Aerospace Abbreviations

Aerospace refers to the human effort in science , engineering and business to fly in the atmosphere of the Earth ( aeronautics ) and the surrounding space ( astronautics ). Aerospace business is very diverse, with a multitude of military, industrial and commercial applications. Aerospace organizations operate, perform, research, design, manufacture aircraft and / or spacecraft.


Aerospace zone is not the same as airspace, which is physical airspace directly over a location on the ground. The start of space and the end of the air are considered 100 km above the ground based on the physical explanation that the air pressure is too low for a lifting body to generate significant lifting force without exceeding orbital velocity.

In most industrial countries, the aerospace industry is a cooperation between public and private industries. For example, several countries governments finance a civilian space program through tax collection, such as in the United States: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA, in Europe: the European Space Agency ESA, in Canada: the Canadian Space Agency CSA , in India: the Indian Space Research Organization ISRO, in Japan: Japanese Air Force Exploration Agency JAXA , in Russia: Roscosmos RKA, in China: Chinese Space Agency CNSA, in Pakistan:Pakistani Agency for Research in Space and the Upper Atmosphere SUPARCO, in Iran: Iranian Space Agency ISA and the South Korean Aeronautical and Space Agency KARI.

Along with these public space programs, many companies manufacture technical tools and components such as spaceships and satellites . Some well-known companies involved in space programs are: Boeing , Cobham , Airbus , SpaceX , Lockheed Martin , United Technologies , MacDonald Dettwiler , and Northrop Grumman . These companies are also involved in other areas of aerospace, such as aircraft construction.

Modern aerospace began with engineer George Cayley in 1799. Cayley proposed an aircraft with “a fixed wing and a horizontal and vertical tail”, defining the characteristics of the modern aircraft.

The 19th century saw the creation of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain ( Royal Aeronautical Society ) (1866), the American Rocketry Society and the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, which made aeronautics a more serious scientific discipline. Aviators such as Otto Lilienthal , who introduced the Curved Airfoil in 1891, used sails to analyze aerodynamic forces ( Aerodynamics ). The Wright brothers were interested in Lilienthal’s work and read many of his publications. They also found inspiration in Octave Chanute, an aviator and author of Progress in Flying Machines (1894). It was the preliminary work of Cayley, Lilienthal, Chanute, and other early aerospace engineers that brought the first propulsion-powered flight to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, 1903, by the Wright brothers.

War and science fiction have inspired great minds like Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Wernher von Braun to achieve flight beyond the atmosphere.

The launch of Sputnik 1 in October 1957 began the space age and Apollo 11 made the first manned moon landing on July 20, 1969. In April 1981, the Space Shuttle Columbia launched the initiation of regular manned access to orbital space. A sustained human presence in orbital space began with Mir (space station) in 1986 and continued from the International Space Station . Space economy and space tourism are more recent features of the aerospace sector.

