Database Abbreviations


The concept of bank derives from the Germanic “banki”. A piece of data, on the other hand , is specific information, a testimonial, a test or a documentation.

With these definitions, we can now detail the scope of the database notion , which is used a lot in the field of information technology. It is known as a database the set of information that is organized and structured in a specific way so that its content can be treated and analyzed quickly and easily.

Databases, therefore, present data structured according to different parameters. By organizing the information in a certain way, the user can find what he is looking for easily, unlike what would happen if all the data were mixed and without any sort of order.

In the field of computing, the content of a database can be consulted through software. Suppose a journalist has a database that presents information about European football players. If you want to find out who is the oldest player on the continent, you can make a query through the software and the database will automatically sort the information according to age.

If the database is not digital, however, searching for information can be more complicated. When a library collects information from its books on index cards or paper cards that are sorted by author and in alphabetical order, those who want to access information will have to review several cards before finding the corresponding one.

List of Acronyms Related to Database

ACEDB A Caenorhabditis Elegans Database
AJPD Academic Journal Policy Database
ACDB Access Control Database
ACID Acidification Chemistry Information Database
ADOOD Active Deductive Object-Oriented Database
ADODB Activex Data Objects Database
ARDB Administrative Reference Database
ACID Advanced Computing Information Database
ADAM Advanced Database Asset Management
ADRG Advanced Database Research Group
ADSA Advanced Database Systems and Applications
ADKD Advanced Databases and Knowledge Discovery
AIDA Advanced Interface Database Application
ADAC Affordable Database and Computer Programming
APD African Pollen Database
AGID Aging Integrated Database
AMAD Agricultural Market Access Database
ACDB Air Campaign Database
AODB Air Operations Database
ATODB Air Tasking Order Database
ACDB Aircraft Database
ASCDB Aircraft Specific Configuration Database
AODB Airport Operational Database
AOMD Algorithm Oriented Mesh Database
ASCDB All Source Correlated Database
ASCD All Source Correlated Database
ATID Alternative Translational Initiation Database
APD American Poetry Database
ACID Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases
ACDB Anime Characters Database
ADAM another database of abbreviations in MEDLINE
ASSSAP ANSI SQL (Structured Query Language) Standard Scalable and Portable (database design)
AERD Antibody/Epitope Recognition Database
AERD Antibody/Epitope Registry Database
ACDS Appeals Centralized Database System
AIRD Appraisal Institute Residential Database
AED Area of Expertise Database
ACDB Army Corporate Database
ASID Army SIM Intelligence Database
ADAPT ARPA Database Access and Presentation Terminal
AOEDE Arts Online Educational DatabasE
ASRTD ASC Service Requirements Tracking Database
AFAD Assessment/Force Accounting Database
ASTRID Astronomical Image Database
APED Astrophysical Plasma Emission Database
AFDD Audit Findings and Differences Database
ABID Australian Bird Image Database
ADDA Australian Database Development Association
ERIP Australian Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Projects Database
LEIS Australian Leisure Index Database
APPD Australian Plant Pest Database
ASUD Australian Stratigraphic Units Database
ADIN Authcode Database Identification Number
AUTHDB Authentication Database
DWG AutoCAD Drawing Database
ACDB Automated Cost Database
ADDM Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
ANADBU Automatic Nuclear Analysis Database Update
AAID Aviation Accident Incident Database
AQD Aviation Quality Database
BAID Barrow Area Information Database
BDMS Baseline Database Management System
BAADD Bay Area Association of Database Developers
BARD Bay Area Regional Database
BESD Becta Educational Software Database
BORD Benchmark for Object Relational Databases
BDII Berkeley Database Information Index
BUNDLE Berkeley Database License
BDL Berkeley Database License
BMD Berkeley Mortality Database
BCDB Big Cartoon Database
BTD Bilateral Trade Database
BOCD BioCyc Open Chemical Database
BSOD Biodiversity Species Observation Database
BBID Biological Biochemical Image Database
BTD Biomechanics Test Database
BIND Biomolecular Interaction Network Database
BAID BioOne Abstracts and Indexes Database
BLPD Bluelight Procurement Database
BARD Boating Accident Report Database
