Canada Abbreviations

CA is the abbreviation for Canada, the 2nd largest country in the world. Canada is a country located in North America, bordering United States of America. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. Major cities include Toronto (population: 2,600,011), Montreal (population: 1,600,012), Calgary (population: 1,019,931), Ottawa (population: 812,118), Edmonton (population: 712,380), Mississauga (population: 668,538), North York (population: 636,011), Winnipeg (population: 632,052), Vancouver (population: 600,012), and Scarborough (population: 600,013).

Country Profile

  • Capital: Ottawa
  • Language: English, French
  • Area: 9,984,670 km2
  • Population: 37,602,092
  • Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)
  • Time zone: UTC−3.5 to UTC−8
  • Calling code: 1
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: CA
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: CAN
  • Internet TLD: .ca
  • State Government Website:

Map of Canada

List of Canada Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Canada are CA which stands for Canada and CAD which means Canadian dollar (Canada currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Canada, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

CA: Canada

Acronym Meaning
ALPHABET Aboriginal Business Canada
ABC Aboriginal Business Canada
ACP Aboriginal Canada Portal
ANAC Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada
ATTC Aboriginal Tourism Team Canada
ARAC Academie Royale des Arts du Canada
APMR Accreditation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Representatives of Canada
AFCI Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute
ASMAC Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturers Association of Canada
ASAC Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
ACCOUNTING Adoption Council of Canada
ACCESSORY Adoption Council of Canada
ACC Adoption Council of Canada
AEAC Adult Entertainment Association of Canada
AVPL Advanced VoIP Pvt. Limited (Canada)
ADCC Advertising and Design Club of Canada
ACCOUNTING Aero Club of Canada
ACCESSORY Aero Club of Canada
ACC Aero Club of Canada
AIAC Aerospace Industries Association of Canada
AINC Affaires Indienne et du Nord Canada
AHCC Afghan Hound Club of Canada
APECA Agence de Promotion Économique du Canada Atlantique
ADRC Agence des Douanes et du Revenu du Canada
ASFC Agence des Services Frontaliers du Canada
ARCHIVE Agence du Revenu du Canada
ARC Agence du Revenu du Canada
AAC Agility Association of Canada
ADC Agility Dog of Canada
ABTC Agribiotech Canada, Inc.
AIC Agricultural Institute of Canada
AAFC Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
AGC Agriculture Canada
AAC Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada
AC Air Canada
ACA Air Canada
ACCOUNTING Air Canada Centre
ACCESSORY Air Canada Centre
ACC Air Canada Centre
ACPA Air Canada Pilots Association
ACRA Air Canada Recreation Association
AFAC Air Force Association of Canada
AIAC Air Industries Association of Canada
ATAC Air Transport Association of Canada
ATAC Air Transportation Association of Canada
ATCC Airedale Terrier Club of Canada
ASC Airsoft Canada
ACRL Alaska Canada Rail Link
ADLC Alberta Distance Learning Centre (Alberta, Canada0
AMC Alberta MilSim Club (Canada)
XFS Alexandria, Ontario, Canada – Alexandria / via Rail Service
ARCC Alfa Romeo Club of Canada
ACWS All Canada Weekly Summaries
AFC Allergy Foundation of Canada
AFPC Alliance de la Fonction Publique du Canada
APEC Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada
AMEC Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Canada
ACCOUNTING Alpine Club of Canada
ACCESSORY Alpine Club of Canada
ACC Alpine Club of Canada
ACOC Aluminum Company of Canada Ltd.
ASC Alzheimer Society of Canada
AAUC Amateur Athletic Union of Canada
AWC Amateur Winemakers of Canada
ALPHABET America Britain Canada
ABC America Britain Canada
ACSCC American Cocker Spaniel Club of Canada
AFCC American Friends of Canada Committee
ASTCC American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Canada
YEY Amos, Quebec, Canada
ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Canada
ACCOUNTING Anciens Combattants Canada
ACCESSORY Anciens Combattants Canada
ACC Anciens Combattants Canada
ACCOUNTING Anglican Church of Canada
ACCESSORY Anglican Church of Canada
ACC Anglican Church of Canada
ACIC Anglican Coalition in Canada
AEC Anglican Essentials Canada, Inc
ANC Anglican Network in Canada
ADLC Animal Defence League of Canada
ANAC Animal Nutrition Association of Canada
ABAC Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Canada
ACSCC Antique and Classic Snowmobile Club of Canada
ACOP Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada
AHCC Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada
AELC Appleton Electric Limited Canada
AIC Appraisal Institute of Canada
AAC Aquaculture Association of Canada
AAOC Arbitration Associates of Canada
AN Archives Nationales du Canada
AE Armed Forces Canada
ANAVETS Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada
ARCHIVE Arthritis Research Centre of Canada
ARCC Arthritis Research Centre of Canada
ARC Arthritis Research Centre of Canada
APFC Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
AHRC Assisted Human Reproduction Canada
ACUIC Associate of the Credit Union Institute of Canada
AIIC Associate of the Insurance Institute of Canada
ADC Associated Designers of Canada
ALPHABET Association Botanique du Canada
ABC Association Botanique du Canada
AAUC Association de l’Art des Universites du Canada
ARTC Association de la Recherche Theatrale au Canada
AAPC Association des Architectes Paysagistes du Canada
ALPHABET Association des Bèegues du Canada
ABC Association des Bèegues du Canada
ABSC Association des Bibliotheques de la Sante du Canada
ABSCS Association des Bibliothèques de la Santé du Canada
ABRC Association des Bibliotheques de Recherche du Canada
ACCOUNTING Association des Camps du Canada
ACCESSORY Association des Camps du Canada
ACC Association des Camps du Canada
AEIC Association des Étudiant s Infirmiers(ières) du Canada (Canadian Nursing Student’s Association)
AFMC Association des Faculté de Médecine du Canada
AIIC Association des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Canada
APHC Association des Pharmaciens du Canada
APC Association des Psychiatres du Canada
ARTC Association des Routes et Transports du Canada
AMTEC Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada
AND Association for the Neurologically Disabled of Canada
APEC Association for the Preservation of English in Canada
ACFAS Association Francophone pour le Savoir Canada)
AMC Association Minéralogique du Canada
AARC Association of Airline Representatives in Canada
ABACUS Association of Bibliographic Agencies of Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States
ACLS Association of Canada Lands Surveyors
ACEC Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada
AETC Association of Electromyography Technologists of Canada
AFPC Association of Faculties of Pharmacy in Canada
AICC Association of Immigration Counsel of Canada
AIAMC Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada
APOC Association of Postal Officials of Canada
APEX Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada
ARUCC Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada
ARCCC Association of Roman Catholic Communicators of Canada
AREC Association of Romanian Engineers in Canada
AVLIC Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada
AWIC Association of Women of India in Canada
APC Association Pulmonaire du Canada
ASC Asthma Society of Canada
AAAC Ateneo Alumni Association Canada
YIB Atikokan, Ontario, Canada
ABTC Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada
ACHP Atlantic Canada Home Program
ACOA Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
ACPI Atlantic Canada Petroleum Institute
ACPBA Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association
ACSEC Atlantic Canada Sustainable Energy Coalition
ACTRA Atlantic Canada Trail Riding Association
ACVA Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives
ACWWA Atlantic Canada Water Works Association
ACWTC Atlantic Canada World Trade Centre
APAC Atlantic Pilotage Authority Canada
AECL Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
ASC Audit Services Canada
ATSC Autism Treatment Services of Canada
AJAC Automobile Journalists Association of Canada
AIAC Automotive Industries Association of Canada
AACC Aviculture Advancement Council of Canada
BBC B’nai Brith Canada
