Museum Abbreviations

From the Latin musēum , a museum is a place where collections of objects of artistic, cultural, scientific, historical, etc. They are usually managed by non-profit institutions that seek to disseminate human knowledge.


Museum Abbreviations

There are, however, private for-profit museums. In any case , museums are dedicated to research, conservation and exhibition of collections that have cultural value .

In the past, these types of collections were kept in temples and were only displayed on special occasions. There were also private collections in the hands of the aristocracy, who displayed them in their gardens or residences to be appreciated by their visitors.

Museums were, in Ancient Greece, times of the muses (these muses were deities who protected the arts such as poetry, comedy, music, dance, among others). And in these temples, offerings were left for these deities, offerings that, for the most part, were precious goods or even exotic objects. And such goods ended up being exposed to the public, upon payment of a small sum.
It is by visiting a museum that people can learn more about the culture and history of a particular country, state or city. Since in these places are objects from different eras.

Thus, it is possible to understand how elements evolved to what we have today (as is the case with paper) or even to know how our ancestors lived.

Around the world, in each country there are museums and, also, they can vary and even receive specific names, according to the collection that is exposed and preserved there.

There are different types of museums, such as: historical museums, art museums, technological museums, science museums, ecological museums (also known as “eco-museums”), among many others.

The existence of museums was due to the human being’s habit of keeping objects that are of value to them. And this habit has existed since ancient times, with human beings attributing material, emotional or even cultural value to objects and, with that, wanting to preserve these objects.

The museum, as we know it today, emerged in the Renaissance. These entities have a team of professionals, made up of curators, restorers, analysts and security guards, among others.

In addition to having a physical and fixed space for their installations, some museums hold traveling exhibitions: in this way, they take their collections to different parts of the world and increase their audience.

Security plays a very important role in museums, given the value of the works they keep inside. Museums have closed-circuit television, alarms of different types and display cases to protect objects.

Some of the biggest museums in the world are located in Europe, such as the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, and the British Museum in London, England.

Nowadays, any museum that holds exhibitions through digital means is known as a virtual museum. In this way, a web page, a CD -ROM or a DVD can store digitized works so that they can be enjoyed by society.

