Development Abbreviations II

What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development is a concept that combines economic and social development with environmental preservation.

Sustainable development is based on the preservation of natural resources for the next generations, as defined by the United Nations:

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Currently, the economic production model is based on the high consumption of non-renewable natural resources, which may result in the scarcity of these resources in the future.

In addition to the depletion of resources, the current economic model causes immense environmental impacts and reproduces poverty and social inequality.

Thus, sustainable development goes beyond the preservation of natural resources. It aims to improve the quality of life of populations, social justice, economic equity and the reduction of hunger and poverty.

To achieve these goals, it is necessary to establish strategies and policies to save resources and change consumption patterns.


Sustainable development in Brazil

Sustainable development is a guarantee provided for by the 1988 Constitution, which in its article 225 determines:

Everyone has the right to an ecologically balanced environment, a good for common use by the people and essential to a healthy quality of life, imposing on the public power and the community the duty to defend and preserve it for present and future generations.

This definition is in line with that proposed by the UN and places the responsibility for defending and preserving natural resources on the State and the community.

Despite the great biodiversity and biomes of global importance, Brazil is a country that still needs to make many efforts towards sustainable development, as it has high levels of environmental degradation.

In addition to the devastation of forests and ecosystems, the high emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and pollution, Brazil is one of the countries with the greatest social inequality on the planet.

According to the IBGE, there are more than 50 million people in Brazil in a situation of poverty – with an income of less than R$ 406 per month. And more than 15 million in extreme poverty – with an income of less than R$ 140 per month.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015, the United Nations set 17 goals for sustainable development . These goals are valid until the year 2030 and should guide the internal policies in the countries and the actions of international cooperation.

The SDGs are:

  1. eradicate poverty
  2. eradicate hunger
  3. quality health
  4. quality education
  5. Gender equality
  6. Clean water and sanitation
  7. Renewable and affordable energy
  8. Decent work and economic growth
  9. Industries, innovation and infrastructure
  10. Reduction of inequalities
  11. Sustainable cities and communities
  12. Responsible consumption and production
  13. Action against global climate change
  14. life in the water
  15. terrestrial life
  16. Peace, justice and effective institutions
  17. Partnerships and means of implementation

History of sustainable development

The concept of sustainable development was first presented at the United Nations Conference on the Environment, held in 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden.

This was the first time that economic development and environmental preservation were thought of together. Until then, these aspects were treated separately.

But it was in 1983, with the creation of the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Sustainable Development, that the concept of sustainable development was elaborated.

This commission aimed to study the negative impacts of human activities on the environment and also in ways to combine economic growth with the preservation of the environment.

The result of this research and the definition of sustainable development were presented in the report prepared by the commission, called “Our Common Future”.

The concept of sustainable development defined on that occasion was used as a basis for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Deforestation, ECO-92, held in 1992.

During ECO-92, discussions were held and proposals were made for environmental issues, such as the preservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change.

Subsequently, other international meetings took place with the aim of evaluating and establishing goals for the preservation of the environment, see some examples:

  • Kyoto Protocol: is an international treaty, which came into force in 2005 and aims to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • COP-15: the Conference of the Parties on Climate was held by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which took place in 2009, discussed the causes of global warming and established strategies to contain the planet’s average temperature.
  • COP-21: COP-21 was the Conference of the Parties, where climate change was discussed again and whose work resulted in the Paris Agreement, which outlined objectives to maintain the planet’s average temperature at 2º C.

Measures for sustainable development

In order for environmental resources to be preserved and nature to be protected, several measures must be adopted by governments, see some examples:

  • Reduction of deforestation and forest degradation;
  • Reforestation of areas degraded by human activities;
  • Establishment of environmental protection areas;
  • Proper disposal of waste;
  • Decreased emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants;
  • Clean sources of energy.

