What does FTDES mean?

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FTDESFacilitated Transit Document
FTDESFailure Transition Distance
FTDESFailure to Deliver
FTDESFastest Time of the Day
FTDESFear the Deer
FTDESFederal Tax Deposit
FTDESField Technical Demonstration
FTDESField Test Demonstration
FTDESField Test Display
FTDESField Training Detachment
FTDESFile Transfer Date
FTDESFile Type Doctor
FTDESFill Thread Database
FTDESFinancial Times Deutschland
FTDESFinancial Transaction Database
FTDESFirst to Default
FTDESFixed Term Deposit
FTDESFixin' To Die
FTDESFleet Training Device
FTDESFleet Training Device
FTDESFlight Test Diagnostics
FTDESFlight Test Direction
FTDESFlight Test Division
FTDESFlight Tracking Data
FTDESFlight Training Device
FTDESFloor Termination Device
FTDESFloral Telegraphic Delivery
FTDESFlorist's Transworld Delivery
FTDESFluorescent Tube Display
FTDESForeign Technical Department
FTDESForeign Technology Division
FTDESFormal Technical Document
FTDESFormal Thought Disorder
FTDESFort Dearborn Income Securities, Inc.
FTDESForward Tracking Detector
FTDESFree to Decide
FTDESFreeze to Death
FTDESFreight Traffic Division
FTDESFrequency Translation Distortion
FTDESFresh Tight Designs
FTDESFrontotemporal Dementia
FTDESFun to Drive
FTDESFunctional Task Description
FTDESFunctional Test Demonstration
FTDESFusion Target Design
FTDESFuzzy Torque Distributor