List of Acronyms Related to Museum

ATOM Active Teens of the Museum
AAHCM African American Historical and Cultural Museum
AAMLO African American Museum and Library in Oakland
AAMP African American Museum in Philadelphia
AAMM African Art Museum of Maryland
APMA Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
ASM Air Services Museum
ASSEMBLY Air Services Museum
AHM Airline History Museum
AMM Airmen Memorial Museum
AKMA Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art
AAM Allentown Art Museum
ATOM Aluminum Tree and Ornament Museum
AIMH Amelia Island Museum of History
ABHM America’s Black Holocaust Museum
AAMV American Association for Museum Volunteers
AAM American Association of Museums
ACM American Craft Museum
ADM American Dime Museum
AFAM American Folk Art Museum
AFIM American Friends of the Israel Museum
AFJMH American Friends of the Jewish Museum Hohenems
AICCM American Indian Culture Center and Museum
AIGM American Indian Genocide Museum
AMM American Military Museum
AMMH American Motorcycle Museum Holland
AMAE American Museum of Atomic Energy
AMNH American Museum of Natural History
AMP American Museum of Papermaking
AMRE American Museum of Radio and Electricity
AMSE American Museum of Science & Energy
AMMI American Museum of the Moving Image
AMA American Museums Association
ANSMN American Numismatic Society Museum Notes
ASPM American Sanitary Plumbing Museum
ASHMS American Swedish Historical Museum
ASHM American Swedish Historical Museum
ATHM American Textile History Museum
AVAM American Visionary Art Museum
ACM Amon Carter Museum
AMEA Amsterdam Museum of Erotic Art
AMHA Anchorage Museum of History and Art
AAAIBM Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum
AMHP Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing
AVIM Antelope Valley Indian Museum
AHM Anthracite Heritage Museum
AIM Anthropological Institute & Museum
ABM Antique Boat Museum
AGSEM Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum
AMA Appleton Museum of Art
AMY Arizona Museum for Youth
ASUAM Arizona State University Art Museum
ASDM Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
AIMM Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum
AFM Armed Forces Museum
AAMM Art Addiction Medial Museum
AMICA Art Museum Images from Cartography Associates
AMN Art Museum Network
AMST Art Museum of South Texas
AMSET Art Museum of Southeast Texas
AAM Asian Art Museum
ACM Asian Civilisations Museum
AMNB Association Museums New Brunswick
AAMG Association of Academic Museums and Galleries
AAAM Association of African American Museums
AAMD Association of Art Museum Directors
ACM Association of Children’s Museums
AIM Association of Independent Museums
ARM Association of Railway Museums
ASMD Association of Science Museum Directors
ASDM Association of South Dakota Museums
AYM Association of Youth Museums
ATM Atomic Testing Museum
AWMM Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum
ACDM Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
AWMM Auckland War Memorial Museum
AMOA Austin Museum of Art
AFFM Australian Federation of Friends of Museums
AMS Australian Museum, Sydney
AMOL Australian Museums Online
ARM Australian Racing Museum
ASIM Australian Sugar Industry Museum
AMK Aviation Museum of Kentucky, Inc.
BMOA Bakersfield Museum of Art
BIMP Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry
BMA Baltimore Museum of Art
BMI Baltimore Museum of Industry
BTM Baltimore Tattoo Museum
BSM Bata Shoe Museum
BCHM Bay County Historical Museum
BFM Bear Flag Museum
BLMA Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association
BIMM Bellingham International Maritime Museum
BRM Bellingham Railway Museum
BAM Berkeley Art Museum
BNHM Berkeley Natural History Museums
BM Bible Museum
BMAG Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
BMA Birmingham Museum of Art
BM Bishop Museum
BMCM Black Mountain College Museum
BMOS Boston Museum of Science
BMAC Brattleboro Museum & Art Center
BCHM Brazoria County Historical Museum
BCMP British Columbia Provincial Museum
BGM British Golf Museum
BM British Museum
BMQ British Museum Quarterly
BNHM British Natural History Museum
BCAM Broad Contemporary Art Museum
BAM Brooklyn Arts Museum
BVMNH Buena Vista Museum of Natural History
CAM California Association of Museums
CALM California Living Museum
CMP California Museum of Photography
CSM California Surf Museum
CMM Calvert Marine Museum
CMMFC Calvert Marine Museum Fossil Club
CAMDO Canadian Art Museum Directors’ Organization
CCM Canadian Children’s Museum
CFFM Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums
CMC Canadian Museum of Civilization
CMCP Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
CMN Canadian Museum of Nature
CMA Canadian Museums Association
CPM Canadian Postal Museum
CWM Canadian War Museum
CWHM Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
CGM Canadians for a Genocide Museum
CBMN Cape Breton Museums Network
CMFA Cape Museum of Fine Arts
CCM Capital Children’s Museum
