Committee Abbreviations

The notion of committee derives from the French language, although its etymological origin is found in the English “committee”. The concept can be used synonymously with commission: a group of individuals who work together to solve a problem or carry out a project.


For example: “The government decided to convene the crisis committee to help the victims of the flood”, “The lawmakers proposed the creation of a committee responsible for controlling the expenses of the Executive Branch ”, “The player could be punished by the disciplinary committee” .

Although the characteristics of the committee vary according to the type of entity, it can be said that it is a working group that has certain faculties. Some committees operate permanently and others are convened on special occasions.

The body in charge of the leadership of a political party, in this context, is known as a committee. In some countries, the term is also used to name the place where the militants of a political party gather: “Tomorrow there will be a committee meeting to define the last details of the campaign”, “The party committee decided to expel the deputy after his controversial statements”, “The writer was a member of the Socialist Party committee for eight years”.

The International Olympic Committee, on the other hand , is the body responsible for organizing the Olympic Games and promoting Olympism throughout the world. It was founded in 1894 in France, with the aim of resuming the tradition started with the Olympic Games of antiquity.

List of Acronyms Related to Committee

AAHL Policy Advisory Committee
Aboriginal Homelessness Committee Caucus
Aboriginal Political Action Committee
Above the Falls Citizens Advisory Committee
Academe and Policy Research Senior Advisory Committee
Academic Advising Oversight Committee
Academic Affairs Advisory Committee
Academic Affairs and Outreach Committee
Academic Appeals Committee
Academic Audit and Review Committee
Academic Board Research Committee
Academic Integrity Committee
Academic Personnel Committee
Academic Planning and Corporate Strategy Committee
Academic Planning Committee
Academic Resources and Computing Committee
Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee
Academic Standards and Quality Assurance Committee
Academic Standards and Quality Committee
Academy Cadets’ Mess Committee
Accessibility Advisory Committee
Accessible Transport Standards Consultative Committee
Accessory and Equipment Technical Committee
Accident Response Capability Coordinating Committee
Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee
Accounting and Review Services Committee
Accounting Standards Committee
Accounting Standards Executive Committee
Accounting Standards Steering Committee
Accounts Receivable Core Committee
Accreditation Committee
Accredited Committee Secretary-Treasurer
Accredited Standards Committee
ACCS Implementation Advisory Committee
ACCS Planning & Policy Advisory Committee
Acid Rain Advisory Committee
Acoustic Model Evaluation Committee
Acquisition Review Committee
Acquisition Review Committee/Council
Acquisition Review Committee/Council
Acquisition Review Committeecouncil
Acquisition Review Committeecouncil
Acronym Review Committee
Acronym Review Committee
Action Committee for Democracy and Justice
Action Committee for Full Development
Action Committee for Rural Electrification
Action Committee on Rural Economy
Ad Hoc Committee for Naming Facts
Ad Hoc Constitution Committee
Additives Technical Committee
Adelaide Metropolitan Area Consultative Committee
Ad-Hoc Liaison Committee
Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee
Administrative Committee
Administrative Committee of the Federal Register
Administrative Committee on Coordination
Administrative Committee on Coordination
Administrative Committee on Coordination
Administrative Operations Committee
Administrative Operations Committee
Administrative Restructuring Advisory Committee
Administrative Services Committee
Administrative Systems Advisory Committee
Administrative Systems Steering Committee
Admission and Release Committee
Admission and Release Committee
Admissions and Standards Committee
Admissions Committee
Adopt-a-Merit Badge Committee
Adoption Option Committee, Inc.
Adoptive Parents Committee
Adult Protection Committee
Advanced Technology Advisory Committee
Advanced Television Standards Committee
Advanced Television Systems Committee
Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee
Advisory Bolting Committee
Advisory Bolting Committee
Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee for Biology & Medicine
Advisory Committee for Computing Facilities
Advisory Committee for Disabled People
Advisory Committee for Online Learning
Advisory Committee for Operational Hydrology
Advisory Committee for Public Art
Advisory Committee for Reactor Physics
Advisory Committee for Reactor Safeguards
Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs
Advisory Committee for Student Athletes
Advisory Committee for the Health Professions
Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations
Advisory Committee for Vocational Training
Advisory Committee Meeting
Advisory Committee of Experts on Marine Resources Research
Advisory Committee of Population Health and Security
Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit
Advisory Committee On Administrative and Budgetary Questions
Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Services
Advisory Committee on Aero-ballistics
Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology
Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs
Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection
Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology
Advisory Committee on Assistive Devices
Advisory Committee on Biology and Medicine
Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability
Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances
Advisory Committee on Business and the Environment
Advisory Committee on Business Appointments
Advisory Committee on Cancer Control
Advisory Committee on Carbon Abatement Technologies
Advisory Committee on Chemicals
Advisory Committee on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
Advisory Committee on Climate Applications and Data
Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards
Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens
Advisory Committee on Diagnostic Facilities
Advisory Committee on Distinction Awards
Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility
Advisory Committee on Electronics and Telecommunications
Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects
Advisory Committee on Environmental Resources
Advisory Committee on Export Policy
Advisory Committee on Fisheries Research
Advisory Committee on Fishery Management
Advisory Committee on Fungal Infections
Advisory Committee on Genetic Counseling
Advisory Committee on Genetic Modification
Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing
Advisory Committee on Health Human Resources
Advisory Committee on Health Research
Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children
Advisory Committee on Highway Policy
Advisory Committee on Homeless in Folsom
Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics
Advisory Committee on Marine Pollution
Advisory Committee on Marine Resources Research
Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana
Advisory Committee on Minority Health
Advisory Committee on Northern Development
Advisory Committee on Nuclear Safety
Advisory Committee on Oceanic Meteorological Research
Advisory Committee on Oil Pollution of the Sea
Advisory Committee on Pain and Symptom Management
Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products
Advisory Committee on Pesticides
Advisory Committee on Physical Security
Advisory Committee on Planning, Design and Realty
Advisory Committee on Population Health
Advisory Committee on Postulants for Ordination
Advisory Committee on Private International Law
Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea
Advisory Committee on Radiological Protection
Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment
Advisory Committee on Repair and Overhaul
Advisory Committee on Research
Advisory Committee on Roofwork
Advisory Committee on Safety
Advisory Committee on Safety an Health at Work
Advisory Committee on Security and Privacy
Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility
Advisory Committee on Smaller Public Companies
Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy
Advisory Committee on Student Affairs
Advisory Committee on Sustainability
Advisory Committee on Technology
Advisory Committee on Technology Innovation
Advisory Committee on the Environment
Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention
Advisory Committee on the International Space Station
Advisory Committee on the Judiciary
Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment
Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food
Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances
Advisory Committee on Training in Nursing
Advisory Committee on Training in Primary Care Medicine
Advisory Committee on Training in Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry
Advisory Committee on University Planning
Advisory Committee on Veterinary Training
Advisory Committee on Water Information
Advisory Committee to the Director
Advisory Committee to the Director
Advisory Committee, Export Policy
Aeronautical Noise Management Committee
Aeronautics Advisory Committee
Aeronautics Advisory Committee
Aeronautics Advisory Committee
Aerospace Technology Advisory Committee
Aero-Space Technology Advisory Committee
Affirmative Action Advisory Committee
Affirmative Action Committee
Affirmative Action Outreach Committee
Affordable Shelter Political Action Committee
Afghan Relief Committee
Afghan Relief Committee
Afghanistan National Olympic Committee
Africa Reconciliation Committee
Africa Reconciliation Committee
Africa Regional Coordinating Committee for the Integration of Women Into Development
African American Outreach Committee
African Friends Service Committee
African National Committee
African People’s Solidarity Committee
African-American Heritage Parade Committee
AFSCF Development Integration Committee
Aged Care Planning Advisory Committee
Agency Ranking Committee
Agency Ranking Committee
Agricultural Advisory Committee
Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee for Trade
Agricultural Product Marketing Committee
Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee
AHS Committee for Headache Education
AICC Committee) Guidelines and Recommendations
AIDS Committee of London
AIDS Committee of Thunder Bay
AIDS Committee of Western Newfoundland
Ain Shahayota Committee
Air Coordinating Committee
Air Coordinating Committee
Air Coordinating Committee
Air Defense Software Committee
Air Force Advisory Committee
Air Standardization Coordinating Committee
Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee
Aircraft Research and Testing Committee
Aircraft Test Committee
Aircrew Protection Executive Committee
Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee
Airlines Operators’ Committee
Airlines Operators’ Committee
Airport Consultative Committee
Airport Consultative Committee
Airport Consultative Committee
Airworthiness Control Committee
Airworthiness Control Committee
Airworthiness Control Committee
Aklavik Hunters and Trappers Committee
Alabama Bird Records Committee
Alaska Beluga Whale Committee
Alaska Food Safety Advisory Committee
Alaska Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee
Albanian Helsinki Committee
Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities
Alberta Housing Industry Technical Committee
Alberta Status of Women Action Committee
Alerts Committee
Alexandria Republican City Committee
ALHFAM Historic Clothing Committee
All India Carpet Trade Fair Committee
All India Congress Committee
All Parties Representative Committee
All University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee
Allenspark Senior Advisory Committee
Allied Courier Services Executive Committee
Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee
Alligator Rivers Region Technical Committee
Allocation Review Committee
Allocation Review Committee
All-Square Student Budget Allocation Committee
ALMA Coordinating Committee
ALMA Coordinating Committee
ALMA Coordinating Committee
Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee
Alternatives to Animal Use Committee
Alumni Executive Committee
Amalgamation Steering Committee
Amer Jubran Defense Committee
American Association of Orthodontists Political Action Committee
American Committee for Interoperable Systems
American Committee for Preservation of Archaeological Collections
American Committee for Shaare Zedek
American Committee of the Fourth International
American Committee on Africa
American Committee on Asian Economic Studies
American Committee on Jerusalem
American Committee on Laboratory Animal Diseases
American Committees on Foreign Relations
American Engineering Standards Committee
American Friends of Canada Committee
American Friends Service Committee
American Friends Service Committee
American Indian Advisory Committee
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
American Jewish Committee
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
American Joint Committee on Cancer
American Joint Committee System
American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee
American Lumber Standards Committee, Inc.
American Medical Political Action Committee
American Mensa Committee
American Motorcyclist Association Political Action Committee
American Refugee Committee
American Refugee Committee
American Refugee Committee International
American Standards Committee
American Veterans Committee
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Massachusetts
Anadromous Fish Committee
Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee
Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee
Animal Care and Use Committee
Animal Care Committee
Animal Care Committee
Animal Care Committee
Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee
Animal Health Committee
Animal Industries Research Committee
Animal Procedures Committee
Animal Production Committee
Animal Research and Care Committee
Animal Welfare and Research Committee
Annular Bearing Engineering Committee
Anolis Gene Nomenclature Committee
Antarctic Science Advisory Committee
Anti Ragging Committee
Anti Ragging Committee
Anti-Discrimination Committee
Antimonopoly Committee
Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee
Anti-Submarine Warfare Advisory Committee
Anti-Terrorism Advisory Committee
Antiterrorism Coordinating Committee
Antiterrorism Executive Committee
APCO Project 25 Interface Committee
Apiary Advisory Committee
Apparel Textile Action Committee
Appoint A Committee
Approval Committee for Certificate Programs
Approvals Committee for Terminal Equipment
Approvals Committee for Terminal Equipment
Aquaculture Lease Program Advisory Committee
Aquatic Resource Management Advisory Committee
Arab Higher Committee
Arbitration Committee
Architectural Control Committee
Architectural Review Committee
Architectural Review Committee
Architecture Advisory Committee
Architecture and Infrastructure Committee
Architecture Control Committee
Architecture Control Committee
Architecture Control Committee
Architecture Integration Committee
Architecture Review Committee
Architecture Review Committee
Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee
Area Child Protection Committee
Area Consultative Committee Tasmania
Area Consultative Committee Tasmania
Area Consultative Committee Tasmania
Area Consultative Committees
Area Consultative Committees
Area Consultative Committees
Area Criminal Justice Strategy Committee
Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee
Area Maritime Security Committee
Area Teaching Committee
Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee
Arizona Transfer Articulation Committee
Arkansas Community Drug Education Committee
Armament Cooperation Steering Committees
Armed Forces Inaugural Committee
Armed Forces Policy Committee/Council
Armed Forces Reconstitution Committee
Armed Services Committee
Armenian National Committee
Armenian National Committee of America
Armenian National Committee of America Eastern Region
Armenian National Committee of Australia
Armenian National Committee of Greece
Armenian National Committee of Vancouver
Arms Control Verification Committee
Army Automation Steering Committee
Army Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Committee
Army Housing Committee
Army Human Factors Research & Development Committee
Army Information Management Committee
Army Installations Planning Committee
Army Materiel Acquisition Review Committee
Army Reactor Systems Health & Safety Review Committee
Army Requirements Coordinating Committee
Army Reserve Forces Policy Committee
Army Software Transition Committee
Army Standardization Coordinating Committee
Army Study Advisory Committee
Army Systems Acquisition Review Council/Committee
Arroyo Center Policy Committee
Arthritis Advisory Committee
Arts and Sciences Committee on Academic Programs
ASBPO Blood Coordination Committee
ASEAN Brussels Committee
ASEAN Brussels Committee
ASEAN New Zealand Joint Management Committee
ASEAN Sub-Committee on Labour Affairs
Asian Committee for Future Accelerators
Asian Standards Advisory Committee
Asian-Pacific Employees Committee
Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee
Assembly Committee on Multicultural Curriculum
Asset/Liability Management Committee
Assisted Reproductive Technologies Ethics Committee
Associate Pastor Nominating Committee
Associated Offices Technical Committee
Association of European Rarities Committees
Association of National Olympic Committees
Association of Research Ethics Committees
Association of Yukon School Councils, Boards and Committees
Assyrian Committee for Civic Responsibility
Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee
Astronomy Data Centers Executive Committee
ATCCS Steering Committee
Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games
Atlantic Large Pelagics Advisory Committee
Atlantic Swordfish Advisory Committee
At-Large Advisory Committee
Atomic Energy Committee
Attorney General’s Advisory Committee of United States Attorneys
Audience Development Advisory Committee
Audio-Visual Committee
Audit and Compliance Committee
Audit and Compliance Committee
Audit and Compliance Committee
Audit and Corporate Governance Committee
Audit and Risk Assurance Committee
Audit Committee Institute
Audit Risk Management Committee
Audit Sub-Committee
Auditing Practices Committee Archive
Australasian Council of Public Accounts Committees
Australasian Registrars Committee
Australasian Registrars Committee
Australia-Japan Ministerial Committee
Australian CEFACT Management Committee
Australian Committee of Directors and Principals
Australian Committee on Cataloguing
Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Committee
Australian Drug Evaluation Committee
Australian Flying Saucer Investigating Committee
Australian Health Ethics Committee
Australian Health Ministers Advisory Committee
Australian Health Protection Committee
Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee
Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee
Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee
Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee
Australian Muslim Public Affairs Committee
Australian National Bushfoods Industry Committee
Australian New Zealand Telehealth Committee
Australian Olympic Committee
Australian Olympic Committee
Australian Research and Education Network Advisory Committee
Australian Research Consultative Committee
Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee
Australian Standing Committee on Tourism
Australian Telecommunication Standardization Committee
Australian Universities Teaching Committee
Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee
Australian Weeds Committee
Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee
Automation Security Committee
Automotive Applications Committee
Autonomous State Demand Committee
Avian Records Committee of Connecticut
Aviation Industry CBT Committee
Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee
Aviation Rulemaking Cost Committee
Avionics Systems Standardisation Committee
Awami League Central Working Committee
Award Fee Evaluation Committee
Award Selection Committee
Azerbaijan State Statistics Committee
Bahrain Asian Trading Committee
Bakweri Land Committee
Bali Airlines Representative Committee
Balkan Military Medical Committee
Ballistic Missile Defense-Nuclear Effects & Threat Committee
Baltic Committee
Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad Committee
Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee
Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Advisory Committee
Baptist Joint Committee
Bar Human Rights Committee
Barangay Agrarian Reform Committee
Barangay Peace and Order Committee
Barents Regional Committee
Base Structure Evaluation Committee
Base Support Planning Committee
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
Basin Electric Political Action Committee
Bay Area Network of Ethics Committees
Beef Industry Funding Steering Committee
Beef Promotion Operating Committee
Behavioural and Social Sciences Ethical Review Committee
Beijing Municipal Administration Committee
Belarusian Helsinki Committee
Belmont County Committee on Aging
Bench Training and Development Committee
Benefits Planning and Consumer Navigation Implementation Committee
Bermuda Race Organizing Committee
Berri Barmera Local Action Planning Committee
Best Value and Consultation Committee
Beverages and Food Committee
Beyond Einstein Program Assessment Committee
BGLAD International Steering Committee (Wilmington, DE)
Bibliographic Control Committee
Bibliographic Standards Committee
Bigfork Land Use Advisory Committee
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Biocides Consultative Committee
Bioethics Advisory Committee
Bioethics Advisory Committee
Biological and Chemical Defence Review Committee
Biological Control Committee
Biomedical Research Advisory Committee
Bioremediation Action Committee
Bioremediation Action Committee
Biosolids Ordinance Advisory Committee
Biotechnology Advisory Committee
Biotechnology Advisory Committee
Biotechnology Science Advisory Committee
Bioterrorism Response Advisory Committee
Bird Strike Committee
Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Aspirants to the Ministry
Bishopric Youth Committee
Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship
Bishops’ Committee on the Liturgy
Black Bear Conservation Committee
Black Community Police Consultative Committee
Blue Ribbon Citizens’ Committee
Board Committee on Conformity Assessment
Board Governance Committee
Board Human Resources and Compensation Committee
Board, Commission, and Committee
Boards, Commissions and Committees
Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee
Bond Election Advisory Committee
Bond Oversight Committee
Book Industry Systems Advisory Committee
Bookmakers and Bookmakers’ Clerks Registration Committee
Border Rural Committee
Botswana National Olympic Committee
Boundary Bay Conservation Committee
Boundary Committee for England
Bowery Residents’ Committee, Inc.
