Campus Abbreviations

The Latin word campus, which translates as plain, is used in our language with reference to buildings and land belonging to a university. A campus houses the infrastructure and the different spaces of an educational establishment of this type. For example : “During my time in college, I had a lot of fun on campus.” “The university campus is spectacular”, “A shooting on a US campus left three dead”.


A campus is usually made up of the various faculties of the university with libraries, cafeterias, student residences, gymnasiums and green spaces. The intention is that students can develop their life on campus, finding everything they need for their studies, but also leisure options . Campuses are an evolution from medieval schools where students studied and lived. Currently, one can find university campuses in many countries.

A virtual campus , on the other hand , is a digital platform that expands a university’s academic life beyond physical space. On these campuses, students can access information about their qualifications and consult class schedules, among other possibilities.

In the field of sport, training sessions for children and young people who practice a certain activity are called campus. It is customary for these campuses to be organized by clubs that have professional athletes or by famous sportsmen who wish to pass on their teachings to the younger generations.

List of Acronyms Related to Campus

AOCI Accredited Off-Campus Instruction
ACCS Advanced Cisco Campus Switching
ACDC All Campus Dining Center
ACPB All Campus Programming Board
ACRN All Campus Radio Network
ACP All-Campus Party
ACCOUNTING American Campus Communities
ACCESSORY American Campus Communities
ACC American Campus Communities
AVC Annapolis Valley Campus
AMC Anschutz Medical Campus
AOC-2 Apple on Campus
AOC Apple on Campus
ACCOUNTING Arcadia Commons Campus
ACCESSORY Arcadia Commons Campus
ACC Arcadia Commons Campus
APCA Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities
ACERT Association of Campus Emergency Response Teams
ACN Australia Campus Network
ACBA Australian Campus Booksellers Association
BSVC Baltic Sea Virtual Campus
BECOME Baptist Campus Ministry
BCM Baptist Campus Ministry
BTC Berlinale Talent Campus
BMOC Best Management Onward Campus Inc.
BMOC Big Man On Campus
BYU-I Brigham Young University – Idaho campus
BNMC Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus
CVC California Virtual Campus
CCIR Campus & Community Involvement Record
CAC Campus Activities Committee
CAIS Campus Advanced Information System
CAEP Campus Alternative Education Program
CCU Campus and Community United
CAN Campus Anti-War Network
CAN Campus Area Network
CATS Campus Area Transportation System
CASH Campus Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists
CBTI Campus Based Tuition Increase
CBK Campus Beiaard Kring
CBF Campus Bible Fellowship
CBS Campus Bible Study
CBS Campus Bus Service
CCDL Campus Calgary Digital Library
CCAT Campus Center for Appropriate Technology
CIVIL Campus Child Care
CCC Campus Child Care
CCF Campus Christian Fellowship
CCN Campus Christian Network
CIVIL Campus Climate Challenge
CCC Campus Climate Challenge
CCPJ Campus Coalition for Peace and Justice
CCHR Campus Committee for Human Rights
CCTI Campus Communications and Technology Integration
CCI Campus Community Initiative
CCNCCC Campus Compact National Center for Community Colleges
CCCA Campus Computer Communication Association
CCRA Campus Computer Resellers Alliance
CCCC Campus Computing Coordinating Committee
CCCC Campus Computing Coordinating Council
CCF Campus Computing Facilities
CCID Campus Computing Identification
CCP Campus Connectivity Project
CCFIT Campus Council for Information Technology
CCRD Campus Crime Reporting and Disclosure
CIVIL Campus Crusade for Christ
CCFC Campus Crusade For Christ
CCC Campus Crusade for Christ
CCCA Campus Crusade for Christ Australia
CCCC Campus Crusade for Christ Canada
CCCI Campus Crusade for Christ International
CIVIL Campus Crusade for Cthulhu
CCC Campus Crusade for Cthulhu
CTS Campus des Technologies de la Santé
CDTI Campus Desktop Technology Integration
CDSC Campus Development and Space Committee
CDC Campus Distribution Center
CDAB Campus Diversity Advisory Board
CDOG Campus Dog Owners’ Group
CED Campus East Dorms
CEO Campus Economic Organization
CE6 Campus Edition 6
CEOF Campus Electron Optics Facility
CERT Campus Emergency Response Team
CEAR Campus Environmental Audit Response
CEST Campus Environmental Sustainability Team
CEO Campus Equipment Outfitters
CEMETERY Campus Estado de Mexico
CEM Campus Estado de México
CFTA Campus Facilities Management Technology Association
CFS Campus Fire Safety
CF Campus Focus, Student Organization
C4C Campus for Christ
CFA Campus Freethought Alliance