CMA Carnegie Museum of Art
CAM Cartoon Art Museum
CFM Cavanaugh Flight Museum
CINM Cayman Islands National Museum
CRMA Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
CARMN Central Alberta Regional Museums Network
CAMA Central Arizona Museum Association
CNM Central Nevada Museum
CVTM Champlain Valley Transportation Museum
MAAF Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
CCHM Cherokee County Historical Museum
CBMM Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
CCM Chesapeake Children’s Museum
CDM Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
CMEE Children’s Museum of the East End
COAM Chiltern Open Air Museum
CMF Chinatown Museum Foundation
CCMMS Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society
CMA Chrysler Museum of Art
CAM Cincinnati Art Museum
CWM Circus World Museum
CNAM City of Norwich Aviation Museum
CWLM Civil War Library and Museum
CCHM Clark County Heritage Museum
CMA Cleveland Museum of Art
CHFM Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum
CFM Coggeshall Farm Museum
CWAM Cold War Air Museum
CHECKMATE Colorado History Museum
CHM Colorado History Museum
CRM Colorado Railroad Museum
CWAM Colorado Wyoming Association of Museums
CMA Columbus Museum of Art
CAM Combat Air Museum
CHECKMATE Computer History Museum
CHM Computer History Museum
CMA Computer Museum of America
CSAMI Conchology Section, Auckland Museum Institute
CEDAM Conservation, Education, Diving, Archaeology & Museums
CIMI Consortium for Interchange of Museum Information
CAMH Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
CJM Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco
CFAM Cornell Fine Arts Museum
CFAMS Cornell Fine Arts Museum
CBMA Corner Brook Museum & Archives
CAJM Council of American Jewish Museums
CAMM Council of American Maritime Museums
CAUMAC Council of Australian University Museums and Collections
CLAFMA County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association
CCHM Cowlitz County Historical Museum
CAM Cradle of Aviation Museum
CFAM Craft & Folk Art Museum
CFAMS Craft & Folk Art Museum
CDM Creative Discovery Museum
CAM Crocker Art Museum
COMMENCE Crowley Museum And Nature Center
DMA Dallas Museum of Art
DGIWIM Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum
DRCM Darlington Railway Centre and Museum
DAM Dayton Art Museum
DPLM Dayton Public Library Museum
DHVM Delaware and Hudson Virtual Museum
DAM Delaware Art Museum
DBM Delta Blues Museum
DAM Denver Art Museum
DHM Detroit Historical Museum
DMB Deutscher Museumsbund
DAM Deutsches Architekturmuseum
DBSM Deutsches Buch und Schriftmuseum
DHM Deutsches Historisches Museum
DHMD Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden
DAM Digital Art Museum
DLAM Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums
DCM Dorset County Museum
DHM Downeast Heritage Museum
DUMA Duke University Museum of Art
DMM Durham Mining Museum
ECHM Earls Colne Heritage Museum
EPMA El Paso Museum of Art
ECTMS Electric City Trolley Museum
EMARC Electronics Museum Amateur Radio Club
EPL Ellenville Public Library & Museum
EAM Elmhurst Art Museum
ESRM Empire State Railway Museum
EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art
EPM Estes Park Museum
EMII European Museums’ Information Institute
FWM Fabric Workshop and Museum
FIMNT Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust
FMOA Fayetteville Museum of Art
FPMM Fells Point Maritime Museum
FFAM Final Fantasy Art Museum
FOAM Finnish Open Air Museum
FAM Florida Agricultural Museum
FAM Florida Air Museum
FAM Florida Association of Museums
FHM Florida Holocaust Museum
FIM Florida International Museum
FDFM Foreningen Danmarks Flyvehistoriske Museum
FSJM Fort St. Joseph Museum
FMCH Fowler Museum of Cultural History
FDRL Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library and Museum
FHM Frans Hals Museum
FHAM Frazier Historical Arms Museum
FRAM Frederic Remington Art Museum
FDM Frederick Douglass Museum
FRAME French Regional & American Museum Exchange
FAM Fresno Art Museum
FCAM Friends of the Chinese American Museum
FNRM Friends of the National Railway Museum
FSMS Friends of the Sevres Museum Society
GLAM Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums
GRM Galveston Railroad Museum
GWVS George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum
GAMG Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries
GMOA Georgia Museum of Art
GMMB Ghana Museums and Monuments Board
GMT Glasgow Museum of Transport
GNHM Goulandris Natural History Museum
GTM Grampian Transport Museum
GRAM Grand Rapids Art Museum
GAM Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
GLLMM Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum
GLMM Great Lakes Maritime Museum
GSHM Greater Southwest Historical Museum
GVMA Greater Vernon Museum and Archives
GLLAM Group for Large Local Authority Museums
GCAM Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered History, Inc.
HFMA Hallie Ford Museum of Art
HMNH Harvard Museum of Natural History
HMA Hearst Museum of Anthropology
