What does SABV mean?

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What does sabv stand for

SABVSabia Virus
SABVSabicea Villosa
SABVSabo Virus
SABVSaboya Virus
SABVSan Antonio Boys Village
SABVSatanic Brain Virus
SABVSchweiz Amateur-Basketball-Verband
SABVSchweizer Ärztebesucher Verband
SABVSecondary Air Bypass Valve
SABVSemi-Air Buoyant Vehicle
SABVSouth Australian Business Vision
SABVStichting Arbeidszaken Betaald Voetbal
SABVSuid-Afrikaanse Biblioteekvereniging
SABVSuid-Afrikaanse Bybel Vereniging
SABVSuper Appending Batch Virus