Computer Abbreviations


What is Computing?

Computing is an area of digital information, which includes the processes of collecting, storing, processing, transferring and disseminating data.

The term is the combination of the words information and automatic, so it can be summarized as information processed by automatic means.

Information technology, its innovations and its devices are part of all areas of our life and serve as a tool for work, study and entertainment.

What is basic computing?

Basic computing teaches the fundamental concepts of computers, important notions that make life and work organization easier.

Nowadays, basic computer knowledge is a common requirement for many job vacancies. Having basic computer skills means knowing:

  • use a computer;
  • access the Internet;
  • use browsers and search engines;
  • create and save files;
  • organize folders;
  • create basic spreadsheets and charts;
  • connect devices via USB cable;
  • understand the computer’s operating system.

The most important basic concepts

To understand the basics of computing, you need to know that there are two basic types of devices: hardware and software.

Hardware is the machine, made up of electronic components and all the parts and peripherals that are part of the computer. It can be a desktop (desktop) or laptop (laptop) computer.

Software is as important as hardware, it is the programs developed to make the computer work and perform activities.

Other basic computing concepts are:

  • operating system : it is the most important software, which makes the computer work and allows other programs to be installed and to work;
  • CPU : another very important part, responsible for processing the data stored on the computer;
  • monitor : is the computer screen;
  • RAM memory : memory used for storage, it has different capacities according to the type of computer;
  • hard disk (HD) : device where all the computer’s data and programs are stored;
  • motherboard : responsible for the joint operation of the computer;
  • processor : device that processes computer data;
  • External HD : portable data storage device with large capacity, connected by cable with USB port;
  • USB : is the cable input port for connecting to other devices such as printers or chargers;
  • pen drive : is a portable data storage device, it is used to save documents and transfer them to other computers.

What is informatics for?

As it is a very vast area, which encompasses research and the creation of different technologies, information technology facilitates the lives and activities of people and society as a whole. It puts technology at the service of people and simplifies work and study activities, as well as being a source of entertainment (films and games, for example).

Information technology makes it easier and faster to deal with information. Creating, improving, accessing, storing and distributing data or any type of information is easier and faster.

Computer science covers many areas of activity, such as:

  • schedule;
  • systems analysis;
  • hardware development;
  • information technology (IT);
  • computer maintenance;
  • artificial intelligence.

These are just a few examples, since information technology is present in our daily lives and in almost all the activities we do daily.

How did computing come about?

The history of computing begins before the appearance of the first prototype of a computer, which was only created in the early 1930s. The principle that led to the development of this type of technology is much older, when the need to create a device that could do calculations quickly.

The creation of the first calculator, which was based on mathematical algorithms and was invented by French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) in 1642 is recognized as the first creation of computer science. Pascal’s creation was called Pascaline.

The Third Industrial Revolution (between the 1950s and 1970s) represents a fundamental moment in the history of information technology. At that time, advanced technologies emerged that later originated and popularized personal computers, digital files, the internet and virtual communication that we know today.

The English mathematician Alan Turing (1912-1954) created the first concepts of computer science and the use of algorithms.

ENIAC: the first digital computer

The Electronic Numeral Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) was the world’s first digital computer, but it was nothing like the computers we know today.

It weighed about 30 tons and occupied a space of 150 m 2 and, despite its size, it had only 200 bits of memory.

It was developed during World War II (1939-1945) and began operating in 1947. It was created by John William Mauchly (1907-1980) and John Presper Eckert (1919-1995).

It was commissioned and used by the US Army to process data on tactical research. It operated with a manual card punching system and had the capacity to do up to 5000 operations per second and was in operation for ten years.

Summary of the evolution of computing in four periods

The history of computing can be told by the evolution of computers. It is divided into four stages, called generations:

  • First generation (1951/1959): The first computers had many problems, such as high power consumption, low processing speed and low memory. Even so, they represented the advance of information technology in the 1950s. ENIAC is part of this first generation.
  • Second generation (1959/1965): second generation computers became a little smaller and already consumed less energy, but still took up large spaces and had similar problems as the first generation. They were the first computers used in commercial activities.
  • Third Generation (1965/1975): computers became even lighter and smaller and were enhanced with important technological innovations, such as the chip. They were faster devices with more processing and storage capacity. It was during this period that the first personal computers appeared.
  • Fourth generation (1975 onwards): from the 1970s onwards, the evolution of computing has been rapid, with the creation of numerous technologies and devices that are increasingly faster, smarter and more efficient, and the commercialization of computers has grown as never before. Internet and robotics are two areas that emerged at this time.

