Bible Abbreviations


What is the Bible?

The Bible is a collection or compilation of sacred books, containing the stories, doctrines, codes and traditions that guide Christians, based on Jewish tradition (Old Testament) and the spread of the Gospel (New Testament).

Bible is a term derived from the Greek word βιβλίον ( biblíon ), meaning parchment, papyrus, or book, and from the Greek expression τὰ βιβλία τὰ ἅγια ( ta bible ta hágia ), meaning holy books.

It was written by about 40 men over a period of approximately 1600 years. The first book of the Bible is Genesis and was written around 1445 BC The last book is Revelation, written around 90-96 AD It was originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

The Holy Bible ( biblia sacra in Latin) is the best-selling book of all time. It has been translated into over 2,500 languages and is available in different versions, according to traditions and their translations. It is currently also available in digital format.

In a figurative sense, the term bible is also used to refer to an important book, a kind of “guide” that contains all the information relevant to specific areas. For example, the Java Script Bible, the Business Administration Bible, the Musician’s Bible, the Football Bible, etc.

The Structure of the Bible

The Christian Bible is divided into two main parts: the Old and New Testaments. Testament (berith in Hebrew) means covenant, covenant or contract. Each of them brings together a collection of sacred texts. Let’s get to know some essential details

Old testment

The Old Testament (Tanach for the Jews and Septuagint for the Greeks) is regarded by Christians as the story of creation. This is because it has the stories related to the creation of the world and the events of the Hebrew people until approximately 445 BC.

There are two versions of the Old Testament, which circulated alternately in the times of Jesus and the apostles:

  • Hebrew Canonor Palestinian Canon, written in Hebrew, consisting of 39 books. This version excludes so-called deuterocanonical books;
  • Alexandrian Canon, Version of the Septuagint (LXX) or Septuagint Bible. This version was written in Greek and contains the Hebrew canon. In addition, it also has the deuterocanonical books, called apocryphal by the Protestant tradition, such as Tobias, Judith, 1st and 2nd book of Maccabees, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus and Baruch.

Both canons have a different order, distribution and titles. The Catholic and Orthodox Churches recognize the Alexandrian Canon or Version of the Seventy. Protestant or Lutheran-inspired churches use the Hebrew or Palestinian canon. For its part, the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria admits other books, such as the book of Enoch and the book of Jubilees.

New Testament

The New Testament contains 27 books and is considered by Christians to be the history of salvation. It includes the Gospels, which represent the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. They cover events during his life, his message, his death, and his resurrection.

In addition, the New Testament contains the narration of the acts of the apostles (which tells of the birth of the early Church), the pastoral letters of the first Christian leaders, and the prophetic book of Revelation.

Copies and translations of the bible

In the case of the Jewish holy book, which corresponds to the Christian Old Testament, copies were made by Hebrew copiers called masorets. They were in charge of copying the Hebrew Scriptures between the 6th and 10th centuries, and they used to check each letter to avoid mistakes.

In the Christian world, translations and copies of the Bible were carried out by monks in monasteries, many of them were also responsible for incorporating illuminations or illustrations of great artistic value.

Monks could copy alone or in groups under the dictation of a brother, which accelerated the production of copies. So it was not surprising that there were some errors in the process.

There are differing opinions about the reliability, preservation, and integrity of the Bible. This is because many years have passed since the first manuscripts and there have also been possible errors in the translations into different languages and differing opinions in the dogmas.

The first vernacular translation of the Bible, and also the first printed version, was the Bible translated by Luther into German in the 16th century.

Archeology has also provided interesting insights into the formation of historical biblical texts themselves.

