Washington Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Washington state?

WA is the 2 letter abbreviation for Washington, the 13th largest state in the United States of America. Washington is a state located in Northwest part of U.S.A, bordering British Columbia (Canada), Idaho, and Oregon. Olympia is the capital city of Washington. Major cities include Seattle (Population: 684462), Spokane (Population: 213283), Tacoma (Population: 207959), Vancouver (Population: 172871), Bellevue (Population: 139831), Kent (Population: 126963), Everett (Population: 108021), Renton (Population: 100253), Federal Way (Population: 95182), Spokane Valley (Population: 94930), Yakima (Population: 93712), and Kirkland (Population: 87292).

Washington State Flag

Washington State Profile

  • Capital: Olympia
  • Admitted to USA: November 11, 1889
  • Area: 184,827 km2
  • Population: 7,535,591
  • Time zone: UTC−08:00
  • Calling code: 206, 253, 360, 425, 509
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  WA
  • State Government Website: http://access.wa.gov/


The US state of Washington is located in the northwest of the USA, in the so-called Pacific Northwest, and should not be confused with the self-governing capital of the entire United States – Washington DC. The state covers an area of ​​184,665 km² – with around 6.8 million inhabitants. However, the state’s population mostly lives in the western part of the state near the Pacific coast. Many people live around the Puget Sound. The capital is Olympia.

Washington was admitted to the United States on November 11, 1899 as the 42nd state. The state is named after the first President of the United States – George Washington. The state’s nickname is “Evergreen State” due to the many trees in the state. The state’s motto comes from the Chinookindian language and is “Alki”, which means something like someday. The state of Washington is very attractive geographically. There are rough coastlines, large forests, mountains, volcanoes, numerous islands and rivers here. The Columbia River comes from the Rocky Mountains in Canada and in addition to Oregon also passes through the state of Washington. It is worth noting that in 1987 the state of Washington declared Woody Guthry’s (“Roll on Columbia”) “Roll on Columbia” (1912-1967) a national folk song.

Cities and larger towns

Olympia, with approximately 45,000 residents, is the capital of the state of Washington and is located in the west of the state at the southern end of the Puget Sound. The city was founded in 1850 and since 1853 Olympia has been the capital of Washington. Before, Nisqually Indians lived here. The city’s name is derived from the surrounding Olympic Mountains. Although the city is rather small, the city’s art and music scene is very distinctive. Anyone in the city should not miss Downtown, which is advertised as a National Historic District. Olympia is also known for its oysters, whose breeding and processing is an important industry. The city is an ideal starting point for tours in the nearby Olympic National Park.

With its approximately 610,000 inhabitants, Seattle is by far the largest city in the state of Washington and is located in the west of the state on Puget Sound. In fact, 3.35 million people live in the Seattle metropolitan area. Seattle was founded in 1869 and the name of the city is derived from chief Seattle of the Duwamish Indians. The city’s nickname is Emerald City. The city is known as the center of the grunge movement, which includes bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. The “guitar god” Jimi Hendrix was also born in Seattle. The city is rich in sights and the highlight is certainly the Space Needle built in 1962. Seattle also has a reputation for being a city of coffee. So the Starbucks coffee house chain was founded here, whose first branch is still in its original location, but visitors to the city can find numerous very good coffee creations in the city’s many small cafes. The University of Washington is also based here. The city also appears in many films such as “Sleepless in Seattle”. The city’s port is one of the most important ports in the northwestern United States and is an important trading center for trading with Asia. Numerous cruises and ferries to Alaska depart from here.

The city of Bellevue has approximately 120,000 inhabitants and is located east of Seattle. In the metropolitan area, Bellevue belongs to the Seattle metropolitan area, 3.35 million people live. Bellevue was founded in 1869. Bellevue was long considered the suburb of Seattle, but today the fast-growing city is much more than just a suburb. The city has an excellent reputation, so it is not surprising that Bellevue took first place in 2008 as the city with the best living comfort.

The city of Everett has approximately 100,000 inhabitants and is located north of Seattle on the Puget Sound. Everett was founded in 1892. Visitors to the city will find the largest urban marina on the entire American west coast in Everett. The cityscape is also characterized by many older buildings that can be admired in the Historic Distric. Bellevue has long been considered the suburb of Seattle, but today the fast-growing city is more than just a suburb. The city has an excellent reputation, so it is not surprising that Bellevue took first place in 2008 as the city with the best living comfort. The Everett naval base and Everett Boeing plant with the largest assembly hall in the world are also located in Everett.

The city of Kent has approximately 92,000 inhabitants and is located south of Seattle. In the metropolitan area, Kent belongs to the Seattle metropolitan area, 3.35 million people live. Kent was founded in 1890 and in earlier times the city was known as an agricultural center. This earned the city the nickname World Capital of the Salad (Lettuce Capital of the World).

This city of only around 2,100 inhabitants is a bit of a curiosity. The city is located in Chelan County – in the mountains of the cascade chain. Up until the first half of the 20th century, there was an important freight loading station that played an important role in the city’s economy. After its closure, the city threatened to become a ghost town. But the residents did not give up and converted their city into a typical mountain town in the European Alps. The surrounding mountains naturally helped to reinforce this impression, and in the course of this new role as an Alpine town, numerous festivals and activities take place here, which are reminiscent of something similar in the towns in the Alps – such as a May Day, an Oktoberfest, a Christmas market. Also worth seeing is the Nutcracker Museum, which comprises around 5,000 exhibits.

With approximately 210,000 residents, Spokane is the second largest city in the state of Washington after Seattle. As many as 610,000 people live in the metropolitan region. Spokane is located in the eastern part of the state near the Idaho border and is the undisputed center of eastern Washington. Spokane was founded in 1881 and the name of the city is derived from the Spokan Indians who used to live here. In 1974 the world exhibition Expo took place here. The landscape around Spokane with its many lakes is also very interesting and there are even 2 waterfalls in the city. The city is a great starting point for tours to the Columbia River and the Grand Coulee Dam.