Computer Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Computer

A Computerized Tribology Information System
A Multiscalar Supercomputer
A Reliable Computer/Human Interaction Environment
A Statistical Computing Procedure
Abuja School of Accountancy and Computer Studies
Academia Sinica Computer Center
Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies
Academic Complex Computer Lab
Academic Computer Center
Academic Computer Center
Academic Computer Center
Academic Computer Club
Academic Computer Club
Academic Computer Club
Academic Computer Network
Academic Computing and Communications Center
Academic Computing and Networking Services
Academic Computing Development Team
Academic Computing Lab
Academic Computing Services
Academic Computing Services Network
Academic Resources and Computing Committee
Academy of Computer Graphics
Accel Computer Services
Accelerated Simulation and Computing Program
Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative
Accent Computer Services Ltd.
Accident Analysis Computer Program
Accountability Computer Function
Accounting and Computer Enterprises
Accounting Education using Computers and Multimedia
ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security
Acorn Computer Enterprises
Acorn Computer Group
Acquiring Computer Competencies for Each Student’s Success
Active Directory Users and Computers
Activity Computer Security Plan
Activity-Based Computing Protocol
Ada High Level Computer Programming Language
Adaptive Computer Control Technologies
Adaptive Computer Control Technologies
Adaptive Computer Control Technologies
Adaptive Computerized Training System
Adaptive Computing Architecture
Adaptive Computing Machine
Adaptive Computing Technology
Adaptive Pattern Perceiving Electronic Computer System
Adiabatic Quantum Computing
Administrative Computing Services
Advance Computer Technology
Advanced Avionics Digital Computer
Advanced Battlefield Computer Simulation
Advanced Biomedical Computing Center
Advanced Business Computer Systems International, Incorporated
Advanced Communications-Computer Officer Training
Advanced Computer Aided Design
Advanced Computer Aided Design Engineering & Manufacturing Agency
Advanced Computer and Networking Technology
Advanced Computer Communications
Advanced Computer Communications
Advanced Computer Communications
Advanced Computer Concepts
Advanced Computer Concepts
Advanced Computer Concepts
Advanced Computer Connections, Inc.
Advanced Computer Connections, Inc.
Advanced Computer Connections, Inc.
Advanced Computer Controlled Essential Services Software
Advanced Computer Controls, Incorporated
Advanced Computer Controls, Incorporated
Advanced Computer Controls, Incorporated
Advanced Computer Education
Advanced Computer Engineering Services
Advanced Computer Entertainment
Advanced Computer Flight Plan
Advanced Computer Flight Planning System
Advanced Computer for Medical Research
Advanced Computer Forensics Techniques
Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc.
Advanced Computer Lab for Shipbuilding
Advanced Computer Laboratory
Advanced Computer Management
Advanced Computer Management System
Advanced Computer Modeling
Advanced Computer Networks
Advanced Computer Research Facility
Advanced Computer Services
Advanced Computer System
Advanced Computer System Interface
Advanced Computer Systems and Networks
Advanced Computer Techniques, Inc
Advanced Computer Technology
Advanced Computer-Generated Image
Advanced Computerized Execution System
Advanced Computing
Advanced Computing and Communication
Advanced Computing and Communications
Advanced Computing Center
Advanced Computing Center
Advanced Computing Center
Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education
Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design
Advanced Computing Environment
Advanced Computing Group
Advanced Computing Information Database
Advanced Computing Initiative
Advanced Computing Laboratory
Advanced Computing Research Centre
Advanced Computing Research Society
Advanced Data Processing in Ubiquitous Computing
Advanced Electronics/Computer Field
Advanced Flight Control Computer
Advanced Flight Management Computer
Advanced High Performance Computing Activity
Advanced High Performance Computing Applications
Advanced Interactive Microcomputer
Advanced Mission Computer
Advanced Network Computing Laboratory
Advanced Onboard Computer System
Advanced Placement Computer Science
Advanced Pod Control Computer
Advanced Reconfigurable Computer System
Advanced RISC Computing
Advanced RISC Computing
Advanced RISC Computing Architecture
Advanced Scientific Computer
Advanced Scientific Computer Enhancement Project
Advanced Scientific Computing Research
Advanced Simulation and Computing
Advanced Simulation and Computing Initiative
Advanced Space Computing Module
Advanced Spaceborne Computer Model
Advanced Strategic Computing Initiative
Advanced Supercomputing Division
Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture
Advanced TEMPEST Microcomputer
Advances in Computer Security and Forensics
Advances in Computer-Human Interaction
Advisory Committee for Computing Facilities
Aegis Computer Center
Aegis Computer Center
Aegis Computer Center
Aegis Computer Network Technician
Aeronautical Computer Laboratory
AFCEA Computing Conference & Exposition
Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.
Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania
Affordable Database and Computer Programming
Afghan Computer Science Association
African Regional Center for Computing
African Regional Centre for Computing
Agency Computer Systems, Inc.
Agent Based Computing
Agent Based Computing
Agent Based Grid Computing
Agni Computer Security Technologies
AIM Computer Users Association
Air Data Computer
Air Defense Command Control Communications Computers and Intelligence
Air Force Command, Computer, Control, Communication Agency
Air Force Computer Acquisition Center
Air Force Computer Aided and Acquisition Logistics Support
Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team
Air Force Computer Systems Manual
Air Force Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Air Force Computing Acquisition Contract
Air Force Super-Computer Wide Area Network
Air Navigation Computer System
Air Navigational Computer
Airborne Digital Computer
Airborne Launch Control System Computer
Airborne Operational Computer Program
Aircraft Computerized Equipment Support System
Aircraft Computerized Maintenance System
Aircraft Launcher Interface Computer
Aircraft Management Computer
Aircraft Requirements Computer System
Aircraft Systems Computer
AK Computer Services
Alabama Supercomputer Center
Al-Ahram Computer and Information Technology Exhibition
Albany Business Computing Association
Algemene Computer Club Westerkwartier
Algorithms, Models and Tools for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Networks
All Applications Digital Computer
All Computer Products
All Computing Environments
All Knowing Computer
Allen Computing and Business Analysis
Allensbacher Computer- und Telekommunikations-Analyse
Allgemeine Deutsche Computerhilfe
Alliance for Computers and Writing
Alliance for Secure Computing Education in North Texas
Allied Communications & Computer Security Agency
AMA Computer Learning Center
Amable Mendoza Aguiluz Computer College
Amateur Computer Club
Amateur Computer Club
Amateur Computer Club
Ambient Computing
American Academy of Computer Training and Technology
American Association for History and Computing
American College of Computer & Information Sciences
American Computer Resources, Inc.
American Computer Science Association, Inc.
American Computer Science Foundation
American Computer Science League
American Computer Software
American Computerized Commodity Exchange System and Services
American Directories Operations & Computerized Systems
American Directories Operations & Computerized Systems
American Institute for Computer Sciences
American National Computer Security Council
American Society of Computer Dealers
American Society of Computing Technicians
Americans for Computer Privacy
Amstelland Senioren Computerclub
Amstrad Computer User
Analog Computer
Analog Computer Subsystem
Analogical and Neural Computing Laboratory
Analytical Laboratory Computer System
Andromeda Computing Systems
Annual Computer Security Applications
Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
Apollo Computers, Incorporated
Apollo Guidance Computer
Apple Blossom Computer Club
Apple Computer
Apple Computer Company
Apple Computer Company
Apple Computer Company
Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple Computer, Incorporated
Apple Performa Computer
Application Platform for Pervasive Computing
Application Specific Computers Ltd.
Applications of Computer Algebra
Applications of Computer Vision in Archaeology
Applications of Computers to Manufacturing Engineering
Applied Computer Products, Incorporated
Applied Computer Research Inc.
Applied Computer Science
Applied Computer Security Associates
Applied Computer Solutions
Applied Computerized Telephony
Applied Computing Platform Provider
Applied Computing Systems Institute of Massachusetts
Applied Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing
Applied Personal Computing, Inc.
Aptech Computer Certified Professional
Arab Company for Computer Manufacturing
Arabian Computer News
Arabic Computer Systems
Arbitrary XML Rendering (computer programming)
Archaeological Computing Research Group
Archbishop Ryan Computer Club
Architecture and Building Aids Computer Unit
Architecture for Computer-Integrated Business Systems Demonstrator
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
Area Common User Computer
Area Control Computer Complex
Area Cooperative Computerized Educational Service System
Argonne Leadership Computing Facility
Arizona Computer Services
Arizona Public Schools Computer Consortium
Arm Computer Unit
ARM Machine; computer architecture)
Armament Computer
Armament Computer Symbol Generator
Army Budget Update Computer System
Army Command and Control Computer System
Army Commissary Computer Entry Store System
Army Computer Emergency Response Team
Army Computer-Aided Acquisition & Logistics Support
Army Desktop & Mobile Computing
Army Desktop & Mobile Computing – 1
Army High Performance Computing Research Center
Army Institute for Research in Management Information, Communications, and Computer Sciences
Army or Marine Corps component command, control, communications, and computer systems staff officer
Army Small Computer Program
Army Supercomputer Network
Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium
Art Computer Graphics
Art of Computer Game Design
Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computer Systems Division
Artificial Intelligence in Grid Computing
Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity
Artillery Computer System
ARTS Computer Display
Arts Computing Office
Artsy Computing Services
Asian Conference on Computer Vision
Asian International Mobile Computing
Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference
Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference
Asia-Pacific Symposium on Cluster Computing
Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers
Assemblage of Computer Maniacs
Assembly on Computers in English
Associate Computing Professional
Associate Member of the British Computer Society
Associate of Australian Computer Society
Associated Business Computers
Associated Business Computers
Associated Computer Enthusiast Society
Association for Computer Machinery with Special Interest in General Certification of Secondary Education
Association for Computer Studies Educators
Association for Computers and the Humanities
Association for Computing & Information Sciences
Association for Computing Machinery
Association for Data Processing & Computer Management
Association for History and Computing
Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing
Association for Progressive Computing
Association for Promotion and Research in Libre Computing
Association for Survey Computing
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
Association for the Development of Computer-based Instructional Systems
Association for Women in Computing
Association of Agricultural Computer Companies
Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers
Association of Computer Engineers
Association of Computer Professionals
Association of Computer Programmers & Analysts
Association Of Computer Programmers Analysts
Association of Computer Science Undergraduates
Association of Computer Support Specialists
Association of Computing Machinery
Association of Copyright for Computer Software
Association of Independent Computer Specialists
Association of Midrange Computer Users
Association of Personal Computer User Groups
Association of Professional Computer Consultants
Association of Professional Executive, Clerical and Computer Staff
Association of Service & Computer Dealers International
Association of Service and Computer Dealers International
Association of the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals
Associative Computing, Inc.
Associative Structure Computer
Associazione Costruttori Computer Italiani
Assorted Computing Rumors About Nothing You Might Suspect
Assured Computing Environment
Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication
Atanasoff-Berry Computer
Atanasoff-Berry Computer
Atari Computer System Interface
Atlanta Computer Society
Attached Resource Computer
Attached Resource Computer
Attached Resource Computer Network
Audiovisuelles Marketing und Computersysteme GmbH
Augmented Reality Games on Handheld Computers
Austin Computer Recycling Project
Australasian Computer Science Week
Australasian Computing Education Conference
Australian Computer and Communications Institute
Australian Computer Science
Australian Computer Science Conference
Australian Computer Society
Australian Computer Society
Australian Council for Computers in Education
Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing
Australian Personal Computer Accessories Pty Ltd
Auto Computer-Aided Design
Autologue Computer Systems, Inc.
Automata for Cellular and Molecular Computing
Automated Airspace Computer System
Automated Computer Examination System
Automated Computer Management System
Automated Computer Time Service
Automated Computerized Axial Tomography
Automated Direct Analog Computer
Automated Instructional Management System – Personal Computer
Automated Logistics Integrated Computer Extracts
Automated Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature Computer Information System-Internet Based System
Automated Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature Computer Information System-Phone Based System
Automatic Computer
Automatic Computer Controlled Electronic Scanning System
Automatic Computer Equipment Specialist
Automatic Computer Telex Service
Automatic Computing Engine
Automatic Control and Computer Sciences
Automatic Direct Analog Computer
Automatic Flight Control Computer
Autonomic and Trusted Computing
Autonomic Computing
Autonomic Computing and Communication Systems
Autonomic Computing Expression Language
Autonomic Computing Policy Language
Autonomy Oriented Computing
Autonomy Oriented Computing
Autopilot Computer
Autopilot Flight Director Computer
Autotrack Computer Vision System
Auxiliary Computer Power Unit
Auxiliary Fuel Management Computer
Avco Computer Services
Avenger Fire Control Computer
Average CPU Power (computing)
Average Response Computer
Average Response Computer
Aviation Computerized Maintenance System
Aviation Logistics Computer Operator
Avionics Computer Resource
Avionics Control Computer
Avionics Control Computer
Avionics Control Computer
Avionics Flight Management Computer
Avionics Simulation Computer
Avon Computer Co-Operative
Avon Computer Co-Operative
Avon Computer Co-Operative
Away from Computer
A-Z Computer Liquidators
B Computer Language
B Computer Language
B Computer Language
B computer language
B computer language
B computer language
B computer language
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Bachelor of Computer Applications
Bachelor of Computer Information Science
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Computer Technology
Bachelor of Computing and Business
Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Back At Computer Keyboard
Back Up Computer
Back-Up Computer System
Baha’i Computer and Communication Association
Bailey Computing Technologies, Inc.
Ballistic Computer System
Bangladesh Computer Association
Bangladesh Computer Council
Bangladesh Computer Samity
Base Command Computer
Base Communications-Computer Center
Base Communications-Computer Systems Assessment
Base Communications-Computer Systems Officer
Base Computer Center
Base Level Computing
Baseline Computing Environment
Basic Computer Control
Basic Computer Information Systems
Basic Computer Integration Skills
Basic Computer Programming Language
Basic Computing Module
Basic Computing Module
Basic Microcomputing Resource
Basic Research in Adaptive Intelligence and Neurocomputing
Basic Research in Computer Science
Bass Computers, Inc.
Bates Computer Solutions
Battery Computer System
Battery Computer Unit
Battery of Basic Computerized Audiometric Tests
Battle Command Computer
Battle Management Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
Battlefield Computer System
Bay Area Scientific Computing Day
Before Computers
Beginning Teacher Computer Network
Behavior Tech Computers
Benelux Computer Exchange
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
Berlin Brain-Computer Interface
Bertsch Computer Consulting
Best of the Best Computer-Aided Teaching
Better Computer Solutions, Inc.
Big Blue and Cousins (Greater Victoria Personal Computer Users’ Association
Bilkent Computer Center
Bina Nusantara Computer Club
Bioinformatics Supercomputing Centre
Biomedical Computing Interest Group
Biometric Portable Acquisition Computer
Biotechnology High Performance Computing Software Applications Institute
Bleed Air Monitoring Computer
Blizzard Power Personal Computer
Boca Raton Computer Society
Boeing Computer Services
Boeing Computer Systems
BOINC Simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) (distributed computing program)
Bonner Entwicklungswerkstatt für Computermedien
Boot Time Computer Services
Bootable CD Wizard (computer utility)
Born Before Computers
Boston Business Computing
Boston Computer Society
BRAC University Computer Club (Bangladesh)
Brain-Computer Interface
Bribie Island Seniors’ Computing Club
Bring Your Own Computer
British Association of Computer Clubs
British Columbia Computer Centre
British Computer Society
British Human-Computer Interaction Group
British Journal of Healthcare Computing and Information Management
Broadening Participation in Computing
Broward Personal Computer Association, Inc.
BSSGP Protocol) Virtual Connection Identifier (computing)
Budgeting and Computing System
Build Your Own Computer
Bulk Mounted Computer Station
Bulletin of Information on Computing and Anthropology
Bureau Computer Faciliteiten
Bureau Van Dijk Computer Services
Burke Computers Online Store
Bus Integration Computer Unit
Business Administrative and Technical Computer Services
Business and Computer Science
Business and Computer Science
Business Card Computer
Business Computer Applications, Inc
Business Computer Design International, Inc
Business Computer Information Systems
Business Computer Operating System
Business Computer Solutions, Incorporated
Business Computer Training Institute
Business Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Business Logic Computing
Business Process and Services Computing
Business-Oriented Aspects Concerning Semantics and Methodologies in Service-Oriented Computing
C|net the Computer Network
Cable Computerized Management Systems
Cajun Clickers Computer Club
Calculator and Computer Technology User Service
California Educational Computer Consortium
California Micro Computer
Calling-card Authorization Computer
Camera and Computer-Aided Traffic Sensor
Campus Computer Communication Association
Campus Computer Resellers Alliance
Campus Computing Coordinating Committee
Campus Computing Coordinating Council
Campus Computing Facilities
Campus Computing Identification
Campus Wide Virtual Computer
Can U Build It Cheaper (computer company in San Diego, CA, USA)
Canada Chinese Computer Association
Canadian Association of Computer Science
Canadian College of Business & Computers
Canadian Computer Security Symposium
Canadian Computing Competition
Canadian Computing Competition
Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering
Canadian Institute of Computer Science & Technology
Canadian Internetworked Scientific Supercomputer
Canadian Organization for the Advancement of Computers in Health
Canadian Police Information Computer
Canta Forda Computer Laboratory
Capsule Computers
Car Communication Computer
Car Communication Computer
Carolina Computer Gaming Association
Carolina Computing Initiative
Carolinas Women in Computing
Cashman Computer Associate
Cassiopia Computer Corp.
Cassiopia Computer Corp.
Casualty Control Computer System
Category Theory and Computer Science
C-DAC’s Tera-Scale Supercomputing Facility
Cebu Computer Coders Club
Center for Advanced Computer Studies
Center for Advanced Computing
Center for Advanced Computing and Communication
Center for Biological and Biomedical Computing
Center for Communication and Computer Research
Center for Computer and Communication Security
Center for Computer Assistance to the Disabled
Center for Computer Forensics
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
Center for Computer Security Research
Center for Computer System Security
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
Center for Computing and Information Technology
Center for Data Intensive Computing
Center for Data Intensive Computing
Center for Design of Educational Computing
Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
Center for Educational Computing Initiatives
Center for Embedded Computer Systems
Center for High End Computing Systems
Center for High Performance Computing
Center for High-Throughput Computing
Center for Human-Computer Interaction
Center for Information and Computer Systems
Center for Instructional and Research Computing Activities
Center for Law and Computers
Center for Literary Computing
Center for Parallel Computing
Center for Pervasive Communications and Computing
Center for Real-Time and Intelligent Complex Computing Systems
Center for Research in Computing and the Arts
Center for Research on Parallel Computing and Supercomputing
Center for Supercomputing Applications
Center of Scientific Computing
Central Air Data Computer
Central Coast Computer Club
Central Computer
Central Computer and Sequencer
Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
Central Computer and Telecommunications Authority
Central Computer Complex
Central Computer Complex
Central Computer Facility
Central Computer Site
Central Computer System
Central Computer Systems Management
Central Computing and Network Support Services
Central Computing and Telecommunications Agency
Central Environmental Satellite Computer System
Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics
Central Maintenance Computer
Central Mission Computer
Central Navigation Computer
Central Post Computer
Central Scientific Computing Complex
Centralized Infrastructure and Computing
Centre for Analysis, Scientific computing and Applications
Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing
Centre for Computer Studies
Centre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research
Centre for Computers and Communication Technology
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
Centre for Neural Computing Applications
Centre for Research in Computing
Cerco Computer Systems and Network
Cerebella Model Arithmetic Computer
Certificate in Business Computing
Certificate in Computer Graphic Design
Certificate in Computer Programming
Certified Computer Examiner
Certified Computer Forensic Specialist
Certified Computer Forensics Examiner
Certified Computer Investigator
Certified Computer Professional
Certified Computer Programmer
Certified Computing Professional
Certified Forensic Computer Examiner
Certified Member of the Australian Computer Society
Certified Network Computer Technician
Chaos Computer Club Berlin
Chaos Computer Club Cologne
Chaos Computer Club e.V.
Chaos Computer Club e.V.
Chaos Computer Club France
Chemical Computing Group, Inc.
Chemically Assembled Electronic Nanocomputer
Chicago Area Computer Hobbyists’ Exchange
Chicago Association for Microcomputer Professionals
Chicago Computer Society
Child Life Interactive Computers for Kids
Christian Computing Magazine
Church Computer Center
Church Computer Center
Circle Computer Resources
Circuits, Systems, Communications, and Computers
Classic Computer Collector’s Code of Conduct
Classified Computer Configuration Control System
Classmate Personal Computer
Client Computer Support Analyst
Client/Server Computing
Climate Computing
Climate Savers Computing Initiative
Clinical and Biomedical Computing Unit
Cloud Computing Environment
Cloud Computing Task Force
Club der Computer Spezialisten Kärntens
Cluster and Grid Computing Lab
Cluster Computing Journal
Coalition for Academic Supercomputer Centers
Coalition to Diversify Computing
Cockpit Interface Computer
Cognitive Adaptive Computer Help
Co-Investigator Computing Facility
Collaborative Computing
Collaborative Computing Frameworks
Collaborative Computing Over Social Networking
College Computing Center
College Computing Center
College of Computer and Information Technology
College of Computer Science
College of Computer Sciences and Engineering
College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
College of Engineering and Computer Science