Branch Executive Committee
Branch Management Committee
Brazing and Soldering Manufacturers Committee
Breastfeeding Committee for Canada
Brian Deneke Memorial Committee
Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset Environmental Protection Committee
British Columbia Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
British Combinatorial Committee
British Committee for Standards in Haematology
British Community Committee
British Exports Marketing Advisory Committee
British Flame Research Committee
British Insurers International Committee
British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee
British Ornithologists’ Union Records Committee
British Photographers’ Liaison Committee
British Turkish Committee for Dialogue
Broadcast Television Systems Committee
Brominated Solvents Committee
Brute Force Committee
Budget Advisory Committee
Budget Advisory Committee
Budget and Finance Committee
Budget Committee
Budget Development Committee
Budget Review Committee
Budgetary Responsibility Oversight Committee
Building Regulations Advisory Committee
Bulgarian Helsinki Committee
Busan Asian Games Organizing Committee
Business Administration Officer Committees
Business and Industry Advisory Committee
Business Management and Administration Committee
Business Management Committee
Business Process Subcommittee
Business Steering Committee
Business Tax Review Committee
Business Telecommunications Committee
Business Transformation Executive Committee
Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee
Cabinet Appointments and Honours Committee
Cabinet Committee for the Social Union
Cabinet Committee of Political Affairs
Cabinet Committee on Disinvestment
Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
Cabinet Committee on European Affairs
Cabinet Committee on Security
Cabinet Oversight Committee on Internal Security
Cable Franchise Review Committee
California Committee of Bar Examiners
California Date Administrative Committee
California Mapping Coordinating Committee
California Standardbred Sires Stakes Committee
California Toll Operators Committee
Cambodian Migration Development Committee
Campus Activities Committee
Campus Committee for Human Rights
Campus Computing Coordinating Committee
Campus Development and Space Committee
Campus Physical Development Committee
Campus Retention Committee
Camvac Employee Works Committee
Canada Committee on Ecological Land Classification
Canada Tibet Committee
Canada-Israel Committee
Canadian Advisory Committee
Canadian Advisory Group on Joint Electrical Safety Committee
Canadian Arctic Resources Committee
Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee
Canadian Committee on Cataloguing
Canadian Committee on Cataloguing
Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists
Canadian Friends Service Committee
Canadian Gas Potential Committee
Canadian Paralympic Committee
Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee
Canadian Rotary Committee for International Development
Canadian Videotext Consultative Committee
Canal Lands Advisory Committee
Capital Allocation Committee
Capital Approval Committee
Capital Budget Committee
Capital City Emergency Planning Committee
Capital Improvement Advisory Committee
Capital Investment Committee
Capital Program Oversight Committee
Cardijn Liaison Committee
Career Program Policy Committee
Cargo Processing Executive Steering Committee
Caribbean Committee for the Management of Plant Genetic Resources
Caribbean Cultural Committee
Caribbean Cultural Committee
Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee
Carrier Advisory Committee
Carrier Liaison Committee
Case Review Committee
Case Study Committee
Cataloging Policy Committee
Catchment Area Advisory Committee
Catchment Conservation Committee
Catchment Conservation Committee
Catholic Committee of Appalachia
Catholic Human Rights Committee of Seoul
Ceasefire Joint Military Committee
CECOM Executive Advisory Committee
CENELEC Electronic Component Committee
Center for Nursing Workforce Studies Advisory Committee
Central Afghanistan Welfare Committee
Central Air Safety Committee
Central Arbitration Committee
Central Citizens’ Defence Committee
Central Committee
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Central Committee Member
Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party
Central Committee of the Communist Party
Central Economic Committee
Central Enterprise Working Committee
Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee
Central Highlands Area Consultative Committee
Central Office of Research Ethics Committees
Central Polish Relief Committee
Central Queensland Area Consultative Committee
Central Steering Committee for Anti-Corruption
Central Tenure Committee
Certification and Qualification Committee
Certification Committee for Healthcare Information Technology
Certification Maintenance Coordination Committee
Certification Review Committee
Cessnock Youth Entertainment Committee
Chagossian Social Committee
Chairman of the Military Committee
Chairman of the Military Delegates Committee
Chamber of Commerce Committee
Chamber of Commerce Committee
Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee
Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee
Channel Committee
Channel Service Committee
Chapter Leadership Attitude Adjustment Committee
Chemical Processing Safety Committee
Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee
Chemical/Material Review Committee
Chemistry, Pharmacy and Standards Subcommittee
Chesapeake Democratic Committee
Cheshire Line Committee
Chevron Employees Political Action Committee
Chief Scientific Adviser’s Committee
Chiefs of Staff Committee
Child and Youth Action Committee
Child Care Advisory Committee
Child Care Coordinating Committee
Child Fatality Review Committee
Children’s Book Committee
China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation
China National Committee on Ageing
Chinese Educational Technology Standardization Committee
Chinese Olympic Committee
Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
Christian Education Committee
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
Church Tax Compliance Committee
Citizen Committee for Human Welfare
Citizen Efficiency Review Committee
Citizen Police Liaison Committee
Citizens Action Organizing Committee
Citizens Action Planning Committee
Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
Citizens Committee for Judicial Integrity
Citizens Committee for Nuclear Information
Citizens Committee on Pipeline Safety
Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park
Citizens Foreign Aid Committee
Citizens Involvement Advisory Committee
Citizens Oversight Committee
Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee
Citizens’ Advisory Committee
Citizens’ Committee for Human Rights
Citizens’ Facilities Review Committee
City Colleges Contingent Labor Organizing Committee
City/County Advisory Committee on the Disabled
City/School Traffic Safety Committee
Civic Committee for Human Rights
Civil Applications Committee
Civil Aviation Planning Committee
Civil Budget Committee
Civil Communications Planning Committee
Civil Defence Executive Committee
Civil GPS Service Interface Committee
Civil GPS Service Interface Committee
Civil Liberties Action Committee
Civil Protection Committee
Civilian Employment Cost Management Committee
Civilian Human Resource Committee
Claims Automation Coordinating Committee
Classification Policy Committee
Clean Air Act Advisory Committee
Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee
Clinical Advisory Committee
Clinical Audit and Effectiveness Committee
Clinical Events Committee
Clinical Interventions and Financial Assessment Committee
Clinical Staff Executive Committee
Clinical Trials Monitoring Committee
Clinical Trials Scientific Review Committee
Coach and Player Development Committee
Coastal Zone Advisory Committee
Co-Chaired Employee Retention Committee
Code List Representation Technical Committee
Code of Advertising Practice Committee
Code of Advertising Practice Committee
Code Technology Committee
Codex Committee on Fats and Oils
Codex Committee on Food Additives
Codex Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants
Codex Committee on Food Hygiene
Codex Committee on Food Labelling
Codex Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling
Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues
Codex Committee on Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Food
Codex Food Labeling Committee
Collection Management & Development Committee
College Committee on Disability Issues
College Committee on Instruction & Appraisal
College Executive Committee
College Information Systems Advisory Committee
College Republican National Committee
Colleges of Education Accreditation Committee
Colombia Human Rights Committee
Colorado Corn Administrative Committee
Colour Measurement Committee
Combat Systems Executive Committee
Combined Civil Affairs Committee
Combined Logistics Committee
Comet Development Committee
Commercial Activities Steering Committee
Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee
Commission/Committee on Fisheries
Commissioned Artistic Officials Committee
Committee Against Academic Repression
Committee Against Bird Slaughter
Committee Against Domestic Abuse
Committee Against Racism
Committee Chair
Committee Draft
Committee Draft for Vote
Committee for A Constructive Tomorrow
Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow
Committee for a Free Choice for the Afghan
Committee for a Free Latvia
Committee for a Free Lithuania
Committee for a Workers International
Committee for Accurate Middle East Reporting In America
Committee for Advanced Psychiatry Training
Committee for Advanced Therapies
Committee for African Welfare and Development
Committee for AIDS Resources, Education and Services
Committee for Ammunition Logistics Support
Committee for Asian Women
Committee for Central and Inner Asia
Committee for Citizen Involvement
Committee for Community-Directed Research and Education
Committee for Crescent Observation
Committee for Democracy in Information Technology
Committee for Democratization of North Korea
Committee for Developing Countries
Committee for Digital Radio Broadcasting
Committee for Disabled Student Accessibility
Committee for Economic Development
Committee for Education and Cultural Action
Committee for Education Funding
Committee for Environmental Protection
Committee for European Airspace Coordination
Committee for European Airspace Coordination Working Group on Communications and Navigation Aids
Committee for European Construction Equipment
Committee for Fair Elections
Committee for Geographical Information
Committee for Geographical Names in Australia
Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards
Committee for Hispanic Children and Families
Committee for Human Rights
Committee for Human Rights in Romania
Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
Committee for Humanitarian Assistance to Iranian Refugees
Committee for Information and Initiative on Punjab
Committee for Inland Fisheries of Africa
Committee for Internally Displaced Karen People
Committee for International Co-operation between Cotton Associations
Committee for Joint Action
Committee for Linguistics in Education
Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use
Committee for Microgravity Research
Committee for Missing Persons
Committee for Monetary Research & Education
Committee for Nationality
Committee for Nuclear Responsibility
Committee for Occupational Safety and Health
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products
Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products
Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products
Committee for Overseas Vietnamese
Committee for Population, Family and Children
Committee for Progressive Political Action
Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products
Committee for Public Counsel Services
Committee for Religious Minority Rights
Committee for Responsible Corrections Policy
Committee for Responsive Politics
Committee for Review of Academic Calendars
Committee for Review of Education and Training
Committee for Revival of Sick Industrial Units
Committee for Rules and Consequences
Committee for Safe Energy Future
Committee for Site Characterization
Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
Committee for Small Government
Committee for Social Responsibility in Engineering
Committee for Standardisation Korea
Committee for Standardization of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Committee for Student Academic Appeals
Committee for Sustainable Agriculture
Committee for Taxi Safety
Committee for Teaching, Learning and Academic Standards
Committee for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching
Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice
Committee for the Advancement of Strong Motion Programs
Committee for the Advancement of University Teaching
Committee for the Arts
Committee for the Awareness of Mexican American Culture
Committee for the Defence of Human Rights
Committee for the Defense of Flora
Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights
Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Persecuted
Committee for the Development of Women
Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic Fisheries
Committee for the Enhancement of DOE -Related Remuneration (Oak Ridge, TN)
Committee for the Equality of Women in Canada
Committee for the Future of Damascus
Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements
Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society
Committee for the Moral Defense of Microsoft
Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
Committee for the Open Discussion of the Holocaust
Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland
Committee for the Prevention of Torture
Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice
Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals
Committee for the Re-Election of the President
Committee for the Re-Election of the President
Committee for the Relief of the Black Poor
Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques
Committee for the Responsible Use of Silver in Health
Committee For The Scientific Examination Of Religion
Committee for the Study of the American Electorate
Committee for Truth in Psychiatry
Committee for University Teaching and Staff Development
Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products
Committee for Waco Justice
Committee International Silent Sports
Committee Management Information System
Committee Member
Committee of ACTA Endocrinologica Countries
Committee of Adaptation to Technical Process
Committee of Adjustment
Committee of Advertising Practice
Committee of Advertising Practice
Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology
Committee of Anaesthetists in Training of Sheffield
Committee of Associations of European Foundries
Committee of Canadian Architectural Councils
Committee of Central Bank Governors
Committee of Chief Risk Officers
Committee of Continuous Existence
Committee of Emergency Response Team
Committee of European Banking Supervisors
Committee of European Norms
Committee of European Securities Regulators
Committee of European Solar Radio Astronomers
Committee of European Union Shipbuilders’ Associations
Committee of Financial Experts
Committee of Interns and Residents
Committee of Management
Committee of Management
Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe
Committee of Ministers of Trade
Committee of National Coordinators
Committee of National Defence
Committee of National Liberation
Committee of Nutrition/American Academy of Pediatrics
Committee of Permanent Representatives
Committee of Physical Education and Sports of Vietnam
Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges
Committee of Principals
Committee of Program Coordination
Committee of Protection and Care of Children
Committee of Public Safety
Committee of Public Sector Trade Unions
Committee of Regional Organisations of the Pacific
Committee of Regions
Committee of Regions
Committee of Religious Leaders
Committee of Representatives of the Secretary General
Committee of Scientific Advisors
Committee of Scottish University Principals
Committee of Senior Officials
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission
Committee of Technical College Principals
Committee Of Ten Thousand
Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO
Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
Committee of the Communist Youth League
Committee of the Coordination of Funds
Committee of the Whole
Committee of the Whole House
Committee of University Chairmen
Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals
Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals
Committee of Young Artists
Committee on Academic Affairs
Committee on Academic Freedom
Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation
Committee on Academic Progress
Committee on Academic Progress
Committee on Accounting Procedure
Committee on Accounting Procedure
Committee on Accreditation
Committee on Accreditation Review
Committee on Acoustic-Emission from Reinforced Plastics
Committee on Admissions
Committee on Admissions and Language Classification
Committee on Admissions and Language Classification
Committee on Advanced Professional Certification
Committee on Aircraft Engine Emissions
Committee on Analysis and Forecast Techniques
Committee on Applications and Technology
Committee on Appointments Promotion and Tenure
Committee on Athletics Certification
Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection
Committee on Baccalaureate Expansion
Committee on Better Utilisation of Land
Committee on Bible Translation
Committee on Black Affairs
Committee on Board Establishment
Committee on Border Affairs
Committee on Campus and Community Environment
Committee on Campus Governance
Committee on Capacity Building in Science
Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment
Committee on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases
Committee on Chemical and Biological Warfare
Committee on Chemistry Education
Committee on Chicano Rights
Committee on Child Abuse
Committee on China Research and Development
Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy
Committee on Civilian Industrial Technology
Committee on Climate Change
Committee on Climate Change
Committee on Commerce and Distribution
Committee on Communications and Information Policy
Committee on Computer Code Coordination
Committee on Computers in Chemical Education
Committee On Computing, Information, and Communications
Committee on Concerns of Women
Committee on Corporate Development
Committee on Crime Prevention and Control
Committee on Curriculum
Committee On Data for Science & Technology
Committee on Departmental Curriculum
Committee on Design
Committee on Disarmament
Committee on Disaster Management
Committee on Disordered Eating
Committee on Earth and Environmental Sciences
Committee on Earth and Natural Resources
Committee on Earth Observation Satellites
Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Committee on Ecumenical Relations
Committee on Education Polcies and Curriculum
Committee on Electromagnetic Energy Public Health Issues
Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Committee on Energy Research and Technology
Committee on Engineering Education
Committee on Entertainment Capital, Investment, and Legislation
Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
Committee on Environmental and Natural Resources
Committee on Environmental and Social Impacts
Committee on Environmental Improvement
Committee on Environmental Issues
Committee on Ethical Aspects of Pandemic Influenza
Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs
Committee on Faculty
Committee on Fair Employment Practices
Committee on Federal Laboratories
Committee on Financial Sector Reforms
Committee on Fiscal Affairs
Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes
Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States
Committee on Foreign Relations
Committee on Geological Sciences
Committee on Graduate Medical Education
Committee on Graduate School Policy
Committee on Graduate School Programs
Committee on Group Insurance Programs
Committee on Hemispheric Financial Issues
Committee on Holy Orders
Committee on Home-School Co-Operation
Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life
Committee on Human Medicinal Products
Committee on Human Research
Committee on Human Research
Committee on Human Resources and Facilities
Committee on Immigration Policy and Practice
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
Committee on Infectious Diseases
Committee on Information
Committee on Information and Communications
Committee on Information and Cultural Relations
Committee on Infrastructure
Committee on Institutional Cooperation
Committee on Institutional Equity and Diversity
Committee on Institution-Wide Accreditation
Committee on Instruction
Committee on Integrity and Management Improvement
Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection
Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection
Committee on International Aviation Safety and Security
Committee on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises
Committee on International Ocean Affairs
Committee on International Policy in the Marine Environment
Committee on International Relations
Committee on International Relations and Education
Committee on Law and Justice
Committee On Lay Ministry
Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs
Committee on Legal Issues
Committee on Legislation
Committee on Legislation
Committee on Legislation
Committee on Lesbian and Gay History
Committee on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Concerns
Committee on Library Co-Operation in Ireland
Committee on Local and Regional Democracy
Committee On Local Television Audience Measurement
Committee on Man and Radiation
Committee on Marine Research, Engineering, and Facilities
Committee on Medical Aspects of Food and Nutrition Policy
Committee On Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment
Committee on Medical Research
Committee on Medical Sciences
Committee on Military Nutrition Research
Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform
Committee on Monetary, Financial and Balance of Payments Statistics
Committee on National Medical Organizations
Committee on National Security Systems
Committee on National Security Systems
Committee on National Statistics
Committee On Nationwide Television Audience Measurement
Committee on Natural Resources
Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities
Committee on Occupational Safety and Health
Committee on Ocean Policy
Committee on Open Electronic Systems
Committee On Optical Science and Engineering
Committee On Overhead Reconnaissance
Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems
Committee On Physical Security
Committee on Pipe and Tube Imports
Committee on Planning and Land Development
Committee on Political Education
Committee on Political Sociology
Committee on Post-1998 Ocean Drilling
Committee on Preschool Special Education
Committee on Professional Ethics
Committee on Public Accounts
Committee on Public Enterprises
Committee on Public Health Education
Committee on Public Information
Committee on Public Policy
Committee on Public Undertakings
Committee on Publication Ethics
Committee on Quality Assurance Training and Education
Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies
Committee on Recently Extinct Organisms
Committee on Regional Training
Committee On Rehabilitating Impaired Pharmacists
Committee on Relations with Information Vendors
Committee on Research
Committee on Research
Committee on Research Grants
Committee on Research Libraries
Committee on Residential Lending
Committee on Retired Personnel
Committee on Rights and Justice
Committee on Safety of Medicines
Committee on Safety of Medicines/Medicines Control Agency
Committee on School District Organization
Committee on School Health
Committee On Science & Technology in Developing Countries
Committee on Science and Technology
Committee on Science, Engineering & Public Policy
Committee On Scientific And Technical Information
Committee on Scientific Planning and Review
Committee on Seismology and Geodynamics
Committee on Services to State Associations
Committee on Ship Structure
Committee on Social Action
Committee on Social Development
Committee on Social Responsibility
Committee on Solar and Space Physics
Committee on Southern Asian Studies
Committee on Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
Committee On Space Research
Committee on Space Technology Applications
Committee on Special Education
Committee on Specifications
Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation
Committee on State Affairs
Committee on Student Life
Committee on Sustainability
Committee on Sustainability Assessment
Committee on Tariff and Related Matters
Committee on Teaching of Chemistry
Committee On Technical Security
Committee on Technological Literacy
Committee on Technological Literacy
Committee on Technology
Committee On Telecommunications Law
Committee On Telecommunications Law
Committee On Temporary Shelter
Committee on the Administration of Justice
Committee on the Application of Standards
Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society
Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty
Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Committee on the Environment
Committee on the Exchange of Digital Data
Committee on the Fall Research Conference
Committee on the Global Financial System
Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants
Committee On the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Committee on the Present Danger
Committee on the Protection of Human Subjects
Committee on the Rights of the Child
Committee on the Rights of the Child
Committee on the Social Science of Aging
Committee on the Status of Women
Committee on the Survey of Materials Science and Engineering
Committee on the Undergraduate Program
Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects
Committee on Toxicity
Committee on Trade and Development
