Student Abbreviations

Alumnus is a concept that comes from alumnus , a Latin term. This word allows referring to the student or apprentice of a certain subject or a teacher. A student, therefore, is a person who is dedicated to learning.


Examples: “This school has more than two hundred students”, “I was a student of Jorge Escribel, a historian who now lives in Germany”, “Four students from Colégio O Aprendiz were arrested for hitting an adult”.

The notion of student can be used in reference to those who are taking a course: “Mário is a sociology student”, “The university basketball team is composed of three engineering students and two architecture students”. The concept is also used with respect to those who attend an educational establishment: “I was a student at Instituto Azul until the age of thirteen, then I moved to a private school at thirteen”, “I would like my daughter to be a student of this school”.

Depending on the link with the institution or subject under study, it is possible to qualify the student in different ways. A regular, stable or official student is one who regularly goes to an establishment and meets various requirements to access this condition (academic degree, participation in classes, etc.). If the student does not attend classes, but takes the exams at the same establishment to obtain a degree, he is referred to as a free student.

Elementary and high school students are usually teenagers, but in many countries there are programs to combat illiteracy that provide opportunities for those over 18 to become a student and complete elementary and/or high school.

A student is also someone who takes a course on the internet, be it a university course or even a free course promoted by someone with certain knowledge and/or experience, for example: when someone takes an online guitar course or animal breeding stuffed animal, so that person is a student of the person who teaches that course.

Still speaking of the virtual context, those who teach something can have a greater number of students than they would have in person, given the physical limitations and other issues, for example: a music teacher can have 10 students in a classroom because of the size of space and also of what he can provide support, on the other hand , that same teacher can have an online music course with more than 100 students, since the material will be recorded so they can see and review as many times as necessary.

The idea of ​​student can also be applied to the disciple or follower of an expert or an artist. In this case , the learning/teaching process can be developed with greater or lesser formality: “I am an artist and I have five students to whom I give individual explanations”.

The term student can also be used whenever someone wants to describe that a person learned something from another: “we can see that Marcelo is a student of Guilherme, because he used the same form of victimhood as him”.

Thus, the concept of student refers to someone who learns something, and may be present in different contexts.

List of Acronyms Related to Student

A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites
Aberdeen University Students’ Association
Abhigyan Abhikaushalam Students’ Forum
Able Students Supporting Instructing and Servicing Technology
Academic and Student Affairs
Academic Center for Student-Athletes
Academic Program for International Postgraduate Students
Academic Student Body
Academic Student Learning Outcomes
Academy of Students of Pharmacy
Access America for Students
Accounting Students Association
Accounting Students of the Fraser Valley
Achehnese Students Association
Acquiring Computer Competencies for Each Student’s Success
Active Student Responding
Actuarial Students National Association
Additional Student Numbers
Adele H. Stamp Student Union
Admissions and Student Data Office
Adult Music Student Forum
Adult Student Personnel Association
Adult Students in Scholastic Transition
Adult-Student Program to Inspire, Relate, and Enrich
Advanced Information Technology Students
Adventist Student Personnel Association
Advising, Tutoring, Testing/Disabilities, International Student Center
Advisory Committee for Student Athletes
Advisory Committee on Student Affairs
Afghan Student Association
African American Student Academic Services
African American Student Development
African American Students Foundation
African Caribbean Students Association
African Medical Students Training Congress
African Student Union
African Students Association
African-American Student Union
Afrikaanse Studente Bond
After Care Education for Students
Agentiei Sociale A Studentilor
Agentiei Sociale A Studentilor
Agnostic and Atheist Student Association
Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association
Airborne Student Accountability System
Akademickeho Centra Studentskych Aktivit
Akademisch-Katholische Studentenverbindung
Aktuar- og Statistikkstudenters Forening
Alaska Association of Student Governments
Alaska Native Student Wisdom Enrichment Retreat
Alaska Student Loan Corporation
Al-Azhar Medical Student Association
Albanian Students Abroad Network
Albany Student Press
Albany Students’ Association
Alberta Association of Students’ Councils and Advisors
Alberta College and Technical Institute Students Executive Council
Alberta Student Services Conference
Algemene Utrechtse Studenten Roeivereniging
Algonquin College Chinese Students’ Association
All Africa Students Union
All Assam Minority Students Union
All Assam Students’ Union
All Bodo Students’ Union
All India Revolutionary Students Federation
All India Students Federation
All Manipur Students’ Union
All Naga Students’ Union
All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization
All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization
All Students Take Calculus
All University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee
Allen Student Nurses’ Association
Allgemeiner Studentenausschu?
Alliance of Norwegian Students Abroad
All-Square Student Budget Allocation Committee
Alternative Learning Academy for Student Achievement
Alternative Program for Academically Accelerated Students
Alumni Seeking Iowa Students
American Academy of Family Physicians’ National Congress of Student Members
American College Student Association
American Humanics Student Association
American Indian Law Students Association
American Indian Student Association
American Industrial Arts Student Association
American Institute of Architecture Students
American Intercultural Student Exchange
American Medical Student Association
American Optometric Student Association
American Planning Student Association
American Scandinavian Student Exchange
American Student Assistance
American Student Dental Association
American Student Government Association
American Student Loan Consolidation Corporation
American Students Society
American Students Union
American Students’ Society
American Studies Student Organization
American University Student Government
Anatolia Turkish Student Organization
Ancilla Student Nurse Association
Anderson Student Association
Anglian Union of Students
Annual Facilities and Student Accommodation Plan
Anthropology Graduate Student Organization
Anti-Corruption Student Network
Aotearoa Student Press Association
Appleton Resources for Teachers and Students
Arab Law Students Association
Arab Student Association
Arizona State System for Information on Student Transfer
Arizona Student Achievement Program
Arizona Students Association
Arkansas Nursing Students’ Association
Arkansas Student Loan Authority
Arkansas Student Nursing Association
Arlington Facilities and Student Accommodation Plan
Arlington Nursing Student Association
Armenian Student Association
Army Student Nurse Program
Army Student Nurse Program Identification Badge
Art Students League
Art Students League
Articulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Student Transfer
Arts and Sciences Student Government
Arunachal Pradesh Students Union
ASEAN Student Action Project
Asian American Student Alliance
Asian American Student Association
Asian American Student Union
Asian American Students In America
Asian American Studies Student Association
Asian Pacific American Student Services
Asian Pacific Student Alliance
Asian Pacific Student Association
Asian Pacific Student Coalition
Asian Pacific Student Union
Asian Student International Association
Asian Student Union
Asian Students Association
Asian Students in Action
Asian Students in America
Asian Students in Australia
Asian Students Increasing Achievement
Asociatia Studentilor Francofoni din Iasi
Asociatia Studentilor Informaticieni Ieseni
Assembly of Turkish Student Associations
Assessment of Student Academic Achievement
Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
Assistant Director of Student Activities
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Associate Director of Student Activities
Associate Student Affairs Officer
Associated Student Body
Associated Student Government
Associated Student’s Presidential Advisory Council
Associated Students
Associated Students
Associated Students
Associated Students
Associated Students College of Alameda
Associated Students for Career Orientation in Telecommunications
Associated Students for Historic Preservation
Associated Students of African Descent
Associated Students of Arizona State University
Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering
Associated Students of California Lutheran University
Associated Students of Clark College
Associated Students of Construction Management
Associated Students of Duke University
Associated Students of Glendale Community College
Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College
Associated Students of Lane Community College
Associated Students of Lewis & Clark College
Associated Students of Lower Columbia College
Associated Students of Madison
Associated Students of Madison
Associated Students of Michigan State University
Associated Students of Montana State University
Associated Students of North Idaho College
Associated Students of Northern Michigan University
Associated Students of Ohlone College
Associated Students of Pacific University
Associated Students of Pomona College
Associated Students of Portland Community College
Associated Students of Portland University
Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology
Associated Students of the University of Utah
Associated Students of the University of Washington
Associated Students of the University of Wyoming
Associated Students of Truckee Meadows
Associated Students of Ventura College
Associated Students of Western Oregon University
Associated Students of Westminster College
Associated Students of Whitman College
Associated Students of Whittier College
Associated Students of Whitworth College
Associated Students of Yuba College
Associated Students Performing Arts
Association des Étudiant s Infirmiers(ières) du Canada (Canadian Nursing Student’s Association)
Association for British and Chinese University Students
Association for College Student Affairs
Association for Gifted and Talented Students
Association for Student Affairs at Catholic Colleges and Universities
Association for Student Judicial Affairs
Association for the Advancement of Mexican-American Students
Association for the Education of Gifted Underachieving Students
Association for the International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce
Association of Bicol Business Students
Association of Black Students
Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Yale
Association of Civil Engineering Students
Association of Consortium Student Governments
Association of Foreign Students in Estonia
Association of Former Students
Association of Graduate Engineering Students
Association of Graduate Student Employees
Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill
Association of Graduate Students from Taiwan
Association of Indian School Ex Students
Association of Industrial and Management Engineering Students
Association of Kratie Students
Association of Managers in Students’ Unions
Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria
Association of Neuropsychology Students in Training
Association of Nordic LGBT Student Organizations
Association of Norwegian Students Abroad
Association of Residence Hall Students
Association of Southeast Asian Students
Association of Student Judicial Administrators
Association of Student Judicial Affairs
Association of Student Representatives
Association of Student Social Workers
Association of Students of the Radiologic Sciences
Associazione Italiana Studenti di Farmacia
Ateneo Student Exchange Council
Athabasca University Students Union
Atkinson College Students Association
Atlantic Congress of Engineering Students
Auburn University Student Space Program
Auckland University Students Association
AugusCo Past Students Union
Augustana Nursing Student Association
Australian Catholic Students Association
Australian Law Students’ Association
Australian Liberal Students’ Federation
Australian Medical Students Association
Australian Network of Student Anthropologists
Australian School Students’ Alcohol and Drugs Survey
Australian Serbian Students Association
Austrian Student Scholars Conference
Automated Student Administration
Automated Student Record System
Automotive Student Service Educational Training
Auxiliary Loans to Assist Students
Average Daily Student Load
Average Daily Student Population
Bachelor Students in England
Balkan Student Mathematical Competition
Baloch Student Organization
Bangladesh Student Association
Baptist Student Ministry
Baptist Student Union
Beaman Student Life Center
Beginning Postsecondary Students
Bergensstudentenes Idrettslag
Berkeley Indonesian Student Association
Better Engineering Students Today
Biology Intensive Orientation for Students
