Caribbean Abbreviations

CAR is the abbreviation for Caribbean. There are 16 countries in Caribbean. Among them, the 10 largest countries are Cuba (Population: 11,253,010), Haiti (Population: 10,981,240), Dominican Republic (Population: 10,767,009), Jamaica (Population: 2,729,011), Trinidad and Tobago (Population: 1,357,011), Guyana (Population: 747,011), Suriname (Population: 556,379), Bahamas (Population: 379,011), Belize (Population: 347,380), and Barbados (Population: 283,011).

Caribbean Acronyms

The Caribbean Sea, the southern part of the American Mediterranean between the Antilles, Central America and South America.The Caribbean consists of the Yucatán Basin with the Cayman Basin, the Colombian Basin, the Venezuela Basin and the Grenada Basin. Off the coast of Venezuela are the Bonaire and Cariaco tombs.

The Caribbean is connected to the Gulf of Mexico through the Yucatán Canal and to the Atlantic Ocean through the numerous straits between the Antilles. The most important channels for deepwater emergence in the Caribbean are the Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti, which allows Atlantic deepwater to drain into the Cayman tomb and further through the Yucatán Basin to the Gulf of Mexico and the Anegada-Virgin Passage on the Virgin Islands, which renew the Venezuelan and Colombian Islands. In each strait, the threshold depth is about 1 600 m. Hot surface water from the Atlantic equatorial currents penetrates the Caribbean Sea between the Little Antilles and the strait between Grenada and Trinidad, forming the Caribbean stream, which continues into the Gulf of Mexico. The largest depth, 7,535 m, lies in the Cayman tomb.

Important natural resources are fish and oil. Shrimp fishing is most important, but also sardine and menhaden fishing, mainly for the production of fishmeal, and tuna fishing are of great importance. Oil and gas are extracted in Maracaibo in Venezuela and outside Trinidad. The Caribbean is a tropical sea with rich coral reefs. Hurricanes often cause severe material damage and loss of human life.

List of Caribbean Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Caribbean are CAR which stands for Caribbean. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Caribbean, including abbreviations for associations, airlines, funds, non-profit organizations, and etc.