College of Engineering and Computing
Colorado Computer Systems Research
Colorado Higher Education Computing Organization
Colorado Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory
Colorado River Computer Club
Colour Personal Computer
Combat Systems Casualty Control Computer System
Combinatorics, Computing and Complexity
Combinatorics, Computing and Complexity
Combined Computer Facility
Command & Control Microcomputer Users’ Group
Command & Control, Computers, Communication, Co-ordination, Intelligence & Information
Command Communications-Computer Systems
Command Computer Input Multiplexer
Command Guidance Computer
Command Launch Computer
Command Module Computer
Command, Control, Communications & Computer Systems Division Backfit
Command, Control, Communications & Computers Requirements Definition Program
command, control, communications, and computer countermeasures
Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems
command, control, communications, and computers
Command, Control, Communications, and Computers For
Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence Power Projection
Command, Control, Communications, Computers / Information Technology
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management
command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence for the Warrior
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Surveillance
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Counter-Measures, Intelligence and Inter-Operability
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Information, Intelligence
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Information/Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting Acquisition and Reconnaissance
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting
Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence and Information Systems
Commander Air Force – Computer Network Operations
Commerce and Enterprise Computing
Commercial Computer Centre
Commercial Computer Centre
Commercial Computer Centre Pty Ltd
Commercial Computer Centre Pty Ltd
Commercial Computer Security Centre
Commercial Fire Control Computer
Committee on Computer Code Coordination
Committee on Computers in Chemical Education
Committee On Computing, Information, and Communications
Common Avionics Computer
Common Computing Environment
communication and computer systems
Communication, Computing and Technology in Education
Communications and Mobile Computing
Communications Computer Programming Center
Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery
Communications, Computing and Information Resources
communications/computer link
Communications-Computer Committee
Communications-Computer Committee
Communicationscomputer Link
Communications-Computer System
Communications-Computer Systems Directive
Communications-Computer Systems Facility Manager
Communications-Computer Systems Installation Record
Communications-Computer Systems Integration
Communications-Computer Systems Officer
Communications-Computer Systems Program Plan
Communications-Computer Systems Requirements Document
Communications-Computer Systems Security
Communications-Computer Systems Security Officer
Communications-Computer Systems Staff Officer Course
Communications-Computer Systems Training Advisory Group
Communications-Computer Systems Working Group
Community Education Computer Society
Compact Computer Algebra
Compact Computer Unit
Compaq Computer Corporation
Compaq Computer Corporation
Compass Computer Group, Inc.
Compilers for Parallel Computing
Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart
Complex Instruction Set Computer
Component Synthesis with Model Integrated Computing
Composer Computer Contractor Contact Club
CompTIA Certified Computer Tecnhician (credential)
Computational Intelligence and Natural Computing
Computer – Oral Response Activated
Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
Computer & Communications Industry
Computer & Communications Industry Association
Computer & Control Solutions, Inc
Computer & Information Sciences Course
Computer & Information Systems Department
Computer & Microimage
Computer & Software Review Panel
Computer & Structures, Inc.
Computer / Communications Network Center
Computer Access Technology Corporation
Computer Accommodation Program
Computer Accommodation Program
Computer Accuracy
Computer Acoustics, Ltd
Computer Acquisition Form
Computer Active Technology Suspension
Computer Adaptive Test
Computer Address Matrix
Computer Age Management Services Pvt Ltd
Computer Aided Assessment
Computer Aided Asset Liability Management
Computer Aided Cable Listing
Computer Aided Cable Listing
Computer Aided Chemistry
Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument
Computer Aided Credentials of Teachers in Utah Schools
Computer Aided Crime
Computer Aided Design and Engineering
Computer Aided Design and Engineering
Computer Aided Design And Manufacturing
Computer Aided Design Equipment
Computer Aided Design Equipment
Computer Aided Design in Z
Computer Aided Design of Systems
Computer Aided Design, Manufacture and Operation
Computer Aided Disaster
Computer Aided Document Engineering
Computer Aided Document Engineering
Computer Aided Drafting Technology
Computer Aided Earthmoving System
Computer Aided Education
Computer Aided Emergency Response System
Computer Aided Engineering Network
Computer Aided Ergonomics and Safety
Computer Aided Exchange
Computer Aided Exchange
Computer Aided Facilities Management
Computer Aided Failure Tracking
Computer Aided Graphics
Computer Aided Innovation
Computer Aided Instruction
Computer Aided Instruction Management System
Computer Aided Instructor
Computer Aided Knowledge Engineering
Computer Aided Language Learning
Computer Aided Learning
Computer Aided Learning In Meteorology
Computer Aided Lighting Analysis
Computer Aided Logistics Support Analysis
Computer Aided Manufacturing Environment
Computer Aided Manufacturing International
Computer Aided Market Analysis
Computer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards
Computer Aided Medical Procedure
Computer Aided Mission Planning System
Computer Aided Modelling, Inc
Computer Aided Moulding Diagnostic Optimization
Computer Aided Music Mixing System
Computer Aided Network Engineering
Computer Aided Paperless System
Computer Aided Planning and Scheduling
Computer Aided Plastic ID Card
Computer Aided Problem Analysis
Computer Aided Process Engineering
Computer Aided Production Planning and Control
Computer Aided Protection Engineering
Computer Aided Real Language Orthographic System
Computer Aided Reliability Evaluation
Computer Aided Remote Driving
Computer Aided Resonance Assignment
Computer Aided Resource Management
Computer Aided Reverse Engineering
Computer Aided Revolution on Learning
Computer Aided Room Acoustics
Computer Aided Schematic System
Computer Aided Search Planning
Computer Aided Situation Awareness
Computer Aided Technology
Computer Aided Test
Computer Aided Test System
Computer Aided Time Standards
Computer Aided Tracking and Characterization of Homicides
Computer Aided Training
Computer Aided Transcription
Computer Aided Translation
Computer Aided Typesetting
Computer Aided User Oriented System Evaluation
Computer Aided Vexillology
Computer Aided Work
Computer Aided/Assisted Sperm Analysis
Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering Education
Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity
Computer Air Conditioning Unit
Computer Algebra
Computer Algebra & Functional Equations
Computer Algebra and Orthogonal Polynomials
Computer Algebra and Parallelism
Computer Algebra and Parallelism
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing
Computer Algebra Information Network
Computer Algebra Nederland
Computer Algebra System
Computer Algebra System for Algebraic Geometry
Computer Analog Input
Computer Analysis & Tracking of Employee Recognition
Computer Analysis and Response Team
Computer Analysis and Technology Unit
Computer Analysis of Mammography Phantom Images
Computer Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits, Excluding Radiation
Computer Analyzed Fetal Heart Rate Recording
Computer and Automated Systems Association
Computer and Automation
Computer and Communication Systems
Computer and Communication Technologies, Inc.
Computer and Communications Security
Computer and Consumer Electronics
Computer and Hi-Tech Management Company
Computer and Hi-Tech Management Company
Computer and Information Science
Computer and Interactive Voice Response
Computer and Internet Legal Issues Committee
Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier
Computer and Internet Use Supplements
Computer and Math Citation Index
Computer and Network Forensics
Computer and Network Repair
Computer and Network Security Group
Computer and Network Security Symposium
Computer and Network Security Symposium
Computer and Networking Services
Computer and Peripheral Subsystem
Computer and Robot Vision
Computer and Software Engineering Division
Computer and Systems Engineering
Computer and Tech Services of Appomattox
Computer and Technology High-Tech Response Team
Computer and Telecommunications Staff
Computer and Telephony Solutions
Computer and Video Games
Computer Animation
Computer Animation Language
Computer Animation Studios of Ontario
Computer Annunciation Matrix
Computer Anomaly Detection System
Computer Anti-Virus Researchers’ Organization
Computer Anwendungs- und Systemberatung GmbH
Computer Anxiety Rating Scale
Computer Apathy and Anxiety Scale
Computer Application
Computer Application Profile
Computer Application Profile
Computer Application Program
Computer Application Program
Computer Application Software
Computer Applications and Network Services
Computer Applications and Office Technologies
Computer Applications and Software Engineering
Computer Applications Company, Inc.
Computer Applications in Hydraulic Engineering
Computer Applications in Production and Engineering
Computer Applications Incorporated
Computer Architecture and Technology Laboratory
Computer Architecture Lab at Carnegie Mellon
Computer Architecture News
Computer Architecture Research Group
Computer Architectures for Machine Perception
Computer Are Social Actors
Computer Arts Centre at Espoo
Computer Arts Informant
Computer Arts New Media
Computer As Medium
Computer As Source
Computer Assessment of Media
Computer Asset Controller
Computer Assist To Technical Control
Computer Assistance and Training Services
Computer Assistance Program
Computer Assistance Resource Exchange
Computer Assistant
Computer Assisted Adolescent Referral System
Computer Assisted Artillery Meteorology
Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform
Computer Assisted Collection System
Computer Assisted Detection and Reports Enhancement System
Computer Assisted Feedback
Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System
Computer Assisted Information Retrieval System
Computer Assisted Instruction
Computer Assisted Job Evaluation
Computer Assisted Language Learning
Computer Assisted Learning
Computer Assisted Learning Module
Computer Assisted Legal Research
Computer Assisted Manufacturing
Computer Assisted Order Routing and Execution System
Computer Assisted Passenger Profiling System
Computer Assisted Passenger Screening System
Computer Assisted Personalized Approach
Computer Assisted Pipeline Review
Computer Assisted Production
Computer Assisted Production
Computer Assisted Program System
Computer Assisted Radiology & Surgery
Computer Assisted Reduction Method
Computer Assisted Related Language Adaptation
Computer Assisted Reporting
Computer Assisted Retrieval
Computer Assisted Retrieval at Los Alamos
Computer Assisted Semen Analyzers
Computer Assisted Software Measurement and Evaluation
Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis
Computer Assisted Surgery
Computer Assisted Systems Engineering
Computer Assisted Tactical Information System
Computer Assisted Technology Transfer
Computer Assisted Testing Service
Computer Assisted Text Reading
Computer Assisted Threat Evaluation
Computer Assisted Tomography
Computer Assisted Training System
Computer Assisted Transportation System
Computer Assisted Valuation
Computer Assisted Virtual Environment
Computer Assisted Virtual Environment
Computer Assisted/Managed Instructional Language
Computer Assisted-Language Instruction Consortium
Computer Associates – Visual Objects
Computer Associates International Inc.
Computer Associates International, Incorporated
Computer Associates Protection Suite
Computer Associates-1
Computer Association of Nepal
Computer Association of Nigeria
Computer Association of Thailand
Computer Assurance
Computer Assurance Services
Computer Audio Video
Computer Audit Retrieval System
Computer Audit, Control and Security
Computer Augmented Design and Manufacturing
Computer Automated Load Manifesting
Computer Automated Management System
Computer Automated Mapping and Information System
Computer Automated Measurement And Control
Computer Automated Performance Data
Computer Automated Performance Data
Computer Automated Software/System Engineering
Computer Automated Support Equipment
Computer Automated Support System
Computer Automated Terminal Operation System
Computer Automated Test Equipment, Inc
Computer Automated Test System
Computer Based Conversation System
Computer Based Depository
Computer Based Education
Computer Based Education System
Computer Based Information System
Computer Based Instruction
Computer Based Instruction Lab
Computer Based Interactive Training
Computer Based Interlocking
Computer Based Learning
Computer Based Learning Package
Computer Based Learning Unit
Computer Based Performance Monitoring
Computer Based Technical Order
Computer Based Test
Computer Based Trades and Technology
Computer Based Training
Computer Based Training Squadron
Computer Based Training System
Computer Based Tutorial
Computer Based User Documentation
Computer Beratung Service
Computer Brokers Exchange
Computer Burst Order
Computer Business Applications
Computer Business Quarterly
Computer Buyer’s Guide
Computer Care on Wheels
Computer Career Center
Computer Career Center
Computer Career Connection, Inc
Computer Career Connection, Inc
Computer Careers International
Computer Carrier Interrupt
Computer Center
Computer Center Feldbach
Computer Center Operator
Computer Centers of Operations Training
Computer Certification Project
Computer Chess Club
Computer Chess Club
Computer Club Elmshorn eV
Computer Club Fichtelgebirge
Computer Code Configuration Control
Computer Command and Control Company
Computer Command Carburetor
Computer Command Carburetor
Computer Command Engineer
Computer Communication Review
Computer Communications Electronics
Computer Communications Journal
Computer Communications Network
Computer Communications Workshop
Computer Community
Computer Company of North America
Computer Compatible Signal Data
Computer Compatible Tape
Computer Competency Practical Training
Computer Competency Requirement
Computer Composition International
Computer Conferencing System
Computer Consoles, Incorporated
Computer Consultant Services
Computer Consultants International
Computer Consultants of Central Kansas
Computer Consultants Partners
Computer Consulting Network
Computer Contact Teacher
Computer Containment Module
Computer Contractors Benefit Association
Computer Control Group
computer control list item
Computer Control Panel
Computer Control Unit
Computer Controlled Character
Computer Controlled Character
Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
Computer Controlled Display
Computer Controlled Launch Set
Computer Controlled Message
Computer Controlled Navigation System
Computer Controlled Testing System
Computer Controlled Typesetting
Computer Controller
Computer Conversion Assemblies
Computer Core Segment
Computer Corporation of America
Computer Crash Analysis Tool
Computer Crime
Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
Computer Crime and Security Survey
Computer Crime Initiative
Computer Crime Investigation
Computer Crime Investigator
Computer Crime Research Center
Computer Crime Scene Technician
Computer Crime Unit
Computer Crimes Division
Computer Crimes Investigation Unit
Computer Crimes Investigative Group
Computer Curriculum Corporation
Computer Curriculum Corporation
Computer Data Processing
Computer Data Systems, Inc.
Computer Data Word
Computer Dealers & Lessors Association
Computer Dealers Exposition
Computer Derived Format
Computer Description Language
Computer Design Activity
Computer Design Activity
Computer Design Engineer
Computer Design Language
Computer Desktop Encyclopedia
Computer Development Systems
Computer Digital Image Editing
Computer Directed Training
Computer Directed Training System
Computer Directory Assistance System
Computer Discount Warehouse
Computer Display Channel
Computer Display Maintenance Technician
Computer Display Unit
Computer Dynamics Inc.
Computer Economics Limited
Computer Education and Cognitive Sciences
Computer Education and Design
Computer Education and Educational Technology
Computer Education Group
Computer Education Group of Victoria
Computer Education Institute
Computer Education Services Corp.
Computer Education Society of Ireland
Computer Educational Support Initiative
Computer Election Systems
Computer Electronics Electrical Services
Computer Electronics Show
Computer Elements Workshop
Computer Emergency Readiness Team
Computer Emergency Response Team
Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius
Computer Engineer
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Computer Engineering and Informatics Department
Computer Engineering Center
Computer Engineering Management
Computer Engineering Management
Computer Engineering Roosendaal
Computer Engineering Systems
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Enhanced Digital Audio Restoration
Computer Enhanced Radio Emission Surveillance
Computer Entertainment Rating Organization
Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association
Computer Entry Punch
Computer Equipment or Service Request
Computer Equipment Replacement Program
Computer Equipment Resources and Technology Acquisition
Computer Equipped Learning Environments
Computer Ethics Philosophical Enquiry
Computer Ethics Taskforce
Computer Evaluation Center
Computer Event Marketing Association
Computer Evidence Recovery
Computer Exchange
Computer Facial Recognition
Computer Facilities Management
Computer Facility Security Officer
Computer Failure Data Repository
Computer Fault Isolation
Computer Fax Protocol
Computer Flight Plan
Computer for All Nigerians Initiative
Computer Forensic Examiner
Computer Forensic Examiner
Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery
Computer Forensics and Intrusion Analysis
Computer Forensics Field Examiner
Computer Forensics Laboratory
Computer Forensics Unit
Computer Forum KaHo
Computer Fraud Examiner
Computer Front End
Computer fur Menschen Gmbh
Computer Game Design
Computer Game Geek
Computer Games Magazine
Computer Games Programming
Computer Games Research Institute
Computer Games Sim Design
Computer Gaming Association of Arizona
Computer Gaming World
Computer General Studies
Computer Generated
Computer Generated Forces
Computer Generated Forces Software
Computer Generated Images for Advertising & Marketing
Computer Generated Interface
Computer Generated Solutions
Computer Generated Sound
Computer Generated Threat
Computer Genius
Computer Gesellschaft Konstanz, mbH
Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics and Applications
Computer Graphics Architect
Computer Graphics Communication Academy
Computer Graphics Computer Vision
Computer Graphics Forum
Computer Graphics Interface
Computer Graphics International
Computer Graphics Laboratory
Computer Graphics Linear Algebra library
Computer Graphics Metafile
Computer Graphics Reference Model
Computer Graphics Research Group
Computer Graphics Suppliers’ Association
Computer Graphics Systems Development
Computer Graphics Technology
Computer Graphics World
Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice
Computer Hackers and Intellectual Property
Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property
Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
Computer Hardware Configuration Item
Computer Hardware Fundamentals
Computer Hardware Manufacturing Benchmarking Association
Computer Hardware Understanding Developer
Computer Hardware Understanding Development kit
Computer Hardware, Advanced Mathematics, and Model Physics
Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions
Computer Help In Engineering Functions
Computer History Association of California
Computer History Museum
Computer History Museum
Computer Human Interaction Atlanta Chapter)
Computer Image and Design
Computer Image Generation
Computer Image Generator
Computer Imaging Analysis Software
Computer Implemented Inventions Directive
Computer Incident Advisory Capability
Computer Incident Response Capability
Computer Incident Response Center
Computer Incident Response Coordination Austria
Computer Incident Response Team
Computer Industry Almanac Inc.
Computer Industry Almanac, Inc.
Computer Industry Resources Committed to the Leading Edge
Computer Info Science-Network
Computer Information Advisors
Computer Information Agency
Computer Information and Office Systems
Computer Information and Planning, Inc.
Computer Information and Resource Center
Computer Information Delivery Service
Computer Information Forensics Investigator
Computer Information Management
Computer Information Network
Computer Information Science
Computer Information Service
Computer Information System Company
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems Management
Computer Information Systems Networking
Computer Information Systems Security Professional
Computer Information Technology
Computer Inoperative Limits
Computer Input Microfilm
Computer Input Multiplexer
Computer Inquiry III
Computer Integrated Business
Computer Integrated Design
Computer Integrated Design and Analysis for Machine Tool Components
Computer Integrated Facilities Management
Computer Integrated Knowledge System
Computer Integrated Logistics
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering
Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Concepts in Open Water Management Systems
Computer Integrated Manufacturing for Process
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Management System
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Open System Architecture
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Research Unit
Computer Integrated Manufacturing System
Computer Integrated Process Systems
Computer Integrated Processing
Computer Integrated Repair
Computer Integrated Road Construction
Computer Integrated Telephony
Computer Integrated Warehousing
Computer Integration of Requirements, Procurement, Logistics, and Support
Computer Intelligence
Computer Intelligence Group, Inc.
Computer Intelligence System
Computer Interactive Reminiscence and Conversation Aid
Computer Interconnect
Computer Interface
Computer Interface & Control
Computer Interface Adapter
Computer Interface Cabinet
Computer Interface Conditioning Unit
Computer Interface Control
Computer Interface Control Unit
Computer Interface Device
Computer Interface Electronics
Computer Interface Module
Computer Interface Non-Acoustic Data
Computer Interface Unit
Computer Intrusion Incident
Computer Intrusion Section
Computer Investigation and Technology Unit
Computer Investigations and Infrastructure Threat Assessment Center
Computer Is Frozen
Computer Jobs in Israel
Computer Journal
Computer Lab
Computer Lab Assistant
Computer Lab Coordinators
Computer Lab Management
Computer Language Research
Computer Languages and Systems Program
Computer Law Association
Computer Law Review International
Computer Lawyer News
Computer Leadership Development Program
Computer Learning Center
Computer Learning Instruction Center
Computer Learning Network
computer ledger illustration
Computer Liability Insurance Coverage
Computer Literacy 4 Kids
Computer Literacy And Information Technology
Computer Literacy in Communities
Computer Literacy Questionnaire
Computer Literacy Training and Access
Computer Literacy Understanding Through Community History
Computer Machinery Corporation
Computer Mail Services, Inc.
Computer Main Memory
Computer Maintenance, Doug Dennis
Computer Malicious Code
Computer Managed Instruction
Computer Managed Learning
Computer Management and Information Science
Computer Management Corporation
Computer Management Group, Inc.
Computer Management Information Systems
Computer Management Learning
Computer Management of Instruction
Computer Management Sciences, Inc.
Computer Management System
Computer Manufacturers Industry Group
Computer Manufacturing
Computer Manufacturing
Computer Market
Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988
Computer Measurement Group
Computer Measuring Machine
Computer Mechanics Laboratory
Computer Media Dealers Association
Computer Media Interface
Computer Mediated Distance Learning
Computer Memory Confidence Check
Computer Memory Security Check
Computer Memory Test Labs
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
Computer Microimage
Computer Microimage
Computer Misuse & Anomaly Detection
Computer Misuse Act
Computer Misuse Detection System
Computer Model
Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences
Computer Models for the Building Industry in Europe
Computer Models of Thought and Language
Computer Motion Inc.
Computer Multimedia and Animation Technology
Computer Museum of America
Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval
Computer Music Productions Online
Computer Navigation Fix
Computer Nerds To Go
Computer Network
Computer Network Administrator
