Forum Abbreviations


What is Forum?

Forum, from the Latin forum, means the physical space where the judiciary is located, also known as judicial courts. Forums are assemblies or meetings that aim to discuss a common theme.

The word foro (with the sound of the first open vowel – fóro ) is considered synonymous with forum, although it is not often used to define the original concept of the term in most texts available. The way in which the word foro is pronounced can change its meaning. When the word “foro” is pronounced with the first closed vowel ( foro ), it can be related to jurisdiction or authority, for example, an ecclesiastical forum. Or even, it can acquire the meaning of “scope”.

In ancient Rome, the ” forum ” was the public square of the localities, where the buildings for administrative and judicial services were located, as well as the main points of commerce. It was the most important region, the economic, religious, social and political center of each locality. Even today, the word forum is used to refer to the set of spaces where legal matters are managed.

In a more contemporary context, the word forum is also used to designate a specific virtual place (a website or blog, for example), where several people make comments and debate on a certain topic.

Normally, electronic forums are open spaces on the Internet, where Internet users can express their opinion or question to other users.

World Social Forum

The World Social Forum (WSF) is an event that takes place every year, and aims to debate issues related to the current liberal-capitalist system of large multinationals and the effects caused to the environment and social communities.

The Forum is structured by various social organizations in various parts of the world. Each year, the event takes place in a different country.

What is Forum?

Forum (or forum) is the place where matters related to justice, to the law, are processed. It’s the same as court. The pronunciation of the word forum can change its meaning. If pronounced with the first open vowel (foro), it is synonymous with forum.

Forum is a term with origin in Latin. In ancient Rome, the “forum” was the public square of the localities, where the buildings intended for administrative and judicial services were located, as well as the main points of commerce. It was the most important region, the economic, religious, social and political center of each locality. Even today, the word forum is used to refer to the set of spaces where legal matters are managed.

The forum, associated with the Law, can also indicate a jurisdiction belonging to a comarca, for example, the forum of the comarca of São Paulo.

When the word “foro” is pronounced with the first closed vowel (foro) it can be related to jurisdiction or authority, for example, ecclesiastical forum. Or even, it can acquire the meaning of scope.

It is often applied in the expression “intimate forum”, that is, when a certain matter concerns one’s conscience.

