Trade Abbreviations

Trade is the procedure and result of trade, a verb that refers to replacing an element with another of the same type. Examples: “The machine brings several spare parts by itself if one breaks down”, “Lenders have high expectations regarding the tourist trade”, “The government has announced an important trade of employees”.


The notion of trade is used when the buyer of a certain good receives certain additional components to replace the originals in cases of breakage, loss, damage, etc. It is also used in reference to that which allows to replace something acquired that does not work as it was supposed to.

You can buy a piece of furniture to assemble which, in the assembly process, requires the installation of ten screws. The manufacturer, however, sells the furniture with fifteen screws included, since it includes five replacement (or spare) in case any break or get lost.

Based on this meaning, we have to explain that within the automotive field, the term trade (or spare) is used a lot, with reference to all those vehicle parts that break down and can be replaced by others. That said, if someone’s car parts break down or break down, what they do is go to a specialized store to trade/replace them with new ones.

The concept of trade is also used with reference to the replacement of members of a particular organization or entity. Changing the squad of a football club implies the departure of certain players and the hiring of others who arrive to replace them.

In the field of nutrition and biology, the term we are dealing with is also frequently used. To be exact, in both cases there is talk of what is known as protein trade, which is the name given to the renewal process that the body ‘s proteins have in order to ensure that it can be functioning without any problem, a process that is based on the degradation of amino acids and the formation of new proteins.

Trade Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Trade

ACIT Academic Consortium on International Trade
ATL Accelerated Trade Liberalization
ATP Active Trader Pro
ATUC Aden Trade Union Congress
ATTS Administrative Trade Training School
ATTA Adventure Travel Trade Association
ACTN Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations
ECONIT Advisory Group on Economic Industry and Trade
ACTS Affimex Customs and Trade Services
ADCT Affluent Desktop Currency Trader
ATTA Afghan Transit Trade Agreement
ATN Africa Trade Network
AFSTA African Seed Trade Association
ASTA African Seed Trade Association
ATUC African Trade Union Confederation
AGT Agent Trade
AIT Agreement on Internal Trade
APAC Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee for Trade
ATMEG Agricultural Trade and Marketing Experts Group
ATN Agri-Food Trade Network
ATS Agri-Food Trade Service
AITG Agri-Industry Trade Group
ATP Aid Trade Provision
AITC Alabama International Trade Center
TTB Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
ACTU All China Trade Union
AICTFC All India Carpet Trade Fair Committee
AITUC All India Trade Union Congress
ATQ All Trades Queensland
ATSGWTU All Trinidad Sugar and General Workers’ Trade Union
AARPTA Allens Arthur Robinson Patent & Trade Marks Attorneys
AETU All-Ethiopia Trade Union
ARTILLERY Alliance For Responsible Trade
ART Alliance for Responsible Trade
ABTA Allied Brewery Traders Association
ATNN Alternative Trade Network of Nigeria
ACTS American Council for Trade in Services
ACA American Countertrade Association
ADTA American Dental Trade Association
AETA American Equestrian Trade Association
AFFTA American Fly Fishing Trade Association
AGTA American Gem Trade Association
AIIC American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics
ASTA American Scouting Traders Association
ASTA American Seed Trade Association
ASTA American Spice Trade Association
ASTA American Surgical Trade Association
ATTAC American Textile Trade Action Coalition
ATTA American Tin Trade Association
ATI American Trades Institute
ATP Amman Trade Point
AOT Amsterdam Options Traders
ATEI Amusement Trade Exhibition International
ATPA Andean Trade Preference Act
ATS Angry Tradewind Survival
ACTA Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
ATLU Antigua Trades and Labour Union
ATG Antiques Trade Gazette
ATTP Appalachian-Turkish Trade Project
ATA Archery Trade Association
ATA Architecture Tradeoff Analysis
ATAM Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method
ATA ARCNET Trade Association
ATIA Aruba Trade & Industry Association
AFTA ASEAN Free Trade Area
AFTA ASEAN Free Trade Association
AKFTA ASEAN -Korea Free Trade Agreement
ATUC ASEAN Trade Union Council
APCA Asia-Pacific Countertrade Association
ASCOT Asset Swap Convertible Option Trade
ATR Assistance for Trade Reform
AFTI Association for Fair Trade, Inc.
ACTU Association of Catholic Trade Unionists
AEMT Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades
AFSTA Association of Financial Sector Trade Associations
AFITU Association of Free and Independent Trade Unions
ICTF Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals
APTP Association of Paper Traders of the Philippines, Inc.
APTC Association of Publicly Traded Companies
ATTT Association of Tanzania Tobacco Traders
ACWTC Atlantic Canada World Trade Centre
AIT Atlantic International Trade
AMTA Atlantic Marine Trades Association
ATLC Atomic Trades and Labor Council
ANZCERTA Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement
ABTA Australian British Trade Association
ABTA Australian Building Trades Association
ACTU Australian Council of Trade Unions
AFTI Australian Fair Trade and Investment
AITA Australian International Trade Association
ATMOSS Australian Trade Marks Online Search System
AUSFTA Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement
AFTO Austrian Foreign Trade Organisation
ATX Austrian Traded Index
ATAE Automotive Trade Association Executives
ATM Autonomous Trade Measures
ATL Aviation Traders Limited
AFTI Aylesbury Fair Trade Initiative
ANAS Azienda Nazionale Autonoma delle Strade
BTBT Baccalieu Trail Board of Trade
BEAUFORT Bachelor of Foreign Trade
BFT Bachelor of Foreign Trade
BFTA Bahrain Free Trade Agreement
BOT Balance of Trade
BRT Baltic Rubber Trade
BFTUC Bangladesh Free Trade Union Congress
BEAUFORT Bank for Foreign Trade
BFT Bank for Foreign Trade
BAFT Bankers’ Association for Finance and Trade
BAFT Bankers’ Association for Foreign Trade
BMETS Basic Mechanical Engineering Trade Skills
BAWTC Bay Area World Trade Center
BCDTU Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions
BITU Belarussian Independent Trade Union
BFTA Bilateral Free Trade Agreement
BTA Bilateral Trade Agreement
BTD Bilateral Trade Database
BTPC BioTrade Principles and Criteria
BTUC Birmingham Trades Union Council
BTT Board of Tariffs and Trade
BT Board of Trade
BOT Board of Trade
BTI Board of Trade and Industry
BTU Board of Trade Unit
BOTA Boards of Trade Act
BOTAS Boards of Trade Act
BTAP Bond Trade Analysis Program
BTA Bond Traders Association
BTA Border Trade Alliance
BMTC Bremerton Metal Trades Council
BTUC Brent Trades Union Council
BACTA British Amusement and Catering Trades Association
BETA British Entertainment Trades Alliance
BETA British Equestrian Trade Association
BFTA British Fur Trade Association
BIMTA British Independent Motor Trade Association
BNZTC British New Zealand Trade Council
BNTA British Numismatic Trade Association
BOTB British Overseas Trade Board
BSTA British Surgical Trades Association
GMB British Trade Union
BTTF British Travel Trade Fair
BCTC Building and Construction Trades Council
BTC Building and Trades Council
BTA Building Trades Association
BTD Building Trades Directory
BITU Bustamante Industrial Trade Union
BST Buy, Sell, Trade
BSTC Buy/Sell/Trade/Classifieds
CCCT Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade
CAAT Campaign Against Arms Trade
CFTA Canada Free Trade Agreement
CIFTA Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement
CJTC Canada-Japan Trade Council
CAFTA Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance
CFTA Canadian Food Trade Alliance
CFTA Canadian Funeral Trade Association
CITA Canadian Imaging Trade Association
CITT Canadian International Trade Tribunal
CLTA Canadian Lumber Trade Alliance
CSTA Canadian Security Traders Association, Inc.
