Oregon Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Oregon state?

OR is the 2 letter abbreviation for Oregon, the 27th largest state in the United States of America. Oregon is a state located in West part of U.S.A, bordering California, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington. Salem is the capital city of Oregon. Major cities include Portland (Population: 632320), Salem (Population: 164560), Eugene (Population: 163471), Gresham (Population: 110564), Hillsboro (Population: 102358), Beaverton (Population: 96588), Bend (Population: 87025), Medford (Population: 79816), Springfield (Population: 60881), Corvallis (Population: 55791), Albany (Population: 52186), and Tigard (Population: 51264).

Oregon State Flag

Oregon State Profile

  • Capital: Salem
  • Admitted to USA: 1859
  • Area: 254,799 km2
  • Population: 4,217,737
  • Time zone: GMT-7, GMT-8
  • Calling code: 503, 541, 971
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  OR
  • State Government Website: http://www.oregon.gov/


The state of Oregon is located in the northwest of the United States, in the Pacific Northwest, and borders on the states of Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California. The name of the state probably comes from the Wisconsin River, which is shown on a French map as “Quaricon” in 1715. The state’s nickname is Beaver State and its motto is Alis volat propriis (it flies with its own wings). The federal stat covers an area of ​​255,026 km² – with approximately 3.83 million inhabitants. The state capital is Salem with approximately 155,000 residents.

On February 14, 1859, Oregon was declared the 33rd state in the Union after the Oregon Territory was created in the year. The area has great landscapes and is known for its huge coniferous forests. The timber industry is an important industry in Oregon, but is no longer comparable to its previous position. For this purpose, a high-tech industry developed in Oregon, which, based on the Silicon Valley, is concentrated in the Silicon Forest. In addition to its forests, Oregon is known for its sometimes very rough coastline as well as mountains and volcanoes in the cascade chain. Most of the population lives in the so-called Willamette Valley in the northwest of the state.

Anyone who gets around in Oregon by car should be told that you cannot refuel yourself at a gas station. A law stipulates that this has to be done by the employees of the petrol station. A big specialty is the 600 tonne giant Hallimasch in the Malheuer National Forest. The mushroom extends almost completely underground over an area of ​​9 km² and is the largest living being in the world. The age of the mushroom, which was only discovered in 2000, is stated to be 2,400 years.

Cities and larger towns

The city of Salem in northwest Oregon is the state capital with approximately 155,000 residents. Salem is also the third largest city in Oregon. The city was founded in 1842 and is located on the banks of the Willamette River. In 1851, Salem became the capital of Oregon. Salem emerged as a quiet farming town, which of course it is no longer today, but the region around Salem is characterized by agriculture. Salem offers visitors excellent museums and theaters. The Oregon State Fair is also held here annually.

The small town of Astoria in the far northwest of Oregon has approximately 10,000 residents. The city lies on the banks of the Columbia River and was founded in 1811. Due to its location on the Pacific coast, Astoria is a rainy town. At the beginning, the branch served as a trading center for furs. If you are looking for some peace and would like to take tours on the spectacular coast, this is the place for you.

The city of Bend is centrally located in the interior of Oregon and has approximately 76,000 inhabitants. Bend is located on the Deschutes River and owes its name to it, because the river lets a distinctive arch through here. The city was founded in 1905 and today Bend is the center of the region. Bend’s historic city center is popular, with some houses from the period from 1910 to 1940. Bend is an excellent starting point for skiing adventures in the ski areas of Mount Bachelor. But the nearby Newberry National Volcanic Monument also makes Bend an attractive stopover.

The city of Eugene in western Oregon has a population of approximately 156,000, making it the second largest city in Oregon after Portland. Eugene was founded in 1846. Eugene is now considered a student city because the University of Oregon is located here. The company Nike was founded in Eugene. The city has good museums and is also very attractive due to the surrounding nature. The city continues to be famous for the weekly Eugene Saturday Market, the oldest weekly market in the United States.

The city of Medford was founded in 1885 and today approximately 75,000 people live here. The city is located in southwest Oregon and is particularly popular for its proximity to the Oregon Caves National Monument and the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.

The small town of Pendleton is located in northeast Oregon and is the center of the region. Pendleton was founded in 1880. The city is known for the annual Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo. The Umatilla Indian Reservation is located near Pendleton.

