Research Abbreviations


What is qualitative research?

Qualitative research is a research approach that studies subjective aspects of social phenomena and human behavior. The objects of qualitative research are phenomena that occur in a given time, place and culture.

Qualitative research addresses issues that cannot be quantified in equations and statistics. On the contrary, the symbols, beliefs, values ​​and human relationships of a given social group are studied.

The qualitative approach requires a broad study of the research object, considering the context in which it is inserted and the characteristics of the society to which it belongs.

Due to the subjective nature of qualitative research, it is necessary to carry out fieldwork. The field is the moment when the researcher inserts himself in the place where the social phenomenon occurs.

For example, if the research object is a residents’ association, the researcher will attend meetings and meet individuals who are involved with the organization.

There are different types of qualitative research and data collection instruments. The choice of paths to be followed in a research depends on the objectives of the study and the methodological possibilities.

Difference between qualitative research and quantitative research

While qualitative research seeks explanations for phenomena in the understanding of human relationships, beliefs and values, quantitative research seeks numerical and statistical results.

The difference between the two approaches can be explained by objectivism in quantitative research and by subjectivism in qualitative research.

This means that quantitative research seeks objective and tangible results, based on experiments, and possible to be quantified. This approach is widely used in the exact and natural sciences.

Qualitative research, on the other hand, does not obtain objective answers to its objects of study.

The research results start from the perceptions of the individuals involved, from the conflicts observed in the field and from the subjective aspects identified. Qualitative research is mostly used in the social and human areas.

An important difference between the two models of scientific investigation is in the researcher’s point of view about the object of study: in the quantitative one, the researcher’s opinion must be excluded; in qualitative terms, the researcher’s opinion can be integrated into the research.

Types of qualitative research

There are different methodologies for carrying out qualitative research. To identify which is the best option for each object of study, it is important to know the characteristics of each one of them.


Ethnographic research is a methodology generally used by anthropologists to study a society or a social group.

An ethnographic research seeks to understand the traditions, customs, beliefs, habits and values of that collectivity. In addition, it is common for studies to seek to understand the changes in these characteristics over generations.

For this type of research, it is necessary for the researcher to have a very close relationship with the group, so that he can understand the relationships and the perception of the world of these individuals.

Data collection in ethnographic research, in addition to participant observation itself, can be done through in-depth interviews and focus groups.

Focus group is a research technique in which data collection takes place from the group discussion of pre-determined topics.

After data collection, the researcher reports the characteristics of that group, such as the way in which relationships, customs, rituals and traditions are built.

Case study

The case study is a type of research that seeks to analyze a specific situation, in an in-depth and complete way. The object of a case study can be a social group, an organization or a social phenomenon.

In a case study, the researcher seeks to fully understand the object, interpreting the context in which it is inserted and the variables that influence it.

The research sources for a case study can be varied, such as documentary research, participant observation, interviews, focus groups, and so on.

Generally, the researcher analyzes different opinions and points of view of the individuals who participate in the research, which allows him to understand the complexity of the phenomenon studied.

Action research

Action research is a type of qualitative research that aims to solve a problem, or at least identify it.

The identification of problems is carried out by researchers and research participants, who together also propose and elaborate possible solutions.

There is a great deal of interaction between researchers and participants, but unlike other qualitative methodologies, the object of study is not the individuals, but the problems that arise from social interaction.

How to do qualitative research?

There are different ways to do qualitative research, but in general, the step-by-step can be organized as follows:

  1. Definition of the research object: define the problem to be studied;
  2. Bibliographic research: search the literature for other studies that have already studied similar cases;
  3. Definition of methodology and data collection instrument: define which type of qualitative research is most suitable for the object and how the data will be collected, for example, interviews, participant observation, etc.;
  4. Research roadmap and schedule: organize all stages of the research and set deadlines for completing each of the stages;
  5. Data collection: collect data with the defined instruments and organize them systematically to facilitate analysis;
  6. Data analysis: with the data collected, the analysis and interpretation of the information begins. From the data, the researcher elaborates the answers and possible theories for the research problem.

Understand more about bibliographic research, methodology and types of research.

Example of qualitative research

Let’s assume that a school performs in educational assessments higher than the rest of the schools in the municipality. That is, the students of this school have higher grades compared to other students in the city.

A researcher wants to understand the reasons that make this school stand out and defines this question as his research problem.

At first, the researcher does a bibliographic research in order to look for studies that have already addressed this topic in this school and also similar studies carried out in other institutions and cities.

Considering that it is a research that seeks to understand a phenomenon in a specific situation, the researcher chooses the case study as a methodology.

For data collection, it provides for interviews with school directors, focus groups with students and also documentary research on the methodologies used in the school.

With the type of research and data collection instruments defined, the researcher prepares the research script and schedule. These steps are very important for the organization of the process.

Then, data collection begins and the researcher begins to identify some hypotheses that explain the performance of students at that school.

For example, a large part of the students attend classes full time and in the counter shift of classes, have workshops in music, arts, literature and play sports.

Another observation made from the interviews with the teachers is the freedom that the institution’s professionals have to perform their work, which they report gives them greater satisfaction.

After all the information collected, the researcher leaves for analysis and interpretation. At this point, the researcher formulates conclusions that respond to the identified problem.

Qualitative research is usually presented in course conclusion works (TCC), monographs, master’s dissertations, doctoral theses and academic articles.

