Gaming Abbreviations


What is game?

Game is a term from the Latin “ jocus ” which means joke, play, fun. The concept of game consists of a physical or intellectual activity formed by a set of rules and defines an individual (or a group) as a winner and another as a loser.

Games can be used for educational purposes to convey a sense of respect for the rules and the message that in a dispute between opponents there will always be one who loses and another who wins.

Some examples of games are: chess, football, checkers, musical chairs, volleyball, etc.

Electronic games and computer games are sought after by players of all ages, to play alone or, for example, in online games, with opponents from all over the world.

It is a stimulating and fun activity. But, like gambling, electronic games can cause addiction, in addition to negative effects (violence, depression, fear, health risks, etc.) in certain cases.

Competitive Games

Competitive Games are those where there are winners and losers. Its main purpose is to encourage fair competition among participants and learn to deal with victories and defeats.

It is important to develop the educational aspect of games, to teach children and adolescents that losing or winning is part of the game and is not the most relevant, but making everyone work towards a common goal.

In competitive games different skills of competitors must be stimulated. Intellectual games, games that stimulate reflexes, strategy games, sports, among others, are good opportunities to develop different skills.

Even in competitive games one should avoid competition as the only motivation. Competitive games can be educational when working on their relationship with ethical values, fair play and avoiding excessive appreciation of winners and losers.

The objective is to encourage not only competitiveness, but especially reasoning and respect for the rules. In the case of collective games, also collaboration and teamwork.

One of the risks of competitive games is to lead individuals into a climate of rivalry. The game can only focus on victory, thus causing a high level of anguish, aggression and the exclusion of participants understood as less able.

Examples of competitive games

Competitive games are all those in which there is a contest for victory. Some examples of competitive games are:

  • Chess
  • ladies
  • Hash
  • Stop, adedanha/adedanha
  • burnt/burnt
  • Picnic games (tag, tag, tag, hide and seek, etc.)
  • Card games (truco, sueca, hole, hearts out, etc.)
  • Sports (volleyball, football, basketball, table tennis, judo, etc.)

What are Cooperative Games?

As opposed to competitive games, where participants must compete with each other to succeed, in cooperative games, everyone must collaborate with each other so that they can be champions.

Group dynamics are the basis of cooperative games, which aim to raise awareness of cooperation among participants, a feeling of solidarity and support among people.

Participants in competitive games consider other players to be adversaries, while people involved in cooperative games relate other players to partners.