With its approximately 200,000 inhabitants, Tacoma is the third largest city in the state of Washington. Tacoma is located south of Seattle on Puget Sound. Tacoma was founded in 1875, but the city has a long history dating back to 1852. The cityscape of Tacomas is characterized by the port, but the city is also considered a center for museums that can be found in downtown.

With approximately 160,000 inhabitants, Vancouver is the fourth largest city in the state of Washington. This Vancouver should not be confused with its much larger namesake in Canada. Vancouver is located in the southwestern part of the state of Washington directly on the border with the state of Oregon on the Columbia River. Vancouver was founded in 1825 and can almost be considered a district of Portland, Oregon, across the Columbia River. Fort Vancouver National Historic Site is located in the city.

The city of Yakima has approximately 90,000 inhabitants and is located in southern Washington. Yakima was founded in 1883 and the name of the city is derived from the Yakima Indians. South of the city is the Yakama Indian Reservation. The region around Yakima is particularly known for wine growing. Viticulture would of course not be possible without the appropriate climatic conditions and so Yakima is also considered the Palm Springs of Washington.

Washington State Abbreviations

List of Washington Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Washington are WA which stands for Washington. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Washington, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

WA: Washington

Acronym Meaning
AFHAW Adult Family Home Association of Washington
AAAGW Algerian-American Association of Greater Washington
AAWW Alpaca Association of Western Washington
ACLUW American Civil Liberties Union of Washington
ALAWON American Library Association Washington Office Newsline
ALAW American Lung Association of Washington
ANSW Ancient Numismatic Society of Washington
ARCW Annotated Revised Code of Washington
ADW Archdiocese of Washington
ANCG Army Military District of Washington
AIW Art Institute of Washington
ASUW Associated Students of the University of Washington
AFAW Association of Filipino Architects in Washington
AGAS Association of German-American Societies of Greater Washington, DC
AWB Association of Washington Business
AWC Association of Washington Cities
AWPHD Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts
AWSP Association of Washington School Principals
ARROW Autism Recovery Resources of Washington
BWIS Baltimore Washington Infant Study
BWX Baltimore Washington X Lounge
BWCC Baltimore/Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce
B-WISE Baltimore/Washington Information Systems Educators
BWI Baltimore/Washington International Airport
BWBW Baltimore-Washington Beer Works
BWCCC Baltimore-Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce
BWFA Baltimore-Washington Financial Advisors
BWHE Baltimore-Washington Home Educators
BLH Bellingham, Washington
BAW Bicycle Alliance of Washington
BSW Biofeedback Society of Washington
BLW Blaine Washington
BTWHS Booker T Washington High School
BTWA Booker T. Washington Academy
BSW Botanical Society of Washington
BCGW Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington
BSW British School of Washington
COW California, Oregon, Washington
CCA Canoe Cruisers Association of Washington, DC
CIW Carnegie Institution of Washington
CHWI Cedar Homes of Washington, Inc.
CRW Cedar Rapids Washington
CWDR Central Washington Disability Resources
CWNP Central Washington Native Plants
CWPS Central Washington Podiatry Service
CHSW Children’s Home Society of Washington
CASW Choral Arts Society of Washington
CHN Christian Homeschool Network of Washington
CBWC Citizens Bank of Washington County
CREW Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
CVWA Columbia Valley of Washington
CBW Community Bankers of Washington
CHOW-DC Culinary Historians of Washington, DC
CAGW Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington
DWLR Daily Washington Law Reporter Company
DCOEP DC Office of Emergency Preparedness (Washington, DC)
DRAW Death Racing Association of Washington
DCCW Defense Contracting Command – Washington
DMAW Direct Marketing Association of Washington
ESW EarthShare Washington
EWS Eastern Washington State
EWU Eastern Washington University
EDWC Economic Development Washington County
ERW Equal Rights Washington
ESC Executive Service Corps of Washington
EFACW Export Finance Assistance Center of Washington
FMSW Family Medicine of Southwest Washington
FAWS Farriers Association of Washington State
FOW Ferrari of Washington
FSW Flute Society of Washington
FLW Fort Lewis, Washington
FWAC Fort Washington Alumnae Chapter
FWBL Fort Washington Branch Library
FOWA Fort Washington Park
FCDC Founding Church of Scientology Washington, DC
FMW Friends Meeting of Washington
GW George Washington
GWB George Washington Bridge
GW George Washington Bridge
GWBBS George Washington Bridge Bus Station
GWC George Washington Carver
GWCA George Washington Carver National Monument
GWCU George Washington Carver University
GWCW George Washington Cold War
GWISH George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health
GWIPP George Washington Institute of Public Policy
GWILR George Washington International Law Review
GWMP George Washington Memorial Parkway
GWMS George Washington Middle School
GWSG George Washington Strike Group
GWU George Washington University
GW George Washington University
GWUGS George Washington University Gamers’ Society
GMW Good Morning Washington
GOSW Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington
GWAC Greater Washington Area Chapter
GWBAA Greater Washington Business Aviation Association
GWCCS Greater Washington Coalition for Cancer Survivors
GWHCC Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
GWPI Greater Washington Publishing, Inc.
GWR Greater Washington Region
GWSCSW Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work
GWTA Greater Washington Tennis Association
GWTA Greater Washington Tourism Alliance
HGR Hagerstown, MD, USA – Washington County Regional Airport
HDW Harley-Davidson of Washington
HMCW Health and Medicine Counsel of Washington
HSW Historical Society of Washington
HSWDC Historical Society of Washington, DC
