assistance Scheme
Research and Development Assistance Scheme
Research and Development Association
Research and Development Board
Research and Development Center of Shanghai Municipality
Research and Development Centers
Research and Development Corporation
Research and Development Council
Research and Development Descriptive Summaries
Research and Development Division
Research and Development Explosive
Research And Development for Image Understanding Systems
Research and Development in the United States
Research and Development Information Management System
Research and Development Limited Partnership
Research and Development Management System
Research and Development of Empirical Studies
Research and Development Solutions, Inc.
Research and Development Support System
Research and Development Support Unit
Research and Development Xtreme
Research and Economic Development
Research and Economic Development
Research and Education Association
Research and Education in Defense and Security Studies
Research and Education Institute
Research and Education Networking Unit
Research and Education on Disability and Disaster
Research and Education to Decrease Unnecessary Cesarean
Research and Education Unit on Gendered Violence
Research and Education: Volcanoes, Exploration and Life Project
Research and Educational Institute
Research and Educational Network
Research and Educational Network
Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program
Research and Engineering Center
Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles
Research and Ethical Network Embracing Water
Research and Evaluation Division
Research and Evaluation Division
Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering
Research and Extension in Farm Power Issues
Research and Graduate Studies
Research and Graduate Studies Committee
Research And Graduate Studies Office
Research and Information Centers
Research and Information Services of Namibia
Research and Information System
Research and Innovation Center
Research and Innovation in Audiovisual and Multimedia
Research and Innovation Management Centre
Research and Innovation to Support Empowerment Center
Research and Innovative Technology Administration
Research and Institutional Review Committee
Research and Instructional Technologies Support
Research and Laboratory Services Division
Research and Market Development Division
Research and Postgraduate Studies
Research and Postgraduate Studies Committee
Research and Program Management
Research and Publications Committee
Research and Rehabilitation Development Center
Research and Related Activities Account
Research and Scientific Exchanges Division
Research and Seeker Emulation Radar
Research and Special Programs Administration
Research and Sponsored Programs
Research and Sponsored Projects
Research and Statistics Department
Research and Statistics Division
Research and Statistics Office
Research and Study
Research and Supply Vessel
Research and Technology Agency
Research and Technology Board
Research and Technology Coordinating Committee
Research and Technology Development
Research and Technology Directorate
Research and Technology Division
Research and Technology Objectives and Plans
Research and Technology Operating Plan
Research and Technology Protection
Research and Technology Resume
Research and Test Reactor
Research and Training Center
Research and Training Organization
Research and Training Station
Research and Welfare Staff
Research Animal Holding Facility
Research Animal Management Branch
Research Animal Resources Center
Research Announcement
Research Applications Program
Research Applied to National Needs
Research Apprenticeship Program
Research Archive on Disability in the United States
Research Archives Acquisitions List
Research Article
Research Assessment Exercise
Research Assistant/ship
Research Assistantship
Research Assistantships in Science and Engineering
Research Associate
Research Associate in Anthropology
Research Associate in Geology
Research Associates of Syracuse, Inc.
Research Association for Science Communication and Information eV
Research at Undergraduate Institutions
Research Attachment Programme
Research Attack Helicopter
Research Aviation Facility
Research Awards for Areas and Centres of Excellence
Research Based Instructional Strategies
Research Based Staff Development
Research Blending Number
Research Business Models Subcommittee
Research Capacity Building
Research Center
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
Research Center for Allergy and Immunology
Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Research Center for Arts and Culture
Research Center for Auditory and Vestibular Studies
Research Center for Biodiversity, Academia Sinica
Research Center for Earthquake Prediction
Research Center for Ecological and Environmental Economics
Research Center for Ecological Safety
Research Center for Energy and Resources
Research Center for Environmental Quality Control
Research Center for Explosion Safety
Research Center for Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases
Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering
Research Center of Donbass Social Perspectives
Research Center of Excellence
Research Center on Societal and Social Policy
Research Centers Directory
Research Centers in Minority Institutions
Research Centers Program
Research Centre for Global Governance
Research Centre for Human Identification
Research Centre for Injury Studies
Research Centre for Integrated Microsystems
Research Centre for Sustainable Development
Research Centre for Women’s Studies
Research Centre Imarat
Research Challenges in Information Science
Research Chefs Association
Research Chemical
Research Collaboration Web Portal
Research Committee of Legislative Specialists
Research Compliance Officer
Research Computing Center
Research Computing Initiative
Research Concept Review
Research Conduct and Compliance Office
Research Connection
Research Coordinating Center
Research Costing Compliance
Research Council for Complementary Medicine
Research Council of Alberta
Research Council of Zimbabwe
Research Council on Structural Connections
Research Councils United Kingdom
Research Councils’ Pension Scheme
Research Councils’ Procurement Organisation
Research Data Center
Research Data Corporation
Research Data Design
Research Data Management Services
Research Data Network Cooperative Research Center
Research Database Complex
Research Defence Society
Research Degree Awarding Powers
Research Degrees Committee
Research Demonstrates That
Research Department
Research Department
Research Department Explosive/Royal Demolition Explosive
Research Development Acquisition
Research Development Activity
Research Development and Commercialization
Research Development and Engineering Command
Research Development and Extension
Research Development and Quality
Research Development and Statistics
Research Development and Technology Transfer
Research Development Associates
Research Development Committee
Research Development Department
Research Development Manufacturing
Research Development Team
Research Development Test and Evaluation
Research Diagnostic Criteria
Research Dietetic Practice Group
Research Distinction Track
Research Earth Borer
Research Education for Teachers
Research Education for Teachers
Research Effort/Test
Research Effort/Test
Research Endowment Trust Fund
Research Engineering
Research Engineering
Research Engineering Standing Group
Research Engineers International
Research Enterprise Engagement
Research Enterprise Office
Research Epidemiology Geographic Software
Research Equipment Affinity Group
Research Equipment Incorporated
Research Ethics and Compliance Unit
Research Ethics Board
Research Ethics Committee
Research Ethics Committee
Research Evaluation and Analysis
Research Evaluation and Information
Research Excellence Framework
Research Excellence Grants Scheme
Research Expenditure Report
Research Experience for Undergraduates
Research Experience in Earth System Science
Research Experiences for Teachers
Research Experiences for Teachers
Research Experiences in Algebraic Combinatorics at Harvard
Research Exploration Framework
Research Flight Control Computer
Research Flight Deck
Research for Communication & Public Involvement
Research for International Tobacco Control
Research for Life
Research for Nursing Practice
Research for Undergraduates in Biomechanics and Imaging
Research Forum for Allied Health Professions
Research Fund for Coal and Steel
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Research Grade Evaluation Guide
Research Grants Council
Research Grants for Graduate Students
Research Grants Officer
Research Group for Applied Geology
Research Group on Drug Use
Research Group on Instability in Coronary Artery Disease
Research Higher Degree
Research Higher Degrees Committee
Research Highlights
Research in Action
Research in Advanced Communications Equipment
Research in Advanced Communications for Europe
Research in African Languages and Linguistics
Research in Alternative Livelihoods Fund
Research in Computational Molecular Biology
Research in Computational Molecular Biology
Research in Computing for Humanities
Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences
Research in Entrepreneurship
Research in Filtering and Recommendation
Research in Medical Education
Research In Motion Ltd
Research in Physics Education Group
Research in Progress
Research in Review
Research in Security and Privacy
Research in Social Studies Education
Research in Special Education
Research in the Biological Sciences
Research in Veterinary Science
Research Incubator Building
Research Information and Communications Unit
Research Information Board
Research Information Division
Research Information Letter
Research Information Management
Research Information Technology Group
Research Infrastructure
Research Infrastructure Block Grants Scheme
Research Infrastructure Block Grants Scheme
Research Initiation Award
Research Initiatives Bangladesh
Research Innovation and Development Grants in Economics
Research Innovation Office
Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
Research Institute for Advanced Studies
Research Institute for Advanced Technology
Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards
Research Institute for Aquaculture
Research Institute for Assistive and Training Technologies
Research Institute for Biological Sciences
Research Institute for Business and Management
Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures
Research Institute for Economics and Business
Research Institute for Experimental Architecture
Research Institute for Food Crops in Swampy Areas
Research Institute for Genetic and Human Therapy
Research Institute for Higher Education
Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability
Research Institute for Integrated Circuits
Research Institute for Maize and Other Cereals
Research Institute for Metals
Research Institute for New Americans
Research Institute for Newspaper Development
Research Institute for Polymers and Textiles
Research Institute for Safety Engineering
Research Institute for Scientific Measurements
Research Institute for Software Technology
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere
Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
Research Institute for Telecommunications and Information Marketing
Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society
Research Institute for Tropical Medicine
Research Institute for Waldorf Education
Research Institute in Software Evolution
Research Institute of Advanced Materials
Research Institute of America
Research Institute of Applied Mechanics
Research Institute of Asian Women
Research Institute of Development Assistance
Research Institute of Fruits
Research Institute of Genome-Based Biofactory
Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources
Research Institute of Industrial Safety
Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology
Research Institute of Instrumentation Frontier
Research Institute of Marine Products
Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture
Research Institute of Post and Telecommunications
Research Institute of Pulse Technique
Research Institute of Special Machinery
Research Institute of Telecommunications Transmission
Research Institute of Tianjin, China
Research Institute of Tropical Forestry
Research Institute on Addictions
Research Instruction Online
Research Instrument
Research Instruments and Measurement Systems
Research Interviewer
Research Into Childhood Cancer
Research Into Global Healthcare Tools
Research into Internet Systems
Research Into Ovarian Cancer
Research into Paranormal Anomalistics
Research into Safety & Quality
Research Investigation Process
Research Investment Strategy
Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2002
Research Issues in Data Engineering
Research Job Opportunity Editor
Research Journalism Initiative
Research Lab
Research Laboratory Assistant
Research Laboratory for Agricultural Biotechnology and Biochemistry
Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors
Research Laboratory Precision Machinery Electronics Bulletin
Research Libraries Group, Inc.