Committee on Trade and Environment
Committee on Trade and Environment
Committee on Undergraduate Standings and Petitions
Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures
Committee on University Academic Programmes
Committee on Urban Design and Environment
Committee on Value and Evaluation
Committee on Valuing the Protection of Ecological Systems and Services
Committee on Veterans Medical Problems
Committee on Water Resources Research
Committee on Women in Physics
Committee on Women in the Academic Community
Committee on Women in the Law
Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft
Committee Organizing Rape Education
Committee Representing the People’s Parliament
Committee Specification
Committee Specification
Committee Substitute
Committee Substitute
Committee Substitute House Bill
Committee Substitute Senate Bill
Committee to Advise on Reassessment and Transition
Committee to Assess Regulatory Structures
Committee to Build Response on Autonomy
Committee to Combat Huntington’s Disease
Committee to Counter Religious Discrimination
Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers
Committee to Elect a Republican Senate
Committee to Halt Useless College Killings
Committee to Impeach Clinton
Committee to Improve Tolerance and Acceptance
Committee to Investigate Assassinations
Committee to Lead Education And Roads
Committee to Promote Athlete Welfare and Success
Committee to Protect Journalists
Committee to Protect Mesothelioma Victims
Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths
Committee to Regulate and Control Marijuana
Committee To Restore America
Committee to Restore the Constitution
Committee to Retain Our Segregated Schools
Committee to Review Generic Requirements
Committee to Save Silver Lake’s Reservoirs
Committee to Save St. Paul’s
Committee to Undo Racism Everywhere
Committee United for Safety and Protection
Committee Working Group
Committee-Appointed Review Team
Committees for the Defence of Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms
Committees Of Correspondence
Committees of Correspondence
Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
Committees, Boards and Commissions
Committees, Councils, and Task Forces
Common Names Committee
Commonwealth Cable Management Committee
Commune People’s Committee
Communication and Information Policy Advisory Committee
Communication Theory Committee
Communications-Computer Committee
Communications-Computer Committee
Communications-Electronics Committee
Community Affairs Committee
Community and Economic Development Committee
Community College Economic Welfare Committee
Community COST Concertation Committee
Community Development Advisory Committee
Community Development Committee
Community Development Conservation Committees
Community Economic Development and Employability Committee
Community Forest Users Committee
Community Labor Refinery Tracking Committee
Community Leadership Committee
Community Personnel Coordinating Committee
Community Relations Committee
Community Resource Management Committee
Community Review Committee
Community Services Committee
Companies and Markets Advisory Committee
Companies and Securities Advisory Committee
Company and Financial Law Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong
Company Member Council Executive Committee
Compensation and Benefits Committee
Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee
Compensation and Management Development Committee
Compensatory Education Advisory Committee
COMPES Executive Committee
Complaints Advisory Committee
Complaints Committee
Complaints Resolution Committee
Complementary Medicines Evaluation Committee
Complex Reconfiguration Committee
Compliance Subcommittee
Compliance Subcommittee
Compliance Subcommittee
Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee
Computer and Internet Legal Issues Committee
Computer Science in Electrical Engineering Committee
Computer System Validation Committee
Computer/Standards Coordinating Committee
Concepts Evaluation Program Schedule & Review Committee
Conciliation Committee for Rental Disputes
Concordia Employee Benefits Committee
Conduct Review Committee
Conference Board Executive Committee
Conference Committee on Hispanic Ministries
Conference Committee Report
Conference of the Committee on Disarmament
Conference Organizing Committee
Configuration Control Committee
Configuration Control Committee
Configuration Management Committee
Conflict of Interest in Research Committee
Conflict of Interest Management Subcommittee
Congregational Christian Service Committee
Congregational Ministries Division Committee
Congress Working Committee
Congressional District Impeachment Committee
Congressional District Impeachment Committee
Congressional District Republican Committee
Congressional Liaison Committee
Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
Connecticut Rare Records Committee
Conservation Futures Lands Committee
Conservative Political Action Committee
Consolidated Community Funding Advisory Committee
Constitution and By-Laws Committee
Constitution Credentials Committee
Constitution Credentials Committee
Constitution Debate Coordinating Committee
Construction Advisory Committee
Construction Candidates Review Committee
Construction Development Advisory Committee
Construction Industry Advisory Committee
Construction Industry Policy Advisory Committee
Construction Industry Stabilization Committee
Construction Project Information Committee
Construction Project Review Committee
Construction Requirements Review Committee
Construction Research Advisory Committee
Consultative Committee for International Telegraphy and Telephony
Consultative Committee for Space Data System
Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
Consultative Committee for Standard Data Services
Consultative Committee for Time and Frequency
Consultative Committee International Radio
Consultative Committee International Telephone and Telegraph
Consultative Committee Meeting
Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies
Consultative Committee on Emergency Plant Pests
Consultative Committee on Innovation and Technology Transfer
Consultative Committee on International Telephone and Telegraph
Consultative Committee on Photometry and Radiometry
Consultative Committee on Space Data Standards
Consultative Committee on Substantive Questions
Consultative Committee on Telecommunications
Consulting Engineers Committee
Consumer Measures Committee
Consumer Rights Protection Committee
Consumer Technology Management Committee
Continuing Education and Workshop Committee
Continuing Education Review Committee
Continuing Legal Education Committee
Continuing Legal Education Committee
Continuing Professional Education Committee
Contract Awards Committee
Contract Management Committee
Conventional Systems Committee
Cooperation Committee for Cambodia
Cooperation Committee for Cambodia
Coordinated Bargaining Committee
Coordinating Area Production Urgency Committee
Coordinating Committee
Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair
Coordinating Committee for Christian Communication in Africa
Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia
Coordinating Committee for Higher Education
Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking
Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service
Coordinating Committee for International Volunteers
Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls
Coordinating Committee for the World Climate Program
Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, and Financial Associations
Coordinating Committee of Business Interlocutors
Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers
Coordinating Committee of Ghanaian Adventist Churches
Coordinating Committee on Agricultural Chemicals
Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs
Co-Ordinating Committee on Health Aspects of Radiation Research
Coordinating Committee on Remuneration
Coordinating Committee on Services
Coordinating Committee on the Ozone Layer
Coordinating Committee on the Social Sector
Coordinating Fuel and Equipment Research Committee
Coordination Committee for Science and Technology
Coordination Committee on Social Sector
Core Project Planning Committee
Corporate Debt Restructuring Committee
Corporate Governance and the Audit Committee
Corporate Review Committee
Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee
Corps Specifications Steering Committee
Correctional Institutional Inspection Committee
Corrections Industry Advisory Committee
Corrective and Preventive Action Committee
Cortes Island Forest Committee
Corunna Community Policing Committee
Cost-Benefit Evaluation Committee
Council Committee on Conformity Assessment
Council Committee on Health, Energy & Environment
Council of Europe Committee of Experts
Council Planning and Resources Committee
Counselors Advisory Committee
Counter-Terrorism Committee
Court Administration and Case Management Committee
Court Automation Coordinating Committee
Credit Committee for Rural Development
Crime and Safety Committee
Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee
Criminal Justice Policy Development Committee
Criminal Justice Sub-Committee
Critical Bridge Advisory Committee
Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee
Critical Thinking Assessment Committee
Criticality Safety Committee
CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee
Cryptologic Training Committee
Cultural Advisory Committee
Cultural Diversity Committee
Cultural House Relocation Committee
Cultural Property Advisory Committee
Curriculum Committee Meeting
Cyclists Advisory Committee
Cytotechnology Programs Review Committee
Czech Helsinki Committee
Dairy Industry Committee
Dairy Inspection Program Advisory Committee
Dallas Business Committee for the Arts
Danish Afghanistan Committee
Danish Committee of Pig Breeding and Production
DARCOM Technical Steering Committee
Darebin Creek Management Committee
Dartmouth Israel Public Awareness Committee
Data Access Committee
Data and Safety Monitoring Committee
Data Evaluation and Publication Committee
Data Format Sub-Committee
Data from Testing of Human Subjects Subcommittee
Data Information and Management Committee
Data Management and Analysis Subcommittee
Data Management Coordinating Committee
Data Monitoring and Ethics Committee
Data Monitoring Committee
Data Processing Advisory Committee
Data Review Committee
Davis-Monthan Activities Committee
DCAP Grant Review Committee
Deaf Action Committee for Sign Writing
Dealers Election Action Committee
Dean’s Student Advisory Committee
Deemed Export Advisory Committee
Defence and Security Committee
Defence Estates Committee
Defence Minister’s Committee
Defense Advisory Committee On Women In The Service
Defense Committee On Research
Defense Data Repository Steering Committee
Defense Department Advisory Committee on Women in the Services
Defense Industrial Cooperation Subcommittee
Defense Language Steering Committee
Defense Medical Oversight Committee
Defense Planning Committee
Defense Planning Committee
Defense Research Committee
Defense Review Committee
Defense Science Advisory Committee
Dehcho Land Use Planning Committee
Delaware Geographic Data Committee
Delegated Powers and Deregulation Committee
Delhi Pollution Control Committee
Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee
Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee
Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee
Democratic Action Committee
Democratic Central Committee
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Democratic National Committee
Democratic National Convention Committee
Democratic Party Committee Abroad
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Democratic State Central Committee
Democratic State Committee
Department Advisory Committee
Department Advisory Committees on Appointments
Department Appointment Committee
Department Of Defense, Military Pay & Allowance Committee
Departmental Graduate Studies Committee
Departmental Review Committee
Departmental Select Committee
Depository Institutions Deregulation Committee
Deputies Committee
Deputies Committee
Deputy Chairman Military Committee
Deputy Minister’s Departmental Briefing Committee
Descriptive Cataloguing Committee
Desert Tortoise Monitoring Committee
Design Automation Standards Committee
Design Automation Technical Committee
Destination Marketing Committee
Developing Nations Committee
Development & Budget Coordination Committee
Development Aid Committee
Development and Education Committee
Development Assistance Committee
Development Control Committee
Development Cooperation Directorate-Development Assistance Committee
Development Management Committee
Development Policy Committee
Development Review Committee
Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
Digestive Diseases Interagency Coordinating Committee
Digital Office Committee
Digital Video Subcommittee
Diocesan Advisory Committee
Disability Advisory Committee
Disabled Persons’ Transport Advisory Committee
Disarmament And International Security Committee
Disarmament and International Security Committee
Disaster Management Advisory Committee
Disaster Management Committee
Disasters Emergency Committee
Disciplinary Committee
Disciplinary Committee
Discipline Safety Committee
Disclosure Review Committee
Distributed Services Steering Committee
District Accountability Committee
District Business Conduct Committee
District Committee Member
District Committee on Ministry
District Curriculum Committee
District Development Committee
District Development Coordinating Committee
District Education Improvement Committee
District English Learner Advisory Committee
District Executive Committee
District Grants Sub-Committee
District Marine Safety Committee
District NGO Coordination Committee (Nepal)
District One Public Works Integrating Committee
District Parent Advisory Committee
District Professional Development Committee
District Site Based Decision Making Committee
District Steering Committee
District Technical Management Committee
Diversity Advisory Committee
Divisional Graduate Studies Committee
Dobson Ad-Hoc Committee
Dog Park Committee
Dollar Coin Design Advisory Committee
Domain Technology Committee
Domestic Names Committee
Domestic Tournament Monitoring Committee
Donor Committee for Enterprise Development
Downtown Action Committee
Downtown Coordinating Committee
Downtown Revitalization Committee
Drinking Water Committee
Drug Advisory Committee
Drug and Therapeutics Committees
Drug Evaluation Committee
Drug Policy Expert Committee
Drug Therapy Management Committee
Drug War Atrocities Investigatory Committee
Dubious Goals Committee
Durbar Mahila Samanay Committee
Dutch Committee for Afganistan
Dynamically Enhancing VLE Information from the Library (Joint Information Systems Committee; UK)
Early Orbit Rehearsal Committee
Earth Station Ownership Committee
Earth System Sciences Committee
East African Swahili Committee
East Asian Games Planning Committee
East Falls School Committee
Eastern Regional Power Committee
Easton Democratic Town Committee
e-Berkeley Steering Committee
ECHO Technical Committee
Economic Adjustment Committee
Economic Advisory Committee
Economic and Financial Committee
Economic and Financial Committee
Economic and Social Committee
Economic Classification Policy Committee
Economic Coordination Committee
Economic Defense Advisory Committee
Economic Development Advisory Committee
Economic Development Standing Committee
Economic Development Tripartite Committee
Economic Planning & Development Committee
Economic Policy Committee
Economic Policy Coordination Committee
Economic Research Advisory Committee
Economic Review Committee
Economy, Energy & Tourism Committee
ECPAT International Child and Youth Advisory Committee
Editorial Advisory Committee
Edmonton Property Tax Committee
Education and Local Government Interim Committee
Education and Skills Select Committee
Education and Training Committee
Education Policy and Planning Committee
Education Services Advisory Committee
Education Sub-Committee
Educational and Administrative Technology Advisory Committee
Educational Capacity Committee
Educational Policies and Courses Committee
Egyptian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage
Eighteen-Nation Committee on Disarmament
Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee
Elections Committee of the County of Orange
Elections, Reapportionment and Constitutional Amendments Committee
Electric Propulsion Technical Committee
Electrical Application Committee
Electrical Safety Committee
Electromagnetic Interference Reduction Committee
Electronic Commerce Committee
Electronic Communication Implementation Committee
Electronic Communications Committee
Electronic Mail Standards Committee
Electronic Payments Technical Committee
Electronic Services Steering Committee
Electronic Warfare Committee
Elementary Operations Committee
emergency action committee
Emergency Civil Liberties Committee
Emergency Committee for American Trade
Emergency Medical Care Committee
Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee
Emergency Performance Improvement Committee
Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee
Emerging Technology and Research Advisory Committee
Emory Public Interest Committee
Employee Benefits Advisory Committee
Employee Ethics Committee
Employee Parking and Transportation Committee
Employee Participation Evaluation Committee
Employee Payroll Benefits Committee
Employee Political Action Committee
End User Advocacy Committee
Endangered Species Committee
Endocrine Disruptor Methods Validation Subcommittee
Endocrine Disruptors Screening and Testing Advisory Committee
Energy Advisory Committee
Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee
Engine Fuels Technical Committee
Engineering Committee on Oceanic Resources
Engineering Coordinating Committee
Engineering Employee Benefits Committee
Engineering Inspection Technical Committee
Engineering Student Technology Committee
Englewood Transportation Advisory Committee
English Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
English Language Learners Advisory Committees
English Learner Advisory Committee
Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee
Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation Subcommittee
Environment and Natural Resources Committee
Environment and Public Works Committee
Environment Committee
Environment Committee
Environment Committee
Environment Policy Committee
Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Committee
Environment, Health and Safety Committee
Environment, Health, Safety and Operations Committee
Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee
Environmental Advisory Committee
Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee
Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Committee
Environmental Audit Committee
Environmental Biosafety Committee
Environmental Effects Subcommittee
Environmental Geoscience Advisory Committee
Environmental Health Committee
Environmental Health Needs Coordinating Committee
Environmental Health Policy Committee
Environmental Impact Review Committee
Environmental Issues Committee
Environmental Management Committee Office
Environmental Neighborhood Awareness Committee of Tiverton
Environmental Program Coordination Committee
Environmental Protection Committee
Environmental Services Council Advisory Committee
Environmental Staff Advisory Committee
Environmental Steering Committee
Environmental Sustainability Committee
Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee
Environmental Workforce Coordinating Committee
Equality and Diversity Committee
Equipment Approvals Committee
ERISA Industry Committee
Eritrean National Holidays Organizing Committee
ESF Management Committee for the ODP (Ocean Drilling Programme)
ESOH Program Integration Committee
Ethical Committee for Research on Animals
Ethics Committee
Ethics Committee
Ethics Committee
Ethics Committee for Research on Animals
Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology
Ethnic Grants Advisory Committee
ETSI Committee on EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters
Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council in Council Operations and Exercise Committee
Euro-Atlantic Partnership Military Committee
European Affairs Committee
European Atomic Energy Committee
European Command Coordination Committee
European Committee for Banking Standards
European Committee for Future Accelerators
European Committee for Home and Online Education
European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine
European Committee for Interoperable Systems
European Committee for Social Cohesion
European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis
European Committee for Young Farmers’ and 4H Clubs
European Committee of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists
European Committee on Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing
European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
European Committee on Clinical Laboratory Standards
European Committee on Radiation Risk
European Committee on Romani Emancipation
European Coordination Committee on Human Rights Documentation
European Diving Technical Committee
European Diving Technology Committee
European Economic and Social Committee
European Economic and Social Committee
European Ethylene Producers Committee
European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee
European Olympic Committees
European Paralympic Committee
European Program on Information Infrastructure Committee
European Radiocommunications Committee
European Space Sciences Committee
European Standardisation Committee
European Tea Committee
European Union Military Committee
Eutrophication Committee
Evolution Control Committee
Executive Action Committee
Executive Advisory Committee
Executive and Supervisory Committee
Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Executive Committee for Academic Computing
Executive Committee Member
Executive Committee of the Army Board
Executive Committee of the Communist International
Executive Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty
Executive Committee of the National Economic Council
Executive Committee on Humanitarian Affairs
Executive Committee Study Group
Executive Leadership Development Committee
Executive Management Committee
Executive Officer Committee
Executive Review Committee
Executive Risk Management Committee
Executive Steering Committee
Executive Steering Committee
Exeter River Local Advisory Committee
EXFOR Coordinating Committee
Exhibitor Liaison Committee
Exotic-Diseases Sub-Committee of the Animal Health Committee
Expenditure Finance Committee
Expenditure Reform Committee
Expenditure Review Committee
Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy
Experimental Imaging Sciences Committee
Expert Committee
Expert Committee
Expert Committee
Expert Committee on Drug Evaluation and Therapeutics
Expert Committee on Plant and Microbial Genetic Resources
Expert Committee on Post Adjustment
Expert Working Group Committee
Exploitation and Reporting Coordinating Committee
Exploratory Development Committee
Explosives Storage and Transport Committee
Extension Committee on Organization and Policy
External Program Advisory Committee
Extinguisher Manufacturing Technical Committee
Face Recognition Committee Machine
Facilities Coordination Committee
Facilities Operations Committee
Facility Energy Management Committee
Facility Master Planning Committee
Facility Media Review Committee
Facility Review Committee
Facility Training Coordination Committee
Faculty Academic Standards Committee
Faculty Development Advisory Committee
Faculty Quality Committee
Faculty Research Grants Committee
Faculty Senate Executive Committee
Faculty Subcommittee on Sponsored Programs
Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee
Faculty-Student Liaison Committee
Fair Housing Advisory Committee
Fair Lawn Boro Garden Committee
Fair Name Implementation Committee
Fair Play Committee
Fair Play for Cuba Committee
Fairfax City Democratic Committee
Fairfax County Republican Committee
Fast Track Committee Draft
Fatal Accident Assessment Committee
Federal Advisory Committee
Federal Advisory Committee
Federal Advisory Committee Act
Federal Advisory Committee on International Exhibitions
Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology
Federal Computer Investigations Committee
Federal Constitution Drafting and Coordinating Committee
Federal Electronic Commerce Committee
Federal Forestland Advisory Committee
Federal Geodetic Control Subcommittee
Federal Geographic Data Committee
Federal Geospatial Data Committee
Federal Identity Credentialing Committee
Federal Interagency Committee for Wetland Delineation
Federal Interagency Committee on Education
Federal Interagency Committee on Emergency Medical Services
Federal Interagency Committee on Urban Noise
Federal Open Market Committee
Federal Telecommunication Standards Committee
Federal-Provincial Subcommittee
Federation Orientation Committee
Fedora Documentation Steering Committee
Ferry Advisory Committee
Ferry Advisory Committee
Fiber Optics Coordinating Committee
FidoNet Technical Standards Committee
Field Service Advisory Committee
Fifth Avenue South Action Committee
Film and Television Action Committee
Finance & Contracts Committee
Finance and Administration Committee
Finance and Administration Committee
Finance and Investment Committee
Finance Committee
Finance Committee
Finance, Personnel, Benefits Committee
Financial Accounting Policy Committee
Financial Accounting Standards Committee
Financial Advisory Committee
Financial Advisory Committee
Financial Management Oversight Committee
Financial Management Steering Committee
Financial Reporting Standards Committee
Finnish Committee for World Evangelisation
Fire Station Building Committee
Fitness to Practise Committee
Five International Associations Coordinating Committee
Flag Officer Steering Committee
Flag State Implementation Sub-Committee
Flight Operations Committee
Flight Test Safety Committee
Flight Training and Safety Committee
Flood Insurance Producers National Committee
Floodplain Management Review Committee
Florida Interagency Food and Nutrition Committee
Florida Right to Life Committee, Inc.