HKAW Hong Kong Association of Washington
HAAW Hungarian American Association of Washington
HO-W Hydrographic Office, Washington, DC
IWCC Idaho-Washington Concert Chorale
IPEM IGERT Program in Evolutionary Modeling (US NSF; Washington)
ITOW Independent Towers of Washington
ICOW Interfaith Council of Washington
IDCW Interior Design Coalition of Washington
ICBW Islamic Community of Bosniaks in Washington
JWB Japan Washington Bulletin
JGSGW Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington
JLW Junior League of Washington
KWN Kiplinger Washington Newsletter
LWHS Lake Washington High School
LWRC Lake Washington Rowing Club
LSAW Land Surveyors Association of Washington
LFGW Latino Federation of Greater Washington
LOWS Llama Owners of Washington State
LFGW Lupus Foundation of Greater Washington
LND Lynden, Washington
MEOW Machine Embroiderers of Oregon and Washington
MWKF MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation
MBW Marine Barracks Washington
MIDWEST Mary Washington
MW Mary Washington
MWC Mary Washington College
MWU Mary Washington University
MSCW Mazda Sportscar Club of Washington, Inc.
MWAA Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
MWCOG Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
MWELA Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association
MWM Metropolitan Washington Mensa
MWOTRC Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club
WOMA Metropolitan Washington Orientation and Mobility Association
SECAN Military Committee Communications Security & Evaluation Agency, Washington
MDW Military District of Washington
MWSO Miss Washington Scholarship Organization
MWHA Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance
MWH Mount Washington Hotel
MWO Mount Washington Observatory
MWRC Mount Washington Railroad Company
MRSC Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington
MAW Mycological Association of Washington
NDW Naval District Washington
NSAW Naval Support Activity Washington
NCW Neurosurgical Consultants of Washington
NWBC New Washington Buckeye Central
NWMB Northwest Washington Medical Bureau
NWTG Northwest Washington Theatre Group
OCIW Observatory of the Carnegie Institute of Washington
OCWA Octopus Mountain, Washington
OWCAM Oregon Washington Community Association Managers
OWR-AND-N Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
PIW Paralegal Institute of Washington, DC
PSC Pasco, Washington – Tri Cities
PPMW Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington
PAW Port Angeles, Washington
PWCC Port Washington Children’s Center
PWTA Port Washington Tennis Academy
PBSW Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
PCW Professional Controllers of Washington DC
PPW Professional Photographers of Washington
PIW Psychiatric Institute of Washington
ROW Relocate Out of Washington
RCW Revised Code of Washington
RCWA Revised Code of Washington Annotated
RWC Richmond Washington Company
SCOW Sailing Club of Washington
SNOW School Nurse Organization of Washington
SWAT Seattle Washington Autoduel Team
SICUW Sección de Intereses de Cuba En Washington
SUWA Singapore-University of Washington Alliance
SHOW Sound Healers of Washington
SOWA South of Washington
SWATH Southeast Washington Association of Treasure Hunters
SWAY Southwest Washington Advocates for Youth
SWAPCA Southwest Washington Air Pollution Control Authority
SWMC Southwest Washington Medical Center
SWRDC Southwest Washington Regional Data Center
SRCW Spatial Reference Center of Washington
SOWA Special Olympics Washington
SPW Spokane Washington
SCAS Stanwood and Community Ambulance Service (Stanwood, Washington0
SWAMI State of Washington as a Musical Instrument
SUM Sumas, Washington
SWA Sustainable Washington Alliance
SWAMP Sustainable Washington Alliance Meeting Place
TWB The Washington Bureau
TWC The Washington Center
TWH The Washington Home
TWI The Washington Independent
TWP The Washington Post
TWQ The Washington Quarterly
TWT The Washington Times
TWIW This Week in Washington
TGEA Transgender Education Association of Greater Washington
UFWW United Faculty of Western Washington
USMOG-W United States Military Observer Group – Washington
UWWC United Way of Washington County
UWWA United Ways of Washington
UMW University of Mary Washington
UMWREF University of Mary Washington Real Estate Foundation
UNW University of Northern Washington
UW University of Washington
UWAL University of Washington Aeronautical Laboratory
UWAA University of Washington Alumni Association
UWBIC University of Washington BASIC Interpretive Compiler
UWHA University of Washington Housestaff Association
UWIN University of Washington Information Navigator
UWLS University of Washington Law School
UWMC University of Washington Medical Center
UWPD University of Washington Police Department
UWSOM University of Washington School of Medicine
UWT University of Washington Tacoma
UWTC University of Washington Technical Communication
UWB University of Washington, Bothell
UWWC University of Wisconsin-Washington County
ATLAS USCG Intelligence Center Washington
VCSMW Vietnamese Cultural Society of Metropolitan Washington
VOW Volunteers for Outdoor Washington
WASH Washington
WA Washington
WAFP Washington Academy of Family Physicians
WAGD Washington Academy of General Dentistry
WAS Washington Academy of Sciences
WALC Washington Accelerated Learning Center
WAT Washington Accessible Taxi
WA Washington Accord
WAC Washington Administrative Code
WASC Washington Administrative Service Center
WARM Washington Adoption Reunion Movement
WAAM Washington Afro-American
WARG Washington Agency Representative Group
WAIF Washington Aids International Foundation
WAIT Washington AIDS International Teens
WADS Washington Air Defense Sector
WAAE Washington Alliance for Arts Education
WATE Washington Alliance for Theatre Education
WAJC Washington Alliance Japanese Church
WACKO Washington Alpine Club Kinetic Outing
WAAS Washington Alternate Assessment System
WALC Washington Analysis Corporation
WLU Washington and Lee University
WLUR Washington and Lee University Radio
WOD Washington and Old Dominion Railroad
WASF Washington Angelman Syndrome Foundation
WAEF Washington Apple Education Foundation
WAP Washington Apple Pi
WAKO Washington Aquatic Killer Orcas
WAAM Washington Archery Muzzleloading
WABA Washington Area Bicyclist Association