Biomedical Engineering Students Association
Biomedical Engineering Students Society
Biotechnologische Studenteninitiative eV
Biracial and Multiracial Student Association
Birmingham University Guild of Students
Bison Student Leadership Program
Black Deaf Students Union
Black Educators Student Association
Black Graduate and Professional Student Organization
Black Graduate Student Network
Black Graduate Students Association
Black Student Alliance
Black Student Association
Black Student Movement
Black Student Union
Black Students’ Organization
Black United Students
Blind Students of California
Boalt Hall Student Association
Board of European Students of Technology
Board of Multicultural Student Affairs
Board of Student Conduct Appeals
Bone Student Center
Boston Intercollegiate Taiwanese Students Association
Boston University’s Filipino Students Association
Brandeis Muslim Student Association
Brandon University Music Students
Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of College Students
Brighton University Resource Kit for Students
Bristish Union of Jewish Students
British Columbia Student Assistance Program
British Columbia Student Loan
British Medical Students Association
Brown Muslim Students’ Association
Brunei Birmingham Students’ Society
Building Roads into Diverse Groups Empowering Students
Bulgarian Students’ Pharmaceutical Scientific Society
Bundesverband Deutscher Studentischer Unternehmensberatungen
Bundesweites Alternatives Studentisches Informations-Netzwerk
Bureau of International Students
Business Administration Students’ Association
Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students
Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students
Business Student Council
Business Students in Community Service
Cairo Scientific Pharmaceutical Students Association
Cal Aggie Student Alumni Network
California Association of Student Councils
California Association of Student Leaders
California Chicano/Latino Medical Student Association
California State Student Association
California Student Aid Commission
Caltech Chinese Student Association
Cambodian Student Association of Fresno
Campaign Against Student Hardship
Campaign to Organize Graduate Students
Campus Focus, Student Organization
Campus Village Student Association
Canada Student Financial Assistance Act
Canada Student Loan
Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
Canadian Association of Christians in Student Development
Canadian Association of Medical Students and Interns
Canadian Catholic Students’ Association
Canadian Federation of Engineering Students
Canadian Federation of Medical Students
Canadian Federation of Students
Canadian Medical Students Association
Canadian Student Affairs Association
Canadian Theological Students’ Association
Cantorial School Student Organization
Cape Verdean Student Alliance
Cape Verdean Student Association
Cape Verdean Students Association
Capilano College Student Union
Career and Job Fair Student Association
Career and Technical Student Organizations
Career Education Responsive to Every Student
Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
Career Services and Student Employment
Caribbean Students Association
Carleton Student Association
Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team
Carleton University Students Association
Carolina Alternative Meetings of Professional and Graduate Students
Catholic Student Association
Catholic Students Organization
Centennial Forum Student Union
Center for Academic Programs and Student Services
Center for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students
Center for Advising and Student Achievement
Center for Asian Pacific American Students
Center for Global Student Programs
Center for Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities
Center for Research on Evaluation Standards and and Student Testing
Center for Student Activities
Center for Student Coastal Research
Center for Student Opportunity
Center for Student Professional Development
Center for Student Work Experience
Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs
Center for Underrepresented Engineering Students
Central Black Student Union
Central Group on Student Affairs
Central Student Alumni Association
Central Student Association
Central Veterinary Students Association
Central/Access & Student Development
Centre for New Students
Centre for Student Affairs
Centre for Students With Disabilities
Cesar Chavez Student Center
Challenging High Intellectual Potential Students
Chapman Graduate Student Association
Charles Sturt University Students’ Association Bathurst
Chartered Accountants Students Association of Ontario
Chemistry Graduate Student Association
Chemistry Graduate Students Association
Chester Students’ Union
Chicago Graduate Student Association
Chicago Medical Student Council
Chicago Student Data Reports
Chicago Student Science Fair
Chicano/Latino Medical Student Association
Chief Student Development Officer
Chief Student Services Officer
China Current Student Society
Chinese Business Student Association
Chinese Engineering Students’ Association
Chinese Graduate Student Association
Chinese Student and Scholar Association
Chinese Student Association
Chinese Student Friendship Association
Chinese Student Protection Act of 1992
Chinese Student Radio Association
Chinese Student Union
Chinese Student Union at Emory
Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Leuven
Chinese Students Club
Chinese Undergraduate Students Association
Chinese-American Students Association
Christchurch Polytechnic Students’ Association
Christian Graduate Student Alliance
Christian Student Fellowship
Churches Commission on Overseas Students
City of Bath College Students Union
Clemson University Student Government
Clinical Experiences and Student Teaching
Clinical Graduate Student Association
Clinical Training of Theological Students
Club Athletic Training Students
Coalition for Student Loan Fairness
Coalition of Health Professions Students
Coalition of Higher Education Students in Scotland
Code of Student Conduct
College Achievement A Minority Program for Unique Students
College of Engineering and Technology Student Council
College of Management and Accountancy Student Council
College of Science Student Council
College of the Bahamas Union of Students
College Student Insurance Service
College Student Personnel Administration
College Student Personnel Association
College Students in Broadcasting
College-Bound Student-Athlete
Collegiate Student Affairs Administrator
Collins Cobuild Student’s Dictionary
Colombo-American Student Alliance
Colorado Student Assessment Program
Colorado Student Obligation Bond Authority
Columbia Taiwanese Student Association
Commerce and Administration Students Association
Commerce Graduate Student Association
Commerce Graduate Students’ Association
Commerce Students’ Association
Commissioned Officer Student Training Extern Program
Committee for Disabled Student Accessibility
Committee for Student Academic Appeals
Committee on Student Life
Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students
Communication Graduate Student Association
Communication Graduate Students Association
Community Alternative Programming for Suspended Students
Community College Student Report
Community College Survey of Student Engagement
Commuter Student Association
Commuter Student Services
Comprehensive Student Support
Computer Science Graduate Student Association
Computer Science Graduate Student Conference
Computer Science Graduate Student Group
Computer Science Student Union
Computer Science Students Association
Concordia University Students’ Association
Concordia University System Student Newspaper Association
Concurrent Academic Partnership for Secondary Students
Congress of South African Students
Congressional Student Leadership Conference
Connecticut Independent College Student Grant
Connecticut Student Loan Foundation
Connecting A Student To Lifelong Education
Conservation Education Now for Tennessee Students
Conservative Students Association
Consiglio Nazionale Studenti Universitari
Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada/Las Vegas
Consortium for Oceanographic Activities for Students and Teachers
Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange
Continuing Student Application for Aid
Cooperative University Dairy Students
Coordinated Interagency Partnership Regulating International Students
Coordinating Office for Student Placements Abroad
Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities
Coordinator of Student Activities
Corbett Center Student Union
Cornell Alumni-Student Mentoring Program
Cornell Law Student Association
Cornell Taiwanese Student Association
Council for Part-Time Students, Inc
Council for Student Activities
Council for Students with Disabilities
Council of Free Students Union
Council of Graduate Students in Education
Council of Racial and Ethnic Students
Council of Students
Council of Unions and Student Programs
Council on Enrollment and Student Progress
Council on Student Activity Funds
Council on Student Affairs
Council on Student Travel
Counseling and Student Development
Cranfield Students’ Association
Creatively Agonizing Students
Credit Union for Berkeley Students
Criminology Graduate Students Association
Critical Appraisal for Medical Students
Cuban-American Student Association
Curricular Options in Mathematics Programs for All Secondary Students
Curtin Students’ Catholic Association
Dads of Great Students
Dalhousie Student Union
Darwin College Students’ Association
Database of Thai Students in Europe
De Anza Associated Student Body
Deakin Law Students Society
Deakin University Student Association
Dean of Student Life
Dean of Students
Dean of Students
Dean of Students’ Affairs
Dean’s Student Advisory Committee
Delaware African Students Association
Delaware Student Testing Program
Delfts Studenten Corps
Delhi Association of Manipur Muslim Students
Democratic Law Student Association
Den Norske Studentersangforening
Dental Student Council
Department of Multicultural Student Affairs
Department of Student Affairs
Department of Student Life
Department of Student Life
Department of Student Placement and Welfare
Department of Student Preparation
Dependent Student Travel
Derby College Students Union
Design and Management Student Council
Desired Results for Student Learning
Devry Student ID
Dignity for All Students Act
Director of Student Activities
Disabled Student Services Office
Disabled Students Program
Disabled Students Programs & Services
Disabled Students’ Allowance
Distinguished Military Student
Diversity Awareness Initiative for Students
Diversity Student Services
Divinity United Church of Christ Students
Division of Student Administration
Division of Student Affairs
Division of Student Development
Division of Student Life
Division of Student Life
Doctoral Nursing Student Organization
Doctoral Student
Doctoral Student Conference
Doctoral Student Management Association
Douglas Students’ Union
Drienerlose Studenten Triathlon Vereniging
Duke Student Government
Duke Student Government
Duke Student Government
Dundee University Students’ Association
Durham College Student Association
Durham Students’ Union
East Timor Students Association
Easy Access for Students and Institutions
Economics and Commerce Student Society
Economics Graduate Student Association
Economics Student Association
Edinburgh University Students’ Association
Education Services for Overseas Students
Education Student Service Center
Education Students’ Association
Eelam Revolutionary Organization of Students
Eerste Studenten All Terrain Sportvereniging
Egyptian Medical Students Association
Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation
Egyptian Student Society
Ein Notebook Pro Studentin
Eindhovens Studenten Corps
Electrical Engineering Graduate Student Association
Electronic Student Aid Report
Electronic Student Companion
Elementary Student Assistance Program
Elementary Student Talent Search
Embassy Student Ministries
Emergency Medicine Student Association
Emmanuel College Student Union
Employed Student Nurse
Encourage Young Engineering Students
Engineering Graduate Student Association
Engineering Student Body Organization
Engineering Student Council
Engineering Student Government
Engineering Student Technology Committee
Engineering Students’ Society
Engineering Undergraduate Student Society
English for Foreign Students
English for International Students
English Graduate Student Organization
English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students
English Program for International Students
English Student Association
Enrollment and Student Services
Enrollment Services and Student Records
Enterprise for High School Students
Entomology and Nematology Student Organization
Entomology Graduate Student Organization
Entrepreneurship Student Association
Environmental Science Students Association
Environmental Sciences Student Executive
Equivalent Full Time Student
Equivalent Full Time Student Unit
Erasmus Student Network
Erasmus Student Service Center
Erindale College Student Union
Ethiopian Students Association of Texas
Ethnic Student Center
Euro-Atlantic Forum of Ukrainian Students
European Architecture Students Assembly
European Center of Jewish Students
European Democrat Students
European Federation of Older Students
European Law Students’ Association
European Medical Students’ Association
European Medical Students’ Choir
European Nursing Students Group
European Pharmaceutical Students Association
European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students
European Student Information Bureau
European Student Moon Orbiter
European Students’ Conference
European Union of Jewish Students
European Union Student Council
Exceptional Student Education
Exceptional Student Education
Exchange Student
