Laboratory Abbreviations

Laboratory is a (part of a) building equipped for conducting investigations; the set of instruments and the researchers working with them are specialized in a certain scientific direction (anatomical, pathological-anatomical, physiological, bacteriological, chemical, etc. etc.).


Laboratory Abbreviations

Laboratory is an artificial research environment in which all variables that may influence the variables under investigation can be kept constant.

A distinction is made between laboratories where purescientific research is carried out (such as a university laboratory and the laboratory of the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter, FOM) and laboratories for applied scientific research (TNO laboratories, industrial laboratories) whose primary task is to solve technical problems at a scientific level . Incidentally, this division is no longer sharp, because scientific research almost always entails consequences for society, while, moreover, it is hardly possible to identify a social area where purely scientific research does not intervene. Much purely scientific research is therefore carried out in industrial research laboratories. A third category is the laboratories where scientific techniques are applied as a routine activity (eg clinical-chemical laboratory). Sometimes a test factory is connected to a company laboratory, where a new factory process first goes through a pilot phase on a small scale. The work in a laboratory is led by scientific (usually academic) trained personnel, while the executive tasks are performed by analysts. Laboratories are often equipped with all kinds of expensive devices, but much important scientific research is carried out with simple means.

List of Acronyms Related to Laboratory

AFDL AAHL Fish Diseases Laboratory (Australia)
AMLS Academy of Medical Laboratory Science
ADCL Accredited Dosimetry Calibration Laboratory
APTL Accredited POSIX Testing Laboratory
ARRL Acquisition Reform Reinvention Laboratory
ALC Adelphi Laboratory Center
ARL Admiralty Research Laboratory
ACSL Advanced Chemical Science Laboratory
ACRL Advanced Computational Research Laboratory
ACL Advanced Computer Laboratory
ACL Advanced Computing Laboratory
ACL Advanced Concepts Laboratory
ADSL Advanced Distributed Simulation Laboratory
AGL Advanced Geospatial Laboratory
AIL Advanced Imaging Laboratory
ALEF Advanced Laboratory Economics and Finance
ALW Advanced Laboratory Workstation
AMTL Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
AML Advanced Materials Laboratory
AMTEL Advanced Materials Testing and Evaluation Laboratory
AML Advanced Measurement Laboratory
AMIL Advanced Medical Imaging Laboratory
AMIL Advanced Microscopic Imaging Laboratory
AMAL Advanced Mobile Analytical Laboratory
AMBL Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory
ANCL Advanced Network Computing Laboratory
APEL Advanced Product Evaluation Laboratory
APRDL Advanced Products Research and Development Laboratory
ARRL Advanced Robotics Research Laboratory
ASSAULT Advanced Simulation Laboratory
ASL Advanced Simulation Laboratory
ASPL Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory
ATEL Advanced Television Evaluation Laboratory
ATLAS Advanced Traffic Laboratory for Automated Systems
AVATAR Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research Laboratory
AWPL Advanced Wood Products Laboratory
AFDL Aero-Flight Dynamics Laboratory
AMAL Aeromedical Acceleration Laboratory
AMEL Aeromedical Equipment Laboratory
ACL Aeronautical Computer Laboratory
APEL Aeronautical Photographic Experimental Laboratory
ARL Aeronautical Research Laboratory
ASSAULT Aeronautical Structures Laboratory
ASL Aeronautical Structures Laboratory
ASSAULT Aeronautical Systems Laboratory
ASL Aeronautical Systems Laboratory
AL Aeronomy Laboratory
ATL Aerosol Technology Laboratory
AASL Aerospace and Autonomous Systems Laboratory
ACDL Aerospace Computational Design Laboratory
ACEL Aerospace Crew Equipment Laboratory
AEL Aerospace Education Laboratory
ARL Aerospace Robotics Laboratory
ASDL Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory
ALP Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency Program
AMBL Agricultural Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory
ARL Agricultural Research Laboratory
AEERL Air and Energy Engineering Research Laboratory
ADL Air Defense Laboratory
AFATL Air Force Advanced Technology Laboratory
AFATL Air Force Armament Laboratory
AFAL Air Force Astronautics Laboratory
AFAL Air Force Avionics Laboratory
AFFDL Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory
AFGL Air Force Geophysics Laboratory
AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory
AFRPL Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory
AFRL Air Force Rome Laboratory
AFWL Air Force Weapons Laboratory
AFWAL Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratory
AMBL Air Maneuver Battle Laboratory
ARL Air Resources Laboratory
ATOL Air Traffic Operations Laboratory
AFL Airborne Flying Laboratory
AIL Airborne Instruments Laboratory
ALL Airborne Laser Laboratory
AERL Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory
AMSL Akajima Marine Science Laboratory
ASSAULT Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory
ASL Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory
ARL Alcoa Research Laboratory
ALTM All Laboratory Trimmed Mean
ABL Allegheny Ballistics Laboratory
AML Alletess Medical Laboratory
ACSL Alternate Crops and Systems Laboratory
AMBL Amakusa Marine Biological Laboratory
A2LA American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
AALA American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
AALAS American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
AAALAC American Association for the Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
AAVLD American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians
ACLAM American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
ACLAD American Committee on Laboratory Animal Diseases
AFSL American Fireworks Standards Laboratory
ASLAP American Society for Laboratory Animal Practitioners
ASCLT American Society of Clinical Laboratory Technicians
AAL Ames Aeronautical Laboratory
AL Ames Laboratory
ASSAULT Amorphous Silicon Laboratory
ASL Amorphous Silicon Laboratory
ANCL Analogical and Neural Computing Laboratory
ACL Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
ACSL Analytical Chemistry Services Laboratory
ALCS Analytical Laboratory Computer System
ALMA Analytical Laboratory Managers Association
ALSI Analytical Laboratory Services, Inc.
ALS Analytical Laboratory System
ASSAULT Analytical Service Laboratory
ASL Analytical Service Laboratory
ADDL Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
AMBL Animal Manure and By-products Laboratory
ACLS Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science
AEL Appalachia Educational Laboratory
ACMAL Applied Chemical and Morphological Analysis Laboratory
ADL Applied Dynamics Laboratory
AERL Applied Energy Research Laboratory
AFL Applied Fisheries Laboratory
AGL Applied Geodynamics Laboratory
AML Applied Mathematics Laboratory
ANCL Applied Neural Control Laboratory
APL Applied Physics Laboratory
APL Applied Psychological Laboratory
AQPL Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory
ARL Applied Research Laboratory
ARL-PSU Applied Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University
ASSAULT Approval Services Laboratory
ASL Approval Services Laboratory
AEL Aquatic Ecology Laboratory
ARL Aquatic Research Laboratory
ASSAULT Architecture Simulation Laboratory
ASL Architecture Simulation Laboratory
ARL Arctic Research Laboratory
ASSAULT Arctic Submarine Laboratory
ASL Arctic Submarine Laboratory
ADL Area Dental Laboratory
AML Area Medical Laboratory
ANL Argonne National Laboratory
ANL-W Argonne National Laboratory – West
ADL Armament Development Laboratory
AL Armament Laboratory
AFDIL Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory
ASWBPL Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory
AL Armstrong Laboratory
AARL Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory
ABL Army Battle Laboratory
AERDL Army Electronics Research & Development Laboratory
AMTL Army Materials Technology Laboratory
AML Army Medical Laboratory
ARL Army Research Laboratory
ARLTAB Army Research Laboratory Technical Assessment Board
ASSAULT Art and Science Laboratory
ASL Art and Science Laboratory
AIDL Arthropod Borne and Infectious Diseases Laboratory
AEL Artificial Evolution Laboratory
AIL Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
AIL ARTS Integration Laboratory
APLAC Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
ALAT Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician
AMF Assistant Manager for Facilities and Laboratory Management
ADLO Associate Director of Laboratory Operations
AAALAC Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
ABLE Association for Biology Laboratory Education
ALA Association for Laboratory Automation
ASLAP Association of Laboratory Animal Practitioners
ASTPHLD Association of State and Territorial Public Health Laboratory Directors
AL Astronautics Laboratory
AERL Athens Environmental Research Laboratory
ALBA Athens Laboratory of Business Administration
AOML Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
ATLAS Atmospheric and Terrestrial Laboratory for Applications in Space
ATLAS Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science
ASSAULT Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory
ASL Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory
APL Atomic Power Laboratory
ATL ATWCS Training Laboratory
AEL Augmented Environments Laboratory
AAHL Australian Animal Health Laboratory
ALS Australian Laboratory Services Pty Ltd
ARL Australian Reference Laboratory
ASSAULT Autobacs Sportscar Laboratory, Co, Ltd
ASL Autobacs Sportscar Laboratory, Co, Ltd
ACTL Automated Compatibility Test Laboratory
ALCS Automated Laboratory Control System
AFSL Autonomous Flight Systems Laboratory
ALL Autonomous Learning Laboratory
ADOL Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory
ARL Aviation Research Laboratory
AWDL Aviation Weather Development Laboratory
AIL Avionics Integration Laboratory
BLT Bachelor of Laboratory Technology
BMLSC Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
BMLS Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
BRL Ballistic Research Laboratory
BMFL Baruch Marine Field Laboratory
BUBL Bathysphere Underwater Biological Laboratory
BNWL Battelle Northwest Laboratory
BPNL Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory
BCBL Battle Command Battle Laboratory
BUNDLE Battlefield Digitization Laboratory
BDL Battlefield Digitization Laboratory
BALCO Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative
BBL Bay Bioanalytical Laboratory, Inc.