BRID Brain Resource International Database
BGD Brassica Genome Database
BRENDA Braunschweig Enzyme Database
BCGD Breast Cancer Gene Database
BMD British Mining Database
BUND British Universities Newsreel Database
CBDA C++ Builder Database Architecture
CDBS Calibration Database Software
CNDDB California Natural Diversity Database
CPUR California Pesticide Use Reporting Database
CMDB Call Management Database
CNAM Call Name Database
CAD Calling Area Database
CHMD Canadian Human Mortality Database
CNRD Canadian-International Nurse Researcher Database
CPCD Cancer Prevention and Control Database
CIDD Canine Inherited Disorders Database
CIP-D Capital Investment Program – Database
CPDB Carcinogenic Potency Database
CTRD Cardiac Transplant Research Database
CCDD Catastrophic Cap and Deductible Database
CHD Catering & Hospitality Database
CDDB CD Database
CCRD Central Clinical Research Database
CCRD Central Contractor Registration Database
CDBS Central Database Server
CSDB Central Source Database
CTRD Central Training Records Database
CADB Centralized Applicants Database
CPDB Characteristics & Performance Database
CDMD Chemical Defense Materials Database
CRSD Chemical Reference Sources Database
CURE Chemical Unit Record Estimates Database
CWD Chemical World Database
CORR Chemicals on Reporting Rules Database
CANDIS Child Abuse and Neglect Database Instrument System
CLCD Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database
CHKD China Hospital Knowledge Database
CORD Cibernet Online Roaming Database
CIDAM CIM System with Distributed Database and Configurable Modules
CQFD Citrix Query FAQ Database
CRPD City Real Property Database
CEDB Civil Engineering Database
CGPI Classical Guitar Plus International Database
CIDS Client Incident Database System
CDMP Climate Database Modernization Program
CPDB Clinical Pathway Database
CADP Coalition Against Database Piracy
CDMR Cochrane Database of Methodology Reviews
CDSR Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
CRMD Cochrane Review Methodology Database
CXD Coherity XML Database
COBUILD Collins Birmingham University Language Database
CODB Combat Operations Database
CSDB Combat Support Database
CBDB Comic Book Database
CSVS Comma Separated Value (database export/import format and file extension)
C2DBS Command & Control Databases
CPDB Command Position Database
CPEDB Command Post Engineering Database
CSDB Commodore 64 Scene Database
CIDB common intelligence database
CPDB Common Picture Database
CSDB Common Sensor Database
CSDB Common Source Database
CSLDB Common Source Logistics Database
CUDOS Commonwealth Universities Database Online Service
CDDB Compact Disc Database
COMET Complementary Medicines Transition Database
CCSD Complex Carbohydrate Structure Database
CRD2 Compliance Reporting Database Version 2
CTDM Composite Track Database Manager
CD Comprehensive Database
CND Comprehensive Network Database
CARDS Conference Administration and Registration Database System
CDMD Configuration Data Managers Database
CIDB Configuration Item Database
CRDB Configuration Reference Database
CDBS Consolidated Database System
CRDB Consolidated Reporting Database
CPID Consumer Product Information Database
CDBS Control Database System
CIDB Control Inspection Database
CCID Corporate Customer Information Database
CORPDB Corporate Database
CRDB Corporate Reference Database
CRDB Corporate Reporting Database
CEAD Council of Europe Activities Database
CSDB Country Specific Database
CUPID Course and Unit Publication and Information Database
CUGENDB Cucurbit Genomics Database
CUPID Cultural Profile and Information Database
CBDB Currency and Banking DataBase
CDMBA Customer Database Management Benchmarking Association
CDPD Customer Database Provided Digits
CSFD Czecho-Slovak Film Database
DPSD Dansk Patients Sikkerheds Database
DB Database
DEBUG Database
DBF Database
DAISY Database & Airport Information System
DTMS Database & Transaction Management System
DB2 Database 2
DAD Database Access Descriptor
DAIS Database Access Integration Services
DALP Database Access Libraries for PDAs
DANCE Database Access Non-Computer Engine
DA Database Administration
DBA Database Administration
DBA Database Administrator
DAT Database Advanced Training
DART Database Analysis Research Targeting
DBA Database Analyst
DEXA Database and Expert System Applications
DAIS Database and Information Systems
DBMS Database and Media Systems
DAD Database Application Developer
DARI Database Application Remote Interface
DBA Database Architect
DAD Database Assisted Design
DAG Database Availability Group
DBBS Database Baby Sitter
DBR Database Backup and Recovery
DBB DataBase Builder
DBB Database Building Block
DCAS Database Commitment Accounting System
DBC Database Communications, Inc.
