What does PFLA mean?

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What does pfla stand for

PFLAPaid Family Leave Act
PFLAParadise Falls Lutheran Association
PFLAParental and Family Leave Act
PFLAParents For Legal Action
PFLAPath for Limited Achievement
PFLAPathogenic Free-Living Amoebae
PFLAPatricia Freedman Literacy Academy
PFLAPeople's Front for Liberation of Arabistan
PFLAPhospholipid Fatty Acid
PFLAPrivate Forest Land Act
PFLAPrivate Forest Landowners Association
PFLAProfessional Faculty Leadership Association
PFLAProfessional Family Living Arrangements
PFLAProgrammable Fuzzy Logic Array
PFLAProject Financing and Loan Agreement
PFLAPublicly Funded Legal Assistance
PFLApneumonie franche lobaire aiguë
PFLApyruvate formate lyase activating