Research Abbreviations 2

List of Acronyms Related to Research

Abbreviated Seismic Research Observatory
Aberdeen University Research & Industrial Services Ltd.
Aboriginal Education Research Network
Academe and Policy Research Senior Advisory Committee
Academic Board Research Committee
Academic Clinical Oncology and Radiobiology Research Network
Academic Clinical Research Organization
Academic Contract Research Organization
Academic Information Services and Research
Academic Network for Clinical Research
Academic Research Alliance
Academic Research Enhancement Award
Academic Research Information System
Academic Research Network
Academic Research Rare Expert Directory
Academy for Health Services Research
Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research
Academy of Business, Management, Tourism & Research
Academy of Natural Sciences Estuarine Research Center
Academy Of Radiology Research
Academy of Radiology Research
Academy of Radiology Research
Academy of Radiology Research
Academy of Religion and Psychical Research
Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
Acadia Center for Estuarine Research
Accelerated Community Oncology Research Network
Accelerated Research Initiative
Accelerator and Fusion Research Division
Accelerator Research Facilities
Access Research Corporation
Access Research Network
Accessing National Surveys with Electronic Research Sources
Accession Medical Standards Analysis and Research Activity
Accountability Research and Measurement
Accounting and Auditing Manual for Research Operations
Accounting and Finance Research Unit
Accounting Research Bulletins
Accredited Professional Market Research
Achaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology
Acid Rain Research Program
Acoustic Research
Acoustic Research Center
Acoustic Research Center
Acoustic Research Detachment
Acoustics and Vibration Research Group
Acoustics Research Institute
Acoustics Research Letters Online
Action Evaluation Research Institute
Action for Tinnitus Research
Action Learning Action Research Association
Action Network for Social Work Education and Research
Action Research
Action Research and Community Health and Development
Action Research and Training for Health
Action Research Arm Test
Action Research Exchange
Action Research for the Crippled Child
Action Research International
Action Research on the Web
Action Research Project
Action Research Project
Activities to Promote Research Collaboration
Ada Byron Research Center
Adams Media Research
Adaptation and Impacts Research Group
Adaptive Behavior Research Group
Adaptive Network Solutions Research, Inc.
Adaptive Research Planning Teams
Addiction & Psychiatric Medicine Research
Addiction and Family Research Group
Addiction Research Center
Addiction Research Center
Addiction Research Foundation
Addiction Science Research and Education Center
Addictive Behaviors Research Center
Adelaide Centre for Spinal Research
Administration Research Actions Management Information System
Admiralty Research Establishment
Admiralty Research Laboratory
Adolescent Health Research Unit
Adult Education Research Conference
Adult Stem Cell Research
Advanced Battery Research
Advanced Cancer Research Center
Advanced Casting Research Center
Advanced Centre for Automotive Research and Testing
Advanced Centre for Queensland University Isotope Research Excellence
Advanced Ceramics Research, Inc
Advanced Computational Research Laboratory
Advanced Computer for Medical Research
Advanced Computer Research Facility
Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education
Advanced Computing Research Centre
Advanced Computing Research Society
Advanced Concepts Research Projects
Advanced Concepts Research Tool
Advanced Database Research Group
Advanced Digital Imaging Research
Advanced Digital Security Research
Advanced Engineering and Research Associates
Advanced Engineering and Research Associates
Advanced Engineering Research Organization
Advanced Environmental Research Group
Advanced Environmental Research Incorporated
Advanced Exploration Research
Advanced Forming Research Centre
Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.
Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.
Advanced Information Technology Research Center
Advanced Language Arts Research and Presentation
Advanced Logic Research, Incorporated
Advanced Logic Research, Incorporated
Advanced Magnetic Research Institute
Advanced Manufacturing Research
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
Advanced Manufacturing Research Testbed
Advanced Market Research Group
Advanced Materials Research Centre
Advanced Materials Research Institute
Advanced Medical Research Center
Advanced Neuroscience Imaging Research
Advanced Orthomolecular Research
Advanced Products Research and Development Laboratory
Advanced Radar for Meteorological and Operational Research
Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training
Advanced Research and Assessment Group
Advanced Research and Development Activity
Advanced Research and Development Agency
Advanced Research and Experiments in Sensing
Advanced Research and Global Observation Satellite
Advanced Research Center
Advanced Research Center
Advanced Research Center Telecommunications Interface Console
Advanced Research Division
Advanced Research Electromagnetic Simulator
Advanced Research EMP Simulator
Advanced Research in Intelligent Educational Systems
Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems
Advanced Research Institute
Advanced Research on Test and Evaluation of Mixed-Signal ICs and Systems
Advanced Research on the Europeanisation of the Nation-State
Advanced Research Project Agency Optical System Study
Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy
Advanced Research Projects Agency
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
Advanced Research Section
Advanced Research Technologies Inc.
Advanced Research Testbed for Medical Informatics
Advanced Research Workshop
Advanced Robotics Research Center
Advanced Robotics Research Laboratory
Advanced Scientific and Theoretic Research Organisation
Advanced Scientific Computing Research
Advanced Social and Political Research Institute
Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center
Advanced Studies and Research Center
Advanced Systems Planning, Research, Development, and Engineering
Advanced Technology and Research Corporation
Advanced Technology and Research Institute
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International
Advanced Television Research Consortium
Advanced Thermonomics Research Initiative
Advanced Training in Clinical Research
Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research Laboratory
Advanced Water Treatment Research
Advancement of Research in Education
Advances in Artificial Intelligence Research
Advances in Behaviour Research And Therapy
Advancing Research and Clinical practice through Close Collaboration
Advertising and Public Opinion Research
Advertising Research Foundation
Advisory Board for the Research Councils
Advisory Committee of Experts on Marine Resources Research
Advisory Committee on Fisheries Research
Advisory Committee on Health Research
Advisory Committee on Marine Resources Research
Advisory Committee on Oceanic Meteorological Research
Advisory Committee on Research
Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe
Advisory Council on Research and Development
Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development
Advisory Group for Rail Research and Innovation
Advisory Group of Applied Research
Aegean Agricultural Research Institute
Aerial Archaeology Research Group
Aerial Phenomena Research Organization
Aerodata Model in Research Environment
Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Research Center
Aeroelastic Research Wing
Aeronautical Research Associations – Princeton
Aeronautical Research Council
Aeronautical Research Council
Aeronautical Research Incorporated
Aeronautical Research Laboratory
Aeronautics & Phenomena Research Victoria
Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate
Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate
Aerophysics/Propulsion Research Facility
Aerospace Education and Research Organization
Aerospace Research and Development Center
Aerospace Research And Technology
Aerospace Research and Technology
Aerospace Research Center
Aerospace Research Center
Aerospace Research Education Program
Aerospace Research Information Network
Aerospace Research Systems, Inc.
Aerospace Safety Research System
Aerospace, Education, Research & Operations Institute
Afghan Center for Socio-economic and Opinion Research
Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization
Afghanistan Research Group
Africa Media and Malaria Research Network
Africa Population Health Research Center
African American Male Research
African American Studies and Research Program
African Centre for Water Research
African Centres of Agricultural Research Excellence
African Clinical Research Organisation
African Economic Research Consortium
African Educational Research Network
African Farm Radio Research Initiative
African Journal of AIDS Research
African Journal of Biomedical Research
African Medical & Research Foundation, Inc.
African Medical Research and Education Foundation
African Midwives Research Network
African Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology
African Research & Resource Forum
African Research Centre
African Research Centre
African Security Dialogue and Research
Agatston Research Institute
Age and Cognitive Performance Research Centre
Ageing Research Reviews
Ageing Research Reviews
Ageing Research Reviews
Ageing Research Reviews
Ageing Well Research Project
Agency for Administration of University and Research Grants
Agency for Agricultural Research and Development
Agency for Consultation and Research in Oceanography
Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Agent-Company Organization for Research and Development
Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility
Aging Clinical Research Center
Aging Research and Education Center
Aging Research Center
Aging Research Center
Aging Research Centre
Aging Research Centre
Aging Systems Research Program
Agribusiness Research and Popular Education Project
Agricultural Agency for Research and Development
Agricultural and Biological Research Group
Agricultural and Food Research Council
Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center
Agricultural Business Research Institute
Agricultural Catchments Research Unit
Agricultural Container Research Council
Agricultural Economics Research
Agricultural Economics Research Institute
Agricultural Engineering Research Center
Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute
Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute
Agricultural Policy Research Network
Agricultural Policy Research Networks
Agricultural Policy Research Unit
Agricultural Research & Extension Center
Agricultural Research Administration
Agricultural Research and Development Network
Agricultural Research and Education Center
Agricultural Research and Education Organization
Agricultural Research and Extension
Agricultural Research and Extension Authority
Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta
Agricultural Research and Extension Trust
Agricultural Research and Training Project
Agricultural Research Center
Agricultural Research Center
Agricultural Research Centre
Agricultural Research Centre
Agricultural Research Centre of Crete and Islands
Agricultural Research Centre of Finland
Agricultural Research Corporation
Agricultural Research Corporation
Agricultural Research Council
Agricultural Research Council
Agricultural Research Division
Agricultural Research Extension Center
Agricultural Research Financial Information System
Agricultural Research for Development
Agricultural Research Institute
Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland
Agricultural Research Laboratory
Agricultural Research Labs
Agricultural Research Management Project
Agricultural Research Organizations on the Web
Agricultural Research Service
Agricultural Research Western Australia
Agricultural Research, Extension Project
Agricultural Utilization Research Institute
Agriculture Research Center
Agriculture Research Center
Agriculture Research Organization
Agri-Food Research Network
Agroecosystem Management Research Unit
Agroscope Reckenholz Taenikon Research Station
Agroscope Reckenholz-Taenikon Research Station
AI Language Research Institute
AIDS Research Alliance of America
AIDS Research and Reference Program
AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta
AIDS Research Consortium of the Twin Cities
AIDS Virus Education and Research Trust
AIESEP Research Data Bank (Belgium)
AIM Research Conference Center
Air and Energy Engineering Research Laboratory
Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories
Air Force Enlisted Heritage Research Institute
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Air Force Research Laboratory
Air Management Research Group
Air Pollution Research Group
Air Pollution Research in London
Air Quality Improvement Research Program
Air Research & Development Center
Air Research and Development Command
Air University Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, & Education
Airborne Avionics Research Testbed
Airborne Electronics Research Activity
Airborne Research & Survey Facility
Airborne Research Australia
Airborne Research Data System
Airborne Research Integrated Experiments System
Airborne Systems Training and Research Support
Aircraft Crashworthiness Research Program
Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory
Aircraft Icing Research Alliance
Aircraft Instrumentation Research Program
Aircraft Research and Development Unit
Aircraft Research and Testing Committee
Airport Cooperative Research Program
Airpower Research Institute
Airworthiness Assurance Research and Development Branch
Ajinomoto Genetika Research Institute
Aktiebolaget Atomenergi Research
Alabama Entrepreneurial Research Network
Alarm Industry Research Educational Foundation
Alaska Fishery Research Bulletin
Alaska Region Research Vessel
Alaska Region Research Vessel
Albany Molecular Research
Albany Research Center
Albany Research Center
Alberta Consultative Health Research Network
Alberta Energy Research Institute
Alberta Gaming Research Institute
Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research
Alberta Research Council
Alberta Research Council
Alberta Research Council
Alberta Research Tumor Bank
Alberta Science and Research Investments Program
Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd
Albion Fisheries Research Centre
Alcatel Research Partner Program
Alchemical Medicine Research and Teaching Association
Alcoa Research Laboratory
Alcohol and Public Health Research Unit
Alcohol Education and Research Council
Alcohol Research Group
Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation
Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research
Alex Fraser Research Forest
Alex Rogers Research and Consulting
Alexandria Research Institute
Algebra Research Group Oxford
Algorithm Research Panel
Algorithm Research Panel
Alien Abduction Experience and Research
Alkylphenols & Ethoxylates Research Council
Alkylphenols and Ethoxylates Research Council
All China Strategic Research
All India Coordinated Oilseeds Research Project
All Society Research Project
Alliance for Aging Research
Alliance for Community Research and Development
Alliance for Lupus Research
Alliance for Lupus Research
Alliance for Transportation Research
Alliance for Transportation Research Institute
Alliance for Unveiling and Researching Anomalies
Allied Research Associates, Inc.
All-Industry Research Advisory Council
All-Russia Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography
All-Union Cancer Research Centre
Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation
Alternative Fuels Research & Education Division
Alzheimer Research Center of California
Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
Alzheimer’s Research Trust
Alzheimers Research Trust
Amboseli Elephant Research Project
America’s Research Group
American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language
American Anthropological Research Foundation Inc.
American Association for Cancer Research
American Association for Research in Baghdad
American Association of Clinical Research
American Bee Research Conference
American Business Research Company
American Business Research Services, Inc.
American Cancer Research Society
American Center of Oriental Research
American Chamber of Commerce Research Association
American Cocoa Research Institute
American Consulting Engineers Council Research and Management Foundation
American Consulting Technology and Research
American Educational Research Association
American Educational Research Journal
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
American Farm Bureau Research Foundation
American Federation for Aging Research
American Federation for Clinical Research
American Federation for Medical Research
American Financial Research Corporation
American Foundation for AIDS Research
American Genealogical Research Institute
American Hearing Research Foundation
American Indian Culture Research Center
American Indian Research and Program Evaluation Methodology
American Indian Research Opportunities
American Industry / Government Emissions Research
American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education
American Institute for Economic Research
American Institute of Fisheries Research Biologists
American Institutes for Research
American Manufacturing Research Consortium
American Medical Research Institute
American Music Research Center
American Politics Research
American Prospect Research Association
American Psychophysics Research Foundation
American Research Bureau
American Research Center in Egypt
American Research Corporation
American Research Corporation
American Research Institute in Turkey
American Research Products, Inc.
American Research Products, Inc.
American Research Union
American Research Union
American Rock Art Research Association
American School of Oriental Research
American School of Prehistoric Research
American Sleep Research Institute
American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
American Society for Psychical Research, Inc.
American Society for Theatre Research
American Society of Academic Researchers
American Studies Research Centre
American Technology Research, Inc
American Undergraduate Research Society
American Water Works Association Research Foundation
Ames Research Center
Ames Research Center
Amiga Research Operating System
Amsterdam Center for Career Research
Anadromous Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate Research
Anaesthetic Research Society
Analysis, Research & Planning for Armenia
Analysis.Research.Planning Corporation
Analytic & Computational Research, Incorporated
Analytic Epidemiology Research Branch
Analytical Research Collective
Analytical Research Collective
Ancient Historical Research Foundation
Ancient Metallurgy Research Group
Andromeda Research Corporation
Andromeda Research Corporation
Angelman Syndrome Support Education and Research Trust
Anglo Zulu War Research Society
Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center
Animal Breeding Research Organisation
Animal Disease Research Center
Animal Diseases Research Association
Animal Diseases Research Institute
Animal Industries Research Committee
Animal Model Research for Veterinarians
Animal Nutrition Research Council
Animal Production Research Unit
Animal Research and Care Committee
Animal Research Facility
Animal Research Review Panel
Animal Research Takes Lives
Animal Welfare and Research Committee
Animals in Medicines Research Information Centre
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
Anna University and PASCO Research Facility
Annals of Improbable Research
Annals Of Operations Research
Annals of Operations Research
Annals of Research on Engineering Education
Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
Announcement of Research Opportunity
Annual Journal of Research and Practice
Annual Research Meeting
Annual Review of Progress in Entrepreneurship Research
Annular Core Research Reactor
Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit
Anomalous Phenomenon Research Bureau
Anomaly Research Centre
Anomaly Research Centre
Answers Research Journal
Antarctic Marine Ecosystem Research at the Ice-Edge Zone
Antarctic Research Evaluation Group
Antarctic Research Support Vessel
Antarctic Research, a European Network for Astronomy
Antenna Research Associates
Anthony Nolan Research Institute
Anthropology Research Facility
Anti-Aging Medical Research
Anti-Submarine Warfare Operations Research Group
AntiVirus Research Center
AntiVirus Research Center
Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve
APICS Institute of Education and Research
Appalachian Fruit Research Station
Appliance Research Consortium
Appliance Research Consortium
Application Technology Research Unit
Applied Benefits Research
Applied Business Research Conference
Applied Cancer Screening Research Branch
Applied Chemometrics and Sampling Research Group
Applied Chemometrics Research Group
Applied Computational Intelligence Research Unit
Applied Computer Research Inc.
Applied Data Research
Applied Ecology Research Group
Applied Economics Research Institute
Applied Energy Research Laboratory
Applied Environmental Research Laboratories
Applied Essential Oil Research
Applied Expert Systems Research Group
Applied Health Services Research
Applied Horticultural Research
Applied Information Technologies Research Center
Applied Insurance Research, Inc.
Applied Knowledge Research Institute
Applied Linguistics Research Group
Applied Mathematics Research Express
Applied Mental Health Research
Applied Nursing Research
Applied Ocean Research
Applied Quantitative Research
Applied Research and Communications Fund
Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Applied Research Center
Applied Research Center
Applied Research Department
Applied Research Ethics National Association
Applied Research In Energy Storage
Applied Research Inc.
Applied Research Laboratory
Applied Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University
Applied Research Liaison Office
Applied Snow & Avalanche Research Centre
Applied Sociocultural Research Branch
Applied Undergraduate Research Skills
Applied Urban Research Institute
Applied Wave Research
Appraisal and Research of Real Estate
Appraisal Consulting Research & Training, Inc.
Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program
Aquatic Research Facility
Aquatic Research Facility
Aquatic Research Interactive, Inc.
Aquatic Research Laboratory
Arab Council for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research
Arab Petroleum Research Center
Arab Scientific Institute for Research and Transfer of Technology
Arab Social Science Research
Ararat Research Center for Archaeological Studies
ARC Communications Research Network
Archaeological Computing Research Group
Archaeological Research and Consultancy at the University of Sheffield
Archaeological Research Facility
Archaeological Research Institute
Archaeology Research Center
Archaeology Research Center
Archipelago Marine Research Ltd
Architectural Design and Research Institute
Architectural Research Center
Architectural Research Center
Architectural Research Centers Consortium
Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated
Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated
Architecture and Building Research Institute
Architecture and Planning Research Forum
Architecture Research Facility
Archival Research Catalog
Archival Research Catalog
Archival Researcher
Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology
Archives and Research Collections Centre
Archives for UFO Research (Sweden)
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
Arctic Beaufort Sea Oilspill Research Body
Arctic Health Research Center
Arctic Land Use Research
Arctic Long-term Environmental Research Transects Program
Arctic Research and Policy Act of 1984
Arctic Research Commission
Arctic Research Commission
Arctic Research Consortium of the United States
Arctic Research Consortium of the United States
Arctic Research Laboratory
Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites
Ardsma Research and Publishing
Ardsma Research and Publishing
Area of Research Strength
Area of Research Strength
Argonne Advanced Research Reactor
Argonne Cancer Research Hospital
Ariel Center for Policy Research
Arizona Biomedical Research Commission
Arizona Latino Research Enterprise
Arizona Near Space Research
Arizona Tax Research Association
Arkansas Paranormal Research Association
Arkansas Research Matching Fund
ARM Climate Research Facility
Armament Research and Development Establishment
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences
Armed Services Biomedical Research Evaluation and Management
Armored Forces Research Unit
Armour Research Foundation
Armour Research Foundation Reactor
Armour Research Reactor
Armour Research Reactor
Armour Research Reactor
Armour Research Reactor
Arms Control Research Network
Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory
Army Electronics Research & Development Laboratory
Army Electronics Research and Development Activity
Army High Performance Computing Research Center
Army Human Factors Research & Development Committee
Army Institute for Research in Management Information, Communications, and Computer Sciences
Army Materials & Mechanics Research Center
Army Materials Research Agency
Army Materiels Research Reactor
Army Operations Research Symposium
Army Personnel Research Office
Army Research and Development Information System
Army Research Institute
Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
Army Research Laboratory
Army Research Laboratory Technical Assessment Board
Army Research Office
Army Research Office, Durham, NC
Army Research Plan
Army Research Plan
Army Research Projects Agency
Army Space Technology Research Office
Army Transportation Research Command
Arnhem Battle Research Group
Arsenic Research Partnership
Arsenic Research Partnership
Art and Archaeology Research Papers
Art Research Program
Art Research Program
Art Research Tours and International Studios
Arthritis National Research Foundation
Arthritis Research Campaign
Arthritis Research Campaign
Arthritis Research Centre of Canada
Arthritis Research Centre of Canada
Arthritis Research Centre of Canada
Artificial Intelligence Research
Artificial Intelligence Research Group
Artificial Intelligence Research in Environmental Science
Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
Arts and Humanities Research Council
Arts Research and Training Institute in Southern Tagalog
Arts Research Center
Arts Research Center
Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies and Research
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
Asia Business Research Centre
Asia Market Research
Asia Monitor Research Centre
Asia Pacific Energy Research Center
Asia Pacific Migration Research Network
Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research
Asia Pacific Research Group
Asia Pacific Research Network
Asia Pacific Telecom Research
Asia Research Institute
Asian Case Research Journal
Asian Centre for Organization Research and Development
Asian Ceramic Research Organization
Asian Congress of Radiation Research
Asian Development Research Forum
Asian Development Research Institute
Asian Fund for Cancer Research
Asian Institute of Communication and Research
Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre
Asian Research Centre for Migration
Asian Research Institute of Underwater Archaeology
Asian Research Publishing Network
Asian Research Symposium in Rhinology
Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center
Asian-Pacific Operations Research Society
Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women
Asia-Pacific Network for Research in Global Change
Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association
Asia-Pacific Researchers in Organization Studies
Assessment, Research, and Integration of Desertification Research Network
Assistant Manager for Operations and Research
Assistant Manager for Research
Assistant Research Engineer
Assistant Secretary of the Army, Research Development and Acquisition
Associate Chief of Staff for Research & Development
Associate Dean for Research
Associate Director of Research
Associate of the Market Research Society
Associate of the Operational Research Society
Associates for Middle East Research
Association for Canadian Theatre Research
Association for Chinese Research
Association for Clinical Research Training
Association for Consumer Research
Association for Cooperative Operations, Research and Development
Association for Counselling, Organization, Research and Development
Association for Farming Systems Research Extension
Association for Health Services Research
Association for Institutional Research
Association for Institutional Research and Planning Officers
Association for Institutional Research in the Upper Midwest
Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse
Association for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education
Association for Past Life Research and Therapies
Association for Prevention Teaching and Research
Association for Promotion and Research in Libre Computing
Association for Qualitative Research
Association For Radiation Research
Association for Radiation Research
Association for Radiation Research
Association for Radiation Research
Association for Research and Enlightenment
Association for Research and Environmental Aid
Association for Research in International Adoption
Association for Research in Otolaryngology
Association for Research in Personality
Association for Research in Personality
Association for Research in the Voluntary and Community Sector
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
Association for Research on Education
Association for Research on Mothering
Association for Rural Development and Action Research
Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa
Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc.
Association for the Advancement of Educational Research
Association for the Advancement of Medicine by Research
Association for the Scientific Paranormal Investigation and Research of Erie
Association for Values Education and Research
Association of anti Virus Asia Researchers
Association of Asian-Pacific Operational Research Societies
Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy
Association of Clinical Research for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Association of Clinical Research Organizations
Association of Clinical Research Professionals
Association of Clinical Researchers and Educators
Association of College and Research Libraries
Association of Contract Research Organizations
Association of Crown Research Institutes Inc.
Association of Ecosystem Research Centers
Association of European Market Research Institutes
Association of European Research Libraries
Association of General Clinical Research Center Statisticians
Association of Independent Clinical Research Contractors
Association of International Research Initiatives for Environmental Studies
Association of Market Research Organisations
Association of Medical Research Charities
Association of Muslim Researchers
Association of Nova Scotia Women for Education and Research in Science
Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement
Association of Professors and Researchers in Religious Education
Association of Research Ethics Committees
Association of Research Groups for Spinal Osteosynthesis
Association of Research Libraries
Association of Research Managers and Administrators
Association of Scottish Genealogists & Researchers in Archives
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
Association of Users of Research Agencies
Association of Women for Action and Research
Asteroid Radar Research
Asteroid Radar Research
Asteroid Radar Research
Asteroid Radar Research
Asthma and Allergy Information and Research
Asthma Clinical Research Center
Asthma Clinical Research Network
Asthma, Allergic and Immunologic Diseases Cooperative Research Centers
Aston Centre for Research in Experimental Finance
Astrobiology Biogeocatalysis Research Center
Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science
Astronomical Instruments Research Center
Astrophysical Research Consortium
Astrophysical Research Consortium
Astrophysics Research Knowledgebase
Astrophysics Science Project Integrating Research and Education
AT&T Center for Internet Research at ICSI
Athabasca University Research Centre
Atheist Apologetics Research Ministry
Athens Environmental Research Laboratory
Atikokan Bio-Energy Research Centre
Atlanta Center for Medical Research
Atlantic Networks for Prevention Research
Atlantic Research Corporation
Atlantic Research Corporation
Atlantic Research France
Atlantic Research Marketing Systems
ATM Research and Industrial Enterprise Study
Atmosphere-Surface Turbulence Exchange Research
Atmospheric and Environmental Research
Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group
Atmospheric Integrated Research Monitoring Network
Atmospheric Ion Research
Atmospheric Radar Research Center
Atmospheric Research
Atmospheric Research and Environment Program
Atmospheric Research and Instrumentation System
Atmospheric Research and Remote Sensing Airplane
Atmospheric Research Equipment
Atmospheric Research Program Staff
Atmospheric Research Pty Ltd
Atmospheric Research System
Atmospheric Sciences and Research Center
Atmospheric Simulation Testing and Research Inc.
Atomic Energy Agricultural Research Centre
Atomic Energy Research Establishment
Atomic Industry Research Institute
Atomic Industry Research Institute
Atomic Research and Development Authority
Atomic Weapons Research Establishment
Attogen Biomedical Research
Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History
Audience Research Analysis
Audience Research Institute
Audio Visual Research
Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species
Augmentation Research Centre
Augmentation Research Centre
Aurora Biophysics Research Institute
Austin Area Research Organization
Austin Research Analytics Group
Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research
Australia New Zealand Third Sector Research
Australia South Asia Research Centre
Australia-Japan Research Project
Australian Academic and Research Libraries
Australian Academic Research Network
Australian Accounting Research Foundation
Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching
Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council
Australian Association for Research in Education
Australian Association for Social Research
Australian Association of Institutional Research
Australian Beef Research Institute
Australian Cancer Research Foundation
Australian Centre for Addiction Research
Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine, Education and Research
Australian Centre for Gambling Research
Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Australian Centre for Minesite Rehabilitation Research
Australian Clinical Research Organisation
Australian Community Safety & Research Organisation
Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy
Australian Council of Educational Research
Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Committee
Australian Dental Research Foundation
Australian Educational Researcher
Australian Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Projects Database
Australian Folklore Research Unit
Australian Fusion Research Group
Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research
Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research
Australian Membrane and Biotechnology Research Institute
Australian National Antarctic Research Establishment
Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions
Australian Neuromuscular Research Institute
Australian Numerical Meteorology Research Centre
Australian Periodontology Research Foundation
Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
Australian Research and Education Network Advisory Committee
Australian Research Assembly on Brassicas
Australian Research Centre for Medical Engineering
Australian Research Consultative Committee
Australian Research Council
Australian Research Council
Australian Research Repositories Online to the World
Australian Resource Research Centre
Australian Road Research Board
Australian Rock Art Research Association, Inc.
Australian Society for Medical Research
Australian Society for Operations Research, Inc.
Australian Society for Psychiatric Research
Australian Society of Sex Educators Researchers and Therapists
Australian Space Research Institute
Australian Starter Culture Research Centre
Australian Synchrotron Research Program
Australian Wine Research Institute
Australian Wool Research and Promotion
Austrian Bureau for International Research and Technology Co-Operation
Austrian Programme for Advanced Research and Technology
Austrian Research Centers GmbH
Austrian Research Centers GmbH
Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf
Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
Autism Intervention Research Trust
Autism Research Institute
Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Program
Automated Legal Research
Automated Legal Research
Automatic Satellite Tracking Research Antenna
Automation Impacts Research Testbed
Automotive Dynamics and Control Research Group at the University of Sussex
Automotive Market Research Council
Automotive Research Association of India
Automotive Research Center
Automotive Research Center
Auto-Oil Air Quality Improvement Research Program
Auxiliary General Environmental Research
Auxiliary Research Destroyer Escort
Auxiliary Research Submarine
Auxiliary Ship General Technical Research
Avco-Everett Research Lab
Avery Research Center
Avery Research Center
Avian Bioscience Research Center
Aviation Climate Change Research Initiative
Aviation Research Centre
Aviation Research Centre
Aviation Research Laboratory
Aviation Training Research Simulator
Aviation Weather Research Program
Awards to Stimulate and Support Undergraduate Research Experiences
AYUB Agricultural Research Institute
Badia Research and Development Program
Bahrain Center for Studies and Research
Bale Research Advisory Network
Ball Brothers Research Corporation
Ballistic Research Laboratories
Ballistic Research Laboratory
Baltic Business Research Institute
Banana Research Information System
Banff International Research Station
Bangalore Institute for Pharmacy Education and Research
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
Bangladesh Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Bangladesh Heart Research Association
Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute
Bangladesh Medical Research Council
Bangladesh Online Research Network
Barna Research Group
Barrington Research Group, Inc
Bartlesville Energy Research Center
Bartol Research Institute
Baseball Research Journal
Basic Education And Research
Basic General Aviation Research Simulator
Basic Research
Basic Research
Basic Research
Basic Research Area
Basic Research in Adaptive Intelligence and Neurocomputing
Basic Research in Computer Science
Basic Research in Industrial Technologies for Europe
Basic Research in Informatics for Creating the Knowledge Society
Basic Research Plan
Basic Research, Education and Development
Basic Science Research Fund
Basic Science Research Institute
Basic Sciences Research Building
Basic Scientific Research
Basic Technology Research Programme
Basic Theoretical Research
Batten Disease Support & Research Association
Bay Area Research and Extension Center
Bay Area Research Center
Bayswater Archaeological Research Project
Beach Erosion Research and Monitoring
Beatrice Bain Research Group
Beausejour Medical Research Institute
Beckman Research Institute
Bee Research Laboratory
Beecham Research Laboratories
Beef Promotion and Research Act of 1985
Behavioral and Social Research
Behavioral and Social Sciences Research
Behavioral Assessment and Research System
Behavioral Decision Research in Management Conference
Behavioral Medicine Research Building
Behavioral Medicine Research Center
Behavioral Neurogenetics and Neuroimaging Research Center
Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit
Behavioral Research in Accounting
Behaviour and Physiology Research Group
Behaviour Research And Therapy
Behavioural Research Ethics Board
Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute
Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry
Belarusian Research Institute for Potato Growing
Belgian Building Research Institute
Belgian Ceramic Research Centre
Belgian National Research Network for Education, Research and Public Services
Belgian Road Research Centre
Bell Communications Research Inc.
Bell Labs Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Bell Northern Research
Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
Belvoir Research & Development Center
Belvoir Research, Development and Engineering Center
Benelux Research Business
Benfield Hazard Research Centre
Bergen Bullying Research Group
Berger Research and Information Network
Bering Sea Integrated Ecosystem Research Program
Berkeley Economic Research Associates
Berkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research
Berkeley Wireless Research Center
Berlin Research Area Information Network
Bermuda Biological Station for Research
Best Practice Research Scholarship
Bevilacqua Research Corporation
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Biblical Research & Commentary International
Biblical Research Institute
Bibliographic Center for Research
Bibliometric and Informetric Research Group
Bicol Consortium for Agriculture, Resources, Research and Development
Bigfoot Field Researchers Association
Bihar Agricultural Research Institute
Bilingual Research Journal
Binational Agricultural Research and Development Foundation
Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation
Bio Analytical Research Corporation
Bio Info Nano Research and Development Institute
Bio Nanotec Research Institute, Inc.
Bio Research Institute
Bio Research Module
Bio Research Module
Bio-Cellular Research Organization
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Biochemical Research And INformation Study
Biodiversity Research and Information Management
Bio-Engineer Research & Development Laboratory
Bioengineering Research Grants
Bioengineering Research Partnership
Biogeochemical Research Initiative for Education
Biohazard Assessment Research Branch
Bioinfomatics and Chemical Informatics Research Center
Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop
Biological and Environmental Research
Biological and Physical Research Rack
Biological Anthropology Research Centre
Biological Defense Research Directorate
Biological Defense Research Program
Biological Research
Biological Research
Biological Research
Biological Research Advisory Board
Biological Research Associates
Biological Research Division
Biological Research Facility
Biological Research for Animals & People
Biological Research in Canisters
Biological Research Information Center
Biological Research Module
Biological Resources Research Center
Biological Space Research Facility
Biology and Biotechnology Research Program
Biomass Conversion Research Laboratory
Biomass Energy Research Association
Biomechanics Research Lab
Bio-Med Research Administration
Biomedical and Environmental Research
Biomedical Biotechnical Research Institute
Biomedical Informatics Research Network
Biomedical Informatics Research Training
Biomedical Primate Research Centre
Biomedical Proteomics Research Group
Biomedical Research Abroad Vistas Open
Biomedical Research Advisory Committee
Biomedical Research and Commercialization Program
Biomedical Research and Development Laboratory
Biomedical Research and Development Price Index
Biomedical Research and Education Facility
Biomedical Research and Education Foundation
Biomedical Research Centre
Biomedical Research Council
Biomedical Research Database
Biomedical Research Education & Training
Biomedical Research Education Trust
Bio-Medical Research Ltd.
Biomedical Research Support Facilities
Biomedical Science Research Building
Biomedical Sciences Research Center
Biometric Research Branch
Bio-Mimetic Control Research Center
Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute
Bio-Molecular Research Annex
Biophysical Research and Development
Biosurgical Research Unit
Biotech Research & Innovation Centre
Biotech Research Society of India
Biotech Stock Research, LLC
Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute
Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation
Biotechnology Research and Information Network AG
Biotechnology Research Center
Biotechnology Research for Innovation, Development and Growth in Europe
Biotechnology Research Institute
Biotechnology Research Unit
Birmingham Accident Research Centre
Birmingham Research and Development Ltd.
Birmingham Research Park Limited
Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc.
Birth Options Research Network
Biscay Dolphin Research Programme
Bitterroot Ecosystem Management Research Project
Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
Black Economic Research Center
Black Facts Research Associate
Black Hills Institute of Geological Research
Black Mesa Research Facility
Blacksburg Tactical Research Center
Blacksun Research Facility
Blast Impact and Survivability Research Unit
Blog Research on Genre
Blog Research on Genre
Blood Systems Research Institute
Bloodstock Research Information Services
Blue Bear Systems Research
Blue Sky Research
Board for Aviation Accident Research
Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences
Board on Radiation Effects Research
Bob Allison Ataxia Research Center
Boeing Research and Technology Europe
Bog Ecosystem Research Initiative
Bonab Research Centre
Bone Cancer Research Trust
Booth Research Center
Border Research & Technology Center
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
Borderline Personality Disorder Research Foundation
Boreal Caribou Research Program
Borehole Research Group, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Borneo Marine Research Institute
Boston Biomedical Research Institute
Boston Census Research Data Center
Boston Municipal Research Bureau
Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Boulder Research and Administrative Network
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Boyne Research Institute
Bradford Disarmament Research Centre
Brain and Mind Research Institute
Brain Development Research Program
Brain Rehabilitation Research Center
Brain Research Cooperation Program
Brain Research Foundation
Brain Research Imaging Center
Brain Research Society of Finland
Brain Research: Analysis of Images, Networks and Systems
Brain Trauma Research Center
Brain-Mind Research
Brand Management and Marketing Research Unit
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Breast Cancer Research Program
Breault Research Organization
Brewing Research Foundation International
Bridge Research and Information Center
Bridging Research and Practice
Bringing Research in Diabetes to Global Environments and Systems
Bristol Autism Research Group
Bristol Institute for Research in the Humanities and Arts
Bristol Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation
British Association for Cancer Research
British Association of Research Quality Assurance
British Audience Research Bureau
British Beet Research Organisation
British Cancer Research Meeting
British Cast Iron Research Association
British Cave Research Association
British Ceramic Research Association
British Cinema History Research Project
British Educational Research Association
British Enlightenment Research Network
British Flame Research Committee
British Hydraulics Research Association
British Hydrodynamics Research Association
British Hydromechanics Research Association
British Library Research and Development Department
British Market Research Association
British Market Research Bureau
British Medical Research Council
British Occupational Health Research Foundation
British Society for Dental Research
British Society for Research in Learning Mathematics
Broadcaster Audience Research Bureau
Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board
Brookhaven Beam Research Reactor
Brudnick Neuropsychiatric Research Institute
Brunel Research in Enterprise Sustainability and Ethics
Brunel University Research Archive
Buffalo Materials Research Center
Building and Housing Research Center
Building Effective Teaching Through Educational Research
Building Energy Efficiency Research
Building Interdisciplinary Research Team
Building Performance Research Unit
Building Research Advisory Board
Building Research Center
Building Research Establishment
Building Research Infrastructure and Capacity
Building Research Institute
Building Research Station
Building Scientific Research Center
Building Services Engineering Research and Technology
Building, Research, Innovation, Technology and Environment
Bulgarian Association of Clinical Research
Bulletin of the Earthquake Research Institute
Bullseye Marketing Research, Inc.
Buraku Liberation Research Institute
Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense
Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development
Bureau of Agricultural Research
Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology
Bureau of Archaeological Research
Bureau of Business and Economic Research
Bureau of Business Research
Bureau of Business Research and Services
Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
Bureau of Education and Research
Bureau of Energy Study, Research and Development
Bureau of Ethnic Research
Bureau of Governmental Research
Bureau of Intelligence and Research
Bureau of Intelligence and Research
Bureau of Intelligence and Research
Bureau of Labour Market Research
Bureau of Legislative Research
Bureau of Market Research
Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre
Bureau of Police Research and Development
Bureau of Tourism Research
Burzynski Research Institute
Business and Economic Research Center
Business and Management Research Institute
Business Development Research
Business Development Research Consultants