DC4ILO Database Compare for Integrated Logistics Overhaul
DBC Database Computer
DBCC Database Concurrency Control
DCO Database Configuration Output
DBCP Database Connection Pooling
DBCC Database Consistency Check
DBCC Database Console Command
DCE Database Consultants Europe
DBC Database Contractor
DDL Database Definition Language
DELIVERED Database Description
DBDD Database Design Description
DBDD Database Design Document
DBDR Database Design Review
DBDS Database Design Specification
DBDL Database Designation Language
DBDF Database Development Framework
DBDF Database Display Function
DBDU Database Driven Units
DBE Database Engine
DAFT Database Fishing Tool
DEER Database for Energy Efficiency Resources
DSO Database for Solar Observatories
DSCH Database for Swiss Cultural Heritage
DBG database generation
DBH Database Handle
DBHS Database Handling System
DIDS Database Inferencing for Decision Support
DBI Database Instance
DISCO Database Integrated Servers Using Constraints
DIME Database Integrity Monitoring Equipment
DIGFM Database Interest Group for FileMaker
DBI Database Interface
DBIT Database Interface Test
DBL Database Language
DBL Database Lock
DLT Database Log Tracking
DBMD Database Maintenance Daemon
DM Database Management
DMP Database Management Processor
DBMS Database Management Software
DBMS Database Management System
DMK Database Master Key
DARE Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness
DAAD Database of Approved Animal Drug Products
DGV Database of Genomic Variants
DIPEX Database of Individual Patient Experiences
DISS Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources
DIPLOMA Database of Interacting Proteins
DMVI Database of Mid-Victorian Illustration
DMCB Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism
DOOW Database of Our Owlish Wisdom
DBOR DataBase Of Record
DRAM Database of Recorded American Music
DBOR Database of Reference
DSMM Database of Simulated Molecular Motions
DBTSE Database of Thai Students in Europe
DOTS Database of Transcribed Sequences
DFDE Database on Forest Disturbances in Europe
DIIP Database on International Intellectual Property Crime
DIAS Database on Introductions of Aquatic Species
DPF Database Partition Feature
DBPR Database Product Request
DPC Database Promotion Center
DPW Database Publishing Wizard
DQL Database Query Language
DBR Database Reconciliation
DRAGON Database Referencing of Array Genes Online
DBR Database Reorganization
DRCP Database Resident Connection Pooling
DSAS Database Security Audit System
DBSS Database Summary Sheet
DBLP DataBase systems and Logic Programming
DBTG Database Task Group
DTVE Database Technology for Virtual Enterprises
D2D Database to Database
DBTNT Database to Names and Taxa
DTF Database Transfer Form
DBTA Database Trends and Applications
DTA Database Tuning Advisor
DUDE Database Unloading by Data Extraction
DAAS Database-As-A-Service
DARS Databased Accounting Reconciliation System
DECADES Databases and Methodologies for Comparative Assessment of Different Energy Sources
DNIS Databases in Networked Information Systems
DSDM DDE Share Database Manager
DDBP Dedicated Database Processor
DOOD Deductive Object-Oriented Database
DRPD Default Router Password Database
DCD Defense Corporate Database
DMED Defense Medical Epidemiology Database
DPD Defense Programming Database
DADMS Department of the Navy Applications and Database Management System
DMDB Depot Maintenance Database
DCD DFAS Corporate Database
DBDB digital bathymetric database
DDB Digital Database
DDSM Digital Database for Screening Mammography
DOMD Digital Orthophoto Map Database
DPPDB digital point positioning database
DRDM Digital Raster Map Database
DASSD Dihedral Angle and Secondary Structure Database of Short Amino Acid Fragments
DAD Discharge Abstract Database
DDB Discussion Database
DAVID Distributed Access View Integrated Database
DAPD Distributed and Parallel Databases
DDB Distributed Database
DDCS Distributed Database Connection Services
DDBMS Distributed Database Management System
DRDA Distributed Relational Database Access
DRDA Distribution Relational Database Architecture
DIAD DMS Integrated Architectural Database
DSCR DoDIIS System Compliance Registry (database; US DoD)
DADMS DON Application and Database Management System
DIAD DoN Integrated Architecture Database
DAVID Driver and Vehicle Information Database
DID Driver Information Database
DCPD Drosophila Core Promoter Database
DPD Drug Product Database
DDB Dynamic Database
DED Dynamic Entity Database
DHMHD Dysmorphic Human-Mouse Homology Database
EWD Early Warning Database
EBBD Economic Botany Bibliographic Database
EED Economic Evaluation Database
EAGD Education Agents Global Database
EMDB Electro-Magnetic Database
ERDB Emerging Requirements Database
EDGAR Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research