CGS Campus Girl Scouts
CGV Campus Green Vote
CHC Campus Health Center
CHS Campus Health Service
CHP Campus Honors Program
CIN Campus Identification Number
CIVC Campus Information and Visitor Center
CIC Campus Information Centers
CISSO Campus Information Systems Security Officer
CITES Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services
CKP Campus Kitchens Project
CLAAC Campus Laboratory Animal Acquisitions Coordinator
CLC Campus Laboratory Consortium
CLC Campus Life Center
CLEF Campus Life Enhancement Fund
CLS Campus Life Services
CLUB Campus Life Union Board
CLAN Campus Local Area Network
CMB Campus Mailbox
CAMEX Campus Market Expo
CMAB Campus Ministry Advisory Board
CMC Campus Ministry Center
CNAG Campus Network Advisory Group
CNG Campus Network Group
CNAG Campus Networks Advisory Group
CNA Campus Numérique des Alpes
COSAP Campus Office of Substance Abuse Prevention
COS Campus Outreach Services
CPAA Campus Performing Arts Association
CPDC Campus Physical Development Committee
CPIP Campus Pipeline Integration Protocol
CPS Campus Police Services
CPO Campus Post Office
CPW Campus Preview Weekend
CPR Campus Printer Repair
CRNC Campus Radio Niagara College
CRW Campus Recreation and Wellness
CRC Campus Recreation Center
CRS Campus Recreation Services
CRWC Campus Recreation Wellness Center
CRP Campus Recruiting Program
CRI Campus Redevelopment Initiative
CRA Campus Residents’ Association
CRC Campus Retention Committee
CSES Campus Safety Escort Service
CSO Campus Safety Officer
CSAA Campus School Alumni Association
CST Campus Scientifique et Technique
CSA Campus Security Authority
CSO Campus Security Officer
CSO Campus Service Officer
CSB Campus Services Building
CS-1 Campus Solutions
CS Campus Solutions
CS-5 Campus Solutions
CSI Campus Specialization Initiative
CSAF Campus Sustainability Assessment Framework
CSD Campus Sustainability Day
CTO Campus Teaching Observatory
CTC Campus Technology Center
CTO Campus Technology Operations
CTS Campus Technology Services
CTSA Campus Technology Services Administrator
CTV Campus TeleVideo
CTN Campus Television Network
C2C Campus to Career
CURB Campus Union and Recreation Board
CUJ Campus Universitaire de Jussieu
CVSA Campus Video Services Alliance
CV Campus Village
CVSA Campus Village Student Association
CVPP Campus Violence Prevention Program
CVK Campus Virchow Klinikum
CVA Campus Virtuel Africain
CWCW Campus Web Council of Wisconsin
CWIS Campus Wide Information System
CWL Campus Wide Login
CWVC Campus Wide Virtual Computer
CBS Campus-Based System
CWID Campus-Wide ID
CXC Campus-X-Connect
CRC Capital Region Campus
CCMA Catholic Campus Ministry Association
CCM Center for Campus Ministry
CCHM Century Campus Housing Management
XA Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, USA
CFCM Christ First Campus Ministry
CLC Christian Living Campuses
CCCP City College Campus Police
CKC Clark Kerr Campus
CASOC Clubs and Societies on Campus
COCS Coalition of On-Campus Smokers
CHEC Coffs Harbour Education Campus
COOT Colby On-Campus Orientation Teams
CAC College Avenue Campus
CCI College Campus Initiative
CCCA Colorado College Campus Association
CCCE Committee on Campus and Community Environment
COCG Committee on Campus Governance
CBC Communion Biblique des Campus
CCP Community-Campus Partnership
CCPT Community-Campus Partnership for Tomorrow
CPC Concordia Primary Campus
CCR Cork Campus Radio
CCL Cross Campus Library
DCGA Denison Campus Governance Association
DCS Department of Campus Safety
DCR Division of Campus Recreation
DFSCA Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act
ECUADOR East Campus
EC East Campus
ECRA East Campus Research Association
ELOC edun Live on Campus
ECVA Electronic Campus of Virginia
ECF Espace Campus France
ECLSS Extended Campus Library Services Section
ECS Extended Campus Service
FACRA First Alberta Campus Radio Association
FEOC Free Exchange on Campus
GACLEA Georgia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators
GPHC Global Public Health Campus
GXC Go Cross Campus
GOC Grace on Campus
GCI Green Campus initiative
HPC Hippocampus
HS Hippocampus Sclerosis Hippocampus Sclerosis (neuropathology)
HLCM Houston Lutheran Campus Ministry
IVC Illinois Virtual Campus
IMPACT Innovative Multicultural Programming and Activities for Campus Togetherness
ICAN Installation Campus Area Network
IECS Instituto Europeo Campus Stellae
ICN Integrated Campus Network
IOCN Integrated Office Campus Network
ICCA Inter Campus Cost Allocation
IAUPC Inter-American University, Ponce Campus
IAC Interior-Aleutians Campus
IUIC Iqra University Islamabad Campus
IOC Islam on Campus
ICC Israel on Campus Coalition
ITBC IT Business Campus
JFRC Janelia Farm Research Campus
JCS Jewish Campus Services
JLOC Jewish Life on Campus
JCEC Johns Creek Environmental Campus