CSTA Canadian Seed Trade Association
CSTC Canadian Skilled Trades Council
CTTI Canadian Technical Trades Institute
CTI Canadian Trade Index
CTW Carbon Trade Watch
CARIFTA Caribbean Free Trade Association
CT Catechesi Tradendae
CVTA Caterham Valley Traders Association
CDT Center For Defense Trade
CFATS Center for Fair and Alternative Trade Studies
CITS Center for International Trade and Security
CPTI Center for Patent and Trademark Information
CTLD Center for Trade Law and Development
CPTL Center for Trade Policy and Law
CTPD Center for Trade Policy Development
CTUWS Center for Trade Union and Workers’ Services
CAFTA Central American Free Trade Agreement
CENTS Central Environmental Nursery Trade Show
CEFTA Central European Free Trade Agreement
CEFTA Central European Free Trade Association
CEFTA Central European Free-Trade Area
CHMT Central Hills Machinery Traders
COBT Central Ontario Building Trades
CPPT Central Pennsylvania Plant Trader
CTM Central Trade Manager
CREDIT Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade
CTEI Centre for Trade and Economic Integration
CSD Centre of Democratic Trade Unions
CITU Centre of Indian Trade Unions
CATU Ceramic and Allied Trades Union
CEIBT Certificate in English for International Business and Trade
CITP Certified International Trade Professional
CTO Certified Tradeable Offset
CAMEX Chamber of Foreign Trade
COUP Chandra Orion Ultradeep Project
COT Channel of Trade
CMTCS Chesapeake Marine Trades Career School
CATA Chicago Automobile Trade Association
CBOT Chicago Board of Trade
CBT Chicago Board of Trade
CWT Chicago Women in Trades
CFTA Chile Free Trade Agreement
CCPIT China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
CETDO China Europe Trade Development Organization
CFTGEC China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation
CTCP China Trade Center of Philadelphia
CAFTA China-ASEAN Free Trade Area
SETC Chinese State Economic and Trade Commission
CMTA Christian Music Trade Association
CVT Citizens for Voluntary Trade
CTC Citizens Trade Campaign
COT Class of Trade
CETA Cleaning Equipment Trade Association
CATA Cleveland Automotive Trade Association
CTI Coal Trader International
COSATU Coalition of South African Trade Unions
CAFT Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade
COAT Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
CFTA Coarse Fish Traders Association
CCTA Collagen Casings Trade Association
CENTA Combined Edible Nut Trade Association
CTCP Commission for Trade and Consumer Protection
COT Commitment of Traders
COTR Commitment of Traders Report
CMT Committee of Ministers of Trade
CPSTU Committee of Public Sector Trade Unions
COMTD Committee on Trade and Development
CTEER Committee on Trade and Environment
CTE Committee on Trade and Environment
CTCN Commodity Traders Club News
CBTUC Commonwealth of the Bahamas Trade Union Congress
CTM Community Trade Mark
CTED Community, Trade and Economic Development
CETA Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
CURTIS Comprehensive Urban Retail Trade Improvement Strategy
CBTT Computer Based Trades and Technology
CTS Computer Trade Show
CTW Computer Trade Weekly
CESI Confédération Européenne des Syndicats Indépendants (French: European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions
CCTU Confederation of Cameroon Trade Unions
CFTUU Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine
CITU Confederation of Independent Trade Unions
CMTU Confederation of Malta Trade Unions
CMTU Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions
CTI Confederation of Trade and Industry
CTU Confederation of Trade Unions
CTUA Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia
CSC Congolese Trade Union Congress
CNETU Congress of Non-European Trade Unions
COSATU Congress of South African Trade Unions
CVTA Connected Vehicle Trade Association
CMTA Connecticut Marine Trades Association
CBTD Construction and Building Trades Department
CWTU Construction Workers Trade Union
CWTRG Consumer Welfare and Trade Regulation Group
CTTT Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal
CWT Consumers for World Trade
CITAC Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition
CTO Continental Trade Organisation
CTML Controlled Trade Markup Language
CITES Convention on Illicit Trade of Endangered Species
CITE Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
CCTU Cork Council of Trade Unions
CTX Corporate Trade Exchange
COPATS Cost and Performance Analysis Trade Study
CPT Cost/Performance Trade-Off
CTG Council for Trade in Goods
CCMTU Council of Mongolian Trade Unions
CITU Council of Trade Unions
CIT Court of International Trade
CCHT Cowboy Capital Horse Trader
CTUA Croatian Trade Union Association
CBT Cross-Border Trade
CBTA Cross-Border Traders Association
CTPAT Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
CTX Czech Traded Index
DART Daily Average Revenue Trades
DATA Debt Aid and Trade for Africa
DATA Debt, AIDS and Trade in Africa
DTAG Defense Trade Advisory Group
DTC Defense Trade Controls
DTP Defense Trade Policy
DTSI Defense Trade Security Initiative
DTWG Defense Trade Working Group
DTA Dental Trade Alliance
DETI Department for Enterprise, Trade and Investment
DFTI Department for Trade and Industry
DATCP Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
DBMT Department of Business, Manufacturing and Trade
DITC Department of Industry, Trade & Commerce
ITRD Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development
ITRDS Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development
ITRD Department of Innovation, Trade, and Rural Development
ITRDS Department of Innovation, Trade, and Rural Development
DPDT Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks
DOSTIE Department of State for Trade, Industry and Employment
DOT Department of Trade
DTI Department of Trade and Industry
DOTS Department of Trade Statistics
DTTC Department of Trade, Tourism and Competitiveness
DTRA Design Trade Resource Association
DET Detection Error Trade-Off
DITF Dhaka International Trade Fair
DTIS Diagnostic Trade Integration Study
DTTN Digital Trade and Transportation Network
DITM Diploma in International Trade Management
DLIT Diploma in Languages and International Trade
DGFT Directorate General of Foreign Trade
DOT Directory of Trades
DRT Distortion-Rate Tradeoff
DCTU District Council of Trade Unions
DMT Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff
DTAA Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance
DTO Dollar Trade-Off
DTO-2 Dollar Trade-Off
DBOT Dorchester Board of Trade
DBT Down by Trade
DTCD Dubai Trade Centre District
DWTC Dubai World Trade Centre
DTP Dube Tradeport
EGRP E*Trade Group, Inc.
