Faculty Abbreviations

A faculty is a department within an educational institution in higher education. At a faculty one often finds programs that are somewhat related or have some overlap.


Universities and colleges are usually large institutions where thousands of students are educated. In order to introduce a structure here, a distinction is often made between different faculties. A faculty is a department where more or less related courses are offered. There are, for example, the faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Law. For example, a Faculty of Arts houses all language studies. At a Faculty of Natural Sciences you will find the exact sciences, such as physics, mathematics, but often also computer science. For some universities or colleges, the separation between the various faculties is not very large.

A faculty at an educational institution is always headed by a dean. He is responsible for the management of the entire faculty. The dean is not only supported by a Faculty Board, but also by a Faculty Council. The difference between a Faculty Board and a Faculty Council is that students can also participate in the latter.

A faculty is a scientific department of a university. One distinguishes between the faculties of theology, of letters, of medicine, of veterinary medicine, of law, of economics, of mathematics and natural sciences, of social sciences.

A faculty can be subdivided into subfaculties, eg of chemistry or psychology. There are also interfaculties, in which more faculties work together.

List of Acronyms Related to Faculty

AFA All Faculty Association
ACFF Asian Christian Faculty Fellowship
AFA Associate of the Faculty of Actuaries
AFOM Associate of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine
AFPM Associate of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
AFCM Associate, Faculty of Church Music
ASEF Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty
AFAA Atkinson Faculty Alumni Association
AFOM Australasian Faculty of Occupational Medicine
AFPHM Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine
AFRM Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
BFO Bellmore Faculty Organization
BFSA Black Faculty and Staff Association
BFSO Black Faculty and Staff Organization
BUFA Brandon University Faculty Association
CFA California Faculty Association
CPFA California Part-time Faculty Association
CCFA Camosun College Faculty Association
CMCFA Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association
CCFA Capilano College Faculty Association
CTF Capture the Faculty
CFRC Centralized Faculty Resource Center
CCFD Centre for Curriculum and Faculty Development
CCFF Cerritos College Faculty Federation
CBFA Christian Business Faculty Association
CFSF Christian Faculty and Staff Fellowship
CEF Civil Engineering Faculty
CUFA College and University Faculty Assembly
CEFO College of Engineering Faculty Organization
CORFA College of the Rockies Faculty Association
CCF Combined Course Faculty
CIFT Commecs Institute of Faculty Training
COF Committee on Faculty
CESF Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty
CCFA Community College Faculty Association
CCFC Community College Faculty Coalition
CUFA Concordia University Faculty Association
CUFA Confederation of University Faculty Associations
CIFG Cornell/Intel Faculty Group
COFO Council of Faculty Organizations
DFA Dalhousie Faculty Association
DFMS Dean of Faculty, Department of Mathematical Sciences
DF Dean of the Faculty
DOF Dean of the Faculty
DFFP Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning
DFRL Distinguished Faculty Research Lecture
DFSA Distinguished Faculty Service Award
ECURFA East Carolina University Retired Faculty Association
ECFAS Executive Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
ECOS Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
ECGF Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty
FACSS Faculty Academic Computing Support Services
FASC Faculty Academic Standards Committee
FARSI Faculty Activity Report
FAR Faculty Activity Report
FAST Faculty Administration Support Tool
FAB Faculty Advisory Board
FATF Faculty Advisory Task Force
FAD Faculty and Academic Development
FSAO Faculty and Staff Assistance Office
FASAP Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
FSAP Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
FAST Faculty and Student Teams
FTAD Faculty and TA Development
FARSI Faculty Annual Report
FAR Faculty Annual Report
FA Faculty Assistant
FAUST Faculty Association of the University of St. Thomas
FAUW Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo
FARSI Faculty Athletics Representative
FAR Faculty Athletics Representative
FARSI Faculty Awards for Research
FAR Faculty Awards for Research
FC Faculty Center
FCBA Faculty Collective Bargaining Act
FACET Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching
FDAC Faculty Development Advisory Committee
FDIB Faculty Development in International Business
FDP Faculty Development Program
FDSA Faculty Development Sub-Accounts
FDU Faculty Development Unit
FDA Faculty Digital Archive
FEO Faculty Education Office
FEC Faculty Effort Certification
FEP Faculty Evaluation Plan
FEQ Faculty Evaluation Questionnaire
FEC Faculty Executive Council
FED Faculty Expertise Database
FUN Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience
FIPP Faculty in Progress Program
FIGP Faculty Incentive Grant Program
FIO Faculty Information Officer
FIPP Faculty Innovations Profile Project
FIDL Faculty Instructional Development Lab
FIT Faculty Instructional Technology
FITC Faculty Instructional Technology Center
FLS Faculty Lecture Series
FLL Faculty Liaison Librarian
FLRP Faculty Loan Repayment Program
FMRC Faculty Micro Resource Center
FAEMS Faculty of Accident & Emergency Medicine
FAEM Faculty of Accident & Emergency Medicine
FOA Faculty of Actuaries
FAES Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
