Telecommunication Abbreviations

The concept of telecommunication encompasses all forms of distance communication. The word includes the Greek prefix tele, which means “distance” or “far.” As such, telecommunication is a technique that consists of transmitting a message from one point to another, usually with the added value of being bidirectional. Telephony, radio, television and data transmission through computers are part of the telecommunications sector.


Telecommunications is a part of the area of ​​electrical engineering that aims to create a distance communication for human communication. In other words, a telecommunications company aims to provide everything necessary for people to be able to communicate at a distance.

It was the English physicist James Clerk Maxwell who laid the foundations for the development of telecommunication, by introducing the concept of electromagnetic wave to describe through mathematics the interaction between electricity and magnetism. That said, Maxwell claimed that it was possible to propagate waves through free space using electrical discharges, something that would be proved by Heinrich Hertz in 1887.

The history of telecommunications began to develop in the first half of the 19th century, with the electric telegraph (which allowed sending messages with letters and numbers). Later, the telephone appeared, which added the possibility of communicating using voice. With radio waves, wireless communication has arrived to make a real revolution in the habits of humanity.

Distance communication, as telecommunication is also called (thus omitting its prefix tele which has the meaning of “distance” or “far”), had, for many years, fixed telephony as a strong element. However, it is still important today.

However, what has been the flagship of many companies today is telephony and mobile internet. Only in Brazil are there more active mobile lines than people, and this type of service can reach even more urban areas where other systems are not available.

As technology is something fundamental in the lives of people and companies, telecommunications is something extremely crucial for a country. Because the long-distance communication flow comprises a high data transmission.

Within the telecommunications system there are several classifications with different specifications here we have some examples:

– Commercial: comprising companies that provide charged communication services, such as mobile phone companies;

– Governmental: this is the one used by the government for non-commercial purposes, for example we have the communication system that is used in the police department.

And we also have amateur and private telecommunications systems, among others.

There is no doubt that technological innovations in the area of ​​telecommunications did not stop there, as they are a constant and do not stop making waves. The modem made it possible to transmit data between computers and other devices, thus constituting the starting point for the development of the Internet and other computer networks.

Today, telecommunications are an integral part of an industrial branch that annually moves millions of euros around the world.

Telecommunication Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Telecommunication