EATUC East African Trades Union Congress
EAFTA East Asia Free Trade Area
EGAT Economic Growth and Trade
EGAT Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade
EPTP Economic Policy and Trade Practices
ETB Economics and Trade Branch
ETLS ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme
ETUC Edinburgh Trades Union Council
ETUC Education Trade Union of Croatia
ETBA Electrical Trade Bargaining Agency
ETU Electrical Trades Union
ELECTRA Electrical, Electronics and Communications Trade Association
ETC Electronic Trade Confirmation
ETA Embroidery Trade Association
ECAT Emergency Committee for American Trade
EMTA Emerging Markets Traders Association
ESTA Energy Systems Trade Association
ETB Engaged in Trade or Business
EFTU Engineering and Fastener Trade Union
ETT Enhanced Tradespace Tool
ETTAC Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee
ETPA Estonian Trade Promotion Agency
EHTC Euler Hermes Trade Credit
ECTA European Communities Trade Mark Association
ECTS European Computer Trade Show
ECFTUC European Confederation of Free Trade Unions in the Community
EDITA European Database for International Trade Activities
EFTA European Fair Trade Association
EFTU European Federation of Trade Unions
EFFAT European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism Sectors
EFTTA European Fishing Tackle Trade Association
EFTA European Free Trade Agreement
EFTA European Free Trade Area
EFTA European Free Trade Association
ENAAT European Network Against Arms Trade
ETES European Trade and Exhibition Services
ETPO European Trade Promotion Organisation
ETSG European Trade Study Group
ETUC European Trade Union Confederation
ETUF-TCL European Trade Union Federation of Textiles, Clothing and Leather
ETD Exchange Traded Derivative
ETF Exchange Traded Fund
XTF Exchange Traded Funds
ETG Exchange Traded Gold
ETN Exchange Traded Note
ETO Exchange Traded Option
ETP Exchange Traded Products
ETC Exchange-Traded Commodities
ETV Exchange-Traded Fund
ETSF Exchange-Traded Structured Fund
ETA Executive Trade Associates
ETF Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
ESTF Export Structured Trade Financing
FACTA Fabricated Access Covers Trade Association
FMT Fair Maintainable Trade
FTAO Fair Trade Advocacy Office
FTAANZ Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand
FTA Fair Trade Authority
FTC Fair Trade Certified
FTC Fair Trade Commission
FTF Fair Trade Federation
FTFI Fair Trade Forum India
FTIN Fair Trade in Norfolk
FTTSA Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa
FTLA Fair Trade Los Angeles
FTO Fair Trade Organic
FLO Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International
FSTA Fantasy Sports Trade Association
FATR Federal Antitrust and Trade Regulation
FEMTC Federal Employees Metal Trades Council
FNITA Federal National International Trade Association
FAINT Federal Trade Commission
FTC Federal Trade Commission
FT Federal Trade Commission
FTCA Federal Trade Commission Act
FAIPT Federation of All India Petroleum Traders
FAITTA Federation of All India Tea Traders Association
FOBTU Federation of Bhutanese Trade Unions
FETA Federation of Environmental Trade Associations
FEWITA Federation of European Wholesale and International Trade Association
FFCT Federation of Finnish Commerce and Trade
FOFATUSA Federation of Free African Trade Unions of South Africa
FITU Federation of Independent Trade Unions
FITUR Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia
FITA Federation of International Trade Associations
FKMTU Federation of Korean Metalworkers’ Trade Unions
FTU Federation of Trade Unions
FOS Federation of Workers Trade Unions
FTN FedEx Trade Networks
FFTV Filipinas Fair Trade Ventures Circle Inc.
FTPRC Finance and Trade Policy Research Centre
FTC Finance Trade Centre
FTI Finishing Trades Institute
FUTFO Finnish Union of Trade Fair Organisers
FETA Fire Extinguishing Trades Association
FIT Flanders Investment and Trade
FACTS Florida Agricultural Conference & Trade Show
FATA Florida Automotive Trades Association
FRVTA Florida Recreational Vehicle Trade Association
FRVTA Florida RV Trade Association
FAST Food and Allied Service Trades Department
FTR Food Trade Review
FACT Food, Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act of 1990
FACTA Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act of 1990
FSOT For Sale or Trade
FAINT For Trade
FT For Trade
FSTA Force Structuring Trade-off Analysis
FAIT Foreign Affairs and International Trade
FETAC Foreign Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
FETC Foreign Exchange and Trade Commission
FLIT Foreign Language and International Trade
FTAC Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission
FTA Foreign Trade Association
FTB Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia
FTGR Foreign Trade Gross Receipts
FTIP Foreign Trade Institute of Pakistan
FTP Foreign Trade Policy
FTRI Foreign Trade Research Institute
FTSC Foreign Trade Service Corps
FTS Foreign Trade Statistics
FTSR Foreign Trade Statistics Regulations
FTTC Foreign Trade Training Center
FTU Foreign Trade University
FTZA Foreign Trade Zone Act
FTZB Foreign Trade Zones Board
FTZ Foreign-Trade Zone
FTZM Foreign-Trade Zone Manual
FITT Forum for International Trade Training
FTA Fraternity Trade Association
FAST Free And Secure Trade
FIT Free International Trade
FTAA Free Trade Agreement of the Americas
FTA Free Trade Area
FTAA Free Trade Area of the Americas
FTAAP Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific
FTSC Free Trade in Steel Coalition
FTS Free Trade Syndicate
FTT Free Trade Treaty
FTW Free Trade Wharf
FREE-TO-TALK Freedom to Trade
F2T Freedom to Trade
FTA Free-Trade Agreement
FTZ Free-Trade Zone
FTF FreeTradeFXP
GOTT Galactic Organisation of Trade & Tariffs
GTF Galactic Trade Federation
GTN Galactic Trade Navy
GTS Galactic Trade Standard
GAT Geek of All Trades
GTL Gem Trade Laboratory
GATI Gender and Trade Initiative
GEGT Gender Expert Group on Trade
GATTS General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services
GATTS General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs
GATT General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs
GCTU General Confederation of Trade Unions
GFTU General Federation of Trade Unions
GLTA General Labour and Trades and Allied Services and Audio Visual Group
GSTAND Georgia State Trade Association of Nonprofit Developers
GTC Georgian Trade Center
GTMA German Trademark Act
GUTA Ghana Union Traders Association
GCIN Giant Cerebriform Intradermal Nevus
GTC Gibraltar Trade Center
GHTA Gift and Home Trade Association
GETT Girls Exploring Trades and Technology
GBOT Global Board of Trade Ltd.
GDT Global Dairy Trade
GETS Global Environment and Trade Study
GFTED Global Forum on Trade, Environment, and Development
GFTA Global Free Trade Alliance
GTIM Global Trade and Investment Management Network
GTTC Global Trade and Technology Center
GTA Global Trade Atlas
GTC Global Trade Control
GTD Global Trade Directory
GTFL Global Trade Finance Ltd
GTIN Global Trade Identification Number
GTIS Global Trade Information Services
GTI Global Trade Information Services, Inc
GTIN Global Trade Item Number
GTPNET Global Trade Point Network
GTPN Global Trade Point Network
GTS Global Trade Services
GTW Global Trade Watch
GTC Global Traders Conference
GCJ GNU Compiler for Java Programming Language (trademark of Free Software Foundation, Inc.)