FAFS Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
FCAF Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
FOAA Faculty of Applied Arts
FAS Faculty of Applied Science
FAS Faculty of Arts and Sciences
FASS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
FASA Faculty of Arts Students Association
FAHS Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
FACE Faculty of Automatics and Computer Engineering
FBS Faculty of Biological Sciences
FETAL-BOVINE-SERUM Faculty of Biological Sciences
FOBE Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship
FBES Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics
FBSE Faculty of Business, Sport and Enterprise
FCHE Faculty of Chemical Engineering
FCSHD Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development
FOC Faculty of Commerce
FOCB Faculty of Commerce and Business
FCM Faculty of Commerce and Management
FCAT Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology
FCIS Faculty of Computer & Information Sciences
FCSIT Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
FCA Faculty of Creative Arts
FDS Faculty of Dental Surgery
FEA Faculty of Economics and Administration
FEAS Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science
FEB Faculty of Economics and Business
FEBA Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
FEDP Faculty of Economics and Development Planning
FEM Faculty of Economics and Management
FEM Faculty of Economics and Muamalat
FEDU Faculty of Education
FED Faculty of Education
FOE Faculty of Education
FELS Faculty of Education and Language Studies
FEEC Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
FEI Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
EMF Faculty of Electromechanics
FEE Faculty of Electronic Engineering
FOE Faculty of Engineering
FEAS Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme
FEIT Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
FENS Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
FETSU Faculty of Engineering and Technology Students’ Union
FERD Faculty of Environment and Resources Development
FFBT Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
FFWS Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences
FOH Faculty of Health
FHS Faculty of Health Sciences
FHEL Faculty of Higher Education Lilydale
FHSS Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
FOHS Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
FIIT Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology
FIMS Faculty of Informatics and Mathematical Sciences
FIMU Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University
FICT Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies
FIMS Faculty of Information and Media Studies
FIS Faculty of Information Studies
FIT Faculty of Information Technology
FOLA Faculty of Liberal Arts
FLA Faculty of Liberal Arts
FLSS Faculty of Life and Social Sciences
FLSSA Faculty of Life Sciences Student Association
FMS Faculty of Management Studies
FME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
FMAS Faculty of Media, Arts and Society
FMPC Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Casablanca
FMUP Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto
FMUI Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia
FMME Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
FMPA Faculty of Music and Performing Arts
FNGT Faculty of Non-Degree and Technology
FON Faculty of Nursing
FOM Faculty of Occupational Medicine
FPHM Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
FOPS Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
FOPE Faculty of Physical Education
FPMM Faculty of Prescribing and Medicines Management
FPHM Faculty of Public Health Medicine
FSC Faculty of Science
FOS Faculty of Science
FSSA Faculty of Science Students Association
FSCU Faculty of Science, Charles University
FSCU Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University
FSSM Faculty of Sciences Semlalia
FSRH Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
FSBS Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
FOSS Faculty of Social Science
FSW Faculty of Social Work
FTCA Faculty of Taxation Consultants and Advisors
FTN Faculty of Technical Sciences
FBED Faculty of the Built Environment
FBE Faculty of the Built Environment
FTTE Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
FVM Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
FO5 Faculty Office 5
FOSS Faculty Online Support Service
FORUM Faculty Overview of Research and Undergraduate Mentoring
FPS Faculty Personnel Services
FPRS Faculty Postgraduate Research Scholarship
FPP Faculty Practice Plan
FPSC Faculty Practice Solutions Center
FPD Faculty Professional Development
FPDD Faculty Professional Development Day
FPDF Faculty Professional Development Fund
FPDP Faculty Professional Development Program
FPG Faculty Professional Growth
FQC Faculty Quality Committee
FRC Faculty Recruitment Conference
FRA Faculty Research Associate
FRED Faculty Research Expertise Database
FRGC Faculty Research Grants Committee
FRO Faculty Research Office
FRP Faculty Research Participation
FRS Faculty Research Seminar
FRSP Faculty Research Support Program
FSS Faculty Salary Survey
FSP Faculty Scholars Program
FSEC Faculty Senate Executive Committee
FSRR Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations
FSA Faculty Service Area
FREEDOM Faculty Service Area
FSI Faculty Staff Intranet
FSA Faculty Study Abroad
FREEDOM Faculty Study Abroad
FSG Faculty Study Groups
FSSP Faculty Subcommittee on Sponsored Programs
FTEP Faculty Teaching Excellence Program
FTS Faculty Technology Services
FTSC Faculty Technology Support Center
FATT Faculty Technology Training
FTTC Faculty Technology Training Center
FTPC Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee
FWI Faculty Workstation Initiative
FGSS Faculty, Graduate Students, and Staff
FSGS Faculty, Staff and Graduate Student
FSA Faculty, Staff, Administration