B-AND-WC Babcock & Wilcox Canada
YBCS Baie Comeau, Quebec, Canada
YBC Baie Comeau, Quebec, Canada
BACHELOR Baking Association of Canada
BAC Baking Association of Canada
BCA-CA Balanda Community Association of Canada
YBAS Banff, Alberta, Canada
YBA Banff, Alberta, Canada
BOC Bank of Canada
BC Bank of Canada
BCNE Bank of Canada Non-Energy
BDC Banque de Développement du Canada
BDC Banque du Canada
BLC Banque Laurentienne du Canada
BNC Banque Nationale du Canada
BRC Banque Royale du Canada
BBCC Baptist Bible College Canada
BGICL Barclays Global Investors Canada Limited
BDTC Base de Donnees Toponymiques du Canada
BCC Beauceron Club of Canada
BSDCC Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada
BLCA Bell Canada
BCE Bell Canada Enterprises
BCI Bell Canada International
XVV Belleville, Ontario, Canada – Belleville / via Rail Service
BOC Best of Canada
BSC Bibliographic Society of Canada
BNC Bibliothèque Nationale du Canada
BBBSC Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
BSC Biological Survey of Canada
BSC Bird Studies Canada
YBX Blanc Sablon, Quebec, Canada – Blanc Sablon Airport
BOC Boards of Canada
BFFC Bollywood Film-Fare Canada
YVB Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada
BPC Book & Periodical Council of Canada
BACHELOR Boomerang Association of Canada
BAC Boomerang Association of Canada
BCB Bowls Canada Boulingrin
BSC Boy Scouts of Canada
YBR Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
XFV Brantford, Ontario, Canada – Brantford / via Rail Service
BCSC Breast Cancer Society of Canada
BCC Breastfeeding Committee for Canada
BACHELOR Brewers Association of Canada
BAC Brewers Association of Canada
BEAC Broadcast Educators Association of Canada
BEAC Broadcast Educators of Canada
XBR Brockville, Ontario, Canada
BCC Buddhist Churches of Canada
BOMAC Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada
BACHELOR Bureau d’Assurance du Canada
BAC Bureau d’Assurance du Canada
BIC Bureau d’Information du Canada
BST Bureau de la Sécurité des Transports du Canada
BVG Bureau du Vérificateur Général du Canada
YPZ Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada
BDC Business Development Bank of Canada
YKZ Buttonville, Ontario, Canada – Buttonville Airport
CTCC Cairn Terrier Club of Canada
YYC Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Calgary International Airport
CCMA Call Centre Management Association Canada
CCNGP Calpine Canada Natural Gas Partnership
YBL Campbell River /Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada Metropolitan Area
XAZ Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada – Campbellton
CCCC Campus Crusade for Christ Canada
CA Canada
CDA Canada
CAN Canada
CANUS Canada – United States
CUSLI Canada – United States Law Institute
CABRI Canada Africa Business Resources International
CAA Canada Airports Act
CGT Canada and Gulf Terminal Railway Company
CAPBA Canada Asia Pacific Business Association
CBA Canada Bangladesh Association
CBSA Canada Border Services Agency
CBSC Canada Business Service Centre
CCIP Canada Career Information Partnership
CCIW Canada Centre for Inland Waters
CCRS Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
CCBC Canada China Business Council
CCCA Canada Chinese Computer Association
CCIRC Canada Citizenship and Immigration Resource Centre
CCE Canada College of Education
CCELC Canada Committee on Ecological Land Classification
CCDR Canada Communicable Disease Report
CCG Canada Communications Group
CCIP Canada Community Investment Plan
CCI Canada Composting Inc.
CCTM Canada Creek Tea Merchants
CCS-AND-CF Canada Cuba Sports and Cultural Festivals
CCA Canada Currency Adjustment
CCRA Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
CCI Canada Customs Invoice
CCM Canada Cycle & Motor
CCM Canada Cycle Motor
CANADA Canada Department of Agriculture
CDA Canada Department of Agriculture
CANDU CANada Deuterium Uranium
CDC Canada Development Corporation
CD Canada Dry
CEEDA Canada East Equipment Dealers’ Association
CED Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions
CESG Canada Education Savings Grant
CESP Canada Education Savings Program
CEBC Canada Egypt Business Council
CEMO Canada Emergency Measures Organization
CEIU Canada Employment and Immigration Union
CEC Canada Experience Class
CFAC Canada Family Action Coalition
CAFC Canada Firearms Centre
CFP Canada Firearms Program
CFN Canada First Nations
CFS Canada Flight Supplement
CFFN Canada Forum for Nepal
CFI Canada Foundation for Innovation
CFP Canada Free Press
CFTA Canada Free Trade Agreement
CFLI Canada Fund for Local Initiatives
CANG Canada Goose
CGBC Canada Green Building Council
CHAN Canada Haiti Action Network
CHI Canada Health Infoway
CHP Canada Health Portal
CHPA Canada Health Protection Act
CHSA Canada Health Spending Account
CHT Canada Health Transfer
CIDT Canada Ice Dance Theatre
CIES Canada Immigration and Education Services
CIC Canada Immigration Center
CIBC Canada India Business Council
CIVA Canada India Village Aid
CIRB Canada Industrial Relations Board
CIO Canada Information Office
CISTI Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
CIFF Canada International Film Festival
CIS Canada Investment and Savings
CJ97 Canada Jamboree 1997
CKA Canada Kicks Ass
CLRB Canada Labour Relations Board
CLAB Canada Lands Administrative Boundary
CLC Canada Lands Company
CLB Canada Learning Bond
CLA Canada Life Assurance
CLFC Canada Life Financial Corporation
CMFSP Canada Manitoba Farm Stewardship Program
CMDC Canada Marine Discovery Centre
CMSF Canada Millennium Scholarship Fund
CMHA Canada Mortgage and Housing Association
CMHC Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
CNPA Canada National Parks Act
CNSC Canada National Salmon Conservation
CNE Canada New England
CNW Canada News Wire
CNWG Canada News Wire Group
COP Canada Olympic Park
COG Canada Organic Growers
CPP Canada Pension Plan
CPPD Canada Pension Plan Disability
CPRA Canada Petroleum Resources Act
CPI Canada Pork International
COPILOT Canada Post
CP Canada Post
CPC Canada Post Corporation
CPIL Canada Post International Limited
CPSR Canada Prairie Spring Red
CPSW Canada Prairie Spring White
CPB Canada Premium Bonds
CPNP Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program
CPSSRB Canada Public Service Staff Relations Board
CRA Canada Revenue Agency
CRL Canada Robotics Ltd.
CSB Canada Savings Bonds
CSA Canada Shipping Act
CSB Canada Shipping Board
CSBFA Canada Small Business Financing Act
CSBFL Canada Small Business Financing Loan
CSBF Canada Small Business Financing Program
CST Canada Social Transfer
CSEARHAP Canada South East Asia Regional HIV/AIDS Programme
CASO Canada Southern Railway Company
CSI Canada Steamship Inspection
CSSL Canada Steamship Lines
CSL Canada Steamship Lines, Inc.
CSN Canada Stockwatch News
CSIF Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund
CSFAA Canada Student Financial Assistance Act
CSL Canada Student Loan
CSR Canada Sugar Refinery
CSJ Canada Summer Jobs
CSGVP Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating
CTC Canada Tibet Committee
CTEM Canada Toronto East Mission
CTWM Canada Toronto West Mission
CTS Canada Town Square
CTSA Canada Transpacific Stabilization Agreement
CT Canada Trust
CTMC Canada Trustco Mortgage Company
CWBMA Canada Well Being Measurement Act
CWDA Canada West Doorslammers Association
CWF Canada West Foundation
CWHIC Canada West Health Innovation Council
CWES Canada Western Extra Strong
CWRW Canada Western Red Winter
CWSWS Canada Western Soft White Spring
CWWM Canada Western White Multipurpose
CWYS Canada World Youth
CWY Canada World Youth
CYB Canada Year Book
CAPLA Canada, Asia-Pacific, Latin-America
CFCA Canada’s First Covers America
CFMT Canada’s First Multicultural Television
CFRB Canada’s First Rogers Batteryless
CFCF Canada’s First, Canada’s Finest
CIRC Canada’s Information Resource Centre
CNHS Canada’s National History Society
CNTM Canada’s Next Top Model
CVCA Canada’s Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
CYAP Canada’s Year of Asia Pacific
CCRCC Canada-Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce
CDUT Canada-Deline Uranium Table
CRJ Canadair Regional Jet
CIC Canada-Israel Committee
CIFTA Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement
CIISHE Canada-Israel Institute for Sport and Health Education
CJTC Canada-Japan Trade Council
CMAAS Canada-Manitoba Agreement on Agricultural Sustainability
CMIA Canada-Manitoba Immigration Agreement
CNLOPB Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board
CNBSC Canada-Nunavut Business Service Centre