Aerospace Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Aerospace

AAA Academy of Aerospace and Aviation
AMAE Academy of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers
AAE Advanced Aerospace Engineering
AAMD Advanced Aerospace Materials and Devices
AAOC Advanced Aerospace Operations Course
AAV Advanced Aerospace Vehicle
AGARD Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development
AVATAR Aerobic Vehicle for Hypersonic Aerospace Transportation
AERO Aerospace
AASL Aerospace and Autonomous Systems Laboratory
ASD AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe
AES Aerospace and Electronic Systems
AESS Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society
AES Aerospace and Electronics Society
AAVS Aerospace Audiovisual Service
AAVS Aerospace Audio-Visual System
AAE Aerospace Auxiliary Equipment
ALPHABET Aerospace Basic Course
ABC Aerospace Basic Course
ABET Aerospace Behavioral Engineering Technology
ACE Aerospace Camp Experience
ACD Aerospace Change Directive
AC2A Aerospace Command and Control Agency
ACE Aerospace Communications & Information Expertise
ACE Aerospace Communications Information Expertise
ACDL Aerospace Computational Design Laboratory
ACE Aerospace Control Environment
AUSTRALIA Aerospace Corporation
ARSENIC Aerospace Corporation
ASSIGNED Aerospace Corporation
AS Aerospace Corporation
ASC Aerospace Corporation
ACEL Aerospace Crew Equipment Laboratory
ADF Aerospace Data Facility
ADSS Aerospace Data Systems Standards
ADCOM Aerospace Defense Command
ADC Aerospace Defense Command
ACIC Aerospace Defense Command Current Intelligence Center
ADIC Aerospace Defense Intelligence Center
ADCA Aerospace Department Chairs Association
DA aerospace drift
DEA aerospace drift error
AE Aerospace Education
AEA Aerospace Education Academy
AEA Aerospace Education Alliance
AERO Aerospace Education and Research Organization
AEX Aerospace Education Excellence
AEF Aerospace Education Foundation
AEL Aerospace Education Laboratory
AEPSM Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members
AESP Aerospace Education Services Program
AES Aerospace Electrical Society
AES Aerospace Electronic Systems
AEA Aerospace Employees’ Association
AERE Aerospace Engineer
AEEM Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
AEM Aerospace Engineering and Maintenance
AEM-2 Aerospace Engineering and Maintenance
AEM Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
AEM-2 Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
AEF Aerospace Engineering Facility
AEPM Aerospace Engineering Project Management
AET Aerospace Engineering Technician
AAA Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics, and Aviation
AE Aerospace Engineers/Aerospace Engineering
AE Aerospace Engineersaerospace Engineering
AESU Aerospace Environment Support Unit
AESC Aerospace Environmental Support Center
AEPM Aerospace Equipment Program Management
AEMP Aerospace Executive Management Program
AEF Aerospace Expeditionary Force
AEG aerospace expeditionary group
AES Aerospace Expeditionary Squadrons
AGE Aerospace Ground Equipment
AGEP Aerospace Ground Equipment Plan
AGU Aerospace Ground Unit
AHX Aerospace Hardware Exchange
AIDC Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
AIDP Aerospace Industrial Development Program
AIA Aerospace Industries Association
AIAA Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc.
AIAC Aerospace Industries Association of Canada
AID Aerospace Information Division
AIM Aerospace Information Management
AIO Aerospace Information Operations
AIR Aerospace Information Reports
AIT Aerospace Information Technology
AIN Aerospace Innovation Network
AIC Aerospace Integration Corporation
AIWO Aerospace Intelligence Watch Officer
ALF Aerospace Legacy Foundation
AMARC Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center
AMARG Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group
AME Aerospace Management Element
AMTC Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre
AMS Aerospace Material Specification
AMD Aerospace Materials Division
ASMA Aerospace Medical Association
AMC Aerospace Medical Council
AMD Aerospace Medical Division
ACS Aerospace Medicine Consultation Service
AMCS Aerospace Medicine Consultation Service
AMDG Aerospace Medicine Group
AMP Aerospace Medicine Primary course
AMDS Aerospace Medicine Squadron
ANSP Aerospace Nuclear Safety Program
ANST Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology
AOC-2 Aerospace Operations Center
AOC Aerospace Operations Center
APIMS Aerospace Physiology Information Management System
APTF Aerospace Physiology Training Flight
APJ Aerospace Power Journal
APSA Aerospace Professional Staff Association
ARPER Aerospace Recommended Practice
ARP Aerospace Recommended Practice
ARTW Aerospace Reconnaissance Technical Wing
ARRC Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Center
ARRS Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron
ARRTC Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Training Center
ARDC Aerospace Research and Development Center
ARTILLERY Aerospace Research And Technology
ART Aerospace Research and Technology
ARCHIVE Aerospace Research Center
ARC Aerospace Research Center
AREP Aerospace Research Education Program
ARIN Aerospace Research Information Network
ARSI Aerospace Research Systems, Inc.
ARCS Aerospace Resources and Configuration System
ARL Aerospace Robotics Laboratory
ASAP Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
ASAP Aerospace Safety Automation Program
ASRS Aerospace Safety Research System
ASCD Aerospace Satellite Control Division
ASI Aerospace Science Instructor
ASM Aerospace Sciences Meeting
ASSEMBLY Aerospace Sciences Meeting
ASSG Aerospace Security Safety Group
ASC Aerospace Service & Controls, Inc
AUSTRALIA Aerospace Society
ARSENIC Aerospace Society
ASSIGNED Aerospace Society
AS Aerospace Society
ASTI Aerospace Software and Technologies Institute
AUSTRALIA Aerospace Standards
ARSENIC Aerospace Standards
ASSIGNED Aerospace Standards
AS Aerospace Standards
ASA Aerospace States Association
ASMH Aerospace Structural Metals Handbook
ASTF Aerospace Structures Test Facility
AUSTRALIA Aerospace Studies
ARSENIC Aerospace Studies
ASSIGNED Aerospace Studies
AS Aerospace Studies
ASI Aerospace Studies Institute
ASE Aerospace Support Equipment
ASC Aerospace Systems Center
ASC Aerospace Systems Course
ASDL Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory
ASOP Aerospace Systems Operator
ASTRO Aerospace Systems Technology and Rocket Operations
ASTR Aerospace Systems Test Reactor
ATIC Aerospace Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development
ASTA Aerospace Technologies of Australia
AST Aerospace Technologist
AST Aerospace Technology
ATAC Aerospace Technology Advisory Committee
ATD Aerospace Technology Division
ATISS Aerospace Telecommunications and Information Systems
ATIS Aerospace Telecommunications and Information Systems
ASTG Aerospace Test Group
ATG Aerospace Test Group
ATW Aerospace Test Wing
ATA Aerospace Testing Alliance
ATC Aerospace Tool Corporation
DA Aerospace trajectory drift
AV Aerospace Vehicle
AVDO Aerospace Vehicle Distribution Office
AVE Aerospace Vehicle Equipment
AVID Aerospace Vehicle Interactive Design
AVSTS Aerospace Vehicle Systems Technology
AVST Aerospace Vehicle Systems Technology
AVTC Aerospace Vehicle Test Course
AVDO Aerospace Visual Distribution Office
AWI Aerospace Welding, Inc.
AADE Aerospace, Automotive and Design Engineering
ACME Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Engineering
AERO Aerospace, Education, Research & Operations Institute
AMIT Aerospace, Manufacturing and Information Technology Cluster
AMSED Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Division
AMES Aerospace, Marine and Electronics Systems Sector
AMME Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
SSC Aerospatiale/British Aerospace Concorde
AGRISTARS Agriculture and Resources Inventory Surveys through Aerospace Remote Sensing
ALAI Air Launch Aerospace Indonesia
AUCADRE Air University Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, & Education
ARRS Air/Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Service
AATA Alabama Aerospace Teachers’ Association
AADC Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation
ABAA Alberta Aerospace Association
ASAC Allied Signal Aerospace Company
APAS Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies
AAU Association of Aerospace Universities
AFDA Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries
ASM Austrian Society for Aerospace Medicine
ASSEMBLY Austrian Society for Aerospace Medicine
ARAM Aviation, Range and Aerospace Meteorology
BAE Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering
BAEM Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
BSAE Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering
BAA Backup Aerospace Vehicle Authorization
BATC Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation
BASD Ball Aerospace Systems Division
BASG Ball Aerospace Systems Group
BACCC Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center
BBAA Berlin Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz eV
BAHRAIN Boeing Aerospace
BA Boeing Aerospace
BAE Boeing Aerospace Engineering
BAO Boeing Aerospace Operations
BAHRAIN Bombardier Aerospace
BA Bombardier Aerospace
BASAC Bristol Aerospace Sub-Aqua Club
BAHRAIN British Aerospace
BA British Aerospace
BADG British Aerospace Dynamic Group
BAE British Aerospace Engineering
BAE British Aerospace Systems, LTD
CATW Canadian Aerospace and Transportation Workers
CAA Center for Aerospace Analysis
CADRE Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, & Education
CASE Center for Aerospace Safety Education
CAST China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.
CAST China Aerospace Science and Technology Group
CAI Cislunar Aerospace, Inc.
CAMI Civil Aerospace Medical Institute
CADRE College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education
CAEF Colorado Aerospace Education Foundation
CAOC Combined Aerospace Operations Center
CINCNORAD Commander in Chief, North American Aerospace Defense Command
CAV Common Aerospace Vehicle
CAGEL Consolidated Aerospace Ground Equipment List
CPDA Continuing Professional Development in Aerospace
COMPASS Correctness, Modeling, and Performance of Aerospace Systems
CUA CU Aerospace
DASA Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG
DBAA Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus
DASIA Data Systems in Aerospace
DIAR Defence Industry Aerospace Report
DCAS Deputy Commander Aerospace Systems
DASA Deutsche Aerospace
DAE Dubai Aerospace Enterprise
DABS Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems
DAC Dynamic Aerospace Command
EASCON Electronics and Aerospace Systems Conference
EADC European Aerospace and Defence Company
EAF expeditionary aerospace forces
FOCAS Fiber-Optics Communications for Aerospace Systems
FAFC Florida Aerospace Finance Corporation
FAAA Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance
FACC Ford Aerospace Communications Corporation
GEA General Electric Aerospace
GAC German Aerospace Centre
GADTE Global Aerospace and Defence Trading Exchange
GAUM Global Aerospace Underwriting Managers
GFAE Government-Furnished Aeronautical/Aerospace Equipment
GOAL Ground Operations Aerospace Language
GAC Grumman Aerospace Corporation
HAI Hellenic Aerospace Industry
IAR Institute for Aerospace Research
IAS Institute for Aerospace Studies
IAM Institute of Aerospace Medicine
IASF Instrumentation in Aerospace Simulation Facilities
IASF Instumentation in Aerospace Simulation Facilities
IAAA Integrated Advanced Avionics/Aerospace
IPAD Integrated Programs for Aerospace Vehicle Design
ICARUS Intercontinental Aerospace Range Unlimited System
IAA International Aerospace Abstracts
IAIN International Aerospace Information Network
IAT International Aerospace Technology
IAM International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers
ICIASF International Congress on Instrumentation in Aerospace Simulation Facilities
IIAAT International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies
IAI Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.
JADGE Japan Aerospace Defense Ground Environment
AXAS Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
AXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JAA Joint Aerospace Applications
JATM Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management
JAAER Journal of Aviation Aerospace Education and Research
KDA Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace
KAI Korea Aerospace Industries
KAU Korea Aerospace University
LARA Labor Aerospace Research Agenda
LIMA Langkawi International Maritime Aerospace
LAAD Latin America Aerospace and Defence
LAI Lean Aerospace Initiative
LEAP Lean Effects on Aerospace Programs
LMA Lockheed Martin Aerospace
LARC Lorenger Aerospace & Research Corporation
LARC Lorenger Aerospace Research Corporation
LAD Lyn Aerospace & Defense
LAS Lyn Aerospace, LLC
MOATRS MAJCOM On-Line Aerospace Vehicle & Trainer Reporting System
MIA Malaysia International Aerospace Exhibition
MMDA Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace
MSAE Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering
MASM Mather Aerospace Modelers
MDAC McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Corporation
MDA McDonnell-Douglas Aerospace
MPB Mecánicas de Precisión de Boecillo Aerospace S.L.
MAGE Mechanical Aerospace Ground Equipment
MAE Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAEEM Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
MMAE Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering
MACINTOSH Michigan Aerospace Corporation
MAC Michigan Aerospace Corporation
MANAGEMENT Microwave Aerospace Navigation
MANEUVER Microwave Aerospace Navigation
MAN Microwave Aerospace Navigation
MADA Montana Aerospace Development Association
NOVA NASA Open Volumes on Aerospace
NADCAP National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program
NAECON National Aerospace and Electronics Conference
NAI National Aerospace Initiative
NAL National Aerospace Laboratories
NAL National Aerospace Laboratory
NASP National Aerospace Plane
NAP National Aerospace Plane
NAS National Aerospace Standard
NASC National Aerospace Standards Committee
NATS National Aerospace Technology Strategy
NASTAR National Aerospace Training & Research Center
NIA National Institute of Aerospace
NAVAEROSPMEDINST Naval Aerospace Medical Institute
NAMI Naval Aerospace Medical Institute
NAA North American Aerospace
NAADC North American Aerospace Defense Command
NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command
NEAT North European Aerospace Test Range
NWAA Northwest Aerospace Alliance
NATCO Northwest Aerospace Training Corporation
NAS Numerical Aerospace Simulation
OCAM Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum
OAM Office of Aerospace Medicine
OAR Office of Aerospace Research
OAS Office of Aerospace Studies
OAT Office of Aerospace Technology
OMAS Office of Military and Aerospace Support
OAI Ohio Aerospace Institute
OAINN Ohio Aerospace Institute Neural Network
ODAS Onera-Dlr Aerospace Symposium
OAC Ontario Aerospace Council
OSCAR Optical Submarine Communications By Aerospace Relay
OAC Orenda Aerospace Corporation
PNAA Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance
PDAF Postdoctoral Aerospace Fellowship
PAM Preventive Aerospace Medicine
PAC Primex Aerospace Company
PAS Professor of Aerospace Studies
PADL Proof-Of-Concept Aerospace Defense Location
QAI Qualified Aerospace Instructor
QAIC Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course
RAE Royal Aerospace Establishment
SDAM San Diego Aerospace Museum
SBA Santa Barbara Aerospace
SAM School of Aerospace Medicine
SACME School of Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Engineering
STAR Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports
SEND Search Engine for NAL Database (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
SCAN Selected Current Aerospace Notices
SASI Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
SAAE Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
SBAA Small Business Aerospace Association
SMART Small Motor Aerospace Technology
SACRIFICE Society of Aerospace Communicators
SAC Society of Aerospace Communicators
SAMPE Society of Aerospace Material and Process Engineers
SAMPLE Society of Aerospace Materials and Process Engineers
SOAP Society of Aerospace Professionals
SBAC Society of British Aerospace Companies
SPEEA Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace
SSAE Society Of Senior Aerospace Executives
SMART Solid Modeling Aerospace Research Tool
SUAI State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
SADI Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative
SAWG Strategic Aerospace Wing
SAW Strategic Aerospace Wing
SAI Supersonic Aerospace International LLC
SAI Swales Aerospace Inc.
TAA Tactical Aerospace Assessment
TATE Taipei Aerospace Technology Exhibition
TFAC Taiwan Falcon Aerospace Corporation
TAC The Aerospace Corporation
TAP The Aerospace Players
TASC Theater Aerospace-operations Support Center
TAM Tool Aerospace Material
TAI Turkish Aerospace Industries
TAI Tusas Aerospace Industries, Inc
UAC Union Aerospace Corporation
UNDAF University of North Dakota Aerospace Foundation
UAV Unmanned Aerospace Vehicle
UMAC Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium
VAST Valley AeroSpace Team
VAV Venga Aerospace Systems
VAAA Vermont Aerospace and Aviation Association
WAVE Webber Aerospace Ventures in Education
WIA Women in Aerospace
WAD World Aerospace Database