Research Libraries Information Network
Research Libraries Network
Research Library
Research Library Cooperative Program
Research Machines Limited
Research Machines plc
Research Management Advisory Group
Research Management and Dissemination Division
Research Management Self Assessment
Research Meeting Convener Agent
Research Method
Research Methods Knowledge Base
Research Module
Research Natural Area
Research Needs Assessment
Research Needs Statements
Research Network Forum
Research Network on Time Use
Research Network, Inc.
Research News Reporter
Research Objective
Research Octane
Research Octane
Research Octane Number
Research of Innovative Technologies for Learning
Research Office Products Division Micro Processor
Research Oktan Zahl
Research on Atmospheric Volcanic Emission
Research on Engineering Education Symposium
Research on Learning and Education
Research on Monitoring Techniques
Research on Older Adults with HIV
Research on Ongoing Acquisition Research
Research on Operations Limiting Visual Extinction
Research on Ozone in the Stratosphere and its Evolution
Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans
Research Only
Research Operations Support
Research Opportunities in Internal Auditing
Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences
Research Opportunity Announcement
Research Opportunity Award
Research Opportunity Program
Research Oriented Investment Fund
Research Paper
Research Paper Writing
Research Partnership Agreement
Research Planning and Assessment
Research Planning Group/Guide
Research Planning, Inc.
Research Policy Group
Research Post Graduate
Research Priority Area
Research Process Outsourcing
Research Professionals Network
Research Program
Research Program Coordinator
Research Program Development
Research Program Grant
Research Program in Development Studies
Research Programme Planning Committee
Research Protection Program
Research Protections Office
Research Publishing Services
Research Quality Assurance
Research Quality Framework
Research Radar Data Acquisition
Research Rapid Scan Day
Research Reachback Center
Research Reactor Institute
Research Resource Division for Refugees
Research Results Digest
Research Review Act
Research Review Group
Research Scholar
Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Research School of Earth Sciences
Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering
Research Science Institute
Research Service Development Extras
Research Services Class Library
Research Services New England
Research Services, Inc.
Research Society for Victorian Periodicals
Research Society on Alcoholism
Research Society on Alcoholism
Research Software Design Engineer
Research Standing Committee
Research Status Log
Research Steering Group
Research Student Project Ethical Review
Research Studies in Music Education
Research Studies Press
Research Study Group
Research Study Volunteer Program
Research Subject Advocacy
Research Subjects Review Board
Research Summaries
Research Summaries
Research Summer Institute
Research Support Branch
Research Support Libraries Programme
Research Support Request
Research Support Services
Research Surveys of Great Britain
Research Symposium on Emerging Electronic Markets
Research Tactical Idea
Research Team
Research Team
Research Team Member
Research Technical Assistance
Research Technical Operations Plan
Research Technician
Research Technician
Research Technologies International
Research Technology Support Facility
Research Theme
Research Theme
Research to Business
Research to Practice
Research to Prevent Blindness
Research Tools for Translators
Research Training Fellowship
Research Training Grant
Research Training Network
Research Training Program
Research Triangle Commerce, Inc.
Research Triangle Energy Consortium
Research Triangle Institute
Research Triangle Institute International
Research Triangle Institute/University of North Carolina
Research Triangle Park
Research Triangle Park Information Center
Research Triangle Park Mortality Data Base
Research Triangle Park Training System
Research Triangle Regional Partnership
Research Triangle Schools Partnership
Research Triangle Software
Research Unit for Law and Administration
Research Unit for Research Utilisation
Research Unit in Networking
Research Unit in Pediatric Psychopharmacology
Research University of the Year
Research Update in Neuroscience for Neurosurgeons
Research Update Interview
Research Use Only
Research Utilization Support and Help
Research Valley Partnership
Research Valley Technology Alliance
Research Value Mapping
Research Venture Award
Research Vessel
Research Vessel Operators Council
Research with Adaptive Particle Imaging Detectors
Research Work Book
Research Work Unit
Research, Analysis & Statistics
Research, Designs and Standards, Organisation
Research, Development and Acquisition Council
Research, Development and Demonstration
Research, Development and Demonstration
Research, Development and Deployment
Research, Development and Dissemination
Research, Development and Innovation
Research, Development and Testing Consolidation Panel
Research, Development, & Acquisition
Research, Development, & Acquisition Committee
Research, Development, & Acquisition Information Systems Agency
Research, Development, and Acquisition Information Support Activity
Research, Development, and Acquisition Plan
Research, Development, Demonstration, Testing and Evaluation
Research, Development, Design, Testing and Evaluation
Research, Development, Engineering & Quality
Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, Navy
Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Documentation
Research, Development, Test, & Evaluation
Research, Education and Collaboration in Health
Research, Education and Extension Service
Research, Education, and Economics
Research, Education, and Economics Information System
Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee
Research, Evaluation & Assessment
research, evaluation, and system analysis
Research, Innovation and Business Network
Research, Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise
Research, Inventory, Monitoring and Management
Research, Reasoning, Writing and Advocacy
Research, Recommendations and Electronic Voting
Research, Technological Development
Researched Superior Quality
Researcher Exchange Programme
Researchers for Asylum Seekers
Researching Alternative Health Foundation
Researching and Applying Metaphor
Researching Effective Pedagogy in the Early Years
Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement
Researching, Work and Learning
Research-Related Health Information
Resident Research Associateship
Resource for Genetic and Epidemiologic Research
Respiratory Integrative Biology and Translational Research
Responsible Conduct of Clinical Research
responsible conduct of research
Retail Systems Research
Retirement Research Foundation
Return to Research
Reusable Software Research Group
Review of Business Research
Review of Educational Research
Rhine Research Center
Rhine-Main Water Research
Rhizosphere Research Products
Rice Research and Development Committee
Rice Research and Extension Center
Rice Research Institute of Iran
Richland Research Complex
Right Brain Research Center for Creative Arts
Rigorous Systems Research Group
RIKEN Structural Genomics Initiative (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research; Japan)
Riparian and Wetland Research Program
Rising Sun Research
Risk and Insurance Research Group Limited
Risk Assessment and Decision Analysis Research Group
Risk Management Research Center
Risk Management Research Council
Risk Management Research Institute
Risk-Capital Research and Technology
River Ocean Research and Education
Riverside Research Institute
Road Accident Research Unit
Robarts Research Institute
Robert Cathey Research Source
Robotics Research Corporation
Rochester Center for Economic Research
Rock Art Research Institute
Rock Mechanics Research Center
Rocky Mountain Association for Institutional Research
Rocky Mountain Research Center
Rocky Mountain Research Station
Romanian Marine Research Institute
Rome Research Site
Romney Marsh Research Trust
Rosacea Research and Development Institute
Rosalind Franklin Centre for Genomics Research
Rotary Machinery Research Centre
Rotman Research Institute
Routine to Research
Roy Morgan Research
Roy Morgan Research Centre Pty Ltd
Royal Research Ship
Rubber and Plastics Research Association
Rubber Research Institute of India
Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka
Rumbaugh-Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research, Inc.