COA Canada-Ontario Agreement
COEF Canada-Ontario Export Forum
COIP Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program
CRDP Canada-Russia Disability Program
CUDSS Canada-United Kingdom Deep Submillimeter Survey
CAN-US Canada-United States
CUSP Canada-US Partnership Forum
CWS Canada-Wide Standard
CAMMAC Canadian Amateur Musicians Musiciens Amateurs du Canada
CLC-CTC Canadian Labour Congress/Congres du travail du Canada
CRC Canadian Rehab Consultants Inc. (Toronto, ON, Canada
CDN Canadian/Canada
CACC Cancer Advocacy Coalition of Canada
CIVIL Canola Council of Canada
CCC Canola Council of Canada
XAW Capreol, Ontario, Canada – Capreol / via Rail Service
XZB Casselman, Ontario, Canada – Casselman / via Rail Service
CFRC Casting for Recovery Canada
YCG Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada
CCST Castor Canada Safety Training
CHAC Catholic Health Association of Canada
CAC Cement Association of Canada
CCBE Central Canada Broadcast Engineers
CRIC Centre for Research and Information on Canada
CIRRIS Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche en Réadaptation et Intégration Sociale, Canada
CCFP Certificant of the College of Family Practice of Canada
XCI Chambord, Quebec, Canada – Chambord / via Rail Service
XDL Chandler, Quebec, Canada – Chandler / via Rail Service
YLD Chapleau, Ontario, Canada
YYG Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island/, Canada – Charlottetown
XCM Chatham, Ontario, Canada
XHS Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada – Chemainus / via Rail Service
CIC Chemical Institute of Canada
CFC Chess Federation of Canada
YMT Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada – Chibougamau
CFC Chicken Farmers of Canada
CJC Chief Justice of Canada
CFC Child Find Canada
CCBA China-Canada Business Association
CCSEP China-Canada Scholars’ Exchange Program
CBC Chinese Born in Canada
CCFC Christian Children’s Fund of Canada
CCMA Christian Conference Management Association of Canada
CHP Christian Heritage Party of Canada
CLAC Christian Labour Association of Canada
CMAC Christian Mission Aid Canada
CVMC Christian Veterinary Missions of Canada
CDICS Chronic Diseases In Canada
CDIC Chronic Diseases In Canada
CPAC Chronic Pain Association of Canada
ZUM Churchill Falls, Newfoundland, Canada
YYQ Churchill, Manitoba, Canada – Churchill Airport
CGAM CIBC Global Asset Management, Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CCSC Citi Commerce Solutions of Canada
CCEL CITIC Canada Energy Limited
CIC Citizenship and Immigration Canada
CIC Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada
CCBC City of Canada Bay Council
CCPC Climate Change Plan for Canada
CITAC Clinician Investigator Trainee Association of Canada
CAC Coaching Association of Canada
CAC Coal Association of Canada
CZC Coastal Zone Canada
CZCA Coastal Zone Canada Association
CEC Coaster Enthusiasts of Canada
CCBC Code Civil du Bas-Canada
CMFC Collège des Médecins de Famille du Canada
CFPC College of Family Physicians of Canada
CCAC Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada
CI Commissariat à l’Information du Canada
CFP Commission de la Fonction Publique du Canada
CANADA Commission du Droit d’Auteur Canada
CDA Commission du Droit d’Auteur Canada
CDC Commission du Droit du Canada
CGC Commission Géologique du Canada
CEWC Committee for the Equality of Women in Canada
CRC Communications Research Centre Canada
CSEC Communications Security Establishment Canada
CPC-M-L Communist Party of Canada
CPC Communist Party of Canada
CHICA Community and Hospital Infection Control Association Canada
CRFC Community Radio Fund of Canada
YQQ Comox, British Columbia, Canada – Comox Civil Air Terminal
CC Companion of the Order of Canada
CIVIL Composting Council of Canada
CCC Composting Council of Canada
CSC Computer Sciences Canada, Ltd.
CFC Condition Féminine Canada
CMAC Confectionery Manufacturers Association of Canada
CBC Conference Board of Canada
CECC Conference des Eveques Catholiques du Canada
CMC Conference of Mennonites in Canada
CCCC Congregational Christian Churches in Canada
CTC Congres du Travail du Canada
CBWC Congress of Black Women of Canada
CRM Conseil de Recherches Médicales du Canada
CAC Conseil des Aéroports du Canada
CNRC Conseil National de Recherche Canada
CVC Conseils et Verification Canada
CPC Conservative Party of Canada
CDC Construction de Défense Canada
CSC Construction Specifications Canada
CLNC Consultants Légistes et Nautiques du Canada
CAC Consulting and Audit Canada
CHOC Consumer Health Organization of Canada
CAC Consumers Association of Canada
CIVIL Consumers Council of Canada
CCC Consumers Council of Canada
CSC Contemporary Security Canada
CHFC Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada
CT Cooperative Trust Company of Canada
CBC Copyright Board of Canada
YCC Cornwall, Ontario, Canada – Regional
CORP Corporations Canada
CSC Correctional Service of Canada
CBACS Council for Business and the Arts in Canada
CHRC Council for Health Research in Canada
CMEC Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
COWAC Council on World Affairs of Canada
CIAC Coupon Industry Association of Canada
CSC Cour Suprême du Canada
CLIC Cours de Langue pour les Immigrants au Canada
YCA Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
YXC Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada – Cranbrook Airport
CCNC Creative City Network of Canada
CAC Credit Association of Canada
CIC Credit Institute of Canada
CIVIL Criminal Code of Canada
CCC Criminal Code of Canada
CISC Criminal Intelligence Service Canada
CCFC Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada
CPIC Crop Protection Institute of Canada
CIVIL Cross Country Canada
CCC Cross Country Canada
CSC Cryonics Society of Canada
CFSC Cubic Field Services Canada, Ltd
CSC Cultural Survival Canada
CSC Curriculum Service Canada
CPC CVET Power Corp. (Canada)
DFC Dairy Farmers of Canada
YDN Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada
YDQ Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
DBCC De Beers Canada Corporation
YDF Deer Lake, Newfoundland, Canada – Deer Lake
YVZ Deer Lake, Ontario, Canada
DCC Defence Construction Canada
DCD Defence Construction Canada
DHC DeHavilland Canada
DFAC Department of Foreign Affairs Canada
DDACE Detroit Diesel-Allison Canada East
DWC Development Works Canada
DEC Developpement Economique Canada
DEC Dévéloppement Économique Canada pour les Régions du Québec
DGC Deviant Gamer Canada
DCC Devis de Construction Canada
DICE Diabetes in Canada Evaluation
DBC Dictionnaire Biographique du Canada
DISCOUNT Dietitians of Canada
DC Dietitians of Canada
DGC Directors Guild of Canada
DAC Disaster Aid Canada
DEO Diversification de l’Economie de l’Ouest Canada
DPCC Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada
DOC Dominion of Canada
DCRA Dominion of Canada Rifle Association
DMCI Draeger Medical Canada, Inc.
YHD Dryden, Ontario, Canada – Dryden Airport
DUC Ducks Unlimited Canada
DUQ Duncan / Quam, British Columbia, Canada – Quamichan Lake
ECCI Eastern Canada Cat Institute
ECOS Eastern Canada Orchid Society
ECRC Eastern Canada Response Corporation
EDAC Economic Developers Association of Canada
EAC Editors’ Association of Canada
YEG Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Edmonton International
YEA Edmonton, Alberta, Canada City Code
EMC Electric Mobility Canada
EVAC Electric Vehicle Association of Canada
EVSC Electric Vehicle Society of Canada
EEMAC Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association of Canada
EEMAC Electrical Equipment Manufacturers Association of Canada
EFC Electro Federation of Canada, Inc
EAC Electronic Arts Canada
ECCC Electronic Commerce Council of Canada
EPSC Electronic Product Stewardship Canada
YEL Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada
EPC Emergency Preparedness Canada
ECC Empire Club of Canada
EIC Engineering Institute of Canada
ESC English School of Canada
ESC Entomological Society of Canada
EUMC Entraide Universitaire Mondiale du Canada
EAC Entreprises Autochtones du Canada
ECUADOR Environment Canada
ECONOMICS Environment Canada
EC Environment Canada
ECUADOR Epilepsy Canada
ECONOMICS Epilepsy Canada
EC Epilepsy Canada
ELCAN Ernest Leitz of Canada
YPF Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada
EPAC Europe Pacific Asia and Canada
ECLA Europe, Canada, Latin America
EMEAC Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada
ECCC Evangelical Christian Church in Canada
EFC Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
EFCC Evangelical Free Church of Canada