EHDB Employment History Database
EDS Encapsulation Database System
ESDB Endangered Species Database
ECD Energy Citations Database
EDB Engineering Database
ENID Engineering Integrated Database
EDB Enrollment Database
EDS Enterprise Database System
EDD Enterprise Dictionary Database
EGDB Enterprise Geodatabase
EID Enterprise Information Database
ERD Enterprise Relational Database
EWPD Enterprise Wide Provider Database
EDB Environmental Database
EHDB Environmental Health Database
EDG EOS Data Gateway (NASA satellite database)
EDRG ERCIM Database Research Group
EAD European Aeronautical Database
EAD European AIS Database (European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation)
EDITA European Database for International Trade Activities
EDOA European Database on AIDS
EDITH European Development on Indexing Techniques for Databases with Multidimensional Hierarchies
EMSD European Macromolecular Structure Database
EPD European Pollen Database
ESFDB European State Finance Database
EUVID European Vehicle Identification Database
ERNIE Evaluation and Review of NICE Implementation Evidence (database; UK)
EASED Extended Alternatively Spliced EST Database
XDB Extended Database
EDB Extensional Database
EDC External Database Coordination
FED Faculty Expertise Database
FRED Faculty Research Expertise Database
FACD Familial Cancer Database
FARMTI Farm Technical Information Database
FRED Federal Reserve Economic Database
FREIDA Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database Access System
FLIS FEMA Levee Inventory System (database)
FHD File History Database
FTDES Fill Thread Database
FTD Fill Thread Database
FADT Finance, Automation and Database Team
FCD Financial Crimes Database
FTDES Financial Transaction Database
FTD Financial Transaction Database
FFDS FlashFiler Database
FFD FlashFiler Database
FDBP Fleet Database Plus System
FRED Flexible Risk Exposure Database
FDAD Flood Defence Asset Database
FRED Florida Research & Economic Database
FCID Food Commodity Intake Database
FRED Force Requirements Enhanced Database
FORT Force Trends Database
FDB Forwarding Database
FCD Friend Code DataBase
FTPD Fulfilling the Promise Database
FDBM Functional Database Managers
FRD Functional Requirements Database
FCPD Fungal Cytochrome P450 Database
FOOD Fuzzy Object-Oriented Database
GLADIS General Library Automated Database and Information System
GLDB General License Database
GPMD General Practice Morbidity Database
GADBDP Generally Accepted Database Design Practice
GOODS Generic Object Oriented Database System
LDB Genetic Location Database
GADU Genome Analysis and Database Update
GDB Genome Database
GDR Genome Database for Rosaceae
GBASE Genome Database of the Mouse
GDR Genome Database Resource
GDMC Geo-Database Management Center
GIDI Geospatial Intelligence Database Integration
GPADS Ginnie Mae Portfolio Analysis Database System
GRID Global Command and Control System Requirements Database
GGD Global Geocryology Database
GID Global Image Database
GILD Global Insolvency Law Database
GLCCD Global Land Cover Characteristics Database
GMBD Global Maritime Boundaries Database
GRID Global Regulatory Information Database
GRID Global Resource Information Database
GRID Global Risk Information Databases
GMD Golm Metabolome Database
GCD Grand Comic-Book Database
GOLD Grants On-Line Database
GOOD Graph-Oriented Object Database
GBHD Great Britain Historical Database
GLGDW Great Lakes Great Database Workshop
GTDMIS GTD Bioassay System and Database
GBVDB Guided By Voices Database
HDB Hard Database
HAZDAT Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database
HAZW Hazardous Waste Collection Database
HWSFD Hazardous Waste Superfund Database
HPQSTDB Health Physics Quality Safety Tracking Database
HDI Hekimian Database Interface
HDS Heteroschedastic Database System
HADB High-Availability Database
HOOD HIV Ontario Observational Database
HMDP Homology Database
HPD Household Products Database
HDDS Hull Design Database System
HCD Human cDNA Database
HMD Human Mortality Database
HXD Hybrid XML Database
HSQLDB Hyperthreaded Structured Query Language Database
KDE IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Database Engineering
IDBS Image Database Search Program
IPD Image Product Database
IMDB Imagery Management Database
IMDB Immigrant Database
INSD Imperial Navy Ship Database
IBULDD Improved Business Understanding via Longitudinal Database Development
IPD Incidence and Prevalence Database
IBID Indian Business Insight Database
ISFD Industrial Security Facilities Database
IDSB Industry Demand Supply Balance Database
IDB Information Database
ICD Inline Cache Database
ICSD Inorganic Crystal Structure Database
IDBM Instituto Brasileiro de Database Marketing
IDSL Insurance Database Services Ltd.