List of Acronyms Related to Forum

AASF Abhigyan Abhikaushalam Students’ Forum
ALCF Active Low-Carber Forums
AMSF Adult Music Student Forum
ACMF Advanced Cranio-Maxillofacial Forum
ANFA Advanced Networking Forum Australia
ACSF Afghan Civil Society Forum
AHSF Afghanistan High-level Strategic Forum
ALF Africa Leadership Forum
ALGAF Africa Local Government Action Forum
AABF Africa-Asia Business Forum
AALF African American Leadership Forum
ADF African Development Forum
AFUR African Forum for Utility Regulation
AMEF African Minerals and Energy Forum
APRF African Peer Review Forum
ARRF African Research & Resource Forum
ATAF African Tax Administration Forum
ACAF Afro-Caribbean and Asian Forum
ACF Airline Consumer Forum
AFE Alaska Forum on the Environment
ALTIF Alberta Life Technologies Investor Forum
ASF Alert Standard Forum
AF Alliance Forums
AFI Al-Risala Forum International
AF Alternative Forum
AIF Alternative Investments Forum
AMIF Ambient Intelligence Forum
ACF American Composers Forum
AFGE American Forum for Global Education
AISF American Indian Staff Forum
ALF American Leadership Forum
ALFO American Leadership Forum of Oregon
AMIF American Marine Insurance Forum
ASF Analytical Solutions Forum
AJF Angelina Jolie Forum
ACOF Anthony Callea’s Official Forum
ADFD Antidepressiva Forum Deutschland
APF Anti-Privatisation Forum
ASBF Anti-Social Behaviour Forum
ANF Appletalk Networking Forum
AACF Arab American Community Forum
ATIF Arab Telecom and Internet Forum
ATF Arab Thought Forum
APRF Architecture and Planning Research Forum
AZEF Arid Zone Ecology Forum
AFIT Arizona Forum for the Improvement of Taxation
ATIF Arizona Technology Investor Forum
ASEF Army Systems Engineering Forum
ATSF Arrow Technical Solutions Forum
AJF Art Jewelry Forum
AF Artists Forum, Inc.
AFCRA ASEAN Forum of Credit Rating Agencies
ARF ASEAN Regional Forum
ATF ASEAN Tourism Forum
AEPF Asia Europe People Forum
AMF Asia Multimedia Forum
AFEJ Asia Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists
APLF Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on HIV/AIDS and Development
APNF Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum
APSCF Asia Pacific Smart Card Forum
ADRF Asian Development Research Forum
AFHRD Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development
AFIT Asian Forum for Information Technology
AFSIT Asian Forum for the Standardization of Information Technology
AGLF Asian Government Leaders Forum
APLMF Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum
APF Asset Protection Forum
ATLECF Atlanta Electronic Commerce Forum
AECF Atlanta Electronic Commerce Forum
AF ATM Forum
AIF Atomic Industrial Forum
AIF Atomic Industries Forum
AIF Atomic International Forum
ADDF Attention Deficit Disorder Forum
AWP Attract WWE Project (online forum)
AJF Austin Junior Forum
ACCF Australasian Crime Commissioners’ Forum
AETF Australasian Emissions Trading Forum
AFTRAA Australasian Forum of Teacher Registration and Accreditation
AIMF Australia-Indonesia Ministerial Forum
ACIF Australian Communications Industry Forum
ACIF Australian Construction Industry Forum
AFHRO Australian Forum of Human Rights Organisations
AFOYO Australian Forum of Youth Organisations
ALAF Australian Legal Assistance Forum
ALEF Australian Legal Education Forum
ASGF Australian Subject Gateways Forum
AWLF Australian Women Leadership Forum
AYF Australian Youth Forum
AFF Away from Forum
BCF Ballysillian Community Forum
BEF Baltic Environmental Forum
BITT Baltic Information Technology and Telecommunications Forum
BBAF Banff and Buchan Arts Forum
BVF Banff Venture Forum
BMSF Bangladesh Manobadhikar Sangbadik Forum
BSAF Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum
BYF Bangladeshi Youth Forum
BFTF Banking, Finance and Technology Forum
BGFS BasGitaarForum
BGF BasGitaarForum
BUTTERFLY Battleforums
BF Battleforums
BAEF Bay Area Economic Forum
BAEF Bay Area Editors’ Forum
BARF Bay Area Riders Forum
BTD Beat the Donk Poker Forum
BRAF Bedfordshire Rural Affairs Forum
BBFF Belgian Biodiversity Forum on Forests
BLF Bermuda Leadership Forum