ELCIC Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
EMCC Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada
EDAC Exotic Dancers’ Association of Canada
EAAC Experimental Aircraft Association of Canada
EDC Export Development Canada
EMC Exxon Mobil Canada Ltd
ZIF Fallowfield Railway Station, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
FDAC Falun Dafa Association of Canada
FPAGC Family Physician Airways Group of Canada
FSC Family Service Canada
FCC Farm Credit Canada
FCC Farm Credit Corporation of Canada
FDCC Fashion Design Council of Canada
FDGD Federal Digital Geographic Data in Canada
FWIC Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada
FEMC Fédération des étudiants et des étudiantes en médecine du Canada
FLSC Federation of Law Societies of Canada
FCSC Fellow Construction Specifications Canada
FCFP Fellow of College of Family Physicians of Canada
FEC Fellow of Engineers Canada
FCIC Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada
FRCPC Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
FRSC Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
FRCD Fellowship in the Royal College of Dentists of Canada
FDC Fight Directors Canada
FSAC Film Studies Association of Canada
FACILITY Financement Agricole Canada
FAC Financement Agricole Canada
FCAC Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
FINTRAC Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada
FNBC First Nations Bank of Canada
FRC First Robotics Canada
FOC Fisheries and Oceans Canada
FCC Fisheries Council of Canada
FRBC Fisheries Research Board of Canada
FIC Fitness Industry Council of Canada
FYC Fitness Yoga Canada
FCC Flax Council of Canada
FCCL Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd.
FBC Food Beverage Canada
FISC Food Industry Suppliers of Canada
FIC Food Institute of Canada
FATC Foreign Affairs and Transport Canada
FACILITY Foreign Affairs Canada
FAC Foreign Affairs Canada
YMM Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada – Fort Mcmurray Municipal
YFS Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories, Canada – Fort Simpson Airport
YSM Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada
YXJ Fort St John, British Columbia, Canada – Fort St John
YFC Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada – Fredericton Municipal
FACILITY Freethought Association of Canada
FAC Freethought Association of Canada
FOMAC Friends of Makerere in Canada
FCC Fuel Cells Canada
FSAC Funeral Services Association of Canada
FIC Fur Institute of Canada
YQX Gander, Newfoundland, Canada – Gander International Airport
YGP Gaspe, Quebec, Canada
YND Gatineau, Quebec, Canada – Gatineau
GRC Gendarmerie Royale du Canada
GMCL General Motors of Canada Limited
GMCL General Motors of Canada Ltd.
GEC Générale Électrique du Canada
GNBC Geographical Names Board of Canada
GAC Geological Association of Canada
GSCA Geological Survey of Canada
GSC Geological Survey of Canada
GIAC Geomatics Industry Association of Canada
XHM Georgetown, Ontario, Canada – Georgetown / via Rail Service
GCABC Ghana-Canada Association of British Columbia
YGX Gillam, Manitoba, Canada
YGB Gillies Bay, British Columbia, Canada
GGOC Girl Guides Of Canada
GGC Girl Guides of Canada
GIUC Girls Incorporated of Upper Canada
GAAC Glass Art Association of Canada
GFWC Global Forest Watch Canada
ZGI Gods River, Manitoba, Canada
GSCI Goldman Sachs Canada, Inc.
GMIC Golf Management Institute of Canada
YYR Goose Bay, Newfoundland, Canada – Goose Bay Municipal
GMAC Gospel Music Association Canada
GDC Gouvernement du Canada
GOC Government Of Canada
GC Government of Canada
GCAT Government of Canada Apprentissage/Training
GOCB Government of Canada Building
GSP Government of Canada Security Policy
GRIC Government Relations Institute of Canada
YQU Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada – Grande Prairie Airport
GTC Grav-Tech Canada
GOAC Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada
GPC Green Party of Canada
GLC Greyhound Lines Canada
GCF Groupe Canada France
GCSN Guatemala Canada Solidarity Network
XIA Guelph, Ontario, Canada – Guelph / via Rail Service
HOMER HAART Observational Medical Evaluation and Research (Canada)
HRCAP Halifax Regional CAP Association (Canada)
YHZ Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Halifax International
YHM Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – Hamilton Civic Airport
HAC Hansard Association of Canada
YHY Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada
HC Health Canada
HCC Health Council of Canada
HPIC Health Partners International of Canada
HPB Health Protection Branch, Canada
HBAC Healthcare Business Woman’s Association of Canada
HSF Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
HRAC Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Contractors of Canada
HEPAC Helicopter Engineers & Pilots Association, Canada
HECSC Hepatitis C Society of Canada
YOJ High Level, Alberta, Canada – Footner Lake Municipal
HHC Hiphopcanada Inc.
HASC Historical Automobile Society of Canada
HBIC History of the Book in Canada
HC Hockey Canada
HNC Hockey Night in Canada
YHI Holman Island, Northwest Territories, Canada
HCC Home Children Canada
HLC Home Loans Canada
HCFI Honda Canada Finance, Inc
HCM Honda Canada Manufacturing
HCI Honda Canada, Inc.
YHN Hornepayne, Ontario, Canada
ZHO Houston, British Columbia, Canada
HITCH HPV Infection and Transmission among Couples through Heterosexual Activity (study; Canada)
YHB Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada
HABAC Human Animal Bond Association of Canada
HRDC Human Resources and Development Canada
HRIC Human Rights Institute of Canada
HSC Humane Society of Canada
HAC Humanist Association of Canada
HRIC Hungarian Research Institute of Canada
HOCC Hunt Oil Company of Canada
HSC Huntington Society of Canada
HICBIA Husband in Canada, Boyfriend in America
IUEC Idemitsu Uranium Exploration Canada Ltd.
IMPN IDRC Medicinal Plants Network (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
YGT Igloolik, Northwest Territories, Canada
YGR Iles De La Madeleine, Quebec, Canada – House Harbour Airport
ILF Ilford, Manitoba, Canada
IMUC Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada
IFBC Independent Financial Brokers of Canada
IASC Indexing and Abstracting Society of Canada
INAC Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
IOGC Indian Oil and Gas Canada
IPAC Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada
ICCC Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce
IBFC Indonesian Buddhist Fellowship of Canada
IWA Industrial, Wood and Allied Workers of Canada
ICELAND Industry Canada
IC Industry Canada
ICES Industry Canada Interference-Causing Equipment Standard
ICMC Industry Canada Management Committee
IAAC Infertility Awareness Association of Canada, Inc
IFC Inflight Canada, Inc.
ITAC Information Technology Association of Canada
ICP Infrastructure Canada Program
IDCI Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute (Ingersoll, ON, Canada
IWAAC Injured Workers All Across Canada
IMAC Innovation Management Association of Canada
IFLC Insight for Living Canada
IASC Institut Aéronautique et Spatial du Canada
IFAC Institut de La Fondation d’Acupuncture du Canada
IFC Institut Forestier du Canada
INCC Institut National du Cancer du Canada
ICMCC Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Canada
IPBC Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada
IPAC Institute of Public Administration of Canada
ILOC Institutional Locksmiths Organization of Canada
IBC Insurance Bureau of Canada
IPIC Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
IDC Interior Designers of Canada
IATSE International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories and Canada
IBCC International Business Council of Canada
IIFC International Institute for FRP in Construction (Canada)
ILAC International Language Academy of Canada
ICCC Inuit Circumpolar Conference Canada
ITC Inuit Tapirisat of Canada
YEV Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada – Inuvik International Airport
ICA Investment Canada Act
ICAC Investment Counsel Association of Canada
IDA Investment Dealers Association of Canada
IFIC Investment Funds Institute of Canada
IHOC Investment House of Canada
IPC Investment Partnerships Canada
IPCC Investment Planning Counsel of Canada
ILC Investor Learning Centre of Canada
IAC Investors Association of Canada
YFB Iqaluit, Northwest Territories, Canada
ICBA Ireland Canada Business Association
ICUF Ireland Canada University Foundation
IFOC Ireland Fund of Canada