HMMV Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles
HNF Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum
HFMC Henry Ford Museum Collection
HAGM Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
HMNF Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida
HAUM Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum
HMA High Museum of Art
HMSG Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
HAMM Historical Aviation Memorial Museum
HEM Historical Electronics Museum
HMSF Historical Museum of South Florida
HMLR Holden Museum of Living Reptiles
HLOM Holland Land Office Museum
HEM Hollywood Entertainment Museum
HTTM Home Textile Tool Museum
HKMA Hong Kong Museum of Art
HKRM Hong Kong Railway Museum
HM Horner Museum
HFMI Houston Fire Museum, Inc.
HNM Hungarian National Museum
HTMI Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute
HPBM Hyde Park Barracks Museum
IHMEC Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
IRM Illinois Railway Museum
ISMR Illinois State Museum Research
IWM Imperial War Museum
ISM Independence Seaport Museum
ICM Indianapolis Childrens’ Museum
IMA Indianapolis Museum of Art
IMCA Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art
ISMC Insect Sciences Museum of California
IMLS Institute for Museum and Library Services
IMLS Institute of Museum and Library Services
IMDAS-PRO Integrated Museum Documentation and Administration Programme
IMOT Interactive Museum of Turkey
IAMM International Association of Medical Museums
IASMHF International Association of Sports Museums and Halls of Fame
IBMM International Bluegrass Music Museum
ICMS International Committee for Museum Security
ICAM International Confederation of Architectural Museums
ICMM International Congress of Maritime Museums
ICM International Council of Museums
ICOM International Council Of Museums
ILCM International Life Cast Museum
IMTAM International Model Train and Automobile Museum
IMD International Museum Day
IMAS International Museum of Art and Science
IMP International Museum of Photography
IMSS International Museum of Surgical Science
IMH International Museum of the Horse
ISM International Spy Museum
ISM International Surfing Museum
IMA Iowa Museum Association
IMMA Irish Museum of Modern Art
ISGM Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
IAMM Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
IGTAM Israel Goor Theatre Archives and Museum
IMJ Israel Museum, Jerusalem
JKMRC Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center
JUM Japan Ukiyoe Museum
JCM Jersey City Museum
JCM Jewish Children’s Museum
JHM Jewish Historical Museum
JEMA John Erickson Museum of Art
JAMES Joint Area Museum Education Service
JHM Joods Historisch Museum
JAM Joslyn Art Museum
JMW Juedisches Museum Wien
JCMA Juniata College Museum of Art
KVM Kalamazoo Valley Museum
KARM Kansas Auto Racing Museum
KUNHM Kansas University Natural History Museum
KMFA Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
KHM Keep Homestead Museum
KAGM Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
KWM Kendall Whaling Museum
KDM Kentucky Derby Museum
KRM Kentucky Railway Museum
KNM Kenya National Museum
KCM Kern County Museum
KBSM Kew Bridge Steam Museum
KAM Kimbell Art Museum
KMA Knoxville Museum of Art
KMSKA Koninklijk Museum Voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen
KVGM Korea Video Game Museum
KAM Krannert Art Museum
KMM Kröller-Müller Museum
KNM Kuwait National Museum
KMCC Kwagiulth Museum and Cultural Centre
KNM Kyushu National Museum
LAM Laguna Art Museum
LGAM Laguna Gloria Art Museum
LSRM Lake Superior Railroad Museum
LVMA Las Vegas Museum of Art
LNMA Latvian National Museum of Art
LRMA Lauren Rogers Museum of Art
LHMA Leavenworth Historical Museum Association
LRMA Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art
LGHM Leonora Gwalia Historical Museum
LAM Libraries, Archives and Museums
LDAM Limassol District Archaeological Museum
LICM Living Image Camera Museum
LTM London Transport Museum
LBMA Long Beach Museum of Art
LIMM Long Island Maritime Museum
LFM Loose Fruit Museum
LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art
LACM Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History
LWM Lost World Museum
LCM Louisiana Children’s Museum
LSM Louisiana State Museum
MMCA Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki
MJM Manchester Jewish Museum
MARM Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum
MHAM Margaret Harwell Art Museum
MARINMOCA Marin Museum of Contemporary Art
MIM Maritime Industry Museum
MMA Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
MAHM Martial Arts History Museum
MMMM Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum
MAHM Maryland Association of History Museums
MLAM Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania
MIM McAllen International Museum
MHM Medical History Museum
MAAM Member of American Association of Museums
MVMA Mesa Verde Museum Association, Inc.
MMM Messner Mountain Museum