Rural AIDS and Development Action Research
Rural Business Research Unit
Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation
Rural Policy Research Institute
Rural Research and Development Council
Rural Research and Strategy Partnership
Rural Research in Progress
Rural Road Surfacing Research
Rural Surveys Research Unit
Russian Cancer Research Center
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Russian Fund for Basic Research
Russian Market Research Company
Ryan Research International
Sacramento Regional Research Institute
Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention
Safety in Mines Research Establishment
Safety Research Coal Mine
Safety Research Corporation of America
Saline Agriculture Research Centre
Sam and Rose Stein Institute for Research on Aging
Samantha Dickson Research Trust
Sambodhi Research and Management Institute
Sampling Modeling and Research Technology
SAMS Research Services Limited (Argyll, Scotland, UK)
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Sanford Underground Research Facility
Santa Barbara Applied Research, Inc.
Santa Barbara Research Center
Santa Barbara Research Corporation
Sarasota Paranormal Investigation & Research Initiative Team
Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration
SAS and Intel Advanced Research Center
Saskatchewan Centre for Soil Research
Sasquatch Research Initiative
Satellite and Mesometeorology Research Project
Satellite Applications and Research
Satellite Communications Applications Research
Satellite Research Center
Sathe’s Astromedical and Cosmic Orientation Research Institute
Saucers And Unexplained Celestial Events Research Society
Saudi Research and Marketing Group
Saudi Research and Publishing Company
Savannah Agricultural Research Institute
SBIR and Technology Transfer Research
Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology
Schapiro Research Group
Schepens Eye Research Institute
Schering-Plough Research Institute
Scholarly Articles Research Alerting
Scholarly Research and Creative Activities
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
School for Advanced Research
School for Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Research on Interculturalism and Transnationality
School for Social Care Research
School Improvement Research Series
School Library Media Research
School of American Research
School of Graduate Studies and Research
Science and Engineering Research Council
Science and Engineering Research Council
Science and Engineering Research Semester
Science and Technology Research Building
Science and Technology Research Center
Science and Technology Research Institute
Science Education Research in Visual Intructional Technology
Science Fiction Research Association
Science Policy Research Unit
Science Research Associates
Science Research Laboratory, Inc
Science Research Program
Science Teachers Research Involvement for Vital Education
Science Technical Research Laboratories
Science Technology and Research Party
Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation
Science, Technology, Research and Innovation Precinct
Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
Scientific and Technical Research Centre
Scientific and Technological Advanced Research
Scientific Applications & Research Associates, Inc.
Scientific Commission on Antarctic Research
Scientific Committee On Antarctic Research
Scientific Committee on Ocean Research Satellite Equipment
Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research
Scientific Committee on Oceanographic Research
Scientific Computing and Research, Inc.
Scientific Computing and Research, Inc.
Scientific Computing and Research, Inc.
Scientific Computing Research Unit
Scientific Council Research Documents
Scientific Council Research Documents
Scientific Council Research Documents
Scientific Experimentation, Research and Application to Paranormal Humans
Scientific Partners for Research Kickoff
Scientific Reasoning Research Institute
Scientific Research
Scientific Research and Experimental Development
Scientific Research and Experimental Development
Scientific Research Council
Scientific Research Development
Scientific Research Institute
Scientific Research Institute of Computer Complexes
Scientific Research Institutes of Radiophysics
Scientific Research Investigations Report
Scientific Research Laboratory Center
Scientific Research Organisation
Scientific Research Permit
Scientific Studies and Research Centre
Scientifically Based Reading Research
Scientists for Health And Research for Development
Scleroderma Research Foundation
Scoliosis Research Society
SCONUL Research Extra (library access and browsing)
Scotch Whiskey Research Institute
Scott Polar Research Institute
Scottish Bioinformatics Research Network
Scottish Cancer Research Network
Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research
Scottish Church Heritage Research
Scottish Council for Research in Education
Scottish Crop Research Institute
Scottish Dental Practice Based Research Network
Scottish Diabetes Research Network
Scottish Institute for Policing Research
Scottish Primate Research Group
Scottish Schools Science Equipment Research Centre
Scottish Society for Crop Research
Scottish Society for Psychical Research
Scottish Stroke Research Network
Scottish Technology and Research Center
Screen Industries Research and Training Centre
Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation
Scripps Research Institute
Scripps Survey Research Center
Sea Fisheries Research Institute
Sea Ice Research Laboratory
Sea Mammal Research Unit
Sea Research Society
Sea Turtle Research Team
Seafarers International Research Centre
Seagoing Platform for Acoustic Research
Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute
Seattle Institute for Cardiac Research
Second Language Acquisition Research
Second Language Research Forum
Second Language Research in Japan
Secretarial Panel for the Evaluation of Epidemiologic Research Activities
Secretary of the Army for Research, Development, & Acquisition
Section of Atherosclerosis and Lipoprotein Research
Security and Networks Research Group
Security Auditor’s Research Assistant
Security Systems Applications and Research
Security Threat Analysis and Research
Seismic Research Observatory
Seismic Research Unit
Seismology Research Centre
Sekiguchi Global Research Association
Self-Propelled Underwater Research Vehicle
Selling, Administrative, Research and Development
Semantic Research Grid
Semi-Automated Business Research Environment
Semiconductor Industry Research Institute
Semiconductor Industry Research Institute Japan
Semiconductor Research Corporation
Semiconductor Research Council
Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center
Seminars on Algorithms in Operations Research
Senate Research Committee
Senior Market Research Analyst
Senior Principal Research Fellow
Senior Research Associate
Senior Research Fellow
Senior Vice President for Research
Seniors Health Research Transfer Network
Seniors Independence Research Program
Sensory Research Institute
SEO Research Analysis Package (Second Life)
Separations Process Research Unit
Serious Mental Illness Treatment Research and Evaluation Center
Serological Research Institute
Service Academy Research Associate
Service Industry Research Systems Inc.
Service User Research Enterprise
Service, Support, Research and Others
Services Effectiveness Research Program
Services Electronics Research Laboratory
Services Research & Innovation Initiative
Servicewide Electronic Research Program
Servicewide Electronic Research Project
SESAR Research) Joint Undertaking (European air traffic control)
Severe Storms Research Center
Sexual Violence Research Initiative
Sexuality Research Fellowship Program
Shanghai Fire Research Institute
Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research
Shanghai Research Center of Biotechnology
Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology
Shanmugha Arts Science Technology & Research Academy
Shared University Research
Shark Conservation and Research Foundation
Shashe-Limpopo Predator Research Group
Sheffield Centre for International Drylands Research
Shelter Housing Aid and Research Project
Shenzhen Institute of Building Research
Ship Design and Research Institute
Ship Stability Research Centre
Shoe and Allied Trade Research Association
Shoklo Malaria Research Unit
Short Form Research Contract
Short-Term Prediction Research and Transition Center
Shrishti Eco-Research Institute
Shropshire Tourism Research Unit
Shropshire Tourism Research Unit
Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Research Tool for Astronomy
Siberian Conference on Operations Research
Sichang Marine Science Research and Training Station
Sickle Cell Advocates for Research and Empowerment, Inc.
Sida’s Department for Research Cooperation
Siena Research Institute
Sierra Nevada Research Center
Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Signal and Image Processing Research Group
Signal Processing Research Laboratory
Signalised & unsignalised Intersection Design and Research Aid
Signals and Electronic Warfare Research and Development Activity
Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research & Science
Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science
Silicon Valley Research, Inc.