Computer Network Attack
Computer Network Consultants
Computer Network Defense
Computer Network Engineer
Computer Network Exploitation
Computer Network Information Center
Computer Network Operation
Computer Network Research Group
Computer Network Service Professionals
Computer Network Subsystem
Computer Network System
Computer Network Technologies
Computer Network Technologies
Computer Network Transaction Group
Computer Network Use Supplement
Computer Networking and Information Technology
Computer Networking and Security Technology
Computer Networking Professionals Association
Computer Networking Research Laboratory
Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
Computer Networks and ISDN Systems (publication)
Computer Networks Journal
Computer Networks Pty. Ltd.
Computer Networks Research Lab
Computer News and Information
Computer Noise Prevention System
Computer Numeric Code
Computer Numerically Controlled
Computer On Silicon
Computer On Wheels
Computer Ondersteunde Zelfstudie
Computer On-Line Data
Computer Operating Properly
Computer Operations Administrator
Computer Operations and Information Services
Computer Operations Center
Computer Operations Manual
Computer Operations Manual
Computer Operations Parameters
Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology
Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology lab
Computer Operator Terminal
Computer Optimization Package
Computer Optimized Batch Reconciliation Application
Computer Oracle and Password System
Computer orBit Commerce Centre
Computer Order Entry
Computer Oriented Geological Society
Computer Oriented Language
Computer Oriented Language
Computer Oriented Language
Computer Oriented Numerical Technique
Computer Oriented Numerical Technique
Computer Originated World
Computer Output Information System
Computer Output Microfiche
Computer Output Microfiche
Computer Output Microfilmmicroform
Computer Output Microfilmmicroform
Computer Output Notification
Computer Output Notification
Computer Output Processing Service
Computer Output to Laser Disc
Computer Outputer Microforms Program And Concept Study
Computer Patents Annuities
Computer Patient Record
Computer Performance Evaluation
Computer Performance Management System
Computer Performance Management/Measurement
Computer Peripheral Manufacturers Association
Computer Peripheral Systems, Inc.
Computer Peripherals Manufacturers Association
Computer Personnel
Computer Personnel
Computer Personnel Development Association
Computer Personnel Research
Computer Physics Communications
Computer Pilots Association of America
Computer Planned Nutrition
Computer Platform Planning
Computer Plus Peripherals
Computer Power Center
Computer Power User
Computer Presentation Systems, Inc.
Computer Print Control
Computer Problem Solving
Computer Process System
Computer Processing Unit
Computer Processor Unit
Computer Productivity Services
Computer Products Administration
Computer Products Distribution Europe
Computer Professional Language Center, Inc
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Computer Proficiency
Computer Proficiency
Computer Program Abstracts
Computer Program Book
Computer Program Certification Panel
Computer Program Change Instruction
Computer Program Change Library
Computer Program Change Request
Computer Program Component
Computer Program Configuration Component
Computer Program Configuration Item
Computer Program Configuration Sub-Board
Computer Program Contract End Item
Computer Program Control Library
Computer Program Design Specification
Computer Program Detail Design Specification
Computer Program Development
Computer Program Development Plan
Computer Program Development Specification
Computer Program Deviation Request
Computer Program End Item
Computer Program Functional Baseline
Computer Program Identification Number
Computer Program Library
Computer Program Media
Computer Program Module
Computer Program Operator’s Manual
Computer Program Package
Computer Program Performance Specification
Computer Program Problem Report
Computer Program Protection Manager
Computer Program Tapes
Computer Program Test
Computer Program Test & Evaluation
Computer Program Test Specification/Software Test Description
Computer Program Test Specifications
Computer Program/mer
Computer Program/mer
Computer Programming and Network Administration
Computer Programming for Engineers
Computer Programming Language
Computer Programs & Systems, Inc.
Computer Project Manager
Computer Project On Technology
Computer Prompting & Captioning Co.
Computer Protection Program Manager
Computer Purchase Program
Computer Random Numbering
Computer Readability Editing System
Computer Readable Form
Computer Readable Format
Computer Ready Electronic Files
Computer Real Estate Technology
Computer Recycling Center
Computer Recycling Program
Computer Redistribution Team
Computer Rehabilitation Training
Computer Related Injury
Computer Related Studies
Computer Remote Terminal
Computer Rental World
Computer Repair Services
Computer Replacement Program
Computer Reproducible Master
Computer Research and Technology
Computer Research Institute of Montreal
Computer Research Lab
Computer Research News
Computer Reseller Marketing Alliance
Computer Reseller News
Computer Reservation System
Computer Resource Analysis
Computer Resource Center
Computer Resource Central Organization
Computer Resource Manager
Computer Resource Team, Inc.
Computer Resource Unit
Computer Resource Utilization
Computer Resources
Computer Resources Acquisition Support Office
Computer Resources and Information Technology
Computer Resources Control Board
Computer Resources Development Plan
Computer Resources Evaluation Facility
Computer Resources Group
Computer Resources Information Base
Computer Resources Integrated Support
Computer Resources Integrated Support Document
Computer Resources Integrated Support Plan
Computer Resources International
Computer Resources Interoperability Working Group
Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan
Computer Resources Management
Computer Resources Management Data
Computer Resources Management Plan
Computer Resources Management System
Computer Resources Management Team
Computer Resources Nucleus
Computer Resources Support
Computer Resources Support Plan
Computer Resources Technology Transition
Computer Resources Working Group
Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects
Computer Room
Computer Room Air Conditioner
Computer Room Air Handler
Computer Room Consultant
Computer Ruggedization and Integration
Computer Run Report
Computer Sales Associate
Computer Sales Group
Computer Schaak Vereniging Nederland
Computer Schaak Vereniging Nederland
Computer Science
Computer Science
Computer Science
Computer Science
Computer Science
Computer Science
Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Computer Science & Engineering Society
Computer Science Accreditation Commission
Computer Science Alumni Association
Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering Building
Computer Science and Engineering Department
Computer Science and Information Engineering
Computer Science and Information Systems
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Computer Science and Systems Analysis Department
Computer Science and Technology
Computer Science Association
Computer Science Building
Computer Science Conference
Computer Science Course
Computer Science Degree Online
Computer Science Department
Computer Science Discipline Network
Computer Science Education
Computer Science Education Workshop
Computer Science Engineering Society
Computer Science Graduate Organization
Computer Science Graduate Society
Computer Science Graduate Student Association
Computer Science Graduate Student Conference
Computer Science Graduate Student Group
Computer Science House
Computer Science in Electrical Engineering Committee
Computer Science in Russia
Computer Science Logic
Computer Science Network
Computer Science Research Network
Computer Science Student Union
Computer Science Students Association
Computer Science Symposium in Russia
Computer Science Teachers Association
Computer Science Technical Reports
Computer Science Tripos
Computer Science Undergraduate Association
Computer Science Undergraduate Society
Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Computer Science, Engineering and Physics
Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems
Computer Sciences Accreditation Board
Computer Sciences Canada, Ltd.
Computer Sciences Corporation
Computer Sciences Laboratory
Computer Sciences Raytheon
Computer Sciences-Technicolor Associates
Computer Search System
Computer Security
Computer Security & Forensic Solutions
Computer Security Accreditation Plan
Computer Security Act of 1987
Computer Security and Investigation
Computer Security and Network Technician
Computer Security Awareness and Training Program
Computer Security Center
Computer Security Conference and Exhibition
Computer Security Coordinator
Computer Security Division
Computer Security Engineering Team
Computer Security Enhancement Review
Computer Security Enhancement Review
computer security for acquisition managers
Computer Security Foundations
Computer Security Foundations Symposium
Computer Security Foundations Workshop
Computer Security Incident Response
Computer Security Incident Response Capability
Computer Security Incident Response Center
Computer Security Incident Response Team
Computer Security Institute
Computer Security Instructions
Computer Security Officer
Computer Security Operations Manager
Computer Security Operations Office
Computer Security Plan
Computer Security Program Office
Computer Security Resource Center
Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
Computer Security Subsystem Interpretation
Computer Security Systems
Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Reporting Program
Computer Security Technology Center
Computer Security Vulnerability Report
Computer Self Efficacy
Computer Sensitive Language
Computer Service Center
Computer Service Centre Midlands
Computer Service Provider
Computer Service Representative
Computer Service Support
Computer Service Technician
Computer Services
Computer Services
Computer Services
Computer Services and Systems Division
Computer Services Association
Computer Services Bendigo
Computer Services Center
Computer Services Corporation
Computer Services for Academic Research
Computer Services Inc
Computer Services Inc.
Computer Services Industry Training Council
Computer Services of the Carolinas
Computer Services Squadron
Computer Set Control
Computer Setups and Consulting
Computer Shogi Association
Computer Simulated Clinical Exercise for Dental Hygiene
Computer Simulation and Analysis
Computer Simulation of Social Phenomena
Computer Skills Assessment
Computer Society
Computer Society
Computer Society Bioinformatics
Computer Society Digital Library
Computer Society of Anna University
Computer Society of Bermuda
Computer Society of India
Computer Society of Pakistan
Computer Society of South Africa
Computer Society of Sri Lanka
Computer Society of Zambia
Computer Society Press
Computer Society University of Peradeniya
Computer Software
Computer Software
Computer Software
Computer Software & Services Industry
Computer Software and Services Association
Computer Software Application
Computer Software College
Computer Software Component
Computer Software Component
Computer Software Component Interface
Computer Software Configuration
Computer Software Configuration Item
Computer Software Data Tapes
Computer Software Design Description
Computer Software Development Technology
Computer Software Documentation
Computer Software Documentation
Computer Software Management
Computer Software Management and Information Center
Computer Software Management Information Center
Computer Software Module
Computer Software Nottingham Limited
Computer Software Operation Manual
Computer Software Operator’s Manual
Computer Software Requirements Specification
Computer Software Services
Computer Software Unit
Computer Software User Documentation
Computer Solutions Facility AG
Computer Solutions Response Team
Computer Solutions, Inc.
Computer Special Security Officer
Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology
Computer Staff Recruitment
Computer Standards and Interfaces
Computer Station
Computer Station
Computer Station
Computer Statistics
Computer Status Lights
Computer Status Matrix
Computer Stored Ambulatory Record
Computer Studies
Computer Studies
Computer Subprogram Design Document
Computer Subsystem
Computer Subsystem
Computer Subsystem
Computer Subsystem
Computer Supermarket
Computer Support Base
Computer Support Division
Computer Support Equipment
Computer Support Facility
Computer Support for Collaborative Learning
Computer Support Forum
Computer Support Group
Computer Support Program
Computer Support Section
Computer Support Services, Inc.
Computer Support Specialist
Computer Support Task Force
Computer Supported Collaborative Argumentation
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Environments
Computer Supported Collaborative Work
Computer Supported Cooperative Authoring
Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Computer Supported Instruction
Computer Supported Learning Resources
Computer Supported Simulations Division
Computer Supported Spiritual Development
Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications
Computer Supported Telecommunications Standard
Computer Surplus Outlet
Computer Switching Control Panel
Computer System Change Request
Computer System Configuration Item
Computer System Description Language
Computer System Engineering Technology
Computer System for Switch Mainframe Operations
Computer System Limited
Computer System Manager
Computer System Operations Manager
Computer System Operator
Computer System Operator’s Manual
Computer System Security Officer
Computer System Usability Questionnaire
Computer System Validation Committee
Computer Systems & Networking Technology
Computer Systems Advisers
Computer Systems Analyst
Computer Systems and Applications
Computer Systems Architecture
Computer Systems Australia Pty. Ltd.
Computer Systems Command
Computer Systems Development, Inc.
Computer Systems Division
Computer Systems Engineering
Computer Systems for Business International
Computer Systems for Distribution
Computer Systems Group
Computer Systems Group
Computer Systems Group Software
Computer Systems Installation
Computer Systems Integration
Computer Systems Integration Review
Computer Systems Laboratory
Computer Systems Management, Inc.
Computer Systems Policy Project
Computer Systems Quality
Computer Systems Research
Computer Systems Solutions Design
Computer Systems Squadron
Computer Systems Technical Support
Computer Systems Technology
Computer Systems Technology Association
Computer Systems Test Division
Computer Systems Users Guide
Computer Systems/Networking
Computer Systems: Operation and Management
Computer Take Back Campaign
Computer Task Group
Computer Task Group, Inc.
Computer Technical Specialist
Computer Technical Support
Computer Technical Support Specialist
Computer Technician
Computer Technology
Computer Technology
Computer Technology Application Lab, Inc.
Computer Technology Associates
Computer Technology Associates
Computer Technology Council
Computer Technology Documentation Project
Computer Technology for Medical Communication
Computer Technology Industry Association
Computer Technology Institute
Computer Technology Management Company
Computer Technology News
Computer Technology Research Corp.
Computer Technology Services
Computer Technology Solutions, Inc
Computer Technology Support
Computer Telephone Integrator
Computer Telephone Technology
Computer Telephony
Computer Telephony Engineer
Computer Telephony Engineer
Computer Telephony Integration
Computer Telephony Interface
Computer Terminal
Computer Test Sequences Document
Computer Test Set
Computer Ticket Service Gmbh
Computer to Computer
Computer to Computer
Computer to Computer Interface
Computer to Computer Link
Computer to Film
Computer to Intaglio Plate
Computer Tots/Computer Explorers
Computer Trade Show
Computer Trade Weekly
Computer Training and Education Center
Computer Training and Support Services
Computer Training Specialist
Computer Training Unit
Computer Troubleshooters
Computer Tutoring Complex in Physics
Computer Unit
Computer Unit
Computer Usage Control
Computer Use by Engineers
Computer Use in Social Services Network
Computer User Access
Computer Users Group
Computer Users Information Service
Computer Users Tape System
Computer Validation
Computer Validation Program
Computer Vertriebs Zentrum
Computer Video
Computer Virus
Computer Virus Association
Computer Virus Hysteria Awards
Computer Virus Industry Association
Computer Virus Infection
Computer Virus Interdiction System
Computer Vision and Active Perception Laboratory
Computer Vision and Image Processing
Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems
Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Computer Vision Applications for the Visually Impaired
Computer Vision Information Technology
Computer Vision Laboratory
Computer Vision Markup Language
Computer Vision Syndrome
Computer Vision System Control Architectures
Computer Vision Tool Kit
Computer Vision Tracking System
Computer Vision Winter Workshop
Computer Voice Response
Computer Web Design
Computer Web Services
Computer Wise Wholesalers
Computer World Hosting
Computer Writing and Research Lab
Computer Writing, Rhetoric and Literature
Computer, Communications & Electronics
Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program
Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program
Computer/Electronics Accommodations Program
Computer/Electronics Accommodations Program
Computer/Radio Subsystem
Computer/Standards Coordinating Committee
Computer/Telecommunications Accessibility Program
Computer/Telecommunications Accessibility Program
Computer-Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System
Computer-Aided Acquisition & Logistics Support
Computer-Aided Analysis
Computer-Aided Assessment System
Computer-Aided Building Design
Computer-Aided Business Simulation
Computer-Aided Circuit Design
Computer-Aided Construction
Computer-Aided Control System Design
Computer-Aided Cost/Classification
Computer-Aided Data Analysis in Medicine
Computer-Aided Data Entry
Computer-Aided Data Entry
Computer-Aided Data Reduction & Evaluation
Computer-Aided Data Review and Evaluation
Computer-Aided Design
Computer-Aided Design & Analysis
Computer-Aided Design & Drafting
Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Design and Reuse with Intelligent Support
Computer-Aided Design Development
Computer-Aided Design Experimental Translator
Computer-Aided Design for Research and Engineering
Computer-Aided Design Numerical Control
Computer-Aided Design Reliability
Computer-Aided Design System
Computer-Aided Detection
Computer-Aided Detection & Classification
Computer-Aided Diagnosis
Computer-Aided Diagnostic Information
Computer-Aided Dispatch
Computer-Aided Dispatch System
Computer-Aided Dispatch/Mobile Data Terminal
Computer-Aided Document Management
Computer-Aided Drafting
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
Computer-Aided Drafting Work System
Computer-Aided Drafting, Design and Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Drawing
Computer-Aided Drug Design
Computer-Aided Education & Training Initiative
Computer-Aided Electronic Packaging
Computer-Aided Engineering
Computer-Aided Engineering and Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Engineering Education
Computer-Aided Engineering Lab
Computer-Aided Exchange
Computer-Aided Exercise
Computer-Aided Exercise
Computer-Aided Exercise
Computer-Aided Exploration of Synthetic Aperture Radar
Computer-Aided Fault Isolation
Computer-Aided Fault-Tree Analysis
Computer-Aided Filter Tuning
Computer-Aided Force Management System
Computer-Aided Forecasting/Scheduling
Computer-Aided Gear Selection
Computer-Aided Geometric Exploitation
Computer-Aided Industrial Design
Computer-Aided Inspection
Computer-Aided Inspection and Test
Computer-Aided Instruction
Computer-Aided Instructional System
Computer-Aided Instructional Trainers
Computer-Aided Instrumentation Support System
Computer-Aided Integrated Systems Laboratory
Computer-Aided Knowledge Engineering for Construction Tasks
Computer-Aided Law and Advanced Technologies
Computer-Aided Learning
Computer-Aided Learning and Instruction in Science and Engineering
Computer-Aided Legal Research
Computer-Aided Life Cycle Engineering
Computer-Aided Lifecycle Support
computer-aided load manifesting system
Computer-Aided Lofting
Computer-Aided Logic Design
Computer-Aided Logistics
Computer-Aided Logistics Support
Computer-Aided Machining
Computer-Aided Maintainability Predictor
Computer-Aided Maintenance System
Computer-Aided Makeup
Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations
Computer-Aided Manual Operation
Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Manufacturing Machine
Computer-Aided Manufacturing Management
Computer-Aided Manufacturing of Individual Shells for Hearing Aids
Computer-Aided Mapping
Computer-Aided Mask Preparation
Computer-Aided Measurement and Control
Computer-Aided Methods
Computer-Aided Milestone Schedule
Computer-Aided Molecular Modeling
Computer-Aided Navigation/al Equipment
Computer-Aided Network Management
Computer-Aided New Drug Application
Computer-Aided Noise Analysis
Computer-Aided Optimization
Computer-Aided Paperless Examination System
Computer-Aided Parallelisation
Computer-Aided Parallelisation
Computer-Aided Parametric Estimating
Computer-Aided Passive Ranging Indicator
Computer-Aided Patient Management
Computer-Aided Pattern Engineering
Computer-Aided Pattern Evaluation and Recognition
Computer-Aided Planning
Computer-Aided Planning
Computer-Aided Planning and Scheduling System
Computer-Aided Probing
Computer-Aided Probing
Computer-Aided Process Planning
Computer-Aided Production
Computer-Aided Production
Computer-Aided Production Control
Computer-Aided Production Management
Computer-Aided Production Planning
Computer-Aided Profiling System
Computer-Aided Project Engineering
Computer-Aided Project Planning
Computer-Aided Prototyping System
Computer-Aided Provisioning System
Computer-Aided Publishing
Computer-Aided Publishing
Computer-Aided Publishing System
Computer-Aided Purchasing
Computer-Aided Purchasing
Computer-Aided Quality Assurance
Computer-Aided Quality Control
Computer-Aided Radio Communication Analysis
Computer-Aided Real-time Design
Computer-Aided Reliability Estimation
Computer-Aided Reliable and Optimal Design
Computer-Aided Remote Maintenance
Computer-Aided Requirements Analysis
Computer-Aided Research in Nursing
Computer-Aided Routing System
Computer-Aided Scenario and Problem Evaluation Routine
Computer-Aided Scheduling System
Computer-Aided Science Policy Analysis and Research
Computer-Aided Search and Rescue Planning
computer-aided search planning
Computer-Aided Self Teach
Computer-Aided Selling
Computer-Aided Service, Inc.
Computer-Aided Software
Computer-Aided Software Engineering
Computer-Aided Software Testing
Computer-Aided Software/Hardware Engineering
Computer-Aided Structured Programming
Computer-Aided Styling
Computer-Aided Submode Training
Computer-Aided Support
Computer-Aided System Engineering
Computer-Aided Systems
Computer-Aided Systems
Computer-Aided Systems Analysis
Computer-Aided Systems Human Engineering
Computer-Aided Tactical Imagery Support
Computer-Aided Tactical Information System
Computer-Aided Teaching
Computer-Aided Teaching of All Mathematics
Computer-Aided Technical Management
Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing
Computer-Aided Test Engineering
Computer-Aided Test Tool
Computer-Aided Testing
Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Analysis
Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application
Computer-Aided Tomography
Computer-aided Tomography
Computer-Aided Tooling
Computer-Aided Training
Computer-Aided Training System
Computer-Aided Transcription
Computer-Aided Usability Engineering
Computer-Aided Verification
Computer-aided-design Data Management System
Computer-Aided-Drawing Computer
Computer-Alerted Surveillance System
Computer-Anwendungs- und Industrie-Beratungs-GmbH
Computer-Assisted Accounting
Computer-Assisted Action Information System
Computer-Assisted Audit Technique
Computer-Assisted Audit Tools
Computer-Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques
Computer-Assisted Cartography
Computer-Assisted classroom discussion
Computer-Assisted Coding
Computer-Assisted Composition
Computer-Assisted Data Acceptance
Computer-Assisted Data Entry
Computer-Assisted Data Entry
Computer-Assisted Densitometric Image Analysis
Computer-Assisted Design
Computer-Assisted Device
Computer-Assisted Diabetes Risk Management
Computer-Assisted Dialect Adjustment
Computer-Assisted Dispatch & Reporting Enhancement
Computer-Assisted Display System
Computer-Assisted Distribution & Assignment
Computer-Assisted Drafting
Computer-Assisted Education
Computer-Assisted Engineering
Computer-Assisted Execution System
Computer-Assisted Exercise
Computer-Assisted Exercise
Computer-Assisted Exposure
Computer-Assisted Force Management System
Computer-Assisted Health Services Simulation
Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval Service System
Computer-Assisted Information Support System
Computer-Assisted Language Analysis System
Computer-Assisted Livestock Marketing
Computer-Assisted Load Management System
Computer-Assisted Maintenance Processing
Computer-Assisted Maintenance Program
Computer-Assisted Map Exercise
Computer-Assisted Map Maneuver Simulation
Computer-Assisted Mapping
Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal System
Computer-Assisted Material Management