With approximately 585,000 residents, Portland is by far the largest city in the state of Oregon. 2.26 million people live in the metropolitan area of ​​the city. This makes Portland the second largest city in the Pacific Northwest after Seattle in Washington State. Portland, founded in 1845, is located in northwestern Oregon on the Columbia River and thus on the border with the state of Washington. The city’s nickname is City of Roses. The city is known for the beautiful nature around it, the lively music scene and a large number of small breweries. The museum and theater landscape in Portland is also unique in Oregon. Portland has had a strong nude body culture movement for a long time, so it is not surprising that there are nude bathing beaches in the city. The flip side of the coin is that Portland boasts the highest density of strip clubs. A famous child of the city is Matt Groening, the creator of the animated series The Simpsons.

Oregon State Abbreviations

List of Oregon Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Oregon are OR which stands for Oregon. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Oregon, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

OR: Oregon

Acronym Meaning
ACPO Adult Care Providers of Oregon
ALFO American Leadership Forum of Oregon
ALAO American Lung Association of Oregon
ASOT Associate of Science Oregon Transfer
AOFC Associated Oregon Forestry Clubs
AOI Associated Oregon Industries
ASWOU Associated Students of Western Oregon University
AOCE Association of Oregon Correctional Employees
AOC-2 Association of Oregon Counties
AOC Association of Oregon Counties
AOHA Association of Oregon Housing Authorities
AORTA Association of Oregon Rail and Transit Advocates
AORA Association of Oregon Redevelopment Agencies
ACCO Autocross Club of Central Oregon
BRO Basic Rights Oregon
BNO Burns Municipal Airport, Burns, Oregon
COW California, Oregon, Washington
COB California-Oregon Border
CAMCOR Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon
COP Central Oregon & Pacific
CORP Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad
COBRA Central Oregon Battering & Rape Alliance
COBA Central Oregon Builders Association
COCAAN Central Oregon Community Action Agency Network
COCC Central Oregon Community College
COIC Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council
COLA Central Oregon Llama Association
COMAC Central Oregon Motorcycle and ATV Club
COP Central Oregon Pacific
COPR Central Oregon Pacific Railroad
COPY Central Oregon Partnerships for Youth
COROA Central Oregon Rental Owners Association
COSU Central Oregon State University
COTA Central Oregon Trail Alliance
COVO Central Oregon Veterans Outreach
CFFO Children First for Oregon
CTFO Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon
COPE Coastal Oregon Productivity Enhancement
CAPECO Community Action Program East Central Oregon
CCNO Community Connection of Northeast Oregon, Inc.
COFLT Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching
CBWR Coos Bay Wagon Road Lands – Western Oregon
CVO Corvallis, Oregon
CECO Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon
CUAO Credit Union Association of Oregon
DSSO Deaf Services of Southern Oregon
ESOR Earth Share of Oregon
EOCI Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution
EOLA Eastern Oregon Library Association
EONI Eastern Oregon Net, Inc.
EOSC Eastern Oregon State College
EOU Eastern Oregon University
EOVA Eastern Oregon Visitors Association
EDCO Economic Development for Central Oregon
EMO Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
ETO Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc
EEAO Environmental Education Association of Oregon
FHCO Fair Housing Council of Oregon
FCO Festival Chorale Oregon
FIBO First Interstate Bank of Oregon
FATHER Foregone Revenue
FR Foregone Revenue
FARO Forensic Accident Reconstructionists of Oregon, Inc.
FPFO Forestry Program For Oregon
GPL GIS Program Leaders (advisory committee; Oregon Geographic Information Council; Salem, OR)
GOSW Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington
GOBHI Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc.
HSAO Hunter Sailing Association of Oregon
ICBO Independent Community Banks of Oregon
IECO Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon
ICI International Charter Incorporated of Oregon
IRCO International Refugee Center of Oregon
JASO Japan-America Society of Oregon
JOO Journal of Oregon Ornithology
JLP Junior League of Portland, Oregon
KSO Korean Society of Oregon
LPO Libertarian Party of Oregon
MEOW Machine Embroiderers of Oregon and Washington
MILOC Mineral Information Layer for Oregon by County
NERO Network for Education and Research in Oregon
NOCA Northwest Oregon Contracting Area
OFCO Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon
OR Oregon
ORE Oregon
OAR Oregon Administrative Rules
OADP Oregon Adolescent Depression Project
OARA Oregon Adoptive Rights Association
OASS Oregon Agricultural Statistics Service
OAPE Oregon Amateur Photographic Expressionist
OAWA Oregon Animal Welfare Alliance
OAC Oregon Arts Commission
OAKS Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
OAMT Oregon Association for Medical Transcription
OACES Oregon Association of County Engineers and Surveyors
OADC Oregon Association of Defense Counsel
OALA Oregon Association of Latino Administrators
OAN Oregon Association of Nurserymen
OARP Oregon Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
OASBO Oregon Association of School Business Officials
OASE Oregon Association of School Executives
OASL Oregon Association of School Libraries
OAD Oregon Association of the Deaf, Inc.
OAWU Oregon Association of Water Utilities
OADA Oregon Athletic Directors Association
OBF Oregon Bach Festival
OBFCS Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium
OBIA Oregon Background Investigators Association
OBT Oregon Ballet Theatre
OBRA Oregon Barrel Racing Association
OBF Oregon Beer Force
OBRA Oregon Bicycle Racing Association
OBRA Oregon Biomedical Research Association
ORBC Oregon Bird Records Committee
OBA Oregon Bluegrass Association
OBMT Oregon Board of Massage Therapists
OBP Oregon Board of Pharmacy
OBRT Oregon Board of Radiologic Technology
OBL Oregon BRDF Library
OBF Oregon Brewers Festival
OBG Oregon Brewers Guild
OBIA Oregon Building Industry Association
OBC Oregon Burn Center
OBTA Oregon Business Travel Association
OCTA Oregon Cable Telecommunications Association
ORCC Oregon Campus Compact
OCS Oregon Cascade Symphony
OCP Oregon Catholic Press
ORCA Oregon Caves National Monument
OCCAM Oregon Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
OCPP Oregon Center for Public Policy
OCHI Oregon Certified Home Inspector
OCCA Oregon Cheerleading Coaches Association
OCP Oregon Children’s Plan
OCSA Oregon Chimney Sweeps Association
OCPA Oregon Chiropractic Physicians’ Association
OCA Oregon Citizens Alliance
OC Oregon City
OCAN Oregon Classified Advertising Network
OCID Oregon Coalition of Interdisciplinary Databases
OC Oregon Coast
OCCA Oregon Coast Council for the Arts
OCPA Oregon Coast Photographers’ Association
OCRG Oregon Coast Repeater Group
OCNL Oregon Coastal Natural Lake
OCEA Oregon Code Enforcement Association
OCAC Oregon College of Art & Craft
OCIABC Oregon Columbia International Association of Business Communicators
OCB Oregon Commission for the Blind
OCCF Oregon Commission on Children and Families
OCCA Oregon Community College Association
OCCSA Oregon Community College Student Association
OCCDL Oregon Community Colleges Distance Learning
OCSA Oregon Community Sports Arena
OCCA Oregon Computer Consultants Association
OCPA Oregon Conservatory of Performing Arts
OCCB Oregon Construction Contractors Board
OCWA Oregon Construction Workforce Alliance
OCC Oregon Convention Center
OCSA Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association
OCI Oregon Correctional Institution
OCPA Oregon Council of Police Associations
OCTMS Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics
OCB Oregon Country Beef
OCCA Oregon County Clerks Association
OCRA Oregon Court Reporters Association
OCSA Oregon Creative Services Alliance
OCUL Oregon Credit Union League
OCT Oregon Cultural Trust
OCSG Oregon Cutting Systems Group
ODHHSP Oregon Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Services Program
ODAC Oregon Dealer Advisory Committee
ODEA Oregon Dental Executives’ Association
ODHA Oregon Dental Hygienists Association
ODAG Oregon Department of Agriculture
ODA Oregon Department of Agriculture
ODOC Oregon Department Of Corrections