KHEC Kaplan Higher Education Campuses
KULCK Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Campus Kortrijk
LINC Leaders in New Campus
LGBTCC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Campus Center
LCC Livingston Campus Council
LTFC Lorado Taft Field Campus
LCR Loughborough Campus Radio
LFTC Luther Forest Technology Campus
MQC Macquarie City Campus
MC Main Campus
MCC Maine Campus Compact
MEUC Mar Elias University Campus
MCN Metropolitan Campus Network
MCC Michigan Campus Compact
MCLA Microsoft Campus License Agreement
MCPA Midwest Campus Parking Association
MCG Monash Campus Grid
MCC Montgomery County Campus
MCSA Morris Campus Student Association
MRU Multi-campus Research Unit
NACAC National Association for Campus Activities
NACA National Association of Campus Activities
NADDCM National Association of Diocesan Directors of Campus Ministry
NCRA National Campus and Community Radio Association
NCRC National Campus and Community Radio Conference
NCEC National Campus Energy Challenge
NCMA National Campus Ministry Association
NCSAM National Campus Safety Awareness Month
NJCL National Jewish Campus Life
NCJP Network of Campus Journalists of the Philippines
NCE NGA Campus East (Bethesda, MD)
NCRB North Campus Recreation Building
OCD Off Campus Dons
OCJ Off Campus Jams
OCL Off Campus Learning
OCL Off Campus Lunch
OCRA Off Campus Residents’ Association
OCSA Off Campus Student Association
OCWW Off Campus Writers’ Workshop
OCA Off-Campus Access
OCCA Off-Campus and Commuter Association
OCP Off-Campus Credit Programs
OCHS Off-Campus Housing Service
OCLP Off-Campus Learning Program
OCS Off-Campus Student
OCSE Off-Campus Student Employment
OCSS Off-Campus Student Services
OCSP Off-Campus Study Program
OCA Office of Campus Activities
ORCC Ohio Regional Campus Conference
OCSA Oklahoma Campus Safety Association
OCH Old Charlotte Highway Campus
OCP On Campus Promotions, Inc
OCS On Campus Suspension
OCWW On Campus with Women
OCH On-Campus Housing
OCI On-Campus Interview
OCIP On-Campus Interview Program
OCR On-Campus Recruitment
OCR On-Campus Resources
OCC One Campus Challenge
OCP Online Campus Passau
OCCA Ontario Campus Conservatives Association
ORCC Oregon Campus Compact
PROTECT Pagans Reaching Out to Educate Campus Together
PCWN Palosaari Campus Wireless Network
PHCF Peel Health Campus Foundation
PRC Pickle Research Campus
PCEG Presidential Campus Enrichment Grant
PCCH Purdue Christian Campus House
PUCC Purdue University Calumet Campus
RCR Radio Campus Rennes
RCR Radio Campus Rouen
REACH Raising Energy, Awareness and Campus Health
RFOC Real Food on Campus
SRVC San Ramon Valley Campus
SCSU Scarborough Campus Students’ Union
SCAT Secure Campus Anonymous Tip
SOCIETY Security On Campus
SOC Security On Campus
SYAC See You Around Campus
SVC Silicon Valley Campus
SFOC Slow Food on Campus
SMOC Small Man on Campus
SOCS Society of Off-Campus Students
SCS Sodexho Campus Services
SCC Southern California Campus
SMEC Southern Minnesota Educational Campus
SCRL Stanford Campus Residential Leaseholders
SCLC Student and Campus Life Council
SDCL Student Development and Campus Life
SGNC Student Government Newark Campus
SOCA Student Organizations and Campus Activities
SMAC Students for a More Accessible Campus
SCCC Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
STAC Students Toward an Accessible Campus
SAFE Students, Administrators and Faculty for Equality on Campus
SELECT Supporting Electronic Learning and Essential Campus Transitions
SIC Supporto Informatico Campus
TBOC Take Back Our Campus
TBTC Take Back the Campus
TMRC Talbott-Marsh Recovery Campus
TCMA Tertiary Campus Ministry Association
TCCC Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ
TCW The Campus Word
TCC The Children’s Campus
TCCC Tifton Campus Conference Center
TFCW Tobacco-Free Campus Wide
TFC Turner Fenton Campus
UMOC Ugly Man on Campus
UCB Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
UCCR Uniform Campus Crime Report
UMCM United Methodist Campus Ministry
USCM United States Campus Ministries
UCS University Campus Suffolk
UAW University of Akron, Wayne Campus
UNEC University of Nigeria Enugu Campus
USBI University of Stellenbosch Bellville Park Campus Information Centre
UTSC University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
UPCS University Park Campus School
VCK Vereniging Campus Kabel
VCC Vermont Campus Compact
VPCI Vice President Campus Issues
VMC Virtual Medical Campus
WCC Walnut Creek Campus
WCAC West Campus Advising Center
WCAC West Campus Agricultural Center
WCHS West Campus High School
WCRI West Campus Residential Initiative
WRCC Western Region of Campus Compact
WCCC Williams Campus Community Council
WCCC Williamsburg Campus Child Care
WWC Wisconsin Wilderness Campus
WCAC Woodbridge Campus Advisory Committee
WDC Workforce Development Campus