Exchange Student
Exercise for the Student
Extended Good Student Discount
Faculty and Student Teams
Faculty of Arts Students Association
Faculty of Engineering and Technology Students’ Union
Faculty of Life Sciences Student Association
Faculty of Science Students Association
Faculty, Graduate Students, and Staff
Faculty, Staff and Graduate Student
Faculty-Student Liaison Committee
Fair and Immediate Resources for Students Today
Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union
Fanshawe Student Union
Federal Direct Student Loan
Federal Insured Student Loan
Federal Perkins Student Loan
Federal Stafford Student Loan
Federal Student Aid
Federal Student Aid
Federal Student Aid Information
Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth
Federation of Independent Students of Thailand
Federation of Student Islamic Societies
Fellowship of Associated Gay Students & Straight Allies
Fellowship of Catholic University Students
Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Students
Fellowship of Christian Graduate Students
Fellowship of Christian Students
Feminist Students United
Ferris Indian Student Association
Filipino Student Association
Filipino Student Association
Filipino Students’ Association of Toronto
Filipino-American Student Association
Filipinos Unifying Student-Engineers in an Organized Network
Financial Occupations Club for University Students
Finnish Association of Physics Students
Fire Bible: Student Edition
First Year Student
First Year Student Support Centre
First-Year Medical Student
First-Year Medical Student
First-Year Tulane Medical Student
Fleming’s Association of Queer Students
Flight Student Training Officer
Flinders Law Students Association
Florida African American Student Association
Florida Association of Student Councils
Florida Association of Students of German
Florida Nursing Students Association
Florida Student Assistance Grant
Florida Student Association
Florida Student Association
Florida’s Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students
Foreign Exchange Student
Foreign Exchange Student
Foreign Language Student Residence
Foreign Student Advisor
Foreign Student Advisor
Foreign Student Affairs Office
FOreign Students Association in Daejeon
Forum for European Journalism Students
Foundation for Undergraduate Student Entrepreneurs
Fourth-Year Medical Student
Fourth-Year Medical Student
Free and Reduced Meal Student
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Free Info on Student Health
freier zusammenschluss von studentInnenschaften eV
French and Italian Graduate Student Association
Freshman Orientation Can Unite Students
Fria Moderata Studentförbundet
Fria Moderata Studentföreningen
Friendship Association for Chinese Students and Scholars
Friendship Foundation for International Students
Fulbright Graduate Student Program
Full Fee Paying Student
Full Time Student
Fullerton College Associated Students
Full-Time Student Equivalent
Full-Time Student Status
Fund for Undergraduate Student Excellence
Furman University Student Activities Board
Gaining Retention and Achievement for Students Program
Gator Humanics Student Association
Gay Student Alliance
Gay-Straight Student Alliance
GBS Student Organization
Geels Oud Studenten Verbond
Geisinger Student Leadership Center
General Motors Student Assistance
General Student Body
General Student Service Fund
General Union of Students in Iraq
Geo Institute Graduate Student Society
Geographic Information Science Student Organization
Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union
Georgetown University Student Association
Georgia Association of Nursing Students
Georgia Christian Student Center
Georgia Rotary Student Program
Georgia Student Finance Authority
Georgia Student Finance Commission
Geotechnical Graduate Student Society
Ghana Muslim Students Association
Ghana National Union of Polytechnic Students
Ghana Pharmaceutical Students Association
Gifted and Talented Students
Gifted Learners Student Care
Gifted Student Services Plan
Global Health Student Alliance
Global Health Student Association
Global Institute for Student Aspirations
Global Management Student Association
Global School-Based Student Health Survey
Global Student Entrepreneur Awards
Global Student Loan Corporation
Global Student Speakers’ Bureau
Globally Minded Student Association
Good Student Discount
Government of the Student Body
Government Student Loan
Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation
Graduate and Professional Student Assembly
Graduate and Professional Student Association
Graduate and Professional Student Council
Graduate and Professional Student Government
Graduate and Professional Student Senate
Graduate and Professional Students Association
Graduate Association of Students in Psychology
Graduate History Student’s Association
Graduate Management Student Association
Graduate Minority Students’ Project
Graduate Music Student Association
Graduate Muslim Students Association
Graduate Physics Student Association
Graduate Professional and Student Association
Graduate Professional Student Appreciation
Graduate Professional Student Association
Graduate Psychology Student Association
Graduate Research Association of Students in Pharmacy
Graduate Student
Graduate Student Advisory Board
Graduate Student Association
Graduate Student Association Board
Graduate Student Association Supplemental Conference Fund
Graduate Student Council
Graduate Student Engineering Group
Graduate Student Government Association
Graduate Student Grant Service
Graduate Student Grants and Fellowship Office
Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan
Graduate Student Instructor
Graduate Student Intern
Graduate Student Leaders Conference
Graduate Student Life
Graduate Student Placement
Graduate Student Research Fund
Graduate Student Researcher
Graduate Student Researcher Program
Graduate Student Service Appointments
Graduate Student Society
Graduate Student Sociology Association
Graduate Student Support Plan
Graduate Student Technical Conference
Graduate Student Travel Fund
Graduate Student Union
Graduate Student Workshop on Data Management and the Web
Graduate Students History Association
Graduate Students in Arts and Science
Graduate Students in Mass Communication Association
Graduate Students of Color
Graduate Students of Humanities Association
Graduate Students Study Abroad
Graduates and Students National Committee
Graphic Design Student Association
GrassRoots Association for Student Power
Great Ideas for Teaching Students
Greater Philadelphia Students Association
Greek Psychology Students Association
Grinnell Students Against Scurvy
Groningen Association for PhDStudents
Groninger Studenten Cabaret Festival
Grüne und Alternative Studentinnen
Guaranteed Student Loan
Guatemalan Student Support Group
Guelph Students for Environmental Change
Guelph-Humber Student Association
Guild of Students
Gunster Student Center
Gunster Student Center
Haitian Student Organization
Hamilton Art Student League
Hamilton Mill Student Ministry
Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Hawaii State Student Council
Hawaii Student Nurses Association
Head of New Students
Heads of Student Administration
Health and Education Northumbria Students Access to Learning
Health Occupation Student Association
Health Occupations Students of America
Health Professions Student Council
Health Professions Student Loan
Health Professions Student Loan Program
Hellenic American Students Organization
Hellenic Students’ Association
Helping One Student to Succeed
Helping Students’ Intellect Soar
Helping Undergraduate and Graduate Students
High Frequency Postgraduate Student Colloquium
High School Student Doctor Network
High School Student Ministry
Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students
Higher Education Resource Organization for Students
Higher Education Student Affairs
Higher Education Student Data Collection
Highly Aware Students Taking Action
Hindoe Studenten Forum Nederland
Hindu Students Association
Hindu Students Council
Hispanic Law Student Association
Hispanic Student Association
Hispanic Student Business Association
History Students Association
Hmong Minnesota Student Association
Hmong Student Association
Hmong Student Inter-Collegiate Coalition
Hokkaido University International Students Association
Hong Kong Federation of Business Students
Hong Kong Student Aid Society
Hong Kong Student Association
Honors Program Student Advisory Council
Honors Student Association
Hopeful, Aware Students Taking Action
Hulman Memorial Student Union
Human Kinetics Student Association
Human Resources Students’ Association
Human Rights Students Initiative
Humber Student’ Federation
Idaho Commons and Student Union
Illini Secular Student Alliance
Illinois Association of Student Assistance Professionals
Illinois Association of Student Councils
Illinois Student Assistance Commission
Illinois Student Environmental Network
Illinois Student Information System
Illinois Vietnamese Students Union
Imamia Students Organization
Impact on Student Learning
Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars
Indian National Students Organisation
Indian Student Association
Indian Student Count
Indian Student Organization
Indian Student Union
Indian Students Association of Tallahassee
Indiana Association of Nursing Students
Indiana Daily Student
Indiana University Student Association
Indiana-Purdue Student Newspapers
Indigenous Law Student Association
Individualised Student Record
Individualized Student Success Plan
Indonesian Students Mining Competition
Industrial Engineering Student Club
Industrial Hygiene Student Association
Informasjonsteknologikomitéen ved Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem
Information Science Student Undergraduates Empowered
Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers
Information Technology Student Organization
Information Technology Students Association
Informative All Student Meetings
Institute of Internal Auditors Student Chapter
Institute of Management Accountants Student Chapter
Institutional Assessment of Student Feedback
Institutional Student Information Report
Interactive Student Information Service
Intercollegiate Association of Women Students
Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association
Interior Design Student Organization
International Association for Political Science Students
International Association for Student Insurance Services
International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
International Association of Agricultural Students
International Association of Civil Engnineering Students
International Association of Dental Students
International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences
International Baccalaureate Student Society
International Baccalaureate Student Union
International Bible Students Association
International Black Student Alliance
International Conference for Physics Students
International Development Studies Students Association
International Engineering Students Society
International Erasmus Student Network
International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations
International Fellowship of Evangelical Students
International Finno-Ugrist Students’ Conference
International Forest Students’ Association
International Forestry Student Association
International Geodetic Student Meeting
International Law Students Association
International Masters of Science Student Exchange Committee
International Medical Sciences Student Congress
International Military Student
International Military Student Manager
International Military Student Office
International Military Student Officer
International Military Student Organization
International Movement of Catholic Students
International Policy Student Association
International Psychology Students Organization
International Relations Student Network
International Research Experience for Students
International Services for Students & Scholars
International Student Advice Service
International Student Advising Office
International Student Advisory
International Student Affairs Officer
International Student and Faculty Services
International Student and Scholar Services
International Student and Scholar Services Office
International Student Association
International Student Center
International Student Christian Association
International Student Council
International Student Design Competition
International Student Discussion Group
International Student Edition
International Student Exchange
International Student Exchange
International Student Exchange Program
International Student Festival in Trondheim
International Student Financial Aid
International Student Hospitality Association
International Student Humanitarian Award
International Student Identity Card
International Student Leadership Conference
International Student Life
International Student Loan Program
International Student Media Festival
International Student Ministries
International Student Movement for the United Nations
International Student Network, Inc
International Student Organization
International Student Organization Wageningen
International Student Services Center Corporation Limited
International Student Support Unit
International Student Support Unit
International Student Travel Confederation
International Student Week in Ilmenau
International Student’s Festival
International Students and Scholars Office
International Students Association
International Students Badminton Tournament
International Students Day of Metallurgy
International Students for Social Equality
International Students in History Association
International Students Institute
International Students of History Association
International Students Quarters
International Students Science Fair
International Students Week in Belgrade
International Students, Inc.