Florida Tomato Committee
Flow Management Technical Advisory Committee
Follow-Up Committee
Food Advisory Committee
Food Advisory Committee
Food and Agriculture Committee
Food and Agriculture Committee
Food and Agriculture Planning Committee
Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee
Force Establishment and Manning Committee
Force Structure Committee
Force Validation Committee
Foreign Affairs Committee
Foreign Affairs Committee
Foreign Affairs Select Committee
Foreign Employment Management Committee
Foreign Entrepreneur Promotion Committee
Foreign Exchange Management Committee
Foreign Exchange Market Committee
Foreign Intelligence Priorities Committee
Foreign Investment Management Committee
Foreign Language Committee
Foreign Names Committee
Forest Health Advisory Committee
Forest Health Committee
Forest Industry Political Action Committee
Forest Management Committee
Formats Evolution Process Committee
Foundries Industry Advisory Committee
Fractional Ownership Aviation Rulemaking Committee
Franchise Action Committee
Franchise Relations Committee
Francophone Regional Advisory Committee
Fraud, Audit and Evaluation Committee
Free Arab Radio Committee
Free Conference Committee Report
Freedom Committee of Orange County
Freight Indices and Futures Committee
Freight Transportation Advisory Committee
French Racing and Breeding Committee
Frequency Assignment Subcommittee
Friends of the Building Committee
Frosh Regulation Enforcement Committee
Fun Activities Committee
Fun Activities Committee
Functional Requirements Committee
Funders Committee on Civic Participation
Funding Review Committee
Fusion Energy Advisory Committee
Gainesville Sports Organizing Committee, Inc.
Games Organising Committee
Gas Appliance Safety Advisory Committee
Gas Operations Advisory Committee
Gas Technical Regulators Committee
GCRC Advisory Committee
Gender Equality Committee
Gene Technology Community Consultative Committee
Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee
General Advisory Committee
General Agents Advisory Committee
General and Special Accreditation Committee
General Assembly Planning Committee
General Business Committee
General Conference Committee on Appropriations
General Curriculum Committee
General Education Advisory Committee
General Education Coordinating Committee
General Insurance Research Organising Committee
General Medical Services Committee
General Officer Steering Committee
General Plant Advisory Committee
General Practitioner Committee
General Tenders Committee
General Welfare Committee
Generation Review Committee
Genetic Engineering Approval Committee
Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee
Genetic Modification Advisory Committee
Geographic Information Systems Advisory Committee
Geological Advisory Committee
GeoNetwork Steering Committee
Geonetwork Technical Committee
Georgina Accessibility Advisory Committee
Geospatial Advisory Committee
Geospatial Standards Management Committee
Geriatric and Long Term Care Review Committee
German Accounting Standards Committee
GIS Program Leaders (advisory committee; Oregon Geographic Information Council; Salem, OR)
GITS Electronic Mail Steering Subcommittee
GJXDM Training and Technical Assistance Committee
Gland Manufacturers’ Technical Committee
Global Asset Allocation Committee
Global Awareness and Action Committee
Global Environmental Research Committee
Global Foreign Exchange Committee
Global Investment Research Committee
Globecom/ICC Management and Strategy Committee
Globecom/ICC Technical Content Committee
Godless Americans Political Action Committee
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
Gold Award Advisory Committee
Golden Bull Activities Committee
Good Offices Committee
GOOS Steering Committee
Governance and Nominating Committee
Governance Arrangements for Research Ethics Committees
Government Accounting and Auditing Committee
Government Advisory Committee
Government Affairs Advisory Committee
Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee
Government Affairs and Alliances Committee
Government Affairs Committee
Government and Public Affairs Committee
Government Assessment Facilitation Committee
Government Asset Management Committee
Government Caucus Committee
Government Committee on Religious Affairs
Government Hospitality Advisory Committee for the Purchase of Wine
Government Office Accommodation Committee
Government Performance and Finance Committee
Government Procurement Committee
Government Reform Committee
Government Relations Committee
Government Security Committee
Government Transportation Research Information Committee
Governmental Accounting and Auditing Committee
Governmental Affairs Advisory Committee
Governmental Affairs Committee
Governor’s Military Affairs Coordinating Committee
Governors Traffic Safety Committee
Grade Placement Committee
Graduate Academic Affairs Committee
Graduate Academic Review Committee
Graduate Activity Fee Allocation Committee
Graduate Admission Committee
Graduate Affairs Committee
Graduate Affairs/Admissions Committee
Graduate Alumni Advisory Committee
Graduate Education Advisory Committee
Graduate Joint Consultative Committee
Graduate Qualifications Accreditation Committee
Graduates and Students National Committee
Graffiti Games Organising Committee
Grain Research Committee of Western Australia
Grand Old Party Political Action Committee
Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee
Grants Review Committee
Great Lakes and Tourism Committee
Great Slave Lake Advisory Committee
Greater Baltimore Committee
Greater North Park Community Planning Committee
Greek Shipping Co-Operation Committee
Green National Committee
Green Ribbon Committee
Gresham Art Advisory Committee
Gresham Art Committee
Grey Literature International Steering Committee
Groundwater Users Advisory Committee
Group Ethics and Compliance Committee
Group Executive Committee
Group Operating Committee
Guam National Olympic Committee
Guelph Accessibility Advisory Committee
Guemes Island Ferry Committee
Guernsey Overseas Aid Committee
Guidelines and Standards Subcommittee
Haiti Action Committee
Halal Monitoring Committee
Halton Agricultural Advisory Committee
Hanford Academic Research Committee
Hanford Instrument Evaluation Committee
Hard Minerals Committee
Harness Racing Industry Participants Advisory Committee
Hastings Liquor Consultative Committee
Hawaii Advisory Committee
Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee
Hazardous Substances Committee
Hazardous Waste Consultative Committee
Headington Committee for Development Action
Heads of State Implementation Committee
Health & Safety Advisory Committee
Health & Safety Executive / Local Authorities Enforcement Liaison Committee
Health and Environmental Research Advisory Committee
Health and Social Services Committee
Health Care Facilities Committee
Health Center Research Advisory Committee
Health Facilities Steering Committee
Health Guidelines Revision Committee
Health Informatics Committee
Health Information Standards Committee for Alberta
Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Health Physics Instrumentation Committee
Health Physics Society Standards Committee
Health Policy Action Committee
Health Policy Committee
Health Professions Recommendations Committee
Health Recreation and Social Services Committee
Health Sciences Animal Policy and Welfare Committee
Health Service Advisory Committee
Health Technology Advisory Committee
Health, Environment and Human Services Committee
Health, Human Services, and Aging Committee
Healthcare Infection Control Practice Advisory Committee
Hearing Aid Compatibility Negotiated Rulemaking Committee
Hebrew Liberationist Coordinating Committee
Helicopter Utilization Review Committee
Hellenic Olympic Committee
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights
Herbicide Resistance Action Committee
High Frequency Coordinating Committee
High Level Cabinet Committee
High Level Clearance Committee
High Level Committee
High Level Committee on Capital Markets
High Level Committee on Credit
High Level Committee on Health
High Level Committee on Management
High Level Committee on Programs
High Level Consultative Committee
High Level Coordinating Committee on Capital Markets
High Level Finance Committee on Corporate Governance
High Level Steering Committee
High Powered Inter-Ministerial Committee
High Speed Subcarrier Committee
Higher Education Bond Oversight Committee
Higher Education National Advisory Committee
Higher Education Study Committee
Highland Neighborhood Association Committee
Highway Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures
Himalayan Committee for Action on Tibet
Historic Environment Review Executive Committee
Historic Preservation Review Committee
Historical Committee
Historical Preservation Committee
Hollister Ranch Design Committee
Home Affairs Committee
Home Affairs Committee Report
Home Affairs Select Committee
Homeland Security Committee
Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee
Hornet Executive Steering Committee
Hospital Funding Formula Committee
Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee
Hospital Junior Staff Committee
Hospital Liaison Committee
Host Country Committee
House Appropriations Committee
House Appropriations Sub-Committee
House Armed Services Committee
House Budget Committee
House Business and Industry Committee
House Commerce Committee
House Committee on Foreign Affairs
House Committee on Science, Space and Technology
House Committee on Unamerican Activities
House Ethics Committee
House Finance Committee
House Financial Services Committee
House Government Reform Committee
House Internal Security Committee
House League Convening Committee
House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee
House National Security Committee
House of Commons Finance Committee
House of Lords Select Committee
House of Representatives Standing Committee on Transport Communications and Infrastructure
House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
House Permanent Subcommittee on Intelligence
House Republican Study Committee
House Science Committee
House Select Committee on Assassinations
House Small Business Committee
House Telecommunications Subcommittee
House un-American Activities Committee
House Ways and Means Committee
Housing Program Review Committee
Housing Proposal Review Committee
Housing, Land Use, Environment and Transportation Committee
HRSA AIDS Advisory Committee
Hudson Yards Community Advisory Committee
Human Assurance Committee
Human Genome Coordinating Committee
Human Impacts of Climate Change Advisory Committee
Human Research Review Committee
Human Resources Advisory Committee
Human Resources Committee
Human Rights Committee
Human Services Appropriations Committee
Human Services Committee
Human Services Partnership Implementation Committee
Human Use Committee
Humanities Graduate Conference Committee
Ice Dance Technical Committee
Idaho Blind Merchants Committee
Identification, Placement and Review Committee
IEEE Committee on Earth Observation
Illinois Ornithological Records Committee
Illinois Traffic Records Coordinating Committee
Imagery Standards Management Committee
Immunization Coordination Committee
Immunization Safety Review Committee
Incident Review Committee
Income-Generating Activities Committee
Incorporated Management Committee
INCOSE Education and Research Technical Committee
Independent Advisory Committee on Development Impact
Independent Audit Advisory Committee
Independent Board Committee
Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
Independent Committee for Citizen Involvement
Independent Committee of Eminent Persons
Independent Data Monitoring Committee
Independent Ethics Committee
Independent Evaluation Review Committee
Independent Inquiry Committee
Independent Rental Owners Committee
Independent Review Committee
Independent Scientific Committee on Smoking and Health
India Cultural Coordination Committee
Indian Affairs Committee
Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers’ Movement
Indian Policy Advisory Committee
Indiana Equality Political Action Committee
Indonesian Committee on Religion and Peace
Indoor Environmental Quality Committee
Industrial Committee of Ammunition Producers
Industrial Health Advisory Committee
Industrial Park Management Committee
Industrial Planning Committee
Industry Advisory Committee
Industry Advisory Committee Meeting
Industry Canada Management Committee
Industry Committee
Industry Committee
Industry Functional Advisory Committee
Industry Numbering Committee
Industry Research and Development Committee
Industry Sector Advisory Committee
Industry Technical Advisory Committee
Industry-University-Government Transactions Sector Committee
Infection Control Committee
Information Assets Security Committee
Information Exchange Steering Committee
Information Handling Committee
Information Management Steering Committee
Information Policy Committee
Information Systems Committee
Information Systems Co-ordination Committee
Information Systems Steering Committee
Information Systems Sub-Committee
Information Technology Advisory Committee
Information Technology Committee
Information Technology Executive Committee
Information Technology Oversight Committee
Information Technology Standards Committee
Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee
Infrastructure Advisory Committee
Infrastructure Committee
Infrastructure Committee
Infrastructure Executive Steering Committee
Infrastructure Payments and Progress Committee
Infrastructure Subcommittee
Injured Workers Action Committee
Inland Bays Monitoring Committee
Inmate Advisory Committee
Inspection Committee
Inspection Committee
Installation Climate Assessment Committee
Installation Management Steering Committee
Installation Steering Committee
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Institutional Animal Care and Utilization Committee
Institutional Animal Ethics Committee
Institutional Biosafety Committee
Institutional Chemical Safety Committee
Institutional Classification Committee
Institutional Committee for Graduate Medical Education
Institutional Ethics Committee
Institutional Plan Steering Committee
Institutional Planning Committee
Institutional Shareholder Committee
Institutional Shareholders’ Committee
Institutional Support Review Committee
Instruction & Curriculum Advisory Committee
Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee
Insurance Committee for Arson Control
Integrated Technologies Committee
Integration Committee
Integration Committee
Integrity Committee
Integrity Committee
Intellectual Freedom Committee
Intellectual Property Committee
Intellectual Property Rights Committee
Intelligence and Security Committee
Intelligence Community Deputies Committee
Intelligence Evaluation Committee
Intelligence Resource Advisory Committee
Inter Agency Committee
Inter Agency Committee on Environmental Health
Inter Board Committee of Chairmen
Inter Council Aboriginal Consultative Committee
Inter-Agency Air Cartographic Committee
Interagency Arctic Research Coordination Committee
Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee
Interagency Assessment Advisory Committee
Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee
Interagency Committee for Atmospheric Science
Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy
Interagency Committee for Change by Women
Interagency Committee for the Marine Transportation System
Interagency Committee for the World Weather Program
Interagency Committee on Back Contamination
Interagency Committee on Disability Research
Interagency Committee on Government Information
Interagency Committee on Human Nutrition Research
Interagency Committee on International Aviation Policy
Interagency Committee on Learning Disabilities
Interagency Committee on Marine Environmental Prediction
Interagency Committee on Marine Science and Engineering
Inter-Agency Committee on Marine Science and Technology
Interagency Committee on Medical Records
Interagency Committee on Oceanography
Inter-Agency Committee on Oceanography
Interagency Committee on Radiological Assistance
Interagency Committee on School Construction
Interagency Committee on Seismic Safety in Construction
Interagency Committee on Smoking and Health
Interagency Committee on Standards Policy
Inter-Agency Committee on Sustainable Development
Interagency Coordinating Committee