IAD Integrated Acquisition Database
IADB Integrated Archaeological Database
IDB Integrated Database
IDM Integrated Database Management
IDMS Integrated Database Management System
IDPS Integrated Database Preparation System
IPND Integrated Public Number Database
IDB Intelligence Database
ISD Intelligence Shared Database
IDL Intelligent Database Language
IDM Intelligent Database Machine
IFOOD Intelligent Fuzzy Object-Oriented Database
IDB Intensional Database
INDRAC Interagency Combating WMD Database of Responsibilities, Authorities, and Capabilities (US DoD)
ITD Interim Terrain Database
ICLD Interlab Cell Line Database
IBRD International Beacon Registration Database
ICDT International Conference on Database Theory
IDBB International Database for Beta
IDEA International Database for Ecoprofile Analysis
IDIDAS International Database on Insect Disinfestation and Sterilization
IDBD International Dead Beat Database
ILDIS International Legume Database and Information Service
IMGD International Musa Germplasm Database
INSD International Nucleotide Sequence Database
INSDC International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration
IPDA International Performers Database Assembly
IPDA International Performers Database Association
ISDC International Sequence Database Collaboration
ISID International Ship Identification Database
ISID International Ship Information Database
SWOD International Special Workshop on Databases For Next-Generation Researchers
IWMD International Workshop on Mobile Databases
IAFD Internet Adult Film Database
IAD Internet Autopsy Database
IDC Internet Database Connector
IDS Internet Database Service
IMDB Internet Movie Database
IPD Internet Pinball Database
IPOD Internet Portable Open Database
ISEDB Internet Search Engine Database
IDB Interoperability Database
ISDB Interoperability Standards Database
IRO-DB Interoperable Relational and Object Databases
ICAID INTERPOL Child Abuse Image Database
IDB Inventory Database
ISDBC ISAM to SQL (Structured Query Language) Database Connectivity
IADB ISIPP Accreditation Database
ICLD Isolinear Computer Library Database
JMPD JAERI Material Performance Database
JODS Jasmine Object Database Server
JDBC Java Database Connectivity
JDX J-Database Exchange
JRD3S JNTC Rapid Distribution Database Development System
JARD Joint Asset Recovery Database
JPD Joint Personnel Database
JTOAD Joint Tactical Operations Acquisition Database
JDM Journal of Database Management
KMD Kazaa Movie Database
KEYBOARD Kew Bibliographic Databases
KBD Kew Bibliographic Databases
KID Kids’ Inpatient Database
KDD Knowledge Discovery in Databases
KDID Knowledge Discovery in Inductive Databases
KRDB Knowledge Representation and Database
KIDS Known Image Database Systems
LIDS Laboratory Issues Database System
LLDB Large-Linked Database
LSDD Law Society Discipline Database
LAD Learning Aim Database
LLDB Leased Line Database
LLDB Lessons Learned Database
LDAB Leuven Database of Ancient Books
LDBC Liberty DataBase Connectivity
LCDB Library of Congress Database
LCDI LifeKeeper Configuration Database Interface
LIDB Line Information DataBase
LMPD Lipid Maps Proteome Database
LMSD Lipid MAPS Structure Database
LIMB Listing of Molecular Biology Databases
LTCD Literature and Culture Teaching Database
LDB Loading Database
LDBS Local Database System
LPD Local Project Database
LIDB Logistics Integrated Database
LED Loss-Event Database
NTF Lotus Notes Database Template
LLDB Loveline Database
LDRD Lyme Disease Research Database
MSD Macromolecular Structure Database
MCDS Maintenance Consolidation Database System
MDB Maintenance Database
MDB Management Database
MRD Management Resource Database
MDBM Map Database Manager
MIDI Marine Invertebrate Diversity Initiative Database
MDB Marketing Database
MPCD Marseille Protein Crystallization Database
MDP Marvel Database Project
MCDB Master Calibration Database
MDB Master Database
MSDDB Master Seafloor Digital Database
MCDB Material Control Database
MOOD Materials Object-Oriented Database
MSOD Medical Schools Outcomes Database
MBD Medicare Beneficiary Database
MIMBD Meeting on the Interconnection of Molecular Biology Databases
MDB Mesh Database
MADB Message Addressing Database
MDER Metadata Database
MDB Metalloprotein Database and Browser
MOOD METU Object-Oriented Database (Software Research and Development Center; Middle East Technical University; Turkey)
MDRD Michigan Disability Resources Database
MDB Microarray Database
MGED3 Microarray Gene Expression Database group meeting
MDB Microsoft Access Database
MCDA Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
MIDS Midshipmen Information System (US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland student information database
MEPED Military Equipment and Parametrics Engineering Database
MEPED Military Equipment Parametric and Engineering Database
MMDB Milstar Master Database
MPCORB Minor Plant Center Orbit Database
MYGD MIPS Yeast Genome Database
MDA Mission Database Application
MODB Mission Operations Database