MMA Metropolitan Museum of Art
MAM Miami Art Museum
MMSP Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium
MSM Miami Science Museum
MUAM Miami University Art Museum
MCCM Michael C. Carlos Museum
MTM Michigan Transit Museum
MAAM Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums
MAAM Mid-Atlantic Aviation Museum
MMNH Midwest Museum of Natural History
MMTM Milton Model Train Museum
MAM Milwaukee Art Museum
MPM Milwaukee Public Museum
MALHM Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums
MAM Minnesota Association of Museums
MCM Minnesota Children’s MuseuM
MMAA Minnesota Museum of American Art
MTM Minnesota Transportation Museum
MVTM Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
MHM Missouri History Museum
MAMBO Modern Art Museum of Bologna
MRVM Mojave River Valley Museum
MUMA Monash University Museum of Art
MMFA Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
MMDA Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts
MMFA Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
MMMA Moscow Museum of Modern Art
MMO Motorcycle Museum Online
MAM Mullin Automotive Museum
MILLI Museum
M Museum
MONEY Museum
MUS Museum
MAGNT Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
MIZ Museum and Institute of Zoology
MASCA Museum Applied Science Center for Archaeology
MANL Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
MAS Museum Association of Saskatchewan
MCLC Museum Council of Lancaster County
MHNC Museum d’Histoire Naturelle de La Chaux-De-Fonds
MDLC Museum Digital Licensing Collective
MDA Museum Documentation Association
MDC Museum Documentation Center
MDMA Museum Domain Management Association
MER Museum Education Roundtable
MESL Museum Educational Site Licensing
MESC Museum Educators of Southern California
MFAA Museum for African Art
MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst
MHK Museum Het Kruithuis
MISU Museum Independent Security Union
MIJ Museum Information Japan
MUSIP Museum Inventarisatie Project
MUSIP Museum Inventory Project
MHNN Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
MAAH Museum of African American History
MAAT Museum of African American Technology
MOAH Museum of American Heritage
MAMA Museum of Ancient and Modern Art
MAE Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography
MAF Museum of Army Flying
MOA Museum of Art
MAH Museum of Art & History
MAD Museum of Arts & Design
MOAD Museum of Australian Democracy
MOBA Museum of Bad Art
MOBI Museum of Black Inventors
MBRT Museum of British Road Transport
MBC Museum of Broadcast Communication
MOBP Museum of Broken Packets
MBT Museum of Bus Transportation
MOCCA Museum of Chicot County Arkansas
MOCA Museum of Chinese in the Americas
MCH Museum of Church History and Art
MOCCA Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art
MCZ Museum of Comparative Zoology
MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art
MCA Museum of Contemporary Art
MOCCA Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
MOCC Museum of Contemporary Cinema
MOCP Museum of Contemporary Photography
MODM Museum of Dead Media
MDA Museum of Decorative Arts
MODAA Museum of Design Art and Architecture
MODA Museum of Design Atlanta
MODULATOR Museum of Discovery
MOD Museum of Discovery
MODS Museum of Discovery & Science
MOEH Museum of Earth History
MEAA Museum of East Asian Art
MESL Museum of Eastern Shore Life
MECA Museum of Ephemeral Cultural Artifacts
MFA Museum of Fine Arts
MOF Museum of Flight
MFH Museum of Florida History
MOG Museum of Glass
MGFA Museum of Greek Folk Art
MOHD Museum of Human Disease
MOHA Museum of Humorous Art
MIAT Museum of Industrial Archaeology and Textile
MIA Museum of Islamic Art
MIWG Museum of Isle of Wight Geology
MJH Museum of Jewish Heritage
MJT Museum of Jurassic Technology
MOJO Museum of Justice and Oddities
MOLA Museum of Living Artists
MOMB Museum of Make Believe
MOMA Museum Of Modern Art
MOMB Museum of Modern Bart
MOMB Museum of Modern Betas
MOMO Museum of Modern Oddities
MOMR Museum of Modern Rubber
MOMI Museum of Musical Instruments
MNCH Museum of Natural and Cultural History
MNH Museum of Natural History
MONA Museum of Nebraska Art
MNM Museum of New Mexico
MOOM Museum of Online Museums
MOOP Museum of Ornamental Post
MONH Museum of Our National Heritage
MOPA Museum of Photographic Arts
MRT Museum of Radio and Technology
MOS Museum of Science
MOSH Museum of Science and History
MOSI Museum of Science and Industry
MSI Museum of Science and Industry
MSIM Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester
MOST Museum of Science and Technology
MSD Museum of Scientific Discovery
MSTH Museum of South Texas History
MOST Museum of South Texas History
MOSCOW Museum of Soviet Calculators on the Web
MSE Museum of Systematics and Ecology
MTR Museum of Television and Radio
MOTA Museum of Temporary Art
MOAD Museum of the African Diaspora
MAR Museum of the American Railroad
MOMI Museum Of the Moving Image
MMI Museum of the Moving Image
MSV Museum of the Shenandoah Valley