Computer-Assisted Mathematics Program
Computer-Assisted Mechanistic Evaluation of Organic Reactions
Computer-Assisted Medical Record Audit
Computer-Assisted Message Preparation
Computer-Assisted Message Processing System
Computer-Assisted Message Processor
Computer-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
Computer-Assisted Mission Planning System
Computer-Assisted Molecular Design
Computer-Assisted Ordering
Computer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery
Computer-Assisted Part Programming
Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System
Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing
Computer-Assisted Picking System
Computer-Assisted Problem Solving
Computer-Assisted Publishing System
Computer-Assisted Purchasing
Computer-Assisted Purchasing
Computer-Assisted Radar Identification
Computer-Assisted Real Time Services
Computer-Assisted Reference Center
Computer-Assisted Resuscitation Algorithm
Computer-Assisted Retrieval Microform System
Computer-Assisted Search Planning
Computer-Assisted Search Service
Computer-Assisted Software Engineering
Computer-Assisted Software Project for Aural Skills Reinforcement
Computer-Assisted Structural Engineering
Computer-Assisted Surveillance System
Computer-Assisted Surveillance System
Computer-Assisted Survey Execution System
Computer-Assisted Survey Methods
Computer-Assisted System
Computer-Assisted System for Theater Level Engineering
Computer-Assisted Tactical Intelligence System
Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing
Computer-Assisted Terminal Criminal Hunt
Computer-Assisted Testing
Computer-Assisted Total Intravenous Anaesthesia
Computer-Assisted Tracking System
Computer-Assisted Trading System
Computer-Assisted Training
Computer-Assisted Training System
Computer-Assisted Translation
Computer-Assisted Utility System Evaluation
Computer-Assisted Video Image Analysis
Computer-Assisted Web Interview
Computer-Automated Design
Computer-Automated Transportation Tool
Computer-based Adaptive Testing
Computer-Based Aid for Troubleshooting
Computer-Based Collaborative Notetaking
Computer-Based Communication Technology
Computer-Based Counseling System
Computer-Based Demonstration
Computer-based Education Research Laboratory
Computer-Based Employee Training
computer-based forms of operations training
Computer-Based Interactive Multimedia
Computer-Based Interactive Video
Computer-Based Laboratory
Computer-Based Learning Centre
Computer-Based Mail System
Computer-Based Maintenance Aids System
Computer-Based Maintenance Automated System
Computer-Based Medical Systems
Computer-Based Medical Teaching
Computer-Based Message System
Computer-based Patient Record
Computer-Based Ranger
Computer-Based Reporting System
Computer-Based Safety Training
Computer-Based System
Computer-Based System Engineering
Computer-Based System Engineering
Computer-Based Teaching
Computer-Based Test Interpretation
Computer-Based Training Aid
Computer-Based Training Area
Computer-Communications Research
Computer-control Transmission Function
Computer-controlled Branch Exchange
Computer-Controlled Heater
Computer-Controlled Hostiles
Computer-Controlled Moving Bar
Computer-Controlled Optical Surfacing
Computer-Controlled Suspension Technology
Computer-Controlled Video Perimetry
Computer-Enhanced Infrared
Computer-Expert Supervisors Pack
Computerfreunde Costa Blanca
Computer-Generated Forms
Computer-Generated Hologram
Computer-Generated Imagery
Computer-generated Medication Administration Record
Computer-Generated Ordering
Computerhandel Thomas Schaper
Computer-Human Interaction
Computer-Human Interface
Computer-Integrated Agriculture
Computer-Integrated Construction
Computer-Integrated Engineering
Computer-Integrated Instruction
Computer-Integrated Material Processing
Computer-Integrated Product-Costing System
Computerised Automative Technology Reconfiguration System for Mass Customization
Computerised Bibliographic Record Actions
Computerised Clinical Pathway Management System
Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Computerised English Language Proficiency Test
Computerised Environmental Law Information Base
Computerised Track Access Control System
Computerised Unit Trust Administration System
Computerised Vehicle Storage Systems
Computerized Accident/Incident Reporting System
Computerized Accounts Payable System
Computerized Adaptive Testing
Computerized Advanced Personnel Requirements Information
Computerized Advanced Personnel Requirements Inventory
Computerized Affected Sibling Pair Analyzer and Reporter
Computerized AIDS Ministries
Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Program
Computerized Airplane Flight Manual
Computerized Anthropometric Research and Design
Computerized Application and Reference System
Computerized Assessment of Relative Risk Impacts
Computerized Assets Tracking System
Computerized Autodial System
Computerized Automatic Rating Technique
Computerized Automatic Virtual Environment
Computerized Automatic Virtual Environment
Computerized Automotive Recording System
Computerized Axial Tomography
Computerized Axial Tomography ; now Computed Tomography)
Computerized Axial Tomography Now Computed Tomography
Computerized Axial Transverse Tomography
Computerized Banking System
Computerized Blood Flow Study
Computerized Branch Exchange
Computerized Building Automation System
Computerized Built-In Test
Computerized Bulletin Board System
Computerized Business Exchange
Computerized Circuit Design, Inc.
Computerized Conferencing and Communications Center
Computerized Criminal History Files of the FBI
Computerized Delivery Sequence
Computerized Deployment System
Computerized Electrodermal Screening
Computerized Enrollment System for Instructors
Computerized Facility Integration, LLC
Computerized Fire Alarm Transmission System
Computerized Fleet Analysis, Inc.
Computerized Fluid Dynamics
Computerized Forwarding System
Computerized Functional Testing Corporation
Computerized Graphic Analyzer System
Computerized Harvest Bare Asset Management Project
Computerized Head-End Access Information Network
Computerized Homes Underwriting Management System
Computerized Human Resources Information System
Computerized Index to Philippine Periodical Articles
Computerized Labeling And Address Sequence System
Computerized Labeling And Address Sequence System
Computerized Language Information Processing
Computerized Learner Corpora
Computerized Legal Information Management and Explanation
Computerized Maintenance Management Software
Computerized Maintenance Management System
Computerized Maintenance Test System
Computerized Management Of COMSEC Material
Computerized Measuring Machine
Computerized Medical and Diagnostic Center
Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics
Computerized Medical Imaging Society
Computerized Medical Record
Computerized Medical Systems, Inc.
computerized medication dispensing cabinet
Computerized Movement Planning and Status System
Computerized National Identity Card
Computerized Numerically Controlled
Computerized Officer Planning System
Computerized Oncology Profile System
Computerized Operational Maintenance and Evaluation Tracking System
Computerized Optimization Model for Predicting and Analyzing Support Scenarios
Computerized Patient Record System
Computerized Physician Order Entry
Computerized Planar Motion Carriage
Computerized Practice Guidelines
Computerized Practitioner Order Entry
Computerized Prescriber Order Entry
Computerized Provider Order Entry
Computerized Regulation Thermography
Computerized Relative Allocation of Facilities Technique
Computerized Reliability Analysis Method
Computerized Response Audience Poll
Computerized Self Evaluation Checklist
Computerized Solutions for Business
Computerized Speech Research Environment
Computerized Status Accounting System
Computerized Structural Design
Computerized Structural Mechanics
Computerized Systems Validation
Computerized Systems Validation
Computerized Telephone Accounting
Computerized Telephone Accounting
Computerized Telephone System
Computerized Telephony Network
Computerized Test of Self-Control
Computerized Thermal Imaging
Computerized Toll Service
Computerized Tomographic Colonography
Computerized Tomography
Computerized Tomography Operating System
Computerized Tomography Scanner
Computerized Tomography-Brain
Computerized Training Management System
Computerized Training Systems
Computerized Transmission Function
Computerized Transmission Tomography
Computerized Transport System
Computerized Transportation Management System
Computerized Tube System
Computerized Typesetting System
Computerized Vehicle Registration
Computerized Visual Acuity Tester
Computerized Voice Reservation System
Computerized Voice Stress Analysis
Computerized Zoning Ordinance
Computer-Managed Instruction
Computer-Marked Assignment
Computer-Mediated Communications
Computer-Mediated Conversation
Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis
Computer-Mediated Relationship
Computer-Optimized Adaptive Suspension Technology
Computer-Optimized Molecular Parametric Analysis of Chemical Toxicity
Computer-Oriented Metering, Planning, and Advisory System
Computer-Oriented Partial Sum
Computer-Output Microfilm/Microform
Computer-Output Microfilm/Microform
Computer-Processed Interpretation
Computer-Prompted Diabetes Care
Computers & Structures, Inc
Computers & Structures, Inc.
Computers Across the Curriculum
Computers Across the Curriculum
Computers and Composition
Computers and Education
Computers and Electronic Technology
Computers and English for Speakers of Other Languages
Computers and Games Conference
Computers and Industrial Engineering
Computers and Information in Engineering Conference
Computers and Kids’ Ergonomics
Computers and Operations Research
Computers and Operations Research
Computers and Philosophy
Computers and Philosophy
Computers And Security
Computers and Security
Computers and Security
Computers and Structures, Inc.
Computers and the Humanities
Computers and the Quality of Life
Computers for Charity
Computers for Children
Computers for Information Management
Computers for Schools
Computers for Schools Ontario
Computers for Social Change
Computers for Youth
Computers in Biology and Medicine
Computers in Cardiology
Computers in Cardiology Conference
Computers in Cardiology Conference
Computers in High Energy Physics
Computers in Higher Education Economics Review
Computers in Higher Education Software Team
Computers in Human Behavior
Computers in Industry
Computers in Manufacturing
Computers in New Zealand Schools
Computers In Nursing
Computers in Physics
Computers in Teaching Initiative
Computers on Wheels
Computers Our Dreaded Enemy
Computers Overclocked
Computers Systems Terms and Acronyms
Computers Test Station
Computers Want Me Dead
Computers with Solutions
Computers, Communications & Information Dissemination
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems
Computers, Freedom and Privacy
Computers, Informatics, Nursing
Computers, Information and Communications
Computers, Literature and Philology
Computers, Networking and Electronics Technology
Computer-Science School
Computer-Supported Collaboration System
Computer-Supported Cooperative Learning
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Conference
Computer-Supported Social Learning
Computer-Supported Telephony Applications
Computer-to-PBX Interface
Computer-Using Educators, Inc.
Computer-Using Graphic Artists
Computer-Vended Postage
Computervision, Graphics, and Image Processing: Image Understanding
Computing & Management Sciences
Computing Accreditation Commission
Computing Across the Primary Curriculum
Computing and Communications Center
Computing and Communications Center
Computing and Communications Foundation
Computing and Informatics Technology
Computing and Information Services Newsletter
Computing and Information Technology
Computing and Media Services
Computing and Network Services
Computing and Software Engineering
Computing and Software Systems
Computing and Technology Group
Computing and Telecommunications Services
Computing Applications Center
Computing As Compression
Computing Center
Computing Center Management System
Computing Center Operations
Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences
Computing Development Branch
Computing Disciplines Facility
Computing Element
Computing Environment
Computing Environment for Linguistic, Literary, and Anthropological Research
Computing Environment Instant Messaging
Computing Environment Virus Protection
Computing Facility
Computing in Atmospheric Sciences Workshop
Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
Computing in the Humanities and the Social Sciences
Computing in the Humanities Working Papers
Computing Information and Communications Technologies
Computing Information Center
Computing Laboratory
Computing Laboratory
Computing Learning Center
Computing Management Sciences
Computing Network Advisory Group
Computing Operations Fundamentals
Computing Organizations Policy and Society
Computing Processes and Artifacts
Computing Research Advocacy Network
Computing Research Association
Computing Research Infrastructure
Computing Research Laboratory for the Environment
Computing Research Repository
Computing Resource
Computing Reviews
Computing Science
Computing Science
Computing Science
Computing Sciences Accreditation Board, Inc.
Computing Sciences Research Center
Computing Services
Computing Services
Computing Services
Computing Services
Computing Services and Software Association, Ltd
Computing Services Centre
Computing Services User Group
Computing Skills Workshop
Computing Studies Teachers Association
Computing Surveys
Computing Systems Design
Computing Technologies Research Lab
Computing Technology Industry Association
Computing Technology Laboratory
Computing Technology Laboratory
Computing to Assist Persons with Disabilities
Computing with Encrypted Data
Computing with Encrypted Function
Computing with Words
Computing, Communication, and Consumer
Computing, Communication, Control and Management
Computing, Communications and Control Technologies
Computing, Information and Communications Division
Computing: the Australasian Theory Symposium
Comunicazione Mediata dal Computer
Conceptual Foundations of Computing
Concurrent Supercomputing Consortium
Concurrent Supercomputing Consortium
Conference on Computer Assurance
Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy
Conference on Organizational Computing Systems
Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers
Conference on Software, Telecommunications, and Computer Networks
Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics
Confidential Computer Credentials
Configurable Network Computing
Connecticut Computer Crimes Task Force
Connecticut Educators Computer Association
Connecticut On-Line Computer Center
Console Computer Interface Adapter
Consolidated Computer Management Systems
Consolidated Computer Security Program
Consolidated Supercomputer Management Office
Consortium for Computer Education and Programmer Training
Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges
Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Eastern Conference
Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Northeast
Consortium to Distribute Computer Music
Construction Business Computing
Construction Industry Computing Association
Construction Industry Information and Computing
Constructivity in Computer Science
Consumers Computer Exchange
Context Switching Reconfigurable Computing
Context-Aware Computing
Contrast Enhanced Cranial Computerized Tomography
Control Computer
Control Program for Microcomputers
Control Program for Microcomputers
Control Status Maintenance Computer
Conventional Ordnance Release Computer
Cooperative Computer Science Program
Cops and Computers for the Community
Copyright Ownership Protection in Computer-Assisted Training
Cornell National Supercomputer Facility
Corporate Association of Microcomputer Professionals
Corporate Computer Center
Corporate Computer Center
Corporate Information and Computing Services
Corps Computer Centers
Corps Computer Centers
Corps Level Computer Generated Force
Correlated Computer Code
Correlated Computer Code
Correlator Control Computer
Correlator Control Computer
Cottonwood Computer Solutions
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Automatic Computer
Course Line Computer
Creating Connecting and Collaborating through Computing
Creating Literacy in Computer Knowledge
Creative Computing Solutions Inc
Creative Retirement Computer Club
Creed’s Computer Repair
Crew Module Computer
Critical Computer Resource
Cruise Missile Trainer Personal Computer
CSEL Planning Computer
CSIA Claims Tested Mark (now CESG Claims Tested Mark; computer security)
Curtiss Wright Embedded Computing
Custom Computer Services, Inc.
Custom Computer System
Custom Computing Machine
Customized Computer Software Systems
Customs Brokers Computing Company
Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, Inc.
Daimler Chrysler Computing Services
Dalhousie Computer Science In-House Conference
Daniel Baker Computer Consultant
Danish Center for Scientific Computing
Data Acquisition Computer
Data Analog Computer
Data Collection Computer
Data Handling Computer
Data Intensive Distributed Computing
Data Optimizing Computer
Data Processing Computer
Database Access Non-Computer Engine
Database Computer
Data-Intensive Computing Environment
Dayton Microcomputer Association
DCD on Chip Debugger (computing)
Dealer Computer Services
Decentralized Hospital Computer Program
Deep Computing Capacity on Demand
Deep Computing Institute
Deep Structure, Singularities, and Computer Vision
Defect-Tolerant Computer Architecture
Defense Enterprise Computing Centers
Defense Supercomputing Resource Center
Defensive Aids Computer
Delhi University Computer Centre
Delivery Unit Computer
Dell Computer Corporation
Dell Computer Corporation
Delta Computer Education
Demonstration of Advanced Reliability Techniques for Safety-Related Computer Systems
Department Computer Coordinators
Department of Applied Computer Science
Department of Computer and Software Engineering
Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction
Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Department of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Applications
Department of Computer Science Council
Department of Computing Science
Department Of Defense Computer Institute
Department Of Defense Computer Security Center
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Electronics Accreditation for Computer Courses
Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science
Departmental Computing Support
Departmental Microcomputer Acquisition Contract
Dependable and Secure Services Computing
Dependable Computing for Critical Applications
Dependable Computing for Safety Critical Applications
Deployable Communications-Computer Systems Architecture
Deployable Testbed for Autonomic Computing
Deputy Chief of Staff for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments
Design and Technology Computers
Design Computing and Cognition
Design, Engineering and Computing
Desk Side Computer System
Desk Top Computer
Desktop Computer Terminal
Desktop Tactical Computer
Detroit Computing Center
Differential Small Computer System Interface 2 Buffered Ethernet
Digital Air Data Computer
Digital Computer Association
Digital Computer Complex
Digital Computer Controls
Digital Computer Interface
Digital Computer Switching Unit
digital computer system
Digital Computer Unit
Digital Computing Association
Digital Control Computer
Digital Data Computer
Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine
Digital Equation Solving Computer
Digital Fire Control Computer
Digital Flight Control Computer
Digital Flight Guidance System/Computer
Digital Geoballistic Computer
Digital Input Computer
Digital Map Computer
Digital Topographic Terrain System Computer Disk
Diliman Computer Science Foundation, Inc.
Diploma Computer Aided Drafting
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Computer Office Assistant
Diploma in Computer Science and Applications
Diploma in Computer Studies
Diploma in Computerised Industrial Accounting
Directive on the Patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions
Director of Information Systems for Command, Control, Communications & Computers
Disabilities and Computing Program
Disk Oriented Computer System
Display Computer Complex
Display Computer Control Unit
Display System Computer Input Multiplexer
Distributed Component Computing Architecture
Distributed Computer Communication Networks
Distributed Computer Design System
Distributed Computer Network
Distributed Computer System
Distributed Computing
Distributed Computing
Distributed Computing and Communications Laboratory
Distributed Computing and Communications Technology
Distributed Computing Architecture
Distributed Computing Design System
Distributed Computing Environment
Distributed Computing Environment Daemon
Distributed Computing Equipment
Distributed Computing Group
Distributed Computing Industry Association
Distributed Computing Infrastructure
Distributed Computing Integrator
Distributed Computing Research Lab
Distributed Computing System
Distributed Computing Technologies, Inc.
Distributed Computing Unit
Distributed High Performance Computing
Distributed Minicomputer Network System
Distributed Network Computing
Distributed Object Computing
Distributed Reactive Management System for Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering
Distributive Computing
Distributive Computing
Dive Computer Uplink
Diversified Computer Systems, Inc.
Division Computer Center
Division Computing Management
Division of Computer Research and Technology
Division of Computer Technology and Training
Division of Computing and Information Technology
Division of Computing Studies
DNS -Based Authentication of Named Entities (computer security)
Docan Computer Systems International
Docan Computer Systems International Ltd
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
Down-Sized End-User Computer Equipment
Dreamscience Computer Interface
Dual-Energy Quantitative Computer Tomography
Dudleys Quality Computer Services
Durham Business & Computer College
Dyna-Metric Microcomputer Analysis System
Dynamic Computer Aided Machining
Earlham Computing Services
Early Learning Computer Centers
Eastern Business Computer Institute
Eastern Computer Services, Incorporated
Eco Computer, Incorporated
EDI Forum for companies with interest in Computing and Electronics
Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
Edinburgh University Computer Services
Educational Computing and Instructional Development
Educational Computing Network
Educational Computing Network of Ontario
Educational Computing Organization of Ontario
Educational Microcomputer Technology
Effective Technical and Human Implementation of Computer-based Systems
Eldorado Computing, Inc.
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical Computer-Aided Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Electrical Engineering Computer-Aided Design
Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science
Electrical Engineers and Computer Engineers
Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering
Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Electronic Computer Crime
Electronic Computer Programming Institute
Electronic Computer Waste Services
Electronic Computer-Aided Design
Electronic Computer-Originated Mail
Electronic Computer-Originated Mail
Electronic Desk Top Computer
Electronic Digital Computer
Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis
Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
Electronics and Computer Science
Electronics Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Electro-Optical Signal Processing Computer
Elevator and Aileron Computer
ELINT Subsystem Computer
Elitegroup Computer Services
Elitegroup Computer Systems
EMACS Makes A Computer Slow
EMACS Makes All Computing Simple
Embedded Computer Board
Embedded Computer Resource
Embedded Computer System
Embedded Computer Technology
Embedded Computer Vision
Embedded High Performance Computing
Embedded Integrated Computer Systems
Embedded Personal Computer
Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing
Emerald Computers Inc.
Emergency Management Computer Aided Trainer
Emirates Computer
Emirates Computer
Emirates Computer
Empirical Foundations of Computer Science
Emulated Buffer Computer
Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce
End User Computer Application
End User Computer Center
End User Computing
End-User Computing Satisfaction
Energy, Environment, Computer, and Geophysical Applications Group
Engine Life Computer
Engine Monitoring System Computer
Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc
Engineering and Computer Science
Engineering and Computer Science
Engineering Computer Facility
Engineering Computer Network
Engineering for Human-Computer Interaction
Engineering of Computer Based Systems
Engineering of Computer-Based Systems
Engineering Systems and Computing
Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science
Enhanced Fire Control Computer
Enhanced Pod Control Computer
Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum
Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum
Enterprise Computing Center
Enterprise Computing Solutions Organisation
Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce, and E-Services
Enterprise Distributed Object Computing
Enterprise Social Computing
Entertainment Computer System
Entertainment Computing Symposium
Environmentally Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Computing
Environmentally Indifferent Computing
Environments and Tools for Parallel Scientific Computing