BTF Berwyn Talk Forum
BUF Beyond Unreal Forums
BUFFER Beyond Unreal Forums
BTF Bhangra Teams’ Forum
BRF Bharat Rakshak Forum
BTF BikeTechForums
BUTTERFLY Biliran Forum
BF Biliran Forum
BOF Billing and Ordering Forum
BGFS Bio-Gaming Forums
BGF Bio-Gaming Forums
BFF Biotech Finance Forum
BANF Birmingham Association of Neighbourhood Forums
BCF Black Community Forum
BLF Black Leadership Forum, Inc.
BMF Black Management Forum
BSF Black Science Forum
BSCF Black Sea Cooperation Forum
BFPC Blandford Forum Parish Church
BF BlizzForums
BFA Boao Forum for Asia
BGFS Bob’s Game Forum
BGF Bob’s Game Forum
BGFS Boners Games Forums
BGF Boners Games Forums
BMAF Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum
BCIF Borders Construction Industry Forum
BGFS Borne Games Forum
BGF Borne Games Forum
BAAF Bremer Anti-Atom Forum
BBF Bridge Base Forums
BDAF Bristol Domestic Abuse Forum
BFF British Farming Forum
BFE British Forum for Ethnomusicology
BCDF Broadband Content Delivery Forum
BBF Broadband Forum
BSF Broadband Services Forum
BWFA Broadband World Forum Asia
BLF BudgetLightForum
BAF Buenos Aires Forum
BLF Building Limes Forum
BEF Bulgaria Economic Forum
BBLF Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum
BBFL Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum
BCSF Business and Community Safety Forum
BUTTERFLY Business Forum
BF Business Forum
BLF Business Law Forum
BLF Business Leaders Forum
BLF Business Leadership Forum
BPMF Business Performance Management Forum
BRIEF Business Review Indonesia Forum
CBF Cable Broadband Forum
CTAF Cable Television Advisory Forum
CNF California Nigerian Forum
CTAF California Technology Assessment Forum
CCPF Cambridgeshire Clinical Priorities Forum
CIPF Camden & Islington Providers Forum
CFFN Canada Forum for Nepal
COEF Canada-Ontario Export Forum
CUSP Canada-US Partnership Forum
CAF Canadian Airgun Forum
CIFF Canadian Insurance Financial Forum
CMF Canadian Medical Forum
CTRF Canadian Transportation Research Forum
CMCF Canberra Multicultural Community Forum
CPF Candle Power Forum
CPF Candle Power Forums
CREF Capital Region Energy Forum
CSLF Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
CMERF CAREC Members Electricity Regulators’ Forum
CIGF Caribbean Internet Governance Forum
CSEF Caribbean Sustainable Energy Forum
CYSF Caribbean Youth Science Forum
CFF Cash Find Forum
CAF Catholic Answers Forum
CCF Catholic Community Forum
CFSC Caucasus Forum for Solidarity and Cooperation
CFSU Centennial Forum Student Union
CEEEF Central Eastern European Exhibition Forum
CEAF Central European Aviation Forum
CEPF Central European Pitch Forum
CEVF Central European Vascular Forum
CFBF Central Florida Business Forum
CJTF Central Jersey Transportation Forum
CLF Cheatlist Forums
CRHF Chemical Reaction Hazard Forum
CCDF Chester County Deer Forum
CBFF Chicago Bears Fan Forum
CHEF Chicago Health Executives Forum
CPSF Chicago Patient Safety Forum
CHEFF Chief Engineers of Facilities Forum
CRF Child Rights Forum
CBLF China Business Leaders Forum
CHF China History Forum
CRF China Rights Forum
CF Christian Forums
CTF Christian Teen Forums
CCF Citizens’ Constitutional Forum
CTF City Trainer Forum
FC Civic Forum
CEFI Civil Engineering Forum for Innovation
CSDF Civil Society Development Forum
CCFRF Clark’s Classic Fly Rod Forum
CCF Climate Change Forum
CDF Clinical Disputes Forum
CIF Cloud Industry Forum
CRF Coal Research Forum
CAF Code Aurora Forum
COF Coloplast Ostomy Forum
CEF Colorado Energy Forum
CWQF Colorado Water Quality Forum
CGBF Columbus Green Building Forum
CHRF Commonwealth Hansard Reporters Forum
CHRF Commonwealth Human Rights Forum
CFM Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia
CMCF Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia
CRF Communications Research Forum
CBF Community and Business Forum
CHIEF Community and Hospital Information Exchange Forum
CDDF Community Development and Design Forum
CDNF Community Development Network Forum
CHCF Community Health & Care Forum
CPF Community Planning Forum
CPF Community Police Forum
CRF Community Radio Forum