CAR: Caribbean

Acronym Meaning
ACS African & Caribbean Society
AC African Caribbean
ACAP African Caribbean Achievement Project
ACBN African Caribbean Business Network
ACDA African Caribbean Disablement Association
ACEA African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance
ACFMS African Caribbean Family Mediation Service
ACLT African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust
ACS African Caribbean Society
ACSA African Caribbean Students Association
ACP African, Caribbean, & Pacific Countries
ACRRA African-Caribbean Reparations and Resettlement Alliance
ACCA Afro-Canadian Caribbean Association
ACAF Afro-Caribbean and Asian Forum
ACCOUNT Agency Coalition For Caribbean Tourism
ACCOUNTANT Agency Coalition for Caribbean Tourism
ACCT Agency Coalition for Caribbean Tourism
ACCL American Canadian Caribbean Line
ACCL American Caribbean Cruise Line
AUC American University of the Caribbean
ARCOS Americas Region Caribbean Optical-Ring System
ACTS Annual Caribbean Tourism Summit
ACP Asian, Caribbean and Pacific
ACCP Assembly of Caribbean Community Parliamentarians
ACCP Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police
ACEO Association of Caribbean Electoral Organizations
ACS Association of Caribbean States
ASC Association of Caribbean States
ACSAC Association of Commonwealth Societies of Architects in the Caribbean
AMLC Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean
ACPA Auditing in the Caribbean: A Practical Approach
BICU Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University
CARIB Caribbean
CAR Caribbean
CAST Caribbean Action for Sustainable Tourism
CATF Caribbean Action Task Force
CAPE Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination
CAU Caribbean African Unity
CABA Caribbean Agribusiness Association
CAIS Caribbean Agricultural Information Service
CARDI Caribbean Agricultural Research & Development Institute
CAFP Caribbean Agriculture & Fisheries Programme
CAES Caribbean Agro-Economic Society
CAC Caribbean Air Command
CAST Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism
CAJGC Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championships
CAPACITY Caribbean Amblyomma Programme
CAP Caribbean Amblyomma Programme
CAHM Caribbean American Heritage Month
CAC Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink
CALA Caribbean and Latin America Region
CARAPHIN Caribbean Animal and Plant Health Information Network
CAAP Caribbean Association of Administrative Professionals
CAIB Caribbean Association of Indigenous Banks, Inc.
CAIC Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce
CANTO Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations
CAPSS Caribbean Association of Principals of Secondary Schools
CASAP Caribbean Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals
CBEA Caribbean Banana Exporters Association
CBA Caribbean Bar Association
CBERA Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act
CBI Caribbean Basin Initiative
CBRN Caribbean Basin Radar Network
CB Caribbean Beach
CBC Caribbean Bottling Company Co. Ltd.
CBC Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation
CBU Caribbean Broadcasting Union
CCTA Caribbean Cable and Telecommunications Association
CBP Caribbean Capacity Building Programme
CCT Caribbean Cellular Telephone
CCETT Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training
CCCD Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf
HAV Caribbean Cigar Company
CCP Caribbean Citizenship Program
CCT Caribbean Coalition for Tourism
CCP Caribbean Coast Properties
CARICOMP Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity
CCFP Caribbean College of Family Physicians
CCPQ Caribbean Colloquium on Power Quality
CCMPGR Caribbean Committee for the Management of Plant Genetic Resources
CCN Caribbean Communications Network
CARICOM Caribbean Community
CCCCC Caribbean Community Climate Change Center
CCCU Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions
CIVIL Caribbean Conference of Churches
CCC Caribbean Conference of Churches
CACO Caribbean Connection
CCA Caribbean Conservation Association
CIVIL Caribbean Conservation Corporation
CCC Caribbean Conservation Corporation
CCE Caribbean Council for Europe
CACHE Caribbean Council for Higher Education in Agriculture
CSST Caribbean Council for Science and Technology
CCST Caribbean Council for Science and Technology
CCJ Caribbean Court of Justice
CCCC Caribbean Credit Card Corporation
CCF Caribbean Culinary Federation
CIVIL Caribbean Cultural Committee
CCC Caribbean Cultural Committee
CCAS Caribbean Cytometry & Analytical Society
CDPC Caribbean Data Processing Center
CDCC Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee
CDB Caribbean Development Bank
CDD Caribbean Development Division
CDERA Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
CDRA Caribbean Drag Racing Association
CEMF Caribbean Electronic Music Festival
CEP Caribbean Environment Program
CEHI Caribbean Environmental Health Institute
CEN Caribbean Environmental Network
CERN Caribbean Environmental Reporters’ Network
CAREC Caribbean Epidemiology Centre
CETA Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association
CXC Caribbean Examinations Council
CFPA Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation
CFATF Caribbean Financial Action Task Force
CFSC Caribbean Financial Services Corporation
CFNI Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute
CFC Caribbean Food Corporation
CFCS Caribbean Foods Crop Society
CFCA Caribbean Forest Conservation Association
CARIFTA Caribbean Free Trade Association
CGEP Caribbean Gender Equality Programme
CGMA Caribbean Gospel Music Awards
CGST Caribbean Graduate School of Theology
CGID Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy
CHRC Caribbean Harm Reduction Coalition
CHRC Caribbean Health Research Council
CHA Caribbean Hotel Association
CHIC Caribbean Hotel Industry Conference
CIRT Caribbean Imaging & Radiation Treatment Center, Inc
CISN Caribbean Information Sharing Network
CIFF Caribbean International Film Festival
CIN Caribbean International Network
CIGF Caribbean Internet Governance Forum
CLLI Caribbean Language and Linguistics Institute
CMRC Caribbean Marine Research Center
CMI Caribbean Meteorological Institute
CMO Caribbean Meteorological Organization
CMMB Caribbean Money Market Brokers
CME Caribbean Music Expo
CNMG Caribbean New Media Group