Development Abbreviations II

Individualized Developmental Educational Approaches to Learning
Indochinese Housing Development Corporation
Indo-Dutch Programme for Alternatives in Development
Indo-German Changar Eco-Development Project
Industrial and Commercial Development Authority
Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation
Industrial and Regional Development Program
Industrial Area Development Board
Industrial Centres Development Corporation
Industrial Council for Development
Industrial Council for Development Services
Industrial Development Advisory Board
Industrial Development Agency
Industrial Development Authority
Industrial Development Bank
Industrial Development Bank of India
Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan
Industrial Development Board
Industrial Development Center for the Arab States
Industrial Development Corporation
Industrial Development Corporation of Orissa
Industrial Development Financing Authority
Industrial Development Grant Fund
Industrial Development Leasing Company
Industrial Development Perspective Plan
Industrial Development Plan
Industrial Development Revenue Bond
Industrial Development Revenue Bond
Industrial Development Revenue Bond
Industrial Development Training Program
Industrial Developments International, Inc
Industrial Enterprise Development Institute
Industrial Parks Development Authority
Industrial Technology Development
Industry and Science Development Program
Industry Council for Development
Industry Development Fund
Industry Research and Development
Industry Research and Development Committee
Industry, Economic Development and Mines
Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index
Infant Development Inventory
Infantry Trials and Development Unit
Infinity Research and Development, Inc
Infocomm Development Authority
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Information and Communication Technologies and Development
Information and Communication Technologies for Development
Information and Comunication Technology for Development
Information Development
Information Development
Information Development Consultants, Inc.
Information Management Development
Information Society Development Institute
Information Society Development Office
Information System Development Center
Information Systems Development
Information Systems Development Methodologies
Information Systems Leadership Development Program
Information Technology Analytics and Developmental Services
Information Technology Development Center
Information Technology Industry Development Agency
Information Technology Research and Development
Information Technology Research and Development
Information Training Local Development
Infrastructure and Urban Development Department
Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe
Infrastructure Development Corporation of Orissa
Infrastructure Development Environment
Infrastructure Development Finance Company
In-House Development Division
Inishowen Rural Development Limited
Inishowen Rural Development Ltd.
Inland Valley Development Agency
Innovation and New Product Development
Innovative Development through Employee Awareness
Innovative Financing for Renewable Energy Development
Innovative Forum for Community Development
Innovative Product Development
Inspection Systems Development and Integration
Institute for Business and Industry Development
Institute for Business Development
Institute for Career and Leisure Development
Institute for Civil Society and Regional Development
Institute for College Research Development and Support
Institute for Communication and Development Action
Institute for Conscious Evolution and Human Development
Institute for Curriculum and Learning Development
Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
Institute for Development Anthropology
Institute for Development of Economics and Finance
Institute for Development of Scientific Studies
Institute for Development Policy Analysis and Advocacy
Institute for Development Research, Inc.
Institute for Development Studies
Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care
Institute for Education and Professional Development
Institute for Education and Professional Development
Institute for Educational Development
Institute for Election Systems Development
Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development
Institute for Executive Development
Institute for Food Development Policy
Institute for Human Development
Institute for Human Factor Development
Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa
Institute for International and Development Economics
Institute for International Economic Cooperation and Development
Institute for Leadership Development
Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development
Institute for Management Development
Institute for Middle East Peace & Development
Institute for Music and Indigenous Arts Development
Institute for Music Development
Institute for Nonprofit Development
Institute for Professional Development
Institute for Professional Development in the Addictions
Institute for Regional Community Development
Institute for Security and Development Policy
Institute for Small Business Development
Institute for Sports & Fitness Development
Institute for Steel Development and Growth
Institute for Studies in Industrial Development
Institute for Sustainable Regional Development
Institute for Technology Development
Institute for the Development of Christian Leadership
Institute for the Development of Education, Arts and Leisure
Institute for Theological and Leadership Development
Institute for Training and Development
Institute for Urban Development
Institute for Youth Development
Institute Growth and Development
Institute of Child Development
Institute of Community and Area Development
Institute of Dayakology Research and Development
Institute of Development Management
Institute of Development Studies
Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer
Institute of Development, Environment and Agricultural Studies
Institute of Economic Development
Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development
Institute of Health and Care Development
Institute of Organizational Development
Institute of Personnel and Development
Institute of Policy Development
Institute of Professional & Business Development
Institute of Reading Development
Institute of Resource Development and Social Management
Institute of Rural Development
Institute of Science and Technology Research and Development
Institute of Social Development
Institute of Water and Sanitation Development
Institute on Human Development and Disability
Institutional Development Fund
Institutional Development Plan
Institutional Development Program
Institutional Supporting Research and Development
Instruction and Professional Development
Instructional Design, Development & Evaluation
Instructional Development and Research Group
Instructional Development Service
Instructional Media Development Center
Instructional Program Developer/Development
Instructional System Development
Instructional Systems Development Design
Instructional Systems Research and Development
Instructional Technology Development Consortium
Instructor Development Course
Instructor Development Course Staff Instructor
Instructor Development Plan
Instructor Development School
Instructor Dive Development
Instrument Development Science Team
Instrument Development Section
Instrument Development Team
Instrumentation Development System
Instruments Research & Development Establishment
Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
Integrated Capabilities Development Team
Integrated Child Development Scheme
Integrated Child Development Services
Integrated Community Health and Development Programme
Integrated Conservation and Development Areas
Integrated Conservation Development Project
Integrated Development and Debugging Environment
Integrated Development and Tourism Investment
Integrated Development Corporation
Integrated Development Emulation and Analysis
Integrated Development Environment
Integrated Development Environment & Application Servers
Integrated Development Environment Filing System
Integrated Development of Agriculural and Rural Institutions
Integrated Development of Small and Medium Towns
Integrated Development of the Eastern Nile
Integrated Development Package
Integrated Development Plan
Integrated Development Planning
Integrated Development Services
Integrated Development Support System
Integrated Development Team
Integrated Development Test Schedule
Integrated Fisheries Development Project
Integrated Forestry Development Programme
Integrated Gas Development
Integrated Graduate Development Scheme
Integrated Guided Missile Development Program
Integrated Infrastructure Development
Integrated Lifecycle Development Environment
Integrated Medical Development
Integrated Model Development Environment
Integrated Multimedia Subsystem Development
Integrated New Product Development
Integrated Ontology Development Environment
Integrated People Development Approach
Integrated Personal Development System
Integrated Personal Development System
Integrated Product and Process Development
Integrated Product Development
Integrated Product Development Process
Integrated Product Development System
Integrated Product Development System
Integrated Product Development Team
Integrated Product Development Test
Integrated Regional Development Support System
Integrated Rural Development Programme
Integrated Services Technology Development
Integrated Social Development Effort
Integrated Solutions Development
Integrated Sustainable Rural Development
Integrated Systems Development
Integrated Technology Development
Integrated Watershed Development
Integrating Development, Environment and Sustainability
Integration Development Kit
Integration of Women in Development
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Intellectual Property Development, Inc.
Intelligence and Knowledge Development
Intelligence Career Development Plan
Intelligence Career Development Program
Intelligence Materiel Development Office
Intelligence Research & Development Council
Intensive Resource Development
Inter*Im Community Development Association
Interactive Development Environment
Interactive Development Language
Interactive Economic Development Network
Interactive Media and Game Development
Inter-Agency Committee on Sustainable Development
Inter-American Development Bank
Inter-American Development Bank
Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation
Intercultural Development Research Association
Intercultural Development Research Association
Intercultural Network for Development and Peace
Interdepartmental Commission for Sustainable Development
Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National Development
Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute
Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Development
Interface Development Kit
Interface Development Plan
Interfaculty Committee for Laboratory Development
Interfaith Community Development Association
Interfaith Housing Development Corporation
Intergovernmental Committee for Ecologically Sustainable Development
Intermediate Developmental Education
Intermediate Technology Development Group – Eastern Africa
Inter-Mission Micro Enterprise Development
Intern Development Program
Internal Defense And Development
Internal Development and Production
Internal Development Unit
Internal Research and Development
International & Development Economics
International Agency for Economic Development
International Agricultural Development Service
International Agriculture and Rural Development
International and Development Economics
International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development
International Aviation Development Corporation
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation
International Business Development
International Business Development Foundation
International Career Development Conference
International Center for Clubhouse Development
International Center for Development Affairs
International Center for Development Communication
International Center for Environmental Resources and Development
International Center for Human Development
International Center for Law in Development
International Center for Leadership Development
International Center for Organizational Development
International Center for Soil Fertility and Agriculture Development
International Centre for Career Development
International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy
International Centre for Development Oriented Research in Agriculture
International Centre for Education and Development
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
International Centre for Ocean Development
International Centre for Regional Planning and Development
International Centre for Tax and Development
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
International Child Development Program
International Chromium Development Association
International Coalition for Development Action
International Community Development
International Conference on Computer Research and Development
International Conference on Development and Learning
International Conference on Energy Research & Development
International Conference on Global Software Development
International Conference on Informatics Research for Development of Knowledge Society Infrastructure
International Conference on Mountain Environment and Development
International Conference: Education for Sustainable Development
International Cooperation and Development Program
International Cooperative Development Association
International Course in Health Development
International Development
International Development
International Development & Relief Foundation
International Development Agency
International Development and Social Change
International Development Association
International Development Association of the Furniture Industry of Japan
International Development Business Consultants
International Development Center of Japan
International Development Conference
International Development Corporation
International Development Corporation Agency
International Development Council for Academic Studies
International Development Design Summit
International Development Education Research Agency
International Development Education Resource Association
International Development Enterprise Associates
International Development Enterprises
International Development Enterprises, India
International Development Exchange
International Development Fund
International Development Ireland
International Development Markup Language
International Development of Computer Education
International Development Partners
International Development Program of Australia
International Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges Ltd
International Development Registry
International Development Research Center
International Development Research Centre
International Development Research Council
International Development Strategy
International Development Studies
International Development Studies Students Association
International Development, Community, and Environment
International Economic Development Council
International Education Development Initiative
International Educational Development
International Faculty Development Program
International Federation for Family Development
International Federation of Training and Development Organisations, Ltd.
International Fertilizer Development Center
International Finance and Development
International Finance and Development Corporation
International Forum on Accountancy Development
International Fund for Agricultural Development
International Fund of Charity Development
International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation
International Human Development Corporation
International Institute for Environment and Development
International Institute for Justice and Development
International Institute for Management Development
International Institute for Sustainable Development
International Institute for Trade and Development
International Islamic Forum for Science, Technology and Human Resources Development
International Journal of Behavioral Development
International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management
International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development
International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development
International Leadership Development
International Management and Development
International Network Development & Engineering
International Network Technology Development
International Noble Work Development and Investigation Association
International Nuclear Target Development
International Organization Development Association
International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development
International Organization for Standardization Development Environment
International Organization of Indigenous Resources Development
International Partnership for Development Programme
International Product Development Co., Inc.
International Product Development Management Conference
International Professional Development Academy
International Professional Development Association
International Project Development Roadmap
International Relief & Development
International Relief and Development in Afghanistan
International Resource Development
International Review of Community Development
International Skill Development, Inc.
International Social Development Institute
International Society for Design and Development in Education
International Society for Developmental Psychobiology
International Society for Marketing and Development
International Society of Developmental and Comparative Immunology
International Spa Business Development
International Space Development Conference
International Standards Development
International Sustainable Development Studies Institute
International Symposium on Cold Region Development
International Symposium on Gender in Sustainable Development
International Systems Development
International Technical Development Center
International Trade and Economic Development
International Trade Development Network
International Web Development
International Women’s Development Agency
International Youth Development Agency
Internet Alliance for Economic Development
Internet and Web Development
Internet Design And Development
Internet Development and Exchange Association
Internet Development Environment
Internet Development Toolbox
Internet Legal Education and Development
Internet Multimedia Development
Internet Source for Learning and New Development
Internordic Development and Consulting
Inter-University Consortium for International Social Development
Intervention Development and Evaluation Center
Intramewah Development Sdn. Bhd.
Intranet/Intranet Application Development
Introductory Business Development Plan
Inventory of Piaget’s Developmental Tasks
Investment and Business Development Agency
Investment Finance and Enterprise Development
Iowa Agricultural Development Authority
Iowa City Area Development Group, Inc.
Iowa Department of Economic Development
Iowa Test of Educational Development
Iowa Workforce Development
Iranian Curriculum Development Association
Iraq Foundation for Development and Democracy
Irish Development Authority
Irish Institute for Management Development
Irish Maritime Development Office
Islamic Centre for Development of Trade
Islamic Development Bank
Islamic Development Bank of Brunei
Islamic Development Organization
Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development
Isleton Development Company, LLC
Issaan Development Foundation
Item Development Administrator
Iterative Application Development
Iterative Incremental Development
Iterative Prototyping Development Approach
Jackson County Economic Development Board
Jackson County Land Development Ordinance
Jackson System Development Method
Jaguar Development Club
Jaipur Development Authority
Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust
Jamaica Cultural Development Commission
Jamaica Development Bank
Jamaica Sustainable Development Network
Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community
Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Corporation
Japan Computer Usage Development Institute
Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute
Japan Overseas Development Corporation
Japan Petroleum Development Association
Japan Pipeline Development Organization Inc.
Japan Regional Development Corporation
Japan Social Development Fund
Japanese Aircraft Development Corporation
Jasmine Application Development Environment
Java Agent Development Framework
Java Development Environment
Java Development Infrastructure
Java Development Kit
Java Development Tool
Java Education & Development Initiative
Java Engineering, Development, & Integration
Java MicroStation Development Language
Java Portal Development Kit
JC Applications Development Ltd.
JCALS Development Suite
Jersey City Redevelopment Agency
Jerusalem Coordination and Development Committee
Jerusalem Development Authority
Jewish Center for Business Development
Jharkhand State Forest Development Corporation
Jiangsu Development Planning Commission
JNIC Research and Development Contract (US DoD)
JNTC Rapid Distribution Database Development System
Job and Career Development Coach
Job Development Investment Grant
Job Location & Development
Job Standards Development System
Jobs-Economic Development Authority
Johnson City Development Authority
Johnson County Developmental Supports
Joint Application Development Environment
Joint Application Development/Design
Joint Capability Integrated Development
Joint Committee on Agricultural Research and Development
Joint Concept Development
Joint Development Agreement
Joint Development and Marketing Agreement
Joint Development Association
Joint Development Manufacturer
Joint Development Plan
Joint Development Program
Joint Development Program Office
Joint Development System
Joint Development Team
Joint Development Test
Joint Development Zone
Joint Energy Development Investment
Joint Leader Development Division
Joint National Intelligence Development Staff
Joint Petroleum Development Area
Joint Planning and Development Office
Joint Planning and Development Organization
Joint Professional Development Framework
Joint Program and Development Office
Joint Program Development Office
Joint Programs Sustainment and Development
Joint Tactical Communications Development Project
Joint Theater Missile Target Development
Joint Venture Development
Jordan Child Development Center
Journal of Career Development
Journal of College Student Development
Journal of Counseling & Development
Journal Of Development
Journal of Maori and Pacific Development
Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development
Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa
Journal of Transnational Management Development
JStamp Development Station
Juneau Small Business Development Center
Junior Development Programme
Junior Olympic Archery Development
Junior Professional Development
Junior Staff Career Development Program
Juried Product Development Forum
Justice Development and Peace Commission
Jute Manufacturers Development Council
Kajima Urban Development
Kalam Integrated Development Project
Kanpur Development Authority