Silsoe Research Institute
Simple Models of Complex Networks Research Cluster
Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool
Simulated Patient Health Environment for Research and Education
Simulation and Modeling Assistant for Research and Training
Simulation, Training, Assessment and Research Center
Simulator Training Research Advanced Testbed for Aviation
Singapore Eye Research Institute
Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory
Sinoeuropean Engineering Research Forum
Sino-German Center for Research Promotion
Sino-German Joint Interdisciplinary Research Program
Site Team and Research
Sleep and Neurophysiology Research Laboratory
Sleep Research Coordinating Committee
Sleep Research Online
Sleep Research Society
Sleep Research Society Foundation
Sleep/Wake Research Centre
Sleiman Research and Development
Slender Hypervelocity Aerothermodynamic Research Probe
Slovak Association of Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies
Small Business and Research Policy
Small Business Incentive Research
Small Business Innovation Research
Small Business Innovation Research
Small Business Research Board
Small Business Research Portal
Small Business Research Trust
Small Cap Research Limited
Small Enterprise Research Unit
Small Group Research
Small Launch Vehicle Research
Small Missions for Advanced Research in Technology
Small Pelagic Research and Assessment Team
Small Scale Research Grant
Small Technology Transfer Innovation Research
Small Undergrad Research Grant
SME Collaborative Research
Smith Travel Research
Smith Travel Research
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Smoking Cessation Training and Research Programme
Smoking Gun Research Agency
Smoky Applied Research and Demonstration Association
Snow and Avalanche Research
SOAS Bulletin of Burma Research (UK and Myanmar)
Social and Behavioral Research Branch
Social and Community Planning Research
Social and Cultural Geography Research Group
Social and Environmental Research Institute
Social and Public Health Economics Research Group
Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance
Social Care Access to Research Evidence
Social Context of Education Research
Social Development Research Center
Social Inclusion Research Unit
Social Indicators Research
Social Informatics Research Unit
Social Issues Research Centre
Social Norms Research Centre
Social Planning and Research Council
Social Policy Evaluation and Research
Social Policy Research Institute
Social Policy Research Unit
Social Research and Regeneration Unit
Social Research Center
Social Research for Sustainable Fisheries
Social Research Foundation
Social Research Laboratory
Social Rights Accountability Research Project
Social Science Research Computing
Social Science Research Council
Social Science Research Group
Social Science Research Institute
Social Science Research Network
Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd.
Social Welfare Research Institute
Social Work Research Development
Social, Cultural and International Development Studies Research Group
Societal-Environmental Research and Education Laboratory
Society for American Baseball Research
Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research
Society for Applied Research in Aging
Society for Back Pain Research
Society for Basic Urologic Research
Society for Capital Market Research and Development
Society for Cincinnati Sports Research
Society for Cutaneous Ultrastructure Research
Society for Epidemiologic Research
Society for General Systems Research
Society for Health Services Research in Radiology
Society for Himalayan Environmental Research
Society for Human Transformation and Research
Society for International Nutrition Research
Society for Interpersonal Theory and Research
Society for Legal and Environmental Analysis and Development Research
Society for Medicines Research
Society for New Communications Research
Society for Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiologic Research
Society for Planetary SETI Research
Society for Psychical Research
Society for Psychophysiological Research
Society for Psychotherapy Research
Society for Research in Adult Development
Society for Research in Child Development
Society for the Advancement of Food Service Research
Society for the Advancement of Veterinary Education and Research
Society for the Conservation and Research of Owls
Society for the Establishment of Research in Classical Homeopathy
Society for the Promotion of Education and Research
Society for Women’s Health Research
Society of Academic and Research Surgery
Society of Insurance Research
Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers
Society of North American Hockey Historians and Researchers
Society of Research Administrators
Sociobehavioural Cancer Research Network
Socio-Economic and Environmental Research Institute
Sociological Methods and Research
Sociology and Social Research
Socio-Spatial Analysis Research Unit
Software Engineering and Research Corporation of Australia
Software Engineering Research and Practice in Sweden
Software Engineering Research and Technology
Software Engineering Research Center
Software Engineering Research Laboratory
Software Engineering Research, Management & Application
Software for Tracking, Analysis and Research
Software Industry Research Board
Software Innovation Research Lab
Software Productivity Research
Software Research Northwest
Software Technology Research Group
Software Technology Research Laboratory
Soil Conservation Research Programme
Soil Plant Nutrient Research
Soils Research Institute
Sokoto Energy Research Center
Solar Energy Research Center
Solar Energy Research Facility
Solar Energy Research Institute
Solar Energy Research Lab
Solar Hydrogen Generation Research
Solar Thermal Aerostat Research Station
Solar-Terrestrial and Astrophysical Research
Soldier Oriented Research and Development
Solid Modeling Aerospace Research Tool
Solid-State Device Research Conference
Somali Research and Development Association
Somatotrophics, Memory, and Aging Research Trial
Sonar Research & Development
Sonic Arts Research Centre
Sonic Boom Research Program
Sonic Boom Research Project
Sonic Stuff Research Group
Sonoma Paranormal Independent Research Investigative Team
South African Fundamental Atomic Research Installation
South African Research and Innovation Management Association
South Asia Research Documentation Services
South Asia Research Network
South Asia Research Unit
South Australian Research and Development Institute
South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
South Carolina Research Authority
South Carolina Universities Research and Education Foundation
South Central Family Farm Research Center
South Central Organization of Researchers and Educators
South Central Research and Extension Center
South Central Research Library Council
South Dakota Cooperative Research Unit
South East European Research Unit
South Eastern Ghost Research Association
South Exchange Programme for the Research on History of Development
South Florida Oil Spill Research Center
South Florida Research Center
South India Textile Research Association
South Jersey Ghost Research
South Jersey Paranormal Research
South Sound Paranormal Research
South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics
South Texas Environmental Education and Research
Southampton Framework for Agent Research
Southeast Case Research Association
South-East Europe Fibre Infrastructure for Research and Education
Southeast Research Associates
Southeast Tree Research and Education Site
Southeastern Association for Community College Research
Southeastern Fruit & Tree Nut Research Lab
Southeastern Institute of Research
Southeastern Paranormal Interest Research and Investigation Team
Southern African Association for Institutional Research
Southern African Fire Atmosphere Research Initiative
Southern Agricultural Research Center
Southern and Eastern Africa Policy Research Network
Southern Applied Research Association
Southern Area Fire Equipment Research
Southern California Research Lodge
Southern Center for Research in ElectroAcoustic Music
Southern Colorado Paranormal Researchers
Southern Crops Research Laboratory
Southern Extension/Research Activities
Southern Indiana Bigfoot Research
Southern Interior Forest Extension and Research Partnership
Southern Maryland Applied Research and Technology Consortium, Inc.
Southern Media and Opinion Research
Southern Mindanao Agricultural Research Center
Southern Mountain Ancestor Research Center
Southern Nursing Research Society
Southern Observatory for Astrophysical Research
Southern Paranormal Investigational Research in Tucson
Southern Paranormal Investigations Research & Education
Southern Peace Research and Education Center
Southern Plains Range Research Station
Southern Research and Outreach Center
Southern Research Institute
Southern Research Station
Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Southern Tagalog Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium
Southern Textile Research Associates
Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Southwest Anthropological Research Group
Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center
Southwest Autism Research Center
Southwest Center for Natural Products Research and Commercialization
Southwest Florida Research Laboratory
Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research
Southwest Foundation for Research and Education
Southwest Paranormal Information Research and Investigation Team
Southwest Research Institute
Southwest Research Institute
SP Jain Institute of Management & Research
Space Agricultural Biology Research and Education Institute
Space and Science Research Center
Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission
Space Applications & Research Centre
Space Electrochemical Research and Technology
Space Engineering Research Center
Space Environment Laboratory Research and Analysis System
Space Experiment Research and Processing Laboratory
Space Life Sciences Lab (NASA; formerly Space Experiment Research and Processing Laboratory
Space Life Sciences Lab (NASA; formerly Space Experiment Research and Processing Laboratory
Space Optics Research Labs
Space Physics Research Group
Space Physics Research Laboratory
Space Research
Space Research Coordination Center
Space Research Institute
Space Sciences Research Building
Space Systems Research Center
Space Technology Applications Astronomy & Rocket Research
Space Ultra Vacuum Research Facility
Space Utilization Research Center
Spas Research Fellowship
Spatial Archaeology Research Unit
Spatial Ecology Research Facility
Spatial Pattern Analysis and Research
Special Collections Research Center
Special Operations Command, Research, Analysis, and Threat Evaluation System
Special Order Research Product
Special Research Initiative
Special Research Projects Agency
Special Research Projects Authority
Special Studies and Applied Research
Special Supporting Research Initiatives
Special Testing and Research Laboratory
Specialized Center of Research
Specialized Centers of Clinically Oriented Research
Specialized Neuroscience Research Programs
Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program
Specialized Training in Aeronautics Research
Specific Targeted Research Program
Specific Targeted Research Project
Specimen Research Centrifuge
Spectral Research & Technology, Inc.
