What does PTI mean?

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What does pti stand for

PTIPacific Telesis International
PTIPacket Type Identifier
PTIPakistan Tehrik-E-Insaaf
PTIPalomar Testbed Interferometer
PTIPara Tu Informacion
PTIParallel Technologies Inc
PTIParallel Telemetry Interface
PTIPardon The Interruption
PTIParent Training Information Center
PTIParent-Teacher Interview
PTIParque Tecnologico Itaipu
PTIParticulate Trap Inlet
PTIPath Trace Identifier
PTIPattern-Triggered Immunity
PTIPayload Type Indicator
PTIPayment to Income
PTIPayroll Transfers Inc
PTIPerformance Test Instructions
PTIPermit To Install
PTIPersonnel Transaction Identifier
PTIPharmaceutical Technologies International, Inc
PTIPhoenix Technologies Inc
PTIPhoton Technology International
PTIPhysical Training Instructor
PTIPiedmont Triad International
PTIPittsburgh Technical Institute
PTIPlanning Time Index
PTIPlatform Train Interface
PTIPolice Training Institute
PTIPositive Target Identification
PTIPost Tenancy Inspection
PTIPost-Tensioning Institute
PTIPower Technologies, Inc.
PTIPower Tool Institute, Inc.
PTIPower Training Institute
PTIPower to Innovate
PTIPre Trial Intervention
PTIPre-Trip Inspection
PTIPremier Travel Inn
PTIPresidential Technology Initiative
PTIPress Trust of India
PTIPressure Time Index
PTIPretax Income
PTIPreviously Tax Income
PTIPreviously Taxed Income
PTIPrimary Trend Index
PTIPrinting Technology Inc
PTIProfit-Taking Index
PTIProgrammable Transport Interface
PTIProgrammed Test Input
PTIProof Tracking Index
PTIProposed Technical Improvement
PTIProtection Technology Idaho
PTIProton Therapy Institute
PTIProxima Therapeutics Inc.
PTIPsychotherapists Training Institute
PTIPublic Technology Institute
PTIPublic Technology, Inc.
PTIPublic Training Institute
PTIPublic Transport Information
PTIPublic Transport Interchange
PTIPyron Technologies, Inc.