Gaming Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Gaming

AGB A Gaming Brotherhood
AGRIP Accessible Gaming Rendering Independence Possible
AXG Adrenaline Extreme Gaming
AGC Adult Gaming Centre
ARGUS Advanced Real-Time Gaming Universal Simulation
AGRI Alberta Gaming Research Institute
AGA Alcohol and Gaming Authority
AGCO Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
AOGC Allied Online Gaming Coalition
ARG Alternate Reality Gaming
AGL Altimate Gaming League
AGA American Gaming Association
AGIS Analysis and Gaming Information System
AARGAU Apocalypse Gaming
AG Apocalypse Gaming
AGSN Arctic Gaming Server Network
AGIES Argosy Gaming Company
AGY Argosy Gaming Company
AIGAS Arizona Indian Gaming Association
AIGA Arizona Indian Gaming Association
AWG Art of War Gaming
AGE Australasian Gaming Expo
AGE Australian Gaming Expo
AGL Australian Gaming League
AGN Australian Gaming Network
APGN Australian Professional Gaming Network
AGS Authentic Gaming Supply
BGII Bally Gaming International Inc.
BC Base Camp (gaming)
BFG Best for Gaming
BAGL Big Air Gaming League
BLG Big League Gaming
BGFS Bio-Gaming Forums
BGF Bio-Gaming Forums
BSGS Black Sheep Gaming Society
BWG Blue Water Gaming
BOC Body of Christ Gaming
BGB British Gaming Blog
BGC Bunker Gaming Community
CSG Can’t Stop Gaming
CCGA Carolina Computer Gaming Association
CGI Casino & Gaming International
CGI Casino Gaming International
CGR Center for Gaming Research
CGE Central Gaming Empire
CGS Championship Gaming Series
CPGL Cheat Police Gaming League
COGS Chesterfield Open Gaming Society
CGUS Christian Gaming Universe
CGU Christian Gaming Universe
CEGL Ciraco Electronic Gaming League
CCAG Classic Console and Arcade Gaming Show
CGE Classic Gaming Expo
CPG Community Project Gaming
COGS Complete Online Gaming System
CGAA Computer Gaming Association of Arizona
CGW Computer Gaming World
CGN Console Gaming Network
CVG Convict Gaming
CLG Counter Logic Gaming
CSGN Counter Strike Gaming Network
XMG Cross-Media Gaming
CGN Cyber Gaming Network
CSGN Cyber Sports Gaming Network
DOG Dads of Gaming
DGN Daily Gaming News
DRAGON Davis Recreation and Gaming Organizational Network
DCGN Dazed and Confused Gaming Network
DCG Department of Charitable Gaming
DDWSO Deputy Director for Wargaming, Simulation, and Operations
DGC Devil’s Gaming Community
DR Dice Roll (gaming)
DRIFTING Dice Roll (gaming)
DOG Disciples of Gaming
DWS Distributed Wargaming System
DGE Division of Gaming Enforcement
EPGSS Eastern Pennsylvania Gaming Society
EGO EGamingOnline
EGBS Electronic Gaming Business
EGB Electronic Gaming Business
EGD Electronic Gaming Device
EGE Electronic Gaming Experts
EGM Electronic Gaming Machine
EGM Electronic Gaming Monthly
EGC Elukkaveljekset Gaming Club
EGC Eminent Gaming Clan
EGO Endless Gaming Options
EDGE Enhanced Doom Gaming Engine
EGYPT Epileptic Gaming
EG Epileptic Gaming
ESGN E-Sports Gaming Network
EOGA Ethical Online Gaming Association
EGF Euro Gaming Force
EGBA European Gaming and Betting Association
EMGL European Multi Gaming League
EOGC European Online Gaming Championships
EOG Evolution of Gaming
XGF Extreme Gaming Faction
FPG Fair Play Gaming
FLANGE Fancy Lads Gaming
FLG Fancy Lads Gaming
FORGE Fellowship of Role Gaming Enthusiasts
FGL FENGOR Gaming Labs
FTGA Fidelity Trust Gaming Association
FO2 FIFA Online 2 (gaming)
FUT FIFA Ultimate Team (gaming)
FGN Flash Gaming Network
FBCG For the Benefit of Computers and Gaming
FOA Fraternity of Assassins Gaming
FUDGE Freeform Universal Do-it-yourself Gaming Engine
FUDGE Freeform Universal Donated Gaming Engine
FLGS Friendly Local Gaming Store
FWGG Friendswood Gaming Group
FLANGE Frontline Gaming Community
FLG Frontline Gaming Community
FXN Fusion Cross N (gaming clan
GDG Gamebend Dota Gaming
GAIO Gaming Audit and Investigation Office
GCA Gaming Control Act
GCB Gaming Control Board
GDS Gaming Device Standard