Interagency Coordinating Committee of the Earth Resources Survey Program
Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Prevention of Underage Drinking
Interagency Country Exposure Review Committee
Inter-Agency Electronic Grants Committee
Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee
Inter-Agency Humanitarian Coordination Committee
Interagency Perchlorate Steering Committee
Interagency Program Management Committee
Interagency Radio Committee
Interagency Security Committee
Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee
Inter-Agency Standing Committee
Interagency Subcommittee on Disability Statistics
Interagency Subcommittee on Medical Rehabilitation
Interagency Testing Committee
Interagency Testing Committee Tracking System
Inter-Agency Working Committee
Inter-American Committee for Emergency Situations
Inter-Bureau Personnel Committee
Intercept Committee
Intercept Committee
Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee
Inter-Departmental Committee
Interdepartmental Committee for Atmospheric Sciences
Interdepartmental Committee for Meteorological Services
Interdepartmental Committee on Applied Meteorological Research
Inter-Departmental Committee on Forestry
Interdepartmental Committee on Internal Security
Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National Development
Interdepartmental Committee on Occupational Safety and Health
Interdepartmental Committee on Search and Rescue
Interdepartmental Committee on Security and Intelligence
Interdepartmental Project Management Committee
Interdepartmental Savings Bond Committee
Interdivisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols
Interexchange Carrier Industry Committee
Inter-Exchange Technical Committee
Interfaculty Committee for Laboratory Development
Interfaith Committee of Remembrance
Intergovernmental Committee
Intergovernmental Committee for Ecologically Sustainable Development
Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration
Intergovernmental Committee for Migration
Intergovernmental Committee of Experts
Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying & Mapping
Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee
Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee
Interim Chemical Review Committee
Interim Coordinating Committee for International Commodity Arrangements
Interim Planning Committee
Interim Political and Security Committee
Inter-Institutional Equipment Committee
Inter-Ministerial Committee on Environment
Inter-Ministry Committee on Youth Crime
Intermunicipal Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
Internal Animal Care and Use Committee
Internal Audit Committee
Internal Market Support Committee
Internal Review Committee
Internal Scientific Advisory Committee
International Accounting Standards Committee
International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation
International Ad Hoc Committee
International Advisory Committee
International Advisory Committee on Marine Sciences
International Affairs Committee
International Arctic Science Committee
International Auditing Practices Committee
International Bianisotropics Conference Committee
International Bioethics Committee
International Bird Census Committee
International Branch Research Committee
International Building Classification Committee
International Business Mentorship Committee
International Cable Protection Committee
International Color Committee
International Committee Against Apartheid, Racism and Colonialism in Southern Africa
International Committee against Stoning
International Committee Electric Wheelchair Hockey
International Committee for a Free Iraq
International Committee for Animal Recording
International Committee for Bioacoustics
International Committee for Bird Preservation
International Committee for Chinese Orphans
International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology
International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology
International Committee for Crimea
International Committee for Democracy in Cuba
International Committee for Future Accelerators
INternational Committee for Information Technology Standards
International Committee for Museum Security
International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing
International Committee for Radionuclide Metrology
International Committee for Standardization in Haematology
International Committee for Ultra-High Intensity Lasers
International Committee for Written Language Resources
International Committee of Bioethics
International Committee of Commerce
International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies
International Committee of Dietetic Associations
International Committee of Intellectual Cooperation
International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet
International Committee of Marine Industry Associations
International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
International Committee of Silent Chess
International Committee of Sports for the Deaf
International Committee of the Blue Shield
International Committee of the Fourth International
International Committee of the PRCA
International Committee of the Red Cross
International Committee of Thrombosis and Hemostasis
International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue
International Committee on Composite Materials
International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety
International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene
International Committee on Laboratory Animals
International Committee on Ocean Exploration and Environmental Services
International Committee on Seafarers’ Welfare
International Committee on Systematic Bacteriology
International Committee on Systematics of Prokaryotes
International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe
International Committee to Support Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin
International Consultative Committee for the Definition of the Second
International Coordinating Committee of National Human Rights Institutions
International Coordination Committee
International Cotton Advisory Committee
International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee
International Electrotechnical Committee
International Executive Committee
International Federation of Ingrid Betancourt Committees
International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee
International Financial Reporting Issues Committee
International Footbag Committee
International Fuel Cell Committee
International Handicap Sailing Committee
International Inter-Society Research Committee
International Joint Committee on Artificial Intelligence
International Knee Documentation Committee
International Lake Environment Committee
International Masters of Science Student Exchange Committee
International Masters Speed Skating Committee
International NGO Committee on Human Rights in Trade and Investment
International Nuclear Data Committee
International Olympic Committee
International Omega Technical Committee
International Oversight Committee for Anti-Terrorism
International Paralympic Committee
International Parents Social Committee
International Program Committee
International Programs Enhancement and Coordination Committee
International Pulse Quality Committee
International Radio Advisory Committee
International Relations Sub-Committee
International Rescue Committee
International Research Committee on Disasters
International Resource Committee
International Scientific Advisory Committee
International Scientific Committee on Earthen Architectural Heritage
International Shetland Pony Committee
International SKA Steering Committee (est. 2000)
International Steering Committee
International Steering Committee on the Economic Advancement of Rural Women
International Telecommunications Advisory Committee
International Telegraphic Advisory Committee
International Telephone Advisory Committee
International Transport Committee
Internet Advisory Committee
Internet Caucus Advisory Committee
Internetwork Interoperability Testing Committee
Interoperability Certification Committee
Inter-Organization Coordinating Committee
Interprovincial Power Engineering Curriculum Committee
Inter-Regional Coordinating Committee
Inter-Secretariat Committee on Scientific Programs Relating to Oceanography
Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates
Intersegmental Coordinating Committee
Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee
Interservice Supply Support Committee/Coordinator
Intersociety Committee On Pathology Information
Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel
Inter-University Committee for African Studies
Inter-University Purchasing Committee
Investment Advisory Committee
Investment Committee
Investment Committee
Investment Management Committee
Investment Review Committee
IOC Committee for Training, Education, and Mutual Assistance in the Marine Sciences
IOC-WMO-UNEP Intergovernmental Committee for Global Ocean Observing System
IODP Planning Sub-Committee
Iranian American Political Action Committee
Iranian Jewish Public Affairs Committee
Iranian National Committee on Large Dams
Iraqi Olympic Committee
Irish Freedom Committee, Inc
Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Committee
Irish Political Status Committee
Irish Republican Socialist Committees
Irish Specimen Fish Committee
Irish Surgical Postgraduate Training Committee
Ishana Basin Management Committee
Isipingo Environment Committee
Islamic Committee for Palestine
Islamic Relief Committee
ISO Committee on Certification
Isocyanurate Industry Ad Hoc Committee
Israel Action Committee
Israel Political Action Committee
Istanbul Olympic Bidding Committee
Itty Bitty MIDI Committee
ITU-T Advisory Committee
Japan Committee for Research Networks
Japan Industrial Standards Committee
Japan National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation
Japanese Committee for Registration of Malignant Neoplasm of Thyroid
Japanese Committee for the Children of Palestine
Japanese Electrotechnical Committee
Japanese Olympic Committee
Javed Hashmi Release Committee
Jerusalem Coordination and Development Committee
Jewelers Vigilance Committee
Jewish Labor Committee
JISC Committee for Awareness, Liaison and Training
JISC Committee for Content Services
JISC Committee for the Support of Research (UK)
Job Service Employer Committee
John Brown Anti-Klan Committee
Joint Action Committee for Peoples’ Rights
Joint Actions Steering Committee
Joint Administrative Procedures Committee
Joint Advisory Committee
Joint Advisory Committee for Church Colleges
Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee
Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc.
Joint Budget Committee
Joint Career Transition Committee
Joint Cargo Management Committee
Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans
Joint Civil Affairs Committee
Joint Committee for Higher Medical Training
Joint Committee for Intersociety Coordination
Joint Committee for Specialist Training in Dentistry
Joint Committee for the Conservation of British Invertebrates
Joint Committee for the Credentialing of Sanitarians
Joint Committee of Faculty and Students
Joint Committee of Paediatric Urology
Joint Committee of Structural Safety
Joint Committee of Taxation
Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
Joint Committee on Agricultural Research and Development
Joint Committee on Antarctic Data Management
Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
Joint Committee on Chinese Studies
Joint Committee on Climatic Changes and the Ocean
Joint Committee on Computer Based Instruction
Joint Committee on Cooperation in Studies of the World Oceans
Joint Committee on Corporate Governance
Joint Committee on Drug Utilization
Joint Committee on Environmental Cooperation
Joint Committee on European Affairs
Joint Committee on Higher Education
Joint Committee on Higher Surgical Training
Joint Committee on Human Rights
Joint Committee on Implementation and Design
Joint Committee on Medical Genetics
Joint Committee on Nuclear Power Standards
Joint Committee on Postgraduate Training for General Practice
Joint Committee on Printing
Joint Committee on Proliferation
Joint Committee on Security Modalities
Joint Committee on Specialist Training
Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments
Joint Committee on Surgical Training
Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress
Joint Committee on the Status of Women
Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation
Joint Committee on Voluntary Deposit
Joint Communications-Electronics Committee
Joint Conference Committee
Joint Consultative Committee
Joint Consultative Committee – Surgery
Joint Control Committee
Joint Cooperation Committee
Joint Coordinating Committee
Joint Customs Consultative Committee
Joint Distribution Committee
Joint Downland Area Committee
Joint Economic and Commercial Committee
Joint Economic Committee
Joint Economic Committee of Congress
Joint Economic Management Committee
Joint Education Curriculum Committee
Joint Egyptian Cotton Committee
Joint Election Officials Liaison Committee
Joint Emergency Coordinating Committee
Joint Enforcement Monitoring Committee
Joint Enlisted Curriculum Committee
Joint European Conference Committee
Joint Evaluation Committee
Joint Experimentation Coordination Committee
Joint Expert Committee for Food Additives
Joint Family Court Committee
Joint Federal-State Action Committee
Joint Finance Committee
Joint Forest Management Committees
Joint Health and Safety Committee
Joint Hull Committee
Joint IFLA-ICA Committee for Preservation in Africa
Joint Implementation Committee
Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee
Joint Industry Committee for Cable Audience Research
Joint Industry Committee for National Readership Surveys
Joint Industry Committee for Radio Audience Research
Joint Industry Committee for Television Advertising Research
Joint Industry Safety Committee
Joint Information Systems Committee
Joint Integrated Governance Committee
Joint Intelligence Committee
Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command & Control Systems Automatic Committee
Joint Labor Management Committee
Joint Labor-Management Apprenticeship Committee
Joint Labour Committee
Joint Legislative Committee on Cultural Affairs
Joint Medical Committee
Joint Meteorological Committee
Joint Military Committee
Joint Military Frequency Committee
Joint Military Transportation Committee
Joint Ministerial Trade Committee
Joint National Committee
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Joint Negotiating and Consultative Committee
Joint Parliamentary Committee
Joint Photographic Reconnaissance Committee
Joint Planning and Resources Committee
Joint Planning and Review Committee
Joint Planning Committee
Joint Pre Registration Committee
Joint Programming and Monitoring Committee
Joint Project Committee
Joint Project Review Committee
Joint Public Advisory Committee
Joint Public Relations Committee
Joint Recruitment Commanders Committee
Joint Regional Transportation Committee
Joint Research Operations Committee
Joint Review Committee
Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Joint Safety Advisory Committee
Joint Scientific Committee
Joint Sectoral Committee
Joint Service Coordination Committee
Joint Service Guidance and Control Committee
Joint Special Populations Advisory Committee
Joint Standing Committee
Joint Standing Committee of the Primates
Joint Steering Committee
Joint Strategic Assessment Committee
Joint Subcommittee
Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture
Joint Subcommittee on Oceans
Joint Tax Committee
Joint Technical Committee
Joint Technical Warfare Committee
Joint Technical Working Committee
Joint Telecommunications Committee
Joint Trawl Management Advisory Committee
Joint United Nations Information Committee
Joint Users’ Committee
Joint War Plans Committee
Joint Water Committee
Joint Working Committee
Judge Education and Certification Committee
Judges Education Committee Co-chair
Judicial Committee on Information Technology
Junior Sailing Committee
Justice, Peace, and Reconciliation Committee
Juvenile Advisory Committee
Kendall County Republican Central Committee
Kensington Market Action Committee
Kentucky Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee, Inc.