Bible Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Bible

AABC Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges
ALPHABET Ada Bible Church
ABC Ada Bible Church
ALPHABET Adult Bible Class
ABC Adult Bible Class
ABF Adult Bible Fellowship
ALPHABET Alaska Bible College
ABC Alaska Bible College
ACAB Always Carry A Bible
ALPHABET Ambassador Bible College
ABC Ambassador Bible College
ABS American Bible Society
AIBI American Indian Bible Institute
AB Amplified Bible
ABD Anchor Bible Dictionary
ARTB Ancient Roots Translinear Bible
AIBI Antioch Internet Bible International
AFOL Apostolic Faith International Online Bible Institute
ANBC Arrowhead Native Bible Center
AMBS Associated Mennonite Bible Seminary
AIBI Atlantic International Bible Institute
ACBM Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission
AV Authorized Version of the Bible
BTTB Back to the Bible
BLBC Bair Lake Bible Camp
BBC Baptist Bible College
BBC-AND-S Baptist Bible College and Seminary
BBCC Baptist Bible College Canada
BBCE Baptist Bible College East
BBFI Baptist Bible Fellowship International
BBGS Baptist Bible Graduate School
BBS Baptist Bible Seminary
BTBF Bent Tree Bible Fellowship
BBC Bethany Bible College
BBV Bethel Bible Village
B Bible
BANK Bible
BIB Bible
BBL Bible
BAHRAIN Bible Advocate
BA Bible Advocate
BASEBAND Bible Archaeology, Search & Exploration Institute
BASE Bible Archaeology, Search & Exploration Institute
BBCW Bible Baptist Church Wendover
BBC Bible Baptist College
BBFI Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.
BBIC Bible Believers in Christ
BBBC Bible Believing Baptist Church
BBN Bible Broadcasting Network
BECOME Bible Centered Ministries
BCM Bible Centered Ministries
BCC Bible Christian Church
BCYF Bible Church Youth Fellowship
BCEA Bible College of East Africa
BCQS Bible College of Queensland
BCQ Bible College of Queensland
BUNDLE Bible Dictionary
BD Bible Dictionary
BOULEVARD Bible Dictionary
BOUNDARY Bible Dictionary
BOUND Bible Dictionary
BEAMS Bible Education and Missionary Service
BFC Bible en Français Courant
BFO Bible Factory Outlet
BFC Bible Fellowship Church
BFG Bible Fellowship Group
BFTBC Bible for Today Baptist Church
BBE Bible in Basic English
BIC Bible Information Classes
BIH Bible Institute of Hawaii
BIOLA Bible Institute Of Los Angeles
BALK Bible Knowledge
BK Bible Knowledge
BKC Bible Knowledge Commentary
BKI Bible Knowledge Institute
BLP Bible Literacy Project
BLT Bible Lunchtime Talks
BM Bible Museum
BNN Bible News Network
BOTD Bible of the Devil
BPI Bible Place Institute
BPC Bible Presbyterian Church
BPRR Bible Prophecy and Rapture Report
BQF Bible Quiz Fellowship
BRP Bible Reading Plan
BREAD Bible Reading, Education and Devotion Club
BROTHER Bible Review
BRANCH Bible Review
BR Bible Review
BSA Bible Sabbath Association
BSIA Bible Society in Australia
BSI Bible Society in Israel
BSSA Bible Society of South Africa
BSZ Bible Society of Zambia
BSW Bible Studies on the Web
BS Bible Study
BSF Bible Study Fellowship
BSG Bible Study Guide
BTI Bible Teachers International
BTI Bible Training Institute
BTL Bible Translation & Literacy of East Africa
BTA Bible Translation Association
BTMI Bible Truth Ministry, Inc.
BVBN Bible Voice Broadcasting Network
BWCWW Bible Way Church World Wide
BLF Bibles & Literature in French
BFA Bibles for America
BFW Bibles for the World
BEBC Blessings Evangelical Bible Church
BLB Blue Letter Bible
BYOB Bring Your Own Bible
BFBS British and Foreign Bible Society
BIAB Bullet in A Bible
BHB Bussola Holy Bible
CBBC Calvary Bible Baptist Church
CBC Calvary Bible Church
CCBCE Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe
CBBC Cambodia Baptist Bible College
CBF Campus Bible Fellowship
CBS Campus Bible Study
CBC Canadian Bible College
CBS Canadian Bible Society
CMBC Canadian Mennonite Bible College
CBS Capital Bible Seminary
CBAS Carrying Bibles around School
CSB Catholic Study Bible
CYB Catholic Youth Bible
CBBI Central Baptist Bible Institute
CBC Central Bible College
CBI Central Bible Institute
CCCB Central Christian College of the Bible
CBTA Centre for Bible Translation in Africa
CBCS Chinese Bible Church of Springfield
CVBC Chippewa Valley Bible Church
CBM Christadelphian Bible Mission