ODF Oregon Department of Forestry
ODOJ Oregon Department of Justice
ODR Oregon Department of Revenue
ODT Oregon Department of Transportation
ODAA Oregon District Attorneys Association
ODOC Oregon Doctors of Chiropractic
ODLA Oregon Donation Land Act of 1850
ODWA Oregon Draymen and Warehousemen’s Association
ODW Oregon Draymen and Warehousemen’s Association
ODL Oregon Drivers License
OECN Oregon Earth Club Network
OEA Oregon Education Association
OEMA Oregon Educational Media Association
OETC Oregon Educational Technology Consortium
OE Oregon Electric Railway Company
OERM Oregon Electric Railway Museum
OESA Oregon Electric Sign Association
OES Oregon Electric Station
OESC Oregon Electrical Specialty Code
OEM Oregon Emergency Management
OEMA Oregon Emergency Management Association
OEC Oregon Employer Council
OEF Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum
OEN Oregon Entrepreneurs Network
OES Oregon Environmental Systems
OECN Oregon Episcopal Church News
OES Oregon Episcopal School
OEN Oregon Equestrian Network
OFPA Oregon Fair Plan Association
OFSN Oregon Family Support Network
OFCR Oregon Federation of College Republicans
OFNHP Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
OFTEHP Oregon Federation of Teachers, Education and Health Professionals
OFAEMA Oregon Fire Apparatus and Equipment Mechanics Association
OFCC Oregon Fire Code Committee
OFCC Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee
OFB Oregon Food Bank
OFIC Oregon Forest Industries Council
OFIT Oregon Forest Institute for Teachers
OFRI Oregon Forest Restoration Initiative
OFEP Oregon Forestry Education Program
OFRA Oregon Forestry Retirees Association
OFPA Oregon Foster Parents Association
OFVA Oregon Foundation for Vision Awareness
OFD Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc.
OFOSA Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals
OGDC Oregon Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
OGEC Oregon Geriatric Education Center
OGS Oregon Geriatric Society
OGEC Oregon Government Ethics Commission
OGI Oregon Graduate Institute
OGSA Oregon Green Schools Association
OGIA Oregon Grocery Industry Association
OGA Oregon Gymnastics Academy
OHSU Oregon Health & Science University
OHAP Oregon Health Access Project
OHAC Oregon Health Action Campaign
OHCA Oregon Health Care Association
OHCF Oregon Health Care Foundation
OHD Oregon Health Division
OHFB Oregon Health Fund Board
OHP Oregon Health Plan
OHREC Oregon Health Research and Evaluation Collaborative
OHSC Oregon Health Sciences Center
OHT Oregon Healthy Teens
OHOA Oregon Hematology Oncology Associates
OHBA Oregon Hispanic Bar Association
OHCA Oregon Historic Cemeteries Association Inc.
OHS Oregon Historical Society
OHRC Oregon Holocaust Resource Center
OHBA Oregon Home Builders Association
OHEN Oregon Home Education Network
OHEA Oregon Home Educators Association
OHC Oregon Horse Center
OICF Oregon Independent College Foundation, Inc.
OICA Oregon Independent Colleges Association
OIM Oregon Independent Miners
OITA Oregon Independent Telephone Association
OIEA Oregon Indian Education Association
OILD Oregon Institute for Leadership Development
OIC Oregon Institute of Cosmetology
OILA Oregon Institute of Literary Arts
OIMB Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
OIT Oregon Institute of Technology
OIGA Oregon Insurance Guaranty Association
OIS Oregon Intervention System
OJO Oregon Jazz Orchestra
OJM Oregon Jewish Museum
OJUA Oregon Joint Use Association
OJD Oregon Judicial Department
OJPA Oregon Justices of the Peace Association
OKR Oregon Kitemakers Retreat
OLC Oregon Lands Coalition
OLI Oregon Law Institute
OLMA Oregon Legal Management Association
OLAPC Oregon Liberal Arts Placement Consortium
OLA Oregon Library Association
OLSHF Oregon Lions Sight Hearing Foundation
OLCC Oregon Liquor Control Commission
OLPA Oregon Livestock Producers Association
OLPC Oregon Local Program Committee
OLC Oregon Logging Conference
OLDN Oregon Lyme Disease Network
OMEP Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership
OMB Oregon Marching Band
OMGA Oregon Master Gardener Association
OMSI Oregon Materials Science Institute
OMGA Oregon Meadowfoam Growers Association
OMPA Oregon Media Production Association
OMA Oregon Mediation Association