International Union of Students
International Veterinary Students’ Association
International Young Catholic Students
International Young Christian Students
International Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations
Internationale Studenten Badminton Turnier
Internet Student Information System
Interprofessional Student Council
Intersectorial Meeting of International Student Organisations
Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg
Iowa Association of Nursing Students
Iowa Student Computer Association
Iowa Student Computing Alumni
Iowa Student Information System
Iranian Student Conference on Electrical Engineering
Iranian Students Association at University of Guelph
Iranian Students Association of Carleton University
Iranian Students Cultural Association
Iranian Students’ Association of Concordia University
Iranian Students’ News Agency
Irish Student Health Association
Irish Student Sport Association
Irish Student Trampoline Open
Irvine Linguistics Students Association
Irvine Students Housing, Inc.
Ismaili Students Association
Istanbul Pan-Atlantic Student Summit
Jacksonville Association of Nursing Students
Jaffna University Student Union
Jammu Joint Students Federation
Japan-America Student Conference
Japanese Student Association
Jesus College Student Union
Jewish Medical Student Association
Jewish Student Association
Jewish Student Organization
Jewish Student Press Service
Jewish Student Union
Jharkhand Disom Students Union
Joe Crowley Student Union
Joint Committee of Faculty and Students
Joint Council of Student Engineers
Journal of College Student Development
Journal of College Student Personnel
Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association
KAIST International Student Association
Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program
Kansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Kansas Student Technology Leaders
Karenni Student Development Programme
Katholieke Studenten Actie
Katholieke Studenten Jeugd
Katholieke Studenten Meisjes
Keep It Simple, Students
Kentucky Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Kerala Students Union
Keyano College Students’ Association
Khasi Students Union
Know Your Students
Kobe Student Youth Center
Koerdische Studenten Vereniging Nederland
Kommunistischer Studentenverband
Koninklijk Utrechtsch Studenten Toneel
Koninklijke Nederlandschen Studenten Roeibond
Koninklijke Utrechtsche Studentenvereeniging Tot Vrijwillige Oefening in Den Wapenhandel
Korea University Student Exchange Program
Korean American Student Association
Korean American Student Organization
Korean American Students of Yale
Korean Catholic Student Association
Korean Engineering Students’ Association
Korean Student Association
Korean-American Students Association
Krannert Center Student Association
Kunsill Studenti Universitarji
Kuwait Architectural Students Association
Laboratory for Student Success
Lakshmi Old Students Association
Lakshmi Old Students Association
Landelijk Actieplatform voor Nationalistische Studenten
Landelijk Medisch Studenten Overleg
Landelijk Notarieel Studenten Congres
Latin American Student Organization of Simon
Latino Business Student Association
Latino Business Students Association
Latino Law Students Association
Latino Students Association
Law Enforcement Teaching Students
Law School Student Body
Law Student Division
Law Students Against Alito
Law Students for Affirmative Action
Law Students for Government Accountability
Law Students for Human Rights
Law Students Society
Law Students’ Society
League of Filipino Students
League of Tourism Students of the Philippines
Leeds Student Medical Practice
Leeds Student Television
Leicester University Students Television
Leiden International Medical Student Congress
Leidse Vereniging Voor Studenten
Lesbian and Gay Law Student Association
Lëtzebuerger Studenten zu Zürech
Lëtzebuerger Studenten zu Zürech
Liberaal Vlaams Studentenverbond
Library Student Journal
Lincoln Friends of Foreign Students
Linfield Student Alumni Association
Linguistic and Intercultural Preparation of Students
Linguistics Graduate Student Association
Lint Studenten Sport Week
Lister Hall Students’ Association
Liverpool Guild of Students
Loans for Disadvantaged Students
Local Student Finance Scheme
London Conference on Overseas Students
Loughborough Students Sports Foundation
Loughborough Students’ Union
Louisiana Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Lutheran Student Association
Lutheran Student Association of America
Lutheran Student Movement
Macalester Students for Fair Trade
Macedonian Dentistry Students’ Association
Macquarie University Muslim Student Association
Madison University Student Grotto
Maine Association of Student Affairs Practitioners
Makerere Students Guild
Malaysian Achehnese Students Association
Malaysian and Singaporean Students’ Association
Malaysian German Students Society
Malaysian Student Leaders Summit
Malaysian United Sikh Students
Malta Association of Dental Students
Malta Pharmaceutical Students’ Association
Managed Student-Centred Learning
Management Information Systems Student Association
Managing Effective Student Assessment
Managing Information for Student Achievement
Managing Student Behaviour
Manchester Dental Student Society
Manchester Student Christian Movement
Manchester Students Against Sweatshops
Manchester Students’ Dance Society
Mansoura Students’ Scientific Association
Marlborough Student Charitable Fund
Marquette University Student Government
Married Student Association
Marxistischer Studentenbund
Maryland Association of Nursing Students
Maryland Association of Student Councils
Masonic Student Assistance Program
Masonic Student Assistance Training
Massachusetts Alliance of Visually Impaired Students
Massachusetts Association of Student Councils
Master of Business Student Association
Master of Student Houses
Mathematics Accessible to Visually Impaired Students
Mathematics Education Student Association
Mathematics Research Students’ Conference
Matriculating Student Questionnaire
McCain Student Center
McCormick Student Advisory Board
McGill International Student Network
McGill Iranian Students Association
McGill Undergraduate Student Fund
McMaster Student Absence Form
McMaster Student Union
McMaster Student Union
McMaster Undergraduate Student Server
McMaster University Chinese Students’ Association
McMaster University Student Centre
McMurry Student Government
Medical Imaging Symposium for PhD Students
Medical Student
Medical Student
Medical Student
Medical Student Government
Medical Student Performance Record
Medical Student Society
Medical Student Training in Aging Research
Medical Student/Resident Financial Assistance Program
Medical Students For Choice
Medical Students for Choice
Medical Students International Network
Medical Students of Middle-Eastern Descent
Medical Students Rights and Responsibilities
Medical Students’ Aid Project
Medical Students’ Research Association
Melbourne University Computer Students Association
Melbourne University Student Union
Memorial Student Center
Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role
Mercyhurst Student Government
Methodist Student Movement
Methodist Student Network
Mexican American Student Association
Mexican American Student Organization
Miami University Student Foundation
Michael Price Student Investment Fund
Michigan Association of Student Councils
Michigan Student Zionists
Microsoft Student Ambassador
Microsoft Student Community NTNU
Microsoft Student Partners
Middle East Student Conference
Middle Eastern Law Students Association
Middle Income Student Assistance Act
Middlesex University Students’ Union
Midshipmen Information System (US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland student information database
Mighty Utah Student Section
Migrant Student Information Exchange
Migrant Student Organization
Migrant Student Record Transfer System
Milo Bail Student Center
Minnesota Chinese Student Association
Minnesota Community College Student Association
Minnesota Student Association
Minority Business Students Association
Minority Psychology Student Association
Minority Student Achievement Network
Mission to America’s Remarkable Students
Missouri Student Assessment Program
Missouri Student Federal Credit Union
Missouri Student Loan Program
Missouri Students Association
Mitchell Purchased Student Computer
Moduli Di Autoapprendimento Dell’informatica per Studenti
Mohawk College Association of Continuing Education Students
Moi University Muslim Student Association
Monash Engineering Students’ Society
Monash Student Association Inc (Australia)
Monash University Student Union
Monash University Students Association
Monitoring At-Risk Students
Montgomery Student Assistance Program
More Able and Talented Students
Morris Campus Student Association
Moscow Student Conference on Linguistics
Most Promising Minority Student
Moviment Kattoliku Studenti Universitarji
Multicultural Business Student Association
Multicultural Student Coalition
Multicultural Student Organization
Multi-Ethnic Student Organization
Murdoch University Research Studentship
Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association
Music Graduate Students’ Society
Muslim Business Student Association
Muslim Student Association
Muslim Student Awareness Network
Muslim Student Network
Muslim Student Union
Muslim Student Union
Muslim Students Association
Myanmar Young Catholic Students
Naga Students’ Federation
Nasionale Unie van Suid-Afrikaanse Studente
National African Students Association, LLC
National Archaeology Students’ Conference
National Association for Foreign Student Advisers
National Association for Managers of Student Services
National Association of Student Anthropologists
National Association of Student Assistance Professionals
National Association of Student Councils, Inc.