MEND Mobile Equipment National Database
MSOD Mobile Source Observation Database
MBDL Molecular Biology Database List
MMDB Molecular Modeling Database
MOAD Mother Of All Databases
MGD Mouse Genome Database
MIDAS Moving Image Database for Access and Re-Use of European Film Collections
MDD Multi-Dimensional Databases
MDAS Multiple Database Access System
MRSID Multi-Resolution Seamless Image Database
MLBD Municipality Live Births Database
NPD Names and Presence Database
NODB NAPRS Outage Database
NED NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
NVB Nasjonale Vitnemålsdatabasen
NASD National Ag Safety Database
NBD National Bibliographic Database
NCOD National Contaminant Occurrence Database
NDTM National Database of Telemedicine
NDO National Database Organization
NDFD National Digital Forecast Database
NDGD National Digital Guidance Database
NDDB National Doctor Database
NED National Enrollment Database
NED National Eye Database
NFSD National Food Safety Database
NFPD National Fraud Protection Database
NHIRD National Health Insurance Research Database
NHD National Heritage Database
NID National Infrastructure Database
NMPDD National Missing Person DNA Database
NODB National Oncology Database
NOLD National Organic Livestock Database
NPSDD National Physical and Sensory Disability Database
NPPD National Prosthetic Patient Database
NRDS National Realtor Database System
NRD National Registration Database
NRAD National Residence Abroad Database
NRD National Resources Database
NSRDB National SIGINT Requirements Database
NSD National Signal Databases
NSDB National Soil Database
NSDB National Sourcing Database
NSPD National State Policy Database
NTD National Tax Database
NTLD National Teaching and Learning Database
NTD National Transit Database
NTD National Transportation Database
NVD National Vulnerability Database
NXD National Xenotransplantation Database
NACD Native American Consultation Database
NGD Native Generic Database
NHRD Native Health Research Database
NXD Native XML Database
NEDB NATO Emitter Database
NLLDB NATO Lessons Learned Database
NSDD NATO Standardization Document Database
NDRD Natural Disaster Reference Database
NDDB Natural Diversity Database
NID Naval Intelligence Database
NODB Naval Occupation Database
NWTDB Naval Warfare Tactical Database
NEDB Navy Enterprise Database
NMD Navy Maintenance Database
NPDB Navy Personnel Database
NFDB Nederlandse Film Database
NSDB Network and Services Database
NDL Network Database Language
NDSE Network Database Search Engine
NDD Network Descriptive Database
NI-DB Network Inventory Database
NPSD Network of Patient Safety Databases
NSDB Network Security Database
NFDB Neurofibromatosis Foundation International Database
NEUTRABAS Neutral Product Definition Database for Large Multifunctional System
NWODB New World Order Database
NSDB Node Specification Database
NTMD Noise Tolerant Mining in Databases
NSDD Non-Shakespearian Drama Database
NGDD Normalized Gene Designation Database
NAID North America Import Database
HURDAT North American Hurricane Database
NAPD North American Pollen Database
NATFD North American Tree Failure Database
NID Not in Database
NNDB Notable Names Database
NPD Nuclear Protein Database
ODBS Object Database
ODB Object Database
ODMG Object Database Management Group
ODMS Object Database Management System
ODBMS Object Database Management System
ODM Object Database Manager
ORDBMS Object Relational Database Management System
OODB Object-Oriented Database
ODK Object-Oriented Database Kit
ODBMS Object-Oriented Database Management System
OORDBMS Object-Oriented Relational Database Management System
ORD Object-Relational Database
OHSD Occupational Health and Safety Database
ODD Ocean Disposal Database
OPD Ocean Profile Database
OPED Odense University Pharmacoepidemiological Database
ODAT Odonatological Database
OND One Note Database
OCID Online Chemical Inventory Database
OUG Online Database Users Group
OEDB Online Education Database
OFD Online Finance Database
OIMD Online ICT Manpower Database
OMDB Online Media Database
ODD Ontario Diabetes Database
OMID Ontario Myocardial Infarction Database
ODBS Open Database
ODB Open Database
ODBA Open Database Alliance
ODC Open Database Connectivity
ODBC Open Database Connectivity
ODE Open Database Engine
OMDB Open Movie Database
ODBC Oracle Database Connectivity
OCID Oregon Coalition of Interdisciplinary Databases
ORCID Orthopaedic Rare Conditions Internet Database
PBDB Paleobiology Database Project
PDB Palm Database
PADD Parallel and Distributed Databases
PID Pathway Interaction Database
PRD Patient Record Database
PDB Pattern Database
PFAD Payload Flight Anomaly Database
PRODS PCS Reservation Obligations Database System
PEDE Pediatric Economic Database Evaluation
PDBM Pending Database Management
PSDB Perceived Situation Database
PDB Performance Database
PDS Performance Database Server
PDB Personal Database
PDA Personal Database Application
PHED Pesticide Handler Exposure Database
PEVDI Petroleum Engineering Visual Database Interface