FREEDOM Faculty, Staff, Administration
FSA Faculty/Staff Appreciation
FREEDOM Faculty/Staff Appreciation
FSP Faculty/Staff Parking
FIPP Faculty-Initiated Projects and Programs
FSLC Faculty-Student Liaison Committee
FFO Family and Faculty Organization
FFA Family Faculty Association
FAFOM Fellow of the Australian Faculty of Occupational Medicine
FFAEM Fellow of the Faculty of Accident & Emergency Medicine
FFA Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries
FFARCS Fellow of the Faculty of Anaesthetists of the Royal College of Surgeons
FFB Fellow of the Faculty of Building
FFFP Fellow of the Faculty of Family Planning
FFOM Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine
FFPM Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
FFPS Fellow of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons
FRFPSG Fellow of the Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
FFCO Fellow, Faculty of Church Organists
FEFF Future Engineering Faculty Fellowship Program
GFDA Geography Faculty Development Alliance
GAFC Goldstein Alumni & Faculty Center
GPFA Goosehill Parent Faculty Association
GFPJ Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal
HFC Harvard Faculty Club
HSF Health Sciences Faculty
HSSM High School Science & Mathematics Faculty Program
HFSA Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association
HFSA Hispanic Faculty Staff Association
HUFEM Hokkaido University Faculty Engineering Memoirs
IMST Ingineria si Managementul Sistemelor Tehnologice (Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems; University Politehnica of Bucharest)
ICLD Interfaculty Committee for Laboratory Development
IFC Interfaculty Council
IRI Interfaculty Reactor Institute
IFSA International Faculty and Staff Affairs
IFDP International Faculty Development Program
INFA International Faculty of Artificial Organs
ISFS International Student and Faculty Services
JGFEPS James Goldston Faculty of Engineering and Physical Systems
JCFS Joint Committee of Faculty and Students
JFF Junior Faculty Forum
JFM Junior Faculty Member
JFRA Junior Faculty Research Award
KFA Kirkwood Faculty Association
LUFA Lakehead University Faculty Association
LUFA Laurentian University Faculty Association
LTFA Learning Technology Faculty Associate
LSIF Leslie Silver International Faculty
LFPS Licentiate of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons
LFCS Licentiate of the Faculty of Secretaries and Administrators Limited
LFCM Licentiate, Faculty of Church Music
MUFA McMaster University Faculty Association
MFE Meaningful Faculty Evaluation
MFPP Medical Faculty Practice Plan
MFAEM Member of the Faculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine
MFDS Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery
MFFP Member of the Faculty of Family Planning
MFOM Member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine
MFCO Member, Faculty of Church Organists
MFGDP Membership of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners
MFPM Membership of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
MFPH Membership of the Faculty of Public Health
MFPHM Membership of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine
MSCF Minnesota State College Faculty
MAFD Minority Affairs and Faculty Development
MDFD Minority Dental Faculty Development Program
MFDP Minority Faculty Development Program
MFFP Minority Faculty Fellowship Program
MAFS Missouri Association of Faculty Senates
MLFL Modern Languages Faculty Library
MAFA Mount Allison Faculty Association
MRFA Mount Royal Faculty Association
WFSG Murphy’s Whole-Faculty Study Groups
NCOF National Crime and Operations Faculty
NSRF National School Reform Faculty
NAFSA Native American Faculty and Staff Association
NFLC New Faculty Learning Community
NFOM New Faculty Orientation Manual
NFE Non-Faculty Exempt
NAFA Nurse Anesthesiology Faculty Association
OFSD Office of Faculty and Staff Development
OISF Office of International Students and Faculty
OCFA Olds College Faculty Association
OFIS Online Faculty Information System
OCUFA Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations
PFC Parent Faculty Club
PFSA Parent Faculty Staff Association
PFSA Parent Faculty Student Association
PFSO Parent Faculty Student Organization
PFA Parent-Faculty Association
P-AND-F Parents and Faculty
PAF Physical Anthropology Faculty
PFCF Preparing Future Communication Faculty
PFF Preparing Future Faculty
PEFE Professional Educator Faculty Engagement
PFLA Professional Faculty Leadership Association
PROFS Public Representation Organization of the Faculty Senate
REF Radio-Engineering Faculty
RFL Resident Faculty Leader
RFP Residential Faculty Policies
RFS Retired Faculty Staff
RFSA Retired Faculty-Staff Association
RAFO Roosevelt Adjunct Faculty Organization
SFMG Scenic Faculty Medical Group
SCFW Special Committee on Faculty Women
SFCC Staff and Faculty Counseling Center
SFFA Student Faculty and Friends Association
SFI Student Faculty Interaction
SFR Student to Faculty Ratio
SFS Student-Faculty-Staff
SAFE Students, Administrators and Faculty for Equality on Campus
SFRE Summer Faculty Research & Engineering Program
SFRP Summer Faculty Research Program
TCFS Texas Council of Faculty Senates
TRUFA Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association
TUFA Trent University Faculty Association
UAFP Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace
UFAS United Faculty and Academic Staff
UFF United Faculty of Florida
UFWW United Faculty of Western Washington
UFA University Faculty Association
UCFE University of Cambridge Faculty of Education
ULFA University of Lethbridge Faculty Association
UTFA University Of Toronto Faculty Association
USEF University Student Evaluation of Faculty
UUF University Undergraduate Faculty
VFP Visiting Faculty Position
VIF Visiting International Faculty
WFFA Web for Faculty and Advisors
WFMP Women Faculty Mentoring Program
YFAS Young Faculty Award
YFA Young Faculty Award