ATB Above-Ground Telecommunications Backbone
ADCT ADC Telecommunications (Eden Prairie, MN)
ADTN Administrative Data Telecommunications Network
ACF-VTAM Advanced Communications Function for the Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
AJET Advanced Joint English Telecommunication
ANTS Advanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems
ARTILLERY Advanced Radio Telecommunications
ART Advanced Radio Telecommunications
ARCTIC Advanced Research Center Telecommunications Interface Console
ARTES Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems
ATP Advanced Telecommunication Platform
ATC Advanced Telecommunications Component
ATC Advanced Telecommunications Corporation
ATI Advanced Telecommunications Institute
ATML Advanced Telecommunications Modules, Ltd.
ATP Advanced Telecommunications Program
ATR Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International
ACET Advisory Committee on Electronics and Telecommunications
AFTAX Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Automatic Exchange
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
ATNP Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Panel
ATS Aeronautical Telecommunications Services
ATISS Aerospace Telecommunications and Information Systems
ATIS Aerospace Telecommunications and Information Systems
ATRA Afghan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
APTS Afloat Personal Telecommunications Service
ATS Afloat Telecommunications Service
APTU African Postal and Telecommunications Union
ATU African Telecommunications Union
AWT Agence Wallonne des Telecommunications
ATR Agency Telecommunications Representative
ATR Agency Telecommunications Request
ACTA Alabama Cable Telecommunications Association
AMTA Alabama-Mississippi Telecommunications Association
AUTOMATIC Alaska Telecommunications
AT Alaska Telecommunications
ALTR Alcatel-Lucent Telecommunications Review
ATSI Alias TETRA Subscriber Identity (telecommunications)
ADIT Alien Documentation, Identification and Telecommunication System
ACT Alliance for Competitive Telecommunications
ATISS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
ATISS Alliance for the Telecommunications Industry Solutions
ATIS Alliance for the Telecommunications Industry Solutions
ABTE Alliance of Black Telecommunications Employees, Inc.
ABTP Alliance of Black Telecommunications Professionals
ALTERS Allied Telecommunications Record System
AIPET Almaty Institute of Power Engineering and Telecommunications
ACTA America’s Carriers Telecommunications Association
AMBT American Broadband and Telecommunications Company
AMTA American Mobile Telecommunications Association
APARTMENT American Portable Telecommunications
APT American Portable Telecommunications
ATCB American Telecommunications Certification Body, Inc.
ATC American Telecommunications Company, Inc.
ACT Americans for Competitive Telecommunications
ACT Analog Cordless Telecommunications
ATTS Apex Telecommunications Training Solutions
AECRTS Applications Electroniques, Conception, Radios, Télécommunications et Services
ATSP Applications Telecommunications Service Provider
ARTI Applied Rural Telecommunications Information
ATICM Arab Telecommunications and Information Council of Ministers
ATM Area Telecommunications Manager
ATIC Arizona Telecommunications & Information Council
AZTEDP Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program
ACTA Arkansas Cable Telecommunications Association
ATA Arkansas Telecommunications Association
ATS Army Telecommunications System
ASTI Arrowhead Space and Telecommunications, Inc.
APMT Asia-Pacific Mobile Telecommunications Satellite, Pte Ltd
ASCOT Associated Students for Career Orientation in Telecommunications
ATMS Associated Telecommunications Management Services, LLC
ALTITUDE Association for Local Telecommunications
ALTERNATE Association for Local Telecommunications
ALT Association for Local Telecommunications
ALTS Association for Local Telecommunications Services
AFUTT Association Française des Utilisateurs du Téléphone et des Télécommunications
ACTS Association of Competitive Telecommunications Suppliers
AITM Association of Independent Telecommunications Managers
ALTO Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators
ATD Association of Telecommunications Dealers
AGCS AT&T/GTE Communication Systems (telecommunications)
ATP AT&T/Philips Telecommunications
ALTM ATCCS Layered Telecommunications Model
AAPT Australian Associated Press Telecommunications
AMTA Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association
AOTC Australian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation
ATSC Australian Telecommunication Standardization Committee
ATA Australian Telecommunications Authority
ATEA Australian Telecommunications Employees Association
ATIA Australian Telecommunications Industry Association
ARTILLERY Authorite De Regulation Des Telecommunications
ART Authorite de Regulation des Telecommunications
ADTS Automated Data & Telecommunications Service
ADPT Automated Data Processing/Telecommunications
AMTS Automated Maritime Telecommunications System
ATP Automated Telecommunications Program
ATS Automatic Telecommunication System
ATP Automatic Telecommunications Program
ARTILLERY Autorite De Regulation Des Telecommunications
ART Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications
BTC Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited
BITT Baltic Information Technology and Telecommunications Forum
BTRC Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
BET Barbados External Telecommunications Ltd.
BITS Basic International Telecommunications Services
BTA Beijing Telecommunications Administration
BIPT Belgian Institute for Posts and Telecommunications
BIPT Belgian Institute of Postal and Telecommunications Services
BST Bell South Telecommunications
BTA Botswana Telecommunications Authority
BTC Botswana Telecommunications Corporation
BABT British Approvals Board for Telecommunications
BRT British Rail Telecommunications
BT British Telecommunications
BTL British Telecommunications Laboratories
BTPS British Telecommunications Pension Scheme
BTS Broadband Telecommunication Services
BTA Broadband Telecommunications Architecture
BTC Bulgarian Telecommunication Company
BTC Bulmer Telecommunications Center
BDT Bureau de Développement des Télécommunications
BEST Bureau of Emergency Services Telecommunications
BTS Business Telecommunication Services
BT Business Telecommunications
BTC Business Telecommunications Committee
BTN Business Telecommunications Network
CTU Cabin Telecommunications Unit
CALL-TO-ACTION Cable Telecommunications Association
CATA Cable Telecommunications Association
CTA Cable Telecommunications Association
CCTA California Cable & Telecommunications Association
CLETS California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
CTC California Telecommunications Coalition
CUT Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications
CBTA Canadian Business Telecommunications Alliance
CITR Canadian Institute for Telecommunications Research
CISTI Canadian Institute of Telecommunications Engineers
CNO-ITU-T Canadian National Organization for the International Telecommunication Union
COUNT Canadian National Telecommunications
CNT Canadian National Telecommunications
CRTC Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission
CTRC Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
CTRCS Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
CTCA Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association
CTCP Canadian Telecommunications Cyber Protection
CTEA Canadian Telecommunications Employees’ Association
CTRA Canadian Telecommunications Resellers Alliance
CTP Capitol Telecommunications Professionals