ESPRIT Network of Excellence in distributed computing systems architectures
Estate Computer Systems LTD
Estonian Excellence in Computer Science
European Academic Supercomputing Initiative
European Association of Theoretical Computer Science
European Computer Driving License
European Computer Manufacturer’s Association
European Computer Manufacturers Association
European Computer Trade Show
European Computer-Industry Research Centre
European Dependable Computing Conference
European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research
European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research
European Molecular Computing Consortium
European Region WWMCCS Inter-Computer Network
European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering
European Vital Computer
Eventually Malloc All Computer Storage
Evolutionary Computing
Evolutionary Computing
Evolutionary Computing
Exchange Price Information Computer
Execute Subroutine (RPG computer language opcode)
Executive Committee for Academic Computing
Expanded Weapons Control Computer
Experiment Computer Input/Output
eXperimental Computing Facility
Explanation-Aware Computing
Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing
Express Computer Service
Extendable Instruction Set Computer
Extended Computer Display System
Extension Computing Technology Unit
Extension Technology and Computer Services
External Computer System
External Computerized Device
Exton Personal Computer Council
Extremely Advanced Computer Programming
Eye-gaze Response Interface Computer Aid
Faculty Academic Computing Support Services
Faculty of Automatics and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Computer & Information Sciences
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
Falcon Northwest Computer Systems
Fall Joint Computer Conference
Family Computer
Family Computer Emulator
Family Computer Emulator Ultra
Family Computer Robot
Fault Tolerant Computer System
Fault Tolerant Computing
Fault Tolerant Computing Symposium
Fault Warning Computer
Fault-Tolerant Spaceborne Computer
Federal Computer Conference
Federal Computer Crime Unit
Federal Computer Investigations Committee
Federal Computer Week
Federated Computing Research Conference
Federation on Computing in the United States
Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery
Fellow of the British Computer Society
Fellow of the Hong Kong Computer Society
Fellow, Australian Computer Society
Fernald Analytical Computerized Tracking System
Field Artillery Computer Control System
Field Artillery Computing Equipment
Field Artillery Digital Automatic Computer
Field Data Computer
Fieldbus Integration Into Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines
Fifth Generation Computer Systems
Film Optical Sensing Device for Input to Computers
Financial Computer Support, Inc.
Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc.
Financial Neural Computing
Fire Control Computer
First International Computer
First International Computer of America
Flexible Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Flexible Computer Interface Format
Flight Augmentation Computer
Flight Augmentation Computer
Flight Control Computer
Flight Control Computer
Flight Director Computer
Flight Guidance Computer
Flight Management Computer
Flight Management Computer Display Unit
Flight Management Computer Function
Flight Management Computer System
Flight Management Guidance Computer
Flight Management Guidance Envelope Computer
Flight Management System Computer
Flight Operations Computer System
Flight Sensor Computer
Flight Warning Computer
Florida Association for Computers in Education, Inc.
Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators
Florida Computer Crime Center
Florida Computer Project Solutions
For Better Computing
For On-Line Computer Users
For the Benefit of Computers and Gaming
Formal Approaches to Computing and Information Technology
Formal Aspects of Computing
Formal Aspects of Computing
Formal Aspects of Computing Science
Formal Methods and Computer Security
FORTRAN Coverage Analysis Tool (computer programming)
FORTRAN Execution Time Estimator (computer language)
Forward Area Computer Terminal
Foundation Computer Lab
Foundation for Advanced Computer Technology
Foundations Of Computer Science
Foundations of Computer Security
Foundations of Informatics, Computing and Software
FPGA High Performance Computing Alliance
Francis West Computer Services
Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
Front-End Computer
Frontier of Computer Science and Technology
Fuel Management Computer
Fujitsu Computer Products of America
Fujitsu Computer Systems
Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation
Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Fully Automatic Computer System
Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture
Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
Future Computer and Communication
Future Computing Environments
Future Generation Computer Systems
Future Generation Computer Systems
Future Trends in Distributed Computing Systems
Gaming Obsession Throughout Computer History Award
Gateway Computer System
Geac Computer Corporation Limited
General Attitudes Toward Computers Scale
General Avionics Computer
General Computer Controls
General Computer Self-Efficacy
General Computing and Software
General Electric Computer Operating System
General Electric Computer Users Group
General Government Computer Center
General Purpose Analog Computer
General Purpose Computer
General Purpose Computer Support Center
General Purpose Computing Cycles
General Purpose Electronic Computer
General-Purpose Analog Neural Computer
General-Purpose Computer
General-Purpose Computer Filter
General-Purpose Computing Device
Generic VHSIC Spaceborne Computer
Genetic Computer Strand Implants
Genetics Computer Group
Geographical Computer Aided Design
Geological-Object Computer-Aided Design
Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory
Georgia Tech Computer Store
German Computer Freaks
German Scientific Computing Initiative
GIG Computing Nodes
GIMP Drawing Kit (computer graphics library)
Gippsland School of Computing and Information Technology
Gliding Club Computer System
global command, control, communications, and computer assessment
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center
Globus Ubiquitous Supercomputing Testbed Organization
Golden Gate Computer Society
Gomel Computer Science Week
Government Computer Exposition
Government Computer News
Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
Gracefully Degradable Multi-Computer System
Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications
Graduate Transition Certificate in Computer Science
Grand Computers
Granular Computing
Granular Computing
Graph Grammars and their Application to Computer Science
Graphic Communications Computer Association
Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science
Greater Philadelphia Computer Skills Collaborative
Grenoble Personal Computer Division
Gresham Computing PLC
Grid and Cooperative Computing
Grid and Cooperative Computing Workshops
Grid and Pervasive Computing
Grid Computing Environments
Grid Computing in Computational Biology
Gridlock System Computer
Grinnell College Computer Services
Ground Control Computer Center
Ground Support Computer Complex
Guidance & Control Computer
Guidance and Navigation Computer
Guidance Checkout Computer
Guidance Computer
Guidance Control Computer
Gun Computer System
GX Computer, Ltd.
HAF Computer System
Hamburger Computertage
Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science
Hand-Held Computer
Hand-held Computer Unit
Handheld Personal Computer
Hanford Science and Engineering Supercomputer
Hard Computing
Hardware Computer Interface
Hartford Computer Group, Inc.
Harvard Arts and Sciences Computer Services
Harvard Computer Society
Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics
Harvest Valley Computer
Hauppauge Computer Works
Haveman Computer & Internet
Hawaii Access to Computerized Health
Hayes Microcomputer Products
Hazard Assessment Computer System
Head Office Computer System
Head Office Computer System
Hecht-Nielsen Neurocomputing Corporation
Helical Computerized Tomography
Helicopter Multi-Role Computer
Hentai Computer Graphics
Hernando Computer Club
Heterogeneous Computing Workshop
Heterogeneous Network Computing Environment
Heuristically-programmed Algorithmic Computer
Hi Tech Computer
High Confidence Computing Systems
High Dependability Computing Project
High Dependability Computing Project
High End Computing
High End Computing Interagency Working Group
High Lift Control Computer
High Order Language Computer
High Performance and Large Scale Computing Conference
High Performance Computer
High Performance Computer Cluster
High Performance Computing
High Performance Computing
High Performance Computing & Communications
High Performance Computing and Applications
High Performance Computing Applications in Mexico
High Performance Computing Center
High Performance Computing Facility
High Performance Computing Visualization Initiative
High Performance Distributed Computing
High Performance Reconfigurable Computing
High Performance Scientific Computing
High Performance Super Computer
High School Computer Training Program
High Tech Computer Corp
High-capacity Computer Unit
High-density Instruction Set Computer
Highland Lakes Computer Club
High-Performance Computer Architecture
High-Performance Computing Act of 1991
High-Performance Computing and Simulation Research Laboratory
High-Performance Computing for Financial Planning under Uncertainty
High-Performance Computing Network
High-Productivity Computing
High-Throughput Computing
Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Computer-Informatika ITS
Hindustan Computers Ltd.
History-Economics Computing Support
Hobby Computer Club
Hochiminh Computer Association
Hodge Computer Research Corporation
Holographic labelling techniques for automatic IDentification in Computer-
Home & Office Computer Support
Home & Office Computer Support
Home Banking Computer Interface
Home Computing Initiative
Home Video Computer
Homing And Warning Computer
Honeywell Computer Users Association
Hong Kong Association for Computer Education
Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team
Hong Kong Computer Society
Hong Kong International Computer Conference
Host Computer Facility
Host Computer System
Host LAN Computer
Host Naval Computer System
Hosted program for the AN/UYS-1 Diagnostic Computer Program
Hosted program for the AN/UYS-1 Diagnostic Computer Program
How Computers Work
How Much Computer Works
HPKB Integrated Knowledge Environment (computing)
HTML CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) JavaScript (computer programming)
HTTP Request Smuggling (computing)
Human Computer Interface
Human Computer International
Human-Assisted Computer Control
Human-Centered Computing
Human-Computer Interaction
Human-Computer Interaction und Visualisierung
Human-Computer Interface Guidelines
Humanities Computing Certificate Program
Humanities Computing Development Team
Humanities Computing Development Team
Human-Oriented Media Computing
Human-Powered Computing
Hutchinson Computer Systems Ltd
Hybrid Dual Portable Computer
Hypermedia Computer Mediated Environment
IBM Tivoli Data Warehouse (computer server)
IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Phoenix Conference on Computers and Communications
IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications
IEEE Transactions on Computers
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
Iligan Computer Institute
Image Computer
Image Computer
Image Computing Systems Laboratory
Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition
Imaging and Distributed Computing Group
IMC Computer Systems
Implicit Parallel Instruction Computing
Improved Mortar Ballistic Computer
Income Support Computer System
Independent Computer Consultants Association
Independent Computing Architecture
Indian Association for Research in Computing Science
Indian Computer Institute Association
Indiana University Computer Science
Industrial Computing Initiative
Industrial Computing Society
Industrial Personal Computer
Industrielle Computer Anwendungen
Infantry Soldier Computer
Infinite Computer Services
Infinity Computer Solutions
Informatics Computer School
Information and Computer Science
Information and Computer Science Alumni Organization (University of California, Irvine)
Information and Computer Sciences
Information and Computer Technology Organization
Information and Computer Technology Organization
Information and Computing Science Division
Information Computer and Communications Policy
Information Design & End-User Computing
Information Processing Standards for Computers
Information Resource Management Program for Accessible Computer/Communication Technology
Information Services Computer Resource Area
Information Technology and Computer Science
Information Technology: Coding and Computing
Information, Network, and Computer Security
INFORMS Computing Society Conference
In-house Computing Option
Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery
Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Information and Computer Sciences
Innovative Computer Systems
Innovative Computer Technology, Incorporated
Innovative Computing Laboratory
Institut fur Computergestutzte Raumanalytik
Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing
Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals
Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering
Institute for Computer Based Learning
Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology
Institute for Computer Policy and Law
Institute for Computer Science and Technology
Institute for Computer Sciences & Technology
Institute for Computer Technology
Institute for Computer-Based Assessment
Institute for Computing Information and Cognitive Systems
Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Institute for Nanoelectronics and Computing
Institute for New Generation Computer Technology
Institute for Theoretical Computer Science
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
Institute of Computer Science
Institute of Computer Science and Cybernetics
Institute of Computer Technology
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers/Association for Computing Machinery
Institute of Management and Computer Technology
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science in Medicine
Institute of Quantum Computing
Institute of Scientific Computing Research
Institute of Theoretical Computer Science and Communications
Institutional Models for Humanities Computing
Instruction Set Computer
Instructional and Collections Computing Facility
Instructional Computing
Instructional Computing
Instructional Computing Working Group
Instrument Bus Computer
Integrated Avionics Computer
Integrated Computer Aided Design
Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing
Integrated Computer Application for Recognizing User Services
Integrated Computer Assisted Surveillance System
Integrated Computer Engineering
Integrated Computer Engineering Design
Integrated Computer Environment
Integrated Computer Management
Integrated Computer Systems
Integrated Computer Systems Laboratory
Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering
Integrated Computer-aided Engineering and Manufacturing
Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering
Integrated Computerised Banking Account
Integrated Computerized Banking System
Integrated Computerized Deployment System
Integrated Computing Architecture
Integrated Computing Network
Integrated Computing Network News
Integrated Design Environment for Assessment of Computer Systems and Communication Networks
Integrated Display Computer Unit
Integrated Management of Personnel Administration Through Computer Technology
Integrated Microcomputer Processing System
Integrated Mission Management Computer
Integrated Navigation Computer And Plotter
Integrated Performance Analysis of Computer Systems
Integrated Visual Computing
Intel Architecture Personal Computer
Intel Personal Supercomputer
Intel Supercomputer Users Group
Intelligent Agents and Soft-Computing
Intelligent and Ubiquitous Computing
Intelligent Computer Graphics System
Intelligent Computer Peripherals
Intelligent Computer Solutions
Intelligent Computer-Aided Instruction
Intelligent Computer-Aided Language Learning
Intelligent Computer-Assisted Learning
Intelligent Computer-Assisted Training
Intelligent Distributed Computing
Intelligent Pervasive Computing
Interactive Computer Aided Provisioning System
Interactive Computer Aided-Design
Interactive Computer Based Training
Interactive Computer Graphics
Interactive Computer Presentation Panel
Interactive Computer Service Provider
Interactive Computer Vision
Interactive Computer Worded Forecast
Interactive Computer-Aided Provisioning System
Interactive Computing Education Association
Interactive Training Advanced Computer Applications
Inter-Computer Communications Unit
Intercomputer Handler
Intercomputer Link
Intercomputer Link
Intercomputer Processor Replacement
Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts
Interdisciplinary Investigator’s Computing Facility
Interdisciplinary School of Scientific Computing
Interim Mobile Environmental Team Computer System
Interim System Planning Computer
Intermediate Computer Fabric
Intermediate Computer Science
Internal Computerized Device
Internal Conference on Computer Architecture
Internal Retrieval Associative Computer
International Association for Computer Information Systems
International Association for Mathematical and Computer Modelling
International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
International Association for Statistical Computing
International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists
International Association of Computer Professionals
International Association of Computer Programmers
International Business Machines Personal Computer Advanced Technology
International Computer Archive of Modern English
International Computer Association
International Computer Broker Association
International Computer Center
International Computer Chess Association
International Computer Communications Conference
International Computer Driving License
International Computer Facsimile Association
International Computer Music Association
International Computer Music Conference
International Computer Network
International Computer Olympiad
International Computer Professional Associates
International Computer Science Conventions
International Computer Science Institute
International Computer Science Series
International Computer Science Symposium in Russia
International Computer Security Association
International Computer Systems
International Computers Limited
International Computer-Telephony Association
International Computing Bibliography
International Computing Center
International Computing Systems, Inc.
International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society
International Conference on Advanced Computer Control
International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interaction
International Conference on Advances in Computing
International Conference on Autonomic Computing
International Conference on Cluster Computing
International Conference on Computer and Information Science
International Conference on Computer Applications
International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding
International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipping
International Conference on Computer Communications
International Conference on Computer Communications
International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks
International Conference on Computer Design
International Conference on Computer Engineering and Systems
International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation
International Conference on Computer Networks and Mobile Computing
International Conference on Computer Networks and Mobile Computing
International Conference on Computer Processing of Oriental Languages
International Conference on Computer Research and Development
International Conference on Computer Vision
International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics
International Conference on Computer, Control and Communication
International Conference on Computer-Aided Design
International Conference on Computers
International Conference on Computers and Devices for Communication
International Conference on Computers in Chemical Research and Education
International Conference on Computers in Education
International Conference on Computers, Communications and Control
International Conference on Computing
International Conference on Computing and Information
International Conference on Computing in Missions
International Conference on Computing, Communication and Control
International Conference on Distributed Computing
International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking
International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems
International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems
International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing
International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems
International Conference on Entertainment Computing
International Conference on Environmental and Computer Science
International Conference on Information and Computing Science
International Conference on Information Technology: Coding and Computing
International Conference on Innovative Computing Information and Control
International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing
International Conference on Intelligent Computing
International Conference on Internet Computing for Science and Engineering
International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking
International Conference on Parallel Computing in Electrical Engineering
International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Applications
International Conference on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications
International Conference on Semantic Computing
International Conference on Supercomputing
International Conference on the Engineering of Complex Computer Systems
International Conference on Visual Computing
International Conference on VLSI and CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
International Council for Computer Communication
International Development of Computer Education
International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications
International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing
International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering
International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology
International Journal of Computers and Applications
International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
International Journal of High Speed Computing
International Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications
International Microcomputer Software, Inc.
International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists
International Multi-Symposiums of Computer and Computational Sciences Conference
International Organization on Computer Evidence
International Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference
International Phoenix Conference on Computers and Communications
International Resources for Computers & Communications
International School for Scientific Computing
International Series in Engineering and Computer Science
International Society for Computer-Aided Surgery
International Society for Computerized Electrocardiography
International Society for Computerized Electrocardiology
International Society for Computers and Their Applications
International Symposium on Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing
International Symposium on Applications of Computer Algebra
International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences
International Symposium on Computer Architecture
International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems
International Symposium on Fault Tolerant Computing
International Symposium on Grid Computing
International Symposium on Grid Computing, High-Performance and Distributed Applications
International Symposium on Neural Networks and Soft Computing in Structural Engineering
International Symposium on Soft Computing for Industry
International Symposium on Vehicular Computing Systems
International Symposium on Visual Computing
International Symposium on Wearable Computers
International Telecomputing Consortium
International Workshop on Cluster Computing
International Workshop on Computer Aided Software Engineering
International Workshop on Distributed Computing
Internet & Personal Computing Abstracts
Internet and Computer Law Association
Internet and Computing Core Certification
Internet and Distributed Computing Systems
Internet Computing and Communications Convergence
Internet Computing for Science and Engineering
Internet Dive Computer Review
Internet Parallel Computing Archive
Internet Small Computer Systems Interface
Internet-Based Computer-Aided Design
Internet-Ready Computer System
Interpretive Computer Simulation
Introduction to Business Computer Applications
Introduction to Computer Sciences
Iowa Student Computer Association
Iowa Student Computing Alumni
IP Media Gateway (computer networking)
Iranian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Irish Centre for High-End Computing
Isolinear Computer Library Database
Israel Symposium on the Theory of Computing Systems
Italian Computer Society
Jacobson Computers Inc.
Japan Computer Emergency Response Team
Japan Computer Security Association
Japan Computer Security Research Center
Japan Computer Usage Development Institute