MOT Museum of Transportation
MTQ Museum of Tropical Queensland
MUA Museum of Underwater Archaeology
MUT Museum of Useful Things
MVZ Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
MOVA Museum of Visual Art
MWA Museum of Wisconsin Art
MWC Museum of Work and Culture
MEHR-ODER-WENIGER Museum of Writing
MOW Museum of Writing
MOY Museum of Yachting
MOLLI Museum Open Learning Initiatives
MSN Museum Security Network
MSA Museum Store Association
MSP Museum Studies Program
MYI Museum Youth Initiative
MZB Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense
MGC Museums and Galleries Commission
MAGDA Museums and Galleries Disability Association
MIDWEST Museums and the Web
MW Museums and the Web
MUSEE Museums and Universities Supporting Educational Enrichment
MCG Museums Computer Group
MCG Museums Copyright Group
MTPE Museums Teaching Planet Earth
MAHD Museums, Arts and Humanities Division
MGL Museums, Galleries and Libraries
MLA Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
MIV Museumsdagen I Vågen
MQ Museumsquartier
MIM Musical Instrument Museum
MHOF Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum
NMSM Nagaoka Municipal Science Museum
NCMA Nassau County Museum of Art
NASM National Air and Space Museum
NAM National Air Museum
NAFM National Armed Forces Museum
NAM National Army Museum
NAME National Association for Museum Exhibition
NAM National Atomic Museum
NAM National Automobile Museum
NBHFM National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
NBM National Building Museum
NCTM National Capital Trolley Museum
NCM National Children’s Museum
NCRM National Civil Rights Museum
NCMM National Coal Mining Museum
NCMM National Commission for Museums and Monuments
NCAM National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums
NCM National Corvette Museum
NCMF National Corvette Museum Foundation
NCM National Cowboy Museum
NCM National Cryptologic Museum
NCMF National Cryptologic Museum Foundation
NCHM National Cultural History Museum
NCSML National Czech Slovak Museum Library
NDMI National Discovery Museum Institute
NFM National Firearms Museum
NFM National Folk Museum
NFMK National Folk Museum of Korea
NHM National Heritage Museum
NHMSC National Hurricane Museum & Science Center
NMSM National Marine Science Museum
NMM National Maritime Museum
NNMC National Maritime Museum Cornwall
NMM National Mining Museum
NMAM National Model Aviation Museum
NMRM National Motor Racing Museum
NMC National Museum Cardiff
NMAFA National Museum of African Art
NMAI National Museum of American Illustration
NMAJH National Museum of American Jewish History
NMCWM National Museum of Civil War Medicine
NMD National Museum of Dentistry
ENEMY National Museum of Ethnology
NME National Museum of Ethnology
NMFSH National Museum of Forest Service History
NMLH National Museum of Labour History
MOMAT National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
NMNW National Museum of Namibia, Windhoek
NMNH National Museum of Natural History
NMNS National Museum of Natural Science
NMR National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame
NMSI National Museum of Science and Industry
NMS National Museum of Scotland
NMAI National Museum of the American Indian
NMPW National Museum of the Pacific War
NMWA National Museum of Western Art
NMWA National Museum of Wildlife Art
NMWA National Museum of Women in the Arts
NMDC National Museums Directors’ Conference
NML National Museums Liverpool
NMK National Museums of Kenya
NOMM National Ornamental Metal Museum
NPM National Palace Museum
NPM National Postal Museum
NRM National Railroad Museum
NRM National Railway Museum
NRCMA National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives
NSTM National Science and Technology Museum
NSMT National Science Museum, Tokyo
NVRM National Voting Rights Museum
NWCM National Watch and Clock Museum
NWHM National Women’s History Museum
NHM Natural History Museum
NHMLAC Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
NHMA Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks
NWM Natural World Museum
NHM Naturhistorisches Museum
NATEM Naval Air Test and Evaluation Museum
NAVAVMUSEUM Naval Aviation Museum
NNTM Nebraska National Trails Museum
NEMO Network of European Museum Organizations
NSMU Nevada State Museum
NSM Nevada State Museum
NEAM New England Air Museum
NESM New England Ski Museum
NHBM New Hampshire Boat Museum
NJSM New Jersey Scout Museum
NJSM New Jersey State Museum
NOMA New Orleans Museum of Art
NSWRTM New South Wales Rail Transport Museum
NYCMER New York City Museum Educators Roundtable
NRM Niagara Railway Museum
NSM Niagara Science Museum
NATM Night at The Museum
NRM Norman Rockwell Museum
NARM North Alabama Railroad Museum, Inc
NARM North American Reciprocal Museums
NCAM North Carolina Aviation Museum
NCMM North Carolina Maritime Museum
NCMA North Carolina Museum of Art
NCTM North Carolina Transportation Museum
NEAM North East Aviation Museum
NLCHM North Lincoln County Historical Museum