CANTO Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations
CCTA Caribbean Cable and Telecommunications Association
CRTS Cellular Radio Telecommunications Service
CTIA Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association
CTIA Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
CAST Center for Advanced Studies in Telecommunications
CAS Center for Advanced Studies in Telecommunications
CATT Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications
CET Center for Educational Telecommunications
CRTP Center for Research on Telecommunications Policy
CTER Center for Telecommunications Education and Research
CTR Center for Telecommunications Research
CWT Center for Wireless Telecommunications
CCTA Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
CCTA Central Computer and Telecommunications Authority
CCTA Central Computing and Telecommunications Agency
CDTS Centralized Digital Telecommunications System
CCETT Centre Commun d’Etudes Detélédiffusion et de Télécommunications
CST Centre de la Sécurité des Télécommunications
CTV Centre de Telecommunication Vendeen
CNTR Centre for Networking and Telecommunications Research
CTIE Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering
CNET Centre National d’Etudes des Telecommunications
CNTC Chief of Naval Telecommunications
CTO Chief Telecommunications Officer
CAPT China Academy of Post and Telecommunications
CATR China Academy of Telecommunication Research
CRTC China Railway Telecommunications Center
CUT China United Telecommunications, Ltd
CATT Chinese Academy of Telecommunications Technology
CTWU Chinese Telecommunication Workers Union
CWTS Chinese Wireless Telecommunication Standard
COLT City Of London Telecommunications
CTIT College of Telecommunications and Information Technology
CALL-TO-ACTION Colorado Telecommunications Association
CTA Colorado Telecommunications Association
CEPT Comite Europeen des Postes et Telecommunications
CITP Comite International des Telecommunications de Presse
CEPT Commission of European Post and Telecommunications
CCTS Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services
CONTROL Committee On Telecommunications Law
CTL Committee On Telecommunications Law
CTO Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
CIT Compagnie Industrielle Des Telecommunications
CTC Compaq Telecommunications Corp.
CETC Competitive Eligible Telecommunications Carrier
CALL-TO-ACTION Competitive Telecommunications Alliance
CTA Competitive Telecommunications Alliance
CALL-TO-ACTION Competitive Telecommunications Association
CTA Competitive Telecommunications Association
CTSA Comprehensive Telecommunications Site Assessment
CBT Comptoir Belge de Télécommunications
CTSS Computer and Telecommunications Staff
CTI Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems
CSTA Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications
CSTS Computer Supported Telecommunications Standard
CAPACITY Computer/Telecommunications Accessibility Program
CAP Computer/Telecommunications Accessibility Program
CATS Computing and Telecommunications Services
CEPT Conference Europeenne des Postes et des Telecommunications
CETS Conference Europeenne des Télécommunications par Satellites
CEPT Conference of European Postal & Telecommunications
SOFTCOM Conference on Software, Telecommunications, and Computer Networks
CTTE Conference on Telecommunication Techno-Economics
COTIM Conference on Telecommunications and Information Markets
CTEER Connected Telecommunications Equipment
CTE Connected Telecommunications Equipment
COLLECT Connecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
CTP Consolidated Telecommunications Program
CITE Consortium of Information and Telecommunications Executives
CCT Consultative Committee on Telecommunications
CALL-TO-ACTION Consumer Telecommunications Agreement
CTA Consumer Telecommunications Agreement
CTN Consumers’ Telecommunications Network
CTC Continental Telecommunications of California
CT Cordless Telecommunications
CTP Corning Telecommunications Products
CTN Corporate Telecommunications Network
CATU Council of Atlantic Telecommunications Unions
CALL-TO-ACTION Croatian Telecommunications Agency
CTA Croatian Telecommunications Agency
CYTA Cyprus Telecommunication Authority
DDTP Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program
DFTS Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service
DFTS Defence Fixed Telecommunications System
DRTE Defence Research Telecommunications Establishment
DCTN Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DTN Defense Telecommunications Network
DTRE Defense Telecommunications Research Establishment
DIT Departement Informatique et Telecommunications
DGPT Department General of Posts and Telecommunications
DIST Department of Information Science and Telecommunications
DOITT Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications
DTO Department of Telecommunication Operations
DTO-2 Department of Telecommunication Operations
DOT Department Of Telecommunications
DTE Department of Telecommunications & Energy
DTIS Department of Telecommunications and Information Services
DTS Departmental Telecommunications System
D-ECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DECT Digital European Cordless Telecommunications
DTS Digital Telecommunications System
DTS Diplomatic Telecommunications Service
DTS Diplomatic Telecommunications System
DGPT Direction Générale des Postes et Télécommunications
DGT Direction Générale des Télécommunications
DGTP Director General Telecommunications Policy Branch
DGPT Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications
DGT Directorate General of Telecommunications
DTP Directory of Office Telecommunications Policy
DTC Display Telecommunications Corporation
DTMO DLA Telecommunications Management Office
DCTU Dominant Certificated Telecommunications Utility
DTI Dynamic Telecommunications, Inc.
ETPI Eastern Telecommunications Philippines Inc.
ENST Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications
ESIGETEL École Supérieur d’Ingénieurs en Informatique et Génie des Télécommunications
ESMT Ecole Superieure Multinationale des Telecommunications
ETAP Educational Telecommunications Access Program
ETT Educational Telecommunications and Technology
EGTI Egyptian German Telecommunication Industries
EETPU Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications and Plumbers Union
EIA-TIA Electronic Industries Alliance/Telecommunication Industries Association
ETSS Electronic Telecommunications Switching System
ETRIPEC Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Protocol Engineering Center
ETP Eligible Telecommunications Provider
ET Emergency Telecommunications
ETS Emergency Telecommunications Service
ENTICE Emergent Networks Telecommunications Infrastructure Control Environment
ETF Emerging Markets Telecommunications Fund
EMTS Emerging Markets Telecommunications Services
EITC Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company
ENACT English Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
ENTRY Enterprise Networks and Telecommunications
ENT Enterprise Networks and Telecommunications
ETL Enterprise of Telecommunications Lao
ETBI Enterprise Telecommunications Business Intelligence
ETN Enterprise Telecommunications Network
ESDT Equipements de Securite, de Defense, de Telecommunication
ETC Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation
ECTA European Competitive Telecommunications Association
ECPTA European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations
EPTC European Post and Telecommunications Conference
ETSA European Telecommunication Services Association
ETS European Telecommunication Standard
ECTEL European Telecommunications and Professional Electronics Industry