BRTL Bayer Reference Testing Laboratory
BELL Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory
BRL Bee Research Laboratory
BLEM Beijing Laboratory of Electron Microscopy
BNL Berkeley National Laboratory
BBL Biobehavioral Laboratory
BRDL Bio-Engineer Research & Development Laboratory
BPEL Biological and Physiological Engineering Laboratory
BKL Biological Knowledge Laboratory
BWL Biological Warfare Laboratory
BCRL Biomass Conversion Research Laboratory
BML BioMechanics Laboratory
BIPL Biomedical Image Processing Laboratory
BLT Biomedical Laboratory Technology
BRDL Biomedical Research and Development Laboratory
BSNL Biosecurity and Nanoscience Laboratory
BBL Bird Banding Laboratory
BML Bodega Marine Laboratory
BREL Boeing Radiation Effects Laboratory
BTPFL Boiling and Two-Phase Flow Laboratory
BPL British Physical Laboratory
BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory
BUTAL Bursa Test and Analysis Laboratory
BCCIL Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory
BLI Buyers Laboratory Inc
CBL Calculator-Based Laboratory
CSL Calibration Services Laboratory
CVDLS California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System
CLEF Caltech Laboratory for Experimental Finance
CRL Cambridge Research Laboratory
CLAAC Campus Laboratory Animal Acquisitions Coordinator
CLC Campus Laboratory Consortium
CALA Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation
CALAS Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science
CERL Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory
CLMC Canadian Laboratory Medicine Congress
CLSA Canadian Laboratory Suppliers Association
CSLT Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists
CUL Canadian Underwriters Laboratory
CBRL Cancer Biology Research Laboratory
CPXL Cancer Protein Expression Laboratory
CONTROL Canoga Test Laboratory
CTL Canoga Test Laboratory
CFCL Canta Forda Computer Laboratory
CCL Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
CRML Cardiac Rhythm Management Laboratory
CUL Cardiac Ultrasound Laboratory
CBRL Cardiovascular Biomechanics Research Laboratory
CRDL CARE Research & Development Laboratory
CARLA Catalysis Research Laboratory
CMPL Cellular and Molecular Physiology Laboratory
CAHL Central Animal Health Laboratory
CCL Central CO2 Laboratory
CCSL Central Control System Laboratory
CFRL Central Food Research Laboratory
CFL Central Forensic Laboratory
CLAC Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate
CLAR Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research
CLIK Central Laboratory Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Limited
CLMC Central Laboratory of Mineralogy and Crystallography
CMCL Central Meat Control Laboratory
CPHL Central Public Health Laboratory
CRPL Central Radio Propagation Laboratory
CRL Central Regional Laboratory
CRDL Central Republican Diagnostic Laboratory
CSL Central Science Laboratory
CONTROL Central Testing Laboratory Ltd
CTL Central Testing Laboratory Ltd
CTLS Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies
CLC Certified Laboratory Consultant
CMLA Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant
COLT Certified Office Laboratory Technician
CSDL Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
CRDL Chemical and Radiation Detection Laboratory
CAL Chemical Assessment Laboratory
CBL Chemical Biology Laboratory
CDSTL Chemical Demilitarization Science and Technology Laboratory
CEL Chemical Engineering Laboratory
CLIP Chemical Laboratory Information Profile
CLRN Chemical Laboratory Response Network
CREL Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory
CSTL Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory
CONTROL Chemical Technology Laboratory
CTL Chemical Technology Laboratory
CTLN Chemical Terrorism Laboratory Network
CABL Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory
CABLS Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory
CPL Chemistry and Physics Laboratory
COSL Chemistry Operations Support Laboratory
CRL Chemistry Research Laboratory
CBL Chesapeake Bay Laboratory
CDL Child Development Laboratory
CRMLN Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Network
CEL Civil Engineering Laboratory
CERL Civil Engineering Research Laboratory
CLIA Clandestine Laboratory Investigators Association
CLSS Clandestine Laboratory Seizure System
CLB Classroom and Laboratory Building
CMDL Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory
CSL Climate Simulation Laboratory
CLSI Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
CCLM Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
CCN Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
CDL Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory
CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act/Amendment
CLIP Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program
CLMA Clinical Laboratory Management Association
CLMR Clinical Laboratory Management Review
CLN Clinical Laboratory News
CLR Clinical Laboratory Reference
CLSP Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program
CLS Clinical Laboratory Scientist
CLTPM Clinical Laboratory Technical Procedure Manual
CLT Clinical Laboratory Technologist
CMDL Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory
CRL Clinical Reference Laboratory
CSDL Coast Survey Development Laboratory
CHL Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory
CML Coastal Morphodynamics Laboratory
COLLEGE Coastal Ocean Laboratory
COLLECTED Coastal Ocean Laboratory
COL Coastal Ocean Laboratory
COOL Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory
CARL Coating Applications Research Laboratory
CERL Cognitive Ergonomics Research Laboratory
CSL Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
CFL Cold Flow Laboratory
CFRL Cold Fusion Research Laboratory
CRREL Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory
CSHL Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
CSDL Collaborative Software Development Laboratory
CGMA Collaboratory for GIS and Mediterranean Archaeology
CMDA Collaboratory for Microscopic Digital Anatomy
CREW Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work
CSEP Collaboratory for the Study of Earthquake Predictability
CIF Collaboratory Interoperability Framework
CRCFL Colorado Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory
CERC Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory
CSTAL Combat Surveillance & Target Acquisition Laboratory
CSIL Combat Systems Integration Laboratory
CERL Combustion and Engine Research Laboratory
CCL Command and Control Laboratory
CCL Command Center Laboratory
CONTROL Commercial Testing Laboratory
CTL Commercial Testing Laboratory
CCTL Common Criteria Testing Laboratory
CCL Communication Certification Laboratory
CSEL Communication System Evaluation Laboratory
CNRL Communications and Navigation Research Laboratory
CORL Communications and Optical Research Laboratory
CEL Communications Engineering Laboratory
CRL Communications Research Laboratory
C-ADPL Communications/Automatic Data Processing Laboratory
CRL Community Reference Laboratory
CARL Comparative Animal Research Laboratory
CORL Comparative Orthopedic Research Laboratory
CPL Comparative Planetology Laboratory
CONTROL Compatibility Test Laboratory
CTL Compatibility Test Laboratory
CLAAC Complex Laboratory for Analysis of Aromatic Carbohydrates
CSDL Compliant Systems Design Laboratory
CSDL Compound Semiconductor Device Laboratory
CALS Comprehensive Analytical Laboratory Services
CARL Compressor Aero Research Laboratory
CISL Computational & Information Systems Laboratory
CBIL Computational Biology and Informatics Laboratory
CBL Computational Biology Laboratory
CBRL Computational Biology Research Laboratory
CBEL Computational Bioscience and Engineering Laboratory
CERL Computational Electromagnetics Research Laboratory
CIAP Computational Intelligence Applied to Power Laboratory
CIL Computational Intelligence Laboratory
CML Computational Microgravity Laboratory
CNEL Computational Neuroengineering Laboratory
CVCL Computational Visual Cognition Laboratory
CART Computer Architecture and Technology Laboratory
CFL Computer Forensics Laboratory
CGL Computer Graphics Laboratory
CML Computer Mechanics Laboratory
CNRL Computer Networking Research Laboratory
CSAIL Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
CSL Computer Sciences Laboratory
CSL Computer Systems Laboratory
CVAP Computer Vision and Active Perception Laboratory
CVML Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory
CVL Computer Vision Laboratory
CAIS Computer-Aided Integrated Systems Laboratory
CERL Computer-based Education Research Laboratory
CBL Computer-Based Laboratory
COMLAB Computing Laboratory
CL Computing Laboratory
CRLE Computing Research Laboratory for the Environment
CONTROL Computing Technology Laboratory
CTL Computing Technology Laboratory
CIVL Concept Integration and Verification Laboratory
CMPL Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory
CIAL Confocal and Image Analysis Laboratory
CRL Consciousness Research Laboratory
CPRL Conservation and Production Research Laboratory
CLS Consolidated Laboratory Services