Key Learning Area Committee
Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee
King County Democratic Central Committee
King County Republican Central Committee
Knowledge and Communication Committee
Knox Disability Advisory Committee
Kootenay Weed Control Committee
Korean Solidarity Committee
Kosova Olympic Committee
Kuwait Olympic Committee
Labor Advisory Committee
Labor Law Review Committee
Labor Licensing Policy Committee
Labor Management Cooperation Committee
Laboratory Academic Committee
Laboratory Advisory Committee
Laboratory Environmental Review Committee
Laboratory Patient Safety Committee
Laboratory Process Review Committee
Lake Okeechobee Technical Advisory Committee
Lakes Management Advisory Committee
Laketran Paratransit Advisory Committee
LAMPF Program Advisory Committee
LAN/MAN Standards Committee
Lancaster County Democratic Committee
Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee
Land Conservation District Committee
Land Defense General Committee-Palestine
Land Information System Committee
Land Preservation Advisory Committee
Land Protection Study Committee
Land Use Advisory Committee
Land Use and Allocation Committee
Land Use Committee
Language Proficiency Assessment Committee
Lao National Committee for Energy
Lao National Internet Committee
Lao National Mekong Committee
Large Research Allocations Committee
Large Scale Development Committee
Large Technical Committee
Larouche Political Action Committee
Latin American Concerns Committee
Latino Ad Hoc Committee
Latino Political Action Committee
Launching Programme Advisory Committee
Law Enforcement Committee
Law Enforcement Stops and Safety Subcommittee
Law Library Advisory Committee
Lawrence Barn Committee
Lawyer Representatives Coordinating Committee
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Lawyers’ Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation
Leadership Advisory Committee
Leadership Development and Excellence Committee
Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee
Lebanese Fire Prevention Committee
Lecture Series Committee
Legislation Advisory Committee
Legislative Action Committee
Legislative Agricultural Committee Chairs
Legislative and Policy Affairs Committee
Legislative and Social Issues Committee
Legislative Education Planning Committee
Legislative Issues and Public Policy Committee
Legislative Management Committee
Legislative Policy Action Committee
Lemon Administration Committee
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Lessons-Learned Committee
Liaison Residency Endorsement Committee
Libertarian National Committee
Libertarian National Congressional Committee
Libertarian Political Action Committee
Library Assessment Review Committee
Library Executive Committee
Library Media Center Advisory Committee
Library Penalties Appeal Committee
Library Policy Advisory Committee
Library Programme Advisory Committee
Lie Coordination Committee
Life Practice Advancement Committee
Life Sciences Advisory Committee
Life, Earth and Environmental Standing Committee
Light Pollution Abatement Committee
Lights Advisory Committee
LIGO Program Advisory Committee
Limited Tenders Committee
Lithuanian National Olympic Committee
Livermore Projects Committee
Livestock Advisory Committee
Livestock Export Standards Advisory Committee
Local Advisory Committee
Local Aid Coordination Committee
Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee
Local Arrangements Committee
Local Authorities Management Services and Computer Committee
Local coastal SAR committee
Local Committee
Local Contracts Committee
Local Credit Committee
Local Development Committee
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Local Emergency Preparedness Committee
Local Emergency Response Committee
Local Employment Committee
Local Federal Coordinating Committee
Local Flood Defence Committee
Local Frequency Coordinating Committee
Local Governance Committee
Local Governance Committee
Local Hazard Mitigation Committee
Local Human Rights Committee
Local Interference Committees
Local Interference Committees
Local Liaison Committee
Local Masters Swim Committee
Local Medical Committee
Local Office Advisory Committee
Local Office Advisory Committee
Local Oversight Committee
Local Pharmaceutical Committee
Local Planning Committee
Local Professional Development Committee
Local Research Advisory Committee
Local Research Ethics Committee
Local Services Ordering and Provisioning Committee
Local Special Education Advisory Committee
Local Swimming Committee
Local Whitley Committee
Lodge Executive Committee Meeting
Logistics Organization Integration Committee
Logistics Specialty Management Committee
Logistics Steering Committee
Logistics Systems Review Committee
London Advisory Committee on Heritage
London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games
London Planning Advisory Committee
Long Range Facilities Planning Committee
Los Angeles African American Women Political Action Committee
Los Angeles Community Committee
Loss Prevention Subcommittee
Loss Prevention Subcommittee
Lotteries Fund Advisory Committee
Lough Neagh Advisory Committee
Louisville Committee to Stop the War in Iraq
Lowell Republican City Committee
Lower Mississippi River Waterway Safety Advisory Committee
Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee
Magistrates’ Area Training Committee
Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee
Mailing List Committee
Major and Special Events Committee
Major Crimes Assessment Committee
Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee
Malay Activity Executive Committee
Malaysian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage
Management Ad Hoc Committee
Management Ad Hoc Committee
Management Advisory Committee
Management Advisory Committee
Management by Committee
Management Committee
Management Committee Member
Management Control Steering Committee
Management Development Committee
Management Engineering Committee for Embedded Computer Resources
Management Operating Committee
Management Protocol Technical Committee
Management Utilization Resource Committee
Manpower Optimization Steering Committee
Manpower Utilization Review Committee
Manston Airport Consultative Committee
Marin Access Advisory Committee
Marine Environment Protection Committee
Marine Environmental Quality Committee
Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee
Marine Resources Committee
Marine Safety Committee
Maritime Safety Committee
Maritime Technology Advisory Committee
Market Committee
Market Conditions Committee
Marketing Advisory Committee
Marketing Advisory Committee
Marshalltown Economic Development Impact Committee
Maryland State Geographic Information Committee
Masonic CHIP Support Committee
Massachusetts Association of School Committees
Massachusetts Avian Records Committee
Massachusetts Independent Political Action Committee for Working Families
Material Acquisition Review Committee
Materiel Requirements Review Committee
Materiel Status Committee
Maternity Services Liaison Committee
Mathematics Undergraduate Representative Committee
Maui County Arborist Advisory Committee
Maui Invasive Species Committee
Maumee RAP Implementation Committee (Ohio)
Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee
Mayors Bicycle Advisory Committee
Mechanical Trades Bargaining Committee
Media Betterment Committee
Mediation Committee
Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee
Medicaid Advisory Committee for people with Disabilities
Medical Academic Staff Committee
Medical Committee for Human Rights
Medical Committee Netherlands-Vietnam
Medical Education Committee
Medical Logistics Proponent Subcommittee
Medical Readiness Committee
Medical Research Modernization Committee
Medical Services Committee
Medical Technical Options Committee
Medical Workforce Standing Advisory Committee
Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee
Mediterranean Regional Committee for START
Medium Resource Allocations Committee
Member Conduct Committee
Members Advisory Committee
Members Advisory Committee
Men’s Advisory Counsel/Committee
Men’s Advisory Counsel/Committee
Mennonite Central Committee
Mennonite Central Committee Canada
Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan
Mentor Youth Leadership Committee
Meteorite and Impacts Advisory Committee
Meteorological Research Committee
Methodist Committee for Overseas Relief
Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee
Metropolitan Chief Librarians Committee
Metropolitan Planning Committee
Metropolitan Technical Advisory Committee
Mexican Olympic Committee
Michigan Alpine Competition Committee
Michigan Apple Committee
Michigan Apple Committee
Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Committee
Microprocessor Standards Committee
Middle School Building Accountability Committee
Middleware Architectural Committee for Education
Midwest Region Organizing Committee
Military Budget Committee
Military Committee
Military Committee Communications Security & Evaluation Agency, Washington
Military Committee Memorandum
Military Cooperation Committee
Military Coordinating Committee
Military Liaison Committee
Military Oceanography Subcommittee
Military Requirement and Development Committee
Military Review Committee
Military Staff Committee
Military Targeting Intelligence Committee
Mine Development Committee
Ministerial Committee for National Security
Ministerial Committee on Drug Policy
Ministerial Committee on Science Policy
Minnesota State Bicycle Advisory Committee
Minority and Women Business Owners Committee
Mission Responsibility Through Investment Committee
Missions Review and Initiatives Committee
Missouri Employer Committee
Missouri River Technical Committee
Mitochondrial Disease Action Committee
Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee
Mobile Sources Technical Review Subcommittee
Model Assisted Living Advisory Committee
Modeling and Tools Technical Committee
Modernization Management Committee
Modular Equipment Standards Committee
Molecular Equipment Subcommittee for Communications
Mon National Education Committee
Monetary Policy Committee
Mongolian National Olympic Committee
Monitoring Committee for Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation in RTD
Monroe County Democratic Committee
Montana Wheat and Barley Committee
Montgomery County Libertarian Committee
Moresby Island Management Committee
Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee
Mountain Caribou Technical Advisory Committee
Mountain Rescue Committee
Multi Regional Ethics Committee
Multicentre Research Ethics Committee
Multicultural Advisory Committee
Multicultural Advisory Committee
Multimedia Representation Technical Committee
Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee
MUMPS Development Committee
Muslim Educational and Cultural Committee for Awareness
Mutual Aid Regional Advisory Committee
Mutual Defense Administration. Committee
Nairobi Informal Settlements Coordination Committee
NASA Advisory Committee
NAS-NAE Science And Engineering Committee Advisory to NOAA
Natick Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
National Aboriginal Islander Day Observance Committee
National Aborigines’ Day Observance Committee
National Academy of Science Committee On Oceanography
National Action Committee
National Action Committee for Minorities in Engineering
National Action Committee on AIDS
National Advanced Materials Committee of China
National Advisory Committee
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
National Advisory Committee for Women
National Advisory Committee on Children and Terrorism
National Advisory Committee on Drugs
National Advisory Committee on Ergonomics
National Advisory Committee on Immunization
National Advisory Committee on Maternal Mortality
National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere
National Advisory Committee on Pharmacy Practice
National Advisory Committee On Semiconductors
National Advisory Committee on Special Education
National Aerospace Standards Committee
National Agriculture Environment Committee
National AIDS Co-ordinating Committee
National Alumni Schools Committee
National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
National Apartment Association Political Action Committee
National Arbitration and Mediation Committee
National Association of Realtors Political Action Committee
National Aviation Weather Advisory Committee
National Barrier Reef Committees
National Basketball Rules Committee
National Biosurveillance Advisory Subcommittee
National Blood Transfusion Committee
National Board Examination Committee for Veterinary Medicine
National Business Conduct Committee
National Captive Nations Committee
National Carriers’ Conference Committee
National Catholic Committee on Scouting
National Citizens Committee for Broadcasting
National Civil Aviation Security Committee
National Climate Committee
National Committee
National Committee for AIDS, Drugs and Prostitution Prevention and Control
National Committee for an Effective Congress
National Committee for Christian Leadership
National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards
National Committee for Clinical Research
National Committee for Demining and Rehabilitation
National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
National Committee for Immunization Practices
National Committee for Public Education And Religious Liberty
National Committee for Quality Assurance
National Committee for the Advancement of Women
National Committee for the Defense of Workers’ Rights
National Committee for the New River, Inc.
National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness
National Committee of Communications Supervisors
National Committee of Geophysicists of Azerbaijan
National Committee on Accreditation
National Committee on Atomic Information
National Committee on Biosafety of the Philippines
National Committee on Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths
National Committee on Forensic DNA Typing
National Committee on Geomatics Academicians
National Committee on Pay Equity
National Committee on Persons with Disabilities
National Committee on Property Insurance
National Committee on the Filipino Family
National Committee on Trafficking in Women and Children
National Committee to Combat Facism
National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse
National Communications Security Committee
National Community Services Data Committee
National Computer Education Committee
National Conference Planning Committee
National Consultative Committee
National Convention Convening Work Committee
National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans
National Coordination Committee
National Cyber Crime Committee
National Data Broadcasting Committee
National Democratic Committee
National Dental Tobacco-Free Steering Committee
National Education and Training Advisory Committee
National Education Crisis Committee
National Egg Coordination Committee
National Electrical Standards Committee
National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee
National Engineers Week Committee
National Engineers Week Committee
National Environmental Appraisal Committee
National Ethics Advisory Committee
National Ethics Committee
National Executive Committee
National Executive Committee
National Football League Committee
National Geological Surveys Committee
National Geospatial Advisory Committee
National Greenhouse Advisory Committee
National Health and Medical Research Committee
National Health Performance Committee
National Historic Ships Committee
National Housing Research Committee
National Indigenous Housing Information Implementation Committee
National Industry Advisory Committee
National Infrastructure Advisory Committee
National Intelligence Coordinating Committee
National Internet Advisory Committee
National Investigation Committee On Aerial Phenomena
National ISDN Technical Subcommittee
National Islamic Committee on Scouting
National Jewish Committee on Scouting
National Joint Action Committee
National Joint Advisory Committee
National Joint Committee for Steel
National Joint Health and Safety Committee
National Labor Committee
National Land Committee
National Liaison Committee
National Literacy Campaign Coordinating Committee
National Malaria Advisory Committee
National Mammography Quality Assurance Advisory Committee
National Marine Safety Committee
National Membership Committee
National Motor Carrier Advisory Committee
National Native Ministries Committee
National Native Mussel Conservation Committee
National Node Coordinating Committee
National Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Committee
National Olympic Committee
National Olympic Committee of South Africa
National Olympic Committee of Turkey
National Open Source Committee
National Organising Committee
National Paddling Committee
National People’s Congress Standing Committee
National Physique Committee
National Plan Management Committee
National Policy Committee
National Port Security Committee
National Postgraduate Committee
National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee
National Quality Assurance and Accreditation Committee
National Radiation Advisory Committee
National Radio Systems Committee
National Radiowave Propagation Committee
National Reconnaissance Executive Committee
National Register Advisory Committee
National Religious Broadcasters Music License Committee
National Repository Advisory Committee
National Republican Congressional Committee
National Republican Senatorial Committee
National Research Council Committee
National Resettlement Assessment Committee
National Resource Allocations Committee
National Right to Life Committee
National Schools Committee for Economic Education, Inc.
National Scientific Advisory Committee
National Security Committee
National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee
National Sexual Health Advisory Committee
National Sirex Coordination Committee
National Specialist Qualification Advisory Committee
National Standard Plumbing Code Committee
National Standing Committee on Bicultural Issues
National Steering Committee
National Steering Committee for Mine Action
National Stereophonic Radio Committee
National Subcommittee for the Prevention and Control of Blindness
National Swimming Pool Safety Committee
National Tax Training Committee
National Technical Advisory Committee
National Technology Committee
National Telecommunication Education Committee
National Telecommunications & Information Systems Security Committee
National Television Standards Committee
National Television System Committee
National Transmission Standards Committee
National Underground Laboratory Committee
National Veterans Service Committee
National Voter Education Committee
National Water Initiative Committee
National Wheat Improvement Committee
National Wind Coordinating Committee
National Working Committee on Women and Children
Native American Advisory Committee
Native American Awareness Committee
NATO Advisory Committee on Special Intelligence
NATO Air Defense Committee
NATO Air Defense Committee
NATO Committee for Standardization
NATO Defense Manpower Committee
NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee
NATO Military Committee
NATO Pipeline Committee
NATO Seasparrow Project Steering Committee
NATO Security Committee
NATO Standardization Committee
NATO Steering Committee
Naturist Action Committee
Naval Medical Research Development Committee
Naval Requirements Analysis Committee
Naval Research Advisory Committee
Navigation Projects Management Committee
Needs Assessment Committee
Negotiated Rulemaking Committee
Neighborhood Impact Coordinating Committee
Neighborhood Planning Action Committee
Neighborhood Resources Advisory Committee
Netherlands Committee for IUCN
Network Coordination Committee
Network Governance Committee
Network Inter-Operability Committee
Network Interoperability Consultative Committee
Network Management Committee
Network Operational Sub-Committee
Network Oversight Committee
Network Reliability Steering Committee
Network Testing Committee
Nevada Bird Records Committee
New Business Committee
New Business Steering Committee
New Delhi Municipal Committee
New England Atlantic Salmon Committee
New Interterritorial Language Committee
New Jersey Bird Records Committee
New Technologies Committee
New World Translation Committee
New York Republican County Committee
New York State Division Committee
New Zealand Core Services Committee
New Zealand National Health Committee
New Zealand Olympic Committee
NEXRAD Program Management Committee
Nicolet Recreation Advisory Committee
Noise Research Advisory Committee
Nomenclature Standards Committee
Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee of the Board of Governors
Nonprofit Coordinating Committee
Non-Residents’ Affairs Committee
Nordic Committee for Human Rights
North American Power Systems Interconnection Committee
North Andover Solid Waste Advisory Committee
Northern Boundary Technical Committee
Northern Interior Cruising Committee
Northern Ireland Building Regulations Advisory Committee
Northern Ireland Medical Students Committee
Northern Regional Power Committee
Northern Rural Area Committee
Northern Silviculture Committee
Northern Westchester Watershed Committee
Northern Wheatbelt Program Committee
Norwegian Afghanistan Committee
Norwegian Committee for Concrete Admixtures
Norwegian Helsinki Committee
NT Standards Committee
Nuclear and Chemical Survivability Committee
Nuclear Criticality Safety Committee
Nuclear Defense Affairs Committee
Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee
Nuclear Law Committee
Nuclear Power Oversight Committee
Nuclear Science Advisory Committee
Nuisance Bear Review Committee
Nurse Aide Advisory Committee
Oahu Invasive Species Committee
Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal
Occupational Advisory Committee
Occupational Health Advisory Committee
Occupational Information Coordinating Committee
Occupational Safety and Health Committee
Ocean Science and Technology Advisory Committee
Office of Deputy Chairman, Military Committee
Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors
Official Committee on Occupational Pensions
Official Supporting Committee
Offshore Industry Liaison Committee
Offshore Islet Restoration Committee
Oil Companies Advisory Committee
Oil Coordination Committee
Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee
Older Driver Advisory Committee
Olmsted Falls Airport Committee
Olympics Organizing Committee
Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee
On-Line Services Committee
Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee
Ontario Committee on Student Affairs
Ontario Municipal Employees Coordinating Committee
Ontario Provincial Committee
Open Market Committee
Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee
Operating Budget Committee
Operating Committee
Operating Committee Meeting
Operating Review Committee
Operation Committee
Operational Affairs Committee
Operational Requirements Committee
Operational Risk Management Committee
Operations Subcommittee
Operator Training Committee of Ohio
Ophthalmic Qualification Committee
Optical Committee of Turkey
Optical Networking Technical Committee
Orange Bowl Committee
Oregon Bird Records Committee
Oregon Dealer Advisory Committee
Oregon Fire Code Committee
Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee
Oregon Local Program Committee
Oregon Traffic Control Devices Committee
Organ Donation Advisory Committee
Organ Pump Committee of Oberlin
Organic Network Committee
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development/Development Assistance Committee
Organizational Committee of ACC
Orientation Planning Committee
Outdoor Leadership Development Committee
Outside Speakers Committee
Oversight Advisory Committee (DoD)
Oversight Committee
Oversight Committee on Fraud and Corruption
Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Owners Committee on Electric Rates
Pacific Plan Action Committee
Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee
PACOM C4I Architecture Integration Committee
Paediatric Committee
Pakistan Central Cotton Committee
Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees
Palliative Medicine Review Committee
Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee
Panchyat Conservation Committee
Parent Advisory Committee
Parent Policy Committee
Parent School Support Committee
Parent Youth Committee
Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee
Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
Parliamentary Advisory Committee on Transport Safety
Parliamentary Committee on Water Resources
Parliamentary Investigatory Committee on Sects
Parliamentary Portfolio Committee
Participant Management Committee
Partisan Defense Committee
Partnership Committee on Agriculture and the Environment
Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies Committee
Party Central Committee
Party National Liaison Committee
Party Planning Committee
Patient Safety Advisory Committee
Paulinskill Valley Trail Committee
Pay Plan Consultation Committee
Peace and National Concerns Committee
Pediatric Research Coordinating Committee
Peel Committee on Sexual Assault
Peer Review Advisory Committee
Peer Review Committee
Peer Review Consultative Committee
Peer-Reviewed Communications Committee
Pennsylvania Housing Advisory Committee
Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee
Pentagon Renovation Technical Oversight Committee
PEOC3S Executive Committee
People’s Committee
People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities
People’s Committee against Police Atrocities
Per Diem Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee
Performance Management Advisory Committee
Performance Management Review Committee
Performance-based Operations Aviation Rulemaking Committee
Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA
Permanent Committee Control and Enforcement
Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs
Permanent Committee on Geographical Names
Permanent Internal Review Committee
Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
Persian Political Action Committee
Personnel Administrative Services Steering Committee
Personnel and Organizational Development Committee
Personnel Development Committee
Personnel Management Action Committee
Personnel Management Review Committee
Personnel Matters Review Committee
Personnel Sub-Committee
Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee
Pesticide Residue Committee
Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee
Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee
Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee
Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
Pharmacy Regulation and Compliance Committee
Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness
Philippine Olympic Committee
Philippine Workers Support Committee
Photometry and Radiometry Consultative Committee
Physical Therapy Political Action Committee
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Pickling Cucumber Improvement Committee
Pittsburgh Local Organizing Committee
Plan Implementation Committee
Planet Definition Committee
Planning and Environment Committee
Planning and Land Use Committee
Planning and Projects Review Advisory Committee
Planning and Resource Allocation Committee
Planning and Resource Committee
Planning and Review Committee
Planning Boards and Committees
Planning Land Use & Neighborhoods Committee
Planning Steering Committee
Planning, Development, Europe and Tourism Committee
Planning, Program Development and Budget Committee
Plans And Requirements Committee
Plant Materials Release Committee
Plant Oversight Review Committee
Platform Technology Committee
Playing Fields Committee
Plowshare Advisory Committee
Polar Bear Administrative Committee
Police Station Building Committee
Policy Advisory Committee
Policy and Planning Committee
Policy and Planning Committee
Policy and Procedure Committee
Policy and Project Advisory Committee
Policy and Review Committee
Policy Coordination Committee
Policy Oversight Committee
Polish Committee for Standardization
Polish Committee of National Liberation
Polish National Committee
Political Action Committee
Political Affairs Committee of Chinland
Political and Security Committee
Political Committee
Political Committee
Political Military Steering Committee
Political Party Committee
Pollutant Trading Policy Advisory Committee
Popular Committee against the Wall
Popular Resistance Committees
Popular Struggle Coordination Committee
Port Security Committee
Portable Application Standards Committee
Portsmouth Regional Ice Arena Committee
Postgraduate Coursework Education Committee
Posture Planning Committee
Power Line Carrier Subcommittee
Power System Communications Committee
Power System Education Committee
Power System Relaying Committee
Pozo River Vigilance Committee
Practice Expense Review Committee
Pre-bid, Bidding, and Awards Committee
Precinct Committee Person
Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee
Preliminary Mediation Review Committee
Prescott Bicycle Advisory Committee
Preserve Bottle Village Committee
President’s Budget Advisory Committee
President’s Committee on Arts and Culture
President’s Conference Committee
President’s Export Council Subcommittee on Encryption
President’s Scientific Advisory Committee
Presidential Campaign Committee
Presidential Committee for Housing and Urban Resettlement
Presidential Committee on Effective Governance
Presidential Exploratory Committee
Presidential Inaugural Committee
Presidential Payment Verification Committee
Presidential Search Committee
Presidents Committee on Government Contracts
Prestressed Concrete Committee for Economic Fabrication
Priesthood Executive Committee
Principal Investigator Executive Committee
Principals Committee
Printing Industry Advisory Committee
Prion Expert Committee
Priorities and Tasking Control Committee
Priority Planning Advisory Committee
Prisoners Justice Action Committee
Private Insurance Supervisory Committee
Private Rented Housing Committee
Privileges Committee
Probe Steering Committee
Proceedings Authorization Committee
Process Review Committee
Procurement Requirements Review Committee
Procurement Review Committee
Production Information & News Committee
Production Technology Management Committee
Products and Services Committee
Products Management Committee
Professional Accountants in Business Committee
Professional Activities Committee
Professional Activities Committees for Engineers
Professional Advisory Committee
Professional Conduct Enquiry Committee
Professional Development – IP Committee
Professional Ethics Committee
Professional Interest Committee
Professional Nursing Care Committee
Professional Relations Advisory Committee
Professional Staff Executive Committee
Professional Technician Development Committee
Program & Budget Committee
Program Advisory and Oversight Committee
Program Advisory Committee
Program Advisory Committee on the Human Genome
Program Budget Advisory Committee
Program Change Sub-Committee
Program Committee for Leadership for Ministry
Program Committee Member
Program Coordination Committee
Program Leaders Committee
Program Leadership Committee
Program Management Committee
Program Management Systems Committee
Program of Study Committee
Program Resource Advisory Committee
Program Review and Assessment Committee
Program Review and Validation Committee
Program Review Committee/Council
Program Steering Committee
Program, Analysis and Resource Review Committee
Programming Language Committee
Programs Risk Advisory Committee
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
Project Analysis Committee
Project Approval Committee
Project Development Committee
Project Implementation Committee in the Netherlands
Project Management and Coordination Committee
Project Management Oversight Committee
Project Monitoring and Implementation Committee
Project Overview Committee
Project Review and Advisory Committee
Project Review Committee
Project Steering Committee
Project Subcommittee
Promotion and Education Committee
Promotion and Tenure Committee
Propagation Committee
Property Tax Reform Committee
Proposal Evaluation Committee
Proposed Committee Bill
Prospective Students Advisory Committee
Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee
Protocol Review Subcommittees
Protocol Review Subcommittees
Provident Fund Establishment Committee
Provider Advisory Committee
Province Interagency Executive Committee
Provincial Committee for Environmental Co-ordination
Provincial Committee on Learning Disabilities
Provincial People’s Committee
Provincial Project Steering Committee
Provincial Territorial Policy Advisory Committee on Codes
Provisional Committee on Development Agenda
Provisioning Technical Service Committee
Provisions Update Committee
Public Accounts Committee
Public Advisory Committee
Public Affairs Committee
Public Committee on Attorney Conduct
Public Documents Committee
Public Education And Assistance Committee
Public Health Advisory Committee
Public Issues Committee
Public Lands Advisory Committee
Public Outreach and Education Subcommittee
Public Petitions Committee
Public Policy Steering Committee
Public Protection Advisory Committee
Public Relations Advisory Committee
Public Relations Committee
Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee
Public Sector Classification Committee
Public Sector Committee
Public Services Executive Committee
Public Transport Users’ Committee
Public Utilities Regulatory Committee
Public Utilities Regulatory Committee
Publication Coordination Committee
Publications Review Committee
Puerto Rican Action Committee
Qatar National Olympic Committee
Qatar Olympic Committee
Quadripartite Management Committee
Quadripartite Research Committee
Qualification Oversight Committee
Quality and Academic Review Committee
Quality Assessment Committee
Quality Assessment Review Committee
Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee
Quality Assurance and Learning and Teaching Committee
Quality Assurance Committee
Quality Control Inquiry Committee
Quality Enhancement Policy Committee
Quality Fulfillment Committee
Quality Management and Improvement Committee
Quality of Markets Committee
Quarter Inch Committee
Queensland Murray Darling Committee
Queensland Prisoners Advisory Committee
Queer Advocacy Committee
Query by Committee
Quotation Committee Council Meeting
Race and Ethnocultural Relations Committee
Radiation Advisory Committee
Radiation Oncology Tripartite Committee
Radiation Safety Committee
Radiations Operations Committee
Radio Communications Committee
Radio Conference Subcommittee
Radio Technical Liaison Committee
Radioactive Waste Management Committee
Rail Operations and Regulatory Committee
Rail Users’ Consultative Committee
Railway Fare and Freight Committee
Railway Heritage Committee
Railway Industry Advisory Committee
Rainbow River Advisory Committee
Rainforest Aboriginal Consultative Committee
Rapid Development and Deployment Committee
Rapid Response Assessment Committee
Rate Making Review Committee
RCMP External Review Committee
Readiness Training Oversight Committee
Realtor Political Action Committee
Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee
Recombinant-DNA Advisory Committee
Recreation Resource Advisory Committee
Recruiting Committee Chairman
Regents Academic Committee on Libraries
Regional Affairs Committee
Regional Agricultural Consultative Committee
Regional Algal Coordinating Committee
Regional Building Committee
Regional Cassava Committee
Regional Citizens Committee
Regional Computer Advisory Committee
Regional Conservation Committee
Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee
Regional Emergency Medical Preparedness Steering Committee
Regional Engineers Advisory Committee
Regional Flood Defence Committee
Regional Interagency Steering Committee
Regional Liaison Committee
Regional Management Committee
Regional Monitoring Committee
Regional Mortality Review Committee
Regional Ocean Dumping Advisory Committee
Regional Office Coordinating Committee
Regional Office Implementation Committee
Regional Oversight Committee
Regional Preparedness Committee
Regional Programme Monitoring Committee
Regional Research Advisory Committee
Regional Resources Advisory Committee
Regional Space Allocation Committee
Regional Targets Advisory Committee
Regional Transportation Advisory Committee
Regional Tribal Operations Committee
Regional Workshop Coordinating Committee
Registration Liaison Committee
Regulating Department Liaison Committee
Regulations and Procedures Technical Advisory Committee
Regulatory/Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards
Reliability Prediction Committee
Religious Education Committee
Religious Education Committee
Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee
Remuneration Committee
Reportable Incident Review Committee
Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee
Republican Committee of Allegheny County
Republican Congressional Campaign Committee
Republican Executive Committee
Republican Executive Committee
Republican National Committee
Republican Parish Executive Committee
Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee
Republican State Leadership Committee
Republican Study Committee
Requirements Review Committee
Research Advisory Committee
Research and Graduate Studies Committee
Research and Institutional Review Committee
Research and Postgraduate Studies Committee
Research and Publications Committee
Research and Technology Coordinating Committee
Research Business Models Subcommittee
Research Committee of Legislative Specialists
Research Degrees Committee
Research Development Committee
Research Ethics Committee
Research Ethics Committee
Research Higher Degrees Committee
Research Programme Planning Committee
Research Standing Committee
Research, Development, & Acquisition Committee
Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee
Resettlement of Offenders Coordinating Committee
Residency Review Committee
Residential Real Estate Committee
Residents’ Committee to Protect the Adirondacks
Resource Allocation Committee
Resource Development and Licensing Committee
Resource Development Coordinating Committee
Resource Sharing Collection Development Committee
Resources Inventory Committee
Resources Protection Committee System
Resources Protection Executive Committee
Resources Sub-Committee
Respect for Others Advisory Committee
Review and Prioritization Subcommittee
Review Committee for Requested Changes
Review Committee on Genetic Modification
Revolving Fund Management Committee
RFC Review Committee
Rice Research and Development Committee
Richmond City Democratic Committee
Rights of Way Review Committee
Rio Puerco Management Committee
Risk and Capital Committee
Risk Assessment Committee
Risk Communication Committee
Risk Management Committee
Risk Oversight Committee
Riverfront Noise Committee
Road Transport Licensing Committee
Rocket Nozzle Technology Subcommittee
Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinating Committee
Roller Bearing Engineering Committee
Romanian Olympic Committee
Rubber Industry Advisory Committee
Rule Development Committee
Rules Advisory Committee
Rules and Bylaws Committee
Rules Committee Support Office
Running Back By Committee
RVS Update Committee (AMA/Specialty Society)
Safe Operations Committee
Safe Operations Committee
Safeguard Public Affairs Coordinating Committee
Safety Advisory Committee
Safety Advisory Committee
Safety Monitoring Committee
Safety Review Committee
Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum Committee
Salt Lake Olympic Committee
Sample Overview Committee
Sample Overview Committee
San Diego Host Committee
San Francisco Coordinating Committee
San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee
San Martin Planning Advisory Committee
Sandhill Waste Management Committee
Sapang Palay Development Committee
Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee
Saskatchewan Action Committee
Saskatchewan Action Committee
Satellite Committee for People with Disabilities
Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee
Saudi Relief Committee for Afghanistan
Save Middle East Action Committee, Inc.
Scenic Roads Advisory Committee
Scheduling Committee Action
Scholarly and Creative Activity Committee
School Advisory Committees on Appointments
School Based Management Committee
School Building Level Committee
School Improvement Advisory Committee
School Management Committee
School Neighborhood Advisory Committee
School Organisation Committee
School Organisation Committee
Science Advisory and Coordinating Committee
Science Advisory Committee
Science Advisory Committee
Science and Society Committee
Science and Technology Committee
Science Oversight Committee
Science Oversight Committee
Scientific & Engineering Advisory Committee
Scientific Advisory Committee
Scientific Advisory Committee
Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition
Scientific and Academic Advisory Committee
Scientific and Statistical Committee
Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee
Scientific Committee
Scientific Committee for Consumer Products
Scientific Committee for the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare
Scientific Committee on Animal Nutrition
Scientific Committee On Antarctic Research
Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety
Scientific Committee on Cosmetology
Scientific Committee on Food
Scientific Committee on Food
Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks
Scientific Committee on Ocean Research Satellite Equipment
Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research
Scientific Committee on Oceanographic Research
Scientific Committee on Plants
Scientific Committee On Problems of the Environment
Scientific Committee On Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Scientific Committee on Toxicity, Ecotoxicity and the Environment
Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health
Scientific Coordinating Committee
Scientific Earthquake Studies Advisory Committee
Scientific Estimates Committee
Scientific Ethics Committee
Scientific Program Committee
Scientific Program Committee
Scientific Review Committee
Scientific Steering Committee
Scottish Advisory Committee on Alcohol Misuse
Scottish Advisory Committee on Drug Misuse
Scottish Food Co-Ordinating Committee
Scottish Medical Students Committee
Sea Empress Environmental Evaluation Committee
Seaport Environmental Management Committee
Search Committee Chairman
Seattle Round Agricultural Committee
Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee
Secondary Road Fund Distribution Advisory Committee
Secondary Schools Facilities Committee
Secretaries’ Committee on National Security
Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality
Section Executive Committee
Security and Privacy Standards Technical Committee
Security and Stability Advisory Committee
Security Decisions Follow-Up Committee
Security Intelligence Review Committee
Security Privacy and Legacy Committee
Security Services and Privacy Executive Steering Committee
Security Services Technical Committee
Segregation of duties, Organisation, Authorisation, Physical, Supervisory, Personnel, Access, Management, Information technology, Internal Audit, Audot Committee
Select Committee
Select Committee on Medical Ethics
Select Committee on Ocean Policy
Sellafield Local Liaison Committee
Seminole County Republican Executive Committee
Senate Appropriations Committee
Senate Appropriations Committee
Senate Appropriations Committee – Defense
Senate Appropriations Sub-Committee on Defense
Senate Armed Services Committee
Senate Budget Committee
Senate Commerce Committee
Senate Committee on Agenda and Rules
Senate Committee on Finance and Planning
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
Senate Committee on University Budget
Senate Committee on University Honours
Senate Committee on University Planning
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Senate Higher Degrees Committee
Senate Intelligence Committee
Senate Judiciary Committee
Senate Library Committee
Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
Senate Research Committee
Senate Rules and Administration Committee
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
Senate Select Intelligence Committee
Senate Special Committee on Aging
Senate Steering Committee
Senate Transportation Committee
Senior Environment Management Committee
Senior Labour Inspectors Committee
Senior Military Medical Advisory Committee
Senior Policy Committee
Senior Policy Committee
Senior Political Committee
Senior Political Committee
Seniors Advisory Committee
Seniors Advisory Committee
Seoul Olympic Committee
Seoul Olympic Committee
Service Learning Advisory Committee
Service Review Committee
Service Transformation Committee
Sewage and Wastewater Advisory Committee
Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention Committee
Shadow Open Market Committee
Shanghai Architectural Visualization Committee
Shanghai Tourism Administrative Committee
Shanghai Urban Planning Committee
Shared Decision Making Committee
Shareholder Loan Finance Committee
Ship Design Committee
Ship Structure Committee
Ships Technical Operating Committee
Shooters’ Committee on Political Education
SIGINT Overhead Reconnaissance Subcommittee
SIGINT Training Advisory Committee
Sign Review Committee
Significant Ecological Area Technical Advisory Committee
Silverbell Corridor Neighborhood Committee
Single Rat Chromosome Committee
Site Based Management Committee
Site Coordination Committee
Site Evaluation Steering Committee
Site Management and Clinical Care Committee
Site Plan Committee
Site Plan Committee
SKA Science and Engineering Committee
Sky Loop Committee
Sleep Research Coordinating Committee
Slovak Food Codex Committee
Small and Medium Enterprises Committee
Small Business Committee
Small Business Consultative Committee
Small Business Survival Committee
Small Tenders Committee
Smiggin Holes Organising Committee
SMS Numbering Administration Committee
SMS/800 Number Administration Committee
Social Affairs Committee
Social Affairs Committee
Social Dialogue Committee
Social Event Monitoring Committee
Social Justice Committee
Social Responsibility Committee
Socio-Economic Analysis Committee
Software and Systems Engineering Standards Committee
Software Engineering Standards Committee
Software Quality Assurance Subcommittee
Soil and Water Conservation Committee
Solar System Exploration Committee
Soldering Technology Committee
Solid Waste Advisory Committee
Solid Waste and Recycling Committee
Solid Waste Management Committee
Somass Estuary Management Committee
Somervell County Committee on Aging
Source Evaluation Committee
Source Selection Advisory Committee/Council
Source Selection Committee
Source Selection Evaluation Committee
South African Committee for Stratigraphy
South African National Committee
South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee
South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee
South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee
South Downs Joint Committee
South of Market Project Area Committee
Southern Africa Technical Advisory Committee
Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games
Southern Cape Land Committee
Southern Extension Marketing Committee
Southern Group Environmental Health Committee
Southern Rocky Mountain Advisory Committee
Southern, Central and Eastern Africa Regional Committee for START
South-North Coordination Committee
Soviet State Committee for Science & Technology
Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee
Space and Earth Sciences Advisory Committee
Space and Siting Committee
Space Applications Advisory Committee
Space Science Advisory Committee
Space Science and Technology Advisory Committee
Spatial Information Committee
Spearmint Oil Administrative Committee
Special Access Required Programs Oversight Committee (USAF)
Special Advisory Committee
Special Advisory Committee
Special Agricultural Committee
Special Agricultural Committee
Special Committee
Special Committee for the International Biological Program
Special Committee for the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
Special Committee for the Protection of Children
Special Committee on Agriculture
Special Committee on Animals and the Law
Special Committee on Faculty Women
Special Committee on Palestine
Special Committee on Paperless Entries
Special Committee on Scholarly Communication