ETO European Telecommunications Office
EUTELSAT European Telecommunications Satellite
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETT European Transactions on Telecommunications
ETT European Turley Telecommunication
ETS External Telecommunication Service
FTI FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure
WTB FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
WTBS FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
FTSC Federal Telecommunication Standards Committee
FTF Federal Telecommunications Fund
FTR Federal Telecommunications Recommendation
FTS Federal Telecommunications Service
FTS2000 Federal Telecommunications Services – 2000
FTS-2000 Federal Telecommunications Services – 2000
FTSP Federal Telecommunications Standards Program
FTS Federal Telecommunications System
FSMTC Federated States of Micronesia Telecommunications Corporation
FITT Females in Information Technology and Telecommunications
FTNS Fixed Telecommunications Network Services
FATC Fleet Area Telecommunications Center
FTCN Fleet Telecommunications Conference Network
FTL Flight Telecommunications Laboratory
FCTA Florida Cable Telecommunications Association
FTIA Florida Telecommunications Industry Association
FTRI Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc.
FTA Foreign Telecommunication Administration
FIT Forest Industries Telecommunications
FTI Fusion Telecommunications International
FITS Future Integrated Telecommunications System
FPLMTS Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication System
GTO General Telecommunications Organization
GCTI Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc
GTR Génie des Télécommunications et Réseaux
GCATT Georgia Centers for Advanced Telecommunications Technology
GIST Georgia Interactive Statewide Telecommunications
GITC Global Information and Telecommunication Consortium
GTSC Global Telecommunication Standardization Collaboration
GLOBECOM Global Telecommunications Conference
GTC Global Telecommunications Conference
GTM Global Telecommunications Meeting
GTN Global Telecommunications Network
GTS Global Telecommunications Service
GTS Global Telecommunications Society
GTS Global Telecommunications Solutions
GTS Global Telecommunications System
GWTC Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
GETS Government Emergency Telecommunications Service
GTIS Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services
GTN Government Telecommunications Network
GTP Government Telecommunications Program
GTS Government Telecommunications System
GTI Government Telecommunications, Incorporated
GSM GPRS Session Management (telecommunications)
GMTC Greater Metro Telecommunications Consortium
GET Grope des Ecoles de Telecommunications
GBT Group on Basic Telecommunications
GOT Group On Telecommunications
GTSI Group TETRA Subscriber Identity (telecommunications)
GET Groupe des Écoles de Télécommunications
GETC Guam Educational Telecommunications Corporation
HEAT Hackers Enterprising Across Telecommunications
HHO Hard HO (telecommunications)
HITS Hawaiian Interisland Telecommunications System
HET Health/Education Telecommunications
HOT Health-Oriented Telecommunications
OTE Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation
HTO Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation SA
HCMTS High Capacity Mobile Telecommunications System
HETA Higher Education Telecommunications Association
HETS Hispanic Educational Telecommunications System
HKT Hong Kong Telecommunications Ltd.
HTS House Telecommunications Subcommittee
HFT Human Factors in Telecommunications
HTI Hutchison Telecommunications International Ltd.
HT Hyperion Telecommunications, Inc.
ICTA Idaho Cable Telecommunications Association
ILETS Idaho Law Enforcement Telecommunication System
ITSAP Idaho Telecommunications Service Assistance Program
IOTA Identifiers for Organizations for Telecommunications Addressing
ITA Igoss Telecommunications Arrangement
IPTA Illinois Public Telecommunications Association
ITA Illinois Telecommunications Association
ITN Independent Telecommunication Network
ITPA Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association
IHETS Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System
ITA Indiana Telecommunications Association
ITN Indiana Telecommunications Network
ITSI Individual TETRA Subscriber Identity (telecommunications)
ITA Industrial Telecommunications Association
ITAC Industrial Telecommunications Association Conference
ITT Information and Telecommunication Technologies
ITTC Information and Telecommunication Technology Center
ITS Installation Telecommunications System
IRTO Institut de Recherche en Telecommunications de l’Ontario
INTERIOR Institut National des Telecommunications
INT Institut National des Telecommunications
IPTP Institute for Posts and Telecommunications Policy
ITS Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
ITR Institute for Telecommunications Research
ITSA Institute for Telecommunications Sciences & Aeronomy
INPT Institute National des Postes et Telecommunications
IAT Institute of Advanced Telecommunications
IETE Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers
ITE Institute of Telecommunications Engineers
ITRE Institute of Telecommunications Resellers in Europe
ITS Institute of Telecommunications Standards
IDTS Integrated Digital Telecommunications System
IFTS Integrated Federal Telecommunications System
IAT Inter-Active Telecommunications
ITP Interactive Telecommunications Program
IVTTA Interactive Voice Technology for Telecommunications Applications
ITAM Interdata Telecommunications Access Method
IETS Interim European Telecommunications Standard
ITG Internal Telecommunications Group
IATSC International Aeronautical Telecommunication Switching Center
ICTT International Centers for Telecommunication Technology
ICFI International Conference on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems
ICTSM International Conference on Telecommunication Systems – Modeling and Analysis
CONTEL International Conference on Telecommunications
ICT International Conference on Telecommunications
IIMT International Institute of Management in Telecommunications
IIT International Institute of Telecommunications
ILETS International Law Enforcement Telecommunications Seminar
IMT International Mobile Telecommunications
IMT-FT International Mobile Telecommunications – Frequency Time
IMT-MC International Mobile Telecommunications – Multi-Carrier
IMT2000 International Mobile Telecommunications 2000
IMTA International Mobile Telecommunications Association
IMTC International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium
IPUT International Parallel Union of Telecommunications
IPTC International Press Telecommunications Council
IST International Symposium on Telecommunications
ITA International Telecommunication Academy
ITPC International Telecommunication Press Council
ITPX International Telecommunication Professionals Exchange
ITS International Telecommunication Society
ITS International Telecommunication Symposium
ITUS International Telecommunication Union
ITU International Telecommunication Union
ITUT International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunication Standardization Sector
ITUTSB International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunications Standardization Board
ITU-T International Telecommunication Union -Telecommunication Standardization Sector
ITU-T International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunication
ITJ International Telecommunications
ITAC International Telecommunications Advisory Committee
ITIC International Telecommunications and IT Consultants Group
ITDS International Telecommunications Data Systems, Inc.