CARL Construction Automation & Robotics Laboratory
CERL Construction Engineering & Research Laboratory
CERL Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
CMTL Construction Materials Testing Laboratory
CONTROL Consumer Testing Laboratory
CTL Consumer Testing Laboratory
CLEA Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy
CCP Contract Laboratory Program
CLP Contract Laboratory Program
CLP Contract Laboratory Protocol
CSL Control Systems Laboratory
CRL Cooperative Research Laboratory
CWRL Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory
CMML Coordinate Metrology and Measurement Laboratory
CSL Coordinated Science Laboratory
CCCLW Coordinating Council on the Clinical Laboratory Workforce
CLF Core Laboratory Facility
CAL Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory
CBCRL Cornell Broadband Communications Research Laboratory
CLO Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
CERL Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory
CRPL Cosmic Ray Physics Laboratory
COLD Council on Oceanographic Laboratory Directors
CMLT Course in Medical Laboratory Technology
CCLI Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement
CSIL Crew Systems Integration Laboratory
CSL Crew Systems Laboratory
CLIP Crime Laboratory Improvement Program
CSL Crime Scene Laboratory
CSTL Cryptographic and Security Testing Laboratory
CATL CTIA Authorized Testing Laboratory
CCL Custom Certification Laboratory
CELO Customizable Electronic Laboratory Online
DPLA Danish Primary Laboratory of Acoustics
DL Daresbury Laboratory
DDL Data Design Laboratory
DEL Data Evaluation Laboratory
DFLS Data Fusion Laboratory
DFL Data Fusion Laboratory
DNEL Data Network Engineering Laboratory
DFLS David Florida Laboratory
DFL David Florida Laboratory
DFRL Davy Faraday Research Laboratory
DELCO Dayton Engineering Laboratory Company
DSL Deep Submergence Laboratory
DSLS Deep Submergence Laboratory
DARL Defence Agricultural Research Laboratory
DEAL Defence Electronics Application Laboratory
DFRL Defence Food Research Laboratory
DLJ Defence Laboratory Jodhpur
DRDL Defence Research and Development Laboratory
DRL Defence Research Laboratory
DSL Defence Science Laboratory
DSLS Defence Science Laboratory
DSTL Defence Science Technology Laboratory
DTRL Defence Terrain Research Laboratory
DLAT Dental Laboratory Association of Texas
DLT Dental Laboratory Technician
AME Department of Energy, Assistant Manager for Facilities & Laboratory Management
DPLM Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine
DPLM Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
DDL Design Data Laboratory
DL Designated Laboratory
DDL Detector Development Laboratory
DLE Development Laboratory Environment
DL Dexter’s Laboratory
DDEL Digital Design Environments Laboratory
DETL Digital Emulation Technology Laboratory
DIL Digital Information Laboratory
DIL Digital Integrated Laboratory
DIL Digital Integration Laboratory
DIL-T Digital Integration Laboratory/Testbed
DLC Digital Learning Collaboratory
DPL Digital Photographic Laboratory
DSPL Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
DSL Digital System Laboratory
DSLS Digital System Laboratory
DSDL Digital Systems Design Laboratory
DML Dimensional Metrology Laboratory
DLM Diplomate in Laboratory Medicine
DLP Director of Laboratory Programs
DOLS Directory of Laboratory Services
DWBL Dismounted Warrior Battle Laboratory
DCC Distributed Computing and Communications Laboratory
DETL Distributed Energy Technologies Laboratory
DISL Distributed Information Systems Laboratory
DMOD Distributed Management of Data Laboratory
DML Distributed Measurement Laboratory
DMSL Distributed Multimedia Systems Laboratory
DSL Distributed Simulation Laboratory
DSLS Distributed Simulation Laboratory
DLAM Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine
DLAR Division of Laboratory Animal Resources
CSDL Draper Laboratory
DLE Drug Laboratory Effect
DEL DTRA Experimentation Laboratory
DULCI Duke University Laboratory of Computational Immunology
DP Dyson Perrins Laboratory
ESSL Earth System Science Laboratory
EERL Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory
EGL East Gate Laboratory
ESCL East Side Clinical Laboratory
ESCLS East Side Clinical Laboratory
EERL Eastern Environmental Radiation Laboratory
ELVIS Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite
ERML Edward R. Madigan Laboratory
ETL Electric Testing Laboratory
EERL Electrical Engineering Research Laboratory
ETL Electrical Testing Laboratory
EIL Electro Impulse Laboratory, Inc.
EOL Electro Optical Laboratory
ERTL Electrochemical Reaction & Technology Laboratory
EPL Electron Physics Laboratory
ELN Electronic Laboratory Notebook
EPL Electronic Packaging Laboratory
ERL Electronic Radiology Laboratory
ESSRL Electronic Systems and Signals Research Laboratory
ESL Electronic Systems Laboratory
ESTL Electronic Systems Test Laboratory
EVL Electronic Visualization Laboratory
EWL Electronic Warfare Laboratory
EEEL Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory
ERTL Electronics Regional Test Laboratory
ERDL Electronics Research and Development Laboratory
ETDL Electronics Technology and Devices Laboratory
EPL Electrophysics Laboratory
ETL Electrotechnical Laboratory
ESL Embedded Systems Laboratory
ETL Emerging Technologies Laboratory
EGL Emory Genetics Laboratory
ERL Energy Research Laboratory
ERULF Energy Research Undergraduate Laboratory Fellowship
ESBL Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory
ESL Energy Systems Laboratory
EERL Engine and Emissions Research Laboratory
ELEVATION Engineering Laboratory
EL Engineering Laboratory
ELEMENT Engineering Laboratory Technician
ELT Engineering Laboratory Technician
EML Engineering Mechanics Laboratory
ETL Engineering Topographic Laboratory
ELSM Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance of Measles
EMBL Eniwetok Marine Biological Laboratory
EAL Environmental Analysis Laboratory
EAL Environmental Analytical Laboratory
ECL Environmental Chemical Laboratory
ELEVATION Environmental Laboratory
EL Environmental Laboratory
ELAB Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board
EML Environmental Measurements Laboratory
EMRL Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory
EQAL Environmental Quality Analysis Laboratory
ERL Environmental Radiation Laboratory
ERL Environmental Research Laboratory
ETL Environmental Technology Laboratory
EML Equatorial Magnetosphere Laboratory
EAPL Equine Athletic Performance Laboratory
ECLAM European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
ECCLS European Committee on Clinical Laboratory Standards
EGL European Gemological Laboratory
ELPP European Laboratory for Particle Physics
ELSA European Laboratory for Structural Assessment
EML European Media Laboratory GmbH
EMBL European Molecular Biology Laboratory
EPPL European Particle Physics Laboratory
ESLAV European Society of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians
ESTL European Space Tribology Laboratory
EVL European Veterinary Laboratory
ESNL Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory
EPL Exercise Psychology Laboratory
EDL Exotic Disease Laboratory
EMRL Experimental Media Research Laboratory
FLAIR Fairchild Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research
FRL Family Research Laboratory
FLC Federal Laboratory Consortium
FELASA Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations
FIMLT Fellow of the Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology
FDL Fermentation Development Laboratory
FERMILAB Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
FNAL Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
FLEC Field and Laboratory Emission Cell
FELTP Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program
FEEL Field Extension Education Laboratory
FRL Field Research Laboratory
FRL Fire Research Laboratory
FHRL Fish Health Research Laboratory
FPDL Fission Product Development Laboratory
FPDL Flat Panel Display Laboratory
FLNR Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions
FD Flight Definition Laboratory
FDL Flight Dynamics Laboratory
FTL Flight Telecommunications Laboratory
FDRL Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratory
FSL Fluid Science Laboratory
FLITE Flying Laboratory for Integrated Testing and Evaluation
FSL Food Safety Laboratory
FLTM Ford Laboratory Test Method
FSL Forecast Systems Laboratory
FADDL Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
FSSL Forensic Science Service Laboratory
FPL Forest Products Laboratory
FRSL Forestry Remote Sensing Laboratory
FAL FRAME Alternatives Laboratory
FBML Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory
FELL Free Electron Laser Laboratory
FGL Fruit Growers Laboratory
FFL Fuel Fabrication Laboratory
FQL Fujitsu Quality Laboratory
FEEL Fusion Energy Engineering Laboratory
FBL Future Battle Laboratory
GNL Galveston National Laboratory
GAL Gas Analysis Laboratory
GTL Gem Trade Laboratory
GASL General Applied Science Laboratory
GFDL General Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
GLUE General Laboratory Users in Engineering
GLSI Genesis Laboratory Systems, Inc.