PHIND Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry News Database
PIGWAD Planetary Interactive GIS on-the-Web Analyzable Database
PEDB planning and execution database
PDB Planning Database
PMBD Plant Micromorphology Bibliographic Database
PND Plants National Database
PPFD Pocket Printed Filk Database
PID Poisons Information Database
PNLD Police National Legal Database
PNSD Police National Statistics Database
PROD Policy Reform Options Database
PIRAMHIDS Positive and Innovative Resources A Mental Health Interactive Database
PRDB Post-Relational Database
PMBD Preventive Maintenance Basis Database
PDB Primary Database
PDN Primary Database Network
PPD Primary Policy Database
PODS Principles Of Database Systems
PRDB Problem Reporting Database
PDB Procedural Database
PCDB Process Capability Database
PHD Process Historian Database
PDB Product Database
PDB Program Database
PDT Program Database Toolkit
PIDB Program Information DataBase
PCDB Project Control Database Programs
PDB Project Database
PID Project Information Database
PMDS Project Management Database System
PHID Prostate Help Information Database
PFAD Protection from Abuse Database
PMD Protein Mutant Database
PCTL Public and Conservation Trust Lands Database
PSDB Pyramid Servings Database
QED Quadcap Embeddable Database
QPD Qualified Products Database
QUADS Quality Application and Database Suite
QUAD Quality Assurance Database
QDB Quality in Databases
QSD Quality System Database
QDB Query Database
QCDD Quincy Cemetery District Database
QDB Quote Database
RODE Ragnarok Online Database Engine
RBDD Rare Bleeding Disorders Database
RDB Rare Disease Database
RGD Rat Genome Database
RNDS Reads No Database State
REDUNDANT Real Estate Database
RED Real Estate Database
RECORD REal-time COsmic Ray Database
RVD Recombinant Virus Database
REFDB Reference Database
REDUNDANT Reference Entity Database
RED Reference Entity Database
REDD Regional Ecosystem Description Database
RLID Regional Land Information Database
RNEDB Register of the National Estate Database
READ Registry of EPA Applications and Databases
RDMS Relational Database Management System
RDBMS Relational Database Management System
RDS Relational Database Systems
RDT Relational Database Technology
RDQ Relational Databases and Query Languages
RDA Remote Database Access
RDBA Remote Database Access
RDBA Remote Database Administration
RDD Replaceable Database Driver
ROD Reporting Obligation Database
REQDB Requirements Database
RDC Research Database Complex
RDMS Reserve Database Management System
REED Residential Energy Efficiency Database
RDSL Responsive Database Services Limited
RAID Retrieval and Information Database
RAID Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Database
RRD Round Robin Database
RPDB Routing Policy Database
RHED Rural Health Education Database
SCMD Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Morphological Database
SDI Sage Database Inquiry
SDMD Scottish Drugs Misuse Database
SEND Search Engine for NAL Database (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
SPD Secondary Policy Database
SADB Security Association Database
SAD Security Association Database
SADB Security Audit Database
SPD Security Policy Database
SDM Semantic Database Model
SWDB Semantic Web and Databases
SPD Serving Profile Database
SFDL Set Financial Database Language
SPIDER Shared Pedagogical Initiative: A Database of Electronic Resources
STIL SID Tune Information List (music database)
SPAD Signaling Pathway Database
SDBM Simple DataBase Manager
SODA Simple Object Database Access
SADB Single Asset Database
SMD Skill Matching Database
SBDB Small Business Database
SMID Small Molecule Interaction Database
SDI Smart Database Interface
SPLOS SMC Pentax Lenses and Other Stuff Database
SHAD Software Hardware Allocation Database
SLED Software Life Cycle Experience Database
SLED Software Life-Cycle Empirical Data (Database0
SPDS Software Process Database System
SSD Software Systems Database
SSURGO Soil Survey Geographic Database
STF Soil Transport and Fate Database
SRDB Sound Recording Database
SRDB Source-Route Relational Database
SAND Soy in Animal Nutrition Databases
SSED Space Systems Engineering Database
SDE Spatial Database Engine
SSD Spatial Databases
SID Specimen Image Database
SYRCODIS Spring Young Researchers Colloquium on Databases and Information Systems
SDB Sprite Database
SINBAD SQL Interface for Browsing Any Database
SPA SQL Performance Analyzer (databases)
SDMS Standard Database Management System
SPD Standard Procedural Database
SIF Standard Simulator Database Interchange Format
SND Standardized Nomenclature Database
SOUND Standardized Nomenclature Database
SPD Standards Planning Database
SMD Stanford Microarray Database
SASD State Ambulatory Surgery Databases
SID State Inpatient Database
SSDBS Statistical and Scientific Database
SSDB Statistical and Scientific Database
SLD Statute Law Database
SAFD Steganography Application Fingerprint Database
SCID Stewardship Contracting Information Database