GFT Gokturk Foreign Trade & Rep. Ltd.
GAFTA Grain And Feed Trade Association
GTC Grains Trade Convention
GAFTA Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement
GAFTA Greater Arab Free Trade Area
GOTA Green Olive Trade Association
GTMA Grid Trade Master Agreement
GTS Grid Trade Server
GHT Group Halal Trade
GTP Guaranteed Trade-in Program
GTDI Guidelines for Trade Data Interchange
GFT Gulf Food Trade
GOAT Guru Of All Trades
HTTL Hardware Trade Technology Limited
HTUP Harvard Trade Union Program
HTTA Hawaii Technology Trade Association
HBOT Hellenic Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal
HTTO Hi-Tech Trader Online
HTR Hockey Trade Rumors
HKTDC Hong Kong Trade Development Council
HITEC Hongkong International Trade and Exhibition Centre
HIIT Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade
HTA Horticultural Trades Association
HVMTA Hudson Valley Marine Trades Association
HTZ Humber Trade Zone
HTX Hungarian Traded Index
IAWTC I Am the World Trade Center
ISAT Iloilo School of Arts and Trade
ISTEP Immigrant Skilled Trades Employment Program
IITF India International Trade Fair
IPTU India Pakistan Trade Unit
ITPO India Trade Promotion Organisation
IAPTA India-Afghanistan Preferential Trade Agreement
ICTA Indian Coffee Traders’ Association
IETF Indian Engineering Trade Fair
ITUC Indian Trade Union Congress
IMBTU Indo-Myanmar Border Traders’ Union
ITPC Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre
ITUC Indonesian Trade Union Confederation
ITFAA Industries and Trade Fair Association of Assam
ISITC Industry Standardization for Institutional Trade Communication
IBTA InfiniBand Trade Association
ICBT Informal Cross-Border Trade
IFTS Information Fair Trader Scheme
IATP Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
ITCD Institute for Trade and Commercial Diplomacy
IBAT Institute of Bookbinding and Allied Trades
IITI Institute of International Trade of Ireland
IPTA Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia
ITMA Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys
INVEST Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Tradeoffs
ITAC Integration Trades and Analysis Cycle
ITUS Intent to Use/Trademarks
ITU Intent to Use/Trademarks
ITX Inter Trader Exchange
ITM Interactive Trademark
IFTI Interfaith Fair Trade Initiative
IAPTA International Allied Printing Trades Association
IAEMT International Association for Electrical Machinery Trade
IATT International Association for Technology Trade
IATTO International Association of Trade Training Organisations
IBAT International Bilateral Agricultural Trade
ICTSD International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
ICTF International Cocoa Trades Federation
ICFTU International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
ICFTU-APRO International Confederation of Free Trade Unions – Asian and Pacific Regional Organisation
ICFTU-AFRO International Confederation of Free Trade Unions-African Regional Organization
ICFTU International Congress of Free Trade Unions
IFTA International Fair Trade Agreement
IFTA International Fair Trade Association
IFAT International Federation for Alternative Trade
IFTI International Financial and Trade Institutions
IPC International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council
IFTA International Free Trade Agreement
IGTN International Gender and Trade Network
IGTF International Guwahati Trade Fair
IHATIS International Hide & Allied Trades Improvement Society
ITD International Institute for Trade and Development
ILTC International Law and Trade Conference
IMTS International Manufacturing Trade Show
IMTA International Map Trade Association
IMTA International Map Traders Association
IMTEC International Marine Trades Exhibit & Conference
IMPACT International Marketing Program for Agricultural Commodities and Trade
IMTA International Meat Trade Association
IMTS International Merchandise Trade Statistics
INATS International New Age Trade Show
INCHRITI International NGO Committee on Human Rights in Trade and Investment
IOMTR International Organization for Motor Trades and Repairs
IPTA International Patent and Trademark Association
IPCAFT International Policy Council on Agriculture Food and Trade
IPTW International Preservation Trades Workshop
IRTA International Reciprocal Trade Association
IRFT International Resources for Fairer Trade
ISITC International Securities Association for Institutional Trade Communications
ISTF International Spring Trade Fair
ITTO International Timber Trade Organization
FITUR International Tourism Trade Fair
IT International Trade
ITIP International Trade & Investment Policy
ITA International Trade Administration
ITA International Trade Adviser
ITCM International Trade and Corruption Monitor
ITED International Trade and Economic Development
ITIM International Trade and Investment Missions Ltd
ITRC International Trade and Regional Cooperation
ITTC International Trade and Transportation Center
ITAC International Trade Assistance Centers
ITA International Trade Association
ITASA International Trade Association South Australia, Inc.
ITCBV International Trade Center Brasov
ITC International Trade Centre
ITCC International Trade Club of Chicago
ITC International Trade Commission
ITCN International Trade Cooperation Network, Ltd.
ITCC International Trade Counseling Center
ITDN International Trade Data Network
ITDS International Trade Data System
ITD International Trade Data System
ITDU International Trade Data Users, Inc.