Speech Processing Research Laboratory
Speech Science Research Centre
Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center
Spinal Cord Research Centre
Spinal Cord Research Foundation
Spine Pain Research Lab
Spokane Research Laboratory
Sponsored Research Office
Sponsored Research Service
Sport Management Research Institute
Sport Science Research
Sports Business Research Network
Sports Turf Research Institute
Spring Young Researchers Colloquium on Databases and Information Systems
Springfield Paranormal Research Group
Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research
Sri Balaji Institute of Surgery, Research and Rehabilitation for the Disabled
Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy
Sri Mookambika Astrological Research Center
Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute
SSP Exploratory Research and Technology
St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Staff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education
Stalin-Era Research and Archives Project
Standard Bank Research Portal
Standard Operation and Maintenance Army Research and Development System
Standford Wireless Research
Standing Committee on Agricultural Research
Standing Committee on Research Exchange
Standing Committee on Resources Research and Development
Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults
Standing Group on Undergraduate Medical and Dental Education and Research
Stanford Lockheed Institute for Space Research
Stanford Prevention Research Center
Stanford Research Institute
Stanford Research Institute – Network Information Center
Stanford Research Institute – Network Information Center
Stanford Research Institute Problem Solver
Stanford Research Systems
Stanford Sleep Epidemiology Research Center
Stanley Medical Research Institute
Stark Neurosciences Research Institute
Stark Neurosciences Research Institute
State Council of Educational Research and Training
State Forest Research Institute
State Planning and Research Program
State Research Center
State Research Institute of Restoration
State Secretariat for Education and Research
State Tax Automated Research System
State/Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers
States United for Biomedical Research
Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System
Statewide Planning and Research Program
Statistical Methods in Medical Research
Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries
Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries
Statistics and Operations Research
Statistics Research and Constancy Centre
Statistics Research and Consultancy Centre
Statistics, Probability and Operations Research
Steel Processing Automation Research Center
Steering and Funding of Research Institutions
Steganography Analysis and Research Center
Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research Center
Stem Cell Research Foundation
Stem Cell Research News
Stichting Architecten Research
Stichting Computer Vision Research
Stirling Graduate Research School
Stirling Laboratory Research Engine
Stock Warrant Off-Balance-Sheet Research and Development
Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Stone & Mccarthy Research
Stone & McCarthy Research Associates
Stoner Chiropractic Research Foundation
Stored Particle Atomic Physics Research Collaboration
Storm-Scale Operational and Research Meteorology
Strangeways Research Laboratory
Strasbourg Osteosynthesis Research Group
Strategic Consulting and Research Group
Strategic Development Research Bureau
Strategic Education Research Partnership
Strategic Energy and Economic Research, Inc.
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program
Strategic Forum for Research in Education
Strategic Highway Research Program
Strategic Intelligence Research and Analysis
Strategic Marketing and Media Research Institute
Strategic Marketing and Research Techniques
Strategic Partnership for Agricultural Research and Education
Strategic Partnership for Research in Nanotechnology
Strategic Research Extension Plan
Strategic Research Investment Reserve
Strategic Research Objective
Strategically Targeted Academic Research
Strategische Argumentatie en Research BV
Strategy, Research and Performance Management
Strengthening Capacity for Agricultural Research and Development in Africa
Stress and Anxiety Research Society
Stroke Prevention and Atherosclerosis Research Centre
Structural Dynamics Research Corporation
Structural Stability Research Council
Student Research Apprenticeship Program
Student Research Competition
Student Research Conference
Student Research Fellowship Award
Student Research Forum
Student Research in Diversity
Student Research Training
Student Training in Aquatic Research
Students and Teachers As Research Scientists
Students and Technology in Academia, Research and Service Alliance
Students For Biomedical Research
Students On-Line Atmospheric Research
Students Promoting Awareness of Research Knowledge
Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research
Styrene Information and Research Center
Subarctic Pacific Ecosystem Research Program
Subcommittee on Research Needs
Submarine Warfare Operations Research Division
Submersible Research Vehicle
Subsonic Transport Acoustic Research
Substance Abuse Research Center
Substance Use Research Center
Substance Use Research Group
Substance-Specific Applied Research Program
Substantial Research Paper
Subtropical Horticulture Research Station
Subtropical Insects Research Unit
Sudanese Organization for Research & Development
Sugar Crops Research Institute
Sugar Industry Research Institute
Sugar Processing Research Institute, Inc.
Sugar Technology Research Unit
Sugar Technology Research Unit
Suicide Information Research and Evidence Network
Sukamandi Research Institute for Food Crops
Sukamandi Research Institute of Rice
Summer Faculty Research & Engineering Program
Summer Faculty Research Program
Summer Graduate Research Assistantship
Summer High School Apprentice Research Program
Summer High-School Apprenticeship Research Program
Summer Pipeline Research Initiative: the Tulane Experience
Summer Pre-Graduate Research Experience
Summer Research Apprentice Program
Summer Research Enhancement Program
Summer Research Fellowship Program
Summer Research Internship
Summer Research Opportunities Program
Summer Research Program in Biostatistics
Summer Research Program in Genomics
Summer Undergraduate Research Experience
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Summer Undergraduate Research Program
Sunnybrook Research Institute
Super High Altitude Research Project
Supercomputer Computations Research Institute
Supercomputer Research Center
Superfund Basic Research Program
Supersonic Cruise Aircraft Research
Supersonic Naval Ordnance Research Track
Superspeed Computer Research Association
Suphan Buri Rice Research Station
Supplement Research Foundation
Support Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology Research, Foundation
Support of Continuous Research Excellence
Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors
Supporting Cooperation for Research and Education
Supporting Research
Surface Mining Association for Research and Technology
Surface Radiation Research Branch
Surface Science Research Centre
Surgical Research Society
Surgical Techniques and Applied Research
Survey and Evaluation Research Laboratory
Survey Research Center
Survey Research Data Archive
Survey Research Group of Bangladesh
Survey Research Indonesia
Survey Research Laboratory
Survey Research Method
Survival Research Laboratories
Sussex Centre for Migration Research
Sussex Paranormal Research Group
Sustainable Agriculture Centre for Research Extension and Development
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Sustainable Bioenergy Research Project
Sustainable Buildings Research Group
Sustainable Development Research Foundation
Sustainable Development Research Network
Sustainable Europe Research Institute
Sustainable Investment Research International Group
Sustainable Systems Research Center
Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre
Sutter Institute for Medical Research
Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries
Swedish Association of Research Quality Assurance
Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research
Swedish Defense Research Agency
Swedish Highly Advanced Research Configuration
Swedish Institute for Metals Research
Swedish Institute for Studies in Education and Research
Swedish Meat Research Institute
Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
Swedish Research Institute for Information Technology
Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul
Sweet Sorghum Ethanol Research Consortium
Swimming Technology Research, Inc.
Swimming Technology Research, Inc.
Swinburne Institute for Social Research
Swiss Association of Research Managers and Administrators
Swiss Clinicians Opting for Research
Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research
Swiss Institute for Art Research
Swiss Institute for Interdisciplinary Conflict Research
Swiss Poster Research
Sydney Foundation for Medical Research
Sydney University Nonlinear Fibre Laser and Optics Research
Symantec Anti-Virus Research Center
Symbolic Computation Research Group
Symposium for Cybernetics Annual Research Projects
Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression
Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research
Synthetic Environment Research Facility
Synthetic Immersive Research Environment
Synthetic Theater Operations Research Model
Syracuse Environmental Research Associates
Syracuse Research Corporation
Syracuse University Research Corporation
System Dynamics Research Foundation
System Engineering Research Facility
System for Analysis, Research, and Training
System Programmers’ Association for Researching Computer Systems
System Testbed for Avionics Research
Systems and Technology Research, Inc
Systems and Technology Research, Inc
Systems Architecture Research Group
Systems Engineering Evaluation and Research
Systems Integrated Research
Systems Management Analysis, Research & Test
Systems Programming, Research Engineering and Development
Systems Research & Applications
Systems Research & Behavioral Science
Systems Research & Development
Systems Research Center
Systems Research Group
Systems Research Inc.
