Poker Abbreviations

Poker is an originally American card game , which can be played by two to eight people. In poker, each player receives five cards and gives a stake. Each player may trade up to a maximum of three cards once for a purchase price, intended to obtain the highest possible valued combination of cards: two of a kind, two pairs, three of a kind, minor straight, major straight, flush , full house, four of a kind (carré), straight flush, royal straight flush and poker. By making a certain bet, one of the players announces poker. The others can then pass (with the poker player receiving all the stakes, without having to show his cards, thus bluffing), sell and overbid. Finally, the cards are revealed and the best poker hand takes the pot. Poker is also played with poker stones.


List of Acronyms Related to Poker

AWOP A World of Poker
APAT Amateur Poker Association & Tour
APL Amateur Poker League
APRA American Poker Runs Association
APC Amiens Poker Club
APPT Asian Pacific Poker Tour
ACP Association Clermont Poker
APR Association Poker Redonnais
ATP Association Tarbaise de Poker
ACPG Atlantic City Poker Guide
APARTMENT Aunis Poker Tour
APT Aunis Poker Tour
APC Auxerre Poker Club
BENZO Barrière Poker Tour
BPT Barrière Poker Tour
BTD Beat the Donk Poker Forum
BHEP Besançon Hold’Em Poker
BAPT Betfair Asian Poker Tour
BPC Blois Poker Club
BENZO Bluff Poker Tour
BPT Bluff Poker Tour
BPC Bordeaux Poker Club
CLSPC California Ladies State Poker Championship
CPT Canadian Poker Tour
CSP Caribbean Stud Poker
CAPT Casinos Austria Poker Tour
CPA Chartres Poker Association
CPC College Poker Championship
CPC Corsica Poker Club
COP Côte d’Opale Poker
DPC Diamond’s Poker Cup
DPC Digne Poker Club
DPP Dogs Playing Poker
DPC Douai Poker Club
DPC Dreux Poker Club
DUPS Dundee University Poker Society
EPN Electronic Poker Network
EPC Epinay Poker Club
EPPA European Poker Players Association
EPT European Poker Tour
FNPT First Nations Poker Trail
GPL Great Poker League
GVPT Greater Vancouver Poker Tour
HPT Heartland Poker Tour
HSP High Stakes Poker
HBP Holdem Brest Poker
HPG Home Poker Games
HKPL Hong Kong Poker League
IPRT India Poker Ranking Tournament
IPTED India Poker Tour
IPT India Poker Tour
ISOP International Series of Poker
ITPL International Team Poker League
IPO Irish Poker Open
JHPL Jack High Poker League
LIPS Ladies International Poker Series
LPPT Ladies Professional Poker Tour
LPPT LAN Party Poker Tour
LAPT Latin America Poker Tour
LSOP Latin Series of Poker
LPPLS Live Pub Poker League
LAPC Los Angeles Poker Classic
MMOP Magic Moment of Poker
MCOP Master Classics of Poker
MCU Mike Caro University of Poker
MSOP Mini Series of Poker
MPC Morlaix Poker Club
NPC Nancy Poker Club
NPA Nantes Poker Association
NHPC National Heads-Up Poker Championship
NLOP National League of Poker
NAPL Network Amateur Poker League
NPG Nimes Poker Gardois
NPT Normandie Poker Tour
NAPL North American Poker League
NAPT North American Poker Tour
NSPT North Star Poker Tour
OSP Oasis Stud Poker
OPC Objat Poker Club
OPR Official Poker Rankings
OPERATE Official Poker Rankings
PIANISSIMO Paradise Poker
PP Paradise Poker
PTP Part Time Poker
PP Party Poker
PKR Poker
PAP Poker Affiliate Program
PBC Poker Bonus Code
PCB Poker Club Brignais
PCC Poker Club Catalan
PCGC Poker Club Grande Champagne
PCP Poker Club Phoceen
PCV Poker Club Valognais
PNL Poker Night Live
PNIC Poker Nuts in Canada
PPP Poker Player Posse
PPA Poker Players Alliance
PPA Poker Players Association
PPC Poker Private Club
PRR Poker Room Review
PSO Poker Source Online
PTT Poker Team Ticket
PT Poker Tracker
PTN Poker Training Network
PAAL Poker-players Against Abusive Language
PS Pokerstars
PPT Professional Poker Tour
RSOP Radio Series of Poker
RSOP Ruhrpott Series Of Poker
RPT Run Poker Tour
RSPF Russian Sports Poker Federation
SEP Screaming Eagle Poker
THP Texas Holdem Poker
TFPL The Fantasy Poker League
TNPL The Nuts Poker League
TOP Theory of Poker
TCP Three Card Poker
TPFAP Tournament Poker for Advanced Players
USPA United States Poker Association
VPC Vanves Poker Club
VPJ Video Poker Junkie
VIP Vierzon I-Deal Poker
WPT Watson Poker Tour
WPDG Wednesday Poker Discussion Group
WAPL Western Australian Poker League
WAPT World Amateur Poker Tour
WBCOOP World Blogger Championship of Online Poker
WCOOP World Championship of Online Poker
WCOP World Championship of Poker
WHPC World Heads-Up Poker Championship
WPC World Poker Clinic
WPX World Poker Exchange
WPPA World Poker Players Association
WPPC World Poker Players Conference
WPT World Poker Tour
WPTE World Poker Tour Enterprises
WSOOP World Series of Online Poker
WSOP World Series of Poker
WSP World Series of Poker
WSPO World Speed Poker Open
WTPT World Tavern Poker Tour