WACEL Washington Area Council of Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
WADA Washington Area Darts Association
WAFA Washington Area Finance Association
WAFC Washington Area Frisbee Club
WAFF Washington Area Fuel Fund
WAGS Washington Area Girls Soccer League
WAHP Washington Area Housing Partnership
WALA Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts
WAMAS Washington Area Marine Aquarist Society
WAMTA Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority
WAMA Washington Area Music Association
WAMEX Washington Area Music Exchange
WANDA Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association
WAO Washington Area Office
WAPI Washington Area Partnership for Immigrants
WAPG Washington Area Power Builder Users Group
WASH Washington Area Secular Humanists
WASP Washington Area Switch Procurement
WATL Washington Area Tennis League
WAWS Washington Area Wideband System
WAVA Washington Artillery Veterans Association
WAHIP Washington Artists Health Insurance Project
WAPA Washington Asphalt Pavement Association
WASL Washington Assessment of Student Learning
WATAP Washington Assistive Technology Act Program
WATF Washington Assistive Technology Foundation
WALA Washington Association for Learning Alternatives
WAMT Washington Association for Medical Transcription
WAPT Washington Association for Pupil Transportation
WAESOL Washington Association for the Education of Speakers of Other Languages
WABJ Washington Association of Black Journalists
WABO Washington Association of Building Officials
WACE Washington Association of Code Enforcement
WACTE Washington Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
WACMHC Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers
WACTC Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges
WACO Washington Association of County Officials
WACDL Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
WADD Washington Association of Demolition Drivers
WADE Washington Association of Diabetic Educators
WAJCA Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators
WALP Washington Association of Landscape Professionals
WALI Washington Association of Legal Investigators
WALE Washington Association of Library Employees
WAME Washington Association of Marketing Educators
WAMA Washington Association of Military Attaches
WAME Washington Association of Minority Entrepreneurs, Inc.
WANJ Washington Association of New Jersey
WANA Washington Association of Nurse Anesthetists
WAOE Washington Association of Occupational Educators
WAOP Washington Association of Optometric Physicians
WAPI Washington Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
WAPA Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists
WAPG Washington Association of Professional Guardians
WAR Washington Association of Realtors
WASA Washington Association of School Administrators
WASP Washington Association of Supernatural Phenomenon
WATCH Washington Association of Television and Children
WATB Washington Association of Ticket Brokers
WAWG Washington Association of Wheat Growers
WAWGG Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers
WAC Washington Athletic Club
WAPA Washington Automotive Press Association
WABF Washington Avenue Beat Festival
WAG Washington Avenue Grill
WAVE Washington Award for Vocational Excellence
WBA Washington Bankers Association
WBCO Washington Banking Company
WBRA Washington Barrel Racing Association
WBBG Washington Bed and Breakfast Guild
WBC Washington Bible College
WBBA Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association
WBF Washington Biotechnology Foundation
WBC Washington Breakfast Club
WBBA Washington Breeding Bird Atlas
WBL Washington Bridge League
WBC Washington Building Congress
WBMC Washington Bulk Mail Center
WBIA Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy
WBBA Washington Business Brokers Association
WBGH Washington Business Group on Health
WBID Washington Business Improvement District
WBJ Washington Business Journal
WCSI Washington Cable Supply, Inc.
WCG Washington Calligraphers Guild
WC Washington Capitals
WCCC Washington Car Club Council
WCDA Washington Career Development Association
WCRA Washington Cartridge Recyclers Association
WCAC Washington Catholic Athletic Conference
WCFA Washington Cattle Feeders Association
WCCR Washington Center for Clinical Research
WCLA Washington Center for Learning Alternatives
WCPA Washington Center for the Performing Arts
WCSU Washington Central Supervisory Union
WCF Washington Chess Federation
WEAPON Washington Choral Society
WCS Washington Choral Society
WCDG Washington Chromatography Discussion Group
WCIA Washington Cities Insurance Authority
WCAC Washington Citizens Advisory Committee
WCMR Washington Citizens for Medical Rights
WCP Washington City Paper
WCWA Washington Civil War Association
WCAA Washington Clean Air Act
WCH Washington Closure Hanford, LLC
WCAC Washington Coalition Against Censorship
WCCW Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues
WCMJ Washington Code of Military Justice
WCCC Washington College Computer Club
WCL Washington College of Law
WACTC Washington Community and Technical Colleges
WCTC Washington Community and Technical Colleges
WCRA Washington Community Reinvestment Association
WCO Washington Concert Opera
WCIC Washington Construction Industry Council
WCAG Washington Contract Attorneys’ Group
WCLA Washington Contract Loggers Association
WCVA Washington Convention and Visitors Association
WCC Washington Convention Center
WCCA Washington Convention Center Authority
WC Washington Corporations
WCA Washington Correctional Association
WCCW Washington Corrections Center for Women
WCA Washington Council of Agencies
WCTU Washington Council of Trout Unlimited
WCIT Washington Council on International Trade
WCA Washington Counseling Association
WCAC Washington County Arts Council
WCAHHC Washington County Arts, Heritage and Humanities Coalition
WCBA Washington County Bar Association
WCBOE Washington County Board of Education
WCBR Washington County Board of Realtors
WCBA Washington County Builders Association
WCBA Washington County Business Awards
WCCL Washington County Civic League
WCCC Washington County Community College
WCCP Washington County Community Partnership
WCCD Washington County Conservation District
WCCCA Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency
WCCLS Washington County Cooperative Library Services