CBRF Community-Based Research Forum
CHCF Complementary Healthcare Consultative Forum
CFK Computer Forum KaHo
CGF Computer Graphics Forum
CSF Computer Support Forum
CFO Conciliation Forums of Oakland
CPPF Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum
CDF Conservation and Development Forum
CDF Conservative Discussion Forum
CIF Construction Innovation Forum
CGF Consumer Goods Forum
CHF Consumers’ Health Forum of Australia
CIPF Consumers’ Interest Protection Forum
CIRF Contact Improvisation Research Forum
CAF Contemporary Arts Forum
CFCA Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism
CPAF Corel Publishers and Artists Forum
CDF Cornwall Disability Forum
CDF Corporate Directors Forum
CFCD Corporate Forum for Community Development
CAFWS Countryside Access Forum for West Sussex
CMF Crans Montana Forum
CDF Credit and Development Forum
CLF Criminal Law Forum
CLEF Cross Language Evaluation Forum
CQFD Culte Quintessent du Forum de Darkam
DBRF Dartford Borough Residents’ Forum
DITFOR Defense Intelligence Technical Forum
DSF Delhi Science Forum
DCF Dell Community Forum
DTIF Demining Technology Information Forum
DPF Democratic Professionals Forum
DCLF Denver Community Leadership Forum
DFF Deutsches Flachdisplay Forum
DHCF Deutsches Hepatitis C Forum eV
DFF Deutsch-Franzosisches Forum
DFD Diaspora Forum for Development
DTF Diesel Technology Forum
DEDF Digital Electronics Developers Forum
DELF Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum
DPF Digital Policy Forum
DWF Digital Wedding Forum
DIFFERENCE Directory Interoperability Forum
DIF Directory Interoperability Forum
DJF DJ Forums
DNF Domain Name Forum
DEF Drug Education Forum
DPFFL Drug Policy Forum of Florida
DPFH Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii
DPFWI Drug Policy Forum of Wisconsin
DASF Dublin Airport Stakeholders Forum
EF Eagle Forum
EASF East Anglian Social Forum
EAF East Asia Forum
ECDF East Coast Development Forum
EMBF East Midlands Business Forum
EERF East of England Rural Forum
ECF Eastern Communication Forum
ELLF Eastside Latino Leadership Forum
ERF Economic Research Forum
EPCF Ecopy Paper Connection Forum
EBF Ecumenical Bishops’ Forum
EDIFICE EDI Forum for companies with interest in Computing and Electronics
ELRF Edinburgh and Lothian Refugee Forum
EF Educational Forum
ELF e-Learning Forum
ECF Electronic Cigarette Forum
EIF Electronic Industry Forum
EFD Employers’ Forum on Disability
EVF Endovascular Forum
ESF Energy Sector Forum
EPMF Engineering Project Management Forum
EMF Engineers Mobility Forum
ECTF Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum
ETCF Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum
EFM Environmental Forum of Marin
EIF Environmental Issues Forums
ENF Equality Network Forum
EPF Eritrean Public Forum
ERWF Erotic Romance Writers Forum
ELZ ESRA Learning Zone (web forum)
EMBF Ethnic Minority Business Forum
EAFUS Euro-Atlantic Forum of Ukrainian Students
EBS Europäischen Bildungsforum Schuhe
EFMS Europaisches Forum fur Migrationsstudie
FORATOM European Atomic Forum
EBF European Bioanalysis Forum
EBF European Botanical Forum
EBF European Business Forum
ECRF European Cinema Research Forum
ECTF European Community Telework/Telematics Forum
ECF European Construction Forum
ECGF European Corporate Governance Forum
EDF European Dermatology Forum
EDCF European Digital Cinema Forum
EDF European Disability Forum
EEF European Employee Forum
EFFE European Forum for Freedom in Education
EFGCP European Forum for Good Clinical Practice
EFIL European Forum for Information Literacy
EFFO European Forum for OS-9
EFRD European Forum for Responsible Drinking
EFSL European Forum for Sign Language
EFTRE European Forum for Teachers of Religious Education
EFAH European Forum for the Arts and Heritage
EFUS European Forum for Urban Safety
EFFAB European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders
EFLE European Forum of Logistics Education
EFMA European Forum of Medical Associations
EFSLI European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters
EFCF European Fuel Cell Forum
EFCF European Fund Categorisation Forum
EGCRF European Guidance and Counselling Research Forum
EISF European Interagency Security Forum
EIUF European ISDN User’s Forum
ELMF European Live Music Forum
EMAF European Manufacturing Automation Forum
EMITF European Microsoft Information Technology Forum
EMF European Multimedia Forum
EPFSF European Parliamentary Financial Services Forum
EPF European Patients’ Forum
EREF European Regional Economic Forum
ERTF European Roma and Travellers Forum
ESF European Security Forum
ESF European Services Forum
ESEEF European Sustainable Energy Education Forum
ETCF European Thin Client Forum
EVF European Venous Forum
EYF European Youth Forum
ESAF Evangelical Social Action Forum
EMF Exchange Money Forum
ECEF Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum
EYF Express Youth Forum
FTFI Fair Trade Forum India
FFF Family Friendly Forum
FFPF Family Friendly Programming Forum
FTF Family Tree Forum
FKFS Fashion Knowledge Forum
FKF Fashion Knowledge Forum
FYF Fashoda Youth Forum
FDNF Federal Democratic National Forum
FLF Federal Leadership Forum
FSFF Female Sexual Function Forum
FF Fiat Forum
FHF Field Hockey Forum
FDAF Fife Domestic Abuse Forum
FFF Fighting Fundamental Forums
FSF Financial Stability Forum
FIF Finishing Industries Forum
FEJF Fire Emissions Joint Forum
FFK Flashforum Konferenz
FSF Flight Simulation Forum
FCF Florida Children’s Forum
FMF Florida Mango Forum
FF Ford Forums
FFAU Ford Forums Australia
FVAF Forest Voluntary Action Forum
F0 Forum
FOR Forum
FARP Forum Action Roleplaying
FARSI Forum Africain pour la Reconstruction
FAR Forum Africain pour la Reconstruction
FACSE Forum Against Child Sexual Exploitation
FAIR Forum Against Islamophobia & Racism
FAOW Forum against Oppression of Women
FAGI Forum Aksi Guru Indonesia
FAOW Forum Aktywizacji Obszarow Wiejskich
FRENCH-AIR-FORCE Forum Atomique Français
FAF Forum Atomique Français
FBEA Forum Basic Education Action
FBG Forum Battle Group
FCR Forum contre le Racisme
FIA Forum d’Innovations d’Apprentissage
FFED Forum de la Femme pour l’Egalité et le Développement
FTM Forum de la Télévision Mobile
FEA Forum des Éducatrices Africaines
FEG Forum des Educatrices de Guinée
FDR Forum Deutsches Recht
FDMN Forum Dialogu Miedzy Narodami
FOR-2 Forum E-Government und E-Democracy
FOOD Forum et infos sur les reactiOns Dues aux aliments
FFA Forum Fisheries Agency
FAIR Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights, Inc
FACE Forum for Access and Continuing Education
FASE Forum for Advancing Software engineering Education
FAIR Forum for African Investigative Reporters
FAWE Forum for African Women Educationalists
FARA Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa
FASID Forum for Akademiske Sygeplejersker i Danmark
FAIR Forum for American Israeli Relations
FCR Forum for Child Rights
FCCW Forum for Citizens Cards in Wales
FCWE Forum for Community Work Education
FCGI Forum for Corporate Governance in Indonesia
FDD Forum for Democracy and Development
FDB Forum for Democracy in Burma
FDC Forum for Democratic Change
FPDP Forum for Dialogue and Partnership Development
FED Forum for Energy and Development
FEED-4 Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEED-8 Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEED-6 Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEED-5 Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEED-12 Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEED-11 Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEED-7 Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEED-13 Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEED-9 Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEED-10 Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEED Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
FEJS Forum for European Journalism Students
FEAST Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology
FFF Forum for Fåreskaller
FOFF Forum För Feministiska Föräldrar
FFS Forum for Free Speech
FIMA Forum for Intelligent Machines
FIM Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics
FIL Forum for Interlending
FICA Forum for International Commercial Arbitration
FICA Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration
FITT Forum for International Trade Training
FLGA Forum for Local Government and the Arts
FNND Forum for NordNorske Dansekunstnere
FNCA Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia
FOOT Forum for Object Oriented Technology
FOSI Forum for Open Source Initiative
FORMAT Forum for Organic Resource Management and Agricultural Technologies
FREE Forum for Responsible and Ethical E-Mail
FREE Forum for Rights to Electronic Expression
FORWARD Forum for Rural Welfare and Agricultural Reform for Development
FSC Forum for Security Cooperation
FOSAD Forum for Social Awareness and Development
FSS Forum for Social Studies
FSHPL Forum for State Health Policy Leadership
FACE Forum for the Advancement of Continuing Education
FAST Forum for the Analysis of Sport Technology
FBED Forum for the Built Environment
FBE Forum for the Built Environment
FEW Forum for the Empowerment of Women
FORD Forum for the Restoration of Democracy-People
FWE Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
FYS Forum for Young Scientists
FOYA Forum for Youth Advocacy
FFA Forum Francophone des Affaires
FFI Forum Francophone International
FGK Forum Grenzwissenschaften und Kornkreise
GFHI Forum Guru Honorer Indonesia
FISC Forum Intergouvernemental sur la Securite Chimique
FISL Fórum Internacional Software Livre
FJB Forum Jual Beli
FKI Forum Kajian Islam
FKB Forum Kesenian Banten
FKKB Forum Komunikasi Kesatuan Bangsa
FKKI Forum Komunikasi Kristen Indonesia
FKKJ Forum Komunikasi Kristiani Jakarta
FKPP Forum Komunikasi Partai Partai
FKPK Forum Komunikasi Penyayang Kehidupan
FKPP Forum Komunikasi Pondok Pesantren
FKWB Forum Komunikasi Wartawan Boyolali
FKP Forum Kritische Psychologie
FMED Forum Maghrébin pour l’Environnement et le Développement
FM Forum Moderator
FNRU Fórum Nacional da Reforma Urbana
FOB Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu
FARO Forum of Arctic Research Operators
FOCO Forum of Civil Organizations
FCFC Forum of Collective Forms of Cooperation
FOCUS Forum Of Control Data Users
FEJB Forum of Environmental Journalists of Bangladesh
FERS Forum of European Respiratory Societies
FESCO Forum of European Securities Commissions
FOF Forum of Firms
FIRST Forum of Incident Reporting & Security Team
FIRST Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FOIR Forum of Indian Regulators
FOIL Forum of Insurance Lawyers
FLMM Forum of Labour Market Ministers
FNAP Forum of Nurses in Advanced Practice
FPO Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman
FPB Forum of Private Business
FOSRS Forum of Scottish Rugby Supporters
FOSS Forum of Small States
FOSAD Forum of South African Director Generals
FOTB Forum Of The Banned
FOTM Forum of the Month
FURAD Forum of University Research Authority Directors
FOT Forum Oilfield Technology
FOCO Forum on Community Organizing
FIT Forum on Information Technology
FPS Forum on Physics and Society
FORE Forum on Religion and Ecology
FORSA Forum on Religion, Spirituality and Aging
FOSTER Forum on Sexuality to Encourage Respect
FDL Forum on Specification, Verification and Design Languages
FTA Forum on Tax Administration
FCI Forum on the Construction Industry
FOFM Forum Ontario Francophonie Mondiale
FPRK Forum Pengusaha Rokok Kudus
FPBI Forum Persaudaraan Bangsa Indonesia
FPIK Forum Polskiego Internetu Komercyjnego
FRN Forum pour La Redressement National
FPOC Forum Presiding Officers and Clerks
FPKN Forum Produsen Komputer Nasional
FPL Forum Proxy Leecher
FPG Forum Publishing Group
FRDC Forum Regional Development Centre
FSED Forum Secretariat Energy Division
FSAL Forum Social Algerien Libre
FSM Fórum Social Mundial
FSLC Forum Spam List Checker
FOSAD Forum Studi Aksi Demokrasi
FSO Forum Support Organisation
FSBP Forum Syd Balkans Programme
FAME Forum to Advance the Mobile Experience
FTT Forum Toulouse Technologies
FUWUTI Forum Use while Under the Influence
FVH Forum Virium Helsinki
FWL Forum Wymiany Linków