SEND Stolen Equipment National Database
SSD Structure Superposition Database
SADB Subject Area Database
SNADD Sudanese North American Diaspora Database
SID Supplier Information Database
SFSD Sustainable Farming Systems Database
SSD Sveriges Statistiska Databaser
SFCD Swedish Family-Cancer Database
SVMD Swiss Vitis Microsatellite Database
SDAS Switch Database Administration Subsystem
SDM Switch Database Management
SDS Symantec Database Security
SSD Symposium on Large Spatial Databases
SADB Syrian Agricultural Database
SCDES System Control Database
SCD System Control Database
SID System Identifier for the Database Instance
SELDEX Systematic ELement & Database EXtensions
SCDES Systems Compliance Database
SCD Systems Compliance Database
SID Systems Inventory Database
TDBMS Tabular Database Management System
TDBMS Tactical Database Management System
TDBM Tactical Database Manager
TTADB Tactical Terrain Analysis Database
TSED Tanzania Socio-Economic Database
TCDB Tape Configuration Database
TADS TBMCS-ABCS Database Synchronization
TLAD Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Databases
TARD Technical Architecture Requirements Database
TDBM Technical Database Manager
TQDB Technical Questions Database
TRD Technical Records Database
TDB Technology Database
TPD Technology Planning Database
T2D Technology Transfer Database
TDI Telephone Database Integration
TEDDI TErms and Definitions Database Interactive
TDB Terrain Database
TDDD Test-Driven Database Design
TLDC The Leisure Database Company
TOAD The Open Acronym Database
TCDB Theater Common Database
TGD Theater Geospatial Database
TDB Thermochemical Database
NTDB Thermodynamic Database of Nucleic Acids
TPMD Thermophysical Properties of Matter Database
TDB Threat Database
TDU Topology Database Update
TAPDB Total Army Personnel Database
TAPDB-A Total Army Personnel Database – Active
TAPDB-AE Total Army Personnel Database – Active Enlisted
TAPDB-AO Total Army Personnel Database – Active Officer
TAPDB-R Total Army Personnel Database – Reserve
TDBM Track Database Management
TAQ Trade and Quote Database
TCMPD Traditional Chinese Medicine Patent Database
TCDI Traffic Control Database Inventory
TED Traffic Engineering Database
TDBM Transaction Database Manager
TPFDF Transaction Processing Facility Database Facility
TDS Transactions on Database Systems
TCDB Transport Classification Database
TDB Transportation Database
TRID Transportation Research Information Database
TCPD Treasury’s Contractors Profile Database
TDB Trip Database
TDI Trusted Database Interpretation
TQDB Twitter Quote Database
UDFA UMIST Database for Astrochemistry (UK)
UNAD Undersea Network Administration Database
UCD Unicode Character Database
UDAO Unified Database of Arts Organizations
UPD Unified Prospecting Database
USPD Uniformed Services Prescription Database
UDF Uniqueness Database File
UKBORDERS United Kingdom Boundary Outline and Reference Database for Education and Research
UNEP-GRID United Nations Environment Programme-Global Resources Information Database
UADB Universal Atomic Database
UDB Universal Database
UDC Universal Database Connectivity
UDM Universal Database for Music Ltd.
UDG Universal Database Grid
UHSD Universal High Scores Database
UHSDS Universal High Scores Database
URDB Universal Record Database
UTMD University of Tennessee Microarray Database
UDMS User Database Management System
URDB user requirements database
UDD User-Defined Database
UDM Utilities Database Management
VOND Vermont-Oxford Network Database
VLDB Very Large Database
VALD Vienna Atomic Line Database
VPD Virtual Private Database
VTDB Virtual Terrain Database
VTD Visitor Terminal Database
VAD Visual Asset Database
VLDB Volume Location Database
VDU VPF Database Update
WEED Water Efficiency Experiences Database
WIDB Water Industry Database
WQD Water Quality Database
WQSD Water Quality Standards Database
WRID Water Resources Information Database
WUD Water Utility Database
WDDB Web Design Database
WHID Web Hacking Incidents Database
WWW Who Does What Where Database
WCID Winspear Canadian Industry Database
WBDD Winter-Baraitser Dysmorphology Database
WIND Wireless Node Database
WIAD Women in Astronomy Database
WBD World Biodiversity Database
WCPD World Cities Population Database
WDDG World Database Development Group
WDPA World Database on Protected Areas
WDDB World Digital Database
WDDES World Digital Database for Environmental Science
WEPP World Electric Power Plants Database
WHED World Higher Education Database
WIDB World Image Database
WIID World Income Inequality Database
WKD World Kigo Database
WOWD World of Warcraft Database
WWD World Wide Database
WSDB Wreck Salvaging DataBase
WNDS Writes No Database State
WADDS WWMCCS ADP Directory of Databases and Systems
WHDP Wyoming Housing Database Partnership
WYLD Wyoming Libraries Database
XGD X Game Database
XUD XCENT Unified Database
YODA Y Object Database Adapter
YGD Yeast Gene Database
YMPD Yeast Mitochondrial Protein Database
YODA Your Online Database Access