GIL Genetic Identification Laboratory
GVL Genomic Variation Laboratory
GTL Geomagnetic Tail Laboratory
GICL Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory
GFDL Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
GL Geophysics Laboratory
GTRL Geophysics Technical Readiness Laboratory
GRAIL Geospatial Research and Information Laboratory
GSDL German Software Development Laboratory
GGL Global Gemological Laboratory
GLA Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres
GLAS Goddard Laboratory of Atmospheric Sciences
GALP Good Automated Laboratory Practices
GCLP Good Clinical Laboratory Practice
GLP Good Laboratory Practices
GLPS Good Laboratory Practices Standards
GCLA Government Chemist Laboratory Agency
GLHS Government Laboratory High School
GML Government Metallurgical Laboratory
GROK Graphical Representation of Knowledge Laboratory
GL Graphics Laboratory
GRAIL Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory
GLERL Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
GSDL Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory
GRAIL Grid Research and Innovation Laboratory
GSL Grid Simulation Laboratory
GBL Ground-Based Laboratory
GAL Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory
HIRL Haptic Interface Research Laboratory
HLCG Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics
HURL Hawai’i Undersea Research Laboratory
HSFL Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory
HOL Head of Laboratory
HPRL Head Protection Research Laboratory
HETL Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory
HASL Health and Safety Laboratory
HSL Health and Safety Laboratory
HELD Health Effects Laboratory Division
HRL Health Research Laboratory
HSL Health Service Laboratory
HARL Hearing Aid Research Laboratory
HTL Heat Transfer Laboratory
HIL Heavy Ion Laboratory
HRL Hemostasis Reference Laboratory
HTL Henderson Technical Laboratory
HASL High Assurance Software Laboratory
HASL High Availability Systems Laboratory
HCLD High Complexity Laboratory Director
HEL High Energy Laboratory
HEML High Energy Microwave Laboratory
HIRDL High Intensity Radiation Development Laboratory
HMFL High Magnetic Field Laboratory
HSELS High Speed Electronics Laboratory
HTML High Temperature Materials Laboratory
HVL High Voltage Laboratory
HCLD High-complexity Clinical Laboratory Director
HCS High-Performance Computing and Simulation Research Laboratory
HPSL High-Power Rf Structures Laboratory
HARL Hitachi Advanced Research Laboratory
HAZEL Homogeneous Assembly Zero Energy Laboratory
HLER Honolulu Laboratory
HL Honolulu Laboratory
HPEL Horn Point Environmental Laboratory
HPL Horn Point Laboratory
HIRL Hospital Infection Research Laboratory
HML Hot Mockup Laboratory
HURL Hughes Undergraduate Research Laboratory
HEL Human Engineering Laboratory
HFSM Human Factors and Statistical Modeling Laboratory
HPL Human Performance Laboratory
HPRL Human Performance Research Laboratory
HPGL Human Population Genetics Laboratory
HSIL Human Systems Integration Laboratory
HRSL Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory
IMEL IAEA Marine Environment Laboratory
INEL Idaho National Energy Laboratory
INEEL Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
INEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
INL Idaho National Laboratory
INEL Idaho Nuclear Engineering Laboratory
IVL Idaho Virtualization Laboratory
IDLA Illinois Dental Laboratory Association
ICSL Image Computing Systems Laboratory
IPL Image Processing Laboratory
IUL Image Understanding Laboratory
IPL Imaging Products Laboratory
IRIS Imaging, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems laboratory
INTERLEUKIN Independent Laboratory
IL Independent Laboratory
IPL Independent Physiological Laboratory
ITEL Independent Testing and Evaluation Laboratory
IBT Industrial Biotest Laboratory
IESL Industrial Electronics and Systems Laboratory
IERL Industrial Environment Research Laboratory
IPLWG Industrial Partnership Laboratory Working Group
IDPL Infectious Disease Pharmacokinetics Laboratory
IESL Information Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory
IOL Information Operations Laboratory
ISML Information Storage Materials Laboratory
ISL Information Systems Laboratory
ITL Information Technology Laboratory
ICL Innovative Computing Laboratory
ICL Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
ILAR Institute for Laboratory Animal Research
ILA Institute for Laboratory Automation
IQLM Institute for Quality in Laboratory Medicine
ICBLD Institute of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics
ILAM Institute of Laboratory Animal Management
IMLS Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences
IOSDL Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Deacon Laboratory
ILM Instructional Laboratory Manager
ITRL Instructional Technology Research Laboratory
ISAL Instrument Synthesis and Analysis Laboratory
ILI Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement
ICSL Integrated Computer Systems Laboratory
ICLN Integrated Consortium of Laboratory Networks
ILMS Integrated Laboratory Management System
IMBLMS Integrated Medical and Behavioral Laboratory Measurement System
IMBL Integrated Molecular Biology Laboratory
ISL Integrated Systems Laboratory
ITNL Integration Testing Network Laboratory
IML Intel Microprocessors Laboratory
IRTL Intelecom Radiation Technology Laboratory
ISIL Intelligence Systems Integration Laboratory
ICSL Intelligent Control Systems Laboratory
IESL Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory
IHMS Intelligent Human-Machine Systems Laboratory
IRL Intelligent Robotics Laboratory
ISEL Intelligent Systems Engineering Laboratory
ISL Intelligent Systems Laboratory
ICTT Interaction Collaborative, Teleformation, Teleactivites Laboratory
ISDL Interactive Systems Design Laboratory
IMPLS Interdisciplinary Materials Processing Laboratory
IMPL Interdisciplinary Materials Processing Laboratory
ICLD Interfaculty Committee for Laboratory Development
ILRR Inter-Laboratory Reaction Rate
IAEA-MEL International Agricultural Exchange Association Marine Environmental Laboratory
ICLA International Committee on Laboratory Animals
ICLAS International Council for Laboratory Animal Science
IFCC International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
ILAC International Laboratory Accreditation Conference
ILAC International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
ILRAD International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases
ILVS International Laboratory of Visitor Studies
INMARSAT International Microgravity Laboratory
IML International Microgravity Laboratory
IMIRSEL International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory
IVDGL International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory
ILAB Interoperability Laboratory
IOL InterOperability Laboratory
IPL Interplanetary Physics Laboratory
IBL Ion Beam Laboratory
IRML Ionizing Radiation Measurements Laboratory
ISULL Iowa State University Limnology Laboratory
INLN Iran Nanotechnology Laboratory Network
IMM Isotope Measurement Laboratory
ILAF Israeli Laboratory Animal Forum
JET Japan Electrical Testing Laboratory
JEOL Japan Electron Optics Laboratory
JALAM Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine
JALMT Japanese Association of Laboratory Medical Technologists
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JHUAPL Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
JIL Joint Innovation Laboratory
JIL Joint Intelligence Laboratory
JRL Joint Research Laboratory
JVL Joint Virtual Laboratory
JSK Jouhou System Kougaku Laboratory
JAALAS Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
KMLS Kewalo Marine Laboratory
KML Kewalo Marine Laboratory
KLBMP Key Laboratory of Biomedical Polymers
KLSE Key Laboratory of Systems Ecology
KDL Kissimmee Diagnostic Laboratory
KAPL Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
KLE Knowledge and Language Engineering Laboratory
KEL Knowledge Engineering Laboratory
KSL Knowledge Systems Laboratory
KTL Korea Testing Laboratory
KMERL Kyushu Matsushita Electric Research Laboratory
LBBMA Laboratoire de Biochimie et Biologie Moléculaire d’Angers (French: Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Angers
LAB Laboratory
LEEC Laboratory & Electrical Engineering Company
LAC Laboratory Academic Committee
LAP Laboratory Accreditation Program
LAC Laboratory Advisory Committee
LAI Laboratory Analytical Instruments
LAP Laboratory Analytical Protocol
LASAR Laboratory Analytical Storage and Retrieval
LAA Laboratory Animal Allergy
LAAPP Laboratory Animal Allergy Prevention Program
LACF Laboratory Animal Care Facility
LAHF Laboratory Animal Health Facility
LATA Laboratory Animal Training Association
LAWTE Laboratory Animal Welfare Training Exchange
LAVA Laboratory Animals Veterinary Association
LAO Laboratory Assessment Office
LATVIA Laboratory Assessment Team
LAT Laboratory Assessment Team
LAI Laboratory Associated Infection
LAP Laboratory Associates Program
LAI Laboratory Audit Inspection
LABS Laboratory Automated Bibliographic System
LAN Laboratory Automation News
LAS Laboratory Automation System
LC Laboratory Ceiling
LCFA Laboratory Center for Food and Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.
LCS Laboratory Computer System
LCAT Laboratory Control of Antimicrobial Therapy
LCS Laboratory Control Sample
LCB Laboratory Coordinating Board
LC Laboratory Counsel
LDAS Laboratory Data Acquisition System
LDIP Laboratory Data Integrity Program
LDMS Laboratory Data Management System
LD Laboratory Development
LDM Laboratory Development Model
LDRD Laboratory Directed Research and Development
LDF Laboratory Director’s Funds
LEND Laboratory Education from North Dakota
LEC Laboratory Emergency Coordinator
LEAP Laboratory Environmental Analysis Proficiency
LERC Laboratory Environmental Review Committee
LEP Laboratory Evaluation Program
LAITS Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology and Standards
LASS Laboratory for Analysis of Safety Systems
LAGGISS Laboratory for Applied Geomatics and GIS Science
LARSIP Laboratory for Applied Remote Sensing and Image Processing
LACE Laboratory for Assisted Cognition Environments
LAS Laboratory for Astrophysics Spatial
LMBO Laboratory for Biological Response Modifiers
LBSA Laboratory for Biological Systems Analysis
LBMI Laboratory for BioMedical Informatics
LCR Laboratory for Coastal Research
LCE Laboratory for Communication Engineering
LCED Laboratory for Community and Economic Development
LCA Laboratory for Computational Astrophysics
LCSE Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering
LCSR Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics (Johns Hopkins University
LCV Laboratory for Computational Vision
LCA Laboratory for Computer Architecture
LCS Laboratory for Computer Science
LCSR Laboratory for Computer Science Research
LDM Laboratory for Developments and Methods
LDGAS Laboratory for Diagnostic Genome Analysis
LEMA Laboratory for Economics Management and Auctions
LEPM Laboratory for Electronic Properties of Materials
LFE Laboratory for Electronics Inc.