Japan Computing Systems
Japan Electronic Computer Company
Japan Electronic Computer Corporation
Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery
Japanese Computer Emulation Centre
Java Computer Aided Engineering
Java-Enable Single-System-Image Computing Architecture
Jay Computer Services
JCS Computing Solutions
Jeddah Computer Center
Jeraisy Computer & Communication Services
Jersey Atari Computer Group
Jewelry Computer Systems
John A. Shelburne Computer Learning Center
John Juliano Computer Services
John von Neumann Institute for Computing
Johnson Computer Software Team
Joint Committee on Computer Based Instruction
Joint Computer Center
Joint EGO Computing Centers
Joint Supercomputer Center
Joint Task Force – Computer Network Operations
Jones Computer Network
Jonesboro Computer Services
Jordan Computer Society
Journal of Applied Mathematics & Computing
Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences
Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing
Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
Journal of Computer Documentation
Journal of Computer Science
Journal of Computer Science and Technology
Journal of Computer Science Education
Journal of Computer Security
Journal of Computer-Assisted Tomography
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Journal of Computing and Information Technology
Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering
Journal of Computing in Higher Education
Journal of Computing in Small Colleges
Journal of Grid Computing
Journal of Organizational and End User Computing
Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce
Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce
Journal of Technology Computer-Aided Design
Journal of the American Association for History and Computing
Journal of the Association for History and Computing
Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society
Journal of Ubiquitous Computing and Intelligence
Journal of Visual Languages and Computing
Journal on Computing
Jucikas Computer Services, Inc.
Jumptec Elite Computer Club
Just Another Computer Company
Kansas Center for Advanced Scientific Computing
Kathmandu University Computer Club
Kentucky/Indiana Personal Computer Users Group
Kerridge Computer Company
Keyboard binding for computer game movement
Kids Computer Workshop
Kids Learning In Computer Klubhouses
Kingston Computer Planet
Knowledge-Based Neurocomputing
Kogakaiden Computer Sports Association
Konami Computer Entertainment
Korea Computer Center Europe
Korea Securities Computer Corp.
Kornyk Computer Solutions International
Kyoto Computer Gakuin
La Salle College Computer Team
Lab Computing Integrator
Laboratory Computer System
Laboratory for Computer Architecture
Laboratory for Computer Science
Laboratory for Computer Science Research
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
Laboratory for Integrated Computing and Optoelectronic Systems
Laboratory for Recreational Computing
Laboratory Instrument Computer
Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing
Laboratory Unit for Computer-Assisted Surgery
Lake County Computer Users
Lancaster University Computerised Intelligent Excavator
Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Language Computer Corporation
Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing
Laptop Computer
Laptop Computer
Laptop Computer Unit
Large Scale Computer
Largely Undercover Nuclear Computer Handles Bologna or Complicated Komputer Stuff
Latitude Data Computer
Lattice Computing
Launch Control Computer Program
Lead Computing Optical Sight
Legal Aspects of Computer Crime
LHC Computing Grid
LIATE Control Computer
Library Computer
Library Computer Lab
Licking Area Computer Association
Life Sciences Computing Facility
Lightning Computer Consultant Service
Lightweight Computer Unit
Linux Computer
Little Computer People
Little Man Computer
Livermore Automatic Research Computer
Local Area Multicomputer
Local Authorities Management Services and Computer Committee
Local Computer Network
Logic In Computer Science
Logic Programming and Soft Computing
logical computing machine
Logical Foundations of Computer Science
Logical Foundations of Computer Science
Logical Micro-Computer Company
Logistical Computing and Internetworking
Los Angeles Computer Center
Los Angeles Computer Society
Losers of Friday Night on Their Computers
Loyal Ontario Group Interested in Computers
Mac Asheville Computer Society
Machine for Automatic Graphics Interface to a Computer
Machine Learning and Soft Computing
Macmillan Computer Publishing
Macquarie Computing Mini-Conference
Magna Computer Corp
Main Control Computer
Maine Computer Crimes Task Force
Mainframe Computer
Mainframe Computer Terminal
Maintain Personal Computer-Based Automated Test System
Maintenance Availability Computer
Maintenance Availability Computer
Maintenance Computer Program
Maintenance Data Computer
MAJCOM Communications-Computer Systems Plan
Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team
Managed Central Computing Systems
Management and Administrative Computing
Management and Administrative Computing
Management Computer System
Management Engineering Committee for Embedded Computer Resources
Management Information Systems and Computer Applications
Manchester Computing Centre
Maneuver Computer System
Manipal Institute of Computer Education
Map Exercise Computer Assistance
Marin Computer Center
Marin Computer Resource Center
Martinez Consulting and Computer Services, Inc.
Martinsburg Computing Center
Maryland Instructional Computer Coordinators Association
Massachusetts Computer Associates, Incorporated
Massachusetts Education Computer Network
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Computer Science
Massachusetts Personal Computer Services, Inc.
Massey University School Administration by Computer
Massively Parallel Computer
Massively Parallel Supercomputer
Master Computer Club Luxembourg
Master Mission Computer
Master of Applied Science in Computer Engineering
Master of Computer Applications
Master of Computer Graphic Design
Master of Computer Science
Master of Science in Applied Computer Science
Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Master of Science in Computer Information Technology
Master of Science in Computer Networking
Master of Science In Computer Science
Master of Science in Computer Science
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Master Operational Computer
Masters in Computer Application
Masters in Computer Management
Material System Computer Resources
Math, Computing and Engineering Center
Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Mathematical and Statistical Computing Laboratory
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Mathematics and Computer Education
Mathematics and Computer Science
Mathematics in Computer Science
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
MATLAB Distributed Computing Toolbox
Maui High Performance Computing Center
MEASURE Interactive Query (computer science)
Measurement Computing Corporation
Mechanical Computer Aided Design
Mechanical Computer-Aided Engineering
Media Center Personal Computer
Medical Image Computing
Medical Image Computing
Melbourne University Computer Students Association
Member of Australian Computer Society
Member of Australian Council for Computers in Education
Member of British Computer Society
Member of the Association of Computing Machinery
Member of the British Computer Society
Member of the Irish Computer Society
Member of the Singapore Computer Society
Menlo-Atherton Computer Academy
Mercury Computer Systems
Mesa Computing Solutions
Mesh-Connected Parallel Computers
Mesoscale and Severe Storms Computer System
Metacomputing in Large Asynchronous Networks
Metaheuristics and Nature Inspired Computing
Metasynthesis of Computing Paradigms
Methodology for the Introduction of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Metrolina Computer User Group
Michigan Digital Automatic Computer
Micro Computer
Micro Computer Repair Services
Micro Computer Service Center
Micro Computer Unit
Micro Portable Computer
Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture
Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture
Microcomputer Accident Analysis Package
Microcomputer Aided Cost Engineering System
Microcomputer Aided Cost Engineering System 2nd Generation
Microcomputer Aided Cost Estimating System
Microcomputer Application of Graphics & Interactive Communication
Microcomputer Authoring System Trainer
Microcomputer Business Applications
Microcomputer Business International
Microcomputer Business Services
Microcomputer Claims Processing System
Microcomputer Club of Melbourne
Microcomputer Consulting Group, Inc
Microcomputer Industry Suppliers Association
Microcomputer Information Services
Microcomputer Information Services
Microcomputer Intelligence for Technical Training
Microcomputer Managers Association
Microcomputer Marketing Council
Microcomputer Networking Protocol
Microcomputer Software
Microcomputer Spectrum Analysis Models
Microcomputer Support Facility
Microcomputer User’s Group
Microcomputer-based Audit Retrieval System
Microcomputers and Primary Education
Microcomputers in Education Conference
Microcomputers Systems Components
Microelectronic and Computer Development Fellowship
Microelectronics & Computer Corporation
Microelectronics & Computer Technology Corporation
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Center
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Consortium
Microelectronics Computer Corporation
Micron Personal Computers
Microsoft Computer Ballot System
Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit
Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative
Mid America Computer Corporation
Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Computers and Writing
Mid-Atlantic Retro Computer Hobbyists
Middleware for Grid Computing
Middleware for Service Oriented Computing
Mid-Michigan Computer Consultants
Midtown Computer Systems Enterprise
Midwest Computer Conference
Midwest Computer Depot
Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium
Mile High Computer Resource Organization
Milestones in Computer Algebra
Militarized Reconfigurable Computer
Military Computer
Military Computer Family
Military Computer Users Group
Military Computing Modules
Mill Control Computer
Mini/Micro Computer Applications, Inc.
Minicomputer Business Applications
Minimum Instruction Set Computing
Miniphone to Personal Computer Female Adapter
Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative
Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation
Missile Electronics Computer Assembly
Missile Environment Computer Control Analysis
Missile Fire Control Computer
Missile Guidance Computer
Missile Intercept Computer Evaluation
Mission Computer
Mission Computer / Bus Interface Unit
Mission Computer Replacement
Mission Computer Upgrade
Mission Control Computer
Mission Management Computer
Mission-Critical Computer Equipment
Mission-Critical Computer System
Mitchell Purchased Student Computer
MMP Control Computer
Mobile Communications and Pervasive Computing
Mobile Computer
Mobile Computer Core
Mobile Computer Learning Center
Mobile Computing and Multimedia
Mobile Computing and Wireless Communication
Mobile Computing Device
Mobile Computing Equipment
Mobile Computing Lending Program
Mobile Computing Promoting Consortium
Mobile Digital Computer
Mobile Embedded Computer
Mobile Network Computer Reference Specification
Model Intestinal Microflora in Computer Simulation
Model State Computer Crimes Code
Model-Integrated Computing
Model-Integrated Computing
Modified Modular Mission Computer
Modular Computing Core
Modular Mission Computer
Modular, Adaptive, Computer, Hardware
Molecular Sciences Computing Facility
Montreal Mobile Computer Help
Mortar Ballistic Computer
Motorola Computer Group
Mouse Activated Computer
Mouse Activated Computer
Mr. Horan’s Computer Lab
MSX Computer & Club Magazine
Multi Computer Communications Austria
Multi-Application Computer Module
Multi-channel Data Acquisition Computer
Multidisciplinary Simulation and Computer Laboratory
Multifunction Computers
Multi-Function Computing Core
Multi-Level Computing Architecture
Multimedia Computer Learning Center
Multimedia Computer System
Multimedia Computing and Networking
Multimedia Personal Computer
Multimedia Personal Computer
Multimedia Technology and Ubiquitous Computing
Multi-Personal Computer
Multiple Architecture Computer
Multiple Architecture Computer
Multiple Flight Computer
Multiple-Access Computing
Multiple-Access Computing
Multiple-Instruction-Stream Computer
Multiplexed Information & Computing Service
Multiplexed Information & Computing System
Multi-Programmed Computer System
Multithreaded Multicomputer
Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac
Municipal Energy Authority Computer
Museums Computer Group
My Computer Is Broke
My Computer Works
Myanmar Computer Professionals Association
Nan Tan Computer
NASA Advanced Supercomputing
NASA Standard Spacecraft Computer
National Applied Computer Technologies
National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging
National Association of Computer Assisted Analysts
National Association of Computer Dealers
National Biomedical Computer System
National Center for High-Performance Computing
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
National Centre for Computer Animation
National Computer Board
National Computer Center
National Computer Conference
National Computer Crime Squad
National Computer Education Committee
National Computer Graphics Association
National Computer Index
National Computer Institute
National Computer Network
National Computer Rank Examination
National Computer Registry
National Computer Registry
National Computer Rental Association
National Computer Science Association
National Computer Science School
National Computer Security Association
National Computer Security Center
National Computer Security Classification
National Computer Security Conference
National Computer Security Educators
National Computer Security Laboratory
National Computer Services
National Computer Systems Laboratory
National Computing Center
National Conference on Computer Networks
National Conference on Computer Processing of Bangla
National Diploma in Business Computing
National Educational Computing Association
National Educational Computing Conference
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
National Energy Research Supercomputer Center
National Guard Computer Center
National Infrastructure Protection and Computer Intrusion
National Infrastructure Protection and Computer Intrusion Program
National Intelligence Computer System
National Rent-A-Computer
National Resource for Computers in Life Science Education
National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
Nationwide Educational Computer Service
NATO Computer Incident Response Capability
NATO Computer Messaging System
NATO Computer Security Products List
Natural Language Computing
Naval Computer & Telecommunications Command
Naval Computer & Telecommunications Station
Naval Desk Top Computers
Naval Systems Computer Center
Navigation Computer Unit
Navigation Interface and Autopilot Computer
Navigation Set Computer
Navy Computer Incident Response Team
Navy Embedded Computer System
Navy Standard Tactical Computer
Nearly Intelligent Computer Operated Language Examiner
Neptune Intelligent Computer Equipment
Net Oil Computer
Net-Centric Computing System
Netlink Computer Inc.
Netpro Computing
Network Access Computer
Network and Parallel Computing
Network Computer
Network Computer
Network Computer Aided Design
Network Computer Architecture
Network Computer Model
Network Computer Operating System
Network Computer-Server
Network Computing
Network Computing and Applications
Network Computing Architecture
Network Computing Devices
Network Computing Devices, Inc.
Network Computing Kernel
Network Computing Software Division
Network Computing System
Network Information Computer
Network Interface Computer Program
Network Personal Computer
Network Systems and Computing Design
Network Trusted Computing Base
Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library
Networked Computer Science Technical Report Library
Networking & Computing Services
Networking and Computing Technologies Division
Neue Ziele der Lehramt Ausbildung im Computer Zeitalter
Neumann Institute for Computing
Neural Computing Research Group
Neural Computing Systems, LLC
New Brunswick Computer Services
New Computerised Transit System
New England Computer Group
New Internet Computer
New Internet Computer Company
New Life Computer Institute
New Mexico Computing Applications Center
New South Wales Computers in Education Group
New Wave Computer User Group, Inc.
New World Computing
New World Computing, Inc
New Zealand Computer
New Zealand Computer Club, Inc.
New Zealand Computer Society
New Zealand Computing Solutions Ltd
New Zealand Supercomputer Centre
News Room Computer Systems
Newsroom Computer Systems
Next-Generation Computer
Next-Generation Computer Resources
Nigeria Computer Society
Nigerian Association of Computer Science Students
Nippon Educational Computing Association
NOAA Central Computer Facility
Nomadic Computing Environment
Non-Playing Computer
Nordic Journal of Computing
Nortel VPN Gateway (computer networking)
North American Computer Products
North American Computers, Inc.
North Carolina Supercomputing Center
North Coast Computer Associates
North West London Computer Club
North West Ohio Computer Association
Northeast Computer Center
Northeast Computer Institute
Northern Illinois Computer Exchange
Northland Microcomputer Users Group
Northwest Academic Computing Consortium
Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities
Notebook Computer
Notebook Computer Unit
Notre Dame Computer Club
Nude In Front Of Computer
Nude in Front of the Computer
Numeric Intensive Computing
Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing
Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming
Nurse Task Computer Use
Oak Ridge Automatic Computer Logical Engine
Oasis Computer Products
Object Computing, Inc.
Object Replication and Mobile Computing
Object/Component/Service-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing
Obsolete Computer Museum
Occasionally Connected Computing
Occupation and Skill Computer-Assisted Researcher
Ocean Surveillance Analysis By Computer
Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft
Office Computing Equipment
Office of College Computing
Office of Communications and Computing
Office of Computing and Communications Services
Office of Student Computing Resources
Office of Student Computing Resources
office, computing and accounting machinery
Ohio Collegiate Computing Services Association
Ohio Computer Aided Engineering, Inc.
Ohio Education Computer Network
Ohio Supercomputer Center
Ohio Supercomputer Graphics Project
OK Computer
Oldie Computer Club Ahlen
On Board Computer
On Board Diagnostic Computer
On Demand Distributed Computing Services
On Line Computer
On My Computer
Onboard Computer Program
Onboard Computer System
One Instruction Set Computer
One Stop Computer Shop
Online Computer Information Exchange
Online Computer Library Catalog
Online Computer Library Center
Online Computer Service Network
Online Dublin Computer Science Summer School
Online Services Computer Interface
Online Student Computer Assisted Registration
Onset Computer Corporation
Ontario Computer Animation & Special Effects
Ontario Computer Centre
On-Vehicle Computing
Open Computer Forensics Architecture
Open Computer Network
Open Computing
Open Computing Facility
Open Computing Infrastructure
Open Computing Language
Open Computing Security Group
Open Cooperative Computing Architecture
Open Network Computing
Open Network Computing Environment
Open University Computer Username
Operational Computer Program
Operations Systems Computing Architecture
Optical Site Computer System
Optical SuperComputing
Optical Target Designation Computer
Orange County Computer Society
Ordened Computer Chaos
Oregon Computer Consultants Association
Organization Computer Manager
Organizational Computer Security Representative
Other World Computing
Oxford Supercomputing Centre
Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing
Packbell Computer
Pakistan Computer Bureau
Pakistan Customs Computerized System
Palm Computing Platform
Palm Computing, Inc.
Pan Pacific Computer Center, Inc.
Panel Personal Computer
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks
Parallel and Distributed Computing Centre
Parallel and Scientific Computing Institute
Parallel Computer Centre
Parallel Computer Routing and Communication Workshop
Parallel Computing
Parallel Computing and Modeling for Industrial Problems
Parallel Computing Forum
Parallel Distributed Computing Systems
Parents, Children and Personal Computers
Park Place Computer Group
Partial I/O Activation (computer science)
Partners Computerized Algorithm Processor and Editor
Partnership in Advanced Computing Technologies
Passive Analyzer Computer Program
Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions
Patni Computer Systems
Patriot Computer Group
Paul Smith Computer Services
Pay by Computer
Payload General Support Computer
PCI Network Interface Controller (computing)
Peer-to-Peer Computing
Pennsylvania Education Purchasing Program for Microcomputers
People Can’t Master Computer Industry Acronyms
People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
People for the Ethical Treatment of Computers
People’s Computer Company
Perfect Computing Inc
Performance Data Computer System
Peripheral Bus Computer
Permanent File Computer System
Personal Communication Computer
Personal Computer
Personal Computer – Client
Personal Computer – Commercial Off-The-Shelf
Personal Computer / Smart Card
Personal Computer Access Tool
Personal Computer Aided Antenna Design
Personal Computer Applications Programming
Personal Computer Association, Inc.
Personal Computer Business Unit
Personal Computer Club of Toronto
Personal Computer Connection Unit
Personal Computer Debriefing System
Personal Computer Division
Personal Computer Dynamic Authenticator
Personal Computer Employment Scheduler
Personal Computer Entertainment Server
Personal Computer Format
Personal Computer Gridded Interactive Display and Diagnostic System
Personal Computer Image Communications System
Personal Computer Instructional System
Personal Computer Integration
Personal Computer Interface
Personal Computer Local Area Network
Personal Computer Magazine
personal computer manufacturer interface adaptor
Personal Computer Memory Card Industry Association
Personal Computer Memory Card Interface Adapter
Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
Personal Computer Module
Personal Computer Multi Operating System
Personal Computer Network
Personal Computer Network Operating System
Personal Computer Numeric Control
Personal Computer Operating System
Personal Computer Parameter Setup
Personal Computer Quality Technology
Personal Computer Recycling Point
Personal Computer Review
Personal Computer Ruggedized
Personal Computer Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
Personal Computer Site Coordinator
Personal Computer Software
Personal Computer Support Advisor
Personal Computer Support Service
Personal Computer Tape
Personal Computer Team
Personal Computer Television
Personal Computer Transmission Control Protocol
Personal Computer World Business
Personal Computer World Business
Personal Computer-Aided Design
Personal Computer-Based Aviation Training Device
Personal Computers Molecular Modelling
Personal Computers Peripheral Corporation
Personal Computing Device
Personal Computing Environment
Personal Computing from the Berkeley Software Distribution
Personal Computing Support Center
Personal Computing Systems Architecture
Personal Ubiquitous Computing
Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare
Peter Kiewit Computing Services
Philippine Computer Society
Phillips & Polson Computer Solutions
Philosophy And Computers & Cognitive Science
Philosophy and Computers and Cognitive Sciences
Photometric Analysis For Computer Vision
PHP Development Tool (computer programming)
Physician’s Computer Company
Physics Computer Network
Pictorial Computing Laboratory
Picture Archival Computer System
Pine Rivers Computer Club Incorporated
Pinkerton Computer Consultants, Inc.
Pipelined Vector Supercomputer
Pipelined Vector Supercomputer
Pittsburgh Area Computer Club
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Planning Conference on Computer Systems
Plant Computer Input List
Plaza Computer System
Pocket Computer
Police National Computer
Policy Analysis Computing & Information Facility In Commerce
Polynomial Computer Algebra
Pomeroy Computer Resources
Pool Control Error Computer
Portable Computer
Portable Computer Memory Card International Adapter
Portable Computer Receptacle
Portable Computer Software
Portable Computer Solutions
Portable Computer System
Portable Computer Unit
Portable Computing Device
Portable Personal Computer
Portable Tele-Transaction Computer
Position and Velocity Computer
Post Diploma in Computer Applications
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
Poultry Exchange Computer Konnexion
Power Aware Computing
Power Computing Co.
Power Industry Computer Applications
Power Projection Command, Control, Communications and Computers Infrastructure
Power System Computer Aided Design
Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
Precision Architecture Computing Environments
Predictably Dependable Computing Systems
Prime Computer Incorporated
Principles Of Distributed Computing
Private Automatic Computer eXchange
Probabilistic Computing
Problem in Chair Not in Computer
Process Computer
Process Computer for Computationally Intensive Control