Special Committee on Trade
Special Coordination Committee
Special Education Advisory Committee
Special Education Committee
Special Education Parent Advisory Committee
Special Education State Advisory Committee
Special Events Committee
Special Funds Conservation Committee
Special Investigation Committee
Special Issues Committee
Special Litigation Committee
Special Political Committee
Special Political Committee
Special Software Committee
Special Topic Committee
Specialist Advisory Committee
Specialist Advisory Committee
Specialist Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance
Spectrum Planning Subcommittee
Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee
Staff and Associate Specialists Committee
Staff and Organizational Development Committee
Staff Consultation and Negotiation Committee
Staff Parish Relations Committee
Staff Student Liaison Committee
Staffs’ Reference Committee
Stakeholder Sounding Committee
Standard Planning And Requirement Committee
Standards Advisory Committee
Standards Advisory Committee
Standards and Data Services Committee
Standards and Privileges Committee
Standards and Privileges Committee
Standards Coordinating Committee
Standards Development Committee
Standards Management Committee
Standards of Practice Committee
Standards of Practice Committee
Standing Advisory Committee for Frequency Allocation
Standing Committee
Standing Committee for Construction
Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation
Standing Committee for Economic Reconstruction
Standing Committee for Hospitals in Europe
Standing Committee for Youth Justice
Standing Committee of Correspondents
Standing Committee of Ministers Responsible for Agriculture
Standing Committee of Officials
Standing Committee of the Political Bureau
Standing Committee on Administrative Cooperation
Standing Committee on Agricultural Research
Standing Committee on Agriculture
Standing Committee on Agriculture and Resource Management
Standing Committee on Business Development
Standing Committee on Construction
Standing Committee on Environmental Law
Standing Committee on Fisheries
Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs
Standing Committee on Glaciation
Standing Committee on Hazard Information and Packaging
Standing Committee on Health
Standing Committee on Highways
Standing Committee on Human Resources
Standing Committee on International Trade
Standing Committee on Interregional Connectivity
Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants
Standing Committee on Military Matters
Standing Committee on National Concerns
Standing Committee on Nutrition
Standing Committee on Observation and Inspection
Standing Committee on Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education
Standing Committee on Procedure
Standing Committee on Professional Awareness
Standing Committee on Public Accounts
Standing Committee on Public Accounts
Standing Committee on Recreation and Sport
Standing Committee on Refugees and Peace
Standing Committee on Research Exchange
Standing Committee on Resources Research and Development
Standing Committee on Road Accident Statistics
Standing Committee on Soil Conservation
Standing Committee on the Environment
Standing Committee on the Environment
Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health
Standing Committee on the Law of Patents
Standing Committee on the Status of Women
Standing Committee on Therapeutic Trials
Standing Committee on Transport
Standing Committee on Treaties
Standing Committee on Tuna and Billfish
Standing Committee on Water Pollution
Standing Committee on Women
Standing Interpretations Committee
Standing Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Committee
Standing Standard Project Committee
Standing Veterinary Committee
Star Trek Welcommittee
State Agriculture Development Committee
State Animal Disease Emergency Committee
State Codes Advisory Committee
State Committee for Environmental Protection
State Committee for National Security
State Committee for Nationalities and Religions
State Committee for Nature Protection
State Committee on Religious Affairs
State Committee on Religious and National Affairs
State Council AIDS Working Committee Office
State Custom Committee
State Democratic Executive Committee
State Emergency Communications Committee
State Emergency Management Committee
State Finance Committee
State Financial Control Committee
State Land Committee
State Legislative Committee
State Level Bankers’ Committee
State Level Empowered Committee
State Level Steering Committee
State Libertarian Executive Committee
State Nuclear Regulatory Committee
State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee
State Public Affairs Committee
State Referee Committee
State Statistics Committee of Ukraine
State Technical Committee
State Uniform Billing Committee
State Water Monitoring Committee
Stated Clerk Nomination Committee
Statewide Articulation and Dual Enrollment Committee
Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee
Statewide Steering Committee
Statistical Information Management Committee
Status of Women and Minorities Committee
Statute Law Committee
Steel Advisory Committee
Steel Advisory Committee
Steel Workers Organizing Committee
Steering Committee
Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response
Steering Committee Meeting
Steering Committee Member
Steering Committee on Mine Action
Steering Committee on Telecommunications
Stevens Underground Music Awareness Committee
Stock Assessment Review Committee
Stock Selection Committee
Storage System Standards Committee
Strategic Management Committee
Strategic Missile Evaluation Committee
Strategic Planning and Budget Committee
Strategic Planning and Requirements Committee
Strategic Planning and Review Committee
Strategic Planning Committee
Strategic Planning Committee
Strategic Review Committee
Strategic Systems Committee
Strategy & Planning Committee
Strategy & Planning Committee
Strategy and Policy Committee
Strategy and Policy Committee
Strategy Sub-Committee
Strong Motion Instrumentation Advisory Committee
Structure, Organization, Monitoring & Evaluation Committee
Student Activities Budget Review Committee
Student Activities Committee
Student Activities Committee
Student Association Committee
Student Association Committee
Student Athletic Advisory Committee
Student Budget and Appropriations Committee
Student Committee for IMSA Advancement
Student Community Liaison Committee
Student Health Insurance Committee
Student Involvement Committee
Student Liaison Committee
Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee
Student Organized Clinic Committee
Student Organizing Committee for the Arts
Student Political Action Committee
Student Publications and Radio Committee
Student Section Executive Committee
Student Services Finance Committee
Student Staff Liaison Committee
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Study Committee on Lawyer Advertising
Study Program Coordination Committee
Sub Committee on Older Women
Subcommittee 2 of JTC1
Sub-Committee on Animal Welfare
Sub-Committee on Animal Welfare
Subcommittee on Automated Information Systems Security
Subcommittee on Corrosion & Materials
Subcommittee on Cultural and Demographic Data
Subcommittee on Disaster Reduction
Subcommittee on Ground Water
Subcommittee on Health Risk Assessment
Subcommittee on Information Systems Security of the NSTISSC
Subcommittee on Managed Marshes
Subcommittee on Oceans and Coastal Areas
Subcommittee on Research Needs
Subcommittee on Systems Operation and Management
Subcommittee on Telecommunications Security
Subcommittee Proposal Item
Subject Advisory Committee
Subject Advisory Committee
Subject Matter Expert Advisory Committee
Subject Matter Expert Committee
Subsidized Standards Standing Committee
Substance Abuse Control Committee
Substantive Production Subcommittee
Sub-Technical Committee
Suggestion Award Committee
Suggestion Award Committee
Supplemental Law Enforcement Oversight Committee
Supplier Base Management Committee
Supply Chain Leadership Committee
Support Careers Advisory Committee
Support Issues Development Committee
Supreme Committee Members
Supreme Court Monitoring Committee
Supreme Student Committee
Surface Warfare Naval Reserve Advisory Committee
Surge Protective Devices Committee
Suspect Material Action Committee
Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment
Swedish Afghan Committee
Swedish Afghan Committee
Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
Swedish Helsinki Committee
Swedish National Allocations Committee
Syama Mine Community Consultative Committee
Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games
Sydney Paralympic Organising Committee
Symbology Standards Management Committee
Synodical Committee on Race Relations
Systems Engineering Applications Technical Committee
Tanker Service Committee
Task Force Steering Committee
Tax Credit Allocation Committee
TBSAC Information Management Subcommittee (Canada)
Tea Association Technical Committee
Teachers Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Education
Teaching and Learning Committee
Teaching Merit Review Committee
Teaching Quality Enhancement Committee
Technical Activities Committee
Technical Advisory Committee
Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee
Technical Committee
Technical Committee Management Group
Technical Committee Meeting
Technical Committee on Communications Systems
Technical Committee on Complexity
Technical Committee on Computational Medicine
Technical Committee on Computer Communications
Technical Committee on Data Engineering
Technical Committee on Digital Libraries
Technical Committee on Distributed Computing
Technical Committee on Electricity and Magnetism
Technical Committee on Gigabit Networking
Technical Committee on Information Infrastructure
Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics
Technical Committee on Learning Technology
Technical Committee on Mathematical Foundations of Computing
Technical Committee on Microprocessors and Microcomputers
Technical Committee on Operating Systems
Technical Committee on Personal Communications
Technical Committee on Radio Equipment and Systems
Technical Committee on Scalable Computing
Technical Committee on Security
Technical Committee on Soil Conservation
Technical Committee on Visualization and Graphics
Technical Committees in Technical Operations
Technical Coordinating Committee
Technical Correlating Committee
Technical Data & Standardization Policy Committee
Technical Electronic Product Radiation Safety Standards Committee
Technical Evaluation Committee
Technical Issues Committee
Technical Merit Review Committee
Technical Options Committee
Technical Overview Committee
Technical Planning Committee
Technical Preparatory Committee of the Whole
Technical Programme Committee
Technical Recommendations Application Committee
Technical Review Committee
Technical Session Improvement Committee
Technical Standards Committee
Technical Standards Subcommittee
Technical Steering Committee
Technical Subcommittee
Technical Water Polo Committee
Technical Working Committee
Technical, Energy, and Government Activities Committee
Technical-Requirements Executive Steering Committee
Technologies and Logistics Advisory Committee
Technology and Distance Education Committee
Technology Coordination Committee
Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Technology Integration Steering Committee
Technology Steering Committee
Telecommunication Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance Committee
Telecommunication Technology Committee
Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee
Telecommunications Advisory Committee
Telecommunications Planning Committee
Telecommunications Standards Subcommittee
Telemetry Standards Coordination Committee
Telescope Allocation Committee
Telescope Time Steering Committee
Television Data Systems Subcommittee
Tenants’ and Workers’ Support Committee
Territory Anti Litter Committee
Test Construction Committee
Test Steering Committee
Test, Schedule, And Review Committee
Testing Priorities Committee
Texas Committee on Natural Resources
Texas Groundwater Protection Committee
Texas-Mexico Relations Committee
Textile Workers Organizing Committee
Thai Development Support Committee
The Education Committee
The Interdiction Committee
The Joint Artists and Music Promotions Political Action Committee
The Pretty Committee
the Secretary, United States Delegation UN Staff Committee
The Technical Cooperation Committee
The University Budget Committee
Therapy Guidelines and Audit Sub-Committee
Threat Reduction Advisory Committee
Threatened Species Scientific Committee
TIA Regulatory Issues Committee
Tidewater Labor Support Committee
Tight End By Committee
Timber Export Advisory Committee
Timber Procurement Assessment Committee
TM Chairman’s Coordination Committee
Tobacco Industry Research Committee
Tool Interface Standard Committee
Toronto City Cycling Committee
Toronto Cycling Committee
Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee
Tourism Advisory Committee
Tourism Forecasting Committee
Tournament Selection Committee
Towing Safety Advisory Committee
Toxic Air Monitoring System Advisory Committee
Toxic Materials Advisory Committee
Toxic Substances Coordinating Committee
Trade Advisory Committee on Africa
Trade Negotiations Committee
Trade Policy Staff Committee
Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee
Trade Union Advisory Committee
Trade Union Committee for Justice in the Middle East
Trade Waste Acceptance Advisory Committee
Trademark Office Practices Committee
Traditional Medicines Evaluation Committee
TRADOC Airborne/Airlift Committee
TRADOC Airlift Committee
TRADOC Materiel Evaluation Committee
Traffic Advisory Committee
Traffic Safety Committee
Trail Advisory Committee
Training & Education Advisory Committee
Training Advisory Committee
Training Ammunition Authorization Committee
Training Device Requirement Review Committee
Training Resources Advisory Committee
Training Steering Committee
Transfusion Medicine Resource Committee
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Advisory Committee
Transmission/Market Operations Subcommittee
Transnational Auditors Committee
Transport and Environment Committee
Transport Safety Standards Committee
Transportation Allowance Committee
Transportation Corps Technical Committee
Transportation Data Coordinating Committee
Transportation Management Advisory Committee
Transportation Policy Committee
Transportation Sub-Committee
Treasury Select Committee
TRICARE Executive Committee
Tripartite Productivity Committee
Tritium Operations Advisory Committee
Troop Construction Coordination Committee
TSCA Interagency Testing Committee
TSTV Activity Test, Schedule & Review Committee
Tuen Mun Rural Committee
Tuktoyaktuk Hunters and Trappers Committee
Tulane Study Abroad Committee
Turing Centenary Advisory Committee
Twins Days Festival Committee
U S Atlantic Salmon Assessment Committee
Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
Ulster Quaker Service Committee
Ultra-Deepwater Advisory Committee
Ulysses Club Road Safety Committee
Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee
Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee
Undergraduate Studies Committee
Undergraduate Teaching Award Committee
Unicode Technical Committee
Uniform Freight Classification Committee
Uniformed Division Labor Committee
Union Executive Committee
Union Management Consultation Committee
Union of Health Care Committees
Union Programs and Activities Committee
Unit Classification Committee
Unit Disciplinary Committee
United American Committee
United Kingdom Coordinating Committee on Cancer Research
United Kingdom Steering Committee
United Methodist Committee On Relief
United Nations Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting
United Nations Committee on Missing Persons
United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation
United States Breastfeeding Committee
United States Committee for a Free Lebanon
United States Committee for Refugees
United States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage
United States National Committee
United States Olympic Committee
United States Printer Committee
United States Representative to NATO Military Committee
United States representative to the military committee (US DoD)
United States Standards Strategy Committee
United Ukrainian American Relief Committee
University Appointments Review Committee
University Assessment Committee
University Committee on Academic Freedom
University Committee on Academic Personnel
University Committee on Academic Review
University Committee on Animal Resources
University Committee on Cultural Activities
University Committee on Disability
University Committee on Promotion and Tenure
University Educational Policies Committee
University Ethics Policy Committee
University General Education Committee
University Grants Committee
University Human Rights Committee
University Judiciary Committee
University Learning and Teaching Committee
University Master Plan Committee
University Master Planning Committee
University of California Observatories Advisory Committee
University of Iowa Antiwar Committee
University Park Allocation Committee
University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee
University Public Issues Committee
University Research Administration Committee
University Research and Development Committee
University Research Degrees Committee
University Research Ethics Committee
University Teaching and Learning Committee
University Teaching Fund Committee
University Technology Planning Committee
University Visual Arts Committee
University Wide Impact Committee
Unmet Needs Committee of Tangipahoa
Unsecured Creditors Committee
Upazila Development Coordination Committee
Update Reference Committee
Upland NGO Assistance Committee (resource management assistance consortium; Philippines)
Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Coordinating Committee
Upstream Cost Engineering Committee
Urban Forest Advisory Committee
Urban Services Committee
User Advisory Committee
User Test Instrumentation Committee
Users’ Committee of Foreign Semiconductors
Users’ Group Committee
US-Japan Special Action Committee on Okinawa
Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee
Validation Review Committee
Value for Money Committee
Verification Coordinating Committee
Vertebrate Pests Committee
Veterinary Biologic Advisory Committee
Veterinary Committee
Veterinary Products Committee
Veterinary Surgeons Investigating Committee
VHF Repeater Advisory Committee
Victims Advisory Committee
Victims Advisory Committee
Victoria Steering Committee on Homelessness
Victorian Disabled Sports Advisory Committee
Victorian Firearms Consultative Committee
Vietnam Committee on Human Rights
Vietnam National Mekong Committee
Vietnam Peace Committee
Vietnam-Russia Intergovernmental Committee
Village Defence Committee
Village Development Committee
Village Fisheries Management Committee
Village Forest Management Committee
Village Health and Sanitation Committee
Village Health Committee
Village Natural Resources Committee
Virginia International Committee Simulation
Visibility Index Oversight Committee
Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee
Vocational Education Committee
Voice Messaging Committee
Voluntary Committee of Lawyers
Voluntary Sector Advisory Committee
Volunteer Coordination Committee
Vulnerability Assessment Committee
Vulnerability Assessment Committee
Wajir Peace and Development Committee
Waldo County Democratic Committee
Waldorf Citizens Advisory Committee
Walkable Communities Advisory Committee
War Against Litter Committee
War Agricultural Executive Committee
Warburton Rail Trail Committee
Ward Development Committee
Warhead Safety Committee
Warwickshire Area Child Protection Committee
Washington Citizens Advisory Committee
Washington State Democratic Central Committee
Waste Acceptance Criteria Committee
Waste Advisory Committee
Waste Diversion Advisory Committee
Waste Management Committee
Waste Management Steering Committee
Water and Sanitation Users’ Committee
Water and Wastewater Consultative Committee
Water Balance Model Subcommittee
Water Conservation Authority Committee
Water Conveyance Advisory Committee
Water Planning Advisory Committee
Water Quality Management Advisory Committee
Water Quality Steering Committee
Water Resource Management Committee
Water Resources Committee
Water Resources Coordination Committee
Water Resources Monitoring Committee
Water Users and Sanitation Committee
Water Vision for the Americas Committee
Waterfront Design Advisory Committee
Watsonville Community Advisory Committee
Weapon System Partnership Committee
Web Policy and Review Committee
Web Site Advisory Committee
Webberville Activities Committee
WebVoyage Advisory Committee
Weighted Caseload Advisory Committee
WellCare Advisory Committee
Wellesley Central Advisory Committee
Wellness Centre Advisory Committee
Wellness Electronics Investigative Committee
Wellness Village Advisory Committee
Welsh Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
Welsh Affairs Committee
Welsh Joint Education Committee
Welsh Statistical Liaison Committee
Welsh Therapies Advisory Committee
West African Land Committee
West African Technical Advisory Committee
West Bend Beautification Committee
West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee
West Don Lands Committee
Western Area Child Protection Committee
Western Beef Resource Committee
Western Canada Wilderness Committee
Western Committee on Crop Pests
Western Extension Marketing Committee
Western Forest Carnivore Committee
Western Forestry Coordinating Committee
Western Grain Standards Committee
Western New York Sports Committee
Western Pacific Advisory Committee on Health Research
Western Pacific Fisheries Consultative Committee
Western Trunk Line Committee
Western Weed Coordinating Committee
Weston Ranch Organizing Committee
Westwood Environmental Action Committee
Wetland Resource Management Committee
Wheat and Barley Committee
Wheat Export Marketing Consultation Committee
Wheat Export Trade Education Committee
Wheat Industry Consolidation Committee
Wheelchair Dance Sport Committee
Wheels Accessible Advisory Committee
Wilchester Owners Committee
Wildfire Cost Assessment Committee
Wildlife Conservation and Management Committee
Wildlife Diversity Advisory Committee
Wilkes Community Action Committee
Wilmington Community Advisory Committee
Windsor Accessibility Advisory Committee
Windsor Bicycling Committee
Windsor Heritage Committee
Windsor-Essex County Environment Committee
Wing Climate Assessment Committee
Wisconsin Electric Political Action Committee
Wolf River Management Committee
Women and Law Committee
Women First National Legislative Committee
Women in Engineering Advisory Committee
Women in Engineering Committee
Women’s Advisory Counsel/Committee
Women’s Bodybuilding Committee
WONCA International Classification Committee
Woodbridge Campus Advisory Committee
Woodland Caribou Advisory Committee
Woodland Creek Architectural Committee
Woreda Advisory and Learning Committee
Work Environment Research Committee
Workers Cultural Action Committee
Workers’ Representation and Welfare Committee
Workers’ Rights Organizing Committee
Workforce Diversity Advisory Committee
Working Group Committee
Working Risk Management Committee
Workplace Health and Safety Committee
Workplace Mentoring Committee
Workplace Safety and Health Advisory Committee
Workplace Violence Advisory Committee
Works of Art Committee
Workshop Organizing Committee
World Committee on Tourism Ethics
World Development and Relief Committee
World Heritage Committee
World Mission Committee
World Press Freedom Committee
World Wide Web Committee
World Wide Web Instructional Committee
Writers in Prison Committee
Young Alumni Advisory Committee
Youth Action Committee
Youth Adult Committee
Youth Advisory Committee
Youth Committee Meeting
Youth Development Committee
Youth Grant Committee
Youth Justice Advisory Committee
Youth Programs Committee
Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee
Zangger Committee
Zimbabwe Olympic Committee
Zoning and Planning Committee
Zoning Code Rewrite Advisory Committee
Zoning Update Committee