LEOS Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems
LEPP Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics
LEM Laboratory for Energy and Materials
LEMS Laboratory for Engineering Man/Machine Systems
EEPS Laboratory for Experimental Economics and Political Science
LEP Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics
LFDS Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics
LFD Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics
LFCS Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
LFF Laboratory for Freeform Fabrication
LGB Laboratory for Genomics and Bioinformatics
LIMU Laboratory for Image and Media Understanding
LIAM Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
LIT Laboratory for Industrial Toxicology
LIDS Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems
LICOS Laboratory for Integrated Computing and Optoelectronic Systems
LILT Laboratory for Integrated Learning and Technology
LIVS Laboratory for Integrated Video Systems
LIPS Laboratory for Intelligent Process Systems
LIPS Laboratory for Intelligent Processes and Systems
LISC Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Controls
LILT Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies
LIFE Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering
LLES Laboratory for Laser Energetics
LLE Laboratory for Laser Energetics
LLEP Laboratory for Logic and Experimental Philosophy
LAMI Laboratory for Micro- and Photonelectronics
LMR Laboratory for Molecular Robotics
LNSC Laboratory for Natural and Simulated Cognition
LNLE Laboratory for Natural Language Engineering
LNS Laboratory for Neutron Scattering
LOCUS Laboratory for Ocean Color Users
LORE Laboratory for Ontological Research
LOCI Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation
LPC Laboratory for Paleoclimatology and Climatology
LAPIS Laboratory for Parallel and Intelligent Systems
LPBA Laboratory for Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
LPN Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures
LPS Laboratory for Physical Sciences
LPM Laboratory for Process Measurement
LARC Laboratory for Recreational Computing
LRS Laboratory for Reliable Software
LRSG Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics
LRSM Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter
LSD Laboratory for Simulation Development
LSMR Laboratory for Software Modification Research
LSR Laboratory for Space Research
LSMD Laboratory for Spacecraft and Mission Design
LSS Laboratory for Student Success
LSST Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology
LSOG Laboratory for Surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology
LSD Laboratory for System Dynamics and Signal Processing
LEAH Laboratory for the Study of Eating, Appearance, and Health
LSEC Laboratory for the Study of Emotion and Cognition
LTFN Laboratory for Thin Films – Nanosystems & Nanometrology
LTMD Laboratory for Threat-Material Detection
LUNA Laboratory for Underground Nuclear Astrophysics
LAVA Laboratory for Visionary Architecture
LFBS Laboratory Fortified Blank
LFB Laboratory Fortified Blank
LFSM Laboratory Fortified Sample Matrix
LIG Laboratory Implementation Guidance
LIR Laboratory Implementation Requirements
LICEP Laboratory in Comparative Ethnic Processes
LIM Laboratory Information Management
LIMS Laboratory Information Management System
LIS Laboratory Information System
LIFE Laboratory Initiated Fetal Emplacement
LINC Laboratory Instrument Computer
LIMP Laboratory Instrument Maintenance Program
LIPS Laboratory Integrated Prioritization System
LITE Laboratory Integration Test Executive
LITEC Laboratory Introduction to Embedded Control
LIR Laboratory Investigation Report
LIDS Laboratory Issues Database System
LLAB Laboratory Lease and Agricultural Biotechnologies
LMIS Laboratory Management Information System
LMD Laboratory Managers Division
LMPT Laboratory Material Property Transfer
LMP Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
LMPG Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines
LMF Laboratory Microfusion Facility
LMI Laboratory Microsystems Incorporated
LMG Laboratory Molecular Genetics
LA Laboratory of Anthropology
LASI Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects
LOA Laboratory of Archaeology
LAC Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry
LBSA Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis
LCP Laboratory of Cancer Prevention
LCCP Laboratory of Catalysis and Catalytic Processes
LCDB Laboratory of Cellular and Developmental Biology
LCPE Laboratory of Chemical Physics and Engineering
LOCI Laboratory of Cognitive Imaging
LCAM Laboratory of Complex Automation and Mechatronics
LCIS Laboratory of Cryptography and Information Security
LDSA Laboratory of Demographic and Social Analysis
LEMO Laboratory of Electromagnetic Oscillations
LECB Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology
LFME Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Energy
LFMI Laboratory of Functional and Molecular Imaging
LBFA Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Bioenergetics
LGRD Laboratory of Gene Regulation and Development
LGD Laboratory of Genomic Diversity
LHBP Laboratory of Human Bacterial Pathogenesis
MAVR Laboratory of Human Motion Analysis and Virtual Reality
LIEE Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics
LICOS Laboratory of Information and Communication Systems
LIT Laboratory of Information Techologies
LTHI Laboratory of Information Theory
LIMB Laboratory of Integrative and Medical Biophysics
LIS Laboratory of Intelligent Systems
LOIC Laboratory of International Communications
LMVR Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research
LMGD Laboratory of Mammalian Genes and Development
LMBB Laboratory of Membrane Biochemistry and Biophysics
LMPT Laboratory of Metal Physics and Technology
LMDB Laboratory of Molecular and Developmental Biology
LNM Laboratory of Nonlinear Mechanics
LORDS Laboratory of Operations Research and Decision Systems
LPP Laboratory of Palaeobotany and Palynology
LPIP Laboratory of Parasite Immunology and Pathology
LPP Laboratory of Particle Physics
LPVD Laboratory of Persistent Viral Diseases
LPS Laboratory of Physiologic Studies
LQP Laboratory of Quaternary Paleontology
LRB Laboratory of Radiation Biology
LRE Laboratory of Radiation Ecology
LRDT Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology
LREIS Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System
LSEC Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing
LSR Laboratory of Sensorimotor Research
LSTR Laboratory of Speech Technology for Rehabilitation
LSEB Laboratory of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany
LOGISTICS Laboratory of the Government Chemist
LGC Laboratory of the Government Chemist
LOYALTY Laboratory of the Year
LOY Laboratory of the Year
LTNT Laboratory of Thermodynamics in Emerging Technologies
LTRS Laboratory of Tree-Ring Science
LO Laboratory Outfitting
LPSC Laboratory Patient Safety Committee
LPCO Laboratory Policy Coordination Office
LPS Laboratory Preparedness Survey
LPRC Laboratory Process Review Committee
LPA Laboratory Products Association
LPS Laboratory Products Sales, Inc
LPS Laboratory Program Summary
LPR Laboratory Property Removal
LPRL Laboratory Property Removal/Loan
LQPO Laboratory Quality & Planning Office
LQAP Laboratory Quality Assurance Plan
LQC Laboratory Quality Control
LQIP Laboratory Quality Improvement Program
LQI Laboratory Quality Initiative
LQS Laboratory Quality Sample
LRB Laboratory Reagent Blank
LRCP Laboratory Research Cooperative Program
LRN Laboratory Response Network
LRT Laboratory Response Team
LARGE Laboratory Retirees Group
LRG Laboratory Retirees Group
LSI Laboratory Safety Institute
LSM Laboratory Safety Manual
LSW Laboratory Safety Workshop
LSAA Laboratory Satellite Accumulation Areas
LSAA Laboratory School Administrators Association
LSTPD Laboratory Science Teacher Professional Development
LSS Laboratory Shift Superintendent
LSP Laboratory Standards Project
LSP Laboratory Suggestion Program
LSE Laboratory Support Equipment
LSP Laboratory Support Processor
LTG Laboratory Test Group
LTU Laboratory Test Unit
LTO Laboratory Training Office
LUCAS Laboratory Unit for Computer-Assisted Surgery
LAI Laboratory-Acquired Infection
LDT Laboratory-Developed Test
LICR Laboratory-Initiated CD4 Reporting (AIDS surveillance methods)
LUEL Lakehead University Environmental Laboratory
LMAL Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory
LPL Language Perception Laboratory
LTRL Language Technology Research Laboratory
LLS Large Laboratory System
LORL Large Orbiting Research Laboratory
LSSL Large Scale System Laboratory
LSRL Laser Science Research Laboratory
LSPL Laser Surface Processing Laboratory
LESL Law Enforcement Standards Laboratory
LABEL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LBL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LLL Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LRL Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
LSRL Lawrence Semiconductor Research Laboratory
LLOS Lead Laboratory Office
LLO Lead Laboratory Office
LLAB Leadership Laboratory
LVL Leeds Veterinary Laboratory
LFPL Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory
LCSLT Licentiate of the Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists
LSML Life Science Mini Laboratory
LSL Life Sciences Laboratory
LSSL Life Support Systems Laboratory
LL Lighting Laboratory
LSRL Lightwave Systems Research Laboratory
LARL Lilly Analytical Research Laboratory
LL Lincoln Laboratory
LIHRL Long Island Horticultural Research Laboratory
LML Lookout Mountain Laboratory
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
LFPL Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory
LPL Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
LIL Lunar International Laboratory
LRL Lunar Receiving Laboratory
MIL Machine Intelligence Laboratory
MESH Macroergonomics Safety and Health Laboratory
MRL Magnetic Reference Laboratory
MREL Magnetic Resonance Engineering Laboratory
MIAL Maine Image Analysis Laboratory
MLS Managed Laboratory Service
MSL Management System Laboratory
MOL Manned Orbital Laboratory
MSTL Man-Systems Telerobotics Laboratory
MEL Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory
MBL Marine Biological Laboratory
MCWL Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory
MEL Marine Engineering Laboratory
MGPL Marine Gene Probe Laboratory
MOIL Marine Operations and Instrumentation Laboratory
MPL Marine Physical Laboratory
MSL Marine Safety Laboratory
MSL Mars Science Laboratory
MRL Marzano Research Laboratory
MSCL Mass Spectrometry Core Laboratory
MITLCS Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Computer Science
MEL Material Engineering Laboratory
MERL Material Engineering Research Laboratory
MMC Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory
MRL Materials Research Laboratory
MSCL Materials Science and Characterisation Laboratory
MSEL Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory
MSL Materials Science Laboratory
MTL Materials Technology Laboratory
MTCL Materials Testing and Characterization Laboratory
MSCL Mathematical and Statistical Computing Laboratory
MS-AND-T Measurement Science and Technology Laboratory
MSCL Measurement Standards and Calibration Laboratory
MCL Medical Center Laboratory
MDCL Medical Device Concept Laboratory
MEL Medical Entomology Laboratory
MLA Medical Laboratory Assistant
MLE Medical Laboratory Evaluation
MLO Medical Laboratory Observer
MLS Medical Laboratory Science
MLT Medical Laboratory Technician
MLT Medical Laboratory Technologist
ML Meteorology Laboratory
MVRCL Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory
MDL Microelectronics Development Laboratory
MERL Microelectronics Research Laboratory
MTSL Microelectronics Technology Support Laboratory
MAL Microfabrication Applications Laboratory
MSL Microgravity Science Laboratory
MIBC Microstructure Image-Based Collaboratory
MRRL Midlands Regional Research Laboratory
MPML Mid-Pacific Marine Laboratory
MIRL Mineral Industry Research Laboratory
MSIL Mission Systems Integration Laboratory
MSCL Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory
MSCL Mississippi State Crime Laboratory
MEDAL Missouri Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Laboratory
MERL Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
MABEL Mobile Architecture Built Environment Laboratory
MCL Mobile Communications Laboratory
MMTL Mobile Molecular Testing Laboratory
MRL Mobile Radiation Laboratory
MSL Mobile Software Laboratory
MTL Mobile Telephone Laboratory
MCLP Modern Chemical Laboratory Practice
MOLIS Modular Open Laboratory Information System
MBL Molecular Biology Laboratory
METL Molecular Epidemiology and Toxicology Laboratory
MMML Molecular Modelling of Materials Laboratory
MPLN Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network, Inc.