CBBC Christian Bible Baptist Church
CBCG Christian Bible Church of God
CBCP Christian Bible Church of the Philippines
CBCS Christian Bible College and Seminary
CSB Christian Standard Bible
CBC Circleville Bible College
CBT Committee on Bible Translation
CBC Community Bible Church
CBS Community Bible Study
CBSI Community Bible Study International
CCBTC Community Chapel and Bible Training Center
CBS Congregation Bible Study
CBC Covenant Bible College
DLBCC Delta Lake Bible Conference Center
DBC Denton Bible Church
DLBC Dickey Lake Bible Camp
DDD Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible
DBS Digital Bible Society
DBOM Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries
DBS Disciple Bible Study
DTBL Discover the Bible Lands
DR Douay-Rheims Bible
DRIFTING Douay-Rheims Bible
DRB Douay-Rheims Bible
EPBC East Parkland Bible Church
ECBC Eastern Chinese Bible Conference, Inc.
EPBC Eastern Pentecostal Bible College
EOB Eastern/Greek Orthodox Bible
EBO Église de La Bible Ouverte
EBAY Electronic Bible
EB Electronic Bible
EBC Emmaus Bible College
EBR Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception
EBM Evangelical Bible Mission, Inc.
ECBC Evangelical Chinese Bible Church
FABC Faith Alliance Bible Church
FBBC Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary
FBC Faith Bible Church
FCBC Faithful Central Bible Church
FBN Family Bible Notes
FEBC Far Eastern Bible College
FBC Fellowship Bible Church
FEBC Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches
FFBC Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches
FBSE Fire Bible: Student Edition
FCYB Fireside Catholic Youth Bible
FFBC First Fundamental Bible Church
FBC Florida Bible College
FBC Frankenmuth Bible Church
FBM Free Bible Ministry
FBV Free Bible Version
FBCS Freedom Bible College and Seminary
FNBS Friday Night Bible Study
GSB Geneva Study Bible
GILLBT Ghana Institute of Linguistics Literacy and Bible Translation
GAAB Gift and Award Bible
GBC Global Bible Commentary
GCEV Global Bible for Children: Global Contemporary English Version
GKBC Glory Knowledge Bible College
GBS God’s Bible School
GNB Good News Bible
GNMBC Good News Mission Bible College
GSBC Good Shepherd Bible Camp
GBC Grace Bible Church
GBC Grace Bible College
GGBC Greater Grace Bible Church
GGBC Greater Grace Bible College
HLBC Hastings Lake Bible Camp
HB Hebrew Bible
HCBC Hill Country Bible Church
HSBC Hobe Sound Bible College
HB Holy Bible
HBT Holy Bible Trivia
HCB Houston College of the Bible
IBC Immanuel Bible Church
IBCM India Bible Camp Ministries
ICBC India Christian Bible College
IBT Institute for Bible Translation
IBCC Institute of Bible Church and Culture
IBC International Bible College
IBCS International Bible Correspondence School
IBLC International Bible Learning Center
IBS International Bible Society
IBSA International Bible Students Association
IBSN International Bible Study-Nijmegen
ICBM International Charismatic Bible Ministries
ICB International Children’s Bible
IFBC International Fellowship of Bible Churches
IFOBA International Forum of Bible Agencies
ISOB International School of the Bible
ISBE International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
ITIB International Testimony to an Infallible Bible
IBEX Israel/Bible Extension
JAILBREAK Jerusalem Bible
JB Jerusalem Bible
JBQ Jewish Bible Quarterly
JBC Johnson Bible College
JBQ Junior Bible Quiz
KBC Kansas Bible Camp, Inc.
KLBC Kawartha Lakes Bible College
KJB King James Bible
KBC Kishinev Bible Church
KBF Kobe Bible Fellowship
KBC Kohima Bible College
LHBC Lake Hamilton Bible Camp
LLBC Lake Lundgren Bible Camp
LRBC Lake Region Bible Church
LBC Lakeside Bible Camp
LBC Lancaster Bible College
LABI Latin American Bible Institute
LBC Lawrence Bible Chapel
LTBS Let the Bible Speak
LAB Life Application Bible
LFBC Living Faith Bible College
LBT Lutheran Bible Translators
MLBC Manitou Lake Bible Camp
MBBC Maranatha Baptist Bible College
MHBC Mars Hill Bible Church
MABTS Master of Arts in Bible Teaching
MBC McLean Bible Church
MBI Messianic Bible Institute
MJBI Messianic Jewish Bible Institute
MBBC Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church
MEBO Middle East Bible Outreach
MMBI Mid-Michigan Bible Institute
MSBI Mid-South Bible Institute