National Association of Students of Architecture
National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association
National Center for Improving Student Learning and Achievement
National Center for Student Leadership
National Coalition of Student Activists
National Communication Association Student Club
National Conference on Graduate Student Leadership
National Conference on Student Leadership
National Defense Student Loan
National Democratic Students’ Association
National Direct Student Loan
National Disabled Student Union
National Educational Technology Standards for Students
National Federation of American Students
National Graduate Student Research Festival
National Haitian Student Alliance
National Hellenic Student Association
National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers
National Organisation of Labor Students
National People of Color Student Coalition
National Postsecondary Agricultural Students Organization
National Secondary Student Council
National Student Administration and Teaching Support
National Student Advertising Competition
National Student Assistance Association
National Student Association
National Student Center of Thailand
National Student Clearinghouse
National Student Competition
National Student Drama Festival
National Student Financial Aid
National Student Financial Aid Scheme
National Student Genderblind Campaign
National Student Government Association
National Student Index
National Student Labor Alliance
National Student Leadership Conference
National Student Learning Programme
National Student Loan Alliance
National Student Loan Clearinghouse
National Student Loan Data System
National Student Loan Program
National Student Lobby
National Student Music Awards
National Student News Service
National Student Number
National Student Nurses’ Association
National Student Safety Program
National Student Survey
National Student Travel Foundation
National Student Union
National Student Union of Macedonia
National Student-Athletes’ Rights Movement
National Students Against Impaired Driving
National Students Union of India
National Survey of Student Engagement
National Union of Greek Australian Students
National Union of Kuwait Students
National Union of Pakistani Students and Alumni
National Union of South African Students
National Union of Students
Nationalistische Studentenvereniging
Native American Student Affairs
Native American Student Association
Native American Student Center
Naturopathic Student Government Association
Near North Student Robotics Initiative
Nebraska Student Loan Program
Nederlands Studenten Orkest
Nederlandse Studenten Roei Federatie
Nederlandse Studenten Zwem Kompetitie
Needs and EXpectations of University Students
Needy Student Fund
Neuromorphic Engineering Students Society
Neuroscience Association for Undergraduate Students
Nevada Association of Student Councils
New and Original Musicals Authored and Directed by Students
New International Student Orientation
New Mexico Student Loan Guarantee Corporation
New Mexico Student Loans
New Student Administration System
New Student Advising and Registration Program
New Student Forum
New Student Information System
New Student Orientation
New Student Outreach
New Student Programs Office
New Student System
Newcastle Student Radio
Newcastle University Postgraduate Students Association
Nicholas School Student Council
Niezalezne Zrzeszenie Studentow
Nigeria Association of Physiotherapy Students
Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students
Nigerian Association of Computer Science Students
Nikkei Student Association
Nikkei Student Union
Nipissing University Student Union
Non-Traditional Student
Non-Traditional Student Organization
North American South Asian Law Student Association
North American Students of Cooperation
North Carolina Association of Student Councils
North Carolina Student Climate Coalition
North Carolina Student Legislature
North Dakota Student Association
North East Students’ Organisation
Northcoast Student Music Therapists
Northeastern Student Government Association
Northern Ireland Medical Students Committee
Northwestern Student Government Association
Northwestern Students for Life
Norwegian Medical Students’ Association
Notification of Change in Student Enrollment
Nova Scotia Student Loan
Nursing Student Council
Nursing Student Government Association
Nursing Student Loans
Oberlin Pro-Life Union of Students
Oberlin Student Theater Association
Occupational Therapy Student
Oceanography Graduate Students Association
Off Campus Student Association
Off-Campus Student
Off-Campus Student Employment
Off-Campus Student Services
Office for African American, Latino, and Asian American Student Services
Office of Admissions and Student Services
Office of African American Student Services and Programs
Office of AHANA Student Programs (Boston College; Boston, MA)
Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Student Support
Office of Engineering Student Programs
Office of International Student Affairs
Office of International Student Exchange
Office of International Student Services
Office of International Students and Faculty
Office of International Students and Scholars
Office of New Student Programs
Office of Nursing Student Services
Office of Student Achievement
Office of Student Affairs
Office of Student Computing Resources
Office of Student Computing Resources
Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
Office of Student Conflict Resolution
Office of Student Conflict Resolution
Office of Student Development and Activities
Office of Student Enrollment Planning and Operations
Office of Student Financial Aid Services
Office of Student Financial Assistance
Office of Student Financial Assistance
Office of Student Financial Services
Office of Student Life
Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Office of Student Services
Office of the Dean of Student Affairs
Office of the Dean of Student Affairs
OFW Student Consulting and Research
Oglethorpe University Students Abroad
Ohio Student Government Association
Okanagan College Students’ Union
Oklahoma Guaranteed Student Loan Program
Oklahoma Student Government Association
Olds College Students Association
Omicron Delta Kappa – National Honors Society for Student Leaders
Online Access Student Information System
Online Journalism Student Society
Online Student Computer Assisted Registration
Online Student Services Project
Ontario Committee on Student Affairs
Ontario Federation of Students
Ontario Secondary School Students’ Association
Ontario Student Assistance Program
Ontario Student Exchange Foundation
Ontario Student Leadership Conference
Ontario Student Record
Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance
Open University Students Association
Open University Students’ Educational Trust
Oregon Community College Student Association
Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance
Oregon Student Nurses Association
Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group
Organization of Students of African Descent
Organizing Bureau of European School Student Unions
Osteopathic Medical Student
Osteopathic Medical Student
Outstanding Doctoral Student Award
Outstanding Doctoral Student Award
Outstanding Student Instructor Awards
Outstanding Students of the Cordillera Administrative Region
Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students
Overseas Chinese Student Association
Overseas Student Health Cover
Overseas Students Mission
Overseas Students’ Association
Owen Student Government Association
Oxford Student Publications Ltd.
Pakistani Students Association
Palestinian Medical Students Society
Pan-African Student Union
Parent Faculty Student Association
Parent Faculty Student Organization
Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students
Parent Teacher Student Association
Parent Teacher Student Conference
Parent, Teacher, Student
Parents and Teachers Helping Students
Parents Assisting with Students
Parents for Student Safety Employment Standards
Parents of Students of Phillips Academy
Parent-Student-Teacher Association
Part-Time Student
Pediatric Student Interest Group
Peel Student Presidents’ Council
Peer Advisors Leading Students
Penn African Students Association
Pennsylvania Association of Student Council
Peoples Students Federation
Performance Assessment for Language Students
Personal Student Homepage
Petroleum Institute Student Council
Pharmacy and Nutrition Students’ Society
Pharmacy Student Council
PhD Students in Information and Knowledge Management
Philadelphia Student Union
Philosophy Student Initiative
Physical Education Student Organization
Physics and Astronomy Student Union
Physiology Undergraduate League of Students
Pilipino Academic Student Services
Pilipino American Student Association Kaibigans
Pilipino American Student Society
Pilipino American Student Union
Pilipino American Students Association
Planetarium Activities for Student Success
Polish American Students Association
Polish Global Student Network
Political Science Student Association
Political Science Students Union
Political Science Students’ Association
Pomona College Student Art Gallery
Post Graduate Students’ Union
Postgraduate and Research Students Association
Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs
Postsecondary Student Information System
Post-Secondary Student Support Program
Power of Positive Students
Practical Nursing Student
Presbyterian Student Association
Presbyterian Student Fellowship
President’s Council of Student Advisors
President’s Student Advisory Council
Prestonwood Student Ministry
Princeton Students Against Infanticide
Principal Assessment for Student Success
Private Schools for Students with Disabilities
Pro Bono Students America
Pro Bono Students Canada
Professional Golf Management Student Association
Professional Pharmacy Students Organization
Professional Student Services Personnel
Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students
Profiler for Academic Success of Students
Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students
Program for International Student Assessment
Program for Student-Community Involvement
Program for the Retention of Engineering Students
Programme for International Student Assessment
Programming Remediation and Intervention for Students in Mathematics
Progressive Black Student Organization
Progressive Student Alliance
Prospective Students Advisory Committee
Provincial Approach to Student Information
Psychology Students’ Association
Public Administration Student Association
Public Health Student Caucus
Puerto Rican Student Association
Pukhtun Students Federation
Punjabi Students Association
Purdue Engineering Student Council
Purdue Foundation Student Board
Purdue Student Education Council
Purdue Student Engineering Foundation
Purdue University Chinese Student and Scholar Association
Purdue University Student Health Center
Queer Student Cultural Center
Queer Student Union
Raising Student Voice and Participation
Rangoon University Students Union
Rate Your Students
Reading University Student Union
Real Estate Institute Student Association
Recognized Student Organization
Reduced Gravity Student Program
Regional Student Conference
Regional Student Leadership Conference
Regional Student Leadership Seminar
Regional Student Operating Board
Registered Nurse Anesthesia Student
Registered Student Nurse Program
Registered Student Organisation
Registered Student Organization
Repository of Student Information
Research Grants for Graduate Students
Research Student Project Ethical Review
Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement
Resident Student Association
Residential Option for Science and Engineering Students
Resource Center for Students with Disabilities
Resources for Open University Teachers and Students
Responsible Outgoing College Students
Restructuring for Urban Student Success
Revolutionary Socialist Students’ Federation
Rhode Island Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Rice Student Volunteer Program
Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten
RMSU Malaysian Students Association
Rochester Symposium for Physics Students
Rotterdams Studenten Corps
Rotterdamsche Vrouwelijke Studenten Vereeniging
Russell Student Health Center
Russian Student Christian Movement
Ryerson Engineering Student Society
Salvation Army Student Fellowship
Satellite Student Union
Scandinavian Student Travel Service
Scarborough Campus Students’ Union
Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students
Scholarships Taking Elementary Promising Students
School Administration Student Information System
School Student Transaction
School Students Against War
Science & Engineering Graduate Student Scheme
Science and Business Student Association
Science Career Options for Rural Environment Students
Scots Law Student Journal
Scottish Medical Students Committee
Second Year Medical Student
Second-Year Medical Student
Second-Year Medical Student
Second-Year Tulane Medical Student
Secular Students Alliance
Senate Board for Student Appeals
Senate Committe on Student Affairs
Services for International Students and Scholars
Services for Students with Disabilities
Shanghai International Students’ Placement Council
Sheffield Malaysian Students Association
Sheffield University Students Union
Shepherd Education Student Association
Shuttle Student Involvement Program
Simon Fraser Student Society
Singapore Malaysian Student Association
Singapore Student Association
Social Activist Law Student Association
Social Economy Student Network
Social Media Law Student
Social Work Student Organization
Social Work Student Organization
Socialist Worker Student Society
Societatea Studenteasca de Chirurgie din Romania