ITL International Telecommunications Limited
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite
ITSO International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
ITSUG International Telecommunications Standards User Group
ITUN International Telecommunications Union
ITUS International Telecommunications Union
ITU International Telecommunications Union
ITU-TSS International Telecommunications Union – Telecommunications Standards Sector
IWTSS International Wireless and Telecommunications Symposium
IWGDPT International Working Group on Data Protection in Telecommunications
ITA Iowa Telecommunications Association
ITS Iowa Telecommunications Services Inc
ITPC Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company
JVT James Valley Telecommunications
JATE Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
JATES Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
JTC Joint Telecommunications Committee
JTRB Joint Telecommunications Resources Board
JTC Jordan Telecommunications Company
JTHTL Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law
JTN Justice Telecommunication Network
JUSTICE Justice Telecommunication Network
KTL Kingston Telecommunications Lab
KAIT Korea Association of Information and Telecommunication
KFTC Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute
KLE KVM Link Extender (telecommunications)
LSCPT La Surveillance de la Correspondance par Poste et Télécommunication
LCT Laboratoire Central de Telecommunications
LATS Langley Research Center Telecommunications System
LITTA Latvian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association
LTA Lesotho Telecommunications Authority
LPTA Liaoning Post and Telecommunications Administration
LITE Lightweight Integrated Telecommunications Equipment
LTD Local Telecommunications Division
LTSS Local Telecommunications Services and Support
LCTA Louisiana Cable & Telecommunications Association
LTA Louisiana Telecommunications Association
MTL Malawi Telecommunications Limited
MTA Marin Telecommunications Agency
MTN Maritime Telecommunications Network
MAT Maryland Accessible Telecommunications Program
MTC Massachusetts Telecommunications Council
MSTM Master of Science in Telecommunication Management
MSIT Master of Science in Telecommunications
MSTE Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering
MTC Master Telecommunications Center
MST Masters of Science in Telecommunications
MTPT Mathematical Techniques and Problems in Telecommunications
MCATS Medium-Capacity Automated Telecommunication System
MTS Message Telecommunications Service
MOTNE Meteorogical Operational Telecommunication Network Europe
METRO Metropolitan Extension Telecommunications Right-Of-Way Oversight
MCTA Michigan Cable Telecommunications Association
MOTA Michigan Ohio Telecommunication Association
MICROTCA Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture
MTCA Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture
MCT Microcell Telecommunications
MATA Mid-America Telecommunications Association
MEET Middle East Engineering and Telecommunications
MTA Midwest Telecommunications Association
MOITT Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications
MOPT Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
MPT Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications
MPTC Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
MPT Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
MOT Ministry of Telecommunications
MTIT Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology
MTPT Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications
MTN Minneapolis Telecommunications Network
MTA Minnesota Telecommunications Association
MMTC Minority Media and Telecommunications Council
MCTA Mississippi Cable Telecommunications Association
MCTA Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association
MATTS Mobile Air Transportable Telecommunications System
MTHR Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research
MTC Mobile Telecommunications Company
MTCE Mobile Telecommunications Company of Esfahan
MTC Mobile Telecommunications Corp.
MTN Mobile Telecommunications Network
MTSO Mobile Telecommunications Switching Office
MTAP Montana Telecommunications Access Program
MTA Montana Telecommunications Association
MTTA Multi-Tenant Telecommunications Association
MUTO Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet
MUTOA Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly
NUPT Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications
NJUPT Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
NCTA National Cable & Telecommunications Association
NCTT National Center for Telecommunications Technologies
NCTT National Conference on Telecommunications Technology
NCTDE National Consumer Telecommunications Data Exchange, Inc.
NETN National Education Telecommunications Network
NETO National Education Telecommunications Organization
NETA National Educational Telecommunications Association
NETSS National Electronic Telecommunications System for Surveillance
NITI National Indian Telecommunications Institute
NLETS National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
NMTN National Meteorological Telecommunication Network
NRTC National Radio Telecommunication Corporation
NRTS National Roads Telecommunications Services
NRTC National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative
NSTISS National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security
NSTISSAM National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Advisory Memorandum
NSTISSC National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee
NSTISSD National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Directive
NSTISSI National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Instruction
NSTISSP National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Policy
NTIA National Telecommunication and Information Agency
NTEC National Telecommunication Education Committee
NTRA National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
NTIA National Telecommunications & Information Association
NTISSC National Telecommunications & Information Systems Security Committee
NTISSI National Telecommunications & Information Systems Security Instruction
NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTISSI National Telecommunications and Information Security System Instruction (US DoD)
NTC National Telecommunications Commission
NTC National Telecommunications Corporation
NTIA National Telecommunications Interagency
NTN National Telecommunications Network
NTRC National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
NWSTG National Weather Service Telecommunications Gateway
NLP National-Level Telecommunications Program
NETS Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications System/Service
NAPT Native American Public Telecommunications
NCTC Naval Computer & Telecommunications Command
NCTS Naval Computer & Telecommunications Station
NTTC Naval Tactical Telecommunications Center
NTC Naval Telecommunication Command
NAVTELSYSIC Naval Telecommunication System Integration Center
NTTC Naval Telecommunications Center
NTP Naval Telecommunications Procedure
NTS Naval Telecommunications System
NTSA Naval Telecommunications System Architecture
NTS-DCS Naval Telecommunications System/Defense Communications System
NTD Navy Telecommunications Directive
NTA Nebraska Telecommunications Association
NTC Nepal Telecommunication Corporation
NETS Network Engineering & Telecommunications Section
NSCTA Nevada State Cable Telecommunications Association
NTA Nevada Telecommunications Association
NGTA Next Generation Telecommunication Architecture
NGTE Next-Generation Telecommunications Equipment