ITD International Trade Department
ITDN International Trade Development Network
ITD International Trade Division
ITEX International Trade Exchange
ITF International Trade Fair
ITBS International Trade in Banking Services
ITIS International Trade Information Service
ITIS International Trade Institute of Singapore
ITL International Trade Law
ITL International Trade Logistics
ITM International Trade Mark
ITO International Trade Organization
ITPP International Trade Personnel Program
ITP International Trade Policy
ITPO International Trade Promotion Organization
ITRD International Trade Reporter Decisions
ITRDS International Trade Reporter Decisions
ITR International Trade Resources LLC
ITS International Trade Secretariats
ITSAP International Trade Show Assistance Progam
ITS International Trade Specialist
ITUC International Trade Union Confederation
INTA International Trademark Association
IMT Interstellar Master Traders
IST Inter-Stellar Trader
IAT Intra-African Trade
INDONESIA Intradermal
ID Intradermal
IDT Intradermal Dilutional Testing
IDN Intradermal Nevus
IPPD Intradermal Purified Protein Derivative
IDR Intradermic Reaction
IIT Intra-Industry Trade
ITPC Investment and Trade Promotion Centre
IRTC Investment Recovery Trade Corporation
IFTU Iraqi Federation of Workers’ Trade Unions
ICTU Irish Congress of Trade Unions
ITUT Irish Trade Union Trust
ICDT Islamic Centre for Development of Trade
IPTO Italian Patent and Trademark Office
IQT Italian Quality Trade
JOATMAN Jack of All Trades Master At None
JCTU Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions
JETC Japan Export and Trade Consultants
JETRO Japan External Trade Organization
JMCTI Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment
JSFTA Japan-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
JCTU Joint Council of Trade Unions
JMTC Joint Ministerial Trade Committee
JDTC Jordan Design and Trade Center
JFTA Jordan Free Trade Act
JUSFTA Jordan-United States Free Trade Agreement
JWTL Journal of World Trade Law
KFTU Kampuchean Federation of Trade Unions
KCBT Kansas City Board of Trade
KCB Kansas City Board of Trade
KIE KBW Insurance Exchange-Traded Fund
KWTC Kentucky World Trade Center
KENASVIT Kenya National Alliance of Street Vendors and Informal Traders
KETA Kerala Electrical Traders Association
KNUTE Kiev University of Trade and Economics
KYT Know Your Trade
KGT Kool Graphic Trade
KATI Korangi Association of Trade & Industry
KATI Korea Agricultural Trade Information
KFTC Korea Fair Trade Commission
KIET Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade
KITA Korea International Trade Association
KWTC Korea World Trade Center
KFTU Korean Federation of Trade Unions
LICIT Labor-Industry Coalition for International Trade
LT Last Trade
LTP Last Traded Price
LAFTA Latin American Free Trade Association
LATAG Latin American Trade Advisory Group
LATN Latin American Trade Network
LTAA Law on Trade Administration Automation
LTTA Lawrenceville Tourism and Trade Association
LFTU Liberia Federation of Trade Unions
LMCT Licenced Motor Car Trader
LTTA Licensed Trade Training Academy
LITH Lithuanian Information Trade Hub
LRFFT Live Reef Food Fish Trade
LCTA London Corn Trade Association
LTOM London Traded Options Market
LTTF Long Term Trade Financing
LTTA Long-Term Trade Agreement
LABBETS Los Angeles Black Business Expo and Trade Show
MSFT Macalester Students for Fair Trade
MTAC Machine Trades Advisory Council
MOTA Mail Order Traders’ Association
MFTC Maine Fair Trade Campaign
MCSTC Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council
MTBT Maintenance Technology Building Trades
MTF Make Trade Fair
MCTU Malawi Congress of Trade Unions
MTUC Malaysian Trades Union Congress
MHTE Maldives Hotel and Trade Exhibition
MCTA Manager Customs and Trade Affairs
MITI Managing International Trade and Investment
MKULTRA Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations
MIIT Marginal Intra-Industry Trade
MTAM Marine Trades Association of Maryland
MTO Maritime Trade Operations
MTT Maritime Trade Towers
MMAT Market Maker Authorized Trader
MTID Markets, Trade and Institutions Division
MFTZ MASAN Free Trade Zone
MTRB Masonry Trades Registration Board
MOITI Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment
MOT Materials of Trade
MTUC Mauritius Trade Union Congress
MFTZ McAllen Foreign Trade Zone
MTBC Mechanical Trades Bargaining Committee
MFTZ Mediterranean Free Trade Zone
MFTR Memorandum on the Foreign Trade Regime
MIFT Mercantile International Finance and Trade
MTC Metal Trades Council
MTFU Metal Trades Federation of Unions
MTAW Metatrader Autotrader World
MEFTA Middle East Free Trade Area
METO Middle East Trade Organization
M-PACT Midwest Petroleum and Convenience Tradeshow & Convention
MCTA Mild Coffee Trade Association
MCTI Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry
MDTA Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
MDTC Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
METE Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy
METT Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
MERT Ministry of External Relations and Trade
MFAT Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
MOFERT Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade
MOFTEC Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
MIIT Ministry of Industry and International Trade
MOIT Ministry of Industry and Trade
MIT Ministry of Industry and Trade
MITI Ministry of International Trade and Industry
MITT Ministry of International Trade and Technology
MOT Ministry of Trade
MTI Ministry of Trade and Industry
MTAG Missile Trade Analysis Group
MTIC Missing Trader Intra-Community
MSTB Model State Trademark Bill
MSTL Model State Trademark Law
MT Modern Trade
MTUC Mongolian Trade Unions Confederation
MRTP Monopoly & Restrictive Trade Practices Act
MSTA Montana Seed Trade Association
MTA Motor Trade Association
MATE Multi-Attribute Tradespace Exploration
MTN Multilateral Trade Negotiations
MRTA Myanmar Rice Traders Association
NICO Naftiran Intertrade Co Ltd
NTDS NASDAQ Trade Dissemination Service
NATURE National Association for Trade Union Research and Education
NATTS National Association of Trade & Technical Schools
NATE National Association of Trade Exchanges
NATU National Association of Trade Unions
NBOT National Board of Trade
NCTI National Centre for Trade Information
NCTU National Confederation of Trade Unions
NCTU National Congress of Trade Unions
NFTP National Foreign Trade Policy
NGTC National Grain Trade Council
NPTA National Paper Trade Association, Inc.
NTPA National Trade and Professional Association
NTBAA National Trade Business Alliance of America
NTDB National Trade Data Bank
NTE National Trade Estimate
NTP National Trade Productions
NTRO National Trade Registry Office
NTUC National Trades Union Congress
NTUC Nepal Trade Union Congress
NBTT Net Barter Terms of Trade
NTUI New Trade Union Initiative
NTPA New Trades Processing Architecture
NYBOT New York Board of Trade
NYCTA New York Coal Trade Association
NYFTTA New York Fishing Tackle Trade Association
NYMTA New York Marine Trades Association
NZBTU New Zealand Building Trades Union
NZTE New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
NT No Trade
NTC No Trade Clause
NTR Normal Trade Relations
NAFTA North American Foreign Trade Association
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NAFTA North American Free Trade Area
NAITC North American International Trade Corridor
NATC North American Trade Center
NATEA North American Trade Enhancement Administration
NATS North American Trade Schools
NATU North American Trade Union
NAFTA North Atlantic Free Trade Area
NATS North Avenue Trade School
NAIT Northwest Automotive Industry Tradeshow
NTC Norwegian Trade Council
NFT Not for Trade
NT Not Traded
NATA NW Automotive Trades Association
OTTL Office for Technology and Trademark Licensing
USMTR Office for the Study of US-Mexico Trade Relations
ODTC Office Of Defense Trade Controls
OEDIT Office of Economic Development & International Trade
OITI Office of International Trade and Investment
OTII Office of Trade and Industry Information
OFTA Offshore Financial Trade Association
OWTU Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union
ORCATS Old Time Radio Collectors and Traders Society
OITE Oman International Trade and Exhibitions
OLRT On Line Radio Trader
OTWA Online Traders Web Alliance
OITC Ontario International Trade Corporation
OPTC Ontario Pipe Trades Council
OTE Open Trade Equity
OPT Options Power Trader
OTA Organic Trade Association
OTG Organic Trade Group
OPTIN Organization for the Promotion of Trade Israel Netherlands
OATUU Organization of African Trade Union Unity
OITFC Osaka International Trade Fair Commission
OTDDS Overall Trade-Distorting Domestic Support
BT Overseas Trade
PBTE Pacific Building Trade Expo
PCTA Pakistan Commodity Traders Association
PTO Pakistan Trade Office
PTHC Palm Trademark Holding Company
PAFTA Pan-Arab Free Trade Agreement
PTA Paper Traders Association
PBT Paperback/Trade
PJT Partners for Just Trade
PTO Patent & Trademark Office
PTAS Patent and Trademark Assignment System
PTCS Patent and Trademark Copy Sales
PTOS Patent and Trademark Office Society
PTOU Patent and Trademark Office University
PTC Patent, Trademark and Copyright
PTCJ Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal
PSST Patterns of Sustainable Specialization and Trade
PFFT People for Fair Trade
PPT Performance Price Tradeoff
PNTR Permanent Normal Trade Relations
PTO Person Trade-Off
PFTA Peru Free Trade Agreement
PTPA Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
PBOT Philadelphia Board of Trade
PMTA Philadelphia Marine Trade Association
PTS Philatelic Traders Society
PFTSC Philippine Foreign Trade Service Corps
PTRO Philippine Trade Representative Office
PTB Physical Trade Balance
PLUTO Placing Labor in Unique Trade Opportunities
PLTA Plastic Lumber Trade Association
PNT Play N Trade
PROMPT Policy Roundtable Mobilizing Professions and Trades
PSM Portsmouth, NH, USA – Pease International Tradeport
PGDFTM Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade Management
PTMS Post Trade Management System
PTA Postcard Traders Association
PTA Preferential Trade Agreement
PTAESA Preferential Trade Area of East and Southern Africa
PTN Preservation Trades Network, Inc.