Kansas Center for Community Economic Development
Kansas City Area Development Council
Karachi Development Authority
Karenni Student Development Programme
Karnataka Forest Development Corporation
Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation Ltd
Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation
Karu Development Strategy
Kashmir Institute of National Development
Kauffman Youth Development Institute
Kazakhstan Small Business Development
Keewatin Career Development Corporation
Kel-Ex Development Ltd
Kentucky Association for Economic Development, Inc.
Kentucky Industrial Development Council, Inc.
Kentucky River Foothills Development Council
Kentucky Youth Development Coordinating Council
Kenya Development Gateway
Kenya Development Network Consortium
Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute
Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development
Kenya Tea Development Agency
Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation
Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd
Kernel Development Guidance
Key and Developmental
Key and Developmental
Key Item Development Specification
Keystone Development Center
Khmer Rural Development Association
Khulna Development Authority
King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau
Kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment Alliance
Kingston Economic Development Corporation
Kinijit Support and Development Organization in Norway
Kinki Regional Development Bureau
Kirewa Youth Development Initiative
Kitamaat Port Development Society
Kivalliq Partners in Development
Knowle West Development Trust
Knowledge Asset Development System
Knowledge Base Development
Knowledge Base Development
Knowledge Management & Software Development
Knox Community Development Corporation
Knox County Development Corporation
Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation
Kobelt Development Inc.
Korea Business Council for Sustainable Development
Korea Development Bank
Korea Development Company
Korea Development Finance Corporation
Korea Information Society Development Institute
Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute
Korea Research and Development Information Center
Korea Rural Development Administration
Korea Sustainable Development Network
Korean Commercial Aircraft Development Consortium
Korean Development Institute
Korean Identity Development Society
Korean Mining and Industrial Development Corp.
Korean Resources Development
Kosovo Centre for Public Safety, Education and Development
Kuru Development Trust
Kyakulumbye Development Foundation
La Granja National Crop Research and Development Center
Labor and Workforce Development
Laboratory Development
Laboratory Development Model
Laboratory Directed Research and Development
Laboratory for Community and Economic Development
Laboratory for Developments and Methods
Laboratory for Simulation Development
Laboratory of Cellular and Developmental Biology
Laboratory of Gene Regulation and Development
Laboratory of Mammalian Genes and Development
Laboratory of Molecular and Developmental Biology
Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology
Laboratory Science Teacher Professional Development
Labour Market Development Agreement
Labour-Based Development Unit
Ladakh Ecology Development Group
Lafayette Economic Development Authority
Laguna Lake Development Authority
Lahore Development Authority
Lahu National Development Organization
Lake Nasser Development Authority
Lambton County Developmental Services
Lancaster Product Development Unit
Lancaster University Personal Development Planning
Land and Housing Development Corporation
Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority
Land Conservation and Development Commission
Land Development and Engineering
Land Development and Engineering
Land Development Desktop
Land Development Division
Land Development Objectives
Land Development Ordinance
Land Development Regulation
Land Development Review
Land Development Tax
Land Environment Economics and Development
Land for Development Programme
Land Management and Policy Development Project
Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development
Land Reform for Agricultural Development
Landscape Plant Development Center
Langkawi Development Authority
Langley Child Development Center
Language for Asynchronous Research and Development
Languages, Methodologies and Development Tools for Multi-Agent Systems
Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service
Lao Family Community Development
Large Component Development Management
Large Scale Development Committee
Large Scale Materials Development
Large Scale Planned Development District
Large Scale System Development
Large-Scale Community Facility Development
Larrakia Development Corporation Pty Ltd
Las Vegas Development Center
Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation, SA
Latin American Research, Education and Development
Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development, Inc
Latino Economic Development Corporation
Latinos in Development
Latjor Development and Relief Organisation
Law and Development Association
Law Enforcement and Development Report
Law Enforcement Executive Development
Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar
Lead Community Development Officer
Lead Development Agent/Agency
Leader Development Action Plan
Leader Development and Assessment Course
Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace
Leader Professional Development
Leaders for Excellence, Action and Development
Leadership and Human Development
Leadership and Management Development Association
Leadership and Organization Development Journal
Leadership and Organizational Development
Leadership and Professional Development
Leadership Development Academy
Leadership Development and Assessment Course
Leadership Development and Excellence Committee
Leadership Development Center
Leadership Development Conference
Leadership Development Corps
Leadership Development Institute
Leadership Development Journey
Leadership Development Partnership Ministry
Leadership Development Program
Leadership Development System
Leadership Development Workshop
Leadership Education And Development Program in Business, Inc.
Leadership Education Excellence in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Leadership Education/Action Development
Leadership for Environment and Development
Leadership Research and Development
Leadership Team Development
Leadership through Evaluation, Alignment, and Development
Leadership Transition and Chapter Development
Leadership, Management and Personal Development
Leading Education and Development in Evolving Regions
League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development
Lean Product and Process Development
Lean Product Development
Lean Software Development
Learner-Centered Professional Development
Learning and Development Kenya
Learning and Instructional Development Centre
Learning and Nurturing Development
Learning and Teaching Development Fund
Learning Content Development System
Learning Design and Resource Development
Learning Development Framework
Learning Development Unit
Learning Partnerships Development Unit
Learning Resources Development Unit
Learning School of Instruction and Development
Learning, Education, and Development
Learning, Teaching and Curriculum Development
Least Cost Power Development Plan
Least Developed Economies Economic Development Act
Lebanese Development Organization
Lee University Developmental Inclusion Classroom
Leeds Development Education Centre
Lehman Research and Development
Leicestershire Personal Development Programme
Lesotho Fund for Community Development
Lesotho National Development Corporation
Leuven Interdisciplinary Research Group on International Agreements and Development
Liberal Arts Network for Development
Liberian Development Foundation Inc
Lieutenant Professional Development Course
Lieutenants Professional Development Program
Life Development Center
Life Span Development
Lifelong Learning Development Plan
Lifelong Learning Development Unit
Light Construction and Development Management
Lightweight Helmet Development
Limavady Community Development Initiative
Limited Areas of More Intense Rural Development
Lincoln Economic Development Association
Lincoln Hills Development Corporation
Lincoln Uinta Child Development Association
Linear Application Development
Lines of Development
Link Community Development
Linking Mine Action and Development
Linux Development Kit
Linux Development Platform Specification
Little Italy Redevelopment Corporation
Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation
Liverpool Land Development Company
Liverpool Land Development Company
Livestock and Fisheries Development Bank Ltd.
Livestock Development Council
Livestock Development Department
Local Access Solutions Development
Local and Regional Economic Development
Local and Regional Partnership Development
Local Development and Employment Pact
Local Development Committee
Local Development Corporation of East New York
Local Development District Association of Pennsylvania
Local Development Document
Local Development Financing Fund
Local Development Framework
Local Development Initiative
Local Development Investment Fund
Local Development Investment Plan
Local Development Officer
Local Development Training Academy
Local Economic and Employment Development Council, Inc.
Local Economic Development
Local Economic Development Corporation
Local Economic Development Strategy
Local Economic Empowerment Development Strategy
Local Economy Development
Local Employment Development Action
Local Enterprise Development Unit
Local Governance and Community Development
Local Government and Rural Development
Local Government and Rural Development Department
Local Government Capital Development Grant
Local Government Development Program
Local Information Center for Development
Local Professional Development Committee
Local Redevelopment Authority
Local Workforce Development Board
Lockheed Advanced Development Company
Lodge Leadership Development
Logan Heights Child Development Facility
Logic Development System
Logistics and Acquisition Development Program
Logistics Development Data
Logistics Development Implementation Plan
Logistics Development Program
Logistics Engineering Advanced Development
Logistics Executive Development Course
London Development Agency
London Docklands Development Corporation
London Economic Development Corporation
London Libraries Development Agency
London Thames Gateway Development Corporation
Lone Wolf Development, Inc.
Long Range Development Unit
Long Term Athlete Development
Long Term Development Framework
Long Term Paddler Development
Loring Development Authority
Los Banos National Crop Research and Development Center
Loss Development Factor
Lotus Development Corporation
Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
Louisville Community Development Bank
Low Impact Development
Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation
Lower Secondary Education Development Project
Lowry Redevelopment Authority
Loyal Organisation for Rural Development
Loyal Organisation for Rural Development
Loyola Organisation for Rural Development Society
Lubombo Spatial Development Initiative
Lucknow Development Authority
Lynchburg Neighborhood Development Foundation
Lyndale Neighborhood Development Corporation
Maasai Women for Education and Economic Development
Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation
MACOM POM Development Instruction
Madagascar Estates Development Partners
Madras Metropolitan Development Authority
Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd.
Maharashtra Economic Development Council
Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation
Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation
Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited
Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation
Mahon Community Development Project
Mailman Center for Child Development
Main Library Redevelopment Project
Maine Rural Development Council
Mainframe Software Development Process
Maintenance Data Development System
Maintenance Technology Development
Major Development Review Team
Major Development Site
Maju Institute of Educational Development
Making Development Plans Deliver
Malawi Development Corporation
Malawian Entrepreneurs Development Institute
Malaysia Industry Development Authority
Malaysian Society for Training and Development
Malaysian Technology Development Corporation
Malaysian University Consortium for Environment and Development
Mammalian Development Facility
Managed Evolutionary Development Guidebook
Management and Organizational Development for Empowerment, Inc
Management Development and Productivity Institute
Management Development Center
Management Development Centre International Ltd.
Management Development Centre of Hong Kong
Management Development Committee
Management Development Institute
Management Development Program
Management Development Questionnaire
Management Development Research Unit
Management Development Specialists, Inc
Management Development Trainee
Management Development Training Department
Management Institute of Population and Development
Management of Development
Management of Development
Management, Development and Research Co, Ltd
Manager in Development
Manager of Business Development
Managing Partner Development Institute
Manatee Special Development Area
Mandal Parishad Development Officer
Mandate for Export and Research and Development in Information Technology
Mandela Bay Development Agency
Manipulator Development Facility
Manipur Urban Development Agency
Manpower Development and Training Act
Manpower Standards Development System
ManTech Advanced Development Group
Manufacturing Development Center
Manufacturing Development Engineering
Manufacturing Technology Development
Marathumunai Development Company Ltd
Marco Polo Developments Ltd.
Marine Corps Combat Development Command
Marine Engineering Development Program
Marine Engineering Development Strategy
Marine Helicopter Operational Development Squadron
Marine Products Export Development Authority
Maritime Industrial Development Area
Maritime Leadership and Behaviour Development
Market Development Cooperator Program
Market Development Engineering
Market Development Group, Inc.
Market Development Index
Market Development Manager
Market Development Organisation
Market Development Partner
Market Development Task Force
Market Driven Product Development
Market Management and Development Guide
Marketing & Business Development
Marketing and Development Unit
Marketing and Product Development
Marketing Development Funds
Marshall Research and Development Corporation
Marshalltown Economic Development Impact Committee
Maryland Economic Development Commission
Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority
Maryland Office of Tourism Development
Maryland/Israel Development Center
Massaba Rural Development Organisation
Massachusetts Alliance for Economic Development
Massachusetts Community Development Finance Corporation
Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network
Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation
Massive Economic Neighborhood Development
Master Career Development Professional
Master Development Plan
Master in Population, Gender and Development
Master of Arts in Development Studies
Master of Arts in International Development Studies
Master of Arts in Training and Development
Master of Community Development
Master of Education Professional Development
Master of Human Resource and Organisational Development
Master of Human Resources Development
Master of International Development
Master of Product Development
Master of Science in Land Development
Master of Science in Organization Development
Master of Science in Real Estate Development
Master of Science Training & Development
Master of Social Planning and Development
Master of Urban Planning, Design and Development
Master’s of Development Practice
Masters in Public Administration in International Development
Materials Technology Development Company, LLC
Materiel Development
Materiel Development
Materiel Development Automated Milestone
MAteriel Development Automated Milestone System
Materiel Development Cell
Materiel Development Decision
Maternal Health Practices and Child Development
Math Science Professional Development
Mattapan Economic Development Initiative
Mauritius Export Development and Investment Authority
Mauritius Freeport Development
Maximum Development Area
Maximum Rate of Pressure Development
Mayo County Development Board
Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development
McCarron Assessment of Neuromuscular Development
Measurable Development
Measurable Development
Measurable Development Application
Mechanical Dough Development
Media Development Authority
Media Development Loan Fund
Medical Care Development International
Medical Care Development, Inc.
Medical Development Unit
Medical Device Product Development
Medical Education Development and Leadership
Medical Education Development Unit
Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Medical Research and Development Command
Medical-Enterprise Development Group
Medication Development Research Unit
Medig Area Development Association
Medium Term Development Framework
Medium Term Philippine Development Plan
Meghalaya Industrial Development Corporation
Meghalaya Tourism Development Forum
Melawati Development Sdn. Bhd.
Melbourne Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace
Melbourne Development Board
Member of Legislative Assembly Constituency Development Scheme
Member of the Institute of Economic Development
Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development
Mennonite Economic Development Associates
Mental Developmental Index
Mental Retardation and Other Developmental Disability
Mental Retardation and/or Developmental Disabilities
Mentally Retarded Developmentally Disabled
Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award
Mentored Scientist Development Award
Mercy Economic Development International Corporation
Merit Rating and Career Development
Mesa Airlines Pilot Development
Metals Industry Research and Development Center
Meteorological Development Lab
Methodology of Associated Process Development
Methods Development and Application Branch
Metis Dene Development Fund
Metro Atlanta Respite and Developmental Services
Metro Economic Development Alliance
Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Project
Metro Manila Development Authority
Metropolitan Area Network Development
Metropolitan Development Association
Metropolitan Development Board
Metropolitan Manila Development Authority
Metropolitan Spatial Development Framework
Metropolitan Transit Development Board
METU Object-Oriented Database (Software Research and Development Center; Middle East Technical University; Turkey)
Michael Smith Business Development, Inc.
Michigan Broadband Development Authority
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Michigan Grid Research and Infrastructure Development
Michigan Housing and Community Development Fund
Michigan Minority Business Development Council
Micro and Small Enterprise Development
Micro Enterprise and Training Development Grant
Micro Enterprise Development Alliance of Louisiana
Micro Enterprise Development Forum
Micro-economic Development Project
Microelectronic and Computer Development Fellowship
Micro-Electronics Development for European Applications
Microelectronics Development Laboratory
Microelectronics Research and Development Center
Micro-Enterprise Development
Micro-Enterprise Development
Micro-Enterprise Development and Lending
MicroEnterprise Development Association
Microenterprise Development Organization
Micro-Enterprise Development Unit
Microprocessor Development System
Microsoft Canada Development Center
Microsoft Development Environment
Microsoft Development Environment
MicroStation Development Language
Microwave Development Laboratories
Mid West Development Commission
Midcoast Council for Business Development and Planning
Middle Development Inspection Agencies
Middle Monongahela Industrial Development Association
MIDIS Electronics ASIC Development
Midland Business Development
Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation
Midwest Regional Association for Developmental Education
MidWest WholeChild Development Group
Migrant Women Initiatives in the Netherlands for Development
Military Assistance to Stabilisation and Development
Military Requirement and Development Committee
Military Scenario Development Environment
Milk Development Council
Millennium Development Goals
Millennium Development Goals Report
Millennium Development Indicator
Milwaukee Idea Economic Development
Mindanao Health Development Office
Mindanao Peace and Development Program
Mine Defense Development Unit
Mine Development Committee
Mine Emergency Responsiveness Development
Mineral Conservation and Development Rules
Mineral County Development Authority
Mineral Development Fund
Mineral Resource Development Company
Minerals and Waste Development Framework
Minerals and Waste Development Scheme
Mines Development Inc.
Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development
Minister of Policy Development and Implementation
Ministry for Reconstruction and Rural Development
Ministry of Administration and Manpower Development
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Ministry of Community Development and Social Services
Ministry of Community Development and Sports
Ministry of Construction and Regional Development
Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation
Ministry of Economic Planning and Development
Ministry of Energy and Water Development
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Ministry of Environment, Local Government, and Rural Development
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
Ministry of Health and Social Development
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Ministry of Information Development
Ministry of Line and Phoenix Islands Development
Ministry of Livestock Development
Ministry of Local Development
Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development
Ministry of Mines and Steel Development
Ministry of Nation Building and Development
Ministry of National Development
Ministry of Natural Resources Development
Ministry of Natural Resources Development and Environmental Protection
Ministry of Overseas Development
Ministry of Overseas Development
Ministry of Public Works and Urban Development
Ministry of Revolutionary Development
Ministry of Rural & Regional Development
Ministry of Rural Development
Ministry of Rural Development
Ministry of Rural Reconstruction and Development
Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development
Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development
Ministry of Solid Minerals Development
Ministry of State for Social Development
Ministry of the Sea Tourism Transport and Development
Ministry of Women and Social Development
Ministry of Women Development
Ministry of Women’s Development
Ministry of Youth Development
Ministry Partner Development
Minneapolis Community Development Association
Minneapolis Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Minnesota Agricultural and Economic Development Board
Minnesota Career Development Association
Minnesota Indian Economic Development Fund
Minnesota Medical Development, Inc.