Business Enterprise Research and Development
Business Informatics Research
Business Information Research Services
Business Management Research Associates, Inc.
Business Product Research & Development
Business Research and Economic Advisors
Business Research Bureau
Business Research Center
Business Research Method
Byrd Polar Research Center
C4ISR Cooperative Research Program
Cabin Safety Research Technical Group
Cadet Summer Research Program
Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute
Calder Summer Undergraduate Research
California Association for Institutional Research
California Association for Research in Astronomy
California Biomedical Research Association
California Center for Environmental Design Research
California Center for Population Research
California Collaborative Center for Substance Abuse Policy Research
California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation
California Dairy Research Foundation
California Dropout Research Project
California Educational Research Cooperative
California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research
California Judicial Education and Research
California Medical Research Center
California Melon Research Board
California National Primate Research Center
California Ornamental Research Foundation
California Policy Research Center
California Regional Primate Research Center
California Research and Education Network
California Research Assistance Fund
California Research Bureau
California Urban Environmental Research and Education Center
Callaway Advanced Scalable Parallel Environment for Research
CAM Outcomes Research Project
Camarillo Society for Paranormal Research
Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute
Cambodian Research Centre for Development
Cambodian Rice Research and Development Institute
Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research
Cambridge Clinical Research
Cambridge Coastal Research Unit
Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance
Cambridge Energy Research Associates
Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants
Cambridge Institute of Language Research
Cambridge Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Ageing
Cambridge Investment Research
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc.
Cambridge Research Laboratory
Cambridge University Research Exchange
Camden & Chorleywood Food Research Association
Canadian Agri-Food Research Council
Canadian American Paper Research Associates
Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society
Canadian Armament Research and Development Establishment
Canadian Association for Nursing Research
Canadian Association of Research Libraries
Canadian Automatic Small Telescopes for Orbital Research
Canadian Biosphere Research Network
Canadian Breast Cancer Research Initiative
Canadian Cancer Research Alliance
Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute
Canadian Centre for Adolescent Research
Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation
Canadian Conference on Broadband Research
Canadian Consortium for Health Promotion Research
Canadian Consortium for Research
Canadian Cultural Research Network
Canadian Dental Research Institute
Canadian Energy Research Institute
Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory
Canadian Financial Markets Research Centre
Canadian Gas Research Institute
Canadian Geomorphology Research Group
Canadian Hair Research Foundation
Canadian Health Economics Research Association
Canadian Heart Research Centre
Canadian High Temperature Research
Canadian Housing Research Foundation
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research
Canadian Institute for Telecommunications Research
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Canadian Media Research Consortium
Canadian Medical Research Council
Canadian Nautical Research Society
Canadian Oilsands Network for Research and Development
Canadian Operational Research Society
Canadian Orthopaedic Research Legacy Program
Canadian Pediatric AIDS Research Group
Canadian Police Research Centre
Canadian Police Research Centre
Canadian Prostate Cancer Research
Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation
Canadian Purchasing Research Foundation
Canadian Research Chairs
Canadian Research Consortium on Southern Africa
Canadian Research Council
Canadian Research Management Association
Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community
Canadian Research Transfer Network
Canadian Seabed Research Ltd.
Canadian Signals Research and Development Establishment
Canadian Spinal Research Organization
Canadian Steel Industry Research Association
Canadian Survey Research Council
Canadian Tourism Research Institute
Canadian Transportation Research Forum
Canadian Transportation Research Gateway
Canadian Urban Research on the Environment
Canadian-International Nurse Researcher Database
Cancer Aid and Research Fund
Cancer Biology Research Laboratory
Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Research Institute
Cancer Control Research
Cancer Control Research Unit
Cancer Disparities Research Partnership
Cancer Genetics Research Group
Cancer Immunology Research Foundation
Cancer International Research Group
Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network
Cancer Prevention Research
Cancer Research and Biostatistics
Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation
Cancer Research Campaign Workshop Evaluation Manual
Cancer Research Foundation
Cancer Research Foundation of America
Cancer Research Institute
Cancer Research Program
Cancer Services & Policy Research Unit
Cancer Therapeutics Research Group
Cancer Therapy Research Center
Cancer Therapy Research Center
Cancer Treatment Research Foundation
Cancer Updates Research & Education
Canine & Detection Research Institute
Cannon Center for Survey Research
Canonbury Masonic Research Centre
Capacity for Applied Developmental Research and Evaluation
Capital Hills Research Center
Capital Research and Management Company
Capital Research Center
Cardiac Arrhythmias Research and Education Foundation
Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation Research Center
Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation Research Center
Cardiac Transplant Research Database
Cardiff Centre for Educational Research
Cardiff University Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre
Cardiovasculaire Researchschool Maastricht Amsterdam
Cardiovascular Biomechanics Research Laboratory
Cardiovascular Research Center
Cardiovascular Research Foundation
Cardiovascular Research Institute
Cardiovascular Research Unit
CARE Research & Development Laboratory
Career Opportunities in Research Education and Training
Career Opportunities in Research Education and Training
Career Research International, Inc.
Careers Research and Advisory Centre
Caribbean Agricultural Research & Development Institute
Caribbean Health Research Council
Caribbean Marine Research Center
Carinthian Tech Research
Carl Hayden Bee Research Center
Carleton Research Unit on Innovation, Science and Environment
Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring Research Center
Carlsberg Research Center
Carlstedt Research & Technology
Carlstedt Research and Technology
Carnegie Mellon Research Institute
Carolina Paranormal Research Society
Carolinas’ Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement
Carrot Association for Research and Development
Case Center for Imaging Research
Case Research Journal
Casinos Austria Research & Development
Catalina Research, Inc.
Catalog of Research Expertise
Catalysis Research Laboratory
Catalytic Research Unit
Catering Research Institute
Caucasus Research Resource Center
Cave Research Foundation
Cellular Automata for Research and Industry
Center for Academic and Research Excellence
Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny
Center for Adolescent Research, Education and Sexuality
Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research
Center for Advanced Polymer Engineering Research, Materials Science and Engineering
Center for Advanced Research and Technology
Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology
Center for Advanced Research of Energy Technology
Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, & Education
Center for Agricultural Research and Development
Center for Agro-Socioeconomic Research
Center for AIDS Intervention Research
Center for AIDS Research
Center for Alternative Medicine and Research and Education
Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research
Center for Applied Energy Research
Center for Applied Nursery Research
Center for Applied Policy Research
Center for Applied Policy Research
Center for Applied Research
Center for Applied Research in Anthropology
Center for Applied Research in Engineering and Science
Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate
Center for Aquaculture Research and Development
Center for Architecture and Building Science Research
Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education
Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
Center for Audio-Visual Research
Center for Auditing Research & Advanced Technology
Center for Autism Research and Treatment
Center for Automation and Intelligent Systems Research
Center for Automotive Research
Center for Behavioral Decision Research
Center for Biodiversity Research
Center for Bioenergy Research and Development
Center for Bioenvironmental Research
Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
Center for Biomedical and Environmental Research
Center for Biomedical Research Informatics
Center for Biostatistics in AIDS Research
Center for Black Music Research
Center for Board Assembly Research
Center for Business and Economic Research
Center for Cancer Care and Research
Center for Cancer Research
Center for Cancer Research Development
Center for Cardiovascular Research
Center for Celiac Research
Center for Ceramic Research
Center for Child and Family Research
Center for Child Health Research
Center for Climate System Research
Center for Climatic Research
Center for Clinical and Basic Research
Center for Clinical Health Policy Research
Center for Clinical Research
Center for Clinical Research Practice
Center for Clinical Sciences Research
Center for Coal Technology Research
Center for Coastal and Atmospheric Research
Center for Collaborative Research
Center for Colon Cancer Research
Center for Combustion and Environmental Research
Center for Communication and Computer Research
Center for Communications Research
Center for Communications Systems Research
Center for Community Criminology and Research
Center for Community Economic Research
Center for Community Research and Development
Center for Comparative Research
Center for Complex Systems Research
Center for Complexity Research
Center for Computational Research
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
Center for Computer Security Research
Center for Congregational Research and Development
Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife
Center for Consumer Research
Center for Corpus Research
Center for Counter Proliferation Research
Center for Credit Union Research
Center for Criminology and Criminal Justice Research
Center for Crops Utilization Research
Center for Dairy Research
Center for Design Research
Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
Center for Distance Learning Research
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
Center for Early Childhood Research
Center for Earth Systems Research
Center for Earthquake Research Information
Center for Ecological Research and Education
Center for Economic and Financial Research and Studies
Center for Economic and Industry Research, LLC
Center for Economic and Policy Research
Center for Economic Development and Applied Research
Center for Economic Development and Business Research
Center for Economic Development Research and Assistance
Center for Economic Research on Retirement and Ageing
Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research
Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics
Center for Education and Research on Macromolecules
Center for Education Research and Development
Center for Educational Development and Research
Center for Educational Research and Teaching Innovation
Center for Empirical Research in Economics and Behavioral Sciences
Center for Energy and Environmental Research
Center for Energy Research/Education/Service
Center for Engineering Research, Training and Consultancy
Center for Environmental Research
Center for Environmental Research and Conservation
Center for Environmental Research Information
Center for Environmental Studies and Research
Center for Epidemiological Research
Center for Epidemiological Research
Center for European Economic Research
Center for Evaluation, Research and Planning
Center for Evidence-Based Research
Center for Exhibition Industry Research
Center for Experimental Business Research
Center for Family and Demographic Research
Center for Feed Industry Research and Education
Center for Feminist Research
Center for Finance, Investment Management and Research
Center for Financial Research on China
Center for Fisheries Research and Development
Center for Food and Agricultural Research
Center for Fuel Cell Research and Applications
Center for Fundamental Materials Research
Center for Gaming Research
Center for Glass Research
Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research
Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research
Center for Gravitational Biology Research
Center for Hazardous Materials Research
Center for Hazards and Risk Research
Center for Health Management Research
Center for Health Quality, Outcomes & Economic Research
Center for Health Research and Communication
Center for Health, Education and Economic Research
Center for Health, Education and Research
Center for Hearing and Deafness Research
Center for Hemispherical Cooperation in Research and Education in Engineering and Applied Science
Center for Human Genetics Research
Center for Human Resource Research
Center for Hydrogen Research
Center for Hydrogen Research
Center for Imaging and Pharmaceutical Research
Center for Immigration Research
Center for Impact Research
Center for Indoor Air Research
Center for Industrial Research Applications
Center for Infectious Disease Epidemiologic Research
Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement
Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation
Center for Information Processing Research
Center for Information Systems Research
Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society
Center for Inherited Disease Research
Center for Instructional and Research Computing Activities
Center for Instructional Development and Research
Center for Insurance Research
Center for Integrative Coastal Observation, Research and Education
Center for Integrative Environmental Research
Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis
Center for Intelligent Systems Research
Center for Intelligent Transportation Research
Center for Interdisciplinary Geriatric Research
Center for Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Research
Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS
Center for International Accounting Education and Research
Center for International and Development Economics Research
Center for International and Political Economy Research
Center for International Business and Economic Research
Center for International Business Education and Research
Center for International Education and Research in Accounting
Center for International Forestry Research
Center for International Health Research
Center for International Research and Education
Center for Iranian Research and Analysis
Center for Iron and Steel Research
Center for Judicial Education and Research
Center for Labor Research and Studies
Center for Labor Research and Studies
Center for Labour Market Research and Information
Center for Language Education and Research
Center for Laser and Photonics Research
Center for Latino Policy Research
Center for Latino Research
Center for Magnetic Recording Research
Center for Magnetic Resonance Research
Center for Management and Economic Research
Center for Management Research
Center for Mathematics and Science Education Research
Center for Media Research
Center for Media Research and Development
Center for Mind-Body Research
Center for Monitoring Research
Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research
Center for Multiphase Environmental Research
Center for Music Education Research
Center for Narcolepsy Research
Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research
Center for Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Research
Center for Nursing Research
Center for Nutritional Research
Center for Occupational Research and Development
Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research, and Education
Center for Oceanic Research and Education
Center for Online Investigative Research
Center for Operations Research and Econometrics
Center for Operations Research and Engineering
Center for Ophthalmic Research
Center for Ophthalmic Research
Center for Oral Health Research
Center for Orthopaedic Research
Center for Orthopaedic Research
Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research
Center for Paralysis Research
Center for Pharmaceutical Processing Research
Center for Pharmacoeconomic Research
Center for Plant Lipid Research
Center for Plastics Recycling Research
Center for Policy Research
Center for Policy Research on Aging
Center for Political Research and Studies
Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research
Center for Prostate Disease Research
Center for Protease Research
Center for Public Affairs Research
Center for Public Interest Research
Center for Radiation Research
Center for Radiological Research
Center for Radiophysics and Space Research
Center for Real Estate Research
Center for Really Neat Research
Center for Research
Center for Research and Education on Democracy
Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science Technology
Center for Research and Policy Making
Center for Research and Public Policy
Center for Research and Reform in Education
Center for Research Design and Analysis
Center for Research for Mothers and Children
Center for Research in Cardiovascular Medicine
Center for Research in Computational Linguistics
Center for Research in Computing and the Arts
Center for Research in Contemporary Art
Center for Research in Economics
Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology
Center for Research in Human Development and Education
Center for Research in International Finance
Center for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Center for Research in Psychotherapy
Center for Research in Regulated Industries
Center for Research in Scientific Computation
Center for Research in Security Prices
Center for Research in Translation
Center for Research in Wireless Communications
Center for Research into the Anthropological Foundations of Technology
Center for Research Libraries
Center for Research on Biotoxin-Associated Illness
Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition
Center for Research on Economic Development
Center for Research on Environment Health and Population Activities
Center for Research on Environmental Science, Policy, and Engineering
Center for Research on Evaluation Standards and and Student Testing
Center for Research on Information Storage Materials
Center for Research on International and Global Studies
Center for Research on Learning
Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
Center for Research on Learning and Technology
Center for Research on Minority Health
Center for Research on Parallel Computation
Center for Research on Parallel Computing and Supercomputing
Center for Research on Population Health
Center for Research on Psychological Practice
Center for Research on Telecommunications Policy
Center for Research on Telehealth and Healthcare Communications
Center for Research on the Effects of Television
Center for Research on the Influences of Television on Children
Center for Research on Women
Center for Research on Women and Gender
Center for Research Support
Center for Retailing Education and Research
Center for Retirement Research
Center for Scientific Anomalies Research
Center for Severe Weather Research
Center for Sex Research
Center for Shark Research
Center for Social and Behavioral Research
Center for Social and Economic Research
Center for Social Research
Center for Social Science Research
Center for Social Work Research
Center for Software Development and Research
Center for Software Engineering Research
Center for Software Testing Research
Center for Soil and Agroclimate Research
Center for Southwest Research
Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research
Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research
Center for Space Research
Center for Space Transportation and Applied Research
Center for Spoken Language Research
Center for Sponsored Research and Development
Center for Statistical Consultation and Research
Center for Strategic Research
Center for Strategic Studies Research and Documentation
Center for Strategic Technology and Research
Center for Student Coastal Research
Center for Substance Abuse Research
Center for Superconductivity Research
Center for Survey Research
Center for Survey Research and Analysis
Center for Sustainable Building Research
Center for Synchrotron Radiation Research and Instrumentation
Center for Teaching and Research Excellence
Center for Telecommunications Education and Research
Center for Telecommunications Research
Center for the Advanced Study of Photonics Research
Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis
Center for the Evaluation & Research on Pain
Center for Tobacco Policy Research
Center for Tobacco Research
Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention
Center for Tourism Research and Development
Center for Transportation Research
Center for Transportation Research and Education
Center for Turbomachinery and Propulsion Research
Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research
Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships
Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
Center for Unit Records Research
Center for Urban Forest Research
Center for Urban Research and Learning
Center for Urban Research and Policy
Center for Vulnerable Populations Research
Center for Whale Research
Center for Wood Anatomy Research
Center of Automotive Research and Technology
Center of Excellence for Applied Research & Training
Center of Research, Technology and Entrepreneurial Expertise
Center to Advance Research and Teaching in the Social Sciences
Centers for Birth Defects Research and Prevention
Centers for Education & Research on Therapeutics
Centers for Obesity Research and Education
Centers of Excellence in ELSI Research
Centers of Literacy Education Achievement, Research, and Networking
Central Agricultural Research Institute
Central Arid Zone Research Institute
Central Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research
Central Building Research Institute
Central Clinical Research Database
Central Coffee Research Institute
Central Cotton Research Institute
Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine
Central Drug Research Institute
Central Electricity Research Laboratories
Central Electro Chemical Research Institute
Central European Music Research Centre
Central European Opinion Research Group
Central European Research and Development Unit
Central European Research Network
Central Florida Research Park
Central Food Research Laboratory
Central Food Technological Research Institute
Central Fuel Research Institute
Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute
Central Institute for Cotton Research
Central Institute for Research on Goats
Central Kentucky Research Associates
Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research
Central Leather Research Institute
Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
Central Michigan University Research Corporation
Central Mining Research Institute
Central Office of Research Ethics Committees
Central Research and Development Labs
Central Research Fund
Central Research Institute
Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture
Central Research Observational Nacelle
Central Rice Research Institute
Central Road Research Institute
Central Sericulture Technology and Research Institute
Central Silk Technological Research Institute
Central Society for Clinical Research
Central Staff Training and Research Institute
Central Visayas Consortium for Integrated Regional Research and Development
Centre for Accounting and Auditing Research
Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice
Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia
Centre for Advanced Research and Education
Centre for African Development Research and Education
Centre for Alzheimer and Neurodegenerative Research
Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment
Centre for Applied Economic Research
Centre for Applied Educational Research
Centre for Applied Health Research
Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research
Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies
Centre for Applied Theatre Research
Centre for Architectural Research and Development Overseas
Centre for Assessment, Research and Evaluation
Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research
Centre for Automotive Safety Research
Centre for Catalogue Research
Centre for Catchment and Coastal Research
Centre for Census and Survey Research
Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research
Centre for Communication Interface Research
Centre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research
Centre for Construction Innovation Research
Centre for Consultancy, Research and Development
Centre for Cultural Research
Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics
Centre for Development Research
Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology Research
Centre for Digital Library Research
Centre for Disability Research and Innovation
Centre for Drug Misuse Research
Centre for Drug Research, University of Amsterdam
Centre for Earth and Ocean Research
Centre for Economic Policy Research
Centre for Economics and Business Research Ltd
Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research
Centre for Education and Employment Research
Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies
Centre for Education and Research on Aging
Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research
Centre for Educational Research and Innovation
Centre for Environmental & Molecular Algal Research
Centre for Environmental Design Research and Outreach
Centre for Environmental Education Research
Centre for Environmental Research and Education
Centre for Equality Research in Business
Centre for Health and Social Care Research
Centre for Health Care Research
Centre for Health Economics Research Evaluation
Centre for Health Information Management Research
Centre for Heavy Metals Research
Centre for Hospitality and Tourism Research
Centre for Human Drug Research
Centre for Immunology and Cancer Research
Centre for Informatics Education Research
Centre for Information Behaviour and the Evaluation of Research
Centre for Information Technology Research
Centre for Innovation and Research
Centre for Innovation Research and Competence in the Learning Economy
Centre for Innovative Industries Economic Research
Centre for Integrated Communication Research & Advocacy
Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research
Centre for Integrated Healthcare Research
Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research
Centre for Integrated Research in Biosafety
Centre for Integrative Legume Research
Centre for Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Research and Studies
Centre for Interdisciplinary Built Environment Research
Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra
Centre for International Corporate Governance Research
Centre for International Education and Research
Centre for International Poverty Research
Centre for International Research on Economic Tendency
Centre for Korean Research
Centre for Labour Market and Social Research
Centre for Labour Market Research
Centre for Labour Market Research at Aalborg University
Centre for Land Protection Research
Centre for Laser Plasma Research
Centre for Learning and Work Research
Centre for Leisure Management Research
Centre for Liquid Crystal Research and Education
Centre for Management and Business Research
Centre for Management Buy-Out Research
Centre for Management of Intellectual Property in Health Research and Development
Centre for Materials Research
Centre for Medicines Research International
Centre for Networking and Telecommunications Research
Centre for Neuroscience Research
Centre for Neurotranslational Research
Centre for Object Technology Applications and Research
Centre for Ocean Research and Information
Centre for Ocean Research in the Eastern South Pacific
Centre for Online Regional Research
Centre for Organisation Research and Education
Centre for Organisational Excellence Research
Centre for OSCE Research
Centre for Overseas Pest Research
Centre for Paranormal Research and Study
Centre for Performance Research
Centre for Population and Urban Research
Centre for Public Communication Research
Centre for Refugee Research
Centre for Regional Tourism Research
Centre for Research and Development in Information Technology
Centre for Research and Enterprise Development Online
Centre for Research and Evaluation
Centre for Research and Information on Canada
Centre for Research and Information on Substance Abuse
Centre for Research and Knowledge Transfer
Centre for Research and Learning in Regional Australia
Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas
Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development
Centre for Research Implementation of Clinical Practice
Centre for Research in Advertising and Consumption
Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics
Centre for Research in Computational Thermochemistry
Centre for Research in Computing
Centre for Research in Development, Instruction and Training
Centre for Research in Distance and Adult Learning
Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade
Centre for Research in Education
Centre for Research in Education and the Environment
Centre for Research in Educational Applications of Telematics
Centre for Research in Employment and Technology in Europe
Centre for Research in Employment Studies
Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations
Centre for Research in European Economics and Finance
Centre for Research in Higher Education
Centre for Research in Industrial and Commercial Law
Centre for Research in Information Technology and Communications
Centre for Research in Library and Information Management
Centre for Research in Mathematics Education
Centre for Research in Medical Entomology
Centre for Research in Neuroscience
Centre for Research in Speech and Language Processing
Centre for Research in the Management of Projects
Centre for Research in Youth, Science Teaching and Learning
Centre for Research Innovation and Industry
Centre for Research into Communist Economies
Centre for Research Into Elections and Social Trends
Centre for Research Into Freemasonry
Centre for Research on Children and Families
Centre for Research on Economic Relationships
Centre for Research on Evolution Search & Testing
Centre for Research on Globalisation
Centre for Research on Information Systems Management
Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition
Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy
Centre for Research on Introduced Marine Pests
Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
Centre for Research on User Studies
Centre for Research Policy
Centre for Research, Education and Training in Energy
Centre for Research, Planning and Action
Centre for Rural Social Research
Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research
Centre for Social Change Research
Centre for Social Research and Development
Centre for Social Research and Evaluation
Centre for Solar Energy Research
Centre for Speech Technology Research
Centre for Support and Training in Analysis and Research
Centre for Supramolecular Chemistry Research
Centre for Technology Policy Research
Centre for the Study of Biblical Research
Centre for Transportation Research
Centre for Urban Research and Action
Centre for Vision Research
Centre for Women’s Research
Centre in Mining and Mineral Exploration Research
Centre of Economics and Business Research
Centre of Excellence for Integrative Legume Research
Centre Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research
Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation
Certification in Healthcare Research Compliance
Certified Clinical Research Associate
Certified Clinical Research Coordinator
Certified Clinical Research Professional
Certified Community Researcher
Certified Research Administrator
Certified Research Chef
Cervical Spine Research Society
Cervid Research and Recovery Institute
Cetos Research Organization
Chadron Atmospheric Research Institute
Chancery Research and Consultants
Change Management Research Centre
Chanthaburi Horticultural Research Centre
Charles Darwin Research Institute
Charles Salt Research Center
Chelonian Research Institute
Chemical Exposure Research Branch
Chemical Research & Development Laboratories
Chemical Research and Development Center
Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute
Chemistry and Metallurgy Research
Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement
Chemistry Research Instrumentation and Facilities
Chemistry Research Laboratory
Chemopreventive Agent Development Research Group
Chester Beatty Research Institute
Chicago Center for Clinical Research
Chicago Consortium for Stigma Research
Chicago Paranormal Research Society
Chicano Studies Research Center
Chief of Naval Research
Chief of Research & Development
Chief Research and Development Officer
Chief Research and Strategy Officer
Chief Research Officer
Chiemgau Impact Research Team
Chifley Research Centre
Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center
Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute
Child & Family Research Institute
Child and Family Research Centre
Child Health and Nutrition Research Initiative
Child Health Research
Child Health Research
Child Health Research Center
Child Health Research Foundation
Child Health Research Fund
Child Labor Research Initiative
Child Policy Research Center
Child Safety Research and Innovation Center
Child Vision Research Society
Child Welfare Research Center
Children and Families Research Unit
Children and Media Research Advancement
Children Youth and Familes Education and Research Network
Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design
Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design
Children’s Cancer Research Fund
Children’s Clinical Research Institute
Children’s Environmental Exposure Research Study
Children’s Foundation Research Center
Children’s Heart Research Centre
Children’s Hospitals Educational Equity and Research
Children’s Human Nutrition Research Center
Children’s Medical Research Institute
Children’s Memorial Research Center
Children’s Research Center of Michigan
Children’s Research Institute
Chilean Center for Ocean Research
Chilton Research Services
China Academy of Telecommunication Research
China Center for Economic Research
China Chongqing Automobile Research Institute
China Development Research Foundation
China Economic Research and Advisory Programme
China Education and Research Net
China Meat Research Center
China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association
China Population and Development Research Centre
China Program for Integrated Research Development
China Research Centre on Ageing
China Tibetology Research Center
China Tibetology Research Center
China Youth and Children Research Center
Chinese Ecosystem Research Network
Chinese Medicinal Material Research Centre
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
Chinook Applied Research Association
Chiropractic Association for Research and Education
Chiropractic Foundation for Spinal Research
Chiropractic Research Abstracts Collection
Chiropractic Research Journal
Chlamydia Basic Research Society
Choithram Hospital and Research Centre
Christian Action Research and Education
Christian Apologetics Research Ministry
Christian Brethren Research Fellowship
Christian Research and Development
Christian Research Center of Mexico
Christian Research Institute
Christian Theological Research Fellowship
Christiania Researcher in Residence
Chronic Disease Research Foundation
Chronic Disease Research Group
Chronic Poverty Research Centre
Chronic Prostatitis Collaborative Research Network
Chugoku National Industrial Research Institute
Chulabhorn Research Institute
Churches Theological Research Trust
Churchill Research Range
CIESIN Data and Research Center
Cincinnati Education Research Fiberloop
Circuit Research Labs, Inc.
Citizens Research and Environmental Watch
Citizens Research Council
Citizens Research Council of Michigan
Citizens Research Council of Michigan
Citizens Research Foundation
Citizens United for Research and Education
Citizenship Education Research Network
Citrus Research and Education Institute
Civic Research Institute
Civil Aviation Research and Development
Civil Defense Research Project
Civil Engineering Research Foundation
Civil Engineering Research Laboratory
Civitan International Research Center
Claims Legal Research System
Claims Legal Research System
Claims Research Automotive Support Hotline
Claremont Research Institute of Applied Mathematical Sciences
Claudia Cohen Research Foundation
Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research
Clemson Research in Engineering Design and Optimization
Cleveland Paranormal Research Society
CLIC Test Facility (European Organization for Nuclear Research)
Client-Oriented Agricultural Research and Dissemination Project
Climate Change Research
Climate Change Research Center
Climate Change Research Division
Climate Change Research Group
Climate Data Research Institute
Climate Impacts Research Centre
Climate Research Data Tools
Climate Research Technical Note
Climate Research Unit
Climate Variability Research Program
Climatic Research Unit
Clinical & Biostatistical Research Associates
Clinical Ageing Research Unit
Clinical and Translational Research
Clinical and Translational Research Institute
Clinical Classification for Health Policy Research
Clinical Governance Research and Development Unit
Clinical HIV Research Unit
Clinical Neuroscience Research Centre
Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit
Clinical Nursing Research
Clinical Nutrition Research Center
Clinical Nutrition Research Unit
Clinical Operational Research Unit
Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research
Clinical Outcomes Research
Clinical Outcomes Research
Clinical Outcomes Research Initiative
Clinical Pharmacology and Translational Research
Clinical Research
Clinical Research Associate
Clinical Research Center
Clinical Research Contract Professional
Clinical Research Coordinator
Clinical Research Curriculum Award
Clinical Research Data Management
Clinical Research Division
Clinical Research Facility
Clinical Research Fellowship
Clinical Research Form
Clinical Research Informatics
Clinical Research Information Exchange
Clinical Research Information System
Clinical Research Investigators
Clinical Research Management
Clinical Research Management System
Clinical Research Network
Clinical Research Nurses Association
Clinical Research Officer
Clinical Research Organization
Clinical Research Physician
Clinical Research Products Management Center
Clinical Research Seminar Series
Clinical Research Squadron
Clinical Research Task Number
Clinical Research Training Grant
Clinical Research Training Program
Clinical Research Trial
Clinical Research Trials Unit
Clinical Research Unit
Clinical Science Research
Clinical Trials Research Group
Clinical Trials Research Nurse
Clinical Trials Research Unit
Clinical Unit for Research Trials in Skin
Clinician’s Research Digest
Cloquet Residential Research Facility
Clothing and Textiles Research Journal
Cloud and Aerosol Research Group
Clusters of Interdisciplinary Research on International Themes
Clymer Healing Research Center
Coal Research Forum
Coal Utilization Research Laboratories
Coalition for Health Environments Research
Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research
Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics
Coalition to Promote Research
Coastal and Arctic Research Division
Coastal and Marine Research
Coastal Conservation Research Program
Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation
Coastal Engineering Research Board
Coastal Engineering Research Center
Coastal Engineering Research Program
Coastal Marine Research and Training in Africa
Coastal Research Amphibious Buggy
Coastal Research Vessel
Coastal Weather Research Center
Coating Applications Research Laboratory
Cobb County Research Facility
Coconut Research Institute
Coffee Research Foundation
Cognitive Behavioral Research and Treatment Program
Cognitive Engineering Research Institute
Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute
Cognitive Ergonomics Research Laboratory
Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development
Coherent and Electro-Optics Research Group
Cold Fusion Research Laboratory
Cold Neutron Research Facility
Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory
Coldwater Fishes Research Center
Coleman Research Corporation
Collaboration for Cancer Outcomes Research and Evaluation
Collaboration Opportunities and Research Partnerships
Collaboration Researchers’ International Workshop on Groupware
Collaboration Technology Research Group
Collaborative Action Research Network
Collaborative Biosecurity Research Initiative
Collaborative Crop Research Program
Collaborative Energy Research Group
Collaborative Minority Institution Alcohol Research Development
Collaborative Offshore Wind Research Into the Environment
Collaborative Oral Fluid Diagnostic Research Center
Collaborative Research Agreement
Collaborative Research and Development
Collaborative Research and Development Center
Collaborative Research Centre
Collaborative Research Division
Collaborative Research for Effective Diagnosis
Collaborative Research in Plant Biology
Collaborative Research Network
Collaborative Research Network in Nanotechnology
Collaborative Research Partnerships
Collaborative Research Project
Collaborative Research Support Program
Collaborative Research Team
Collaborative Science, Technology and Applied Research
Collaborative Simulation for Education and Research
Collaborative Solar-Terrestrial Research
Collaborative Virtual Research Environments
Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work
Collective for Social Science Research
College Football Research Center
College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education
College of Medicine Research Building
College On Research & Development
College Research and Training Unit
Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle
Collegiate Employment Research Institute
Collision Research Associates
Cologne Research – Institute of Fortification Architecture
Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
Colorado Association of Research Libraries, Inc.
Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research
Colorado Computer Systems Research
Colorado Energy Research Institute
Colorado Institute for Research in Biotechnology
Colorado Literacy Research Initiative
Colorado Plateau Research Station
Colorado Professional Researchers for Advancement
Colorado State University Research Foundation
Colorado Water Resources Research Institute
Columbia Basin Agriculture Research Center
Columbia Environmental Research Center
Columbus Children’s Research Institute
Combat Operations Research Group
Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment
Combinatorial Organic Materials Research
Combined Arms Operations Research Activity
Combined Arms Research Library
Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-Wave Astronomy
Combined Research and Language Training
Combined Research Curriculum Development
Combustion and Engine Research Laboratory
Combustion Research Facility
Comity of Research and Chemistry Industries
Command and Control Research Program
Command Research Objectives Plan
Commercial Applications Research for Extra-Terrestrial Technology
Committee for Community-Directed Research and Education
Committee for Microgravity Research
Committee for Monetary Research & Education
Committee on China Research and Development
Committee on Energy Research and Technology
Committee on Human Research
Committee on Human Research
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
Committee on Marine Research, Engineering, and Facilities
Committee on Medical Research
Committee on Military Nutrition Research
Committee on Research
Committee on Research
Committee on Research Grants
Committee on Research Libraries
Committee On Space Research
Committee on the Fall Research Conference
Committee on Water Resources Research
Commodity Research Bureau
Commodity Research Bureau
Commodity Research Unit
Common Cause Medical Research Foundation
Common European Research Information Format
Common Operational Research Equipment
Common Research Environment STAP Technology
Commonwealth Health Research Board
Commonwealth Meteorology Research Centre
Commonwealth Research Centre
Commonwealth Research Initiative
Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization
Communication Design and Research Institute
Communication Industry Researchers, Inc.
Communication Research
Communication Research and Development Satellite
Communication Technology: Basic Research and Applications
Communications and Navigation Research Laboratory
Communications and Optical Research Laboratory
Communications and Research Department
Communications Research Centre Canada
Communications Research Forum
Communications Research Laboratory
Communications-Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center
Community Action and Research for Development
Community Aerosol Research Model from Ames
Community Club Research Information Service Project
Community Extension and Research for Development, Inc.
Community Health Research & Training Unit
Community Health Research Group
Community Health Research Group
Community Health Research Unit
Community Informatics Research Network
Community Nutrition Research Group
Community Planning and Research LLC
Community Research and Development Centre
Community Research and Development Information Service
Community Research and Development Services
Community Research Associates
Community Research Education Awareness
Community Research for Oral Wellness Network
Community Research Project
Community/University Research Partnership
Community-Based Prevention Intervention Research
Community-Based Research and Evaluation
Community-Based Research Forum
Community-Based Research Institute
Community-Partnered Participatory Research
Community-University Research Alliance
Comparative Animal Research Laboratory
Comparative Effectiveness Research
Comparative Ophthalmic Research Laboratories
Comparative Orthopedic Research Laboratory
Comparative Planetary Research
Comparative Research Networks
Comparative Research on the Events of Nations
Comparative Research Programme on Poverty
Comparison of Mesoscale Prediction and Research
Competitive Earmarked Research Grant
Competitive Edge Research and Communication
Competitive Research Grants Office
Complementary Medicine Research
Complexity & Artificial Life Research Concept for Self-Organizing Systems
Compliance Research & Analysis System
Compliance Research and Measurement
Compliance Research Division
Compliance Research Information System
Component and Engine Structural Assessment Research
Component And Engine Structural Assessment Research
Component Research Analyst
Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Comprehensive Center for Pain Research
Comprehensive Drug Research Center
Comprehensive Local Research Network
Comprehensive Online Research Education
Comprehensive School Health Research
Compressor Aero Research Laboratory
Compressor Research Facility
Compton Research, Inc.
Computation & Research Evaluation System
Computational Biology Research Laboratory
Computational Electromagnetics Research Laboratory
Computational Human Engineering Research Office
Computational Intelligence Research Group
Computational Neuroscience Research Group
Computational Optimization Research Center
Computer Anti-Virus Researchers’ Organization
Computer Architecture Research Group
Computer Assisted Legal Research
Computer Crime Research Center
Computer Games Research Institute
Computer Graphics Research Group
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Research Unit
Computer Language Research
Computer Network Research Group
Computer Networking Research Laboratory
Computer Networks Research Lab
Computer Personnel Research
Computer Research and Technology
Computer Research Institute of Montreal
Computer Research Lab
Computer Research News
Computer Science Research Network
Computer Services for Academic Research
Computer Systems Research
Computer Technology Research Corp.
Computer Writing and Research Lab
Computer-Aided Design for Research and Engineering
Computer-Aided Legal Research
Computer-Aided Research in Nursing
Computer-Aided Science Policy Analysis and Research
Computer-based Education Research Laboratory
Computer-Communications Research
Computerized Anthropometric Research and Design
Computerized Speech Research Environment
Computers and Operations Research
Computers and Operations Research
Computing Environment for Linguistic, Literary, and Anthropological Research
Computing Research Advocacy Network
Computing Research Association
Computing Research Infrastructure
Computing Research Laboratory for the Environment
Computing Research Repository
Computing Sciences Research Center
Computing Technologies Research Lab
Concentra Occupational Health Research Institute
Conceptual Astronomy and Physics Education Research
