What does PDMES mean?

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What does pdmes stand for

PDMESPAWS Display Manager
PDMESPIX Device Manager
PDMESPacket Data Module
PDMESPaddle Drive Mechanism
PDMESPalm Digital Media
PDMESParallel Data Mining
PDMESParallel Disk Model
PDMESParlance Document Manager
PDMESPart de Marché
PDMESParticipatory/Participative Decision Making
PDMESPartido Democratico Maubere
PDMESPartidul Democrat din Moldova
PDMESPartnership Development Manager
PDMESPassenger Door Module
PDMESPaul Diatlovich Motorsports
PDMESPeople's Democratic Movement
PDMESPeriodic Depot Maintenance
PDMESPersonal Dust Monitor
PDMESPhase Difference Modulation
PDMESPhased Depot Maintenance
PDMESPhilips Dupont Magnetics
PDMESPhysical Data Model
PDMESPhysical Distribution Management
PDMESPinakothek Der Moderne
PDMESPine Derivatives Marketing, Inc.
PDMESPlanning and Decision Making
PDMESPoint Distribution Model
PDMESPolicy-Driven Management
PDMESPolycrystalline Diamond
PDMESPositive Displacement Motor
PDMESPossible Duplicate Message
PDMESPower Density Monitor
PDMESPower Distribution Module
PDMESPre-Disaster Mitigation
PDMESPrecalculus and Discrete Math
PDMESPrecedence Diagramming Method
PDMESPrecision Destruction Munition
PDMESPredictive Maintenance
PDMESPrehospital and Disaster Medicine
PDMESPreliminary Design Meeting
PDMESPreliminary Development Model
PDMESPresidential Decision Memorandum
PDMESPrimary Deployment Mechanism
PDMESPrimary Drive Motor
PDMESPrincipal Deer Manager
PDMESProbabalistic Dilution Model
PDMESProblem Definition Memo
PDMESProcess Data Marshalling
PDMESProcess Definition and Maintenance
PDMESProcess Development Mapping
PDMESProcess Device Manager
PDMESProcessor Data Module
PDMESProduct Data Management
PDMESProduct Data Manager
PDMESProduct Description Manual
PDMESProduct Development Manager
PDMESProduct Manager
PDMESProduct-Differentiated Marketing
PDMESProduction Data Management
PDMESProfessional Development Meeting
PDMESProgram Data Management
PDMESProgram Decision Meeting
PDMESProgram Decision Memorandum
PDMESProgram Design Manual
PDMESProgram Development Manual
PDMESProgram Development Methodology
PDMESProgrammed Depot Maintenance
PDMESProgramming Development Manager
PDMESProject Data Manager
PDMESProject Data Manual
PDMESProject Design and Management
PDMESProject Document Management
PDMESPropellant Dispersion Munition
PDMESPropellant Distribution Module
PDMESProtein-Detecting Microarray
PDMESProtocol-Dependent Module
PDMESPsychological Disaster Management
PDMESPublic Debt Management
PDMESPulse Delta Modulation
PDMESPulse Division Multiplex
PDMESPulse Duration Modulation
PDMESPulse-Density Modulation
PDMESPursuit Deterrent Mine
PDMESPursuit Deterrent Munition