Systems, Control and Optimization in Research, Education and Services
Tactical Guidance Research and Evaluation System
Taiwan Ecological Research Network
Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
Taiwan Research Reactor
Taiwan Security Research
Taiwan Sugar Research Institute
Taiwan Textile Research Institute
Tampere Research Center for Information and Media
Tampere Research Station of Sports Medicine
Tandem Accelerator for Environmental Research and Radiocarbon Analysis
Tanzania Agricultural Research Organisation
Targeted Research Action on Waste Minimisation And Recycling
Targeted Socio-Economic Research
Targeted Socio-Economic Research Programme
Taskforce for Obesity Research at Southwestern
Tasmanian Historical Research Association
Tasmanian Research and Education Network
Tata Energy Research Institute
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Tatra Area Research Group
Tax Research Network
Tea Research and Extension Station
Tea Research Institute of Tanzania
Teacher Education Research Network
Teacher Research Associate
Teacher Working Time Research
Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating
Teaching and Research Excellence
Teaching and Research in Engineering in Europe
Teaching Reactor at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Teaching Research Institute
Teaching, Research, and Collaboration System
Teaching-Research Nexus
Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology
Team to Advance Research for Gas Energy Transformation
Technical Assistance Research Programs
Technical Market Research
Technical Research and Development Institute
Technical Research Centre of Finland
Technical Research Centre of Finland
Technical Research for Information Operations
Technical Research Limited
Technical Research Ship
Technical Research, Engineering, and Development Services
Techno-Global Research Industries
Technology and Research Initiative Fund
Technology Business Research
Technology Education Research Center
Technology for Highly Oriented Research
Technology Market Research Council
Technology Research Corporation
Technology Research for Independent Living
Technology Research Group
Technology Research News
Technology Systems Research Development
Tecolote Research, Inc
Tecolote Research, Inc.
Tectonics Special Research Centre
Teenage Research Unlimited
Teheran Research Reactor
Tehuti Research Foundation
Telecommunication Mathematics Research Center
Telecommunications Education Research Network
Telecommunications Research and Action Center
Telecommunications Research Associates
Telecommunications Research Associates
Telecommunications Research Associates
Telecommunications Research Center
Telecommunications Research Establishment
Telecommunications Research Group
Telecommunications Research Institute of Ontario
Teledyne Materials Research
Telehealth Research Summer Institute
Telematics in Education Research Group
Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center
Telenor Research Error Concealment Decoder
Telephone Investigator’s Research System
Telluride Science Research Center
Telstra Research and Development Management
Telstra Research Laboratories
Temporary Department for Academic Research
Tennessee Employment Relations Research Association
Tennessee Research Association of the Paranormal
Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research
Terrestrial Ecology Research Group
Terrestrial Ecosystems Regional Research and Analysis
Terrestrial Initiative in Global Environmental Research
Terrorism Research and Analysis Program
Terrorism Research Center, Inc.
Tertiary Research Group
Test and Evaluation Research and Education Center
Test and Research Reactor
Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area
Teton Gravity Research
Texans for Advancement of Medical Research
Texas A&M Research Foundation
Texas Association of Institutional Research
Texas Atomic Energy Research Foundation
Texas Back Institute Research Foundation
Texas Center for Educational Research
Texas Organic Research Center
Texas Research & Technology Foundation
Texas Research Administrators Group
Texas Research Institute
Texas Researchers and Investigators of Paranormal
Texas Taxpayers and Research Association
Textile Machinery Research Center
Textile Research Council
Textile Research Journal
Textiles Research and Training Institute
Thailand Marketing Research Society
Thalassemia Clinical Research Network
The Action Research Unit
The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher
The Center for Cancer Care and Research
The Center for Health Research
The Eye Research Foundation
The High End Group of Earth’s New Technologies Research Yield
The Institute for Genomic Research
The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
The International Research Foundation for English Language Education
The Irish Ancestral Research Association
The Matrix Research Center
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
The Research Centre
The Research Company
The Research Informed Practice Site
The Research Partnership, Inc
The Scripps Research Institute
The Swedish Defence Research Agency
The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
Theatre Training & Research Programme
Theatre Work in Social Fields European Research
Theological Research Exchange Network
Theoretical Physics Research Unit
Theory and Research in Social Education
Theory Construction and Research Methodology
Therapeutics Research Education and AIDS Training in Asia
Thermal and Hydrodynamic Experiment Research Module in Orbit
Thermal Storage Applications Research Center
Thermospheric/Ionospheric Geospheric Research
Thomas Coram Research Unit
Thoracic Oncology Research Group
Thoracic Surgery Foundation for Research and Education
Thornton Research Centre
Thrasher Research Fund
Threat Research And Content Engineering
Thunderstorm Research International Project
Tiered Hierarchy Overlayed Research
Tiger Analytical Research Assistant
Tilt Rotor Research Aircraft
Timber Research And Development Association
Tire Initiative for Research, Education and Safety
Tissue Array Research Program
Tobacco Control Research Branch
Tobacco Etiology Research Network
Tobacco Industry Research Committee
Tobacco Research and Intervention Program
Tobacco Road Research Team
Tobago Marine Research Centre
Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute
Tokyo Center for Economic Research
Tomorrow’s Research Cardiovascular Health Professionals
Tongareva Marine Research Centre
Top American Research Universities
Top Amplifier Research Groups in a European Team
Topic Map Research and Applications
Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft
Toronto General Research Institute
Toronto Region Research Alliance
Toronto Western Research Institute
Touch Research Institute
Touchstone Research Laboratory
Tourism and Travel Research Institute
Townsend Independent Actuarial Research Alliance
Toxic Hazards Research Unit
Toxic Substances Research Initiative
Toxicogenomics Research Consortium
Toxin Research International
Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories, Inc.