Concrete Research and Education Foundation
Concrete Research Council
Concrete Research Division, Handbook for Concrete and Cement
Concurrent Engineering Research Center
Condensed Matter Research Center
Conference of Research Workers in Animal Disease
Conference on Information Technology Research and Education
Conference on IT Research & Applications
Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention
Conference on Systems Engineering Research
Conference on Teacher Research Experiences
Conference Upon Research and Education in World Government
Confinement Physics Research Facility
Conflict Management Research Group
Conflict of Interest in Research Committee
Conflict Policy Research Project
Congenital Heart Research Center
Congestion Control Research Group
Congress on Research in Dance
Congressional Quarterly Researcher
Congressional Research Employees Association
Congressional Research Service
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program
Connecticut Paranormal Research Society
Connecticut United for Research Excellence, Inc.
Connecting Practice and Research in Mathematics Education
Consciousness Research Laboratory
Conservation and Production Research Laboratory
Conservation and Research Center
Conservation and Research for Endangered Species
Consolidated Adaptive Systems Technology and Optimization Research
Consolidated Research and Development Contract
Consortial Center for Chiropractic Research
Consortium for European Research on Extragalactic Surveys
Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education
Consortium for Research and Education in the Arts and Technology
Consortium for Research and Information Outreach
Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology
Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transition and Equity
Consortium for Slow Commotion Research
Consortium for Software Engineering Research
Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research
Consortium of Household Panels for European Socio-Economic Research
Consortium of University Research Libraries in the British Isles
Consortium on Chicago School Research
Consortium Research Management, Inc.
Conspiracy Theory Research List
Constructed Ecosystems Research Facility
Construction Engineering & Research Laboratory
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Construction Industry Research and Information Association
Construction Industry Research Board
Construction Marketing Research Council
Construction Plasma Arc Research
Construction Productivity Advanced Research
Construction Research Advisory Committee
Construction Research and Innovation Strategy Panel
Construction Research Congress
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Consumer and Professional Research
Consumer Education and Research Centre
Consumer Education and Research Society
Consumer Payments Research Center
Consumer Reports National Research Center
Consumer Research and Planning
Consumer Research Center
Consumer Research Solutions, Inc.
Consumers for Ethics in Research
Contact Improvisation Research Forum
Containerless Research Inc.
Contemporary China Research Center
Continental Divide Research Learning Center
Continental Evolution Research Group
Continental Shelf Research
Continuous Beam Research Apparatus
Contraceptive Research And Development Program
Contract Research And Development
Contract Research and Manufacturing
Contract Research and Manufacturing Services
Contract Research Online Survey
Contract Research Organization
Contracting and Organizations Research Institute
Contractor Research and Development Agreement
Contribution to Research Costs
Control Systems Research Facility
Converging Evidence in Language and Communication Research
Convex Engineering Research Complex
Cooling Technologies Research Center
Cooling Technologies Research Center
Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research
Cooper Union Research Foundation
Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technology Research
Cooperative Forestry Research Unit
Cooperative Fuel Research
Cooperative Institute for Arctic Research
Cooperative Institute for Climate and Ocean Research
Cooperative Institute for Climate Applications and Research
Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystem Research
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
Cooperative Marine Education and Research Program
Cooperative Monitoring, Evaluation and Research
Cooperative Research & Development Agreement
Cooperative Research Action for Technology
Cooperative Research Agreement
Cooperative Research and Development Act of 1984
Cooperative Research And Development Agreement
Cooperative Research Center
Cooperative Research Center in Coatings
Cooperative Research Centre
Cooperative Research Centre for Coal in Sustainable Development
Cooperative Research Centre for Microtechnology
Cooperative Research Centre for Satellite Systems
Cooperative Research Centres Association
Cooperative Research Farms
Cooperative Research Fellowship Program for Minorities
Cooperative Research in Forest Fertilization
Cooperative Research in Information Infrastructure
Cooperative Research Laboratory
Cooperative Research Network
Cooperative Research Partners Initiative
Cooperative State Research Service
Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory
Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit
Coordinated Accelerator Research in Europe
Coordinated Access to the Research and Extension System
Coordinated Ecosystem Research
Coordinated Research and Curriculum Development
Coordinated Research of Florida
Coordinated Research Program
Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking
Co-Ordinating Committee on Health Aspects of Radiation Research
Coordinating Fuel and Equipment Research Committee
Coordinating Research Council
Coordinating Research on the North Atlantic
Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre
Coral Reef Research Foundation
Coral Reef Research Institute
Coral Reef Targeted Research
Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology
Cornea and Contact Lens Research Unit
Cornell Beam Research Accelerator
Cornell Broadband Communications Research Laboratory
Cornell Gerontology Research Institute
Cornell Institute for Research on Children
Cornell Institute for Translational Research on Aging
Cornell Presidential Research Scholar
Cornell Research Foundation
Cornell Undergraduate Research Board
Cornerstone Research Group, Inc.
Cornwall Health Research Unit
Corporate Agribusiness Research Project
Corporate and Industry Research Reports
Corporate Citizenship Research Unit
Corporate Finance Research
Corporate Real Estate Management Research Unit
Corporate Research Associates, Inc.
Corporate Research Center
Corporate Research Foundation
Corporate Research Institute
Corporate Social Responsibility Research
Corporation for Economic Industrial Research
Corporation for Laser Optics Research
Corporation for National Research
Corps of Engineers Directorate of Research and Development
Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory
Cosmobiology Research Foundation
Cosmonaut Researcher
Costa Rican Airborne Research and Technology
Cotton Production and Processing Research Unit
Cotton Research and Development Corporation
Cotton Research Institute
Cotton Textile Research Unit
Council for Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching
Council for Asian Terrorism Research
Council for British Research in the Levant
Council for Chemical Research
Council for Community and Economic Research
Council for Education Policy Research and Improvement
Council for Food Research and Development
Council for Health Research in Canada
Council for Research in Music Education
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Automatic Computer
Council for Tobacco Research
Council for Tobacco Research
Council for Unified Research and Education
Council of American Survey Research Organizations
Council of Institutional Research Officers
Council of Organized Researchers for Pedagogical Studies of Ballet
Council of Research and Academic Libraries
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Council On Health Research for Development
Council on Undergraduate Research
Countryside and Community Research Institute
Countryside and Community Research Unit
County Archive Research Network
Coupled Hydrosphere-Atmosphere Research Model
Cover and Deception Research Encyclopedia
Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network
Cray Research
Cray Research Adaptive FORTRAN
Cray Research Service Bulletin
Cray Research, Inc.
Create a Research Space
Creation Research of the North Coast
Creation Research Society
Creation Research Society Quarterly
Creation-Science Research Center
Creative Development Research
Creative Research Concepts
Creative Research Network
Credentialed Clinical Research Trainer
Credit Analysis & Research Limited
Credit Card Research Group
Credit Management Research Centre
Credit Research Foundation
CREES Open Research Postgraduate Seminar
Crew Research Management
Crew Station Research and Development Facility
Crime and Justice Research Centre
Crime Mapping Research Center
Crime Research in South Africa
Crimean War Research Society
Crimes Against Children Research Center
Criminal Justice Research Center
Criminal Justice Research Consortium
Criminology Research Institute
CRISR Cooperative Research Program
Critical Care Education and Research Foundation
Critical Research in Digital Architecture
Crohn’s Disease Research Inc.
Crohn’s in Childhood Research Association
Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre
Crop Disease Research Institute
Crop Insurance Research Bureau
Crop Management Research and Technology
Crop Management Research Training
Cropping Systems and Water Quality Research Unit
Crops Research Institute
Cross-Border Research Association
Cross-Cultural Research
Cross-Cultural Research on the Nutrition of Older Subjects
Crown Research Institutes
Croydon Market Research Centre
Crucible Materials Research Center
Cryogenics Research and Integration Facility
Cryptographic Engineering Research Group
Cryptography Research Inc.
Cryptography Research, Inc
Crystal Research Associates, LLC
CTI Research Symposium
Cuba Research and Analysis Group
Cuban Research Institute
Cult Prevention and Research Ministries
Cultural Industries Research Centre
Cultural Information and Research Centres Liaison in Europe
Cultural Policy and Planning Research Unit
Cultural Policy Research Online
Culture, Politics and Society Research Group
Current HIV Education Research
Current Medical Research and Opinion
Current Research in Tennessee Archaeology
Current Research Information System
Current Research Summaries
Current Trends in Drug Discovery Research
Curriculum Research Development Group
Curtin Indigenous Research Centre
Cushing’s Support & Research Foundation
Custom Research Company
Customer Assistance Research & Education
Cyber Center for Corruption Research
Cyber Research Systems Corporation
Cyberarts, Research, Music and Audio
Cybernetic Culture Research Unit
Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group
Cycles Research Institute
Cystic Fibrosis Research Consortium
Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc.
Cytogenetic and Genome Research
Daily Research News Online
Dairy Forage Research Center
Dairy Teaching and Research Center
Dairy Training and Research Institute
Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation
Danish Biotech Research Academy
Danish Centre for Design Research
Danish Defense Research Board
Danish Development Research Network
Danish Meat Research Institute
Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics
Danish Social Science Research Council
Danish Space Research Institute
Dartmouth Research & Consulting
Darwin College Research Reports
Data Mining and Informatics Research Group
Data Research
Data Research
Data Research Associates
Data Research Associates, Inc.
Data Software Research Company
Data Systems Research Foundation
Database Analysis Research Targeting
Datamat Systems Research, Inc.
Dataset Acquisition, Accessibility and Annotation e-Research Technologies
David Skaggs Research Center
David Taylor Naval Ships Research & Development Center
David Taylor Research Center
David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research & Development Center
Davy Faraday Research Laboratory
Day Cancer Research Foundation
Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre
Deafness Research Foundation
Decision Support Systems Research
Decoy Research
Decoy Research
Deer-Vehicle Accident Research
Defence Agricultural Research Laboratory
Defence and Security Applications Research Centre
Defence Avionics Research Establishment
Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
Defence Evaluation and Research Institute
Defence Food Research Laboratory
Defence Industrial Research Program
Defence Materials and Stores Research & Development Establishment
Defence Medical Research Institute
Defence Research & Education Centre
Defence Research and Development Branch
Defence Research and Development Laboratory
Defence Research Board
Defence Research Development Organization
Defence Research Establishment
Defence Research Establishment
Defence Research Establishment Suffield
Defence Research Laboratory
Defence Research Telecommunications Establishment
Defence Terrain Research Laboratory
Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Defense Advanced Research Testbed Network
Defense Atomic Research Facility
Defense Committee On Research
Defense Logistics Agency Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis
Defense Logistics Information Research Program
Defense Research Agency
Defense Research and Applications
Defense Research and Development Directorate
Defense Research and Engineering
Defense Research and Engineering
Defense Research and Engineering Network
Defense Research Board
Defense Research Committee
Defense Research Group
Defense Research Institute
Defense Research Review
Defense Telecommunications Research Establishment
Defense University Research Program
Degree Program in Clinical Research
Deloitte Accounting Research Tool
Delta Research and Educational Foundation
Delta Research and Extension Center
Delta Research and Global Observation Network
Demographic Training and Research Centre
Demon Research Initiative
Dental & Cosmetic Research Institute
Dental Research Journal
Denuder Atmospheric Research Experiment
Denver Research Institute
Department for Research of Anti Mime Advancement
Department of Agricultural Research and Education
Department of Agricultural Research and Training
Department of Clinical Research
Department of Clinical Research Informatics
Department of Defense Library Research Service
Department Of Defense Research & Engineering
Department of Educational Research, Technology, and Leadership
Department of Environmental Research
Department of Fisheries Research
Department of Genetics and Genetic Engineering Research Center
Department of Geographic Research
Department of Management Sciences & Research
Department of Medical and Research Technology
Department of Military and Scientific Research
Department of Molecular Biomedical Research
Department of Naval Research
Department of Obscure Research
Department of Research and Specialist Services
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
Depression Treatment Research Center
Deputy Chief of Staff for Research, Development, & Acquisition
Deputy Director Research and Engineering
Deputy Director, Defense Research and Engineering
Deputy Directorate for Research Operations
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research
Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group
Derosa Research and Trading, Inc.
Desert Research Institute
Desert Research Unit
Design Development Research and Engineering
Design Engineering Research Centre
Design Institute for Physical Property Research
Design Research Informatics Lab
Designated Research Initiative Fund
Design-Based Research
Deskin Research Group
Detroit Society for Genealogical Research
Developing Areas Research Group
Developing Areas Research Network
Development Center for Research and Training
Development Economics Research Group
Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education
Development of Pancreatic Cancer Research
Development, Innovation and International Political Economy Research
Development, Welfare and Research Foundation
Developmental Center for Evaluation and Research in Patient Safety
Device Research Conference
Devon Apicultural Research Group
Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation
Diabetes Australia Research Trust
Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center
Diabetes Epidemiology Research International
Diabetes Interdisciplinary Research Program
Diabetes National Research Group
Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
Diabetes Research and Training Center
Diabetes Research and Treatment Center
Diabetes Research Institute
Diabetes Research Institute Foundation
Diabetes Research Network
Diabetes Research Network
Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network
Diagnostic Criteria for Psychosomatic Research
Die Casting Research Foundation
Digital Arts Research Center
Digital Culture Research & Management
Digital Enterprise Research Institute
Digital Forensic Research Workshop
Digital Government Research
Digital Government Research Center
Digital Imaging and Preservation Policy Research
Digital Imaging Research Division
Digital Interaction Research Network
Digital Land Systems Research
Digital Library for International Research
Digital Library Research Group
Digital Online Research Assistant
Digital Radio Research Inc.
Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research
Digital Research
Digital Research
Digital Research Disk Operating System
Digital Research, Incorporated
Digital World Research Centre
Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division
Diopian Inquiry and Research on Education as Culture Transmission
Director General of Research Councils
Director of Army Research and Technology
director of defense research and engineering
Director of Missile Safety Research
Director of Research
Director of Research and Engineering
Director of Research and Engineering
Director, Research Directorate
Directorate General Joint Research Centre
Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research
Directorate of Fisheries Research
Directorate of Irrigation Research & Development
Directorate of Medical Education and Research
Directorate of Oilseeds Research
Directorate of Rice Research
Directorate of Teacher Education, Research and Training
Directorate of Wheat Research
Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects
Disability Research Institute
Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association
Disaster Research Centre
Discrimination Research Center
Dispensational International Research Network
Display, Education, Research Population
Dissertation Initiative for the Advancement of Climate-Change Research
Distance Education Action and Research
Distinguished Faculty Research Lecture
Distinguished Research Fellow
Distributed Ambulatory Research in Therapeutics Network
Distributed Analysis and Research Portfolio Aggregator
Distributed Computing Research Lab
Distributed Microsystems Research
Distributed Research Library
Distribution Research and Education Foundation
Distribution Systems Research Institute
Distributional Analysis Research Program
District Office Research and Analysis
Diving Instrumentation Vehicle for Environmental Research
Diving Instrumentation Vehicle for Environmental Research
Division for Clinical Research Resources
Division for the Application of Research Discoveries
Division of Biomedical Marine Research
Division of Clinical Research
Division of Computer Research and Technology
Division of Environmental Safety Research
Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research
Division of Extramural Research
Division of Geothermal Research
Division of International Training and Research
Division of Labor Statistics and Research
Division of Materials Research
Division of Neuroscience and Behavioral Research
Division of Pediatric Translational Research and Treatment Development
Division of Radiation and Radiobiological Research
Division of Research and Graduate Studies
Division of Research Development and Administration
Division of Research Grants
Division of Research, Training and Education
Division of Science, Research and Technology
Division of Sponsored Research and Training
Division of Toxicology Research and Testing
Division of Treatment and Recovery Research
Division of Treatment Research and Development
Doctor of Metaphysical Research
Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad
Doctoral Research Center
Doctoral/Research University
Documentation Research & Training Centre
Dolphin Research Center
Dolphin Research Education And Management
Don Mackay Environmental Research
Donaldson Arthritis Research Foundation
Doppler Radar and Storm Electricity Research
Down Syndrome Research Foundation
Dr. Zekai Tahir Burak Women’s Health Education and Research Hospital
Dredging Research Program
Drexel Institute for Biotechnology and Virology Research
Drinking Water Research Center
Drinking Water Research Division
Drinking Water Research Foundation
Driver Education Research Foundation
Driver Education Research Foundation
Drug and Alcohol Information and Research Unit
Drug Development Research
Drug Misuse Research Initiative
Drug Research Reports
Dryden Flight Research
Dryden Flight Research Center
Dryden Flight Research Facility
Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research
Duke Clinical Research Institute
Duke Surgery Research Central
Duke Translational Research Institute
Dundee Tunnel Research
Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Research Unit
Dutch Ophthalmic Research Center
Dynamics and Control Research Group
Dynamics Research Corporation
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America
Early Career Research Affiliates
Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme
Early Development Research Group
Early Numeracy Research Project
Early Promotion and Intervention Research Consortium
Early Stage Researcher
Earth and Space Research
Earth History Research Center
Earth Observation Research Center
Earth Science Research
Earth Science Toward Exploration Research
Earth Sciences Research Journal
Earth Space Research Group
Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory
Earthquake Research Institute
Earthworm Research Group
Earthworm Research Group
East African Marine Fisheries Research Organization
East African Research Information Centre
East Campus Research Association
East Malling Research Association
Eastern Center for Research in Astrophysics
Eastern Educational Research Association
Eastern Paranormal Research
Eastern Puma Research Network
Eastern Regional Research Center
Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy, & Action
Eating Disorders Research Society
Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group
Economic and Demographic Research
Economic and Financial Research Division
Economic and Social Research Council
Economic and Social Research Foundation
Economic and Social Research Institute
Economic Cycle Research Institute
Economic Development Research Group
Economic Policy Research Institute
Economic Policy Research Network
Economic Research Advisory Committee
Economic Research Analysis
Economic Research and Development Center
Economic Research and Financial Analysis
Economic Research and Training Foundation
Economic Research Forum
Economic Research Group
Economic Research Group
Economic Research Institute
Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia
Economic Research Service
Economic Research Southern Africa
Economics and International Business Research Conference
Economics Research Associates
Economics Research Center
Economics Research Centre
Ecosystem Change Research Program
Ecosystem Management Research Institute
Ecosystem Research Group
Ecosystem Research Group
Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau
Ecosystems Research and Development Service
Ecosystems Research Branch
Ecosystems Research Division
Edgewood Research, Development and Engineering Center
Edinburgh Centre for Rural Research
Edison Media Research
Edmonton Research Park
Education and Auditory Research
Education and Research
Education and Research Center
Education and Research Institute
Education and Research NETwork
Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses
Education Research and Training Authority
Education Research Complete
Education Research Group
Education Research Group
Education Research Opportunity Program
Education Research Program
Education Research Section
Education Training and Research Associates
Education, Practice and Research
Education, Research and Innovation
Education, Research and Innovation in GNSS
Education, Research, Advocacy and Support to End Racism
Education, Training and Research
Educational Consultants and Research Associates
Educational Leadership Research and Counseling
Educational Research
Educational Research Abstracts