WCDE Washington County Department of Education
WCEGP Washington County Economic Growth Partnership
WCEM Washington County Emergency Management
WCFP Washington County Fair Park
WCFL Washington County Free Library
WCHD Washington County Health Department
WCHP Washington County Health Partners
WCHA Washington County Historical Association
WCH Washington County Hospital
WCHC Washington County Hospital and Clinics
WCHRA Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Authority
WCLS Washington County Library System
WCMHA Washington County Mental Health Authority
WCMFA Washington County Museum of Fine Arts
WCPA Washington County Psychotherapy Associates
WCPL Washington County Public Library
WCPLS Washington County Public Library
WCPS Washington County Public Schools
WCRP Washington County Republican Party
WCRF Washington County Riverboat Foundation
WCST Washington County Scholarship Trust
WEAPON Washington County Schools
WCS Washington County Schools
WCWTC Washington County Workforce Training Center
WCH Washington Court House
WCHO Washington Court House, Ohio
WCUL Washington Credit Union League
WCL Washington Cricket League
WCHP Washington Crossing Historic Park
WDN Washington Daily News
DNGA Washington DC, National Gallery of Art
WDC Washington DC, USA
WDRG Washington Defense Research Group
WDS Washington Dental Service
WDOA Washington Department of Agriculture
WDA Washington Department of Agriculture
WDOC Washington Department of Corrections
WDOE Washington Department Of Ecology
WDFG Washington Department of Fish and Game
WDFW Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
WDFS Washington Department of Fisheries
WDF Washington Department of Fisheries
WDH Washington Department of Health
WDLI Washington Department of Labor and Industries
WDOT Washington Department of Transportation
WDC Washington Design Center
WDN Washington Development Network
WDLC Washington Digital Learning Commons
WDEA Washington District Education Association
WADC Washington District of Columbia
WDS Washington Double Star
WDFY Washington Drug-Free Youth
WDIA Washington Dulles International Airport
WDCA Washington Dwarf Car Association
WELF Washington Early Learning Fund
WEDA Washington Economic Development Association
WEDF Washington Economic Development Foundation
WECG Washington Economics Consulting Group, Inc.
WERB Washington Editorial Review Board
WEA Washington Education Association
WECN Washington Educational Conferencing Network
WETA Washington Educational Television Authority
WEEL Washington Educators in Early Learning
WES Washington Elementary School
WESD Washington Elementary School District
WELA Washington Employment Lawyers Association
WEO Washington Engineering Office
WET Washington Ensemble Theatre
WEAVE Washington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education
WEC Washington Environmental Council
WERK Washington Episcopalians Respond to Katrina
WEHS Washington Ethical High School
WERG Washington Evangelicals for Responsible Government
WECA Washington Exchange Carrier Association
WELA Washington Executive Leadership Academy
WFCA Washington Family Care Act
WFFA Washington Family Forestland Association
WFLA Washington Family Leave Act
WFFA Washington Farm Forestry Association
WFP Washington Federal Practice
WFIS Washington Federation of Independent Schools
WFRW Washington Federation of Republican Women
WFSE Washington Federation of State Employees
WFT Washington Federation of Teachers
WFEA Washington Festivals and Events Association
WFO Washington Field Office
WFOA Washington Finance Officers Association
WFAA Washington Financial Aid Association
WFP Washington Fine Properties
WFIB Washington First International Bank
WFGA Washington Fish Growers Association
WFF Washington Fly Fishing
WFFC Washington Fly Fishing Club
WFI Washington Food Industry
WFIA Washington Food Industry Association
WFJ Washington for Jesus
WFPA Washington Forest Protection Association
WF Washington Free Clinic
WFC Washington Free Clinic
WFSC Washington Freedom Soccer Club
WGES Washington Gas Energy Services
WGL Washington Gas Light
WGSC Washington Girls Soccer Camp
WGRG Washington Government Relations Group
WGEP Washington Governmental Entity Pool
WGEN Washington Grassroots Electronic Network
WGCJTA Washington Greene County Job Training Agency, Inc.
WGII Washington Group International Inc
WGI Washington Group International, Inc.
WHCA Washington Hancock Community Agency
WHSA Washington Head Start Association
WHS Washington Headquarters Services
WHCA Washington Health Care Association
WHCC Washington Health Care Center
WHEN Washington Health Empowerment Network
WHF Washington Health Foundation
WHPS Washington Health Professional Services
WHST Washington Health Security Trust
WHSA Washington Health Services Act of 1993
WAHI Washington Heights and Inwood
WHBC Washington Heights Baptist Church
WHNA Washington Heights Neighborhood Association
WHTA Washington Heights Tenants Association
WHEN Washington Hemp Education Network
WHFS Washington High Fidelity Stereo
WHS Washington High School
WHSCA Washington High School Chess Association
WHES Washington Higher Education Secretariat
WHQ Washington Historical Quarterly
WHC Washington Hospital Center
WHS Washington Humane Society
WHFT Washington Hydraulic Fracture Test
WIT Washington Improv Theatre
WIMT Washington Incident Management Team
WITA Washington Independent Telephone Association
WIGA Washington Indian Gaming Association
WIDC Washington Industrial Development Corporation
WIRB Washington Institutional Review Board
WIGA Washington Insurance Guaranty Association
WILMA Washington Interactive Labor Market Access
WITS Washington Interagency Telecommunications System
WINDOWS Washington Interest in Negotiation
WIN Washington Interest in Negotiation
WISH Washington Intern Student Housing
WIBC Washington International Business Council
WIBV Washington International Business Ventures
WIEC Washington International Education Council
WIEC Washington International Educational Center
WIHS Washington International Horse Show
WIMI Washington International Management Institute, Inc.
WIREC Washington International Renewable Energy Conference
WIS Washington International School
WIT Washington International Teleport
WITA Washington International Trade Association
WII Washington Internship Institute