Toyota Transportation Research Institute
Trace Element Research Laboratory
Tradition and Development Research Institute
Traditional Karate Research Institute of Virginia
Traditional Medicine and Materia Medica Research Center
Traditional Medicine Research Center
TRADOC Operations Research Agency
TRADOC Research Element, Monterey
Traffic Accident Research Unit
Traffic Engineering Research Laboratory
Traffic Injury Research Foundation
Traffic Safety Research Abstracts
Training and Mobility of Researchers
Training and Research in Housing and Urban Development
Training and Research in Italian Laboratories
Training and Research on Testing
Training Research and Isotope Production, General Atomics
Training, Research and Networking for Development
Training, Research, Isotope, General Atomics
Transboundary Protected Areas Research Initiative
Transcript Research System
Transdisciplinary Case Study Research
Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association
Transit Research and Attitude Control
Transit Research Corp
Transition Economies Research Forum
Transition Research Institute
Transition Research Projects
Transitional Foundation for Peace and Future Research
Translating Research into Action for Diabetes
Translating Research Into Practice
Translation Research Group
Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium
Translational Genomics Research Institute
Translational Genomics Research Institute
Translational Research Center
Translational Research in Infectious Diseases
Translational Research Program
Transmission Research Program
Transnational Economic Law Research Center
Transonic Research Tunnel
Transparent Telepresence Research Group
Transport Management Research Centre
Transport Operations Research Group
Transport Research Facility
Transport Research Knowledge Centre
Transport Research Laboratory
Transportation Data Research Laboratory
Transportation Engineering and Road Research Alliance
Transportation Materials Research Center
Transportation Research Board
Transportation Research Center
Transportation Research Forum
Transportation Research Implementation Consortium for Operations and Management
Transportation Research Information Database
Transportation Research Information Service
Transportation Research Institute
Transportation Research Record
Transportation Research Thesaurus
Trauma Research & Education Foundation
Travel and Tourism Research Association
Treatment of Depression Collaborative Research Program
Treaty and Aboriginal Rights Research
Tree Biosafety and Genomics Research Cooperative
Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center
Tree Research & Education Endowment
Tree-Ring Research
Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research
Trent Research Information Access Gateway
Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research
Tritium Research Laboratory
Tropical Agriculture Research Station
Tropical Crops Research Unit
Tropical Disease Research
Tropical Diseases Research Centre
Tropical Medicine Research Centers
Tropical Meteorology Research Program
Tropical Research and Conservation Centre
Tropical Research and Education Center
Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre
Tropospheric Ozone Research
Tropospheric Radiometer for Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Research
Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade
Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Research Institute
Tuart Health Research Group
Tube Research Audience Classification
Tuberculosis Research Centre
Tulane Regional Primate Research Center
Tuna Research and Conservation Center
Tuna Research Institute
Turbine Engine Research Center
Turbine Research Facility
Turbo and Power Machinery Research Center
Turbulence Modeling Research Code
Turning Research Into Practice
Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group
Tyneside Leukaemia Research Association
UK-India Education and Research Initiative
Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research
Undergraduate Analytical Research Program
Undergraduate and Graduate Research Council
Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities
Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium
Undergraduate Research and Mentoring
Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities
Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program
Undergraduate Research Awards Program
Undergraduate Research Development Stipend
Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Undergraduate Research Institute in Astrophysics
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Undergraduate Research Opportunity
Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program
Undergraduate Research Program
Undergraduate Research Project
Undergraduate Research Scholars
Undergraduate Research Summer Institute
Undergraduate Research Symposium
Undergraduate Science Research Program
Undergraduate Student Research Awards
Undergraduate Student Research Project
Undergraduate Students in Technical Research
Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship
Undergraduate Summer Research Grant
Undergraduate Teaching and Research Assistantship
Underground Legion of Terroristic Research Activists
underground research facility
Underground Security Systems Research
Underwater Research Group of Queensland
Underwater Research Unit
Underwriters Digital Research, Inc.
UNDP-World Bank-WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases
Unit for Computer Research on the English Language
Unit for Social and Environmental Research
United Kingdom Boundary Outline and Reference Database for Education and Research
United Kingdom Coordinating Committee on Cancer Research
United Kingdom Medical Research Council
United Kingdom Research Office
United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research
United Nations Institute for Training and Research
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
United Research Services
United States Arctic Research Commission
United States Armed Services Center for Research of Unit Records
United States Army Armament Research & Development Command
United States Army Armor Human Research Unit
United States Army Coastal Engineering Research Board
United States Army Coastal Engineering Research Center
United States Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
United States Army Electronics Command Logistics Research Agency
United States Army Electronics Research & Development Activity, Fort Huachuca, AZ
United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases
United States Army Ordnance Rocket Research Facility
United States Army Research & Development Group, Europe
United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
United States Defense Research
United States Global Change Research Program
United States Research & Development Coordinator
United States Weather Research Program
United Technologies Research Center
Universal Parallel Computing Research Centers
Universal Research Unit
Universities Research Association, Inc.
Universities Research Repository South Australia
Universities Space Research Association
University Affiliated Research Center
University Center for Social and Urban Research
University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
University Fellows International Research Consortium
University Industry Research and Technology
University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
University of Chicago Cancer Research Center
University of Iowa Research Foundation
University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
University of North Dakota Research Foundation
University of Piraeus Research Center
University of Rochester Sleep and Neurophysiology Research Laboratory
University of Tennessee Research Corporation
University Postgraduate Research Award
University Research & Entrepreneurship Symposium
University Research Administration Committee
University Research and Creative Activity
University Research and Development Associates
University Research and Development Committee
University Research and Enterprise Development
University Research Associates
University Research Co., LLC
University Research Council
University Research Degrees Committee
University Research Ethics Committee
University Research Fellowship
University Research Foundation
University Research Glassware
University Research Grant
University Research Initiative
University Research Initiative Support Program
University Research Instrumentation Center
University Research Management System
University Research Park
University Research Program
University Research Program in Robotics
University Research Scholarship
University Research Support
University Transportation Research Center
University Turbine Systems Research
University, College and Research Group
Universitywide AIDS Research Program
Univesity of Hawaii, Cooperative Research, Education and Extension Services
Unliquidated Obligation Research
Upper Atmosphere Research Program
Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory
Upper Austrian Research
Upper Lakes Environmental Research Network
Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project
Urban Arts Research & Marketing
Urban Ecology Research Laboratory
Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance
Urban Environmental Management Research Initiative
Urban Morphology Research Group
Urban Pollution Research Centre
Urban Research and Development Corporation
Urban Research Center
Urban Research Program
Urological Research Society
Urological Sciences Research Foundation
Urology and Nephrology Research Center
US Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2
User Experience Research
User System Ergonomics Research
Users’ Perspectives With Agricultural Research and Development
Utah Center for Water Resources Research
Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative
V/Stol Systems Research Aircraft
Vaccine Research and Development
Vaccine Research Center
Vaccine Research Institute of San Diego
Van Andel Research Institute
Vanderbilt Institute for Integrative Biosystems Research and Education
Vanderbilt Institutional Research Group
Variable Gravity Research Facility
Vascular Independent Research and Education
Vatican Observatory Research Group
Vector Control Research Centre
Vectoring, Extremely Short Takeoff and Landing Control and Tail-Less Operation Research
Vegetable Research & Information Center
Vegetation Management and Protection Research
Vehicle Research and Development Establishment
Vehicle Research Center
Vehicle Research Institute
Vehicle Research Test Center
Vehicle Safety Research Centre
Venereal Disease Research Laboratory
Venture Research Institute
Vermont Environmental Research Associates, Inc.
Veterans Affairs Pharmacists Organized for Research
Veterans Medical Research Foundation
Veterinarian and Zootechnical Research Center
Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Research Unit
Veterinary Medical Research
Veterinary Medical Research Institute
Veterinary Research Farm
Veterinary Research Officer
Veterinary Training and Research Initiative
Veterinary University Training and Research Centre
Vice Chancellor for Research
Vice President for Research and Information Technology
Vice Provost and Dean of Research
Vice Provost for Research
Vice-Dean / Research
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Victoria Research Web
Victorian Education Research Network
Victorian Ornithological Research Group
Vienna Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research Conference and Association Management
Vienna Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research
Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator
Vietnamese-American Public Research Institute
Vioxx Gastrointestinal Outcomes Research
Virginia Center for Housing Research
Virginia Educational Research Association
Virginia Highway and Transportation Research Council
Virginia Institute of Genealogical Research
Virginia Military Institute Research Laboratories
Virginia Research Center for Archaeology
Virology Research Unit
Virtual Environments Research Institute
Virtual Research Environment
Virtual Research Institute of Aging
Virtual Research Library
Virtual Science Research Pod
Vision Research Group
Vision Research Lab
Vision Science Research Center
Vision Science Research Program
Vision/Image Processing Research
Visiting Research Fellow
Visiting Researcher
Visiting Scholars Research Programme
Visiting Southeast Asian Turtle Researcher Project
Visiting Students’ Research Program
Visual Dynamics Research Group
Visual Researchers’ Society of Canada
Visual Stimulation Research
Visualization Research Lab
Viticultural and Oenological Research Institute
Viticulture and Enology Research Center
Vivekanand Research and Training Institute
Vonore Area Paranormal Research
Vulnerability & Exposure Research Team
Wageningen Universiteit en Researchcentrum
Wageningen University and Research Centre
Wageningen University and Researchcenter
Wainhouse Research
Waite Agricultural Research Institute
Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center
Wales Office of Research and Development
Wall Street Research Net
Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
War Crimes Research Office
Warehousing Education and Research Council
Warfare Analysis & Research System
Wargames Research Group
Warrington Fire Research Group Ltd.