Minnesota Minority Supplier Development Council
Minnesota Regional Development Organization
Minnesota Studies in International Development
Minnesota Twin Study of Adult Development and Aging
Minority Adoption Leadership Development Institute
Minority Affairs and Faculty Development
Minority Business Development Agency
Minority Business Development Center
Minority Dental Faculty Development Program
Minority Enterprise Development
Minority Enterprise Development
Minority Environmental Leadership Development Initiative
Minority Faculty Development Program
Minot Area Development Corporation
Missile Development Center
Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center/Command
Mission Economic Development Association
Mission Integration and Development
Mission Profile Development List
Mission System Development
Mississippi Development Authority
Missoula Developmental Service Corporation
Missoula Technology and Development Center
Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services
Missouri Economic Development Center
Misthy Cee Development Centre
Mix Development Kit
Mixed Use Redevelopment Area
Mixed-Use Redevelopment
MO&DSD Operational/Development Network
Mobil Research Development Corporation
Mobile Development Limitada
Mobile Development Units
Mobility Pilot Development
Model Driven Development for Middleware
Model Driven Development of Advanced User Interfaces
Model-Based User Interface Development Environment
Model-Driven Development
Model-Driven Systems Development
Modernized Army Research & Development Information System
Modified Ordinal Scales of Psychological Development
Modular Component Technology Development
Modular Concept Test Development
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Mongolian National Council for Sustainable Development
Montana Aerospace Development Association
Monterey Bay Corporate Development
More advanced individuals with Autism, Asperger syndrome, and Pervasive developmental disorder
Morgan Executive Development Institute
Morning Star Development
Morris Area Development Group
Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Moseley Community Development Trust
Motor and Social Development
Motor Development International
Motor Industry Development Programme
Motor Recreation Development Officer
Motorola Modular Development System
Mottahedeh Development Services
Mount Holly Community Development Foundation
Mountain Association for Community Economic Development
Mountain Societies Development Support Programme
Mouse Developmental Kinase 4
Movement for Democracy and Development
Muamalat Officer Development Program
Muda Agricultural and Development Authority
Muda Agricultural Development Authority
Muhlenberg Career Development Center
Mulago Women in Development
Multan Development Authority
Multi Ethnic Community Development Association
Multi Store Development Agreement
Multicultural Arts Professional Development
Multicultural Development Association
MultiCultural Development Center
Multicultural Environmental Leadership Development Initiative
Multicultural Organization Development Program
Multi-Exposure Single Development
Multilateral Development Bank
Multimedia Application Development Environment
Multimedia Development Corporation
Multimedia Development Group
Multimedia Development Kit
Multi-Media Domain Development
Multimedia Instructional Development Center
Multiplex Development Opportunity Fund
Multisports Games Development, Inc.
Multi-state Online Professional Development
MUMPS Development Committee
Municipal Capacity Development Program
Municipal Development and Decentralization Project
Municipal Economic Development Fund
Municipal Economic Development Initiative
Municipal Planning and Development Office
Municipal Social Welfare Development
Music Industry Development Initiative
Musicians of Antrim District Development
Mwana Mwende Child Development Centre
MWSSS Engineering Development and Logistics
Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank
Mysore Urban Development Authority
Mzuri Kaja Development Society
Nagaland Environmental Protection and Economic Development
Namasuba Kikajjo Women’s Development Association
Namibia Development Journal
Namibia Development Trust
Namibia Rural Development Project
Nandom Youth and Development Association
Nanotechnology Human Resource Development
Naogaon Human Rights Development Association
Narmada Valley Development Authority
Narowal Rural Development Program
NASA Training and Development System
Nasir Community Development Agency
National Academy for Child Development
National Afforestation and Eco-Development Project
National Afforestation, Ecorestoration, and Eco-Development Board
National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association
National Agriculture and Rural Development Plan
National Alliance for Democracy and Development
National Alliance for the Development of Archery
National Area Based Development Programme
National Association for Government Training and Development
National Association of Development Organizations
National Association of State Development Agencies
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
National Basketball Association Developmental League
National Basketball Development League
National Biosafety Framework Development Project
National Book Development Council of Singapore
National Business Development
National Cancer Institute – Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center
National Capacity Development
National Career Development Association
National Center for Early Development and Learning
National Center for Eco-Industrial Development
National Center for Organization Development
National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities
National Centre for Development Cooperation
National Centre for Education Research and Development
National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development
National Commission on Integrated Water Resources Development
National Community Development Association
National Community Development Initiative
National Community Development Institute
National Community Development Policy Analysis Network
National Consortium for Health Systems Development
National Consultation on Career Development
National Cooperative Bank Development Corporation
National Cooperative Development Corporation
National Coordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development
National Corridor Planning and Development
National Council for Population and Development
National Council for Social Development Foundation
National Council for Sustainable Development
National Council of Development Communication
National Council on Marine Resources and Engineering Development
National Dairy Development Board
National Development and Research Institutes, Inc
National Development Bank
National Development Conference
National Development Corporation
National Development Council, Inc.
National Development Foundation
National Development Foundation of Dominica
National Development Foundation of Jamaica
National Development Framework
National Development Organisation
National Development Party
National Development Plan
National Development Planning Board
National Development Priority Plan
National Development Strategy
National Development Team
National Dryland Salinity Research, Development, and Extension Program
National Economic Development
National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy
National Energy Education Development
National Energy Policy Development group
National Extension Leadership Development
National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions
National Fertilizer Development Center
National Film Development Corporation
National Fisheries Development Board
National Fisheries Research and Development Institute
National Forest Development
National Geospatial Development Center
National Handloom Development Corporation Limited
National Health Development Fund
National Highway Development Authority
National Housing Development Association
National Housing Development Authority
National Housing Trust Community Development Fund
National Human Development Report
National Human Resource Development Network
National Industrial Technology Development
National Institute for Learning Development
National Institute for Marine Research and Development
National Institute for Program Director Development
National Institute of Career Development
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
National Institute of Development Research and Documentation
National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies
National Integrated Development Strategy
National Internet Development Agency
National Investment and Development Corporation
National Irrigation Development Plan
National Labour, Economic and Development Institute
National Launch Development Program
National Leadership Development Seminar
National Leadership for Development
National Leather Development Programme
National Livestock Development Board
National Maritime Development Programme
National Mineral Development Corporation
National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.
National Movement for Recovery and Development
National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents
National Pig Development
National Poultry Development Board
National Pre-School Development Foundation
National Primary Care Research and Development Centre
National Professional Development Library
National Programme for Agricultural Development
National Realty & Development Corp.
National Regional Development Strategy
National Rehabilitation and Development Centre
National Rehabilitation Association of Job Placement and Development
National Research and Development Centre
National Research and Development Corporation
National Research and Development Council
National Rural Development Partnership
National Rural Development Plan
National Science and Development Board
National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board
National Science Development Board
National Security Resources Development
National Skills Development Program
National Slum Development Programme
National Software Development
National Space Development Agency
National Spatial Development Perspective
National Spatial Development Planning Framework
National Sports Development Fund
National Staff Development Council
National Strategic Development Planning Framework
National Sustainable Development Partnership
National Talent Identification and Development
National Team Development Centre
National Team Development Program
National Technical Education and Skills Development Plan
National Technology Development Program
National Timber Development Council
National Tourism Development Office
National Training and Development Institute
National Transmission Development Plan
Nationwide Management Development Programme
Native Development Kit
Native Studies Curriculum and Teacher Development
Nato European Fighter Aircraft Development, Production and Logistics Management Organisation
NATO Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Development and Production Management Agency (now NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency)
Natural History Development Award
Natural Resources Development Project
Naugatuck Valley Development Corporation
Naujhil Integrated Rural Project for Health and Development
Naval Air Development Center
Naval Air Development Center
Naval Air Development Unit
Naval Explosives Development Engineering Department
Naval Medical Research Development Committee
Naval Ocean Research & Development Activity
Naval Research And Development
Naval Ship Research & Development Center
Naval Warfare Development Center
Navigational Development Technique
Navy Employee Development Education Development System
Navy Leadership Development Program
Navy Warfare Development Command
NCCOSC Research and Development Center
NCurses Development Kit
Nebraska Business Development Center
Nebraska Department of Economic Development
Nebraska Tourism Industry Development Plan
Negros Oriental Development Center
Neighborhood Alliance on Fenway Development
Neighborhood Business Development Program
Neighborhood Housing and Community Development
Neighbourhood Development Coordinator
Nepal Film Development Board
Nepal Indigenous Peoples Development and Information Service Centre
Nepal Industrial Development Corporation
Net Shape Forming Development
Netherlands Institute for Developmental Biology
Network Based Collaborative Development
Network Configuration Systems Development
Network Development and Operations Agreement
Network Development Group
Network Development Kit
Network for Drylands Research and Development
Network for Peace and Development
Network for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives
Network Management Systems Development
Network of Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
Network of Urban Forums for Sustainable Development
Network Solutions Development
Network Strategic Planning and Development
Network System Development
Network Systems Planning and Development
Networking and Information Technology Research and Development
Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities
Neurodevelopmental Clinical Research Unit
Neurodevelopmental Treatment
Neurological Developmental Treatment
Neutron Systems Development Ltd
Nevada Development Authority
New American Schools Development Corporation
New Application Development
New Bedford Redevelopment Authority
New Business Development
New Castle County Economic Development Council
New Concept Self Development Center, Inc.
New Development Opportunities
New Development Strategy
New Developments in Bioinorganic
New Developments Research Branch
New Drug Research and Development
New Economic Program for African Development
New Economy Development Group
New England Professional Development
New England School Development Council
New England School Development Council
New Equipment Training Development
New Iloilo Airport Development Project
New Industries Development Program
New Jersey Economic Development Authority
New Jersey Professional Development Center
New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Network
New Mexico Economic Development Department
New Okhla Industrial Development Authority
New Partnership for Africa’s Development
New Partnership for African Development
New Partnership for Development Act
New Product Development
New Product Development and Launch
New Product/Service Development
New Service Development
New York Center for Interpersonal Development
New York City Housing Development Corporation
New York Play Development
New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Nexperia Development Kit
Niagara Redevelopment Act
Niger Delta Development Board
Niger Delta Development Commission
Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation
Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone
Noakhali Rural Development Society
Noble Engineering & Development
Non Profit Business Development Center
Non-Development Software
Non-Developmental Airlift Aircraft
Non-Developmental Item
Nondevelopmental Software
Nonlinear Media: Art, Development and Science
Norfolk Education & Action for Development
North Africa Enterprise Development Facility
North American Integration and Development Center
North Antrim Dairy Farmers Development Group Ltd.
North Capitol Neighborhood Development
North Central New Mexico Economic Development District
North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission
North Doncaster Development Trust
North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd.
North San Diego County Transit Development Board
North Shore Soccer Development Centre
North Star Community Development Corporation
Northampton Development Center
Northamptonshire Training and Development Partnership
Northeast Community Redevelopment Agency
Northeast Mississippi Planning and Development District
Northeast Redevelopment Area
Northeastern Vermont Development Association
Northern Areas Development Gateway
Northern California Indian Development Council
Northern California Supplier Development Council
Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation
Northern Colorado Economic Development Council
Northern Illinois Center for Accelerator and Detector Development
Northern Ireland Development Agency
Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme
Northern Ontario Development Corporation
Northern Uganda Youth Development Centre
Northfield Downtown Development Corporation
Northside Economic Development Assistance Corporation
Northside Residents Redevelopment Council
Northwest Development Officers Association
Northwest Training and Development
Northwest Workforce Development Council
Norway Registers Development
Norwegian Agency for Development Co-Operation
Norwegian Development Fund
Notice of Impending Development
Notice of Proposed Development
Novell Development Kit
NuAspect Development
Nuclear Effects Research & Development Support
Nuclear Fuel Cycle Development Program
Nuclear Monitoring Research & Development
Nuclear Power Development
Nuclear Power Technology Development Section
Nuclear Rocket Development Station
Nucleic Exchange Research & Development
Nunavut Broadband Development Corporation
Nunavut Social Development Council
Nurse Education, Expansion and Development Act
Nursing Advisory and Development Group
Nursing Education and Staff Development Service
Nyabushozi Development Agency
Oahu Economic Development Board
Oak Ridge Small Business Development Center
Oakland Business Development Corporation
Oakland County Planning and Economic Development Services
Object Oriented Approaches in Software Development
Object-Oriented Administrative Systems-development in Incremental Steps
Object-Oriented Development
Occupational Skills and Enterprise Development
Ocean Movement Development
Ocean Observing System Development Panel
Oceanic Systems Development and Support
Oceanographic Development Squadron
Oconomowoc Developmental Training Center
Octavian Micro Development, Inc.
Ocular Development-Associated Gene
Offender Workforce Development Division
Office Chief of Research and Development, United States Army
Office Development Council
Office for Early Childhood Development
Office for Educational Development and Evaluation
Office for Mission and Identity and Organizational Development
Office of Atomic Development
Office of Building Energy Research and Development
Office of Business and Economic Development
Office of Child Development
Office of Child Development Early Learning
Office of Coal Development
Office of Commonwealth Development
Office of Communication, Outreach and Development
Office of Community and Economic Development
Office of Community Development
Office of Community Development Credit Unions
Office of Development and Alumni Relations
Office of Development Approvals Coordination
Office of Economic and Workforce Development
Office of Economic Cooperation and Development
Office of Economic Development
Office of Economic Development & International Trade
Office of Educational Development and Research
Office of Energy Research and Development
Office of Entrepreneurial Development
Office of Faculty and Staff Development
Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development
Office of Instruction and Program Development
Office of Instructional Support & Development
Office of International Business Development
Office of International Cooperation and Development
Office of Knowledge Management and Development
Office of Local Business Development
Office of Manpower Development
Office of Minority Educational Development
Office of Organizational Development and Practice Improvement
Office of Orphan Products Development
Office of Policy Development
Office of Professional and Organizational Development
Office of Program Development
Office of Recovery and Development Administration
Office of Research and Development
Office of Research and Standards Development
Office of Scientific Research and Development
Office of Small Business Development Center
Office of Space Systems Development
Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
Office of Student Development and Activities
Office of Sustainable Development
Office of Systems Design and Development
Office of Systems Development
Office of Technology Commercialization and Economic Development
Office of Technology Development
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations & Plans-Force Development
Office of Tourism Development
Office of Urban Development
Office of Veterans Business Development
Office of Waste Technology Development
Office of Workforce and Career Development
Office of Workforce Training and Development
Officer Career Development
Officer Development Action Plan
Officer Development Program
Officer Professional Development
Official Development Aid
Official Development Assistance
Offshore Development Centre
Offshore Khuff Gas Development
Offshore Product Development
Offshore Software Development Center
Ogden Development Center
Ohio Air Quality Development Authority
Ohio Association for Developmental Education
Ohio Association of County Boards of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Ohio Business Development Coalition
Ohio Coal Development Office
Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council
Ohio Multi-County Development Corporation
Ohio Rail Development Commission
Ohio Rural Development Partnership
Ohio Small Business Development Center
Ohio Valley Industrial and Business Development Corporation
Oil & Gas Development Company
Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
Oil and Gas Development Corporation
Oil and Gas Development Partnership
Okanagan Training & Development Council
Okinawa Development Finance Corporation
Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council
Oklahoma Rural Development Council
Oklahoma Small Business Development Center
Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority
Oklahoma Technology Development Corporation
old development paradigm
Old Town Development Board
Older People and Ageing Research and Development Network
Oldham County Economic Development Authority
Olmsted County Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Olympic Development Program
Olympic Institute for Leadership Development
Olympic Regional Development Authority
Oman Resources Development Consultants
Oman Tourist Development Company
One World Development Group International Inc.
Online Business Development
Online Course Development
Online Development Notebook
Online Game Development Conference
Ontario Development Corporation
Ontario International Development Agency
Ontario Management Development Program
Ontario Media Development Corp
Ontario Regional Economic Development and Innovation
Ontario Social Development Council
Open Contributors Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
Open Development Environment
Open Development Group
Open Development Initiative
Open Development Kit
Open Services Development Platform
Open Software Development System
Open Source Automation Development Lab
Open Source Development Network
Open Space Design Development
Open Space Residential Development
Open Systems Development
Open Technology Development
Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation
Operational Development Squadron
Operational Development Squadron
Operational Products Development Branch
Operational System Development