WISE Washington Internships for Students of Engineering
WIAA Washington Interscholastic Activities Association
WIS Washington Inventory Service
WISH Washington Invitational Scavenger Hunt
WIDC Washington Iranian Dental Club
WJFF Washington Jewish Film Festival
WJW Washington Jewish Week
WJC Washington Journalism Center
WJR Washington Journalism Review
WJM Washington Junior Miss
WKA Washington Kitefliers Association
WKI Washington Kurdish Institute
WL Washington Laboratories, Ltd
WLCA Washington Landscape Contractors Association
WLEEF Washington Law Enforcement Executive Forum
WLEEA Washington Law Enforcement Exploring Advisors
WLPM Washington Lawyers Practice Manual
WLC Washington Leadership Conference
WLTI Washington Leadership Training Institute
WLCH Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless
WLF Washington Legal Foundation
WLRC Washington Level Review Center
WLGS Washington liaison group
WLG Washington liaison group
WLO Washington Liaison Office
WLA Washington Library Association
WLFBPH Washington Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
WLMA Washington Library Media Association
WLN Washington Library Network
WLA Washington Lightkeepers Association
WASH Washington Literary Society and Debating Union
WMCI Washington Management Consultant Initiatives
WMHA Washington Manufactured Housing Association
WMS Washington Manufacturing Services
WMIP Washington Medicaid Integration Partnership
WMLA Washington Medical Librarians Association
WMOD Washington Metro Objectivism Discussion
WMA Washington Metropolitan Area
METRO Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
WMCB Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board
WMEA Washington Metropolitan Exchange Area
WMPA Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic Association
WMSHP Washington Metropolitan Society of Health System Pharmacists
WMTC Washington Metropolitan Telework Centers
WMTA Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority
WMS Washington Middle School
WMSG Washington Middle School for Girls
WMRA Washington Midget Racing Association
WMA Washington Military Area
WAMO Washington Monroe
WM Washington Monthly
WAMO Washington Monument
WMLA Washington Mortgage Lenders Association
WMSP Washington Motorcycle Safety Program
WMC Washington Movers Conference
WMCA Washington Municipal Clerks Association
WMEA Washington Music Educators Association
WMV Washington Musica Viva
WAMU Washington Mutual
WMIA Washington Mutual Insurance Association
WMSB Washington Mutual Savings Bank
WM Washington Mutual, Inc.
WNC Washington National Cathedral
WNF Washington National Forest
WNO Washington National Opera
WNPC Washington National Primate Center
WNRC Washington National Records Center
WNSI Washington National Standards, Incorporated
WNT Washington National Tax
WNTS Washington National Tax Service
WN Washington Nationals
WNFF Washington Nationals Fan Forum
WNPS Washington Native Plant Society
WNHP Washington Natural Heritage Program
WNYS Washington Navy Yard
WNY Washington Navy Yard
WNG Washington Network Group
WNPA Washington Newspaper Publishers Association
WNIR Washington Northern Idaho Region
WNP-2 Washington Nuclear Plant 2
WNP Washington Nuclear Power
WNS Washington Numismatic Society
WOHA Washington Occupational Health Associates
WOIS Washington Occupational Information Service
WOIS Washington Occupational Information System
WOER Washington Office
WO Washington Office
WOLA Washington Office on Latin America
WOTFA Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association
WOW Washington On Wheels
WOLI Washington Online Learning Institute
WORK Washington Online Reemployment Kiosk
WOCC Washington Operations Center Complex
WOO Washington Operations Office
WOHF Washington Oral Health Foundation
WOSC Washington Oregon State College
WORD Washington Organization for Reading Development
WOS Washington Ornithological Society
WOM Washington Overseas Mission
WPMC Washington Park Medical Clinic
WPNA Washington Park Neighborhood Association
WPAS Washington Performing Arts Society
WPRB Washington Personnel Resources Board
WPSR Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
WPA Washington Pilots Association
WPC Washington Planning Center
WPSG Washington Plastic Surgery Group LLC
WPC Washington Poison Center
WARSAW-PACT Washington Post
WAPO Washington Post
WP Washington Post
WPC Washington Post Company
WPWG Washington Post Writers Group
WPLC Washington Prairie Lutheran Church
WPCT Washington Pre-College Test
WPDP Washington Prescription Drug Program
WPCF Washington Press Club Foundation
WPESB Washington Professional Educator Standards Board
WPS Washington Professional Systems
WPSP Washington Professionals for the Study of Psychoanalysis
WPNI Washington Program in National Issues
WPA Washington Project for the Arts
WPAS Washington Protection and Advocacy System
WPSI Washington Psycho-Social Seizure Inventory
WPFS Washington Psychotronic Film Society
WPEA Washington Public Employees Association
WPFE Washington Public Fire Educators
WPPA Washington Public Ports Authority
WPPSS Washington Public Power Supply System
WPPS Washington Public Power System
WPPF Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation
WQW Washington Quaker Workcamps
WQCB Washington Quarter Century Broadcasters’ Club
WQMA Washington Quarter Midget Association
WRHF Washington Radio Hospital Fund
WRR Washington Radio Reports
WRIT Washington Real-Estate Investment Trust
WRRR Washington Recreational River Runners
WR Washington Redskins
WRRA Washington Refuse & Recycling Association
WRAP Washington Regional Alcohol Program
WRMC Washington Regional Medical Center
WRTC Washington Regional Transplant Consortium
WRHA Washington Reining Horse Association
WRCS Washington Research & Consulting Services
WREN Washington Research Evaluation Network
WRF Washington Research Foundation
WRG Washington Research Group
WRLC Washington Research Libraries Consortium
WRCG Washington Resource Consulting Group
WRA Washington Retail Association
WRRA Washington Road Riders Association
WRWS Washington Romance Writers
WRW Washington Romance Writers
WRHA Washington Rural Health Association
WSMS Washington Safety Management Solutions LLC
WSB Washington Sangerbund
WSB Washington Savings Bank
WSCA Washington School Counselor Association
WSBF Washington School for the Blind Foundation
WSD Washington School for the Deaf
WSC Washington Science Center
WSC-5 Washington Science Center, Building 5
WSFA Washington Science Fiction Association
WSTA Washington Science Teachers Association
WSYS Washington Search for Young Scholars
WSRT Washington Secondary Rail-Trail
WSIA Washington Self-Insurers Association
WSSA Washington Self-Storage Association
WSP Washington Semester Program
WSHS Washington Senior High School
WSL Washington Senior Lobby
WSDS Washington Sensory Disabilities Services
WSC Washington Service Corps
WSA Washington Shotokan Association
WSSA Washington Skeet Shooting Association
WSSI Washington Ski and Snowboard Industries
WSJP Washington Society for Jungian Psychology
WSAM Washington Society of Addiction Medicine
WSAE Washington Society of Association Executives
WSCPA Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants
WSIA Washington Society of Investment Analysts, Inc.
WSLP Washington Society of Landscape Painters
WSA Washington Software Alliance
WSSU Washington South Supervisory Union
WSAG Washington Special Actions Group
WSE Washington Spirit Elite
WSCA Washington Sporting Clays Association
WSC Washington Sports Clubs
WSHF Washington Square Health Foundation
WSMA Washington Square Merchant Association
WSP Washington Square Park
WSSI Washington Square Securities, Inc.
WSA Washington Staffing Association
WSO Washington Standardization Officers
WS Washington Star
WN Washington State
WAPA Washington State Academy of Physician Assistants
WSAC Washington State Apprenticeship Council
WSAA Washington State Archery Association
WSAA Washington State Arts Alliance
WSAAF Washington State Arts Alliance and Foundation
WSAC Washington State Arts Commission
WSAB Washington State Association of Broadcasters
WSAC Washington State Association of Counties
WSAP Washington State Association of Parliamentarians
WSBAA Washington State Bail Agents Association
WSBA Washington State Bar Association
WSBN Washington State Bar News
WSBF Washington State Bass Federation
WSBC Washington State Beef Commission
WSBA Washington State Beekeepers Association
WSBA Washington State Bicycle Association
WSBA Washington State Biomedical Association
WSBE Washington State Board of Education
WSBH Washington State Board of Health
WSBS Washington State Button Society
WSCR Washington State Cancer Registry
WSCC Washington State Catholic Conference
WSCA Washington State Cemetery Association
WSCA Washington State Chiropractic Association
WSCADV Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
WSCH Washington State Coalition for the Homeless
WSC Washington State Collaborative
WSC Washington State College
WSCC Washington State Community College
WSCC Washington State Conservation Commission
WSCC Washington State Convention Center
WSC Washington State Council
WSCCCE Washington State Council of County and City Employees
WITS Washington State Court Interpreters and Translators Society
WSCPA Washington State Crime Prevention Association
WASIC Washington State Criminal Information Center
WSDS Washington State Dahlia Society
WSDC Washington State Dairy Council
WSDF Washington State Dairy Federation
WSDCC Washington State Democratic Central Committee
WSDA Washington State Dental Association
WSDA Washington State Department of Agriculture
WSDG Washington State Department of Game
WDNR Washington State Department of Natural Resources
WSDOT Washington State Department of Transportation
WSDT Washington State Department of Transportation
WSDA Washington State Dieticians’ Association
WSEN Washington State Emergency Net
WSECU Washington State Employees Credit Union
WSEC Washington State Energy Code
WEFSE Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Company
WSFA Washington State Fairs Association
WSF Washington State Ferry
WSFO Washington State Film Office
WSFC Washington State Fruit Commission
WSGC Washington State Gambling Commission
WSGS Washington State Genealogical Society
WSGA Washington State Geocaching Association
WSGA Washington State Golf Association
WSGS Washington State Gourd Society
WSHM Washington State History Museum
WSHA Washington State Horticultural Association
WSHA Washington State Hospital Association
WSITF Washington State International Trade Fair
WSIB Washington State Investment Board
WSJA Washington State Jail Association
WSJWJ Washington State Jobs With Justice
WSLC Washington State Labor Council
WSMC Washington State Mathematics Council
WSMA Washington State Medical Association
WSMA Washington State Museum of Anthropology
WSMA Washington State Muzzleloaders Association
WSNAHEC Washington State Native American Higher Education Consortium
WSNG Washington State Need Grant
WSNS Washington State Neurological Society
WSNA Washington State Nurses Association
WSPHC Washington State Paint Horse Club
WSPA Washington State Paralegal Association
WSPR Washington State Parks and Recreation
WSPY Washington State Partnership for Youth
WASP Washington State Patrol
WSP Washington State Patrol
WSPRS Washington State Patrol Retirement System
WSP Washington State Penitentiary
WSPA Washington State Pharmacy Association
WSPR Washington State Plant Registry
WSPC Washington State Potato Commission
WSPF Washington State Potato Foundation
WSPL Washington State Premier League
WSPSA Washington State Process Servers Association
WSPA Washington State Psychological Association
TVW Washington State Public Affairs Network
WSRI Washington State Reading Initiative
WSRA Washington State Recycling Association
WSR Washington State Register
WSRP Washington State Republican Party
WSST Washington State Sales Tax
WSSB Washington State School for the Blind
WSSTC Washington State Scottish Terrier Club
WSSA Washington State Securities Act
WSSP Washington State Sheep Producers
WSSA Washington State Sheriff’s Association
WSSA Washington State Snowmobile Association
WSSA Washington State Soccer Association
WSSA Washington State Society of Anesthesiologists
WSSO Washington State Special Olympics
WSSO Washington State Specific Objective
WSSCA Washington State Sports Collectors Association
WSMT Washington State Sports Massage Team
WSSC Washington State Supreme Court
WSTO Washington State Taiwan Office
WSTC Washington State Tax Consultants
WSTSC Washington State Traffic Safety Commission
WSTC Washington State Transportation Center
TRAC Washington State Transportation Center