GFM Gaming FM
GFF Gaming Force Forums
GF Gaming Forums
GHF Gaming Hall of Fame
GIA Gaming Intelligence Agency
GISP Gaming Internet Service Provider
GLA Gaming Liberation Army
GLX Gaming Limits Exceeded
GOTCHA Gaming Obsession Throughout Computer History Award
GOS Gaming Operating System
GONADS Gaming Ordinators National Association Of Developing Systems
GREF Gaming Regulators European Forum
GSP Gaming Service Provider
GSA Gaming Standards Association
GUI Gaming Under the Influence
GU Gaming Union
GU-2 Gaming Union
GUF Gaming Union Forums
GUP Gaming Union Podcast
GU Gaming Universe
GU-2 Gaming Universe
GU Gaming Update
GU-2 Gaming Update
GW Gaming Wizard
GW Gaming World
GAX Gamingaddix
GA Gaming-Age
GGB Global Gaming Business
GGL Global Gaming League
GGNC Global Gaming Network Community
GOG Gods of Gaming
GGF Good Gaming Fun
GCGC Great Canadian Gaming Corporation
GGYS Gross Gaming Yield
GGY Gross Gaming Yield
GCGC Gulf Coast Gaming Club
HPT Halo PC Tourney (gaming clan)
HGL Hardcore Gaming League
HP Health Point (gaming)
HLT Heavy Laser Tower (gaming
HOG Heroes of Gaming
HM-AND-M Heroes of Might and Magic (gaming(
HHGL Hip-Hop Gaming League
HP Hit Point (gaming)
HBG Hot Blooded Gaming
HUGS Huddersfield University Gaming Society
IGB Illinois Gaming Board
IG Illumined Gaming
IGC Indian Gaming Center
IGRA Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988
IGWG Indian Gaming Working Group
IGC Indiana Gaming Commission
IGN Insider Gaming News
IGS Integrated Gaming System
IGC Interactive Gaming Council
IGE Interactive Gaming Environment
IMEGA Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association
IAGA International Association of Gaming Advisors
IGCE International Gaming Conference & Expo
IGI International Gaming Institute
IGN International Gaming Network, Inc
IGN International Gaming News
IMGA International Mobile Gaming Awards
IUGE International Union of Gaming Employees
IGE Internet Gaming Entertainment, Ltd
IGN Internet Gaming Network
IGN Internet Gaming News
IGSP Internet Gaming Service Provider
IGS Internet Gaming System
IRGC Inter-Realm Gaming Consortium
IRGC Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
JASAG Japan Association of Simulation and Gaming
KOG Keeping On Gaming
KAG Kick Ass Gaming
KOG Kings of Gaming
KGB Knoxville Gaming Bureau
LJG La Jolla Gaming, Inc.
LGGC Lake Geneva Gaming Convention
LOGISTICS Legit Gaming Club
LGC Legit Gaming Club
LGW Linux Gaming World
LLG Little League Gaming
LAG Live Action Gaming
LIGS Long Island Gaming Servers
LGA Lotteries and Gaming Authority
LAG Lousy at Gaming
MGC Mafia Gaming Crew
MLG Major League Gaming
MGA Mature Gaming Association
MGOS Metal Gear Online (gaming
MGO Metal Gear Online (gaming
MGCB Michigan Gaming Control Board
MWU Miniatures Wargaming Union
MIGA Minnesota Indian Gaming Association
MGC Mississippi Gaming Commission
MRGA Missouri Riverboat Gaming Association
MMGG Morris Mohawk Gaming Group
MPGA Mount Pleasant Gaming Association
MOGP Multi Online Gaming Portal
MGG My Gaming Group
NCRG National Center for Responsible Gaming
NIGC National Indian Gaming Commission
NWARS National Wargaming System
NGR Net Gaming Revenue
NGZ Net Gaming Zone
NGC Nevada Gaming Commission
NAG New Age Gaming
NZGS New Zealand Gaming Survey
NGG Next-Gen Gaming
NTG No Tag Gaming
OEF ODST Expeditionary Force (gaming clan)
OSGA Off Shore Gaming Association
OIGM Office of Indian Gaming Management
OLGR Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
ORGL Office of Racing, Gaming and Liquor
OIGA Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association
OGV Old Gaming Veterans
OGP Omni Gaming Products
OGA Online Gaming Addicts
OGA Online Gaming Alliance
OGC Online Gaming Cheat
OGF Online Gaming Forum
OGL Online Gaming League
OGN Online Gaming Network
OGO Online Gaming Organization
OGS Online Gaming Service
OHG Only Human Gaming