PPTO Price Performance Trade-Off
PLANTS Professional Landscape and Nursery Trade Show
PSTA Professional Scripophily Traders Association
PTL ProTrader Language
PDOT Provincial Department of Trade
PTP Publicly Traded Partnership
QFTI Qualifying Foreign Trade Income
QST Quantum Swing Trader
QT Questioned Trade
RAIGE RAID Across Independent Gigabit Ethernet (storage system; trademark of Pivot3)
RTWI Real Trade Weighted Index
RTTM Real-Time Trade Matching
RTAA Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act of 1934
RVTD Recreational Vehicle Trade Digest
RVT Recreational Vehicle Trader
RESPECT Re-Empowerment of Skilled and Professional Employees and Construction Tradeworkers Act
RITO Regional International Trade Office
RTA Regional Trade Agreement
RTIA Regional Trade and Investment Agreement
RTIA Regional Trade and Investment Area
RTII Regional Trade and Investment Initiative
RTA Regional Trade Associations/Alliances
RTFP Regional Trade Facilitation Programme
RTFP Regional Trade Facilitation Project
RTMM Regional Trade Marketing Manager
RTN Regional Trade Network
ROT Registered Option Trader
ROUTER Registered Trademark
R Registered Trademark
RTM Registered Trademark
RCTM Registered, Copyright & Trade Mark
RCTMS Registered, Copyright & Trade Mark
RGIT Representative of German Industry and Trade
RTT Resources, Trade and Technology
RESPECT Respect Equality Socialism Peace Environment Community Trade Unionism
ROT Restraint of Trade
RTPA Restrictive Trade Practices Act
RTZ Retail Trade Zone
RTAV Retail Traders’ Association of Victoria
RONTA Return On Net Trade Assets
RITD Reuters InterTrade Direct
RTNS Reuters Trade Notification Service
RAFTD Revised American Foreign Trade Definitions
RVCT Roe Valley Chamber of Trade
ROUTE Rogue Trader
RT Rogue Trader
RTX Russian Traded Index
RVT RV Trader
SACTO Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization
STEP Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership
SBTD Saudi British Trade Directory
SPTU Scandinavian Pet Trade Union
SETT Science, Engineering Trades and Technology
SLTA Scottish Licensed Trade Association
SMTAS Scottish Motor Traders Association
SMTA Scottish Motor Traders Association
STA SCSI Trade Association
SCSC Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention
STAR Secure Trade in the APEC Region
STAK Seed Trade Association of Kenya
SOTC Senior Officer Trade Compliance
STCO Senior Trade Controls Officer
STEOM Senior Trade Economic Officials Meeting
SETEC Seoul Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre
SWTU Seoul Women’s Trade Union
SGTIN Serialised Global Trade Item Number
SIPTU Services, Industrial, Professional & Technical Trade Union
SST Seven Summits Trader
SMTAS Sewing Machine Trade Association
SMTA Sewing Machine Trade Association
STW Sex Trade Worker
STAR Shareware Trade Association and Resources
SFTZ Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone
SKTA Shetland Knitwear Trades Association
SATRA Shoe and Allied Trade Research Association
SHOT Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show
SATU Singapore Association of Trade Unions
SAFTA Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement
SICTS Single Intradermal Cervical Tuberculin
SBATF Small Business Trade Association Forum
SITC Smuggling, Interdiction and Trade Compliance
ST-AND-LA Socialist Trade and Labor Alliance
STLA Socialist Trade and Labor Alliance
SMMT Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
SMARTA Software Market-driven Architecture Trade Association
SALI Sound and Light International Trade
SAFNETU South African Federation of Non-European Trade Unions
SAFX South African Forex Traders
SAITEX South African International Trade Exhibition
SATUC South African Trade Union Council
SAFTA South American Free Trade Area
SAFTA South Asian Free Trade Area
SAPTA South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement
SBBT South Bronx Board of Trade
SPOCTU South Pacific and Oceanic Council of Trade Union
SETPA Southeast Europe Trade Preference Act of 1999
SAFTA Southern African Fair Trade Access
SPTO Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
SCT Special Committee on Trade
STRB Special Trade Relations Bureau
SITC Standard International Trade Classification
CIIT Standing Committee on International Trade
SBMPT State Bureau of Military Products Trade
SETC State Employees Trades Council
SRTG State Regional Trade Group
SATU Statistics and Analysis of Trade Unit
STA Stock Trader’s Almanac
SQT Streaming Quote Trader
SATI Structure Adjusted Trade Intensity
STB Structured Trade Builder
STEF Structured Trade Export Finance
SWTUF Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation
SAGIC Support for Accelerated Growth and Increased Competitiveness for Trade
SMTAS Surgical Manufacturers and Traders Association
SMTA Surgical Manufacturers and Traders Association
STPC Swedish Trade Promotion Center
SPATA Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association
SISTER Symbolic Interactionist Simulation of Trade and Emergent Roles
TTS Taipei Trade Shows
TWTC Taipei World Trade Center
TCTU Taiwan Confederation of Trade Unions
THT Take Home Trade
TNTPO Tamil Nadu Trade Promotion Organisation
TTLC Tasmanian Trades and Labor Council
TTU Teachers Trade Union
TBT Technical Barriers to Trade
TS-AND-T Technical, Scientific and Trade Study Report
TTCA Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency
TST Teen Stock Trader
TOT Terms of Trade
TOTEM Terms-of-Trade Economic Model
TPA Tetradecanoylphorbol Acetate
TTAB Tetradecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide
TFTC Texas Fair Trade Coalition
TCTA Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance
TCATA Textile Care Allied Trades Association
TAFTA Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement
TMTR Third Market Trade Reporting
TMTD Third Monday Trade Days
TTF Timber Trade Federation
TTJ Timber Trades Journal
TTO Time Trade-Off
TQT Tobacco Quota Trader
TOTT Tool of the Trade
TFYT Tools For Your Trade
TVTA Toorak Village Traders Association
TITC Toronto International Trade Corporation
TTQ Total Traded Quantity
TTI Tourism, Trade and Investment
T2T Trade 2 Trade Segment
TARS Trade Acceptance and Reconciliation Service
TAD Trade Acceptance Draft
TAD Trade Acceptance Drafts
TAA Trade Adjustment Assistance
TAAA Trade Adjustment Assistance Act
TACA Trade Advisory Committee on Africa
TAA Trade Agreement Act
TBA Trade and Business Association
TCA Trade and Cooperation Agreement
TDA Trade and Development Agency
TDBM Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia
TDB Trade and Development Board
TDFD Trade and Development Finance Division
TDRP Trade and Development Report
TECF Trade and Economic Cooperation Framework
TECZ Trade and Economic Cooperation Zone
TGAA Trade and Globalization Assistance Act
TIDC Trade and Industry Development Council
TISP Trade and Information Systems Project
TICA Trade and Investment Cooperation Arrangement
TIEA Trade and Investment Enhancement Agreement
TIFA Trade and Investment Facilitation Agreement
TIFA Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
TILF Trade and Investment Liberalization & Facilitation
TIPO Trade and Investment Promotion Office
TAQ Trade and Quote Database
TAQ Trade and Quote Detail
TRID Trade and Regional Integration Division
TAM Trade Assessment Mechanism
TAPO Trade Assistance and Promotion Office
TA Trade Assistant
TAI Trade Associates, Inc.