NSCFM North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum
NVMA North Vancouver Museum and Archives
NWTMA Northwest Texas Museum Association
OCM Obsolete Computer Museum
OCHM Ocean City Historical Museum
OMA Oceanside Museum of Art
OCAM Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum
OMSK Office of Museum Services
OMS Office of Museum Services
ORY Ohio Railway Museum
OVMOD Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery
OMA Oklahoma Museums Association
OSFM Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum
OSMG Old Salem Museums and Gardens
OMM Online Macromolecular Museum
OMA Ontario Museum Association
OPAMS Open Air Museum
OMJ Open Museum Journal
OIMR Optik Industrie Museum Rathenow
OCHM Orange County Historical Museum
OERM Orange Empire Railway Museum
OERM Oregon Electric Railway Museum
OJM Oregon Jewish Museum
OMSI Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
OSRM Oregon State Railroad Museum
OMA Orlando Museum of Art
OCMA Oshawa Community Museum and Archives
OUM Oxford University Museum of Natural History
PCAM Pacific Coast Air Museum
PNTM Pacific Northwest Truck Museum
PBMM Palm Beach Maritime Museum
PSAM Palm Springs Air Museum
PSDM Palm Springs Desert Museum
PPHM Panhandle Plains Historical Museum
PPHMS Panhandle Plains Historical Museum
PEM Peabody Essex Museum
PHMC Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
PMM Penobscot Marine Museum
POAM Penttilä Open Air Museum
PDMA Personalized Digital Museum Assistant
PAM Petersen Automotive Museum
PFMA Petrified Forest Museum Association
PMOA Philadelphia Museum of Art
PMA Philadelphia Museum of Art
PAM Phoenix Art Museum
PMPM Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum
PASM Pima Air and Space Museum
PTM Please Touch Museum
PTAM Port Townsend Aero Museum
PAM Portland Art Museum
PMA Portland Museum of Art
PHM Powerhouse Museum
PMDA Programme for Museum Development in Africa
PMA Provincial Museum of Alberta
PMRC Psychology Museum and Resource Center
PMGR Public Museum of Grand Rapids
PWAM Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
PSNM Puget Sound Navy Museum
QFOM Qantas Founders Outback Museum
QMA Qatar Museums Authority
QVMAG Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
QMA Queens Museum of Art
QAM Queensland Air Museum
QEM Queensland Energy Museum
QM Queensland Museum
QPMS Queensland Police Museum
QPM Queensland Police Museum
RMBR Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research
RMQ Railway Museum Quarterly
RJM Rautenstrauch Joest Museum
RHM Rheinisches Museum fur Philologie
RMO Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden
RAM Riverside Art Museum
RRHOFM Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
RGM Romisch-Germanisches Museum
RBCM Royal British Columbia Museum
RCSM Royal College of Surgeons Museum
RMM Royal Military Museum
RMCA Royal Museum for Central Africa
RMSE Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
RNSM Royal Navy Submarine Museum
ROM-2 Royal Ontario Museum
ROM Royal Ontario Museum
RMA Rubin Museum of Art
RAGM Rugby Art Gallery and Museum
RAM Russian Aviation Museum
SAM Saginaw Art Museum
SVNSMC Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum Committee
SLAM Saint Louis Art Museum
SMCA Salzburger Museum Carolino Augusteum
SNOMNH Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
SAMOA San Antonio Museum of Art
SBCM San Bernardino County Museum
SDAM San Diego Aerospace Museum
SDAM San Diego Automotive Museum
SDMM San Diego Maritime Museum
SDMA San Diego Museum of Art
SFAM San Francisco Airport Museums
SFMOMA San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
SGM Sandwich Glass Museum
SBMA Santa Barbara Museum of Art
SFCM Santa Fe Children’s Museum
SMNH Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History
SMEC School Museum European Cooperation
SFM Science Fiction Museum
SLIME Science Links in Museum Education
SMEC Science Museum Exhibit Collaborative
SMLI Science Museum of Long Island
SMM Science Museum of Minnesota
SMV Science Museum of Virginia
SMWV Science Museum of Western Virginia
SMC Scottish Museums Council
SVBM Scottish Vintage Bus Museum
SMCA Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
STM Seashore Trolley Museum
SAM Seattle Art Museum
SAAM Seattle Asian Art Museum
SMCU Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge University
SSTM Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
SGMT Sheffield Galleries & Museums Trust
SRM Silver River Museum
SAM Singapore Art Museum
SM Skyscraper Museum
SGM Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
SMA Small Museum Association
SCMA Smith College Museum of Art
SAAM Smithsonian American Art Museum
SCEMS Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies
SMCI Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute
SMNH Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
SMSC Smithsonian Museum Support Center
SNASM Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
SRGM Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