MTSL Monitoring and Technical Support Laboratory
MLIM Monitoring, Laboratory and Information Management
MLZ Moore Laboratory of Zoology
MML Mote Marine Laboratory
MLM Mound Laboratory, Miamisburg
MBSBL Mounted Battle Space Battle Laboratory
MBAT Mouse BIRN Atlasing Toolkit (Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at University of California, Los Angeles)
MRL Mullard Research Laboratory
MODEL Multidisciplinary Optimization and Design Engineering Laboratory
MSCL Multidisciplinary Simulation and Computer Laboratory
MCVL Multimedia Communications & Visualization Laboratory
MILL Multimedia Interactive Learning Laboratory
MML Multimedia Laboratory
MURL Multi-University/Research Laboratory
MERL Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory
MCSL Munsell Color Science Laboratory
MANUAL Murine Neurobehavioral Laboratory
MNL Murine Neurobehavioral Laboratory
MBRL Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Laboratory
NAHR NaCl -Induced Hypertensive Rat (laboratory rat type)
NFTL Nano Fusion Technology Laboratory
NSFL Nano Systems Fabrication Laboratory
NCFL Nanoscale Characterization and Fabrication Laboratory
NCL Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory
NSRL NASA Space Radiation Laboratory
NAL National Accelerator Laboratory
NAL National Aeronautics Laboratory
NAL National Aerospace Laboratory
NADDL National Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
NBDL National Biodynamics Laboratory
NBBL National Bird Banding Laboratory
NCLI National Chemical Laboratory for Industry
NCL National Chemical Laboratory, India
NCCLS National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards
NCSL National Computer Security Laboratory
NCSL National Computer Systems Laboratory
NDQCL National Drug Quality Control Laboratory
NETL National Energy Technology Laboratory
NELAP National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
NEL National Exploitation Laboratory
NERL National Exposure Research Laboratory
NFL National Food Laboratory
NFL National Forensic Laboratory
NFFL National Forest Fire Laboratory
NGRL National Genetics Reference Laboratory
NGRL National Germplasm Resources Laboratory
NICL National Ice Core Laboratory
NICL National Ice Core Laboratory Science
NL National Laboratory
NLCP National Laboratory Certification Program
NLANR National Laboratory for Applied Network Research
NLET National Laboratory for Environmental Testing
NLTEC National Laboratory for Tourism and Ecommerce
NLGLP National Laboratory Gene Library Project
NLPR National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition
NLPR National Laboratory of Psychical Research
NLTN National Laboratory Training Network
NLSS National Laboratory-Based Surveillance System
NLLAP National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program
NML National Media Laboratory
NMLW National Medical Laboratory Week
NML National Microbiology Laboratory
NODC-OCL National Oceanographic Data Center’s Ocean Climate Laboratory
NPSL National Physical and Standards Laboratory
NPL National Physical Laboratory
NPLI National Physical Laboratory India
NPHL National Public Health Laboratory
NQCL National Quality Control Laboratory
NRL National Radiation Laboratory
NRSL National Radiation Standard Laboratory
NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NRLC National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property
NSSL National Seed Storage Laboratory
NSSL National Severe Storms Laboratory
NSTL National Software Testing Laboratory
NSRL National Soybean Research Laboratory
NSTL National Space Technology Laboratory
NSTL National Standards Testing Laboratory
NSFL National Swine Fever Laboratory
NSRL National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
NTL National Technology Laboratory
NTL National Testing Laboratory
NTL National Training Laboratory
NTSL National Tree Seed Laboratory
NUL National Underground Laboratory
NULC National Underground Laboratory Committee
NUSL National Underground Science Laboratory
NVFEL National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
NVAL National Veterinary Assay Laboratory
NVL National Veterinary Laboratory
NVLAP National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program
NVLAP National Voluntary Laboratory Accredited Program
NWML National Weed Management Laboratory
NWML National Weights and Measures Laboratory
NRTL Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory
NCRL Natural Chemotherapeutic and Research Laboratory
NELH Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii
NELHA Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
NPL Natural Products Laboratory
NREL Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
NASL Naval Applied Science Laboratory
NBDL Naval Biodynamics Laboratory
NBL Naval Biological Laboratory
NCEL Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory
NCSL Naval Coastal Systems Laboratory
NELC Naval Electronics Laboratory Center
NEL Naval Electronics/Engineering Laboratory
NOARL Naval Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Laboratory
NOL Naval Ordnance Laboratory
NRL Naval Research Laboratory
NRLA Naval Research Laboratory Alliance
NRLEUV Naval Research Laboratory Extreme Ultraviolet Model
NSTL Naval Science & Technological Laboratory
NSL Naval Standards Laboratory
NUSL Naval Underwater Sound Laboratory
NWL Naval Weapons Laboratory
NELOS Navy Electronic Laboratory Operating System
NPSL Navy Primary Standards Laboratory
NTRL Navy Training Research Laboratory
NPHL Nebraska Public Health Laboratory
NDSSL Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory
NSRL Network Services Research Laboratory
NBL Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory
NBL New Brunswick Laboratory
NERALLD New England Regional Association of Language Laboratory Directors
NZIMLS New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science
NITINOL Nickel-Titanium/Naval Ordnance Laboratory
NVEOL Night Vision and Electro-Optics Laboratory
NVL Night Vision Laboratory
NCRL Noise Control Research Laboratory
NICL Non-Invasive Cardiac Laboratory
NML Nonmagnetic Laboratory
NCREL North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
NPALS North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory
NTRL North Texas Regional Laboratory
NIPHL Northern Ireland Public Health Laboratory
NPALS Northern Plains Agroecosystems Laboratory
NRRL Northern Regional Research Laboratory
NERL Northwest Equine Reproduction Laboratory
NGL Northwest Gemological Laboratory
NWREL Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
NUBL Northwestern University Biotechnology Laboratory
NRRL Norwegian Road Research Laboratory
NTL Notified Testing Laboratory
NDL Nuclear Defense Laboratory
NETL Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory
NSF Nuclear Structure Facility (Daresbury Laboratory, Cheshire, UK, now closed;
NTL Nuclear Technology Laboratory
NTL Nuclear Thermionics Laboratory
NL Numerical Laboratory
NDL Nutrient Data Laboratory
NLABS Nutritional Laboratory Services
ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory
OWML Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Laboratory
OEHL Occupational & Environmental Health Laboratory
OHL Occupational Health Laboratory
OCL Ocean Climate Laboratory
OSL Oceanographic Systems Laboratory
OLAM Office of Laboratory Animal Medicine
OLAW Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare
ODLA Ohio Dental Laboratory Association
ODHL Ohio Department of Health Laboratory
OUAL Ohio University Accelerator Laboratory
OWML Ohio Water Microbiology Laboratory
ORL Olivetti Research Laboratory
OLA Olympus Laboratory Automation
OSL On-Site Laboratory
OLIS Ontario Laboratory Information System
OSL Open Space Laboratory
OUCH Opportunities to Understand Childhood Hurt Laboratory
OCTL Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory
OEL Optical Engineering Laboratory
OEL Optical Evaluation Laboratory
OLA Optical Laboratory Association
OSL Orbiting Solar Laboratory
OSL Orbiting Space Laboratory
OIL Ordnance Investigation Laboratory
OCL Organic Coatings Laboratory
OGRL Organic Geochemistry Research Laboratory
OBBL Orthopaedic Biomechanics and Biomaterials Laboratory
OBL Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory
OSL Outdoor Stream Laboratory
OTL Outdoor Test Laboratory
OUCL Oxford University Computing Laboratory
PERL Pacific Estuarine Research Laboratory
PFEL Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory
PMEL Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
PNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PREL Pacific Region Educational Laboratory
PL Pajarito Laboratory
PACL Palo Alto CARET Laboratory
PAFL Pamlico Aquaculture Field Laboratory
PSTLS Panasonic Speech Technology Laboratory
PEDAL Parallel Emergent and Distributed Architectures Laboratory
PLA Pathology Laboratory Associates, Inc
POLA Pathology of Laboratory Animals
PATL Patrol Aircraft Test Laboratory
PSDL Pediatric Storage Disorders Laboratory
PIRL Perceptual Interfaces and Reality Laboratory
PPL Pervasive Parallelism Laboratory
PCTL Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology Laboratory
PDL Petroleum Development Laboratory
PTL Petroleum Testing Laboratory
PLXS Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology
PLX Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology
PL Phillips Laboratory
PURL Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory
PRL Photonics Research Laboratory
PDML Photovoltaic Device Measurement Laboratory
PTL Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory
PTCL Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory
PRL Physical Research Laboratory
PSL Physical Science Laboratory
PSL Physical Sciences Laboratory
POLARITY Physician Office Laboratory