TA Trade Association
TABPI Trade Association and Business Publications International
TANR Trade Association for Nude Recreation
TAS Trade Automation Service
TBI Trade Bank of Iraq
TBR Trade Barrier Regulation
TBE Trade Bill of Exchange
TBIS Trade Board Information System
TCBA Trade Capacity Building Assistance
TCO Trade Change Order
TCII Trade Consultants International Inc.
TRACES Trade Control and Expert System
TCD Trade Credit Distribution
TCIC Trade Credit Insurance Consultants Limited
TDA Trade Descriptions Act
TDA Trade Desk America
TDCA Trade Development and Cooperation Agreement
TDAP Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
TDB Trade Development Bank
TDB Trade Development Board
TDC Trade Development Council
TEDI Trade Electronic Data Interchange
TEDIS Trade Electronic Data Interchange System
TEMS Trade Event Management System
TEA Trade Expansion Act
TFAP Trade Facilitation Action Plan
TFA Trade Facilitation Alliance
TFWG Trade Facilitation Working Group
TFA Trade Fair Authority
TFAI Trade Fair Authority of India
TFC Trade Fair Center
TF Trade Federation
TF Trade Finance
TFIS Trade Finance Institutional Structure
TDP Trade for Development
TFP Trade for Prints
TFN Trade Forums Noob
TGN Trade Games Now
TEST Trade in Environmental Services and Technologies
THS Trade in Health Services
TIP Trade Index of Pakistan
TIC Trade Information Center
TIMS Trade Information Management System
TIS Trade Information System
TIW Trade Information Warehouse
TJM Trade Justice Movement
TLIB Trade Liberalization
TMRA Trade Marks Registration Act of 1875
TMR Trade Marks Registry
TRN Trade Name
TN Trade Name
TNAS Trade Negotiations Analysis System
TNA Trade Negotiations and Agreements
TNC Trade Negotiations Committee
TNG Trade Network Game
TOP Trade Opportunities Program
TURNOVER Trade Option
TO Trade Option
TOGO Trade Option
TURNOVER Trade Order
TO Trade Order
TOGO Trade Order
TOMS Trade Order Management System
TOOS Trade Outcomes and Objectives Statement
TP Trade Paperback
TPB Trade Paperback
TPO Trade Paperback Original
TP Trade Point
TPRD Trade Policies Review Division
TPN Trade Policy and Negotiations
TPR Trade Policy Review
TPRB Trade Policy Review Body
TPRM Trade Policy Review Mechanism
TPSC Trade Policy Staff Committee
TP Trade Post
TPA Trade Practices Act
TPC Trade Practices Commission
TPA Trade Promotion Authority
TPAA Trade Promotion Authority Act of 2002
TPCC Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee
TPE Trade Promotion Excellence
TPM Trade Promotion Management
TPO Trade Promotion Optimization
TPO Trade Promotion Organization
TQ Trade Qualification
TRAINING Trade Readjustment Allowance
TRANSFER Trade Readjustment Allowance
TRA Trade Readjustment Allowance
TRAFFIC Trade Records Analysis of Flora and Fauna in Commerce
TRS Trade Registration System
TRAMS Trade Related Anti-Competitive Measures
TRCB Trade Related Capacity Building
TREAD Trade Related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development
TRACE Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine
TSRA Trade Sanctions Reform Act of 2000
TSR Trade Sector Review
TSC Trade Security Controls
TSCO Trade Security Controls Office
TSK Trade Services Contract
TSC Trade Show Center
TSEA Trade Show Exhibitors Association
TSM Trade Show Marketing
TS Trade Station
TSCS Trade Status Change Stream
TSF Trade Structure Finance
TSR Trade Study Report
TSN Trade Support Network
TTCS Trade Team Canada Sectors
TTNL Trade Team Newfoundland and Labrador
TTCU Trade Testing and Certification Unit
TU Trade Union
TUAC Trade Union Advisory Committee
TUCJME Trade Union Committee for Justice in the Middle East
TUCSA Trade Union Congress of South Africa
TUC Trade Union Council
TUCSA Trade Union Council of South Africa
TUDA Trade Union Disability Alliance
TUEA Trade Union Education Authority
TUEIP Trade Union European Information Project
TUF Trade Union Federation
TULC Trade Union Leadership Council
TUM Trade Union Movement
TURN Trade Union Regional Network
TUTA Trade Union Training Authority
TUIAFPW Trade Unions International of Agricultural, Forestry and Plantation Workers
TUN Trade Unit Number
TWAAC Trade Waste Acceptance Advisory Committee
TW Trade Weighted
TWI Trade Weighted Index
TWC Trade Working Capital
TAS Trade, Aid and Security
TRAC Trade, Recreation & Agricultural Center
T Traded
TAPO Traded Average Price Option
TEP Traded Endowment Policy
TOFF Traded Options and Financial Futures
TSLI Traded Senior Life Interests
TIV Trade-In Value
TL Tradeline
TM Trademark
TAST Trademark Application Assistant
TARR Trademark Applications and Registrations Retrieval
TAC Trademark Assistance Center
TEAS Trademark Electronic Application System
TEBC Trademark Electronic Business Center
TESS Trademark Electronic Search System
TMEP Trademark Manual of Examining Procedures
TMQ Trademark of Quality
TOY Trademark of Youth
TOPC Trademark Office Practices Committee
TRCA Trademark Remedy Clarification Act
TRAM Trademark Reporting and Monitoring
TMSL Trademark Search Library
TMSS Trademark Security System
TMSSS Trademark Security System
TTAB Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
TWTFS Trademark Weekly Text File
TOA Tradeoff Analysis
TOD Tradeoff Determination
TM3 Trade-off Mobilization Macro Model
TSC Tradeoff Study Control
TSS Tradeoff Study Suggestion
TOT Trade-Off Technique
TPI Tradepoint International
TEFO TradePort Export Finance Online
TJ Trader Joe’s
TME Trader Media East
TMG Trader Media Group
TREND Trader’s Environment Demonstration Project
TLH Trader’s Little Helper
TURN Trader’s Unique Reference Number
TRIPS Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TRIP Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TRIMS Trade-Related Investment Measures
TLC Trades and Labor Council of Western Australia
THC Trades Hall Council
TPQ Trades Per Quarter
TUC Trades Union Congress
TORQ Trades, Orders, Reports and Quotes
TMI Tradeshow Multimedia, Inc.