Educational Research and Advisory Unit
Educational Research and Evaluation
Educational Research Association
Educational Research Center of America
Educational Research Information Clearinghouse
Educational Research Quarterly
Educational Researcher
Educational Technology Research and Assessment Cooperative
Effective Care Research Unit
Effective English Communication for Teaching and Research
Effective Microorganisms Research Organization
Egg Safety and Quality Research Unit
E-Learning Research Centre
Electric Armaments Research Center
Electric Industry Research Group
Electric Power Research Institute
Electric Research and Manufacturing Cooperative
Electrical Engineering Research Laboratory
Electrical Insulation Research Center
Electrical Research Association
Electricity Networks Analysis, Research and Development
Electricity Policy Research Group
Electromagnetic Applied Research Facility
Electromagnetic Research Consultants, Inc.
Electromechanical Research Incorporated
Electronic and Marine Research Industries
Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods
Electronic Library of Scientific Research
Electronic Materials Applied Research Center
Electronic Media in Education Research Group
Electronic Publishing Research Group
Electronic Research Administration
Electronic Research Center
Electronic Research Collection
Electronic Systems and Signals Research Laboratory
Electronic Writing Research Ensemble
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Protocol Engineering Center
Electronics Research and Development Laboratory
Electronics Research Group
Electronics Research Group
Elliott Research and Demonstration Station
Elm Farm Research Centre
Elm Research Institute
embryonic stem cell research
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight
Emergency Care Research Institute
Emergency Management and Research Institute
Emergency Medicine Research Associate Program
Emerging Diseases Research Group
Emerging Energy Research
Emerging Research Opportunities in Web Data Management
Emerging Technology and Research Advisory Committee
Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research
Emory Center for Outcomes Research
Emory Undergraduate Research Journal
Empirical Research Group, Incorporated
Empirical Research Group, Incorporated
Employee Benefit Research Institute
Employee Identification Number Research & Assignment System
Employment Market Analysis and Research
Emporia State Research Studies
Endicott Research Group, Inc
Endicott Research Group, Inc
Endocannabinoid Research Group
Endocannabinoid Research Group
Endometriosis Research Center
Endowment for Education and Research
Energy and Materials Research Group
Energy and Minerals Applied Research Center
Energy Research
Energy Research & Development Administration
Energy Research Abstracts
Energy Research Advisory Board
Energy Research and Development Act of 1974
Energy Research and Development Agency
Energy Research and Development in Agriculture and Food
Energy Research and Development Institute
Energy Research Center of the Netherlands
Energy Research Laboratory
Energy Research Undergraduate Laboratory Fellowship
Energy Research Unit
Energy Storage Research Group
Engine and Emissions Research Laboratory
Engine Research Center
Engineer Research & Development Laboratories
Engineer Research and Development Center
Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
Engineering and Economic Research
Engineering and Economics Research Systems
Engineering Research and Development Center
Engineering Research and Development for Technology Consortium
Engineering Research Associates
Engineering Research Center
Engineering Research Facility
Engineering Research Group
Engineering Research Group
Engineering Software Research and Development, Inc.
Engineering Systems Research Center
English Heritage Research Transactions
Enhanced Farm Research Analyst
Enhancement of Research Capacity in Developing Countries
Enterprise Information Research Group
Entrepreneurial Programming and Research on Mobiles
Envelope Systems Research Apparatus
Environics Research Group
Environics Research Group
Environment Behavior Research Association
Environment Research and Training Center
Environment Research Center
Environmental Applied Research Technology House Corp.
Environmental Change Research Unit
Environmental Consulting and Research Unit
Environmental Design Research Association
Environmental Education Research
Environmental Health Research and Testing, Inc.
Environmental Horticulture Research and Information Center
Environmental Law Research Centre
Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory
Environmental Protection and Research Institute
Environmental Research and Education
Environmental Research and Education Foundation
Environmental Research and Technology Air Quality Model
Environmental Research and Training Laboratories
Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency
Environmental Research Applications
Environmental Research Center
Environmental Research Event
Environmental Research Foundation
Environmental Research Group
Environmental Research Group
Environmental Research Group Oxford
Environmental Research Information Exchange
Environmental Research Institute for Art
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist
Environmental Research Laboratory
Environmental Research Ship
Environmental Research Systems Institute
Environmental Research Technology and Educational Consultancy
Environmental Research, Technology and Policy
Environmental Resources Research Centre
Environmental Science and Research
Environmental Science Research Associates
Environmental Sciences Research Center
Environmental Sciences Research Institute
Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute
Environmental Structure Research Group
Environmental Studies Research Funds
Environmental Systems Research Institute software, Redlands, California)
Epidemiologic Research and Information Center
Epidemiology and Genetics Research Program
Epidemiology and Health Policy Research
Epidemiology and Surveillance Research
Epilepsy Research Group
Epilepsy Research Group
Epo RNA Binding Protein (blood cell research protein)
EPortfolio Research and Development Community
Equine Consortium for Genetic Research
Equine Research & Welfare Fund
Equine Research Center
Equine Research Training System
Erasmus Research Institute of Management
Erasmus University Research Institute for Decision and Information Systems
ERCIM Database Research Group
e-Research Australasia
eResearch Technology, Inc
e-Review of Tourism Research
Ergonomics and Safety Research Institute
Ernst Schering Research Foundation
Erwin Karl & Partners, Industrial Marketing Research
eScience Telescopes for Astronomical Research
Escondido Research and Technology Center
Escort Research Ship
Essential Oils Research Center
Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture
Estuarine Research Federation
Ethical Committee for Research on Animals
Ethical Consumer Research Association
Ethical Investment Research and Information Service
Ethics Committee for Research on Animals
Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research
Ethnographic Social Research Options
Euro-Asian Marketing Research Association
European Academic Research Network
European Applied Research Network
European Artificial Reef Research Network
European Association for Cancer Research
European Association for Institutional Research
European Association for Research on Adolescence
European Association of Development, Research and Training Institutes
European Association of Potato Research
European Association of Research and Technology Organisations
European Atherosclerosis Research Study
European Bat Research Symposium
European Biomedical Research Association
European Cartridge Research Association
European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics
European Center for Nuclear Research
European Centre for Ontological Research
European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation
European Centre for Social Welfare Training and Research
European Centre of Drug Safety Research
European Cinema Research Forum
European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network
European Collaborative Research Projects
European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis
European Computer-Industry Research Centre
European Conference on Educational Research
European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries
European Conference on Research Infrastructures
European Congress on Research in Rehabilitation
European Consortium for Agricultural Research in the Tropics
European Consortium for Sociological Research
European Construction Research Network
European Depression in Diabetes Research Consortium
European Educational Research Association
European Educational Research Journal
European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation
European Festival Research Project
European Forest Ecosystem Research Network
European Guidance and Counselling Research Forum
European Hair Research Society
European Hedgehog Research Group
European Histamine Research Society
European Humus Research Group
European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research
European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research
European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research
European Law Research Center
European Leisure Research Association
European Marmoset Research Group
European Media Research Organisations
European Metrology Research and Development Programme
European Network for SME Research
European Opinion Research Group
European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere
European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer
European Orthopedic Research Society
European Parliaments Research Initiatives
European Pentecostal Charismatic Research Association
European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association
European Philosophy Research Group
European Plastic Surgery Research Council
European Research and Development Institutes
European Research and Innovation Area
European Research Area
European Research Area Board
European Research Conferences
European Research Cooperation Agency
European Research Coordination Agency
European Research Fellowship
European Research Gateways On-Line
European Research Group for Alternatives in Toxicity Testing
European Research in Advanced Materials
European Research in Space and Terrestrial Osteoporosis
European Research Infrastructure Consortium
European Research Institute for Consumer Affairs
European Research Libraries Cooperation
European Research National Organization
European Research Network for evaluation and improvement of screening, Diagnosis and treatment of Inherited Disorders of Metabolism
European Research Network on Transitions in Youth
European Research Office
European Researchers in Didactics of Biology
European Sleep Research Society
European Society for Impotence Research
European Society for Isotope Research
European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research
European Society for Surgical Research
European Space Research and Technology Centre
European Space Research Institute
European Space Research Organisation
European Strategic Program for Research in Information Technology
European Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology
European Tamil Documentation and Research Centre
European Training and Research Center for Human Rights and Democracy
European Union of Research Institutes for Shoes
European Union Research Advisory Board
European Vision and Eye Research
European Weed Research Society
Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization
Evaluation Research and Development
Evaluation Research Company
Evidence Based Research, Inc
Evolutionary Ecology Research
Exceptional, Unconventional Research Enabling Knowledge Acceleration
Experimental Media Research Laboratory
Experimental Research
Experimental Research
Experimental Research Design
Experimental Research Society
Experimental Systems and Research Department
Exploration Systems Research and Technology
Exploratory Center for Obesity Research
Exploratory Research and Development Center
Exploratory Research and Development Initiative
External Research Program
Extremely Low Frequency Research and Development
Exxon Production Research Company
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
Eydon Historical Research Group
Eye Research Foundation
Eye Tracking Research and Applications
Fabric Care Research Association
Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research
Factory Mutual Research Corporation
Faculty Awards for Research
Faculty Awards for Research
Faculty Overview of Research and Undergraduate Mentoring
Faculty Postgraduate Research Scholarship
Faculty Research Associate
Faculty Research Expertise Database
Faculty Research Grants Committee
Faculty Research Office
Faculty Research Participation
Faculty Research Seminar
Faculty Research Support Program
Fairchild Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research
Family Medicine Research Center
Family Medicine Research Centre
Family Research Council
Family Research Institute
Family Research Institute
Family Research Laboratory
Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Inc.
Far Eastern Regional Hydrometeorological Research Institute
Farm Mechanization Research Centre
Farming System Research
Farming System Research and Extension
Federal Contract Research Center
Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research
Federal Electronic Research and Review Extraction Tool
Federal Industry and Research
Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi, Nigeria
Federal Research Centre for Nutrition
Federal Research Division
Federal Research In Progress
Federal School Research Collaboration Fund
Federally Contracted Research Center
Federally Funded Research & Development Center
Federated Computing Research Conference
Feedback Research Services
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Fellow of the Design Research Society
Fellow of the Hypnotherapy Research Society
Fellow of the Institute of Clinical Research
Fellow Perinatal Research Society
Felsenstein Medical Research Center
Feltman Research and Engineering Lab
Feltman Research Labs.
Feminist Participatory Action Research
Feminist Research, Education, Development and Action
Femtosecond Technology Research Association
Fermi Research Alliance, LLC
Ferreira Penna Research Station
Ferret Education and Research Trust
Fetal Tissue Transplantation Research
Fidelity Management and Research Corporation
Fidelity Research Institute
Fidelity Research Institute
Field Crops Research and Development Institute
Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research
Field Research Facility
Field Research Laboratory
Field Research Unit
Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
Finance and Development Research Programme
Finance and Trade Policy Research Centre
Financial Accounting Research System
Financial Business Research Company
Financial Econometrics Research Centre
Financial Executives Research Foundation
Financial Health Research Institute
Financial Integration Consulting and Research, Inc.
Financial Integrity Research Network
Financial Markets Research Center
Financial Options Research Centre
Financial Research Corp.
Financial Research Institute
Financial Research Institute
Finnish Association for Aerosol Research
Finnish Institute of Marine Research
Finnish Operations Research Society
Finnish Youth Research Network
Fire and Environmental Research Applications
Fire Information Systems Research in the Ecology, Socio-Culture, and History of the Mediterranean Environment
Fire Research and Management Exchange System
Fire Research Information Services
Fire Research Laboratory
Fire Research Station
First Nations Research Site
Fiscal Analysis and Research Unit
Fish Endocrinology Research Group
Fish Health Research Laboratory
Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Program
Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Program
Fisheries Economics Research Unit
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
Fisheries Research Board of Canada
Fisheries Research Institute
Fisheries Research Institute
Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia
Fisheries Research Services
Fisheries Research Unit
Fisherman and Scientists Research Society
Fishing Industry Research Institute
Fixed Income Research
Fleet Research Assist
Flexible System to Advance Innovative Research for Cancer Drug Discovery by Small Businesses
Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute
Flight Research Center
Flinders Aboriginal Health Research
Floating Ocean Research and Development
Florida Atlantic University Research Corporation
Florida Citrus Production Research Advisory Council
Florida Institute for Research, Science & Technology
Florida Institute of Phosphate Research
Florida Marine Research Institute
Florida Mycology Research Center
Florida Program for Shark Research
Florida Research & Economic Database
Florida Research and Development Center
Florida Turfgrass Research Foundation
Flour Milling and Baking Research Association
Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratory
Fluid Physics Strategic Research
Fluids and Environmental Research Group
Flux Research Group
Focus Center Research Program
Focused Research Initiative
Focused Research Initiative
Food and Agricultural Research Council
Food and Environment Research Agency
Food Distribution Research Society
Food Industries Research Institute
Food Research and Action Center
Food Research and Development Centre
Food Research Institute
Food Research Institute
Food Safety Research and Response Network
Food Safety Research Information Office
Food Security Research Unit
Food Technology Research Institute
Food-Linked Agro-Industrial Research
Force Research Unit
Forcenet Innovation and Research Enterprise
Foreign Law Research
Foreign Policy Research Institute
Foreign Trade Research Institute
Forensic Institute for Research and Education
Forensic Institute Research Network
Forensic Science Research Unit
Forest Biology Research Cooperative
Forest Biosecurity Research Council
Forest Ecosystem Research Group
Forest Ecosystem Research Network of Sites
Forest Products Research Institute
Forest Products Research Society
Forest Research Division
Forest Research Institute
Forest Research Institute
Forest Service Global Change Research Program
Forestry and Game Management Research Institute
Forestry Research Programme
Forrester Research, Inc.
Forrester Research, Inc.
Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa
Forum of Arctic Research Operators
Forum of University Research Authority Directors
Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action
Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research
Foundation for Air-Medical Research and Education
Foundation for Alcoholism Research
Foundation for Alcoholism Research
Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research
Foundation for Applied Research in Gastrointestinal Oncology
Foundation for Association Research & Education
Foundation for Biblical Research
Foundation for Biomedical Research
Foundation for Blood Research
Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research
Foundation for European Forest Research
Foundation for Glacier and Environmental Research
Foundation for Immunologic Research
Foundation for Information Policy Research
Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research
Foundation for Latin American Anthropological Research
Foundation for Medical Research
Foundation for Melanoma Research
Foundation for Mind-Being Research
Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education
Foundation for Paranormal Research
Foundation for Prader-Willi Research
Foundation for Promotion of Cancer Research
Foundation for Research & Technology-Hellas
Foundation for Research Development
Foundation for Research in Community Health
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
Foundation for Research on Intensive Care in Europe
Foundation for Research on International Environment National Development and Security
Foundation for Strategic Research
Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research
Foundation for Water Research
Foundation of Research and Education
Foundations of Independent Research and Communications
Foundations of Independent Research and Communications
Four Corners Environmental Research Institute
Fragile X Syndrome Research Foundation
Framework Research and Development Programme
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Free Online Research Papers
Freeville Organic Research Farm
Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation
Freshwater Research Unit
Friends and Families for Autism Research
Friends of Cancer Research
Friends Research Institute, Inc
Friends Research Institute, Inc
Frontier Research System
Frontiers in Integrated Biological Research
Frontiers in Research: Space and Time
Frontiers of e-Business Research
Fruit Research and Extension Center
Functional Brain-Gut Research Group
Functional Imaging Research Network
Functional Medicine Research Center
Fund for Public Interest Research
Fund for Research and Investment for the Development of Africa
Fund for UFO Research
Fundamental Research
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Research
Fundamentals of Human Research Protections
Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy
Fungal Research Trust
Fusion Ignition Research Experiment
Fusion Research Centre
Future Internet Research and Experimentation
Future Research Challenges for Software and Services
Gallatin Paranormal Research
Gallaudet Research Institute
Games and Education Research Network
Garcia Research Associates
Gas Research Institute
Gastroenterology Research on Absorptive and Secretory Processes
Gateway for Cancer Research
Gateway Research Organization
GCC Research Opportunities
Gellman Research Associates
Gender Economic Research and Policy Analysis
Gender Education Research and Technologies Foundation
Gender Research Center
Gender Research in Music Education
Gene Therapy Research Advisory Panel
Genealogical Research Directory
Genealogical Research Institute of New Zealand
Genealogical Research Institute of Virginia
General Clinical Research Center
General Engineering Research and Applications
General Evolution Research Group
General Insurance Market Research Association
General Insurance Research Organising Committee
General Motors Cancer Research Foundation
General Research Corporation
General Research Ethics Board
General Research of Electronics, Inc
General Research Use
General System Engineering Research & Development
Generalist Provider Research Initiative
Generic Research
Genetic Algorithm Research Group
Genetic Information Research Institute
Genetics and Insurance Research Centre
Genome Information Research Center
Genome-Enabled Plant Research
Genomic Research in the African Diaspora
Genomic Research on Atlantic Salmon Project
Genomics Policy Research Unit
Geochemical and Environmental Research Group
Geoenvironmental Research Centre
Geographic Analysis Tool for Health and Environmental Research
Geological Research and Development Centre
Geophysical Research Abstracts
Geophysical Research Letters
Geophysical Research Program
Geophysics Research Board
Geopotential Research Explorer Mission
Geopotential Research Mission
Georgia Educational Research Association
Georgia Research Alliance
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Georgia Tech Research Reactor
Georgian Research and Development Foundation
Geoscience Research Drilling Office
Geoscience Research Institute
Geospatial Research and Information Laboratory
Geosynthetics Research Institute
Geotechnical Engineering Research Group
Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation, Inc.
Geothermal Energy Research and Development
Geriatric Research and Education Center
Geriatric Research Center
Geriatric Research, Education and Clinic Center
German Wool Research Institute
Gerontology Research Center
Gerontology Research Centre
Gerontology Research Group
Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (German Federal Research Institute f
Getting Research Into Policy and Practice
Getting Research Into Practice and Purchasing
Ghana Research and Advocacy Programme
Ghost Education & Research Center
Ghost Research Society
Gibson Research Corporation
Glasgow University Archeological Research Division
Glasshouse Crops Research Institute
Glaucoma Research and Education Group
Glaucoma Research Foundation
Glenn Research Center
Global Applied Research Network
Global Association of Research
Global Atmospheric Research Program
Global Atmospheric Research Project
Global Change Research Center
Global Change Research Group
Global Change Research Program
Global Change System for Analysis Research and Training
Global Climate Change Research
Global Engineering Education and Research
Global Entomology Agricultural Research Server
Global Entrepreneurship Research Center
Global Environmental Research Committee
Global Forum on Agricultural Research
Global Health and Awareness Research Foundation
Global Health Research Foundation