Procurement of Computer Hardware and Software
Product Computing Module Load (Nortel)
Productive, Easy-To-Use, Reliable Computing Systems
Professional and Amateur Computer Entertainment Expo
Professional Computer
Professional Computer Integration
Professional Computer Repair & Training Service
Professional Computer Solutions Inc
Professional Computer Technology Associates
Professional Diploma in Computer Forensics
Professional Group Electronic Computers
Professional Western Computers and Cellular
Professional Writing Computer Classroom
Program Development Computer
Program Executive Office for Command, Control, and Computers Systems
Programmable Computer Interface Unit
Programmable Intelligent Computer
Programmable Optical Analogic Array Computer
Programming Language for Microcomputers
Prospective Computer Analysts Inc
Prototype WWMCCS Intercomputer Network
Public Access Computing Project
Public Remote Access Computer Standards Association
Pune Institute of Computer Technology
Punjab Institute of Computer Sciences
Purdue University Network Computing Hub
Q Adaptor Computer
Quadrics Supercomputers World Ltd.
Qualification in Computer Auditing
Quality Computer Services, Inc.
Quality Computer Services, Incorporated
Quantum Computer Emulator
Quantum Computer Resources
Quantum Computing Concept Maturation
Queensland Computers and Peripherals
Quinte Computer Services, Ltd
Race Time Computing
Radar Control Computer Program
Radar Embedded Computer System
Radiation Oncology System Computer Operating Environment
Rado Computers Corp.
Rajasthan Master of Computer Application
Rallings Computer Consultants
Randers Computer Center
Random Access Computer Equipment
Randomized Parallel Computing
Ranger Computer Systems Ltd.
Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team
Rapidly Changing Face of Computing
Raritan Computer, Inc.
Raster Operation (computer graphics)
Real Numbers and Computers
Real time Distributed Computing Systems Gmbh
Real-Time Computer Complex
Real-Time Computer System
Real-Time Computing
Real-Time Computing Laboratory
Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications
Real-Time Distributed Object Computing
Rebound Computer Company
Rec Games Computer Ultima
Reconfiguable Computing and FPGAs
Reconfigurable Application Specific Computing
Reconfigurable Computing
Recovery-Oriented Computing
Recreational Computer Club
Recursive Vector-flow Computer System
Reduced Instruction Set Computer
Reduced Instruction Set Computer Operating System
Reduced Instruction Set Computing
Redundant Array of Inexpensive Computers
Reeves Electronic Analog Computer
Refactoring Workbook (improving design of existing computer code.
Regional Applied Computing Centre
Regional Computer Advisory Committee
Regional Computer Center
Regional Computer Crime Investigator
Regional Computer Security Officer
Regional Data and Computing Center Germany
Regional Meeting on Reconfigurable Computing
Relational Methods in Computer Science
Remote Access Computer
Remote Computer Access Communications Service
Remote Computer Network
Remote Computer Reader
Remote Computing Option
Remote Host Computer
Renewed Computer Technologies Ontario
Rensselaer Computer Repair
Research Computing Center
Research Computing Initiative
Research Flight Control Computer
Research in Computing for Humanities
Residential Computer Consultant
Residential Computer Coordinator
Residential Computing Connection
Rijks Computer Centrum
RISC-based Personal Computer
Roadrunner Computer Systems, Inc.
Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Rocky Hill Computer Club
Roger Lewis Computer Services
Rossmoor Computer Club
Rudnick Computer Consultants
Ruggedized Handheld Computer
Ruggedized Laptop Computer
Ruhrgas Computer Club
Ruige Applied Computing Centre
SA Mobile Computers
Safety Computer
Safety Computer System
San Diego Computer Society
San Diego Supercomputer Center
San Francisco Computer Consultants, Inc
Sandwich Computer User Group
Sarva Vidyalaya Institute of Computer Studies, Kadi
Satyam Computer Services
Satyam Computer Services Limited
Scalable Computing Laboratory
Scalable Enterprise Computing
Scalable High Performance Computing Conference
Scalable Multicomputer
Scalable Trusted Computing
Scantron Quality Computers
Scarborough Academy for Technological, Environmental and Computer Education
School Computer Network
School of Computer Engineering
School of Computer Science
School of Computing
School of Computing
School of Computing and Information Sciences
School of Computing and Information Systems
School of Computing Science and Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
School of Engineering Computer Science
School of Information and Computing Sciences
School of Interdisciplinary Computing and Engineering
Science and Applications Computing Center
Science Application Computer
Science Application Computer
Science Computing Facility
Science Methods Computer Conference Center
Science of Computer Programming
Science of Computer Programming
Science of Computing Suite
Science, Math, Computer Science
Scientific and Engineering Computing
Scientific Computer Applications, Inc
Scientific Computers Limited
Scientific Computing and Modeling
Scientific Computing and Optimization in Multidisciplinary Applications
Scientific Computing and Research, Inc.
Scientific Computing and Research, Inc.
Scientific Computing and Research, Inc.
Scientific Computing Arithmetic and Validated Numerics
Scientific Computing Associates
Scientific Computing Division
Scientific Computing Division
Scientific Computing Facilities
Scientific Computing Facility
Scientific Computing Laboratory
Scientific Computing Laboratory Communication
Scientific Computing Research Unit
Scientific Computing Software Library
Scientific Research Institute of Computer Complexes
Scriptomatic Addressing Computer
Scriptomatic Addressing Computer
Seattle Textile Computer Users Group
Secondary Flight Control Computer
Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal
Secure Computing and Simulation Laboratory
Secure Computing Base
Secure Computing Corporation
Secure Computing Magazine
Secure Pervasive Computing Network
Selection System for Computer Programmers
Self Checking Computer Module
Self-Adaptive and Autonomic Computing Systems
Self-Managing Computer System
Self-Organization and Adaptation of Computing and Communications
Self-Organization-Oriented Computing
Semantic E-Business and Enterprise Computing
Semantics, Program Analysis, and Computing Environments for Memory Management
Senate Computer Center
Senior Computer Learning Center
Senior Computer Team
Senior Member Association for Computing Machinery
Sensor-Driven Computing
Seoul International Computer Music Festival
Sequential Multiple Analyzer Computer
Server Based Computing Service
Server-Based Computing
Service Oriented Computing
Service Oriented Computing
Service-Oriented Computing Applications
Service-Oriented Computing Performance
Service-Oriented Computing: Consequences for Engineering Requirements
Services Computing Conference
Sestamibi-Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography
Set Top Computer
Shared Computer Facility
Sharing Field Data and Experiment Measurements on Resilience of Distributed Computing Systems
Shipboard Computer-Aided Maintenance Program
SIAM Journal on Computing
Signal Computing System Architecture
Signal Data Computer
Silicon Valley Computer Society
SIM Break Status Register (computing)
Simple RISC Computer
Simple XML Compiler (computing)
Simply Interactive Personal Computer
Simulated Computer Assisted Teaching Environment
Simulation of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Implementation and Management for SMEs
Simulator for Multithreaded Computer Architecture
Singapore Computer Board
Singapore Polytechnic Computer Club
Single Board Computer Hub
Single Chip Microcomputer
Single Component Computer
Single Module Engine Computer
Single-Board Computer
Single-Photon Emission Computerized Tomography
Single-Proton Ejected Computerized Tomography
Site Access Computer
Site Access Computer
Slat/Flap Control Computer
Slime Forest Adventure computer game)
Small Business Computer Consulting
Small Computer and Office Systems
Small Computer Engineering Center
Small Computer Network Company
Small Computer Peripheral Interface
Small Computer Program
Small Computer Requirements Contract
Small Computer Serial Interface
Small Computer Standard Interface
Small Computer Support Center
Small Computer System
Small Computer System Interface
Small Computer System Interface 2
Small Computer Technical Center
Small Computers
Small Form-Factor Personal Computer Interface
Small Multiuser Computer
Social and Personal Computing for Web-Supported Learning Communities
Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and Prediction
Social Science Computing Association
Social Science Computing Laboratory
Social Science Research Computing
Society for Computer Applications in Radiology
Society for Computer Simulation
Society for Computer Simulation, International
Society for Computer-Aided Engineers
Society for Computers & Law
Society for Computers in Anesthesia
Society for Computers In Psychology
Society for Computing in Critical Care, Pulmonary Medicine and Anesthesia
Society for Public Access Computing
Society of Information and Computer Technology
Soft Computing
Soft Computing Applications
Soft Computing Intrusion Detection System
Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC
Software and Computing Services
Software and Computing Technical Board
Software Engineering Computing Environment
Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing
Software Technology for Computers
Soldiers Computer
Soldiers’ Wearable Computer
Sonobuoy Data Computer
Sony Computer Entertainment
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Sony Computer Entertainment Deutschland
Sony Computer Entertainment International
Sony Computer Entertainment Switzerland
Sony Computer Entertainment Switzerland
Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.
Sony Computer Entertainment, Incorporated
Source Computer Data Application
South African Computer Journal
South Louisiana Computer League
Southampton University Computing Services
Southeast Virginia Computer Group
Southern Vermont Computer Services
Southwest Ohio Computer Association
Space Structures Computer-Aided Design
Spacecraft Computer System
Spartan Guidance Computer
Special Interest Group on Biomedical Computing
Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education
Special Interest Group on Computers and the Physically Handicapped
Special Issue on Computer Security
Specification Form Computer
Spectral Analysis and Recognition Computer
Spoiler Elevator Computer
Spokane Microcomputer Users Group
Sprint Intelligent Computing Environment
Sprint Intelligent Computing Environment
SQL Report Writer (computing)
St. Louis Area Computer Club
STAF Execution Engine (computing)
Stall Protection Computer
Stall Protection Computer
Stall Warning Computer
STAMIS Computer Contract
STAMIS Computer Exchange
Stand-alone Computer Unit
Standard Base Level Computer
Standard Base Level Computer Darkroom
Standard CAN Controller (computer networking)
Standard Central Air Data Computer
Standard Communications-Computer Systems
Standard Communications-Computer Systems Manager
Standard Component VHDL Hardware Description Language) Library (computing)
Standard Component VHDL Hardware Description Language) Library (computing)
Standard Computerized Airplane Performance
Standard Computing Element
Standard Eastern Automating Computing
Standard Embedded Computer Resource
Standard PHP Library (computer programming)
Standard Small Computer
Standardized Computer Analyses for Licensing Evaluation
Standards Electronic Automatic Computer
Stanford Computer Forum
Stanford Computer Industry Project
StarBase Computer Tech
State Institutions Computer Network
State Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing
Statement of Nonavailability of Computer Resources
Station Information Computer
Stations Computer System Replacement
Statistical Analysis in Computer Vision
Statistical Computing Facility
Stichting Computer Vision Research
Stochastic Neural Computing/Computation
Strategic and Advanced Computing Center
Strategic Communications-Computer Center
Strategic Computer Solutions, Inc
Strategic Computing Complex
Strategic Computing Program
Stratus Computer Incorporated
Strawberry Ridge Computer Club
Structural Analysis Computer System
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Structured Computer-Aided Logic Design
Student Computer Lab
Student Computer Usage Fee
Student Computing and Information Page
Student Computing Facility
Student Utilization of Computers in Curriculum for the Enhancement of Scholastic Skills
Students for Computer Recycling to Offer Underrepresented Groups in Education
Students Mastering Areas of Recreational Computing
Students Teach Adults Computer Knowledge
Submarine Electronics Computer Field
Subscriber Interface Computer Program
Subsystem Computer Application Software
Sub-System Computer Operating System
Summer Computer Simulation Conference
Summer Institute in Engineering and Computer Applications
Sun City Summerlin Computer Club
Sun High Performance Computing Consortium
Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation
Sunflower Resort Computer Club
Super Computer
Super Computer Incorporated
Super Harvard Architecture Computer
Super Micro Computer
Super Micro Computer, Inc.
Supercomputer Computations Research Institute
Supercomputer Facilities Management Services
Supercomputer Research Center
Supercomputer Software Department
Supercomputer Teacher Enhancement Program
Supercomputing Methods Experimental Group
Supercomputing Network Subsystem
Superspeed Computer Research Association
Support for Computing in Academic Departments
Surveillance Radar Computer
SUSE Linux Enterprise (computing)
Sustainable Computing Consortium
Sustaining Base Level Computer
SVM Training Misclassification Rate (speech; computing algorithm)
Swansea University Computer Society
Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Switch Computer Interface Link
Switch to Computer Link
Switch-to-Computer Applications Interface
Symbolic Language Adapted for Microcomputers
Symposium on Applied Computing
Symposium on Applied Computing
Symposium on Computer Architecture
Symposium on Computer Arithmetic
Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science
Symposium on Pervasive Computing and Applications
Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science
Symposium on Theory of Computing
Synthesis and Partitioning for Adaptive and Reconfigurable Computer Systems
Synthesized UHF Computer Controlled Equipment Subsystem
Syrian Computer Society
System Auxiliary Computer
System Auxiliary Computer
System Planning Computer
System Planning Computer
System Programmers’ Association for Researching Computer Systems
System Test Computer
Systems & Computer Engineering
Systems & Computer Evaluation & Review Technique
Systems & Computer Technology
Systems & Computer Technology
Systems and Computer Engineering
Systems and Computer Science
Systems for Command, Control, Communications, & Computers
Systems Plus Computer College
Systems Plus Computers, Inc.
Tabone Computer Centre Ltd.
Tactical Advanced Computer
Tactical Advanced Computer-Joint Workstation
Tactical Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Replication Configuration
Tactical Computer
Tactical Computer Group
Tactical Computer Processor
Tactical Computer System
Tactical Computer Terminal
Tactical Computer Unit
Tactical Computers Network Operators
Tactical Embedded Computer Resources
Tactical Interface Computer
Tactile Acoustic Computer Interaction System
Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction
Tandem Computerized Switching System
Tandy Radio-Shack Color Computer
Target Data Computer
Target Data Input Computer
Target Intercept Computer
Targeting Set Computer
Task Force on Cluster Computing
Taxonomy of Dependable and Secure Computing
Taylor Made Computer Solutions, Ltd.
Tayside Computer Technology Ltd
TCP Segmentation Offload (computer networking)
Teacher Interactive Computer System
Team Leader Science Computing Facility
Technical Committee on Computer Communications
Technical Committee on Distributed Computing
Technical Committee on Mathematical Foundations of Computing
Technical Committee on Microprocessors and Microcomputers
Technical Committee on Scalable Computing
Technical Computing Environment
Technicians Against Computer Cruelty
Technology and Computing Services
Technology Computer-Aided Design
Telecommunications Computing Architecture
Telecommunications, Multimedia and Applied Computing
Telecomputing Applications Platform
Telemetry Preprocessing Computers
Telephone Computer Network, Inc.
Temperature-Aware Computer Systems
TEMPEST Small Computer Requirements Contract
Tennessee Computing Center
Terascale Computing System
Terminal Computer
Test Computer Unit
Texas Advanced Computing Center
Texas Computer Education Association
Texas Computer Training Institute
Texas Instruments Personal Computer
Text Analysis Computing Tools
The Computer Department, Inc.
The Computer Journal
The Computer Merchant, Ltd.
The Computer Museum
The Computer Shop Netlink
The Computer Tutor
The Computer Wizard
The Europol Computer System
The Family Computer Company
The Old Computer Archive
The Rice University Computer
The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive
Theoretical and Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Theoretical Aspects of Computer Software
Theoretical Computer Science
Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
Thin Client Server Computing
Three Rivers Computer Corporation
Thrust Control Computer
Thrust Management Computer
TIBS Intercomputer Message Format
Tillotson Computers & Services
Toll Collector Computer
Tomahawk Computer Room
Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata
Topological Quantum Computer
Toronto Computer Leasing Inquiry
Toronto Regional Computer-Human Interaction
Torpedo Data Computer
Torpedo Data Computer Operator
Total Army Microcomputer Users Group
Total Computer Technology
Total Ship Computing
Total Ship Computing Environment
Total Ship Computing Environmental Infrastructure
Totally Awesome Computers
Tower Control Computer Complex
Train Control Computer
Training Analysis and Computer Systems
Transactions on Computer Aided Design
Transactions on Computer Systems
Transactions on Computer Systems
Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems
Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
Transgressive Computing
Transition Section Computer
Transnational Computer Technology
Transportable Computer Unit
Tri-Cities Computer Club
Trident Digital Control Computer
Trip Rate Information Computer System
Tri-Rivers Educational Computer Association
Triton Computer Center
Trusted Computer System
Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
Trusted Computing
Trusted Computing Base
Trusted Computing Group
Trusted Computing Platform Alliance
Trusted Embedded Computer System Evaluation Criteria Interpretation
Trustworthy Computing
Trustworthy Computing Initiative
Trustworthy Global Computing
Turku Centre for Computer Science
Typed XML Writer (computer project)
UDP -Based Data Transfer (computer networking)
UK Computer Aided Message Processor
Ultra Computer Unit
Ultra Mobile Computer
Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer
Unconventional Computing
Unified Computing System
Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act
Uniplexed Information and Computing Service
Uniplexed Information and Computing System
Uniplexed Information and Computing System
Unit for Computer Research on the English Language
Unit Level Computer
Unit Level Logistics Computer
United Computer Resources
United Computing Corporation
United States Army Computer Systems Command
Universal Computer Arts Academy
Universal Computer Protocol
Universal Computer Services
Universal Computer Source Code
Universal Parallel Computing Research Centers
Universal Personal Computing
Universal Quantum Computer
Universal Virtual Computer
Universities’ Apple Computer Group
University Computer Club
University Computer Lab
University Computer Services
University Computer System
University Computing and Networking Services
University Computing and Telecommunications
University Computing Center Tasks
University Computing Company
University of Advancing Computer Technology
University of Colombo School of Computing
University of Kentucky Computing Center
University of London Computer Centre
University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
University of Tennessee Computing Center
University of Toronto Computing Services
Unix Network for Computer Security in Law Enforcement
US Computer Exchange
USB Attached SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Protocol
USB Mobile Broadband Router (computing)
User Computer Address
User Computer Compatible Tape
User-Computer Interface
Utility Computer Program
Utility Computing
Utility Computing Data Center
Utility Computing Provider
Valencia Falls Computer Club
Variable and Level Set Methods in Computer Vision
Variable Instruction Computer
Vehicle Computer Simulation
Vehicle Management Computer
Vehicle On-Board Computer
Ventura County Computers
Versatile Computer Unit
Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-Wide Index to Computer Archives
Very High Performance Computing and Communications
Very Large Scale Biocomputing
VHSIC Central Computer
Video and Computer Based Instruction
Video Computer System
Videoconferencing Computer Camera
Videoton TV Computer
Vintage Computer Festival
Virginia Computer Crimes Act
Virginia Tech Computer Science
Virtual Computer Corporation
Virtual Computer Library
Virtual Computing Environment
Virtual Network Computer
Virtual Network Computing
Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder
Visual Computing Services, Ltd
Visual Graphics Computing Services India Pvt Ltd
Visual Record Computer
Visualization in Biomedical Computing
Visualization In Scientific Computing
Vital Environments, Human-Computer Interfaces and Measurement Systems
Vital Telemetry Telecommand Computer
Volks Computer
Volunteer Assisted Distributed Computing Open Source License
Volunteer Computer Corps
Voorhees Computing Center
Wakefield Acorn Computer Group
Wallace Computer Services
Wallace Computer Services
Warning & Caution Computer
Warsaw International Seminar on Soft Computing
Washington College Computer Club
Weapon Aiming Computer
Weapon Control Computer
Weapon Release Computer System
Weapon System Computing Environment
Weapons Delivery Computer
Wearable Computing
Web and Computer
Web Services and the Future of Internet Computing
Web-based Computer Based Training
Webdesign Translations Computer Services
Weight and Balance Computer
Weizmann Institute Computing Center
Welby Computer Services Limited
Welby Computer Services Limited
Wellington Acorn Computer Club
Wells Computer Consultants, Ltd.
West Coast Computer Exchange
West Coast Computer Exchange
West County Computer Center
West Yorkshire Computer Repairs
Western Ohio Computer Organization
Westwood Computers & Networking
Whalley Computer Associates
Wharton Computing and Information Technology
When Your Computer Gets A Nervous Breakdown
Wideband Buffer Computer
Willow Creek Computer Systems
Window Heat Computer
Windows Computer
Windows Computer Experience Questionnaire
Wingate Computer Center
Wireless Communications and Computing Group
Wisdom Based Computing
Women in Computer Science
Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Women in the School of Computing
Work With Computing Systems
Workplace Computer Training Centre
Workshop in Algorithmic Computer Music
Workshop in Computing
Workshop on Computer Misuse and Detection
Workshop on Computer Vision
Workshop on Computer-Aided Language Processing
Workshop on Education in Computer Security
Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science
Workshop on High Performance Computing
Workshop on Membrane Computing
Workshop on Object-Oriented Computing
Workshop on Optical Communications for Computing Systems
Workshop on Optics and Computer Science
Workshop on Pervasive Computing
Workshop on Randomized Parallel Computing
Workshop on Reconfigurable Computing
Workshop on Safety, Reliability and Security of Industrial Computer Systems
Workshop on Trends, Technologies, and Collaborative Opportunities in High Performance and Grid Computing
Workshop on Universal Accessibility of Ubiquitous Computing
Workstation, Computer Graphics
World Altair Computer Convention
World Computer Chess Championship
World Computer Congress
World Computer Graphics Association
World Computer Literacy Day
World Computerized Wrestling Alliance
World Congress in Applied Computing
World Congress on Computing
World Congress on Lateral Computing
World Federation on Soft Computing
Wright’s Computer Technology
Wrist-Worn Computer
Wrist-Worn Personal Computer
Writable Instruction Set Computer
Writing, Computers and Literacy Initiative
WWMCCS Intercomputer Network
WWMCCS Intercomputer Network
WWMCCS Intercomputer Network Communications Subsystem
WWMCCS Intercomputer Network Subsystem
Wyre Forest Computer Solutions
Xerox Computer Services
Xerxes Computer Corporation
Xilinx Reconfigurable Computer
XML Access Modules (computer programming)
XML Encoded Source (computing)
XML Import Language (computer programming)
XML Open Gateway (computing)
XML Oriented Retrieval (computer language)
XML Threat Management (computer security)
XML Transformation Language (computer programming)
Yale Center for Parallel Supercomputing
Yankee Computer Society
Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation
Zebra Computer Services Inc
Zentren Europaischen Supercomputings
Zero Instruction Set Computer
Zone Wind Computer