Warsaw Institute for Socio-Economic Research
Warwick Finance Research Institute
Warwick Research Archive Project
Washington Center for Clinical Research
Washington Defense Research Group
Washington Research & Consulting Services
Washington Research Evaluation Network
Washington Research Foundation
Washington Research Group
Washington Research Libraries Consortium
Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission
Waste and Environment Research and Technology
Waste Management and Research Center
Waste-Management, Education, and Research Consortium
Watchman Institute for Biblical Research
Water and Environmental Research Center
Water and Power Research Station
Water and Waste Management Monitoring Research Division
Water Environment Research Foundation
Water Management Research Laboratory
Water Management Research Unit
Water Pollution Research and Control
Water Pollution Research Laboratory
Water Quality Research Australia Limited
Water Research and Control Center
Water Research and Monitoring Centre
Water Research Centre
Water Research Commission
Water Research Institute
Water Research Technical Assistance Office
Water Resources Research
Water Resources Research Center
Water Resources Research Initiative
Water Resources Research Institute
Water Resources Research Laboratory
Water Technology and Environmental Research
Water, Energy and Environment Research Center
Waterloo Centre for Groundwater Research
Watershed Research, Assessment, and Stewardship Project
Wattle Research Institute
Wausau Paranormal Research Society
Wave Energy Research Team
Wavelets Strategic Research Programme
Wealden Iron Research Group
Wealth Management Research
Weapons Neutron Research
Weather Bureau Research Station
Weather Development and Research Bulletin
Weather Research and Forecasting
Weather Research Facility
Weather Research Program
Web Based Research Network
Web Handling Research Center
Web Science Research Initiative
Web Service Research Institute
Webroot Automated Research Network
Weed Research and Information Center
Weed Research Central Laboratory
Welding Research Council
Welfare Policy Research Project
Welfare Reform Research
Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories
Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility
Wellington Asthma Research Group
Wellington Medical Research Foundation
Wellness Research Center
Wells Center for Pediatric Research
Wellspring Retreat and Research Center
Welsh Economy Research Unit
West African Farming Systems Research Network
West African Research Association
West African Research Center
West Coast Whale Research Foundation
West Dakota Research Corp.
West Midlands Urological Research Group
West Semitic Research Project
West Technology Research Solutions
West Texas Research Group, LLC
West Virginia University Research Corporation
Western Australian Water Research
Western Centre for Economic Research
Western Cotton Research Laboratory
Western Ecological Research Center
Western Fisheries Research Center
Western Grains Research Foundation
Western Institute for Social Research
Western Institute for Social Research
Western Load Research Association
Western Pacific Advisory Committee on Health Research
Western Region Hazardous Substances Research Center
Western Regional Research Center
Western Research Institute
Western Research Laboratory
Western Society for Pediatric Research
Western Sydney Research Institute
Westinghouse Research Laboratory
Wetland Center for Biogeochemical Research
Wetland Ecosystem Research Group
Wetlands Research and Technology Center
Wetlands Research Laboratory
Whale Lake Research Institute
Wharton Center for Applied Research
Wharton Research Data Service
What If Simulation System for Advanced Research and Development
Wheeling Society of Paranormal Research
Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling
Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research
White Mountain Research Station
White Shark Research Institute
Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Whiteshell Nuclear Research Establishment
Whiteshell Research Establishment
Whitewater Research & Safety Institute
Whitney Research Group
Wide Aperture Research Facility
Wide-Ranging Online Data for Epidemiological Research
Wild Trout Research Laboratory
Wilderness Impact Research Foundation
Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership
Wildland Fire Research Group
Wildlife Education and Research Foundation
Wildlife Research and Conservation Trust
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.
William and Mary Center for Archaeological Research
Willow and Poplar Research Collective
Wind Energy Research Group
Wind Energy Research Program
Wind Energy Research Unit
Window Observational Research Facility
Windows Research Kernel
Winter Storms Research Program
Wireless Communications Research Group
Wireless Communications Research Laboratory
Wireless Data Research Group
Wireless Engineering Research and Education Center
Wireless Internet Research and Engineering Laboratory
Wireless IT Research Group
Wireless Systems Research Department
Wireless Technology Research
Wireless World Research Forum
Wireless World Research Initiative
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Wisconsin Architectural Research Tool Set
Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research
Wisconsin Center for Education Research
Wisconsin Engine Research Consultants, LLC
Wisconsin Highway Research Program
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
Wisconsin Paranormal Research Center
Wisconsin Policy Research Institute
Wisconsin Primate Research Center
Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center
Wisconsin Survey Research Laboratory
Wits Institute for Social & Economic Research
Wolf Education and Research Center
Wolfram Research, Inc.
Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research
Women Action Research Organization
Women and Gender Research Institute
Women and Infants Research Foundation
Women and Work Research Group
Women in Cancer Research
Women’s Cancer Research Institute
Women’s Education, Research and Resource Centre
Women’s Forum for Research and Training
Women’s Health and Action Research Centre
Women’s Health Research Group
Women’s Health Research Unit
Women’s Institute for Secondary Education and Research
Women’s Reproductive Health Research
Women’s Research & Education Institute
Women’s Research and Development Center
Women’s Research and Documentation Project
Women’s Studies Research Center
Wongan Hills Research Station
Wood Coatings Research Group
Wood Products Research Centre
Wood Supply Research Group
Wood Supply Research Institute
Wood Ultrastructure Research Centre
Wood Utilization Research
Woodbridge Research Facility
Woods Hole Research Center
Wool Research Association
Worcester Regional Research Bureau
Work and Economic Policy Research Unit
Work and Employment Research Unit
Work and Organization Research Centre
Work Environment Research Committee
Workers Compensation Research Group
Workers Compensation Research Institute
Workforce Education Research Center
Workforce Research and Analysis
Workforce Research and Analysis Project
Workgroup of European Nurse Researchers
Workgroup of European Nurse Researchers
Working Group on Education and Research
Working Lives Research Institute
Workplace Health Research Laboratory
Workplace Technologies Research Inc.
Workplace Violence Research Institute
Workshop for Young Researchers in Mathematical Biology
Workshop on Interdisciplinary Software Engineering Research
Workshop on Severe Accident Research in Japan
Workshop Research in Mechanics of Composites
World Advertising Research Center
World Association for Educational Research
World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals
World Bank Research Observer
World Cancer Research Fund International
World Climate Research Program, Oceanographic Component
World Climate Research Programme
World Conference on Horticultural Research
World Conference on Transport Research
World Congress on Railway Research
World Data Research Center
World Education Research Association
World Endometriosis Research Foundation
World Institute for Research and Publication
World Markets Research Centre
World Premier Institute – Advanced Institute for Materials Research
World Research Foundation
World Research Group, LLC
World Research Organization
World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research
World Soybean Research Conference
World Sugar Research Organisation
World Supply Research Institute
World Vexillological Research Institute
World Weather Research Programme
World Wireless Research Forum
Worldwide Business Research
Worldwide Readership Research Symposium
Worldwide Young Researchers for the Environment
World-Wide-Web for Operations Research and Management Science
Wound Healing Research Unit
Woundcare Research for Appropriate Products
Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team
Wright Research & Development Center
Wright Research and Development Center
Writing Centers Research Project
Xavier Labour Research Institute
Xerox Research Centre Europe
XML Research and Applications (reference book)
Yacht Research Unit
Yahoo! Research Berkeley
Yahoo! Research Labs
Yahoo! Research Labs
Yakima Agricultural Research Laboratory
Yale Arbovirus Research Unit
Yano Research Institute
Yasuni Research Station
Yasuni Research Station
Yellow Pages Research
Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center
Yerkes Research Center
Yokosuka Research Park
Yorkshire Cancer Research
Yoshida Medical Research
Young European Arena of Research
Young European Associated Researchers
Young Research Library
Young Research Library
Young Researcher Award
Young Researchers Forum
Young Researchers Symposium
Young Researchers Symposium
Young Researchers Workshop
Youth Action Research for Prevention
Youth Action Research Group
Youth Action Research Project
Youth Affairs Research Network
Youth Research Centre
Youth Research Fund
Youth Research Program
Youth Sports Research Council New Brunswick, New Jersey)
Yuki Management and Research Co., Ltd.
Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations
Zacks Research System
Zambia Association for Research and Development
Zavanelli Portfolio Research
ZDF Lean Control (diabetes research)
Zebra Mussel Research Program
Zero Energy Building Research Alliance
Zimbabwe Environmental Research Organization
Zonal Research Center
Zonal Research Program
Zonal Research Station
Zurich Research Laboratory
Zymo Research Corporation