Society for the Prevention of Asinine Student Movements
Society of Arts and Science Students
Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students
Society of Geography Students
Society of Graduate and Professional Students
Society of Graduate Students
Society of Luxembourg Students in Britain
Society of Naval Architecture Students
Society of Off-Campus Students
Society of Otago University Law Students
Society of Physics Students
Society of Student Archivists
Society of Undergraduate Chemistry Students
Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students
Sociology Graduate Student Association
Software Engineering Students’ Association
Soka Student Government Association
South African Students Congress
South African Students Movement
South African Students’ Organisation
South Asian Law Students Association
South Asian Medical Student Association
South Asian Student’s Association
South Asian Studies Students’ Association
South Brandywine Gifted Students
South Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
South Dakota Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
South East Area National Union of Students
Southampton University Students’ Union
Southern Africa Students Union
Southern African Student Program
Southern England Student Sports Association
Southern Region Black Law Students Association
Southwest Student Services Corporation
Sozialistischer Studentenbund
Space Exposed Experiment Developed for Students
Space Science Student Involvement Program
Spalding University Nursing Students
Spanish and Latin-American Students’ Association
Spanish-speakers Assisting Latinos Student Association
Special Education Student Information System
Spelman Student Government Association
Spolek Ceskych Studentu Farmacie
Sponsor a Student
Springville City Outreach to Students
Sprott Business Students’ Society
Staff Student Liaison Committee
Staffordshire University Students’ Union
Standards-Based Student Driven Learning
Stanford Ethiopian Student Union
Stanford Vietnamese Student Association
State Collaboratives on Assessment and Student Standards
State Student Conference
State Students Admission Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Statewide Student Identifier
Stellenbosch Food Science Students Association
Stichting Studenten Huisvesting Nijmegen
Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder
Stiftung Studenten Discount
Stirling University Students’ Association
Stockholms Studentsångarförbund
Student & Auxiliary Services
Student / Farmworker Alliance
Student Academic Achievement
Student Academic Affairs Board
Student Academic and Financial Services
Student Academic Consulting Center
Student Academic Resource Center
Student Academic Services
Student Academic Success Center
Student Academic Success Services
Student Academic Support
Student Academic Support System
Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants
Student Access and Success
Student Achievement & Success Program
Student Achievement Guarantee in Education
Student Achievement Guided by Experience
Student Achievement in Reading
Student Action for Refugees
Student Activities and Greek Life
Student Activities and Leadership Development
Student Activities Board
Student Activities Budget Review Committee
Student Activities Business Office
Student Activities Center
Student Activities Center
Student Activities Committee
Student Activities Committee
Student Activities Council
Student Activities Council
Student Activities Office
Student Activities Programming Board
Student Activities Revenue Management
Student Activities Safety Association
Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire
Student Adjustment to College Questionnaire
Student Administration and Support
Student Administration Integration Pack
Student Administrative Council
Student Administrative Council
Student Administrative Services Center
Student Advice Centre
Student Advice Centre
Student Advisory Council
Student Advisory Council
Student Advocacy and Support Services
Student Advocates for Business and Environmental Responsibility
Student Advocates for Freedom & Equality
Student Affairs Advisory Board
Student Affairs and Services Association
Student Affairs Information Technology
Student Affairs Monitor
Student Affairs Office
Student Affairs Residential Fellow
Student Affiliates in School Psychology
Student Affiliates of Seventeen
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society
Student African American Brotherhood
Student Aid Internet Gateway
Student Aid Report
Student Air Travel Association
Student Aircraft Interface Trainer
Student Alliance for Israel
Student Alliance for Latino Solidarity and Achievement
Student Alliance for Learning, Success and Achievement
Student Alliance of North American Indians
Student Alliance to Reform Corporations
Student Alumni Association
Student Alumni Association Board
Student Alumni Involved for Lake State
Student Alumni Relations Cell
Student Ambassadors
Student Ambulance Officer
Student American Veterinary Medical Association
Student and Campus Life Council
Student and Community Services Center
Student and Exchange Visitor Information System
Student and Exchange Visitor Program
Student and Family Empowerment
Student and Graduate Online
Student and Student Chapter Outreach
Student and Youth Health Clinics
Student Appraisal Of Teaching
Student Appraisal of Teaching
Student Architectural Society
Student Artist Competition
Student Artist Competition
Student Assessment and Measurement
Student Assessment System
Student Assessment, Program Evaluation
Student Assistance and Family Empowerment
Student Assistance Center
Student Assistance Center
Student Assistance Corporation
Student Assistance Corporation
Student Assistance Counselor
Student Assistance Counselor
Student Assistance Program
Student Assistance Program
Student Assistance Team
Student Assistance Team
Student Assistant
Student Association
Student Association Committee
Student Association Committee
Student Association for Fire Ecology
Student Association for Freedom of Expression
Student Association for the Environment
Student Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Student Association of Missouri
Student Association of Social Workers
Student Association of the Geneva Experiment Station
Student Association of the State University of New York
Student Association on Terrorism and Security Analysis
Student Association Program Board
Student Association Senate
Student Athlete of the Week
Student Athlete Scholarships Foundation
Student Athlete Summer Institute
Student Athletic Advisory Committee
Student Athletic Trainer
Student Athletic Trainer
Student Athletic Trainers Association
Student Athletic Trainers Organization
Student Attendance Accounting Handbook
Student Attendance Fact Sheet
Student Automated Record Keeping
Student Automated Record Keeping
Student Auxiliary Association
Student Auxiliary Safety Patrol
Student Awaiting Training Status
Student Awards Agency for Scotland
Student Bar Association
Student Behavior Consultation Team
Student Body
Student Body Government
Student Body Officer
Student Body Organization
Student Book
Student Book Store
Student Border Services Officer
Student Brand Manager
Student Broadcast Network
Student Budget and Appropriations Committee
Student Builders and Contractors Association
Student Business Plan
Student Business Services
Student Business Solutions
Student California Teachers Association
Student Camp Leadership Academy
Student Campaign for Child Survival
Student Canadian Chiropractic Association
Student Care Center
Student Career Enhancement Program
Student Career Experience Program
Student Career Options and Placement Experiences
Student Catholic Action
Student Center
Student Center Building
Student Center Network
Student Centered E-Learning Environment
Student Centered Learning
Student Chapter of the American Animal Hospital Association
Student Chapter of the American Library Association
Student Chapter Outstanding Performance Award
Student Child Learning Center
Student Christian Fellowship
Student Christian Movement
Student Cloud Observations On-Line
Student Club Nights
Student Coalition Against Racial Profiling
Student Coalition Against Tobacco
Student Coalition against War
Student Coalition against War
Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education
Student Coalition for Marriage Equality
Student Collaborative in Health Informatics
Student Commitee for National Reconciliation
Student Committee for IMSA Advancement
Student Community Action Team
Student Community for Outreach Retention and Excellence
Student Community Involvement Program
Student Community Liaison Committee
Student Competency Record
Student Competency Record
Student Competency Record
Student Computer Lab
Student Computer Usage Fee
Student Computing and Information Page
Student Computing Facility
Student Concession
Student Congress on Racial Reconciliation
Student Connection Program
Student Connections
Student Conservation Association
Student Construction Management Association
Student Consultant
Student Contact Learning Hours
Student Contribution
Student Contribution from Assets
Student Control Number
Student Controlled Reserve Fund
Student Council Association
Student Council Resolution
Student Council Resolution
Student Council Resolution
Student Course Days
Student Course Days
Student Course Online Registration Engine
Student Creative Recycle Art Program
Student Credit Hour
Student Credit Hour
Student Credit Hour
Student Crime Stoppers
Student Crisis Exercise
Student Data Course File
Student Data Query System
Student Debt Reduction Solution
Student Dental Care Service
Student Design Award
Student Development and Activities Office
Student Development and Campus Life
Student Development and Enrollment Services
Student Development and Leadership Institute
Student Development Center
Student Development Program
Student Developmental Task and Lifestyle Assessment
Student Dietetic Association
Student Dining Room
Student Disability Access Office
Student Disability Services
Student Diversity Leadership Conference
Student Doctor Network
Student Dormitory Council
Student Drug Use Survey
Student Drug-Testing Institute
Student Dust Counter
Student Economic Review
Student Education and Service Ambassadors
Student Education and Training Plans
Student Educational Employment Program
Student Educational Experience
Student Educational Occupational Plan
Student Educators Against AIDS
Student Electronic Services
Student Emergency Medical Services
Student Emergency Response Team
Student Emergency Response Volunteers
Student Employee Health Plan
Student Employee Recognition Award Program
Student Employment and Cooperative Education
Student Employment Center
Student Employment Program
Student Engineering Advisement System
Student Engineering English Corpus
Student Environment Centre
Student Environment Tasks Tools
Student Environmental Action Coalition
Student Environmental Health Association
Student Environmental Knowledge and Opinion Inventory
Student Evaluation of Instruction
Student Evaluation of Teaching
Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning
Student Evaluation of Teaching and Subject
Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units
Student Exchange & Study Abroad
Student Exchange Program
Student Executive Management Training
Student Expectations
Student Expectations
Student Experiment
Student Experiment
Student Eyes and Ears for University Safety
Student Faculty and Friends Association
Student Faculty Interaction
Student Film Showcase
Student Filmmakers Guild
Student Finance Corporation
Student Financial Aid Guidelines
Student Financial Aid Services
Student Financial Assistance
Student Financial Assistance Agency
Student Financial Supplement Scheme
Student for Christ
Student Forum Advisory Board
Student Funding and International Office
Student Government
Student Government
Student Government Association
Student Government Board
Student Government Newark Campus
Student Government Organization
Student Government Program Board
Student Grant Program
Student Guide
Student Guide
Student Guide to Writing
Student Health Action Network
Student Health and Wellness
Student Health and Wellness Center
Student Health Insurance Committee
Student Health Law Organization
Student Health Outreach Team
Student Health Plan
Student Health Service
Student Homeownership Opportunity Program
Student Housing Legal Clinic
Student Housing Services
Student Human Resource Association
Student Identification Number
Student in Theology
Student in Theology
Student Income and Expenditure Survey
Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme
Student Information & Grades Management Application
Student Information Access System
Student Information Commission
Student Information Management System
Student Information Processing Board
Student Information Systems
Student Initiated Assignment
Student Initiated Course
Student International Chiropractic Association
Student International Exchange Network
Student International Forum
Student Internet Service Providings
Student Internship Programme
Student Intervention Services
Student Investment Club Delft
Student Involvement Committee
Student Islamic Organization
Student Kouncil of Intertribal Nations
Student Labor Action Coalition
Student Lawn Care Services
Student Leader Orientation Week
Student Leaders of Tomorrow
Student Leaders’ Convention
Student Leadership Activity Report
Student Leadership Club
Student Leadership Conference
Student Leadership Council
Student Leadership Development Corps
Student Leadership Development Program
Student Leadership Training
Student Leadership Training Club
Student Leadership Training Program
Student Learning Assistance Center
Student Learning Center