IWCC Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada
IMC Ironman Canada
ITPAL IT Professional Assurance Lab (Canada)
JCS James Connolly Society of Canada and the United States
YJA Jasper, Alberta, Canada
JCM Jeunesse Canada Monde
JLC Jeunnes Libéraux du Canada
JIAS Jewish Immigrant Aid Services of Canada
XJQ Jonquiere, Quebec, Canada – Jonquiere / via Rail Service
JTC Junior Team Canada
YKA Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada – Fulton Field
YYU Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada
YYU-2 Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada
YLW Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada – Ellison Field Airport
YQK Kenora, Ontario, Canada
KFOC Kidney Foundation of Canada
KMC Kinder Morgan Canada
YGK Kingston, Ontario, Canada – Kingston Airport
YKF Kitchener, Ontario, Canada – Kitchener
KCI Kodak Canada Inc.
KGCCC Kodak Graphic Communications Canada Company
KYAC Kurdish Youth Association of Canada
YVP Kuujjuaq, Quebec, Canada – Fort Chimo Airport
YGW Kuujjuarapik, Quebec, Canada – Kuujjuarapik
LC La Canada
LCE La Canada Elementary
LCF La Cañada Flintridge
LCFEF La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation
LCHS La Cañada High School
LCPC La Canada Presbyterian Church
LLLC La Leche League Canada
YVC La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada – La Ronge
SSQ La Sarre, Quebec, Canada
YLQ La Tuque, Quebec, Canada – La Tuque
LAL Labrador Airways Canada
LRCC Labrador Retriever Club of Canada
XEH Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada – Ladysmith / via Rail Service
LCC Lamborghini Club of Canada
XEJ Langford, British Columbia, Canada – Langford / via Rail Service
LINC Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada
LTC Language Training Canada
LBC Laurentian Bank of Canada
LCC Law Commission of Canada
LRCC Law Reform Commission of Canada
LDAC Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
YQL Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada – Lethbridge Airport
LLSC Leukemia-Lymphoma Society of Canada
LPC Liberal Party of Canada
LPCO Liberal Party of Canada
LPCQ Liberal Party of Canada in Québec
LPC Libertarian Party of Canada
LPOC Libertarian Party of Canada
LAC Library and Archives Canada
LMCC Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada
LAMAC Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association of Canada
LTAC Literary Translators’ Association of Canada
ZGR Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Canada
LPC Little People of Canada
LPAC Loi sur les Produits Agricoles au Canada
YXU London, Ontario, Canada – London Municipal
LSIC Longitudinal Study of Immigrants to Canada
LC Lower Canada
LCC Lower Canada College
LLG Lowndes Lambert Group Canada Ltd
LLHA Luggage, Leathergoods, Handbags, and Accessories Association of Canada
LCC Lutheran Church-Canada
MACINTOSH Magazine Association of Canada
MAC Magazine Association of Canada
MCC Maladies Chroniques au Canada
MAFAC Managers Association of Financial Advisors of Canada
MB Manitoba, Canada
MCR Map of Canada Reference
YSP Marathon, Ontario, Canada
MADC Master Agility Dog of Canada
XID Maxville, Ontario, Canada – Maxville / via Rail Service
MC Measurement Canada
MCAC Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
MCC Medical Council of Canada
MEDEC Medical Devices Canada
MRTC Medical Radiation Technology in Canada
MRC Medical Research Council of Canada
YXH Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada – Medicine Hat Airport
COMMENTARY Member Of The Order Of Canada
CM Member of the Order of Canada
MUNC Memorial University Newfoundland Canada
MCCC Mennonite Central Committee Canada
MCCANADA Mennonite Church Canada
MCC Mennonite Church Canada
MCEC Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada
MFC Mennonite Foundation of Canada
MLC Merrill Lynch Canada
MSC Meteorological Service of Canada
MCS Meteorological Services of Canada
MCL Metro Canada Logistics
MSCI Microsat Systems Canada Inc.
MCDC Microsoft Canada Development Center
MIDIZ Mid-Canada Identification Zone
MCL Mid-Canada Line
MCRL Mid-Canada Radar Line
MCTV Mid-Canada Television
MBC Millennium Bureau of Canada
MACINTOSH Mineralogical Association of Canada
MAC Mineralogical Association of Canada
MACINTOSH Mines Action Canada
MAC Mines Action Canada
MZC Mini Z Canada
MACINTOSH Mining Association of Canada
MAC Mining Association of Canada
MCSC Missing Children Society of Canada
MAAC Model Aeronautics Association of Canada
MAAC Model Aviation Association of Canada
MLC Monarchist League of Canada
YQM Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada – Lakeburn Municipal Airport
YYY Mont Joli, Quebec, Canada
MON Montreal, Canada
YUL Montreal, Quebec, Canada
YMX Montréal, Québec, Canada
YMQ Montreal, Quebec, Canada City Code
MDSC Mood Disorders Society of Canada
YMO Moosonee, Ontario, Canada – Moosonee
MCC Mortgage Centre Canada
MACINTOSH Mothers Against Canada
MAC Mothers Against Canada
MS Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
MDAC Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada
MROC Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada
MACINTOSH Muslim Association of Canada
MAC Muslim Association of Canada
MCM Muslim Council of Montreal (Montreal, Canada0
MFDA Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada
ZNA Nanaimo , British Columbia, Canada (Airport Code)
NLLB Nanaimo Lost Lake BC (Canada)
YCD Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada – Cassidy Airport
NAC National Archives of Canada
NBOC National Ballet of Canada
NBC National Ballet of Canada
NBC National Bank of Canada
NBHAC National Barrel Horse Association of Canada
NBCC National Building Code of Canada
NCIC National Cancer Institute of Canada
NDCC National Dairy Council of Canada
NDCFC National Downhill Cycling Foundation of Canada
NFB National Film Board of Canada
NGC National Gallery of Canada
NICC National Insurance Conference of Canada
NLC National Library of Canada
NLCE National Library of Canada English
NMCAC National Marine Conservation Area of Canada
NNCC National Newcomers’ Council of Canada
NPC National Parks of Canada
NRC National Research Council Canada
CHU National Research Council Canada Time Signal Shortwave Radio Station
NRCC National Research Council of Canada
NSC National Standard of Canada
NSAC National Sunflower Association of Canada
NEFC Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
NPAC Native Physicians’ Association for Canada
NWAC Native Women’s Association of Canada
NHPCA Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association
NCC Nature Conservancy of Canada
NCTI NAV Canada Training Institute
NLC Navy League of Canada
NOWS NEADS Online Work System (Canada)
NTI Neighbourhood TAVIS Initiative (Canada)
NRCC Neighbouring Rights Collective of Canada
NCNC Nepalese Community Network of Canada
XEL New Carlisle, Quebec, Canada – New Carlisle / via Rail Service
NMC New Music Canada
XEM New Richmond, Quebec, Canada – New Richmond / via Rail Service
NDCC Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada
NPAC News Photographers Association of Canada
XLV Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
NOC Nintendo of Canada
YYB North Bay, Ontario, Canada – Jack Garland Airport
NY North York, Toronto Canada
NNCI Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.
NIAC Nuclear Insurance Association of Canada
NNC Numismatic Network Canada
OEC Ocean Engineering Centre, Canada
OPIC Office de la Propriete Intellectuelle du Canada
OTC Office des Transports du Canada
OCI Office of the Correctional Investigator of Canada
OIC Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada
OC Officer of the Order of Canada
OPRP OHIP Payment Review Program (Canada)
ZFB Old Fort Bay, Quebec, Canada
OOCC Olive Oil Council of Canada
ORC Online Rights Canada
OC Order of Canada
OACC Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada
OCC Orthodox Church of Canada
YOO Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
OSC Osteoporosis Society of Canada
YOW Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – McDonald-Cartier International Airport
OLPC Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Canada
PLIX Pacific Littoral ISR Experiment (Canada)
PPAC Pacific Pilotage Authority Canada
PRCC Pacific Rim College Canada
PAC Packaging Association of Canada
PCCC Packaging Careers Council of Canada
PSC Paralegal Society of Canada
PCW Paramount Canada’s Wonderland
PHQ Parks Canada Headquarters
PAC Partenariat Afrique Canada
PTC Partenariat Technologique Canada