NTC Nokia Telecommunications
NTTR Nontactical Telecommunications Requirement
NIT Nortel Institute for Telecommunications
NATA North American Telecommunications Association
NATG North American Telecommunications Group
NCTA North Carolina Telecommunications Association
NCTT Northeast Center for Telecommunications Technology
NPT Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority
NTA Norwegian Telecommunications Administration
NTRA Norwegian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
ONAT Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications
OPT Office des Postes et Telecommunications
OPT Office des Postes et Telecommunications de Nouvelle-Caledonie
OSET Office of Statewide Emergency Telecommunications
OTIS Office of Telecommunication and Information Systems
OTC Office of Telecommunications
OT Office of Telecommunications
OTSO Office of Telecommunications and Systems Operations
OTM Office of Telecommunications Management
OPT Office of Telecommunications Policy
OTP Office of Telecommunications Policy
OFTA Office of the Telecommunications Authority
OCTA Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
OCTA Oklahoma Cable & Telecommunications Association
OGTN Oklahoma Government Telecommunications Network
OWT One World Telecommunications
OTA Ontario Telecommunications Association
ODTA Open Distributed Telecommunication Architecture
OTF Open Telecommunications Framework
OTSS Operational Telecommunications Switching System
OCTA Oregon Cable Telecommunications Association
OT Otelco Telecommunications LLC
OTC Overseas Telecommunications Commission
PCTN Pacific Consolidated Telecommunications Network
PITA Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association
PTC Pacific Telecommunications Council
PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
PTAS Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Standards
PTCL Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited
PTC Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation
PTET Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust
PTCL Pakistan Telecommunications Company Ltd.
PTML Pakistan Telecommunications Mobile Limited
PTSI Panhandle Telecommunication Systems, Inc.
PCTA Pennsylvania Cable & Telecommunications Association
PTC Pentagon Telecommunications Center
PTSC Pentagon Telecommunications Service Center
PTN Personal Telecommunications Number Service
PWT Personal Wireless Telecommunications
PLDT Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications
PFA PHP for Android (mobile telecommunications)
PORTS Portable Imagery Telecommunications System
PTK Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo
PTAC Postal and Telecommunication Appliances Corporation
PTT Poste, Téléphone et Télécommunications
PALLET Power Line Telecommunications
PLT Power Line Telecommunications
PATS Priority Area Telecommunications System
PALLET Private Line Telecommunications Circuit
PLT Private Line Telecommunications Circuit
PTN Private Telecommunications Network
PTNX Private Telecommunications Network Exchange
PITEC Proceedings of the International Telecommunications Energy Conference
PTCI Programmable Telecommunications Interface
PMT Programmed Management System for Telecommunications
PTC Progress Telecommunications Corporation
PTT Providers of Telecommunications Training
PTA Provincial Telecommunication Authority
PSTN Public Switched Telecommunications Network
PTFP Public Telecommunications Facilities Program
PTN Public Telecommunications Network
PTO Public Telecommunications Operator
Q-TEL Qatar Telecommunications Company
QTEL Qatar Telecommunications Company
QUEST Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications
RTTE Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
RETN Region Eleven Telecommunications Network
RMTN Regional Meteorological Telecommunications Network
RTDC Regional Telecommunication Development Conference
RTH Regional Telecommunication Hub
RTIA Regional Telecommunications Infrastructure Account
RTIF Regional Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund
RTN Regional Telecommunications Network
RITIM Research Institute for Telecommunications and Information Marketing
RIPT Research Institute of Post and Telecommunications
RITT Research Institute of Telecommunications Transmission
RRT Réseau Régional de Télécommunications
RITA Rhode Island Telecommunications Association
RGTS Rockefeller Group Telecommunications Services
RMTA Rocky Mountain Telecommunications Association
RTDF Rural Telecommunication Development Fund
RTG Rural Telecommunications Group
STC Saudi Telecommunication Company
STC Saudi Telecommunications Co.
STT School of Telecommunications Technology
SITS Scitor International Telecommunications Services Inc
STC Secondary Telecommunications Center
STU Secure Telecommunication Unit
STIP Secure Telecommunications Implementation Plan
STIR Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Release
STAR Sewage Telecommunication Access By Robot
SWEAT Sewer, Water, Electric, and Telecommunications
STS Shared Telecommunications System
STAR Simulated Telecommunications Analysis Reporting
SPT Singapore Power Telecommunications Pte Ltd
SINGTEL Singapore Telecommunication
STL Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.
SMD-ADP SMD/ADP & Telecommunications Branch
STC Smith Telecommunication Center
SITA Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques
SATA Society for Advanced Telecommunications in Anesthesia
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
SCTE Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
STC Society of Telecommunications Consultants
SEIT Socio-Economic Implications of Telecommunications
SHOS Soft HO (Telecommunications)
SHO Soft HO (Telecommunications)
SATNAC South African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference
SATRA South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
SDTA South Dakota Telecommunications Association
SETA South Eastern Telecommunications Association
SEATELCOM Southeast Asia Telecommunications System
SATNAC Southern African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference
SNET Southern New England Telecommunications
SPRINT Southern Pacific Railroad Intercontinental Network of Telecommunications
SPRINT Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telecommunications
SWCTA SouthWest Competitive Telecommunications Association
SATELLITE Space And Advanced Telecommunications
SAT Space and Advanced Telecommunications
STRS Space Telecommunications Radio System
STAR Special Telecommunications Action for Regional Development
STV Sprint Telecommunications Venture
STEL Standard Telecommunications
SDTS State Diplomatic Telecommunications System
SPOTS State Police Online Telecommunications System
SETB Statewide Emergency Telecommunications Board
STND Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division
SCOT Steering Committee on Telecommunications
STS Subcommittee on Telecommunications Security
SCAT Support Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology Research, Foundation
SPTC Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation
SPRINT Switched Private Network Telecommunications
STE Syrian Telecommunications Establishment
STN Systèmes de Télécommunications Numériques
SRT Systèmes Réseaux et Télécommunications
STEM Systems Telecommunications Engineering Manager
TIT Technologies de l’Information et des Telecommunications
TMTS Technology, Media and Telecommunications Summit
TMT Technology, Media, Telecommunications
TCF Telecommunication and Film Department
TAPAS Telecommunication Architecture for Plug-And-Play Systems
TAMR Telecommunication Assessment Monitoring Report
TAP Telecommunication Assistance Program