Student Learning Enhancement Unit
Student Learning Entitlement
Student Learning Outcome
Student Led Activity
Student Lending Accountability, Transparency, and Enforcement Act
Student Lending and Consolidations
Student Liaison Committee
Student Liaison Officer
Student Librarian Association
Student Library Enhancement Fund
Student Life Business Center
Student Life Center
Student Life Cycle Management
Student Life Endowment Fund
Student Life Instructor
Student Life Ministry
Student Life Organization
Student Loan
Student Loan
Student Loan Consolidation Program
Student Loan Corporation
Student Loan Finance Association
Student Loan Finance Corporation
Student Loan Fund of Idaho
Student Loan Marketing Association
Student Loan Marketing Association Bonds
Student Loan Marketing Association Global Notes
Student Loan Network
Student Loan Network
Student Loan Reform Act of 1993
Student Loan Repayment Program
Student Loan Repayment Regimes
Student Loan Service Center
Student Loan Task Force
Student Loan Xpress
Student Loans Company Ltd
Student Loans Over Projected Earnings
Student Mail Code
Student Managed Academic Resource Time
Student Managed Assessment
Student Management Room
Student Management System
Student Manager
Student Marketing Association
Student Master File
Student Medical Assistant
Student Medical Insurance
Student Member of the Board of Education
Student Member of the Board of Trustees
Student Mentor Program
Student Microfinance and Development Initiative
Student Motorsport Scotland
Student Movement Against Cancer
Student Music Therapists’ Association
Student Music Therapists’ Association
Student National Dental Association
Student Naval Aviator
Student Naval Flight Surgeon
Student Needs And Priorities Survey
Student Needs Assistance Program
Student Network Service
Student Network Systems Administrator
Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol
Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee
Student North Carolina Association of Educators
Student Not Candidate for Degree
Student Nurse
Student Nurse Technician
Student Nurse’s Organization
Student Nurse-Midwife
Student Nurses Association of Arizona
Student Nurses Association of Maine
Student Nurses for Clean Drinks
Student Nurses of Ursuline College
Student Nurses’ Association of Guam
Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania
Student Nursing Association
Student of Concern
Student of Concern
Student of the Civil Law
Student of the Month
Student of the Year
Student Ombuds Service
Student Online
Student On-Line Access to Records
Student Online Achievement Resources
Student Online Support
Student Operated Press
Student Opportunity and Access Program
Student Oral Proficiency Assessment
Student Orchestra Festival
Student Organization
Student Organization
Student Organization Advising and Resources
Student Organization Center at Hilles
Student Organization for Activity Planning
Student Organization for Alumni Relations
Student Organization for Animal Protection
Student Organization for Animal Rights
Student Organization for Latin American Studies
Student Organization Leadership Retreat
Student Organization of Pharmacy Technicians
Student Organization of Social Workers
Student Organization Resource Center
Student Organization Resource Fee
Student Organization Support
Student Organizations and Campus Activities
Student Organizations and Leadership Opportunities
Student Organized Clinic Committee
Student Organizing Committee for the Arts
Student Orientation And Registration
Student Orientation Program
Student Osteopathic Medical Association
Student Osteopathic Surgical Association
Student Outcome Survey
Student Outcomes Information Services
Student Outdoor Adventure and Recreation
Student Outdoor Adventures
Student Outdoor Educators Conference
Student Outreach Intern
Student Owed Repayment
Student Owed Repayment
Student Paper Competition Award
Student Paper Conference
Student Paper Conference
Student Parabolic Flight Campaign
Student Parent Orientation Program
Student Patent Law Association
Student Payment Summary
Student Peer Abstinence Movement
Student Perceptions of Instruction
Student Personnel Services
Student Physical Therapist
Student Physicians for Social Responsibility
Student Pilot
Student Pilot in Command
Student Pilot License
Student Platoon Commander
Student Platoon Commander
Student Police Officer
Student Police Officer
Student Political Action Committee
Student Practical Nurse
Student Preparation Period
Student Press Initiative
Student Press Law Center
Student Price Card
Student Price Card
Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators
Student Professional Awareness Conference
Student Professional Development Group
Student Professional Organization
Student Professional Organization
Student Programs and Activities Center
Student Programs and Services
Student Programs and Services
Student Progress and Achievement
Student Progress Monitoring System
Student Project Competition
Student Project Competition
Student Public Policy Forum
Student Publication Office
Student Publication Office
Student Publications
Student Publications and Radio Committee
Student Questionnaire
Student Questionnaire
Student Radio Association
Student Radio Awards
Student Radio Initiative
Student Records Office
Student Records System
Student Recreation Centre
Student Recruitment Course Advice
Student Recruitment Manager
Student Reference Guide
Student Reference Library
Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist
Student Registration System
Student Rehabilitation Counseling Association
Student Representative Council
Student Research Apprenticeship Program
Student Research Competition
Student Research Conference
Student Research Fellowship Award
Student Research Forum
Student Research in Diversity
Student Research Training
Student Resourse Time
Student Response System
Student Responsibility Center
Student Revolutionary Strike Force
Student Riding Nations Cup
Student Run Credit Union
Student Science Association
Student Section Executive Committee
Student Self Service
Student Semester Credit Hours
Student Service Learning
Student Services Administrators’ Association of Manitoba
Student Services Association
Student Services Building
Student Services Classroom Building
Student Services Finance Committee
Student Services On Line
Student Services/Prevention and Wellness
Student Session
Student Shared Resource
Student Society for News Design
Student Society for the Advancement of Biometrics
Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Student Society of Nuclear Pharmacy
Student Society Programming Network
Student Solutions Manual
Student Spiritual Gift Inventory
Student Sponsor Partners
Student Staff Liaison Committee
Student Status Change Report
Student Status Confirmation Report
Student Stock Exchange
Student Stock Exchange Concilium
Student Study Team
Student Success Initiative
Student Success Plan
Student Summer Job Action
Student Support Centre
Student Support Document
Student Support Group
Student Support Services
Student Support Services Center
Student Support Services Program
Student Support Team
Student Surveys Planning Group
Student Systems Development
Student Talking Time
Student Tax Clinic Program
Student Teacher Achievement Ratio
Student Teacher Poet
Student Teacher Relationship
Student Teacher Relationship
Student Team Reading and Writing
Student Teams Achievement Divisions
Student Technical Director
Student Technical Director
Student Technology Center
Student Technology Fee
Student Technology Leadership Program
Student Technology Services
Student Telephone Services
Student Television
Student Television Arts Company
Student Television Network
Student Temporary Employment Program
Student Text Book
Student Text Book
Student Text Book
Student Text Book
Student Theatre Arts Complex
Student Theological Society
Student Tigers Rallying, Interacting, and Promoting Education and Service
Student Timetable System
Student to Faculty Ratio
Student to Student
Student Tobacco Reform Initiative Knowledge for Eternity
Student Tools and Resource Skills
Student Training Advisor
Student Training in Aquatic Research
Student Training Management System
Student Training Officer
Student Training Officer
Student Training Requirement
Student Training Requirement
Student Training Station
Student Transcript System
Student Transportation Service
Student Transportation, Inc.
Student Travel Association
Student Travel Grant
Student Trial Advocacy Team
Student Tuition Fee Account
Student Type A Behavior Scale
Student Union
Student Union
Student Union Activity Board
Student Union Building
Student Union Building
Student Union Building
Student Union Government
Student Union Government
Student Utilization of Computers in Curriculum for the Enhancement of Scholastic Skills
Student Venture
Student Veteran Organization
Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society
Student Video Discovery Awards
Student Volunteer Movement
Student Volunteer Program
Student Web Answer Technology Template
Student Web Service
Student Welfare Association
Student Welfare Officer
Student Wellness Initiative Toward Community Health
Student Will Learn
Student Windsurfing Association
Student with Disability
Student With Outstanding Talent
Student Work Abroad Program
Student Youth Network
Student Youth Network, Inc.
Student Youth Travel Organization
Student’s Discretionary Net Worth
Student’s Income Contribution
Student’s Training Record Book
Student-Athlete Advisory Board
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence
Student-Athletic Scholastic Success Program
Studenten Und Jungingenieure
Studenten-Mission in Deutschland
StudentenRaad Operationele Techniek
Student-Led Alternative Breaks
Student-Managed Investment Fund
Student-Parent Questionnaire
Student-Produced Response
Students & Teachers Opposing Pollution
Students 4 Students
Students 4 Sustainability
Students Achieving Social Harmony
Students Active For Ending Rape
Students Actively Volunteering for the Environment
Students Actively Volunteering for You
Students Advocating Life Without Substance Abuse
Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement
Students Against A Violent Earth
Students Against Animal Cruelty
Students Against Destruction
Students Against Destructive Decisions
Students against Drug Abuse
Students Against Drunk Driving
Students Against Drunk Driving Leaving Everyone Safer
Students Against Fees in Education
Students Against Insensitive Language
Students Against Mass Email
Students Against Name Tags Association
Students Against NUS At Edinburgh
Students Against Rude Standards
Students Against Starting Smoking
Students Against Substance Abuse
Students Against Testing
Students Against Testing
Students Against the Death Penalty
Students Against the Violation of the Environment
Students Against Violence
Students Against Violence Everywhere
Students Against Violence Initiative
Students and Clinicians for Relief of the Iraqi People
Students and Early Career Professionals
Students and Teachers Against Racism
Students and Teachers As Research Scientists
Students and Teachers Opposing Prejudice
Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed
Students and Technology in Academia, Research and Service Alliance
Students and Young Professionals
Students Are Friendly to Everyone
Students as Teachers of Microsoft Technologies
Students At Macquarie
Students Concerned about the Environment
Students Creating Exciting New Events
Students Eager to Enhance Knowledge
Students Educating About AIDS
Students Educating Each Other About Discrimination
Students Engaged in Aquatic Studies
Students Federation of India
Students for a Democratic Society
Students for a Democratic University
Students for a More Accessible Campus
Students for a New American Politics
Students for A Nonreligious Ethos
Students for Academic Freedom
Students for An Orwellian Society
Students for Animal Liberation
Students for Asian Awareness at Bucknell
Students For Biomedical Research
Students for Computer Recycling to Offer Underrepresented Groups in Education
Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
Students for Economic Justice
Students for Environmental Action At Stanford
Students for Environmental Awareness
Students for Environmental Quality
Students for Environmental Quality
Students for Environmental Quality
Students for Genital Integrity
Students for Global Democracy
Students for Global Responsibility
Students for Gun Free Schools
Students for Israel
Students for Justice in Palestine
Students for Kids International Projects
Students for Liberty
Students for Life of America
Students for Nuclear Disarmament
Students for Nuclear Disarmament
Students for Political Action
Students for Ron Paul
Students for Ron Paul
Students for Saving Social Security
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Students for Social Justice
Students for Suicide Awareness and Prevention
Students for Sustainability
Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Students for the Preservation of Etiquette in Chess
Students for World Literacy
Students Helping Other People
Students Helping Others through Service
Students Hot on the Sciences
Students Improving Global Health Together
Students in Action
Students in Free Enterprise
Students in Free Enterprise
Students in Local Government
Students in Service
Students Interested in Growth Networking and Leadership
Students Involved in Free Enterprise
Students Involved in Free Enterprise
Students Islamic Movement in India
Students Learning Under Guidance
Students Loan Trust Fund
Students Making A Right Turn
Students Making It a Little Easier
Students Mastering Areas of Recreational Computing
Students Mastering Important Lifeskills Education
Students of Caribbean Ancestry