TD Tradesman
TNT Tradeswomen Now and Tomorrow
TD TRADEVMAN (Training Device Man)
TES Tradewinds Engine Services, LLC
TATE Trans-American Trade Exchange
TAFTA Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement
TAFTA Transatlantic Free Trade Association
TST Transatlantic Slave Trade
TDTI Transitional Department of Trade and Industry
TRUTH Transparency and Responsibility for United States Trade Health
TTD Transportation Trades Department
TTI Travel Trade Italia
TREAT Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade
TATT Truth About Trade and Technology
TTGS Turkish Trade Guide
TTG Turkish Trade Guide
TTPO Turkish Trade Promotion Office
TTRG Turkish Trade Registry Gazette
UKTI UK Trade and Investment
UAFT Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade
UKRAINE Ulkomaankaupan Agenttiliitto (Finnish Foreign Trade Agents’ Federation, aka: FFTAF)
UTPA Unfair Trade Practices Act
UNCID Uniform Rules of Conduct for Interchange of Trade Data by Teletransmission
USTA Uniform Trade Secrets Act
UCATT Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians
UGAT Union of Growers and Traders of Onions in the Philippines
UNITE Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees
UTFCU Union Trades Federal Credit Union
UACT United Alliance of Cooperation and Trade
UGTO United Galactic Trade Organization
UKASTA United Kingdom Agricultural Supply Trade Association Ltd.
UKSATA United Kingdom-South Africa Trade Association
UN-CEFACT United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
UNCITRL United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
UNCITRAL United Nations Commission On International Trade Law
UNCTD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNTDID United Nations Trade Data Interchange Directory
UNWTO United Nations World Trade Organization
UPTO United Power Trades Organization
USFTC United States Federal Trade Commission
USITC United States International Trade Commission
USMT United States Music Tradeshow
USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office
USTDA United States Trade and Development Agency
USTR United States Trade Representative
USTA United States Trademark Association
USCFTA United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement
USFT United Students for Fair Trade
UTFC United Trade of Furniture Components
UTUC United Trade Union Congress
UTLC United Trades and Labor Council
UT Unitrade Specialized Canada Catalog
UT-2 Unitrade Specialized Canada Catalog
UCS Unitrade Specialized Canada Catalog
UTZ Universal Trade Zone
UFT Up for Trade
MEFTA US-Middle East Free Trade Agreement
USTEC US-USSR Trade and Economic Council
VAGTC Van Andel Global Trade Center
VBT Vancouver Board of Trade
VTCC Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre
VCTU Vanuatu Council of Trade Unions
VIIT Vertical Intra Industry Trade
VTUC Victorian Trade Union Choir
VTHC Victorian Trades Hall Council
VGTA Vietnam Gold Traders Association
VIT Vietnam Institute for Trade
VTC Virtual Trade Commissioner
VTM Virtual Trade Mission
VTS Virtual Trade Show
VITC Visvesvaraya Industrial Trade Center
VITA VMEBUS International Trade Association
VTIE Vocational Trade and Industrial Education
VTC Voluntary Trade Council
WTT Want To Trade
WTTF Want To Trade For
WTB War Trade Board
WTBS War Trade Board
WCIT Washington Council on International Trade
WITA Washington International Trade Association
WSITF Washington State International Trade Fair
WSITS Weapon System Interface Trade Study
WSTS Weapon System Trade Study
WATH West African Trade Hub
WMWTA West Michigan World Trade Association
WHTIC Western Hemispheric Trade Information Center
WITG Western International Trade Group
WTTI Western Trades Training Institute
WTTN Western Transportation Trade Network
WETEC Wheat Export Trade Education Committee
WTC Wheat Trade Convention
WTMU Wildlife Trade Monitoring Unit
WTLC Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council
WTJ Wirral Trade Justice
WATA Wisconsin Aviation Trades Association
WFTC Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition
WAMT Women and Manual Trades
WAYES Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium and Tradeshow
WIIT Women in International Trade
WISTTE Women in Science, Technology, Trades and Engineering
WIST Women in Skilled Trades
WIBT Women in the Building Trades
WITT Women in Trades and Technology
WTFC Women’s Trade and Finance Council
WDTUM Workers Democratic Trade Union Movement
WGTI Working Group on Trade and Investment
WGTP Working Group on Trade Promotion
WCTU World Confederation of Trade Unions
WTFU World Federation of Trade Unions
WSTS World Sea Trade Service
WSTS World Semiconductor Trade Statistics
WT World Trade
WTER World Trade
WTCL World Trade Cargo & Logistics, Inc.
WTC World Trade Center
WTC7 World Trade Center 7
WTCA World Trade Center Amsterdam
WTCB World Trade Center Barcelona
WTCB World Trade Center Boston
WTCB World Trade Center Bucuresti
WTCD World Trade Center Disaster
WTCE World Trade Center Ekaterinburg
WTCEO World Trade Center Environmental Organization
WTCG World Trade Center Geneva
WTCI World Trade Center Illinois
WTCI World Trade Center Institute
WTCL World Trade Center Lausanne
WTCL World Trade Center Leeuwarden
WTCM World Trade Center Memorial
WTCM World Trade Center Miami
WTCN World Trade Center of Nigeria
WTCO World Trade Center Okinawa
WTCO World Trade Center Osaka
WTCP World Trade Center Project
WTCR World Trade Center Registry
WTCS World Trade Center Seoul
WTCT World Trade Center Tallinn
WTCU World Trade Center University
WTCU World Trade Center Utah
WTCW World Trade Center Wisconsin
WTCZ World Trade Center Zarazoga
WTCZ World Trade Center Zhejiang
WTCP World Trade Center/Pentagon Program
WTCB World Trade Center-Baltimore
WTCA World Trade Centers Association
WTCB World Trade Centre Beijing
WTCE World Trade Centre Edmonton
WTCR World Trade Centre Residence
WTCC World Trade Convention Centre
WTDB World Trade Data Base
WTF World Trade Fair
WTF World Trade Federation
WTG World Trade Group
WTI World Trade Index
WTLA World Trade Law Association
WTRO World Trade Organisation
WTO World Trade Organization
WTPF World Trade Point Federation
WTP World Trade Press
WTPO World Trade Promotion Organisation
WTR World Trade Review
WTDR World Traders Data Report
WWTG World Wine Trade Group
YFT Yate Fairtrade Team
YAST Youth Ability in Skilled Trades