TAC Telecommunication Association Council
TCB Telecommunication Certification Body
TCI Telecommunication Company of Iran
TCK Telecommunication Company of Khorasan
TCAM Telecommunication Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance Committee
TC Telecommunication Coordinator
BDT Telecommunication Development Bureau
TDF Telecommunication Development Fund
TDD Telecommunication Device for the Deaf
TEMA Telecommunication Engineering and Manufacturing Association
TES Telecommunication Equipment Safety
TCPE telecommunication et controle de procedes d’exploitation
TELEPHONE-EXCHANGE Telecommunication Exchange
TELEX Telecommunication Exchange
TINA Telecommunication Information Network Architecture
TLC Telecommunication Line Controller
TMNF Telecommunication Management Network Forum
TMRC Telecommunication Mathematics Research Center
TMTS Telecommunication Message Traffic Services
TMAC Telecommunication Monitor and Control
TELCO Telecommunication Network for Cooperative Driving
TNV Telecommunication Network Voltage
TSSP Telecommunication Sector Support Programme
TSP Telecommunication Service Provider
TSP Telecommunication Services Portal
TSPI Telecommunication Services Price Index
TSA Telecommunication Society of Australia
TSB Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
TSS Telecommunication Standardization Sector
TCS Telecommunication System
TSAP Telecommunication Systems Analysis Position
TSIP Telecommunication Systems Installation Plan
TTC Telecommunication Technology Committee
TISM Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media
TC Telecommunications
T-COM Telecommunications
TELECOM Telecommunications
TLCM Telecommunications
TCOM Telecommunications
TBE Telecommunications & Broadcast Equipment
TDS Telecommunications & Data Systems
TMS Telecommunications & Marketing Service Organization
TNI Telecommunications & Navigation Institute
TSD Telecommunications & Systems Division
TAAC Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee
TCAM Telecommunications Access Method
TAP Telecommunications Access Program
TASA Telecommunications Access System Act of 1991
TCPSS Telecommunications Act 1999 (Australia)
TCA Telecommunications Act of 1996
TAPRIC Telecommunications Action Plan for Remote Indigenous Communities
TAO Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan
TAC Telecommunications Advisory Committee
TAP Telecommunications Advocacy Project
TASC Telecommunications Alarm Surveillance and Control
TAIT Telecommunications and Applied Information Theory
TISS Telecommunications and Automated Information Systems Security
TEMPEST Telecommunications and Electrical Machinery Protected from Emanations Security
TIA Telecommunications and Information Administration
TIPI Telecommunications and Information Policy Institute
TISL Telecommunications and Information Sciences Laboratory
TIF Telecommunications and Internet Federation
TMOD Telecommunications and Mission Operations Directorate
TRET Telecommunications and Radio Engineering Telecommunications
TTIP Telecommunications and Technology Infrastructure Program
TAM Telecommunications Applications Map
TAA Telecommunications Associates of America
TCA Telecommunications Association
TCS Telecommunications Association
TAM Telecommunications Association of Maryland
TAM Telecommunications Association of Michigan
TATT Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
TARE Telecommunications Automated Relay Equipment
TBB Telecommunications Bonding Backbone
TBBIBC Telecommunications Bonding Backbone Interconnecting Bonding Conductor
TBS Telecommunications Business Simulation
TCF Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum
TCC Telecommunications Center
TCO Telecommunications Certification Officer
TCO Telecommunications Certifying Office
TC Telecommunications Closet
TCC Telecommunications Common Carrier
TCA Telecommunications Computing Architecture
TCIC Telecommunications Consumer Information Center
TCAU Telecommunications Contract and Audit Unit
TCB Telecommunications Control Board
TCM Telecommunications Control Manager
TCO Telecommunications Control Office
TCU Telecommunications Control Unit
TCO Telecommunications Coordination Officer
TC Telecommunications Council
TDPD Telecommunications Data Protection Directive
TDW Telecommunications Data Warehouse
TDAP Telecommunications Devices Access Program
TDH Telecommunications Distribution Hub
TDMM Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual
TEAMS Telecommunications Education for Advances in Mathematics
TERN Telecommunications Education Research Network
TET Telecommunications Education Trust
TEMPEST Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions
TE Telecommunications Enclosure
TESP Telecommunications Enterprise Strategic Program
TEBC Telecommunications Equipment Bonding Conductor
TEDP Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program
TEP Telecommunications Equipment Practices
TEPP Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program
TERC Telecommunications Equipment Remarketing
TER Telecommunications Equipment Room
TEDI Telecommunications Exchange for the Deaf Incorporated
TENZ Telecommunications Exporters of New Zealand
TFA Telecommunications For All
TDI Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc.
TGB Telecommunications Grounding Busbar
THC Telecommunications Host Controller
THP Telecommunications Host Processor
TIP Telecommunications Improvement Program
TCI Telecommunications Incorporated
TIAP Telecommunications Industries Analysis Project
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association
TILU Telecommunications Industry Liaison Unit
TIO Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
TISOC Telecommunications Industry Service Order Center
TIC Telecommunications Information Council
TIMACS Telecommunications Information Management and Control System
TINAC Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium
TIPS Telecommunications Information Processing System
TIF Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund
TIMF Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee
TI Telecommunications Instruction
TIMS Telecommunications Instructional Modeling System
TIBI Telecommunications Inventory and Billing Information
TJA Telecommunications Journal of Australia
TAILOR Telecommunications Leasing Request
TLR Telecommunications Leasing Request
TMGB Telecommunications Main Grounding Busbar
TMCS Telecommunications Management & Control Subsystem
TMOS Telecommunications Management & Operations Support
TMA Telecommunications Management Association
TMN Telecommunications Management Network
TMP Telecommunications Management Plan
TMP telecommunications management program
TMS Telecommunications Management System
TEMS Telecommunications Management System
TCMS Telecommunications Management System
TCM Telecommunications Manager
TMANJ Telecommunications Managers Association of New Jersey
TMACA Telecommunications Managers Association of the Capitol Area
TCM Telecommunications Manual
TMS Telecommunications Marketing Service Organization
TML Telecommunications Markup Language
TMC Telecommunications Modem Processor
TMP Telecommunications Modem Processor
TEMPO Telecommunications Modernization Program
TEMPO Telecommunications Modernization Project
TMAP Telecommunications Monitoring and Assessment Program
TELNET Telecommunications Network
TCN Telecommunications Network
TND Telecommunications Network for the Deaf
TNM Telecommunications Network Management
TNMS Telecommunications Network Management System
TOD Telecommunications On Demand Inc
TURNOVER Telecommunications Outlet
TO Telecommunications Outlet
TOGO Telecommunications Outlet
TPC Telecommunications Planning Committee