WSTA Washington State Trapshooting Association
WSTLA Washington State Trial Lawyers Association
WAZZU Washington State University
WASU Washington State University
WSU Washington State University
WSUCEEP Washington State University Cooperative Extension Energy Program
WSUNRC Washington State University Nuclear Radiation Center
WSUP Washington State University Pullman
WSUS Washington State University Spokane
WSUA Washington State Urantia Association
WSUS Washington State Urology Society
WSUS Washington State Urology Society
WSUS Washington State Urology Society
WSVMA Washington State Veterinary Medical Association
WSWC Washington State Walleye Circuit
WASWUG Washington State WESPaC Enhanced Skyward Point and Click) User Group (conference)
WSWE Washington State Wine Expo
WSFR Washington Statewide Fishing Reports
WSX Washington Stock Exchange
WSL Washington Student Lobby
WSMA Washington Student Math Association
WSSC Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
WASO Washington Support Office
WSGSB Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business
WSO Washington Symphonic Orchestra
WTTC Washington Table Tennis Center
WTS Washington Tactical Switch
WTU Washington Teachers Union
WT Washington Technology
WTER Washington Technology
WTC Washington Technology Center
WTG Washington Technology Group, Inc.
WTIA Washington Technology Industry Association
WTRS Washington Telecommunications Relay Service
WTAP Washington Telephone Assistance Program
WTEF Washington Tennis and Education Foundation
WTF Washington Tennis Foundation
WTU Washington Theological Union
WTBA Washington Thoroughbred Breeders Association
WTH Washington Times-Herald
WTEA Washington Township Education Association
WTFD Washington Township Fire Department
WTHS Washington Township High School
WTHS Washington Township Historical Society
WTMG Washington Township Medical Group, Inc.
WTMA Washington Township Municipal Authority
WTMUA Washington Township Municipal Utilities Authority
WTPR Washington Township Parks and Recreation
WTPL Washington Township Public Library
WTPS Washington Township Public Schools
WTSC Washington Township Swim Club
WTC Washington Toxics Coalition
WTSC Washington Traffic Safety Commission
WTRA Washington Trail Riders Association
WTA Washington Trails Association
WTP Washington Transportation Plan
WTFRC Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission
WTTC Washington Tribal Transportation Consortium
WTA Washington Trucking Association
WUSD Washington Unified School District
WUHS Washington Union High School
WUS Washington Union Station
WAS Washington Union Station
WU Washington University
WUSL Washington University in Saint Louis
WASHU Washington University in Saint Louis
WUSTL Washington University in St. Louis
WULQ Washington University Law Quarterly
WUMS Washington University Medical School
WUPN Washington University Physician Network
WUPD Washington University Police Department
WUSL Washington University School of Law
WUSM Washington University School of Medicine
WUTC Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
WUCC Washington Utilities Coordinating Council
WVSA Washington Very Special Arts
WAVOAD Washington Volunteers Active in Disasters
WWPA Washington Water Policy Alliance
WWPC Washington Water Polo Club
WWP Washington Water Power Company
WWSC Washington Water Service Company
WWTA Washington Water Trails Association
WWUC Washington Water Utility Council
WWIR Washington Week in Review
WWSU Washington West Supervisory Union
WWC Washington Wheat Commission
WWRF Washington Wildlife and Recreation Foundation
WWRP Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program
WWRC Washington Wildlife Recreation Coalition
WWS Washington Wind Symphony
WWI Washington Wine Institute
WWQA Washington Wine Quality Alliance
WAWG Washington Wing
WW Washington Wizards
WWPR Washington Women in Public Relations
WWEE Washington Women’s Employment and Education
WYC Washington Yacht Club
WY Washington Yards
WYLD Washington Young Lawyers Division
WYRF Washington Young Republican Federation
WYG Washington Youth Garden
WYR Washington Youth Rugby
WYT Washington Youth Tour
WYVD Washington Youth Voice Directory
WAME Washington, Alexandria, and Mount Vernon Electric Railway
WAFC Washington, Arlington, and Falls Church Railway
ZDC Washington, DC
WAS Washington, DC – Commercial
DCA Washington, DC, USA – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
IAD Washington, DC, USA – Washington-Dulles International
WDCA Washington, District of Columbia Area
WIM Washington, Idaho, and Montana Railway Company
WINCO Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon Foods
WSG Washington, Pennsylvania
WWAMI Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho
WBCA Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association
WMW Washington’s Most Wanted
WNPF Washington’s National Park Fund
WAMI Washington-Alaska-Montana-Idaho
WAWAS Washington-area Warning System
WBNG Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild
WHTC Washington-Holmes Technical Center
WFIR Washingtonians For Immigration Reform
WWC Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation
WLHS Washington-Lee High School
WLH Washington-Lee High School
WAOL WashingtonOnline
WPNI Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive
WRRR Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route
WOW Waukesha-Ozaukee-Washington
WAW Waynesburg and Washington
WDWA Western District of Washington
WWCA Western Washington Center for the Arts
WWGMHB Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board
WWHA Western Washington Horticultural Association
WWHM Western Washington Hydrology Model
WWMG Western Washington Medical Group
WWRA Western Washington Racing Association
WWRE Western Washington Real Estate
WWSC Western Washington State College
WWU Western Washington University
WWUC Western Washington University Cycling
WWWC Western Washington Walleye Club
WWWC Western Washington Weimaraner Club
WWWA Western Washington Whippet Association
WWPL Westfield Washington Public Library
WWS Westfield Washington Schools
WOW Wines of Washington
WPW Women Painters of Washington
YYST Yakima YMCA Swim Team (Washington)
ZECO Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions (Seattle, Washington)

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