FR-PD Forumi Rinor I Partise Demokratike Te Shqiperise
FPER ForumPlanet
FP ForumPlanet
FOG Forums Operative Gynäkologie
FIAR Forumul International Asigurari Reasigurari
FFF Fourth Freedom Forum
FRF Frame Relay Forum
FRF-LMI Frame Relay Forum – Local Management Interface
FF Fraud Forum
FIF Free Inquiry Forum
FRF Free Realms Forums
FF Freedom Forum
FTF Freescale Technology Forum
FOFF Frets On Fire Fan Forum
FORF Frivillige Organisasjoners Redningsfaglige Forum
FUIUF Fudan University International Urban Forum
FSAF Fuel Schemes Advisory Forum
FFF Futurama Fan Forum
FLF Future Leaders Forum
FNF Future of Numbering Forum
FPF Future of Privacy Forum
GCCF Galway City Community Forum
GSRF Game Store Resource Forum
GSF GameSpy Forums
GFF Gaming Force Forums
GF Gaming Forums
GREF Gaming Regulators European Forum
GUF Gaming Union Forums
GECF Gas Exporting Countries Forum
GLCF Gay and Lesbian Community Forum
GTF Gay Teen Forum
GSF Gay-Straight Forum
GF Geelong Forums
GIF Gen IV International Forum
GAF Gender AIDS Forum
GOLF General Officer Logistic Forum
GPF General Programming Forum
GIF Generation IV International Forum
GWFF Geneva World Financial Forum
GSF Genoa Social Forum
GALFF Georgia Agri-Leaders Forum Foundation
GBFH Georgia Business Forum on Health, Inc.
GSF Geospatial Science Forum
GSF German Scooter Forum
GHF Gifted Homeschoolers Forum
GTF Gilder Technology Forum
GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Forum
GCF Global Certification Forum
GCF Global Compliance Forum
GDF Global Development Forum
GEF Global Economic Forum
GFLF Global Financial Leadership Forum
GFAA Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism
GFAR Global Forum on Agricultural Research
GFII Global Forum on International Investment
GFTED Global Forum on Trade, Environment, and Development
GGF Global Grid Forum
GILF Global Industry Leaders Forum
GIF Global Interest Forum
GIIF Global ISDN & Future Access Technologies Industry Forum
GMEF Global Ministerial Environment Forum
GPF Global Philanthropy Forum
GPF Global Policy Forum
GPMF Global Project Management Forum
GRHF Global Reproductive Health Forum
GSCF Global Supply Chain Forum
GULF Global University Leadership Forum
GFBN Globe Forum Business Network
GWHF Google Webmaster Help Forum
GMF Gorilla Mask Forums
GLF Government Leaders Forum
GTF Gran Turismo Forum
GFCNS Grantmaker Forum on Community and National Service
GDF Grateful Dead Forum
GEIF Great Eastern Investment Forum
GWF Great Western Forum
GBEF Greater Baltimore Economic Forum
GEDF Green Environmental Discussion Forum
GFI Green Forum Initiative
GFP Green Forum Philippines
GWCF Greenwich Waterfront Community Forum
GCF Gsm Certification Forum
FCG Guinean Civic Forum
GCVF Gulf Coast Venture Forum
GLF GUST Logistics Forum (Kuwait)
GFLL Guyana Forum for Life-Long Learning
HF Habbo Forum
HF Hammer Forum
HCAF Hampshire Countryside Access Forum
HTF Hardlines Technology Forum
HVAF Harrow Visual Arts Forum
HEPF Hawaii Energy Policy Forum
HF Hazards Forum
HPF Health Policy Forum
HSF Heart Surgery Forum
HNF Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum
HVAF Hertfordshire Visual Arts Forum
HSYF High School Youth Forum
HEDQF Higher Education Design Quality Forum
HSFN Hindoe Studenten Forum Nederland
HFB Hindu Forum of Britain
HYF Hindu Youth Forum
H2GF Hiperlan Global Forum
HNF HIPPI Network Forum
HKIF Hong Kong Internet Forum
HKMF Hong Kong Medical Forum
HOAF Horn of Africa Forum
HSM Hospitality Supply Management Forum
HIFI Hotel Investment Forum India
HJF Houston Junior Forum
HRF HSU Research Forum
HFWR Human Forum for Women’s Rights
HRAPF Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum
HRF Human Rights Forum
IDCF IAI Development Cooperation Forum
ISSF Impala SS Forum
IMF IMSI Management Forum
IFAW Independent Forum of Albanian Women
ILAF Independent Local Advisory Forum
IPPF Independent Power Producers Forum
IWF Independent Women’s Forum
IF India Forum
IRF India Radio Forum
ISF India Social Forum
ICF Indian Christian Forum
IMPF Indian Medical Parliamentarians’ Forum
INSAF Indian National Social Action Forum
IORBF Indian Ocean Rim Business Forum
IPFF Indigenous Peoples’ Forest Forum
IAKF Indo American Kashmir Forum
IRIF Indonesia Regional Investment Forum
IBFF Industrial Biotech Finance Forum
IFD Industrie-Forum Diabetes
ICCF Industry Carriers Compatibility Forum
ICWF Information and Communication World Forum
ISAF Information Security Awareness Forum
ISF Information Security Forum
ITSF Information Technology Security Forum
ITSMF Information Technology Service Management Forum
ICEF Inner City Economic Forum
IFCD Innovative Forum for Community Development
IFIR Innsbruck Forum on International Relations
IRF Installation Reuse Forum
IUEE Instituto Universitario Euroforum Escorial
ISLF Insurance Standards Leadership Forum
IESF Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum
ISF Integrative Strategies Forum
IDF Intel Developer Forum
IPTF Intellectual Property and Technology Forum
IF Interaction Forum
ILF Interactive Learning Forum
IFOR Interagency Forum for Operational Requirements
ILRF Interagency Labor Relations Forum
IASF Inter-Agency Security Forum
ICF Intercarrier Compensation Forum
ICCF Interexchange Carrier Compatibility Forum
IFF Intergovernmental Forum on Forests
IAF International Accreditation Forum
IAF International Accreditation Forum, Inc.
IASF International Automotive Scientific Forum
IBEF International Business Exchange Forum
IBF International Business Forum
IDPF International Digital Publishing Forum
IEF International Energy Forum
IEF International Enterprise Forum
IEF International Environment Forum
IFSF International Forecourts Standards Forum
IFAR International Forum for Aviation Research
IFCP International Forum for Cotton Promotion
IFOBA International Forum of Bible Agencies
IFAD International Forum on Accountancy Development
IFED International Forum on Engineering Decision Making
IFG International Forum on Globalization
IFPM International Forum on Pain Medicine
IFST International Forum on Semiconductor Technology
IFOST International Forum on Strategic Technology
IFSM International Forum on Systems and Mechatronics
IIFF International Islamic Finance Forum
IIFD International Islamic Forum for Dialogue
IIFTIHAR International Islamic Forum for Science, Technology and Human Resources Development
ILF International LEARNTEC Forum
IMLF International Manufacturing Leaders Forum
IMMF International Molecular Medicine Forum
IMRF International Multisensory Research Forum
IMMF International Music Managers Forum
INYF International Nepalese Youth Forum
IPCF International Powerline Communications Forum
IRF International Rail Forum
IRF International Regulators Forum
IFH International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene
ISF International Sepsis Forum
ISSF International Stainless Steel Forum
ISCF International Stem Cell Forum
ISTF International Surgical Thrombosis Forum
ISEF International Sustainable Energy Forum
ITSF International Telecom Sync Forum
ITF International Testing Forum
ITF International Transport Forum
IWCF International Well Control Forum
IWH Internationalen Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg
IWR Internationales Wirtschaftsforum Regenerative Energien
IBF Internet Business Forum
IDF Internet Dental Forum
IFRF Internet Fax Routing Forum
IFE Internet Forum Europe
IGF Internet Governance Forum
IPV6F Internet Protocol Version 6 Forum
ISPF Internet Service Providers Forum
ITESF Internet Traffic Engineering Solutions Forum
IFP Internetowe Forum Policyjne
IRF Interreligioses Forum Basel
IBF Intranet Benchmarking Forum
IIF Investors Iraq Forum
IBF Invision Board Forums
IFD Iraqi Forum for Democracy
INEF Irish Needle Exchange Forum
IYF ISKCON Youth Forum (religious organization)
IFSA Islamic Forum for Science and Arts
ILAF Israeli Laboratory Animal Forum
JNF Jain Networking Forum
JCGF Japan Corporate Governance Forum
JFSC Japan Forum on Satellite Communications
JFRF Japan Frame Relay Forum
JMF Japan Multimedia Forum
JTBF Japan Thailand Business Forum
JAFS Jatiyatabadi Ainjibi Forum
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