OLGC Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
OLG Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
OGF Open Gaming Foundation
OGL Open Gaming License
OGLE Open Gaming License Engine
OG Optimal Gaming
OGC Outlaw Gaming Crew
PCIG Pacific Congress on Interactive Gaming
PGN Pakers Gaming Network
PGL Pakistan Gaming League
PGCB Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
PALGN Phase Alternating Line Gaming Network
PAGCOR Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation
PGC Philippine Gaming Community
PGA Platteville Gaming Association
PVPGN Player vs. Player Gaming Network
PGS Portable Gaming System
PHWG Prague Historical Wargaming Group
PGPI Prime Gaming Philippines, Inc.
PGL Pro Gaming League
PGL Professional Gaming League
PGIC Progressive Gaming International Corporation
PGRI Public Gaming Research Institute
QOGR Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation
RAW Rapid Analytical Wargaming
RG Rapid Gaming
RTG Real Time Gaming
RRVGG Red River Valley Gaming Group
RSG Red Spear Gaming
RDG Re-Define Gaming
RGC Renegade Gaming Community
RGQ Responsible Gaming Quarterly
RGR Retro Gaming Radio
RGC Retro-Gaming Connexion
ROG Revolution of Gaming
SGC Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation
SIGA Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority
SGC ScrewAttack Gaming Convention
SLUDGE Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of A Gaming Environment
SMOG Secret Masters of Gaming
SGC Seneca Gaming Corporation
SBG Server-Based Gaming
SGX Sicarius Gaming Extreme
SIGMALOG Simulation & Gaming Methods for Analysis Of Logistics
SGX Simulation/Gaming Exchange
SBG Sky Blue Gaming
SGC Snakeyes Gaming Corporation
SK Spawn Kill (gaming)
SGZ Sports Gaming Zone
SGRF State Gaming Revenues Fund
SGN Stealth Gaming Network
SHOTGUN Storm Gaming
SG Storm Gaming
SGC Strategy Gaming Central
SGL Summit Gaming League
SLDL SunLit DOD League (gaming)
SDWC Swedish Defence Wargaming Centre
TTW Table-Top Wargaming
TGN Tasmanian Gaming Network
TGA Thantos Gaming Association
TGS That Gaming Site
TAGN The Ancient Gaming Noob
TGC The Gaming Center
TGC The Gaming Club
TGN The Gaming Nation
TGS The Gaming Shoutcast
TGS The Gaming Syndicate
TGZ The Gaming Zone
TMGC The Money Gaming Corporation Ltd.
TSGS The Stormtrooper Gaming Sites
TAG Total Assault Gaming
TGL Total Gaming League
TGN Total Gaming Network
TUGA Triangle Unplugged Gaming Association
TOGO Tribal Gaming Operations
TGO Tribal Gaming Operations
UGM Ultimate Gaming Machine
ULX Ultimate LAN Experience (gaming center)
UOG Ultimate Online Gaming
USGA Ultimate Soldiers Gaming Association
UG Undefined Gaming
UFGL Under Fire Gaming League
UVGI Underground Videogaming International
UEG United Extreme Gaming
UGS United Gaming Syndicate
USGN Unreal Software Gaming Network
VGG Vancouver Gaming Guild
VGG Veterans Gaming Group
VGL Vicious Gaming League
VGD Video Gaming Device
VGU Video Gaming Universe
VGN Vintage Gaming Network
VGT Virtual Gaming Table
VGTI Virtual Gaming Technologies, Inc.
VGZ Virtual Gaming Zone
VGC Vision Gaming Community
VG Vital Gaming
WCSD Wargaming and Combat Simulation Division
WAE Wargaming the Asymmetric Environment
WIGA Washington Indian Gaming Association
WAGJ We Are Gaming Junkies
WIGC Western Indian Gaming Conference
WWGS White Wolf Gaming Studio
WF Windforce Bow (gaming)
WGR Wireless Gaming Review
WCPG Wisconsin Council on Problem Gaming
WBC World Boardgaming Championships
WGC World Gaming Center
WGCE World Gaming Congress & Expo
WGF World Gaming Federation
WGM World Gaming Magazine
WIGC World Interactive Gaming Corp.
WIGC World Interactive Gaming Corporation
WWCL World Wide Championship of Lan Gaming
XAG X-Air Gaming
XGC Xiled Gaming Company
XFG Xtreme Fight Gaming
XGC Xtreme Gaming Clan
XGD Xtreme Gaming Disciples
XGN Xtreme Gaming Network
XNG Xtreme Network Gaming
YGM Your Gaming Movies
YOGN Your Own Gaming Network