Students of Color Network
Students of Color of Rackham
Students of English at Drummondville College
Students of English Studies Association
Students of Project Management
Students of Sociology
Students of Texas Against Narcotics and Drinking
Students of the American Society for Microbiology
Students of the Arts Institute at Bournemouth
Students of the Caribbean Alliance
Students of the Caribbean Association
Students of the Game
Students of the World
Students On-Line Atmospheric Research
Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol
Students Organized Against Poverty
Students Organized Against Prejudice
Students Organized Against Racism
Students Organized Against Rape
Students Organized to Unite People
Students Participating Actively in County Education
Students Playing Important Roles in Tradition
Students Promoting Awareness of Research Knowledge
Students Promoting Empowerment and Knowledge
Students Promoting Environmental Action in Knoxville
Students Pursuing Academics and Careers in Engineering
Students Speak Out
Students Supporting Students
Students Tackling Abortion Realities Today
Students Take Action
Students Taking A New Direction
Students Taking Academic Responsibility
Students Taking Action and Responsibility for Success
Students Taking Action Not Drugs
Students Taking Action Now: Darfur
Students Taking Action to Terminate Unlawful Substances
Students Taking Action with Recognition
Students Taking on Prevention
Students Taking Responsibility in Developing Excellence
Students Talking About Respect and Tolerance
Students Tapping Academic Resources for Success
Students Teach Adults Computer Knowledge
Students Teaching AIDS to Students
Students Teaching and Advocating Respect
Students Teaching and Reaching Students
Students Teaching Anti-Tobacco
Students Teaching Respect Integrity Inclusion Values and Equality
Students Teaming with Advocates for Academics, Relationships, & Success
Students That Are Really Special
Students the Active Risk Takers
Students Thinking of Peers
Students Today Aren’t Ready for Sex
Students Today, Leaders Forever
Students Together Achieving Responsible Tasks
Students Together Advocating Non-Discrimination
Students Toward an Accessible Campus
Students Understanding Diversity
Students Undertaking College Career Enhancing Study Skills
Students Union Advice Centre
Students Union Bournemouth University
Students United for a Responsible Global Economy
Students United for A Responsible Global Environment
Students United for Child Advocacy
Students United for Darfur Awareness Now
Students United for Nature
Students United for Public Education
Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking
Students Winning Against Tobacco
Students with a Mission
Students with A Passion
Students with a Target
Students With A Testimony
Students with Additional Needs
Students with High Achievement Reaching for Success
Students with High Intellectual Potential
Students with Interrupted Formal Education
Students with Interrupted Formal Education
Students With Learning Disabilities
Students Working Against Tobacco
Students Working in the Environment for Active Transformation
Students Working in Tobacco Can Help
Students Working to Advance Technology
Students, Administrators and Faculty for Equality on Campus
Students, Educators and Parents
Students’ Association of the University of Adelaide
Students’ Attitude Towards Statistics
Students’ Council
Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale
Students’ Mobilization Initiative for Learning Through Exposure
Students’ Opinion of Courses and Teaching
Students’ Perception of Teaching Effectiveness
Students’ Rugby Football Union
Students’ Union
Students’ Union
Studentsamskipnaden I Bergen
Studentsamskipnaden I Buskerud
Studentsamskipnaden i Oslo
Studentska Komora Akademickeho Senatu
Student-Teacher Ratio
Student-Teacher Ratio
Study Abroad and Student Exchange
Suez Canal Pharmaceutical Students Association
Summer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students
Summer Transition in Education Planning for Students
Summer Work Student Exchange
Supplemental Loan for Students
Supply Our Students
Supreme Student Committee
Supreme Student Government
Swedish National Union of Students
Taiwanese American Student Association
Taiwanese American Students Association
Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts
Taiwanese Student Association
Talented Student Program
Tamil Student Association
Taylor Opportunity Program for Students
Teacher Education Student Association
Teacher Expectations/Student Achievement
Teachers, Experts, Associates, Mentors, and Students
Teaching All Students Skills for Employment and Life
Teaching Every Student
Teaching International Students
Team Osteopathic Physicals for Students
Technology and Policy Student Society
Technology Assisted Student Assessment
Technology Enhanced Student Assessment
Technology Promoting Student Excellence
Technology Student Association
Teesside University Student Card
Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår
Telecommunications Students and Alumni Network
Temasek Academy Students’ Council
Temple University Graduate Students Association
Tennessee Association of Student Councils
Tennessee Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Tennessee Student Assistance Award
Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation
Tertiary Student Enrolment and Completions
Texas Association of Student Councils
Texas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Texas Exes Student Chapter
Texas Industrial Arts Student Association
Texas Student Education Association
Texas Students Against the Death Penalty
Textile and Apparel Student Association
Thai Student Association
The Bible Student Magazine
The Exchange Student
The Knox Student
The Student Room
The Student Will
The Students Will
Theatre Music Student Union
Theatre Students’ Association
Theological Students Fellowship Bulletin
Third-Year Medical Student
Third-Year Medical Student
Third-Year Tulane Medical Student
Thompson Student Centre
Thunderbird Student Government
Thundering Herd of Robots Using Student Thinking
TIES Student Information System
Tisch Undergraduate Student Council
Toronto Adult Student Association
Total Student Load
Towards an Integrated Student Record
Towards an Integrated Student Record
Trainees, Transients, Holdees, and Students
Transatlantic Academic Student Internship Program
Transfer Student Ombudsperson
Transfer Student Services
Transient, Trainee, Holdee and Student Allowance
Travel Industry Management Student Association
Trent International Student Association
Trinity College Students Union
Triton Engineering Student Council
Trondhjems Kvinnelige Studentersangforening
Trondhjems Studentersangforening
Tuition Opportunity Program for Students
Tulane African Student Association
Turkish Student Assistance Association
Turkish Student Association
Turkish Student Association
Turkish University Student Association
Turkish-American Students’ Association
Twentse Studenten Alpen Club
UK Student Accommodation Fund
UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Undergraduate Chinese Student Organization
Undergraduate Indian Students Association
Undergraduate International Student Application
Undergraduate Psychology Students’ Association
Undergraduate Student
Undergraduate Student Academic Services
Undergraduate Student Goverment Association
Undergraduate Student Government
Undergraduate Student Government Association
Undergraduate Student Research Awards
Undergraduate Student Research Project
Undergraduate Student-Initiated Education
Undergraduate Students in Technical Research
Union of Jewish Students
Union of Oromo Students in Europe
Union of Students
Union of Students in Ireland
United Indian Student Alliance
United Mexican American Students
United Nations Student Alliance
United Nations Students Association
United States Army Student Detachment
United States Student Association
United Student Aid Funds
United Student Labor Action Coalition
United Students Against Sweatshops
United Students for Fair Trade
United Students in Residence Halls
United Students of Color Council
United Studies Student Exchange
Uniting Parents, Students, and Teachers to Accomplish Great Endeavors
Uniunii Studentilor Din România
Universal Student Number
University Chartered Student Organization
University College Student Association
University Council on Student Housing
University of Ballarat Student Association
University of California Student Association
University of Canterbury Students’ Association
University of Iowa Student Association
University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association
University of New England Students Association
University of New Hampshire Muslim Students Association
University of Plymouth Student’s Union
University of Portsmouth Students’ Union
University of Salford Students’ Union
University of Saskatchewan Students Union
University of South Australia Student Association
University of Surrey Student’s Union
University Police Student Assistant
University Scholarships for South African Students
University Student Center
University Student Evaluation of Faculty
University Student Government Association
University Student Health Services
University Student Launch Initiative
University Student Launch Program
University Student Legal Services
University Students Advisory Bureau
University Students Association of Ghana
University Students Emergency Fund
University Students for Law and Order
University Students’ African Revolutionary Front
University Students’ Cooperative Association
Upper Room Student Ministries
Urban and Regional Planning Student Association
Ursinus Student Government Association
Utah Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Utah Professionals in Student Activities
Utrechtsch Studenten Corps
Utrechtsche Studenten Alpenclub
Utrechtse Historische Studenten Kring
Utrechtse Studenten Rugby Society
Utrechtse Vereniging Informatica Studenten
Utrechtste Studenten Bridge Club
Van Utrechtse Geografie Studenten
Vancouver Student Film Festival
Venetia Burney Student Dust Counter
Verband Deutscher Studentenschaften
Verband Ehemaliger Rostocker Studenten
Verein Deutscher Studenten
Vereniging Studenten Actuariaat en Econometrie
Vereniging Surinaamse Studenten Amsterdam
Vereniging van Studenten in de Psychologie te Amsterdam
Vermont Student Assistance Corporation
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Vice National Student Representative
Vice-President, Students
Victoria University Student Union
Victorian Secondary Student Network
Victory Highway Student Ministries
Vietnamese American Student Association
Vietnamese Student Association in Finland
Vietnamese Students Association
Vietnamese Students Association of Victoria
Vietnamese Youths and Students Association in Japan
Villanova Indian Students Association
Virgin Islands Student Association
Virginia Student Financial Assistance Program
Virginia Student Retention Program
Virginia Student Services Conference
Visiting Students’ Research Program
Visual Arts Students Association
Viterbo Student Nurses Association
Vocational Student Organization
Voluntary Student Unionism
Vooruitstrevend Overleg Studenten
Wadsworth Hall Student Association
Waiariki Institute of Technology Student Association
Waite Institute Students’ Association
Warren Area Student Union
Warwick Student Arts Festival
Washburn Student Bar Association
Washington Assessment of Student Learning
Washington Intern Student Housing
Washington Internships for Students of Engineering
Washington Student Lobby
Washington Student Math Association
Wayland Student Press Network
Weapons School Undergraduate Student
Weekly Student Contact Hour
Weighted Student Credit Hour
Weinheimer Verband Alter Corpsstudenten eV
Wellington Malaysian Students’ Organisation
Werkgroep Allochtone Studenten
Wesley Memorial Student Ministries
West African Students’ Union
Westchester Environmental Student Council
Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities
Western Canadian Veterinary Students Association
Western Indo-Canadian Students’ Association
Wheelock Student Center
White Student Alliance
Wildlife Graduate Student Association
Williams Students Online
Windows of Information for Student Education
Wisconsin Black Student Union
Wisconsin Student Assessment System
Wisconsin Student Government Association
Wisconsin Student Nurses Association
Wolverhampton International Student Foundation Programme
Women and Gender Studies Student Association
Women Students at Brown
Women Studies Student Organization
Women’s Law Student Association
Women’s Student Association
Women’s Studies Student Association
Women’s Studies Student Organization
World Festival of Youth and Students
World Student Association
World Student Christian Federation
World Student Community for Sustainable Development
World Wide Student Laboratory
World Youth and Student Travel Conference
Worldwide Hellenic Student Associations
Worldwide Nepalese Students’ Organisation
Wyoming Student Loan Corporation
Xilinx Student Edition
Yale Law Student
Yale Student Laundry
Yale Student Loan
Yale Student Loans
Yale Students for Christ
Yemeni Student Society
Yeshiva and University Students for the Spiritual Revival of Soviet Jewry, Inc.
York Federation of Students
York Student Community Action
York Students in Schools
York University Black Students’ Alliance
Young Catholic Students
Young Student Scientist Programme
Young Students Summer Program
Young Students’ Bursary
Zavarian Student Association
Zoo Experiences for Students and Teachers
Zrzeszenie Studentów Polskich
Zuercher Studenten Skiclub
Zürcher Studentin
Zweefvliegclub Eindhovense Studenten
Zwols Studenten Cabaret Festival