OMA Oregon Medical Association
OML Oregon Medical Laboratories
OMMA Oregon Medical Marijuana Act
OMMG Oregon Medical Marijuana Guide
OMEN Oregon Microenterprise Network
OMLA Oregon Minority Lawyers Association
OMC Oregon Mountain Community
OMP Oregon Mozart Players
OMSI Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
OMEA Oregon Music Educators Association
OMSK Oregon Mycological Society
OMS Oregon Mycological Society
OND Oregon Natural Desert Association
ONHIC Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center
ONA Oregon Nurses Association
ONF Oregon Nurses Foundation
OOS Oregon Orchid Society
OPFA Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors, Inc.
OPME Oregon Paper Money Exchange
OPA Oregon Paralegal Association
OPMA Oregon Park Managers Association
OPLA Oregon Patent Law Association
OPRCS Oregon Patient Resident Care System
OPSC Oregon Patient Safety Commission
OPP Oregon Patriot Party
OPOA Oregon Peace Officers Association
OPMA Oregon Petroleum Marketers Association
OPTIP Oregon Physical Therapists in Independent Practice
OPSW Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds
OPM Oregon Productivity Matrix
OPMA Oregon Project Management Associate
OPMA Oregon Property Managers Association
OPAN Oregon Public Affairs Network
OPB Oregon Public Broadcasting
OPEN Oregon Public Education Network
OPPC Oregon Public Power Coalition
OPSA Oregon Public Safety Academy
OPUC Oregon Public Utility Commission
OQA Oregon Quality Assessment
OQAT Oregon Quality Assurance in Teaching
OROS Oregon Radiation Oncology Society
ORS Oregon Radiological Society
ORHF Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation
ORPA Oregon Recreation and Park Association
ORBS Oregon Recreational Boat Survey
ORRC Oregon Region Relay Council
ORA Oregon Rehabilitation Association
OREA Oregon Renewable Energy Act
ORI Oregon Research Institute
ORBA Oregon Restaurant and Beverage Association
OREA Oregon Retired Educators Association
ORS Oregon Revised Statutes
ORNC Oregon Ridge Nature Center
ORTL Oregon Right to Life, Inc.
ORRC Oregon Road Runners Club
ORCP Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure
ORDC Oregon Rural Development Council
OSCRS Oregon Scholars in Clinical Research
OSCR Oregon Scholars in Clinical Research
OSCF Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation
OSAA Oregon School Activities Association
OSBA Oregon School Boards Association
OSD Oregon School for the Deaf
OSLIS Oregon School Library Information System
OSNA Oregon School Nutrition Association
OSSA Oregon School Safety Association
OSSPAC Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission
OSIA Oregon Self-Insurers Association
OSF Oregon Shakespeare Festival
OSDS Oregon Sheep Dog Society
OSGA Oregon Sheep Growers Association
OSL Oregon Short Line Railroad
OSIA Oregon Snowsport Industries Association
OSA Oregon Soccer Association
OSLC Oregon Social Learning Center
OSA Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists
OSAM Oregon Society of Association Management
OSHA Oregon Speech and Hearing Association
OSN Oregon Sports Network
OS Oregon State
OSB Oregon State Bar
OSBA Oregon State Beekeepers Association
OSBP Oregon State Board of Pharmacy
OSC Oregon State College
OSCI Oregon State Correctional Institution
OSFA Oregon State Fiscal Association
OSHO Oregon State Habitat Office
OSH Oregon State Hospital
OSHC Oregon State Housing Council
OSLAB Oregon State Landscape Architect Board
OSL Oregon State Library
OSTEOPOROSIS Oregon State Parks
OSP Oregon State Parks
OSTEOPOROSIS Oregon State Police
OSP Oregon State Police
OSRM Oregon State Railroad Museum
OSSA Oregon State Shooting Association
OSU Oregon State University
OSULSM Oregon State University Land Surface Model
OSUMB Oregon State University Marching Band
OSUMU Oregon State University Memorial Union
OSPS Oregon Statewide Payroll Services
OSM Oregon Steel Mills, Inc.
OSERA Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance
OSNA Oregon Student Nurses Association
OSPIRG Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group
OSTA Oregon Substitute Teachers Association
OSIPM Oregon Supplemental Income Program Medical
OSCDL Oregon Sustainable Community Digital Library
OSB Oregon Symphonic Band
OTAP Oregon Telephone Assistance Program
