Abbreviation for Sydney, Australia


Sydney has in two hundred years evolved from being a miserable British penal colony to an international metropolis and one of the most popular destinations in the southern hemisphere. Sydney is not the capital of Australia, but the capital of the Australian state of New South Wales, has a warm and sunny year-round climate and a host of attractions to offer its visitors.

And not least, the town’s inhabitants are exceptionally jovial and talkative. Especially after the 2000 Summer Olympics, Sydney has experienced a tourist boom, and Sydney’s facilities have also improved significantly.

Sydney is a fascinating mix of old and new. On one side you have modern glass and steel skyscrapers, and the world-famous Opera House, and on the other side The Rocks district, where historic buildings lie along narrow cobblestone streets.

Sydney’s nightlife has legendary proportions, and during the daytime you have one of the world’s best and most famous beaches, Bondi Beach, half an hour away from downtown. In short, Sydney is a city where young people, couples, singles and retirees will be able to have a fabulous holiday.

Get to know Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s largest city and is located on the south east coast, about the same latitude as Cape Town and Buenos Aires. Although people have lived in the area for about 40,000 years, Sydney’s modern history does not begin until 1770, when Captain James Cook sailed into Botany Bay with the ship Endeavor. He called the country New South Wales and claimed it for England, which at this time was looking for a place to deport its troublemakers.

18 years later, in 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip arrived with the first ship loaded with a thousand convicted prisoners and founded a penal colony at Sydney Cove on Port Jackson. The colony was named after Lord Sydney politician Thomas Townsend, who had given Captain Phillip the task. The colony was constantly at odds with the local Aborigines, and many of these died of diseases the British carried. The colony grew rapidly and in 1842 was declared Australia’s first city.

In 1851 gold was found 20 miles west of Sydney, leading to massive immigration. Over the next twenty years, the population more than quadrupled. In 1870, there were around 200,000 inhabitants in Sydney. Today, Sydney has grown into a large city with over 4.2 million inhabitants and is the economic center of Australia. Sydney is also the country’s premier tourist attraction, first and foremost world renowned for the two landmarks of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

Sydney and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: SYD
  • Country: Australia

Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor divides Sydney into two, and the portions are connected by the Harbor Bridge and the Underwater Harbor Tunnel. Sydney Harbor is actually called Port Jackson and is the world’s largest natural harbor. Most of the attractions can be found in the city center, also called the Central Business District or CBD, located south of the harbor. The central area of ​​the CBD is the quays of Circular Quay, where boats go to the rest of the region. From Circular Quay you can see the Harbor Bridge stretching from the historic The Rocks district north of Sydney to the famous Opera House majestic at the extreme end of Bennelong Point in the east.

Central Business District – CBD

The CBD extends down to Sydney’s main train station, and the east side is dominated by large green spaces such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, The Domain, Cook + Phillip Park and Hyde Park. The main thoroughfare is George Street, which extends from Chinatown in the south, at the train station, to The Rocks in the north. The main shopping area is around Pitt Street, which runs parallel to George Street.

Darling Harbor

West of the CBD lies Sydney’s other major theme park, Darling Harbor. This is a popular area for tourists, with attractions such as the Sydney Aquarium, the Powerhouse Museum, the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center, Paddy’s Market and the Australian National Maritime Museum. This is also Sydney’s premier nightlife area.

Darlinghurst, Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo

To the east of the CBD lies the Darlinghurst district, which is best known for its Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and its Australian Museum. Northeast of Darlinghurst lies the densely populated Kings Cross district, which has gained a fringe reputation as Sydney’s Red Light District. Between Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and The Domain Park lies the district with the festive name Woolloomooloo. This was originally an area for the poorer working classes, but has become one of Sydney’s more upscale neighborhoods in recent years after celebrities like Russell Crowe settled here.

Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach

A few miles southeast of downtown are the beach suburbs of Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach. The former, which is otherwise pronounced Bondai, with print on the last syllable, is one of the world’s most famous beaches and attracts tens of thousands of sun worshipers, surfers and sand volleyball players daily. Every Sunday the popular Bondi Beach Markets are organized. Coogee Beach is a densely populated suburb with a great beach, but surfing is not allowed here. Families often enjoy it better here than on the slightly more hectic Bondi Beach.

North Sydney and Kirribilli

Crossing the Harbor Bridge to northern Sydney, you will first reach the North Sydney and Kirribilli boroughs, where you will find attractions such as the Luna Park Amusement Park, Prime Minister Kirribilli House and the Governor’s Residence Admiralty House. Just east of Kirribilli is the large Taronga Zoo and Sydney Harbor National Park.

Sydney Facts

SYDNEY – Australia’s largest city and capital in the state of New South Wales.

Population Around 4.2 million
Language English.

Control Form

Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary rule.


70% Christians. Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox.

Time Difference

Sydney is 9 hours ahead of Norway, summertime 8 hours ahead.


Australian dollars, equivalent to about 5 Norwegian kroner. Most credit cards (Visa, Master, Diners, AmEx) are accepted in most places. ATMs are available almost everywhere.


In finer restaurants it is normal to give 10-15%. Tips are included in many restaurants, then you choose to give yourself how satisfied you are. For taxi drivers, it is normal to round up to the next full dollar.
Embassy Norway has a Consulate General at Level 11. 189 Kent Street.


Sydney Visitors Center, 106 George Street, The Rocks.






240 volts with three-point connectors. Adapters are normally available in stores.