Global Health Research Initiative Program
Global Investment Research Committee
Global Mining Research Alliance
Global Petroleum Research Institute
Global Phosphorus Research Initiative
Global Research and Development
Global Research and Development
Global Research in International Affairs Center
Global Research Network
Global Teachers Research and Resources, Inc.
Global Undersea Research Unit
Global Urban Research Initiative
Global Waste Research Institute
Glueckstal Colonies Research Association
Gobabeb Training and Research Centre
Goddard Flight Research Center
Golf Research in Play
Gondol Research Institute for Mariculture
Good Clinical Research Practice
Gordon Research Conferences
Governance Arrangements for Research Ethics Committees
Government Operational Research Service
Government Research Announcement
Government Research Directory
Government Research Institute of Formosa
Government Social Research
Government Transportation Research Information Committee
Government/Industry Cooperative Research
Governmental Accounting Research System
Graduate Education and Research at the University of Pittsburgh
Graduate Engineering and Research Center
Graduate Research Assistant
Graduate Research Assistant Scholarship Program
Graduate Research Assistantship
Graduate Research Association of Students in Pharmacy
Graduate Research Environmental Fellowship
Graduate Research Training Program
Graduate School of Materials Research
Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
Graduate Student Research Fund
Graduate Student Researcher
Graduate Student Researcher Program
Graduate Studies and Research
Graffiti Research Lab
Grain Legume Research Council
Grain Research Committee of Western Australia
Grains Research and Development Corporation
Grand Water Research Institute
Grant Proposal & Research Services
Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation
Grape Processing and Research Institute
Grasp Analysis and Planning Research
Gravity Research Mission
Gray Iron Research Institute
Great Ape Research Institute
Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
Great Plains Systems Research Unit
Greater Mekong Subregion Academic and Research Network
Greater Research Opportunities
Greco Research Engineering Company, Inc.
Greek Association for Orthodontic Study and Research
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, Inc.
Greenhouse and Processing Crops Research Centre
Grid Infrastructure Research & Development
Grid Research and Innovation Laboratory
Grid Research Centre
Grid Research Integration Deployment and Support Center
Grid Technology Research Center
Gross Expenditure on Research and Development
Groundwater Arsenic Research Group
Group for Cryptology Research
Group for Research and Analysis in Statistical Physics
Group of European Audience Researchers
Group on Research Advancement and Development
Groupe de Research d’Art Visuel
Guangzhou Electric Apparatus Research Institute
Guest Researcher
Guide Line Identification Program for Anti-Missile Research
Guide Lines for Investigation, Planning, and Research
Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute
Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation
Gujarat Engineering Research Institute
Gulf Archaeology Research Institute
Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Gulf Research Center
Gurpukur Research Institute
Gynaecological Cancer Research Centre
HAART Observational Medical Evaluation and Research (Canada)
Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research
Hagen Avicultural Research Institute
Haleakala Research and Development, Inc.
Halon Alternatives Research Corporation
Hammad Institute of Legal Research
Hamon Research-Cottrell Italia
Hampton Roads Research Partnership
Handedness Research Institute
Hanford Academic Research Committee
Hannah Research Institute
Haptic Interface Research Laboratory
Harappa Archaeological Research Project
Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center
Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Act
Harry Oppenheimer Okavango Research Centre
Hartford Institute for Religion Research
Harvard Center for Textile and Apparel Research
Harvard Clinical Research Institute
Harvard College Program for Research in Science and Engineering
Harvard College Research Program
Harvard Family Research Project
Harvard Injury Control Research Center
Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute
Hawai’i Undersea Research Laboratory
Hawaii Agriculture Research Center
Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative Research Program
Hawaii Education Research Network
Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies
Hawaii Undersea Research Lab
Hawaii Whale Research Foundation
Hazardous Substance Research Center
Hazardous Waste Research Center
Head Protection Research Laboratory
Heads of International Research Organizations
Heads of Research Councils
Health Advantage Research and Development
Health and Air Research Program
Health and Education Research Operative Services
Health and Environmental Research Advisory Committee
Health Behaviour Research Unit
Health Center Research Advisory Committee
Health Communication Research Institute, Inc.
Health Economics Outcomes Research
Health Economics Research
Health Economics Research Group
Health Economics Research Unit
Health Education and Research Association
Health Education and Research Foundation
Health Effects and Life Science Research Division
Health Enhancement Research Organization
Health Information Systems Research
Health Management Research Center
Health Organization Research Norway
Health Policy and Economic Research Unit
Health Policy and Systems Research
Health Policy Research Center
Health Promotion Research Center
Health Research Alliance Arizona
Health Research and Policy
Health Research Council of New Zealand
Health Research Council of the Pacific
Health Research Endowment Fund
Health Research Foundation
Health Research Group
Health Research Innovation Centre
Health Research Laboratory
Health Research Systems Analysis
Health Research Unit
Health Service and Population Research
Health Services and Policy Research Support Network
Health Services and Sciences Research Resources
Health Services and Sciences Research Resources
Health Services Research
Health Services Research Center
Health Services Research Network
Health Services/Technology Assessment Research
Healthcare Research and Development Institute
Health-Related Research
Hearing Aid Research Laboratory
Hearing Research Center
Heart Research Centers International
Heavy Engineering Research Association
Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou
Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Institute
Hedge Fund Research Performance Index
Hedge Fund Research, Inc.
Hedge Fund Research, Inc.
Hedge Funds Research Institute
Hefei General Machinery Research Institute
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
Henipavirus Ecology Research Group
Henry Doubleday Research Association
Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Heron Island Research Station
Hewlett-Packard Research Labs
High Alpha Research Vehicle
High Altitude Research Project
High Altitude Research Vehicle
High Explosive Research
High Force Research
High Institute of Marine Research
High School Association for the Research of Principle
High Speed Research
High Speed Research Program
High Technology Research and Development Center
High-Altitude Auroral Research Project
Higher Degree Research
Higher Degree Research Office
Higher Education & Research
Higher Education Advisory and Research Unit
Higher Education and Research Opportunities
Higher Education Research and Development
Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia
Higher Education Research Centre
Higher Education Research Group
High-Explosive Research & Development
High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
High-Performance Computing and Simulation Research Laboratory
High-Speed Research
Highway Research Center
Highway Research Information Service
Highway Safety Research Center
Highway Seismic Research Council
Highways Agency Road Research Information System
Highways Research Board
Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation
Hindustan Lever Research Centre
Hip-Hop Research and Education Fund
Hismelt Research and Development Facility
Historic Research Group
Hitachi Advanced Research Laboratory
Hitachi Chemical Research Center
HIV Epidemiology Research
HIV Prevention Research
Hodge Computer Research Corporation
Hokkaido Forestry Research Institute
Holland Sleep Research
Home Care Evaluation and Research Centre
Home Improvement Research Institute
Home Media Research
Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency
Honey Bee Research Unit
Horticultural Research International
Horticulture Research Institute
Horticulture Research International Association
Horticulture Teaching and Research Center
Hospital Infection Research Laboratory
Hospital Report Research Collaborative
Housey Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories
Housing Education and Research Association
Houston Advanced Research Center
Howard University Collaborative Alcohol Research Center
Howard University Office of Research Administration
HSU Research Forum
Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation
Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute
Hughes Research Laboratories
Hughes Undergraduate Research Laboratory
Human Automation Integration Research
Human Capital Research Corporation
Human Communication Research Centre
Human Dimensions Research
Human Embryo Research Panel
Human Evolution Research Center
Human Experimental and Research Data Records
Human Factors Research Institute
Human Gene Therapy Research Institute
Human Geography Research Center
Human Interaction Research Institute
Human Investment Research and Education Center
Human Mobility Research Centre
Human Nutrition Research
Human Performance Research Center
Human Performance Research Laboratory
Human Research and Engineering Directorate
Human Research and Engineering Division
Human Research Facility
Human Research Program
Human Research Protection Official
Human Research Review Committee
Human Research Review Section
Human Research Roadmap
Human Resources Research Organization
Human Resources Research Program
Human Sciences Research Council
Human Sciences Research, Inc.
Human System Research and Technology
Humanistic Alternatives to Addiction, Research and Treatment
Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme
Humanities Research Board
Humanities Research Center
Humanities Research Network
Humanities Research Unit
Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences Research
Humanoid Research Group
Hungarian Research Institute of Canada
Hunter Medical Research Institute
Huntington Medical Research Institutes
Hurricane Intercept Research Team
Hurricane Microseismic Research Problem
Hurricane Research Center
Hurricane Research Division
Hurricane Weather Research and Forecast
Hydraulic Engineering Research Unit
Hydrofoil Research Ship
Hydrogen Research and Applications Center
Hydrological Research Unit
Hyperemesis Education and Research
Hypermedia Research Centre
Hypermedia Research Unit
Hypersonic Research Vehicle
Hypervelocity Impact Research
Hypervelocity Impact Research Facility
Hyundai Industrial Research Institute
Hyundai Maritime Research Institute
Hyundai Research Institute
ICCAT Enhanced Research Program for Billfish
Iceland Forest Research Station
ICFAI Center for Management Research
Icing Research Tunnel
Idaho Research Foundation
IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence
IIT Research Institute
Illinois Consortium for Accelerator Research
Illinois EPR Research Center (est. 1985; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute
Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities
Illinois Research & Development
Illinois Researcher Information Service
Illinois State Museum Research
Image and Identity Research Collective
Image Processing Research Group
Image, Speech, and Intelligent Systems Research Group
Imaging Research Centre for Cardiac Intervention
Imaging Research Group
Immigration History Research Center
Immunity and Infection Research Centre
Immunology Research Group
Impedance Imaging Research Center
Imperial Cancer Research Fund
Implantable Telemetric Unit for Biomedical Research
In Nomine Paranormal Research
In Nomine Paranormal Research
Incineration Research Facility
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
INCOSE Education and Research Technical Committee
Incurably Ill for Animal Research
Independent Applied Research
Independent Pensions Research Group
Independent Research
Independent Research & Development
Independent Research Agency
Independent Research And Development
Independent Research Board
Independent Research Libraries Association
Independent Research Organization
Independent Research Project
Independent Research Provider
Independent Telephone Research
India Diabetes Research Foundation
India Heritage Research Foundation
Indian Agricultural Research Institute
Indian Arts Research Center
Indian Association for Research in Computing Science
Indian Council for Historical Research
Indian Council of Agricultural Research
Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
Indian Council of Medical Research
Indian Council of Philosophical Research
Indian Council of Scientific Research
Indian Council of Social Science Research
Indian Institute of Coffee Research
Indian Institute of Health Management Research
Indian Institute of Toxicology Research
Indian Lac Research Institute
Indian Research Organisation
Indian Society for Clinical Research
Indian Society for Development and Environment Research
Indian Space Research Organisation
Indian Space Research Organisation Inertial Systems Unit
Indiana Business Research Center
Indiana Historical Research Foundation
Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research
Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference
Indira Ghandi Centre for Atomic Research
Individual Research Paper
Individual Research Study
Industrial Advertising Research Institute
Industrial Arts Research Institute
Industrial Chemical Research Association
Industrial Chemistry Research Institute
Industrial Consultancy & Sponsored Research
Industrial Data Research Corporation
Industrial Developers Research Council
Industrial Engineering Research Conference
Industrial Environment Research Laboratory
Industrial Polymer Research & Engineering Company
Industrial Relations and Research Association
Industrial Relations Research Institute
Industrial Relations Research Trust
Industrial Research & Consultancy Centre
Industrial Research and Technology Unit
Industrial Research Chairs
Industrial Research Institute
Industrial Research Investment Monitoring
Industrial Research Liaison Program
Industrial Research Ltd
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Industry Research and Development
Industry Research and Development Committee
Industry Sponsored Research
Industry Sponsored Research Agreement
Industry, Research and Energy
INEL Research Center
Infectious Diseases Research Division
Infinity Research and Development, Inc
Info Alert Facility for Research
Informatics Research Center
Information and Research Center at King Hussein Foundation
Information Integrity Research Centre
Information Management Research Centre
Information Management Research Group
Information Management Research, Inc
Information Policy Research Program
Information Research Associates
Information Research Corporation
Information Research Watch International
Information Science and Scientometrics Research Unit
Information Science Research Institute
Information Security and Testing Research
Information Security Research Center
Information Systems – Knowledge Management in Organisations Research Group
Information Systems and Research, Inc.
Information Systems Research
Information Systems Research Lab
Information Systems Research Library
Information Systems Research, Education, and Practice
Information Technology Research
Information Technology Research and Development
Information Technology Research and Development
Information Technology Research Centre
Information Technology Research Institute
Information Technology Research Lab
Information Technology Strategic Research
Information Technology: Research and Education
INFOSEC Research Council
Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute
Initiative for Architectural Research
Initiative for Research & Innovation in Science
Injury Control Research Center
Injury Prevention Research Center
Injury Prevention Research Unit
Injury Research and Prevention
Inland Northwest Research Alliance
Inner City Health Research
Inner Mongolia Grassland Ecosystem Research Station
Innocenti Research Centre
Innovation and Research Focus
Innovation and Science Research Investments Program
Innovation Design & Research
Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research
Innovative Bridge Research and Construction
Innovative Design Engineering Research
Innovative Pavement Research Foundation
Innovative Research Program
Innovative Research Universities
Insight Research Group
Institute for Advanced Feminist Research
Institute for Advanced Policy Research
Institute for Aerospace Research
Institute for Aging Research
Institute for Agricultural Research
Institute for Animal Disease Research
Institute for Anthropological Field Research
Institute for Arable Crops Research
Institute for Behavioral Research in Creativity
Institute for Biblical Research
Institute for Business and Finance Research
Institute for Chemical Research
Institute for Child Health Research
Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Institute for Clinical Research Education
Institute for Collaborative Research and Public Humanities
Institute for College Research Development and Support
Institute for Community Research
Institute for Comparative Research Into Culture and Economic Systems
Institute for Cooperative Research
Institute for Creation Research
Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research
Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
Institute for Development Research, Inc.
Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care
Institute for Digital Research and Education
Institute for Documentation and Research on Lebanon
Institute for Economic Research
Institute for Education and Research
Institute for Electronic Library Research
Institute for Employment Research
Institute for Energy Research
Institute for Environmental Research and Education
Institute for Fisheries Research
Institute for Geospatial Research and Education
Institute for Global Change Research and Education
Institute for Global Futures Research
Institute for Grassland and Environmental Research
Institute for Great Lakes Research
Institute for Health Policy and Systems Research
Institute for Health Research
Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research
Institute for Hearing Accessibility Research
Institute for Historical Research
Institute for Humanities Research
Institute for Infocomm Research
Institute for Intellectual Capital Research
Institute for Intergovernmental Research
Institute for International Cooperative Environmental Research
Institute for International Research
Institute for Jewish Policy Research
Institute for Juvenile Research
Institute for Laboratory Animal Research
Institute for Labour Research
Institute for Learning and Research Technology
Institute for Legal Research and Resources
Institute for Marine Environmental Research
Institute for Materials Research
Institute for Mining and Minerals Research
Institute for National Policy Research
Institute for National Policy Research
Institute for Natural Products Research
Institute for Natural Products Research
Institute for Non-Clinical Approach Research Philippines
Institute for Operations Research and Management Science
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
Institute for Pediatric Clinical Research
Institute for Petroleum Research and Geophysics
Institute for Physical Research and Technology
Institute for Policy Analysis and Research
Institute for Policy Research
Institute for Population and Social Research
Institute for Potato Research
Institute for Prevention Research
Institute for Prostate Cancer Research
Institute for Public Policy Research
Institute for Public Service and Policy Research
Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences
Institute for Research and Education in Family Medicine
Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe
Institute for Research and Evaluation
Institute for Research and Technical Assistance
Institute for Research and training for the Advancement of Women
Institute for Research in African-American Studies
Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
Institute for Research in Construction
Institute for Research in Human Happiness
Institute for Research in Learning
Institute for Research in the Humanities
Institute for Research on Environment and Economy
Institute for Research on Environment and Sustainability
Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies
Institute for Research on Poverty
Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation
Institute for Rural Health Research
Institute for Safety Research and Reactor Technology
Institute for Science Training and Research
Institute for Scientific and Technological Research
Institute for Scientific Research, Inc
Institute for Social and Behavioral Research
Institute for Social and Economic Research
Institute for Social and Political Opinion Research
Institute for Social Behavioral and Economic Research
Institute for Social Research
Institute for Social Science Research
Institute for Software Research
Institute for Software Research, International
Institute for Stem Cell Research
Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research
Institute for Surgical Research
Institute for Systems Research
Institute for Technological Research
Institute for Telecommunications Research
Institute for Translational Oncology Research
Institute for Transportation Research and Education
Institute for Treatment and Services Research
Institute for Tropospheric Research
Institute for Urban Research
Institute for Volunteering Research
Institute for Water and Wetland Research
Institute for Water Research
Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research
Institute for Women’s Policy Research
Institute for Wood Research
Institute of African American Research
Institute of Applied Forth Research
Institute of Applied Manpower Research
Institute of Applied Mathematical Research
Institute of Applied Medicines & Research
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
Institute of Audio Research
Institute of Behavioral Research
Institute of Byzantine Research
Institute of Cancer Research
Institute of Cetacean Research
Institute of Clinical Outcomes Research
Institute of Clinical Research
Institute of Clinical Research
Institute of Control and System Research
Institute of Dayakology Research and Development
Institute of Demography and Sociological Research
Institute of Dental Research
Institute of Educational Research
Institute of Environmental Research
Institute of Finance Research
Institute of Food Research
Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research
Institute of Genome Research
Institute of Health and Environmental Research
Institute of Health Management Research
Institute of Hearing Research
Institute of Kiswahili Research
Institute of Law Research
Institute of Management & Research
Institute of Management Research & Technology
Institute of Management Research & Technology
Institute of Management Studies and Research
Institute of Marine Research
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering
Institute of Motion Analysis and Research
Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials
Institute of Neohellenic Research
Institute of Neohellenic Research
Institute of Paranormal Research
Institute of Personality and Social Research
Institute of Personality Assessment and Research
Institute of Physical and Chemical Research
Institute of Plant Science Research
Institute of Plasma and Fusion Research
Institute of Population Health and Clinical Research
Institute of Professional Education and Research
Institute of Professional Studies and Research
Institute of Psychological Research and Service
Institute of Robotics Research
Institute of Safety in Technology and Research
Institute of Science and Technology Research and Development
Institute of Scientific Computing Research
Institute of Snow Research
Institute of Social and Economic Research
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran
Institute of Surgical Research
Institute of Technical Education and Research
Institute of Thai Researchers
Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research
Institute of Tobacco Research
Institutional Advancement and Funded Research
Institutional Planning and Research
Institutional Repositories and Research Assessment
Institutional Research
Institutional Research and Information Management
Institutional Research and Planning
Institutional Research Award
Institutional Supporting Research