POL Physician Office Laboratory
PL Physics Laboratory
PFSL Physiological Flow Studies Laboratory
PCL Pictorial Computing Laboratory
PRL Pittsburgh Research Laboratory
PIRL Planetary Image Research Laboratory
PVOL Planetary Virtual Observatory Laboratory
PBBL Plant Biochemistry Biotechnology Laboratory
PPL Plant Physiology Laboratory
PRL Plant Research Laboratory
PPL Plasma Physics Laboratory
PRL Plasma Research Laboratory
PFDL Plutonium Fuel Development Laboratory
PML Plymouth Marine Laboratory
PAL Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
POLAR Polar Plasma Laboratory
PPL Polar Plasma Laboratory
PSCL Political Science Computational Laboratory
PMIL Polymer Materials and Interfaces Laboratory
PTPCL Polymer Technology, Processing, and Composites Laboratory
PRL Population Research Laboratory
PEML Port Erin Marine Laboratory
PIRL POSTECH Information Research Laboratory (South Korea)
PITL Post-Irradiation Testing Laboratory
PMEL Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory
PML Precision Measuring Laboratory
POIL Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory
PSDL Primary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory
PRL Primate Research Laboratory
PCIL Prime Consolidated Integration Laboratory
PPPL Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
PML Prins Maurits Laboratory
PSAL Privacy, Security and Automation Laboratory
PCL Process Control Laboratory
PERL Production Engineering Research Laboratory
PDLS Professional Development Laboratory School
PSL Propulsion Systems Laboratory
PEL Protocol Engineering Laboratory
POLARITY Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory
POL Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory
PLCO Provincial Laboratory Coordinating Office
PAL Public Archaelogy Laboratory
PEDAL Public Economics Data Analysis Laboratory
PHEL Public Health Entomology Laboratory
PHL Public Health Laboratory
PHLS Public Health Laboratory Service
PWCL Public Works Central Laboratory
PDL Purification Development Laboratory
PLE Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology
QAL Quality Assurance Laboratory
QEL Quality Evaluation Laboratory
QIL Quaternary Isotope Laboratory
RIL Radar Innovations Laboratory
RASCAL Radiation and Scattering Compact Antenna Laboratory
RORL Radiation Oncology Research Laboratory
RTL Radiative Transfer Laboratory
RAL Radio Astronomy Laboratory
RML Radio Metallurgical Laboratory
RASCAL Radiological Air Sample Counting and Analysis Laboratory
RRL Radiological Research Laboratory
RDL Rail Dynamics Laboratory
RFRL Raspet Flight Research Laboratory
RTAL Real-Time Analytical Laboratory
RTCL Real-Time Computing Laboratory
RTSL Real-Time Systems Laboratory
RELAB Reflectance Experiment Laboratory
RADDL Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
RELATION Regional Educational Laboratory
REL Regional Educational Laboratory
RML Regional Medical Laboratory
RVL Regional Veterinary Laboratory Network
RXL Regular Expression Laboratory
RICE Regular Interlaboratory Counting Exchange
RL Reinvention Laboratory
RADIOLOGY Remote Access Data Laboratory
RFRL Remote Fuels Refabrication Laboratory
RSML Remote Sensing and Modeling Laboratory
RSL Remote Sensing Laboratory
RAIR Rensselaer Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning Laboratory
RAL Research Analytical Laboratory
RLSD Research and Laboratory Services Division
RLA Research Laboratory Assistant
RLABB Research Laboratory for Agricultural Biotechnology and Biochemistry
RLNR Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors
RLPME Research Laboratory Precision Machinery Electronics Bulletin
RDL Rewrite and Decision procedure Laboratory
RITL Rhodopi International Theatre Laboratory
REOL Rice Engineering Optimization Laboratory
RELATION Richland Energy Laboratory
REL Richland Energy Laboratory
RICHEL Richmond Cape Henry Environmental Laboratory
RATL Risk Analysis Testing Laboratory
RNL Risø National Laboratory
RVL Robot Vision Laboratory
RSL Robotic Systems Laboratory
RMAL Robotics and Manufacturing Automation Laboratory
RADIOLOGY Robotics Applications Development Laboratory
RPL Rocket Propulsion Laboratory
RMBL Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
RPL Rodent and Primate Laboratory
RIPL Root Image Processing Laboratory
RMLS Ross Mothers Laboratory Survey
RASCAL Rotocraft-Aircrew Systems Concepts Airborne Laboratory
RASCAL Rotorcraft Air Crew Systems Concepts Airborne Laboratory
RAL Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
RHEL Rutherford High Energy Laboratory
SLB SACDIN Laboratory Bulletin
SAL Safeguards Analytical Laboratory
SEL Safety Engineering Laboratory
SDRL San Diego Reference Laboratory
SCLL Sandia Corporation, Livermore Laboratory
SLI Sandia Laboratory Instruction
SNLT Sandia National Laboratory Tonopah Test Range
SSFL Santa Susana Field Laboratory
SAFL SASOL Advanced Fuels Laboratory
SVBL Satellite Venture Business Laboratory
SRL Savannah River Laboratory
SCL Scalable Computing Laboratory
SEML Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory
SBCLS School of Biomedical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences
STL Science and Technology Laboratory
STRL Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory
SEL Science Education Laboratory
SLB Science Laboratory Building
SRL Science Research Laboratory, Inc
SPIRAL Scientific and Public Involvement in Risk Allocations Laboratory
SCL Scientific Computing Laboratory
SCLC Scientific Computing Laboratory Communication
SDVL Scientific Development and Visualization Laboratory
SRLC Scientific Research Laboratory Center
SSL Scientific Services Laboratory
SWL Scientific Warfare Laboratory
SHLMPRL Scottish Haemophilus, Legionella, Meningococcus and Pneumococcus Reference Laboratory
SIRL Sea Ice Research Laboratory
SSDL Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory
SCSL Secure Computing and Simulation Laboratory
SEAL Secure Electronic Authorization Laboratory
SALT Security Assessment Laboratory Test
SRCL Seismic Reservoir Characterization Laboratory
SSMP Semisolid Materials Processing laboratory
SAMLAB Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Laboratory
SERL Services Electronics Research Laboratory
SMBL Seto Marine Biological Laboratory
SLS Shared Laboratory Services, LC
SWL Ship Weapons Laboratory
SAIL Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory
SHEAL Shuttle High Energy Astrophysics Laboratory
SPL Siam Photon Laboratory
SAMPL Signal Analysis and Machine Perception Laboratory
SCEL Signal Corps Engineering Laboratory
SCL Signal Corps Laboratory
SPRL Signal Processing Research Laboratory
SLSL Simulation and Logistics Systems Laboratory
SIL Simulation Integration Laboratory
SARL Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory
ABCL Sino-American Biological Control Laboratory
SLEM Site Laboratory Equipment Maintenance
SLET Site Laboratory Essentials Training
SNRL Sleep and Neurophysiology Research Laboratory
SFML Small Force Metrology Laboratory
SMIL Smart Materials Integration Laboratory
SBSL Social and Behavioral Sciences Laboratory
SRL Social Research Laboratory
SSCL Social Science Computing Laboratory
SSEL Social Science Experimental Laboratory
SERE Societal-Environmental Research and Education Laboratory
SOLAS Society for Laboratory Animal Science
SDL Software Development Laboratory
SECML Software Engineering and Collaborative Modelling Laboratory
SEIT Software Engineering and Internet Technologies Laboratory
SENS Software Engineering and Network Systems Laboratory
SEL Software Engineering Laboratory
SERL Software Engineering Research Laboratory
SIL Software Integration Laboratory
SPIL Software Prototype and Integration Laboratory
SPL Software Prototyping Laboratory
SSL Software Solutions Laboratory
SSL Software Support Laboratory
STL Software Technologies Laboratory
STL Software Technology Laboratory
STRL Software Technology Research Laboratory
SPAL Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory
SPNL Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory
SPTL Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory
SLAL Soil Landscape Analysis Laboratory
STL Soil Testing Laboratory
STEL Solar Terrestrial Environment Laboratory
STIL Solar Terrestrial Influences Laboratory
SSPL Solid State Physics Laboratory
SSEL Solid-State Electronics Laboratory
SDL Solution Demonstration Laboratory
SPCL Sound Processing and Control Laboratory
SRL Sound Reference Laboratory
SABCL South American Biological Control Laboratory
SAGL Southern African Grain Laboratory
SCRL Southern Crops Research Laboratory
SNPHL Southern Nevada Public Health Laboratory
SEDL Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
SWFRL Southwest Florida Research Laboratory
SGL Space and Geophysics Laboratory
SDL Space Disturbances Laboratory
SDL Space Dynamics Laboratory
SEL Space Environment Laboratory
SELDADS Space Environment Laboratory Data Acquisition and Display System
SELRAS Space Environment Laboratory Research and Analysis System
SELSIS Space Environment Laboratory Solar Imaging System
SESL Space Environment Simulation Laboratory
SERPL Space Experiment Research and Processing Laboratory
SLSL Space Life Sciences Lab (NASA; formerly Space Experiment Research and Processing Laboratory
SLS Space Life Sciences Lab (NASA; formerly Space Experiment Research and Processing Laboratory
SPRL Space Physics Research Laboratory
SRL Space Radar Laboratory
SSEL Space Science and Engineering Laboratory
SSL Space Sciences Laboratory
SSDL Space Systems Development Laboratory
SSL Space Systems Laboratory
STL Space Technology Laboratory
SSL Spatial Systems Laboratory
SNEL Special Nuclear Effects Laboratory
SPELL Special Physical Education Learning Laboratory
SPL Special Processing Laboratory
STL Special Technologies Laboratory