OTA Oregon Telephone Association
OTCO Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
OTTA Oregon Tour and Travel Alliance
OTTA Oregon Tow Truck Association
OTCM Oregon Track Club Masters
OTCDC Oregon Traffic Control Devices Committee
OT Oregon Trail
OTC Oregon Trail Council
OTEC Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative
OTFC Oregon Trail Financial Corp.
OTLD Oregon Trail Library District
OTSD Oregon Trail School District
OTTER Oregon Transect Terrestrial Ecosystem Research
OTC Oregon Transportation Commission
OTIG Oregon Transportation Improvement Group
OTIB Oregon Transportation Infrastructure Bank
OTN Oregon Transportation Network
OTP Oregon Transportation Plan
OTREC Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium
OT Oregon Trunk Railway
OUFC Oregon Uniform Fire Code
OU Oregon University
OVMA Oregon Vegetation Management Association
OVMA Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association
OVH Oregon Veterans’ Home
OVMA Oregon Veterinary Medical Association
OVRA Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates
OVFA Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association
OWCAM Oregon Washington Community Association Managers
OWRD Oregon Water Resources Department
OWLS Oregon Weight Loss Surgery
OWC Oregon Wheat Commission
OWGL Oregon Wheat Growers League
OWA Oregon Whitewater Association
OWA Oregon Winegrowers’ Association
ORWG Oregon Wing
OWCC Oregon Women’s Correctional Center
OWGA Oregon Womens Golf Association
OWIIP Oregon Worker Illness Injury Prevention Program
OWIB Oregon Workforce Investment Board
OYAN Oregon Young Adult Network
OYA Oregon Youth Authority
OCE Oregon, California, and Eastern Railway Company
OPE Oregon, Pacific, and Eastern Railway Company
OCTA Oregon-California Trails Association
OCFP Oregon-Canadian Forest Products
OGF Oregongreenfree
OFIR Oregonians for Immigration Reform
OSEP Oregonians for Sound Economic Policy
OIA Oregonians in Action
OWR-AND-N Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
OMAO Orientation and Mobility Association of Oregon
OPSO Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of Oregon
POSUM Parallel Oregon State University Model
PCPO Parent Child Preschools of Oregon
POGO Paying for Our Growth in Oregon
POPS Portland Oregon Paper Shapers
POVA Portland Oregon Visitors Association
PEO Professional Engineers of Oregon
PLSO Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon
PPO Professional Photographers of Oregon
ROASWO Rental Owners Association of Southwest Oregon
RBO Roseburg, Oregon
ROAA Rural Oregon Arts Association
ROSS Russian Oregon Social Services
SYSCO Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon
SLOCO Soccer League of Central Oregon
SNOB Society of Native Oregon Born
SAO Software Association of Oregon
SAOF Software Association of Oregon Foundation
SOBB Southern Oregon Blues Band
SOCSTC Southern Oregon Child Study and Treatment Center
SODRC Southern Oregon Drag Racing Club
SOESD Southern Oregon Education Service District
SOHPEC Southern Oregon High Performance Enterprise Consortium
SOKC Southern Oregon Kennel Club
SOKF Southern Oregon Kite Festival
SOLIS Southern Oregon Library Information System
SOML Southern Oregon Math League
SOMO Southern Oregon Men’s Outreach
SOPA Southern Oregon Photographic Association
SOSC Southern Oregon State College
SOU Southern Oregon University
SUO Southern Oregon University
SOVA Southern Oregon Visitors Association
SOCC Southwestern Oregon Community College
SDAO Special Districts Association of Oregon
SOLL State of Oregon Law Library
SOLV Stop Oregon Litter & Vandalism
SLAOR Surplus Line Association of Oregon
SRIO Swedish Roots in Oregon
TOPS The Oregon Paranormal Society
UO Union Railroad of Oregon
UBSO United Bikers of Southern Oregon
UHCO Universal Health Care for Oregon
UOR University of Oregon
UO University of Oregon
UOAA University of Oregon Alumni Association
WOSC Washington Oregon State College
WINCO Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon Foods
WCBO West Coast Bancorp Oregon
WOPR Western Oregon Plan Revisions
WOSC Western Oregon State College
WOU Western Oregon University
YSSO Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon
ZCO Zen Community of Oregon

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