PLC Parti Liberal du Canada
PC Parti Progressiste-Conservateur du Canada
PAC Partnership Africa Canada
PAC Patients’ Association of Canada
PUGS PC Users Group of Salt Spring (Canada)
YPE Peace River, Alberta, Canada – Peace River
PEC Pearson Education Canada
PRN Pearson Education Canada
PAC Pediatric AIDS Canada
PICNIC Pediatric Investigator Collaborative Network on Infections in Canada
PSCC Pediatric Surgical Chiefs of Canada
YTA Pembroke, Ontario, Canada – Pembroke And Area Apt
PIAC Pension Investment Association of Canada
PAOC Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
YYF Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
XFG Perce, Quebec, Canada – Perce / via Rail Service
PWAC Periodical Writers Association of Canada
PIJAC Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada
PCOG Petro Canada Oil and Gas
PCZ Petro-Canada
PHRCC Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada
PRAC Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada
PSAC Petroleum Services Association of Canada
PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada
PMAC Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada
PEBC Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada
PMSC Philippine Migrants Society of Canada
PCDF Philippines-Canada Development Fund
PHSC Photographic Historical Society of Canada
PGS Physicians for Global Survival, Canada
PIW Pikwitonei, Manitoba, Canada
PMSC Pilipinong Migrante Sa Canada
PAC Pilots Association of Canada
PPCA Pirate Party of Canada
PIC Pitch-In Canada
PEC Placements Épargne Canada
PAC Planetarium Association of Canada
PFMAC Plastic Film Manufacturers Association of Canada
PGC Playwrights Guild of Canada
PUC Playwrights Union of Canada
XPX Pointe-Aux-Trembles, Quebec, Canada – Pointe Aux Trembles / via Rail Service
PNIC Poker Nuts in Canada
PFIC Pole Dance for Fitness Instruction Commission of Canada
YZT Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada – Port Hardy Airport
PPIC Potash & Phosphate Institute of Canada
YPW Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
PWC Pratt & Whitney Canada
PHC Prentice Hall Canada
PCC Presbyterian Church In Canada
PMOC Prime Minister of Canada
YXS Prince George, British Columbia, Canada – Prince George BC
YPR Prince Rupert /Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada – Digby Island
PBSC Pro Bono Students Canada
PIPS Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
PPOC Professional Photographers of Canada, Inc.
PTOC Professional Tutors of Canada
PWAC Professional Writers Association of Canada
PC Progressive Conservative Party of Canada
PRC Project Runway Canada
PPAC Promotional Products Association of Canada
PGAC Propane Gas Association of Canada
POC Property of Canada
PCC Prostate Cancer Canada
PCC Protection Civile Canada
PAC Public Archives of Canada
PHAC Public Health Agency of Canada
PPSC Public Prosecution Service of Canada
PSC Public Safety Canada
PSAC Public Service Alliance of Canada
PSHRMAC Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada
PWGSC Public Works and Government Services Canada
PWC Public Works Canada
PMAC Purchasing Management Association of Canada
XQU Qualicum, British Columbia, Canada
YQC Quaqtaq, Quebec, Canada
YQB Quebec, Quebec, Canada – Sainte Foy Airport
YQZ Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada
RUDP RADARSAT User Development Program (Canada)
RAC Radio Amateurs of/du Canada
RC Radio Canada
RCI Radio Canada International
RCC Radio College of Canada
RAC Railway Association of Canada
YOP Rainbow Lake, Alberta, Canada – Rainbow Lake
RCES Rancho Canada Elementary School
RPEC Recyclage des Produits Electroniques Canada
RFFC Red Fridays Foundation of Canada
YRLS Red Lake, Ontario, Canada
YRL Red Lake, Ontario, Canada
RAC Reflexology Association of Canada
RCC Reformed Church in Canada
RPC Regime de Pensions du Canada
RBC Régiment Blindé du Canada
YQR Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – Regina International
RCACC Regional Community Airports Coalition of Canada
ROMC Register of Merit Canada
RFCC Registry of the Federal Court of Canada
RPSC Renaissance Performance Systems of Canada, Inc.
RVC Rendez-Vous Canada
ROCK Representative of Canada in Kandahar
RFOC Residential Funding of Canada
YRB Resolute, Northwest Territories, Canada – Resolute Bay
ROC Rest of Canada
RCAP Restricted Canada Air Pilot
RCC Retail Council of Canada
RC Revenue Canada
RCT Revenue Canada Taxation
RSC Revised Statutes of Canada
XRP Riviere-A-Pierre, Quebec, Canada – Riviere A Pierre / via Rail Service
RICS ROS /Item Client System (Public Works and Government Services Canada)
RCC Rottweiler Club of Canada
RAIC Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
RASC Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
RY Royal Bank of Canada
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
RBCDS Royal Bank of Canada – Dominion Securities
RBCI Royal Bank of Canada Investments
RCDC Royal College of Dentists of Canada
RHC Royal Highlanders of Canada
RMCC Royal Military College of Canada
RPSC Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
RRC Royal Regiment of Canada
RSOC Royal Society of Canada
RSC Royal Society of Canada
RAC Rubber Association of Canada
SOCCI Saab Owners Club of Canada Inc.
ZPB Sachigo Lake, Ontario, Canada
SKC Safe Kids Canada
YSJ Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada – Turnbull Field
YSN Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
SPECIALIST Samaritan’s Purse Canada
SPC Samaritan’s Purse Canada
SC Santé Canada
DGPS Sante Canada, Direction Generale de la Protection de la Sante
YXE Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – Saskatoon
YAM Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada – Sault Ste Marie Airport
SOCK Save Our CBC Kamloops (Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada)
STCC Save the Children Canada
SPOER Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra (Canada)
SPO Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra (Canada)
YKL Schefferville, Quebec, Canada – Schefferville
SSC Schizophrenia Society of Canada
SSC Scleroderma Society of Canada
SCT Secretariat du Conseil du Tresor du Canada
SODC Seeds of Diversity Canada
YZV Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada
SCC Service Correctionel du Canada
SPEC Service des Programmes d’Etudes Canada
SPOC Sex Professionals of Canada
XFL Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada – Shawinigan / via Rail Service
SCCSC Shenzhen Concord College of Sino-Canada
SACRIFICE Shipbuilding Association of Canada
SAC Shipbuilding Association of Canada
SFC Shooting Federation of Canada
SCC Sierra Club of Canada
SACRIFICE Sign Association of Canada
SAC Sign Association of Canada
YXL Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada
SCNS Skate Canada Nova Scotia
SCNC Ski Combiné Nordique Canada
SBCM Small Business Canada Magazine
SEPAC Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada
YSH Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada
YYD Smithers, British Columbia, Canada – Smithers International
SDAC Soap and Detergent Association of Canada
SACRIFICE Soaring Association of Canada
SAC Soaring Association of Canada
SDC Social Development Canada
SPECIALIST Socialist Party of Canada
SPC Socialist Party of Canada
SAHC Société d’Angioédème Héréditaire du Canada
SADC Societé d’Assurances-Dépôts du Canada
SEC Societe d’Entomologie du Canada
SOCIETY Société d’Oncologie du Canada
SOC Société d’Oncologie du Canada
SCA Societe du Credit Agricole du Canada
SHC Societé Historique du Canada
SMC Societe Mathematique du Canada
SNAP Société pour La Nature et Les Parcs du Canada
SRC Société Radio-Canada
SOCAN Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
SRPC Society of Rural Physicians of Canada
STC Society of Toxicology of Canada
SGC Solicitor General Canada
SIC Somewhere in Canada
SACRIFICE Songwriters Association of Canada
SAC Songwriters Association of Canada
SICP Special Interchange Canada Program
STARFIRE Speculative Fiction Canada
SF Speculative Fiction Canada
SNAC Sport Nutrition for the Athletes of Canada
SMSCC Sports Medicine and Science Council of Canada
SLCA Sri Lanka Canada Association
SLCSF Sri Lanka-Canada Scholarship Foundation
YCM St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
YYT St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada – St John’s International
YSL St Leonard, New Brunswick, Canada – St Leonard Apt
XIO St Marys, Ontario, Canada – St Marys / via Rail Service
ZUC St. Ignace, Ontario, Canada
SSCC Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada
SBC Standardbred Canada
SC Standardbred Canada
SCC Standards Council of Canada
SSC Statistical Society of Canada
STC Statistics Canada
SWC Status of Women Canada
SSW Status of Women Canada
SC Statutes of Canada
YJT Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada – Stephenville
CYJT Stephenville, NF, Canada – Stephenville International Airport
YSFS Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan, Canada – Stony Rapids
YSF Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan, Canada – Stony Rapids
XFD Stratford, Ontario, Canada
SAOC Submariners Association Of Canada
YSB Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
SC Sunlife of Canada
SSC Supply and Services Canada
SONIC Supra Owners Network in Canada
SCOC Supreme Court of Canada
SCC Supreme Court of Canada
SCCD Supreme Court of Canada Decisions
SDTC Sustainable Development Technology Canada
SNC Swimming/Natation Canada
YQY Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada – Sydney Municipal
SCL Syncrude Canada Limited
SACC Syndicat des Agents Correctionnels du Canada
TSAC Table Soccer Association of Canada
TESOC Tamil Eelam Society of Canada
TCC Tax Court of Canada
TIMS TBSAC Information Management Subcommittee (Canada)
TAC Tea Association of Canada
TCC Tea Council of Canada
TCI Team Canada Inc
TC Teamsters Canada
TOCL Technip Offshore Canada Limited
TPC Technology Partnerships Canada
TC Telecommunities Canada
TAC Teleconferencing Association of Canada
TC Telefilm Canada
TVB Television Bureau of Canada, Inc.
YXT Terrace, British Columbia, Canada – Terrace
TTMAC Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Association of Canada
TMC Textile Museum of Canada
TCTP Thailand Canada Telecentre Project
TVAC Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada
TDCC The Discovery Channel Canada
TKFC The Kidney Foundation of Canada
YQD The Pas, Manitoba, Canada – The Pas
TROC The Rest Of Canada
TRAAC Therapeutic Recreation Association of Atlantic Canada
YTD Thicket Portage, Manitoba, Canada
YOUTH Thompson, Manitoba, Canada – Thompson
YTH Thompson, Manitoba, Canada – Thompson
YQT Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
YTS Timmins, Ontario, Canada – Timmins Municipal Airport
TRACC Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation
YAZ Tofino, British Columbia, Canada – Tofino Airport
TOR Toronto, Canada
YTZ Toronto, Ontario, Canada
YYZ Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Pearson International Airport
YTO Toronto, Ontario, Canada City Code
TIAC Tourism Industry Association of Canada
TMMC Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, Inc.
TTCS Trade Team Canada Sectors
TDC Training and Development Canada
TCA Trans Canada Airlines
TCPL Trans Canada Parking Lot
TCRS Trans Canada Retail Services
TCT Trans Canada Trail
TCTO Trans Canada Trail Ontario
TLC Transamerica Life Canada
TCH Trans-Canada Highway
TCM TransCanada Midstream
TCPL Trans-Canada Pipe Line
TC Translogistique Canada
TLC TransLogistique, Canada
TC Transport Canada
TCA Transport Canada Aviation
TCIS Transport Canada Information Service
TCRN Transport Canada Registration Number
TATC Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada
TAC Transportation Association of Canada
TSB Transportation Safety Board of Canada
TAC Trauma Association of Canada
TCC Trauma Coordinators of Canada
TMAC Treasury Management Association of Canada
TAC Tribunal de l’Aviation Civile du Canada
TLC Trotskyist League of Canada
TUC Trout Unlimited Canada
TUCE Trout Unlimited Canada Edmonton Chapter
TDRC Truck Drivers Resource Canada
TPIC Truss Plate Institute of Canada
UCET Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada
UPAC Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada
ULC Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada
UCRCC Undocumented Convention Refugees in Canada Class
UISER UNESCO Institute for Statistics (Quebec, Canada)
UIS UNESCO Institute for Statistics (Quebec, Canada)
ULCC Uniform Law Conference of Canada
UAJAPPFI United Association of Journeymen & Apprentices of the Plumbing & Pipe Fitting Industry of the US and Canada
UKRAINE United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada
UCC United Church of Canada
UHCC United Hindu Congress Canada
UNAC United Nations Association in Canada
UPC United Provinces of Canada
USCC United States, Canada, Caribbean
USCFTA United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement
UUCL United Utilities Canada Limited
UT Unitrade Specialized Canada Catalog
UT-2 Unitrade Specialized Canada Catalog
UCS Unitrade Specialized Canada Catalog
UCL Univac Canada, Ltd.
UMC Universal Music Canada
UIC Up in Canada
UCC Upper Canada College
UDI Urban Development Institute of Canada
UMAC Urban Music Association of Canada
UNCA UtiliCorp Networks Canada Alberta, Ltd.
YVC Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
CXH Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Vancouver Harbour Airport
YVR Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Vancouver International
VOIC Vegetable Oil Industry of Canada
VICC Vehicle Information Center of Canada
VADC Veteran Agility Dog of Canada
VACATE Veterans Affairs Canada
VAC Veterans Affairs Canada
YYJ Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Victoria Airport
YWHS Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Victoria Inner Harbour
YWH Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Victoria Inner Harbour
VCEP Vietnam Canada Environmental Project
VMC Virtual Museum of Canada
VIC Vision Institute of Canada
VRSC Visual Researchers’ Society of Canada
VCCC Volvo Cars of Canada Corp.
VCCI VW Credit Canada, Inc. (Volkswagen Group Canada)
YWK Wabush, Newfoundland, Canada – Wabush Municipal
WAC War Amputations of Canada
WCC War Child Canada
WMC Warner Music Canada
YKQ Waskaganish, Quebec, Canada – Waskaganish
WMCC Waste Management of Canada Corporation
WSC Water Survey of Canada
YQH Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada – Watson Lake Airport
WPIC Wedding Planners Institute of Canada
WIC Welding Institute of Canada
WCBT West Canada Bike Tours
WCAN Western Canada Airsoft Network
WCAC Western Canada Art Circuit
WCAM Western Canada Aviation Museum
WCBA Western Canada Baseball Association
WCBA Western Canada Basketball Academy
WCBA Western Canada Budgerigar Association
WCC Western Canada Chapter
WCCBA Western Canada Charter Boat Association
WCC Western Canada Concept
WCDA Western Canada Deformation Array
WCFA Western Canada Fertilizer Association
WCFU Western Canada for Us
WCHS Western Canada High School
WCLP Western Canada Leather Pride
WCLC Western Canada Lottery Corporation
WCMA Western Canada Motorsport Association
WCPC Western Canada Provisional Chapter
WCSB Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
WCTC Western Canada Telecommunications Council
WCTD Western Canada Tire Dealers
WCTA Western Canada Turfgrass Association
WCWC Western Canada Wilderness Committee
WD Western Economic Development Canada
WD Western Economic Diversification Canada
WCL Westinghouse Canada Limited
YWR White River, Ontario, Canada – White River
YXY Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada – Whitehorse Airport
WHC Wildlife Habitat Canada
WRWC Wildlife Reserve of Western Canada
YWL Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
WHISCA Willing Hearts International Society Canada
WCAC Willow Creek Association Canada
YQG Windsor, Ontario, Canada – Windsor International
WMC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
YWG Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – Winnipeg International
ZWL Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
WEC Women Entrepreneurs of Canada
WAAC Women’s Art Association of Canada
WJCC Won Ji Canada Corporation
XIP Woodstock, Ontario, Canada – Woodstock / via Rail Service
WCAC Working Canine Association of Canada
WEC World Enduro Canada
WFMC World Federalist Movement Canada
WFC World Federalists of Canada
WLC World Literacy Canada
WUSC World University Service of Canada
WVC World Vision Canada
WWFC World Wildlife Fund Canada
WGC Writers Guild of Canada
WUC Writers’ Union of Canada
XCT Xbox Canada Tournaments
XCL Xerox Canada Ltd
XCC Xstrata Canada Corporation
YQI Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
YZF Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
YCW Young Canada Works
YGC Young Greens of Canada
YLC Young Liberals of Canada
YDC Youth Donors of Canada
YTCC Youth Tourism Consortium of Canada
YVCC Youth Volunteer Corps of Canada
ZOC Zionist Organization of Canada