Operational Systems Development & Production
Operations and Utilization Capability Development
Operations Capability Development
Optoelectronics Industry Development Association
Optometry & Vision Development
Oracle Internet Development Pack
Orascom Hotel and Development
Oregon Institute for Leadership Development
Oregon Rural Development Council
Organic Marketing Initiatives And Rural Development
Organisation Development Network
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development/Development Assistance Committee
Organisation for Rural Development
Organisation of Development, Action and Maintenance
Organisational Development for Advisors and Consultants
Organization Development
Organization Development
Organization Development and Human Resources Management
Organization Development and Knowledge Management
Organization Development and Strategic Human Resources
Organization Development Journal
Organization Development Management
Organization for Cooperation in Overseas Development
Organization for Peace Justice and Development in Rwanda
Organization for Reconstruction and Development of Egyptian Villages
Organization for Rehabilitation and and Development in Amhara
Organization for Strategic Development for Africa
Organizational Development
Organizational Development and Staffing Unit
Organizational Development Learning
Organizational Development Plan
Organizational Development Specialist
Organizational Development Team
Organizational Development Worldwide
Organizational/Professional Development
Organizing for Community Development
Orientation Training and Leadership Development
Orissa Human Development Report
Orissa Tourism Development Corporation Limited
OSIS Evolutionary Development
Ouachita Partnership for Economic Development
Outdoor Leadership Development Committee
Outdoor Management Development
Outline Development Plan
Outsourced Development Center
Overseas Development Administration
Overseas Development Agency
Overseas Development Assistance
Overseas Development Bank and Trust
Overseas Development Corporation
Overseas Development Council
Overseas Development Institute
Overseas Development Ministry
Overseas Economic Development Fund
Overseas Employment Development Board
Overseas Market Development Corporation
Overseas Uranium Resources Development Corporation
Pacific Century Premium Developments
Pacific Development Services
Pacific Energy Development Programme
Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security
Pacific Institute of Advanced Studies in Development and Governance
Pacific Leadership Development Institute
Packet Service Systems Development
Pailig Development Foundation, Inc.
Pakistan Corporate Development Centre
Pakistan Development Forum
Pakistan Horticulture Development Export Board
Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation
Pakistan Institute for Development Economics
Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency
Pakistan Institute of National Development
Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation
Pakistan Society of Development Economists
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation
Palawan Council for Sustainable Development
Palestine Development and Investment Company
Palestinian Center for Microprojects Development
Pan African Development Information System
Pan African Institute for Development
Pan American Development Foundation
Pan-African Development Organization
Panel on Energy Research and Development
Papers and Reports on Child Language Development
Paradigm Developmental Model of Treatment
Paradise Street Development Area
Parallel Applications Development Environment
Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education
Parkari Community Development Programme
Part Handling, Engineering and Development Corporation
Participatory Agricultural Development and Empowerment Project
Participatory Community Development
Participatory Development and Good Governance
Participatory Development Program
Participatory District Development Programme
Participatory Irrigation Management and Development
Participatory Research and Development Initiative
Participatory Rural Development Foundation
Participatory Technology Development
Partner Development Program
Partners and Food in Emergency and Development Aid
Partners for Development
Partners in Career and Workforce Development
Partners in Community Development Fiji
Partners in Population and Development
Partners in Rural Development
Partnership Agreement on Mineral Development
Partnership Development Manager
Partnership Development Manager
Partnership for Child Development
Partnerships for Finance and Development
Pasadena Child Development Associates
Pastoralist Peace and Development Initiative
Patan Tourism Development Organization
Pathfinder Healthcare Developments
Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation
Peabody Developmental Gross Motor Scale
Peabody Developmental Motor Scale
Peace Economic Social Development Organization
Peace Region Economic Development Alliance
Peace, Conflict and Development
Peacebuilding, Development and Security Program
Pediatric Scientist Development Program
Pen Application Development System
Penang Development Corporation
Penang Skills Development Centre
Peninsula Alliance for Economic Development
Peninsula Council for Workforce Development
Pennsylvania Hardwoods Development Council
Pennsylvania Leadership Development Center
Pennyrile Area Development District
Penrith Lakes Development Corporation
Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority
People Centered Development
People Centered Development Forum
People Centred Development Approach
People’s Association for Rural Development
People’s Development Foundation
People’s Education and Economic Development Society
People’s Institute of Rural Development
People’s Progressive Development Society
People’s Recovery, Empowerment, and Development Assistance Foundation
People’s Rural Development Association
People-Centered Development Forum
Performance & Development Guide
Performance Achievement and Development Review
Performance and Development Review
Performance Appraisal and Personal Development Review
Performance Aware Software Development
Performance Based Development System
Performance Development System
Performance Evaluation and Development Program
Performance Management and Development System
Peripheral Nervous System Development
Periphery Driven Curriculum Development
PERL Development Kit
Permian Basin Workforce Development Board
Persistent Developmental Stuttering
Personal & Professional Development
Personal and Academic Development
Personal and Career Development Program
Personal and Professional Development Center
Personal and Social Development
Personal Appraisal and Development Review
Personal Career Development Profile
Personal Development
Personal Development and Performance Review
Personal Development and Safety Solutions Ltd.
Personal Development Center Associates
Personal Development Dialogue
Personal Development Education
Personal Development for Smart People
Personal Development Leadership
Personal Development Objectives
Personal Development Plan
Personal Development Record
Personal Development Review
Personal Development Review Scheme
Personal Development Skills
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Personal Professional Review and Development
Personality Development
Personality Development and Communication Skills
Personnel and Organizational Development Committee
Personnel Development Committee
Personnel Development Seminar
Personnel Management Development Directorate
Personnel Officers Of Research and Development Agencies
Persons with Developmental Disability
Persons with Disabilities Self-Initiative to Development
Persons with Disabilities’ Self-Initiative to Development
Perth Urban Rail Development
Pervasive Developmental Disorder
Pervasive Developmental Disorder
Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified
Petroleum Development Laboratory
Petroleum Development Oman
Petroleum Engineering and Development Company
Petroleum Exploration and Development
Petroleum Resources Development Division
Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat
Petroleum Technology Development Fund
Pfizer Global Research & Development
Pharmaceutical Development Service
Pharmaceutical Education and Research Development Centre
Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc.
Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc.
PharmaNet Development Group
Phased Development Site Plan
Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development
Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation
Philadelphia Commercial Development Corporation
Philadelphia Entertainment and Development Partners
Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation
Philippine Centre for Population and Development
Philippine Development Assistance Fund
Philippine Development Assistance Programme
Philippine Export Development Plan
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Philippine Society for Training and Development
Philippine Strategy for Sustainable Development
Philippine Sustainable Development Network
Philippine Training Center for Rural Development
Philippines Plan for Gender Responsive Development
Philippines-Canada Development Fund
Phosphate Development Works
Photographic Development Unit
PHP Development Tool (computer programming)
PHP -MySQL (My Structured Query Language) -Ext JS (Extension JavaScript) -Admin (software development project)
Physician-Scientist Development Award
Pike County Development Authority
Pilot Agricultural Development Project
Pilots Development Officer
Pinnacle Development Group
Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development
Placer County Office of Economic Development
Plan for Development and Operation
Plan of Conservation and Development
Plan of Further Development
Plan/Program Development System
Planetary Instrument Definition and Development
Planned Area Development
Planned Development Project
Planned Industrial Development
Planned Residential Development
Planned Unit Development
Planned Unit Development
Planned Unit Residential Development
Planned Use Development
Planned Use Development
Planning and Community Development Commission
Planning and Development Secretariat
Planning and Development Services
Planning and Development Support Services
Planning and Economic Development Services
Planning and Urban Development League
Planning Official Development Officers
Planning Resource for Infrastructure Development and Evaluation
Planning, Development and Rehabilitation
Planning, Development, Europe and Tourism Committee
Planning, Housing and Economic Development
Planning, Program Development and Budget Committee
Planning, Zoning and Development
Plans, Programs, and Force Development
Plant Directed Research and Development
Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corporation
Player Development Soccer Academy
Players Development Academy
Pleasants County Development Authority
Plug-In Development Environment
Plutonium Fuel Development Laboratory
Plymouth Professional Development Centre
PNOC-Petrochemical Development Corp
Point of Development
Police Race and Diversity Learning and Development Programme
Police Scientific Development Branch
Policy Coherence for Development
Policy Development
Policy Development & Review Department
Policy Development and Advocacy
Policy Development and Studies Branch
Policy for Global Development
Policy, Reporting and Data Development
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
Polluting Industries Development Ordinance
Polytechnic Research and Development Company
POM Development Instructions
Ponca City Development Authority
Pooled Development Fund
Population & Community Development Association
Population and Community Development Association
Population and Development International
Population and Sustainable Development
Population Community Development Association
Portal Development Kit
Portland Development Commission
Portland Technology Development
Positive Photoresist Development System
Positive Youth Development
Post Development Build
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development
Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development
Postal Development Action Group
Post-Development Software Support
Postdoc Career Development Initiative
PostgreSQL Global Development Group
Postwar Reconstruction and Development Unit
Potash Development Association
Potato Development Program
Potential Development Area
Potter County Redevelopment Authority
Poverty and Development
Poverty Reduction and Economic Development
Power Development Board
Power Electronics Development and Application Lab
Power Reactor & Nuclear Fuel Development Corp
Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp
Power Systems Development Facility
Powys Environment and Development Education Centre
Practice Development Unit
Pratibha Consultancy and Development Services
Precision Instrument Development Center
Precision Manuals Development Group
Precollegiate Academic Development
Pre-Employment Development
Prefectural and Communal Centres for Development and Continuing Education
Preliminary Development Model
Preliminary Development Model
Preliminary Outline Development Plan
Preliminary Technical Development Plan
Preliminary Training Development
Preliminary Training Development Study
Preliminary Weapon Development Report
Premier Development League
Prentiss County Development Association
Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency
Presbyterian World Service and Development
Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation
Prescreening Developmental Questionnaire
President’s Council on Sustainable Development
Presidential Assistant on Community Development
Preventive Development in the South of Kyrgyzstan
Prilep Region Enterprise Development Agency
Primary Care Development Corporation
Primary Development Service/Agency
primary development/test aircraft inventory
Primary Developmental Education
Primary Education Development
Primary Education Development Program
Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act
Primary Leadership Development Course
Prime Item Development
Prime Item Development Specification
Prince Rupert Economic Development Commission
Prince William Sound Economic Development District
Princeton Child Development Institute
Principal Development Activity/Agency
Principal Development Activityagency
Principal Development Plan
Principal Regional Development Officer
Principles of Healthy Child Development
Print Media Development Unit
Priority Development Assistance Fund
Private Development Organization
Private Sector Development
Private Sector Development Association
Private Sector Development in Agriculture
Private Sector Development in the Electric Power Sector
Procedure Development and Control System
Process Chemistry Development
Process Development Engineer
Process Development Execution System
Process Development Focus Group
Process Development Mapping
Process Development Mapping
Process Development Proposal
Process Development Team
Process Development Unit
Process Orientated Research and Development
Processing Development Environment
Procurement Development Team
Procurement Early Development
Produce Executive Development Program
Producer Initiated Research and Development
Product Design and Development
Product Design and Development Centre
Product Development
Product Development & Fulfillment company
Product Development & Management Association
Product Development and Innovation Institute
Product Development and Manufacturing Center
Product Development and Operations
Product Development Associates
Product Development Best Practices Report
Product Development Center
Product Development Detachment
Product Development Group
Product Development Manager
Product Development Manager
Product Development Partnership
Product Development Process
Product Development Proposal
Product Development Protocol
Product Development Schedule
Product Development Section
Product Development System
Product Development Systems and Solutions, Inc.
Product Development Team
Product Development Technologies
Product Development Unit
Product Development Web
Product Planning & Development
Product Research and Development
Production, Sustainment, and Follow-On Development
Professional and Career Development
Professional and Workforce Development
Professional Business Development Institute
Professional Career Development Institute
Professional Certificate in Development
Professional Development
Professional Development – IP Committee
Professional Development Accreditation Framework
Professional Development Activity
Professional Development Alliance
Professional Development and Appraisal System
Professional Development and Consultancy
Professional Development and Personal Enrichment
Professional Development Assistance Fund
Professional Development Center
Professional Development Centre, Northern Areas
Professional Development Certificate
Professional Development Collection
Professional Development Community
Professional Development Conference
Professional Development Day
Professional Development District
Professional Development Education and Training
Professional Development Event
Professional Development Exchange
Professional Development for Pracitising Teachers
Professional Development for School Improvement
Professional Development Guide
Professional Development Hours
Professional Development in International Business
Professional Development Initiative
Professional Development Institute
Professional Development Institute of Tourism
Professional Development Journal
Professional Development Laboratory School
Professional Development Leadership Academy
Professional Development Leave
Professional Development Meeting
Professional Development Meeting
Professional Development Needs Analysis
Professional Development Online
Professional Development Online Production
Professional Development Plan
Professional Development Planning Workshop
Professional Development Points
Professional Development Program
Professional Development Qualification
Professional Development Recognition
Professional Development Ribbon
Professional Development Scheme
Professional Development School
Professional Development Seminar
Professional Development Skill Identifier
Professional Development Suite
Professional Development System
Professional Development Teacher
Professional Development Technology Center
Professional Development Training
Professional Development Training Center
Professional Development Unit (similiar to Continuing Education Units)
Professional Development Year
Professional Diploma in Human Resource Development
Professional Management Development Program
Professional Organizational Development
Professional Personal Development
Professional Personnel Development Center
Professional Software Development
Professional Staff Development
Professional Technician Development Committee
Program Development & Maintenance System
Program Development and Evaluation Team
Program Development and Implementation
Program Development Assistance Fund
Program Development By Specification and Transformation
Program Development Computer
Program Development Council
Program Development Facility
Program Development Increment Package
Program Development Manual
Program Development Manual
Program Development Methodology
Program Development Methodology
Program Development Paper
Program Development Plan
Program Development Workstation
Program Evaluation and Organizational Development
Program for Export Market Development
Program for Research and Development of Ogoni
Program for Sustainable Development
Program Management and Development Team
Program Management Development Process
Program of Energy Research and Development
Program on Energy and Sustainable Development
Program Research & Development Announcement
Program/Project Development
Programmatic Reform Implementation Development Policy Loan
Programme Development and Coordination Facility
Programme Development in Reproductive Health
Programme for Museum Development in Africa
Programming Development Life Cycle
Programming Development Life Cycle
Programming Development Manager
Programming Development Manager
Programming Languages and Integrated Development Environments
Project Development Agreement
Project Development and Design Manual
Project Development and Execution Process
Project Development Candidate Report
Project Development Committee
Project Development Engineer
Project Development Guide
Project Development Institute
Project Development Life Cycle
Project Development Life Cycle
Project Development Objective
Project Development Service
Project Development Services, Inc.
Project Development Skill Identifier
Project Development Submittal
Project Development Team
Project Management Development Plan
Project Management Development Process
Project Management in Development
Project Managers Development Program
Project Software Development Incorporated
Proof of Development
Proposal Development Assistance Fund
Proposal Development Center
Proposal Development Worksheet
Proposed Advanced Development Objective
Proposed for Advanced Development
Propulsion Module Development Unit
Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council
Protection and Advocacy for Developmental Disabilities
Protection and Development of Culture Act
Proton City Development Corporation Sdn Bhd
Prototype Development and Risk Reduction
Prototype Development Unit
Providence Neurodevelopmental Center for Children
Provider Development and Support
Province Office for Integral Social Development of the Gujarat Jesuits
Provincial Development Strategy
Provincial Development Working Party
Provincial Housing Development Board
Provincial Spatial Development Framework
Provisional Committee on Development Agenda
Provisional Development Plan Consent
Provo City Redevelopment Agency
Prowers County Development, Inc.
Psychoanalytic Developmental Ego Psychology
Psychology and Human Development
Public & Development Management
Public Development Authority
Public Facilities for Economic Development
Public Health Development Centre
Public Issues Leadership Development
Public Library Development Team
Public Sector Development Group
Public Sector Development Queensland
Public Transport Development Project
Public Works Economic Development Program
Publication Development Order
Pudong Development Bank
Puerto Rican Association for Human Development
Pulaski County Development Association
Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development
Punjab Industrial Development Board
Punjab Infrastructure Development Board
Punjab Roads and Bridges Development Board
Purchase Area Development District
Purchase of Development Rights
Purification Development Laboratory
Putnam County Development Authority
Pyramid Systems Development
Q Venture Development
Quad City Development Group
Quadripartite Agreed Materiel Development Objectives
Quadripartite Development Objective
Quality Application Development
Quality Cost Delivery Development
Quality Development Plan
Quality Functional Development
Quality Service Development Program
Quality Supplier Development Program
Quality, Cost, Delivery, Development, and Management
Quantitative Enterprise Development
Quantitative Materiel Development Objective
Quantum Economic Development
Queen Alia Fund for Social Development
Queen’s Centre for Enterprise Development
Queens Economic Development Corporation