TPIS Telecommunications Plant in Service
TPRM Telecommunications Policy, Regulation and Management
TPS Telecommunications Premium Services
TPO Telecommunications Program Objective
TPP Telecommunications Program Plan
TPM Telecommunications Project Manager
TPO Telecommunications Project Office
TRAINING Telecommunications Reform Act Of 1996
TRANSFER Telecommunications Reform Act Of 1996
TRA Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996
TRC Telecommunications Regulation Circular
TRC Telecommunications Regulation Commission
TRANSFER Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
TRAINING Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
TRA Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
TRAI Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India
TRC Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
TRCSL Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
TRS Telecommunications Relay Service
TRI Telecommunications Reporting Instruction
TELER Telecommunications Requirement
TRAC Telecommunications Research and Action Center
TRAINING Telecommunications Research Associates
TRANSFER Telecommunications Research Associates
TRA Telecommunications Research Associates
TRC Telecommunications Research Center
TRE Telecommunications Research Establishment
TRG Telecommunications Research Group
TRIO Telecommunications Research Institute of Ontario
TRAINING Telecommunications Resellers Association
TRANSFER Telecommunications Resellers Association
TRA Telecommunications Resellers Association
TRMA Telecommunications Risk Management Association
TRANSLATOR Telecommunications Room
TR Telecommunications Room
TRANSPOSED Telecommunications Room
TRIPLE-R Telecommunications Room
TSEC Telecommunications Security
TSNP Telecommunications Security Notification Procedures
TSS Telecommunications Security System
TSS Telecommunications Segment Specification
TCS Telecommunications Service
TSC Telecommunications Service Center
TSI Telecommunications Service Inquiry
TSO Telecommunications Service Obligations
TSO Telecommunications Service Order
TSP Telecommunications Service Priority
TSR Telecommunications Service Request
TSTT Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago
TML Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
TC Telecommunications Specialist
TSB Telecommunications Standard Block
TSB Telecommunications Standardization Board
TSSC Telecommunications Standards Subcommittee
TSAN Telecommunications Students and Alumni Network
TSC Telecommunications Support Contract
TSS Telecommunications Switching System
TSAP Telecommunications System Assignment Position
TSEP Telecommunications System Engineering Plan
TSB Telecommunications Systems Bulletin
TCSA Telecommunications Systems Control Association
TSEC Telecommunications Systems Engineer Course
TSG Telecommunications Systems Group
TCS Telecommunications Systems inc
TSM Telecommunications Systems Manager
TTP Telecommunications Tactical Plan
TTA Telecommunications Technical Associate
TTA Telecommunications Technology Association
TTE Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
TUFF Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (England, UK)
TUA Telecommunications Users Association
TUG Telecommunications Users Group
TUMS Telecommunications Utilization Management System
TVS Telecommunications Video System
TVSC Telecommunications Vocational Standards Council
TWU Telecommunications Workers Union
TIMES Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Media, Entertainment, and Semiconductors
TME Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment
TMET Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment & Technology
TMAC Telecommunications, Multimedia and Applied Computing
TBT Telemarketing and Business Telecommunications
TCTA Tennessee Cable Telecommunications Association
TTA Tennessee Telecommunications Association
TFTS Terrestrial Flight Telecommunications System
TCTA Texas Cable & Telecommunications Association
TRHTA Texas Rural Hospital Telecommunications Alliance
TTT Thai Telephone and Telecommunications
TZT Tianjin Zhongtian Telecommunication Co., Ltd.
TTN Tokyo Telecommunications Network
TST Traitement du Signal et Télécommunications
TTE Transport, Telecommunications and Energy
TTSC Treasury Telecommunications Systems Council
TSTA Tri-State Telecommunications Association
UTT Ubiquitous Telecommunication Technology
UBTA Uintah Basin Telecommunications Association, Inc.
UTI Union Internationale des Télécommunications
UIT Union Internationale des Télécommunications
UPTO Union of Post and Telecommunication Officers
UKTA United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy
USANETA United States Army Networks, Engineering and Telecommunications Activity
USITS United States Institute for Telecommunications Sciences
USTTI United States Telecommunications Training Institute
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service
UTMS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
UPT Universal Personal Telecommunications
UCAT University Computing and Telecommunications
UMATS University of Maryland Academic Telecommunications System
USTA US Telecommunications Association
USW US West Telecommunications
UCCT Utah Coalition for Competitive Telecommunications
UTOPIA Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency
UTC Utilities Telecommunication Council
VITAL Validation of Integrated Telecommunication Architectures for the Long Term
VATS Value-Added Telecommunications Service
VISIT VERDIN/ISABPS/SSIXS Integrated Telecommunications
VTA Virginia Telecommunications Association
VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VGW Voice Over IP Gateway (telecommunications)
VTS Voice Telecommunication System
VTW Voters Telecommunications Watch
WSTA Wall Street Telecommunications Association
WITS Washington Interagency Telecommunications System
WTRS Washington Telecommunications Relay Service
WACT Welsh Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
WATRA West Africa Telecommunications Regulators Association
WGTA West Georgia Telecommunications Alliance
WTTC West Texas Telecommunications Consortium
WVTA West Virginia Telecommunications Association
WCTC Western Canada Telecommunications Council
WCET Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications
WEST Western Educational Society for Telecommunications
WTA Western Telecommunications Alliance
WATTS Wide Area Telecommunication/Telephone Service
WATS Wide-Area Telecommunications Service
WILTEL Williams Telecommunications Corp.
WILTEL Williams Telecommunications Group
WTF Wireless Telecommunications Facility
WTS Wireless Telecommunications Symposium
WHTA Wisconsin Healthcare Telecommunications Association
WSTA Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association
WSTF Wisconsin State Telecommunications Foundation, Inc.
WTRS Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay System
WICT Women In Cable and Telecommunications
WFMT Workshop on Formal Methods and Telecommunications
MATA Workshop on Mobile Agents for Telecommunications Applications
WCIT World Conference on International Telecommunication
WTDC World Telecommunication Development Conference
WTDR World Telecommunication Development Report
WTPF World Telecommunication Policy Forum
WTSC World Telecommunication Standardization Conference
WTAC World Telecommunications Advisory Council
WTC World Telecommunications Conference
WTO World Telecommunications Organization
WTSA World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly
WIDT World-Wide Integrated Digital Telecommunications
WTA Wyoming Telecommunications Association
ZTE Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment
ZTES Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment