Ghana Abbreviations

GH is the abbreviation for Ghana, the 80th largest country in the world. Officially the Republic of Ghana, Ghana is a country located in West Africa, bordering 4 countries – Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Togo. Accra is the capital city of Ghana. Top 10 biggest cities are Accra (population: 1,963,253), Kumasi (population: 1,468,598), Tamale (population: 360,568), Takoradze (population: 232,908), Achiaman (population: 202,921), Tema (population: 155,771), Cape Coast (population: 143,004), Sekondi-Takoradi (population: 138,861), Obuase (population: 137,845), and Medina Estates (population: 101,196).

Country Profile

  • Capital: Accra
  • Language: English
  • Area: 239,567 km2
  • Population: 28,308,289
  • Currency: Ghanaian cedi (GHS)
  • Time zone: UTC+0
  • Calling code: 233
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: GH
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: GHA
  • Internet TLD: .gh
  • State Government Website:

Map of Ghana

List of Ghana Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Ghana are GH which stands for Ghana and GHS which means Ghanaian cedi (Ghana currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Ghana, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

GH: Ghana

Abbreviation Meaning
ACCOUNTING Accra, Ghana – Kotoka
ACCESSORY Accra, Ghana – Kotoka
ACC Accra, Ghana – Kotoka
ATAG Aid to Artisans Ghana
AGI Association of Ghana Industries
ARPG Association of Retired Persons in Ghana, Inc.
BOG Bank of Ghana
CCG Christian Council of Ghana
CHAG Christian Health Association of Ghana
CORCOM Coordinating Committee of Ghanaian Adventist Churches
DFOG Disablement Foundation of Ghana
ECG Electricity Company of Ghana
ECOG Evergreen Club of Ghana
FAGE Federation of Associations of Ghanaian Exporters
FEDGHAF Federation of Ghanaian Associations in France
GH Ghana
GHA Ghana
GAINS Ghana Agricultural Information Network System
GAF Ghana Air Force
GHA Ghana Airways
GHANA Ghana Airways – Ghana
GH Ghana Airways – Ghana
GAF Ghana Armed Forces
GA Ghana Army
GAB Ghana Association of Bankers
GATTS Ghana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents
GATT Ghana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents
GAEC Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
GBA Ghana Bar Association
GBPA Ghana Book Publishers Association
GBC Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
GCM Ghana Chamber of Mines
GES Ghana Education Service
GEA Ghana Employers’ Association
GFD Ghana Federation of the Disabled
GFA Ghana Football Association
GHS Ghana Health Service
GHA Ghana Hotels Association
GILLBT Ghana Institute of Linguistics Literacy and Bible Translation
GIPF Ghana Institute of Professional Foresters
GII Ghana Integrity Initiative
GIA Ghana International Airlines
GIS Ghana International School
GIC Ghana Investment Club
GIDA Ghana Irrigation Development Authority
G-JAS Ghana Joint Assistance Strategy
GJA Ghana Journalists Association
GJA Ghana Judo Association
GLC Ghana Leasing Company
GLA Ghana Library Association
GLB Ghana Library Board
GLSS Ghana Living Standards Survey
GMES Ghana Manufacturing Enterprise Survey
GMA Ghana Medical Association
GMMB Ghana Museums and Monuments Board
GMSA Ghana Muslim Students Association
GNAPF Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers
GNAT Ghana National Association of Teachers
GNPA Ghana National Procurement Agency
GNTC Ghana National Trading Corporation
GNUPS Ghana National Union of Polytechnic Students
GNAA Ghana Netherlands Alumni Association
GNA Ghana News Agency
GOAN Ghana Organic Agriculture Network
GPC Ghana Parade Council
GPCD Ghana Partnership for Child Development
GPSA Ghana Pharmaceutical Students Association
GPS Ghana Police Service
GPRS Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy
GREDA Ghana Real Estate Developers Association
GRAP Ghana Research and Advocacy Programme
GRA Ghana Revenue Authority
GSTS Ghana Secondary Technical School
GSPT Ghana Society for the Prevention of Tuberculosis
GSB Ghana Standards Board
GSMC Ghana State Mining Corporation
GTMO Ghana Timber Millers Organization
GTB Ghana Tourist Board
GUS Ghana Union Stuttgart eV
GUTA Ghana Union Traders Association
GVMA Ghana Veterinary Medical Association
GWCL Ghana Water Company Ltd.
GWAM Ghana West Africa Missions
GWD Ghana Wildlife Division
GCABC Ghana-Canada Association of British Columbia
GAS Ghanaian Association of Sacramento
GHC Ghanaian Cedi
GDCA Ghanaian Danish Communities Association
GGEA Ghanaian-German Economic Association
GBG Golden Bridge Ghana
HAG Horticulture Association of Ghana
MUSIGA Musicians Union of Ghana
NRC National Redemption Council of Ghana
NYCG National Youth Council of Ghana
PPAG Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana
POTAG Polytechnic Teachers’ Association of Ghana
SPEG Sea-Freight Pineapple Exporters of Ghana
UG University of Ghana
USAG University Students Association of Ghana
VAG Veterans Association of Ghana
WVG World Vision Ghana

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