SCFM South Carolina Federation of Museums
SCRM South Carolina Railroad Museum
SWMC South West Museums Council
SMP Southeast Museum of Photography
SEMC Southeast Museums Conference
SRM Southeastern Railway Museum
SERM Southeastern Railway Museum
SAMA Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art
SARM Southern Appalachia Railway Museum
SARM Southern Appalachian Radio Museum
SATM Southern Arizona Transportation Museum
SMF Southern Museum of Flight
STFM Southern Tenant Farmers Museum
SAM Spartanburg Art Museum
SCMA Spartanburg County Museum of Art
SAM Speed Art Museum
SMA Spencer Museum of Art
SPM Squished Penny Museum
SAM St. Albans Museum
SM Star Museum
SMCA State Museum of Contemporary Art
SMK Statens Museum for Kunst
SMAK Stedelijk Museum Voor Actuele Kunst
SNMP Strong National Museum of Play
SMH Studio Museum in Harlem
SCMA Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives
SEWS Surrey, East and West Sussex Museum Development Service
SMIM Swansea Maritime & Industrial Museum
SMNH Swedish Museum of Natural History
TAM Tacoma Art Museum
TFAM Taipei Fine Arts Museum
TACM Tallahassee Antique Car Museum
TMA Tampa Museum of Art
TMAG Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
THM Tate House Museum
TMW Technisches Museum Wien
TGM Technologisches Gewerbe Museum
TMTH Technology Museum of Thessaloniki
TACM Tecumseh Area Historical Museum
TWM Ted Williams Museum
TBM Teddy Bear Museum
TMCA Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
TPM Telephone Pioneer Museum
TCRM Tennessee Central Railway Museum
THPM Texas Highway Patrol Association and Museum
TMFM Texas Military Forces Museum
TTM Texas Transportation Museum
TMC Textile Museum of Canada
TBM The Brooklyn Museum
TCM The Computer Museum
TCM The Contemporary Museum
GEM The Group for Education in Museums
TIM The Interactive Museum
TMRT The Museum of Retro Technology
TFAM Tokyo Fuji Art Museum
TMA Toledo Museum of Art
TBSM Tom Brown’s School Museum
TAM Torrance Art Museum
TME Trust for Museum Exhibitions
TCM Tucson Children’s Museum
TWMF Tumbling Waters Museum of Flags
TWM Tyne and Wear Museums
UMA Ukrainian Museum-Archives
USLM Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum
UGMM Underground Gold Miners Museum
UNSMS United Slavery National Slavery Museum
UNSM United Slavery National Slavery Museum
USHMM United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
USNM United States National Museum
UAM University Art Museum
UAMA University of Arizona Museum of Art
UCMP University of California Museum of Paleontology
UCM University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
UNSMS University of Nebraska State Museum
UNSM University of Nebraska State Museum
USAAM University of South Australia Art Museum
VNHSMA Vereeniging Nederlandsch Historisch Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam
VBMA Vero Beach Museum of Art
VGMM Video Game Memorabilia Museum
VFAM Vietnam Fine Art Museum
VTM Ving Tsun Museum
VAM Virginia Association of Museums
VMFA Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
VMT Virginia Museum of Transportation, Inc.
VLMA Virtual Lightbox for Museums and Archives
VM Virtual Museum
VMOA Virtual Museum of Art
VMC Virtual Museum of Canada
VMHT Virtual Museum of the History of the Telescope
VSMC Virtual Science Museums of China
VSM Virtual Space Museum
VTPM Virtual Toilet Paper Museum
VAM Visual Arts Museum
VDM Vitra Design Museum
WAMA Walter Anderson Museum of Art
WRMA Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology
WMOA Warwick Museum of Art
WCMFA Washington County Museum of Fine Arts
WSHM Washington State History Museum
WSMA Washington State Museum of Anthropology
WCMA Wellington County Museum and Archives
WAMP West African Museums Programme
WMMH West Midlands Museums Hub
WVAM West Valley Art Museum
WVMA West Vancouver Museum and Archives
WVMAG West Virginia Museum of American Glass
WAM Western Australian Museum
WCAM Western Canada Aviation Museum
WMOF Western Museum of Flight
WMMI Western Museum of Mining and Industry
WPMC Western Pennsylvania Museum Council
WMHA Whatcom Museum of History and Art
WMCR Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies
WCMA Williams College Museum of Art
WLAM Wing Luke Asian Museum
WAM Wisconsin Auto Museum
WVM Wisconsin Veterans Museum
WGM Women Golfers’ Museum
WAAM Woodstock Artists Association & Museum
WAM Worcester Art Museum
WAMS Worcester Art Museum School
WWMM Working Waterfront Maritime Museum
WFFM World Federation of Friends of Museums
WKM World Kite Museum & Hall of Fame
WMCE World Museum Culture Expo
WOMM World of Massage Museum
WTM World Tank Museum
WSAM World’s Smallest Air Museum
WMNH Worldwide Museum of Natural History
YVR-AND-S Yakima Valley Rail and Steam Museum Association
YRM Yass Railway Museum
YOM Year of the Museum
YMA Yokohama Museum of Art
ZDM Zigong Dinosaur Museum
ZMH Zoological Museum of Helsinki
ZMBS Zoologisches Museum Berlin
ZMB Zoologisches Museum Berlin
ZMH Zoologisches Museum Hamburg