The country’s geography is very diverse, and several of Canada’s conservation areas are on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The country can be roughly divided into seven areas, with different landscapes and climates. Canada has a total coastline of 96 089 km, the longest in the world. The country is divided into ten provinces and three major territories.

Canada has several mountain ranges, including the Appalachian Mountains, Rocky Mountains and Coastal Mountains. The largest waterways are the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes in the south, where the famous Niagara Falls are located. The Canadian shield, which covers almost half of the country’s area, is seen as the core of the North American continent. This is a mountainous area of ​​rivers, which provides the basis for the country’s hydropower production. The large prairie areas of the Midwest are used for agriculture. Tundra in the north, and areas of ice all year round, form Arctic Canada.

Canada’s environmental problems have long been pollution and acid rain. There are a number of problems associated with the extraction of oil sands. For example, toxins such as arsenic and mercury have leaked into rivers. Overfishing in the 1990s threatened several species, and fish stocks have not yet reached the same level as in 1980. Global warming means that fewer sea areas are ice covered, and researchers also warn that forest fires could become a threat in the future because of dry weather.


The first people came to the country along a land bridge over the Bering Strait, between Russia and Alaska, about 30,000 years ago. The Inuit people’s ancestors spread over the northern areas.

Englishmen discovered Canada in the late 15th century. French expeditions hit the ground, and the first French colony, New France, was created in 1604. The colonists’ conquests, and new diseases, caused the number of foreigners to decline rapidly. In 1755, the seven-year war broke out, between the French and British colonists, which led to Canada coming under British rule. Canada was divided into two areas: the Protestant English Upper Canada and the Catholic French Lower Canada. A rebellion led to Upper and Lower Canada being merged into the province of Canada in 1840. The British decided to establish a federal state with their own parliament and at the same time gained autonomy, as the first colony in the British Commonwealth

Canada became a member of the League of Nations in 1919, taking full control of its own affairs in 1926. In the 1931 Westminster Treaty, the United Kingdom confirmed that its parliament no longer had any power over Canada. The Nunavut Territory was established in 1999; Inuit then gained autonomy in one fifth of Canada’s area.

Society and politics

Canada is a constitutional monarchy and a federal state. Power is shared between a federal government and ten state governments with a high degree of internal self-government. The British monarch is the head of state, represented in the country by a Governor General. The executive power lies with the prime minister and the government. Parliament has the legislative power and consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Canada has a parliamentary system, which means that the government is based on the majority in parliament. Government power in Canada alternates between the Liberal Party and various Conservative parties.

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world, but has in recent years fallen on the UN rankings, due to increasing pay gaps. Many indigenous people live in poverty and depend on government contributions. The unemployment rate for the indigenous population is twice as high as for the rest of the population, and the level of wages is considerably lower. Important political issues are therefore to improve the conditions of the indigenous people, and to reduce the differences between the poor and the rich. Terrorism legislation has also been a contentious issue, as many believe it is a threat to freedom of expression and legal certainty.

The French-speaking province of Québec has long had a strong desire for independence. The wish led to a referendum in 1980 and 1995, but until now the area has remained part of Canada.

Economics and Commerce

Canada is a prosperous country and has large amounts of natural resources, a well-educated workforce and high-tech industry. About ten percent of the world’s forests are located in Canada, and the country has vast mineral resources such as gold, nickel, uranium and lead. Traditionally, the forest, oil, gas and mining industries, as well as fishing, have been important trade routes, but the importance of these industries is diminishing. The service sector has become the most important part of the economy, employing four out of five Canadians. Agriculture still plays an important role, even though only one percent work in the industry.

Unemployment has gradually declined since the financial crisis, and is now at its lowest level since the 1970s. However, there are large regional differences, and unemployment among young people is high.

Due to a relatively small domestic market, foreign trade has always been important to the Canadian economy. Mining and oil and gas extraction still generate large export revenues. The United States is Canada’s most important trading partner, followed by China. With the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement, trade with Mexico has become increasingly important.

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