Queensland Industry Development Corporation
Quest Development Group, Inc.
Quest Engineering Development
Quest for Economic Development
Questionnaire Development System
Quetta Development Authority
Queues Enforth Development, Inc.
Quintain Estates Development
Quinte Economic Development Commission
Radar Research and Development Establishment
RADARSAT User Development Program (Canada)
Radio for Development
Radiochemical Engineering Development Center
Rail Simulator Development Limited
Railroad Development Corporation
Railway Development Office
Railway Development Society
Rainbow Development Life Cycle
Rainforest Resource Development Centre
Rainier Valley Community Development Fund
Raising Awareness for the Developmentally Disabled
Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation
Rajkot Urban Development Authority
Rajshahi Development Authority
Rakai District Development Programme
Raleigh Development Company
Random North Development Association
Range and Communications Development Contract
Range Instruments Development
Rapid Application Development
Rapid Application Development and Deployment
Rapid Application Development Environment
Rapid Architected Application Development
Rapid Development and Deployment Committee
Rapid Development and Maintenance Language
Rapid Development Application
Rapid Development Environment
Rapid Development Workshop
Rapid Development Workshop
Rapid Development/Deployment Capability
Rapid Early Development Unit Cost Estimation
Rapid E-Learning Development and Deployment
Rapid Environment and Development International Timetable
Rapid Model Development
Rapid New Business Development
Rapid Product Development
Rapid Yolk Development
Rappahannock Area Development Commission
Raspberry Industry Development Council
Rassemblement National pour le Development
Rate of Force Development
Ravalli County Economic Development Authority
Reactor Development
Reactor Development
Real Estate Advisory and Development Services
Real Estate Development Fund
Real Estate Development Group
Real Estate Development Marketing Act
Recent Development in Condensed Matter Physics
Receptive Developmental Language Disorder
Reclamation and Development Grants Program
Reconstruction and Development Agency
Reconstruction and Development Programme
Recreational Development Council
Recycling Economic Development Advocate
Redevelopment Agency
Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program
Redevelopment Authority
Redevelopment Land Agency
Redevelopment of Contaminated Properties Program
Reef Ball Development Group
Refugee Aid and Development
Refugee Development Center
Refugees Social Development Resource Center
Regional Agricultural Research and Development Centre
Regional and Local Development of Work and Labour
Regional and Local Development Project
Regional and Local Development Studies
Regional Arts Development Officer
Regional Arts Development Program
Regional Business Development
Regional Business Development Manager
Regional Case Development Officer
Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development
Regional Centre for Development Cooperation
Regional Cooperation for Development
Regional Development Agency
Regional Development and Innovation
Regional Development Assistance
Regional Development Australia
Regional Development Authority
Regional Development Bank
Regional Development Corporation
Regional Development Fund
Regional Development Mission for Asia
Regional Development Officers
Regional Development Organization
Regional Development Planning
Regional Development Simulation System
Regional Development Victoria
Regional Development Zone
Regional Economic Development
Regional Economic Development
Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee
Regional Economic Development Agency
Regional Economic Development and Diversification
Regional Economic Development and Energy Corporation
Regional Economic Development and Investment Agency
Regional Economic Development Assistance Corporation
Regional Economic Development Authority
Regional Economic Development Center
Regional Economic Development Commission
Regional Economic Development Fund
Regional Economic Development Partnership
Regional Economic Development Partnership
Regional Economic Development Partnership Program
Regional Education and Development Group
Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance
Regional Industrial Development Corporation
Regional Industrial Development Programme
Regional Planning and Development Board
Regional Planning and Development Commission
Regional Professional Development Center
Regional Program Development Unit
Regional Program on Enterprise Development
Regional Research and Development Team
Regional Space Applications Programme for Sustainable Development
Regional Sustainable Development Strategy
Regional Technology Development Center
Regional Telecommunication Development Conference
Registered Organizational Development Consultant
Regulation Development Team
Rehabilitation and Development Lanka Foundation
Rehabilitation and Development Organization
Rekawa Development Foundation
Relationship Development Assessment
Relationship Development Intervention
Reliability Development Test
Reliability Development/Growth Test
Remediation and Redevelopment
Remediation Technologies Development Forum
Remote Area Development Programme
Remote Area Developments Group
Remote Development Service
Renaissance Economic Development Corporation
Renault Driver Development
Renewable Energy and Economic Development
Renewable Energy and Rural Development
Renewable Energy Development
Renewable Energy Development
Renewable Energy Development Agency
Renewable Energy Development Initiative
Renewable Energy Development Institute
Renewable Energy Development Programme
Reproductive Health for Quality of Life Development Association of Thailand
Reproductive Scientist Development Program
Requirement Development Analysis
Requirement Driven Development Process
Requirements Development
Requirements Development
Requirements Development & Analysis
Requirements Development Analysis
Requirements Development Package
Requirements Driven Development
Research & Development Objectives
Research and Development
Research And Development
Research and Development
Research and Development
Research and Development
Research and Development
Research and Development Acceptance Test
Research and Development Advisory Council
Research and Development Assistance Scheme
Research and Development Assistance Scheme
Research and Development Association
Research and Development Board
Research and Development Center of Shanghai Municipality
Research and Development Centers
Research and Development Corporation
Research and Development Council
Research and Development Descriptive Summaries
Research and Development Division
Research and Development Explosive
Research And Development for Image Understanding Systems
Research and Development in the United States
Research and Development Information Management System
Research and Development Limited Partnership
Research and Development Management System
Research and Development of Empirical Studies
Research and Development Solutions, Inc.
Research and Development Support System
Research and Development Support Unit
Research and Development Xtreme
Research and Economic Development
Research and Economic Development
Research and Market Development Division
Research and Rehabilitation Development Center
Research and Technology Development
Research Based Staff Development
Research Centre for Sustainable Development
Research Development Acquisition
Research Development Activity
Research Development and Commercialization
Research Development and Engineering Command
Research Development and Extension
Research Development and Quality
Research Development and Statistics
Research Development and Technology Transfer
Research Development Associates
Research Development Committee
Research Development Department
Research Development Manufacturing
Research Development Team
Research Development Test and Evaluation
Research Innovation and Development Grants in Economics
Research Institute for Newspaper Development
Research Institute of Development Assistance
Research Program Development
Research Program in Development Studies
Research Service Development Extras
Research, Development and Acquisition Council
Research, Development and Demonstration
Research, Development and Demonstration
Research, Development and Deployment
Research, Development and Dissemination
Research, Development and Innovation
Research, Development and Testing Consolidation Panel
Research, Development, & Acquisition
Research, Development, & Acquisition Committee
Research, Development, & Acquisition Information Systems Agency
Research, Development, and Acquisition Information Support Activity
Research, Development, and Acquisition Plan
Research, Development, Demonstration, Testing and Evaluation
Research, Development, Design, Testing and Evaluation
Research, Development, Engineering & Quality
Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, Navy
Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Documentation
Research, Development, Test, & Evaluation
Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee
Research, Technological Development
Residential Development
Residential Development
Residential Development Loan Program
Residential Planned Unit Development
Resort Development Organisation
Resource and Support Centre for Development
Resource Conservation & Development
Resource Conservation and Development
Resource Conservation and Rangeland Development
Resource Development and Licensing Committee
Resource Development Coordinating Committee
Resource Development Foundation
Resource Development Initiative
Resource Development Institute
Resource Development International Cambodia
Resource Development Task Team
Resource Planning and Development Commission
Resource Sharing Collection Development Committee
Resources and Personnel Development Unit
Resources Development Administration
Restaurant Development Group
Results Based Staff Development
Retail Development Company
Reusable Ada Products for Information Systems Development
Reuse-Driven Development Environment
Revelation Urban Development Institute
Revenue Development Officer
Review of Development Economics
Review of Development Effectiveness
Review of Urban and Regional Development
Revitalising Areas through Planning, Investment and Development
Reynell Developmental Language Scales
Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation
Rhode Island Small Business Development Center
Rice Research and Development Committee
Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone
Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency
Ridge Hill Development Corporation
Right to Development
Riley Area Development Corporation
Riley Child Development Center
River City Software Development, Inc.
Riverfront Redevelopment Fund
Riverhead Industrial Development Agency
Riverland Development Corporation
Riverside Avondale Development Organization
Riverside Housing Development Corporation
Riverview Economic Development Association
Road Development Authority
Road Development Department
Road Safety Development Index
Road Sector Development Program
Roads Policing Development Unit
Roberts Enterprise Development Fund
Robotics Applications Development Laboratory
Robotics Industry Development Council
Rochester Downtown Development Corporation
Rochester Evaluation of Asset Development for Youth
Rockville Economic Development, Inc.
Rodney Economic Development Trust
Rolla Community Development Corporation
Romanian Association for Community Development
Rome Air Development Center
Rome Industrial Development Corporation
Ropes Course Developments
Rosacea Research and Development Institute
Rossington Development Trust
Rotherham Industrial Development Office
Ruby Development Tools
Ruby Game Development System
Rubyeclipse Development
Rugby Football Development Ltd.
Ruhunu Development Bank
Rule Development Committee
Rural Action for Development
Rural Agricultural Development Authority
Rural Agricultural Productivity Improvement and Development
Rural AIDS and Development Action Research
Rural Association for the Development of the Economy
Rural Business and Cooperative Development Service
Rural Business Services Development
Rural Coastal Fisheries Development Project
Rural Community Development
Rural Community Development and Motivation
Rural Community Development Initiative
Rural Community Development Program
Rural Community Development Resources
Rural Development
Rural Development
Rural Development Administration
Rural Development and Agricultural Production
Rural Development and Cooperatives Division
Rural Development and Food Security
Rural Development and Natural Resources
Rural Development Bank
Rural Development Center
Rural Development Commission
Rural Development Connection
Rural Development Council
Rural Development Foundation of Pakistan
Rural Development Initiative Fund
Rural Development Learning Centre
Rural Development Office
Rural Development Performance Measures
Rural Development Plan
Rural Development Program
Rural Development Service
Rural Development Services Network
Rural Development Strategy
Rural Development Studies Bureau
Rural Development Training
Rural Development Training Center
Rural Development Trust Board
Rural Development Volunteers Association
Rural Economic and Community Development
Rural Economic Development Grants
rural economic development initiative
Rural Economic Development Loan
Rural Education for Action and Development Agency
Rural Energy Enterprise Development
Rural Enterprise Development Programme
Rural Enterprise Development Project
Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme
Rural Equipping and Development International
Rural Health Development Centre
Rural Health Development Program
Rural Housing and Community Development Service
Rural Housing and Economic Development
Rural Industrial Development Authority
Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation
Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
Rural Infrastructure Development Project
Rural Livelihood Development Project
Rural Ontario Anarchist Development
Rural Research and Development Council
Rural Resources Development Institute
Rural Solar Energy Development
Rural Telecommunication Development Fund
Rural Transport Development Fund
Rural Water Development Program
Ruston Developmental Center
Rutgers-Newark Small Business Development Center
Rwanda Development Board
Rwanda Development Organisation
Rwanda Development Trust
Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development
Rwanda Women Community Development Network
Ryukyu Development Loan Corporation
SAARC Human Resource Development Centre
Sac Economic and Tourism Development
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
Sacramento Regional Recycling Market Development Zone
Safer Future Youth Development Project
Safety System Development Center
Sailor Development Continuum
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Salem Redevelopment Authority
Sales and Management Development Programmes
Sales Development Budget
Sales Development Representative
Sales Programme Development
Sales Racing Development
Sales, Engineering and Development
Salik Development Foundation
Salmon Arm Economic Development Society
Salt Spring Organization for Life Improvement and Development
Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development
Samagra Adivasi Medicinal Plants Development Association
Samar Center for Rural Education and Development
Samo Development Organisation
Samsung Product Development Management
San Cristobal Land Development
San Diego Redevelopment Agency
San Francisco Housing Development Corporation
San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
San Juan Bautista Child Development Centers
Sanayee Development Foundation
Sandzak Economic Development Agency
Sapang Palay Development Committee
Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency
Saraswoti Community Development Forum
Saratoga Economic Development Corporation
Sarawak Development Institute
Sarvodaya Development Bank
Sarvodaya Economic Enterprise Development Services
Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund
Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission
Saskatchewan Biofuels Development Council
Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit
Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board
Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board
Saskatchewan Training and Development Association
Saskatoon Mountain Economic Development Authority
Satyam Hungary Development Centre
Saudi Economic and Development Company
Saudi Fund for Development
Saudi Industrial Development Fund
Saugeen Business Development Centre
Savannah Economic Development Authority
Saviya Development Foundation
Scenario Development Plan
Scenario Development Workshop
Scheduled Caste Development Corporation
Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority
Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development
Scholarship and Youth Development Program
School Development and Accountability Framework
School Development Planning Initiative
School Development Program
School for Educational Evolution and Development
School for Human Resource Development
School for Language and Communication Development
School of Leadership and Professional Development
School of Lifelong Education and Development
School of Professional Education and Executive Development
School Readiness Language Development Program
Schuylkill County Industrial Development Authority
Schuylkill Economic Development Corporation
Schuylkill River Development Corporation
Science and Engineering in Software Development
Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development
Science and Technology for Development
Science and Technology for Development
Science and Technology for Development
Science and Technology for Development Network
Science and Technology for Regional Innovation and Development in Europe
Science Education Development Institute
Science for Sustainable Development
Science Networking Development Scheme
Science, Environment and Development
Scientific & Development Engineering
Scientific Development and Visualization Laboratory
Scientific Journal of Administrative Development
Scientific Research and Experimental Development
Scientific Research and Experimental Development
Scientific Research Development
Scientific Software Development
Scientists for Health And Research for Development
Scottish Community Development Centre
Scottish Community Development Network
Scottish Development Agency
Scottish Development Department
Scottish Development International
Scottish Developmental Biology Group
Scottish Multiprofessional Maternity Development
Scottish Rural Development Plan
Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of A Gaming Environment
Scrolling Game Development Kit
Sealy Center for Vaccine Development
Second Rural Infrastructure Development Project
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Secretary of the Army for Research, Development, & Acquisition
Sector Skills Council Development Agency
Sector Skills Development Agency
Sectoral Development Programme
Secure Software Development Lifecycle
Security Development Lifecycle
Security Development Lifecycle
Security Sector Development Advisory Team
Seed Capital Development Fund
Seed Potato Development Unit
Selam Environmental Development Association
Selangor Human Resource Development Centre
Selenium Tellurium Development Association
Self Development Test
Self Employees Economic Development Association
Self Help Development Foundation
Self Help Initiative for Sustainable Development
Self Service Development System
Self-Development Kit
Selling, Administrative, Research and Development
Semantic Web Advanced Development
Seminole County Industrial Development Authority
Seminole Nation Development Authority
Senior Developmental Education
Senior Executive Development
Senior Health Development Officer
Senior Leader Development
Senior Leader Development Office
Senior Leadership Development Program
Senior Management Development Programme
Senior Officer Development Division
Senior Resource Development Agency
Sensor Algorithm Development Environment
Sensor Evolutionary Development
Sensor Evolutionary Development Program
Sequenced Inventory of Communication Development
SERDP Exploratory Development
Server Software Development Kit
Service Assurance Systems Development
Service Development Application Framework
Service Development Environment
Service Development Studio
Service Platform Application Development
Service-Oriented Development Architecture
Services and Application Development
Services and Development Division
Services Oriented Development of Applications
Shadow Development
Shadow Development
Shadow Development Technologies
Sham Tseng Development
Sham Tseng Development
Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co. Ltd
Shelbourne Supporters Development Group
Sheldon Community Development Corporation
Shell Development Company
Shell Petroleum Development Company
Sherbrooke Biotechnology Development Centre
Shimoga Urban Development Authority
Ship Development Objective
Shipplanning Message Development Group
Shoals Economic Development Authority
Shuttle Payload Integration and Development Program Office
Signals and Electronic Warfare Research and Development Activity
Sikkim Rural Development Agency
Silicon Valley Economic Development
Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority
Simplified Regional Industrial Development Programme
Simulation Product Development Group
Simultaneous Product Development
Sind Rural Development Project
Sindh Primary Education Development Programme
Singapore Indian Development Association
Singapore Training and Development Association
Single Integrated Development Test Concept
Single Integrated Developmental Test Cycle
Single Point of Development
Sino Ocean Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Sino Thai Resources Development PCL
Site Development Plan
Site Maintenance and Development Plan
Sitka Economic Development Association
Sittard Enterprise Development Center
Size, Level of Development, Environment, Degree of Dependancy
SKA Project Development Office
Skill Development Base
Skills and Enterprise Development Academy
Skills Development Fund
Skills Development Fund Ltd.
Skills Development Levy
Skills Development Project
Skills Development Scotland
Skills Development Services
Skills Development Trust Fund
Sleiman Research and Development
Slovak Millenium Development Goals
Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency
Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority
Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council
Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria
Small Business Development
Small Business Development Association
Small Business Development Center
Small Business Development Company
Small Business Development Office
Small Business Development Program
Small Business Innovation Development Act
Small Community Air Service Development
Small Community Air Service Development Program
Small Development Requirement
Small Enterprise Development
Small Enterprise Development Agency
Small Enterprise Development Organization
Small Farmers Agricultural Development Project
Small Farmers Agricultural Development Project
Small Industries Development Bank of India