CANA Caribbean News Agency
CORT Caribbean Ocean Racing Triangle
COIP Caribbean Organisation of Indigenous People
CPIC Caribbean People International Collective, Inc
CPA Caribbean Philosophical Association
CPPI Caribbean Photo Press International Ltd
CPN Caribbean Planners Network
CPDC Caribbean Policy Development Centre
CPP Caribbean Policy Project
CPEC Caribbean Programme for Economic Competitiveness
CPRMG Caribbean Public Relations and Marketing Group
CARG Caribbean Ready Group
CRF Caribbean Recycling Foundation, Inc.
CREAS Caribbean Regional Ecumenical Advisory and Service Centre
CARSTIN CARibbean Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experience In Science and Technology
CARIBROC Caribbean Regional Operations Center
CRRT Caribbean Regional Response Team
CRSTDP Caribbean Regional Sustainable Tourism Development Programme
CARMA Caribbean Rehabilitation Medicine Associates
ARCHIVE Caribbean Revolutionary Alliance
ARC Caribbean Revolutionary Alliance
CRA Caribbean Rice Association
CRII Caribbean Rim Investment Initiative
CRMI Caribbean Risk Management Initiative
CSA Caribbean Sailing Association
CSY Caribbean Sailing Yachts
CSA Caribbean School of Architecture
CSEC Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate
CSA Caribbean Shipping Association
CSM Caribbean Single Market
CSME Caribbean Single Market and Economy
CSP Caribbean Stud Poker
CSA Caribbean Students Association
CSA Caribbean Studies Association
CSEF Caribbean Sustainable Energy Forum
CTCT Caribbean Territorial Council of Toastmasters
CTCP Caribbean Tourism Credentialing Program
CTO Caribbean Tourism Organization
CUC Caribbean Utilities Company
CVMA Caribbean Veterinary Medical Association
CWC Caribbean Workers Council
CYBA Caribbean Yacht Brokers Association
CYEN Caribbean Youth Environment Network
CYSF Caribbean Youth Science Forum
CCSA Caribbean, Central and South America
CHOG CARICOM Heads of Government (Caribbean government leaders)
CIVIL Carlito Caribbean Cool
CCC Carlito Caribbean Cool
CLACS Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
CAC Central American and Caribbean
CCCD Christian Caribbean Center for the Deaf
CCA Clean Caribbean & Americas
CCO Coastal Caribbean Oils & Minerals, Ltd
COSALC Coastal Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean
CONCACAF Confederation of North and Central American and Caribbean Association Football
CONCACAF Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football
CLACS Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
CGPC Coordinating Group of Pesticide Control Boards of the Caribbean
DCE Dutch Caribbean Airline
ECCA East Caribbean Currency Authority
ECGA East Caribbean Golf Association
ECGC East Caribbean Group of Companies
ECAR Eastern Caribbean
ECCB Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
ECCSR Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Registry
ECCEA Eastern Caribbean Coalition for Environmental Awareness
ECCM Eastern Caribbean Common Market
ECCH Eastern Caribbean Conference on Health
ECCU Eastern Caribbean Currency Union
ECUADOR Eastern Caribbean Dollar
ECONOMICS Eastern Caribbean Dollar
EC Eastern Caribbean Dollar
ECD Eastern Caribbean Dollar
XCD Eastern Caribbean Dollar
ECIB Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking
ECSE Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange
ECS Eastern Caribbean States
ECLAC Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean
ELAC Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
ESC English-Speaking Caribbean
FCAA Federation of Caribbean Associations of Architects
FCCA Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association
GRULAC Group of Latin America and Caribbean Countries
GLOC Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited
GCFI Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute
IPCGC Indigenous Peoples Caucus of the Greater Caribbean
IACA International Association for Caribbean Archaeology
IBCCA International Bathymetric Chart of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico
ICCA International Caribbean Carnival Association
IOCARIBE IOC Sub-commission for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions
JECS Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies
LACNIC Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre
LACRO Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office
LAC Latin America and the Caribbean
LACC Latin American and Caribbean Center
LACCEI Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions
LACTLD Latin American and Caribbean Country Code Top-Level Domain Organization
LACNIC Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry
LACMA Latin American and Caribbean Movers Association
LACTLD Latin American Caribbean ccTLDs
CARIPOL Marine Pollution Monitoring Program in the Caribbean
MALACS Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
MCCA Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas
MMSC Mitsubishi Motor Sales Caribbean, Inc.
MWBC Mixed White and Black Caribbean
NACAC North America, Central America and Caribbean Athletic Association
NACC North American, Central American and Caribbean
OCC Order of the Caribbean Community
OECS Organization of Eastern Caribbean States
PANCAP Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS
POC Pirates of the Caribbean
QTC Quality Tourism for the Caribbean
ROSTLAC Regional Office for Science and Technology for Latin America and the Caribbean
ROC Rest of Caribbean
RCC Royal Caribbean Cruises
RCL Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
RCI Royal Caribbean International
RDCC Royal Decameron Club Caribbean
SCL Society for Caribbean Linguistics
SCSCB Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds
SEFCAR Southeast Florida and Caribbean Recruitment
SCBA Southeastern Caribbean Bird Alerts
SCDB Southern Caribbean Deformed Belt
SOCA Students of Caribbean Ancestry
SOCA Students of the Caribbean Alliance
SOCA Students of the Caribbean Association
SAPACCY Substance Abuse Program for African Canadian and Caribbean Youth
TCOT Turtles in the Caribbean Overseas Territories
USCC United States, Canada, Caribbean
VICS Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies
WACA Wellingborough African-Caribbean Association
WCR Wider Caribbean Region
YCU Young Caribbean United

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