STRL Special Testing and Research Laboratory
SLE Specialised Laboratory Equipment
SLS Specialist in Laboratory Safety
SAL Spectral Analysis Laboratory
SPRL Speech Processing Research Laboratory
SRL Spokane Research Laboratory
SAFL St. Anthony Falls Laboratory
SLM Standard Laboratory Module
SPAL Standardized Performance Assessment Laboratory
SLCN Standards Laboratory Code Number
SOLP Standards of Laboratory Practice
SAIL Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
SLL Stanford Learning Laboratory
SPNL Stanford Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory
REIS State Kay Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information Systems
SKL State Key Laboratory
SKLMT State Key Laboratory for Microbial Technology
SKLC State Key Laboratory of Catalysis
SKLCM State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials
SKLE State Key Laboratory of Engines
SKLEG State Key Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry
SKLOIS State Key Laboratory of Information Security
LITS State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems
SKLM State Key Laboratory of Magnetism
SKLMMC State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composites
MFPE State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in Power Engineering
SKLOG State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry
LSEC State Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing
SKLT State Key Laboratory of Tribology
SLH State Laboratory of Hygiene
SPHL State Public Health Laboratory
SLRE Stirling Laboratory Research Engine
SLT Stockpile Laboratory Test
SRL Strangeways Research Laboratory
SSCL Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory
SCSL Supply Chain Systems Laboratory
SAIL Surface/Aviation Interoperability Laboratory
SMTL Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory
SPL Surgical Planning Laboratory
SERL Survey and Evaluation Research Laboratory
SRL Survey Research Laboratory
SIL Survivability Integration Laboratory
SJL Swiss/Jackson Laboratory
SAL Symbolic Analysis Laboratory
SRL Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
SCLA Syrian Clinical Laboratory Association
SDL System Design Laboratory
SIL System Integration Laboratory
SLT System Laboratory Test
STL System Test Laboratory
SBML Systematic Botany and Mycology Laboratory
SRLM Systematic Reviewing in Laboratory Medicine
SPL Systems and Practices Laboratory
SDL Systems Development Laboratory
SRL Systems Realization Laboratory
TIL Tactical Internet Laboratory
TEPL Takasago Europe Perfumery Laboratory
TRML TARDEC Robotics Mobility Laboratory
TLL Teaching & Learning Laboratory
TDL Techniques Development Laboratory
TDL Technology Development Laboratory
TISL Telecommunications and Information Sciences Laboratory
TML Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
TASC Teleinformatique et Analyse des Systemes Communicants Laboratory
TMSL Telemetry and Missile Systems Laboratory
TLL Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory
TWEL Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Laboratory
TL Test Laboratory
TCL Testing and Certification Laboratory
JAX The Jackson Laboratory
TJL The Jackson Laboratory
LCBRA The Laboratory of Computational Biology & Risk Analysis
TSL The Svedberg Laboratory
TAML Theater Army Medical Laboratory
TCL Thermal Characterization Laboratory
TLI Thermic Laboratory Inc
TPCL Tissue Procurement Core Laboratory
TMBL Tjarno Marine Biological Laboratory
TITL Tobacco Institute Testing Laboratory
TIPM Tomographic Imaging and Porous Media Laboratory
TLA Total Laboratory Automation
TRL Touchstone Research Laboratory
TERL Trace Element Research Laboratory
TTL Tractor Test Laboratory
TERL Traffic Engineering Research Laboratory
TRL Transport Research Laboratory
TDRL Transportation Data Research Laboratory
TRL Tree-Ring Laboratory
TPL Tritium Processing Laboratory
TRL Tritium Research Laboratory
TAL Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory
TBTL Tsukuba Building Test Laboratory
USTL Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory
USGL Underwriter Services Gemological Laboratory
ULAM Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine
UML United Microwave Laboratory
USAATL United States Army Applied Technology Laboratory
USACCL United States Army Coating & Chemical Laboratory
USACERL United States Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
USAETL-TAC United States Army Engineer Topographic Laboratory/Terrain Analysis Center
USGL United States Gemological Laboratory
USL United States Laboratory
USML United States Microgravity Laboratory
USTL United States Test Laboratory
UELS Universal Electronic Laboratory Simulator
ULS University Laboratory School
UNOLS University National Oceanographic Laboratory System
UAITL University of Arizona Imaging Technology Laboratory
UALP University of Arizona Laboratory of Paleontology
UASIL University of Arkansas Stable Isotope Laboratory
UCLRL University of California Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
UCRL University of California Radiation Laboratory
UNH-IOL University of New Hampshire-interoperability Laboratory
URSNRL University of Rochester Sleep and Neurophysiology Research Laboratory
UWAL University of Washington Aeronautical Laboratory
ULI University/Laboratory Initiative
USDL Unix System Development Laboratory
UARC Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory
UERL Urban Ecology Research Laboratory
NRSL US Navy Radio and Sound Laboratory
UBTL Utah Biomedical Test Laboratory
USEL Utrecht Solar Energy Laboratory
VLR Value Laboratory Refrigerators
VIL Vascular Imaging Laboratory
VCCL Vehicle Climate Control Laboratory
VITAL Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation Analysis Laboratory
VDEL Venereal Disease Experimental Laboratory
VDRL Venereal Disease Research Laboratory
VTL Verification Test Laboratory
VARL Veterinary Allergy Reference Laboratory
VGL Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
VLAB Veterinary Laboratory Animal Building
VSL Veterinary Services Laboratory
VIDRL Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory
VLAP Vietnam Laboratory Assistance Program
VTX Virginia Tech X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory
VAIL Virtual Academic Integrity Laboratory
VETL Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory
VL Virtual Laboratory
VLSM Virtual Laboratory for the Study of Mechanics
MARVEL Virtual Laboratory in Mechatronics: Access to Remote and Virtual E-Learning
VNL Virtual National Laboratory
VPL Virtual Planetary Laboratory
VPL Virtual Processing Laboratory
VREL Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory
VCL Virus Creation Laboratory
VRL Virus Reference Laboratory
VCOL Visual Cognition Online Laboratory
VEL Visual Electrodiagnostic Laboratory
VIL Visual Integration Laboratory
VNL Visual Neuroscience Laboratory
VOL Visual Orientation Laboratory
VPL Visual Perception Laboratory
VALE Visualization and Animation Laboratory of Engineering
VSL Vitreous State Laboratory
VAIL Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory
VAL Vulnerability Assessment Laboratory
WICL Waaree Instrument Calibration Laboratory
WSL Warren Spring Laboratory
LES Waste Management Laboratory
WMRL Water Management Research Laboratory
WPCL Water Pollution Control Laboratory
WPRL Water Pollution Research Laboratory
WQAL Water Quality Analysis Laboratory
WQL Water Quality Laboratory
WRRL Water Resources Research Laboratory
WPL Wave Propagation Laboratory
WL Weapons Laboratory
WMD-REALITI Weapons of Mass Destruction – Response Element Advanced Laboratory Integrated Training and Indoctrination
WSL Weapons Subsystems Laboratory
WGSL Weather Graphics and Simulation Laboratory
WRCL Weed Research Central Laboratory
WLMG Wellcome Laboratory for Molecular Genetics
WMRL West Michigan Regional Laboratory
WCRL Western Cotton Research Laboratory
WDL Western Development Laboratory
WREL Western Regional Educational Laboratory
WRL Western Research Laboratory
WWQL Western Wheat Quality Laboratory
WANL Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory
WRL Westinghouse Research Laboratory
WL Wet Laboratory
WRL Wetlands Research Laboratory
WANDL Wide Area Network Design Laboratory
WTRL Wild Trout Research Laboratory
WEFL Wind Engineering and Fluids Laboratory
WAMI Wireless and Microwave Instructional Laboratory
WCL Wireless Communications Laboratory
WCRL Wireless Communications Research Laboratory
WINL Wireless Information Network Laboratory
WIRE Wireless Internet Research and Engineering Laboratory
WAIL Wisconsin Advanced Internet Laboratory
WELA Wisconsin Environmental Laboratory Association
WLRN Wisconsin Laboratory Response Network
WSMT Wisconsin Structures & Materials Testing Laboratory
WSRL Wisconsin Survey Research Laboratory
WVDL Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
TOYOTA With Mark Approval By Dentori Or Japan Electrical Testing Laboratory
TUREAUD With mark approval by Dentori or Japan Electrical Testing Laboratory
T With mark approval by Dentori or Japan Electrical Testing Laboratory
WMEL Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory
WBLL Work-Based Learning Laboratory
WWLA Working with Laboratory Animals
WHRL Workplace Health Research Laboratory
WEEL Workstation Evaluation and Ergonomics Laboratory
WPL Workstation Prototype Laboratory
WDLA World Day for Laboratory Animals
WWL World Wide Laboratory
WWSL World Wide Student Laboratory
WAML Wright Aero Medical Laboratory
WAL Wright Avionics Laboratory
WL Wright Laboratory
WNSL Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory
WSVL Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory
YARL Yakima Agricultural Research Laboratory
YIL Yamanouchi Iguana Laboratory
ZRL Zurich Research Laboratory