MLBS Monday Ladies Bible Study
MBI Moody Bible Institute
MBC Moscow Bible Church
MLBC Mountain Lakes Bible Camp
MBC Multnomah Bible College
MLBC Mwika Lutheran Bible College
NBSI National Bible Society of Ireland
NBC Nazarene Bible College
NBT Neighborhood Bible Time
NLBC Ness Lake Bible Camp
NABV New Age Bible Version
NAB New American Bible
NASB New American Standard Bible
NBD New Bible Dictionary
NCPB New Cambridge Paragraph Bible
NCBC New Creations Bible College
NEBC New England Bible College
NERB New England Regional Bible
NEB New English Bible
NGSB New Geneva Study Bible
NIBC New India Bible College
NIB New Interpreter’s Bible
NJB New Jerusalem Bible
NKJB New King James Bible
NOAB New Oxford Annotated Bible
NYSB New York School of the Bible
NBTT Nigerian Bible Translation Trust
NBBS Norris Bible Baptist Seminary
NCBC North Clackamas Bible Community
NEBC North Eastern Bible College
NSBC North Star Bible Camp
NBF Northside Bible Fellowship
NBC Northwest Bible Church
OCBF Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
OBF Ohio Bible Fellowship
OPBBC Old Paths Bible Baptist Church
OYB One Year Bible
OBC Online Bible College
OBC Open Bible Church
OBDC Open Bible Deaf Church
ODBC Open Door Bible Church
OJB Orthodox Jewish Bible
OSB Orthodox Study Bible
PBCC Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino
PBF Peninsula Bible Fellowship
PBRSS Perpetual Bible Reading Schedule
PBRS Perpetual Bible Reading Schedule
PBF Perry Bible Fellowship
PTBI Pillar of Truth Bible Institute
PBQ Pittsburgh Bible Quizzing
PBI Prairie Bible Institute
RBC Radio Bible Class
RBC Redlands Bible Church
RSB Reformation Study Bible
RBC Reformed Bible College
RVG Reina Valera Gomez Bible
REB Revised English Bible
RSVB Revised Standard Version Bible
RBC Roanoke Bible College
RIBQ Rochester Invitational Bible Quizzing
RBC Rodeo Bible Camp
RBIS Royal Bible Institute and Seminary
SBF Saanichton Bible Fellowship
SKBI Samuel Kelsey Bible Institute
SBS Scottish Bible Society
SBC Scottsdale Bible Church
SBSA Seattle Bible-Science Association
SBL Seeing the Bible Live Ministries
SBQ Senior Bible Quiz
SMBI Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute
SBC Shasta Bible College
SAB Skeptic’s Annotated Bible
SCBC Smith Chapel Bible College
SFBC South Florida Bible College
SHBC South Hills Bible Chapel
SEBC Southeastern Bible College
SABC Southern Asia Bible College
SBCM Southwest Bible Church Mission
SBI Spring Bible Institute
SGBF Spring Grove Bible Fellowship
SBCT Standardized Bible Content Test
SBS Stewarton Bible School
SESB Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible
SGBF Sunset Gospel Bible Fellowship
SIBI Sunset International Bible Institute
SCUBA Super Cool Undersea Bible Adventure
SCBC Sussex County Bible Church
TTB Teaching the Bible
TABS Teen Age Bible Study
TBC Teen Bible Challenge
TBQ Teen Bible Quiz
TBI Texas Bible Institute
TBN The Bible Network
TBSM The Bible Student Magazine
THB The Holy Bible
TJB The Jerusalem Bible
TLB The Living Bible
TMB Third Millennium Bible
TTB Thru the Bible
TEBC Thursday Evening Bible Class
TBC Topeka Bible Church
TOB Traduction Oecuménique de la Bible
TBC Trinity Bible College
TBC True Bible Code
TNBS Tuesday Night Bible Study
UBS United Bible Societies
UBF University Bible Fellowship
VBS Vacation Bible School
VBCI Victory Bible Church International
VBCI Victory Bible Colleges International
VLBTC Victory Life Bible Training Centre
WBC Washington Bible College
WBSG Watchmen Bible Study Group
WBTS Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
WBS Webster’s Bible Translation
WBCA Wesleyan Bible Conference Association
WCBI Western Canadian Bible Institute
WPBC Western Pentecostal Bible College
WCBI Westminster College and Bible Institute
WBSA What the Bible Says About
WBC Winkler Bible Camp
WBC Winnetka Bible Church
WFBC Winning Faith Bible Church
WGBC Word of Grace Bible Church
WBC World Bible Commentaries
WBTC World Bible Translation Center
WCBI World Changers Bible Institute
WEB World English Bible
WHBC World Harvest Bible College
WWBS World Wide Bible Study
WBTI Wycliffe Bible Translators International
WBT Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
YBS Youth Bible Study
ZBC Zion Bible College