Small Industries Development Fund
Small Industries Development Organization
Small Scale Water Resources Development Sector Project
Smallholder Agriculture Development Project
Small-Scale Development Council
Snyder Union Mifflin Child Development
Social and Character Development
Social and Economic Development Trust
Social and Emotional Aspects of Development
Social and Emotional Development
Social Awareness and Development Compaign
Social Care Workforce Development Programme
Social Development
Social Development
Social Development and Human Security
Social Development and Management Program
Social Development and Voluntary Service
Social Development Association
Social Development Canada
Social Development Centre
Social Development Foundation
Social Development Library Institute
Social Development Network
Social Development Partnerships
Social Development Partnerships Program
Social Development Research Center
Social Development Unit
Social Education Language & Development Association
Social Fund for Development
Social Organisation Networking for Development
Social Planning Development Group
Social Security Sector Development Program
Social Welfare and Development
Social Work Research Development
Social, Cultural and International Development Studies Research Group
Social, Economic and Environmental Development
Society for Business Development Professionals
Society for Capital Market Research and Development
Society for Cultural Development
Society for Cultural Development
Society for Development Alternatives
Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
Society for Developmental Biology
Society for Information Technology Development
Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas
Society for International Development
Society for Legal and Environmental Analysis and Development Research
Society for Participatory Development
Society for Promotion of Appropriate Development Efforts
Society for Research in Adult Development
Society for Research in Child Development
Society for Rural Development
Society for Rural Education and Development
Society for Socio Economic Development
Society for the Inner Development of Man
Society for the Study of Human Development
Society of Concurrent Product Development
Society of Leaders in Development
Society, Environment and Energy Development Foundation
Society, Health and Development
Socio-Economic Development
Socio-Economic Development Organisation
Software Acquisition Development and Integration Plan
Software Acquisition Process Development
Software Acquisition, Development and Integration
Software Applications Networking and Development
Software Design and Development
Software Development
Software Development
Software Development & Maintenance Environment
Software Development and Integration in Robotics
Software Development and Maintenance Center
Software Development and Maintenance Plan
Software Development and Maintenance Procedure
Software Development and Validation
Software Development and Validation Facility
Software Development Asset
Software Development Block
Software Development Capability Assessment
Software Development Capability Evaluation
Software Development Center
Software Development Center-Lee
Software Development Concept
Software Development Conference
Software Development Customer Service
Software Development Department
Software Development Document
Software Development Engineer
Software Development Environment
Software Development Environment Throughput
Software Development Expo and Conference
Software Development Facility/File
Software Development Folder
Software Development Framework
Software Development Group
Software Development Impact Statement
Software Development Integrity Program
Software Development Kit
Software Development Laboratory
Software Development Library
Software Development Life Cycle
Software Development Lifecycle
Software Development Lohninger
Software Development Management Plan
Software Development Manager
Software Development Media Group
Software Development Methodology
Software Development Outsourcing
Software Development Plan
Software Development Platform
Software Development Process
Software Development Process Model
Software Development Project Management
Software Development Request
Software Development Resources Architecture
Software Development Review
Software Development Risk Taxonomy
Software Development Services
Software Development Site
Software Development Specification
Software Development Standard
Software Development Standards Description
Software Development Support Group
Software Development System
Software Development Test
Software Development Tool
Software Development Unit
Software Engineering for Educational Development Program
Software Engineering Symposium on Practical Software Development Environments
Software Maintenance and Development Center
Software Process Development
Software Professional Development Program
Software Quality in the Development Process
Software System Development Specification
Software Systems Development Certificate
Soil and Plant Analyzer Development
Sojourner Help, Advocacy, Development Education
Sokhna Port Development Company
Soldier Oriented Research and Development
Solomon Islands Development Trust
Solution Development Prompter
Solutions Development Life-Cycle
Solutions Market Development Group
Somali Research and Development Association
Sonar Research & Development
Sonoma Developmental Center
Soon Valley Development Program
Sourcing and Supplier Development
South Africa Development Fund
South Africa Norway Tertiary Education Development
South Africa Stainless Steel Development Association
South African Book Development Council
South African Development Education Practitioners Association
South African Mining Development Association
South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development
South Australian Research and Development Institute
South Carolina Asset Development Collaborative
South Carolina Economic Development School
South Central Alabama Development Commission
South Central Kansas Economic Development District
South Central Planning and Development Commission
South Dakota Workforce Development Council
South East England Development Agency
South East Europe Development Solutions
South East Kowloon Development
South Eastern American Developmental Services
South Eastern Development Organization
South Exchange Programme for the Research on History of Development
South Johor Development Authority
South Kentucky Industrial Development Association
South Lakes Development Trust
South North Development Initiative, Inc.
South Pacific Business Development
South Pacific Forestry Development Programme
South Tahoe Redevelopment Agency
South Uist Care Development
South Waikato Economic Development Trust
Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Center
Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute
Southeast Europe Enterprise Development
Southeast European Legal Development Initiative
Southeast Missouri Economic Development Alliance
Southeast Neighborhood Development
Southern Africa Development and Educational Centre
Southern Africa Soccer Development Program
Southern African Development Community
Southern African Development Community
Southern African Development Coordination Conference
Southern Colorado Economic Development District
Southern Dallas Development Corporation
Southern Economic Development Council, Inc.
Southern Engineering and Development Company
Southern Kennebec Child Development Corporation
Southern Kentucky Economic Development Corporation
Southern Maryland Economic Development Association
Southern New Mexico Human Development
Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development
Southern Philippines Development Authority
Southern Rural Development Center
Southern Tagalog Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium
Southern Tier East Regional Planning Development Board
Southside Economic Development Association
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
Southwest Minority Economic Development Association
Southwest Ohio Developmental Center
Soviet Battlefield Development Plan
Space Business Development Operation
Space Innovation and Development Center
Space Product Development
Space Product Development Program
Space Systems Development Laboratory
Spacelab Mission Development
Spanish Education Development
Spatial Development Initiative
Special Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development
Special Assistant for Fisheries Development
Special Development Assistance Fund
Special Procedures for Expediting Equipment Development
Special Program for Talent Development
Special Tax for Rural Development
Special Telecommunications Action for Regional Development
Specific Developmental Disorder
Speech and Language Development Delay
Speedtech Racing Development
Spiral Development
Spiral Development
Spiral Development Process
Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu
Spouse Orientation and Leader Development
Springfield Economic Development Agency
Sri Lanka Export Development Board
Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation
St Martin Economic Development Authority
St. Louis Development Corporation
St. Tammany Economic Development Foundation
Staff and Curriculum Development Network
Staff and Educational Development Association
Staff and Organizational Development Committee
Staff Development Center
Staff Development Council of Ohio
Staff Development Division
Staff Development Forum
Staff Development Officer
Staff Development Programme
Staff Development Summary
Staff Development Unit
Staff Review and Development Scheme
Standard Development Kit
Standard Operation and Maintenance Army Research and Development System
Standards Developing/Development Organization
Standards Development Board
Standards Development Committee
Standards Development Task Group
Standing Committee on Business Development
Standing Committee on Resources Research and Development
Standish Development Association
Stanford Center for International Development
Stanford Center for Professional Development
Stanford Product Development Group
State Agriculture Development Committee
State Career Development Conference
State Commission of Development and Planning
State Council on Development Disabilities
State Democracy and Development Council
State Development and Investment Corp
State Development and Redevelopment Plan
State Development and Reform Commission
State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy
State Housing Development Fund
State International Development Organizations
State Peace and Development Council
State Systems Development Program
State Urban Development Agency
Station Area Development Planning
Station House Development Task Force
Steel Market Development Institute
Steuben County Industrial Development Agency
Stock Warrant Off-Balance-Sheet Research and Development
Strategic Account Development Unit
Strategic Airlift Development Improvement Program
Strategic Architecture and Infrastructure Development
Strategic Architecture and Infrastructure Development
Strategic Defense Development System
Strategic Development And Integration
Strategic Development Council
Strategic Development Fund
Strategic Development Research Bureau
Strategic Entrepreneurial Economic Development
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program
Strategic Health Development Corporation
Strategic Human Resource Development
Strategic Information and Technology Development
Strategic Plan for Educational Enhancement and Development
Strategic Planning and Business Development
Strategic Planning and Development
Strategic Product Development
Strategic Services Development Plan
Strategic Vision Development
Strategies for International Development
Strategy and Business Development
Strengthening Capacity for Agricultural Research and Development in Africa
Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities
Student Activities and Leadership Development
Student Development and Activities Office
Student Development and Campus Life
Student Development and Enrollment Services
Student Development and Leadership Institute
Student Development Center
Student Development Program
Student Developmental Task and Lifestyle Assessment
Student Leadership Development Corps
Student Leadership Development Program
Student Microfinance and Development Initiative
Student Professional Development Group
Student Systems Development
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Studies in Comparative International Development
Studies in National and International Development
Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance
Subic Clark Alliance for Development Council
Submarine Development Group
Submarine Tactical Development Program
Subsystem/System Development Manager
Sudan Education and Development Agency
Sudan Microfinance Development Facility
Sudan Social Development Organisation
Sudanese Development and Relief Agency
Sudanese Organization for Research & Development
Sudirman Center for Business Development
Sugar Development Fund
Sugar River Professional Development Center
Summer Instructional Development Institute
Summit Housing Development Corporation
Sun Development Connection
Sunnyside Economic Development Association
Superior California Economic Development District
Supervisor Development Course
Supervisor Development Curriculum
Supplier Development Engineer
Supplier Development Initiative
Supplier Diversity Development
Supplier Quality Development
Supply And Development of Energy Co.
Support Initiatives in Development Trust
Support Issues Development Committee
Support to Decentralised Rural Development
Supporting Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Development in Africa
Supporting Inclusion in Enterprise Development
Surat Urban Development Authority
Surface-to-Air Missile Development
Surrey Community Development Trust
Surrey, East and West Sussex Museum Development Service
Susquehanna Economic Development Association
Sustainable Agricultural Development
Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
Sustainable Agriculture Centre for Research Extension and Development
Sustainable Community Development Project
Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development
Sustainable Design and Development
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development Action Group
Sustainable Development and Environmental Health
Sustainable Development Capital, LLP
Sustainable Development Centre
Sustainable Development Conference
Sustainable Development Council
Sustainable Development Education
Sustainable Development Framework
Sustainable Development Fund
Sustainable Development Indicators
Sustainable Development Indicators in the Mineral Industries
Sustainable Development Innovation
Sustainable Development of European Cities and Regions
Sustainable Development Partnership
Sustainable Development Policy Institute
Sustainable Development Research Foundation
Sustainable Development Research Network
Sustainable Development Strategy
Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Sustainable Development Technology Fund
Sustainable Development Unit
Sustainable East End Development Strategies
Sustainable Energy Development
Sustainable Energy Development Agency
Sustainable Energy Development Authority
Sustainable Energy Development Office
Sustainable Energy for Economic Development
Sustainable Integrated Area Development
Sustainable Livelihoods and Development
Sustainable Logistics Development Program
Sustainable Peace and Development
Sustainable Projects Development Group Ltd
Sustainable Resource Development
Sustainable Skills Development
Sustainable Socio-Economic Development
Sustainable Technology Development
Sustainable Technology Development
Sustainable Tourism Development
Sustainable Tourism Development
Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy
Sustainable Urban Development
Sustainable Youth Development Partnership
Swaziland Farmers’ Development Foundation
Swaziland Human Development Forum
Swedish Agency for Development Evaluation
Swedish International Development Authority
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Swedish International Developmental Agency
Swedish Water Development
Swindon Practice Development Centre
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Swiss Development & Cooperation agency
Swiss Development Cooperation
Swiss Development Finance Corporation
System Design and Development
System Development and Demonstration
System Development and Project Management
System Development Charges
System Development Division
System Development Environment
System Development Facility
System Development Inc.
System Development Kit
System Development Life Cycle
System Development Manager
System Development Master Plan
System Development Method
System Development Methodology
System Development Modification
System Development Notification
System Development Operations
System Development Plan
System Development Requirement
System Development Test
System Development Workbench
System Engineering Development Specification
System Life Cycle Development
System Simulation and Development Directorate
System Software Development Group
Systematic Development of Informed Consent
Systems Analysis and Program Development
Systems Analysis and Program Development
Systems Development & Solutions
Systems Development and Sustainment Branch
Systems Development Corporation
Systems Development Laboratory
Systems Development Team
Systems Programming, Research Engineering and Development
Systems Project Development
Systems Research & Development
Systems Software Development
TACAIR System Development Facility
Tactical Aircraft Development And Evaluation Program
Tactical Command, Control, & Communications Interface Development Planning Document
Tactical Commanders Development Course
Tactical Commanders Development Program
Tactical Control Development Working Group
Tactical Development Agent
Tactical Development Plan
Tactical Development Study
Tai Sang Land Development Ltd.
Takla Development Corporation Ltd.
Talent Development
Talent Development Management Center
Talent Development Reporting Principles
Tambuyog Development Center, Inc.
Tamil Nadu Urban Development Project
Tamilnadu Energy Development Agencies
Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation
Tank-Automotive Systems Development Center
Tanzania Coalition on Debt and Development
Tanzania Development Information Centre
Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation
Target Development Unit
Target Management and Development Application
Targeted Development Investment
Task Force on Sustainable Development
Task Order Development Plan
Task-Based Development
Tax Development District
Tax Increment Development District
Taylor Woodrow Developments Ltd
Teacher Development Centre
Teacher Development Course
Teacher Professional Development
Teachers’ International Professional Development
Teaching and Educational Development Institute
Technical Assistance for Rural Development
Technical Competency Development Group
Technical Consulting & Development
Technical Development Curriculum
Technical Development Establishment
Technical Development Options
Technical Development Organization
Technical Development Plan
Technical Education and Skills Development
Technical Education and Skills Development Act of 1994
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
Technical Procedure Development
Technical Research and Development Institute
Technical Research, Engineering, and Development Services
Technical Service and Development
Techniques Development Laboratory
Techniques Development Unit
Technological Education and National Development
Technologies for New Product Development
Technology and Advanced Systems Development
Technology and Livelihood Development Center
Technology Business Development Center
Technology Development
Technology Development Agent
Technology Development and Acquisition Program
Technology Development and continuing through System Development and Demonstration into Production and Deployment
Technology Development and Modernisation Fund
Technology Development Approach
Technology Development Board
Technology Development Business Loan
Technology Development Consultancy Center
Technology Development Contractor
Technology Development Goal
Technology Development Group
Technology Development Laboratory
Technology Development Manager
Technology Development Process
Technology Development Section
Technology Development Strategy
Technology Development Vehicle
Technology for Development
Technology Leadership Development Program
Technology Mission on Dairy Development
Technology Staff Development Plan
Technology Support and Development Project
Technology Systems Research Development
Technology Transfer and Economic Development
Technology, Development, and Support Services
Technology-based Regional Economic Development
Tehama Local Development Corporation
Telangana Development Forum
Telecom Development Company Afghanistan
Telecommunication Development Bureau
Telecommunication Development Fund
Teleworking in Co-Operative Development of Industrial Software
Telstra Research and Development Management
Templeton Area Development Corporation
Temporal Lobe Developmental Malformations
Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Terengganu Agrotech Development Corporation
Terminal Software Development
Terrace Economic Development Authority
Terrebonne Economic Development Authority
Territory Development Department
Test and Development Programs
Test Development Director
Test Development Engineering
Test Development Management Plan
Test Development Manager
Test Development Series
Test Driven Development
Test of Language Development
Test of Language Development
Test Process Development Branch
Test, Development & Training Center
Test/Air Development Squadron
Test/Air Development Squadron
Texaco Development Corporation
Texas Association for Developmental Education
Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
Texas Energy Education Development
Texas Water Development Board
Texas Water Development Fund
Texoma Workforce Development Board
Text Adventure Development System
Textile & Apparel Development Centre
Thai Development Support Committee
Thai Environmental and Community Development Association
Thai Factory Development
Thai Industrialist Development Forum
Thames Gateway Development and Investment Framework
The Child Development Institute
The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation
The Woodlands Development Company
Theater for Development
Theatre Development Fund
Thekwini Business Development Centre
Third Livestock Development Project
Tianjin Economic Development Area
Tigrai Development Association
Timber Industry Development Division
Timber Research And Development Association
Timor Integrated Rural Development
Tire Ball Development Company
Tirupati Urban Development Authority
Titusville Industrial Development Authority
Tiyende Rural Youth Development Association
Tokyo International Conference on African Development
Tompkins County Area Development
Toronto Business Development Centre
Toronto Organization Development Network
Total Allowable Developmental Catch
Total Development Cost
Total Employee Development
Total Employee Development System
Total Force Development
Tourism Accommodation Development Survey
Tourism and Community Development Solutions
Tourism Capacity Development Initiative
Tourism Development Action Plan
Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab
Tourism Development Investment Company
Tourism Economic Development
Tourism for Development
Tourism Industry Development Centre
Tourism Infrastructure Development Fund
Tourism Innovation Development Award
Tourism Product Development
Tourism Product Development Company
Tourist Development Tax
Township Peace and Development Council
Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories, Inc.
Toyota Product Development System
Toyota Racing Development
Trade and Development Agency
Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia
Trade and Development Board
Trade and Development Finance Division
Trade and Development Report
Trade and Industry Development Council
Trade Development and Cooperation Agreement
Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
Trade Development Bank
Trade Development Board
Trade Development Council
Trade for Development
Trade Related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development
Tradition and Development Research Institute
Traditional Neighborhood Development
Trainee Manager Development Programme
Training and Development Agency for Schools
Training and Development Canada
Training and Development Council of Australia
Training and Development Management Council
Training and Development Needs Analysis
Training and Development Solutions
Training and Research in Housing and Urban Development
Training Development
Training Development Action Plan
Training Development Advisor
Training Development Analysis Activity
Training Development and Analysis Directorate
Training Development and Analysis Directorate
Training Development and Instructional Technology
Training Development Branch
Training Development Capability
Training Development Corporation
Training Development Element
Training Development Information System
Training Development Institute
Training Development Officer
Training Development Plan
Training Development Quality Assurance System
Training Development Section
Training Development Service
Training Development Study
Training Development Technician
Training Development Workload
Training Development Workload Management
Training Development Workload Planner
Training Device Development Management
Training Doctrine Development Configuration
Training Equipment Development
Training Exercise Development System
Training for Agriculture and Rural Development
Training Package Development Handbook
Training Range and Instrumentation Development
Training Systems Development
Training, Development and Consulting International
Training, Quality, and Development
Training, Research and Networking for Development
Training-Leader Development-Soldier Support
Transfer Development Rights
Transfer of Development Credits
Transfer of Development Rights
Transferrable Development Rights
Transit Development Program
Transit Impact Development Fee
Transit Oriented Development
Transit-Focused Development
Transitional National Development Plan
Transport Development Finance Corporation Limited
Transport Development Group PLC
Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation
Transport, Communications, Tourism and Infrastructure Development
Transportable Infrastructures for Development and Emergency Support
Transportation and Community Development Initiative
Transportation and Housing and Urban Development Act
Transportation Development Act
Transportation Development Association
Transportation Development Centre
Transportation Development Foundation
Transportation Economic Development Fund
Transputer Development System
Travel and Industrial Development Association
Treasure Island Development Authority
Treatment Development Facility
Tredegar Development Trust
Triangle Economic Development Authority
Triangle Organization Development Network
Tri-Area Association for Economic Development
Tribal Center for Development
Tribal Data Development Work Group
Tribal Legal Development Clinic
Tribal Resettlement Development Mission
Trincomalee Islamic Development Association
Trincomalee Islamic Development Society
Tripura Industrial Development Corporation
Tropical Conservation and Development
Tropical Conservation and Development Program
Troy Industrial Development Authority
Trust for Sustainable Development
Tsunza Conservation & Development Programme
Tulare County Redevelopment Agency
Tullow Community Development Initiative
Tumkur Urban Development Authority
Tuscola Economic Development, Inc.
Tustin Community and Redevelopment Agency
Twin Cities Economic Development Group
Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation
Twins Early Development Study
Tyne and Wear Development Corporation
Typical Development
UDA Holdings Berhad (Malaysia; property development and management)
Uganda Baha’i Institute of Development
Uganda Media Development Foundation
Uganda Orphans Rural Development Programme
Uitenhage Despatch Development Initiative
UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre
Ulster County Development Corporation
Ultimate Quality Development System
Umpire Development Program
Under Development
Undergraduate Research Development Stipend
Underworld Wrestling Development
UNESCO /OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development) /EUROSTAT (Statistical Office of the European Communities)
Unified Development Code
Unified Development District
Unified Development Ordinance
Unified Development Platform
Unified Software Development Process
Union City Redevelopment Agency
Union Electric Development Corporation
Union for Democracy and Development
Union for Sustainable Development
Union of Northern Associations for Sustainable Development
Union Solidarity and Development Association
Unique Injector Concepts Development
Unit Development Folder
Unit for Development in Intellectual Disabilities
Unit for Social Development and Education
Unit Leadership Development Program
Unit of Sustainable Development and Environment
Unitary Development Plan
United Development Company
United Housing and Development
United Laotian Community Development, Inc.
United Methodist Development Fund
United Nations Capital Development Fund
United Nations Center for Science and Technology for Development
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
United Nations Declaration on the Right to Development
United Nations Department of Technical Co-Operation for Development
United Nations Development Assistance Framework
United Nations Development Business
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Industrial Development Office
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
United Nations International Development Organisation
United Nations International Development Organization
United Nations Program for Development
United Nations Program of Action for African Economic Recovery and Development
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
United Relief & Development Foundation
United Sioux Tribes Development Corporation
United States Agency for International Development
United States Army Armament Research & Development Command
United States Army Aviation Development Test Activity
United States Army Electronics Research & Development Activity, Fort Huachuca, AZ
United States Army Information Systems Software Development Center
United States Army Research & Development Group, Europe
United States Army Software Development Center
United States National Team Development Program
United States Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
United States Research & Development Coordinator
United States Trade and Development Agency
United Web Development
United Western Development
Universal City Development Partners
Universal Hi-Tech Development
Universal Property Development and Acquisition Corporation
University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service
University Certificate in Professional Development
University Child Development Center
University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
University Development and Alumni Relations
University Development Linkages Project
University Forum for Human Resource Development
University Management Development Program
University of Aberdeen Development Trust
University of Waterloo International Health Development Association
University Research and Development Associates
University Research and Development Committee
University Research and Enterprise Development
University Strategic Development Reserve
University-affiliated Spaceport Technology Development Contract
University-Community Career Development Partnership
Unix System Development Laboratory
Unreal Development Kit
Un-reimbursed Development Cost
Upazila Development Coordination Committee
Upper Springfield Development Trust
Uptown Development Improvement Group
Urban Community Development Project
Urban Development Authority
Urban Development Boundary
Urban Development Corporation
Urban Development Foundation
Urban Development Institute of Canada
Urban Development Investment Corporation
Urban Development Project
Urban Development Review Board
Urban Development Training Center
Urban Development Zone
Urban Institutional Development Program
Urban Land Development
Urban Planning and Development Authority
Urban Poor Development Fund
Urban Redevelopment Authority
Urban Research and Development Corporation
Urban Residential Development Corporation
Urban, Rural and Economic Development
Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone
US Agency for International Development
User Development Fee
User Procedure Development
Users’ Perspectives With Agricultural Research and Development
US-Israel Joint Economic Development Group
UTACCS Evolutionary Development Plan
Utah Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Utah Rural Development Council
Utkal Rural Development Society
Utrecht Study of Adolescent Development
Uttaranchal Tourism Development Board
V Integrated Development Environment
Vaccine Research and Development
Valley Initiative for Development and Advancement
Vancouver Island Rail Development Initiative
Vava’u Development Programme
Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool
Vehicle Development Process
Vehicle Improvement and Development
Vehicle Research and Development Establishment
Velocity Product Development
Venture Business Development Area
Venture Development Corporation
Verdix Ada Development System
Vertical Force Development Management Information System
Very Early Developmental Stage
Vested Development, Inc.
Victoria International Development Education Association
Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation
Video Development Initiative
Video Game Design and Development
Vienna Development Method
Vienna Institute for Development and Cooperation
Viera East Community Development District
Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
Vietnam Culture Development Society
Village Community Development Society
Village Development Centre
Village Development Committee
Village Development Program
Village Education and Development Society
Virginia Downtown Development Association
Virginia Economic Development Loan Fund
Virginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities
Virginia Transportation Development Plan
Virtual Baltic Development Agency
Virtual Development and Training Centre
Virtual Development Center
Virtual Development Environment
Virtual Product Development
Virtual Professional Development
Visual Arts Development Awards
Visual Basic Software Development Kit
Visual Development Environment
Vocational Training Development Institute
Voices of Development Jurists
Voluntary Organisations Development Agency
Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Act
Voluntary Sector Initiative for Professional Development
Volunteer Development Scotland
Volunteers for India Development and Empowerment
Volunteers for Inter-American Development Assistance
Vulnerable Group Development
Wa Alternative Development Project
Wachovia Community Development Enterprises
Wadhwani Centre for Entrepreneurial Development
Wajir Peace and Development Committee
Wake County Economic Development
Wales Office of Research and Development
Ward Development Committee
Wareham Community Development Authority
Warfare Innovation Development Team
Warfighting Integration and Development Directorate
Warren L. Chord Development
Warrensburg Industrial Development Center
Warrick County Recreational Development
Warsai-Yikaalo Development Campaign
Washington Career Development Association
Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Washington Development Network
Washington Economic Development Association
Washington Economic Development Foundation
Washington Industrial Development Corporation
Washington Organization for Reading Development
Washtenaw Development Center
Waste Engineering Development
Waste Local Development Document
Waste Package Design and Development Group
Water And Power Development Authority
Water Cycle Management for New Developments
Water Development Board
Water Development Partners Panel
Water District Development Project
Water Engineering Development Centre
Water Investigation and Development Department
Water Resource Development Commission
Water Resources and Irrigation Development
Water Resources Development Project
Water Use and Development Plan
Water, Engineering and Development Centre
Waterfront Development Corporation Limited
Waterloo Community Development Group
Waterpark Resorts Leadership & Development
Watershed Association Development Enterprise
Watershed Development Coordination Unit
Watershed Development Council
Watershed Development Fund
Watershed Development Fund
Watershed Protection and Development Review
Watertown Local Development Corporation
Wau Organization for Relief and Development
Waupaca Industrial Development Corporation
Wauwatosa Economic Development Corporation
Waveform Development Environment
Waverly Area Development Group
Waxahachie Community Development Corporation
Wayne County Economic Development
Waynesboro Downtown Development, Inc.
Waynesboro Redevelopment and Housing Authority
We Help Community Development Corporation
Wealth Land Development Corp.
Weapon System Support Development
Weapons for Development
Weapons in Competition for Development
Weapons in Exchange for Development
Weapons in Exchange for Development
Weapons Linked to Development
Weapons Linked to Development
Weather Development and Research Bulletin
Web Application Development
Web Application Development Environment
Web Application Development Solutions
Web Design and Development
Web Development Group
Web Development Kit
Web Development Language
Web Development Technology
Web Development Working Group
Web of Information for Development
Web Training Development System
Website Development Life Cycle
WebSphere Development Studio Client
Welland Development Commission
Wellesley Housing Development Corporation
Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency
Welsh Development Agency
Welsh Medium Teaching Development Centre
Wesley Housing Development Corporation
West Africa Rural Development Project
West African Development Bank
West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation
West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation
West Central Indiana Economic Development District
West Coast Development Trust
West Cumbria Development Agency
West Indianapolis Development Corporation
West Indies Development Company
West Michigan Economic Development Partnership
West Monroe Community Development
West Northamptonshire Development Corporation
West of England Development Agency
West Piedmont Business Development Center
West Virginia Economic Development Council
West Yorkshire Workforce Development
Westchester Institute for Human Development
Western Beef Development Centre
Western Carnival Development Association
Western Development Commission
Western Development Division
Western Development Laboratory
Western Development Region
Western Economic Development
Western Economic Development Canada
Western Extension Leadership Development
Western Illinois Economic Development Partnership
Western Iowa Development Association
Western Isles Development Trust
Western Nevada Development District
Western Partnership for Sustainable Development
Western Plains Regional Development
Western Prospects Hockey Development
Western Regional Professional Development Center
Western Rural Development Center
Western Valley Development Authority
Western Way for Industrial Development Co.
Westinghouse Proposal and Business Development
Westminster Economic Development Authority
Westsyde Community Development Society
Wetland Program Development Grant
Wetland Resource Development Society
Wexford Community Development Association
What If Simulation System for Advanced Research and Development
Wheatbelt Regional Development Scheme
Wheathampstead Development Centre
Whitewater Interactive System Development with Object Models
Whole Person Development Programme
Whole School Development
Whyalla Economic Development Board
Wide-Area Development
Wilder Youth Development Center
Wilderness Youth Leadership Development
Wildlife Habitat Development Plan
Willapa Community Development Association
Wilmington Housing Finance and Development
Wind Energy Development
Wind River Development Fund
Windows Network Development Platforms
Winelands Integrated Development Framework
Wing Learning Development Center
Winneconne Community Development Authority
Winterland Heritage Development Corporation
Wireless Design & Development Asia
Wireless Intelligent Network Product Marketing & Development
Wireline Technology Development
Wiscasset Regional Development Corporation
Wisconsin Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Wisconsin Business Development
Wisconsin Career Development Association
Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Wisconsin Developmental Guidance Model
Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority
Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development
Wisconsin Personnel Development Project
Wisconsin Rural Development Center
Withlacoochee Workforce Development Authority
Women and Child Development
Women and Development
Women and Development Centre
Women and Environment Education and Development
Women and International Development
Women and International Development
Women and Rural Economic Development
Women Cooperative Product Development Center
Women Entrepreneurs Development Association of Zambia
Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme
Women for Economic and Leadership Development
Women for Peace and Development
Women for Sustainable Development
Women for Sustainable Development
Women in Agriculture Development
Women in Community Development
Women In Development
Women In Development
Women in Development Association
Women in Development Centre
Women in Development Europe
Women in Development Foundation
Women in Law and Development in Africa
Women in Law and Development in Africa
Women in Leadership Development
Women in Livestock Development
Women in Resource Development Corporation
Women in Sustainable Development
Women Workers Employment and Entrepreneurship Development
Women, Gender and Development Directorate
Women, Law & Development International
Women’s Action for Development
Women’s Association for Development Alternatives
Women’s Association for National Development
Women’s Business Development Center
Women’s Development Centre
Women’s Development Collective
Women’s Development Federation
Women’s Development Federation
Women’s Development Foundation
Women’s Development Foundation
Women’s Economic Development Council
Women’s Enterprise Development Center Inc.
Women’s Environment & Development Organization
Women’s Health and Economic Development Association
Women’s Institute for Leadership Development
Women’s Organisation in Rural Development
Women’s Research and Development Center
Woonsocket Neighborhood Development Corporation
Worcester Business Development Corporation
Worcester Educational Development Foundation
Work & Development Plan
Work & Development Planning
Work Force Development
Work Force Development Program
Work Life Development Programme
Workers Organization and Development Program
Workforce and Economic Development Division
Workforce Development Agency
Workforce Development and Continuing Education
Workforce Development and Education
Workforce Development Area
Workforce Development Board
Workforce Development Campus
Workforce Development Center
Workforce Development Institute
Workforce Development Institute
Workforce Development Network
Workforce Development Office
Workforce Development Partnership Program
Workforce Development Professionals Network
Workforce Development Program
Workforce Development Resource Center
Workforce Development System
Workforce Development Training Account
Workforce Development Training Fund
Workforce Development Tuition Assistance
Workforce Learning & Development
Workforce Learning & Development
Workforce Professional Development Program
Workforce, Industry, and Economic Development
Working Group on Curriculum Development
Working Group on Developments in Banking
Working Group on Future Development
Working Systems Requirements Development
Workplace Relationship Development Indicator
Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques
World Assemblies of God Relief and Development Agency
World Association for the Development of Philately
World Association of Trainers in Development
World Bank Development Gateway
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
World Class Business Development
World Commission on Culture and Development
World Commission on Environment and Development
World Concern Development Organization
World Congress on Communication for Development
World Database Development Group
World Decade for Cultural Development
World Development and Relief Committee
World Development Federation
World Development Federation
World Development Indicators
World Development Indicators
World Development Movement
World Development Report
World Economic Development Congress
World Economy, Ecology & Development
World Education Development Group
World Export Development Forum
World Faiths Development Dialogue
World Foundation for Environment and Development
World Human Development Centre
World Student Community for Sustainable Development
World Summit for Social Development
World Summit on Sustainable Development
World Sustainable Development Forum
World Telecommunication Development Conference
World Telecommunication Development Report
World Vision Relief and Development, Inc.
World Water Development Report
World Youth Development and ICT (conference)
Worth County Development Authority
Worthington Regional Economic Development Corporation
Wright Air Development Center
Wright Air Development Division
Wright Research & Development Center
Wright Research and Development Center
Writing Development in Higher Education
Wurtsmith Development Commission
Wylie Economic Development Corporation
Wyoming Community Development Authority
Wyoming Economic Development Association
Wyoming Industrial Development Corporation
Wyoming Rural Development Council
Wyoming Water Development Commission
Xbox Development Kit
Xerox Innovation Business Development
XML Development Kit
Yadkin Valley Economic Development District Inc.
Yamaha Guitar Development
Year Development Plan
Yemeni Development Foundation
Yeovil Electronic Developments
Yhoko’s Development Kit
Young People’s Health and Development
Your Business Development Matters
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