Holidays and Holidays

January 26, April 25. Labor Day in early October.
Visa Yes. Must be arranged before departure, these are electronic and can usually be issued by your travel agent.
Vaccinations No vaccines are required.
Water Can be drunk from the tap.
Nearest major cities Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne.
Safety Some violence against tourists, but some profit crime.

SYD: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Sydney Municipal

List of Sydney Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Sydney is SYD which stands for Sydney. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Sydney, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
ASHR Audi Sydney Harbour Regatta
AWPA Australia West Papua Association Sydney
AMS Australian Museum, Sydney
CSBA City of Sydney Basketball Association
CTS Community Television Sydney
ESCC Eastern Sydney Chamber Choir
ESCO Eastern Sydney Chamber Orchestra
GJS Global Justice Sydney
GFOS Greek Festival of Sydney
KCH King’s Cross Hotel, Sydney, Australia
NSBHS North Sydney Boys High School
NSC North Sydney Council
NSO North Sydney Oval
NSWE Northern Sydney Wedding Expo
RSYS Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
SESIAHS South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service
SSFL Southern Sydney Freight Line
SLSS Surf Life Saving Sydney
SACL Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
SACL Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd.
SAH Sydney Airport Hotel
SANAPS Sydney Airport Noise Amelioration Program
SAUG Sydney Amiga User Group
SBOS Sydney Beijing Olympic Secretariat
SBHS Sydney Boys’ High School
SBCF Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation
SCA Sydney Catchment Authority
SCRH Sydney Center for Reproductive Health
SCEGS Sydney Church of England Grammar School
SCC Sydney City Council
SCEC Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
SCATS Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System
SCG Sydney Cricket Ground
SCY Sydney Croatian Youth
SDCO Sydney Dance Company
SDC Sydney Dance Company
SDS Sydney Diocesan Secretariat
SDB Sydney Dragon Blades
SEC Sydney Education Centre
SEC Sydney Entertainment Centre
SEEN Sydney Environmental Educators Network
SFF Sydney Film Festival
SFM Sydney Fish Market
SFS Sydney Flying Squadron
SFFA Sydney Food Fairness Alliance
SFS Sydney Football Stadium
SFMR Sydney Foundation for Medical Research
SFE Sydney Futures Exchange
SFECH Sydney Futures Exchange Clearing House
SGL Sydney Gamers League
SGSM Sydney Graduate School of Management
SHB Sydney Harbour Bridge
SHFT Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
SHDC Sydney Holistic Dental Centre
SHEN Sydney Home Education News
SIBI Sydney Industrial Blind Institution
SIT Sydney Institute of Technology
SJRU Sydney Junior Rugby Union
SJTA Sydney Junior Triathlon Academy
SLPA Sydney Leather Pride Association
SLX Sydney Lindy Exchange
SLUG Sydney Linux Users Group
SMUG Sydney Mac Users Group
SMEDA Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Association, Inc.
SMH Sydney Morning Herald
SMY Sydney Muslim Youth
SNUG Sydney Novell Users Group
SOBO Sydney Olympic Broadcasting Organisation
SOPAC Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
SOH Sydney Opera House
SOCOG Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games
SOLIS Sydney Outdoor Lighting Improvement Society
SOCCI Sydney Outrigger Canoe Club, Inc.
SPSC Sydney Paddle Surfing Club
SPOC Sydney Paralympic Organising Committee
SRAG Sydney Rainforest Action Group
SREP Sydney Regional Environmental Plan
SSO Sydney Symphony Orchestra
SSSP Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology
STPA Sydney Tar Ponds Agency
STBA Sydney Taylor Book Awards
STHS Sydney Technical High School
STC Sydney Theatre Company
STFF Sydney Travelling Film Festival
STC Sydney Turf Club
SUBS Sydney Underwater Bushwalking Society
SU Sydney University
SU-2 Sydney University
SUAA Sydney University Arts Association
SUBC Sydney University Boat Club
SUBW Sydney University Bushwalkers
SUGS Sydney University Greek Society
SULS Sydney University Law Society
SUNFLOR Sydney University Nonlinear Fibre Laser and Optics Research
SUNS Sydney University Nursing Society
SUP Sydney University Press
SURG Sydney University Radio Group
SUSFC Sydney University Soccer Football Club
SUSS Sydney University Speleological Society
SUSI Sydney University Stellar Interferometer
SUWO Sydney University Wind Orchestra
SWCM Sydney Water Catchment Management
SWC Sydney Water Corporation
SWOT Sydney Welcome, Orientation and Transition
SWW Sydney Wildlife World
SWASH Sydney Women and Sexual Health
SWEC Sydney Women’s Endosurgery Centre
SWF Sydney Writers’ Festival
SYO Sydney Youth Orchestra
SYOA Sydney Youth Orchestra Association
SZC Sydney Zen Centre
QSYS Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
SYD Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – Sydney Municipal
YQY Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada – Sydney Municipal
SUVA Sydney’s Unique Venues Association
UTSL United Telecasters Sydney Ltd.
USY University of Sydney
US University of Sydney
USFP University of Sydney Foundation Program
USIMS University of Sydney Institute of Marine Science
USMP University of Sydney Medical Program
UTSYD University of Technology, Sydney
UTS University of Technology, Sydney
UWS University of Western Sydney
WSCCC West Sydney Chinese Christian Church
WSCF Western Sydney Community Forum
WSID Western Sydney International Dragway
WSO Western Sydney Orbital
WSPG Western Sydney Peace Group
WSRC Western Sydney Records Centre
WSRI Western Sydney Research Institute
WSWB Western Sydney Waste Board